District 9 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the District 9 script is here for all you fans of the Neill Blomkamp movie starring Sharlto Copley and a lot of prawns. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some District 9 quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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District 9 Script


Attention, Mr. Hayes,
your wife is waiting at the station.

Oh, it was after...
You know, after last year's corporate...

...my wife was always encouraging me,
you know?

She said, "No, you did fine
in the corporate." I was a bit nervous.

This little guy. Hello? Sorry.

- That's nice, eh?
- Yeah.

Nice background with the people.

- We are here at... Must I look in there?
- Look into the lens.

We are here at MNU head office,
Department of Alien Affairs.

My name is Wikus van de Merwe.

And behind me you can see
other Alien Affairs workers.

And what we do here
at this department is...

...we try to engage with the prawn
on behalf of MNU...

...and on behalf of humans.

To everyone's surprise,
the ship didn't come to a stop...

...over Manhattan or Washington
or Chicago...

...but instead coasted to a halt
directly over the city of Johannesburg.

The doors didn't open for months.
Nobody could get in.

They eventually decided, after much
deliberation, that the best thing to do...

...would be to physically
cut their way in.

We're gonna need a drill down here.

We were on the verge of first contact.

The whole world was watching.

We need some more light.

Expecting, I don't know, music
from heaven and bright shining lights.

Got a lot of moisture in here.

Yeah, just go slowly.

Oh, my God.

The creatures
were extremely malnourished.

They were very unhealthy.
They seemed to be aimless.

There was a lot of international
pressure on us at the time.

The world was looking
at Johannesburg...

...so we had to do the right thing.

The government then established
an aid group...

...that started to ferry the aliens
to a temporary camp that was set up...

...just beneath the ship.

We didn't have a plan.

There was a million of them.

So, what was
a temporary holding zone...

...soon became fenced,
became militarized.

And before we knew it, it was a slum.

Well, the truth is nobody really knew
what this place was.

There's a lot of secrets in District 9.

At first, a lot of attention was given
to giving the aliens...

...proper status and protection.

They're spending so much money
to keep them here...

...when they could be spending it
on other things. But at least...

At least they're
keeping them separate from us.

I wanna be realistic with everyone.

- The aliens will not be able to go home.
- The aliens are here to stay.

There were literally thousands
of theories as to why...

...the ship seemed inoperable.

And what was speculated was that a
command module had detached itself...

...from the main ship and then
somehow mysteriously become lost.

Did it fall by itself
or was it programmed?

I don't know.

Examination of the old
video footage...

...shows very clearly
that a piece falls from the ship.

We looked everywhere. There's pieces
falling off that vessel for months.

More energy weapon caches found.

The special task force
conducted raids in District 9...

Where there's a weapon, there's crime.
Tensions rose and rose.

People became more and more fed up,
and eventually the rioting started.

Residents in Tembisa rioted
for the third consecutive night...

...in an attempt to remove
all the aliens from their township.

I think they must fix that ship
and they must go.

A virus, a selective virus.

Release it near the aliens.

They must just go. I don't know where,
but they must just go!

If they were from another country,
we might understand...

...but they are not even
from this planet at all.

The government have enforced
a nationwide curfew.

These aliens... Prawns.
- they take my wife away.

The derogatory term "prawn" is used.

Obviously, it implies something
that is a bottom feeder...

...that scavenges the leftovers.

You can't say they don't look
like that. They look like prawns.

Aliens made off
with an undisclosed amount of cash.

One bystander was hurt.

What for an alien might be seen as
something recreational...

...setting fire to a truck,
derailing a train...

...is for us, obviously,
an extremely destructive act.

They can take the sneakers
you are wearing off you.

They check the brand and take them.
They take whatever you have on you.

Your cell phone or anything.

After that, they kill you.

After 20 years, public pressure
forced the government...

...to ship the aliens
out of Johannesburg.

They had had enough, and they wanted
District 9 to be moved...

...and more intensively policed
and controlled.

To enforce the eviction, the government
turned to Multi-National United.

Welcome all,
and thank you for coming.

Please listen very closely
to this briefing.

Today we start a very complex
and delicate operation.

This is the largest operation that MNU
has ever undertaken...

...and we believe that it is going
to be undertaken successfully.

It is to move 1.8 million prawns...

...from their present home in District to a safer and better location...

...200 kilometers outside
of Johannesburg city.

We've built a nice, new facility
where the prawn can go.

He can be comfortable.
He can stay there.

The people of Johannesburg
and of South Africa are going to live...

...happily and safely, knowing
that that prawn is very far away.

UIO protocol dictates that
we give the aliens 24-hours' notice...

...of our right to evict.

Today, you will serve these notices...

...getting the aliens
to sign the l-27 form.

The legality that MNU is using to evict
the aliens is simply a whitewash.

So I'm going to appoint a field officer
to take direct command.

Wikus van de Merwe.

Everybody always said that Wikus
was not a very smart boy...

...but he was a wonderful son.

That was my Wikus. Just...

Yes. Like up on the big stage.
Thank you, Piet. Mr. Smit.

I had to put aside the fact
that my daughter was married to Wikus.

That didn't factor in my decision.

It's almost as big as my wedding day.
You know, not as big.

Wikus was always making me things.

He said that way, they just mean
so much more.

He left this papier-mâché ball
on the sofa one day...

...and I didn't see it
and I sat down and l...

I kind of squished it.

They took all his stuff away
for the investigation...

...and I made them bring it all back.

- Congratulations, man.
- Oh, thanks, man.

- Okay, you're gonna go to P-7.
- Wikus. Wikus.

Leslie. How's it going, man?
There's the shake. P-9 for you.

I'm not saying what he did was right.

He took the choices that were given.

This is Trent. Fundiswa, Trent.
Trent, Fundiswa.

- Hi.
- Fundiswa's the guy that I've selected...

...to replace me.
If he can make it today, eh?

- I'll make it.
- You think you can?

I just want everyone watching this...

...to learn from what has happened.

You would think things like this
happen to somebody else, not me.

Guys, don't forget to pack
the stun grenades.

Tovi. There's Tovi.
How's it going, man? A long time, eh?

- You got my stuff?
- Hey, big boss.

- How's it going?
- I'm all right.

This is Fundiswa.
He's training with us today.

I think I was...
"Disgusted" would be the word.

There was always a hint of something
not kosher with van de Merwe.

Nobody saw it coming. None of us
had any idea of what he was doing.

I think it's a great thing that it's not
the military guys in charge this time.

Not to say that Koobus and the cowboys
are not wanted. You're always wanted.

You see now? These are the cowboys.

- Get out!
- Fire!

They shoot first
and then answer the questions.

You can see... Hey, sorry, sorry.

That's above the allocated amount
of ammunition.

Your pouches are full,
but you still carry.

Maybe you should speak to the colonel.

I just think that you should...

FNG over here says that we got
too much ammunition.

All I'm saying, Koobus, is that,
you know, you should find ways...

...of making your guys more efficient,
you know?

Listen to me, you fuck!
Get that fucking camera out of my face.

Fucking doos.

There are rules.
We're all living by rules.

I don't think he can be forgiven.
It was like a betrayal.

I've gotta get going, guys. I think we're
gonna have to cut this. We're gonna go.

This is tangled. This is tangled.

- Move it, move it.
- Come on, let's go.

- Hurry up. Go on. Go on.
- Go, go, go.

We've got four teams in the air
and three teams on the ground.

Got a visual on the ground crew.
We can take it into position.

Copy that.

These are full. Check your
magazines, people. Come on. Let's go.

The prawn doesn't really understand
the concept of ownership of property.

So we have to come there and say,
"Listen, this is our land.

Please will you go?"

It's difficult to put the vest on
by yourself.

- Thomas, can you help me?
- They told me I was going to get a vest.

Just look... Thomas, just look
on the side if there's a vest there.

- I'm concerned about my family.
- Look, don't worry. It'll be fine.

Rights groups have demanded
that mercenaries...

...should comply
with all UIO regulations in District 9.

We're coming to you from the entrance
of District 9...

...as today Multi-National United
sets out to relocate...

...approximately 1.8 million
alien residents from their homes.

Human-rights groups are keeping
a watchful eye, as many suspect...

...abuses might occur.

We're seeing heavily armed
private security forces...

...being deployed into District 9,
backed up by significant air support.

We go shack to shack
and get them to sign the form.

First one, E-X-triple-seven.

We're seeing the convoy stop
and the operation is about to begin.

- Arriving at destination.
- Just stay focused.

- You ready, Thomas?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Yeah, that's it.
- Here we go.

- Ready, boss?
- That's the signal.

Doors will now open.
Please mind the step.

- You stay behind us. Good luck, boy.
- Sure, sure.

- No, no. Don't split up.
- Shit!

- Thomas.
- We've got the bastard.

Stay, stay, stay. Stay low.
Where is he going? What is he...?

Okay, Thomas, move away.

It's clear that security is very high...

...and it's only the beginning
of a total clampdown.

We are here to assist you.

Move out. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Let's go. Move out. Let's go!

This is MNU agents.

- Open the door, please.
- Open up, open up. MNU are here.

- MNU.
- Always hold your badge up.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

Okay. This is Wikus van de Merwe
from MNU.

We are here to serve you
an eviction notice.

You just put your scrawl there.

Fuck off!

Okay, all right. Thomas, hold it.

We've got the scrawl. As he hit it...

That's what I was saying,
it counts as a scrawl.

First time you come in, there'll always
be a little bit of tension between us...

Hey! Hey, food sack,
you can't eat that, man.

The prawn likes to eat the rubber.
Like a marshmallow.

No, no, no! Don't prod him.
Don't prod him like that.

Don't prod him.


You see that. Breaking the rules.

No, stay calm.

Okay, this is gonna be problems.
All the prawns are coming out.

They wanna see what's going on.
No, hey. Stop it! Stop it!

Horace, bring my goed.

See? Everybody's gathering now.
Don't shoot.

- You're gonna turn it into a war zone.
- What is that? Tear gas?

- Is that tear gas?
- No, it's cat food.

It's cat food. I just distract them.

Yeah, yeah. He got a bit close,
he was prodding a prawn and he...

He's lost his arm.

So we need a team down here
straightaway, please, man.

No, it's not my house.
I don't live here.

That's a pity, because you know this...

Hell, this is a nice cat food,
you know?

But it's not your house,
so we'll give it to someone else.

Yes! It is my house!

We need you to sign there.
Okay, there it is.

Now you can take that. Okay, all right.
Thomas. Thomas, wait. Take it easy.

The creatures became incredibly
obsessed with cat food.

Something about that. It was like catnip
for cats, only a lot more intense.

Get down on the ground or I'll shoot.

Come on. Come on.
That's it. Come on.

MNU are your friends.

Hello? MNU. We are here
to serve eviction notices.

What is eviction?

Hold it, boys.

What we have stranded on Earth
in this colony, is basically the workers.

Don't think for themselves,
take commands, have no initiative.

They've lost all of their leadership
through, we presume, illness.

- We are here for you.
- Keep your fucking hands up.

- holding stable in
the Nigerian compound area.

Where there's a slum, there's crime...

...and District 9 was no exception.

The Nigerians had
various scams going.

One of them was the cat-food scam...

...where they sold cat food
to the aliens for exorbitant prices.

You put the money here first.

You don't get anything until you pay.

What are you trying to do?
I'll chop your balls off.

Not to mention
interspecies prostitution.

And they also dealt in alien weaponry.

You have a car hijacking,
there's a chop shop there.

See that?
That's somebody's car in there.

The Nigerians in District 9 are headed
by a man called Obesandjo.

He's a very powerful
underground figure in Johannesburg.

Don't play with these boys.
He'll cut you in four pieces.

- He will put you on each side of...
- Boss. Boss.

That's the boss there. Okay,
no problems. No. Keep walking.

Don't look at him. That's gonna cause
problems. Trent, don't film here now.

Double up, baby, double up.

- All right, next, 766. All right.
- Now, this is the one.

- MNU agents. Open the door, please.
- Hey, hey.

- What?
- Jesus.

- Thomas. Check around the side.
- What is it?

Check around the side there.
That's a...

Control, it's Wikus van de Merwe.
I need a population-control team...

...at JV-766, Zone 4 immediately,
please. Check that side, Thomas.

- There's 40 to 50 eggs in here.
- Is this normal?

- This is an amazing find.
- They're all gone.

I can just show you a little bit
how it works.

Basically, a cow is hung
from the ceiling, you can see.

Very little of it left, of course, because
all these pipes supply the nutrition...

...to the little prawn eggs.

- You can do one, if you want.
- No, I'm fine.

You want to see? There you go. Okay.
No more nutrition to the guy.

- And then, finally, we take out that.
- Oh, God.

The little guy has gone
to a nice little sleep now.

Just pop him out. There we go.
And pop him out here.

You can take that. Keep it
as a souvenir for your first abortion.

- You can feel like you did one.
- Yes, boss.

Where's the team now?

Okay, here he comes, guys.

This is The Snake.

To go in and abort each egg one
at a time would take a very long time.

So this makes a lot of sense.

Do you hear that? That's a popping
sound that you're hearing.

It's almost like a popcorn.
What the egg does is, it pops up.

The little guy, what's left of him,
pops out there.

So that's the sound
that you are hearing with the popping.

You don't need that, man. Only sissies
wear that. You don't need that.

- You've been drinking a little bit, eh?
- Watch the suit, man.

What are you doing
with these television sets here?

What's this?

Hey. Smile for the cameras there, eh?

- That's a first-day find.
- That's a big find.

You see this? Look at this.
Trent. Trent, look at this.

There's weapons all over here.


Some of the guns are small.
But if it shoot you, it make a big mess.

MNU is trying to move the aliens
for humanitarian reasons...

...but the real focus, just as it has been
right from the beginning, is weapons.

MNU is the second-largest weapons
manufacturer in the world.

We assumed that we'd be able
to pick up the alien gun...

...and be able to shoot it.
It didn't work like that.

As we discovered, their technology
is engineered in a biological manner...

...and interacts exclusively
with their DNA.

So it just doesn't work with humans.
It's as simple as that.

This is basically a guy
and there's three humans here.

Basically, trying to make a warning,
you know?

He's saying, "I killed three humans.
Watch out for me."

Hey, don't urinate on your own bloody...
Okay. Back up. Back up.

Back up, back up, back up.
Guys. Thomas.

Control, this is Wikus requesting
First Battalion air support, please.

You want to talk to them or you want
to talk to me? Yeah, you can talk...

No, not them!


Okay, guys, thanks very much.
Yeah, no, he had a spade.

Look! I find some!

I tell you before...

...this is human technology...

...it is useless.

Only our technology
contains the fluid.

That is not our technology?

No, it's junk.

Keep looking.

I find something.

Yes. This is what we need.

Good, little one.

Get down.

Careful. Wait.


Why must it take so long?

Because it is very difficult...

...so much can go wrong.

Twenty years of work.

Our plan is ready now?

Quiet. Listen.

They are coming.

To Control, van de Merwe unit.
This is Yankee-Foxtrot-5-3-0.

This is a dangerous area, you know.

You must hide this...

...they must not find it.

Answer the door and be polite.

No! You take it.

Okay, now, you see, this is a problem.
This is a gang sign. You see this?

So again, looks like we have a...
Thomas, look sharp, eh?

Looks like we have
more gang members.

Fundiswa, you just stay back.
You stay behind Thomas.

This place is swarming with MNU.

Open up!

I will be searched.

I must get back to my son.

Don't make them angry. Be polite!

MNU agents. Open the door, please.

Nobody is here.

We would like you to please sign...
That's unacceptable.

Move out! Move out!

- That is totally unacceptable!
- Get out, you stupid prawn.

- That's bloody rude. Get outside.
- Come on. Move!

- Move! Move!
- Get outside.

We tried to talk nicely with you.

I tried to talk nicely with him, I did.
Get him out to the front there, Thomas.

- Keep moving.
- Cheeky bastard.

You got something in your house?

- All the way, Thomas.
- On your knees.

- I'm gonna have a look.
- Just stay there. Right there.

Sir, we have to serve you
an eviction notice.

Do you understand that?


This is a classic kind of
gangster shack. I can tell you...

...we gonna find weapons here.

Trent, watch your head.
Don't hit the cow's head.

Just checking for panels.

You hear that?
Yeah, it's hollow there.

See? Look at that. Look at that.

I haven't seen this type of setup.

It's almost like
a chemistry type of a set.

There's gonna be something.

What is this kak?

What is this?

I don't know. This has got
the markings there of...

So it's definitely alien.

But it's not a weapon.

But I don't trust it.
You know, I don't trust anything that...

Are you all right?

- Wikus, are you all right?
- Cut it. Turn it off.

Just switch it off. Turn it off.
Turn it off.

You gonna just... You gonna
cut that part, Trent, out of this?

- Yeah.
- Where it sprays me.

We'll cut that.

We just found
a dangerous object here.

It has a fluid in it that I suspect might
leak onto people or cause damage.

So we just check that in and we
take that down nicely to the lab.

It's not a weapon, but it's dangerous.

He's got weapons somewhere here.

My sense is telling me that.
Let's check the other side here.

- Thomas.
- Yes, sir?

- Thomas, keep the gun on him.
- I got him.

Keep the gun on him, Thomas.
There's weapons here.

This is Christmas.
This is Christmas, my friends.

This is the biggest find
that I've ever seen.

Control, come in.
This is Wikus van de Merwe...

...requesting First Reaction Battalion...

...at Foxtrot-Yankee-5-3-0.

- I'll send them out to you now, sir.
- Stand by, guys.

This I've never seen. Have you seen
this? Amazing. Look at this gun.

- Fuck, man.
- What gun is this?

- This is absolutely amazing.
- Just hold it still.

- What are you doing?
- I wanna show this to Thomas.

- You said we can't handle them.
- I'm just gonna show it.

I'm not gonna use it.
It doesn't even work with humans.

- Thomas, look at this gun.
- Yeah. That's a big one, man.

That's not mine.

You're a dealer?


You hear this?
You see what's happening?

First Battalion, my friend,
you know what that means?

That means your days
of flaunting the law are over.

Have a look there. You see that?
What's that? That's a hiding for you.

That's a hiding.

- Hey. Hey.
- Stop that!

- Stand back!
- Hey.


Come here.

- Wikus, are you all right?
- Come here.

Where do you think you're going?
Hey. Come on.

- Are you okay?
- Fuck off!

You don't run away from a chopper.
Where are you going?

No. No.

Skeet off, brother. Skeet off.

Koobus to base, come in.

I've got two people down.

MNU guard, MNU agent.

It's Foxtrot-Yankee-5-3-0, copy?

And we need a medevac ASAP.

No, that's fine, Koobus.
I don't need the medevac.

- Wikus, you burned your arm.
- I'll just treat it here, Koobus.

It's not serious. I'll treat it here.

I think you must go to a doctor,
a hospital.

- No.
- Get it checked out.

I'll just have it treated by the medics.
Just help me... Help me up quick.

Did you see how fast
that one was, Trent?

Yeah, he was fast.

Hell, this guy was fast,
I promise you.

Look, I fix it...

...I make it work.

I told you not to touch that.

What is wrong?

Go outside and watch for humans.

Where is your friend?

He's gone.

- Are you okay?
- Just a bit hot. Are you hot?

- Are you hot, Trent?
- Yeah.

Yeah. If you can't stand the heat,
get out of the kitchen.

That's what l... That's what I say.

- They are too dangerous. I understand.
- You see.

Another kid. There's just kids
everywhere. Kids everywhere.

This is what I mean.
This is why we get rid of them.

- The little ones.
- That's why we abort.

- Should I shoot the little bastard?
- You can't shoot it now.

It's illegal to do that.

- MNU agent, come out.
- Hello.

Hello, little guy. MNU.
Here's a sweetie for you, okay.

There you go.
Eat your sweetie.

Yeah, he's gonna eat his sweetie.

Works like a charm every time,
you know.

- Hey. Hey, come on! Hey!
- Fuck, man.

You almost poked my eye out
with a fucking lollipop.

- I tried to be fucking nice to you!
- Hey.

Fuck. Is this
your fucking little runt here?

Inside, go!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You teach him some manners.
Thomas, get him out.

Come. Get down!
Had enough of you stupid things.

What do you want?

We're from MNU.

I know.

We require your scrawl
on this eviction notification.

Why am I being evicted?

Yes, it's eviction notice.

Put your scrawl on the bottom.
There's your name?


Christopher Johnson.
Put your name at the bottom.

It says you must give me
24 hours notice.

You're going to another place.
A city built for prawns.

And we're not even
going to charge you. Okay?

This isn't legal.

Sign the fucking paper.


You don't have a choice.
You have to sign the document.

This guy's obviously...
He's a little sharper.

You know? So we're gonna
have to try something.


Okay, seems like we didn't understand
each other there properly, eh?

Okay. So you've got a little one, eh?
Do you have a license for that?


You see this litter out here? This is
dangerous conditions for your child.

Article 75 says that because your child
is living in dangerous conditions...

...l'm gonna take him to Child Services.
I'll have a chat with your son.

You keep away from my child!

Don't... Don't point
your fucking tentacles at me.

Don't point
your fucking tentacles at me.

You want to stay,
your boy is coming down with me...

...to Child Services. He's gonna spend
the rest of his life in a 1 -by-1 meter box.

- Put the gun on him, Thomas.
- Hello, little guy.

It's the sweetie man coming.

Fuck. Look at this, Trent. Fuck.

Thomas. Thomas, keep the gun on him,
he's definitely a criminal.

He's got a whole
computer shop here.

He's going nowhere, boss.

You know, this is amazing.
I mean, this...

These are obviously, you can see,
stolen computers now...

...that he's decorating his place with.

Definitely doesn't have
a permit for this.

Where is that fucking little runt?

Hello, it's the sweetie man.

Here's a sweetie...

Hey, I've got a s...

- Hey. Wikus.
- Trent, turn it off.

- Turn off the fucking camera, man.
- Wikus, are you okay, boss?

- Are you all right?
- Fuck off. Fuck off!


- I said...
- All right, I'll switch it off.

- Shall I leave him?
- Just leave him here.

You're lucky.

We'll come back for you tomorrow,
my friend.

Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow,
Christopher Johnson.

When dealing with aliens,
try to be polite but firm.

- A smile is cheaper than a bullet.
- Are you feeling better?

- What?
- How are you feeling?

I'm f... I'm fine. I'm all right.
I'm just... I'm a bit dizzy.

Actually, just pull up there on the side.
I just wanna get something to eat here.

Are you sure you should be having that
after your whole puking episode?

I actually feel a lot better.

- I think I needed to cleanse.
- Boss.


- Boss. Your...
- Wikus, that's... That's...

Black stuff coming out
of your nose there.

Telephone call for Mr. Clark
on Line 5.

It's a silver cylinder.

I can't find it.

We must find it.

It contains the fluid.

It's not here.

It has to be, keep looking.

We trade for 10,000 cans.

Certain factions of Nigerian gangs want
to extract weaponry from District 9...

...and have been trying to for years.

Give them one hundred cans.

One hundred.

Yes, yes, but we take all of them now.

All right, boys.

Get them the cat food. Hurry up.

And they amassed
thousands of these weapons...

...without the ability to use them.

Fuck off! Go!

Hey, friend, not you. You stay here.

What do you want with me?

We just want to talk.

Talk about what?

Stupid prawn.
They'll believe anything.

"Muti" is a South African word.

Today, it's synonymous
with witch-doctory and magic.

You cut it here.

This is the heart.

It cures high blood pressure
when you boil it.

It cures diabetes, all diseases.

The Nigerians were consuming
alien body parts.

They believed that by doing so,
they were ingesting their power...

...to use alien weaponry.

You must eat them...

...and their power will live in you.

Just give me a fucking chance
to go in front of you, man.

- Oh, baby, thank God.
- Hi, baby.

- I need to get to the toilet.
- Why?

- Why are the lights off?
- What's the matter?

- I might have crapped in my pants.
- Surprise!

- What's this for?
- Your promotion.

Oh, right. Got my promotion.

- Oh, Dad, how's it going?
- Good to see you.

Mom, how's it going? That's good.
Yeah, what a surprise, man.

- Congrats on the promotion.
- Yeah, no, thanks.

Congratulations, boss.
You're gonna be great.

- Thanks.
- Wikus, what happened?

Just had a small incident.
I'm just gonna go to the toilet...

...and then I'll talk to the people, okay?

- I need to talk to you. Come with me.
- Okay, I just gotta...

- Guys, can you give us a moment?
- Sure, no problem.

What happened out there?

A small incident.

You know, an unruly prawn
and I just had to get him in my grasp.

Listen to me, too many aliens
died out there today.

UIO is all over my backside.

Focus. You're not going
to fuck this up for me.

If you can't do the job,
I'll find someone who can.

- Hi, there.
- Hey, it's nice to see you again.

Now, does this mean he's
in charge of this new operation?

- Yes.
- That's nice, eh?

Wikus? Baby, are you okay?

Okay, let's cut some cake.

Cut some cake.

- He doesn't look very well.
- Are you all right?

Just calm down, okay?


Dr. Smith, please come to Room 405.
Dr. Smith.

Is it...? Is it badly infected?

There's a lot of suppuration.

Also, you should know
on my right hand...

...some fingernails
were coming loose.

And I had a black fluid
coming out of my nose...

...and sort of a black vomit.

What happened to my arm?

- Just breathe deeply.
- What happened?

- This is oxygen.
- What is this?

Just breathe deeply. Calm down.

- Stay calm.
- Doctor, tell my wife.

Go tell my wife.

Attention, all medical staff members,
evacuate Ward 11 immediately.

All medical staff members,
evacuate Ward 11 immediately.

Who the fuck are you, man?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Get the fuck off me, you bitch! Fuck!

What are you assholes
planning on doing?

Stop right there, madam.

What's going on?
What are you doing to him?

- Let go of me!
- All right.

- Let me through. Let me through!
- Good to go. Come on.

- Wikus.
- Madam, get your hands off me.

Where are you taking him?

We have the infected agent onboard.

We're en route to MNU HQ
with an ETA of five minutes.

Unzip it. Unzip it.


- You got him? You ready?
- Yeah. Got him.

Decided not to use any anaesthetic.

The reason being, with nitrous,
the subject reacts to...

- Blood pressure is way above normal.
- Calm down.

The arm is doing
some really interesting things.

Aaron, what do you think
we've got here?

We would have expected it to...
The antibodies to react and maintain.

- Dr. Visser?
- Yes?

I think you should see this.

I found it in his jacket.

Do you think this is alien?

No. No. No.

No, don't.

Don't. No.

Sons of bitches leave me... Fuck.

Where is this?


What...? What are they doing
to these prawns?

Pain threshold, test one, DBX-7.

Commencing test one, DB X-7.

Now that's a strong pain reaction.

That means the nerves have fused.

I mean, it's almost
completely integrated.

Okay, do it.

- B5.
- Testing AMR-B5.

All right. Okay.

- Clear the range.
- Range fire.

- Now. Quickly.
- Quiet, please. We are now recording.

Swing it around.

- What are you doing?
- There we go.

What are you doing?

- Can you grip that?
- What is this?

- Put it through.
- Why are you doing that with the gun?

- Stand by to fire.
- Stand by.

- You want me to shoot that?
- Stand by.

- Stand back.
- I cannot use this weapon.

And fire.

That's good.

- It worked. That's satisfactory.
- AMR-B5 test complete.

Right. Thanks very much.
Load up another target.

- You got this?
- Do you know where my wife is?

Do you know if my wife knows
where I am? Sir?

Where's my wife?

- Pull. Pull.
- I won't do that.

No, sir, I will not pull it.

What did you say about your wife?

- Fuck your wife.
- No, sir. No, please, sir. I will...

- I will not pull.
- Have to use the prod again.


- B 7.
- AMR-B 7.

- I'll pull it.
- He says he can pull it.

I can pull the trigger.

I said I would pull it.

- You rotten pig!
- Fire.

- B21.
- AMR-B 21.

Move. Hurry up. Move.

We want him in the center,
by the chain.

- Get this off me.
- Come on. Time. Time.

Hey, leave that fucking prawn, man.
I will shoot a pig.

I'll shoot... Sir.
Listen. I'll shoot a pig again for you.

I'll pull the trigger, but I'm not shooting
that prawn, hear me?

- Untie that fucking guy, man.
- B21. The human hand.

That's good. It worked.

Just untie that guy.
Untie that guy, sir.

This is... You can't use the real guy.
He didn't do anything.

Right. I wanna observe this one.
You prod him.

- Everybody standing by.
- Let him go.

Ready to go?

- Don't use a... Oh, no.
- Three, two, one...

- Don't, don't, don't.


AMR-B 21 test completed.

All right. I think that's all we need.

you're running out of time.

This is the key stage
in the metamorphosis.

His DNA is in perfect balance
between alien and human.

The problem is,
as the infection spreads...

...the transition becomes
permanent and less active.

He's going to turn into one of them,
a prawn?

What happens to him isn't important.

What's important is that we harvest
from him what we can right now.

This body represents
hundreds of millions...

...maybe billions of dollars
worth of biotechnology.

There are people out there,
governments, corporations...

...who would kill for this chance.

- Will he survive the procedure?
- No, of course not.

We need everything.
Tissue, bone marrow, blood.

The procedure's gonna basically
strip him down to nothing.

What about next of kin?

Please, help me. Don't let them do it.

I'll handle that.

Okay. I say, let's go.

Good. Thank you.

I don't understand.
None of this makes any sense.

He just hurt his arm, Dad.

The doctors are trying, sweetheart.

They're doing their best to save him.

We're starting to harvest material
from the specimen.

We'll start with soft tissue first.
Cut through the chest cavity.

We need to get the heart out quickly.

Once the septicaemia set in,
it just spread.

- Don't touch me with this gas!
- Calm down.

You know Wikus.

He never was very strong.

I'll go through the chest,
straight into the heart.

- That should quiet him down.
- Fuck you!

Can I see him?

Not a good idea.

Fuck you. Fuck you!

You don't fucking come near me.
Don't fucking come near me.

Fuck you. You big fucking man, huh?

Hey. Hey. Drop the knife.

Fuck you! Drop that thing
or I'll fucking cut his eyes out.

Okay. All right. Okay.

- We're gonna get you, mate.
- I'll fucking kill you. I'll kill you.

You need to let go of him now.

That's okay, Tania.
Everything will be okay.



Get Koobus.

Hey, hey, wait, man.

Wikus van de Merwe,
white male, mid-30s...

...is considered highly dangerous.

- Hello?
- Hi, baby.

- Wikus? Is that you?
- It's Wikus...

- Mrs. Smit? Hi.
- How dare you phone us.

- What are all these people doing?
- None of your business.

I need to speak
to Tania straightaway.

It's my house. This is my
phone that you are using.

- I'm fucking... What?
- It's disgusting.

- He tried calling me.
- Anton, it's me. It's me. Accept...

Accept the call.

I've been friends with you
for fucking 19 years, man.

Fuck off! What are you watching, man?
Fuck off!

We thought it was for the best
because he needed help.

Special medical help. And he wasn't
gonna get that as a fugitive.

Move, move, move.

Go, go, go.

He became the most valuable
business artifact on Earth.

He was the only human
who had ever...

...successfully been combined
with alien genetics and remained alive.

But his real value was that
he could operate alien weaponry.


Can I get seven schnitzel burgers
and a large sauer klopse, please?

We interrupt this program
to bring you breaking news.

A patient has escaped from the
isolation ward and is loose in the city.

Wikus van de Merwe
was recently apprehended...

...after prolonged sexual activity
with aliens in District 9.

Oh, you bliksem.

I have to call my manager.

That's totally untrue.
You are legally obliged to serve me.

- which is causing
bodily disfigurement.

Can I buy your burger, please?
If I could just...

- It's contagious.
- Don't listen.

Police warn people to stay
at least 20 meters away.

No, look at this hand.
This hand is fine!

If you have any information regarding
the whereabouts of Mr. van de Merwe...

...please contact us immediately
on 0-800-S TOP-WIKUS.

- You fucking freak! Stop!
- Don't go away, after the break...

- Hi. This is Tania.
- And Wikus.

We can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave a message. Bye.

- Bye-bye.
- Good things!

Control, this is Bird Dog 7. We're
set up at all major exits to the city.

There's no sign of Mr. van de Merwe.
We are in total lockdown at this point.

The entire world was watching him.

He was on every radio station,
every image on television.

Anything you could find
had his face on it.

So he had nowhere else to go.

He ended up hiding
in the one place he knew...

...no one would ever come
looking for him.

I'm not playing here.
6 rand 50 or nothing.

I pay you next week, I promise.

No money, you get nothing.

Fucking prawn, this isn't a charity.

Hello. I'd like to buy
some meat, please.

Yes, have you got hamburger
or, you know, steak roll?

Does it look like a hamburger shop?

- Which one do you want?
- Goat, then.

Come on, come on, come on, man.
I don't have all day here.

- Is that cat food there?
- Yeah, it is.

That's cat food, eh?
I'll have some of that, guys.

- Is that all?
- Yeah.

Fuck, man.

Hello? Hello?


Baby, is that you? Tania?

Oh, God, please, let it be you.

- Yes, it's me.
- Baby...

I'm so happy you called me, baby.

- Wikus, listen to me.
- Okay.

I have something to say to you
and it's not gonna be easy.

No, okay, look. Listen, baby,
before you say anything.

Your father is working against me,
baby. He's lying to you.

I did not have sex with one of these...

...fucking creatures, man.

I would never have
any kind of pornographic activity...

...with a fucking creature. Baby...

But they said that you'd become
obsessed with them.

I can't do this.

Baby, please, don't give up on me,
you know?

Don't give up on me
because I can... l...

I wanna see you again, baby.
And I'm gonna fix my arm...

...and I'm gonna see you again...

...and I'm gonna kiss you
and I'm gonna hold you again.

I don't want you to hold me again.



Hey, hey. What the...?
Hey, hey. Hey, man. Hey.


- directly to the left of us.

Roger that. I'll send you
a couple choppers back up and...


What do you want?

Copy, control. No sign of the target.
Moving to Sector 6.

You have to go.

Okay, please, I need your help. Okay?

Okay. We gonna play hide and seek.

Yes! Yes!

You wanna help me hide?

No, get back.

Show me your favorite hiding place.

Please, just go.

Leave us alone.

No. Please, you don't...
I need to hide.

Okay? They're coming.
They wanna kill me. All right?

I just need to hide here, sir,
for five minutes. Okay? I just need to...

What is this kak? What are you
doing here? I remember you.

Nothing. You must hide
somewhere else.

Please, sir, you have to help me. I'm
losing blood. They're trying to kill me.

Only one thing
that could make that happen.

Quick, we have to hide him.

Now you, get down there.

Where the fuck I am?

Where's the fluid?

What did you do with it?


You took it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I know you did.

I can see what's happening to you.

Tell me where it is.

Right, right.

Was it a black fluid
in a glass container?

Yes, that's it. Yes!

Right. I confiscated it,
and the guys at the lab took it.

It'll be at MNU. MNU has it.

Okay. Okay.

What is this?

You ruined everything.

Where is this?

Is that your shack?

This whole thing's
under your shack?

For 20 years you've had this fucking
thing hidden down here. This is...

This is very illegal.

I mean, this is a fine,
you know, if they...

If they catch you with this.

Fuel goes in here!

That's enough! Quiet!

Then we fly away.

I said quiet! We cannot trust him.

What is he saying about the fuel?
Are you trying to start this thing?

Are you little fuckers
trying to start this and get away, eh?

Never mind.

Yeah, you sneaky
fucking prawns, eh?

Too bad. I could've fixed you.

What? What did you say
about the fixing?

What, you could fix me?

Forget it.

It doesn't matter, it's too late.

No. No. Listen, listen. Are you saying
that you could turn this...

This prawn hand into a human hand?
You can make me human again?

We have medical machines
on the mother ship that can fix you. Yes.

We can use this ship to fly up there.

That's fantastic.
You guys are brilliant, eh?

I always thought
the prawns were intelligent.

Let's do it.

I don't have fluid.

I could fix you and I could fly away.
But I don't have fluid.

Right. Right. Okay.

All right, I'll tell you
what, why don't we go...?

Let's get some more.
Let's go collect some up.

It took 20 years
to collect that amount.

Fuck, man. Fuck!

Fuck! The only one
is the one I confiscated?


It's four stories under ground.

Why's he keep looking at me like that?

He likes you.

We are the same.

Fuck off, man. I'm not the same.

Not the fucking same.

There is a way out of this.

We get the fluid back from MNU.

And what then? Then we both die, eh?
Both of us dead.

That's a suicide mission. Can you not
fill my head with that sort of nonsense?

The transformation is accelerating.

You do not have much time.

Oh, Christ.

Fuck. Okay.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

- Hello?
- Wikus?

- Tania? Baby.
- Are you okay?

Oh, God. Thank God.

Where are you?

All those things my father said...

I know he was trying to protect me.

I just don't know
what to believe anymore.

Baby, baby, I know, but listen to me.
It's all lies.

I swear to you.
Everything he said to you is lies.

I know.

What? What?

I believe you, Wikus.
I just want you back.

I want everything back
the way it was.

That's... Baby, that's what I want.
That's what... That's great.

That's great news. I can make it
the way it was, if you take me back.

But how? How can we go back?

I have a plan, and I know how to fix it.
All right?

I know how to fix myself.
And it'll be me...

...and we'll be back together.

You promise me?

I promise you, baby.

Don't give up on me, okay? Because
I haven't given up on you, all right?

I won't.

I love you.

I love you too.

- Tell me you got a fix on him.
- D-9.

How many moons
does our planet have?


This planet only has one.

I can't wait to see our planet.

It is bigger than this one, isn't it?


We go home now?

Not home. No.

This is where we must go.

See that tent there?

That might be ours.

I want to go home!

We can't go home. Not anymore.

Hi. You don't wanna go to the tents.
They're not better.

They're smaller than the shacks.

Actually more like
a concentration camp.

If I can get you that black fluid,
what happens then?

We go up to the mother ship.

And you can start that thing?


Okay. So just to be clear,
this is gonna go back...

This is gonna go back
to be human like this.

I can go home.

And then, you can go home.
You can take your boy.

You can take all the prawns.
If I could get you that fluid, right?

You said it was a suicide mission.

Maybe you were right.

We have no weapons.
They'll shoot us on sight.

Look. Look, Christopher.

I know where we can get weapons.

Hi, guys. Hello. Hi, hi. Hello.

- I'd like to buy some weapons, please.
- No, no, no. Hold it.

How did you do this one, my man?

It's doggy-style with a demon.

You're one brave white man.

Were you wearing a condom?

I need to buy weapons, please.

You and I both know that
there are illegal weapons inside there.

I have money and I would like to buy
some of those wea...

Okay. Okay. Okay.

- I brought you here to make me money.
- Sit. Don't move around.

You're fucking wasting my time.

Shut up. Fucking lying bitch.

Thank... Thank you, sir, for your time.
Thank you very much for seeing me.

I would like to buy some weapons.

AK-47, some grenades,
maybe tear-gas canisters.

I see you have limpet mines here,
as well.

And I also see you guys have
alien weapons there, which is great.

I could have one or two of those.

I have money, okay?

Now, I'm s...

Sir. Please, sir. Please, sir.
Please, sir.

I've heard about you.

Where do you have it?

Show me.

Oh, shit!

Come here. Come.


No, no, no. No, please.

Why are you doing that? Why is he...?
What is he...? What do you want?

- What do you...?
- Shut up.


Sir, don't.

Forget the weapons.
Forget the weapons.

Forget the weapons.

I want the arm. Cut it off.

What's he saying?
What does he want? What did he say?

What does he want? What does he...?

I'll show you. I'm gonna teach you.

Hey, hey, hey.

Holy shit.

You tell them to stand down.

You tell them to be quiet.

You, back off. Put your gun down.

Tell them to put the weapons
in the bag, man.

Fuck. Give me
the fucking weapons, man.

Don't you fucking look at me.

I said don't fucking look at me.

How did you get that hand?

Fucking hurry up, man.

Look at me
when I fucking speak to you.

What is your secret?

What did you do?

Tell me.

I want that fucking arm.

What the fuck did you do?

You fucking mizungo,
I'm coming for you.

I'm coming for you.
I'm going to get you.

Drop the fucking knife.

- Drop your fucking knife!
- Easy, easy.

And no live ammo.
He's useless to us dead.

Would you relax?

For fuck's sakes. My men
have done this a hundred times before.

Maintaining a visual on that location
at November-Alpha-1-9-1-1.

- The unit is closing in now, sir.
- It's gonna be quick.

It's gonna be clean.

And best of all...

...it's gonna be quiet.

Van de Merwe hasn't got a clue
what's coming his way.

It's empty.

Where are they?

The target is gone.
The place is empty.

What do you mean, "empty"?
Where the fuck is he?

That little shithead has got no idea
what's coming his way.

I'm gonna find him.

Security breach, Level 2.
Please proceed to the nearest exit.

Do not use...

There are the guards. At the gate.
Watch the guards at the gate, man.

Come on.

Security breach, Level 2.
Please proceed to the nearest exit.

Move. Get out. Get out!

- Don't shoot!
- Go.

Going down. Four stories down.

This is alien weaponry.
Give me a status report.

Security breach, Level 4. Bio lab.

- It's van de Merwe. He's on Level 4.
- Switch to live ammo.

- We're taking him out.
- Colonel.

We were ordered
not to use live ammunition.

- They want him alive.
- Security breach, Level 4.

Okay. Stay here until I call you.

I understand.

I need to get the door open.

Possible alien tissue detected.

I said, stay until I call you.

Wait for the decontamination
process to finish before...

You trying to get yourself killed?


I thought you said not to kill them?

He shot at me.

Open up! Get the fuck out!
Don't fucking look at me. Get out!

Get the fuck out!


- Move, move, move.
- Get out! Everybody get the fuck out!

Get out! Go! Move out of here now!

I'll send you home
in a fucking jar. Go!

What is this place?

Don't worry about that.

What do they do in here?

It's in one of these.

Check these. Check these boxes.

Any kind of a box that looks like
it can hold a tube. Just check that.

These fuckers.

Go, go, go.


- Security breach...
- I got it! I got it.

Chris, I got it. Let's go. Let's go.


Oh, fuck.

Listen. Listen, I didn't... I promise you,
I didn't know they were doing this.

Until they brought me here the other
day, I swear to you, I did not know...

...they were doing this, but...

Christopher, listen, look at me.
Listen to me.

We need to leave now. Okay?

The whole of MNU is gonna
come down here.

He's going to destroy us.

We are big, but quick.
We can do this.

- Okay, we're gonna get out of here.
- Target. Fire!

Move, move, move.

Move down the row. Move.

- Fuck.
- Move close.

You fucking bastard.

- Christopher, what are you doing?
- Two o'clock.

Cover the sides.

The bugs, the bugs, the bugs!

Think of your boy, for fuck's sake.

What are you doing?
Are you out of your fucking mind?

Move, move!

You'll get us killed.

What do we do now?

Fuck, yeah, man. Come on.

It's a fucking dead end.

I thought you had a way out?

I didn't say anything about a way out.
I promised you we'd get in. We're in.

I have an idea.

What? Where are you going?

Follow me.

Follow you?

What are you doing?

Making a bomb!

I've got you, Wikus.

Let's go!

It's a dead end.

Come on. Get in.

Go! Drive!


Okay, hold on.

Reports are coming in of an explosion
in downtown Johannesburg.

Well, there was a terrorist attack,
but I can assure you we've dealt with it.

Drop it now. We drop it now.
The cunt!

They're really pissed at us now.


Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Don't drop that fucking thing.

Come on, come on, come on. Move.
Get down there.

Go down and initiate
the binary commands.

Set it down right now.

When we get to the mother ship,
how long is this gonna take?

To do what?

The fixing. To fix me.

It's going to take
a bit longer than I thought.

Okay. All right. That's fine.
How long do you need?

Three years.

Sorry, wait. Just go slowly
with the clicks there.

It sounded like you said "three years."
Like human years.

Yes. Three years.

What? Three fucking years?

I will fix you...

...but first I must save my people.

The deal was, you go home, I get fixed.

I will not let my people
be medical experiments!

I'm a fucking medical experiment.
You hear me?

I'm a fucking
medical experiment, man.

I must go home and get help. I must
use all the fluid to travel quickly.

I'll just stay here, Christopher.
I'll just stay here in this shack.

And I'll see you in three years time?

I will come back. I promise.

Hey, Christopher.

Arriving on the ground. First
Reaction Battalion is in pursuit. Over.

Where the fuck is he?


You got Wikus down there, my boy?


No. Your daddy needs to stay there
to sort out a few things, all right?

But we're gonna go and we're come
back and fetch him. Okay? All right?

In here?

In there.

It goes in here, eh?

How the fuck do you open this, prawn?


Tell me, you fucker.
You want me to fucking kill you?

Hey? Is that what you fucking want?


Okay. Let's see.


What? Okay. There's no buttons.

- On.
- Open it.

- Activate.
- You have five seconds to tell me.

One prawn, one bullet.

I can't believe I get paid to do this.

I love watching you prawns die.

What the fuck, man?

Oh, fuck.

All right. Okay. Okay.


Get out! Now!

This is remarkable.

It looks like something
is emerging from the ground.

Something is definitely
coming out of the ground.

All right. All right.
Okay. Okay, steady.

Fuck it.

Go sit down. You can't play here now.
Your Uncle Wikus is flying.

Uncle Wikus is flying now, all right?

Fuck. Fuck off.

- Hold your track on that target.
- Affirmative, colonel.

Fire when locked.

It seems to be drifting
towards the center of the territory.

- We have a lock.
- Fire!

Something has fired upon it.
Yes, it's been hit.

What the fuck is that?

One of the engines is billowing smoke.
It's out of control.

It's going down, boss.
Should I send the boys to fuck him up?

- now, and... And it's hit the ground.
A massive impact.

And it's come to a standstill.

My son!

My son's in there!

Shut the fuck up! Get this fuck inside.
We're moving out. Come, let's go!

- Move him out. That's it.
- Move!

We're banking around,
trying to get a better view...

...of the ship, which is wrecked.

Waiting for some
of the smoke to clear.

Somebody has been pulled out
of the vehicle.

It looks like a human being.

We are getting unconfirmed reports
that this might be...

...Wikus van de Merwe,
a fugitive that has been on the run...

...from Multi-National United
for the past week.

They're loading him into a vehicle now
and heading off.

Battalion One to Control, confirming
prisoners are secured and traveling.

Expect delivery by 1600 hours.

What the fuck?

Back up.

Watch out. Watch out.

We found him, boss.

Bring him to me.

Get up. Move! Move!

- Take cover. Fall back.
- We need to regroup.

What the fuck?

Control, we're taking enemy fire.

We need support.
Backup. Backup now!

Fuck off! No, fuck off, man!

Get your hands off me.
Fucking get off me!

Get your fucking hands off me!
I'll fucking kill you.

Didn't I tell you...

...that I'm going to get you?

You came that day and left
with something that belongs to me.

Fuck you.

Fuck you. Fuck you! Fuck you!

Go, go, go.

Arriving at location. Over.

Additional troops
are moving into place.

Go, go, go.

Kill them! Kill all of them!

Move it.

- Koobus!
- Cover the eastern block.

I told you...

...that the day would come.

You've been running around
with my prize.

All I want is to eat that arm
and become like you.

No, no, no. It won't work.

- Go, go, go.
- Move it.

Once I have that power...

...no one will stop me.

It was your turn...

...now it's mine.

With MNU security forces,
this armed faction is st...

It won't work.

Let's cut here.



We're getting reports of alien devices
activating throughout the city.

- starting to work again
after 20 years...

- Pienaar?
- Yeah.

- See that prawn in the Casspir?
- Yeah.

He knows what the fuck
is up with that ship.

Get the fucker out
and get him talking now.

- Kronier.
- Cover.

- contractors are closing in
on the Nigerian compound, and it...

Over here, cunt. Come outside,
you fucking alien. Come here.

What's your plan, huh?
What's your plan?

What's your plan, huh?
What's your plan?

Move, move, move.

How are you doing that?

Who's moving that ship?

All right. That's very comfort...

Fucking bliksem.

Wait for my command.
Make sure you fucking shoot to kill.

- Fall back.
- What the fuck?

Move it, move it.

Take the right flanks.
Take that fucker down.

Hold your fire.
Hold your fire and keep your positions.

It's van de Merwe.

Hey, Dickus.

You may have the prawn. Okay?
Just let me fucking go.

- Run, Wikus.
- You let me go.

- Run!
- You let me go.

And keep on running,
you fucking coward. Run! Run!

Control. This is Control.

Get the air support up
and get on his fucking tail now!

Copy that. Air support
is dispatching now. Over.

It's not gonna work, boss.

He's a tough one. He's not gonna talk.

Then just fucking kill him.

- He's not gonna talk.
- Then just fucking kill him.


- He's a tough one. He's not gonna talk.
- Then just fucking kill him.

Hey. Come on.

I'll get you out of here.
I'll get you to the drop ship.

I can't, it's too far.

It's not too fucking far. Get up.

I'm gonna get you there.
I'm gonna get you to your boy.

Come on. Stay behind me.
Stay behind me.

Retreat! Fall back! Fall back!

Fall back, fall back, fall back.

Come on, run, run, run. Go.

Arriving at location now.

We have clearance to engage.

It's coming towards us.
Get down, get down.

Take up positions to the east.

Go, guys. Go. Move.

JJ, go for point three.
Okay, go, go, go.

He's heading for the drop ship.
Cut those fuckers off!

What the fuck?

- Shit.
- You fuck.

Are you hurt?

No, we can make it. I think the ship's
stopping. We can make it. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Listen, you go ahead.
You can make it.

I'm gonna just hold him off here
and I'll join you soon.

No, we stick together.
I'm not leaving you here.

Take your boy and go home.
You have to make it.

Don't make me go through this
and not make it. Understand?

I will come back for you.

Go. Go now before
I change my mind, man.


Three years, I promise.

Fuck! I'm not fucking scared of you.

Big fucking men.

Come on! Bring what you got!

Come on!

You want me? You want me?

Is that all you've got?

Is that all you've fucking got?

Some sort of quite extraordinary light
from the mother ship.

I've never seen anything like it.
It's a beam of li...

Select weapons.
Okay, fuck. Which one?

No, not that one. Go forward.
Forward scan. Okay.


Report. Come in.

Get to the vehicle now. Get going.

- Yes, colonel.
- Go, go, go.


Fuck. Fuck.

You wanna fucking play with me,

You fucker!

He almost got me.

Go. Come on.

We go home now?



Now I know why
everybody wants a piece of you.

I can't wait for those med boys
to cut you up.

But you know what? You're not gonna
waste any more of my time.

You half-breed piece of shit.

I'm gonna just fucking
kill you myself.

Stay back, you fucker.

Stay back.

Stay back!

And people everywhere
across Johannesburg...

...are flooding the streets,
are pouring out of their offices.

And all eyes are pointing up towards
the sky on this momentous day.

It's the first time, ladies
and gentlemen, in over two decades...

...that the mother ship has shown
any movement...

...and people are
tremendously excited.

The city has come
to an absolute standstill.

And everybody wants to know
what's going to happen next.

There's no way of knowing whether
Christopher Johnson will return.

We don't know if he was escaping,
whether he will effect a rescue plan...

...and as the so-called
free press says...

...whether or not he'll come back
and declare war on us.

This is the last known footage
of Wikus van de Merwe.

And we can only speculate
as to what has happened to him.

The more zany conspiracy theories
state that...

...he's been captured by MNU
or by another government.

Or by perhaps some
shady government agency...

...and is actually being held
in captivity.

If we knew where he was,
we would help him.

And that is the most difficult part,
just not knowing where he is.

Wikus, sadly, is gone...

...but I'm the one who stays behind
with all the questions.

I can't give the answers.

He died in my mind a long time ago.

And that's that.

Wikus van de Merwe is a name
that will become very widely known...

...because of this pivotal role
that he played in this whole event.

He was an honest man
and he didn't deserve what happened.

I know. I looked into
the computer system and I found stuff.

I mean, the whole data was there,
you know?

They didn't even do a good job
of hiding it.

You guys haven't seen my wife.
Let me show you my wife.

She's my special angel.

She even looks like a angel with a halo.
You want to see?

With the white veil over the head,
she even looks like an angel.

Everyone says his wife's an angel, but
this is a real angel that you're seeing.

On the cameras. They won't put that
in the video, I don't think.

I found this at my front door, as though
somebody had just left it there.

My friends say I should throw it away
because it's just a piece of rubbish.

And it couldn't possibly
come from him.

I know it's true.

Special thanks to SergeiK.