Reservation Road Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Reservation Road script is here for all you fans of the Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Reservation Road quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Reservation Road Script

Come on!

Let's go.

Hey, Josh!
Hey, Josh! Hey!

Wasn't he great?

Let's go Red Sox, let's go!

Come on.
Let's go!

Let's go!

Come on, Mom,
it's almost over.

She wants to talk to you.

Ruth, the game's just going
a little long.

No, we're gonna...
We're gonna...

You look good.

We're going to be heading
out of here as soon as the game's over.

I'll get him home.

Okay, a super-heroic run
and a super-heroic throw!

Oh! Super-heroic!
Oh, yeah!

What are you doing!

Hey, Dad, can I
change the station? Yeah.

Man, your mom
is gonna kill me.

Hey, Mommy! Mommy!
Look what Josh got me!

- What is it?
- Fireflies.

Okay, sure. It was nice
to meet you. Bye.


- You were excellent!
- Thanks, Mom.


Look, I got fireflies.

- Did you get nervous?
- Oh, look at that.

- A little bit.
- Did you?

I may not have your musical
talent, but I try, here and there.

In the shower,
I do all right, don't I?

No. That's a very bad
mental image.

Can I keep them at home?

What's that?

The fireflies?

I don't think so, sweetie.
They might die.

Will they die in the jar?

No, sweetheart.
We just can't keep them too long.

We'll let them go
when we get home, all right?

We'll let them go.


- Mommy?
- Yeah?

I need to pee.

Emma, why didn't you go
when we stopped for pizza?

I didn't have to go then.

That's all right.
I got to get some wiper fluid anyways.

Okay, honey,
we'll stop.


Emma, wait.

You sell wiper fluid?

Yeah, check the shelf.


No! No! Oh, shit!


Oh, God!

- Hey!
- Lou!

Josh! Josh!

Oh, Dad!

Oh, God! Oh!

Oh, baby!

Wait! Stop! Wait! Wait!

We're okay.
My eye!

It's okay, baby.

Shh. Shh.
What happened?

Nothing, we hit a log.

You're gonna be all right.
Please don't cry.

Come on! Come on,
baby, breathe! Ethan!

Breathe. Come on.

Where's Josh?

- Josh?
- Grace!

Oh, my God!
No! No, get back!

Get her in the car!

Daddy, what's wrong?

Oh, come back to me.

Get in the car!

Please, please, baby,
come on. Come on.


Dad, my eye! My eye!
I know, I know. Just hang on a second.

Wait here,
I'll be back.

It really hurts.

Hi, how much for these?

Put these on your eye.

Peas! Are you serious?
Put them on your eye!

No, I'm not putting
cold peas on my eye!

Put them on your eye, Lou.
Don't give me a hard time!

Mr. Learner, our sergeant
would like a word, please.

Are they putting him
in the ambulance?

Is he going to be all right?


Is he gonna be okay?

Your daddy's with him.

Mr. Learner? The vehicle
that struck your son

was traveling from that direction,
is that correct, sir?

Sir? Can you describe
the vehicle for me?

Um... It was a truck
or an SUV.


Did you happen
to recognize the make or the color?

It was dark blue.

What about the driver, sir?
Could you describe the driver?

I don't know.

He had a hat on, or something
was obscured... I... I...

Like a ball cap?

I don't know.

That's all right, sir.

Okay, Mr. Learner.

We can continue this
tomorrow. All right?

I'll get one of my guys
to drive you home.

Wait, what about my son?

I don't want
to leave him.

Sir, it's a crime scene,
okay? I'll...

I'll be here on your behalf,sir.
I'll stay with your boy the whole time.

See to it that he's treated
with the utmost respect.

You have a wife
and a little girl, sir.

It's important that you go
home now and be with them.

Is she okay?

Where are we going?

We have to go home.
We're going home?

We're going home?

Please don't cry.

Norris, they're here!

Where have you been?

Calm down, Ruth.

Oh, my God! Come here, sweetheart.
I'm all right, Mom.

What happened to you? Oh, my
God, Lucas! He's... He's...

Sweetheart, let me see that.
How did you do this?

There was a log in the road
and we came around a bend

and we hit the log and then
his head hit the dashboard.

Why wasn't he wearing
his seatbelt?

- He was wearing his seatbelt.
- Sorry, Mom.

I took it off
to change the radio station.

I didn't know he took it off. I
would've told him to put it back on.

Oh, sweetheart, let me see.
Can you open your eye?

- No, it hurts.
- Oh.

Look at his eye,

- Let me see that.
- Look, he can't even open it.

Oh, my God!
What happened?

So where were you?

We were at a game,
the game ran late!

You know, one month
you have him for visitation,

just one month, and you
bring him home like this!

Every time I cut you some slack,
you mess it up!

You cut me some slack?
You're calling me every ten minutes

every time I take him
out of the house!

All right!
Give me a goddamn break!

You don't want anymore bother from
me? Okay! We'll go back to court!

Everybody take a step back.

Christ! You have no idea
what you've done to me.

Let's get that
cleaned up.

Hey, Lou, you okay?

Yeah, Dad.
I'll see you next week.


Can you get the door?

It's okay, honey,
we're home now.

What state, please?

What listing?

A police station in
Windham Harbor, please.

One moment, please.

I need you to be
a brave girI for me, Emma.

Josh isn't coming home.

He's not coming home?

He's with the angels now.

Where's Mommy?
No, come here.


Mommy! Where's Mommy?

It's sunny in Windham Harbor.

up to 72 degrees.

Winds from the northeast
of eight miles per hour.

Clear skies
for the rest of the day.

Tonight, expect a low in the mid-50's,
with clear skies throughout the night.

It's 7.00 a.m.
Now for the local news.

Connecticut state troopers are
investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident

on Reservation Road
outside Windham Harbor last night.

The victim
was a 10-year-old boy.

State Police are anxious
to talk to the driver of a dark-colored SUV.

And they appeal to anyone
who may have been on Reservation Road

between 8.45 and 9.15 p.m.

Where are you going?

I have to see the police
and pick up the car.

Can't they bring it here?

I need to talk
to them anyways.

Your mom should be here soon.

Don't be long.

I won't.

I love you.

16, Bridge Street.

Thank you.

All right,
get the other side. Ready?

Did you catch him?

No, sir,
not yet, I'm afraid.

'Cause I saw
an SUV out there.

There. Right, there,
up on that truck.

Oh, no. That's been there
since Saturday.

Right here, sir.

Right there on that
chair right there.

But is that the make, though?

Well, yeah. I mean,
dark, same shape.

Keep the change.


Hey, Dwight.



Yeah, were you in court
this morning?

No, the transmission went
on the Explorer,

so I spent the morning
dealing with that.

How'd it go this weekend?

This weekend?
It was okay.

- Hey, Donna.
- Hey, Dwight.

Yeah, why?

Ruth called.

Said you were late,
you were belligerent,

and that you dropped Lucas off
with a black eye.

Did she happen to tell you that we were
at the game and it went extra innings,

so we were rushing home and that's
when the transmission seized up,

so poor Lucas hit his eye
on the dashboard?

I mean... And then...
So we show up at her place,

and she's having some kind of
a shit fit. You know how she is.

Look, buddy, you can't get into
any situations with her.

If she drags you in front of a judge again,
you're screwed. You loose your sleepover.

You're right.

Nora Fannelli's
in the waiting room.


Hi, Nora, how are you?

Bored. I have been waiting
for 40 minutes.

Yeah, sorry.
I had some trouble this morning.

You look good.
Have you lost some weight?

Except for the color,
they're all so similar.

It just happened so fast.

That's okay, sir,
take your time.

I'm sure
it will come back to you.

We investigated the crash site
and we collected a variety of items.

Perhaps some of those
may help us.

Do you recognize
that jar, sir?

It's a peanut jar.

Josh collected
fireflies in it.

Do you think that's maybe why he
got out of vehicle, Mr. Learner?

To collect fireflies?

To let them go.

Dwight, your taxi's here to take you
to the car rental office.

I don't want to do this,

Oh, come on.
Sure you do.

Hey, Dad.
Hey, baby.

How are you?
I'm good.


Oh, I'm so sorry.
My poor daughter.

I'm glad you're here.

No, no, baby. You stay with me.
Come on.

We'll play some more, all right?

All right. Okay.

Is it my turn?


They get anyone?

They don't have
anything yet.

Not anything?


Did you remember
anything else?



I didn't have...

I looked at the makes
of some cars

and they said they sent
some stuff into forensics

and in a few days...

Do you know
why he got out of the car?


Let's not think
about it, Grace.


What do you
want to know, Grace?

Why'd he get out
of the car, Ethan?

They found
the peanut jar in the bushes.

Oh, Jesus.
I know.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, Jesus!
Grace, come here.

Oh, God!
Come here. Come here.

He was letting them go?


But, Ethan, I told him!
No, no, no!

Ethan, I told him they were gonna die!
It's not your fault!

Gracie, it's not your fault.

No, no, no!
What's happening?

Take Emma.

Oh, God!

Come here, baby.

Come on.

Momma's gonna be
all right, okay?

Come on, baby.
Come on.

I'll get through
tomorrow, I promise.

I'll be beside you
every moment. Okay?

Come here.

We're gonna
get through this together.

I keep trying to figure out
what I did to make this happen.


I'm so sorry.

No, Grace,
you didn't do anything.

Come on. Come on.
Come here.

It's okay.

Come here.

And the loss of Josh
has touched the hearts of us all.

Ethan, Grace and Emma,

your Josh is an angel now.

And for all of us,
he will remain forever young.

Josh was a beautiful cellist
and today, his fellow cellists

and his music teacher,
Ruth Wheldon, will play for him.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

So how has this affected
the coverage of the war?

The cable news channels and your
politicians have you Americans deluded.

How so, Kambiz?

Well, they make you believe you're a
warrior nation with an invincible army.

I mean, your machinery is tough,
but this country has grown soft.

That's bullshit. I mean, we're
fighting terrorism all over the world.

We've never been stronger.

You're from Connecticut.

One of the most affluent,
comfortable, safe places in the world.

My people,
like the rest of the world,

they come from a place... They know about
pain and suffering, violence and loss.

Are you saying that Persians and
Africans feel pain differently from us?

I'm saying
these people live with pain

and death every day.
You don't.

You have become soft.

It's about economics. Poor African-Americans,
poor Hispanics aren't soft.

We go through the same pain.

I agree. But most Americans
are insulated from death.

I'm sorry, Professor.
No disrespect.

No. It's a perfectly
valid point.

So you're suggesting that the media
is in collusion with the politicians?

Hey, boy.

Hi, Mr. Learner. Your wife's
getting me a cup of coffee.

Oh, good. How are you?

Fine. I brought some items.
Your son's clothes.

I forgot to ask
if you wanted milk.

No, black is fine.
Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Well, we've made
some progress.

We've determined that the SUV
was fitted with a grill guard.

How do you know that?

The autopsy indicates
a grill guard.

Josh suffered a severe blow to his
rib cage, which fractured several ribs.

Unfortunately, one of them
pierced his heart.

He died instantly.
There was no pain.

So you're looking for
a dark SUV with a grill guard.

- Anything more?
- How do you know?

How do you know
that there was no pain?

Medical examiner
assured me.

So the grill guard certainly
narrows our choices down considerably.

We've also canvassed the area
and we set up checkpoints last night.

But it's been a week now.

that's the point exactly.

See, people
are creatures of habit.

And we're hoping that someone who
travels that way may pass by there again

and may have
some information to offer to us.

But nothing yet? I mean,
he could be out of the state.

Have you contacted out of
state authorities as well, or...

What will happen to him
if you catch him?

Well, he'll be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law.

Which is what?

Well, depending on
the circumstances,

he could get as much
as 10 years.

Ten years...

What does "Depending on
the circumstances" mean?

Well, a judge will take
certain sentencing criteria

into account before
he assesses a sentence.

There's a variety of factors
that would come into play.

Sergeant Burke, how many of
these killers do you catch?

I don't know
the answer to that, Mr. Learner.

But I can find out.

She's asleep now.

Honey, I'm looking up
state law

and there seem to be
so many legal loopholes.

I don't know how
one makes sense of this.

I think we're gonna need
some help.

Can you get some groceries
tomorrow on your way home?


You have to leave the house
soon, Grace.

I can't.

Not yet.


Let's go to bed.


Hey, Donna,
do I have any messages?

- Dwight.
- Hey.

Have you got a minute?


This is
Professor Ethan Learner.

Good afternoon. Ethan.
My associate, Dwight Arno.


Ethan lost his son last week
in that awful hit-and-run.

I'm sure you heard about it.

Yeah, yeah, I did.
I'm sorry about that.

Thank you.

And he feels
he needs our help.

Okay, sure.

Well, it's been over a week
and the police have nothing,

or they aren't telling us
if they have anything.

This is an initial report.

I want you guys
to stay on top of them.

I want this man found and I
want him prosecuted for homicide.

Did you see him?

For an instant.

Could you give
a description of him?

I don't know. I...

If I saw a photo,
maybe I would... I think...

Okay. Look, right now our job is to stay
on top of the State Police, DA's office.

Light a fire
under their ass.

Make sure they prosecute the case
properly and as quickly as possible.

You might also
want to think about a civil suit.

Which would entail what?

A civil suit would be a suit that you
would take out as sort of a punitive move

against the person
who... Who...

The perpetrator.


You'd file a civil suit against the
perpetrator for for financial remuneration.

Also, you mentioned that your son was
struck by the grill guard of the vehicle.

I'm sorry to bring it up, but a suit should
be brought up against the manufacturer.

Those things are dangerous. They're for
cattle ranches, not our city streets.

So we'll get all the relevant
details from the police department,

from the coroner's office,

and I think Donna has all your
contact information, is that right?


Here are our cards.

When we get all the information,
we'll reconvene.

Dwight here will be handling
all the day-to-day details of the case.

So if you need to talk
to anybody, anytime,

call Dwight.
I will. Thank you.


Thanks for taking the time.

Listen, I just really want to express
how sorry we are for your loss...

Thanks, thanks.
... and we'll take care of everything.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Oh, hey,
there's your mom.

Oh, hey.
Sorry, I'm late.

No problem.

Sorry, sweetheart.

Emma did such a great job today.
I wish you could have heard her.

Oh, me too.

- I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?

I have to give a book back.

Emma shows so much promise
on the piano.

I would love to put her in the
school concert in a couple of weeks.

And I'd be willing to offer her some
free tutoring classes after school.

Oh, right, you don't
have to do that.

Oh, I'd love to.

You know, maybe it will take
her mind off things. If that's okay.

Well, why don't I ask her?

Of course.

And we'll talk about it.
Thanks, it's very generous of you.

Sure. See you. Bye.
Thanks for sitting with her.

Play that piece for your mom.

Okay, I will.

You were late.

Listen, um,
Mrs. Wheldon was wondering

if you'd like to play
in the school concert.

Maybe practice with her
after school.

You don't have to do anything
you don't want to do.

Can you hear music
if you're in heaven?


Okay, then. I'll do it.

This is the Red Sox year!

We are going to see
the end of the curse of the Bambino.

What did I tell you?

How you doing?
Mr. Arno?

That's right.
Do you own a 1998 Ford Explorer?

No, I, uh...
What's this about?

Routine investigation.

We're checking on
those types of vehicles.

Well, I had that car and then
the transmission went.

So I gave it to one of those
charities. Cancer, I think.

But I haven't gotten
a receipt from those guys yet.

- Dad?
- Yeah?

Is everything all right?

Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Go on, I'll be in in a minute.

You turn the plates in yet?
No, I actually...

Oh, God, I took them to work
and I just haven't had a chance

to get them out
to you guys.

You better mail them in.

All right.
I need to account for it.

All right. Thank you,
Officer Murphy.

Thank you.

This your new car?

Oh, no, it's a rental. I'm just using
it until I figure out what I'm gonna buy.

Better move it
in the garage.

That bird shit
will corrode the finish.

Yeah, you're right.
Thank you.

Are you in trouble?

Huh? No. I just forgot
to fill out some forms.

What's he saying?

He's talking about the series
and some highlights.

Who does he say
is gonna win?

You kidding me? The Red Sox,
what else would they say?

People keep saying you need to
find closure.

There is no closure.

There's only acceptance
and resignation.

She was going to be
a pediatric surgeon.

The judge kept
postponing the case

and meanwhile, this animal
was out on $5000 bail.

Well, the cop who led the investigation
knew. He said it afterwards.

He told me, "You'll get no justice in
the courts. All you'll get is the law."

I'll never forget those words.
There's no justice in the court system.

There's only the law.

Get the light.

Come on.

Game's on soon.

Grab some of thosepaper plates
out of the cupboard there.

Are you having fries?



I got suspended from school
for three days.


I got into a fight with Paulie
Ferrari and he had to have stitches.

Stitches? How many?

Six, I think.

God damn it, Lou!
What the hell's wrong with you?

Are you an idiot?

What do you mean
you gave him stitches? Huh?

What is wrong with you?
Stop yelling!

All right.

All right, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Sit down,
tell me what happened.

The three of us
were in the hallway

and Paulie had a water balloon
in his hand

and he threw it at Benny,
but it hit Ms. Swanson, our math teacher.

And she wanted to know who threw
it, but Paulie just wouldn't own up.


So we all had to have
after-school detention.

All right, so how did
you get into a fight?

I was calling him
a no-good coward.

We started fighting.

Then he hit his head
on the ground.

I don't want you
fighting, Lou.

You and Mom
fight all the time.

I don't care, Luke.
Don't talk back to me.

I don't want you fighting.
Look where it got us.

But... But he was
a no-good coward, Dad.

Wasn't he?

I don't care.
I don't care, Lou, okay?

Paulie Ferrari doesn't need you
beating him up

for him to know that he did
something wrong, do you understand me?

What'd your mother say?

I can't watch the game.

All right, go to your room.

Can you just tell me the scores every
once in a while? Please?

Get in your room.

It's not fair.

Come on, Josh, let's go! Okay.

I love you, Josh.

- I love you too, Dad. Bye!
- Call me when you're done.

What's the score?

Well, you never told me
I couldn't listen.

Six to six.
Bottom of the eighth.

Listen, I want to talk to you
about what you said to me

about me
and your mom fighting.

When I was a little kid,
I thought

that's how men and women
behaved toward each other.

Your grandpa had
a pretty bad temper

and he would fly off the handle at
the smallest things.

Like if his soup was cold,
he'd hit the roof.

And I was like you
where I wanted to...

I wanted to step
in between them.

But I knew if I did
that he would... He... He'd hurt me.

And I... I hated him.

And I hated my mom
for crying all the time.

And I blamed him for a lot of
my problems through my life.

And I just don't want
you to feel that way towards me, ever.

Never, Dad. Never.

Well, I don't know, Luke.
Sometimes things happen that are...

That are just
out of your control

and you really want to look
around for someone else to blame

and those are the times when you just
really got to stand up and be a man.


You wanna go see
who's up to bat?

Yeah. Thanks, Dad.

Hey, hey. That's all I get
is a thanks?

You're the best.

Sir, raise your hands
and step out of the vehicle!

I got this.

I'm being arrested
for taking a picture?

Yes. You took photos
of a diplomat's home.

Come here.
Thank you, guys.

Listen, you can't be doing this.
Doing what?

your own investigation.

No one else is.

That's not true.
Have a seat.

Right here.
Have a seat.

We're canvassing
the area.

We've gone to repair shops
and junkyards.

We're doing everything
we possibly can.

You have to understand,
Mr. Learner, that these things take time.

You didn't need much time
to arrest me.

You practically had a SWAT team
surround me in under five minutes,

but nobody can seem to
find my son's killer!

My son's innocent life
was snuffed out,

and no one seems to notice
or to give a fuck!

That's not true, sir.

We investigated
this vehicle.

It was involved in a fender bender
in the city three days ago.

Diplomatic plates!

These guys can get away
with whatever they want, you know that.

Sir, you know, I think
you need to calm down.

We've been in touch
with your lawyers,

and you have to believe me that I
want this guy just as badly as you do.

Then get him.

It was an accident,
but what I did was terribly wrong.

I left that night because
I was afraid of losing you.

And that's no excuse.

I'm gonna go to prison.

And I deserve to go to prison.

People are gonna talk
behind your back.

They're gonna say
hurtful things,

but I just wanna urge you to
remember these days

I feel like for the first time
I've been able to be the father to you

that you deserve,

and they've really been
the most beautiful days of my life.

And I just wanna say
I'm sorry, honey.

I'm sorry
and I love you so much.

And I hope that one day
when this is all over that

we'll be able to get back
to where we are today.

I love you.

What are you doing?


I was just looking at
some of this stuff.

I've been trying
to show you this.

That's a chat room of people who
help to track hit-and-run offenders,

drunk drivers,lenient judges.
They're very helpful.

Here, let me show you this.

I've been looking into
some other possibilities.

What sort of possibilities?

Of how to find this guy.

I thought that was why
we got lawyers.

Why are you doing this?

Because it's been over a month
and no one else is doing anything.

Please don't tell me
I have to defend myself to you as well.

As well as who?

Everybody I talk to says, "Move on, put it
behind you, let the police deal with it."

Why do they say that?

People don't know
what to say.

No. They've given up
on finding this guy

and they want me to
resign myself to the fact

that he's never
gonna be caught.

Why should he
get away with it?

He shouldn't
get away with it.

You think I want him
to get away with it?

You've always been there
for us, Ethan.

Don't abandon us now.

That's what you think?
That I've abandoned you?

Dinner's almost ready.

Yes, sir?

I'm here for
the Josh Learner case.

The boy that was killed
on Reservation Road.

Can I have your name, sir?

It's Dwight Arno.

I have some important
information concerning...

Hey, Jackie,
where's Emelda?

I need a hand out here!
I'm dying!

She's on her break.
She'll be back in five.

I'll get the case officer
for you, sir.

Mr. Arno.

What took you so long?
Come on.

Steve called a while ago
and said you'd be taking the case.

We're just making sure
that your client doesn't have

a reoccurrence of
the last incident.

Hey, Sarge,
take a look at this.

Last incident?

Yeah, he's going around
photographing damaged SUVs.

He scared the daylights
out of a Saudi diplomat.

Lucky he didn't
get himself shot.

Now he's got it in his head somehow that
the diplomat's involved in the accident

and there's a big cover-up.
It's a total mess.

Sarge, I need you
to sign this report.

Yeah, give me a minute.

All right, here's
the reality of the case.

We're three weeks into it
and we really don't have much to go on.

I got a dark-colored SUV
with a grill guard.

It's like finding
a needle in a haystack.

To be frank with you,
if the guy doesn't walk in the door

and give himself up,
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to back burner it.

I'm hoping you can talk to your client
and help him understand.

Yeah, listen, Sarge, there's something
else I'd like to talk to you about.

Hey, Joe. Can you tell Sergeant Burke
he's got a call from the DA?

I'm so jammed up. Listen, this is the file.
Everything is in it.

The autopsy report
and everything.

I'm gonna have one of my guys
copy it for you

and hand it off to you, okay?
I gotta run. Thanks for coming in.

Hey, Callaghan. Can you copy this for
Mr. Arno and give it to him right away?

Yeah, sure thing, Sarge.

Hey, Joe,
what was that number?

You have one new voice message.

First voice message.

Mr. Arno, it's Ethan again. I've
left you a number of messages.

Please call me back
when you can.

Did you get my question
about diplomatic immunity? I wanted to...


Yes, uh...

You okay?

Yeah. I just had a dream.

Wait. Just hold on.
Just give me a second.


Wanna stop?

It's okay.

Look at me.

- Honey?
- What?

Is it me?

What are you talking about?

Do you blame me?

Oh, Grace,
don't be ridiculous.

What are you
talking about?

You won't even
look at me.

What do you mean
I don't look at you?

Why can't we
just talk about it?

Oh, come on,
this isn't about you!

It's the killer's fault!

It's the son of a bitch
that stole our son away!

That's who's to blame!

Mommy. Mommy.

What time is it?

Dad's asleep downstairs.

I'm going to be late
and there's nothing to eat anywhere.

Well, that doesn't sound
very good, does it?

Come here.

Why don't we go down
together and see what we can do, huh?


- Yeah?
- It's in my backpack.


I'm gonna have piano lessons
this afternoon.

Jake, high five.

Look at that,
he won't do it for me.

High five.

It's amazing. You know the only one
he did that for was my son.

Hey, Dad! Dad!


Where are you going?


You forgot where I live?

Huh? No, I left my wallet at the bank,
so I was heading back to get it.

Got your books?

- Yeah, I'll go get them.
- Hey, Ethan.

Mr. Arno?

What brings you here?

Oh, my daughter takes piano lessons
from Mrs. Wheldon.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
She's good at that.

That's your boy?

Yeah, Ruth's...
Ruth's my ex-wife.


Listen, I've left you
a number of messages. Why haven't you...

I'm sorry, you know, I've been out
of the office this last week and...

Well, when would be
a good time to get together

'cause there's some things
I'd like to talk about.

Okay, well, let me talk to Shelly
and we'll try and schedule something.

I'll be around this weekend
as well, so give me a call.

Oh, I got my kid this weekend.
I don't get much time with him.

- Bye, Mr. Learner.
- Bye-bye.

- Hey, Dad!
- Okay, well, I'll talk to you.

- Have fun.
- Hey, baby.

Bye, Mom.
See you, Emma.

Bye, Lucas.

Really good.
Keep practicing.

I didn't know
you knew Dwight.

Yeah, he's helping me
with some legal stuff.

Good luck with that.

All right, you take care.

See you.
Bye, Luke.

Come on, honey,
we got to get your mom.

So, your mom's teaching
music lessons again?

Just that girl.
Her brother Josh was killed, remember?

In that car crash
the day we went to Fenway.

No, I don't think it was the same day,
man. It was like a week later.

Did you know that kid?

I saw him around.
He was a bit of a dweeb, but he was nice.

You know his dad?

Huh? Yeah. I'm doing
some legal work for him.

Did he say
anything about that?

Like what, Dad?

I don't know.

So I was thinking,
I don't know, we get a couple of pies

and some snacks.
What do you think?

Sounds good.
But do you have money?

Why? Did your mom tell you
I don't have any money again?

No, you told me you left your wallet
at the bank.

Oh. No, no, no,
I got some extra cash.

Let's go Red Sox.

Okay, sit down.

Do you think mom would let me
live with you for a little while?

I think that's a talk
for another day, buddy.

All right,
we're missing the game.

Come on, guys.

What is this? Wait.
What are you doing?

Who said you could take this?

Hey, hold on a minute.
Who said you could do this?


What are you doing?
No, give me this!

Let him take it.
No! No, he can't take this.

Have I no say in this?

All of his stuff.

Sure, if you wanna talk to me
now, you can have a say in it.

Maybe you have some advice
for me. Maybe there's a tip...

His clothes! His books!
... on the Internet that you found...

His notebooks
with his writing?

...that tells you how to deal with
your dead son's possessions?

Maybe they say
you should keep them...

What are you talking about? ... hold
on to them, so you can feed your anger.

Why wouldn't I be angry?
Why aren't you angry?

Here's what I care about!
Yeah? What?

My son is dead!

He's not coming home to me!

He's not coming home to me!

I'm trying to figure out
how to live!

How to not go crazy!

Well, I'm not gonna live my life knowing...
How to take care of...

...that our son's killer is still out there!
...the child that we still have!

That's what I can't live with!
We have a child!

I don't see why
you can't see that!

She needs looking after
and I need to look after her.

If you can't help me
with that, then you get out!

Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen, girls and boys.

Welcome to our fall concert.

We've all worked very hard
on this, and so we hope you enjoy it.

What do you get when you cross poison ivy
with a four-leaf clover?

A rash of good luck.

That is correct.

What do you call
a deer with no eyes?

No ideer.

What do you call a deer
with no eyes and no legs?

Still no ideer.

If a man speaks
in the middle of the forest

with no woman there
to hear him, is he still wrong?



If con is the opposite of pro,
then what is the opposite of progress?


Ladies and gentlemen,
it is a draw!

Our next performer
will be Emma Learner of the fifth grade.

This is for my brother, Josh.

I'm lucky to have such
smart women around me.

It was so, so beautiful.

Thank you, Mom.

Thank you.

You were so good,
baby. Come here.

Good night, Grace.
Take care.

Not as good as you.

So, maestro,
what's the next date?

What, Lincoln Center
or Symphony Space?

- Carnegie Hall?
- Dad, don't be silly.

What? What?
I'm not being silly.

Emma, thank you so much.
Thank you.

You're such
an inspiration.

- Lou!
- You were wonderful.


Oh, no, that's fine.

Our prayers were
with you the entire time.

Your daughter is great.
Thank you.

You must be very proud
of Emma tonight.

Hey, Lou!



Our composer's waiting.
She wants to go celebrate. What is it?

I just feel nauseous.

I got you a gift,
all right?

Thanks, Dad.

It's a Red Sox

I love it.
Our boy, huh?

You were great.

All right.
All right, Norris.

I'll see you, Ruth.
I'll see you Friday, right?

Yeah. Friday.

You were really good tonight.


See you.
Bye, Dad.


I've been looking for you.

What happened tonight?

It was good.

We were okay.

We were okay
for a little while, weren't we?

Ethan, I don't know
how to get you back.

Tell me what to do.

What happened?
What happened?

Murder happened.

That's what happened.

I love you.

And I want to get help.

I want us
to talk to someone.

Okay. You wanna talk
to somebody, Grace?

We'll talk to
whoever you want.

We can talk to the police, lawyer,
a therapist. I'll talk to the goddamn Pope.

Anything you want, okay?

Now can I please be alone?

Okay, Ethan. Okay.


Oh, hi, Mr. Learner.

No, no, I was running.

Yeah, I'm free.

Yeah, you wanna meet
at the office?


Dwight. How are you?

Mr. Learner.

Nice car.
Is it new?

No. It's a rental.

A rental?

Been down here before?

No, no.

Why do you ask?

I just thought
maybe you'd come down

and familiarize yourself
with the case.

No. We have
a private investigator


I've been down here a lot,
trying to put it together.

This is where Josh was hit.

He came over here
to release fireflies.

I guess he was
going to the woods over there.

And then from around
the bend... Here, turn around.

From around the bend
the truck came.

Report said
it was doing nearly 50.

Hit Josh here.

And he hesitated like he knew
that he'd hit something,

but then just drove off.

What kind of person
could do something like that?

I'm mean, what, was he drunk,
was he on drugs, was he a felon? What...

How could you
just drive off?

There's no way of knowing.

When we get him,
we'll know.

The police have given up
on this case, haven't they?

No, not completely.

The police are working
on a few things

and I'm hopeful
that they'll have a break in the case.

Like what?

Mr. Learner, I believe that I'm gonna
have something concrete for you soon.

I'm tired of waiting.

He's out there,
just laughing at me.

Now understand this.

I want this guy
to feel hunted.

I want him to know that no matter how
long it takes, we're gonna get him.

Your son, Lucas,
if somebody killed him,

what would you
want to happen to them?

I'd want to see him
go to prison.

That's it?

Knowing that he'll only
get a slap on the wrist?

Mr. Learner, this is not
a conversation that I think

you should be having
with your attorney.

Maybe you're right.

Thanks for meeting me
out here.

Hey, Dwight.
Yeah, hey, Norris. Listen, I need to talk to Ruth.

Can you get her
for me, please?

We're having a little shindig,
you know? A few friends.

Yeah, listen, it's important.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

Sort of busy right now,

Norris, I want to talk
to the mother of my kid, okay?

All right, look,
take it easy. Just...

Honey, is everything...
Hey, Ruth.

Dwight, what are you
doing here?

Can I have
a word with you, please?

It's not a good time.
We've got people over.

Yeah, a shindig.

You can come back Saturday
if you want to talk.

Listen, I need
a big favor from you.

Can I just havea word with you
for a minute, alone?


Norris, do you mind going to our guests?
I'm sorry.

It's okay.

What is it, Dwight?

Tomorrow's the first day of the World Series.
I want to take Luke for the week.

No. That's not
what the court ordered.

Okay, can we just forget
about the whole court thing for a minute?

Norris doesn't care
about the series. It's the Sox.

When is that
ever gonna happen again?

I just want to
take him for the week.

I'll get him to school
on time. Please. After that...

After that,
I have to go away for a little while.

Jesus, Dwight,
you're always running away.

Listen, you're always telling me that
I gotta take responsibility for myself.

Well, that's what
I'm trying to do here, okay?

Let me have him.

Will you tell me what's going
on with you? What's wrong?

I just wanna spend a week with my son,
okay? He's all that I got left.

Jesus, Dwight. All right,
you can have him, you can have him.

Thank you.

You know, I'm sorry.

I got to go.

Good night.

This is for you.

- Hey.
- Hi. How are you?

Well, she played so beautifully at the
concert, we just wanted to thank you.

Oh, hey, check it out.
They have a Halloween fright night.

You wanna go next week?

Let's talk about that
later, okay?

I'll race you to the hot dogs.

Look at all this chocolate.

Mr. Learner?

No. None for me, thanks.
Please call me Ethan.

I have some coffee
if you'd like it.

That would be great.

I really hope that Emma
is going to stay in her classes

now that
she's finished the concert.

I'd like that.

You're so talented, honey.

Your son's quite
the Red Sox fan.

He must be excited
about the series coming up.

Yeah. He and Dwight
are fanatics.

He's over there right now.

They're gonna watch
the game tonight together.

Oh, Dwight lives nearby?


He's just over there
on Cove Road.

He moved there
so that he could be close to Lou.

Thank you.

These hotdogs are definitely
worse than before.

Worse, but better.

The Red Sox are gonna win
tonight, right, Dad?

You know it.

So, how long were you
and Dwight together?

Eight years.

Yeah, we had
a nickname for each other.

Nitro and Glycerin.

You could say
we had a kind of explosive relationship.

So he had a bit of a temper?

Yeah. We both did.

More coffee?

No, that's all right.
We actually have to get going.

Can I just use
your restroom first?

So, anyway, each one
could be a different animal.

Right, like if you could have a horse,
and then he could be, like, trotting...




When the series is over,
I got to go away for a while.

There's just something that I got to do

and I'm not going to
be able to see you

So how long do you have
to go away for?

I don't know.
Let's wait and see.

Hey, we don't do so bad,
you and me.

We're all right.

Yes, hello, um...
I... I saw your ad on the Net.

Can I help you?

Yes, I'm looking for
a pistol. Something simple.

A revolver.

Hey, Dad! Sleep tight,
don't let the snakes bite!

Oh, that's funny.
That's funny.

I'll get you for that.


That's it! That's it!

Yeah, you think
we could sweep?

I don't know. I think if they
could do it, this might be the year.

All right, it's bedtime.
Go on.

All right. Night, Dad.
Good night.

Get washed up.
I'll see you in there in a minute. the middle of this diamond at
Busch Stadium after a 4 to 1 victory

to go up three games to none.

Mr. Learner?



That's my son.
That's my son.

Dad, what was that noise?

Lou, Lou, it's just a stool.
Shut him up!

It's a stool.
A stool fell down, honey.

Look, please, let me just talk to him,
he's just a kid.

we're going. Go.




Dad, what was
that noise?

It was just the TV, okay?

I dropped a stool.
Go to bed, all right?

I have to pee anyway.

Oh, Jesus, Lou.
Just go to sleep, all right?

Dad, I really
have to pee.

All right, come on,
hurry, quick.

Come on, come on.

Come on, hurry up, Lou.
Come on.

Lou, come on, honey,
you got to get back to bed.

I'm coming.


Get into bed.
Get in.

Good night.
Good night, Dad.

Get to bed.
You have a big day tomorrow.

I love you, Lou.

Love you, too.

Get back.

Outside. Just take me
out of the house.

Take me out of the house.

Look away.

Put your arms together.
Go. Look away. Turn away.

Okay, go. That car.

Don't look. Just go.

Listen to me.
Don't do this.

Stay there.
Don't look at me.

Don't do this.
Turn around.

Take me to the police.

Take you to the police?

So you can weasel your way out
with your fucking influence?

I swear to God,
you get in the...

Take me to the police,

Why? So you can fucking
deceive and manipulate?

Take me to the police. Take...

Get out.
Turn me in.

Just turn me in!

Get out.

Oh, God, don't shoot me.
Please don't shoot me.

Get out. Out!

Get out! Out!

Please don't shoot.

You fucking animal!
Get out or I'll kill you right here!

Get out!

Come on, it was an accident.

Shut up. Shut up! Go.
Jesus Christ!

It was an accident.
It wasn't an accident.

You don't drive away
from an accident!

You just left!

I was scared!

I'm telling you,
don't do this.

Don't ruin your life
the way I've ruined mine.

Turn around.

You robbed me
of my life.

You left my boy on the side
of the road and you drove off!

You have ruined my family!

And you look at me in the face
and you deceive me and you lied to me!

You deserve to die.

You killed my son!

You killed my son!

Stop it. Stop it!

It's over. It's over.

Get up. Get up. Get up!

You want me to kill myself?

Tell me to do it! Tell me!

Not a fucking day goes by
where I don't see your son's body

hitting my car
and going off into the dark!

I wish it were me.

Tell me to do it.
Please, tell me to do it.

Please, tell me to do it.


I'm dead anyway.
I'm dead.

Oh, God,
please don't leave me here!

Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

I can't. Please.

I miss him so much.

I know.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Let's go inside.

I left that night because...

...I was really afraid
that I was going to lose you.

That's no excuse.

What I did was wrong.

I'm going to be
going to prison

and I deserve to go to prison.

I just want you
to remember that

these last days that we had together
and how wonderful they were,

and I feel like
I've been able to be the father to you

that you really deserve.

I guess what I'm just trying
to say is that I'm sorry.

Special thanks to SergeiK.