Coraline Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Coraline script is here for all you fans of the Henry Selick movie starring Dakota Fanning. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Coraline quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Coraline Script


We're here!
Time to muscle up.


Who's there?

You scared me to death,
you mangy thing.

I'm just looking for
an old well. Know it?

Not talking, huh?

Magic dowser,
magic dowser...

Show me the well!

Get away from me!


Let me guess.
You're from Texas or Utah,

someplace dried-out
and barren, right?

I heard about water witching
before, but it doesn't make sense.

I mean, it's just
an ordinary branch.

It's a dowsing rod.


And I don't like
being stalked,

not by psycho nerds
or their cats!

He's not really my cat.
He's kind of feral.

You know, wild.

Of course,
I do feed him every night,

and sometimes
he'll come to my window

and bring me
little dead things.

Look, I'm from Pontiac.



And if I'm a water witch,
then where's the secret well?

You stomp too hard
and you'll fall in it.



It's supposed to be so deep, if you
fell to the bottom and looked up,

you'd see a sky full of stars
in the middle of the day.


Surprised she
let you move in.

My gramma, she owns
the Pink Palace.

Won't rent to
people with kids.

What do you mean?

I'm not supposed
to talk about it.

I'm Wybie.
Wybie Lovat.


Short for Wyborne.

Not my idea,
of course.

What'd you
get saddled with?

I wasn't saddled with
anything. It's Coraline.

Caroline what?

Coraline Jones.

It's not
real scientific,

but I heard an ordinary
name like Caroline

can lead people to have ordinary
expectations about a person.


I think I heard
someone calling you, Wyborne.

I didn't hear anything.

I definitely heard someone,




Well, great to meet
a Michigan water witch,

but I'd wear
gloves next time.


'Cause that
dowsing rod of yours,

it's poison oak.

I almost fell down
a well yesterday, Mom.


I would've died.

That's nice.


So, can I go out?

I think it's perfect
weather for gardening.

No, Coraline.
Rain makes mud.

Mud makes a mess.

But, Mom,
I want stuff growing...

...when my friends
come to visit.

Isn't that why
we moved here?

Something like that.

But then
we had the accident.

It wasn't my fault
you hit that truck.

I never said it was.

I can't believe it.

You and Dad get paid to write
about plants, and you hate dirt.

Coraline, I don't have time
for you right now,

and you still
have unpacking to do.

Lots of unpacking.

That sounds exciting!

Oh. Some kid left this
on the front porch.

Hey, Jonesy.

Look what I found
in Gramma's trunk.

Look familiar? Wybie.


A little me? That's weird.

What's his name,

Wybie. And I'm way
too old for dolls.

Hey, Dad.
How's the writing going?


Hello, Coraline
and Coraline doll.

Do you know where
the garden tools are?

It's... It's pouring
out there, isn't it?

It's just raining.

What'd the boss say?

"Don't even think about
going out, Coraline Jones!"

Then you won't
need the tools.

You know, this house
is 150 years old.


So explore it.

Go out and count all the doors and
windows and write that down on...

List everything
that's blue.

Just let me work.


No. No, no, no. No.

One boring blue boy in a
painfully boring painting.

Four incredibly
boring windows...

...and no more doors.

All right, little me.
Where are you hiding?


Hey, Mom.
Where does this door go?

I'm really, really busy.

I think it's locked.


Will you stop pestering me
if I do this for you?


I don't get it.

They must've closed this off
when they divided up the house.

You're kidding.

And why is the door so small?

We made a deal!
Zip it!

You didn't lock it.

Oh, my twitchy-witchy girl

I think you are so nice
I give you bowls of porridge.

And I give you
bowls of ice cream.

Why don't you
ever cook, Mom?

Coraline, we've been
through this before.

Your dad cooks, I clean,
and you stay out of the way.

I swear I'll go food shopping
soon as we finish the catalog.

Try some of the chard.
You need a vegetable.

It looks more
like slime to me.

Well, it's slime
or bedtime, fusspot.

Now what's it gonna be?

Think they're
trying to poison me?

Don't forget about me, guys.

Good night, little me.



Mmm. Something smells good.

Mom? What are you doing here
in the middle of the night?

You're just in time
for supper, dear.

You're not my mother.

My mother doesn't have...

Buttons? Do you like them?

I'm your other mother, silly.

Now go tell your other father
that supper's ready.

Well, go on.
He's in his study.


Hello, Coraline.

Wanna hear my new song?

My father
can't play piano.

No need to.

This piano plays me.

Making up
a song about Coraline.

She's a peach, she's a doll
She's a pal of mine.

She's as cute as a button
in the eyes of everyone.

Who ever laid
their eyes on Coraline.

When she comes
around exploring.

Mom and I will never,
ever make it boring.

Our eyes will be on Coraline.

I'm sorry, but she said to
tell you the food's ready.


Who's starving?
Raise your hand.


We give our thanks
and ask to bless

our mother's
golden chicken breast.


This chicken is good.

Hungry, aren't you?

Do you have any gravy?

Well, here comes
the gravy train.

Choo, choo!


Another roll? Sweet peas?
Corn on the cob?

I'm real thirsty.

Of course.
Any requests?

Mango milkshake?


We've been waiting
for you, Coraline.

For me?

Wasn't the same here
without you, kiddo.

I didn't know I
had another mother.

Of course you do.
Everyone does.


And soon as you're through
eating, I thought we'd play a game.

You mean like hide-and-seek?

Hide-and-seek in the rain.

What rain?

What about the mud?

We love mud here.

Mud facials,
mud baths, mud pies.

It's great
for poison oak.

How'd you know I...

I... I'd love to play, but I
better get home to my other mother.

But I'm your other mother.

I mean my other,
other mother.

Mom number one?

I think I should
get to bed.

Of course, sweetheart.
It's all made up.

Come along, sleepyhead.


Hello, Coraline.

Hello, hello,
hello, hello.

What's shaking, baby?


How's it going, Loper?

Where's your
swampers and chook?

Cripes almighty!
How are my best trolls?

I can't wait till summer.

You're both coming, right?

We're already here,

Gone to Oregon.


The mud.

See you soon.
See you soon.

It's gone.
My poison oak! It's gone!


It was incredibly real, Mom.

Only you weren't
really you.

You were
my other mother.

Buttons for
eyes, huh?

Coraline, you only dreamed
you ate all that chicken.

Take your
multivitamin at least.

You were in
the dream, too, Dad.

You had wild-looking pajamas
and orange monkey slippers.

My monkey slippers are blue.


Can you get me some of that
magic mud you were talking about?

Because I have a terrible
case of writer's rash on my...

If the real Charlie Jones
wants his pages edited,

he better wrap them up ASAP.

Coraline, why don't
you go visit downstairs?

I bet those actresses would
love to hear your dream.

Miss Spink and Forcible?

But you said
they're dingbats.


Bobinsky. Bobinsky. Bobinsky.


I think our mail
got mixed up.

Should I leave
it outside, or...



Famous jumping
mouse circus not ready,

little girl.


Oh, uh...

I brought this for you.


New cheese samples.

Very clever using this mix-up to
sneak my home and peek at mooshkas?


The mice!


Sorry. I'm Coraline Jones.

And I am
the Amazing Bobinsky.

But you call me Mr. B

because amazing I
already know that I am.


You see, Caroline,
the problem is...

My new songs go
oompah, oompah,

but the jumping mice play
only toodle-toot, like that.

Is nice but not
so much amazing.

So now, I switch to stronger
cheese and soon, watch out!

Here, have beet.
Make you strong.

Do svidaniya, Caroline.


Oompah, oompah.

Hey, Caroline!



The mice asked me
to give you message.

The jumping mice?

They are saying do not
go through little door.

Do you know such a thing?

The one behind the wallpaper?

But it's all bricked up.


So sorry. Is nothing.

Sometimes the mice
are little mixed-up.

They even get your
name wrong, you know?

They call you Coraline
instead of Caroline.

Not Caroline at all.

Maybe I work them too hard.

Cease your
infernal yapping.

How nice to see you,

Would you like
to come in?

We're playing cards.

Still Coraline,
Miss Spink.

Put the kettle on!

April, I think
you're being followed.

It's the new neighbor,
Miriam. Caroline.

She'll be having
the oolong tea.

No! Oh, no, no.

I'm sure she'd
prefer jasmine.

No, oolong.

Ah. Jasmine it is, then.

Come on, boys.

Are those dogs real?

Our sweet departed angels.

Couldn't bear to part with
them, so we had them stuffed.

Now, there's
Hamish the third...

Go on. Have one.

It's hand-pulled
taffy from Brighton.

Best in the world.

SPINK... the third,
the ninth, yes.

The fourth, I'm right.

And Jock Jr. Jock Sr.
Jock the third, the fourth,

and that's Jock's second
cousin thrice removed.

I'll read them
if you like.

Read what?

Your tea leaves, dear.

They'll tell me your future.

Drink up then. Go on.

No, not all of it.
Not all of it.

That's right.
Now hand it over.


Oh, Caroline.

Caroline, Caroline, Caroline.

You are in
terrible danger.

Oh, give me
that cup, April.

Your eyes are going.

My eyes?
You're blind as a bat.

Well, not to worry, child.

It's good news.

There's a tall, handsome
beast in your future.

A what?

Miriam, really.

You're holding it wrong.
See? Danger.

What do you see?

I see
a very peculiar hand.

I see a giraffe.

Giraffes don't just
fall from the sky, Miriam.

Oh, Lord.

Well, what should I do?

Never wear green in
your dressing room.

Acquire a very
tall stepladder.

And be very, very careful.

Now, was there something
you came to tell us?

No. I guess not.
Thanks for the tea, though.



Do you have any
nice queens for Mummy?


Great! The village stalker.


I wasn't stalking you.

We're hunting banana slugs.

What do you mean "we?"

Ha! Your cat's not wild.
He's a wuss puss.

What? He hates to
get his feet wet. Jeez.

Wuss puss.

So, that doll.

Did you make it
look like me?

Oh, no. I found it that way.

It's older than Grandma.

Old as this house,

Come on. Blue hair,
my swampers and raincoat?

Dang! Check out Slugzilla.

You're just like them.


I meant my parents.

They don't
listen to me either.

Uh-huh. You mind?



You know, I've never been
inside the Pink Palace.

You're kidding.

Grandma'd kill me.

Thinks it's dangerous
or something.


Well, she had
a twin sister.


When they were kids,
Grandma's sister disappeared.

She says
she was stolen.


Well, what do you think?

I don't know.
Maybe she just ran away.


Look, I gotta go.

Wait a minute.

Welcome back, darling.


So thoughtful of you to send
this nice cheddar, Coraline.

Cheddar? Oh!
The mice bait.

Would you go
fetch your father?

I bet he's hungry
as a pumpkin by now.

You mean my other father.

Your better father, dear.

He's out in the garden.

But my parents don't
have time to garden.


Go on.


I love your garden!

Our garden, Coraline.

Stop tickling me!

Daughter in distress.

Tickle no more,
you dragon snappers.

Well, she says it's time
for dinner, breakfast, food.

Hop on, kiddo.

I wanna show you something.

I can't believe
you did this.

Mother said you'd like it.

Boy, she knows you
like the back of her hand.

Mmm. So good.

I love

Coraline, Mr. Bobinsky has invited you... come see the jumping
mice perform after dinner.

That know-it-all Wybie...

...said it was all
in Mr. B's head.

I knew he was wrong.

Well, everything's
right in this world, kiddo.

Your father and
I will clean up.

while you and your
friend head upstairs.

My friend?

Great. Another Wybie.



I thought you'd like him more if he
spoke a little less. So I fixed him.

So he can't talk at all?


I like it.

Now, run along,
you two, and have fun.

You're awful cheerful considering
you can't say anything.

It didn't hurt,
did it, when she...



Look at you!

Lady and gentleman, for to
tickle your eyes and ears...

...and making hearts to thump,

I, Sergei Alexander Bobinsky,

am introducing
my astoundishing,

...stupendulous and amazing...

...jumping mouse circus!

My name!

It's wonderful, Wybie.


That was great!

Very, very thank you,
lady and gentleman.

We loved it, Mr. B.
It was so... So...



You are very welcome
anytime you like.

You and also your
good friend there.

Do svedaniya, Coraline.

There were garden squash
like balloon animals...

...and snapdragons.

Oh, and upstairs,
I saw a real mouse circus.

Not pretend like the
crazy man's in our house.

You sure
you won't come?

Don't fret, Charlie.

They'll love
the new catalog.

At least they'll
love my chapters.

I did not call
him crazy, Coraline.

He's drunk.

Well, I guess I'll see you
around, you dizzy dreamer.

Dad! I'm not five anymore.

My kingdom for a horse!

Put them back.

But, Mom,
the whole school's...

...gonna wear
boring gray clothes.

No one will have these.

Put them back.

My other mother
would get them.

Maybe she should
buy all your clothes.

So what do you think
is in the other apartment?

I don't know.

Not a family of
Jones imposters.

Then why'd you
lock the door?

I found some rat crap, and
I thought you'd feel safer.

They're jumping mice, Mom, and
the dreams aren't dangerous.

They're the most fun I've
had since we've moved here.

Your school
might be fun.

With those stupid uniforms?

Had to give it a try.

How do you feel
about a mustard,

ketchup, salsa
wrap for lunch?

Are you kidding me?

Had to go food shopping,

Dad's planning
something special.


You wanna come along?

You can pick out
something you like.

Oh. Like the gloves.

Look, Coraline, if things go well
today, I promise I'll make it up.

That's what
you always say.

Won't be long.

But I might be.

I knew it was real.

Dearest Coraline,

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible have
invited you downstairs after lunch.

I hope you like
the new outfit I made you.

Love, Mother.

Wybie's got a cat
like you at home.

Not the quiet Wybie.
The one that talks too much.

You must be the other cat.

No, I'm not
the other anything. I'm me.

Um... I can see you
don't have button eyes,

but if you're the same cat,
how can you talk?

I just can.

Cats don't talk at home.


Well, you're clearly
the expert on these things.

After all,
I'm just a big fat wuss puss.

Come back. Please?

I'm sorry I called you that.
I really am.

How'd you get here?

I've been coming
here for a while.

It's a game we play.

She hates cats and
tries to keep me out,

but she can't, of course.

I come and go
as I please.

The other mother
hates cats?

Not like any mother
I've ever known.

What do you mean?
She's amazing.

You probably think this world is a
dream come true, but you're wrong.

The other Wybie told me so.

That's nonsense.
He can't talk.

Perhaps not to you.

We cats, however, have far
superior senses than humans,

and can see and smell and...


I hear something.
Right over...

Hey, Wybie.

She's practically naked!

I'm known as the siren
of all seven seas.

The breaker of
hearts by the bay.

So if you go swimming
With bowlegged women.

I might steal
your weak heart away.

Oh, my God.

A big-bottomed sea witch
May bob through the waves.

And hope to
lead sailors astray.

But a true ocean goddess
Must fill out her bodice.

To present
an alluring display.

Beware of old oysters
too large in the chest.

Let's banish them
from the buffet.

I'm far more nutritious.

You smell like
the fishes.

Did I hear a banshee?

You're sea green
with envy.

This mermaid enchantress.

No, I, Birth of Venus.

Will send
sailors swooning...

Will send sailors
swooning all day.

I can't look.

Ready to break
a leg, Miriam?

Our lives for
the theater, April.

a piece of work is man!

"How noble in reason!"

"How infinite in faculty. "

"In form, in moving
how express and admirable!"

"In action
like an angel. "

"In apprehension
how like a god!"

"The beauty of the world!"

"The paragon of animals!"


Hey, there.

Was it wonderful, dear?

Oh, yeah. They swooped down and
pulled me right out of my seat,

Spink and Forcible,
only they weren't old ladies.

That was
just a disguise.

But then, I was flying
through the air, and it was...

It was magic.

You do like it here,
don't you, Coraline?


Good night, Wybie.

You could stay here
forever if you want to.


We'll sing and play games, and
Mother will cook your favorite meals.

There's one tiny
little thing we need to do.

What's that?

Well, it's a surprise.

For you,
our little doll.

Black is traditional.

But if you'd prefer pink or
vermillion or chartreuse...

Though you might
make me jealous.

No way!

You're not sewing
buttons in my eyes!

But we need a "yes"
if you want to stay here.

So sharp
you won't feel a...


There, now. It's your decision, darling.

We only want
what's best for you.

I'm going to bed.
Right now!


Before dinner?

I'm really,
really tired. Yeah.

I just need to
sleep on things.

Well, of course
you do, darling.

I'll be happy
to tuck you in.

Oh, no, thanks.

You've done so much already.

You're welcome. And I...

We aren't worried
at all, darling.

Soon you'll
see things our way.

What's wrong, Coraline?

Don't you wanna play?

Yeah! I wanna hug your face!

Get a grip, soldier!


Where's your buttons,

You want to stay,
don't you?

Going home tonight, robots,
and I won't be back.

Go to sleep.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

A tiny
little thing we need to do.

Go to sleep.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

So sharp
you won't feel a thing.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

you'll see things our way.

Mom! Dad!

Oh, God. I'm still here?

Hey, you!

Where's the other mother?

I wanna go home.

All will be swell,
soon as Mother's refreshed.

Her strength is our strength.

Mustn't talk when
Mother's not here.

If you won't even
talk to me,

I'm gonna find
the other Wybie.

He'll help me.
No point.

He pulled a long face,
and Mother didn't like it.

And what do you
think you're doing?

Well, I'm getting
out of here.

That's what I'm doing.


Something's wrong.

the old well be here?

Nothing out here.

It's the empty
part of this world.

She only made what she
knew would impress you.

But why?
Why does she want me?

She wants
something to love, I think.

that isn't her.

Or maybe she'd just
love something to eat.

Eat? That's ridiculous.

Mothers don't
eat daughters.

I don't know.
How do you taste?


But how can you walk away from
something and still come back to it?

Walk around the world.

Small world.

Hang on.

He's one of the circus mice!

I don't like rats
at the best of times,

but this one was
sounding an alarm.

Good kitty.

They say even the proudest
spirit can be broken with love.

Of course, chocolate
never hurts. Like one?

They're cocoa beetles
from Zanzibar.

I want to be with
my real mom and dad.

I want you to let me go.

Is that any way to
talk to your mother?

You aren't my mother.

Apologize at once, Coraline!


I'll give you to
the count of three.





What are you doing?
Ow! That hurts!

You may come out when you've
learned to be a loving daughter.

Who's there?

And shush.

For the beldam
might be listening.

You... You mean
the other mother?

Who are you?

Don't remember our names,

but I 'member my true mommy.

Why are you all here?

The beldam.

She spied on our lives
through the little doll's eyes.

And saw that
we weren't happy.

So she lured us away with
treasures. And treats.

And games to play.

Gave all that we asked.

Yet we still wanted more.

So we
let her sew the buttons.

She said that she loved us.

But she
locked us here.

And ate up our lives.

Well, she can't keep me
in the dark forever.

Not if she wants
to win my life.

Beating her is
my only chance.

Perhaps, if you do
win your escape,

you could find our eyes.

Has she taken those, too?

Yes, miss.
And hidden them.

Find our eyes, mistress,
and our souls will be freed.


I'll try.


Did she do this to you?

I hope that feels...

Coraline? Is that you?

Let's go!


Come on!
She'll hurt you again.


How dare you
disobey your mother!


I'm home!

Anybody here?

Hello? Hello, hello!

Real Dad?

Real Mom?

Oh, Mom's groceries!


That's disgusting.

I missed you guys so much,
you'll never...

Oh. The Wybie that talks.


Yeah, so, you know
that old doll I gave you?


My grandma's real mad.

Says it was her sister's.

The one that disappeared.

You stole that doll,
didn't you?

Well, it looked just
like you, and I figured...

It used to look like this
pioneer girl, then Huck Finn Jr.

then it was this
Little Rascals chick...

...with all these
ribbons and braids and...

Grandma's missing sister.

I think I just met her.
Come on.

Listen, I'm really
not supposed to...


She's in there.

Can you...
Can you unlock it?

Not in a million years.

But it wouldn't matter.

She can't escape
without her eyes.

None of the ghosts can.

Yeah. So I really
need to get that doll.

Great! I'd love to
get rid of it.

Where are you hiding,
you little monster?

You and Grandma been talking?

The doll's her spy.

It's how she watches you, finds
out what's wrong with your life.

The doll is my grandma's spy?

No. The other mother.

She's got this whole world
where everything's better.

The food, the garden,
the neighbors.

But it's all a trap.

Yeah, I think I heard
someone calling me, Jonesy.

Don't believe me?
You can ask the cat.

The cat?

I'll just tell Grandma that
you couldn't find the doll.


You're not listening to me!

That's 'cause you're crazy!

You creep!



You're the jerk wad
that gave me the doll!

Mom! Dad!

Pick it up, Dad. Pick it up.

DAD ON ANSWERING Hi! Dad! Where...

I'm digging in
my garden right now,

but leave a message and
I'll get right back to you.

Where have you gone?

Uh... Don't you only
make wings for the dead ones?

Just looking ahead, dear.

Angus hasn't been
feeling very well of late.

Aren't you getting ready?

We've lost our ride, Miriam.

Caroline says her parents
have vanished quite completely.


We've waited months
for those tickets.

I suppose we could walk.

With your gammy legs?

It's nearly two
miles to the theater.

Oh, yes.
Your missing parents.

We know
just what you need.

Miriam, get...
That's right.

How is 100-year-old
candy gonna help?

There you go, sweetie.

What's it for?

Well, it might help.

They're good for
bad things sometimes.

No. They're good
for lost things.

bad things, Miriam.

Lost things, April.

Bad things.



Good night, Mom.

Good night, Dad.

How did you get in?

Do you know where
Mom and Dad are?

Mom? Dad!

How did this happen?

She's taken them.

They're not
coming back, are they?

Mom and Dad.

Not on their own.

Only one thing to do.

You know, you're walking
right into her trap.

I have to go back.

They are my parents.

Challenge her, then.

She may not play fair,
but she won't refuse.

She's got a thing for games.





You came back for us.


Darling, why would
you run away from me?

Where are my parents?

Gosh, I have no idea
where your old parents are.

Perhaps they've grown bored
of you and run away to France.

They weren't bored of me.
You stole them!

Now, don't be
difficult, Coraline.

Have a seat, won't you?


Why don't you
have your own key?

Only one key.


The garden squash need tending,
don't you think, pumpkin?

pumpkin sauce.



Where'd she hide you?

Breakfast time!

Be strong, Coraline.

Why don't we play a game?

I know you like them.

Everybody likes games.


What kind of
game would it be?

An exploring game.
A finding things game.

And what is it you'd
be finding, Coraline?

My real parents.

Too easy.

And the eyes of
the ghost children.


What if you
don't find them?

If I lose, I'll stay here with
you forever and let you love me.

And I'll let you sew
buttons into my eyes.


And if you
somehow win this game?

Then you let me go.
You let everyone go.

My real father and mother,

the dead children,
everyone you've trapped here.


Not till you give me a clue.

Oh, right.

In each of three wonders
I've made just for you,

a ghost's eye is
lost in plain sight.

And for my parents?

Fine. Don't tell me.

It's a deal.

What does she mean,





Why steal this?


That must be it!


So sorry.
Mother making me.

Don't wanna hurt you!

Take it!

Bless you, miss.
You found me!

But there's two
eyes still lost.

Don't worry.
I'm getting the hang of it.

The pearl.


Give it back!
Give it back!


Give it back!


Give it back!

Give it back!

Give it back!

Give it back!
Give it back!



Stop! Stop! Thief! Thief!

Thief! Stop!

Hurry on, girl.
Her web is unwinding.

Oh, Wybie.

Evil witch! I'm not scared!

Hello, galoobooshka.

I'm Coraline.

Is this what
you're looking for?


You think winning
game is good thing?

You'll just go home and
be bored and neglected,

same as always.
Stay here with us.

We will listen to you
and laugh with you.

If you stay here, you
can have whatever you want.


You don't get it, do you?

I don't understand.

Of course you
don't understand.

You're just a copy she made
of the real Mr. B.

Not even that anymore.



Oh, God. I've lost the game.

I've lost everything.

I think I mentioned that I don't
like rats at the best of times.

I think you might have said
something like that.

It looked like you
needed this one, however.

Thank you.

I'm heading inside.

I still have to
find my parents.

Come on, quickly!

So you're back.

And you brought
vermin with you.

No. I...

I brought a friend.

You know I love you.

You have a very
funny way of showing it.

So where are they?
The ghost eyes?

Hold on. We aren't
finished yet. Are we?

No, I suppose not.

After all, you still need to
find your old parents, don't you?

Too bad you won't have this.

Be clever, miss.

Even if you win,
she'll never let you go!

I already know where
you've hidden them.

Well, produce them.

They're behind that door.

Oh, they are, are they?


Mom. Dad.

Go on. Open it.
They'll be there, all right.

You're wrong, Coraline.
They aren't there.

Now you're going to
stay here forever.

No, I'm not!


You horrible cheating girl!

No! Where are you?

You selfish brat!

You dare
disobey your mother?

Please shut it!

Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!

I'll die without you!

Coraline, we're home.

Mom! Dad!
I missed you so much!

Missed us?

Oh, no. You broke my
favorite snow globe.

I didn't break it.

It must've broke
when you escaped.

And cut your knee.

Coraline, I asked you
to count all the windows,

not put your knee
through them.


Well, get yourself cleaned
up. We're going out tonight.

We got a lot to celebrate.

You're talking about
your garden catalog?

Of course. What else?

But look at
the snow on your...

What's gotten
into you, Coraline?

So, gonna
order the tulips?

What's that?

For the garden party?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Dad! So, Ma, invitations?

Don't forget
the invitations.

Even Bobinsky?

Mr. B.'s not drunk,
Mom. He's just eccentric.

Good night, Coraline.


Hello again.

You still mad?

I'm really sorry I threw
you at her, the other mother.

It was all I could think of.

I think it's time,
don't you?

To set them free?

It's a fine, fine thing
you did for us, miss.

Well, I'm glad
it's finally over.

It is over and
done with for us.

What about me?

You're in
terrible danger, girl!

But how? I locked the door!

It's the key, miss.

There's only one,
and the beldam will find it.

'Tain't all bad, miss.

Thou art alive.
Thou art still living.

I gotta hide this somewhere,
somewhere she can never...

Out of my way!

Oh, my twitchy-witchy girl
I think you are so nice.

I give you bowls of porridge
and I give you bowls of ice cream.

I give you lots of kisses.

And I give you lots of hugs.

But I never
give you sandwiches.

Wth grease and
worms and mung...


I'm really sorry
I didn't believe you...

...about all this
evil stuff, Coraline.

Why did you change your mind?

Well, Grandma showed me this
picture after I called you crazy.

It's her and her sister,
before she disappeared.

The Sweet Ghost Girl.

Wyborne! Come home!

Oh, man.
What am I gonna tell her?

Just bring her by
the house tomorrow.

We can tell her together.

We... We can?

You know, I'm glad
you decided to stalk me.

It wasn't my idea.

Thanks for helping me,
Miss Spink, Miss Forcible.

Oh, look, April.
Pink ladies!

Actually, it's just lemonade.

How's Angus doing?

Oh, much better, dear, but he
can't duck his wings forever.

Here comes a burp.


Excusez-moi, but that pizza,
that was delicious.

Cold drinks?

Oh, yeah. Great.

You were right, Coraline.
I really hate dirt!

But the tulips look nice.

Thanks, Mom.

That is possible.

How are
the mooshkas, Mr. B?

They tell me that you
are savior, Caroline.

And soon as they are ready,

they wish to give special
thanks you performance.

I know where I'm going.

I grew up here.

Welcome, Miss Lovat!

Oh. Hello.

I'm Coraline Jones.

I've got so much to tell you.


Do you want to pop
a little gin in it, dear?

Of course.

Special thanks to SergeiK.