The Blind Side Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Blind Side script is here for all you fans of the Sandra Bullock movie based on the Michael Oher story. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Blind Side quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

The Blind Side Script


There's a moment of orderly silence
before a football play begins.

Players are in position,
linemen are frozen,

and anything's possible.

TV commentary

Then, like a traffic accident,
staff begins to randomly collide.

From the snap of the ball
to the snap of the first bone

is closer to four seconds than five.

TV commentary

One Mississippi.

Joe Theismann,
the Redskins quarterback

takes the snap and hands off
to his running back.

TV commentary

Two Mississippi.

It's a trick play, a flea flicker,

and the running back tosses the ball
back to the quarterback.

TV commentary

Three Mississippi.

Up to now the play's been defined
by the what the quarterback sees.

It's about to be defined
by what he doesn't.

Four Mississippi.

Lawrence Taylor is the best
defensive player in the NFL

and has been from the time he stepped
onto the field as a rookie.

TV commentary

TV commentary

He will also change the game of football
as we know it.

...And we'll look at it
with the reverse angle one more time.

And I suggest if your stomach is weak
you just don't watch ...

Legendary quarterback Joe Thiessman
never played another down of football.

Now, y'all would guess
that more often than not

the highest paid player on
an NFL team is the quarterback.

And you'd be right.

What you probably don't know
is that more often than not

the second highest paid player is,
thanks to Lawrence Taylor,

a left tackle.

Because, as every housewife knows,

the first check you write
is for the mortgage

but the second is for the insurence.

And the left tackle's job
is to protect the quarterback

form what he can't see coming.
To protect his blind side.

The ideal left tackle is big,
but a lot od people are big.

He is wide in the butt
and massive in the thighs.

He has long arms, giant hands
and feet as quick as a hiccup.

This is a rare and expensive combination

the need for which can be traced
to that Monday night game

and Lawrence Taylor.

For on that day he not only
altered Joe Theismann's life,

but mine as well.

Mr. Oher?

Mr. Oher?

Do you understand..?
Do you know why I'm here?

To... investigate?

Yes. To investigate.

Im here to investigate your odd...

Do you find the odd?
Your predicament?


[I don't know]

Can I... can I leave now?

No. You can't.

# Strange face, with your eyes #

# So pale and sincere #

# Underneath, you know well #

# You have nothing to fear #

# For the dreams that came to you #

# when you were young #

# Told of a life where #

# Spring has crawled #

# You would seem so frail #

# In the cold of the night #

# When the armies of emotion #

# Go out to fight #

# But while the earth #

# sinks to its grave #

# You sail to the sky #

# On the crest of a wave #

They say you the coach.

Bert Cotton.

Tony Hamilton, but everybody
just calls me big Tony.

Hey, Big Mike! Check it out.

Not even locked!

White people are crazy.

I promises my mama Boo, on her deathbed

that I'd get my son Steven outta
public school and into a church school.

I appreciate that, Tony.
But I'm not involved with admissions.

This figured maybe I'd come
to talk to you,

seeing as you might need some players.

What kind of sport
is he playing?

Anything with a ball.
Boy's good, too.

Classes start in a week. It would
have to be for the next semester.

I know, what you're thinking, Coach.
But, look here, I got money, alright?

See I'm mechanic at Wilson's Auto
t'other side of town.

Look, what if somebody drops out
or moves?

Could they get in then?

You only mentioned one son.

That's right, Steven.
But there's another boy.

- Another boy?
- Yeah.

Big Mike.

Sleeps on my coach
from time to time.

It's a bad deal. You know,
his mama's on the crack pipe.

He ain't got nobody else.

He just wanted to come along
for the ride.

- They're here?
- Yeah.

The little one is Steven

and the big one...

Big Mike.



Come on!

Mother of God....

Steven Hamilton's paperwork
looks acceptable to me.

And I believe he would do fine.

- But this other kid...
- Big Mike.

Michael Oher gives us
no reason to believe it,

based on his record,
that he would be successful here.

How bad could it be?

We're not exactly sure how old
he is due to lack of records.

He has a measured IQ of 80.
Which is 6th percentile.

His grade point average begins with zero.


Everyone passed him along

they gave him D's so they could hand
their problem off to the next school.

It's a brave kid.

For wanting to come here.

For wanting a quality education.

An education denied him by the poor
quality of the schools he's attended.

I tell you most kids
with his background

wouldn't come within two hundred miles
of this place.

Coach Cotton, we understand your interest
in this young man's athletic abilities.

Now, he wouldn't be able to play sports
until he got his grades up anyway.

Forget sports!

Look at the wall.


We either take that seriously
or we paint over it.

You don't admit Michael Oher
because of sports,

you admit him
because it's the right thing to do.

Class, this is Michael Oher
and he's new here

so I expect you all
to make him feel welcome.

Mike, just take any empty seat.

This is a quiz based on the information
you learned last year

in your science curriculum.

Don't worry.
It's not gonna be graded.

I just want to see how much
information we need to hit again.

Just answer whatever you know.

Thank you.

- Can I leave now?
- Yeah.

Take your book.

Why should he always stay in our home?

- He's gonna eat all our food.
- This is not true.

I try to be Christian abot the son,

Let somebody else be
Christian about this kid.

You want me to throw him out
on the street like some dog?

Let somebody else take
over the responsibility!

Should I throw him out
on the street?

He's here all the time.
I just want to be with you!

Alright. Alright.

You win. I'll take care of it.

I don't care if Patrick Ramsey
approved the chair.

He's the NFL quarterback
not Martha frickin' Stewart.

Because there's a difference between
Bunny Williams and a La-Z-boy.

No. See, when MTV Cribs
comes to his house

he's gonna be showing off
his home theatre

all I'm gonna see is
a brown Barca-lounger.

No. No, listen to me.
I'm the designer, my name's on it.

Deliver what I ordered!
Alright? Thank you.

- What'd I miss?
- Collins has just got a dig.

It's a girl's volleyball, Mom.
You didn't miss anything.

- Come on Collins! Move your feet! Come on!
- Good job, Collins!


Collins, we're gonna wait
for you outside.

But don't double condition in
the shower, you have homework!

I'm going over to Cannon's to study.

SJ! SJ, do not go to the
broad locker room again.

Come here!
SJ, come here!

Well, the big kid's been here
for a month

he's still not cutting in my class.

Why this Admissions do this?

I mean, it's not fair to us or the boy.

Just setting him up to fail.

I don't think, he has any idea
what I'm teaching.

And how would you know if he did?
He won't even talk.

- He writes.
- His name. Barely.

He thew this in the trash can.

"I look and I see white everywhere:

white walls, white floors,
and a lot of white people.

The teachers do not know I have no idea
of anything they are talking about.

I do not want to listen to anyone,
especially the teachers.

They are giving homework
and expecting me

to do problems on my own.

I have never done homework
in my life.

I go to the bathroom,
look in the mirror and say,

"This is not Michael Oher."

He entitled it "White Walls."

How's the spelling?


Smile at 'em.

And that let them know
you're their friend.

You're Big Mike, right?

I'm Sean.
But everyone calls me SJ.

It's for Sean junior,

my Father's name is Sean. Sean Tuohy.

He was a basketball star
at Ole Miss, point guard,

now he owns like
a million Taco Bells.


- Who's that SJ?
- Big Mike.

Get you feet off my dash.

Thank you. Put on your seatbelt!

Big Mike?

Mike, I got a call from someone
at the police departement.

Do you remember the story in the papers
while back about...

a man who fell off an overpass?

No one knew who he was
and or he jumped, or...

Umm... anyway he...
he passed away.

Mike, the man was your father.

They've been looking for somebody to
notify and they...

They found your name on our registry.

I'm really sorry, son.

You were close to him?

When's the last time you saw him?


- He knows it!
- Who knows it and what is he know?

The material. Michael Oher.
I gave him this test verbally.

- Got even allowed?
- I see.

- On how big a curve?
- He's been listening all along.

It's amazing what he's absorbed.
Trust me. He's listening to you, too.

Now, his reading level is low

and he's got no idea how to learn
in the classroom.

I'm not saying he's going to pass
but Big Mike is not stupid.

- Hey.
- What, Mom?

- Good job.
- Yes?

Good job.
Hey, I got a question for you.


There was a little girl
about two rows back.

What was her name?

- Oh, that was Chimsey.
- Kinsey. Yeah.

I saw your little indian feathers
get all ruffle up.

Yeah. It's nice.

SJ, don't let this go to your head
but I've thought you were

very convincing in the role of...

- Indian Number Three.
- Yes.

I tried out for the Chief
but they gave it to Andy Sung.

I can't be sure, but I think there was
some multi-cultural bias thing working.

Or maybe they just thought
he'd make a better Chief.

Dad, he's like Chinese.

Yeah. You're Irish.

And if you weren't the Chief,
how did you get that headdress?

Dad, I'm gonna need a few more
of those free Quesadilla tickets.

And where does the acorn fall?

Hey, don't laugh too hard.
The Quesadilla saved our ass.

Don't use the a-word.

What is he wearing?

It's freezing.

What's his name again?

Big Mike.

Where's he going?

Hey, Big Mike!
Where you headin'?



Turn around.

Big Mike...
Stop the car.

Big Mike.

Hey, my name is Leigh Anne Tuohy.
My kids go to Wingate.

You said you're going to the gym?

The school gym's closed.

Why were you going to the gym?

Big Mike?!
Why were you going to the gym?

Because... it's warm.

Do you have any place to stay tonight?

Don't you dare lie to me.

I've seen that look many times.

She's about to get her way.

Come on.

Come on.

SJ, make room.

Get in the car.

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- Home.

Oh no! That's my favourite part.

So cute.

How'd the dork do
in the school play?

Umm... Okay.

Collins, you know Big Mike
from the School?

I'd give you the best bedroom
but it's full of sample boxes.

And the sectional in the family room
slides apart when you sleep on it.

At least that's what Sean says.

Mr. Tuohy sleeps on the coach?

Only when he's bad. Alright.

The powder room's right there and
we'll be upstairs if you need us.

Alright? Right.

Sleep tight, honey.

- Was this a bad idea?
- What?

Don't lie there and pretend like you're
not thinking the same thing as me.

Fine, tell me what you're thinking

so I know what's supposed to be
on my mind.

How well do you know Big Mike?

In case you haven't noticed
he doesn't have much to say.

What's the big deal?
It's just for one night, right?

It is just one night, right?
Leigh Anne?

You don't think he'll steal anything,
do you?

I guess we'll know in the morning.

Well if you hear a scream
call the insurence adjustor.


Big Mike?!


Big Mike!

You're gonna make me
walking away?

Alright then.

Where are you going?


Well, are you spending Thanksgiving
with your family?

TV commentary

TV commentary

- Come and get it, childs!
- Yeah, baby!


Come on!

We have a ramble turkey.

Everyone thank your mother for driving
to the store and getting this.

- Thank you, mama.
- Thank you, mama.

Limp football.

Eat all you want.

Come on.

Hustle, hustle!
We got to get back to the game.

Oh yeah!

- Don't take my space.
- You rush us, dad.

- SJ, come down.
- Come on.

- No.
- That's just fantastic.

Oh, y'all forget the potato salad!

- How's Ole Miss doing?
- xxx kicking butt.

Sean, salad.

- Thanks, Mom.
- Oh, good. Thanks, Mama.

Yeah, Mama.

- Come on!
- Come on!

He wants to be bet.

- Hey! Mom!
- Whoa.

But it's Thanksgiving.


- Why are we in here?
- Shhh!

Shall we say a grace?

Heavenly Father. We thank you for
all the many blessings on this family.

We thank you for bringing us
a new friend.

And we ask that you look after us
in this holiday season

that we may never forget
how very fortunate we are.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- SJ, the score?
- Up by ten.

Collins, can you pass me
the green beans, please?

Don't pick it with your fingers
just take a spoon. Okay.

- SJ! Elbows!
- Sorry.

So, Big Mike. You like to shop?

Because tomorrow I think I'll have
to show you how it's done.

I got clothes.

You "have" clothes.

And an extra T-shirt in the plastic bag
does not a wardrobe make.

I have clothes.

Fine, let's go get 'em.
Just tell me where I'm going.

Alright. Tell me everything
I need to know about you.

Who takes care of you?
A mother?

Do you have any mother?
A grandmother maybe?

Tell you what, Big Mike.

We can do this the easy way,
or we can do it the hard way.

You take a pick.


Tell me just one thing I should know
about you. Just... just one.

I don't like to be called Big Mike.


Tell you what, from now on,
to me, you're Michael. Okay?

So,... Michael,
where we headed?

everything, right?

Savi, give it to me.

She's just the ...

- Hey, B.J.
- Hey.

- That's nice
- Yo. Check it.

- Yay.
- S7.

For real. Yeah.

You like that?

- xxx
- Do you know 'em?

Man, I got no idea.

It's where your mother lives?

- Let's go get 'em.
- No. Don't get out.

Who's going to help you carrying
your clothes, Michael?

Don't get out of the car.

No way.

Oh, that's Big Mike, man.

Oh, Big Mike is in the house!

Big Mike! Where you been?!

And who's that fine thing that
driving you around like Ms. Daisy?

Hey, Dave.

You need to let me buy you new snickers, man.
I'll take care, you know.

I run this over here and the
whole Village, baby. Got it?

Look at that.

Hey. Hey, D. Watch this.

They always go for the wing.
Watch this. Big.

Dear snowflake.

You like that? Yeah.

She wasn't home.

Well, we can come back.

She prolly moved to a nicer place.

I've lived in Memphis my whole life
and never been anywhere near here.

You're going to take care of me, right?

I got your back.


Here we go.

Oh, we also got a parole
for the ladies.

But everything we got that'd fit him
is right here.

This is it?

If this is all you got, why's it say
"Big and Tall" on the sign?

Big and Tall.
You need "Bigger and Taller."

- Howl, if you need me.
- Thank you.

You see anything, you like?

Hey. I got a just
what you're looking for.

Well, one thing I know
about shopping is

that if you don't absolutely love it
in the store, you won't wear it.

The store is, were you like it best.

So before you choose something
think of yourself wearing it

and say to yourself:
Is this me?


What about this one?

This isn't atrocious.

Alright, well, you go look over there
I go look over here.

Who would imagine this many clothes
are plastic?

Good Lord...
What is this made of?

That's the one?
That's the one you like?

Alright then.

Have a great day.
Learn something!

Don't get your panties in a wad.

The best part about Paris was the food.
They use sauce like we use gravy.

I had to join a gym the day I got back.

Any of y'all spent much time
on the other side of town?

- Where exactly are you talking about?
- Alabama Street... Hurt Village.

Hurt Village - that sounds like a threat.

You're not far off.

- I think it might "hurt" me to go there.
- It'd hurt your reputation to go there.

Well actually I'm from there
but didn't mind hard work

and look where I am now.

Eating an eighteen dollar salad.

And it's a little soggy to be honest.

Leigh Anne? What is this sudden interest
in the project?

Is this another one
of your charities?

Wait. A project for the projects.

Oh, that's catchy.
Money would raise itself.

Okay. Count me in, Leigh Anne.

- xxx
- xxx

SJ, you have two more minutes
on that playbox thing, alright?

Oh, Mom!

Michael, do you want to stay here?

Because... if you want to stay here...
for awhile longer...

I can find some time to figure out
a bedroom for you.

Because look at this, you've practically
ruined a ten thousand dollar coach.

You want to stay here, Michael?

I don't want to go anyplace else.

Well alright then.

- SJ, you'd better be off that playbox.
- That wasn't two minutes.

Good night Mrs. Tuohy.

I see on the admission that
we're Michael's contact

for medical emergencies?

Sean wrote that in last week.

We needed contact number and the ones
listed weren't in service.

Sean. Love that man.

What's this?

The state makes schools measure
for career aptitude in eight grade.

and this just came with his file.

What does it say
about Michael?

Spatial relations - third percentile.
Ability to learn - fifth percentile.

It's funny though. He tested in
the 98th percentile in one category.

- Which one?
- "Protective instincts."

So over here we have a desk.
Chest o'drawers.

Here's a night stand, a lamp, Alarm.

Sean says all the pro athletes use futons
if they can't find a bed big enough.

So I got you one of those
'cause frames xxx

It's not about to let that in my house.
But I got you some nicer.

- It's mine?
- Yes, sir.


Never had one before.

What? A room to yourself?

A bed.

Well, you have one now.

Okay. Define Osmosis.

I think I know what.

It's when water passes
through the barrier.

That's basically right.
Michael we'll get it.

Name the combatants in the battle
of Waterloo.

I know that one. Umm...

The little guy, Napoleon...
He was on one side and...

- ...and Duku's on the other.
- Duke of Wellington.

Yeah. And the Duke of Wellington
and Russia or something.


Enough with the rugby shirts.
You look like a giant bumble bee.

That Taco Bell, KFC catty corner.
The Long John Silvers on the next block.

- You owe all of 'em?
- Yeah. We've got like hundreds.

Eighty five.

Is that why Mr. Tuohy don't
have to go to work?

Ho! Ho! Hey! I'm working
even when I'm not working.


And y'all eat at those places for free?

All you want. It's awesome.

What do y'all do with the leftover food?
From the restaurant?

Well, we have to throw some of it away.
What's already been cooked.

- That's too bed.
- Yeah. I'd rather sell it.

Seems like you could give it away
or something?

- You should check into that, Daddy.
- Alright, I will, SJ.

How come we ain't eatin' at one
of your restaurants tonight?

Because tonight is a special occasion.


I talked to Coach Cotton and he said that
Michael's grades had improved enough

that he can go out for spring football
in March.

Isn't that great?

Oh, man!
You are gonna crush some people!

- Hey, guys. How you doin'?
- Great. Thank you.

I've got a design book I need to get.
Sean, go check on our reservation.

They're gonna seat us right away.
Can't you wait after dinner.

Might be closed by then!
Come on, SJ.

- Please.
- I need some new magazines.

Michael, come on. Come on.

Collins! Collins!

Collins. Come on!
Your dad's already PO'ed.

- Lets' go. Come on.
- Over here.


Remember this one, Mom?

You read it to us
like thousand times.

"And he gnashed his terrible teeth
and he roared his terrible roar."

I always liked this one.

Oh, Ferdinand...
Me too.

Michael, your mama ever read
either one of those books to you?


How cute.

It was a good steak.

- Thank you, Daddy.
- Thank you for lovely dinner, Papa.

Here we go.


Who was that boy you were
talking to, at the restaurant?


Marcus. And he works there?


How do you know him?

He's my brother.

Well, we'd really like
to meet him someday.

Would that be okay with you?

I don't know where he stays.

When's the last time you saw him?

When I was little mebbe.

"Once upon a time in Spain, there was a
little bull and his name was Ferdinand.

All the other little bulls he lived with
would run and jump

and butt their heads together,

but not Ferdinand.

He liked to sit just quietly
and smell the flowers.

He had a favorite spot out in the pasture
under a cork tree.

It was his favorite tree

and he would sit in its shade all day
and smell the flowers."

- Good night.
- Good night.


Why are you smiling?

I don't know. I'm just happy.
Really happy.

Does this happiness have anything
to do with Michael?


It has everything to do with Michael.

Happy's good.

You know what I think we should do?

We should start a charity
for kids like Michael.


- Maybe fund a program at Wingate.
- Sure.

Lord knows that school
could use a little color.

Michael's like a flying and milking
that place.

Are you listening to me?

I try to concentrate on one...
thing... at a time.

You knew I was multi-tasker
when you married me, right?

- I sure did.
- Alright. Okay. Let's check it.

Okay. Tuohy family.
Big smiles everyone!

And, one , two, three...

Michael! Michael come over here
and get in the next one.

Come on. Come on. Come over here.

Oh, come on. It's not like I'm gonna
put it on the Christmas card.

Okay, let's scootch in a little tighter.

That's good.

Really big smiles.

Okay, one, two three... say Rebels!


TV commentary

I got it.

- Who's winning?
- Tennessee.

- Who are they playing?
- Clemson.

Your mom roots against Tennessee
no matter who they're playing?

Oh, yes, I do. With gusto.

She can't stand Tennessee.

Collie-bell, I thought you were
going to your boyfriend's?

I thought of hanging around here today.

I like that.

Hey, baby. There's a coupla messages
on the machine but I didn't check 'em.


Hey, Sean, hey, Leigh Anne,
It's cousin Bobby. Happy New Years!

Listen, I've had about five cold ones...

- Of course she had. - So I'm...
I'm just gonna go ahead and ask...

Ya'll know there's a colored boy
in your Christmas Card?


You just looked teeny-tiny next to him.
Right? Like Jessica Lange and King Kong.

Hey, does Michael get the family discount
at Taco Bell?

Because if he does Sean's gonna lose
a few stores.

He's a great kid.

Well, I say make it official
and just adopt him.

He's gonna be eighteen
in a few months.

Doesn't really make much sense
to legally adopt.

Leigh Anne, is this some
sort of white guilt thing?

What will your daddy say?

Umm... before or after he turns over
in his grave?

Daddy's been gone five years Elaine,

make matters worse you were
at the funeral.

Remember? You were Chanel
and that awful black hat.

Look, here's the deal.

I don't need y'all to approve
my choices, alright?

But I do ask you to respect them.

You've no idea what this boy's
been through.

And If this is going to be
some running diatribe

I can find an overpriced salad
a lot closer to home.

Leigh Anne, I'm so sorry.
We didn't intend to---

No. We didn't really.

I think, what you're doing is so great.

To open up your home... to him.

Honey, you're changing that boy's life.


He's changing mine.

That's awesome for you,
but what about Collins?

What about Collins?

Aren't you worried, I mean,
even just a little?

He's a boy, a large, black boy,

sleeping under the same roof.

Shame on you.

I've got this.

Be honest with me, okay?

Is Michael being here making
you uncomfortable?

They're stupid kids,
who cares what they say.

What kids?

At school.

They're juvenile.

And what do they juvenile kids say?

It's really not worth repeating.

And don't worry about SJ;
he likes all the attention.

He introduces Michael
as his big brother.

- What about you?
- It's fine.

I mean, you can't just throw him
out on the street.

I can make other arrangements.

- Hi, Mike.
- Hi.

- Need a push?

Higher, Mike! Higher!



Don't look down.
Don't look down!

- Where are you going?
- Collins?

Quit looking at me like that.

I mean, we study together at home.

You know how much those things weigh?
This kid's gonna make us all famous.

Easy, Bert, man.
It's only the spring

he hasn't even been through
his first practice yet.

No. He's a player.


Get down, son.
Get down in your stands.

In your stands!


Mike! Son!

You fall off the block and then
you wanna shuck-shuck the blocker.

Right? Shuck it!
Alright? Let's go!


How's he doing?

Doesn't quite have
the hang of it yet.

Hey, Mike. Son...

Shuck the blocker. Don't hold him!

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No.

Balloons! There are balloons!

Guys, quit looking at the balloons.

Most kids from bad situations
can't wait to be violent

and that comes out on the field.

This kid, he acts like he doesn't want
to hit anyone.

He's Ferdinand the Bull.

- What?
- Nothing.

I thought sure he was gonna be a player.

I can't believe I used up my chiefs
to get him in school.

I thought you said it was
your Christian duty?

Look, Bert. He's never played before.

And he won't this fall if he doesn't
improve a lot before then.

Who xxx made him Bert bright?


Oh, God bless me.

This is your summer workout sheet.

Now, first it says to warm up
and get loose.

Go ahead, get loose.

Are you loose?

Okay, next is five one hundred yard runs
to stretch out your legs.

Let's go home,
play some video games.

Look, everybody at Wingate is expecting
you to be a star football player.

You don't want to let
them down, do you?


What about Dad and Mom?

'Cause you see, in our family
everyone's an athlete.

Dad was a basketball star,

Collins plays volleyball
and runs track.

And me, as you know, I do it all.

And Mom...
Mom was a cheerleader,

which doesn't exactly count
but don't tell her I said that.

- Okay?
- Okay.


...fifty, fifty one,

fifty two, fifty three...

Come on and get it!
Go, go, go, go, go!

Come on. Five seconds left in the game!

Just like!
Just like!

High knees, high knees, high knees!
xxx baby.

Run like the wind!

Go, Michael, go!

...ninety eight, nine,

one hundred.

Move your feet! Move your feet!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Go. There you go.

Get on the tackle!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Come on, Michael!

Mrs. Tuohy?

I hear "Mrs. Tuohy" I look over my
shoulder for my mother-in-law.

Call me Leigh Anne or Mama
or almost anything else.

- Can you help me get something?
- What?

Driver's licence.

Why do you need a driver's licence
when you don't even have a car?

Michael, why do yo want
a driver's licence?

Something to carry.
With my name on it.

There's nobody named
Michael Oher in the system.

Another last name perhaps?

Look, I will sign something
that says he lives with us

and we'll pay for all the insurence;
whatever it takes, okay?

What's it gonna take?

- You wanna do what?!
- You heard me.

- Shouldn't we at least talk about this?
- What do you think we're doing?

And don't act like I'm going
behind your back.

I know you put us down as Michael's
medical contact at school.

There's a huge difference between
paying for broken arm

and being legally responsible
for someone.

I mean the kid we barly know.

That's another thing. We need
to find out more about his past.

He won't talk about it.
He's like an onion,

you have to peel him back
a layer at a time.

Not if you use a knife.

What if we took him to a child
psychologist or something?

- Do you really expect Big Mike---
- "Michael"

You really expect Michael to lie down
on a coach and talk about his childhood

like he's Woody Allen or something?

I mean, Michael's gift
is his ability to forget.

He's mad at no one and he really
didn't care what happened in the past.

You're right.

Excuse me?

"You're right?"

How'd those words taste
coming out of your mouth?

Like vinegar.

At least promise me you'll think about it.


"Alright" you'll think about it or
"alright" we should do it?

Is there a difference?

Just tell Gerald to hold on the chiffonier
and I'll get by after while.

You don't...
I got to call you back. Bye.

Excuse me.

I'm not cutting, I'm just asking.
Let me tell you something, alright?

We've been sitting around here
for over an hour

and when i look around
and all I see

is people shooting the bull
and drinking coffee.

Who runs this place?

Well, I'd have it in shape in two days,
I can tell you that.

I'd bet you would.
How can I help you?

- Oh, he was first.
- No, you go ahead.

- I think I want to hear this
- Me too.

I do not appreciate
the attitude.

now you can tell me what you want

or I'll make sure you wait all day.

Now how can I help you?

I'd like to become
a legal guardian.

Lord help that child.

There's very little on Michael.
Most of his files have been lost.

- What is in there?
- A few case notes.

This one describes an incident where
Officers forcibly removed Michael

from Denise Oher's care
when Michael was seven.

Quite a scene evidently.
They had to split up the kids.

And it's far from the worst.

Where is she? His mother?

Dunno, if you find her we got
a bunch more files we could add to.

- How many kids does she have?
- At least a dozen, probably.

If not more.
With her drug arrest record

my guess would be
she can't even remember.

May I see that?

So we'd need her permission, right?

No. Michael is a ward of the state.

Just apply and get a Judge
to sign off on it.

So you would just give him away
without even telling his mother?

Mrs. Oher?


Mrs. Oher?

- You from the state?
- No.

My name is Leigh Anne Tuohy
and your son Michael lives with me.

And my family.

How's my boy? How's big Mike?

He's fine. He's doing really well.

We might have some wine
in the kitchen, if you...

Oh, no, no, no.
That's really kind.

When did you last see Michael?

I don't know.

How many foster kids you got
living with you?

Oh, I'm not a foster parent to Michael.
We were just helping him out.

- State don't pay you nothing?
- No.

And you feed him?
You buy him clothes, too?

Well, when I can find them in his size.

You a fine Christian lady.

Well I try to be.

This is all really nice
what you're doing,

but don't be surprised if one day
you wake up and he gone.

- What do you mean?
- He's a "runner."

That's what the state called him
after they took him from me.

Every foster home they sent him to,

he'd slip out the window at night
and come looking for me.

No matter where I was that boy would
come find me, take care of me.

I've had some health problems.

Mrs. Oher, was Michael born
under a different name?

Proctor. That was his Daddy's last name.

- Where is he?
- Ain't seen him since he left.

And when was that?

Week after was Mike born?

Do you have his birth certificate?

It's alright. I'll figure it out.

Mrs. Oher, you'll always
be Michael's Mama.

Would you like to see him?

No. Not this way.

It's Williams.

His last name's Williams.

Couldn't even remember
who the boy's father is.

The color is better, the graphic is bright.
It's awesome!

Michael, we have something
we'd like to ask you.


Leigh Anne and I, we...


We'd like to become your legal guardians.

What's that mean?

What it means is, that we want to know

if you'd like to become
a part of this family?

I kinda thought I already was.

Well alright then.

Right here.

We got a couple of steps.

- Watch your big foot.
- One more.

One more. There we go.

Alright. Take off the belt.

Well, that's the one you want it,
didn't it?

Here. Here you go.
Go ahead. Take it for a ride. Go.

- Can I go too?
- Yeah.

Michael? Be careful.


- He wanted a truck?!
- Michael thinks he's a redneck.

Come on, Michael!

Okay. See, you're the ketchup, here
at Left Tackle. On the weakside.

The fist play is simple. "Gap."

Now, see, dishes means you're going
to block whoever is in front of you,

or on your inside shoulder if you're not
covered by a defender.

Now, I'll be the running back and you
show me what you're supposed to do.

Ready.... Hike!

You block him, you hit him,

quarterback will hand it off,
he gets the ball and...

Open lane to the end zone.
All there is to it.

What's going on here?!

Player Spice just scored.

We're going through the playbook.
Michael got move to offense.

Yeah. Well, when you're done, please,
put the players back in the spice cabinet.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Oh, actually, Mom, we were
kinda waiting for you.

You see, the new Madden game came out
and me and Michael wanted to go get it.

I can't, baby. I've got a meeting
in ten minutes

But he can drive!

He can drive us.

Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.

- What do you know about this?
- I already know all about this!

- Alright, show me something.
- I'll tell you something, alright?

I'll start it. Follow my leads.

- Ready?
- Yes.

# Next days function,
high class luncheon #

# Food is served
and you're stone cold munchin' #

# Music comes on,
people start to dance #

# But then you ate so much
you nearly split your pants #

# A girl starts walkin,
guys start gawkin' #

# Sits down next to you
and starts talkin' #

# Says she wanna dance
cus she likes the groove #

# So come on fatso
and just bust a move #

# If you want it, you've got it #

# if you want it baby you got it #

# If you want it, you've got it #

# if you want it baby you got it #

This is not a 40.000 dollar Oushak,

You're crazy, Leigh Anne!

The borders have different width.
They've been altered.

We'll give you seventeen tops, alright?


Hey, hey, ma'am.
Ma'am, we check it.

Those are my kids. Those are my kids!

Oh my God!

- It will be okay.
- Where are they?

I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.
Oh my God!

- Michael, you okay?
- I'm fine. SJ!

- Michael, you're alright?
- Go help SJ!

I'm so sorry - so sorry!

Excuse me, ma'am?


- Mom?
- Yes, baby?

Do you think the blood will come
out of my shirt?

Yes, I think the blood will come
out of your shirt.

Ma'am, an airbag deploys
at 200 miles an hour.

Your son's too small to sit
in the front seat.

But he's okay, right?

Busted lip, bruised face.

Usually when someone his size
gets the airbag

it's fractured faces, a broken neck.

Maybe worse.

Like the air bag was coming at him
then changed direction.

Quiet defective or something like that.

Your son's very, very lucky.

No idea. I called the insurence.
He's fine. He's fine!

I'll talk to you later.
I got to go. Bye.

SJ's fine.

He is. He's actually enjoying all
the attention he's getting back there.

Hey, Michael. Could happen to anyone,
alright? It's not your fault.

Honey, look at me.

Michael, what happened to your arm?

I stopped it.

Let's go!

Oher! You've got a hundred pounds
on Collis

and you can't keep him out
of our backfield?!

Hold your block until the whistle blow.
Hold it!

Alright, let's go!

What's with the camera?

Michael always does better when he sees
what he's supposed to be doing.

- Holding ... Left tackle.
- Michael! Come on!

Oher? Come here, son.

You got to hold it. Hold it inside here,
between the tits. You got it?!

Would you look at me, son.

If you grab 'em outside here like this
without horse colour thing, you just did,

we're going to get flagged and
I'm gonna get pissed. You hear me?

Alright, let's go!

Baby, watch my stuff, alright?


Well at least he'll look good
coming off the bus.

They'll be terrified 'til they realize
he's a marshmallow.

Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

Gimme a minute, Bert.

We're in the middle of practice,
Leigh Anne!

You can thank me later.



do you remember
when we first met

we went to that horrible part of town
to buy those dreadful clothes?

And I was a little bit scared
and you told me not to worry about,

because you had my back.
Do you remember that?

Yes, ma'am.

And If anyone tried to get to me,
you would have stopped them, alright?

And when you and SJ were
in that car wreck,

what did you do to that airbag?

- I stopped it.
- You stopped it.

You stopped it.

This team is your family, Michael.

You have to protect them
from those guys.

Okay? Listen.


Tony here is your quarterback, alright?
You protect his blind side.

When you look at him,
you think of me.

How you had my back.
How you have his.

Okay? Alright. Tony, go back.


Oomaloompah here is your tailback.

When you look at him,
you think of SJ,

how you never let anyone
or anything to hurt him.

You understand me?

Alright. Go back.

- You got it?
- What about Collins and Mr. Tuohy?

Fine. They can be on the team too.

Are you gonna protect
the family, Michael?

Yes, ma'am.

Good boy. Now, go have some fun.

Yelling at him doesn't work, Bert.
Doesn't trust men.

In his experience they pretend
to care about 'til they disappear.

Wanna little play?

SJ, you're gonna wanna get this.


Come on, Mike!

Alright. Michael! Come on!

- Yes! Michael!
- Alright! Way to go!


Good boy.

Okay. What'd you say to him?

Should get to know your players, Bert.

He tested 98 percent
in protective instincts.

I said you could thank me later.

It's later, Bert.

So much for home field advantage.

You ever seen so many
Rednecks in one place?

Nascar, not even close.

Crusaders! Get Ready for
forty eight minutes of Hell!

You have fat ass.

Hey, back on the field.

Let me go. Hold on.
Listen up! Listen up!

Don't let 'em get inside your head.
Now, keep your focus.

- You ready?
- "Yeah"

- Alright. Let's go!
- "Go"

- Come on!
- Michael!

Damn, that ain't fair!

They got big ole' black
bear playing for 'em!

- What is this, a circus?
- Right.

Eyes forward, SJ! Sticks and stones.

Sticks and stones! Come on!

- Alright!
- Alright! Good start!

Let's go O! Let's go!

Here we go. Look at this big bull
we got right here.

Coming after you!
Coming after you!

All night. All night.

Don't let him get through, Oher!
Come on, son!

Boy! All night long, fat ass!
All night long!

I got you, boy. All night long!

That's my boy!

- It's alright, Michael!
- It's alright. Come on!

- Let's go!
- Take it off. Come on!

Here we go! Round two, baby! Round two!

- Switch! Switch!
- Get it! Get it! Get it! Go!

Oher, don't let them get
the inside gap zone!

- Come on! Use your head!
- What is Bert doing? Nothing.

Hey, fat boy. We're not done yet.

All game long, boy! All game long!

Alright. Alright.


Pass! Pass! Pass!

Stop! Oh!

Why another pass, Bert?

Hey! Where you going, fat boy?

Better stay out of my field.

You are not welcome here!
This is my field!

Sixty six, get beck to your own bank.

Be quiet! Bert!

- Hello?
- Umm...

Enough with the trick plays, Bert.
Run the dang ball.

You heard it. Run the dang ball.
Run it.

Wait a minute, did he just
hanged up the phone?

- No, I think he lost service.
- He did not lose service.

That's my boy, Jimmy! Number 66!

Kicking that blue guy's ass.

Hey crotch mouth!

Yeah, you!

Zip it or I'll come up there
zip it for ya!

Sticks and stones?

You know what, SJ?
Just turn forward.

Just take up the camera and keep shoot.
Come on.

Lock it!

It's alright. Alright. Alright.
We come back.


Come on! Get him!

Gone. He's gone.

We got to shut xxx

Unbelievable. Three plays. Three plays.
Where were we... 4.3?

Come on.

Baby, me and you. Me and you, baby.
One more time.

Here we go!

Alright, we got to cut back!
We got to cut back!

Come on. Let's go!

Black piece of crap!

Hey! Hey!

Raf! Are you gonna do
something about this?!

He just kicked my boy in the head
and cussed him!

Thank you!

Unsportsmanlike conduct... Wingate!
Fifteen yards!


You shut up, or you'll get another fifteen.

This young man plays for my team.
My team!

And I will defend him like he's my own son.

Against you or any other
redneck sonofabitch!

Don't worry, Coach.
I got your back.

Alright then.

Come here, son. Come here.

Try "Gap."

- "Gap?"
- "Gap."

Alright, gun rip, 47 Gap, on and on.

Coach ain't here to protect you now,
is he?


Team is your family, Michael.


Go back, go back!
Block them all!

We got to hold! We got to hold!

Oh god!

- Run, Michael!
- SJ!

- Michael!
- Run, Michael! Run!


- Go, Mike!
- Go, Michael.


Yo! Deliverance! You see number 74?

Well, that's MY son.

- Way to go big bro!
- See, here's what we got it.

- Dead ball foul.
- Now what?!

- Was he holding!
- No.

- Did he hit after the whistle?
- I don't believe so.

So what is the flag for?

I dunno...
Excessive blocking.

You're kidding me.

Sorry, Coach.
I stopped when I heard the whistle.

Where were you taking him, Mike?

To the bus.
That was the time for him to go home.

Attaboy, Michael Oher. Attaboy!
Go get 'em. Go get 'em, Crusaders!

Rub the heads! Rub the heads!
Alright! Let's go!



Red, 41!
Red, 41!

Tom Lemming Recruiting,
please hold...

Tom Lemming Recruiting,
please hold....

Coach Saban wants his monthly
recruitment update Fed Ex.

Does he really think getting it one day
early is gonna give LSU a leg up?

Hey, have you filled all the slots
for the Army All Star Game?

Yeah, why?

You might want to open one up.

What did I tell you?

I want him.
I want him bad.

Y-E-L-L! Everybody yell!
Say, everybody yell!

Y-E-L-L! Everybody yell!

Nice kick this time, Collins.
Nice job.

What in the world?

Alright. Y'all keep practicing.
Remember point your toes.

One, two, three, one!

One, two, three, two!

One, two, three, three!

You okay, son?


Shoot, man, Fulmer's here.
I might as well go home.

What to say, fellas?
How's doing your life?

I came all the way from Knoxville,
to see for myself.

Hey, Coach.
We drove from Clemson, nine hours!

Coach Fulmer, it's a real honor.

Coach Cotton, my pleasure. I watched
your program you've done really well.

I don't think there is any question
that you'll be at the next level soon.

Oh, well, you know,
we do all we can, all we got.

Is that Michael?
Is that O'Hair?

It's Oher.

Like a paddle in a boat. Oher.

You think we might see some drills?

Perhaps... I think all the Coaches
would appreciate it.

- Yeah?
- Oh, yes, sir. You bet.

Listen up, fellas! New board drill!

Big Mike, Jay Collis.
Best on best. Right here.

Let's go! Come on! come on!

On my whistle, men!


Coach, thank you.

- Where are you going, Coach?
- Back to South Carolina.

You tell to Michael Oher,
if he can qualify with his grades...

Clemson wants him.

Yeah. Good luck with that, Brad!

Coach, you've done a great job
with this young man.

Oh, well he was little rough
when we first got him

but we, you know,
coached him up a little bit.

Hello, mom.

Did you know that to be eligible
for a Division One scholarship

Michael's gonna need
to make it a 2.5 GPA?


His ACT is low and I don't see him doing
any better if he retakes it right there.

- What's his GPA now?
- 1.76.

Oh, that's not too bad, when you
consider where he started.

He's gonna make it all A's this year.

I'm serious.
And that might not even be enough.

So he goes to Junior College?

Most inner city kids that go to JC
drop out in the first year.

His shot at the pros would go
out the window.

Pros? Are we even sure
he's gonna get college offers?

Michael, Nick Saban from LSU.
(Louisiana State University)

I'm looking forward to you're coming
down and visit us sometime.

Gready. I'm Lou Holtz form
South Carolina. I'm call...

We're very interested in having Michael
over to Knoxville for a visit.

- Phil Fulmer, from Tennessee?
- There's twenty more among there.

And these things right here.
Fifty of 'em.

Any of those from Ole Miss?

No, they're not gonna start recruiting
until they hire a another coach.

Does make any difference
unless Michael makes his grades.

So, what are we going to do?

I understand you applied for
a teaching position at Wingate?

I won't religious enough for 'em.

I'm a spiritual person, Mrs. Tuohy, but
I have certain, shall we say... doubts.

Oh, I appreciate your honesty, Miss Sue.

- What's the situation with Michael?
- He needs to be better in school.

Obviously. Why the big push?

Well, he's in line for
football scholarship

if he gets his grades up.

- Is he considering Ole Miss?
- He'd better be.

- I'd love to work with him.
- Well, when'd you like to start?

Ms. Tuohy... Umm... There's something
you should know about me.

I don't usually tell many people, but
it's something I feel should be aware of

before you hire me.

What is it?

I 'm a Democrat.


- I don't understand it.
- Yet.

You don't understand it yet.

- How big is your head, Michael?
- Big.

And what's in there?

- A brain.
- A brain.

It's full of knowledge -

like a file cabinet with maps;

and shortcuts for figuring things out.

You'll get there, Michael Oher

because I'm to help you use those maps
and reach your destination.

Like Sacagawea helped
Lewis and Clark.


We'll get to that.
And the history books have it wrong,

All you need to know
is I'll get you there.

Do you believe me?

You trust me, Michael?

Yes, Miss Sue.

Try it again.

Now, what's the next one?
Read that to me.

Hey, what is it?
As first, we have to find the constant.

Now, where is the constant?

Good. See?

Who'd thought we'd have a black son
before we knew a Democrat.

- Doorbell!
- I got a guest.

Coach, how are you? Come in.

- Sean Tuohy.
- Sean.

- Nick Saban. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to see you. Pleasure.

I appreciate the opportunity
to come in your home.

- That's my daughter, Collins.
- Hi. Pleasure to meet you.

- And you must be Leigh Anne.
- That would be me, Coach Saban.

- Nice to meet you.
- Me too.

Please, call me Nick.

With an incredible home.
The windsor valances are a nice touch.

Oh, thank you. You obviously
have an excellent taste.

Well we appreciate the quality.
And recognize it when we see it.

Michael, why don't you come over here
and say hello to Coach Saban.

Hello, Michael. Nick Saban.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- And you must be SJ.
- That's me.

Michael, why don't you and Nick
go into the living room to talk?

Can SJ come?

We'll recruit the both of you.


I find him extremely handsome.

Yeah, I'm right here, Leigh Anne.

Yeah, I know.

So Michael, we'd like to
get you down to LSU for visit.

We've got a great thing going there
right now,

you have an opportunity to be
successful as a person, as a student,

and an opportunity to be a part of the next
National Championship team with LSU.

So what do you say?
You'd like to commit to a visit?

- Can I ask a question?
- Sure.

My brother and I are very close.

And so... I'm very afraid that
if he goes off to school,

I might not get to see him.

- So ...
- Go on.

I guess I was just wondering how much
access I'd have to him.

Well, SJ, you'd have total access
to Michael.

But better than that, in his first game
at Tiger stadium,

we would like for you to lead
the team out of the tunnel.

- What do you think about that?
- Sounds good.

Come on in!

Gready. I'm Lou Holtz.
The University of South Carolina.

Leigh Anne Tuohy. Nice to meet you.
Come on in. Michael!

Hello. I'm Tommy Tuberville.
Albany University.

Leigh Anne Tuohy. Nice to meet you.

Howdy, Houston Nutt.
University of Arkansas.

Leigh Anne Tuohy.
Very nice to meet you.

- Ole Miss Cup, huh?
- Michael!

Oh, come on. You know this.

It's logical.

I guarantee you come to the
University of South Carolina

will be the smartest decision
you've ever made.

We want you, we need you,
but the other thing is,

Mike, you need us.

Knoxville is a tremendous place
to live and...

I know there's lions, there's tigers,
there's bears...

Hey, there's only one razorback
in the world.

...and not only that, you'd look great
in Gamecock Red!

What's in if for me?

SJ, I'd get you a hawkhat,
and for whole family a hawkhat.

Are you telling me,
that's the best you can do?

SJ, you remind me of me as a boy.

Coach, help me, help you.

I can get you a Gamecock headdress.
And with real feathers.

What you got for me, Phil?

SJ, I've been thinking a lot of
about that and one of the things

that think will be special for both
of us is we'll walk arm in arm

to center of Union Stadium
at the first ball game,

and we'll do the coin toss together.

How's that sound?

Coach Fulmer, a pleasure doing
a business with you

My pleasure, SJ.
Could be sure, buddy.

Congratulations on gettin' hired.

Thank yew, Ma'am.
Ole Miss is my dream job.

You're coming a little late to the party
but we're diehard Rebels

so I'm gonna give you
a frickin' road map.

- Alright?
- Got it.

LSU is out. Everybody knows
Saban's going to the NFL.

I don't wanna name names, but on
Michael's first two recruitment trips

somebody took him to the tittybar.

- That's terrible.
- Tell me about it.

He'll have nightmares about for a weeks.
So when he comes to visit

I want you to feed him Italian -
he likes Fettucine Alfredo -

and I want you to take him to a movie -
not Chainsaw Massacre

because he'll just cover his eyes -
and get him to bed by ten.

- You got it?
- Yes'm.

- Alright.
- What about Tennessee?

It breaks my heart but they're still
in the hunt.

Fulmer made SJ a sweet deal.

I heard the kid can really
pepper the gumbo.

He's his daddy's boy.

- You ready?
- Lets' do it.


Mike, do you like to barbecue?
I tell you what, Mike.

You can go to the gas station
and get best barbecue,

you've ever got in your life.

It's a wonderful place to live,
fried catfishes,

all the good food
that we love to eat

but it's not good for us
as football players,

you'd have to be aware, Mike.
I promise.

And for you, SJ,
this is what I can do.

At Ole Miss we have the Grove
by the stadium.

We walk it before every game,
in front of thousands of people.

It is a sacrad ritual. And I'm in front.

Seen it a thousand times.

Ever seen it from the front
of the line?

Next year, you and me;
leading the team.

Tennessee offered to let me run
on the field and flip the coin.

I'll throw in a sideline pass.

Have you decided yet, Michael?

No, Miss Sue.

But you like Tennessee?

It's a good school.

Not at academic level of Ole Miss,

but they have an outstanding
science department.

You know what they're famous for?

They work with the FBI

to study the effects of the soil
on decomposing body parts.

What's that mean?

Well when they find a body, the police
want to know how long it's been dead.

So the fine fox at Tennessee
help them out.

They have a lot of body parts.

Arms and legs and hands -
form hospitals and medical schools.

And you know where they store them?

Right underneath the football field.

So, while it's fine and dandy,
there're 100,000 fans cheering for you,

the bodies, you should be worried about
are right underneath the turf.

Set to poke up through the ground
and grab you.

But it's your decision where you wanna
play ball.

Don't let me influence you.

All the other teachers are on board,
I don't know, what your problem is.

I'm sorry.

I will not give a student a grade
he, or she, doesn't deserve.

Well, Michael needs a B.

What is he have to do to "deserve" that?

Right now is Michael doing C minus,
D plus work.

His best chance at improving
is with the written essay

at the end of the year.

It counts a third of his grade.

Well that's it. We're sunk.

Why don't you write about
"Great Expectations"?

You're a lot like Pip.

I mean he was poor, he was an orphan
and someone kind of found him.

You should be able to relate to that.

Fine, let's go through the reading list.

But you're gonna have to pick one, Michael.


"A Tale of Two Cities".....
"The Charge of the Light Brigade"...

"Half a league, half a league,
half a league onward"

I love that one.

He loves it.

Why don't you do this
and I'll watch basketball?


"All in the Valley of Death rode
the six hundred."

They named LSU's stadium Death Valley
because of this story.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson has writing
about LSU Ole Miss.

- You're kidding?
- No. It's a great story.

It's a poem.

"Forward the Light Brigade!"

It's like the offense.

"Charge for the guns he said."

That's the end zone.

"Into the Valley of Death rode
the six hundred."

"Forward the Light Brigade!

Was there a man dismay'd?

Not tho' the soldier knew
someone had blundered."

Someone made a mistake?

Yeah, their leader, their coach.

But why would they go ahead
if they knew he messed up?

"Theirs not to make reply,
theirs not to reason why,

theirs but to do and die:

Into the Valley of Death rode
the six hundred."

They're all gonna die, aren't they?


That's really, really sad.

I think you just found something
to write about, Michael.

Courage is a hard thing to figure.

You can have courage based
on a dumb idea or mistake,

but you're not supposed
to question adults,

or your coach
or your teacher

because they make the rules.

Maybe they know best

but maybe they don't.

It all depends on who you are,
where you come from.

Didn't at least one of the six hundred
guys think about giving up.

and joining with the other side?

I mean, Valley of Death
that's pretty salty stuff.

That's why courage it's tricky.

Should you always do
what others tell you to do?

Sometimes you might not even know
why you're doing something.

I mean any fool can have courage.

But honor, that's the real reason
you either do something or you don't.

It's who you are and maybe
who you want to be.

If you die trying for
something important

then you have both
honor and courage

and that's pretty good.

I think that's what the writer
was saying.

That you should hope for courage
and try for honor.

And maybe even pray that the people
telling you what to do have some, too.

Kevin Lynn.

- Good job.
- Excuse me.

Matthew Nicols.


Michael's final GPA.
Got it off Paul's computer.

Jamie North.

He did it, Sean. He did it!

Baby, you've been broken to
the principal's computer?

Michael Oher.

Where in the world did you find
a baby picture of Michael?

Scanned it off an Internet ad
for a toddler boutique.

Congratulations, Mike.

Michael, our greetings.

Way to go, bro!

Alright, that's enough.
Young man...

I think I need a proper hug.

Alright. You're gonna be staying
in Deaton Hall - where is it?

109. It's right there.
And you're gonna be on a meal plan

so you're gonna be eating all the way
here in Johnson Commons. Right there.

Johnson Commons has all you
can eat self-serve ice cream.

As much as you want?

Yes, that's how Mama put
on her freshman ten.

Stop it!


This is Mrs. Tuohy.

He just want ask you a couple
of questions,  Michael.

You have nothing to hide.

Ms. Tuohy? Mr. Oher?

My name is Jocelyn Granger,
and I'm the Assistant Director

of Enforcement for the NCAA.

Please, call me Leigh Anne.

So, let's do this. Shall we?

Ms. Tuohy, if you wouldn't mind
I'd prefer to speak with Michael alone.

- And how long is that gonna take?
- Awhile.

Go, Mike. Okay? Go.

Michael? Michael! I'll be waiting
for you in the lobby, alright?

I don't know, Sean. I just have
a bad feeling about this one.

This woman is tough, tough...
Hold on.


The client wants what?

Were you aware that Coach Cotton
is accepting a job at Ole Miss?


And that this job offer came after
you signed with them?

Sean Tuohy, your legal guardian
went to Ole Miss.

He played basketball.

And Mrs. Tuohy went to Ole Miss as well.

She was a cheerleader.

Is this safe to say that Ole Miss
is their favorite school?

Did they like any other Universities?
What about, say Tennessee?

No. They can't stand Tennessee.

- And your tutor...
- Miss Sue.

Miss Sue.
Miss Sue is an Ole Miss grad, too.

Miss Sue ever tried to persuade you
to attend Ole Miss?

Did you know that the Tuohys make
generous donations to Ole Miss?

That even Miss Sue makes donations?

That the Tuohys, they have
a condo in Oxford

so they can attend as many
athletic events as possible?

That, in fact, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy
are by our definition... "boosters."

Mr. Oher.

Mr. Oher?

Do you understand...
Do you know, why am I here?

To... investigate.

Yes. To investigate.

I'm here to investigate your odd...

Do you find it odd?
Your predicament?



Can I... can I leave now?

No. You can't.

- What do you want, ma'am?
- I want the facts!

- I need the truth.
- I didn't lie!

- And I want to know what you think
about all this. - THINK ABOUT WHAT?!

The NCAA fears that with your recruitment
a door might be opened -

that boosters from lots
of schools in the south

will become legal guardians for
young athletes without means

and funnel them to their Alma Maters.

I'm not saying I believe it
and I'm not saying I don't,

but there're many people
involved with this case

who would argue that Tuohys
they took you in,

- they clothes you, they fed you,
- No.

- they paid for your private education,
- No.

- they bought you a car,
- No!

- and paid for your tutor,
- No.

all as part of a plan to insure
that you play football

for the University of Mississippi.

Michael! We're not finished.

It's not available. Just like I told you
three months ago.

So why don't we go with the canvas.

The low napa, it's a beautiful---
Oh, I'll call you back. Bye.

Michael. So what happened?

- Why'd you do it?
- What?

All along you wanted me
to go to Ole Miss.

Of course, I did.
We love Ole Miss!

Why did you do this for me?

- What?
- Everything!

Was it for you or was it for me?

Was it so I would go to school
where you wanted?!

Was it so i would do what you wanted?!

- Michael, no...
- That's what she thinks.

Is she right?

Michael, honey, I need for you
please, listen to me, alright?

Don't you dare to lie to me.

I'm not stupid!


Michael, of course,
you're not stupid.

Come on.

I should have followed him.

You had no way of knowing
he'd disappear.

Was he right?

What he said about us?

Leigh Anne, be reasonable.

We gave clothes to a boy
who had one pair of shorts.

We gave him a bed.

To hell with the NCAA,
I'd do it again tomorrow.

What about all the rest of it -

all the stuff we did to make sure
that he got a scholarship?

A scholarship at Ole Miss.

He could go whenever he wanted,
he knew that.

Oh, did he?
Did you ask him?

'Cause I sure as I know I never did.


Come here.

Am I a good person?
Not a joke. Not rhetorical.

You're the best person I know.

Everything you do, you do for others.

And why is that?

I have not a clue.

But you obviously get some
sort of sick satisfaction out of it.

- Sean...
- Yeah?

What if he never comes back?

Oh, shit!

Big Mike?
Hey, get your ass in here, man.

I'm looking for my Moms.

Your Mama?
Yeah, I seen Dee Dee around.

As a matter of fact...

Oh, yeah. She usually stop by for a taste
around this time.

But I tell you what.
Why don't you just come inside

I'll get you a forty and we're
gonna chop it up like real fo,

just 'til she get here.

Come on, man.
Nobody gonna bite you, man.

Hey! Big Mike! Man, go down
xxx and have a seat.

Yeah, bitch!

Hey, baby, gimme a couple of cold beers
from the refrigerator!

Sit down, man. Big Mike.

- What?
- I'm so glad to see you.

Yeah. You lookin' good.
Too, you lookin' fit.

I heard you playin' little ball.

But you know that rich kid football
ain't like the public school league.

Niggers packing knives in their socks.

Hey, I played little ball myself.

Back in the day, you know that, alright?

Yeah, I heard.

A quarterback. Up there at MLK.

- Thank you, baby.
- What about you, Dave?

You still playing ball over at JC?

- Naw.
- No, man.

Dave no longer a student.

He with me now!

As a matter of fact...
Look, I can open a spot for you, too.

I got tired of going to class.

People are tryin' tell me what to do.

Well, in that case, Dave, look here...

Turn it up, like that
little bit of bitch!


Hey, man.
Don't mess with D, man.

I heard you stayin' on
the other side of town.

Yeah, that what Dee Dee said.
Said you got a new Mama now.

- Yeah?
- Oh yeah!

- She fine too.
- Yeah. She fine.


She got other kids?

She got a daughter?

You tap that?

Yeah, you taped that!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Big Mike!

Big Mike got his white babes!

Hey, Big Mike!

You should enjoy 'em, man.

Hey, where you going?

Going to wait my mom
to the apartement.

Hey, man, just don't go away now.

Hey, sit down, man.

I'm just trying to find out little bit
about your fine white sister.

Because I like me some
mommy/daughter action.

Shut up.

Shut up? Who the hell is
you telling to shut up?

I will bust and cap your fat ass.

And then drive east and pay
a visit to your cracker Mom!

And her sweet little daughter.


He gone, snowflake.

Michael was here?

Yeah, but you tell him,
I'll be seeing him around.

Or he gonna get this.

So Michael was here?

Last night. He come by here.
Sneaked me then run off.

Yeah. Tell him, sleep with one eye open.

You hear me, bitch?

No, you hear me, bitch!

You threaten my son you threaten me.

You so much as cross downtown
you will be sorry.

I'm in a prayer group with the D.A.,
I'm a member of the NRA

and I'm always packing.

What you got in there, a .22?
A Saturday Night Special?

And it shoots just fine
all the other days, too.

- Michael?!
- Mama?...

You think the police is gonna come
and get me?

I'd imagine the last thing
they want at Hurt Village

is bunch of cops snooping around.

I swore I'd never ask this, but
how'd you get out of there, Michael?

When I was little and something
awful was happening

my Mama would tell me to close my eyes.

She was tryin' to keep me from seeing
her do drugs or other bad things.

And then when she was finished
or the bad things were over

she'd say, "now when I count
to three, you open your eyes

and the past is gone,
the world is a good place,

and it's all gonna be okay."

You closed your eyes.

You know, when I was driving all over
Kingdom Come looking for you

I kept thinking about one thing.

Ferdinand the bull.

I know I should have asked this
a long time ago, Michael.

Do you even wanna play football?

I mean do you even like it?

- I'm pretty good at it.
- Yeah, you are.

Sean and I have been talking and...

Michael, if you're gonna accept
the football scholarship

we think it should be to Tennessee.

And I promise that I will be at
every game cheering for you.

- Every game?
- Every game.

But I will not wear that gaudy orange.
I will not.

It is not in my color wheel
and I'm not gonna wear it.

So you want me to go to Tennessee?

I want you to do
whatever you want.

It is your decision, Michael.
It's your life.

What if I want to flip burgers?

It's your decision; it's your life.


Okay, what?

I'm sorry I left the other day.

- You were pretty upset.
- You ask a lot of questions.

I'm just trying to get
to the bottom of this.

But all questions you asked
were about why everybody else

wanted me to go to Ole Miss.


Not once did you ask
why did I want to go there.

Alright, fine, Michael...
Why do you want to go to Ole Miss?

Because it's where my family
goes to school.

It's were they've always gone to school.

College is going to be different
experience for you, Michael.

SJ, stop it.

- There are lots of distractions.
- Have a fun.

There's gonna be some nimrod in the dorm
who wants to play video games all night,

or goof on the internet.

Just have fun.

And you will spend a lot of time
at practice, which means...

which means you have to be very
dedicated to your studies, alright?

SJ, if you don't stop it right---

- Come here.
- No.

Relax, Mama.

I just got back from the library

I reserved a private cubicle
for the semester.

Here's your class schedule
and our study hall hours.

Now, if y'all don't mind I'm gonna
go move into my new apartment.

- Thank you, Miss Sue.
- "Thank you, Miss Sue"

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Let's see what you've got:
College's Writing, good,

psychology, math lab...

It's gonna be good. Just...

xxx know why.
A lot of good classes.

You'll have a lot of fun.


Michael Oher, you listen to me, alright?

I want you to enjoy yourself, but if
you get a girl pregnant out of wedlock

I'll crawl in the car, drive up here
to Oxford and cut off your penis.

She means it.

- Yes ma'am.
- Alright

Now, 78's gonna be a parking lot.
So we should be going. Or everyone...

Say the goodbyes, alright?

Bye, baby.

- Thank you, Mama.
- You're welcome.

Why'd she always do that?

She's an onion. Michael. You have
to peel her back one layer at a time.

I'll be back.


What, Michael?

I need a proper hug.

I read a story the other day
about a boy from the projects.

No daddy, in and out of foster care.

He'd been killed in a
gang fight at Hurt Village.

In the last paragraph they talked about
his superb athletic skills

and how different his life
might have been

if he hadn't fallen behind
and dropped out of school.

He was twenty-one years old
the day he died.

It was his birthday.

That could have been anyone.

It could have been my son, Michael.

But it wasn't.

And I suppose I have God
to thank for that.

God and Lawrence Taylor.

One Mississippi.

The New England Patriots have traded
the twenty third pick

to the Baltimore Ravens.

And with the twenty third
pick in 2009 NFL draft

The Baltimore Raven select...

Michael Oher.
Offensive tackle, Mississippi.

Special thanks to SergeiK.