Dirty Dancing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dirty Dancing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dirty Dancing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dirty Dancing Script



Hi, everybody.

This is your cousin Brucie. Whoa!



Our summer romances are in full bloom,

and everybody's in love!



So cousins, here's a great song

from the Four Seasons.



That was the summer of     ...



when everybody called me ""Baby""

and it didn't occur to me to mind.



That was before

President Kennedy was shot...



before the Beatles came...



when I couldn't wait

to join the Peace Corps...



and I thought I'd never

find a guy as great as my dad.



That was the summer

we went to Kellerman's.



Ping-Pong in the west arcade,

softball in the east diamond.



All you Sandy Koufaxes,

get out there!



Complimentary dance lessons

in the gazebo.



Oh, my God.

Look at that!



Mom, I should've brought the coral

shoes. You said I was taking too much.



Well, sweetheart,

you brought ten pairs.



But the coral shoes

matched that dress.



This is not a tragedy.



A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine

or police dogs used in Birmingham.



Monks burning themselves

in protest.



Butt out, Baby.



Okay, we got horseshoes

on the south lawn in    minutes!



We've got splish-splash

the water class down by the lake.



We have the still life art class.

We got volleyball and croquet.



And for you older folks,

we got sacks!












Doc, after all these years

I finally got you up on my mountain.



How's the blood pressure?



I want you girls to know...



if it were not for this man,

I'd be standing here dead.



- Billy, get the bags.

- Right away, Doc.



I kept the best cabin

for you and your beautiful girls.



Hey, thanks a lot.



You want a job here?



There's a merengue class in

the gazebo in the next few minutes.



The greatest teacher.

Used to be a Rockette.



It's his first real vacation

in six years, Max. Take it easy.



Three weeks here,

it'll feel like a year.



One, two, three, four! Stomp

those grapes and stomp some more!



One, two, three, four!

Listen to the music!






Move your caboose

and shake it loose!



One, two, three, four!

Start the train!



Come on, men!

Follow me into a round robin!



Ladies, the inner circle!



Come on, ladies!



God wouldn't have given you maracas

if he didn't want you to shake them!



Okay now, ladies,

when I say ""stop""...



you're gonna find

the man of your dreams.






Remember, he's the boss on

the dance floor, if nowhere else.



Mom, Dad, I'm going up

to the main house to look around.



There are two kinds of help here.



You waiters are

all college guys...



and I went to Harvard

and Yale to hire you.



And why did I do that? Why?



I shouldn't have to remind you.

This is a family place.



That means you keep your fingers out

of the water, hair out of the soup...



and show the goddamn

daughters a good time.



All the daughters.



Even the dogs.



Schlepp 'em out to the terrace,

show 'em the stars.



- Romance 'em any way you want.

- Got that, guys?



Hey, hold it!

Hold it.



Well, if it isn't

the entertainment staff.



Listen, wise ass,

you got your own rules.



Dance with the daughters.

Teach 'em the mambo...



the cha-cha,

anything they pay for.



That's it.



That's where it ends.



No funny business, no conversations,

and keep you hands off!



It's the same at all these places. Some

ass in the woods, but no conversation.



Watch it, Rodriguez.



Can you keep that straight, Johnny?

What you can't lay your hands on?



Just put your pickle on everybody's

plate, and leave the hard stuff to me.



Sit down and I'll

get you some wine.



Thank you, Max.



This is Dr. and Mrs. Houseman.



Baby, Lisa, this is your waiter,

Robbie Gould.



Yale medical school.



These people are my special guests.

Give them anything they want.



- Enjoy.

- Thanks, Max.



Look at all this leftover food. Are

there still starving children in Europe?



- Try Southeast Asia, Ma.

- Right.



Robbie, Baby wants to send

her leftover pot roast...



to Southeast Asia,

so anything you don't finish, wrap up.



Max, our Baby's gonna

change the world.



- And what are you gonna do, Missy?

- Lisa's gonna decorate it.



She already does.



Doc, I want you to meet someone.

My grandson Neil.



Goes to the Cornell School

of Hotel Management.



Baby's starting

Mount Holyoke in the fall.



Oh, great.



Are you going to major in English?



No. Economics of

underdeveloped countries.



- I'm going into the Peace Corps.

- After the final show...



I'm going to Mississippi with

a couple of busboys, freedom ride.



This is our own Tito Suarez.




Yeah! Come on!



Who's that?



Oh, them.

They're the dance people.



They're here to keep

the guests happy.



They shouldn't show off with each other.

That's not gonna sell lessons.



- Hi, kids. Having fun?

- Yeah.



Actually, I've gotta excuse myself.

I'm in charge of the games tonight.



Would you like to help me

get things started?



Sure she would.



This'll only hurt for a minute.

You've got Blue Cross, right?



Was that good for you?



And for being such a good sport,

here you go!



I finally met a girl

exactly like my mother.



Dresses like her, acts like her.

So I brought her home.



My father doesn't like her!



Go figure.



- Hi.

- How'd you get here?



- I was taking a walk.

- Go back.



Let me help you.

What's up there?



No guests allowed.

House rules.



Why don't you go back to the playhouse?

I saw you dancing with little boss man.



Can you keep a secret?



Your parents would kill you.



Max would kill me.



Where'd they learn to do that?






I don't know. Kids are doing it

in their basements back home.



Wanna try it?



Come on, Baby.



Can you imagine dancing like this

on the main floor...



home of the family fox-trot?



Max would close

the place down first.



That's my cousin, Johnny Castle.



He got me the job here.



- They look great together.

- Yeah.



You'd think they were

a couple, wouldn't you?



- Aren't they?

- No, not since we were kids.



Do you love me?



Do you love me?



Yo, cousin, what's she doing here?



She came with me.

She's with me.



I carried a watermelon.



I carried a watermelon?



Bend your knees. Down.



Watch. Watch my eyes.






That's better.



Good. Now roll this way.



Now watch.






Love man!



Ladies, join our hair-raising

wig show.



Try your Sandra Dee,

Jackie Kennedy...



or Elizabeth Taylor-Cleopatra wig.



- I'll knock with three.

- Look at that cute fella.



Look at these hands.

They're golden hands.



My God, it's Cleopatra!

I feel like such an ""asp"".



You look ten years younger.



At   :.   by the pool,

we have calisthenics.



Then on the west porch, we have

a symposium by Rabbi Maurice Sherman...



on the psychology

of insult comedians.



So I say, ""Ask not what your waiter

can do for you...



but what you can do

for your waiter.""



If tips keep up, I'll have enough

for my Alfa Romeo.



That's my favorite car.



Ladies, you look very lovely.



Baby, would you cover for me tonight?

Tell Mom and Dad I went to lie down.



Where are you going?



To the golf course. There's

a pretty view from the first tee.



Good. Thanks.



So you were really a Rockette?



I think you're a wonderful dancer.



Yeah? Well, my mother kicked me out

when I was   .



I've been dancing ever since. It's the

only thing I ever wanted to do anyway.



I envy you.



- Aren't you dancing, Doc?

- We're waiting for a waltz.



Hi, Max. Aren't my dance lessons

starting to pay off?



You look great, Vivian!




That's Vivian Pressman,

one of the bungalow bunnies.



That's what we call the women

who stay here all week.



The husbands only come up

on weekends.



Moe Pressman's a big card player.

He'll join our game.



- Moe coming up on Friday?

- Friday.



He's away a lot. I know.



It's a hardship.



Where's Penny?

Everybody's been asking for her.



What do you mean, where's Penny?

She's taking a break.



As long as it's not

an all-night break.



Come on, doll. Let's take a walk.



I love to watch your hair

blowing in the breeze.



Maybe my parents

are looking for me.



Baby, don't worry.



If they think you're with me, they'll be

the happiest parents at Kellerman's.



I have to say it.



- I'm known as the catch of the county.

- I'm sure you are.



Last week I took a girl away

from Jamie, the lifeguard.



And he said to her,

""What does he have that I don't have?""



And she said, ""Two hotels.""






I don't hear an apology.



Go back to Mommy and Daddy and listen.

Maybe you'll hear one in your dreams.



I'm sorry you had

to see that, Baby.



Sometimes in this world...



you see things

you don't wanna see.



You hungry?



Come on.



So, Baby, what do you want?

You can have anything you want.



A brownie, some milk...



Ieftover rice pudding,




cabbage roll...



fruit salad, sweet gherkins?



Neil, look, I'm sorry.

I better go check on Lisa.






- Why's she here?

- In case Neil comes back.



Penny just doesn't think.



She wouldn't do anything

stupid, would she?



So, what's wrong?

What's the matter with her?



- She's knocked up, Baby.

- Billy!



- What's he gonna do about it?

- ""What's he gonna do about it?""



It's mine, right?



- Right away you think it's mine.

- But I thought...



It's okay. Johnny's here.



I'm never gonna let anything

happen to you.



We got to go.



Just hold on. Just hold on.



Good girl. Good girl.



What do you think you're doing?

You're in trouble, you talk to me.



I'll take care of it.



You should've come to me

in the first place.



Forget it, Johnny. I'm not taking

what's left of your salary.



- Penny, that's my business.

- Besides, it wouldn't be enough.



Oh, God, it's hopeless!



Don't say that.



There's gotta be a way

to work it out.



Baby? Is that your name?



You know what, Baby?



You don't know shit

about my problems.



I told her.



Jesus! She's gonna tell her management

boyfriend and then we'll all get fired.



Why not skywrite it? ""Penny got

knocked up by Robbie, the creep.""



- Look--

- No, Baby.



One of the counselors

knows a doctor, a real M.D....



just traveling through New Paltz

one day next week.



We can get an appointment,

but it costs $   .



But if it's Robbie, there's no problem.

I know he has the money.



- I'm sure if you tell him--

- He knows.



Go back to your playpen, Baby.



- Why should you tell me what's right?

- You can't just leave her.



- Why should you tell me what's right?

- You can't just leave her.



I didn't blow a summer hauling bagels

just to bail out some chick...



who probably slept

with every guy here.



A little precision, please.



Some people count

and some people don't.



Read it.



I think you'll enjoy it. But return it.

I have notes in there.



You make me sick.

Stay away from me.



Stay away from my sister

or I'll have you fired.



What am I doing wrong?



You're lining it up

a little wrong, Marge.



If your mother ever leaves me,

it'll be for Arnold Palmer.



- Daddy, someone's in trouble.

- Besides your mother?



You're overcorrecting, Marge.



You always told me if someone

was in trouble, I should help.



Could you lend me $   ?



Are you all right?

Are you in trouble?



No, it's not me.

Could you loan it to me?



That's a lot of money.

What's it for?



Baby, stand up straight.



I can't tell you.



It's hard for me to say that to you,

but I can't.



You always said you could

tell me anything.



I can't tell you this.



It's not illegal, is it?



No, Daddy.



That was a stupid thing to ask.

Forgive me.



I'll have it for you before dinner.



- Is everything all right?

- Fine.



Thanks, Daddy.



Here's the money.



- You mean Robbie?

- No. You were right about him?



- Then where'd you get it?

- You said you needed it.



- Is this kid for real?

- Takes a real saint to ask Daddy.



Thanks, Baby, but I can't use it.



What? What's the matter with you?

You should take the money.



I can only get her an appointment

for Thursday.



They do their act

at the Sheldrake Thursday.



If they cancel, they lose this

season's salary and next year's gig.



What's the Sheldrake?



It's another hotel

where they do their mambo act.



Can't someone else fill in?



No, ""Miss Fix-it.""

Somebody else can't.



Maria has to work all day.

She can't learn the routines.



And Janet has to fill in for Penny.

Everybody works here.



You wanna do it?

Take time out from ""Simon Says""?



It's not a bad idea.



It was a  oke.



- She can move.

- It's the dumbest idea I ever heard of.



- I can't even do the merengue.

- See?



You're a strong partner.

You can lead anybody.



She can't even do the merengue.

She cannot do it.



- No!

- Oh, sorry. Sorry.



You don't step on the one.



You gotta start on the two.

Find the two. Understand?



-I never did any of these dances before.

-It's one, two, three, four.



When the music starts, you don't

dance until the two. Got it?



Relax, relax.


















Two, three, four.

Two, three, four.



Don't lean back. Lifting up.



Two, three, four.

Shoulders down.



Again. Concentrate. And...



Don't put your heel down.



- Don't put your heel down.

- I didn't--



Stay on the toe.

Just listen to me.



The steps aren't enough.



Feel the music.



It's not on the one.

It's not the mambo.



It's not on the one.

It's not the mambo.



It's a feeling, a heartbeat.



Don't try so hard.



Close your eyes.



Two, three, four.

Two, three, four.






Head up.

Lock your frame. Lock it.



Look, spaghetti arm.



This is my dance space.

This is your dance space.



I don't go into yours. You don't

go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.









Back. Easy.



Back. Easy.



And turn, turn. Down.

And lift. You'll learn that later.



And come on.



Down. Twist.



And the bow.



- Sorry. Sorry.

- You trying to kill me?



You gotta concentrate!

Is that your idea of fun?



As a matter of fact it is.



We do the show in two days, you won't

show me lifts, I'm not sure of turns.



I'm doing all this to save your ass,

but I'd rather drop you on it!



Let's leave.






I locked the keys in the car!



You're getting wet, right?



- You're wild.

- What?



You're wild!



Now, the most important thing

to remember in lifts is balance.



Whoa! Whoa!



I got it now.



So where'd you learn

to be a dancer?



Well, this guy came into

this luncheonette one day and...



we were all sitting around

doing nothing.



And he said that Arthur Murray

was giving a test for instructors.



So, if you passed...



they teach you different dances, show

you how to break them down, teach them.









Don't look down.

Look here. Good.






Now, bend your knees

and go up. Go, go.



Good try. Now, you'll hurt me

if you don't trust me, all right?



Now, go, go. Go.



Good. Now, I'm gonna go up.



You know, the best place

to practice lifts is in the water.



Just bend your knees.

And... go.






Good. Good.



Now hold the position. Hold it.



Good. Don't break! Don't break!



Let's do it again.



All right. One, two, three.



Oh, sorry.



Good. Keep-- No, don't.



It's not too bad.



- One more time.

- Okay. Over my head. Go.



I can't believe it's tonight.



I can't believe it's tonight.



Sheldrake's    minutes away.

We'll change in the car.



Mrs. Schumacher.

Hey, wait, we'll help you.



Such junk. Such junk.



Benny Bernstein's Dancing School,

that's where I went.



George Burns was a teacher.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



I'll just keep my shoulders down,

my head up...



I'll just keep my shoulders down,

my head up...



my frame locked,

stay on my toes...



What if I forget the steps?



Pull up, watch the frame.

And remember, let him lead you.



I'm afraid I'm gonna forget to spike,

get dizzy and fall on my face.



No. Don't look at my feet,

keep my head up, my eyes open...



tension in my arms, my frame locked,

seat pulled up...



Thanks, Baby.



I just want you to know

that I don't sleep around...



whatever Robbie might have told you.



And I thought that he loved me.



I thought it was something special.



Anyway, I just wanted you

to know that.



So, how does it look?



I'm scared.



I'm so scared, Baby.



Don't worry.



You'll be fine.



Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! That's right.

It's Thursday night at Kellerman's.



That's bingo night.



- Hey, how about a dance later?

- Could be. Who knows?



- Lisa, you have to do something for me.

- I don't have to.



Just tell Mom and Dad I have a headache

and I'm in bed, okay?






The Sheldrake Hotel is proud to present

Johnny Castle and partner...



The Sheldrake Hotel is proud to present

Johnny Castle and partner...



in ""Mambo Magic.""






Now spot a lead.



Wrong way!



Over here.



Ready for the lift?



Come on.



Keep going. Keep going.



...because wherever you are now,

I want you to look at the sky.



Look at those stars.

What a show. Here are The Drifters.



You did good. You worked hard.



I saw that old couple from Kellerman's

and I thought that was it.



Me too. Me too.



You know, by the second turn

you really had it.



- But I didn't do the lift.

- You did real good.









Come on. It's Penny.



- She wouldn't go until you returned.

- Did you call an ambulance?



She said the hospital would call

the police. She made me promise.



He didn't use no ether, nothing.



- I thought you said he was a real M.D.?

- He had a dirty knife and a table.



I could hear her screaming

in the hallway.



I swear to God,

I tried to get in.



It's all right. Johnny's here.



What? What is it, Baby?



- Is it Lisa?

- No.



Excuse me. Excuse me!

Everybody clear out, please.



Yes, I know that hurts.

We're gonna take care of that.



- Who's responsible for this girl?

- I am.



Please, is she--



Doc, thanks a lot.



I don't know how to thank you.



- Was that what my money paid for?

- I'm sorry. I never meant to lie.



You're not the person I thought

you were. I'm not sure who you are.



I don't want you to have anything

to do with those people.



Nothing! You're to have nothing

to do with them ever again!



I won't tell your mother about this.

Right now I'm going to bed.



And take that stuff off your face

before your mother sees you!



Is everything all right, Jake?



It's all right, Marjorie.

Go back to sleep.



Can I come in?



I got a-- I guess it's not a great room.

You probably got a great room.



No. It's a great room!



Leave it on.



I'm sorry about the way

my father treated you.



No. Your father was great.



He was great.

The way he took care of Penny.



I mean the way he was with you.



It's really me it has to do with.



Johnny, I came here

because my father--



No. The way he saved her--

I could never do anything like that.



That was something. People treat me

like I'm nothing because I am nothing.



That's not true!

You're everything!



You don't understand the way it is

for somebody like me.



Last month I'm eating candy

to stay alive.



This month, women are stuffing

diamonds in my pockets.



I'm balancing on shit

and I can be down there again.



No, it's not the way it is!

It doesn't have to be that way!



I've never known anyone like you.

You think you can make the world better.



Somebody's lost, you find them.

Somebody's bleeding--



I go get my daddy.

That's really brave, like you said.



That took a lot of guts

to go to him!



You are not scared of anything.



I'm scared of everything!

I'm scared of what I saw.



I'm scared of what I did,

who I am.



I'm scared of walking out of here and

never feeling for the rest of my life...



the way I feel

when I'm with you!



Dance with me.



What, here?






Singers, dancers, actors,

this is your lucky day!



Auditions for the annual Kellerman

end-of-the-season talent show...



beginning in the playhouse.



- Everyone gonna be in the show?

- We're leaving tomorrow.



Miss the weekend traffic.



But we're paid up 'til Sunday.



- And miss the show?

- I said we're leaving tomorrow.



- I was going to sing in the show.

- It's the big event.



People bring their own arrangements.

You don't want to miss it.



Baby, I need you for props.



Why would you want to leave early?



It was just an idea.

We can stay if you want to.



- So, what were you planning to sing?

- ""l Feel Pretty.""



Or ""What Do the Simple Folk Do?""



Or ""l Feel Pretty.""

What do you think, Daddy?



You look much better.



You just missed your father.

He's such a wonderful man.



I'm sorry. I didn't realize--



You couldn't have. It's okay.



- So, how you doin'?

- I'm okay.



Dr. Houseman says

I'm going to be fine.



- I can still have children.

- Oh, Penny, that's really great.



So, how did it go last night?






Fine. I didn't do the lifts,

but it was good.



Well, I guess I gonna go.



See ya.



- So, he says you're going to be fine?

- What are you doing?



- I'll tell Max your grandmother died.

- How many times have you told me...



never get mixed-up with them?



I know what I'm doing.



You listen to me.

You've got to stop it now.



Look, I gotta run.

I got a lesson with the Kramers.



They'll kill each other

if I'm not there.



Well, sure. You've gotta go.



I'll see ya.



It's rainy day game time.

Pin the tail on the guest.



Win ten boxes of Kleenex

or a billy goat!



God, I am so sick of this rain.



Remind me not to take my honeymoon

at Niagara Falls.



So, you go to Acapulco.

It'll be fine.



Where is my beige

iridescent lipstick?



I know I put it in this drawer.



Baby, where are you going

in this weather?



Uh, they're having charades

in the west lobby.



Quite the little joiner,

aren't we?



- Have you had many women?

- What?



Baby, come on.



Tell me. I want to know.



You gotta understand

what it's like.



You come from the streets

and suddenly you're up here.



Women are throwing themselves

at you and they smell so good.



They really take care

of themselves.



I never knew women

could be like that.



They're so goddamn rich you think

they must know about everything.



They're slippin' their room keys

in my hand two and three times a day--



different women--

so, I think I'm scorin' big, right?



You think, ""They wouldn't be doing this

if they didn't care about me, right?""



That's all right. I understand.

You were just using them, that's all.



No, that's not it.



That's the thing.

It wasn't like that.



They were using me.



What's your real name, Baby?



Frances, for the first woman

in the Cabinet.




That's a real grownup name.



I've decided to go

all the way with Robbie.



No, not with someone like him.



Do you think if we came back for a

ten-year anniversary, it would be free?



It's just wrong this way.

It should be with someone--



With someone that

you sort of love.



Come on.

You don't care about me.



You wouldn't care if I humped

the entire army...



as long as we were on the right side

of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.



What you care about is that

you're not Daddy's girl anymore.



He listens when I talk now.



You hate that.



Two, three, cha-cha-cha.



My frame.

Where's my pleasing arc?



Spaghetti arms! Would you

give me some tension, please?



You're invading my dance space.

This is my dance space.



That's yours. Let's cha-cha.



Don't look down.

Look right here.



- How you call your lover boy?

- Come here, lover boy.



- And if he doesn't answer?

- Oh, lover boy.



- And if still doesn't answer?

- I simply say...






O-Oh, baby



My sweet baby



You're the one



Takin' dance lessons?



I could teach ya, kid.



My grandfather put me in charge

of the final show.



I want to talk to you

about the last dance.



I'd like to shake things up a bit.



You know, move with the times.



I've got a lot of ideas.



I've been working

with the staff kids...



on a cross between a Cuban rhythm

and soul dancing.



Whoa, boy.



Way over your head here.



You always do the mambo, huh?



Why not dance this year's

final dance...



to the pachenga?






Well, you're free to do the same,

tired number as last year if you want...



but next year we'll find

another dance person...



- who'll only be too happy--

- Sure, Neil. No problem.



We'll end the season

with the pachenga.



Great idea.



Sometimes he's hard to talk to,

but the ladies seem to like him.



See that he gives you the full half-hour

you're paying him for, kid.



That little wimp. He wouldn't know a

new idea if it hit him in the pachenga.



I could have told him

some new ideas.



Why did you let him

talk to you that way?



- What, fight the boss man?

- You tell him your ideas.



- He's a person like everyone else.

- Look, I know these people.



They are rich and they're mean.

They won't listen to me.



Why not fight harder?

Make them listen.



Because I need this goddamned job

lined up for next summer.



My dad calls me today.



""Good news,"" he says. ""Uncle Paul

can finally get you in the union.""



What union?



The House Painters and Plasterers

Local Number     at your service.



I've been thinking a lot

about the Domino Theory.



Now, when Viet Nam falls,

is China Next?



I don't think they saw us.



Fight harder, huh?



I don't see you fightin' so hard,

tellin' Daddy I'm your guy.



I will. With my father,

it's complicated.



- I will tell him.

- I don't believe you, Baby.



I don't think...



that you ever had

any intention of telling him.






Well, Cousin, it's almost over.

Labor Day weekend is here.



Well, Cousin, it's almost over.

Labor Day weekend is here.



Soon it's back to the old books and

back to work. What a terrible thought!



Have you seen Johnny?



I'm sorry.



Looks like I picked

the wrong sister.



That's okay, Baby.

I went slummin' too.



Hit me.



Get out of here.

You're not worth it.



Win big, Moe.



As always.



This is our last night together, lover.

I've got something worked out for us.



Excuse me, sir.

The pirate number's next.



Oh, thanks.

Hey, kid.



I've been playing cards all weekend

and I've got an all-night game tonight.



Why don't you give my wife

some extra dance lessons?



I'm sorry, Mr. Pressman...



but I'm booked up for

the whole weekend with the show.



I won't have time

for anything else.



I don't think it'd be fair

to take the money.



I've decided tonight's the night

with Robbie.



He doesn't even know yet.



It's me.



Holy shit!



You wanna hear somethin' crazy?



Last night l--



I dreamt we were walking along

and we met your father.



He said, ""Come on,""

and he put his arm around me.



Just like he did with Robbie.



You know how you feel when you see a

patient and you think he's all right...



then you look at the X rays

and it's nothing like you thought?



What happened?



It's exactly what it's like when you

find out one of your staff's a thief.



Moe Pressman's wallet was stolen

when he was playing pinochle last night.



It was in his jacket hanging

on the back of his chair.



He had it at  :   and when he

checked again at quarter of  ::  ...



it was missing.



Vivian thinks she remembers

this dance kid Johnny...



walking by.



So we ask him,

""You have an alibi for last night?""



He says he was alone

in his room reading.



There are no books

in Johnny's room!



There's been a mistake.

I know Johnny didn't do it.



There's been similar thefts at the

Sheldrake. It's happened here before.



- Three other wallets.

- I know he didn't do it.



Stay out of it, Baby.



Wait. Don't put those

tables together. Come on.



Daddy, I need your help.

I know Johnny didn't take Moe's wallet.



- Oh? How do you know?

- I can't tell you.



- Just please trust me, Daddy.

- I'm sorry, Baby. I can't.



This Danish is pure protein.



Maybe Johnny didn't do it.

Anyone could've taken it.



Maybe it was, uh--



It could've been that little,

old couple, the Schumachers.



- I saw her with a couple of wallets.

- Sylvia and Sidney?



Baby, you don't go around

accusing innocent people.



I even saw them at the Sheldrake. You

said something was stolen from there.



I got an eyewitness

and the kid has no alibi.



Come on, Neil. You'll learn

what it's like to fire an employee.



Wait a minute. I know Johnny

didn't take the wallet.



I know because he was

in his room all night.



And the reason I know

is because I was with him.



I told you I was

telling the truth.



I'm sorry I lied to you.



But you lied too.



You told me everyone was alike

and deserved a fair break.



But you meant everyone

who is like you.



You told me you wanted me to change

the world, to make it better.



But you meant by becoming

a lawyer or an economist...



and marrying someone

from Harvard.



I'm not proud of myself.



But I'm in this family too. You can't

keep giving me the silent treatment.



There are a lot of things about me

that aren't what you thought.



But if you love me, you have to love

all the things about me.



And I love you.



I'm sorry I let you down.

I'm so sorry, Daddy.



But you let me down too.



I have been lookin'

for you all over.



They found the Schumachers.



Fingerprinted their water glasses.



Found out they were wanted

in Arizona and in Florida...



and they made a fortune

here this summer.



So then it's all right.



I knew it would work out.



- I knew they'd have to apologize.

- I'm out, Baby.



They fired you anyway

because of me.



And if I leave quietly,

I'll get my summer bonus.



So I did it for nothing.



I hurt my family, you lost your job

anyway-- I did it for nothing!



No, not for nothing.



Nobody has ever done anything

like that for me before.



You were right. You can't win

no matter what you do.



Listen to me. I don't want

to hear that from you. You can.



I used to think so.



Dr. Houseman, can l, uh--



Look, I'm going anyway and I know

what you must be thinking.



You don't know

anything at all about me.



I know you want Baby

to be like you.



The kind of person

people look up to.



Baby is like that.

If you could just see--



Don't you tell me what to see.



I see someone in front of me

who got his partner in trouble...



and sent her off

to some butcher...



while he moved on to an innocent,

young girl like my daughter.



Yeah, I guess that's

what you would see.



I can't imagine being here

without you even one day.



Just think, you have more time

for horseshoes and croquet.



Maybe they'll saw you

in seven pieces now.



I guess we surprised everybody.



I guess we did.



Hardly would be sorry.



Neither will l.



I'll see ya.



I'll do your hair.



It could look pretty if--



You're prettier your way.



This way.



Kellermans, we come together



Singing all as one



We have shared another season's



Talent, play and fun



Summer days will soon be over



Soon the autumn starts



And tonight the memories whisper



Softly in our hearts



Join hands and hearts and voices



Voices, hearts and hands



At Kellerman's

the friendships last



Long as the mountain stands



Daytime, nighttime, any hour



Weather rain or shine



Games and lectures

Jokes and music



Happily combine



Good luck in medical school, son.



And I wanted to thank you for your

help with the Penny situation.



- I guess we've all gotten into messes.

- What?



I thought Baby told you.

Look, I'm not sure.



Penny said so, but you know with girls

like that. They're liable to pin it...



on any guy around.



- What's the hot tip for the day?

- Finished.



You and me, Tito.

We've seen it all, eh?



Bubbah and Zeda serving the first

pasteurized milk to the boarders.



Through the war years

when we didn't have any meat.



Through the Depression

when we didn't have anything.



Lots of changes, though, Max.



It's not the changes

so much this time.



It's that it all seems

to be ending.



You think kids want to come with their

parents and take fox-trot lessons?



Trips to Europe,

that's what the kids want.



Twenty-two countries

in three days.



It feels like

it's all slipping away.



But the heartbeats of vacation



There no cares are seen



So let's join in

just one last chorus



Visitors, staff and guests



What we've shared

won't be forgotten



Old friends are the best



Nobody puts Baby in the corner.



Come on.



Sorry about

the disruption, folks...



but I always do

the last dance of the season.



This year somebody told me not to.



So I'm gonna do my kind of dancin'

with a great partner...



who's not only

a terrific dancer...



but somebody who's taught me

that there are people...



willing to stand up for other people

no matter what it costs them.



Somebody who's taught me...



about the kind of person

I want to be.



Miss Frances Houseman.



Sit down, Jake.



I think she gets this from me.



Do you have sheet music

on this stuff?



I know you weren't the one

who got Penny in trouble.



When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong.



You looked wonderful out there.



Now l



Had the time of my life



No, I never felt

this way before



Yes, I swear



It's so true

And I owe it all to you



Wow! What a groovy, boss summer

this has been, cousins.



'   will go down in history as

the best summer for me-- hope you too.



And girls, please remember that you

promised to respect him in the morning.

Special help by SergeiK