Boy A Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Boy A script is here for all you fans of the Andrew Garfield movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Boy A quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Boy A Script

  How do you feel?

  Oh, I don't know.
Just like I'm having a dream.

  Well, you're not, kiddo.

  They... They said I could
choose me own name.

  That's right.

  - Any name.
- You got one?

  I can't...

  I can't make up me mind.

  Why don't you ask me
what's in the bag?

  What's in the bag?

  It's funny you should ask.


  - Have a look at what they're called.
- Terry.

  Kind of appropriate, don't you think?

  I don't...

  You don't know what to say?

  Say thank you.

  - Thank you.
- My pleasure.

  Thank you.

  - All right.
- All right.


  As you know,

  There are certain conditions
that have gotten your release.

  I do.

  There's quite a few, in fact, so we've...



  That's the name...
That's the name I want.



  Well, that's the first
thing taken care of.

  So what are you thinking?

  Don't worry.

  The longer you spend here,

  the smaller it's going
to seem, I promise.

  Yeah, lots of students,
plenty of new faces,

  which will work out pretty well
in your favor.




  Oh, well,

  at least we know what
we're having for dinner.


  Hi, Miss Woolly.

  This is my nephew Jack.
Jack, Miss Woolly.

  Come in, come in.

  Sorry about the mess.

  - And it's Kelly, by the way.
- Kelly.

  It's just that I'm on nights this week,
so I'm actually not long out of bed.

  - Tea?
- No, thank you.


  Tomorrow morning,
I'll show you where everything is...

  the washing machine,
the dryer, whatever.

  You like your room, right?

  - Absolutely, yeah.
- Good, I'm glad.

  It's small, but it's clean.

  - Am I wrong?
- Uh-uh.


  and you've got
the portable telly in there,

  although don't try getting ITV.

  It just won't pick up
for some reason or other.


  Sorry. Did you say
you wanted a coffee or not?

  - Uh.
- Mmm.

  So, tomorrow we go to the bank

  and we open up
an account for you, okay?

  Because the more forms you fill in,

  the more real your name
is going to become.


  What else do you want to do?


  well, what else can we do?

  Whatever we want.

  In two weeks time,
you start work proper,

  so you need to experience
as much as you can before then.

  Of course, your history
has to become second nature,

  so I'm going to be going
over it and over it

  - and getting it.
- Yeah.

  I was wondering
if m-maybe at some stage

  we could take a trip.

  To where?

  See Philip's grave.

  Think we could do that?

  Let me...

  Terry, no, if we can't, it's fine.
Seriously, it's fine.

  Just let me think about it, okay?

  I'm not saying we can't go.

  Right. Yeah, right.


  What's that?

  It's where I'm from.

  What's your name?

  My name's Jack Burridge.

  And why are you here, Jack?

  Now, you got two numbers
in your address book...

  mine and P.S.

  That's for Protection Squad.

  Okay? That's a special number.

  You call them,
and they'll come running.

  - Oh.
- All right?

  Now, just for tonight,
there's two policemen.

  Just go there. Can you see them?


  - Yeah.
- Okay.

  How do you feel?

  This is as bad as it's going to get.

  All right?

  Okay. Come here.

  You're going to be fine.


  "Putting it into his pocket,
he turned back the way he'd come

  "and went searching for home.

  But It was evening now,
and growing dark."

  Then what did he
find when he got to the...

  A butterfly.

  I don't see any hands.

  A butterfly.

  Butterfly pendant, good.

  Okay, so who's going to continue?

  Mr. Wilson?

  Where's your book?

  How difficult can it be to remember...

  I'm sorry.

  I take it your homework's done?

  I forgot my copy.

  Sara, you continue.

  "He wanted to prove
to his newfound friend

  "that by obtaining the pendant,

  he could be trusted
with whatever task was put before him."

  Hey, spastic!

  Hey, spastic, why is
your face always dirty?

  And his clothes.

  Yeah, and your clothes, mate.

  It's because you're a spastic.

  I'm joking.

  Hey, stop, now.
Come here for a minute.


  I said we're joking.
Come on, I'm teasing.

  Secret, we want to tell you a secret.

  Who's that?

  Is that you, Eric?


  Come down here.

  Just a minute.


  Your mother's sick,
so don't go near her.

  - Sick?
- That's right.

  Where is she?

  Didn't you hear what I said?


  Mum, are you okay?

  Would you like a cup of tea?

  Leave me alone.

  I had a fight, Mum.

  Leave me alone. Get out.

  Some boys, they...

  What did I say to you?



  How do you get  cars in a shed?

  Put up a bingo sign.

  What's your name?


  Want to see something cool?

  Bloody hell.

  What are you doing?
You came straight at me!

  Something hit me!

  What's yours?


  What's your name?

  Was it guilt, do you think?

  Who knows?


  a way of saying sorry?

  Was he sick of the world?

  We should go.

  This was a bad idea.


  Because Philip...

  How many times have we
talked about this?


  Don't be sorry.

  I made a decision to take you.

  But we have to keep looking forward,
not back. Okay?

  The you from then is dead as well.

  Or am I wrong?


  No, no. I'm all right.


  Right, come on.

  I want to go home before dark.

  All right.

  Drop that off.

  Come back, pick up something else.

  Take that thing wherever it needs to go,

  and so on.

  - Simple, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.


  Now, you'll be partnered up

  with Chris Kelly,
who should be here but...

  Ah, Mr. Kelly. Glad you could join us.


  This is Jack.

  By the way, I'm told you been
to prison a couple of times.

  Yeah, but, I mean...


  I only bring it up to reassure you
that your secret's safe.

  All right?

  I believe a man
deserves a second chance.

  I also believe in his right to privacy.

  So, uh,

  mum's the word.

  Idiot, eh?

  You can say it.

  "Mum's the word."

  He's like David Brent or someone.


  Yeah, very funny.

  So what were you in for?

  Unless you don't want to...

  No, no.

  Uh, stealing cars, you know, joyriding.


  How many stints you do?



  Yeah, after me last,

  me Uncle Terry suggested I make
a new start somewhere else.

  Get away from bad influences?


  Well, I can't guarantee
that that's what you've done.

  - Sophie McGee.
- Present.

  Angela Milton.


  Stuart Thompson.


  Emily Upton.


  Eric Wilson.

  Eric Wilson?


  Swing and shoot webs.

  Turn green is what I'd like.



  Rip some bastard who was
making me angry to bits.

  Hello, mate.

  What's up?

  You both get off school?

  Answer me, man.


  What's your name?

  Are you dumb?

  You a spastic?

  Your mate is spastic, mate.


  All right, now. Fuck off.

  We're gonna have
a little word with Eric here.

  What, are you deaf as well as dumb?

  Ah! Fuck, my nose!

  - Oh, fuck!
- Come on, lads!


  So, yeah, now, it's... it's, um...

  it's really good.

  And this guy I work with, he's...

  Are you ready to order?

  Yep, sure.

  I'll have your tuna
and cheese, thank you.



  I can come back.

  No, no, hang on. It's all right.

  Take your time.

  Actually, could you come back?

  Thank you.


  It's okay, it is.

  What is that? What's a panini?

  It's a bread roll, toasted, flattened.

  It's nice.

  What's Mexican chicken?


  So you were saying?

  So, now, yeah, it's been
going really good.

  And the guy that you're working with...

  He's really nice.

  I feel like I'm getting
the hang of things.

  - Cool.
- Yeah.

  Um, we do a lot of loading,
we do a lot of unloading.

  We do a lot of driving,

  so you know, it's not all hard work
all the time, so...

  - Yeah, that's a bonus.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  By the way, um, I want to pay for this.

  - No. No way.
- Come on.

  I don't know what
to do with me wages.

  Trust me, that'll change.

  - Terry.
- Believe me.


  Please, now, let me. Please.

  Well, okay.

  - Have you decided?
- Yes.

  I will have...

  What was it? What was it again?

  Don't fucking laugh at me.

  Hello, Michelle?


  How you settling in, Jack?

  Strong and silent, yeah?

  Is that right?

  Does that mean
you're never gonna offer

  to take me out for a drink?

  A drink?

  My God, it speaks, yeah?

  A drink.


  If you don't want to, that's fine.

  I just thought...

  Hey, why don't we all go out?

  Tomorrow night, pay day.
Get the whole crew.

  You could do the inviting, Michelle.

  Give you something to do
besides sitting around on your ass.

  Fuck you.

  Saved you there, mate.

  She loves you best, that girl.


  But what do I know?

  Maybe you're a Don Juan
underneath that mild-mannered exterior.

  What you looking?


  Kick it on, bloke.



  The White Whale, mate, Michelle?



  Hi, Dad.

  So how's things?


  Your mother?

  I haven't seen her.

  Long time, huh?

  Listen, Dad.

  I'm kind of homeless at the moment.

  - Yeah?
- And I was...

  Yeah, stay here.

  Is that what you were going to ask?

  - Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah?

  Stay with me.

  There's plenty of room.


  Hang on. Sorry, mate.

  There's more beers
in the fridge. Help yourself.

  Just, uh, try not to get too drunk, okay?

  Right, and listen.
You keep your wits about you.

  Don't try and keep
up with those guys.

  You sound worried.

  - Well, listen.
- Oh, yeah?

  No. No, I'm not.

  I mean, you've got to start living, yeah?

  You know, the past
doesn't equal the future.

  What does that mean?

  It means that you're entitled
to some happiness, Jack.

  So you go out.
You have a good time.

  Anything you're not sure about,

  any problems,
you just call me, okay?

  And don't pay any attention
to all that Forefront nonsense

  because that's all it is.


  All right. Thanks, Terry.

  All right, man.
I'll see you Wednesday, son.

  All right.

  All right. Bye.

  So where was this?

  In Birmingham.

  Only lasted six or seven months.

  What finished it?

  She went bananas.

  Did she? Or did it take you that long
to work out she always was?

  So why you up here anyway?

  Work. And whales.

  Calica's going
to release them, counselor.

  Looking after a whale.

  I cannot get over how old you look.

  Give me a break.

  No, no. I don't mean old.

  I mean...

  grown up.

  I'm not trying to embarrass you.

  I mean, I'm the one
that looks old, right?

  I will take that smirk for acquiescence.

  I really despised you.

  No, no.

  No, no, no. Let me explain, me.

  Let me...

  All the shit that happened,

  I know it wasn't your fault.

  It was just shit that happens, right?

  But as a kid,
the point of view you take

  - is the one that's given to you...
- Your mum?

  Yeah, my mum.

  And I just want to tell you
that I'd like to...

  now that I'm here and you're here

  and too many fucking years
have gone by to...

  Fuck, it's so corny, to...

  To what? Make up for lost time?

  I suppose, yeah.

  What do you think?

  I think it does sound fucking corny.

  It does, don't it? Fucking hell.

  No, but seriously,
nothing would make me happier, son.

  I really mean that.

  Daddy, no!

  No! Daddy, don't let him take me!

  Very nice.

  Let me see.

  Oh, very nice.

  Whoever needs knocking dead, Jack,

  that's what you're going to do to him.

  - See you later.
- See ya.

  Look at that.


  What you think, Jack?


  He's got his mind on someone else.

  Who's that?

  The White Whale, mate.

  You are kidding.

  She's got her mind on him,
if I'm not mistaken.

  You sure about that?


  Probably for the best, eh?

  She's looking for you.

  Fucking hell..."Where's Jack?"

  - Don't bother, mate. She's gone.
- What, home?

  Out to the club.

  With who?

  I don't know. Claire, Lucy.

  Don't worry, mate.
Night's not over yet.

   Maybe we can make it all right 

  Jack. Jack, come over.

   We can make it better sometime 

  Come on, Jack.

   Maybe we can make it
happen, baby 

   We could keep trying 

   But things will never change 

   So I don't look back 

   Still I'm begging
with every step I take 

   But I don't look back 

   Just a little, little bit better 

   Gonna live to waste some time 

   Tell me would it
make you happy, baby 

  Where's Chris?

  Getting the drinks in.

  You all right?


  You're a little bit drunk.


  Girls who dance like they're
good in bed never are.

  Hey, listen, mate.

  She a good girl is the White Whale.

  Why do you call her that?

  'Cause she's white
and she's big, why else?

  No offense to her, mate,
I'd give her a tumble or three.

  Seriously, she's funny,
and she's brainy, too.

  I say, you want to go for it, mate,
you go for it, yeah?

  Right, open your mouths.

  What was that?

  - An Elephant.
- What?

  An "E."

  An "E"?

  Ah, fuck.

  Oh, relax.

  Oh, mate, I'm sorry.
I should've... Oh, shit.

  What's his problem?

  I don't know. His parole.

  He's a sensitive guy, mate.
What the fuck can I say?

  Fucking heaven tonight, isn't it? Huh?

  Be lucky, mate.

  Who's she?

  Some bird he's been
coddling for hours.

  Oh, yeah? What's her name?



  You avoiding me?


  You sure?

  I mean, I thought this was
our night, first of all.

  Yeah, it is. It is, but I'm...

  I'm kidding.

  I'm kidding, relax.

  You see Newton
playing home tomorrow?

  You like the football, Jack?

  No, not really.

  Well, I'm glad you don't.

  In fact, I'd go so far as to say
that I find it a turn-on.

  - You okay, Jack?
- Yeah.

  - You sure?
- I love you.


  Jesus. Jack, you're drunk.

  No, no, I'm not, I'm not. I'm never...

  Never felt like this before.

  You're off your fucking head.

  - Aren't you?
- What? No.

  Um, do you want to go for a dance?

  No, I don't want to dance.

  Look, Jack, I like you. I do.

  And I'd love to spend
some time with you, but not like this.


  I'll see you on Monday, yeah?

  What happened?

  Uh, I don't know.

  What the fuck?

  You decide not to trundle it?

  What? No, I thought I did...

  Oh, yeah. Shit, shit.

  Hey, relax.

  You can talk to her later.

  How you feeling?

   So I say 

   Of course right now 

   Round about now 

   Since they say 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

   Round about now 

   Since they say 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

   Round about now 

   Since they say 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

   Round about now 

   Since they say 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

   Round about now 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

   Round about now 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

  ...maica, maica, maica... 

   I am the sexiest man in Jamaica 

  ...maica, maica... 

   And the girls love
me, and I shall... 

  Charming bastard.

  He's got a way about him.


  You want another of these?

  Yeah, mate.

  - Hey, listen, mate.
- No, listen, mate.

  This is between me and my girlfriend,

  so you would do better to stay out of...

  Get out of the way.

  Come on, you old pervert.

  Come on. Get out of here.



  Hey, hey, hey!

  Leave it.

  Leave it, hey? Leave it.

  Come on, Bruiser.

  You looked Steven fucking Seagal, mate.


  It's just the come-down you're feeling.

  We'll drop you off first.

  Get some kip.
You'll be all right in the morning.

  Van Damage, hey? Ungh!

  What a night.

  What a fucking night!

  Excuse me.

  What are you doing?

  Give me that.

  There's nothing in there for you.

  Does your father know
you're hanging 'round shops

  - looking at...
- Fuck you.

  Excuse me?

  Fuck you.

  My father's dead.

  Oh. I'm sorry.


  I'm sorry, sweetheart.

  Oh, dear.

  You poor love.

  It's all right.


  My mum's dying.


  Of cancer.

  Well, not now.

  She will be.


  She has it.

  In her tit?

  How did you know?

  Well, that's where they get it, women.

  Should've got Coke.

  Mmm, shit. I forgot.

  My mouth's all dry.


  Pass me that ketchup,
Jack, do you mind?

  And the situation is still under review.

  Oh, nothing like a bit of ketchup.

  A man has been hospitalized
and his house set on fire

  in a vigilante attack

  believed to be a case
of mistaken identity.

  The -year-old man who had
recently moved to Nottingham

  was reported to resemble
an artificially aged photograph

  published in a leading
tabloid newspaper

  of Eric Wilson.

  Wilson, the surviving murderer
of ten-year-old Angela Milton

  who was known at
his trial as Boy A,

  was recently released from prison.

  The Press Complaints Commission
is still considering

  whether the release of the image
contravened guidelines.

  It's not known whether this attack
will affect their decision.

  And finally,

  there were celebrations
tonight in Didsbury...

  Got to sign it, mate. You good?

  - No, I'll wait.
- No, you won't.

  You're going in there,

  you're going to talk to her, Bruiser.

  - No, maybe next time.
- Maybe never.

  You're going in, and that's that.

  You're going to invite her out,
and she's going to accept.

  I'm getting tired
of this ridiculousness.




  See you.

  So, uh...


  do you want to do something
tomorrow night?

  Just like that, eh?

  Yeah, that simple.

  Who'd have thought?

  I know.

  Thought what?

  That'd she'd ever
want to see you again.

  Did you think that?

  Give me a break, Bruiser, will you?

  Would you like a lager?

  Well, all the shows start at , so...


  God, no, I, um...

  When I said a movie, I meant a DVD.

  A what?

  I've rented a couple.

  I meant for us to watch them here.

  Oh. Okay.

  Is that okay? I mean...

  Oh, yeah. That's fine.

  So you'll have fun, yeah?


  why you been avoiding me?

  I don't know.

  The "I love you" thing, was it?

  - Oh, l...
- It was sweet, Jack,

  but I know you didn't mean it.

  No, l-l...

  It's just the way you came after me...

  Aren't I allowed?

  No, hey, you are.

  Of course you are. Just, uh...


  Why you?


  Yeah, as opposed to...

  Because I like you.
Isn't that reason enough?

  No, it is.




  but nothing.


  Just a bit surprised, that's just all.

  But in a nice way.


  I should hope so.

  Would you like another?

  Another what?


  What do you think I think?

  That you're less than a man
or some shit like that?

  Give me some credit, Jack.

  I just... I just wanted...


  I just wanted it to be right.

  And it will be.

  Let's go watch the other film.

  We'll have a drink. We'll cuddle.

  We'll treat this as a date

  where the woman
didn't put out, all right?

  All right, Jack.

  What's this?

  Oh, fuck.

  Oh, Jesus.


  What are you looking at?



  Do you love me?


  Hey, come here.

  Come here.

  No, no.

  It's okay.

  It's okay, come here.

  Jack, it's okay.

  Oh, God.


  It's okay.

  Oh, God.


  So... how'd it go?


  Any action?

  I don't want to talk about it.


  That's a yes.

  Shut the fuck up.

  Why not?

  Transcendent, was it?

  Fuck you. Eh? Sacrosanct?

  Yeah. I understand.

  Just tell me one thing.


  Did you get a go on her tits?

  - What the hell was that?
- What?

  Jesus, Chris, stop the van.

  Aw, fuck.


  Ah, fuck!

  Oh, God.

  Let's, uh, let's see if there's
something in the boot.

  Yeah. With this. Help me with this?

  If I can.

  Come on.

  Come on!

  Oh, sh...

  She's alive!

  Come on. Don't stop looking at me.

  All right?

  You okay?

  You're fine.


  Give us your knife, Chris.
Give us your knife.

  You're all right, darling.

  - Here you are.
- You're okay.

  Yeah, an ambulance, please.

  There's been a car accident.

  Okay, now hold on to me.
Hold really tight.

  Yeah, there's the driver and a little girl.

  The driver.

  - Hold on tight.
- Thank God.

  Hold really tight.

  I'm going to set you down on here.

  I can't see in.

  Just don't go, one minute.

  Okay. You're all right.

  Oh. shit.

  Aw, shit.

  Yeah, Chris. He has it, the knife.

  The leather man.

  For work?

  Yeah, yeah.
Cut... Cutting, you know.

  Box-ties, wires, whatever.

  And that's what you used to cut it.


  The driver didn't make it.


  Radio Carol.

  Get her over to the mother's.

  I knew he wouldn't.




  This morning, he was alive.

  That guy?

  Now he's dead.

  Just hard to make sense of it.

  We should be part of it.



  We're so fucking delicate people.

  Die so easy.

  She didn't.

  No. The girl?

  - Yeah.
- No.

  We did some serious saving today.

  You're a good guy, you, Jack.

  A good mate.

  That thing that you did
for me at the party...

  What? Oh. Right.

  Jumping in there...


  I just wanted to say if there's... if...

  if there's ever anything
that you need or...

  or you want to talk about, mate...

  I mean it, yeah.


  Yeah, just wanted to, uh,

  just wanted to say that.



  I think you're the best friend
I ever fucking had.

  Me, too.

  The only friend, you mean.

  You ever get fucked by a guy?



  I did.



  You remember my brother?

  Did... Did he put it right in?

  Mm-hmm, a lot of times.

  Did it hurt?

  What do you think?

  Just closed my eyes.


  When he does it.

  Just close 'em.

  And I think of a room
with hundreds of doors.

  Hundreds of doors, and they're closing.

  The one's furthest away first,

  and then getting closer,

  just closing, just banging shut.

  And I think,

  if I can keep from crying
until the last one shuts...

  then I won't cry at all.

  And I don't.

  You want some beers?


  I took a  from your pocket, you mind?

  Blew it on the show.

  Save a couple for me, will you?

  Where you going?

  See one of my kids.

  Who is it?

  None of your business.

  Somebody trying to get back
into the swing of things.

  What did he do?

  It's none of your business, either.

  It's what he's doing now
that's important, yeah?

  His present.

  His past is moot.


  He just doesn't go out.

  He doesn't seem to have any friends.

  He's making no attempt to get a job.


  I'm just a bit worried
he's depressed, you know?

  But then I look at you,
who's doing so well.

  Come on, Terry.

  No, come on, you.

  You're out there saving lives,
working, got yourself a girlfriend.

  How's that going?

  It's going good.

  Had sex yet?

  No, I'm sorry. I apologize.

  Yes, we have.


  C-Can l... Can I say something
about that, though?

  Of course.

  It's just... It's just starting
to feel a little bit, um...

  dishonest, you know?

  Jesus, you really do like her, don't you?

  Listen, Jack.

  The distance that you have
traveled since I first met you

  is nothing short of astonishing.

  It's an achievement.

  I mean, you've overcome obstacles

  that many if not most people
would have fallen...

  Why Philip?

  Why don't you say what you want to say?

  Say it.

  He didn't kill himself.

  Who killed him?


  I tell you, this suspicion of yours is...

  Promise me.

  - What, that it was suicide?
- Yeah.

  I promise. I promise you.

  Philip had to come to terms
with what he did.

  Now, he took his own life
because he was never able to do that.

  You did.

  You grew. You changed.

  You earned the right...

  You earned the right to be Jack Burridge.

  Because that's what this is,
it's a fucking right.

  And Jack Burridge has
not lied to that girl

  because Jack Burridge has
done nothing to lie about.

  Do you understand me, Jack?

  Do you understand me, son?

  There's somebody here
wants to see you, mate.

  - Who?
- Don't know.

  Uh, by the loading bay
with Dave and Chris.

  All right.

  Hey, Jack. Get over here, will ya?

  - This is Felix.
- Hi.

  From the evening news.

  Wants to do a little piece, am I right?

  - On us?
- Our daring rescue.

  Actually I'm only here
to take the photo.

  Listen, I'm not really sure...


  Well, that I want my
photo taken, all right?


  Jesus, Jack, it's just a photo.

  Where do you want him, Felix?

  Beside the van will be good, yeah?

  Get the old logo in. Whatnot.

  If you like.

  What about the hats, Dave?


  Get them in, too.

  That's a good idea.

  Carol, have we got any hats in there?

  What kind?

  - What do you mean "what kind"?
- Our hats.


  Well, that's the name
of the company, isn't it?

  I'll have a look.

  Uh, a little to the left.

  - To the left!
- They're fine.

  Fine. They're fine where they are.

  Okay, then.

  Got it.

  That's all right, isn't it? Yeah.

  Can you cut that down a bit?

  Just the sides.

  Just don't want my old mates
to know where I am.

  Your mates from back home?

  - Yeah.
- Jack, it's the evening news.

  - So?
- The Manchester evening news.

  All right.

  God, you're paranoid. You know that?

  So listen, Steve's asked if you want
to go for a game of pool tonight.

  - You up for it?
- Oh, sorry, mate.

  - I'm seeing Michelle.
- All right.

  How's it going with
the White Whale anyway?

  - Ah, good.
- And?

  Prefer if you didn't call her
that anymore though.

  Ah, Jackie Boy, you've got it bad.

  I just don't see why
everyone has to have a name.

  - Like Bruiser?
- Yeah.

  Just the way the world works, mate.

  - We've all got to have one.
- Yeah, well...

  But if Michelle's
your preference, then...

  Michelle it shall be.

  Just don't forget
my invite to the wedding.

  Hey, hero.

  Look what I got.

  Yeah. It's horrible. It's horrible.

  What are you doing?

  Why'd you lower your cap like that?

  Didn't realize I had.

  I love it.

  "Disregard for..." No wait.

  "Quick thinking and selfless disregard
for their own safety." La, la, la.

  "Heroic actions."

  You know how proud of you I am?


  Very proud.

  Oh. I've got something for you.

  Oh, yeah?

  Happy Birthday.

  It ain't me...

  Yeah, I know.

  It's for the ones we missed.

  Oh, my...

  Could we have the bill, please?


  I don't know what to say.

  You like it, then?

  Yeah, I love it.

  And that's only the first half.

  Well, what's the second?

  All right, all right.

  - How about that?
- Very good.

  It's very good.

  Nah, let's get serious about this.

  Give me a pout.

  A pout? All right.

  A fucking Page  pout.


  You're fucking nuts.

  Carry on, keep going,
keep going, keep going.


  Oh, sultry.

  Very nice.

  I don't even know
what that word means.

  But I know I like it.

  - That's it?
- Yeah, I think so.

  Show me.

  Oh, shit.


  Yeah, that's it.

  And just when I was about
to start my porn routine.

  Where are we going?


  Is this the way?

  This is our way, right?

  We've done it loads of times, Jack.

  And this way we're going to
save, like, an hour.

  That's right.

  We're just taking a short cut.

  We're not doing anyone any harm.

  Done this before?

  - Yeah.
- Yeah.

  Like loads of times.

  Fuck it. Come on, then.

  - Oh, shit.
- What?

  That wasn't there the last time.

  Come on, Jack.

  Jack, come on.

  Don't like it!


  What's next?

  Do you want to grab some food?
I'm starving.

  Jesus Christ, look at Bruiser.

  Man, you are fucking green!

  Man, you are.

  You're fucking green!

  Don't fucking touch me.

  The Bruiser!

  Jack, Kelly must know by now.

  Nah, she don't, she don't.

  She gets in ready for work,

  - so she wouldn't know.
- Right.

  Although maybe she does,
I don't know.

  That's three times
this week. You know that?


  You've stayed over.


  You got a problem with that?

  Not at all.

  I'm just, you know...

  Right. You're informing me.

  Bringing the... yeah.


  The fact to your attention.

  Enlighten you to it.

  Well, I appreciate it.

  What is it?

  A rubber johnnie.

  What's it for?

  Are you stupid?

  Shagging women.

  If you don't wear one,
you get a sore on your dick.

  Want to see it?

  - Eww.
- Exactly.

  Try and find something to dig with.

  What about this one?


  Cut the little bits off with this.

  They like the darkness
under the bridge, you see.

  Like trolls?

  No. Where are the trolls, mate?


  - You see it?
- Yeah.

  You see the size of it?

  Shit. Grab it.

  - What?
- Grab it!





  Why isn't it dead?

  It's not far from it now.

  Look at that one.

  Oh, wow.

  You want it?

  Take it.

  You might be alone
sometime and need it.

  You know what I mean?

  So I take it you're staying over tonight?



  I would have thought... what's this?

  No, that's cool.

  There's you.

  So cute.

  What's up, Jack?

  Have you... Have you
slept with many blokes?

  I don't know.

  A few.

  I mean, I've never slept around.

  All right.

  What about you?

  Nah, I ain't slept with many girls.

  And your past?

  - That is my past.
- No.

  I mean your past... the cars,

  your time in prison.

  What about it?

  It's really over, right?

  Of course it is.

  Why? Why do you...

  No, I just...

  Because I want you to say.

  - Say what?
- Forget it.

  I think I'm in love with you, Michelle.



  I think I'm in love with you.

  What was, what was
you going to say, then?

  That's it.

  - Wha...
- It's all right.

  You beat me to it, you asshole.

  Oh, shit! I can't.

  I can't fucking stay.

  Oh, fuck.

  Kelly lost her house key. I've got to...
I've got to let her in in the morning.

  - Oh, no.
- Shit.

  I'll call you a taxi.

  No, no, no. Don't worry about it.

  There's always plenty
up on the main street.

  I tell you what.


  I never thought...

  in my life...


  That I would ever say those words.

  Or have 'em said to me.

  - Yeah.
- Do you know, do you know?

  Now I have someone.

  A girl who makes me...


  when I ain't seen ya
and then I see ya...

  I find it hard to breathe.

  This is getting serious, isn't it?

  Are you fucking mad?

  No, no, no.
You can never do this.

  You understand what I'm saying?

  You can never ever do this. Never!

  - Never?
- Never, never.

  She would understand. I know it.

  Listen, listen.

  Her understanding's
not the issue, okay?

  Knowledge is the issue.

  Your safety is the issue.

  Okay? Do you, do you know...

  Fuck it.

  There's been a bounty posted
for you on the internet.

  A what?

  For information regarding
your whereabouts.

  Now listen, I wasn't going to tell you.

  Am I in danger?

  No, no, no, no.
But do you now realize

  there are people out there
who want you? They hate you.

  They will never let go
of what happened. Ever, ever!

  How much is it for?

  That doesn't matter.

  Terry, how much is it for?


  Oh, fuck.

  But listen, you're safe.

  You're safe as long as nobody knows.

  So you have to be strong.

  You have to stick by the game plan.

  However strongly you may feel this urge,

  however right you may feel
it is to follow it, you can't.

  And I want you to promise me,
Jack, that you won't.

  Now, you promise me.

  Will you do that for me, son?

  Will you promise
me that you won't?

  It's so fucking hard.

  I know.

  And as we heard from the recordings

  from each boys' willingness

  to extricate himself from blame
at the expense of the other,

  both of them are to blame.

  Both committed the act,

  though neither will
accept responsibility,

  let alone provide a reason
for their actions.

  Though why should they?

  And if they did,

  would it be sufficient
to explain the loss

  of this beautiful,
this innocent child?

  Who once, so brim-full of potential,
will now never have it realized.

  Who has been,
in the most violent manner imaginable,

  wiped off the face of the earth.

  What reason could be good enough?


  None but this.

  That they are bad.

  No, no other description will do.

  That they are evil.

  But more crucially,

  that they are dangerous.

  And that they must...
not as punishment,

  no, that's irrelevant

  as is the hope of rehabilitation...

  But that they must,
for the sakes of our children,

  all of them,

  for their safety and well-being,

  be sent away for as long
as is lawfully possible.

  That's right!

  Lock them up!


  Daddy, no!

  No, Daddy, don't let them take me!

  No, don't let them take me away!

  Mommy, please!

  No! No, Daddy!

  Daddy, no! No!

  This bloke should die?


  Look at his hair.

  Why don't you ever go out, Zeb?

  I don't know.

  Meet any friends since you got here?

  I'm fine, Da.

  I don't think so.

  You're always drinking.

  I mean, don't get me wrong,

  I enjoy a bit, son, but is it healthy?

  That's rhetorical, by the way.

  I know.

  Now, I know that it's not healthy.

  And what I'm trying
to tell you is that...

  Fuck, I'm pissed.

  What, that you're pissed?

  No, no, l...

  Thank you.

  You should be out there getting a life.

  Doing something.

  I'm not trying to tell you what to do,

  but I don't like seeing you
lying around night after night.

  So do something useful
and pour me something, would ya?


  Fuck it, you're right.

  What's that?

  His hair is ridiculous.


  Forget it all, son.

  You're young.

  Plenty of time to sort yourself out
and get your act together.

  I love you, Jack.

  You're my greatest fucking achievement.

  Where's Michelle?

  She rang in sick this morning.


  All right, Michelle,

  um, uh...

  I just heard you were sick.

  Uh, I hope you're not feeling too bad.


  just wondering.

  I c... I can... I can drop over
after work if you want.

  It... It's a cold, yeah?

  Love you.


  I don't know.

  I think she might be at her mum's.

  Well, have you rung her?

  Yeah, her phone's switched off.

  Well then, how do you know
she's not alone?

  Because I've been out there twice.

  So ring her mum.

  No. I ain't got her number, have I?

  All right, look, you know what?

  Claire will probably know.

  Let me give her a call,
and I'll call you back.

  She says she ain't heard
from her in a couple of days.

  Okay. What about boyfriends?

  I'm her boyfriend.

  No, ex-boyfriends.

  Did she ever mention any...

  No, no, no one.


  You think she's hurt.

  - No.
- Yeah, you do.

  Just let me think a minute.

  Do you think I hurt her, Terry?


  Do you think I hurt her?

  No. Never.

  Never, Jack.

  I'll make some calls when I get back.

  Make sure her car hasn't been
in an accident or something.

  In the meantime, you just...

  Thank you.

  - Wait and see.
- Thank you, Terry.


  Oh, fuck, fuck!

  - Jack, Dave.
- Hello.

  Listen, we're not going to
need you at work today.

  Oh, why not?

  Or for the foreseeable future.

  What've I done?

  Don't come to the depot again.

  Do you understand?

  We'll send you
what you're owed in wages.

  Wait. Dave, Dave? Um, uh, just...

  Goodbye, Jack.

  Oi, mate, it's Jack here.

  Hey, um, Dave just called me.

  Told me not to come in.

  He obviously knows you're
not who you say you are.

  Is he wrong?

  Chr- Chris?

  No, of course he's not.

  You've got to just listen to me.

  - Where's Michelle?
- What?

  Is she hurt?
Have you hurt her, you fuck?

  How could you ask me that question?

  You're a murderer, aren't you?

  - Who says?
- Everyone.

  How could we have been
so blind to allow you to...

  - You've got to please, Chris...
- No, Jack.

  I'm done with you.

  Chris? Chris, mate. Chris?

  Sorry I can't take your call...

  Oh, for fuck's sake, Terry!

  Anything you want to say?

  Do you think you're rehabilitated?

  Do your neighbors not
have the right to know?

  Sorry I can't take
your call right now.

  Oh, fuck, Terry.

  Just leave your name and number...

  Terry, Terry, Terry.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!


  No, I ain't that boy.

  No, I ain't that boy.

  No, I ain't that boy.

  No, I ain't that boy. I ain't that boy.

  Fuck! Fuck!

  I ain't that boy.



  Sorry I can't take
your call right now.

  Just leave your name and number,

  and I'll get back to you as
soon as possible. Thank you. Bye.


  - What you doing?
- Huh?

  That's vandalism.

  Have you nothing better to do?


  How about what you were doing earlier?

  Excuse me?

  Kissing and stuff. You know.
You did with...

  You saw that?

  You spying little shitbags.

  Hey, watch it.

  Don't threaten me.

  - I will if I want.
- You won't.

  I will if I want.

  Who the hell do you think you are?

  Look at you.

  When's the last time you had a bath?

  - Ah...
- Scum.

  - What?
- Scum is what you are.

  And you.

  Why on earth would any girl...

  Would any girl what?

  Would any girl want to...

  - Aah!
- Would any girl what?

  Would any girl what?

  I'm gonna tell my dad.


  Get off me! You... aah!

  Get off!

  Come on!


  Get off!

  Get off me! Get off me!

  Aah! Aah!

  Help! Help me!

  - Aah!
- Come on!

  Aah! No!

  - Aah!
- Come on!

  Help me! Aah!

  Aah! Oh, fuck!

  Tickets, please.

  Ticket, sir.

  Oh, can I get one now?

  - Sure.
- I had to run for the train.

  Where to?

  Where are you going to?

  All the way.

  - Return?
- Sorry, no. Single.


  All the way.

  That's , please.

  - Get up.
- Hey!

  You fucking little cunt.

  You fucking little cunt.


  - Why'd you do it?
- Do what?

  How'd you do it? Was it my laptop?

  You shouldn't leave shit lying about.

  How'd you get the password?

  You had it taped
underneath the fucking thing.

  Where's my phone?

  Where's my fucking phone?


  Have you any idea
what this has cost me?

  Have you any idea what
it's cost that kid?

  And what did he cost me?


  Him and the others,
what did he cost my mum?

  - What the fuck are you talking about?
- She left me.

  Ah, she didn't! She took you!

  In all that time, you couldn't have
come even once to see me?

  What... not once, not even once!

  It took me to come to you,
and you don't even want me here!

  - What?
- Don't say ya do.

  - It's Haddon!
- Who?

  Eric, Jack...
whatever his fucking name is!

  Jack... your greatest
fucking achievement!

  - Zeb...
- Get away from me!

  A monster, Da. A monster over me!

  Well, I hope he suffers.

  I hope they crucify him!
Do you hear me?

  I hope he fucking rots!

  I hope he rots.


  Excuse me, love.

  Oh, thank God.

  I thought you were dead
there for a second.

  This is the end of the line, love.

  I'm sorry?

  This train doesn't go any further.

  Thank you.


  What are you doing here?

  - Thinking.
- What about?

  About you.

  I see you're in the papers again.


  It wasn't me that told them.

  I never thought it was.

  So how come you're here?

  I'm escaping.

  A good a place as any.

  You see the tower?

  Yeah, how could I miss it?

  You like it?

  Oh, I love it.

  I would have forgiven you.

  Would you?

  Given time.

  It's not about you
anymore, though, is it?


  Anyway, I've got to go.

  You coming this way?



  I'll see you around, Jack.

  I love you.


  You beat me to it again.

  Oi, Terry.

  Yeah, they know.

  Everyone knows now.

  I'm on me own now.

  I can't go back...

  being that other person

  because that other person is dead.

  Remember you said that?


  sorry I let you down.

  Thank you for trying, Terry.

  I love you.

  Chris, it's Jack.

  It was always Jack.

  I wanted to tell
you the truth, mate.

  I really, really did.

  But just because I couldn't
don't mean I lied to you.

  I hope you can understand that.

  And I hope that you know
just how much you did for me.

  So I'm just gonna say goodbye now.

  You remember that girl?

  Remember we saved that girl, mate?

  You remember

Special thanks to SergeiK.