Cassandra's Dream Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cassandra's Dream script is here for all you fans of the Woody Allen movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Cassandra's Dream quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Cassandra's Dream Script

Oh, she's a beauty.

I mean, look at her.
She's not new, but she looks new.

- He said the engine needed work.
- I could do the engine.

I can't believe he's asking so little.
It's practically a steal.

John Anderson said we could
keep it at his marina free of charge...

at least for a year
till his son comes back.

Oh, here he comes. Don't show you're
too eager or he won't budge on the price.

- All right?
- Right.

Ain't she a beauty? A little work
and she'll be in perfect condition.

Yeah, well, let's face it. It's more
than a little work she needs, isn't it?

What's the best price
you can do us?

- A boat like this is worth every bit of 6,000.
- Six grand? Are you joking?

Six is a bargain. The owner died
and his mum's got to get rid of it fast.

All right, but the engine's done
and the hull needs work as well.

She could be made seaworthy
in no time.

Take a look at the condition she's in.
Practically mint.

Look, we're just working lads.
We don't have this kind of money.

To get a SCOD like this for six
is a once-in-a-lifetime.

- Look, can you give us a minute?
Just give us a minute. Terry.

- What?

There's plenty of others
interested in her if you're not.

I could put in 800. Christ, you break
your back and it's hard to save a penny.

- Where you'd get 800 quid from?
- I won 400 at cards.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

Come on, you got
some savings, Ian.

But I'm trying to get my end
of a business deal up.

I could match your 800, but I promised Dad
I'd take a pay cut 'cause business is so bad.

Bet if Uncle Howard was here
he'd loan it to us.

- Yeah, I thought of that. But he's away.
- They must have phones in China.

- It's like Howard's boat, isn't it?
- Yeah.

I mean, it's smaller, but it's so much better
a nick than I thought we could afford.

Remember when we were kids?

- Uncle Howard bought us that boat in Ireland?
- Oh, yeah.

- What a summer.
- Yeah.

I've got to have this boat.
We could pay it off in installments.

I got four numbers in the lottery
last week. Can you believe four?

- Should we do it? Right.
- Yeah, let's do it.

What the hell do you need a boat for?
And how are you gonna pay for it?

- It's secondhand.
- So you're buying someone else's headaches.

No, we're doing an incredible job
fixing it up. You ought to see it.

It's cleaning up like new.

Pay more attention to the restaurant
and less to dreams of the open sea.

You're a bright boy if your head
wasn't always in the clouds.

I wasn't put on this earth
to run a restaurant.

Remember when Uncle Howard bought me
and Ian that boat when we were kids?

What a summer.

Your Uncle Howard's
opening a clinic in China.

He's studying
the Chinese language.

Can you imagine at his age
learning a hard language like that?

- He's brilliant.
- I'm unimpressed.

You can't afford to be

because the man makes more money
in a week than you earn in a year.

He's got clinics in Switzerland
and Hollywood, and now China.

Hollywood's where he belongs. All those phonies
lining up like sheep for his plastic surgery.

Mom, can we have one Sunday lunch
where we don't have this conversation?

Well, puts on airs,
takes himself so seriously.

Could we have afforded this house
without my brother's generosity?

Could we have got by over the years
on his paltry earnings?

I mean, who paid
for the holidays?

Who lent us the money when we needed it,
when he wanted to start his restaurant?

If my bloody partner didn't steal from me-
That's what gave me the heart attack.

Howard started with nothing and he paid
his own way through his medical studies.

And now he's a millionaire
with top-class clients...

and yet he never
forgot his family.

Let that be a lesson to you.

In the end, all you have in this
life that you can count on is family.

And don't you forget it.

- I got us the rest of the money.
- What?

We can pay off the boat. Plus, some left over for
the barometer you wanted to buy for the cabin.

- How?
- Two of my little doggies came in.

- No.
- Yep. First and fifth race, I won both.

We can finish by the weekend. We can
take her out for a maiden voyage Saturday.

What are we going to call her? We have to
call her something if we're taking her out.

- Cassandra's Dream. That
was the 60-to-1 shot I hit.

- 60-to-1?

Yeah. It's a lucky name.

Have a good weekend.

Do you want to come out for
a ride on Cassandra's Dream?

What's Cassandra's Dream?

My brother and I bought this
beat-up boat and fixed it up.

We're going out on it tomorrow. And he's taking
his girl and I wondered if you'd like to come?

- Yeah, I'd love to. Sounds good.
- The weather's meant to be great.

#Wherever I may roam #

- #Through land or sea or foam #
- Oh, nice harmony.

- #You will always hear me singing this song #
- # Ba da boo #

- # Show me the way to go home #
- # Ba ba ba #

# Show me the way to go home #

# I'm tired and I want to go to bed #

# I had a little drink about an hour ago
and it's gone right to my head #

- Ohh!
- #Wherever I may roam #

#Through land or sea or foam #

#You will always hear me
singing this song #

# Show me the way to go home ##

Nice one. I'll drink to that.

Gee, ain't life grand?
You know where that's from? What movie?

- Ain't Life Grand, no?
- Bonnie and Clyde.

Two Barrow brothers having a fine time
and Clyde says, "Ain't life grand?"

You know what happened to them?

Do you think life is grand, Kate?

- I think it's grand when I'm around you, yeah.
- Ahh. What an answer.

What an answer! What can I say?
The woman loves me.

Love you too, babes.

I'll tell you something. I never want
to go back to that stupid restaurant.

Oh, what do you want, Ian?

Do you remember when Mum
took us to visit Uncle Howard in California?

- How he lived his life?
- Oh, yeah.

I never let myself have dreams like that.
I mean, what's the point?

Well, I mean, it breaks my heart
to see Dad the way he is...

but as soon as he's back on his feet,
I've got to get out.

- I've got to make a life of my own.
- Out where?

Well, some friends of mine
invested in some hotels in California.

- California?
- So I might join them.

- It's a nice day as well.
- It's a long way from England, darling.

- Not too many clouds. Just right.
- Isn't it?

See, there's a pool with the cabanas here,
and there's a nine-hole golf course.

This is a great-looking property.

Nothing's going to happen until the end
of the year, but I'm telling you, mate...

- whoever invests in this is gonna make a fortune.
- Now I can see the potential.

There's one in the Caribbean,
the one in California has got a spa.

- So I'll keep you up to speed, yeah?
- Yeah.

Hey, where were you
when we were doing it?

- Why?
- Your mind was somewhere else.

It's this property development thing,
and it's gonna upset my dad.

But the years are passing.

You are so full of stress
all the time, even in bed.

The only time I've seen you relax
is on your boat.

Mmm. Terry's taking the boat
out tomorrow.

He's taking Kate's sister and brother out for
a sail. Wouldn't have much fun with them.

But I was wondering whether you'd maybe like
to come out to the country for the day with me.

- Yeah, I would. I know a really nice lake.
- Yeah?

We could maybe borrow a car
from Terry's garage.

The guy there sometimes
lends him the classic cars.

- Have you ever made love outside?
- Well, there's a first time for everything.

I think I should go back and help.

I'll just be back in a minute.

Oh, I can't drink this much red wine
in the daytime. It goes to my head.

- Can I help?
- Thank you. I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

I know a little bit about cars.
My brother fixes them.

Well, it was running smoothly and then there was
just this big bang and it sort of petered out.

Let me have a look.

All right.


There you are.
They can be a bit temperamental.

Yeah, I love yours.

Ah, yeah, it's very pretty,
isn't it? I haven't had it long.

Old Jags are so sexy.

- Well, thank you for stopping.
- Oh, it's my pleasure.

- I'm Angela Stark.
- Ian Blaine.

- Do you live around here?
- No. I live in London.

Yeah, me too.
What do you do?

At the moment, I'm in the restaurant
business, but basically, uh, investments.

I owe you one. I'm leaving you
a couple of tickets to my show.

Oh, you're an actress?

- Yeah. What's your name?
- Ian Blaine.

Okay, I'll leave you two tickets
at the Wilton. When do you want to come?

- Uh, Tuesday?
- Fine.


Don't forget to come backstage
and tell me how great I am.

All right.

Oh, look, this is Terry
and Ian and my brother Howard.

- Oh, let's see.
- Oh, Howard looks so handsome.

Uh, that was the year Howard took
the boys to see the World Cup match.

I used to be a very good football player.

He was till he broke his leg.

I always hoped Terry would take to it.
You were very good.

He excelled at sports.
I always said you should open a sports shop.

Yeah, but I need financial backing.
Costs a lot to own a shop.

Then you'd be your own boss,
wouldn't you?

Yeah, Terry was athletic
and Ian was-

- The brains, she wants to say. Yeah.
- No.

She thinks I'll be
offended by it. Great.

Everybody predicted
great things for Ian.

- He's so nice-looking and personable.
- Yeah.

Now it's a mystery to me
why he's not more successful.

Because he's not content
with what he has.

He sees himself like Howard,
with a fancy life.

Always got some scheme.
Always waiting for his ship to come in.

Well, his ship won't come in at the restaurant.
He does that out of a son's love for his father.

Like the poet said: " The only ship
certain to come in has black sails."

Go on!

Go on!

Come on! Ahh!

Go on- Ohh! Shit!

Oh, lend us another
couple of hundred.

- That's eight.
- I know. I can count.

- Hello.
- Hello, babe.

- You met me from work.
- Yeah.

- You're too gorgeous.
- I got you something.

- No.
- Go on.

You didn't.
Oh, my God!

- Oh, wow. You're too naughty.
- Do you like it?

- Do I like it? That is beautiful.
- I wanted you to have it.

God. How much is that-
I'm not gonna even ask about the money...

- 'cause I'm sure I know where you got it.
- You wouldn't believe.

- What?
- I was losing at first, and my luck changed.

Oh, yeah?

And I was in over me head, but
sometimes you get the feeling.

I can't even explain it. I know it's not
your birthday, but I thought you'd like it.

Oh, and I'm glad you did.
Oh, it's gorgeous. Thank you.

- You're welcome. How was work?
- Boring. Boring. But look at my bag.

My boyfriend doesn't have to know.

- Know what?
- What we're going to do.

- What are we going to do?
- What do you want to do?

It's a very wicked way to cheat Alan.

To deceive him so blatantly.

I never said I was nice. In fact, I think
that's why you're so turned on by me.

It's one of those nights, you know...

when those elements
just blend to perfection.

- Angela. Uh, you were terrific.
- Oh, hi. Um, Ian.

- Fantastic. You were brilliant.
- Oh, thank you. Oh, well...

the director put in a scene at the last minute
and we were completely thrown off.

- It didn't show. I thought it was great.
- That's very sweet of you.

- All of you, great. Thanks for the tickets.
- Thank you for rescuing me.

I thought the play was brilliant.
You-You were very special in it.

- Special?
- Yeah, special.

Well, you know,
can I take you for a drink?

- On the way. Good.
- See you.

- Still on for Sunday night?
- Yeah, definitely.

- Good. Can't wait.
- Um, sorry. What were you saying?

Uh, just wondered if you
wanted to come for a drink.

Uh, yeah. Sure. I can only stay for one though.
I've got to be up early tomorrow.

I'm doing a film for the BBC.

Does it bother you coming
out nude onstage every night...

- and doing all the kinky sex scenes?
- That's only acting.

I'm not self-conscious
about that sort of thing.

I mean, the whole point of my character
is to create an erotic tension.

You're very convincing.
The audience gets very quiet.

I think it's a very moral play,
don't you think?

- Moral? In what way?
- Well, about evil, about fate.

I'm not an experienced playgoer.

I do think that the writing
is very pessimistic.

And all that stuff about life
being a tragic experience.

I think we make our own fate.
I believe that.

Yeah, I think we make our fate too.

- Helen, this is Ian.
- Hello.

Hi. Ellis Pell asked me
for your phone number.

- And I didn't think you'd mind.
- Mind? Did he say when he might call?

If anything happens, I want the details.

Well, I should go. Thank you again
for coming to my aid on the road.

I dreamt about you
the next two nights.

Being rescued is one
of my wicked dreams.

It's not very wicked
being rescued.

It's what you did to me after.

Will I see you again?

Well, you can try
now you know where to find me.

- Oi, Ter.
- Oi, Mike.

You all right?
You got my dough?

Yeah. Hang on a minute.

So I hear you've been
a bit lucky at cards lately.

It's not just cards. Backed
a lot of winners at the dogs.

Oh, yeah?

- You know what my theory is?
- No. Go on.

It comes in streaks. Gotta be willing
to push your luck when it's hot.


So, uh, what's the most you're
willing to play for then?

What's the most?
I don't know. I'm for real.

I mean, I don't want to wind up
paying people back the rest of my life.

Vultures like you chasing me for money.

Why'd you ask?

Well, there's a big game every
Friday night at the Alwyn Hotel.

- Do you know it?
- Yeah.

And it's big money, mate. I'm
not sure if you're up for it.

How much?

Well, put it this way, Sammy Bush
walked out with 60 grand last week.

Oh, too rich for my blood.

Well, just thought, seeing as you were flush,
I thought you might be up for it.

- Sixty grand?
- Well, just thought I'd mention it, that's all.

- All right, Mike.
- I'll let you know about it though, all right?

- All right.
- Be lucky. Don't work too hard, will ya?

Take care.

- Oh, it's lovely.
- Good. I'm glad you like it.

- Yeah, it's gorgeous.
- I do think that, uh, 295 is a pretty good price.

- Well, it's pretty expensive, though, isn't it?
- A lot of money.

It's a rising market.
This is your chance to jump in.

You're first-time buyers.
There's no chain involved.


- You know, you should consider that.
- Right. We will.

- We'll think about it.
- Good. I'll be in the car, yeah?

- All right. Thanks.
- I really like it though. I think it's gorgeous.

- I'm just figuring the cost.
- I can do it.

What I earn at the pub
and your wages, easily, yeah.

I need somewhere to practice me trumpet
without the neighbors complaining.

You can practice anywhere. You don't play
anymore anyway. You and your trumpet.

- You really like it?
- I do. It's got a little garden.

- We'll figure out a way to do it.
- Really? Oh, really?

- Yeah.
- I love it.

Fifteen thousand.

Fifteen thousand.

No. I'm out.

Yeah, me too.

It's 15,000 to you,


All right, I'll see ya.



Lend us 5,000.

Want 10?

Lend us 5,000.

Oh, you all right?
Good to see you.

- Angela.
- Hi.

- Hey, gorgeous. You off?
- Oh, hey, babe. Listen, I left my phone at yours.

- Um, pick it up tomorrow?
- Okay. That's fine.

- You were great tonight.
- Thank you.

Look, uh, well, I was just in the area
and I wondered if you were free tonight?

- Um, no. No, I'm not, actually.
- Oh.

Um, I'd much rather go for a drink
with you than this date...

but, um, can't really get out of it.

Well, I-I-I understand.
I thought I would give it a try.

Well, if you are free tomorrow,
I'm doing a photo shoot in Brighton.

- A photo shoot?
- Yeah. I'm just modeling a few things.

You could, um, come if you like.
Spend the afternoon together?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right.

Terry? Terry. Thank God you're here.
Look, I know it's early-

- Ian, I won 30,000 last night.
- What? What?

- 30,000 playing poker.
- 30 grand?

Well, you need to put it in
a bank and never play again.

I can't tell you the feeling.

My head was swimming. It was like I stepped
out of my body. Every bet, every card.

You lucky bast-You lucky bastard.

- Can I tell you something?
- What?

The real thrill? Almost losing. Knowing I was
a card away from being wiped out and hanging in.

Yeah. What about Kate?
She must be over the moon.

Oh, she doesn't know.

- No?
- No. She'd never understand. Not these stakes.

- Plus, I need the cash to play again.
- Terry.

If I lose it back,
then I lose it back, all right?

My goal is to make enough money
to buy this house we saw. Then I'll tell her.

Right. I suppose now is as good a time as any
to ask if I could borrow a few hundred quid.

- Of course. What's mine is yours.
- Thanks.

Thirty grand.
That is a lot of cash, Terry.

- Why is you here this hour?
- I need to borrow the X.K. again.

- Uh, it's not here, Brother.
- What?

- Got a heavy date?
- Yeah. How did you know?

- Well, loan us some money, borrow the flash car.
- Oh, yeah.

What am I gonna do?
I do need that car.

- There is a nice E-type here.
- Is there?

I promised it back today...

- but I guess I can manipulate things for tomorrow.
- Let's have a look.

Oh, that's nice.
Yeah, that will do.

Playin' the big shot
since we were this high.

All right, don't rub my nose in it. You should
see her. She's so beautiful, this woman.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Don't smash it up.
We'd have a lot of explaining to do.

- Where the bloody hell were you yesterday?
- I couldn't make it in.

You're supposed to be here. No one knew
what the bloody hell they were doing.

You weren't here.
You weren't answering your mobile.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You waltz in here at past 3:00 in the afternoon.

We were inspected yesterday.
Now they're gonna turn us over.

Look, I'm sorry.
Sometimes I have a life of my own.

What? Doing what? Some crackpot
financial scheme, eh? Or is it a woman?

- Yes, Terry told me you had a date.
- Yes, I was with a girl.

I've never been with a girl
like this before, Dad.

She was beautiful and classy
and smart. Just leave it. Leave it.

When they arrived, they found
these two literary geniuses...

floating around in the middle of the ocean
in their life jackets sipping martinis.

That's just what I was saying.
Sailing can be dangerous.

- Well, Ian has a boat.
- Oh, really?

Oh, just a little
sailboat, yeah.

I've always wanted to sail
around the Greek islands.

- Oh, God, that'd be fun, wouldn't it?
- Yeah.

Do you actually sleep
on the boat?

You can. It's very small,
but, yes, you can.

- So what do you do, Ian?
- I'm in business.

- Hotels in California. Come. Shall we dance?
- Yes.

Do you know what? Those two
make such a beautiful couple.

I think it's their duty to reproduce.

Take me sailing.

I will.

I love it. You're so charmingly
awkward with my friends.

It's so sweet.

Take me to the Greek islands.
Take me all around the world.

I want us to go to California together.

Terry, I need to talk to you
about money again. I'm sorry.

I wondered if I could borrow
the X.K. or the "E"?

What's the matter with you?
You look like death warmed up.

Ian, I lost a lot of money
in a card game last night.

- Well, how much?
- A lot. Come here.

Well, what is a lot?
How much?

- I lost back the 30.
- Yeah.

Plus another 90,000.

Terry, what is wrong with you?

It was like I was in a trance.

- I knew what was happening, but I still kept going.
- Well, that makes me sick.

How are you going to
pay back 90,000?

I have to. I borrowed it
with heavy interest.

What, from loan sharks?
Terry, they're gonna break your legs.

I kept borrowing and borrowing. I figured me
luck had to change, but it only got worse.

Well, I would like to be sympathetic,
but you make me so angry. 90,000?

Ah, Ian, what am I gonna do?

I don't know what you're gonna do.

You don't help yourself
with the whiskey and these pills.

I get migraines, Ian.
Don't get on me. I need help.

Well, how am I gonna help you?

Terry. Terry, I'm just a two-bit player myself
who plays a big shot in borrowed cars.

- I haven't got any money.
- You got some money put away. You told me.

I have a little saved for this business
proposition, this investment, the hotel thing...

but I haven't even got
enough for that.

- How am I meant to help you?
- Well, I have to borrow some of it.

Just to make a couple of payments.

- To stall them till I figure out what to do.
- What are you gonna do?

- I don't know.
- To do what?

Terry, I came down to see you. And now
you're asking for my savings? Jesus Christ!

- I'm in real trouble, Ian.
- Yes, you're in real trouble.

- Happy birthday, Mum.
- Cheers.

Well, I'm having a fine time...

and you two look like you got
the weight of the world on your shoulders.

No, no, it's not- No, it's not-
We're all right. I'm fine.

- Yeah, me too.
- No, don't say you are.

I wake up 3:00 in the morning
last night, he's not there.

I go into the front room, and he's sitting there
talking to himself. What's that about?

Well, your father's already started
to forget names and confuse things.

In Terry's case it won't be dementia.
It will be blended whiskey.

Don't tell her that. She'll think he's alcoholic
because you passed him your genes.

- Mum, what did Uncle Howard get you?
- Flowers.

- Aren't they pretty? And 1,000.
- Oh, they're gorgeous.

He never forgets,
Howard, does he?

What's it to him? A crumb. If I had that
kind of wealth I'd send you some real money.

But you don't have it.

We'll always be dependent on Howard.
Thank the Lord the man's a prince.

Did he say where he is?

Well, he was still in China, but I think
he's going on holiday to Thailand.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

- Mum, can I speak to you a minute?
- Yeah.

- I need to borrow some money.
- How much?

Any part of that 1,000 you can lend me.
Well, all of it, if you can.

So what happened? Did your great
winning streak come to an abrupt end?

- Mum-
- What was it? Cards or dice?

- Oh, what the bloody hell's the difference?
- Don't lecture me, Mum.

- All right, I'll pay it back.
- With what? You owe everybody you know money.

If I give you my birthday present,
I can say good-bye to it.

All right then, forget it!
All right?

I knew I was asking
the wrong person.

Your dad needs it to pay to the bank.
The restaurant's sucking him dry.

So let him dump it then.

He's put his whole life into it.
It's not about the money.

Well, isn't Ian helping
to get it back on its legs?

Ian can only do so much,
and his heart's not in it.

But at least he's got some conscience.
You never had any conscience.

- And Brian's not what he was.
- Can't Uncle Howard help?

He's too proud to ask Howard again,
and he won't let me.

Well, those two
never really got along.

Yes, 'cause you rub his nose
in Howard's success.

Don't you lecture me!

Drink and gambling,
that's your answer to life's problems.

- Someone at the restaurant is stealing from me.
- What?

Oh, I suspect Lewis, the bookkeeper.
He's the only logical one.

But I've known him for years,
and I can't bring myself to accuse him.

Oh, Dad. It's, uh-

- It's not Lewis. It's me.
- You?

Yeah. But I wasn't stealing it.
I had every intention of returning it.

I hope you know I would
never steal from you.

It's just that Terry
got himself in some debt...

and I've been- I've been
trying to help him out.

And I had to use some money
I'd set aside for some business ventures.

What business ventures?
Do you want to leave the restaurant?

Yeah, of course, one day, Dad.
I can't stay there forever. It will kill me.

But not- not next week or anything.

Look, I've met this incredible girl.

You stole money.

No. I'm trying to explain to you.
You just don't want to hear.

I had hoped I would be able to get it back
there before you even noticed.

I wasn't trying to get away
with anything.

And I only took it because
Terry and I got in a bind.

- What kind of business venture?
- Investment in hotels.

What the hell do you know
about hotels?

Uncle Howard's coming!

Uncle Howard's coming.
He'll be here tomorrow.

He'll only be in town for a little while,
and then he's leaving for the United States.

But he wants to take us all out to lunch
to celebrate my birthday.

Well, I'm sure he'll put on a big show and then
you won't see him again for another two years.

He's a busy man.

He hasn't time to sit in front of the television,
watching football and swilling beer.

Get out of my way, Brian, please. Thank you.

My plan is to get everything
lined up in advance...

and with a bit of luck, we can close
this deal sooner than we expected.

I'm gonna ask my Uncle Howard if he can
introduce you to some movers and shakers.

Oh, I don't want to infringe.

No, no, no, no. He works with a lot of
movie industry people. He's very social.

He plays- He plays golf with some
top directors and some studio heads even.

Oh. God, that would be
a really big break for me.

Well, it's a good time
to ask for this favor.

Well, you're so beautiful
and talented.

All you need is a chance to meet
some of the right people.

There he is. Howard.

- Howard! Oh, my God!
- Hi.

- Hello, love. You all right?
- All right, darling, yes.

- Happy birthday, sweetheart. There you are.
- Oh, my God.

- Uncle Howard, this is Kate.
- Oh, hello, Kate.

Lovely to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.

- Yeah, well, it's probably, uh, exaggeration.
- You look great.

Oh, doesn't he look wond-
So-So where are we eating?

- We're going, uh- I booked a table at Claridge's.
- Claridge's?

Oh, we're-we're
not dressed, really.

You can have rich food
for once in your life.

I'm sure your ulcer will survi- Did you
see the doctor that I arranged for you?

- I did, yes.
- He says it's nothing serious, so-

- Well, the pain's damn serious, but-
- Come on, Brian.

- What time we booked in?
- Uh, 1:00, so we, uh-we better go, all right?

Come on. Don't get
left behind. Come on.

You'd-You'd be amazed what's
happening in-in-in China today.

It's a really vital
and exciting place.

Now there's a trade surplus opening up...

and our clinic's really gonna do well.

You wouldn't think that the Chinese would be
so into cosmetic surgery, would you?

They're-They're capitalists, Kate.

They're-They're-They're way
more capitalistic than we are.


Do you know, I was hoping you'd bring
your new wife. I'd love to meet her.

Ah, yes, I know. Well, Connie's busy.

She-She does a lot of work
promoting our clinic back in L.A., so-

But she really wanted to come.

And, Howard, you never
think of having a family?

- You're my family.
- Oh, Howard.

- Oh, Howard.
- Thanks, Howard.

That's sweet.

Everything's okay?
You need anything?

Well, we're all right, thank God. But, look,
Howard, I know the boys wanted to talk to you.

Boys, I was just telling Howard that
you'd want to talk to him privately.

Uh, yeah,
if-if-if you have some time.

When it's convenient
for you.

Yeah, well, uh, we'll just drop
Brian and Dorothy at home...

and then we'll-we'll-we'll have a drink,
just the three of us.

- There you go, boys.
- All right, great.

That's lovely, Howard.
Thank you, darling. You made my day.

I couldn't help myself, Uncle Howard.

I mean, I know we talked about it
and I gave you my word...

but sometimes, I-I just get
out of control, you know?

I'll get help.
I promise it won't happen again.

For Christ's sake, Terry, stop cryin'.
Uncle Howard's not berating you.

He's- He just-
He's drank a little too much.

Well, I-I-I don't
set myself up as a judge.

I-I-I counsel common sense.
I understand human needs.

All right. But I know I got myself into this bind
and I'm aware of how serious it is.

Yeah, yes, I hear you. Now, y-you just-
you just pull yourself together.

I'm not going to-
I'm not going to lecture you.

I think losing such a steep
amount is a lesson in itself...

much, much more than
anything I could say.

God. I feel like
suddenly I'm in a dream.

Well, everybody makes mistakes.
We'll deal with it.

The key is you-you-you recognize
the need for help, okay?


So, Ian, what's on your mind?


well, you always said if I found something I
wanted to devote myself to to come to you.

- Ian's met this girl.
- Let me tell it, Terry.

I have a chance of coming in
on a surefire business deal.

Yeah, well, there's no such thing
as a surefire deal, but go on.

There's some partners want to invest in two
hotels, in your neck of the woods, actually...

in-in Los Angeles...

- and naturally, this requires an outlay of funds.
- Oh, yeah.

Which, of course, you would
get back with interest.

If the hotels show a profit.

They will, Uncle Howard.
They will.

So what kind of money
are we looking at?

70,000 or 80,000.
Possibly even 100,000.

Well, can I let my accountants have a look at
what details you have? It could be of some help.

We'll, I'll be- I'll be grateful
for any guidance, of course...

but, uh, I really
need the money soon.

And-And who is
this young woman?

Ah. Well, our plan is to move
to California. She's an actress.

I-I was gonna ask you if there were some people
you-you might be able to introduce her to.

Oh, yeah, for sure.
Contacts never hurt an aspiring talent.

Oh, she would be
so grateful, as would I.

I'm obviously
just crazy about her.

I'm very close with a lot of people
in the film industry and some, uh-

- I just feel it's- it's now or never for me.
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I understand that feeling. You-You see
a real opportunity, you really want to grab it.

Otherwise, you spend the rest of your life
wondering what might have been.

We'll both find a way
to pay you back.

Yeah, well, I, um-

I wanted to talk to you about that.

Uh, let's, um- let's- let's go under those trees.

Well, um, I think you'll agree that
family loyalty cuts both ways.

Oh, without a doubt.

And thank God I've never had
to ask you for anything...

but, uh, the time has come when,
uh, I need your help.

- Name it, Uncle Howard.
- Anything.

Well, I seem to have got
myself into a little situation.


Well, uh, actually, it's, uh- it's-
it's more serious than that.

And, uh, after much thought,
there don't seem to be many options.


Well, there's going to be
a review in a few months...

an investigation into my, uh, business affairs,
you know, the foundation and the clinics-

and, uh, there's
a former member of staff...

who is prepared to talk about things that
could be extremely detrimental to me.

I, uh- extremely.

But surely you have
nothing to worry about.

Well, to be
quite candid, I-

I really can't allow
a colleague called Martin Burns...

to give certain evidence.

But why?
Sorry, I-I'm not following.

Well, I-I'm in a very vulnerable position
and the consequences could be dire.

Well, what are the options? Is this Martin
Burns unwilling to listen to reason?

Well, unfortunately, I've had several discussions
with him, and he just won't see it my way.

Well, why not?
Is it not just a question of money?

Well, not really. I don't think
compensation would change his mind...

and, to be quite honest,
it's not a road I really want to go down.

Well, what then?

Uh, I think Burns
has to be got rid of.

Rid of?

If there was any other solution,
and believe me, I have racked my brains-

But unless he's out of the picture...

I am looking at a very long period of time
in jail, what could be the rest of my life.

My God.
What have you done?

- Don't talk to me like that!
- I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean any disrespect.

I have made some very, very difficult
decisions to avoid being ruined.

I was aware when I made them that I was
having- that I was taking some kind of risk.

But the stakes were enormous. I shouldn't
have to talk to you about betting on risks.

I didn't mean anything.

You don't build what I've built
by always playing by the book.

- Now you'll find that out.
- Uncle Howard, he didn't mean to be rude.

You didn't question my ethics when you were,
uh-when you wanted something from me.

Look, Uncle Howard, we're
not questioning your ethics.

- I'm sure you know what you're doing.
- We're just surprised.

Oh, what? Surprised? Surprised by what?
Surprised that I need some help?

Surprised that, uh-
that-that my life could fall apart...

if this one weak sister,
this ungrateful failure...

elects to sell me out
to save his own skin?

By getting rid of him,
do- do you mean-

He cannot be allowed to testify
by whatever means are necessary.

He wants us to kill him.

But at this point,
I can see no other way.

I can't beg it. I can't buy it.

But this has to happen
in order for me to survive.

- God. God.
- Christ, be a man.

I don't want to kill anybody.

I need to know if you two can come through
for me. You're the only people I can turn to.

But there must be people who do
this sort of thing f-for a fee, I mean.

Well, I-I-I wouldn't know
how to find such a person.

And if I did, they'd
always have it over me...

or-or they'd turn out to be some
undercover policeman or something.

I mean,
I am in unfamiliar waters.

I need the help of people
who I can trust with my life.

- I cannot kill somebody.
- Oh, right.

So that's it, isn't it? It's fine
to count on me, your mother...

your father when he couldn't
put food on the table.

It's fine for you to come-
come to me for everything.

It's what you're askin', Uncle Howard.
You can see the imbalance.

Burns could have an accident.

Burns could be hit by car or-
or killed in a street mugging.

- Jesus Christ, Uncle Howard!
- Stop! Stop simpering!

What the hell is wrong with you?

You people come to me begging for favors.

"Help me, Uncle Howard.
I need money. I'm in over my head.

I made a mistake.
Help me change my life."

How can I help you? How can I attend to
your needs if I'm rotting away somewhere?

Christ, I can't believe you're
putting me through this stuff.

After what I've done for you,
it should be automatic.

Family is family.
Blood is blood.

You don't ask questions.
You protect your own.

- I can't do it!
- It's- It's not that.

I mean, this is so much more
than just a simple favor.

Don't lecture me. I wasn't born yesterday.
I realize- I know the gravity of what this-

- Oh, please, just-just forget it.
- I can't do it!

You can do it! You make it look like
an accident. It's just that you won't do it.

I've got nobody else
that I can count on.

Don't- Don't bother. Forget I asked.

Forget- Forget we know each other. Let's
have nothing more to do with each other...

because, obviously, your idea of family is,
uh- is very different from mine.

I've never seen him like that.
He was so angry. He was a different person.

- He's a crook, Ian.
- Terry, we don't know all the details.

Christ, what's he expect?
We're gonna kill some guy for him?

He was desperate. If you look
at it from his point of view...

a favor that's easy to do,
you can ask anyone for, but-

if you have to ask someone a favor that's a real
favor, then you know who your friends are.

- To think we'd be capable of such a thing.
- I agree.

I mean, family is one thing,
but there are limits.

You'd never consider anything
like that, would you?

No. Would you?

- Not me. You think he hates us?
- I think he's disappointed.

Yeah, well, I am too.

Well, it's been a day of shattered hopes
for you, me and Howard.

Oh, Christ. You think he'll wind up
in prison for the rest of his life?

I don't know. It doesn't bear
thinkin' about. Terry...

- my hands are shakin'.
- I don't feel good, Ian.

Christ, I think
I'm gonna be sick.

Terry? Terry, wake up.
Terry, wake-wake-wake-wake-wake up.

It's all right. You're havin' a bad dream.
You're havin' a bad dream.

It's all right. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

My heart is pounding.

Yeah, you're really sweating.
What on earth were you dreaming?

Oh, Kate, we have to move.

- What are you talkin' about? We can't move.
- Oh, yeah, we have to move.

No, we live here.
Our lives are here. We're not moving.

What on earth were you dreaming?
For God's sake.

God! Who's that? It's 4:00 in the morning.


- Who is it?
- Hello?

- It's me.
- What's wrong? Are you all right?

- Who is it?
- We need to talk.

What is it?

I don't want to
speak on the phone.

I just want to say that
I-I haven't slept all night.

I've been up and down
a dozen times thinkin' and...

the conclusion I've come to is that we're
gonna have to accommodate Uncle Howard.

He'll be in London for the next few weeks.
He, uh- He has a flat in Knightsbridge.

We need to get
a good look at him.

I'm having breakfast
with him at the Connaught.

I've-I've worked hard at- at, uh,
keeping good relations with him...

but, um, we both know
what the score is, that's for sure.

Anyway, I'll tell you when we're there
and then you can be there as well.

And you can stop
by the table and, uh-

and, uh, I'll introduce you, and then
you can get a good look at him.

It sounds good to me. We need to know
who it is that we're gonna- that we're gonna-

- You can't even say it.
- Terry.

- You can't even say what it is we're talking about.
- No, wait.

Wait, wait, wait. I-I thought, um-
I thought we were past this bit.

We are. We are.
We'll check him out at the Connaught.

All right, well, I'll give you,
um, all the information you need-

where he lives in London, his flat, you know,
when he visits his- his mother, phone numbers...

and then-
then it's in your hands.

Don't let me down.

Now, I shall be
in the Far East for a few days...

and I want it taken care of
while I'm away.

I don't want to know about it.

I just want it over and done with
when I get back.

Quick, simple, no witnesses.

And then just let it
fade into history.

You can count on us,
Uncle Howard. You can. Yeah.

I understand the- the magnitude
of the favor that I'm asking.

But I promise you, boys,
you won't be sorry.

Oh, I can't do it, Ian. I can't!

No, we're gonna do it, Terry. Because Uncle
Howard needs us to do this very badly.

Oh, let's not play games, Ian. You're
thinkin' of us, what we can get out of it.

I'm not playing games, Terry.

Your whole life is in the toilet unless you've
got some way of payin' off a 90,000 debt.

- I'm not as cool as you are, Ian.
- I am not cool, Terry.

I-I-I'm finding it very hard not to panic.
But this is a way out for me too.

Now you don't like playing on
the small-stake tables. Well, neither do I.

This is a big shot for me, Terry.
To make a big step up in life.

- Ian, it's murder. All right?
- I know what it is.

- Yeah, well, don't forget it!
- You don't have to explain it to me, Terry.

This guy is just a total stranger to us who's
doing a very bad thing to Uncle Howard.

Christ. Why can't he listen to reason?

Why's he have to go opening
his mouth to investigators?

Look, I've been thinking about this, Terry.
You push a button and it's over.

Except it's not a button, Ian.

For Christ's sake! Why do you have
to keep making matters worse?

It's a job. If we were in the army...

we'd be expected to
kill strangers every day...

to profit men who're
up to here in corruption.

Well, I can't look him
face-to-face and then kill him.

This is wrong, Ian!
It's just wrong!

Christ. Will you stop lookin' at everything
through a bloody microscope?

As soon as you look at anything too closely,
you reveal all the ugly imperfections.

Look, for the first time in my life,
I've met a woman and I'm in love with her.

Now if you don't want to
do this, I'll do it myself.

We'll get caught! Every murderer
thinks he can get away with it...

and then something little
goes wrong and it's over.

No, you're wrong. You're wrong.
Most killings go unsolved.

The real world is not what
you watch on the television.

Well, if we do it,
there's no turnin' back.

Look. I think I know how you feel
when you're at the card table.

I feel like I'm in a dream.

I think we have got the winning hand, and I
want to plunge forward. I want to push my luck.

I can't look him in the eye
and then kill him. Right?

Okay, okay.

We'll just observe him from
a distance at breakfast, all right?

We'll get a good look and then
there'll be no mistakin' him.

Stop staring, Ian.

I want to get a good look at him.

That poor bastard.
Eatin' his breakfast.

He has no idea
his days are numbered.

Oh, life can be so wicked, Ian.

Have you got a good look at him, Terry?
Will you remember his face? I will.

I just got a small part in this French film
that I auditioned for.

The director thinks
I'd look classy in bed.

- Do you speak French?
- Mmm. I'm fluent, actually.

My uncle is learning Chinese
at his age. It's brilliant.

You guys close?

He lives in California.
He's got a big house, beautiful pool, car.

He's a great guy. Would you sleep
with a director to get a part?

Well, that depends upon the part
and who the director is...

and whether or not
I've had enough to drink.

That's not a very
comforting answer.

I didn't like the question.

- Bernard?
- No, it's not Bernard. It's me.

- Ian.
- Christ, I've been waitin' out here all night.

- What are you talking about?
- Who's Bernard?

Who is Bernard leaving
your apartment in the morning?

- Ian, have you- have you been spying on me?
- Who is he?

Is he the director or the producer
of your new French film?

Ian, I can't believe you've
been waiting outside my flat.

Angela, I thought we were
making plans together.

- Well, what kind of plans?
- I thought we were going to California together.

Ian, I have a life here.
I can't just pack up and go.

You'll have your business and
I'll end up waiting on tables.

You won't have to wait on tables.
I'll be there lookin' out for you.

l- I don't understand
what you want from me.

What do you want from me? I'm-I'm-I'm
moody and I'm-I'm self-obsessed.

And I'm ambitious.

And beyond your cool exterior,
I sense you're bluffing.

No, I'm not.

I'm gonna take you
to California, Angela. I am.

And if you don't think I will,
then-then call my bluff. I am.

Have you thought about how we're
gonna take care of Martin Burns?

No. Have you?

Come here.

I want it to be like
a hit-and-run accident.

It's tricky, 'cause someone could see the
license plate and we couldn't be sure he'd die.

- Well, I know I'm not stickin' a knife in him.
- Why not?

'Cause I can't. Can you?

I don't know, Terry. I don't know what
I'm capable of till I'm facing the moment.

- You could kill him with a knife?
- Or a hammer.

I was thinkin' like
a muggin' with a hammer.

Jesus, I'm startin' to think I don't know you,
Ian. Look, if we do this, it-it has to be-

What? Nice and clean
and sanitized...

so we can fool ourselves
about what we're doing?

- I'm just sayin' there's a line I can't cross.
- A gun is the quickest way.

I'm just sayin' let's do it
as humanely as possible, all right?

We could strangle him with a wire.

We could get him on the ground,
the two of us, and strangle him with a wire.

This isn't us, Ian.
It's not the Blaine brothers.

The Blaine brothers are
a couple of losers, Terry.

There's no great pride to be
had in what we've achieved.

Well, look, if we strangle him,
he'd put up a fight, right?

Now, I think we could take him,
but it could get messy.

Well, we'll have to make a decision one way
or the other. We've only got three weeks.

I can't talk about it.
Let's just enjoy our drinks.

Carol's had an accident.
Except I don't think it was an accident.

I think she was drunk
when she took the car...

and she didn't much care if
she made it back to town or not.

Well, suppose if I told you I don't care.
In fact, I'm glad it happened.

I only wish it'd been fatal.

It might be yet.
Everything's a bit touch and go.

It's funny how life
boils down to this.

Life is nothing
if not totally ironic.

Usually brilliant.
Well done. Well done, as always.

- There she is. Hello, darlin'.
- Oh, hi.

- How are you? You were fantastic again.
- I'm all right.

- This is Kate and Terry.
- Oh, lovely to meet you.

They've been dying to meet you.
I've been going on and on and on about you.

- Brother. Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, I loved it.

Thank you so much.
It was really nice of you to come.

- Brilliant.
- Thank you. It means a lot.

What are you up to this evening?
Do you wanna- Do you wanna join us?

We're going to a party.
My friend finished filming today.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, that'd be great.
- It's okay with you?

Yeah, that'd be great. Bit of a squeeze,
though, Terry. Bit of a crush.

- I'll manage.
- Hold your stomach in.

I can see why you're
so crazy about Angela.

She's very, very different
from the women you've known.

I've never been with
anyone like her before.

And we've known
a few juicy ones.

Do you remember
Fenella Griffith?

Remember her? You passed her off to me.
How could I forget?

You make it sound like it wasn't
the biggest favor in the world.

I never said she wasn't
wonderfully depraved.

Angela's better than that, though.
She's innocent and also depraved.

She's working class, but classy.
And that smile, Terry, that smile.

Lovely. Oh, she's lovely.

Look at the two of them. Dancin'
and laughin' like there's no tomorrow.

"Ain't life grand," Terry? Do you know
what that's from? "Ain't life grand?"

One day you reach a point
and there is no tomorrow, Ian.

Oh, Terry.

All right, look, we just
have to take care of business.

Then it'll be done
and we can move on.

- I figured out how to do it.
- Yeah?

Come here.

Remember when we were kids?
Bobby North from down the road?

I remember he was a bad kid.

Yeah. Yeah, well, me and Bobby
made a gun once. He showed me how.

- What, you made one?
- Yeah, we made a gun out of wood, right?

And-And-And a little piece of metal.
It fired one bullet.

Do you ever hear of people
talkin' about a zip gun?

Yeah, but was it reliable?

It's the real thing, Ian.
You can't trace it back, all right?

Cause when you're finished, you take the
wood, which is most of it, and you burn it.

Then you take the metal pieces and
you dump 'em down different sewers.

- Yeah, but one shot, Terry.
- What?

You'll have to make
two of them- one each.

That way if anything happens,
or goes wrong, we've got a backup.

Right. Well, I think I can get
me hands on a couple of bullets.

Yeah. I don't think there's any question.
Two loaded guns.

We can make this come off quick and clean.

What are you in such deep conversation about?
Are you plotting an assassination?

- Come on, I want to dance. It's our song.
- Yeah? Oh, yeah. All right.

On stage.

Who was that guy
you were talking to?

What? Tim?
He's, um, a writer.

He just sold one of his screenplays
to a Hollywood studio.

- Well, he couldn't take his eyes off you.
- Is that bad?

Well, I'm sure it wasn't
thrilling for his wife.

That wasn't his wife, that was his date.
Are you angry with me?

I know what's in his mind.

Ian, I don't affect everyone
the way that I affect you.

If I did, my career would have
taken off a long time ago.

- Look, Angela, you are always flirting.
- Oh, Ian, don't be angry with me.

I was really looking forward
to taking you to bed tonight.

Sorry to interrupt.
There's Evan Macy over there. I love him.

I'd give anything for his autograph, but
I don't want to seem obnoxious or nothing.

Well, I-I know him. We did a TV film together.
I could introduce you if you like.

- No, really?
- Yeah, of course.

Oh, yeah.

So just imagine it, right?

I'm there with aces up.

And he bets, bets big.

All right. I see this
little tick in his cheek.

I-I called him
for 30,000 and I won.

I've been playing poker
most of my life.

And I can tell you it's a fact...

there's more skill
to poker than chess.

Martin Burns.
I'm a friend of John Fowler.

- John-
- The producer.

We were at university together.

In those days, I kept myself
in fine style playing poker.

You obviously play
high stakes, Mr., uh-


I met my ex-wife
at a poker game years ago.

When she left me, she said I neglected her
because I preferred playing.

It wasn't true.
But her lawyers used it as a strategy.

My dad taught me poker.

He was a poor man, ran a restaurant
down in the south coast.

Taught me the ins and outs
of the game, lucky too.

I could never have kept myself
on my expensive habits on his salary.

Terry, Kate's looking for you.

Ian, Martin Burns.
My brother, Ian.

We've just discovered
we're both poker players.

There's a wonderful game in town.
I'd invite you both to play...

but I have to leave
right after the weekend.

This weekend?

Yeah. Seems I get to London
less and less these days.

I thought I'd be here the month, but, uh,
seems my presence is required in California.

Well, that's a great pity
if you had your heart set on staying.

Ah, well, duty calls. And I will have time
to dine with my old mum before I go.

She's 91. At that age,
you can go at any moment.

Great old girl.
Let's hope I have her genes.

To life.

Good luck with the poker.

- I'm stunned.
- You turned white as a ghost.

How long have you been talking to him?

- A couple of minutes, I-I lost my breath.
- What about?

Nothing. Uh, poker, life.

What are the chances of that? The last thing
we wanted to do was meet him, and then-

- What are the odds?
- You always said how unpredictable life is.

How long will it take you
to get those guns made?

- I can't do this, Ian.
- Look, Terry, you've been drinking.

You lose your confidence
when you're drunk.

Listen. I can't keep begging you to do this
with me. He's leaving in a couple of days.

- Are you in or out?
- I never said I wouldn't do it, right?

Well, then, pull yourself together.


I had such a wonderful time.

Angela's lovely, ain't she?
She's not at all snobby.

She said she'd take me shopping.

I love the way she dresses.

I thought it might be way
out of my range, but she said no.

- What are you thinking?
- Nothing.

Who was that man
you was talking to at the bar?

- Is that Mr. Burns?
- How do you know Mr. Burns?

I was introduced.
He's sweet, isn't he?

Didn't he know
your Uncle Howard?

Is that what you was
talking to him about?

You told him
Howard was our uncle?

It just seemed to come up, 'cause he's on
the board of one of Howard's foundations.

That's what he said. Actually,
he was looking for you just before we left.

Well, why did you
have to mention it, Kate?

What are you getting so upset for?
We spoke for two minutes if that.

Although I did get the impression
he's got mixed feelings about your uncle.

Yeah, he seemed a little sarcastic.
I could be wrong.

Did-Did he, uh, imply
bad things about Howard?

Yeah, I got that impression.

Actually, he was really surprised
to hear that you were his nephew.


Kate, my head's splitting.

- You drank too much. Take some aspirin.
- I need my codeine.

- No, Terry, you can't mix with that stuff.
- Christ, where'd I put it?

It's in the kitchen in the cupboard.

Kate, what's it doing
in the cupboard in the-

I leave it in a certain place for a certain reason.
I leave it in the medicine cabinet.

Don't move things around, please.


Just pull it back...

- and let it go.
- Right.

All right?

This is his flat.

Ground floor.
It's right in the front.

If we could get in there, we could
surprise him when he comes home.

All right.

Right. I've got some tools
at the garage that can get us in.

I think it's our best shot, Terry.

- Let's do it tonight.
- Yeah? Are you up to it?

- I can't stand the waiting around.
- No, you're right.

Look, he always eats out.
So we just need to get in there.

And then we'll wait for him, and we'll
do him when he gets back from dinner.

I hope I have the nerve
when the moment comes, Ian.

Don't let me down, Terry.
Look, it's simple.

I'm gonna shoot him. And then you shoot him
again in the head, just to make certain.

Or else you shoot him
and I'll finish him off.

Should have got a taxi, Ian. Had to give
your name and address and everything.

No, no, no, no. We need a car standing by
in case something goes wrong.

What could go wrong?
What are you saying?

I'm not saying something will go wrong,
but if something did go wrong...

we need to have a car.

Who's taking a taxi
if something goes wrong?

Here he is. Look.

All right, let's go.

- Come on, Terry.
- Be quiet.

- We have to be careful of this window.
- Right.

Don't touch anything.

What do we do now?

We just wait.

- Do you want some?
- No. Put it away, Terry.

What's that?

Just leave it.
Don't answer it.

Hello, this is Martin
Burns. I'm out. Leave a message after the tone.

Hello, love. It's Mum.

Oh, sorry to miss you, but I've had to
change tomorrow's dinner to 7:00.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Bye for now.

Terry, what are you thinking?

What if there's a God, Ian?

I mean, what if...

all those nights we used to lay awake,
you know, in the dark...

and curse the fate
of every human soul...

what if we was too angry?

No. No.

Don't turn your back on what
you know in your heart to be true...

just 'cause we're facing
a d- a difficult task.

Yeah, but we're
crossing the line here.

There's no going back from this.
I tell you, I've said it before.

I don't wanna go back, Brother,
and neither do you.

- We need to look to the future.
- A taxi. It's him.

Right. All right. Now remember,
we wait till he gets in...

let him shut the door,
we let him get in the flat, right?

And then we come out quick,
surprise him, and then we just do it.

- Right.
- All right? We just do it.

Let's go.

The beef was nice, wasn't it?
Can I have a drink?


Oh, wow.
Look at that garden.

- Do you like it?
- It's gorgeous.

It's nice.

- Do you look after it?
- No, the gardener does.

- Christ.
- Terry, we're gonna have to do her too.

- Not me. I'm not doing her.
- Well, then what we gonna do?

We've mucked it up.
I'm not doing the woman.

Okay, okay. You're right.
But what are we gonna do?

I can't kill her just because
she's here, Ian. It's wrong.

All right. Look, I don't disagree.

Oh, Terry, are we screwed.

San Francisco, L.A.

Anyone traveling with you?

- No, I'm traveling on me own.
- Need a passenger?

- Fancy a trip?
- I'd love to.

- Do you have what you came in for?
- Yes.

I'll be sleeping over at yours tonight.
I just need a change of clothes, and, uh-

uh, my laptop.

And we can go.


We'll have to do it tomorrow night at
his mother's. I can find out where she lives.

I was gonna do it, Ian. You saw me.
But then the woman arrived.

I would've done it, though.
You saw me, Ian. I was ready. Oh, Christ.

I told you I was only borrowing
this money from the safe.

I can't believe
you thought I was taking it.

I told you it was just a loan.

And, Dad, there's a nice,
big bonus in here for you.

Don't tell me that
won't come in handy.

Where'd you get
money like that, Ian?

You know, I'm involved
in certain business ventures.

What sort of
business ventures?

I told you. The hotels.

Wait, I thought you said that
your hotel deals had been delayed.

Well, this is an advance.
Will you just take it?

- Where's it coming from?
- Will you just take it?

Look, soon this place will be back on its feet
and you won't be so dependent on me.

- Where are you going?
- Well, I'm not gonna work here forever.

- Well, who's gonna run things?
- Oh, Dad, give me a break.


You know that- that I love you.

I mean, I've stuck it out here all these years,
even though it's not for me...

because of loyalty to you.

And I know that some of those business
plans in the past didn't pan out...

but this one is different, Dad.

This one is different.

And I'm just mad about the girl.

It's funny how life
has a life of its own.

- Oh, Dad, Dad-
- No, you're right, Ian.

Nobody wants to be selfish,
but everybody is.

No, you're not.

I have been.

And it's because-
I think it's because I've been scared.

You're a good boy. I've always
thought you had potential.

You're both good boys,
you and your brother.

I've always wanted
to make sure...

that I've loved you
and Terry absolutely equally.

Well, you have,
you-you absolutely have.

Dad, don't worry about a thing.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Everything's gonna be fine. I promise.

All right.

I thought I was pregnant.
It's a false alarm.

- Pregnant?
- Yeah.

- I was late. I'm never late, am I?
- But you're not. That's a relief.


I think it would be great.
We always talked about it.

Yeah, some day.

We can swing it. Now your
uncle's helped you out financially.

And you said that he might help you out
with that loan for that sport shop idea.

I think you'd make such a good dad.

And just think, if we had boys, you know, you
could teach them to play football or something.


- You're not hungry?
- Not really, love.

- It's very nice.
- It's your favorite.

I know. Can I get
a whiskey, please?

- A whiskey?
- Yeah.

- I don't know if we got any left.
- It's in my drawer.

- You're late.
- Sorry, sorry.

Oh, Jesus Christ.
You've been drinking.

I'm fine. I said I'm fine.
Just leave it at that, all right?

Let's just do it, Brother,
before I change my mind.

- Have you got the guns?
- Here. Right here. And the bullets.

All right, all right.
Don't load them now.

- Are you too drunk to handle this, Terry?
- I said I'm fine.

- All right, let's just go.
- Right.

We'll go up to him when
he's on his own, we shoot him...

and then I'll put a second one
in him just to make certain.

I know what to do, Ian. Right?
You don't always have to run things.

- Can you handle this, the state you're in?
- Worry about yourself.

All right? I'll take care of him. Just-

- Have you got the address?
- Yeah, I've got it. Let's get this over with.

Don't worry about the restaurant.

I can help you if you need me.

I dreamed about the boys last night.


When they were younger.

There he is.
Let's take him now.

Wait. You don't wanna let him
see his mum for the last time?

- What?
- You make me sick.

Let him see the old lady.

You're drunk, Terry. It's a disgrace
turning up on a job like this drunk.

Look, we've probably missed
our last opportunity now.

We'll get him
when he comes out.

Christ. You don't care about anyone
in this world except yourself.

You're not a big shot, Ian.
You're a small stakes player.

I don't care how many hotels you wind up
running or how hot that girl is.

Why don't you shut up?

I bet you had a big handful of those pills
that guy keeps you supplied with as well.

I'm fine.

We'll kill him
when he comes out.

- Mr. Burns.
- Hey?

Oh, that's right. I remember you.
We met at that, uh, party.

- Yeah. We-We thought it was you.
- I understand you're Howard Swann's nephews.

That's right.

What are you doing around here?
You live around here?

- No. Ian?
- Do it now.

- Let's just do it now.
- Hey, what's going on?

Terry, do it! Do it now!

What are you thinking?

That then was then.

And now is now.

And we've done it and it's over.

And it's always now.

It went much smoother
than I thought, Ian.

And not a soul around.

We're lucky he chose that path.

Yeah, no one saw us.

And we did the right thing.

We didn't run back to the car.
We just walked calmly back.


There's a great weight off my back.

You're right, Ian.

It's now.

It's always now.

You better burn his wallet.

- Are you okay?
- Go back to sleep.

- What do you think of this one?
- Oh, I love it.

I thought you would. So, are there
any new developments on California?

Yeah, I think we can leave in about four
or six weeks. We signed the papers today.

Great. Did you see in the papers...

that guy that you were speaking to
at the wrap party was murdered?

- Who?
- Martin- Martin Burns, was it?

Oh, really?
How bizarre.

Yeah, well, no one
saw or heard anything.

Didn't he have some association
with your uncle at one point?

I think he did, yeah.

- What do you think of this one?
- As if you have to ask.

You know, I'll never forget you boys,
what you did for me.

I owe you my life.

And the joy of repaying you
gives me such pleasure.

Now, Terry, you-
Look, you spoke about, uh...

you know, the notion of opening a-
a sports shop if you had the backing?

No, it's okay.

No, look. Look, cheer up.

The worst is behind you. I'm here
to tell you that the- the future is rosy.

Terry, Uncle Howard's right.

Stop walking around
with that face on.

This is your chance to get away
from that cheap idiot at the garage...

and make your own life.

- Where are they? Is that them?
- Yes.

- Angela, I'm so nervous.
- You're fine. They'll love you.

- Hello.
- Hello. Oh, it's nice to see you, sir. I'm Ian.

Nice to meet you.
Heard a lot about you.

- Hello. You have a nice trip?
- Very good, thank you.

- Let me take your bag.
- We've been really looking forward to this.

- Yeah, it'll be great.
- Your hair.

- So how's your play doing, love?
- It's going well. It's still selling out at weekends.

- Oh, well, that's to see you take your clothes off.
- Mom!

- So what do you do, Ian?
- Uh, hotels.

- Hotels? Which ones?
- Yeah, I got a couple in, uh, California.

Oh, yes, Angela said you were
planning an extended stay out there.

- Well, very extended, I hope.
- California.

I'm starving. Where are we eating?

- I'm taking you all to Claridge's.
- Oh, is it nice?

- Lovely.
- No, it's on us, though.

No, no, no.
This treat is on me. Yeah.

Oh, thank you.
Very nice of you.

Oh, they're really lovely,
your parents. Lovely.

- Oh, I can't get California out of my mind.
- I know.

I've spoken to Uncle Howard
and everything is right on track.

Thank you.

- She's beautiful, isn't she?
- Very, very.

A bit high maintenance, though.

- You up to it?
- I certainly hope so.

She could've had
the pick of any man, that girl.

Well, I realize I'm very lucky.
I do realize that.

I always dreaded the thought that she might
wind up with some starving actor in the theater.

Not that I've anything
against the theater, mind you...

but... a man who knows his way
around the world of business, well-

There was a time when I could've
invested in some ventures...

but I didn't have
the stomach for the risk.

So I spent my life behind the wheel
of a car driving other men.

She says you've got a future.

Oh, God.

- What is it?
- I can't take it.

- Take it easy. It's all right.
- I need another pill.

No, Terry. You can't take so many
of those, not with all that alcohol.

Kate, leave me alone.
I've gotta get rid of this feeling of panic.

- Why should you be feeling panicked?
- I don't know.

I just need the pill. Christ,
I can't even get a decent night's sleep.

All right.

My car didn't have that dent
when I brought it in.

- It had to have been there. Nobody's touched it.
- No, you put a dent in my car.

- How the hell would I dent it?
- I don't know.

What's going on?

There's a dent, look, in my car. Someone's driven my car.

- Will you shut up? What are you accusing me of?
- Someone has to have driven it.

Look where you point your finger.
It could get broken.

- Calm down. Calm down.
- Get your hands off me.

Sorry, Mr. Finn.
Just give us a minute.

I'll sort out
your bodywork for you.

I need a word with you.
What the hell's the matter with you?

Look, I'm not at all pleased with the way
things are going around here lately. All right?

Hey! There's another one here.

Yeah, I miss you too.

Nobu. Yeah, I made
reservations for after the show.

Who's that?
Look, I'll see you later. All right? Bye.

- Hey. Are you all right?
- I need to speak to you.

Well, I wish you'd called first. I'm expecting
some guys over for a conference call.

I'm having bad thoughts.

What kind of bad thoughts?

We did a terrible thing, Ian.

- Oh, Jesus, can you just get past it?
- I'm trying.

- I should never have let you talk me into it.
- I didn't.

Terry, you needed his help.
Loan sharks were gonna break your legs...

and maybe even Kate's as well.

But Martin Burns...

we stepped on him
like he was an insect.

Look, Terry,
I can't discuss this now.

I've got two guys and a transatlantic
conference call coming up.

I can't go on like this.

Let's talk about it later.
Why aren't you at the garage?

- I got let go.
- What does that mean?

The boss said,
uh, I-I should take some time off.

He thinks I've been under a lot of strain
lately. Thanks for denting the Jaguar.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I forgot to tell you.

Look. You've gotta relax. All right?

Lay off the booze and the pills.

No wonder you're
getting yourself in trouble.

I can't get through the day without drinking.

Look, you've got to go home.
All right? Rest up.

I'll call you later,
we'll get together, all right?

You've gotta ease up.
You'll give yourself a bloody heart attack.

Then I'll die. So I'll die.

Don't talk like that.
What's the matter with you?

- Guys, come in, please.
- Lovely.

Look, I'll call you later.
I'm gonna get you past this, okay?

All right.

See, this is more like it,
Terry, isn't it?

Getting out of the house.

Can't sit around there too much.
Too much thinking.

Kate said you're not even
talking about poker anymore.

Where's our old Terry?

- I mean, you're a gambler. This is you.
- Yeah.

I'm not suggesting you
go mad or anything, but-

I'm not the same Terry, Ian.

- I can't be anymore.
- No, you just have to focus.

Look, I-I been thinking
that you getting the sack...

is maybe the best thing
that ever happened to you.


Yeah. Now is the perfect time to start
thinking about setting up the sport shop.

I mean, Uncle Howard said he would
start you off. You'd be your own boss.

No more kowtowing to
superiors. And you love sports.

I do.

Maybe you're right, Ian.
Maybe what I need is just a big change.

Yeah, you need to focus on something
substantial. You can't just do nothing.

- Yeah.
- Hey?

I think I'll do it, Ian.

Yeah, it's just exactly what you need, Terry.

Get off the booze and the pills
and set up your own place.

Right, and not just sporting goods.

Exercise equipment.

- That's where the money is today.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Helping people set up
their own private gyms and stuff.

I like the way
you're thinking, Terry.

'Cause you're thinking forwards.
You're not lookin' back.

That's right.

- You've got a really good future, Terry.
- Yeah?

You do. Listen, I'm not saying
that I haven't had moments...

where I've thought about what we've done,
and it's freaked me out.

- Go on!
- We were raised to know right from wrong.

- Go on!
- Did you get that one?

Look at this.
I got a winner.

It's the beginning
of a new streak, Terry.

I can feel it, Ian.

Could-Could you get this model
with the same interior in a left-hand drive...

- say, in California, for instance?
- For California. Yeah, certainly.

And would there be
a long waiting list or-

I would think about
three or four months.

- Oh, can I?
- Please do.

Hey, great scene.
You really nailed it.

- You were great. You were great tonight.
- Do you think so?

The bedroom scenes
were so sexy as always.

Well, I was doing it with him,
but I was thinking of you for motivation.

Don't forget. Tomorrow is Lord Eisley's party.
He's invited the whole cast.

Yeah. I'm gonna keep
my eye on you like a hawk.

You know, his son's a notorious playboy, and
I think he's asked everyone just to get you there.

- Uh, what's that?
- Nothing.

Show me.

I got you these. Remember?
You liked them in the shop.

Oh, my God. They must have cost you a fortune.

- Hello?
- I need to speak to you, Ian.

Kate, Kate, Kate, calm down.
What's the matter?

It's Terry. I really need to speak to you.

What, now?

Yeah, now. Is it possible?

Well, look,
I'll see what I can do.

I'll call you back,
all right?

- Is everything all right?
- Angela, I have to go to my brother's for a while.

- There's a little family problem.
- It's nothing serious, I hope.

No. That was Kate.
You remember? You met her.

It's just something's come up.
I'll see you back at yours in a while.

Well, hurry. I want to show you
my gratitude for the earrings.

All right. See you later, all right?

I'm worried about Terry, Ian.

What's the matter?

It's his mental health.

No, I know he was worried
about losing his job...

but we were just at the racetrack,
and he talked about starting the sport shop.

No, he's not
interested in that.

And now he's angry all the time.

- He's talking to himself, for God's sake.
- No, we decided.

He was gonna speak to Uncle Howard
about bankrolling it. He was very excited.

His mind's not right, Ian.

You know, what he says one minute
doesn't mean anything the next.

Right. Well, I'm- I'm taken aback.

It's all the pills he's taking,
and the drinking.

He thinks
he's killed someone.

- What?
- Yeah.

You know, I knew this girl once,
she had, like, mental problems.

She was convinced that
she had run someone over. She hadn't.

You know, but she was obsessed
with it for the rest of her life.

Does he, uh-
Is he going around...

talking- talking
about this, uh, murder?

He's gotten worse and worse.
He has these terrible nightmares.

He's uncommunicative,
face of doom all the time, bouts of crying.

When we were at the dog track,
he seemed to have come out of it.

When he come home,
he was straight back in it.

You know, it's just- it's obsession
that he's done this horrible thing.

And he- he won't
let me get a doctor.

No, no, don't do that.
Don't-Don't get a doctor.

If you get a doctor,
then it can- I'll deal with this.

Well, how?

Well, obviously, it's a bit
more serious than I thought...

but... if you get a doctor,
it could spiral out of control.

- I really think he should see a doctor.
- Don't get a doctor, Kate. Don't.

Because I know Terry, and it will
only make things worse. All right?

Just- I'm gonna be
in the countryside tomorrow, all right?

And then when I come back, I'll spend
some time with Terry, and it'll be-

You'll see. It'll be all right.

Well, where you gonna be
if I need you though?

I'll let you know my whereabouts,
then you can call me.

I'll come-
I'll come straight back.

- So you're a fan of the Greek tragedies too?
- Love them. Crazy about them.

It's just rare that I could ever
get the chance to act in one.

God, I know. It's difficult, isn't it?
Which is your favorite, Ian?

Oh, I'm not really
that-that familiar.

Oh, well. Mine's always been Medea,

Yeah, me too. I think Clytemnestra's
probably the best character...

- of all classical plays.
- Yeah.

I have to say, the best productions
of Greek myths I've ever seen-

better than anything you'll find
on the stage-was done in dance...

- by the Martha Graham troupe, you know them?
- Really?

Yeah. I mean, all the terror was there,
all the Aristotelian pity and fear.

It's so much more visceral
in dance, don't you think?


- Mr. Blaine? Your brother's here.
- Yeah?

- What?
- He'd like to see you.

Oh. Uh...

could you give me a moment?

Yeah, sure. Bring him in.

It must be pretty bad if he's
driven all the way out here.

No, I- Uh- It's just a little
family problem. I won't be long.

- Oh, I'm sure it's nothing.
- I'm sure.

- Your brother's there, Mr. Blaine.
- Thanks.

Terry, what are you doing here?
How did you know where I was?

Kate had the address.

- I need to tell you something.
- Well, just keep your voice down.

I don't want anyone overhearing.
Why didn't you just give me a phone?

- I want to turn myself in, Ian.
- What?

- We broke God's law.
- God?

Terry, what God?
What God, you idiot?

I shouldn't have let you
talk me into it.

- I didn't talk you into it. Stop deluding yourself.
- I want this off my neck.

Look, you can't do this,
Terry, all right?

You can't do it. You'd be throwing your whole
life away, and mine and Uncle Howard's.

I won't implicate
you and Howard.

- You won't-
- This is my personal decision.

- You won't be able to keep us out of it.
- I will.

No, you're upset.
You're unstable.

Your lies will be all transparent.

- I've thought about suicide, Ian.
- But why?

Stop asking the same
questions over and over.

Go and commit suicide,
and leave Howard and me out of it.

I just want the slate wiped clean.

Look. You're depressed.

You're just suffering
from a little depression, that's all.

- Kate wants me to see a doctor.
- No, no. Look, I can help you. If you'll just let me.

I just want to tell someone. Go in
and serve my punishment. Have it off me.

Just give me a minute. Give me a minute
to get my thoughts in order, will you?

I wish you could come with me.
But if you won't, I understand.

Just give me a minute.

- I feel less panic since I made this decision.
- Hi.

You okay?
Are you gonna join us?

Terry and I are just discussing a little problem.
Everything will be all right.

Just had to talk
to Ian about something.

- You sure?
- Yes.

You go on, I'll only be a minute.


She's very beautiful.
She'd make a great wife for you.

Look, Terry.

Terry, listen to me.
I want to help you. I do.

But this is not
the time or the place.

- I'm sorry for barging in.
- No, no, it's all right. It's all right.

Look, I want to hear what you've got to say.
We're family. You're my brother.

Yeah, we can talk, but you're
not gonna change my mind.

Maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe you'll even
change mine. But just promise me one thing.

We've gotta have a discussion
about this before you plunge ahead.

- Promise?
- Promise. Can I come in and get a drink?

No, that's not a good idea.

- You go. I'll give you a call tonight.
- Right.

Call me tonight.

I just don't see any alternative.

What are we saying?

Well, I don't know what we're saying.
We're-We're saying we want to survive.

But he's family.

Terry. He's my brother.

Well, I-I know that.

But he has to be stopped before he-
this whole thing unravels.

Yeah, I can't-
I can't let that happen.


No, I-

It's killing again.

How am I gonna do that?

It's deja vu,
but a thousand times worse.

Speed is of the essence.

Terry could be doing something awful
while we sit here and curse our fate.

He was right about one thing.

It was like crossing a line.

There was no way back.

It has to be made
to look like an accident.

Yeah. Yeah,
an accident or a suicide.

Well, he just broods.

You know, he sits there
talking to himself.

He imagines that you and him
have got some dark secret.

You know, that you've
harmed someone or something.

Ian, I think
he's gonna hurt himself.

Let me be alone
with him, Kate.



- Terry.
- I had a dream about Martin Burns.

Terry, listen to me.

I dreamed again...

about Martin Burns.

You need a couple of days
away from all this.

Get some fresh air,
some sea air...

just the two of us.

We'll go out on the boat
again tomorrow.

- We never go sailing anymore, Ian.
- That's what I'm saying.

We'll take some sandwiches
and some beers...

and we'll just talk,
brother to brother.

I'd like that.

I wish you could see
my point of view.

It'll be great.
Just the two of us.

I think Angela said she was
taking Kate shopping tomorrow.

She said she was gonna
help her out with her style.


And we'll just relax, yeah?

Get some sun.
Maybe we can have a swim.

You'll feel so much better
when you've had some sea air.

Yeah, but we'll never
be our old selves again, Ian, right?

I mean, there's no going back.

Go and tell Kate that
we're going out sailing tomorrow.

- Right.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Kate, I've got
something to tell you.

We're going sailing tomorrow.

Yeah, just the two of us.
Ian's gonna take me out on the boat.

So, did Terry tell you the good news?

Yeah, it's a wonderful idea.

'Cause you two never really got the chance
to spend much time on your boat, did you?

- And you were so excited when you first bought it.
- Yeah.

I told Ian about Angela taking you
shopping tomorrow as well.

Oh, yeah. She's so nice.

Mike Eisley from the garden party
asked if we were serious.

And then he invited me to
Morocco for the weekend.

And what did you say?

Well, I told him that I loved you.

For the first time in my life,
those words actually had meaning.

I love you.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

- You seem a bit distracted.
- No, I'm just thinking about what you're saying.

And I'm tired, you know.

Well, you have been
working really hard recently.

I think taking your boat
out with your brother...

will do you just
as much good as him.

- Is he all right?
- He's depressed.

He drinks too much
and he's getting sullen, and-

Kate's worried that
he might hurt himself.

Well, maybe he-
Well, he should go to a doctor then.

No, he resists. He resists.

I didn't tell Kate this,
but he's talked of suicide.

Oh, my God.

- I'm so sorry. That's awful.
- I know.

Best thing we ever did,
getting this boat, Terry, isn't it?


Kate's right. We don't get out on it
as often as we should.

It's sad how things
turned out, isn't it?

- Don't start, Terry.
- No, I mean it, Ian.

We made the wrong decision.

The way I see it,
we didn't have much choice.

You always have choice, Ian.

I see that now.

I mean, I- I didn't at first.

I thought... like you,
that we had no choice, but-

All right, let's say that you're right-
which I'm not saying-

but let's say for
the sake of argument...

- that we did make the wrong choice.
- For the sake of argument?

You really fool yourself,
Ian, don't you?

His testimony was gonna put Uncle Howard
in prison for the rest of his life.

Well, maybe Uncle Howard
deserves to go to jail.

Oh, what a thing to say.
Forget it.

Christ, you think we've committed
some kind of unnatural act, but we haven't.

The whole of human life
is about violence.

It's a cruel world, Terry.

You're just shaken up
because you've come-

you've come face-to-face
with your own human nature.

I-I mean,
I didn't have to do it.

Well, why did you then?

I just kept going, like- like when
I gamble over my head, you know?

I just put the bet down
like when I'm in a dream.

You weren't dreaming
when you shot him.

All right. Look, listen.

We made a mistake, right? But it's over.

All right? We made the wrong choice.
I'm giving you that...

but being punished
by it won't undo it.

Martin Burns is dead.
He's dead.

I called the police last night.

You did what?

I called them and I told them I had
information on the murder of Martin Burns.

They said,
"Who is it?"

I wanted to tell them...
who I was, but I didn't.

Hung up.

I'm gonna call them
as soon as I get back, Ian.

Why would you do that?

What's the matter with you?
It's suicide, Terry.

Don't you even care that you're gonna take
Uncle Howard and me with you?

It's the order of things,
Ian. It's off kilter. Can't you see it?

I have to straighten it out.

All right. I don't wanna
talk about this anymore.

We came out here just to relax, didn't we?
Just to sail and unwind, eh?


- I'm just gonna get us some more beers, all right?
- All right.

Why couldn't you just let it
go? Why couldn't you let it go?

Ian, what's wrong?

- You've ruined everything, Terry.
- Ian, what's wrong?

Terry, you've ruined it!
You've ruined everything!

- Ian, stop!
- We could've had everything!

Ian. Ian.

Ian. Ian.



Oh, God.


What we think happened,
but we don't know for sure...

one killed the other,
either on purpose or by accident...

and then took his own life,
drowned himself.


The place reeks of booze and pills.

I don't know.
Every day, it's something else.

Oh, I like that.

- What do you think?
- Yeah.

- I would look good in that.
- Yeah, Terry would love that.

- Would he?
- Yeah, men love that sort of shape.

I wore something similar
when Ian first saw me.

Special thanks to SergeiK.