Battle In Seattle Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Battle In Seattle script is here for all you fans of the Stuart Townsend movie with Charlize Theron. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Battle In Seattle quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Battle In Seattle Script


While this movie is based on facts
real, the characters are fictitious.

1947 ... Near the end of
World War II.

23 nations signed the general agreement
of tariffs and trade.


Its purpose ...

Legalize and expand the trade
in the world.

Stability ... the sense of
global community was the key.

In five decades the GATT grew

and more members have joined creating
the World Trade Organization.

We're writing the Constitution
for a single global economy.

With 151 nations, the WTO monitors
90% of world trade.

Unlike the GATT to WTO can impose,
and achieve punish countries with its law.

With the expansion of free trade to
WTO seeks to help countries

with the benefit of the system
global trade.

It has very little to do with TRADE
and certainly that is NOT FREE.

It is a global system of government where
nothing is done and nothing is controlled.

It is simply used to open
country borders.

Large corporations are free
to operate anywhere.

Without being affected by the government or
by the people of the United Nations

And they say that the value of money
should govern human rights.

And the environment must be tied
the needs of commerce.

The WTO must be for governments.

Of clean air rules were for the sewer.

Cases of asthma increases.

GM foods,
are sold to consumers.

Banana growers crushed
by large corporations.

Despite the problems, the power of
WTO continues to grow.

At the last meeting in Seattle, new
WTO rules have been edited.

It is the tight control of
most areas of our lives!

For many, this meeting
has become a battle.

For the future.

Take this, man.

Jay, she turned up.


Okay, you can shoot.

I will now get you.

All right, I got you.

You do not have much material to replace.

No, should have looked better.

Do not start with ideas.

It had been three times,
This never happened to me.

You have to be a bit
crazy to do this.

Wait for my signal fire,

By the way, my name is Lou.


- It is better than free coffee in prison.
- I will not under arrest at least until tomorrow.

- That was close?
- Yes, very close.


Tomorrow, the WTO will meet in Seattle.

It will be the largest trade meeting
Overall, already done.

Jimmy Hoffa, the union along with
the environmentalists and people of

Human Rights will meet in
Memorial Stadium with 45 thousand people.

More than 50 thousand demonstrators are
in the streets protesting against the WTO.

Since 1968, democratic conventions
and the police have been faced.

They fear the oppression this week
in Seattle, due to

WTO connection with the USA, in
trade in oil.

We have files that identify the most
of individuals civilians, with their photos.

And the reality makes us think.

We have a team of lawyers
which will be along with us over

this event.
- Very well, Jay!

The first, Django Mills, arrested on different countries for damage caused.

Louis Philips.

According to the investigation, accused of
involvement in events.

Engaged in racial demonstrations
black with violence.

Samanta Clayton,
has no criminal sheet.

Apparently, he studied law.

She was involved in a case
legal party in 1998.

And, finally, I know
Jay Aliguon.

We here in the lower part of
from the city center.

And each group will be one of those areas.
How are we doing?

- No violence.
- All right, and with conscience.

The brother of Jay died in a
demonstration in the forest.

My brother! You killed him!
You killed him!

An ambulance.

Since then involved in most
the demonstrations through the country

Including in the prisons of 1998.

Raise your hand all those who are
willing to be arrested me.

Do not feel bad about what the
others out there can say.

The ceremony will begin within
24 hours, prepare yourselves

because we shoot these
sons of bitches down!

All right!

All right!

We have that for two barricades
around the Paramount Theater.

We believe that all
protests are going to focus there.

Typically up with the
coaches and those who pass will be arrested.

I do not want prisons, but as president,
I want the city clean.

How many Protestants expect?

7 thousand, maybe 10 grand.

We are prepared for that.
- Sure.

The opening ceremony of the WTO will be
the Paramount Theater in the center.

Demonstrators human rights,
the representatives of trade unions

and environmental advocates, are already
prepared for the meeting in Seattle,

where 20 thousand demonstrators against
CMO combine the march.

- What happens to you?
- Still looking for a good story.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Everything looks great.

It seems that baby will have a very
healthy, at least until now.

Have chosen the name?

No, not yet.
But a few like that, right?

She has some like that.

- I gotta go, baby
- Oh, do not go now.

I have things to do. Good luck.
These protests call me crazy.

Come on!
I call you.

Doctor, talking and this woman
because it makes me very happy.

Of course they raise.
- I see you later.

It took two years to
bring the WTO to Seattle.

And succeeded.

Hello, how are you?

Can I make one of our most
tough negotiators in the southern hemisphere.

I bet you did not tell the
cause of all this success.

The next cities are Detroit,
Denver, Dallas, San Diego and Honolulu ...

- I make him Dr. Alex of Boston.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Vai talk about the costs of
some medicines.

I hope he has more luck in
his speech than I do.

I invite them to be more productive
and have a week of success.

- When success!
- Thanks!

Thank you all.

I invite them to the cocktail of
Feast of the WTO.

From where will come much better, but the
music will not be so good.

As president was in protest
against the war in Vietnam.

So I am happy that there may be
demonstrations of protests here.

And promised humanitarian organizations
that there would be no violence.

I think that plan remains
that the order shall prevail.

What I am saying is that
hard with their procedures.

But be gentle with
my city. Thank you.

Well .. Six months to plan ...
Here we go.

Tuesday, November 30.

- What time is it?
- I do not know.

Having spent the night?

Let me pass.


Not much in the first morning.


- In the event of chemical attack.
- What the fuck chemical attack?

I do not think there will be
chemical attack.

We will have more than,
a couple of guys out there.

- How is the baby?
- Good.

We did ultrasound yesterday, and you
you can see his body.

Even the little finger.

And to hear the beats of the heart.

Very fast.

As if saying:
Oh, Dad ... Oh, Dad ... Oh father ...

How are you involved in this?

- What are you, a cop?
- I am, please reply to my question.

How am an activist
joined me for a week.

When I thought,
we could all be equal.

- And now?
- I do not know.

Only after observing the enemy.

And you, sir? How do we put
the stick in the wet?

I put the stick in the sauce because I wanted
to make sure that no one is weighed.

Of course, nobody is hurt.

Why does it?

You are strong, huh?

The protests thrills me and
depress me at the same time.

I do not know because it moves me.

Yeah, here we go for 15 minutes,
we will not wait for you.

No, sir!

Good luck out there.

Lucky? They do not need
of luck, if there is confusion.

Give me your arm.

Their number?

A lawyer to help her
If you go to the prison.

I thought you would
the number on my arm.

I think a number
is sufficient.

Okay, kids, talk less,
come, we have to go.

Come on.

- How was it yesterday?
- You gotta see this.

Look at this!

My God, we have to go shopping
for the baby, immediately.

We do not know the sex yet.

Look, the baby is already almost
being born.

We're just waiting, you know.

- So, it is boy or girl?
- We do not want to know.

- It is a police officer?
- Very funny.

Either way, I need you
behind the drum. Here everything.

- That speaks another language.
- Congratulations.

You guys are beautiful!

You are the people!

You are the power!

And we will show today,
who we are.

We are here today,
to protest.

We do not agree.

We are here today,
to divide them.

All right, bring.

Come, come, fast, fast.

They are on top of the fence.

Move, move.


Protect your car,
protect the car.

- Jay, we installed here.
- Watch.

Nobody comes ... No one leaves ...
Nobody comes ... No one leaves.

We have already closed the Paramount.
How is it there?

I'm going now.

Okay, see you later.

Go, go, go.



What is happening?

- Do you close the Paramount.
- What? Okay, we go there.

I need to go, please.

Go back to the hotel.

I am not the WTO.
The WTO can help us.

Sorry man,
but we can not.

No one leaves,
no one enters.

This could not happen.

- Sir, we have a delicate situation.
- What is happening out there?

Look at this place.

Delegates can not pass the
is protesters on the other side.

- And the police did not stop?
- No, sir.

And why not?

He gave no orders to arrest
Nobody outside the area of the barricades.

The police are to achieve
passage of delegates, but the

demonstrators are united.


They made circles with his hands and
can not separate their arms.

Lord, the chief of police
is on line 1.

Gordon, I told not to leave
anyone passing by barricades.

We could not do anything.

Today the whole center
is a full one.

You tell them not arresting,
even if we wanted to.

- My thought was no violence.
- There has been experiencing violence.

- What do we do?
- I called the forces of the state.

By calling for firefighters
to stop the protest.

But they refused it.

- What options left, then?
- Only one option left.


I will not hurt people, hear?
I gave them my word.

Oh Jim, I think we have no choice.


The White House on line 2.

Okay, okay.

Okay, do you have to do and
do it fast.

- Nervous, Johnson?
- Nervous?

Are you kidding me, man?

- With this shit I feel invincible.
- I used to feel that way.

We have new orders, listen up.

Are close to the theater and the order is
to use all the techniques.

No arrest is made,

So stick to the Protestants
suspend the law and we watch?

All right, Johnson,
come on up.

Therefore, we in groups of five,
are ready.

- You can tell because they are here today?
- Well, basically to defend the

species in danger of extinction that
require mechanisms to maintain them.

The WTO is using these
mechanisms for illegal manner.

Well, love of turtles
but we believe that there are problems

most important in the world that
must address.

Do you think the rules of
maintenance of species are

the same for employment,
and quality of the environment

or our food getting worse.

They just want to get their brands.

You think you can sign a
trade agreement, valid.

There is no problem in having trade
that respects human rights.

The interests of the WTO are illegal.
- Thanks, it was great.

Michael, is broken,
we will repair.




- You are on fire.
- Turn back, come, come.

Open your eyes,
open your eyes.

Okay, everybody, listen up
I have heard.

The protests are happening
the boulevard in the city center.

and the police is already in the middle
of the protest.

So relax.
Make a snack.

207, please.

... must do everything to happen ...

Can you give me water? And whiskey.


- What?
- Sir, the governor on the line.

Governor? Yes, I have good news.
The White House has offered to negotiate,

with the demonstrators in the center.
- I have the secret service on top,

something must be done quickly,
Call the National Guard.

The protest is not violent,
if the National Guard,

the whole community is going to be alarmed.
- Jim, I have the secretary of state in

hotel and the White House to
pressing urgently.

I understand, but not now
can do anything. The police

is already in charge of the march.
We can not call the National Guard.

You can handle it?
Because we have a potential disaster.

John, please listen, okay?

Take some time to the police.
They are able.

- Give me just a few more hours.
- Okay, I give you two hours, that's all.

Lord, the ceremony of the CMO should
be canceled.


It worked! It worked!

Showed where we came from.

We throw them to the ground.

One of the biggest protest in history!

Do the neighbors joined us?
- It seems so, all the neighbors.

Come on ..

Do not go there, I need
you in the city center.

Say what you want and we do.

Not so, come down this path.

We are together for
same reason.

This is the strength of the union!
This is the strength of the union!

This is the strength of the union!
This is the strength of the union!

This is the strength of the union!
This is the strength of the union!

Gordon, what is happening?
We made some progress out there?

The residents are marching,
with the demonstrators in the center.

Residents also the march?
How this happened?

- We do not know.
- How do we know?

You said you did not come
the Memorial Stadium.

I know!

Then find out what is
happen, right?

Fuck you!

The TV is to cover all
on the protest.

I am that I am pregnant,
let's get this too.

I will find something.
- Better be quick, I am ahead.

I am thinking in something different.

It is a dance.

- I met her in Brazil.
- Do not tell me that.

Was it three days walking.

Let the work, we travel
rather than do books.

Two weeks later, I discovered
I was pregnant.

Took me a promotion.

And never talked about it.

It is better to wait, you know?
- You do not wait, you have to try.

I feel like my life has changed,
and I am not ready for it.

Think you can find
something in this magazine?

You can win their
rights in law.

It can be great.

- At least considered themselves the most.
- They have to do that.

It would be better.

What are you doing?
This woman is pregnant!

Vai have a child? Think they
will like you, at this store

to buy clothes for babies?

Of course not.
- So do not buy here!

What is happening out there?

What the hell are you doing?

I do not promise anything.
- Good stop, you lose your head.

Are you going to get us arrested.

Are you kidding me?
You gonna throw out everything we planned.

Now, stop it!

And tomorrow? Want me to say peace, love,

and that use flowers against weapons?

The streets of Seattle, in the midst of chaos.

Several violent demonstrations.

Get out of my way.

- What the hell are we waiting for?
- This is not a violent protest.

I am not being violent.
Did you see someone being hurt?

I am the attack on America?

That is not the point.

The meeting is to be avoided.

Exactly, that is us
let's make it famous.

Are you blind? Want
call it anarchy?

Calm down, if you do not want to call
the most attention, sweetie.


Without violence, huh?

Fuck you!

Wake up!

Get away from me.

What do you know, huh?

Is trying to show?
Give them a hand, Jay.

You know nothing about me.
- I do not care for no man like you,

in my whole life. You are a
fucking coward, Jay.

- Lou! .. Lou!
- Fuck you!

Excuse me.

Why do you think that violence is
best means this move?

You want to know my message?

I want you to stop passing information,
of corporations controllers

for the world, and begin to inform
that this world is being violated

for these guys to a
million years,

to see if the world begins
to fight. Put it on the news.

Cut ..

- Keep the tape?
- What do you think?

We will have to move us
upwards of civilians.

We have to use the gas to
rout the groups.

With groups or not, that is
a bad image to be amended.

Give me a reason not to
use the gas.

You will have to be like this guy!

You can leave and move to
civilian clothes.

We have to walk and walk fast.

Come, come.

- Asked me a few hours and I gave.
- But there has been no violence.

There is no violence because
is not heard the news.

If he had called the National Guard,
as I said,

Seattle did not run,
All newspapers in the world.

We are trapped
by surprise, Jim.

Time to terms
the control again.

The National Guard does not
will be here until tomorrow.

And we can not expect that
this is an emergency situation.

There is only one option.

Are you crazy? We can not do
center, an area of war.

This is the opinion Beirut.

It is 12 hours the president
the USA, is to land here.

Are already talking about canceling,
and this can not happen.


So what is given back to
normal, is it not?

We agree?

The window broke and I was terrified.
I am still shaking.

Have you seen this?
- Yes, it does not seem normal.

- Can you feel?
- Yes

- What is happening?
- Hello dear, where are you?

- At work.
- I want to go home now.

- You are a crazy at the center?
- You are.

You okay?

Due to protests are
to close immediately.

We apologize to all
customers. Thank you.

Close everything.

We have to think in another submission.

Nobody came because
the protestors.


Good afternoon.

It is my duty to inform you that I am
calling the National Guard.

We are declaring a state of
emergency at Seattle

from this moment.

All measures will be imposed,
from 19 hours of today

until 7:30 hours of tomorrow
at the heart of Seattle.

These actions are to prevent
greater destruction.

It seems that were not
prepared for this event?

We have all the names of the demonstrators.

And decided to continue with the speech and
continue with the event.

Mr. President, why the guard
National was not called before?

We thought that it was not need to use
the force until the situation worsened.

We did not want to make Seattle
as an army camp.

But the WTO has to work.

We saw the police violence on television.
- Yes, we have been protests.

The police have to answer

Thank you.

Mr. President, is to declare martial law
is not to violate human rights?


Said that disperse,
or be victims of

application of chemical.

Comply immediately
to order.

We have the right to speak.

Immediately comply with the order,
there is no negotiation.

This is a totally passive protest.

Please meet the set.

Go ahead for me.

There are no buses on the streets.

How will I go home?

Gabi, it is that I get
in your home for now?

Pinch me.

Prepare the gas.


Are you ready?
- Yes

Here, thanks.

Put this on.

- Do you have one?
- I have to do something.

All right, everybody, this is it.

Run, run, do not stop.
Run, run,

Power, power to the people!
Power, power to the people!

Power, power to the people!
Power, power to the people!


- Shit ..
- Michael, come on.

Come on!


Are you ready?

We see a violent attack
Police in central Seattle.

Help me.

My God!

What happened?

My baby!

Michael! Michael!

What about boys!

I'm on duty.
I'm on duty.

Guys, let go.

Where were we are
wait for hours.

- What happened to your face?
- It's a long story.

- What the hell is that?
- We had to use, had no place.

Oh, that's great.


Without rest, without food.


Is coming!
Cheers demand!

Dale, his wife
is in the hospital.

Let's put the two.

The groups continue
to destroy property.

The police can not control.

An hour later, the group
is still in action.

We had to close all
shops in the Christmas season.

It's really an injustice.

The Battle in Seattle has become
in a war.

Jesus Christ.

Battle in Seattle?

Sounds like a show.

Dangerous acts of violence.

- And what do you expect?
- What do I expect?

Eight corporations waiting
the meeting, you know it.

For we doing this?


Jay, please.

- If you want to go again, then go.
- It is not fair.

It is hard for me.

We're on the floor, see what
made us.

- We failed, Jay.
- Only if you drop failed.


I always wanted justice for
his brother, as you do.

I could not win this case.

- How do you know? You do not get.
- I knew that it had a chance.

Like now.

Okay, perhaps rightly, perhaps
have a chance now.

I understand if you do not want to do,
Part of the protest.

You could be the prescription.

I know I can make a difference.

I do.

We have to stop those,
or does not stop anything.

Do not stop.

My wife?
- There it is.

You brought my wife, Ella?
What happened?

Was attacked by the police.

Thank you.



How are you?

What happened?



Get off me.

I am darling, it's me.

Get off me.

- Honey.
- No, no.

Wednesday, December 1.

Yesterday I thought that the protests
came from unions,

particularly against the WTO.

But when the march of
unions was over,

the fighting in the streets
were on the increase

and the message of trade unions
so that everything was over.

- Last night ...
- ... more arrests were made.

Many demonstrators incurred
in civil disobedience

to be arrested.

The chief of police in Seattle said
at night, that he felt proud

of his men and
defended their actions.

Our policemen under my command,
have a job

extraordinary today, against
all predictions.

Something tells me that no
will be as friendly as yesterday.

- Looks like going somewhere.
- You too.

- Jay.
- Yes

- Did?
- This will let you enter.

Not bad, huh?

- OK
- It is a bad time.

- See you when I get back.
- Good luck.

I need more material,
to just 4 hours, no?

I do not care what
say the center, right?

- Lieutenant, you have a minute?
- Yes, of course, Dale.

Lord, I need permission
to go home.

I need to stay with my wife.

- Today.
- Yes, I heard what happened.

Sorry, I know that is a bad
moment for you.

But I need you in the streets.

Sir, I am not prepared
to leave today.

No, every man is
important out there.

Look, when this is over I will give him
any time you like, right?

... not that their diseases
are incurable,

but because we have customers who
do not provide

a viable market for

I think the WTO should review
its trade agreements

so that the public health risks
before commercial interest.

It is vital for the survival of
million people.

Thank you.

I am sure we all agree
that doctors without borders

have done much good.

However, this issue of the agreement,

think that is
a little cheated.

- Who is this man?
- Is Mark Terrington

Member of a large group
the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of these nations are surrounded
in bloody civil wars.

They have no basic infrastructure
as treated water,

and sewage treatment.

And this inevitably leads to
a health crisis.

no matter how much medicine
is available to them.

Doctor, your industry is
equal to ours.

It is dedicated to maintaining and
to preserve health.

Thank you.

Descul ... Descul ..

Excuse me!

I just wanted to congratulate the WTO and
particularly to Mr. Lowe.

For the effort of Mr. Lowe and WTO
not to remove the trees.

Producers loggers destroyed
2 million hectares of forest.

Trees were irreplaceable
converted into greed.

I just want you to know that the blood of
my brother is on his head.

On its head,
son of a bitch!

Fucking killer!

No! My brother was injured!
My brother was injured!

Murdered my brother!

Call an ambulance.

Call an ambulance.

Have you ever imagined how these
horses must feel,

stopped there? I could ask.

No, but how you,
is always optimistic.

Animals, working with animals
instead of humans.

Much healthier.

The next time you are saving
Turtles should come with you.

- I think like that.
- Really?

Why turtles?

When I was a kid my grandfather
told me a beautiful story.

About all the animals were
taken by a turtle.

What was different, you know?

Could not defend, and then
everyone enjoyed it.

But the turtle was smart.

Then developed a hard shell.

And that enfureceu the other animals,
so caught,

and lances to the river

and broke the hull in a dozen
to pieces.

- Poor turtle.
But she was right.

It was strong, you know? She got up,

calmed, even knowing
that the hull was cracked.

Was stronger than ever.

That is why the turtles are
these beautiful designs in the hull.

And what happened?

Well, because the WTO, the hull
has become an ashtray.

Fuck you, Django.

It is a world fucked.

Let me understand this.

Yesterday we should not arrest anyone.

And today we should arrest everyone.

Johnson, give order to disperse.

If you do not disperse, arrest them

Got it?

Stay in line, come on.

Honey, I am.

I just wanted to say ...

I do not know what it meant.

Dale, we are going in front.
Come on, come on.

Gotta go.

Try to connect later.

I love you, baby.

The story is larger than some
few people

dressed in black, from the windows.

Eric, the news is right here,
I am telling you.

Eric listen to me, listen to me.

No, you listen Jane.

Clinton in an hour,
will give a press conference.

Vai speak live.

If this gozares with us
we have major problems.

- Understand?
- Yes

- Cu great.
- What do we do?

We will stay here
a little more.

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

This is the last warning!

I need you to disperse!

Get out, or we will force them
to go out.

I will not repeat again.
I need to rise and leave.

Get ready!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

Peaceful protest!
Peaceful protest!

- Peaceful protest!
- Up!

Get up!

Take the knee of my neck,
I can not stand.

Shut up!

This is a peaceful protest!

Fuck you!

The whole world is watching!
The whole world is watching!

The whole world is watching!
The whole world is watching!

Why continue?


I do not understand why
continue to risk that.

For a cause that
can not win.

Because they believe that
can win.

Stop the van.

Jean, the conference of the Clinton
is in 5 minutes.

- Michael, I need you to forget the Clinton administration.
- Forget the live transmission?

No, let's go live.

You know what that means,

President Clinton came to Seattle,
the middle of the night.

We now know that the secret service,
thought to cancel the trip

to be sure that the
president would be safe.

Already in a row with Jane Asbury
to report live

the conference's chairman.

We are ready to enter.

Are you sure you want
do this?

They do not want to know the truth?

So will it be.

Now the battle to live
in Seattle.

By Jane live.

What the hell do you think it,
are you doing?

Cut the transmission and passes
for the studio.

- What, now?
- Now!

Well, this was the Jane Asbury
live from Seattle,

to show the tactics that
demonstrators are to use.

Back in five, after a pause.

I just wanted to say ...

Thank you.

She will call you.

The creation of the African group
is essential,

if we are to maintain a united voice
against industrialized nations.

What is happening?

- Where do you go?
- Sorry, Mr. Abassi,

but because of a meeting
scheduled with the unions,

we need all
interpreters available.

A meeting with the union,
is more important than us?

As hosts reserve the
right to determine,

as our resources
will be distributed.

We can get to
are here in another hour.

... much criticism on the WTO and how
we can improve what we do.

One criticism is that we will not accept:

That somehow not
We are democratic.

We have ministers of all
parts of the world.

Ministers who were chosen
by their chairmen.

Or elected to power.

90% of all deaths and suffering
by infectious diseases

occur in the 3rd world.

14 million people die
each year.

Many could be saved if the
drugs were cheaper.

But they are too expensive,

so that the nations in
the development custeiem

due to the laws of protection,
due to other laws ...

Stop, please! Stop!

You do not have children.

How would feel if your child
were sick?

Knowing that there is a cure,
but can not pay it.

Then, they must be stopped
to see your son die?

You, right here.

You have the power

to make a difference.
It is no longer time for people

have more value than the profit?

It's the same music corrupt.

All sing note for note.

Do not worry.

Be happy.

Do not worry, be happy now.

Come on!

That is, is still the same world,
we're just stuck.

At least the world is still the same.

What is wrong with you?

Something wrong
between you and Jay, right?

- What do you mean?
- Oh, you know, Django knows.

I realize me everything.

- I saw how he looked at you, baby.
- What looked?

That look, you know.

In other words, had not seen the look
a girl so long ago.

- I did not see any look!
- Okay, so I have not seen.

Maybe it was the teargas and
those things that affect your eyes.

About the arrested trying to
save you and Sam.

Good, because he can not
be arrested.

- God, was close.
- Yes, love.

If it were arrested had gone.

What do you mean, gone?

He already has two cases
against him.

One more and is out of here.

I mean, life.

It is not funny! Do not you say?

- No, he did not tell me.
- Oh, it's true.

1998, 1997.

In the forest.

Almost ran out of the balls.

Even balls that are organic.

San balls!

Come on!

The police were in
center again,

mixed with the demonstrators and
residents on Broadway and Pine streets.

Finally the patience
Police eventually.

And the battle begins on Capitol Hill.

Police recover Capitol Hill.

And some say it was with
Tear gas,

and rubber bullets that
have lost their credibility.

For many of the violent climate battle
on Capitol Hill, was the strongest.

Get ready for long vacations.

The latter group was pushed
from the Paramount Theater

Pine on the street, even outside of Capitol Hill.

Fuck you, boy! What the hell!

Son of a bitch!


He was mijado.

- What the fuck!
- Go upstairs!

Go upstairs!

- Get out! Go!
- Son of a bitch!

Get back!

Where the hell is all staff?

You started the violence!

This was a peaceful protest!

- Come on!
- Back off!

They are proud of yourselves?

Come on, damn cowards!

They think they are very brave?

Dale, what are you doing, man?
What do you have?

- I do my job.
- Come on, he is a child!

You threw in his own son?

You shoot on your child or
use a knife?

- Get this.
- What?

Dale, who the hell are you doing?

Hold on!

- I'm not working.
- What?

Open the door!

Son of a bitch!

Get up!

Let him go!
Let him go!

Let him go!
Let him go!

Look at me!
Let him go!

You okay?

Look at me,
Look at me.

Rest a little.

I do not gift,
I am not present.

Can you walk?

I do not gift,
I am not present.

Get up, come on.

Turn your back.

From back, please.

Open your arms.

Thursday, December 
Where will all the staff?

There are hundreds of our prisoners,
not believe them?

This is not done yet!

We can not leave them there,
but are to rot.

What do you think we can do?

Look, I will ask for a hamburger!

- Lawyers are here?
- It was what I heard.

Who will take us from here?

Anybody here know Jay?

Nobody saw him.

So let us talk,
with someone from outside

we will not have idea with
what we're dealing with.

Its portfolio.

I need for cigarettes and
phone too.

All personal items
to be delivered, we will.

Stop on your right.

What the fuck are you looking at?

Excuse me, can do a
phone call?

- No, sit down.
- I got the number right here.

You know what 'no' mean?

A call?

When you decide to say your name
then give their rights.




What the fuck did he?

His damned pigs!

Ms. Clayton, the president
will see you now.

Take a chair.

It has a great responsibility
dealing with ... how many?

- 600 people?
- 600 innocent people, Mr. President.

I am the first to admit
who make mistakes.

But these demonstrators are
in prison because they broke through the law.

We know they are arrested
people without trial.

This is an archive of
demonstrators, who are in prison.

If you agree, for 2 years,
not participate in the demonstrations,

will be released immediately.

Never agree to take,
civil liberties acquired.

Not me, Mr. President.

I think I should give them an option,

considering the consequences.
- What exactly are?

Its customers are in a
precarious situation,

especially those with
criminal chips.

First of all, the rules of
the country were raped,

not giving access to prisoners
to their lawyers.

Second, access to lawyer
is not subject,

to meet with the police
questions as: What is your name?

And finally, you do not have
resources to achieve a jury

and public defender for each
them in that prison.

Therefore, we will not do more bluff.

I want my clients
be released without fines;

no orders for compensation,
and without charges.

It's hard to help their customers
if they do not speak.

Their voices must have been taken
and took their rights.

You're kidding.

I want to see the prisoners now.

I suggest you go back in two days
when more calm.

Thank you.

Do not think that will
It was very calm.

Especially for you, Mr. President.

Thank you.

Ella, Dale on the phone again.

Say that again and within 2 days.

Jay, are you okay?

Looks like it was worth it,
after all.

It is true.

- Sorry.
- Everything is fine.

I did not know.


Everything is fine.

I did not know you were
in you too.

- What?
- That voice.

That you do not stay and fight.

All that is beautiful is
caught you.

I just wanted to escape.

I feel so much.

Give me your hand.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.

Crying like a baby.

Come on, girl hard.

- You are not alone!
- You are not alone.

The people are protesting with us!

The people are protesting with us!

- In 30 cities in the world in contact.
- In 30 cities in the world in contact.

All we are with you!

Until they are released!

The people united will never be defeated!

The people united will never be defeated!

There they are!

The people united will never be defeated!

The people united will never be defeated!

The people united will never be defeated!

Friday, December 
Sorry Mr.
I think I would like to connect the TV.

And increasing the protests in prison.

How are you going?

I came to apologize to me.

I passed the line.

My wife and I lost
our baby.

I know that is no excuse, but it's just ...

Really sorry.

Really, really, sorry.


I do not blame you.

I mean, I blame, but ...

This is not the problem.

You just was doing
his work, I suppose.

Many people were
trying to fight.

You know, there are many who
like to destroy.

They touch so many lives.

Not only one, but millions.

And nobody Ihes pointing a gun.

They seem so unbelievable.


We screwed,

you and me is that we must fight

... thousands of protesters
still in front of the prison ...


The lawyer of the unions is
to threaten a general strike

if the demonstrators did not
are released.

- Greve general?
- Yes, sir.

... the demonstrators demanding the release
of the 500 people arrested ...

Tell me that I see evil.

You are not here.

You okay?

Let's get out of here.

Do not worry, we'll leave.
What? What?

- What Django always says?
- I do not know.

Come on! What Django always say?


Slow and steady wins the
race, ever.

What the fuck you want, Django?

Look around you, man.

I know it's tough now.

But you have to remain strong, man.

His brothers out there fighting for you.

Fighting for us all.

Come on, man.

Moreover, to a week ago
nobody knew what the WTO was.

Now ...

still do not know what the WTO is, but ...

At least you know who is bad, you know?

How long we are trying to
save this planet?

- Not so long ago.
- It is still a mess, eh?

Oh, yeah.

I love you.

Earlier this week,
came here with the hope

in our hearts to try
find better solutions

for our country.

Promised that this meeting
would be different from last time.

That our concerns
would be heard.

We will not be
treated like animals.

The manipulation of the countries
the 3rd World

is simply another way
of colonialism!

They may try to silence me,
but I have to continue to say:

Let the demonstrators
outside are heard!

We have been blind and marginalized,
on matters of vital importance.

Honesty and openness
does not exist here.

So we have reached a
consensus required

to meet the target
this conference.

We will not be doing nothing

while our countries
are abused and exploited!

The people united will never be defeated!

The people united will never be defeated!

- All from within!
- All from within!

- We have two messages for you!
- We have two messages for you!

- And we think will like!
- And we think will like!

- The first message says:
- The first message says:

- An incredible collapse!
- An incredible collapse!

- The WTO talks!
- The WTO talks!

Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?

Little by little!
I told you!

World Trade Organization.

We are back to 18 hours
with more breaking news.

- Second message:
- Second message:

- You will like this, Jay
- You will like this, Jay

- All prisoners will be released!
- All prisoners will be released!

Oh, good!

Where you going in such a hurry?

Gotta go.

Do you run?

See you in the coming year.
April 16.

All right!
Drink for me!

What the hell are you doing here?

I am happy to see you too.

A below and a million ahead.

Governments will never be
caught up with the defense low.

Two miles of areas excluded
return to international meetings

as the WTO and the G8,

giving people oppressed,
the right to disagree.

The WTO recognizes that access to
essential medicines should

precedence over commercial interests.

The WTO agrees that they should meet
the needs of the poorest countries.

Developing countries emerged,
after it has become clear,

that the real program is
expand the model broke the WTO.

Lee Hyung Kae, leader
Federation of Korean

Advanced Farmers,

sacrificed for itself in protest.

While the WTO floods,
local markets with imports,

40,000 Indian farmers committed
suicide to escape their debts.

Over 36 million people in
contact in the world are part of

largest protest in history against
war in Iraq.

By 2007, little progress has been
made regarding the promises

in Doha, including access to
essential medicines.

Market in poor countries,
have not been met.

Millions of jobs of the U.S.A.
are abroad, wages fall,

and imports of food
contaminated climb.

But that has not stopped the people, to try
make another world possible.


The battle continues ...

Special thanks to SergeiK.