The Cheetah Girls Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Cheetah Girls script is here for all you fans of the Disney Channel Original Movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Cheetah Girls quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Cheetah Girls Script

We can do anything

Just you and me.
Baby. Baby. Baby

Wait and see

Hold on. Sit tight

Are you ready for a crazy ride?

You're on your own. It ain't right

Something's gotta give tonight

So if you want to run.
Run and disappear

You and I can bust our way
right out of here

- Together we can
- Shoot the moon. Stop the rain

Even ride a hurricane
if we wanna

- Together we can
- Walk into space. Save the human race

Do you think we oughta. Oughta?

- Whoa-oh
- Together we can

Shoot the moon. Stop the rain

Even ride a hurricane
if we wanna

- Together we can
- Walk into space. Save the human race

Do you think we oughta. Oughta?

- If we take our time. We can have it all
- I don't think we're

- Gonna make it
- On our own

- Together we can
- Shoot the moon. Stop the rain.

Even ride a hurricane.
If we wanna

- Her foot's caught.
- Walk into space. Save the human race

Do you think we oughta. Oughta?

Walk into space.
Save the human race

Do you think we oughta. Oughta?

Together we can


So we had some technical difficulties.

I think it's a sign. Maybe we're not ready
for the talent show audition tomorrow.

Chanel, listen to me. You finally hit
that high C in the second chorus.

Chanel, listen to me. You finally hit
that high C in the second chorus.

Never happened before.
I think that's a sign that we're ready.

I did?

I did, huh?

And we hung in there like pros.
Aqua, barefoot and hungry,

you kept our harmonies tight.

Well, y'all know how you do it in Texas.
Always ride with your spurs on, girls.

And Do-re-mi, you're sore now,

but you gave 110 per cent to our fans.
How you feelin'?

It was fun. And the bruises -
they're not that bad.

Right. Now, if there is
one person who doubts

that we can be the first freshmen to win
the Manhattan Magnet School talent show,

speak now, or forever hold your peace.

You know what? I take a whackin'
and keep on smackin'.

Now, I am gonna be a star.

Do I have to be solo, or are you
Cheetahs ready to hit it big time?


OK, so lights out by 9:30.

I have lessons at the Youth Center,
and tons of homework.

If I miss this bus, I'm gonna be
officially late for school tomorrow.

Lessons? You need to rest those legs.

- But...
- Let the girl take her lessons.

Fine. Then I'll email you
what we're gonna wear.

No. Because my computer
is still down.

Just give it to me tomorrow.
I'll see you guys later.

See, I'm still back in action.
See ya later. Bye.

That girl is always on the move.

Wait, taxi! It's called having a life,
and I've got one, too.

My trig class at NYU
starts in ten minutes.


You've been here for six months and
you're still scared to ride the subway?

Look, I told my daddy
I would live in New York.

I never said anything about
under New York.

It's dark and dirty and there are
mole people down there.

Girl, whatever.
Learn this, Einsteinette.

But you do have to get the door yourself,
you know.

- Remember me.
- Thank you.


Princess High
of the land of Maintenance.

Hey, she makes me giggle,
and she does have the lungs of life.

Girl, it's so hard working with four girls.

I mean, it was so much easier when it
was just you and me. Divas in diapers.

But you know, Drinka was right.
We needed that backup, you know?

Now that we got Aqua and Do, girl,
we look and sound like a real girl group.

But what about tomorrow? I am not trying
to get crunched like corn chips. Believe it.

Listen, we have what it takes.
Now all we need is the attitude.

And when you get wobbly, think about the
dream. We could be grabbin' Grammys.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.

- I love you in the back row.
- Thank you.

We'll be jugglin'
the hottest producers -

Rodney Jerkins, Babyface,
Jackal Johnson.

Yeah, and all the hot designers
are callin' us.

They're like "Sorry, Dolce, I have
Gabbana on the other line."

"Please hold on."
Chuchie, it's Gucci. Get Tom Ford.

Oh, no, I wear Prada or nada. Mama.


Please believe it. Girl, you promise me
that when we get rich,

we're gonna buy a huge penthouse
apartment, just you and me?

- Friends forever?
- Forever.

Come on, let's go.

Hold up. There's Scherezade.
That's Jackal Johnson's new girl.

I love her. That's my video, girl.
She be like...

Work it, girl.

Come on, girl.

Come on.

Yeah, come on.

That's right.


- I'll take that.
- Yeah.

You know we can work it.

Thank you. Thank you.

You will be seeing our faces in these
windows very soon, watch out for...

Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.
Toto. I forgot about Toto.

Mom and Dad's gonna kill me.
Come on, let's go.

Yeah, Sally, everything's great.
Oh, Sandy, yes.

Your ensemble's absolutely fabulous.
You're going to love it.

The prodigal daughter has returned. Bye.

Mom, I am so sorry I'm late.

Oh, don't apologise to me.
I think you should talk to Toto.

I can take myself to the bathroom,
thank you.

Oh, I'm so sorry, pastamuffin.

I promise, it'll never
happen again, OK? Oh.

This is the last time
I'm gonna do your chores.

Mom, I know I have been really busy,

but the talent show's
auditions are tomorrow.

- I promise you, it's gonna pay off.
- Pay?

That's exactly what I wanted to
talk to you about. Constellation Jones?

When were you going to tell me that
she wanted to reschedule her fitting?

- I didn't tell you about that one?
- No.

I thought I wrote it down, Mom.
Wait, let me check in the pad.

Um, yeah.
"Constellation will miss Saturday."

"Call her back, she can chat today."

Oh. Right.

I did this one as the Jamaican vibe
I was feelin' for the girls. Check it, see...

Constellation will miss Saturday.

Call her back, she can chat today.

Bomp-bomp, kitty kitty. Oh, go, mama, go.
Chat-chat, kitty kitty, boop-boop...

So that's your excuse?

For making me look flaky
in front of one of my best customers?

Comin' up with this,
what, cheetah chatter?

- La donna č mobile...
- Papa!

- I need you to help me.
- Help you? I tell you what needs help.

My chicken piccata's ready for
the capers I asked you to bring home.

Capers... right. My bad.

Do me a favour, bring this pretty head
of yours down from the clouds and use it.

I am using my head,
and once my plan jumps off,

you'll be swimming
up to your ears in capers.

And what plan might that be?

You know what?
I think that I better have a seat

because this is going to be a very
long story. Don't you think so, Papa?

OK. First prize for the talent show -
time in a real recording studio.

Where I can make a demo like a pro,
so I can put it in some big willie's hands

and it'll be ka-ching, ka-ching,
bling bling bling...

I thought it was "bling bling".
Now it's three blings?

Fame and fortune just like that, huh?

Mom, Monique Twig, Electra Breeze -
all talent show winners, all platinum.

And Jackal Johnson. He went to
Manhattan Magnet, way back in the 90s.

- Back before the Internet and all that.
- Mom, he's not that old.

But listen, the Cheetah Girls
are first in line to win this thing.

And when we do, we will be needing
buckets to bring in the ducats

when it comes raining down.
And then I will cover you in ice,

and we'll have "yes, sir" and "no, sir"
butlers and maids.

- How do you like that plan?
- I love your plan, sweetheart.

And your plans and your dreams
are very important to us.

But before we can get to
maids and butlers and ice,

we have to get to some responsibility.
So, here's my plan.

That you focus on real life
and real chores, real, real soon.

I promise I will get it together. Promise.

Come on, Caper.
Daddy needs totos.


See ya.

What is this?
What's she trying to...

Ma, looking for something?

Found it, huh? The bomb top
to wear to dinner tonight.

Ma, don't say "bomb". It's out.
Say "tight".

Tight. Tight.

As in "That top is too tight
for anybody's mom to wear."

It was cold.
But the Cheetah Girls, Ma...

- Ooh, now it's working.
...were off the hook.

Ma, what about this?

It's cheetahlicious. Yeah.

Now this is tight, huh? You're gonna
be my daughter the fashion buyer.

No, Ma. I'm gonna be your daughter
the Cheetah Girl, remember?

Did you say somethin', mija?

Yeah, I said..."So, another date
with that French guy?"

Excuse me, but Luc is not just
"that French guy".

How would you like it if people called you
"the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican..."

- They do. That's who I am.
- No.

I taught you that what matters
is what's inside.

And deep inside, Luc is...

very, very...


I'm just joking.

There he is. OK, my baby,
you're gonna lock up, OK? And let's see.

Pucci is staying at your dad's, so you don't
have to worry about him at all. OK? And...

I know I'm forgetting something,
I know...

- Ma? Ma? You might want that.
- Baby, you are my angel. Come here.

- Mommy...
- I'm on celly, jelly.

- OK. Mommy, I want to talk to you...
- We'll be back later, OK?

- Ma. Ma!
- I'm so late.

I love ya.

By the way, Ma,

I hit a high C today
with the Cheetah Girls.

Cheetah Girls

Could ever be

Made mistakes before

But I know I'm not perfect
It's OK cos...

- Bueno?
- Hey, Chuchie. Madrina still not home?

Nope. I guess Mr Tycoon
flew her to Paris for dinner.

I'm still here for you, Chuchie,
you know that.

- Thanks, Bubbles.
- No problem. Hey, girl, listen to this.

I made mistakes before

But I know I'm not perfect

It's OK cos who could...

Hey, Toto, do you like that one?
Guess what, Chuchie? Toto likes it.

Is it gonna be a hit, Toto?
All right, he thinks it's a hit.

Go Cheetahs, go Toto.

Win the talent show,
we goin' straight to the top.

Yeah, let's get through
the tryouts first, a'ight?

As long as I give my best

It don't matter what no one says

Cos down in my heart
I got the power to make it all happen...

Hey, Chanel, how did that test go?

Are you guys sure that the Louisiana
Purchase had nothing to do with gumbo?

Chuchie, you can't drop your grades now.
I'm calling a Cheetah study session.

It's OK. I'll walk you through
the history of her story

and you can walk me
through your closet.


- Cheetah.
- Crikey, Mackerel.

We've spotted the wild Cheetah Girls
doin' their secret girl handshake.

What would they do if they were, say,
the Elephant Girls?

Basta pasta, Derek. You too, Mackerel.
You know, we call ourselves the Cheetahs

because the cheetah is the fastest, fiercest
feline in the jungle. Let's bounce, girls.

I'm trying to keep it
Lite FM with you, Derek. OK?

I'm saving my energy for
the talent show, remember?

Or are you throwing in the towel
cos you know you're gonna lose?

See, that's what I need
to talk to you about.

See, your little project
auditions at 3:15, right?

We're at 3:30. Can we switch times?

Our setup takes time.
We use real instruments.

And help you? I don't think so.

I have an orthodontist's appointment
and my mom's gonna freak if I'm late.

Let 'em take the spot. I have to meet
with Mrs Almanac about my history test.

You know what? I'm not very
comfortable with change.

- But how's everybody else?
- It's cutting a little tight for me, but...

- Where do you always have to go, Do?
- Nowhere. Don't worry, I'm fine.

OK, Hambone. Whatever.

Just know that you can audition
five times, but you're still gonna lose.

Keep believin', freshman.
I respect that.

But you know you're still my boo.

She likes you.

He's trying so hard not to like you.

And I think now would be
the proper time to point out

that he is extra-specially cheetahlicious.

It's a trick, you guys. Every time he bats
those long eyelashes of his,

it's just a way to bring down the hammer
on our success. Don't fall for it.

He even makes really embarrassing
things look really, really cute.

And he wants you to be his boo.

He's gonna be cryin' "boohoo"
when we win the talent show.


Let's get out of here.

May the growl power of all the fabulous
divas who came before us be with us now.

May we use our hearts,
our brains and our courage

to reach our cheetahlicious potential.

Right here, right now.

Ready, girls?

- Cheetah!
- Let's do this.

OK, here we go.

OK. Be quiet.

Here, push this one.

When I was just a little girl

My mama used to tuck me into bed

And she'd read me a story

It always was about
a princess in distress

And how a guy would save her

And end up with the glory

I'd lie in bed and think about

The person that I wanted to be

Then one day I realised

The fairy-tale life wasn't for me

I don't wanna be like Cinderella

Sittin' in a dark. Cold. Dusty cellar

Waiting for somebody

To come and set me free

I don't wanna be like someone waiting

For a handsome prince
to come and save me

Oh. I will survive
I know somebody's on my side

Don't wanna be no. No. No one else

I'd rather rescue myself

I can slay my own dragons

I can dream my own dreams

My knight in shining armour

Is me

So I'm gonna set me free

I don't wanna be like Cinderella

Sittin' in a dark. Cold. Dusty cellar

Waitin' for somebody

To come and set me free

I don't wanna be like someone waiting

For a handsome prince
to come and save me

Oh. I will survive
I know somebody's on my side

I don't wanna be like Cinderella

Sittin' in a dark. Cold. Dusty cellar

Waitin' for somebody

To come and set me free

I don't wanna be like someone waiting

For a handsome prince
to come and save me

Oh. I will survive
I know somebody's on my side

Don't wanna be no. No. No one else

I'd rather rescue myself

So, Drinka, what do you think?

Drinka? Drinka, you still there? Drinka?

- Drinka, were we that bad?
- Yeah.

- Tell them. They can take it.
- I'm all right.

I will survive.

It's just that...

when I see you girls,
I see myself.

I mean, not now as a lowly high-school art
teacher, but as Drinka Champagne, 1977.

I had a hit.

- Champagne bubbles of love
- Sing it, girl.

You're the only one
I been dreamin' of...

Drinka... You gotta slow down
the disco fever, Drinka.

You know what? When I see you girls,
I see, like, little Drinka clones.

Galleria, when I look at you,

I see a biracial,
hip-hoppin' version of me.

And Chanel, when I look at you, honey,

I see a hot, Latin, spicy version of me.

And Aqua, when I look at you,

I see myself as if I was from
the sassy South.

And Dorinda, when I see you,
I see you as if I was...

If you were what? Go ahead and say it.
Everyone else does.

"Dorinda's like me
if I was shrimpy and White."

If I was able to dance.

Drinka, we just want to know, are we in?

Oh, yes, honey. You are in.

But, Drinka, like, do we actually
have a chance of winning?

Oh. Yes. And I'll work with you,
just like I worked with Electra Breeze.

Or maybe I'll work with 'em.

Jackal Johnson? You're here?

Jackal Johnson.
My most famous student.

Well, how you doin'? You look
fabulous. What are you doin' here?

I see that talent show banner outside,
and I wanna be back walkin' these halls.

- I still keep my hand in the community.
- The Jackal keeps it real.

And I haven't seen this much talent
on that stage since my graduation.

Well, you know, the Cheetahs,
they're my latest project.

You always could spot talent, Drinka.

And now I'd like to talk to you ladies
about the next step in your career.

- Jackal Johnson wants to work with us.
- You see,

I'm lookin' for the next big thing.

And I think that thing
might just have spots.

Let's get down there.

We have spots. We have spots.

Jackal, when you're ready
to talk dollars and cents, my card.

- Cheetah Girls' manager, Kid Salsa.
- Pucci!

Chanel, get your brother out of here.

Hello, Jackal Johnson.
I'm Galleria Garibaldi.

I'm the founder of the Cheetah Girls.
I also wrote "Cinderella",

which I hope to record for you
in the near future.

Excellent. Excellent.

So let's set something up.

Hold on.

I am Dorothea Garibaldi, and there must
be some misunderstanding here.

You see, singing is just some, like,
fun side thing for our girls.

- They're not professionals.
- Mom! Mom. This is Jackal Johnson.

He's one of the biggest
record producers of my time, Mother.

Let's see, now.

Eight Grammys, $ 20 million label deal,
multi-picture movie deal,

four houses, seven cars,
and you're allergic to dogs.

- Nice work.
- I read.

- Nice to have met you, Mr...
- Jackal Johnson.

Yes, Jackal Johnson.
Yes, of course.

Girls, come on. I'm gonna take us all
out to eat, OK? Get your stuff. Come on.

Jackal Johnson. But...

Listen. Just in case, there's my card.
Your mom's no joke.

No. None. Never.

Bye, Mr Johnson.

Thanks for droppin' me off.
I just... I live right here.

- Oh, good. Watch the cars.
- OK. Bye-bye.

Lovely girl.

Dorinda seems like a real nice girl.
What are her parents like?

The only thing we know
is she has a little sister.

Her parents aren't always
up in her thing.

They trust her.

You got in the talent show. Don't spoil this
day because you didn't get all you wanted.

At this rate, you're headed
straight to your room.

Mama, Jackal liked my song.
That was our big chance.

- Didn't you think we were talented?
- Of course, sweetheart.

You're incredibly talented.
You know I think that.

You'll be just as talented after college.

Mama, one CD and I can pay for college,
Ma. 50 times over.

Then you would not have the time to study,
you wouldn't have the grades to get in,

and that, my dear,
is what you call a paradox.

Some colleges don't even look at grades.
Some people don't even go to college.

- Franco?
- Galleria, you're not helping yourself here.

Papa, tell her I'm not a knucklehead.
Tell her I'm not a pazza.

- "Tell her?"
- You're not a pazza.

But you know what? You have to
listen to your mother's advice.

Now, listen. The bottom line is,
Galleria, you are too young.

Now, I've been there,
and I know what it's like

when a young girl gets under pressure
and cannot handle it.

Silly people do silly things, Mom.
I get good grades.

I spend more time on my homework
than I do my hair.

I set my mind to something, and I almost
get there, and you just stand in my way.

What's the good of eating your
vegetables if you can't have dessert?

Strong bones and teeth.

Ma, it's not fair that
we don't get to talk to Jackal.

Honey, I think Dorothea's instincts
are right on this one, OK?

I mean, you don't need to be
working with this Jackal.

All that platinum and those
heavy chains. It's tacky.

Ma, it doesn't matter how he dresses.

He's not like the men from Paris.
I mean, Luc... Oh! He is always on...

Ma, can you not talk about Luc for one
second? I'm really upset here. Really.

And I know what's gonna cheer you up.

You gonna talk to Madrina
and tell her to change her mind?


Shopping. You and me shopping.

- OK. And then you'll talk to Madrina?
- Yes. Yes.

- Now, I have to ask you.
- What?

What do you think about Paris?

- What, Luc wants you to visit?
- Mm-hm.

To visit and... to live...

Whoa! What?

Hello? Hold on, Bubbles.
To live?

- Promise me you'll think about it.
- Oh, I'll think about it, all right.

Oh, my God, Bubbles,
thank goodness it's you. My life is over.

She won't even let me call Jackal.

She used every excuse in the book
to ruin our lives. Well, you know what?

This isn't over. OK?
I am not dropping all of our hard work.

Juanita is trying to move
to Paris with Mr Tycoon.

Didn't they see us tonight? Don't they
know that our futures are right here?

- Bella. Let the girl call the producer.
- No.

None of those tricks. You bat those
long eyelashes, and I say yes every time.

No, Franco, she's too young.

I have made so many
mistakes in my life,

and I'm determined not to have our
daughter make the same mistakes I did.

She's not going to make the same
mistakes. She will make her own.

- That's how she'll learn.
- But what if her dreams fall apart?

If she's older, she might be more...

More... ready.

Cara. No one is ever ready
for their dreams to fall apart.

But when she's older, we're not going to be
there to help her put them back together.

It's sick. She dangled a shopping trip
in my face, and then lowered the boom.

Well, you know what?
Tell her no chance, no dance.

No, wait. Take the shopping trip first,
then tell her.

- Galleria?
- Wait a second. Hold on.

Your mother and I...

Girl, hold on.
Somethin' about to happen. Hold on.

Your father thinks that this would be
a good experience for you,

so you can go on and call
that record producer person.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you so much.

- But there are conditions.
- I'd better sit down for this one.

First, I will be going
to the meeting with you.

Second, if I don't like what's going on
there, we are out. Number three...

And number three,
she promises to keep an open mind.

Chuchie, they're gonna
let me call Jackal.

- Dad comes through for me again.
- Wow.

We're gonna have our penthouse soon.

Oh, today has been
just so Cheetah-crazy.

Yeah. You were definitely
a little loco tonight.

Since when are you
the founder of the Cheetah Girls?

- What?
- Yeah, that's what you told Jackal.

You were all "I wrote the song 'Cinderella'
and I'm the founder of the Cheetah Girls."

- Yadda, yadda, yadda.
- You know I didn't mean it that way.

I was just tryin' to get in there
before my mom does.

And you know I will do
whatever's clever

to keep the Cheetah Girls on the prowl.

Yes. Thank you very much.

Yes, we will be awaiting your call.

Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

Well, she's gonna call us back for a time
on Friday so we can meet Jackal Johnson.

- Oh, yeah, I knew it.
- Cheetah power.

It's all over the school
about your 15 minutes of Jackal fame.

Well, you know, we're very fortunate.

Yeah, while you guys were
crossing paths with Jackal Johnson,

we rushed to a lecture
with the great Wynton Marsalis.

Actually, we couldn't afford tickets, so
we drank mochaccinos across the street.

- Well, I had hot chocolate...
- Wynton came in.

He sat two tables down,
and we exchanged ideas.

No, no, no, man.
You handed him a sugar packet.

Busted. You didn't even
buy the man a coffee?

- Hey, Cheetahs.
- Hey.

Can you guys come by
the newspaper office for an interview?

The Jackal story is front page.

Oh, sure, we are always down
for a photo op.

My man handed Marsalis a sugar packet.
We ain't gonna get no ink?

- Bye.
- He is just so fine.

- Are you crazy?
- Huh?

You know what? If he can't respect
my art, he can't have my heart.

- Whatever.
- Lurk, Momma.

We got front page on the magazine.

- Wait, wait, wait. Hold that down.
- Yeah, Cheetah.

- Hey!
- What?

Now that we're stars,
we need to start acting like it.

And how's that?

Well, stars don't talk
with their mouth full.

And they don't carry bottles of
Hot Papa Sauce in their purses.

Read the label.
Stars that know good food do.

I love New York, but y'all don't know
nothin' about spicin' up no food.

I have to take a little bit of Southern
with me everywhere I go.

Well, Aqua, I have a problem
with your table manners.

You better stash the sauce
next time we see Jackal.

She took my... she...
But she took my hot sauce.

You guys, she's right.
Looks do count.

- I got something on my face? Where?
- Oh, shoot. A little.

"Closed on Saturday"?

We rented the space to the Gold Medal
Crew video people for their auditions.

But I need credit for those hours.
How am I supposed to pay for my lessons?

Help me run the auditions.
I'll credit you for two weeks of lessons.

- Really?
- Yeah.


Hands up if you know
that you're a star

You better stand up
if you know just who you are

Never give up. Never come too far

Girl power. Girl power

How do you like that, Toto?

I like it, too.

It's going to be our demo.

I'm ready for Jackal.
Hope everybody else is.

Hello, Def Duck Records.
May I help you?

- Yo, what time is it?
- A quarter past time to be on time.

Where is she?

You know, if Dorinda is sitting there in
the same clothes she wears every day,

I think I'm gonna scream.

Do you want to walk?

Always wear comfortable shoes and put
the heels in a bag. Slip 'em on before.

- I've always told you that.
- Right, Mom, right.

There they are. My Cheetah Girls.


Galleria's running
a little late, Mr Johnson.

Number one - Mr Johnson's
my father. Call me Jackal.

If this Jackal guy wants just one penny of
you guys' money, he's not the real thing.

Mom, we...

I know these impresario types.
The head of my modelling agency was...

We are just lucky to be in
the same room with Jackal, Mom.

Please don't mama to death. Please.


Let me give you
one more piece of advice.

Make the meeting.
Soak your feet later.

Mom, wait up.

Girls, what do you say we
take a tour of your new home,

while we wait for the other divette
to make her entrance?

Mom! Could you please slow down?
I don't want to have sweat.

- That's a bad first impression for Jackal.
- It's business, darling.

I know it's business, Mom. Could you
please slow down? I don't want...

Excuse me, sir.

Please, Mom, please?

I am all about the South.

Spend every summer on my
grandfather's place in Dallas.

- Ooh, there he is.
- Don't mess with Texas.

Jackal Johnson,
I am so sorry that I'm late.

- You should've seen the traffic.
- Yes.

- Can I talk to you for a second?
- I'm sure this can wait.

This is Jackal Johnson.
I'm sure he's a very busy man.

I just hope I haven't missed anything.

Nope. Smells like you
brought it with you.

That's a good one.


- It's OK now, Bubbles.
- It's not OK, Chuchie.

This is the most spectacular meeting
of our entire career,

and I walk in this room, and I make
fudgey feet all over the floor?

He's never gonna work with us now.

Galleria, Cheetah Girls
are four people.

I know, I know. But I got to pull it
together. Enough of this puff'n'stuff.

It's showtime, baby. When it boils down,
that's what being a leader is all about.

Thanks for having my back, Chuchie.
You're the one.

Hey, come on over here,
my little poop tracker.

You all good again?

Yeah, I'm fine.

So I guess now we need to
get down to business.

Well, the deal's done.

Aqua here pulled out a bottle of
Hot Papa Hot Sauce, and I was sold.

Well, really?
Aqua, what can I say?


Well, I brought a CD of our song,

and I just want you to listen to it.
My dog Toto says it's a hit.

Really? Oh, that's nice.

And I've got some contracts here for
the mama Cheetah. Standard agreement.

Standard revisions. And then when
I get my lawyer in on this...

Mom. Mom. Mom...

Well... what? Sorry.

Okey-dokey. Well, here's my checklist.

Number one - record a bumping demo.

Number two - have the record people
fall in love with it.

And three - make millions.

- So, who's down with that?
- Oh, yeah.

And how long will it take
to make this bumping demo?

We don't wanna pull
the girls out of school, right?

- You're right.
- So, uh... Schedule.


Let me see.
OK, here's what I'm thinking.

Learn the song Tuesday. Run it
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night.

Rest up, come back in on Saturday,
lay down some tracks.

Less than a week?
These girls need more than one week...

- Mama, no, we don't.
- And then they have to...

- They have to tweak it...
- Mom, no.

Well, you've got to grab each voice, and
then digitise it in real time. It's a lot to do.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Down, down, Mama Cheetah.

This is just one teensy-weensy little
demo. It's not a soundtrack album.

All I need is one clean take, and then
the bells and whistles happen right here.

So... Saturday?

- Oh! Our school talent show.
- Don't even worry about that.

- We'll be here.
- That's what I like to hear.

Fresh! Bam!
Off the Cheetah-meter.

Yeah, and now the talent show's
down the drain.

Hey, don't worry about it.
Drinka will understand.

I hope you all know you're not singing
a note until my lawyer looks over this.

Mom, things were different
back in your day, OK?

If Jackal says we're ready,
then we must be ready.

My day, your day -
a snake is still a snake.

Where she gettin' them glasses from?

Where she gettin' them glasses from?

This week has been crazy, Julia.

But I promise you will get your time
with the Cheetah Girls.

We trust you'll get our story right, but I will
need photo sign-off. You understand.

And I promise you will be short-listed
as soon as the movie deal comes along.

- "Movie"?
- And it will.

I'll sign this for you later.

That's what he said. Jackal is...

- Would you sign this?
- Yeah.

He just cracked me up. I know. Jackal
does that all the time. It's so annoying.

And the caller ID beeped, and guess...
Where you going? Sit back down.

Sit back down. Sit back down.

And the caller ID beeped, and guess
who it was? It was Jackal! It was Jackal!

Wait. Come back.
I was telling you... Is it over?

- Yo, what's the story?
- It's not our story.

It's Galleria's. And it's written
all over the walls.

"Sick of Cheetah?
Click on ChompCheetah. Com"?

We have a bashing site?

Yo, it's really kind of funny
how people are so jealous.

Jealous? You don't even get it.
Galleria's over the top.

Look, I know she's tough, but she believes
in what we're doing, and you gotta...

Yeah, save it for your book, Chanel.
We live here, and we go to school here.

She's making it really hard
to wear Cheetah spots.

Look, all I'm saying is
someone needs to talk to her.

And when I say "somebody"
I mean you.

I will.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to her.

When the time is right,
I'll talk to her.

...and then I was like "Dude, relax."
And he's all...

And I fed him some worms, is all.
We don't really hang out much any more.

Anyway, uh, and before I go,
I just want to say my mother...

Rick, you only get three minutes.
Always leave them laughing.

All right, girls,
let's get this rehearsal started.

Actually, Drinka, I would like to
rehearse our new song first.

No. Honey, you got to boogie-oogie-oogie
through the number for your talent show.

Oh. Drinka, you know we met
with Jackal on Monday, right?

I heard it through the grapevine.

Well, he wants us to record
our new song on Saturday.

You're not doing the talent show?

Well, you know, I'm gonna
try my best to be there.

But, hey, you know how
these things go, Drinka.

No, I don't know. Why don't you
tell me how they go?

Wait a second. Drinka, I thought
you would be happy for us.

I mean, you're the one who
hooked us up in the first place.

Jackal is just here, you know,
to get our stuff out.

It's kind of like we already won
the talent show, isn't it? Right?

No. Not really.
But you don't know that.

Opportunity's knocking, Drinka.

And I think you know better than I that
once it's gone, you just can't get it back.

Right, right.

You know what?

All I have is this school,

you kids, and my word.

And, sweetie,
I always keep my word.

Come on, boys, you're up.

Yo, Galleria, that was really harsh.

Fine. Then you call Jackal.

"Jackal, we can't do the tour
because we've got a talent show."

Well, are we going to do it or not?
Because I've got somewhere to be.

Then go on, Dorinda.
We're gonna be doing music anyway,

so, since you mostly dance...

You know what? You're right.
That is what I mostly do.

Ugh. Whatever.

Oh, girl, wait. I got you something.
Wait a second, Dorinda. Look at this.

I got you these cute
little clippings of outfits,

which you could probably put together

and hook it up for the next time
we see Jackal.

Hey, Do.

Take it. Because it's not optional.

And, uh...

where exactly are you gonna go get your
personality makeover? Because I forgot...

Hold it down with the whack attack, Do.
We love you. OK?

We just don't want you to look torn up
and chanky next time you see Jackal.

- Torn up?
- Yeah.

How about this for torn up?

Whoa. Some people just don't know
how they're coming off to others.

She'll thank me in the long run.


Miss Chanel?

The time is now.

All right, let's take it from the top.
Remember, it's supposed to be fun.

Like a day at the park. So let me see
lots of smiles, lots of energy.

All right. Let me get the first group.
Come on, here we go.

- All right, pick it up.
- Don't lose your spot.

That's good.

Come on.

Don't get lost.
Keep up with it.

- Ha!
- Ooh, yes.

That's what I'm talking about. Keep it
clean, keep it short. Have some fun.

- Hit it.
- That's nice. Harder. Hit it. Hit it.

All right. Yeah, there we go.
Watch her. She's got it.

One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, jump. Get up.

Yeah, OK. Next group, come on.

Watch that elbow.

Pick it up. Come on, you guys.
Come on.

- What's the name of that dancer?
- That's Dorinda. Yeah.

She's pretty good.
I like what I'm seeing. OK.

Pick it up. All right.

That's good. Let's stop a minute.
Cut the music. All right. Everyone stop.

Very nice.
That's good enough for today.

Guys, just hang out for a second.
I'm going to let you go shortly.

All right, all right. Give me a minute,
I gotta talk to someone.

Hey, Dorinda. Hey, you were
working hard out there, you know?

- Good job, good job. You look great.
- I'm glad I could help.

Listen. There are a few parts
in this show you'd be perfect for.

Think about coming on tour
with us this summer.

- Me, on tour with the Gold Medal Crew?
- That's right. Ten weeks.

There are other kids in this show and
it's like summer camp, but you get paid.

Wait. You get paid?

Girl, you dance like a pro, you get paid like
a pro. Have your parents take a look at this.

- If they say yes, return it to me.
- My parents? OK, all right.

- Good.
- I'll get back to you.

The following people,
thank you very much.

- We're going to come back to this, OK?
- Oh, man.



I'm feeling shoe shoppy.

I knew it was too good to be true.

"Luc surprised me with tickets to a
Broadway show, so I couldn't say no."

"You take my card
and have a good time."

"Get something we both can wear
and look tight. Love, Mommy."

"We need to spend more time together."

Yeah, right.

Nobody's home.
Nobody's ever home.

Hey, we're not here. Leave your name
and number after the beep.

Nita, Gail from Moving On Realtors.

If you still want to put your
apartment up for sale, give a shout.

We'll do an open house.

Here's a shout. You can send
that one right back, special delivery.

No one's moving out.

Oh, yeah. I'll have a good time.

- Hi. The Thomases, please.
- There's no Thomases here.


Dorinda Thomas. About this tall,
always has, like, a dance bag with her?

Oh, her. Take the alley around.
Superintendent's apartment.



- I told y'all to stop running in the house.
- Come here.

I'm looking for Dorinda Thomas,
but I must have the wrong...

No, no. She's here. Dorinda?

You got a visitor, honey.

- Hey, Chanel.
- Hey.

Mom, this is my friend Chanel. Remember,
I told you about the Cheetah Girls?

Oh, yeah. Hi, honey.


What did y'all break this time?
Nice to meet you, honey.

Dorinda, let's go see
somebody get in trouble.

You go ahead.
I'll be right there, OK?

If I knew you were coming, I'd have been
really rich and lived somewhere else.


Now you know why I never invite
you guys over or talk about my family.

I'm really surprised at you, Dorinda.
Why'd you try to hide it?

You guys are all... I don't know.
I guess I just didn't think about it.

Wait till I tell Galleria.
I mean, the way you dance,

you had to have some flavour in you
somewhere. But she was all "No"...

We're not talking about
the same thing, Chanel.

So you're half Black.
You've seen Galleria's mom and dad.

And I'm a little bit
of every kind of Spanish pepper, girl.

Shoot, Miss America
has ten bloodlines.

No. No!

Yo, we're all mixed up in this jiggy jungle
together. Join the club, girlie.

Can you just wait for a second?

I'm not Black, and I'm not half Black.

I'm not even White.
I don't even know what I am.

I do know that Mrs Bosco isn't my mom.

She's the closest thing I've ever had.

My mom, my real mom,
she didn't want me.

And I'm a foster child,
and I live here with ten other kids.

The only reason why we even get to live
here is because Mr Bosco's the super.

But I want to stay here,
and I want to stay here with my friends,

and in school,
and with the Cheetah Girls,

because it's the best I've ever had,
Chanel. And please don't...

Don't take it from me.

Girl, you thought we'd pull your card
for lack of parents?

Girl, sometimes that
can be a good thing.

Trust me, it's not all
it's cracked up to be.

You should be grateful
that you have a mom.

Do, you're a Cheetah Girl because of
who you are, and what's in your heart.

And you're pure Cheetah Girl.

Look at us.

- You didn't come here to hear my secret.
- Nah.

So why are you here?

I felt really bad about
what happened with Galleria.

She gets all testy and touchy cos
she wants everything to be perfect.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

- Do, come and eat.
- I'll be there in a second.

I'm all right. I just...

I can't look the way she wants me to.

I don't have money to buy a new outfit.

Or you could wear this.

I saw it and I thought one of us
had to have it. Check it out.


Growl power.

It's hot.

Just think of it as a loan
from the Juanita-Chanel collection.

Thanks, girl.

Look, there's something
I need to tell you.

- What's wrong? You OK?
- Yeah.

I'm great, actually. I mean...

I got an offer from the Gold Medal Crew.
They want me to dance for them.

- They wanna hire me, Chanel.
- Oh, my God. Get out, girl.

I know. But...

- What about the Cheetah Girls?
- I don't know.

Chanel, I really need that money.

I just... I don't know what to do.

- Come on, now, stay still.
- Hey. Ow.

Sorry. OK, wait. One more.

- OK. Sorry about that.
- Not so much arch, girl.

I don't want to look like "The Mary J Blige
concert tickets are sold out?"

I know, right? Wait, watch out.
Let me do this one.

From furry to fierce. Girl, they are
cheetahlicious. Aren't they, Toto?

Come in. Hey, Mom.

Galleria's Day Spa.

Now, listen, I do not want you all
to stay up all night gabbing.

- OK.
- And, uh...

I made a decision that you all
can go to this rehearsal alone.

Oh, Mom. Thank you so much.

I just want to see how
you handle yourselves.

- OK.
- I'm trusting you.

- Thanks, Madrina.
- You're welcome.

Toto? Get to bed,
and be an example for these girls.

Good night. Go to sleep.

- OK, OK, OK.
- All right. Love you.

- Love ya.
- Love you, too.

- Chanel, I wanted to show you something.
- What?

What do you think about this?

- Don't you think there's something wrong?
- What?

Why is there one person in the middle,
and why is that one person you?

OK, yeah. My picture is bigger
than everybody else's.

- But hey, I did write the songs.
- Hold up.

Those were my ideas too, and Aqua
freestyled a lot of the hooks you used.

Those were our songs.

Chanel, I take bits and pieces and put
them together, OK? I'm an artist.

And while you're being an artist
and taking your bows, what am I?

- Your sidekick? Your flunky?
- Hey, calm down, Chanel. OK?

Can we just stay focused
on the dream, please?

Bubbles, stop trying to
handle me, all right?

I wasn't born to be wiping your shoes,
to go along with your okey-doke, OK?

I'm not the only one feeling it.
Aqua and Do are feeling it, too.

What? The Cheetah Girls are opening
the box behind my back?

No. You just don't see it when
it's all up in your face, girl.

Look, Bubbles, you're not
that much fun to be around any more.

I know. OK? But I promise, girl.

Everybody will be so happy once we
get this deal tomorrow. Trust me.

Yo, Bubbles, I found out why
Do keeps her life on the DL.

She's a foster child. Her mom gave her
away when she was just a baby.

- What?
- Yeah.

This is no dream, all right?
This is the real deal for her.

I guess she needs this
more than anybody, huh?

No, Bubbles. What she needs is friends.
We all do.

Chuchie, friends help friends
make their dream come true, right?

- I guess.
- Then don't worry about it, girl. OK?

I'm sure Jackal will have some ideas
about the cover tomorrow. So don't trip.

Cheetah Girls.

I have some ideas, and so does
my marketing team. Give a listen.

Our research shows your demographic
responds to the animal theme

and your bouncy, up-tempo,
pop-urban sensibility.

Kids love endangered species.
Kids wanna party.

Kids want a band like Global Getdown.

The letter "G" is big this year.

Galleria stays a cheetah
now and forever.

Dorinda is a sweet panda.
Come on, take it.

Here we have a baby seal for...

Aqua, of course.

And Chanel is a snow leopard
from the frigid north.

- Brr. Ha ha.
- Masks?

Our engineering department
wants to create whole new identities.

So you guys want us to be, like,
something other than the Cheetah Girls?

Global Getdown
is a worldwide marketing miracle.

I'm seeing dolls, movie tie-ins
with every kind of burger, taco,

and anything you can eat
with chopsticks.

Well, how does it look?

- Oh, precious.
- Sweet.

Dorinda, take that thing off.
Jackal, um...

We can't sing in these things.

Well, you'll be miked inside.
And the music's on tape, anyway.

- Oh, I'm sorry. We don't lip sync.
- Don't worry.

We'll teach you. Now, let's talk music.

Ha, now you're talking.
Cheetahs, "Girl Power".

- Excuse me.
- Bump this.

Let's do this, girls.

Chuck those masks right there, please.

Throw your hands up
if you know that you're a star

You'd better stand up
if you know just who you are

Never give up. Never say die

Girl power. Girl power

Throw your hands up
if you know that you're a star

You better stand up
if you know just who you are

Never give up. Never come too far

Girl power. Girl power

I made mistakes before

But I know I'm not perfect

It's OK cos who could ever be?

As long as I give my best

It won't matter what no one says

Cos down in my heart I got
the power to make it all happen. Yeah

Throw your hands up
if you know that you're a star...

All the same thing

Never give up. Never say die

Girl power. Girl power

At times I may just feel like

My back is to the wall

I hold my head up high

And keep standing tall

I know that my back is covered

Because we have each other

And we're down for whatever
if you hear me

Throw your hands up
if you know that you're a star

You'd better stand up
if you know just who you are

Never give up. Never say die

Girl power. Girl power

Sometimes life may get you down

But you better hold your ground

Can't nobody live your life but you

Stay true to who you are

And always follow your heart

Your heart. Your heart

Throw your hands up
if you know that you're a star

You better stand up
if you know just who you are

Never give up. Never come too far

Girl power. Girl power

Excellent. Excellent.

I loved it. That's exactly the flavour
we're looking for.

Now, here's the song we're looking at.

Hit it.

We go all around the world
Where we stop. Nobody knows...

All right. Check this out.

Def Duck Records presents
Global Getdown - "All Around the World".

This is going to go platinum,
titanium, uranium.

It is animal-friendly, vegetable-friendly,

This is brilliant. I can smell millions.

Oh, yeah. That's it. Ow.
Feel it. Feel it. Come on.

- We go all around the world...
- Oh, yeah. Sing it.

Where we stop. Nobody knows
Cos we don't care just where we go

Pump it.

All around the world
We go all around the world

Where we stop. Nobody knows
but I can't wait to go home

Sing it with me.

All around the world
We go all around the world

Where we stop. Nobody knows
We don't care where we go

All around the world
We go all around the world...

No! No! No! No!

- Didn't you like what we just did?
- I loved it. It was great.

But that's not what we sold
the record company.

Well, I'm sorry. We can't change
the Cheetah Girls.

Well, this is what they're interested in.

And this is what they're paying for.

Well, fine. Then we bounce.

- Could you excuse us for a second?
- Sure. Absolutely.

Let's, uh...

Let's give these girls a chance
to think about that world tour. Hm?

All right.

- Why didn't you guys back me up?
- You mean rubber-stamp you.

Galleria, you didn't even give us
a chance to think.

Think about what, Do?
They're puppets.

I mean, now at least we could be
down for the talent show.

And if we win,
we can still have our demo.

Don't front, Bubbles. Now you're all
gung ho for the talent show?

Maybe we need to do it this way first,
so we can get our shot.

He knows the business.
I really think we should consider it.

It's a job singing, dancing, and making
people happy. What's wrong with that?

- It's not our music.
- It's not your song, so you wanna walk.

You didn't handle this.
Now I will.

You're just mad because
he won't do your material, right?

Our material, not that "All Around the
World" nonsense he was playing.

You might be right, babe, but you can't
make decisions for the whole group.

We make our decisions together.

You're just one person,
and you're not the boss of everything.

Well, somebody has to be the boss.

Somebody has to remind you
why we started the Cheetah Girls.

To make our dreams come true.

Our way, not his.

Why don't you guys
believe in what we have?

I wish I could believe in you,
Galleria, I really do,

but lately you've been all about you.

I can't...

We can't trust you any more.

Oh. OK, well...

Problem solved.
I'm taking myself out of the equation.

Oh, come on, Galleria.
Will you squash the drama?

No. Really, Do.
This is your shot.

And you need this, so I definitely
do not want to stand in your way.

So you guys are on your own,

and you take the deal.

- Did we lose a Cheetah?
- Afraid so.

Happens all the time. Don't worry.

There's more where she came from.

Sure. We can always find another singer.
And then...

move our other lead singer
to centre mike.

How about "Chanel
and the Global Getdown"?


Look, this is too much for one day.

I really think we should
all think about this.

All right. Well, come back
when you're ready for prime time.


Could you please not say,
"I told you so"?


Hey, Dana.
Looks like I'll be going on that tour.

Hey, great.
They picked me too.

And I got forms for you to fill out.

You just gotta get
your foster mom to sign them.

Ma, what's up?

What's up?

My credit card balance is up,
that's what's up. I got declined.

I bought some sandals.
I wanted to wear them out of the store.

The woman snatched them back so fast,
she took the paint off my toes.

- Why would you do this, huh? Why?
- Ma, I'm sorry.

Look, I'll give it all back.

I thought we were gonna be rich
after this demo. I'll work. I'll pay you back.

I trusted you. I trusted you,
and you took advantage of me.

I trusted you.
I trusted you to pay attention, Ma.

You did this
because I broke a shopping date?

No, Ma. No.

I did it cos Luc came in the picture, and
it seemed like my dreams didn't matter.

It seemed like they didn't matter.

But I've seen what it's like
not to have a mom.


Calm down, calm down,
calm down. Hey.

- Who doesn't have a mom?
- I'll tell you later.

I just wanted to thank you
for always keeping me in your dreams.

- Oh, baby.
- No matter where they take us.

Paris, Buenos Aires -
it doesn't matter any more.

- The Cheetah Girls are over.
- Oh, baby, no, no, no.

I worked on all the songs.
I worked on our look.

I buckled everything down. I thought that
we were all on the same page.

I am sure you did what was right.

But what's right for you
may not be right for someone else.

And it's not worth
losing a friendship over.

How could we be friends again?

I mean, they want fame.

And there are ways...
and then there are ways.

And I want fame the Cheetah Girls way.

The Cheetah Girls way or your way?

We worked too hard to give it up.
I have to stand up for what's right.

Oh, sweetheart. I tried so hard to protect
you from getting your dreams crushed.

But there's no way I could
save you from this heartache.

You see, sometimes
you just have to let go.

And let the people you love
make their own choices.

Even if you don't agree with them.
You see, I'm learning to do that with you.

And you've gotta learn with your friends.

What difference does it make?

You either walk with the devil,
or you don't.

And I said no.

And I was right.

I was... I was right, wasn't I?

Someone's always

There behind

To catch us if we fall

I might be lonely

But I'm not...

No, keep going.
It wasn't entirely all that bad.

It actually sounded like something,
not that pop fluff you're usually working.

- You liked it?
- Yeah.

You had somebody write you
a Cheetah jam?

No. I wrote it. And all by myself.

See, this is the kind of music
Jackal Johnson didn't want us to record.

He had other ideas for us.
Like this. Listen to this.

We go all around the world
We go all around the world

Where we stop nobody knows
We don't care...


It was drama and kaflamma.

There were masks involved.

When he asked us to lip sync,

I walked.

So it's true, huh?

No more Cheetahs in the jungle?

The Cheetahs are extinct.

Oh, I should not be laughing right now.

Well, welcome to the world
of a true artist.

You really do have to
walk alone sometimes.

But you got the talent,
and you can walk it.

Wait a second. You aren't just saying that
cos now you can win the talent show?

Yes, I am.

Well, not completely.

Come on, honey.

So, I thought we'd spend this evening
cuddled up family-style.

Papa will make a delicious supper.

Maybe we could
pop in your favourite movie.

"There's no place like home."
There's no place like home, booby.

Well, I don't even think
The Wizard of Oz can fix this, Mom.

I was thinking Toto and I could go to the
talent show, show Drinka some support.

- That's wonderful, honey.
- OK.

- I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks. See ya.

Come on.

They... they went ahead without me.

Toto, can you believe that?
The Cheetah Girls...

Toto! Toto, come here. Toto!

Toto, stop!


Wait! Toto! Toto!



Oh, Toto!

What's going on, Manhattan Magnet?
Yeah! Come on.

Hey, give yourself a hand. Hello.

Is everybody ready
to have a good time?

Pick up the phone.
It'll be OK.

Hey, Mom, Dad.

Dad, listen to me, please.
Toto is in a hole.

Oh, Mr Police Officer.
Please. My dog is in a hole.

- Will you please go and get him?
- Dog in a hole? That's bad.

- I'm gonna have to call for backup.
- OK.

Unit 15. I got a dog in a hole
by Manhattan Magnet.

...who calls himself a bird person.
You know, he flips out,

and he starts flapping his wings.
I'm like "Dude, relax." And he's all...

That's it. Come on. Come on.
A little to the left. Keep going.

To the left. To the left.
OK, OK, there he is.

He's got himself wedged in there good.

It's OK, Toto. They're coming to get you,
OK? Don't worry. Why isn't he barking?

We got some oxygen to him.
He's gonna be OK until we figure this out.

- Galleria!
- Mom! Dad!

Excuse me, sir. Those are my parents.
Excuse me. They can come in.

Three, two, one.
Hal Hartman here

in downtown,
where we're getting to the bottom

of the traffic jam
that's paralysing midtown.

Toto is not in Kansas any more.

Ma, look.

Wait. You look like...

Don't tell anybody where
you get your hair done.

Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, Sonic Chaos.

- Hey, yo, Max?
- Yeah?

- I don't think they ready for this.
- No, no.

C'mon. Yo. All I want is one beat.
One song. One rhyme

Just one verse with one line. One time

Cos I'm here to spread the word

It ain't what you see. Yo.
It's what you heard

- So c'mon
- C'mon

- C'mon
- C'mon

It don't matter who you are.
Just c'mon

White. Black. Brown.
Puerto Rican or Haitian

It don't matter who you are.
We one hip-hop nation

- So c'mon
- C'mon

- C'mon
- C'mon

If you're likin' what we're sayin'
then c'mon

We can turn the party out.
Make the people scream and shout

And then my DJ's gonna do his thing...

Excuse me.

Mr and Mrs Garibaldi, how's Toto?

- How'd you know?
- Well, you're all over the news.

Well, how did you get down here?
I mean, the streets are totally blocked.

Aqua, did you take the subway for me?

I took the subway for Toto. I'm from Texas.
We learn from the Rangers.

We never leave a man or a dog behind.
Hang in there, baby boy.

- Do!
- Hey, is he OK?

Oh, no, he doesn't look good.

- Go, go, go!
- Excuse me. Coming through.

- We need to get through.
- Over there.

- Chuchie!
- Thank you.

- Honey, go.
- Oh, thanks for coming.

How did this happen?
Did you let him off the leash?

Hold up. We've got one disaster here.
We don't need another one.

Thank you. Finally,
someone who sticks up for me.

I meant her hair.
Losing track of Toto, I blame you.

- Guys, this isn't my fault.
- Nothing ever is.

Looks like his head is drooping.
Somebody do something.

We might have to cut into the street.

We got the neighbourhood gas turned off
and we're cutting the power off right now.


- C'mon
- C'mon

- C'mon
- C'mon

If you're likin' what we're doin'
then c'mon

We can turn the party out.
Make the people scream and shout

And then my DJ's gonna do his thing

- C'mon
- C'mon

- C'mon
- C'mon

If you're likin' what we're sayin'
then c'mon

We can turn the party out.
Make the people scream and shout

And then my DJ's gonna do his thing...

Yo, hello?

Ladies and gentlemen, the generators
will be back on momentarily.

You know what? This reminds me of
the great Manhattan blackout in 1977.

I was going to the movies with my friends
the Captain and Tennille, and...

Oh, the lights are back on.
Anyway, we were so excited...

Listen, everybody.
He's a Bichon Frise, OK? He's my dog.

It's not a salad dressing.
People get that mixed up.

But listen, he's stuck in the hole
and I really want him out.

- Please? That's all I'm asking for. Thanks.
- Thank you.

Following our story on the crazy gridlock
surrounding Manhattan Magnet school,

Toto watch continues.

We gotta help. Let's go.

Come on.

Let's go.

Yo, they've gotta move fast.
They've gotta hurry.


Drinka, why is everyone here?
What happened to the talent show?

The lights went out. It's OK.
Somebody shut down the power.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Everything
is my fault. I mean, I ruined everything.

I'm so sorry I got such a big head.

It's OK. Yeah, you got a big head.

But it's filled with big dreams.

And you got a big heart to match it.

But you know what? You need to
watch out about that big mouth.

It's gonna be all right.

Look, we created a little space for him,
but he's not moving.

You're gonna have to get in here
and call to him.

Baby... OK, you guys, come help me.
Please, come help me.

Toto! Toto!

- Come on, Toto. Toto!
- He can't hear you.

OK, now, come on.
Let him hear you.

- "Together we can."
- OK.

- Hold on. And sit tight
- Let him hear you.

Are you ready for a crazy ride?

- That's it. That's it.
- You're on your own

It ain't right

- Something's gotta give tonight
- That's it. He's moving. Come on, faster.

- Come on.
- Together we can

Shoot the moon. Stop the rain

Even ride a hurricane
if we wanna

- Together we can
- Walk into space. Save the human race

- Do you think we oughta?
- Come on, you guys. Help us out.

That's it. Faster.

Shoot the moon. Stop the rain

- Even ride a hurricane if we wanna
- He's wiggling. He's wiggling.

Come on, faster, faster.
He's wiggling. He's wiggling.

Come on. Come on.

Baby. We're so glad you're OK.

We're glad he's OK.

They all came running when you sent up
the Cheetah distress signal.

No. They came running for Toto.

The Cheetah Girls, they're actually over.

You know what? You were right.
I just... I just need to walk alone.

You know, you were right to
walk away from Jackal's offer.

I know I was. I know.

But now there's only one question.

Are you right to walk away
from your friends?

It's your call.


There's a time when we all choose

- To either quit
- Or follow through

To just lose faith

Or trust your heart

To somehow lead you
through the dark

You're not the only one

Who's dreamin'

Who needs help to carry on

We might get lonely

But we're not alone

Cos we are sisters

We stand together

We make up one big family
though we don't look the same

Our spots are different

Different colours

We make each other stronger
That ain't ever gonna change

- We're Cheetah Girls. Cheetah sisters
- Gotta do what we gotta do

Got the brains. Got the power
and we speak the truth

We're from everywhere
All around the world

So you best respect the Cheetah Girls

Dancing. Singing from our birth.
Working hard for what we deserve

Trying not to break the rules
cos Mama didn't raise no fools

It may seem we're only dreaming

And we need help to carry on

It's good to know we're not alone

Cos we are sisters

We stand together

We make up one big family
though we don't look the same

Our spots are different

Different colours

We make each other stronger
That ain't ever gonna change

Believe it. Mister

- We're Cheetah Girls. Cheetah sisters
- Someone's always there behind

To catch us if we fall

Come on and dance

Come on and bounce

All my girls. Bounce

You really blew this one, Jackal.

Cos we are sisters

We stand together

We make up one big family
though we don't look the same

Our spots are different

Different colours

We make each other stronger
That ain't never gonna change

Believe it. Mister

We're Cheetah Girls. Cheetah sisters

So we're still friends, even though
the Cheetah Girls are over?

The Cheetah Girls are over?

Girl, I can't take no more news flashes.
Come on, now.

But I saw the Global Getdown sign.
You guys took Jackal's deal.

Girl, we didn't take that deal.

We let some other puppet-heads
do that one. Believe that.

But, Do, are you all right with money?
What about the Gold Medal Crew?

I actually took the beginner class
while my instructor went on tour.

I'm waiting for the real
Cheetah cheddar with my girls.


- Dorinda!
- Dorinda!

- Oh, hey.
- Honey, you were so good.

Oh, thank you. How are you?

Dorinda, can I be
a Cheetah Girl this time too?

This is Mrs Bosco. She's my
foster mom. And this is my family.

Oh, welcome. We need another
mama Cheetah in this jiggy jungle, huh?

Announcement. Announcement.

By an overwhelming
and unanimous decision,

the Manhattan Magnet High School
Talent Show's first prize goes to...

the Cheetah Girls.

Hey, Cheetah World, Galleria speaking.

- Jackal Johnson is calling?
- Oh, no.

Hello? The Cheetah Girls do not run
with wolves or hang with hyenas.

You tell him the Cheetah Girls follow their
own dreams and nobody else's, honey.

You know what? Tell Jackal Johnson that
we depend on our family and our friends,

and the growl power of the cheetahlicious
divas who came before us, to see us home.

And you tell him we're gonna be stars
our day, our way.

Tell Jackal Johnson that
the Cheetah Girls are unavailable.


Special thanks to SergeiK.