Rendition Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rendition script is here for all you fans of the Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Rendition quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Rendition Script

It was great
to have you, Anwar.

Thank you.
It was an honor to be here.

Your presentation
was outstanding.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Okay. Take care.

Thank you.

Oh, there's my phone.
Sorry I have to rush. I'm sorry.

Good save!

Again, Mom.

Okay. Here it comes.

Okay, get back up.

- Hello.
- Did you just try to call me?

- No. Where are you?
- Well, I'm still in Cape Town.

I'm on my way
to the airport now.

Okay. I thought you were
gonna call me earlier.

I know. I'm sorry.
I had meetings all day.

- Oh, yeah. Right.
- Is that Dad?

Yeah. Do you wanna talk to him?

Your son wants a word with you.
Hold on.

Hey, Dad,
did you get me a present?

- Jeremy.
- What? He said he would.

- Did you?
- Hey, monkey. Sure I did.

Okay, cool.

- Okay, get in the goal. Hey.
- Come on, Mom.

- What are you doing?
- I'm playing soccer.

You'll give my mother
a heart attack.

- Yeah. Nuru's fine.
- Mom, kick the ball.

Is your flight schedule
still the same?

Connecting through Washington.

- Arrive Chicago at 7:45 p.m.
- Uh-huh.

Okay, we'll see you
at the airport.

- Okay. Bye.
- All right. I love you.

- I love you, too.
- Bye.

Okay. You get ready.

Here it comes.


Who you talkin' to?

My grandmother.

She up early?

- Yeah.
- I call her once a week.

Are her goats in a frenzy?

When are they picking you up?

- Too soon.
- Yeah.


You know,
they can't see me here.

I know.

- I gotta go.
- Come on. Come a--Come here.

Seriously, stop kissing me.

Stop it.

I see you at the office. came.

You waited.

Your CDs.

Get on.

Did you listen to them?


They were okay.

You have the worst taste
in music.

Stop, Khalid.

We can't go this way.

It's a shortcut.

Khalid, I said stop.

My father has tea here
every morning.

You see him?



Fatima, wait.

Fatima, wait.

I want to meet him.

I told you, you can't.

Has he called?

Only to yell at me.

We should run away, just go.

We have our studies, Fatima.

We have to be realistic.

Okay for you.
No one's forcing you to marry.

I just want to meet him.

He has chosen someone for me.

He has chosen.

He might like me more.

You don't know my father.


Daddy, did I wake you?

No, sweetheart.

Daddy, do you dream about me
when you're sleeping?

I dream...

about you...

and your mother...

and your sister.

Fatima said you stop dreaming
when you get married.

She's wrong, sweetheart.

You dream all your life.

It's one of God's gifts.


- Give me a kiss.
- No.

- One kiss.
- No.

Only one.

After Fawal,
we have meetings...

with Saeed El-Dalizi,
Minister of Interior...

Hamsa Reglori,
the head of defense.

Saeed's all right.

Reglori has a...a little bit
of a solophist back-story...

but he knows
which side he's on.

So, uh, this, uh, Fa-Fawal--
What's his name?

- Abasi Fawal.
- Abasi Fawal.

- So he's the hard guy?
- Yeah. I--I've never met him.

You're the, uh, knuckle-dragger.
I'm the pen-pusher.

He'll be more your contact
than mine.

They overload these donkeys
and cause accidents. Chaos.

Tea, please.


How long you been here?

Five and a half months.

It's just on the other side
of the square.

- Ahmid, what's going on?
- Accident, sir.

Fuckin' traffic, man

Out the back! Out the back!

Mr. Freeman.

I am sorry.

- Lee Mayers.
- Lee, it's Douglas.

How's Dixon?

He's dead.

Fuck. Where are you now?

At the hospital.

- Are you hurt?
- No. I'm fine.

All right, listen. You're gonna
have to step up for a while.

Fill in for Dixon. Report
directly to me. Understood?

Yeah, I understand.

Douglas, are you okay?


Corrine Whitman.

Yes, it is.

All right, go ahead.

What's his condition?

Has anybody contacted
his wife yet?

No. I will do it.

- Any claim of responsibility?
- What is it?

No. All right. I'm comin' in.

What's happened?

Suicide bombing over there,
and they got one of us.

Jesus. It's 2:00 A.M.

Yeah. Well, I'm sure they
arranged it...

just to spite you, honey.

So he's Egyptian
with a green card?

Okay. When's he land?


Okay, do it.

I'm givin' you
the authorization.

Welcome to Washington, D.C.

Please follow the signs
to U.S. Customs.

All arriving passengers
must clear customs here...

before embarking
on connecting flights.

Please have your passports and
customs declaration forms ready.

Excuse me.

- Mr. Anwar El-Ibrahim?
- Yes?

Sir, we have
an emergency message for you.

- Would you follow us, please?
- What do you mean? What is it?

- Is it my wife? Is she all right?
- I apologize, sir.

They don't give us
any details.

- I got it.
- Okay, let's go.

19 dead, 75 injured.

El-Hazim have
claimed responsibility.

And the new guy?

Shrapnel in the neck.

He bled to death.



You have calls
from Corrine Whitman, CIA...

and Mr. Davis
at the U.S. State Department.

Give me Corrine first.

One dead American.

Where am I?

Rashid Salimi.


Rashid Salimi.

No, sir.
My name is Anwar El-Ibrahimi.

Rashid is
an Egyptian national...

who's claimed responsibility
for today's terror attack.

What attack?

Why don't you tell me?


I don't know anything
about any attack of any kind.

I've been on a plane
from South Africa for 18 hours.

Is this your phone?

It looks like mine. Why?

- Numbers match.
- What numbers?

Rashid has placed several calls
to your phone...

over the last few months.

No, sir. I've never talked
to anybody named Rashid.

What were you doing
in Cape Town?

Why am I shackled this way?
I want to speak to a lawyer.

What were you doing
in Cape Town?

Attending a conference...

for chemical engineers.

I was invited by the South
African Fossil Fuels Foundation.

Who did you meet with?

List them.

Can I call my wife?


These are all
well-regarded professionals...

in my industry.

Are you familiar
with bomb-making techniques?


Have you ever constructed
a bomb?

This is ridiculous.

You've never
constructed a bomb?

No, sir.

Six years ago...

I, uh...I worked briefly on
a study commissioned by the ATF.

Nothing to do
with bomb-making.

Just detection, using
trace paper technology.

You can check it out.

Thank you.

We will.

The point is...

you have experience
with explosives.

There were ten of us
on that team.

It was for a government agency.
Have you arrested them, too?

Rashid Salimi.

I don't know anyone
named Rashid!

Where is he?

I don't know.

I'm gonna call him.

You've reached Anwar.
Please leave a message.

Hey, it's us.
We're at Arrivals...

and we don't see you anywhere.

Maybe we got
the information wrong.

Call me back when you get this.
Okay, bye.

El-Hazim claimed responsibility
within minutes of the attack.

The incident took place
in a crowded square...

as residents
were heading to work...

leaving nineteen dead
and dozens more injured.

The fourth
in a series of attacks...

the bombing has once again
raised concerns...

that extremists
are targeting governments...

I need everything we have
on Al-Hazim Brigade. Okay?

I have been asked
to fill in for Dixon...

until a replacement
can be found.

Uh, I need a work-up on Fawal.

Uh, Abasi Fawal.


I need a shirt.

- Are you okay?
- I need a shirt.

I need a shirt. I need--I need
you to get me shirt...

- Okay. Okay.
- okay?

Okay, I need a plain shirt...

- not a--not a shirt with stripes.
- Yes.

- I know what a shirt is, Douglas.
- Just a plain cotton shirt.

- Do you--Do you know
what I'm talk--Okay.
- Okay?

Okay. Good. I need a shirt.

And I--I need a--I need,

What? Gum?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Okay.

If Cape Town says he boarded
and D.C. says he didn't...

then one of them is wrong.

I'm sorry, sir,
but you cannot just get...

on a plane in one country
and not get off in another.

Now, you must have
some record of him...

arriving or transferring
to another airline.


Well, check again.

Is he asleep?

He wants you to read to him.

Can you do it?
I'm on hold.

Did you speak to the hotel?

They said they dropped him
off at the airport on time.

Everything will be all right.

He probably just missed
his connection.

He hasn't called.


Dad, when is Fatima
coming home?

Finish your milk.

Please, Abasi.

Tell her you made a mistake.

It's not the same
as when we were young.

There are rules, Samia.

There are rules.

Look at my sister Layla.

She'll never marry.

Call her, Abasi.


For me.

I have called.

I've left a dozen messages.

She doesn't answer.

What can I do?

Leave the egg alone!

Have you called your father?

Not yet.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry, it's nothing.

What have I done?

I'm proud of you
for standing up to him.

That's my taxi.

Please stay.

I want you in this apartment
by eight while I'm gone.

If my brother knew I was
leaving you here alone...

he'd kill me.


See you in a few days.

We think it was an attempt
on Abasi Fawal.

Dixon was just wrong place,
wrong time.

If they got one of us,
that's a victory for them.

These are the latest of Rashid?

Three months after he escaped
the Jordanians.

They should've taken him out
when they had the chance.

So without Dixon,
who do we have?

Douglas Freeman, analyst.

Degree in economics
from Princeton.

Started out as a junior exec
in the oil business.

How long with us?

Since September 12th,
give or take.

He looks 12 years old.

Do you think he can do this?

He's smart.
He's been getting close...

with the ministers
of finance and interior.

He initiated the Madrasa
charity investigation...

uh, brought in forty-four...

- al Qaeda fundraisers.
- Lee...

analyst is not a jackal.

We're spread thin.

Did you polygraph
the Egyptian?

Yeah. Came up clean.

Polygraph doesn't mean diddly.

Well, we always say that
when they pass.

Somethin' funny?

We lost someone today.

I traced him with Interpol,
Mossad, the Egyptians.

Nobody's interested.

I'm interested.


What do you wanna do?

We can't hold him here

Put him on the plane.

Yes, ma'am.

My grandma has
the middle floor. I'm on top.

I don't want her
to find me here.

She's away for the week.

I have a back way in.
No one will see us.

You okay?

My grandma's room.


stop bouncing the ball.

You know you're not supposed
to do that in the house.

Why can't I come with you?

Because you have school,
and you have tryouts this week.

What's all this stuff?

These are my important papers,

I need you to get off the bed.

Are you gonna see Daddy?


Why didn't he come home?

He just had to stay at work
a little bit longer.

Jeremy, your food
is on the table.

I wanna wait for Mommy.

I'll be down in just a second.
Okay, honey?

Go on.

Sorry. I just--I have a copy
of his green card...

but I can't find a copy...

- of his passport anywhere.
- Under my name.

Who is this man
you're going to see?

He's a friend from college.

He works for a senator.

Like jasmine.

Do you sell what you paint?


I'm getting better.


Those are just drafts.

That's you?

And them?

My brother and grandma.

This is your mother?

She was beautiful.

You are the beautiful one.

You and your brother
have the same eyes.

Where's he now?

Does he visit you?


Not anymore.

Are you hungry?

Come, let's go to the kitchen.


Ah, Douglas.

I thought today
you might not come.


- Do you want a cigar?
- No, thank you.


Uh, please. Yeah.

Do you guys have anything yet?

Not yet. You?


I got it.

You know, you have
a new detainee on the way.


lives in America.
He's a chemical engineer.

Yeah, I got
the cable last night.

- Who's observing?
- Me.

You're not a case officer,


Maybe I can
finally use my gun.

We've got 58 percent approval
after your statement.

There's no reason
for him to hide.

It's not the bill
he's concerned about.

- It's the attachment, Alan.
- I know.

- Okay, there's a compromise here.
- Yeah. Obviously.

This bill's gonna get crushed
in committee...

if you guys
don't get behind it.


Um, damn. I got to go.

I'll talk to the senator.

Thank you. Thank him.

Izzy, you're here.

Um...God, look at you.

You didn't tell me you're,
like, a hundred months pregnant.

Thank you for seeing me, Alan.


Well, let's get you off
your feet, all right?

Okay. Yeah.

You look
like you're about to pop.

Uh, something to drink?
Eat? Eat?

Uh, no. Just a bottle of water
would be great...

- if you have that
- Sam, can we get
a couple of bottles of water?

- Sam, Izzy. Izzy, Sam.
- Hi.

- We got Senator Lewis.
- Bravo.

Right. Am I walkin' too fast?

No, no, no.
I'll get there eventually.


You've done well for yourself.

I always knew you would.

Thank you.

So, uh, you married Anwar.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

What'd your father
say about that?

I'm sure you can imagine.


Thought about inviting you
to the wedding.

I probably
wouldn't have come.

l--I, um, brought some things
that I thought might be helpful.

This is a copy
of his Egyptian passport...

- Listen, Izzy.
- and his green card.

My guy at INS,
he got back to me...

and he assures me that Anwar
never entered the United States.

- The South Africans made a mistake.
- I need you...

to take a look at this.

This is a copy of his
most recent credit card charges.

He spent $70 on duty free
during his flight to D.C.

He was on that plane, Alan.


I've got Jim Alderman
on the line.

Jim. Yeah, thanks
for getting back to me.

Listen. I'm sitting
on convincing evidence...

that El-Ibrahim
landed in D.C.

He purchased something
in the in-flight duty free.

What did he say?

Uh, nothing helpful.

Sam, can you get me a minute
with the senator?

- Peace be with you.
- And with you.

I thought you weren't coming.


Sir, he's here.

Douglas Freeman,
Abasi Fawal.

Uh, sorry about Mr. Dixon.

Definitely, they were after me.

Second time.

Second time. Please.

Drink, my friend.

No, thank you.

So Dixon
was replacing Simms.


Yes. And now it's you.

Now it's me.



Good. Very good.


Our questions.

Of course. Thank you.

Al Jazeera
is running footage.

Security authorities
have confirmed 19 deaths.

Most of the victims
are women and children.

A tourist video
found at the scene...

shows the source of the blast.

In an email to the station,
El-Hazim has claimed...

Why the hell didn't we get that?

Call Abdou, I want a copy now.


you're staying to observe.

I will ask your questions.

But there will be no
suggestions, no interference...

while I work. Understood?


The struggle against
the Zionist and the Crusader...

represents the decisive battle
between faith and infidelity.

Between good and evil.

The destruction of the infidel
and hypocrite is your sacred duty.

When you meet the Apostate you are
commanded to "strike the necks."

The Crusader
talks about freedom.

Jihad is the only path
to freedom.

Do not fear their bullets.

What can they do...

but set your soul free?

On the Day of Judgment...

when you stand before
the Almighty God...

and He asks you...

"Why did you not fight
for the cause of God?

"And for the oppressed. The men,
the women and the children?

"What did you do
with the one weapon I gave you?

"Your body."

What will be your answer?

Will you display the wounds
of martyrdom and walk through
the gates of heaven?

Or, will you hang your head
in shame and roast in the fires of hell?

Success is from God.

May the peace and blessings and
glory of God, the Almighty, be upon you.



Praise God.

God is great!


There's been
some kind of mistake.

Why have my clothes
been taken from me?

I want my clothes.

No one has told me why I'm here
or--or what I've done.

l--This is crazy!
I want my clothes!

And I want to speak
to a lawyer immediately!

Yes. Yes, of course, you do.

I have just a few questions.

If you answer honestly,
we can send you home.


Sir. Are you American?

I've lived in the States
for twenty years.

My wife is American.

Her name
is Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi.

If you just call her--

You are Egyptian. Yes?

You are Egyptian.

I was born in Egypt...

but I came to the States
when I was fourteen years old.

I studied at NYU.

- I got my mas--
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.

I have it all here.

Your English is beautiful.

What language do you speak
with Rashid?

I don't know who that is.

I've never talked
to anyone named Rashid.

So how do you explain
these calls?


Uh, it must be a--a mistake.

Maybe it's a mix-up.

My name is "El-Ibrahim-ee."

But, um, sometimes
people call me "El-Ibrahim."

But it's "Ibrahim-ee"
with an "i."

- With an "i." "Ibrahim-ee."
- So--

Yes. Very good.

Rashid Salimi and one
El-Ibrahimi, with an "i."

Don't tell me
he didn't call you.

All this info, it's lies.

I don't know.

You never get calls from Egypt?


Yes. I mean, yes.
My--My family is in Egypt.

- Then they call you.
- Of course, they call me.

Of course. What about?

Little things.
Uh, family things.

Like what? Like, uh...

Um, like...

like my Uncle Yusef.

He called, asking if NYU
is a good school...

for his...for my cousin.

Yusef who?

Yusef Abdul Hamid?


- Where is he?
- What?

Your uncle.

Where is your uncle?


Why do you want
to talk to my uncle?

My friend...

put yourself
in our position.

A criminal named Rashid...

has been on a bombing campaign
for two years.

In the last few months,
suddenly his explosives...

are more sophisticated,
more deadly.

You are an engineer.
You have the chemical know-how.

We have direct calls to you
from a number linked to Rashid.

What are we to think?
You tell me.

What are we to think?

It's a mistake.

It's a mistake.

A mistake.

What if I were to tell you that
we have a signed confession...

from one
of Rashid's lieutenants...

that you have been aiding them
for more than a year?

Then...I'd say you were lying.

Put him in the hole.

Would you like some water?

Come. I want
to show you something.

They close the fool's hand...

around this
pressure release trigger.

Pull the pin.

It's like a hand grenade.

You let go, it detonates.

If the bomber
changes his mind...

they have a shooter
who will take him out.

The hand releases.


They make it like this...

with nails and bolts...

for maximum human damage.

This is what killed
your friend Dixon.

The work we do
is important, Douglas.

It is sacred.

We save lives.

Dixon wasn't my friend.

I let myself in.


- Do you mind?
- No.

- I gotta get cleaned up.
- No, you don't.


Come on.

I, uh...



Talk to me.
What happened today?

It was a bad day.

What happened?

That's him.

You see?

Heading right for me. The dog.

Is someone trying to stop him?

Wait, wait.

She's blocking him.

The gunshot...


Is it a boy or a girl?

Oh, um...

We wanted to wait.

Well, it sounds like
a law-enforcement issue.

Have you spoken to the FBI?

They never heard of him.

I-I-I don't know how I can
help you on this one, Alan.

All right.

What's your involvement
with this?

Uh, she is an old friend.

She outside?

Uh, you want me to say hello.
I mean, I'd rather not.

No, I'd rather you not.

I got a question.


When the CIA decides
to move someone covertly...

who gives the order for that?

Corrine Whitman.



She comes in here once a week...

to brief the Senate
Intelligence Committee.

Now, Senator Hawkins
is on that committee. Okay?

They have a relationship.

I need to be delicate...

so let me do the talking.

I don't want her to know
you're in the room, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- Izzy?



Corrine Whitman's office.

Hello. Alan Smith,
Senator Hawkins' office.

I need to speak
with Ms. Whitman.

This is Todd Hamilton, Mrs.
Whitman's executive assistant.

Can I ask what this is about?

Anwar El-Ibrahim.

Please hold.

Mr. Smith?


I'm sorry.
Mrs. Whitman is not available.

Generally, or to talk
about Mr. El-Ibrahim?

Please submit your inquiry
in writing to her office.

What does that mean?

CIA calls it
"extraordinary rendition."

It started under Clinton.

The agency wanted to be able to
move suspected terrorists...

without having to formally apply
for extradition.

Now, it's supposed
to be used...

only under
extraordinary circumstances.

But after 9/11,
it took on a whole new life.

Basically, the government
has authorized the seizure...

and transfer of anyone they
suspect of being involved...

in terrorism to secret prisons
outside of the U.S.

Anwar is not a terrorist.

- There's nothing extremist about him.
- I know.

He coaches Jeremy's soccer team,
for Christ sakes.

What do you mean prison?

Okay, but there
must be some reason...

why they would take him.

What reason?

Did Anwar ever apply
for U.S. citizenship?

But why is that important?

He has a green card.
He pays his taxes.

Alan, you know him.

In fairness, Izzy,
I barely knew him.

You knew him.


What I'm asking is that
the FBI checks him out.

You have to promise me
they're not gonna find...

anything unusual.

A meeting he might have
attended, all right?

A friend or an acquaintance
that's had some contact...

any contact
with an extremist group.

Uh, like a mosque he attends?

Does he--
Does he even attend a mosque?

You knew him.

He hasn't changed.

Okay. I know.

I had to ask.

Where were you?

what are you doing here?

I was worried.

You can't keep missing classes.

I was busy.

You were busy.


Are you seeing another girl?


Then where were you?

- With Omar.
- Where?

At his home. He has a problem.

I am his friend.


I'm sorry.

I have to go.


Stay here.



stay with me.

I'm sorry.



What did your friend say?

He's talking to somebody
very high up.

He said
she probably knows something.



There's nothing I don't know,
is there?

What do you mean?

I mean,
back in Egypt when...

when he was younger.

There's nobody
he would've known there with--



- I'm sorry.
- Isabella.

I think maybe you
should come home...

before you put
the baby at risk.

- We can do things from here.
- So tired.

Why did Rashid call you?

Why did Rashid call you?

Give him an answer, Anwar.

Give him an answer.

Leave us.

What are you doing?

It's not working.

He's not giving us
any answers.

If he gives no answer...

then that's the answer
you put in your report.

"He gave no answer."

Let me talk to him.

I wanna talk to him.

Ten minutes.

Are you the American?


Why are you here?

Just explain the phone calls,
and we can all go home.

Tell me what to say.
I'll say it.

Do you have a family?

I asked you a question.
Do you have a family?

You son of a bitch,
why are you here?

Won't you
take this off of me?

You fucking coward,
why don't you--

Explain the phone calls.

Explain the phone calls.

l--I can't.

Is Fatima here?


There's a problem, Abasi.

I don't know where Fatima is.

But she was staying with you.

I went away...

Away for work.

You left her alone?

When was the last time
you saw her?

Six days ago.

Six days ago?

She's been seeing a boy.

She said he was a school friend.

Just a friend.

What's his name?

I don't know if she's with him.

What's his name?


Khalid who?

I don't know his last name.

I'm sorry.

This is Douglas.

Douglas Freeman?

That's right. Who is this?

Corrine Whitman. Lee Mayers
speaks very highly of you.

Oh, thank you.

How are things progressing?

Uh, he's not cooperating.

Well, that's why he's there...

so you can help along.

I don't think that he has
any helpful information.


Well, I'm told otherwise.

I understand that.

Is your opinion shared
by Mr. Fawal?

Well, Mr. Fawal doesn't care
if he gets information.

He-He-He-He'll just keep trying
to get information...

whether he gets...

- any information or not.
- Is this opinion shared by Mr. Fawal?


No. I see.

You're new to this,
aren't ya?

This is my first torture.

The United States
does not torture, Douglas.

Let me tell you something.
This is how this works.

You worry about getting
the information...

and I will worry whether the
information you get is helpful.

Okay? You focus on the job.

FBI and Interpol
have nothing.

He's been in and out
of the States a dozen times.

Conferences, lecture tours...

but Immigration has
never had a problem.

Could he be dirty?

Does it make any difference?

Hell, yes. Who's this?

Sharon Lopez, I think.

Mrs. Lopez, nice to see you.

Thank you so much for your
support on the micro loan bill.

My pleasure.

Look, the only point
you need to make...

is that he's disappeared without
any kind of judicial reviews.

So, then you'd like
to go public?


When this thing breaks, you'll
be on the right side of it.

She's here.

Alan, be nice.

Ms. Whitman.
Sorry. Forgive the interruption.

Alan Smith,
Senator Hawkins' office.

Oh. How is the senator?

Flush. Approval's over 60.
Not a contender in sight.

Oh, view must be great
from there.

I was wondering
if I might have a word with you.


Of course.

Um, I'm inquiring about
a constituent's husband.

- Uh-huh.
- Anwar El-Ibrahim.

Does that name sound familiar?

No. I'm afraid it doesn't.


- Mr. Smith?
- Yeah.

I'm afraid that this is not
the appropriate time or place...

- to have this conversation.
- No, I apologize...

but, um,
I called your office...

and I couldn't get an answer...

and I don't really know
what I should do.

Well, I gave you my answer.

Name's not familiar to me.

Um, what if the press
were to get a hold of this?

They might say that a dedicated
family man, an NYU graduate...

has been detained
without any charges...

without access to a lawyer...

- just swirled away to God knows where.
- Darlin'...

before you launch
into your big speech...

why don't you ask your boss...

how badly he really does want
to stick his neck out...

for a terrorist?

Well, he might
for due process.

Maybe I should have a copy
of the Constitution...

sent to your office.

What are you
taking issue with?

The disappearance
of a particular man...

or a national security policy?

You have him.

I didn't say that.

Yeah. I'll say it.

Mr. El-Ibrahim should be brought
back to the U.S.

If he's guilty, try him.
If not, let him go home.

this is nasty business.

There are upwards
of 7,000 people...

in central London
alive tonight...

because of information
that we elicited just this way.

So maybe you can put your head
on your pillow...

and feel proud for saving
one man while 7,000 perish.

But I got grandkids
in London...

so I'm glad I'm doing this job,
and you're not.

Unless your grandkid
is Anwar El-Ibrahim.

Let me get a copy
of the 9/11 Commission report...

over to your office
in the morning.

You sleep well now.



Wait, I want one with Fatima.

Fatima. Come get in the picture.


Brothers and sisters.

Sorry to stop the music.

I just need to make
a few points...

before the march tomorrow.

Remember, the streets
will be lined with police.

We must remain calm.

We will show the world...

We will show the world
that we have had enough.

That we won't take it anymore.






- Khalid!
- Omar!


The boy's name
is Khalid El-Emin.

Khalid El-Emin?

I got it from the school.

Father's in Paris.

Mother's dead.

His brother, Fadil,
had multiple arrests.

We had him for a while.

We let him go?

He died.

Where's the boy?

We don't know.

We're trying to find
an address for him.

Then why are you standing here
like an idiot?


Find him!


Khalid, where are we going?

Who is it?

It's Khalid. They've taken Omar.

Open, open.

They took Omar.

They took Omar.

Go in the kitchen
and boil some water.

So we can clean him up.

You should not have
brought her here.

What are we going to do
about her?

Leave her out of it.

I'm not going to her house.

You've got to understand,
she is not her father.

Then we will do it another way.

They have Omar.

They will make him talk.


It is over.


we must do it now.

Remember your brother.

Remember your brother.

She called you?

Yes, she did.

She didn't like the way you
approached her in public.

Well, she wouldn't return
my calls.

Well, Alan,
she's not obliged to.

You have a personal stake
in this...

so let me show you
what she gave me.

For a year,
NSA has been tracking calls...

from Rashid Salimi.

Last week, a number they say
was one of his...

was tracked connecting
to a cell phone...

registered to your guy.

- Salimi called Anwar?
- Maybe.

What do you mean "maybe?"

Did he contact him,
or didn't he?

I said maybe.
You know these guys.

They give away
their cell phones.

They switch numbers.

He could have passed the phone
to somebody related to Ibrahim.

We don't know.

Or somebody passed it on
to somebody...

who passed it on
to somebody.

- Who knows, right?
- Yeah. Who the fuck knows?

But there could be
a connection.

Now, you wanna bet your career
on something...

that could go either way?

I don't.

We got a bill
we're trying to get passed.

This business of yours
is just gonna muddy things up.

You wanna be the guy
who never has to compromise...

then go join
Amnesty International.

In this business here,
to get things done...

you gotta give,
and you gotta take.

You got it?

If we're gonna get
into a fight about rendition...

it's gotta be the right fight
at the right time...

and it's gotta be a watertight
case, and this ain't it!

But, listen.

I knew Anwar.

Okay? He was a solid guy.

We'll, isn't that interesting?

That's exactly what they said
about Mohammad Atta in Hamburg.

You start
pushing this thing...

they're gonna scream
national security...

at the top of their lungs...

and you and I are gonna be
called bin Laden lovers.

You want that? I don't!

Back off!

I got a meeting.

- Good morning.
- Morning, Samantha.

Alan, Isabella's here.

Can I get you a hot tea?

No, I'm okay. Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hey.

So, what's happening?

- Uh...
- What do you have?

Have a seat. Here.

Want some coffee?

No. I can't drink coffee, Alan.

That's right.

What is it?

What do you have?


You need a lawyer, Izzy.

There is evidence that
Anwar has been in contact...

with a terrorist group
called El-Hazim.


What evidence?

It's classified.

What does that mean?

That means
that I'm the wrong person...

to be looking
into this for you.

Alan, I know everything
that you're doing for me...

and I'm sure
this must be hard for you.

I'm not naive.

Maybe I even expected the worst.

But please, please
don't let that happen.

Please don't be one of those
people who just turns away.

I'm sorry.

There's just nothing else
I can do.

What is it
they say he's done?

I don't really know.

You don't know?

Well, who does know?

Because I need someone
to look me in the eye...

and tell me exactly
what it is they say he's done.

What has he done, Alan?!

That's the name
of a lawyer...

who really knows
his way around Washington.

You should take it, Izzy.


Tomorrow at 11:00,
she'll be here.

Thank you.


Please! Please! God!
No more!

I want to know what else
Rashid is planning.

I want names.
I want addresses.

I want to know
about future attacks.

Do you understand?

I don't know.

If you died here today,
right now, who would miss you?

Your wife
would eventually remarry.

Your son would call
another man "father."

Why are you doing this
to yourself?

No, no. No, no, no, no.

Enough. Enough. Enough!

This is my interrogation.

You observe, Douglas,
nothing more.

Put the gag on.

- Put the gag on.
- No. No.

No. No. No. No.
No. No. No. No.

Wait! Wait! Wait!
He contacted me a year ago.

Who contacted you?



He called me...

on my cell phone.

What? What did he want?


What information?

Chemical composition
to increase explosive power.

- Did you give him that information?
- Yes.

Did you ever speak
with any of his aides?



Did he pay you?

How much?

Forty thousand.

Where is the money?

I haven't received it yet.

When was he
gonna give it to you?

When I was in South Africa.

Why South Africa?

I didn't want
a large amount of money...

being wired to me in America.

Where is the money?

I don't know.

The courier didn't show up.



Hey, it's the man of the hour.

- Congratulations, Alan.
- Didn't I tell you?

You beat 'em
on this one, huh?

- Yes.
- Congratulations.

- A great day for us.
- Did I tell you?

- You told me.
- Congratulations.

Come. I'm not going
to hurt you. Come.


To a bigger cell.


Do you know
what they will do to Omar?

Do you?

it's 5:00 in the morning.

What is this?

1990 Egyptian soccer team.

- I Googled it.
- Okay.

1990 is the year
Anwar left Egypt for America.

Those are the men
that he said were members...

of the El-Hazim Brigade.

It's a fucking soccer team.

This is why you've got me
out of bed?

To show me he's a liar?

He said that--that Rashid
paid him $40,000.

- Well, that's a big incentive.
- He makes $200,000 a year.

Why would somebody who--who
makes $200,000 a year...

risk his life and his family
for $40,000?

We have a saying.
"Beat your woman every morning.

"If you don't know why,
she does."

I don't know what that means.

If you don't have
the stomach for this...

then you should ask
to be reassigned.

Douglas, I can't help you.

We have a saying, too.
Do you know Shakespeare?

Of course,
I know Shakespeare.

"I fear you speak
upon the rack...

where men enforced
do speak anything."


In all the years
you've been doing this...

how often can you say...

that we've produced truly
legitimate intelligence?


Twice? Ten times?

I mean,
just give me a statistic.

Give me a number.

Give me--Give me
a fucking pie chart.

I love pie charts.

Anything. Anything
that outweighs the fact...

that if you torture
one person...

you create ten, a hundred,
a thousand new enemies.

What are you doing?

Those are his release forms.

Yes, I can see that.

I need you to sign them.

We brought him to you.

He's my responsibility.

Now I'm asking you
to sign those.

Do you know
what this will mean for you?

- Morning.
- Good morning, Senator.

- Shall we go in?
- Mrs. Whitman.


My name
is Isabella El-Ibrahimi.

I'm sorry.

My husband
is Anwar El-Ibrahimi.

just tell me where he is.

Please just
let me talk to him.

I have no information
on your husband, Mrs. Ibrahim.

Ma'am, I have a son.
He's six years old.

What do I tell our son?

I'm very sorry
for your distress.

I wish I could help you
with your problem...

but I simply cannot.

My problem?

- My problem?!
- Young lady, if you'll just leave...

- your name and information--
- You have my name.

You have my home address.

You have my phone number.

- You have everything.
- Let's go.

You have my husband!

Please don't walk away from me!

Just tell me where he is!

- Ma'am.
- Just tell me he's okay!

- Ma'am.
- Just--Stop!

Take your hands off me.

God damn it.


Are you okay?

- Hello.
- Hey, it's me.


I'm sorry to call you so early.
I need your help.

Okay, can you meet me
at my place in an hour?




Sorry to wake you, sir.

We have someone
who knows your daughter.

Omar Adnan.

He was arrested
by the riot squad last week.

He knows where the boy lives.


We're releasing El-Ibrahimi.

Tell them I'm coming down.


Put on the clothes.
We're leaving.

Put on the clothes.

Come on.

I do this in memory
of my brother.

Come on.


I want you to keep moving.

- I just want you to keep walking, okay?
- No, no--

Just keep walking.

You do what I say.

Keep walking.

I gave you
the release forms, okay?

They're signed by
the Minister of the Interior.

Now, open the gate.

- Mr. Abasi--
- Open the gate!

They overload these donkeys
and cause accidents. Chaos.

Tea, please.


Ahmid, what's goin' on?

Accident, sir.

Fuckin' traffic, man.








Why is he stopping?

Please, he's my father.

Khalid, please.



He's not going to do it.

Take him out.

Take him out.



Let's go, huh?

Come on. Come on.

When did he die?

God's will.


A week ago.

They were just children.

Is this The Washington Post?


Yeah, I'll hold.

- Did you get that stuff?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Yeah. Um, could you connect me
to Editorial, please?

Here's your passport
and green card.

Captain's name is Walna.

He'll take you to Malaga...

then you'll fly to Madrid,
connect to Chicago.

Don't talk to anybody.

Don't say anything
until you're back in the States.

Get on the boat.



What the fuck are you doing?

I just got a call
from the consulate.

Do you have him?


What do you mean no?!
Where the fuck is he?!

Douglas, listen to me!

You are making
a big mistake here!

And whatever it is that you
think you're doing, stop now.

Douglas, lis--

I hear you.
I have to call you back.

I didn't know
if I should answer it.

It's all right.
I'm going to get it.

I don't want that.

Corrine Whitman.

Hi, Daddy.

Hi there.

Special thanks to SergeiK.