The Cake Eaters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Cake Eaters script is here for all you fans of the Kristen Stewart movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Cake Eaters quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Cake Eaters Script

 I will write you letters 

 that explain
the way I'm thinking now 

 I, I will return
to you 

 what I have taken
long before 

 I, I will return again 

 when it gets dark
and day is done 

 and lay me down 

 in the hallowed ground 

 down by your side
I will stay 

 so lay me down 

 and if you want
to stay with me 

 then let me know
before it's light 

 I, I will recoil myself 

 into the black
and darkest night 

 and lay me down 

 in the hallowed ground 

 where my father awaits
I will stay 

 so lay me down 

Hello, you've reached
the Kimbrough house.

Please leave a message
after the beep,

and we'll get back to you.

 Down by your side
I will stay 

 so lay me down 

I think I'll go shredded wheat
from now on.

These make me too active
later on.

All right,

I'll pick up
some shredded wheat, then.

I see,
but there's bran flakes...


in the bowl.

You want them frosted?

Will you go
to the market today?


Frosted's good.

Georgia, please try
and hold still, honey.

Great. Hold that.

Hold that.

Morning, Marg.
- Hey, Judd.

just getting dressed.

They got
child pornography laws

in this state, you know.

Damn it,
she's just trying

to bring awareness
to the disease.

Oh, hell.

She's trying
to make a name for herself,

and you know it.

All right.

Here, I can do it.
- No.

Georgia, please,
just be patient, okay?

I don't...

There's my angel.

Hey, Nana.

Okay. Come on.

It's all right.

I'll get the wheelchair.

Mom, no.

Now, are you sure?

She's sure.


There you go.

Don't forget
to take your pills after lunch.

And don't feed them
to Kelsey anymore.


kill that poor dog.

Go back here?

Yeah, all the way down
on the end.


I don't even know
how to price these, Dad.

I don't know what they're worth.

You got me.

How's about we just ask them,

let them tell us
what they want to pay?

Check this out.

Yo, how much for the porn?



What, are you kidding me?
That's a fucking rip-off.

Yo, that's her.
Yo, check out this...

oh, for real, man.
Yo, yo, check this one out.

Yo, do you have, like,
a website

or something like that?

- Seriously, I'll check...

get the hell out of here.

What? We're talking.
- Right now.

Right here, gentlemen.

Hey, Bud!
- Bitch.

Now. Gone.
- Who's this guy?

What did you say?

- No, what did you say?

I am not saying anything,

Dude, forget it, man.
Let's just go.

I don't think
they're teaching manners anymore

at the schools.

I guess not.


how's business?

Pretty slow.

Now, what are you doing here,

We was just, um...

getting rid of stuff
we don't need anymore.


you must know Mr. Kimbrough.

He's the butcher.

I'm a vegetarian.

We like that.

This is my granddaughter,

I see that.
A granddaughter indeed.

And the hoverer,
my son Dwight.

And with his permission,
you can call him Beagle.

- Hey.

Nice to meet you.


Uh, I've seen you around.

You, uh...
you go to my school.

You go to Lincoln?

No, no. I, uh...

I work there
in the cafeteria.

I make your lunch.

If you want
to call it lunch.

Yeah, well, school food
gets a bad rap, I guess.

Hey, easy.


Could you keep an eye
on my booth for just a minute

while we take a little trip
to the ladies' room?

Not at all, ma'am.
- Thank you.

Actually, I'll volunteer
Beagle here to help you.

- Yeah.

Oh, okay.
- Yes. Sure, sure.

Thank you.

Just careful.


I got ya.
- Okay.

What's with
the women's clothes?

Oh, they're my mom's.

Where is she?


she's not, uh...

she's just, uh...


She died.


If you don't mind my asking,

who took those pictures?

My mom.


She's applying
for a Guggenheim.

Oh, yeah?

What's that?

Like, a grant.


Well, I liked them.


Here I am.


yeah, I probably shouldn't go
into the...

I'll take that.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Come on, girl. Come on.

If you don't mind,
we'll be just a minute.

All right.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.
- Sure.

I'll just wait out here
for you guys.

All right.

You should come over tonight.


Thanks for waiting.

Here we are. Oh!
- Yeah.

Oh, damn.
It looks like rain.

Lord, I swear
the only time this happens

is when I put the top down.

Will you all excuse me?

I'm just gonna run on
and get it.

Yeah, okay.
- Here we go.

I just need help
with my homework.

M-my hands get really tired
if I write for too long,

so I get people to help me.

Otherwise, I wouldn't ask,
you know?

So what's wrong
with you anyway?

I have Friedreich's Ataxia,

a neuromuscular disease.

Is that why you talk
kind of like you're drunk?

I do?
- I mean...

no, it's... I just...
it's slurred a little.

Oh, I get it all the time.

I-I just didn't know
what the...

I didn't know anything about it.

I didn't mean
to offend you or anything.

No, you didn't.

a genetic defect of some kind.

Are you gonna get better?


This is pretty much
as good as it's gonna get

until my heart gives out.

I wonder when that's gonna be.

Look, you don't have
to come over if you don't want.

I just...
- no, no.

I want... I want to come over.

- Yeah, yeah. Definitely.



Let's go!
Get it in gear!

What is he doing?

You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

All right.
I'll see you later.


The hell is that?

Who is that?

Is that...

I'll be goddamned.

What the hell are you doing
up there?

I didn't get the mail
till this morning.

I would have been here.
I-I've been on the road.

I know.

There's a hole
in Mom's sewing room.

I know.

What happened?

I had to put her
in the hospital.

Diabetes got real bad.

She wasn't walking.

High blood sugars, bedsores.

Had a heart attack
a week later.

It was
a real simple ceremony.

You know, we tried to call you
in New York.

Your number didn't work.

Couldn't get ahold of you,

I'm sorry, Bud.

It's been a long time.

You got a girl
down there in New York?

I haven't been in one place
long enough, Dad.

How about this,
three bachelors

under the same roof?

You don't have
a girl yet, Beag?


You still dip?

God, that used
to drive his mom nuts.

You remember that?

You're never gonna get a girl

unless you quit
that dip, Beagle.

Did I ask your opinion?

Lighten up.

Here, I thought you might
like to hear the new tunes.


thank you.


God damn it,
it's good to have you back.

Your mother would be
so proud of you.

Your food's getting cold,

Big stuff, kid.

The first round's
on the geezer.

No, no, Dad, it's my treat.
I'll get it.



Three ginnies.

I haven't seen you
since battle of the bands.


How you doing?

How 'bout you?
W-what are you doing?

Restoring old trucks
with my uncle.

Making bank on ebay.

Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.


You good here? This is...
- yeah, I'm good.

All right.

What are we, elephants?

To coming home.

What's going on, ladies?
How you doing?

Ladies, what'll you have?

I got to pee.



It's okay.

Do you want
to shoot some pool, Dad?

No, thanks.

Why don't I play some music?

Make it music.

Hey, guy.

 I heard your mockingbird
don't sing 


I thought
you were in New York.

I was.


How'd it go down there?

Ah, it went, uh,

pretty fast
and pretty slow.


Stacy, you seen, um...

uh, Stephanie lately?

She cuts my hair.

Ah, come on.


 it doesn't seem
you want to be my friend 

 why don't you open up
and let me in right now? 

 all for the best 

 I'm just doing my best 

 and I don't know
what I'm doing it for 

 I will knock on your door 

Where's brother?



You scared the shit out of me.

I'm sorry.

I'm... I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?


Aren't you gonna ask me in?


Why not?

Because I don't want to.

You're my friend.
- No, no.

No, you don't get to f...

I want to be with you.

You don't get
to just say that to me

after three years.

I know that I fucked up.

You asked me to marry you.
- And I meant it.

And then you took off
without even saying good-bye.

I'm here now.

good for you.

Okay, now, honey,

imagine the organs
in your body floating

in the different colors
I project on you, okay?

Green is the alchemy
of consciousness,

with its spiraling energy
and DNA.

Purple opens
the body's energies.

Yellow strengthens the nerves
and the brain.

It's a little bright, Mom.

It has to be
to have healing energy.

Silver removes diseases.





Are you expecting someone?

I'm sorry.
I tried the front door.

Come in.

Your name is Beagle?


- Hey, nice to meet you.



Uh, Georgia asked me
to come over

and take dictation for her.

I'm a little bit late, though.

Well, um, we're in the middle
of a treatment, so...


We're just finishing up,

It's okay.

But gold
is the most important one.

There's no point in doing it
if you skip the gold.

Mom, it's getting late.

I got to get my homework done.


You don't go to Lincoln,
do you?

Uh, no.
I work there.

Well, we've met
all of Georgia's teachers.

We've never met you before.

Yeah, I'm not a...
I-I'm more like a temp.

Oh. What subject?

Well, what difference
does it make?

It's dictation.

Come on.

why don't you help?

We'll be right down here
if you need us.

I got it.

There you go.

Close the door.


Cool room.


Come here.


Is that your, uh, homework?


Okay, just read it.


"What American poet wrote,

'hope is not found in a way out
but a way through'?"

Robert Frost.

Just write it right there?

"What poet wrote,
'hope is thing with feathers.

"'It perches in the soul

"'and sings the tune
without the words

and never stops at all'?"

Emily Dickinson.

"What famous poem did
Welsh writer Dylan Thomas pen?"

Do not go gentle
into that good night.



You can kiss me
if you want to.

Okay. Felt.

Gonna have
to start looking sharp.

Nobody made any money today,

so let's just take
a second look.

Whoa. What's up?

Oh, what the hell?

Coming, coming.

Why, easy.

What a surprise.

- Mm-hmm.


You started without me.

Hey, there's always something
to celebrate in my family.

How about celebrating this
in there?

Let's go.
- Ooh, ooh.

Straight ahead, now.
- Mmm.

You want to be helpful?
- Mm.

Slice up a couple
of these onions here.

Sir, yes, sir.


Can we have some
of those twice-baked potatoes?

- Mm.

You want to wait that long
for them to bake...


Once is fine.
Twice might kill me.

I don't think so.

Hey, ease.
- Hmm?

I want to ask you something.

Did you notice anything funny

about the way your son
was looking at my Georgia today?


No, ma'am.

That's just Beagle.

He's got absolutely no game
in that area, trust me.


It's time for your friend
to go home.

Oh, shit.

Come back tomorrow.


Yeah, we can go somewhere.


Honey, wrap it up.

I'll see you tomorrow.
- Great.


Now, I'll be sure
and call the school on Monday

and let them know what
a hardworking teacher they have

that comes
to his student's house

on a Saturday night
when he could be out

with some friends his own age.

Okay, bye.

Good night.

Hey. Morning, Buddy.


 The world's locked up
in your head 

 you've been pouring it
a concrete bed 

 your habits ossify 

 you don't realize
you're fried 

 to find someone
you love 

 you got to be someone
you love 

 to find someone
you love 

 you got to be someone
you love 

What do I smell?

I smell eggs.


my favorite thing.

And you know what?

You know
this man right here,

he will not allow me
to eat one egg.

It's because you're supposed
to be watching your cholesterol.

To cholesterol.

What have I got this morning?

My two boys in the same room
with me.

I'm eating eggs, Bud.

You gonna be able
to stick around for a while?

Yeah. I-I-I don't know.

I, um...

I'm kind of in between gigs.

Music thing's
not really working out.

Didn't you just tell us
that you made a record?

And we still got
to pay for it.

I think we sold,
like, 13 copies,

5 to my bass player's aunt.

Come on, you could...

I'm thinking
about bartending again, I guess.

You... you can always help out
in the shop.


Oh, no.

I don't believe it.
- What's wrong?

No, I don't...
oh, my God.


"Dear Miss Kaminski,

"we would be delighted
to publish your continued work

"on the Georgia
still life series,

"and you have been chosen

as the aperture foundation
portfolio pick."

That's me.

Are you serious?
- Yes.

That's incredible, baby.
That's what you wanted.

Yes, it is.
- Good.


You hear that, Georgia?

That's awesome, Mom.

It is, isn't it?

Oh, baby,
just think.

Someday your images
are gonna be hanging up

next to Sally Mann.

No, your image is.

No, god gave me
such a beautiful daughter,

and I want to show the world
how special you are.

Mama, do I have
to do this today?

I just really
don't feel like it.

Why not?

I love your photos.
It's not that. I just...

well, let's just get you
into this and take some...

baby, she don't want
to do it.

Well, how do you know that?

Okay, who's up
for a day of beauty?

I'm gonna go.
- Where are you going?

Nana's taking me
to get my hair cut.

Jesus! Georgia.
Are you okay?

You all right?

I got you.

You know what?

You're not going anywhere
without your wheelchair.

Mom, I don't need it yet.

you're covered in bruises.

I know that.

I'm the one who's dying,

It's not you.

What did you say?

I just don't need you
reminding me all the time.

Well, I just...

how did I get
to be the bad guy?

What are you thinking about,
my angel?



It's, like,
this huge deal, right?


I mean, but is it really?

No, it can be
very beautiful,

and it can be
very not beautiful.

How old were you
when you first...

when you lost it?

Georgia, where's this going?

I-I mean, I was 17 or...


Okay, I was 15,

and it was in an alley
behind my parents' house

in Upper St. Claire

with a boy named Johnny Yusef.

He was Russian,
very handsome.

I was drunk, so I don't remember
a whole lot about it.

In case you're getting
any ideas,

I suggest just...

wipe them from your mind.

Sugar, we don't have
such great luck in this family.


Hey, there, pork chop,
breakfast for you.

Hey, gorgeous.

Here we go.

There we go.

Would it be okay
if I just pop out

for a few minutes,
have a smoke, walk?

You okay?
- Yeah.

All right. Well...

all right.

So what are we gonna do today,

Trim the ends,
keep the length?

I want something radical,


Well, I can do radical sexy.

What's the special occasion?

I have a date.

You have a date?
Sweetie, that is so great.

Is he cute?

He's interesting.

Interesting, ooh.

Is it love?

I'm not really looking
to fall in love right now.

Well, why not?

There's nothing
like your first love.

Trust me.

I just want
to see what it's like.

What... uh, what are we
talking about here?

I want to lose it.

You want to lose... it?

Honey, that...

uh, that's...

that is something serious,
you know?

I mean, you only get one chance
for your first time.

It should be with someone
you're crazy in love with,

you know,
'cause you're gonna remember it

the rest of your life.

You should wait.

I don't really have
a lot of time to wait.

Easy, someone's here
to see you.


how about this
for a surprise, huh?

You know what you can do
for me, Vito?


I'll take care
of Miss Kaminski.

Why don't you run
across the street

and get us a couple subs
before they close?

But I ate.

So wh... yeah, well,
I could use some subs.


You got it?
All right.

You sure you don't want
to wait inside?

Yeah, I'll just...

all right, we're here.

You got it?

All right.

I'm the queen of stupid,

so one word:


All right?

You're gorgeous.
I'm a genius.


I j...

You hungry?

Oh, man.

You are a pain.

Doesn't anybody else feed you?

I'll get you something.

Well, some things
just get better with age,

and you're one of 'em.


Well, hello, rock star.

You like it?

Your mama's gonna kill me.

 Let me show you 


 that deep look
in your eye 

 makes me want to be 

 always by your side 

I haven't been
in here in a while.


still got the...
the bunk beds.

That's sweet.

What's that?

Oh, this is, uh...

it's your vinyl.

You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, I did.

I mean, I had to do something
with it, so...

I couldn't sell it.


This is so weird.

You drink bourbon now?

Got to do something.

Isn't that
kind of a grown-up drink?

- I'm not...

I wasn't gonna drink it.

Look at those new tattoos.

Look at me.


If you want me
to leave you alone,

you just tell me, okay?

I'm sorry.
- I know. I know.

 I got a feeling
something's headed my way 

 I don't know
when it'll get here 

 or how long it will stay 

 so I'll wait forever 

 for somebody
to find me here 

 soon we'll be together 

 I've been alone
for all these years 


Hey, uh,
he's not here, Dad.


What do you mean,
he's not here?

I don't know.

He was supposed
to help me this afternoon.

I'll come with you.

Put a shirt on.

Where are we going, Dad?

She's something special,
isn't she?


She won the blue ribbon
two years running at the 4-H.

Couldn't afford
to hang on to the place, so...

I guess we're gonna eat her.

 soon we'll be together 

 soon we'll be together 

 Soon we'll be together 

 I've been alone
for all these years 

They're not always this cute.

Don't look at me.
I'm not gonna kill her.

Where the hell have you been?

What have you got on?


You don't slaughter animals
in loafers, for christ's sake.


Did you forget you told me
you were gonna help me today?

Hey, Dad.

I saw you.


I saw you.

Saw me what?

With Georgia's grandmother
in the shop.

I saw you.

Yeah, she's there a lot.
- She's there a lot.

You screw her a lot?

That isn't
what you think it is.

Mom's been dead for a month!

I know how long
she's been dead,

for christ's sakes.

What did you do?
Did you...

you... you pick this lady up
on the way home

from Mom's funeral?

Just tell him, Dad.

Tell me what?

He's been seeing her
for years.

Well, then...

that's great.

I never, ever would have left
your mother.

Things happen,
and things change.

So, uh...

all this time that I was, uh,
cleaning up mom's piss

and filling out those HMO forms

because you "couldn't stand
to see her like that,"

you were off
fucking that old whore.

- Do I have that right, Dad?

Leave him alone.

Hey! Hey!
- Lay off him.

Guy, I don't want to hear it!

What the hell did I do, huh?


You did nothing.

You knew about this?

You didn't do anything?

What did you want me to do?

Oh, you fucking...

You left her here to die.

Now, what was so important
that you couldn't show up

not once in three years?


Hey, Georgia,
I didn't hear you come in.


Good god almighty,
look at you.

You look good.

It's crazy, right?
- Yeah, I like it, though.

You look good.
- Thanks.


Where's Mom?

She's upstairs
taking a nap.

Is she okay?


She's a little wound up.

Yeah, I know.

But she does
the best she can.

You know your mama.

Georgia, honey.

Holy shit.


what the hell did you do?


what did you do with your hair?

I cut it.

Uh, yeah, I can see that.

And Marg let you?

It's my hair.

And I... and where do you think
you're going right now?

I have a date tonight.

A date?

Beagle is picking me up.

Uh, no.
No, no, no, no.

Absolutely not.
- Why not?

Well, for starters,
he's too old for you.

He's a teacher at your school.

Actually, he just works
in the lunchroom.

Oh, so you lied to me?

He's really nice, Mom.

I'm sure he's nice.
He wants to get into your pants.

You so do not get this.

No, I get it.
Believe me.

Georgia, I get it.

I'm going.

Let me.

Fine, Georgia,
I'm not gonna stop you.


But you be back by 10:00,
or I'm calling the cops.

you need a ride home,

you let me know, okay?

Just step up on that.



That's for you.

Be right back.

You can hang on to that.


Anything happen to that girl,
I'm gonna kill you.


All right,
hold on to my waist.

What'd you do to your hair?

You don't like it?
- No, I love it.

So where we going?

Green Lake Resort.

 hey, maybe the time
just wasn't right 

I don't know what to do.
Do y...

Beagle did this.

He did?

It's not bad.

 Hey, when are you
gonna stand 

 and stop looking
over your shoulder 

 me with a head
full of words 

 and not
one useful expression 


 let go 

 we with holes
in our hearts 

 were whole at the start 

 our story began 

 we film ourselves
to the end 

 try to suspend 

 our lives in the dark 

 hey, when are you
gonna stand 

 and stop looking
over your shoulder 

 see, there's a sun
in the sky 

 and a moon that will take us
till morning 

Hey, this is...
this looks right.

All right.

Always smells like smoke
in the old smoking rooms.

Do you smoke?

No. Do you?
- No.

I kind of want to.

Want to sit down?

Well, hello, handsome.

What brings you by?


I, um...


- Bottoms up.


I can't do this anymore.

Do what?


Sneaking around.

I can't lie
to my boys anymore either.

Easy, a man's got a right
to his privacy.


I love you.

Honey, I love you too.


I love you big-time.

You've always been
my dream girl.

You've just been out of reach.

I-I don't want you
to be out of reach anymore.

I want you to do something
for me.


Marry me.

Oh, I should get it.


Mom, listen.
Georgia's gone.

I just... I let her get on
the back of a motorcycle

with some guy on some date,

and I don't know where
they're going; I don't know...

Honey, you did exactly
the same thing

when you were her age.

But, Mom, she's only 15.
I don't know what to do.

Okay. Now, who's the boy?

No, he's not a boy.
He's a... he's... he's 20.

His name... it was a dog name.

- Beagle?

Mom, I don't know what...
should I call the police or...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.

Don't call the police.

I think I know
how to find her now.

I'll call you
as soon as I know something.

You stay there
in case she comes home.

And, sugar,
just try to calm down.

Well, I don't think
that's gonna happen, but okay.

- What's going on?

Oh-ho. Oh, g...

Your white trash, low-life son
has kidnapped my Georgia.

Oh, come on. Beagle?
- Yes, Beagle.

He took her from her mother's
house without asking.

Took her...
- Oh, come on.

No, no... on a motorcycle
somewhere, God knows where.

Come on.
He wouldn't do anything wrong.

He's a good boy.

He's not a boy.
He is a man.

And he is not good enough
for my granddaughter.

Something kind of smells
like a farm.

Oh, um, yeah,
that's me, I think.

Um, do you want to maybe
take a shower first?


- Okay.

I take a pretty quick shower.
I'll just be a minute.


Hey, Red.
- Yeah.

Have you seen
a disabled girl, real pretty...

with a man on a motorcycle?

- Nothing?

Thank you.
- No problem.

It's a scooter, babe.

Offering our easy pay plan
on this item.

This can be
on its way to you today.

Again, it's item number

We're doing diamonds
all night long

during our diamond spectacular.

We're going to be showcasing...

You don't really work out,
do you?

I don't think I can do this.


Are you gay?

No. I...

I just... I think...

you don't want to have sex
with a freak, huh?

No. No.

I don't think
that you're a freak.

I think...

I like you a lot.

Look, I don't care
if you like me or not.

I just want to get this
over with.

Don't you think...

don't you think
this is a little bit fast?

I mean...



Just leave.


Why don't we both
just go, then?

What... what if I just got us
something to eat,

and we could hang out in here
and watch TV together and...

Just leave!


Damn it.

Are you okay?
- Yeah.


Right there.

Oh, my God.



Don't you remember
this place?

Oh. Okay.

Right, they had vibrating beds.


They certainly did.

That had to be 1986?

I j... I don't know. I...

first year or whatever.

First year.

Boy, you want to talk
about guilt.

It's funny how time works.

Look, easy, are...
are you coming or not?

I couldn't even be
in the same... room with her

those last few days,

couldn't stand to be
in the same room with her.

Beagle was there.

Beagle was there
every single day.

He did something I could...

never do.

He was with her
when she went out.

I couldn't do that.

Easy, losing people
is lousy.

Beagle... Beagle,

he's a hell of a man.

He's one hell of a man.

Tell you what.

Why don't we just wait out here
for a while, huh?

Back up the car.

Violet, it's me.
- Did you find her?

Yes, and she's fine,

and she's going to spend
the night.

Well, I just...

I don't... know what to do
with her anymore.

They don't come
with an owner's manual, do they?

You're doing fine.

You think so?


She's amazing.

She must get it
from somewhere.

Okay. Good night.


I'm sorry.


Hey, we got to go to school.



Do you mind turning around
while I change?

Oh. Yeah.

Of course.

 I wouldn't mind 

 If every day 

 was like the day 

 I had just yesterday 

 you and I 

 hanging on every kiss 

 on all of this 

 I wouldn't mind 

 if all of my nights 

 were like the nights 

 You held me so tight 

 your lips
so close, so close 

 on the back of my neck 

 little sounds,
little breaths 

 but these times 

 they just won't stand still 

 they slip away 

 and haunt me
until the next time 

 you take me in,
take me in again 

 and let me begin 

 I wouldn't mind... 

so I guess
I'll see you at lunch.


Anything special you want?



 If you're with me 

 how can I lose? 

 but these thoughts 

 are only just that 

 nice thoughts 

 nothing like facts 

 and the facts as they are 

 are harder to take 

 'cause there's a part of me 

 that's ready to break 


You okay?


You hungry?


What do you feel like?


- Okay.

Maybe some hard-boiled huevos.


Three beers, sir,
and three steaks.

He'll sit. You supply.
I'll cook.



Here you go, Dad.

Thank you, sir.

One... one of these turns on,
right, Beagle?

Which one?

Just turn the one
on the far right to the right.

It's easy.
- This?

Wait for it to click.
- Turn it to the right?

You've never used a stove
before in your life, have you?

That's to the left.
- There you go.

There you go.
You turned it to the left.

Well, this is right.
This is left.

You got
directionally confused.

It's going now.
What are we cooking, Dad?

Let's drink to Beagle.

To Beagle.
- Cheers.

- Cheers.

 who told the rain to end 

 parting with the day 

 evening come again 

 the bloom just opened 

 and now your arm
on the autumn wind 

 and every part
of all the blue 

 every star 

 with the feeling of you 

you'll fall through me 

 the shadow,
you will call to me 

 as shadows do 

 all of me
and all of you 



 something so calm again 

 falling with the breeze 

 hush of what we've done 

 the bloom now golden 

 now your arm
in the dark begins 

 and everything I do,
every star 

 with the feeling of you 

 now you'll follow me 

 as shadows do,
swallow me 

 as shadows do 

 all of me 

 in shadow too 



you'll fall through me 

 the shadow,
you swallow me 

 as shadows do 

 all of me 

 in shadow too 



 now you'll fall
through me 

 the shadow,
you will call to me 

 as shadows do 

 all of me 

 and all of you 



 all of me 

 and all of you 

 all of me 

 and all of you 



Special thanks to SergeiK.