Cow Belles Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cow Belles script is here for all you fans of the Amanda Michalka and Aly Michalka movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Cow Belles quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Cow Belles Script

- Hey!
- I'm sorry, Miss Callum. No music.

Isn't it one of the rules of the road -
the driver controls the radio?

Not during her driver's test.

Make a left.

Perfect, huh?

Wow. Has anybody ever told you
you have really amazing eyes?

I'm not just saying that
to butter you up, it's true.

You should think about wearing more
pastels - light blues, pale greens.

They'd so bring out your eyes
and totally work for you.


That's Daddy's factory.
Isn't it the cutest?

Do you know him?
Reed Callum. He's the best.

Absolutely not allowed!

But it's an emergency.
It's my sister. Please?

Give me the deets.

I found the most
perfect dress for my party.

- Only... promise you won't freak.
- Hmm?

It's... orange.

- Miss Callum!
- One second.

If you do not get off the phone
and resume driving,

you'll not get your driver's license.

OK, ask her, is she sure the dress
isn't maybe, like, terra cotta or something.

Pretty please? I gave you
that nice tip about pastels!

Are you sure it isn't terra cotta?

Yeah, I'm sure.

- It's definitely orange.
- Uh...

Tell her she can get the dress
if I can wear her Jimmy Choos.

Get the dress. But you have to
let her wear your gym shoes.


Yes! Wrap it up.

Aren't you at all
concerned about the price?

Of course I am.
How much?


Great! It's even sorta,
kinda within my budget.

OK, then.

Thing is, me and my sister
are best, best friends.

Every year, we divide up colors,
favorite actors and fragrances,

so there's nothing to fight about.
Isn't that smart?

The reason I'm so cool about the orange
thing is because it's her cotillion, her night.

She should completely have
whatever she wants.

Oh, Mr. Reeves, if only you could have
been there for my party.

Of course, I didn't know you,
so I probably would have called security.

Pull into the parking lot.

I'm done? You're not even making me
do any yucky three-point turns?

Miss Callum, I take it you're
used to getting what you want.

Well, yeah.

The truth of the matter is, while you
handled the car quite competently,

you seem to have
a very real problem staying focused.

That's what Daddy says, too. Oh...

But it's not something
you can flunk me for, right?

Sir, before you do anything rash,
let me just say this:

If I don't pass today, I am gonna
be back here every possible second,

requesting you and only you,
again and again...

and again...

for as totally long as it takes.

On second thought... you pass.

Thank you!

Oh, sorry. Oh, sorry.

I got you something.

Oh, uh...

- How long we been in business, partner?
- 20 years ago today. Is that unreal?

We've done good.

We'd do better
if you'd taken the Ketchem deal,

but you're Mr. Slow and Steady
and I've learned to live with that.

- Good. There's more to life than money.
- True, but look what money can buy.

What's that?

How long have you talked about trying
to make time to get back to your hobby?

Since way before
the girls were born. Why?

What photo would make
your collection complete?

The gold-spotted skipper,
the most elusive butterfly of all.

But one which can often be found
in the Ecuadorian rain forest

at the end of the rainy season. Right?
Go ahead, open it.

What is this?

What is...?

Is this for real?
Are you...?

No, wait, wait. l-l-I...

I can't just up and leave, Bob.
This Monday?

Yes, you can.

Look, I'll handle things at work. Trust me.

When the stars align,
you gotta go for it.

No. Courtney's party -
I can't be gone for that.

Sure you can.

You're the only guy I know

who belongs to a country club he's never
been to. Courtney knows it's not your style.

Do you actually think she'll even notice
if you're not there? She's a teenage girl.

"Daddy" is the last thing on her mind.


- You did this for me?
- Who deserves it more, pal?

What can I say? Thank you, Bob.
It's much appreciated.

My pleasure.

What the heck?

Hey, congratulations!

What is this?

Isn't it fabulous, Daddy?
Can you believe I passed?

Where's Corrine?
I thought she drove you to the test.

She did. We dropped her at the market.
Don't worry. We gave her cab fare.

You expect her to take a taxi home
with all those groceries?

Oh, no.

I'm sorry.
I never thought about that part.

I was so excited to give you the good news.
Should I go back and get her?

No. I'm sure she's probably
already on her way home.

I'm really sorry.
It won't ever happen again, I promise.

- But isn't the sign adorable?
- They sell those at the DMV now?

No, silly. She ordered it last week, just in
case. Custom-made and only 200 bucks!

Courtney can have it for when she gets her
license. I used our frequent-shoppers card,

which, with the 12% discount and the rebate, means it only really cost...

- $171.- Yeah, what she said!

- A bargain.
- In their world, it is.

OK, now...

Ready for this?

You did not get me a car?

For me? Really?

- What is it?
- A genuine classic.

Wait. Doesn't "classic" just mean old?

- And used?
- Yeah?

It's so cute. Oh!

It's exactly like the one
Mom's driving in the old pictures.

It is your mother's old car. I had Ralph
down at the dairy return it to mint condition.

Daddy, that's so hot
and totally special.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Let's take her for a cruise!

Hang on there, hot shot.
This car's a stick shift.

A stick? Ew.

So before you grind through the gears

of a brand-new transmission,
I worked out a deal with a friend.

He's gonna teach you on a vehicle
that's not quite so... delicate.

Look, son, in all the years Reed Callum
has been our number one milk buyer,

he's never once asked me for a favor.

Exactly my point.
He didn't ask me, he asked you.

You're the one's gonna
teach his daughter to drive a stick.

That's not fair!
Why should I let her wreck my truck?

Because I bought you that truck
to help me out,

which is what you'll be doing
by keeping Mr. Callum happy.

You don't understand, Dad. Taylor Callum
is a spoiled, stuck-up, condescending...

Wow. "Condescending."
Big word for a farm boy.

Miss Callum.
We didn't know you were here.


- Please excuse my boy. He can be...
- Unkind? Judgmental?

In desperate need of a long, hot shower?

Here, hold her a second.

Ew! Ugh!

Why'd you do that? I was gonna
take her to get her inoculation.

Excuse me, do I look like
a pig-holding kind of girl?

Don't worry, Jackson. I'll deal with Nanette.
You start the driving lesson.

Dad, come on.

Let's go.

I told you, first is up and to the left.
What's the problem?

I'm trying, OK?
Quit hollering.

Good. Now ease off the clutch
and give it some gas.


Sorry. This is hopeless.

Yeah, that's the trouble
with people like you.

People like me?

Yeah. Rich, pampered chicks
that glide through life without a clue.

Do you have any idea what it means
to actually work at something?

You're mean.

Look, can we just...
Can we just try this again?

Start her up and put in the clutch.

Wow! I did it.

Hallelujah! Now ease off the clutch
and give it some gas.

I've got it, Jackson!

See what happens when you try?

- Wait, stop the truck.
- What?

- I need to check on Martha.
- Martha who?

Stay here.

- Is she sick?
- Pregnant.

Due any day. I'm trying
to make sure everything's OK.

Thought I told you to wait in the truck.

You're not the boss of me.

Did you at least put on
the parking brake?

Oh, no!

Stop, please!

I can't believe...!
It's my truck!


Jackson... I'm so, so sorry.

I killed your truck.
How could I do that?

Look... I know it wasn't on purpose.

But it's so horrible. I'm a terrible person.
But don't worry, though, OK?

Daddy will totally pay to haul it out of there
and get it fixed.

It's gonna cost me how much?

800 for the recovery
and 2000 for the repairs?

But you can use my discount card.
Then it'll only be 2450 total.

All because you didn't
set the parking brake?

I'm sorry, Daddy, really.

What can I say? It was all my fault.
But you're the one who made me go there!

Jackson Meade is the last boy
I'd ever be hanging out with.

- He is kinda cute.
- Ya think?

- Awesome smile.
- Good hair.

- Totally hot.
- Girls!

You both seem to think
I've got a money tree in the backyard.

Your carelessness, your spending -
it's gotta stop.

When you say the spending's gotta stop,
you don't mean stop stop, right?

'Cause pulling back, we can definitely do,
but cut us off completely, we might die.

I'm so glad you're doing this.

Hasn't it been forever
since you've taken a real vacation?

Longer, I think.

Hey, Court.

You're OK with me not being at your party?

Totally. I know you think
the whole thing's silly.

If you were there, I'd have to make you
dance with me... in front of everybody.

Ew, yeah.
That wouldn't be so pretty.

I pinky promise -
I've warned the other girls -

even though it won't be easy,
I'll stick to your budget.

$ 25,000, not one single penny more!


Darn it. I can navigate a computer
better than a bunch of geeks,

but I can't work this stupid can opener!

- Um, Court?
- Yes.

You might wanna try plugging it in.


Don't you hate Corrine's day off?

Shoppers Anonymous.

Hold on. She's right here. Heather.

Where are you? For real?

That is so amazing. Plus what?

No way!
OK, it's too good to be true.

Do not move.
We're out the door.

We've gotta go, now.

Heather's at Tivanello's and she found
the perfect tangerine slides for my dress.

- Plus...
- What?

She says, just this second, they got in
two dozen pairs of the short boots

you've combed the city for
in lavender and baby blue!

- Why are we still here?
- Grab your credit card. I'll get my phone.

Jackson must be one great teacher, Tay.
You're driving this car like an old pro.

Trés impressive. non?

Oh, no.

This... You...

I... Uhh!

I just really don't know where I failed.

- Nowhere. You're perfect.
- The absolute best.

I'm not talking about me, girls,
I'm talking about you two.

We know. We're total screw-ups
and we couldn't be sorrier.

- What can we do?
- We can't go on like this.

This kitchen
was your mother's favorite room.

She created our most popular recipes here.
Something's gotta change.

I've done nothing to teach you
anything about responsibility.

That's not true. We always put
our clothes in the hamper.

- I separate my colors from the whites.
- Yeah.

I'm talking about
reaching a little higher, ladies.

- We could take out the trash once a week.
- Twice, if that's what you want.

No. I've come to a decision.


- This sounds bad.
- You're canceling our personal trainer?

I'm insisting you take a summer job.

You're teasing, right?

I really don't think he is, girls.
This is very serious business.

It's settled. Tomorrow morning, bright
and early, you report to work at the dairy.

But my cotillion's next Saturday.

I'm the only girl that doesn't have a date.

Who am I supposed to do
the Spotlight Dance with?

You don't understand. There's a million
details we have to handle. I can't work.

You can and you will.
Your shift is from seven to three.

You can party-plan afterwards.

Seven... in the morning?

That's earlier than school!

Don't do this. We won't spend anything or
go anywhere! We'll become social rejects!

I've cancelled your credit cards
and revoked your allowance.

You girls are finally gonna learn
what it means to earn what you want.

Good morning. River City!

Shake off those cobwebs.
wipe the sleep from your eyes. It's five...


Ahh, stop! I can't take it.

- Rise and shine, working girls.
- Turn off the light.

Let's go. I got a plane to catch
and you have to report to duty.

- If the sun isn't up, why should we be?
- Yeah.

Nobody ever said that reality was pretty.

- Aah!
- Ow!


Remember, where I'm headed
is so remote, there's no cell service.

Ach, why even live?

My point is, I can't be checking up on you,

so I need you guys to promise me
that everything is gonna go OK.

Of course it will, Daddy.

We won't embarrass you, we promise.

Who knows?
You might even like working.

You might find it interesting.

OK, all right, OK.
Just... Just try to behave, OK?

Make a good impression.
Make me proud.

Will you quit worrying? They have to
love us. We're the boss's daughters.

Yeah. OK.
Bye, girls.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

- Remember, blinker, blinker.
- Yeah, we got it, Dad.

- Up to the left.
- Seatbelts on.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoa!

- Knock, knock!
- Morning, Uncle Bob.

Girls! You're right on time.

Just give me one quick second.


So... Bet you never figured
it would come to this.

Isn't it so cruel of Daddy?

You know, he's only doing
what he thinks is best.

Did he get off to the airport OK?

He's way excited.
That was really nice of you.

Hey, what are friends for?

Anyway, it's Fran Walker, our production
supervisor, you'll be reporting to.

So let's track her down
and get you to work.

- What a great picture of Mom.
- She was something, your mother.

The power behind the throne.

Look at you, all grown up
and ready to follow in her footsteps.

- We're here 'cause Daddy's forcing us.
- We're complete disasters in the kitchen.

Not like Mom at all.

We hope you'll let us work in an office,
answering phones, making coffee.

- Working people love coffee, right?
- Mm-hmm.

She's being way modest,
but Courtney's a computer geek.

Like, if you need supplies,
online shopping is her specialty.

Taylor's a total math-head. She can figure
out sale prices better than anybody.

Oh, stop.

Your father was very specific about
wanting you here on the production line.

Please, no. Not that.

We'll start you off with something simple.

- But, over there?
- Mm-hmm.

- Like them?
- Yeah.

Wearing that?



Honestly, I wish you knew
how hilarious you look.

- Like you look any better.
- Except I can't see me, so who cares?

What are you doing?

I am so gonna send
a picture to Jackson Meade.

- Courtney, gimme that!
- No!



Now look what you did!

Taylor, just get it!
Do something!

- Stop the presses.
- What?

My sister's phone kinda accidentally
flew into one of your tubs.

A phone?
Which tub?

We don't know.
We lost track.

Well, this is great. What are we
supposed to do, scrap the whole run?

How could you two be so careless?

We're sorry. We're new at this.
It's not like we meant to cause trouble.

- It was a simple mistake.
- Yeah, a costly and stupid mistake.

Hold on, Mr. Whatever-Your-Last-Name-Is.

You can't call Daddy.
He's out of cell range, remember?

But you're not.

Hello? Why call me? I'm right here.


Problem solved.


And how do you suppose I make up
for the four minutes of lost production time?

My phone!

Can you control
the speed of the machine?


OK. Then, if you ramp it up
by 15 seconds for 16 minutes,

then you'll regain your lost time
and be back on schedule! Yeah.

Yeah, what she said.

This is coming out of your pay.
Back to work.

Wait, no.
That's backwards.

Come on!


'K, this one's not good.

Oh! Ick.

Finally, quitting time.
Oh, yeah.

Hate to break it to you, sis -
it's only lunch.


I am not happy right now!




This is a tad awkward.


Just smile and wave
and maybe they won't hurt us.

- Hi.
- Hi.

All because of one dropped cell phone.
These people seriously need to lighten up.

Courtney, Taylor!
What are you doing here?

Mr. Perez! Heather didn't tell you?
Daddy sent us to work.


Guess that explains
this morning's production slowdown.

- You heard?
- Everybody heard.

- Life in a small company - no secrets.
- Oh!

- Where are your lunches?
- There isn't a caterer?

Well, until you can take that up with your
father, you'll have to rely on our machines.

- Gross.
- Ew.

Gina and I can't wait for the party.
We're flattered you included us.

Are you kidding?
You guys are like my second parents.

- Heather says it's gonna be great.
- If I ever get a date.

- You still haven't asked anybody?
- Like who?

- Bye.
- Au revoir.

How about him?

- Who's that?
- His name is Philippe.

An exchange student from France
living with the Millers for a year.

Your dad got him
an internship for the summer.


Good ol' Dad.

What are you doing?
Go after him!

Make up for this lousy lunch
by having a French pastry for dessert.

Taylor! I can't. What if he doesn't like me?
What if he says no?

It's all too terrifying
and potentially humiliating. I can't move.

Oh, yeah!
It's Monday, I forgot.

You're gonna love this. This is one of your
dad's ideas called "Homemade Jams."

 Early in the mornin', risin' and shine

 Joinin' my friends in the workin' line

 Might be tired,
but we don't pull blame

 Got a lot to do today

 And we're bound to be a family

 And we're bound to call this home

 Happy to be right here, you see

 Workin' at the creamery

 Creams to curdle and butter to churn

 Surrounded by cattle everywhere I turn

 Hope they're right
when they say it won't hurt

 Livin' on nothin' but yogurt

 Well, we're bound to be a family

 And we're bound to call this home

 We're happy to be right here, you see

 Together at the creamery

All right, if anybody wants to come up
and join us, now is your chance.

Ooh! Me and my sister are really
good singers! Can we do backup?

Thanks anyway,
but this band's for real working folk.

You'd be better off
joining the Pretenders.

It's so rude, the way everybody's acting
like they're not watching us but they so are.

Just waiting for us to mess up again.

Yeah! Would it be so hard to be
supportive? We're trying our best.

Maybe if we moved a bit faster.

Like it's not hard enough?

Come on, Court, let's show 'em
what the Callum girls are made of.




Sorry, our bad.

Honest mistake.
Point us to the mops and we'll clean up.

- Good blueberries, though. Yeah.
- What she said.

I... Um...

No, don't go.

Little help?

Somebody? Anyone?

Get shoe... Shoe...



I cannot wait to tell Corrine
we did our own laundry!

- I'm taking this for proof.
- Court?

- Yeah?
- Put it down.


- There you go, Joyce.
- Thanks, Melvin.

Peter Palmer. This should get you
one step closer to that new patio.

Not this week. This one's going
towards my daughter's braces.

- Good one.
- Do you have one for us?

Well, if it isn't the Callum sisters!
Don't you look beautiful?

Thanks, Melvin. You, too. So how much
do we get for one whole day?

Believe it or not, my darlings, you don't
get paid unless you work an entire week.

That's no fair. How am I supposed to
buy nail polish and bubble bath?


By putting that pretty little nose
to the grindstone and keeping it there.

That would really hurt.

And you'd totally end up
looking like a pug dog.


'Night, Melvin! I'm so happy
to see you're still around.

There he is!

What are you doing here? Slumming?

"Gliding through life without a clue."

- Actually, we were working.
- We made it through one whole day.

I guess miracles never cease.

Daddy left me the check for your truck.
Would you like me to bring it over later?

Or I can come by and get it.

That's OK. I was kinda hoping
to see how Martha's doing.


How about I come over around seven?

That'll work.

I'll see you then.


Come on.

If it wasn't for your dad,
I don't know what we'd have done.

- Everybody else was so harsh.
- Is it our fault Daddy owns the place?

I saw an adorable
French guy in the lunchroom.

He's an exchange student
living with the Millers.

- She wants him to be her party date.
- Is Richie Miller invited to your party?

Why would he be?
He's hardly the cotillion type.

- Then it's perfect!
- What?

After dinner, we'll take Richie an invitation.
We'll say it got lost in the mail.

He'll mention Frenchie,
we'll act all surprised and invite him!

- Heather, that's brilliant.
- I know!

- Wanna come?
- I can't.

She's gonna see Jackson.
He's gonna be your boyfriend.

- Really? He's hot.
- And way in love with my sister.

 Life has moments hard to describe

 Feelin' great. I'm feelin' alive

 Never comin' down from this

 Mountain where I...

 Always know we're gonna be fine

 Feelin' great. I'm feelin' alive

 Never comin' down from this

 Mountain where I...

 Feelin' so clear and it's crazy up here

 Life is amazing with you on the ride

 Ah. ah. ah. ah

 Ah. ah. ah. ah

 Life has moments hard to describe

 Feelin' great. I'm feelin' alive

 Never comin' down from this

 Mountain where I...

 Feelin' so clear and it's crazy up here

 Life is amazing with you on the ride

 Things are so crazy.
it makes it so worth it

 Life is amazing with you on the ride

The post office messed up and your invite
came back, which made me feel awful.

I'm sure you were hurt, thinking...

To be honest, I didn't even know
there was gonna be a party.


But you wanna come?
Everybody's gonna be there.

- Everyone.
- Will there be video games?

Richie, it's a dance party,
with tons of beautiful girls like us.


If it make you feel more comfortable,
you could bring someone.

- Like a friend, a foreign exchange student.
- If you happen to have one.

- I do! He's from France.
- You're kidding!

Is he here?
Should we ask him now?

He's upstairs.
Why don't I go see what he thinks?

- Nice.
- Yes.

Wow. So, this is my first American...

How you call it?

"How you call it?"
Isn't that darling?

It's a cotillion,
a kind of coming-out party.

Coming out of what?

Philippe, you're so funny!

So will you come and be Courtney's date?

It would... please me much... to attend.

Thank you, Philippe.
I'm thrilled.

Look for me at work tomorrow, OK? Oh...

We're glad you're coming, too.
See you there.


Good morning. River City!
Can you believe it? It's 5:30...

Oh, no! Jackson!

It's time for a beautiful
brand-new morning.

Did you say something?

Jackson - I stood him up.

I blew it.

I'll bet he hates my guts.

And the really bad news is...
we have to go to work again.

Your favorite hits
from the '70s. '80s and '90s.

- You're not listening. Our checks bounced.
- All of them.

But that just can't be.

My books have always
been unimpeachable.

Why do you think that I've never relied
on the computer monkey business?

Because I always make them out by hand
so they're absolutely perfect.

- I think the banks would beg to differ.
- Well, I'm not responsible...

- Maybe they know something.
- Where's your father?

- Why did our checks bounce?
- Wait, shh. Please, please. Quiet. Um...

- We seem to be broke.
- What?

Daddy ran out of money?
Oh, there's no possible way.

Unfortunately, there is a way.

I just got off the phone
with Nelson Partridge at the bank.

Apparently your father
took more than luggage on his trip.

Our company account
is completely wiped out.

- There's no money?
- He didn't do anything bad. He couldn't.

- He wouldn't.
- I'd never believe it, but the money's gone.

There has to be an explanation.
I've known Reed over 20 years.

This is not something he's capable of.

He's done everything he can
to make this a great place to work.

I've been here since the very beginning
and I can assure all of you

that Reed Callum is a true humanitarian.

Before we jump to terrible,
damaging conclusions,

maybe the best thing I can do
is get on a plane and try to track him down.

What are we supposed to do
in the meantime?

If I'm not paid, I'm not working.

No. We have to keep working
or we'll miss our delivery deadlines.

Please, just for today.

We owe Mr. Callum that much
until we get this straightened out.

Daddy would never rip you guys off.
He loves this place and he loves all of you.

Which is why we need
to get back to work at once!


Ugh! Oh, no!

Oh, dear!

Look at you!

- Sorry. So sorry.
- Stay right there.

Just stay there.

This is terrible. Everybody's freaking out,
Daddy's gone, his money's gone.

- Are we gonna be poor?
- Bite your tongue!

We just have to hope Uncle Bob can track
him down and get to the bottom of this.

Do you think Bob's left yet? I want him
to tell Daddy how much we believe in him.

Come on, let's go see.

That's weird. He left.

Why's this in the trash?

And all broken.

Do you think Uncle Bob flipped out 'cause
he actually believes Daddy's a crook?

Or what if it's Uncle Bob who's the crook?
Think about it, Court.

What if that's how come
he gave Dad a generous trip?

- To get him out of the way and set him up!
- That's so evil.

I know. But listen,
we're positive Daddy didn't take the money

and yet it's gone,
so who else could be a logical suspect?

What are we gonna do?

Girls. This is an unexpected surprise.

Come on in. Courtney and Taylor Callum,
this is Keith, my husband.

- Hi.
- He works the night shift at the dairy.

- Hello, girls.
- Hi, Keith.

We're sorry to barge in
on you like this, Fran.

But look.


Should this mean something to me?

Daddy gave that picture
to Bob as a gift last week.

Only we found it in Bob's trash
in his office with the glass smashed.

Taylor thought, what if it's
Bob who took the money? I agree!

I'd buy that. Something about this guy
always seemed a bit off to me.

Like making us call him "Uncle"
when we're not even related.

Yeah, right.

It's no secret Bob was furious
when your dad wouldn't sell the dairy.

Sell the dairy?

Old Man Ketchem wanted to buy us out,
convert to a fully-automated plant like his.

Your dad wouldn't hear of it
'cause we'd be out of work.

I knew Daddy was a good guy.

In my opinion, Bob never got over
missing out on that bag of cash.

So what do we do now?

Why don't you stay for dinner
and we'll talk about it?

- We're making pizza.
- We don't want to intrude.

- You won't intrude. We'll put you to work.
- Yeah.


- He's such a show-off, isn't he?
- You're just jealous.

Who knew cooking could be so fun?

Take my advice, girls.
Marry someone who loves to cook.


- What are we doing, feeding an army?
- This one's for an elderly neighbor.

- That's so sweet.
- It's just the neighborly thing to do.


I am not eating that!

We have to get our flowers
from the Gilded Lily.

Everybody knows they do the most
gorgeous arrangements in town.

Yeah, but they're also twice
as expensive as everybody else.

Well, duh!
What do you think makes them the best?

OK. If we spend $10,000 on flowers,

we can have the balloon arch or the
ice sculpture, but we can't afford both.

Aw, bummer.

Let's be practical.
The ice sculpture will melt.

But it's so classic!
It's our signature thing. We need it.

What if we cut out
the seafood appetizer bar?

That's the most original thing on our menu.
Everybody will love it!

Obviously, we're just gonna
have to ask our dads for more money.

Haven't they been clear? We have to work
in our budget. They're not giving us more.

This is unfair. Why does
everything have to cost so much?

Sarah insists we must have steak
and lobster. What's wrong with chicken?

This isn't some stupid business banquet.
Chicken's a tacky no-no.

Seriously! I mean, if we're not gonna
top last year's girls, why even do this at all?

- Exactly.
- Hmph!

Maybe we're not figuring it out right.
Gimme the numbers. I'll talk to Taylor.

- She's like Rain Man with math.
- Plus she's been through this already.

I'll bet she can tell us
what we're doing wrong.

See? It's impossible. When did the world
get to be so expensive?

I've got a feeling
it's always been this way, Court.

We're just finally being forced
to pay attention.

Whoever came up with "ignorance is bliss"
was really onto something.

Speaking of that, after being
at Fran's tonight, I was thinking...

This can't be good.

With everything going on at the dairy
and Daddy being out of reach,

doesn't it feel like it's sort of
up to us to try to fix this mess?


Court... you saw how it is.

People like Fran and Keith
totally depend on Dad for... their life.

Can we seriously sit back
and let it all fall apart?

Talor, hello. I thought we were
talking about my party problems.

Well... in a weird way, we are.

I think we should use your party allowance
to cover the dairy workers' salaries.

You got me so good. For a second,
I thought you were serious.

I am.

Have you totally lost it?
I can't do that.

The girls and I are splitting all costs,
the way it's always done.

If I can't contribute,
how can I be part of it?

I guess you can't. I'm really sorry,
but this is totally a family emergency.

It's not my emergency.

It's fine for you to be noble, you
already had your most amazing cotillion.

Now it's my turn.

My chance to shine. It's really
mean of you to try to take that away.

All right, OK? Calm down.
It was only a suggestion.

We'll have to figure out
another way to help.

Thank you for coming to your senses.

Oh, no!

I still have to deal with Jackson.

Meade Dairy Farms. Uh, yeah.

Whom may I say is calling? Yeah.

Hold on a minute. I'll get him.
It's Taylor Callum, for you.

I'm not here.

He says he's not here.

All right. She's says she's sorry she didn't
make it by last night. She'd like to explain.

I'm not interested, OK?
Just tell her to put the check in the mail.

Uh, Taylor.

He had to run off
to the bathroom. Um...


Yeah, I'll tell him.
OK, bye.

We're asking everybody to report
to the lunchroom for a meeting. Melvin?

It won't take long. Hi.

Look, we will find a solution.

Trouble is, all our products are perishable.
A shutdown is something we can't afford.

How long do you think
we should work without pay?

Do you think my landlord cares
if our inventory goes bad?

He wants to know
when I'm gonna pay the rent!

The reality is, most of us live paycheck
to paycheck. I'm as loyal as anyone,

but if there's no future here,
we wanna know that now.

Of course there's a future!
It's just gonna require some patience.

Please, it's just... Look, I know
we will find an answer to this problem.

Do me a huge favor?
I left my cell phone in the car.


So I need to see if Jackson called
so I can call him back.

- Please go get it for me.
- Why can't you?

Because, unlike some people,
I'm actually listening to what's going on.

- Please, Court? Please?
- Fine, but you owe me.

- Thanks, sis. You're a doll.
- Whatev.

I know, we're all in this together, though.

- We're trying, people...
- Uh...

- Excuse me.
- Shh!

- Everybody! Excuse me.
- Shh!

Um... hi.

I know the situation
is way terrible and scary but I, um...

See, I was wondering if I could fix it
so there was money for your paychecks.

Shh! Quiet. Quiet, please.

Please, let her finish.

If I could do that, would you
keep on working until my dad gets back?

Maybe, yeah.
But come on, you're a kid.

Even you can't have
that kind of cash laying around.

I don't. But I think I can get it.

How? By selling
your solid-gold sports car?

Or auctioning off your collection
of designer handbags?

Since when do you care
what happens to us?

Can I say what I was trying to say?

Why? So we can make more sacrifices
to support your lifestyle?

We don't need your pity, honey,
we need answers!

Don't pretend to relate to us.
You can't.

Please! If you'll all go back to your jobs
and give me till the end of the day.

What if we don't trust you?

You'd never work here
if your father didn't force you.

Let's get real. You and your sister
are nothing but a pair of spoiled brats.

You're right...

about all of it.

But maybe that's why I'm trying to change.

- Philippe! Hey.
- Bonjour. Courtney. How are you?

I can't believe it's the first time we've
seen each other. I've been looking for you.

For most of the day,
Ralph and I, we're on the road.

Delivery guys.
Kinda goes with the turf, you know?

- You're still coming to my party, right?
- Cannot wait.

There's one thing
I should have mentioned the other night.

See, since you said you'd be my...
my date, there's this...

One big tradition at these parties is
a special deal called the Spotlight Dance.

As in, all eyes are on the girls
being celebrated?

Exactly. The four honorees and their dates,
out there in front of everybody.

- Is that something you'd be cool with?
- Why I would not be?

It can be a bit embarrassing.

That is the beauty of being a foreigner.

Everybody is a stranger,
so who care what they think?

If you need for me
to dance with you, I dance.

Great. Thanks.


All right, Romeo, get in the truck.


What am I to do?
I need to make my rent.

I know. We all do.
This is just a temporary situation, OK?

Fran, do you know where my sister is?

- She and Melvin had to run an errand.
- Oh, thanks.

Don't worry, I promise you....

- Thanks, ma'am. We're all done?
- Mm-hmm.

Here you go.
Isn't it pretty?

- Are you sure you want to do this?
- Totally.

You're a good girl, Taylor.

Excuse me, folks.

If I could just have
your attention for a minute.

Due to the remarkable generosity
of our very own Taylor Callum...

- And my sister Courtney.
- Yeah.

...the current payroll has been guaranteed.

- All right!
- Whoo!

Melvin will be handing out your
reissued checks at the end of your shift.

And, well, hopefully, this will tide us over
until Reed gets back. Thanks.

- Joyce.
- Thank you.

- Taylor, talk to me.
- Not here.

- Where did that money come from?
- We shouldn't talk about it till we're home.

l-I don't get it.
How could you do this to me?

Courtney, I'm so, so sorry.
We really didn't have any other choice.

Yes, we did.
It's my party budget, my money!

The only reason Daddy
put your name on the account

is because you're better at bank math.
You promised you weren't gonna touch it.

I know.
But then we got to work.

You heard them. If the dairy goes under,
they might lose their houses.

Their kids won't get to go to college.
It's serious stuff they're dealing with.

Yeah, but we're only kids.

Why should it be up to us
to fix everybody's problems?

Do you seriously even understand
half the stuff they're talking about?

No. Not totally.

But I know
we have some sort of a duty there.

Maybe you do.

My duty is to show up at work
and stay out of trouble like Daddy wanted.

If you knew what was good for you,
that's what you'd do.

Look, I'll bet you can
still be a part of the party.

- We'll talk to the other girls, compromise.
- Yeah, right.

Sarah Van Dyke was dying to kick me out
for suggesting we switch to chicken.

- What if I explained the situation?
- You've done enough damage.

I think this is what you wanted all along.

If my party's wrecked,
everybody remembers yours as the best.

Courtney, that's not true.
How could you even think that?

I'm never speaking to you again!

Courtney, come on! Courtney!

Don't talk to me,
you horrible traitor! Go away!

- What do you want?
- I brought you your check.

I told you to mail it.


The other night, I wanted to come over...

But I fell asleep.
The whole working thing wiped me out.

Considering how foreign it must be, I'm
surprised your body didn't go into shock.

Who knows?
Maybe it did.

They're saying my truck's gonna be ready
day after tomorrow. How sweet is that?

What are you doing?

What's wrong?


My father's company's broke. Half the
people think he did horrible, terrible things.

We've got no way to reach him.

My one attempt to help ended up with my
sister thinking I'm an evil, devious witch.

- Now she's not even speaking to me.
- Sounds bad.

Wanna know the most pathetic part?

The only person I could come up with
to unload on thinks I'm a spoiled brat.

A condescending spoiled brat.


Jackson? Jackson! Come quick,
I need you. Martha's getting ready to calf.

Let's go.

I don't know what's wrong.
It was moving along, then it just stopped.

- But her water bag broke, right?
- About ten minutes ago.

- I think she's distracted.
- What?

By that bull. She keeps eyeing him
like she'd prefer a little privacy.

Taylor, cows aren't like people.

Says you.

Name one female in the universe who'd
want to be on display going through this.


Get out of here!
Shoo! Shoo!

Get out of here.
Give poor mama cow a break.



There, that's better, huh?

Now you can push your little baby out
with some dignity.

- She's doing it. She's pushing.
- Yeah. Here we go.

That's my good cow.

OK, OK. Here it comes.

OK, OK. Here it comes.
Here it comes.


Check it out.

Well done, Martha.

It's a girl,
just like we were hoping for.

Look how cute she is.

- Good job.
- Oh...

She's so sweet.

Welcome to the world, little one. Oh!

I have to admit, I'm amazed
how great you were with Martha.

What can I say?
We totally bonded.

I never would have predicted that
in a million years.

You should get to know a person
before you make judgments.

Sort of the way you did with me?

Sort of how we both did.

Good morning. River City!

Shake off those cobwebs. wipe the sleep
from your eyes. It's 5:30 in the morning!

Courtney, I know you're mad but, please?
We can still try to work out the party thing.

You've got the most important stuff -
your date, your fabulous dress...

- Too bad I don't have a sister.
- Come on, can't we talk about this?

No. You're not worthy. You can't talk about
my dress, you can't talk about Philippe.

You're not even
allowed to say the date anymore!

For the rest of your ugly life, I want July totally stricken from your vocabulary.

What are you doing? That beeping means
you have to reset the expiration date.

Don't worry about it, Thomas. I'm on it.

Expiration date reset.

You are never gonna believe
what's happening now.

- The new checks didn't bounce...
- No.

But I heard that yesterday, the storage silo
refrigeration system shut down.

All our milk's gone bad.

- Shouldn't someone have monitored that?
- Bob Fenwick. It was his job.

But he was too busy robbing the company.
He didn't have time for anything else.

It was Bob, not Reed, who took the money?

Think about it, Thomas. Who always had
our best interests at heart and who didn't?

Folks, let's focus on the present.
Without milk, or the money to pay for more,

we can't fill any of the orders we have.

So what do we do?

We don't have a choice.
We finish the cycle we're in and shut down.

What happens to our accounts
awaiting deliveries this weekend?

I'll just have to start making some phone
calls and hopefully, they'll understand.

- This is a disaster.
- Oh, yeah.

Two or three weeks without work, I won't
keep up with my mortgage payments.

We have no idea how we're gonna
send Charlie back to college this fall.

Wait, what if I talked to Jackson Meade?

Maybe his dad could give us milk
on credit for a few days.

Our world doesn't work like that. Credit's
a luxury nobody in this industry can afford.

Sarah, I still have $5000.

If we all make a few sacrifices and
compromise, I'm sure we can work this out.

Excuse me, is this a cotillion
or a charity event?

What do you expect me to do, pull money
out of thin air? I'm not a magician.

I'd cry for you,
but I don't want my mascara to run.

We have to pay the caterer
and the country club tonight.

If you can't deliver your full share, then it
breaks my heart to tell you, but you're out.

Love you!

I don't want that color.

Well, I can at least ask, right? If he says no,
he says no, and we'll go from there.

Congratulations! You win.

I've officially been kicked out of
my own party. You must be thrilled.

I've gotta go.


What's the deal?

It's done,it's over. According to Sarah,
me minus my money equals bye-bye!

OK, I'm really sorry, but have you not
been listening to anything this morning?

It's only getting worse and worse.

We've got all these great people
with their entire futures at stake.

Without the cash to replace the spoiled
milk, everybody's gonna lose their jobs.

And, I'm sorry,
this became my responsibility... when?

You know, for once in your life,

it might be nice to spend two seconds
thinking about somebody else!

Why should I? I hate this place.
I don't care what Daddy wanted! I quit, OK?

Taylor, that's not something
I can even ask my father.

How come?

Look, my dad's a really good man -
too good. He'll help anybody in trouble.

But that's no way to keep a small farm
like ours in business.

If we take on one more dollar of debt,
it's gonna crush us.

Can I say one thing?

Living in the real world stinks.

Heather, stop wiggling
so I can get this pinned.

Oh, no. Hide me.

- It's just Courtney.
- Exactly.


Hey, honey, come on in.

- How come you're not at work?
- Long story.

How do you like her party dress?

I thought you found
something fabulous at Holly's.

I did. We can't afford it.

Who cares? This is gonna be
even better. It's perfect.

That's exactly what I told her!

- Mom, could you give us a minute?
- Um...

I'll go get you girls some iced tea.


You weren't supposed to see any of this.

- It's so humiliating.
- What's the big deal?

Are you kidding? You with your
"designer" this and "couture" that.

Who cares?
It's not like we're in competition.

Maybe it doesn't feel like that to you.
You get everything you want.

It's hard for me, Courtney.
It always has been.

I love you, but, come on, do you ever
stop to think about anyone but yourself?

- Oh, no.
- What?

That's exactly what Taylor said.
Am I really that bad?

Well, yeah, but why wouldn't you be?
Your whole life's been a total fairy tale.

How are you supposed
to have a clue about reality?

That doesn't mean I deserve
to act like some spoiled princess.

Who am I? Sarah? Yuck!

No, Court.

Underneath, you're a really good person.


But... I think it's time for me
to do better than that.

You're home early.

Anything we need to talk about?

I miss Mom.

It doesn't seem fair, does it?

She just always knew the right thing to say.
Whenever me and Taylor were fighting,

she was the only one
who could get us back together.

She was that way with everybody.

Your father used to call her
his secret weapon.

And you know why? Because she had
compassion and she had perspective.

She knew better than anybody that
her good life was just a happy accident.


- Do you want some yogurt?
- Sure.

Your mom's recipe. Best one.

I'm afraid we've come at this
from every possible angle

and quite frankly,
there's no money, no milk.

We're out of options.


Back in a flash!

- Hey, Ralph.
- Hey, what's up?

Well, um...

My dad told me how much fun you had
restoring my mom's old Mustang,

so I was wondering, do you wanna buy it?

What? I thought you were
crazy about that car.

I am. But considering the latest nightmare
here, I'm desperate for extra cash,

and selling my car
is the only solution I can think of.

Honestly, Taylor, as much as I'd love
to get my hands on that baby,

it's just not anything I can afford.

Please, Ralph.
You have no idea how important this is.

Yeah, I get that.

All I got is nine grand.

I'll take it.


Here you go, Jackson.
This is a down payment.


I can't believe you sold your car.

Me neither.

It really doesn't feel like I had a choice.

I'm so glad you're home.

Wait, you're actually speaking to me?

Heather's dad said
the only reason the dairy's not closing

is 'cause you sold your car
to get money to buy fresh milk.

That's just a nasty rumor, right?

Well, I just took the bus home.
What does that tell you?

But you can't sell your car.
It's not right.

Just tell me what I can do to help.

Too late. You'd be better off putting
your time and energy into your party.

Sarah and those girls don't care about me.
All they wanted was my money.

Why would I even want to be a part
of their stupid party?

Especially if I lose what I have with you.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Maybe we can use the rest of
my party budget to help us out.


But, even with your 5000, we're
still 1000 short on the milk money.

I think I have an idea. Come on!

Since I haven't even worn it yet,
I'd like a full refund, please.


I had no idea doing the right thing
could be so painful.

- Hello?
- Bonjour, Courtney. it's Philippe.

I know it is last minute,
but I was wondering,

since we have this so-called
Dance of the Spotlight on Saturday,

would you like to have dinner and practice
with me tonight at the country club?

The Millers invited you to be their guest.

Uh, well, um...

See, Philippe, I actually
need to talk to you about that.

- Something is wrong?
- Very. I, uh...

As it turns out,
I'm not gonna be a part of the cotillion.

I, um... dropped out.

That is even more reason
for you to come with me.

If Saturday is not working, we'll create
our own spotlight to celebrate you tonight.

- Great.
- Bye.


It was so nice of you to invite me.
This is really fun.

It was all Philippe's idea.
He's quite taken with you, Courtney.

I'm blushing, aren't I?
How embarrassing is that?

- We should dance, no?
- We should dance, yes!

Will you excuse us?

As long as nobody's making me dance,
you're completely excused.

Wow. You really know
what you're doing.

I should. My parents
put me in lessons since I was ten.

Oh, no.

So it's true. Weston said
he thought he saw you here tonight.

Given your desperate cries of poverty,
I'm amazed you can afford dinner.

I'm a guest... of the Millers.
May I help you with something?

Speaking of guests,
it's only fair to tell you,

we left word for the people on your list
letting them know they're dis-invited.

It was Sarah's idea. It was the only way
we could make up the budget deficit.

In case you care, turns out we're gonna
end up with every single thing we wanted,

despite that you nearly
sabotaged the event.

We convinced our dads
to kick in the extra dollars

and all it cost us
was a half an hour of crocodile tears.

- You must be so proud.
- Crab legs, oyster bar, steak, lobster,

the balloon arch, the ice sculpture...

Seems like the only thing
that won't be there is... you.

- Try not to be too heartbroken, Sarah.
- I won't.

If you'll excuse us,
Philippe and I have a dance to finish.

Twirl me, Philippe.
Twirl me now.

Hey. Hi.
What are you doing here?

Judging by how you seemed buying the
milk, I thought you could use cheering up.

Come on in.

So, explain to me this.

If those are the kind of girls
involved in this... cotillion,

why you wanted to be part
of it in the first place?

Wow, Philippe.

I honestly wish I could tell you.

I guess because it all looked
so glamorous and cool when Taylor did it.

Maybe that's the problem.

I've spent so long trying to be my sister,
now I just need to be me.

- Did you make a speech?
- Yeah.

What did you say?

Well. you know . just the kind of things...

You know what's so crazy
about this whole ordeal?

It's sure given me
a new appreciation for my dad.

I'll bet.

The way he makes it all look so easy -

running the dairy,
taking care of me and Courtney...

He never even complains.

I sure wish he'd get home already.

Well, not right this second...

'cause then I wouldn't have
the nerve to do this.


How's it going, girls?

Great. We're getting the hang of this gig.

Well, that's good.

Uh, listen, I was wondering,
are you two busy tomorrow night?

Not anymore.

Keith and I are having a "we can't believe
we survived this awful week" party

and we'd love it if you could be there.

Sounds fun.

The dairy band's gonna play,
everybody's bringing food...

- We're happy to bring sodas and cups.
- Excellent. My place, 7 pm.


 She couldn't sing to save her soul
didn't know a thing on the keys

 She headed to the valley,
got a job at the creamery

 The girls made her welcome
and told her what to know

 About milk and cheese and real
ice cream, until the cows came home

 Now she's in the promised land
'cause she followed the beat of the band

Thank you.
Thank you.

Before we sing the next song, I just
wanted to say that, thanks to you all,

we're still in business.

And we couldn't have done it
without the amazing financial

and moral support of the Callum girls.


Some of you may not know this, but tonight
was supposed to be Courtney's cotillion.

Who cares?
I'd much rather be here with all of you!

Fair enough.

But after everything you've done, you
should get to have your Spotlight Dance.

- You ready?
- Yeah.


A-one, two, a-one, two, three.

Folks, folks!
Sorry to interrupt.

We've got an emergency.

I don't understand. How could all the
products we made this week be expired?

That's the point.
They're not.

Somewhere, the date stamp
was incorrectly set.

The first two accounts I stopped at tonight
refused delivery. Yogurt, cheese - all of it.

Couldn't you explain it was a mistake?

It's not that easy. Who is gonna wanna
buy something they think has gone bad?

Couldn't we put new lids on
with the right date?

Health Code regulations prohibit a product
from being sold once it's been resealed.

We'd have to start a whole new run from
scratch or lose at least 14 major accounts.

How could this have happened?

It was me.

The day when I was mad at you
about getting exiled from my party.

That's the date
I must have accidentally set.

Expiration date reset.

Today. The whole entire dairy
is gonna crash and burn because of me.

Whoa, whoa.

But we can salvage this, right?

What if we started the run right now?
We're all here. We could all pitch in.

Except for the fact that
we're almost out of milk again.

I could fix that.

- Dad, no. How can we afford it?
- We can't afford not to help.

If the dairy goes belly-up,
we lose their business and half our income.

So let's get moving.

Not so fast!

Even if everybody works, we don't have
the manpower for an all-inventory run.

We'd have to get
machines going double-time,

we'd need people unloading
and reloading the fleet of trucks....

Unless you've got
25 extra bodies, it's impossible.

He's right. Simply wanting
to make it happen is not enough.

Hold on. I know where
we can get more volunteers.

Get down to the dairy and get started.
Taylor and I will meet you there soon.

Let's go.

 I don't wanna grow up

 Don't wanna figure this out

 I know you set me up

 Don't want this dragging you down

 I don't wanna grow up

 Don't wanna figure this out

 I know you set me up

 Don't want this dragging you down
Don't want this dragging you down

 Don't want to figure out

 Don't wanna see you around

 One more time

- Sorry to interrupt. Can I borrow your mic?
- Yeah.

What do you think you're doing?
You're not welcome here.

I know.
But I'm desperate.

So what else is new?

Um... Hi.

You guys,
can you please listen a minute?

I know I have no right to ask this,
but my father's dairy is in horrible trouble.

If we don't get extra help, a lot of wonderful,
hardworking people will lose their jobs.

And we care... why?

- Because you should.
- Hmph.

Because we're all part
of the same community.

Look, until a few days ago...
I was just like all of you.

I didn't know, I didn't care.

But I've learned stuff.
Everybody in this room is so lucky.

And it's just an accident of birth. We have
no clue what most people are up against.

But it's not too late to learn.
It feels really good to help other people.

It's an amazing rush
to give something back.

That's good, because you know
what you can give back? The microphone!

Sarah, no! There's more to life
than balloon arches and ice sculptures.

- Give it back!
- No, give it back to me!

No! I want it now!
Sarah, give me the microphone!

The dessert parade!

Oh, créme brulée.

OK, everybody.
I need you to bring this in.


- OK.
- There's one.

All right.

All right, good job, guys.

I don't get it.
How could I have failed?

You didn't. You were awesome.
I would have followed you anywhere.

Because you're not a pathetic
Sarah clone. Did you see those zombies?

Inhale, exhale. Even without those losers,
there has to be a way we can get this done.

Where are your friends?

Lost in their own little worlds.

- So they're not coming?
- No.

It's over.

So what do we do now?

I'm afraid we have to send everyone home.
OK, guys. Shut it down.

Let's power down.

Did I hear this place
could use a little help?


You're here!
You're home!

With a whole group
of your friends to pitch in, too.

But you, with them... How?

I was on my trip, missing you two, realizing
where I really wanted to be was home,

so I came back.

When I went to look for you at the club,
this whole crew pounced on me.

After you left, we were all, like,
"Wow, what Courtney said was so right.

We have to get outside ourselves
and help people."

And then your sweet dad showed up,
so confused and out of the loop.

We gave him the headlines,
and here we are, reporting for duty.

- Let's get busy here.
- Let's get back to work.

Come on.

 Wake up every morning
from your alarm clock warning

 Take the 8:15 into the city

 There's a whistle up above
and people pushin'. people shovin'

 And the girls who try to look pretty

 And if your train's on time.
you can get to work by nine

 And start your slaving job
to get your pay

 If you ever get annoyed.
look at me. I'm self-employed

 I love to work at nothing all day

 And I'll be taking care of business.
every day

 Taking care of business.
every way

 I've been taking care of business.
it's all mine

 Taking care of business
and working overtime

 Work out

 Takin' care of business

 Takin' care of business.
my way. yeah

 Takin' care of business

Well, troops,
against all odds, we pulled this off.

I don't know how I'll ever
be able to thank you enough.

Tomorrow I'll figure out
how much damage Bob Fenwick did.

But tonight, I want you to know, as long as
I'm in business, every one of you has a job.

You're the best!

To my own Taylor and Courtney...

Thank you, girls...
from the bottom of my heart.

You really came through
when it mattered the most.


Now, before I send you all home
for a well-earned sleep,

I'm told there's still
one last thing we have to do, so...

Courtney, Philippe,

it's time for your spotlight dance.

 I believe you can shine

 If you have to grab the stars

 Right out of the sky

 Don't look back

 Close your eyes

 Sometimes you have to see it
from your heart to get it right

 Sooner or later
when the dust has cleared

 The sun comes out,
you're still here

 Look at what you've found

 Figure it out,
it's simple when you think about it

 Who you are inside

 Let it out

 Everything you wanna be
is coming around

 It's all good now

 It all works out

 You'll see it all

 Comes down

 To taking chances, living life

 Just in time to get it right

 Sooner or later
when the dust has cleared

 The sun comes out,
you're still here

 Look at what you've found

 It's all good now

How's it going?

Well, we'll survive.... barely.

- It's really that bad?
- Yep.

Money's gone. It's basically like
we're starting over.

I'm so sorry, Daddy. How could he
do that? You were his best friend!

Greed's a funny thing, girls.

Has a way of getting
the best of some people.

It's all so evil.

We're definitely in for some
serious belt-tightening around here.

No vacations, no more country clubs,
no shopping sprees.

It's gonna be OK.
We can do this.

For sure.

But we can still
buy new school shoes, right?

Just one pair each?


We'll see.

- OK...
- Be strong, Court.

- Yeah.
- Be strong.

It's OK.

- Thanks for breakfast.
- No girls this morning?

I snuck into their rooms
and shut off their alarms.

All things considered,
I figure they deserve a few days off.

I'm gonna grab my briefcase
and I'm outta here. Have a good day.


- Girls?
- Hey, Daddy.

Just the guy we were about to look for.

What are you doing?
I was gonna let you sleep in.

- Sleep in? No way.
- OK, what's going on?

- You're not gonna believe what we found.
- Not "we," "you."

I don't know how she does it,
but before we ever left the dairy,

Courtney got into Bob's computer
and retrieved his hard drive. Genius!

I found his plane reservations
for two to the Cayman Islands.

And I found out where he's staying.
Check this out.

- Live on streaming video!
- Oh, man!

I'm doing an auto save
so you can turn it over to the FBI.

Nice job, ladies.

I'm gonna call them
as soon as I get to work.

Wait! You can't go without us!
Just give us two seconds to change.

- Don't you want to get some sleep?
- Are you kidding?

If we're at the dairy,
that's eight hours we can't be at the mall.

That's a very good point. Let's go.

 Figure it out.
it's simple when you think about it

 Who you are inside

 Let it out

 Everything you wanna be
is coming around

 It's all good now

 I've been there

 Once or twice

 Wish that it were easy
to cruise through this life

 Movin' fast

 Sparks can fly

 Sometimes you go to pieces

 Just before you get it right

 Sooner or later
when the dust has cleared

 The sun comes out.
you're still here

 Look at what you've found

 Figure it out.
it's simple when you think about it

 Who you are inside

 Let it out

 Everything you wanna be
is coming around

 It's all good now

Special thanks to SergeiK.