The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans script is here for all you fans of the Werner Herzog movie starring Nic Cage. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans Script


New Orleans in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina.

Oh shit.

- Duffy split.
- Yeah.

Freaking Duffy. Duffy rolls out of
here... a brand new Cadillac up the lot,
has the nerve to ask me to clean up his
fucking locker and save it for him.

Probably has dirty pictures of his wife.

I don't know what the fuck is in here.

He does have dirty pictures of his wife.

Yes, he does.

Lucky man, her hooters.

You like that, huh?


Here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to keep 'em.

Now, I got to answer to Duffy for that.

I'll answer to him.

It means that Duffy's been marked a bad

Fuck Duffy! Just fuck him! Fuck all of

Five copies of an arrest report.

The prisoner was transported. There
wouldn't still be 5 copies here.

Duffy might have left them downstairs.
What's his name? Chavez.

Let's go find him

Who's there?

That's strange 'coz the manifest says
the prisoners all evacuated.

- Anything is possible in this storm.
- Who's there?

I feel bad coming on. Should we open
the casino?


Alright, up to his nose by 4 o'clock.

What took you so long, man?

Please what, Shit bird?

Get me the fuck out of here, man. The
water's rising.

It rises for like three hours, man.

I'm not going to be able to fucking stand
here, man.

I'm fucking drown, man. The water
doesn't stop, man.

It keeps rising and shit, man. Get me
the fuck out of here.

There's fucking snakes and shit in this
water, bro.

- Get me out.
- Alright, twenty bucks.

...and the Polaroid.

Says nothing happened before 5.

Twenty bucks. What the fuck is that?
Let's make it worth our while, at least.

- A dime.
- I'm not betting any of those thousand dollars.

Get me the fuck out of here, man.

The water keeps rising, man. Get me
the fuck out of here!

Alright, 200 and the Polaroidís.

Please, motherfucker! Please!

Please what, Shit turn?

You got to broke leg, Sir. Please get
me out of here.

Wait a minute. You want me to get wet
on account of you?

Hey, man. I got on Swiss cotton

Yeah, that's right.
Cost me $ 55 a pair.

You think I want to get all this brown
water and shit all over?

You got underwear that cost $ 55?

My girl gave it to me.

[Chavez praying]

Come on, we get the time.

- What are you doing?
- Hold this.

Aw, come on, man.

Let the fire department get him out.
What are you crazy?

He isnít worth it.

Come on, man.

You are crazy.

You okay, man?

You okay?

Well the good news, Terrence is, I'll
okay you to return to full duty.

The bad news is in an all likelihood,
you'll be experiencing moderate to
severe back pain.

How severe?

You want to be taking something for it.

I'm going to write you a prescription for
Vic din.

For how long?

From now on.

No. For how long am I going to get pain?

We're going to try to manage this as long
as we can.

- You mean for the rest of my life?
- Probably.

But they're making advancements everyday, so...
just work with me on this, alright?

Now. When this runs out, call the

Thank you for helping me honour our
fallen heroes today.

We will now move on to the awards and

Among those being promoted to Lieutenant

It gives me great pleasure,

to additionally award the "Distinguished
Service Cross" Sergeant, now Lieutenant
"Terrence McDonough"

In recognition of extreme valour in the
line of duty.

Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Six months later

There's 3 more.

You don't want to look.
It's execution style.

What did you come up with?

Scale in the closet, bundle of glass in

I thought he went away?

He's out. Saw him the other day.

Let's get him in.

His baby mama is over by General Taylor

- You have forms during the canvas?
- Duty camp sent 'em out.

Whoever they talk to, I want follow up
by a member of the squad.

You see that personally, Armand.

- They brought security cameras?
- Yeah.

- Every license plate in the area?
- Got it.

"My friend" by Bobcat Ndola.

My friend is a fish

He live in my room

His fin is a cloud

He see me when I sleep.

Couple's name: Daud and iasin Ndola.

Dadaís mother name: Ramatullai Ndola.

Children's names: Animate and Bobcat.

Families from Senegal,
Immigration status: Illegal.

From what we know, Daud had been dealing
heroin to supplement his income as a peddler.

Now I want every drug dealer, every
junkie within a 5 mile radius...

...hassled in giving up who his
supplier was.

Due to the nature of this crime, you got full
authorization per over time if you need it.

Lieutenant McDonough going to be heading up
the investigation, so coordinate with him.

That's it, let's see some results.

McDonough! See you in my office for a minute.

- You up to this?
- Why wouldn't I be?

I know you still having problems to back,

Getting to be in pain a lot of the time.

I'm managing.

You still take medication for it?

Only what the doctor prescribes

We never let it be somebody with more time on
the job handles this kind of investigation.

But I'm going to go out on a limb with you 'coz you
got good instinct and donít do nothing' but work.

But I find out that you needed help you
didn't ask for, I'm going to be mad.

Yes Sir.

How's your man doing?

He's drinking himself into another glass.

- Give my best, would you?
- I will.

- Lieutenant, no more unnecessary jumps, huh?
- Yes Sir.

Hi, honey.

You bring me something?

Frankie, Hey... This is Andy.
Hey hey hey...

Calling to see
if you have any time to see me.

You need to call him back?


You know I'd rather go
to the mountain with you.

I can't afford it

I can. I can afford it.

Yeah. Who brought him in?

That's who is questioning him?

I'll be there in 10 minutes, tell him
I'm on my way.

Tell him if he put his hands on this
guy, he's going to have a problem.

I don't give a shit, Armand. You tell
him to take a fucking break.

Excuse me, could you tell me how much
longer that's going to be?

Hello, Miss. I'm a lieutenant in the
police department.

I'm in the middle of a homicide

Can I get my prescription, please?

Do you see I'm on the phone?

Hey, you can't come back here.

You got me waiting for 14 minutes, so you
can make a fucking personal phone call.

Security! Security in the pharmacy.
Security to pharmacy, please.

- This is it. This is it
- Come on.

Police emergency. This is it.

- You're no cop.
- What is that look like?

Then why are you acting all crazy for?

This is uh... $ 23 right, get
everybody a drink.

Get the fuck out of my way.

Look at me, okay?

2 hours. I said enough.

Now tell me something I don't know

- Man you better get me out of here.
- Get you out of here? What are you crazy?

I got you on possession. You're on parole.

Man, one skinny ass joint, man.

You got to help me,
or I'll going to get you back...

I got 5 dead people, man.
You understand?

I don't know where the body

Don't bullshit. For the murder, man.
Tell me something.

What do you want me to tell you?

I want you to tell me something I
haven't heard.

I don't want you to tell me...
Look at me.

I don't want you to tell me, that you
don't know nothing.

But I don't know nothing.


I got 2 dead baby Yambol.
You understand what that means?

That means I can do whatever I want in
this room.

That means Guantanamo Bay.
You believe this motherfucker?

I busted my ass for Yambol, and this
one won't tell me shit.

Detective. Can I see you outside for a

Uh, Yeah... Sure.

Two minutes. Think about it.

Oh not a great time to take a break.

- What are you doing?
- What? He's about to go.

Bullshit, Stevie. He's scared out of
his mind, because you and your partner
may have spectacle out of picking him

Now everyone in Central City knows he's
in here.

- Are you trying to...
- No! Just shush.

Do you think he's going to go out on a limb
you keep insulting him like that?

You are trying to tell me how to do my

Yes. As the matter of fact I'm going to
tell you when I think you're doing is
something wrong.

Go and fuck yourself.

I'm going to treat you respectfully.

You're treat me respectfully.

I'm looking at some bullshit pop bust and
because you're on parole, you wanted back
in Angola? Why would you do that?

Man, I isnít the one doing it.

Who just have Kinnaird pissed off?

I never said a two words to him.
I don't know.

But you knew he was selling dope though.
Come on.

Should I just call your parole officer?
He'll violate you... Stop wasting my time.

- I knew he was selling'
- Okay.

Tell me, where he was selling.
Whose neighbourhood was it?

Man, look. I got me a good job at the
cleaning service.

I check in when I'm supposed to. I
smoke a little weed, but that's it.

Tell me, whose neighbourhood it was,


You know Fate?

Big Fate? Yeah.

Isnít nothing' moved that part of town.
He got a piece of it.

Where can I find him?

I've said all I must say.

Now if you want me to lead you to him,
you just roll like me the fuck back up.

Check Stevie's arrest report on Dob. Have it
mentioned marijuana, make sure it gets lost.

What do I tell Stevie?

You can tell him to go fuck himself.

I'm going to go upstairs
and catch an hour in the crib.

What do you want, Munds?

Internal Affair is just checking the
property room vouchers.

- So?
- So that means they're going to find
out the shit missing.

Not if you don't tell them they won't.

I can't do it anymore, Terence.


Uhm... I'm really sorry. I just can't.


Whatever drugs might have been taken out
of the property or...

...have a voucher, you understand?

They won't turn up as missing, because
there's no record of them being there in
the first place. Okay?

They're installing cameras.

So then you don't do anything...

...where the cameras can see you.

I can't.

So when it was me redoing paperwork to
cover the cash you misplaced, that was
alright? That was entirely fucking...

I'm sorry.

Hei, Munds!

You bad boy.

Stand against the wall

Come on!

- Stand against the wall!
- Okay.

You keep busy making out with your
girlfriend you don't know any done
something illegal?

- What are we hiding tonight?
- Nothing.

Does drug in that club?


The two of you match the description.
Now empty your pocket and the handbag.


What, hard at hearing?
I said you match the description.

Somebody is in passing drugs.

I wasn't in passing drugs

What is that even mean?

Empty your pockets, stomp out the
handbag. I'm not going to tell you again.

This is bullshit!

- Just do what he says, okay?
- Yeah.

- What do you got in there?
- Nothing.

I'm not going to get stuck, am I?


I get stuck, I'm going to be very fucking angry.

You're not going to get stuck.

Where's your badge if you're a cop?

This is what I'm looking for.

Here's where it says I'm a cop.

Sir, It's obviously just for personal use.

I'm not a dealer.

That's for the D.A. to decide.

You going to dump that bag or I'm going to do it?

Sir. Is there any way my parents donít
have to find out about this?

I mean can we just you know hand on
handle this?

I go to jail on weekend or something
like that If I had to do that? My father
have a heart condition.

This would kill him.


Just let me keep this from him. Please.

Think he might want to know?


I'd want to know if were on my child.


This fur is a nothing, but...

This is my grandmother's...

It's worth $ 60,000.

You can give it to your girlfriend.

You don't have any girlfriend, You
can't give it to your mother.

It's detective bribery.

Excuse me.

This is worth $ 60,000.

Doesn't that get us pass attempted?

Where's the rock at?

Come on... come on.
Who's got the kibble?

- You want to hit?
- Yes




Are you fucking kidding me?

- ThaÔsís what it's going to take?
- Uh... uh

- What you making... Your father find out?
- No.

- What about your mother?
- I don't give a shit about her.

- Is she bitchy?
- No.

- Molest you?
- No.

Didn't buy you new clothes back to
school, huh?

- Didn't see you in high school play, huh?
- No.

No panties?

I've been thinking about you
and your little girl

where it all happens, yeah.

Don't fucking move.
You stand and you watch.

You watch her.

You watch your fucking girlfriend.


I need to come back.

What happened?

The storage what I thought was coke,
turn out to be heroin.

I got to be at work in an hour.

Oh, baby okay. I'm not alone.

Would you just get the coke?
I'll get out of here.

You didn't break it up for your client?

He brings his own.

Who are you?

I am the last person in the world you
want me to be.

He is just an old friend.

C'mon, Missy. We had your eyes
surveillance for weeks.

You got any illegal substances on you?

Like what?

Asshole. Cooperate with me, I let you
walk out of here.

You play games, you're coming with her.

I got some coke.

Get it.

Get out.

It was fun.


- Are you a policeman?
- Yes.

- Do you know who did this?
- I don't know yet.

Look here. This dead is my Bobcat.

He's dead.

My angel, she is dead.

- My whole family.
- How are you related?

Iasin. She was my sister.

- When's the last time you saw her?
- I see her that morning.

I come by in case she needed anything.

But that morning, she said she needed
something from the grocery,

And she called there, and have it
delivered by a boy to her home.

Help me, please.
Please help my family.

Please. Sir. Help me.

- Are you the manager?
- No, Sir.

The manager is over there.

Homicide. You got people making
deliveries here?

We got different guys making deliveries.
Different days, different guys.

Just one in Tuesday?

Different terms of day, different guys.

Late afternoon.

We don't keep track of who takes what to

Is there a delivery boy who hasn't show
up for a little while?

Excuse us, hello!

Police department. We're looking for
Bennie Rogers.

- I'm Bennie Rogers.
- We need to talk to you for a second, Ms. Rogers.

Do you mind stepping in the hall?

No, well I can't step into the hall.
Can't you see this legs that leaves me here.

We're looking for your grandson, Ms. Rogers.

What are you looking for him for?

Just to talk. We just want to talk.

Did he do something wrong?

He might've been a witness to a crime.

I don't know anything about that.

Where can we find him?

Young man. What do you think gives you
the right to come into my room...

...and have a conversation without even
acknowledging my presence.

We're terribly sorry.

It's very important we talk to this
woman's grandson.

And she told you she doesn't know where he is.

Actually, she hasn't told us that.

I don't know

Sorry, grandma.

What do you want to know?

Did you make a delivery, Tuesday?

On Josephine and Danielson?

Uh huh.

What did you see there?

This is a 15 year old boy, Sir.

We need you to tell us what you saw there.

He don't get involved in drugs, and gangs.
He goes to school.

He hold down a job and he come home.

A family was murdered, mum.

And I feel very bad about that, but I
don't want my grandson involved in it.

Maybe your grandson have some feeling on
his own.

The lady told me to set the grocery bag
in the kitchen.

As I send the grocery bag down there, I
heard screaming. Then I heard gun shots.

So I hid in the closet.

When I came out, everyone was all dead.

Did you see her shot then?

Yes or No?

This is what we're looking for.
The name is Donald Gods haw.

Street name Big Fate.

Familiarize yourself with his record
goes back to '91.

Did time for rape, sodomy, aggravated assault,
narcotics and possession of automatic weapon.

We believe he's also behind at least 3 homicides.

Including the Ndola Family.

Lieutenant, would you show us some victims?

All three were possible witnesses.

Gods haw has two foggiest that he runs with.
DeShaun Hackett. Street name "Midget".

Has a girlfriend on Burgundy. We'll set
up surveillance all the block. Maybe
we'll get lucky. He'll turn up.

Gary Jenkins. Street name "G".

His grandmother lives in project.
If he's laying low chances are
that's where we'll find him.

Let's bring 'em in.

Give me a minute.

I need access to the property next door.
Do you mind?

That's okay, baby...

What do you need access for?

We have some complaints about

Don't fucking breathe.

I love it.

I just love it.

I told you everything I know

This is your lucky day, Son

You're the first person we picked up,
you're in the position to help yourself.

- Help myself to what?
- You think you know something...

...about this family that got murdered.

I don't know nothing, man.

You were in the apartment when the
African got shot.

- Who's with you? Midget, Donald?
- Who?

Donald Gods haw. Big Fate.

- Where is he? Where can we find him?
- I don't know no Big Fate.

We find him on our own, we don't need
you no more. There's going to be homicides to answer for,

and Donald's going to hang 'em on you.

I mean "G" get 10 to 10, you got life.

I don't know nobody name "Midget",
I don't know nobody name "Big Fate".

Renaldo Hayes.

Oh man, it's bad luck.

I keep for over once on a while this kid
throw to somebody on his own team.

I love the guy. By the end of the
fucking game. I'm starting to hate him.
What do you want for the weekend.

- What's to spend on Louisiana and Arkansas?
- 4.

Louisiana, minus 4 for a dime.

You got it.

I got a favour to ask.

My kid got a speeding ticket.

I can take care of it
if you give me 0.5 point.

You're going to grind me for helping out my kid?

Grind you?
You're a funny guy, you know that?

There's guys getting half a point on the
street for nothing. Who lying to you.


But you take care of it.


I'm Lieutenant McDonough.
New Orleans homicide.

What can I do for you?

A friend of mine's daughter got a ticket
for speeding.

She was doing 75 on the way to the
hospital to visit her grandmother.

Has a couple of minor, minor moving
violation in the past. She's in danger
of losing her license.

- What do you want me to do?
- I'd like you to take care of it for me.

You come out to the scene of an accident
just to ask me that?

We got both parts to submit.
It shouldn't be a problem.

Are you asking me to break the law?
Is that what you're doing here?

Are you asking me to break the law?

I'm asking you one cop to another
to do me a favour.

- The answer is no.
- Just like that?

Just like that.

Isn't this the same police department
my father was in?

Will you excuse me.

Right. Guardian of the flame, right?

Fucking ass.

Get back in your car, Lieutenant.

Or else what?

Hey there.

Hey, what are you doing here?

- You know, the lieutenant, officer?
- Yes, we used to work together.

Why don't you walk him back to his car.

I could've told not to bother with that

If you need a ticket fixed, why didn't
you come to me?

I didn't know you work here

They only let me out on patrol when
they're shorthanded. Or else they got
me in the property room.

Property room? What are you doing tonight?

- You're asking me out?
- Yes, I am.


You like this boots, don't you?

Who cares who bought it on you, you
know that.

- You horny?
- Oh yeah.

No, you're not.

Yeah true.

Whenever I take prescription except for
the heroin.

Hey! Wake up McDonough.

You know there's times I can't get what
I need with the prescription.

- Really?
- Yeah.

My back hurts sometimes

Maybe there's something I can do to make
that pain go away.

You definitely can.

What's that, baby? What do you want me
to do for you.

Check out your property room.

See if there's any Oxycotin or morphine
that you can sneak out of there.

Just make sure you get rid off the
voucher copy.

You're nuts.

It's going to be more complicated than I

You're kidding me.

The best thing to do is now have a plead
not guilty. By the time a court date
comes around, I'll talk to cover up.

I thought that's what you're going to do.

I went straight to the lieutenant.

It'll work out. It's just going to take a
little longer.

Kind of calls in the question 'half a
point for nothing' concept don't you

- You're some cheap freak, you know that?
- You say you going to do something, you donít do it.

Good. Charge me for that point.

And, after last weekend, you're down $
3, 000.

You might I mean might have thought to
bring me little something?

2 Dimes. On Louisiana against Georgia.

Okay. You got it.

- How long has he been in there?
- About 20 minutes.

- Who else?
- His girlfriend at least one.
That's as far as we know.

What are these fucking Iguanas doing on
my coffee table?

- They isnít no Iguana.
- Yeah, they are.

It isnít no iguana.

What the fuck is that?
Fucking iguana.

Are we set up?

- SWAT is around the corner.
- No.

No. No SWAT. Let them stay there.

Well the Duty Captain said he want to
coordinate with us when we...

Is that right, Stevie? Is that what
you're fucking doing now? Reporting back
to the fucking Duty...

I'm telling you what he said.

We need SWAT, we'll call 'em.

Let's go.

- Who else is in here?
- Nobody.

We don't come back everyday, you

One times we come back, you want
chances that child getting shot.

Isnít nobody here.

He's hiding back there in the armoire.

You all stay with her. Armand.

Get out. I said get out.

Damn, man

You know, it's always nice to see
intact family.

Father want as his obligations, as far
as the children are concern.

Less the important thing. You maybe
hiding in an armoire. But your child
knows you're here.

- Are you tripping' man?
- Armand give us some air, would you?

And shut the door.

Shut up.

Shut the door.

Sit down.

Relax, take a sit.

Now we can talk.

- You donít mind if I light one up, do you?
- Fuck, man.

I find it relaxes me.

What the fuck, man.

You know we got your boy. "G" right?

Man, I don't know no "G".

He knows you.

It's amazing how much you can get done
when you got a simple purpose guiding
you through life.

My purpose is to find out who shot up
this apartment, on Josephine.

I know the guy is from Senegal,

I know he was selling heroin,

I know whose territory he was stepping on.

I know who went over to the apartment to
straight him out.

I found out all that in the past few days.

Where's Big Fate, Son?

I don't know no Big Fate.

You see, I know that's not true.

Because everybody who comes from where
you come from does know who Big Fate is.

The fact that you're lying to me about
it, tells me you're hiding something.

Since you know my only reason for being
here is to find out who shot up the
apartment I know that's what you're

See, it all...

It all comes back to that same simple


I isnít telling you shit.

Hey, what's wrong?

Your father was mad at me because I
can't take care of his fucking dog

Why he had you to take care of it?

Because he's going back into A. A.

He says he can't deal with anymore

Besides, he's got to stop drinking.

I mean got to take care of it, but I leave
at 7 o'clock in the morning to go to work.

Let me talk to him.

I tried to be good wife to him,
Terrence. I do.

But you know I got a limit too.

He says he got a drinking problem

He wants to do something about it,
that's good.

He's been down that road before, It
didn't take, he wants to try it again.

I said why don't just take beer the way
I do. He says he can't do that.

- Hey, Pop.
- How are you doing?

- You said the meeting is at 7.
- I'd like to get there early. Set up the chairs.

I'll take it.

She can do it.

I came over to see you let me take you
for a ride at least.

You feed the dog?

You feed the dog?

I can take care of it.

What are you talking about?

Genevieve told me a little about what's
going on and I'll take the dog off your
hands for a while.

And how you're going to take care of a dog?

I got a friend. She just loves animal.
All of them. Dogs too.

Let's go

Have a good time

No, no

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Can we not discuss this on the phone?

How come you only come when you need

You're fucked up, aren't you?

What? Yeah... yeah...
I'm fucked up.

What are you doing?

I'm going to work.

I've to go to "Boxy" tonight. Going
to the hotel casino.

Well how are you going to take care of the dog if
you're fucked up, and you're going to "Boxy"?

The doorman is going to walk him in the
morning and get back in the afternoon?

- What's his name?
- I don't know.

You don't know his name?

That's my father's

You are unbelievable.

I got to get going.


Baby, nice to me.

He smells.

He needs a bath.

Did you try to understand something. It doesn't
matter that you're just along for the ride.

It doesn't matter that you didn't
actually shoot anybody.

You're playing "The Price is Right" now.

The price is Big Fate gain off lights going to help
D.A. convict you and your boy "G".

I guarantee you that's just the way he's going to do.

- The piss smoke at, man.
- What are you talking about.

Might as well get fucked up I got to
listen to all this bullshit.

- So break out the smoke, man.
- You flipping' out on us, Midget?

Nah, man. Your partner lid up a motherfucking
blunt before you put the cuffs on.

I love this guy.

What did you say? You saying I smoke
Marijuana in your presence.

Cannabis? Is that what you're saying?

Yeah, right.

Your word against mine, so the fucker
won't believe me, right?

Lieutenant, can you step out for a

My name is Eugene Gratz, Lieutenant.
I'm an attorney.

This is my client, Donald Gods haw.

I understand you've been looking for him.

How can I help you?

I just want to talk to these guys for a
second. Why don't you wait in there?


- Can I get you a glass of water?
- No, thanks.

I got to turn over the names of my
witnesses to my lawyer

Once I do that,

Gods haw look to scare the kid

He can't scare him, he kill him.

I'll never get to him.

Since Gods haw turn himself in, I've
authorized 24 hour to start immediately.

Just remember, we have no fingerprints,
no DNA, no weapon.

We lost the kid, we lose the case


He's a nice dog, but I just can't keep him.

She said she'd be back at one o'clock
this afternoon. I'm off at 4, and I
have another job I got to be at.

- She didn't call?
- No.

And I isnít going to walk him. And I just
can't leave the animal on her apartment,
It might do damage.

- How do you get my number?
- Ms. Frankie gave it to me. In case of emergencies.


This is what I'm talking about.
Doesn't pick up the phone.
Isn't where she's supposed to be.

Not showing up.

Terence, did you think you can put me
on the witness stand by May 15th.

I don't know. Why?

My mom goes for the parole board.

I'm sure we can get people to put in a
good word for her.


Where are you?

Okay, I'm about an hour from there.

I'm on my way.

Frankie, I'm on my way.

You ever been to "Boxy"?

Okay, You stand there. Don't move.

I'll be back in five minutes

- Baby.
- Hi, Baby...

What are you doing?

You alright?

You okay?

Who did it?

- Do you have anything for me?
- Some coke.

- That's it?
- And Vic din.

I'll take both.

What the fuck is going on in here?

Who is this?

Get easy.

Just get my money. He never paid.

- What are you, jealous boyfriend?
- Shut the fuck up.

Just get me my money.

I used to pay when I'm done.

Done smacking her around?

It was out of chip, man.
I didn't hurt her.

Terence, let's just go.

We don't hit woman down south.

You just made a big mistake there.

My father is Andy.
You want to get rid of him?


- One of the biggest developers in the Gulf Coast.
- Congratulations.

Tommy Leonardo is one of his best friends.

Hey listen to me, scumbag!

Don't try to impress me with your father
knows some guinea hood.

What you got to take away from this experience.

Is if you ever see that girl again? You
turn around and you walk in opposite
direction. You got that?

I had you just looking at that girl,
you going to wish you were born without a dick.

Big mistake.

Big mistake

Daryl, this is Frankie, Frankie, this is Daryl.

- Hi Daryl.
- Hi.

I got to go talk to someone.

You go and take Frankie to the coffee
shop, and you stay with her.

- You can do that, right?
- Yeah.

- Do you have to do that now?
- I'll be with you in a minute.

Let's go. Take care of me.

- What Louisiana go off at?
- 3 points underdogs.

3 points underdogs

- What are they losing by?
- 8.

- How the fuck is that?
- There's still 2 minutes to play.

Louisiana isnít got his passing game, friend.

Good point.

You want my pick for the "Pac-10"?

Do I look like I want to hear em?

Where is the boy?

He went to the bathroom

- Are there any bath beside that one?
- Yeah, on the other side.

What's going on?

What he said when he left?

He asked me if I'd be okay waiting here
by myself. I said yeah, he said he
got to go to the bathroom.

- He is a witness to a homicide.
- What?

To 5 homicides. Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- To find him.

Where is he?

Bennie, call security.

There isn't going to be anybody.

Where's your grandson, Bennie?

I don't have to tell you anything.

Yeah, you do.

I haven't done anything. My grandson
haven't done anything.

If he don't want to be witness, he
doesn't have to be a witness.

This is bigger than you want to.

It was a massacre.

Children were executed.

Well maybe you should've thought of that before.

I need to know where he is.

Young man, I would like to know the
name of your superior.

Right now, I walk on about an hour and
half of sleep over the past 3 days.

And I'm still trying to remain calm.

I'm beginning to think that that's
getting in the way of being effective.

What are you doing?

I want to know where Daryl is.

My God.

Nobody saw me coming.
Nobody knows I'm here.

This old woman going to run out of air.

And you're going to have a tough time convincing
people that It wasnít you who did it to her.

And even if. Even if you convinced them
that you didn't kill her on purpose.

You're still going to have a tough time
selling them that you took care of her
with a fuck.

Now, listen to me.
Where the fuck is he?

I said where the fuck is he?

He's on an aeroplane.

Ms. Edwin had bought him a ticket.

She sent them to live with her family in

It's okay.

There we go, that's it.

That's a good girl.

Let's breathe.

You drop dead you selfish cunt.

You ever think about your kids?
Your grandkids?

Suck it up their inheritance through
that oxygen tube?

And Bennieís fucking intensive care.

I hate you, I hate you both

Right now, I should've fucking kill you.

You're the fucking reason this country
going down to drain.

Watch out, he is not in a good mood.

Come in.

Have a sit.

Scotland Yard called.
The kid's in England.

Make him a material witness.
Maybe Scotland Yard will hold him.

Can't do that.

He had no involvement with the crime.
He don't want to testify.

We can't compel it.

Well we can still try flipping one of
the three.

Yeah you can try all you want.

Nobody flipping' on Gods haw. They're
scared to death.

As of now, all they all are person of

You got to let them go.

Come on.
5 homicides and you're letting them go?

You weren't supposed to let the kid out
of your sight, Lieutenant. Now you
just be glad that he donít turn out dead.

- This is bullshit.
- Get the hell out of here.

Hey lawyer, you're not the one...

Get out of my office!

- We're risking our lives on the street.
- Easy... easy...

You know what's involved, right?

- Take it easy.
- Maybe if we have a prosecutor...

- What happened when you went to see his grandmother.
- I told you.

She said that the woman she takes care
are buying a plane ticket and he was on
his way to England, to stay with

- Any incident takes place when you were there?
- What kind of incident?

Any kind.


Whatever it is,
you going to have your story down.

Come on they're going to public integrity
into this?

What for?

The old woman, her son is
United States Congressman.

I asked where Daryl was. His
grandmother told me.

You didn't at anytime threaten his

No, I did not.

You didn't at anytime threatened
Antoinette Fahringer?

No. I did not.

Think you should know form of complaints
been filed. Alleging you cut off...
Mrs. Fahringer oxygen supply.

Well who's saying that? Mrs. Fahringer?

Is it true?

I think she might be suffering from a
little dementia.

Is it true?

Absolutely not.

I saw 5 of those. I want you to clean
that up.

Ned. Excellent. You got my message.
Good. Come on.

You got the flowers I sent? How's Jenny?

What the fuck are you talking about.

Stop it.

- What are you doing here?
- What do you think?

I don't have anything for you.

- Then this is a problem.
- Yeah well then it's a problem.

You owe me 5 large, Terrence.

I haven't got it.

Give me something, give me goods, if
you donít have cash.

- Give me a gold Rolex.
- Ned please.

I look like I got a gold Rolex?

- Donít play me for a fucking stooge, Terrence.
- Will you keep your voice down.

- Donít play me for a fucking stooge.
- Are you done?

Do you think these guys care you're a
cop. They will fuck you up just like
everybody else

Let me get something down the Texas game, yeah?



You pay what the fuck you owe.

I am little late on my rent, is all.


Somebody name Frankie called.

- What's going on?
- All kind of things. Come closer.

I'm Dave.

- Who are you?
- Andy.

- Who are you?
- Jeff.

What I want right now is to get this
behind position right.

He wants money.

Who are you?

Sit down.

I told you. I'm Dave.

And the guy you robbed,
I know told you he was.

You make a date with a pretty girl,
you got to pay.


Like this.

You see that's it. We engage with another
human being, we remind us we're not alone.

Plus who knows maybe we even learned a
little something.

How much?

You took 10 off to make it right, you
got to come up with 50.


It's punitive damages.
What can I tell you.

- I don't get it.
She kept up her end of the bargain.
- He says no.

He's a fucking liar. I did everything
he asked me to do.

- Which was what?
- You want details? Sick people.

Listen to her stand up for herself.
The indignation. I love it.

- Where's the money?
- My bag.

It's all here.

Here are 5,000 and some changes here.

Why donít I give you this and call it a day.

We could do that alternatively I could
tell Jiffy to shoot the dog.

You want me to shoot the fucking dog?

I'll put my calling card on this gorgeous.

I don't give a shit about the dog.

But you mark her up, I'm going to have a
tough time getting you your money.

By my money you mean $ 50,000.

- I need a couple of days.
- By couple you mean two?



I know, relax.

The boys want to saddle her up just in the
spirit for friendliness. You mind?

Well, got to let her clean up.

Put on something hot.

- She looks like shit right now
- Beautiful.

What are you waiting for?

I don't want to play pressure on you, but
she has a client coming over in 15 minutes.

You boys can be done by then, right?

- The both of us?
- They'd been done in 15 seconds
if you havenít mention it.

My mistake.

You'll hear it when we come back.
Two days, same time same station, yes?

Ok, you got it baby.

Don't make me look for you Terrence.

They're gone.

You're taking him to my father's house.


They're gone.

I can't take care of them.

I just need a place where she could stay
for a couple of days.

Why can't you put her in your place.

I can't take a chance this guy found out
where I live, dad. Come on.


I get me a job for bringing the cookies to the
meeting. It takes me half a day to get it done.

You want me to babysit a pros?

You donít have to babysit her.

She's very self sufficient.

I'm not in any kind of shape to take on
something like this.

I get home from one meeting, I lie on a
couch and I wait.

 it's time for the next meeting.
That's all I can do right now.

Let your wife deal with her.
They'll get along like sisters.

Get away from me, you fag.

My husband's trying to quit drinking and
you bring this shit into our house?

Give that back, lady or I swear to God,
I will stab you in the heart.

- What's this?
- What kind of trash you bring in here, Terrence?

She's going through my bag.
My personal shit.

Everybody calm down.

- Give it to me.
- He got to put up with narcotics under his nose.

Oh God, Come on, it can't be any worse than
you're being shit face on beer all the time.

You told her I'm shit face all the time?


It's pretty fucking obvious, lady.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, fucking whore. Watch this.

Come fucking get it.

I can't deal with this shit.


We come in or you come out?

Alright. Come on let's go

Francesca Donnenfeld. You know her?

Just cut the bullshit, and tell me what
you're here for.

I'm Pasco. Here's the thing tough guy.
You just keep fucking with the wrong people.

First, the old lady.

Now, your prostitute friend customer.

The old lady, you might have written
out. She didn't remember so good.

The collared nurse, She's covering for
the grandson, whatever.

But when I get a call from a chief of
D's office. That you're shaken down
your pros friend's customer.

Whose father is hung all the way from
here to fucking city hall.

You're done, Lieutenant.

What do you want?

Your gun for starters.


Until the outcome of the hearing,
you're on modified duty.

Better call your delegate.

You have a good day, Lieutenant.

I didn't have a gun.

I know, look you cut the best deal you can
and you get to handle the police department.

Because if you stay in,
it's going to get worse.

Terrence, can I talk to you for a second.

I can't stay here.

I didn't take the shit from my own mother.
And I'm not going to take it from her.

Hey, Dad. Can I get a minute alone
with my girlfriend?

She's going to calm down. I promise.

I'm so happy you're here.

I got something else I want to show you.

I want to show you this place.
I spent a lot of time here...

When I was a boy.

I was here alone a lot.

This was my special place... a child.

My castle.

And I would imagine things here.

Pirates, buried treasures.

My dad didn't like that so much,

But my mom, she got it.

Before she died.

She bought me a metal detector.

I want to show you something.

Look at that. Right out there.

I thought that pirates came up the

And that they bury treasure right there
by that tree...

Next to the house.

I took the metal detector my mom gave me.

And I went out there and it started
beeping like 'Beep'... 'Beep'... 'Beep'.

I started digging, and I I dug and I
dug and I dug...

And I found a sterling silver spoon.

And I was so happy I started screaming,
and jumping and laughing.

And I went
"Hey Man... this is treasure".

"This is Pirate's treasure."

And I came back here with it.

And I hid it somewhere. I just
Sterling silver spoon.

I still can't find it.

It could be anywhere.

I know it's here.

I don't know what to tell you,

Not a lot I can do in this

I tell you guys all the time, you can
not get away with that cowboy shit

You don't listen,
and now this is what we had.

My best fucking detective, and I got to
put him in the property room.

Terrence, come on.

I don't want to get you in full of orders.

You do all this Font shit, and I'm
here, they're going to think I'm doing it

So who go to the storage house when
you're not here?

While you're there, get my. 45 Magnum
and bring it to me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You work here?
- Looks that way.

Why do you got there?

9-10 grams of heroin, and Clock 9.

You see that scale over there?
It's broken.


I sent for a new one, as soon it gets here.

I'll weigh the drugs, and I'll get you
your voucher, okay?

Alright, bye bye...

How may I help you, Sir?
May I help you, Sir?

- Can I talk to you a minute?
- Excuse me.

You mind stepping outside?
I'd like to talk to you.

You interrupted my meal.

I'm going to pretend to be polite, suit
you like a big man in front of your

But you give me hard times...

...I put the cuffs on you, just like
any other shit bird.

I'll be back.

- You alright?
- What the fuck you want to talk to me?

You isnít going to shoot me,
are you motherfucker?

Why would I do that?

I got something for you and I think
you're going to like it.

Let's take a walk.

You're crazy for coming down here.

I'm going to give you a chance
to make some money the old fashion way.

With a cop protecting you.

- What I need protection for?
- Other cops.

A cop going to protect me from cops.

You'll know when a supply is under

You'll know when it's safe to make a
pickup, when it's not.

What do I got to give you?

$ 15,000 - shipment.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I being unfair?

How do I know you isnít looking to set me up?

Tomorrow I'll bring you some information.

Small shit.
You decide if you want to go to the next step.

What about the murders?

You won't give a fuck about them no more?

Look at me.
Now look at you. I never did.

I got the weight on that dope, finally.


That's all there was?

I'll double check it if you want.

Don't matter,
when that's enough for felony.

Hey where do you guys get going on today?

Buy and bust on 4th and Ferret.
On Andre's outfit.

Happy hunting.

Undercover just busting' on Andre.
4th and Ferret.

- What do you know?
- Man of your word.

Are you running me back to my car?

Yeah, I need to make a stop first.
Is that alright?


- This is prime real estate.
- Doesn't look prime.

See that's the point.
Now is the time to get in.

2-3 years from now,

All of this will be river front condos.
Marble floors, health spas...

By that time, another motherfucker
made all the money.

Don't be going legit on me now, Big.

Money is money

Tell you what. You'll be the front man,
I'll be the power behind the throne.

Just like we work your 4th grader good.

Yeah you're right.

This is a good spot to build condominiums.

See, I know I like you, man.

Come on.

May I ask you to step out of the vehicle

- What I do?
- You bought dope.

I watched you buy dope,
now stand the fuck up.

Put your hands on the car

I didn't buy nothing, man.

No? What's this?

- Officer, please...
- Please what?

- I don't how that shit got in there
- You don't?

- No, Sir.
- Did I put it there?

No, Sir.

- Just some freak occurrence?
- Yes, Sir.

Was that what you're going to
tell the judge then?

Maybe you'll get lucky, and he'd be a
football fans.

- You know who I am.
- Oh, I know who you are.

Then why you want to fuck my life for?

I got to spend a night and that's going to
knock me out the draft.

I'm sure you'll get a contract or some
kind eventually, Shit!

You run the 4th and what?

Why did you do this to me?

Because of some motherfucking marijuana, man?

I was going to buy my mama a house.


You're going off 6 points favour against Texas.

You win by 5 or less, or you lose
altogether. None of this ever happened.

Sir, I I can't do that.

A fumble on this assignment.
You can absolutely do it.

Sir, please please don't make me...

Now, listen to me Renaldo.

I've thrown a lot of money this year...

...on you. I got to chance
to get some of that back,

I want to take advantage of it. You're
going to tell me your integrity game is too
much to you, Fine...

...I respect that. When a dream of
trying to convince you to go against
your conscience.

So turn around, I'm placing you under arrest.


You won't tell nobody.

You isnít going to tell nobody.

This Taliban shit.
That's what this is.

This does show Osama get a motherfucker
before they blow themselves up.

That's money.

Shut up!

Where's the 15,000?

You'll get it, man. Relax.

Did I not do what I said I was going to do?

You, man. Relax.

Tell me again to relax.

I'm not looking to beat you, man.

Where's my money?

- I'll get your money
- When?

- Tomorrow.
- Where?

My place.

Give me a cut of the uncut dope.

Look. I'm going to pay you in money.

This is interest.

That's bullshit, man.

- What's that little man?
- You, Midge, chill out.


Now put that gun away.
Before you kill somebody.

I'll kill all of you.
To the break of dawn.

To the break of dawn, baby.

What's up?

What's up? What's up? What's up?

- No, don't talk to me...
- What's up motherfucker?

...about no fucking bet, Terrence.

Now what's the matter?

You don't pay your debts, I don't
want to know you. I can't afford it.

Ten grand. 5 by 0. Yeah? All for
Louisiana. Right there.

- Where did you get this?
- What are you my priest?

- That's a 6 point spread.
- No shit.



- Hi.
- Hi.

- I got something for you.
- I need to get my clothes.

Don't worry about your clothes right
now. This is uncut dope.

Just a bunch of stuff from my closet,
and then from my dresser by the bed.

I'm not going to give you much until we know
how strong it is. 'Coz it's pure, you know?

Baby, I've been talking to your father a lot.
And I think I'm going to go to the meeting with him.

Does that mean you don't want any?

I mean, of course I want some but I,
maybe when I get back.


- Ready?
- We got to go.


Thank you

This is the way to do business.

This? This way I isnít got to worry about
what I'm walking into. I got you.

Let me hit that shit


You eating' this shit?

Hey, Midget.

Light the Caucasianís swag.

You're my kind of motherfucking cop,

You look crazy, motherfucker.

- Why do you care?
- I'm guessing $ 60,000.

- Pretty good guess.
- Will you shut the fuck up?

You owe me 15,000.

I'll take 25% of the dope uncut.

That means you're getting my price.

There's one way of looking at it.

The other is you get to keep 75%, and I
go to prison for the rest of your life.

Make sure you cut it before you sell it.

Unless you want to kill the motherfucker
who buys it.

Hey, did I ever tell you story about
Nigger Elk. Nigger Elk, yeah?

I was watching TV, The game, right?

When Renaldo Hayes, he got tossed upon,

He was running with it, running,
running, running.

He jumped over 3 line backs and in mid air...

He spouted antlers like a gazelle, like an elk.

He landed again, he ran, ran ran.
He scored a touchdown.

I'm not worried about you so I'll be
concern about me.

'coos I'm not concern, You're not
concern, So don't worry 'coos...

I'm not really concern.

I'm worried, because if you drop dead,
I'm the motherfucker they come looking for.

And then I got to end up having a nigger
from Africa trying to move in on my shit.

I don't want to shot no more purple ass
niggers from Africa.

- You understand?
- Easy... Easy... 'coz I'm not Easy-E.

- I need to go to the store.
- So?

So I need you to watch him.

Well. Fuck No! I can't watch him!

Well don't be yelling', They isnít
nothing' to eat then.

Get the fuck out of here.

Get the fuck out of here.

Hit me again with another one of them rocks.

Now what the fuck is that?

It's my lucky crack pipe.

You're a crazy motherfucker.

You don't have a lucky crack pipe?


I don't have a lucky motherfucking crack pipe.

Well then, Donald.
You got to take a hit off from mine.

Why I got to do that?

'Cause it's lucky.

Sorry we're late, fellas.
I hope you didn't wait dinner.

- Who the fuck are you?
- 3rd party Ben Fishery.

Your friend here can feel you
in on the details.

I'm working on getting your money,
Dave. That's what I'm doing here.

Yeah, I don't know about you but I find
the hardest part of collecting debts is
having to listen to the stories.

Wait a minute.
Terrence owes you some money?

Fifty thousand dollars.

Plus my two young friends here were
supposed to have had a sexual experience
at their choosing...

...with an attractive woman. Nothing!

He came across with none of it.

Now that's wrong. That's wrong when you
don't do what you say you going to do,

My end of the dope worthís more than $ 50,000.

Take it.

Why don't I take all the dope?

What are you going to take what belongs to me?

Well, there was a time when I wouldn't have.

I'd have taken what's mine
and left the rest on the table.

But you see,
I never got rich enough to retire.

I'm stuck doing this shit.

And I'm not young anymore.

So now I don't leave nothing on the table.

Pick it up.

- Kill him again.
- What for?

His soul is still dancing.

Shoot him again.

What are you doing tonight?

I'm getting out of here and go to bed.

Well just for fun.

Why don't you stop writing report on

- For fun?
- I think you might find something interesting there.

Like what?

I've been thinking this bushwhackers, might've
hit a crack pipe while they were there.

Dropped under the bed where the kids were?

And we missed it?

The DNA place 'em at the scene.

Yeah, the vision, right?


Where's Frankie?
She's not in the house?

- Frankie's on the way to Rehab.
- Rehab?

What about her clothes

Someone bring her, her clothes.

Anything else you want to know?

You don't have to hide it from me.

Both like a poison.

You just drink beer, I thought.

- I'm going to watch the game.
- Be my guest.

[Sports commentator talking on TV]

...and all this without Renaldo Hayes.

We still don't know the nature of his injury...

I'll kill him. know I'm looking right there...
Hayes And I tell you what.

The guy just does not look like a happy guy.
I mean he's on the sideline...

He's obviously suffering
from some sort of injury...

First off, This thing between us is
gotten way out hand, my man.

Got way out of hand.


Those goofballs couple fucking assholes.

I take this because of something
you did to 'em?

Whoa, man...

I got no beef with you whatsoever.

Everything between me, rinsed with rain.

I want you to know,

That my father got in touch with this
guy, and he told like whoever it is,

That complaint has been withdrawn.
Finished. Oh yeah.



Oh yeah...

- This way out.
- Oh, yeah.

No... no... Look Ned

If you'd called first I would've save
you the trip. I, I...

I'm guessing, that you didn't see the game.

How did this happen?

Louisiana by 3.

- Hayes ended up playing?
- Nope.

- Worked out anyway.
- What are you talking about?


And my daughter's tickets.
Speeding tickets.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This female highway patrol officer
calls up says they're taken care of.

It's $ 10,000.
You sure you don't want to count it?

I trust you.

- Alright, man. You take care of yourself.
- Alright.

- Great news.
- Why?

Armand came up with this at the crime
scene on Josephine.

I was uh... I just got lucky.

Lab found Gods hawís DNA on it.

That is fantastic!


Oh... Look at that.

I found the spoon.

It's not silver and little rusty.

I want to give it to you.

It's yours

It's for me?

That's so sweet.

It's beautiful.

Yes, eight.

It's going down, baby.

I got some help.

Police Department. Stand up.
Keep your hands where we can see em.

- What the fuck is this?
- Shut up!

We got it.

Check the outside. Check the backyard.
Check upstairs. Check his car.

We got this. It's okay.
Good. We're good.

- Upstairs.
- Cuff him.


- No!
- What do you mean no?

Here's what happens. Before we can cuff
him, he goes for this weapon,

we shoot this prick and steal his shit.

What the fuck? Terrence...
What are we doing?

I thought we had our thing going.

And you're wrong, baby.

He acts like he likes you,
cause he likes to get high.

That don't mean he stops being the police.

- Cuff him, Stevie.
- No.

I said "Cuff him, Stevie!"

This is about money? You want money?
You want my fucking money? Take my money!

But you won't got to kill me for this shit.

Go for it, Son.

Go for it.

Go for it. Go for it.

Next time.

Now fucking cuff him.

I said cuff the motherfucker, Stevie.

One year later

Ladies and Gentlemen.
It's an honour to conclude this year

on a positive note.

In recognition of his leadership, and
tenacity, and the investigation of
Ndola family murders,

resulting in successful apprehension,
and prosecution...

...of the 3 individuals responsible

So I'm proud to include Lt. Terrence
McDonough among those being promoted... the rank of "Captain"

Captain Mc Donagh.

- Excuse me, would you care for some wine?
- No, thank you.

We're all going to stick
with our sparkling water.

I would like to make a toast.

To the new Captain.

To new life.

- I'm probably going to start to cry right now.
- Aw... That's okay.

To my new family.

- God Bless!
- Hear, hear...

You're still going to working the nightshift
when I get closer to the D-Day?

I'll make sure I'm not. How's that.

I can get to the hospital on my own, but...

But I like having you home at night.

I like it better that way too.

- Stand against the wall.
- What did we do?

- Hey! Stand against the wall
- Wait!

What are you doing?

You two match a description.
In passing drugs in a club.

- Sir. You have the...
- Don't say anything.

Do exactly what I tell you to do.


- What are you hiding tonight?
- Nothing.

- We didn't do...
- Empty your pocket and stuffed out the handbag.

- Room Service.
- I didn't order any room service.

Must've make a mistake again.
Holy shit.

I'm Everest Chavez, man.
You saved my life.

I was in the prison that was flooding, man.

- Oh yeah.
- Do you remember me?

Are you still with the police department?

Port of Call. Still New Orleans.


What happened with you?

Judge amend me to a drug free program.

November 14th.
I'd have a year clean.


Are you alright?

Sometimes, I had bad days.

Listen. You saved my life.

I'm almost done working. I'm going to
get you out of here, okay?


Does fish have dreams?

You know, Chavez. I still hate that I
ruined my underwear for you.

Special thanks to SergeiK.