The Dark Knight Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Dark Knight script is here for all you fans of the Christian Bale Batman sequel with Heath Ledger as the Joker. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Dark Knight quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Dark Knight Script


GRUMPY: Three of a kind, let's do this.
CHUCKLES: That's it? Three guys?

GRUMPY: Two guys on the roof. Every
guy gets a share. Five shares is plenty.

CHUCKLES: Six shares. Don't
forget the guy who planned the job.

GRUMPY: He thinks he can sit it out
and still take a slice.

-I know why they call him the Joker.
HAPPY: Why do they call him the Joker?

DOPEY: I heard he wears makeup.
HAPPY: Makeup?

DOPEY: Yeah, to scare people.
You know, war paint.


GRUMPY: All right, everybody,
hands up, heads down!

I said, hands up, heads down!

Let's go, pal,
I'm making a withdrawal here.

-I said, hands up!

Here comes the silent alarm.

And there it goes.

Heads down!

All right, tootsie,
you're taking a dive with me.

-Down! I said, stay down there!
WOMAN: Don't hurt me!

DOPEY: Funny, it didn't dial 911.
It was trying to reach a private number.

HAPPY: Is it a problem?
DOPEY: No, I'm done here.


Sit down! Down!

Down! I said, stay down there!

GRUMPY: Obviously we don't want you
doing anything with your hands...

...other than holding on for dear life.

On the ground! Stay on the ground!

Nobody make a move!
Nobody! Stay down!




You have any idea
who you're stealing from?

-You and your friends are dead.
GRUMPY: He's out, right?



Where did you learn to count?

HAPPY: They wired this thing up
with like 5000 volts.

What kind of bank does that?

GRUMPY: A Mob bank.
I guess the Joker's as crazy as they say.

Where's the alarm guy?

HAPPY: Boss told me when the guy
was done, I should take him out.

One less share, right?

Funny, he told me something similar.

He what? No! No!

That's a lot of money.

If this Joker guy was so smart,
he'd have us bring a bigger car.


I'm betting the Joker told you to kill me
soon as we loaded the cash.

No, no, no, no, I kill the bus driver.

Bus driver?

What bus driver?

School's out. Time to go.

Cat's not getting up, is he?

That's a lot of money.

What happened to the rest of the guys?

You think you're smart, huh?

The guy that hired you...

...he'll just do the same to you.

Oh, criminals in this town
used to believe in things.



Look at you.
What do you believe in, huh?

What do you believe in?!

I believe whatever doesn't kill you
simply makes you...






MAN 1: Mr. Mayor, you were elected
in a campaign to clean up the city.

-When are you gonna start?
MAN 2: Well, Mike, I believe I already have.

MAN 1: Like the so-called Batman.

We're hearing he's doing some good,
criminals are running scared.
But I say...

-No, man. I don't like it tonight.
-What are you, superstitious?

You got more chance of winning
the Power bowl than running into him.

That simply is not true. I'm told that our men in the
Major Crimes Unit are close to an arrest.

Hey, Wuertz, mayor says
you're closing in on the Batman.

The investigation is ongoing.

MAYOR: The process of cleaning up
the streets is a long one.

I pledged in my campaign, uh, to have....

Ever intending to see your wife again,

I thought you had to
go look after your mother, detective.

Checked her back into the hospital.

I'm sorry.

-So he hasn't shown up?
-He often doesn't.

I like reminding everybody
he's out there.

Why wouldn't he come?


...because he's busy.


That's why we bring dogs.

-My little princes.
MAN: Please.

Please, they're crawling in my mouth.
Please, I beg you, get them off.

CHECHEN: Look what your drugs
do to my customers.

Buyer beware.

I told you my compound
would take you places.

I never said they'd be places
you wanted to go.

My business, repeat customers.

SCARECROW: You don't like
what I have to offer... can buy from someone else.

Assuming Batman left anyone
to buy from.


My dogs are hungry.

Pity there's only one of you.




CHECHEN: What--?
SCARECROW: That's not him.

Loose the dogs!


That's more like it.








Don't let me find you out here again.

-We're trying to help you.
BATMAN: I don't need help.

Not my diagnosis.

What gives you the right? What's
the difference between you and me?

I'm not wearing hockey pads.

Everybody back now!


He can't resist showing us his face.

What's he hiding under that makeup?

RAMlREZ: Uh, can we get a minute,
people, please?

Him again. Who are the others?

Another bunch of small timers.


Some of the marked bills I gave you.

My detectives have been
making drug buys with them for weeks.

This bank was another drop for the Mob.
That makes five.

-We found the bulk of their dirty cash.
-Time to move in.

We'd have to hit all banks
simultaneously. SWAT teams, backup.

What about this Joker guy?

One man or the entire Mob? He can wait.

When the new DA hears about this,
he'll want in.

-Do you trust him?
-Be hard to keep him out.

I hear he's as stubborn as you are.

Be nice when Wayne Manor's rebuilt.

You can swap
not sleeping in a penthouse...

...for not sleeping in a mansion.

Whenever you stitch yourself up,
you do make a bloody mess.

Yeah. It makes me learn
from my mistakes.

You ought to be pretty knowledgeable
by now, then.

My armor.

I'm carrying too much weight.
I need to be-- I need to be faster.

I'm sure Mr. Fox can oblige.

-Did you get mauled by a tiger?
-lt was a dog.

-lt was a big dog.

There were more copycats last night,
Alfred, with guns.

Why don't you hire them and
take the weekend off?

That wasn't exactly
what I had in mind...

...when I said I wanted
to inspire people.

I know.

But things have improved.

Look at the new district attorney.

I am, closely.

Need to know if he can be trusted.

Are you interested in his character
or his social circle?

Who Rachel spends her time with
is her business.

I trust you don't have me followed
on my day off.

If you ever took one, I might.

Know your limits, Master Wayne.

Batman has no limits.

-Well, you do, sir.
-Well, can't afford to know them.

And what's gonna happen
on the day that you find out?

We all know how much you like to say
"l told you so. "

On that day, Master Wayne,
even I won't want to.



Sorry I'm late, folks.


-Where were you?
-Worried you'd have to step up?

-Harvey, I know these briefs backwards.
-Well, then...

...fair's fair.

Heads, I'll take it. Tails, he's all yours.

Yeah? You wanna
flip a coin to see who leads?

My father's lucky coin. As I recall,
it got me my first date with you.

I wouldn't leave something like that
up to chance.

I don't. I make my own luck.

BAlLlFF: All rise.
The Honorable Judge Freel presiding.

I thought the DA just played golf
with the mayor or things like that.

Teeoff's 1:30. More than enough time
to put you away for life, Sally.

With Carmine Falcone in Arkham...

...someone must have stepped up
to run the so-called family.

Is that man in this courtroom today?

-Could you identify him for us, please?
-You win, counselor.

It was me.


I have a sworn statement from you
that this man...

...Salvatore Maroni, is the new head
of the Falcone crime family.

Maroni? He's a fall guy.
I'm the brains of the organization.


JUDGE: Order.
-Permission to treat...

-...the witness as hostile?

-Hostile? I'll show you hostile!


Carbon fiber, .28 caliber,
made in China.

If you wanna kill a
public servant, Mr. Maroni...

...I recommend you buy American.

JUDGE: Get him out of here.
-But, Your Honor, I'm not done.


We'll never be able to link the gun to Maroni,
so we won't be able to charge him.

But the fact that they're trying to kill you,
means we're getting to them.

I'm glad you're so pleased, Rachel.
I'm fine, by the way.

Come on, Harvey. You're Gotham's DA.

You're not getting shot at,
you're not doing your job right.

But, you know...

...if you said you were rattled,
we could take the rest of the day off.

Can't. I dragged the head of
the Major Crimes Unit down here.

Oh, Jim Gordon? He's a friend, actually.
Try to be nice.

I hear you got a hell of a right cross.

It's a shame Sal's going to walk.

Yeah, well, good thing about the Mob
is they keep giving you second chances.

Lightly irradiated bills.

Fancy stuff for a city cop. Have help?

We liaise with various agencies--

Save it, Gordon. I wanna meet him.

Official policy is to arrest the vigilante
known as Batman on sight.

Mm-hm. What about that floodlight
on the top of MCU?

If you got problems
with malfunctioning equipment...

...I suggest you take them up
with Maintenance, counselor.

I've put every money launderer
in Gotham behind bars...

...but the Mob
is still getting its money out.

I think you and your friend
have found the last game in town.

You're trying to hit them
where it hurts, their wallets.

It's bold.

You gonna count me in?

In this town, the fewer people know
something, the safer the operation.

Gordon, I don't like that you got
your own special unit...

...and i don't like that it's full of cops
I investigated at lnternal Affairs.

If I didn't work with cops you'd investigated
while you were making your name at IA...

...I'd be working alone.

I don't get political points
for being an idealist.

I have to do the best I can with what I have.

You want me to back warrants
for search and seizure on five banks...

...without telling me what we're after.

I can give you the names of the banks.

Well, that's a start.

I'll get you your warrants,
but I want your trust.

Oh, you don't have
to sell me, Dent.

We all know you're Gotham's
white knight.

Yeah, well, I heard they have
a different name for me down at MCU.

I wouldn't know about that.

MAN: In China, Lau Security lnvestments
stands for dynamic new growth.

A joint Chinese venture with
Wayne Enterprises will be a powerhouse.

Well, Mr. Lau...

...I speak for the rest of the board...

...and Mr. Wayne,
in expressing our own excitement.

Sir, I know Mr. Wayne is curious about
how his trust fund gets replenished...

...but, frankly, this is embarrassing.

You worry about the diligence,
Mr. Reese.

I'll worry about Bruce Wayne.

It's done.

The numbers are solid.

Do them again.

Wouldn't want the trust fund to run out,
now, would we?


Another long night?

This joint venture was your idea,
and the consultants love it.

But I'm not convinced.

Lau's company has grown by
8 percent annually like clockwork.

His revenue stream
must be off the books...

...maybe even illegal.

Okay. Cancel the deal.

You already knew.

Just needed a closer look at their books.

Anything else you can trouble me for?

I need a new suit.

Yeah. Three buttons
is a little '90s, Mr. Wayne.

I'm not talking fashion, Mr. Fox,
so much as function.

You wanna be able to turn your head.

Sure make backing out
of the driveway easier.

I'll see what I can do.

Took me three weeks
to get a reservation here.

And I had to tell them
I work for the government.

-The city Health inspector's...

...not afraid to pull strings.

Rachel. Fancy that.

Yeah, Bruce. Fancy that.

Rachel, Natascha. Natascha, Rachel.

-Natascha. Are you the prima--?
-Prima ballerina for the Moscow Ballet.

-Wow. Harvey's taking me next week.
-Really? So you're into ballet?

Bruce. This is Harvey Dent.

The famous Bruce Wayne.
Rachel's told me everything about you.

I certainly hope not.

-Let's put a couple tables together.
-I'm not sure that they'll let us.

Oh, they should. I own the place.

How could you want to raise children
in a city like this?

Well, I was raised here.
I turned out okay.

Is Wayne Manor in the city limits?

Is--? Heh-heh.

The Palisades? Sure.

You know, as our new DA,
you might wanna figure out...

...where your jurisdiction ends.

I'm talking about the kind of city
that idolizes a masked vigilante.

Gotham City is proud of an ordinary
citizen standing up for what's right.

Gotham needs heroes like you,
elected officials...

...not a man who thinks
he's above the law.

Exactly. Who appointed the Batman?

We did. All of us who stood by
and let scum take control of our city.

But this is a democracy, Harvey.

When their enemies were at the gates...

...the Romans would suspend democracy
and appoint one man to protect the city.

It wasn't considered an honor,
it was considered a public service.

Harvey, the last man
that they appointed... protect the republic
was named Caesar...

-...and he never gave up his power.
-Okay, fine.

You either die a hero...

...or you live long enough
to see yourself become the villain.

Look, Whoever the Batman is, he doesn't
wanna do this for the rest of his life.

How could he? Batman is looking for
someone to take up his mantle.

Someone like you, Mr. Dent?

Maybe. If I'm up to it.

What if Harvey Dent
is the Caped Crusader? Hm?

If I were sneaking out every night,
someone would've noticed by now.

Well, I'm sold, Dent,
and I'm gonna throw you a fundraiser.

That's nice of you Bruce, but I'm not
up for re-election for three years.

No, you don't understand.

One fundraiser with my pals...'ll never need another cent.


What the hell is this?

As you're all aware,
one of our deposits was stolen.

A relatively small amount, 68 million.

Who's stupid enough to steal from us?

Two-bit wackjob,
wears a cheap purple suit and makeup.

He's not the problem. He's a nobody.

The problem is our money
being tracked by the cops.

Thanks to Mr. Maroni's
well-placed sources...

... we know that police have indeed
identified our banks using marked bills...

...and are planning to
seize your funds today.

And since the enthusiastic new DA has
put all my competitors out of business...

-...I'm your only option.
MARONl : So, what are you proposing?

LAU : Moving all deposits to
one secure location, not a bank.

-Where, then?
-No one can know but me.

If the police were to gain leverage
over one of you...

... everyone 's money would be at stake.

What stop them getting to you?

I go to Hong Kong,
far from Dent's jurisdiction...

...and the Chinese will not extradite
one of their own.

How soon can you move the money?

I already have.

For obvious reasons, I couldn't wait
for your permission.

Rest assured, your money is safe.


Oh, hee-hee, aha.
Ha, ooh, hee, ha-ha, ha-ha.

And I thought my jokes were bad.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't
have my boy pull your head off.

How about a magic trick?

I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.



It's gone.

Oh, and by the way,
the suit, it wasn't cheap.

-You ought to know, you bought it.

I want to hear proposition.

Let's wind the clocks back a year.

These cops and lawyers
wouldn't dare cross any of you.

I mean, what happened?

Did your balls drop off? Hm?

You see, a guy like me....

-A freak.
MOBSTER 1 : Damn right.

A guy like me-- Look, listen.

I know why you choose
to have your little, ahem... sessions
in broad daylight.

I know why you're afraid
to go out at night.

The Batman.

See, Batman has shown Gotham
your true colors, unfortunately.

Dent, he's just the beginning.

And as for the television's
so-called plan...

...Batman has no jurisdiction.

He'll find him and make him squeal.

I know the squealers when I see them...


What do you propose?

It's simple. We, uh, kill the Batman.


If it's so simple, why haven't
you done it already?

If you're good at something,
never do it for free.

How much you want?

Uh, half.


GAMBOL: You're crazy.
-No, I'm not.

No, I'm not.

If we don't deal with this now...


...Little Gambol here won't be able
to get a nickel for his grandma.

Enough from the clown!

Ah, ta-ta-ta. Let's not blow...

MOBSTER 2: Shit!
-...this out of proportion.

You think you can steal from us
and just walk away?

GAMBOL: I'm putting the word out.

Five hundred grand for this clown dead.

A million alive, so I can teach him
some manners first.

All right. So, listen,
why don't you give me a call...

...when you wanna start taking things
a little more seriously?

Here's my card.


You're a hard man to reach.

Lau's halfway to Hong Kong.

If you'd have asked, I could have taken his passport. I told you to keep me in the loop.

All that was left in the vaults
were marked bills.

They knew we were coming.
As soon as your office got involved--

My office?

You're sitting down there with scum like
Wuertz and Ramirez and you're talking--

Oh, yeah Gordon. I almost had your rookie
cold on a racketeering beat.

Don't try and cloud the fact that clearly
Maroni's got people in your office, Dent.

We need Lau back...

...but the Chinese won't extradite
a national under any circumstances.

If I get him to you,
can you get him to talk?

I'll get him to sing.

We're going after the Mob's life savings.

Things will get ugly.

I knew the risk when I took this job,

How will you get him back, any--?

He does that.

Our Chinese friends left town
before I could tell them the deal was off.

Well, I'm sure that you've always
wanted to go to Hong Kong.

What's wrong with a phone call?

I think Mr. Lau deserves
a more personal touch.

FOX: Now, for high-altitude jumps...'re going to need oxygen
and stabilizers.

Well, I must say,
compared to your usual requests...

...jumping out of an airplane
is pretty straightforward.

What about getting back into the plane?

-I'd recommend a good travel agent.
-Without it landing.

Now, that's more like it, Mr. Wayne.

The ClA had a program
back in the '60s...

...for getting their people out
of hot spots called Sky Hook.

-We could look into that.

Okay. Now....

Hardened Kevlar plates
over titanium-dipped...

...tri-weave fibers for flexibility.

You'll be lighter, faster, more agile.

Perhaps you should
read the instructions first?

-Now, there is a tradeoff.

Separation of the plates makes you
more vulnerable to knives and gunfire.

We wouldn't wanna make things
too easy, now, would we?

How will it hold up against dogs?

We talking rottweilers or Chihuahuas?

Should do fine against cats.

I found one in Arizona.

A very nice man said he could have it
up and running in a week...

...and he'd take the cash.

-What about the flight crew?
-South Korean smugglers.

They run flights into Pyongyang,
below radar the whole way.

-Did you think of an alibi?
-Oh, yes.

I believe this is your plane, sir.

You look tired, Alfred.
You'll be all right without me?

If you can tell me the Russian for
"apply your own bloody suntan lotion. "

Yo, Gambol, somebody here for you.
They say they've just killed the Joker.

They brought the body.

So, dead, that's 500.

How about alive? Hm?

You wanna know how I got these scars?

My father was...

...a drinker...

...and a fiend.

And one night,
he goes off crazier than usual.

Mommy gets the kitchen knife
to defend herself.

He doesn't like that...

...not one bit.

So, me watching...

...he takes the knife to her,
laughing while he does it.

He turns to me and he says:

"Why so serious?"

He comes at me with the knife.

"Why so serious?"

He sticks the blade in my mouth.

"Let's put a smile on that face."


Why so serious?


...our operation is small...

...but there is a lot of potential...

...for aggressive expansion.

So which of you fine gentlemen
would like to join our team?

Oh. There's only one spot open
right now, so we're gonna have...


Make it fast.

Welcome to Hong Kong, Mr. Fox.

Mr. Lau regrets he is unable
to greet you in person today.

I understand.

For security purposes, I'm gonna have to
ask you to check in your mobile.

Of course.

I must apologize for leaving Gotham
in the middle of our negotiations.

This misunderstanding
with the Gotham police force...

-...I couldn't let such a thing threaten my company.
-Of course.

A businessman of your stature
will understand and...

...with you here now, we can continue.

Well, I do appreciate you bringing me
out here in such style, Mr. Lau, but I re--


We do not allow cell phones in here.

I'm sorry. Forgot I had it.

No, I really came to tell you that
our business deal has to be put on hold.

You see, we can't afford
to be seen to do business with...

...whatever it is you're accused of being.

I'm sure a businessman of your stature
will understand.

I think, Mr. Fox, a simple phone call
might have sufficed.

Mr. Wayne didn't want you to think
he was deliberately wasting your time.

Just accidentally wasting it.

That's very good, Mr. Lau.
"Accidentally." Very good.

Hey, sir.

There's a better view
from the peak tram.

How's the view from LSI Holdings?


Lau is holed up in there good and tight.

-What's this?
-I had R&D work it up.

Sends out a high-frequency pulse...

...records the response time
for mapping an environment.

Sonar. Just like a....

Submarine, Mr. Wayne.
Like a submarine.

-And the other device?
-It's in place.

Mr. Wayne?

Good luck.










RACHEL: Look, give us the money
and we'll talk about making a deal.

The money is the only reason
I'm still alive.

Oh, you mean, when they find out that
you've helped us, they're gonna kill you?

-Are you threatening my client?

I'm just assuming your client's
cooperation with this investigation.

As will everyone.

No? Okay.

Enjoy your time in County, Mr. Lau.


I won't give you the money...

...but I will give you my clients,
all of them.

You were a glorified accountant.

What could you possibly have
on all of them that we could charge?

I'm good with calculation.
I handled all their investments.

One big pot.

Got it.

One minute.

RlCO. If they pooled their money...

...we can charge them
as one criminal conspiracy.

Charge them with what?

In a RlCO case, if you can charge
one of them with a felony--

You can charge all of them with it.
That's great.

Mr. Lau.

What kind of details do you have
about this communal fund?

-lmmunity, protection...

-...a chartered plane back to Hong Kong.
-After you testify in open court.

I'm just curious.
With all your clients locked up...

...what's gonna happen
with all that money?

Like I said, I'm good with calculation.

He can't go to County.
I'll keep him here in the holding cells.

What is this, Gordon, your fortress?

Well, you trust them over at County?

I don't trust them here.

Lau stays.

Well, I don't know about
Mr. Lau's travel arrangements...

...but I'm sure glad he's back.

Put word out. We hire the clown.

He was right.
We have to fix real problem.


-I'm not aware of any participation by the Batman in the investigations....
-Our boy looks good on the tube.

You sure you wanna embarrass me
in front of my friends, Lieutenant?

Oh, don't worry. They're coming too.

Have a nice trip. See you next fall.

WOMAN: Seven hundred
twelve counts of extortion.

Eight hundred and forty-nine
counts of racketeering.

Two hundred and forty-six
counts of fraud.

Eighty-seven counts
of conspiracy murder.

Five hundred and twenty-seven
counts of obstruction of justice.

How do the defendants plead?


Order in the court.

MAYOR: Five hundred and forty-nine
criminals at once.

How did you convince Surrillo
to hear this farce?

She shares my enthusiasm for justice.
After all, she is a judge.

Even if you blow enough smoke
to get convictions out of Surrillo...'re gonna set a new record at appeals
for the quickest kick in the ass.

It won't matter.
The head guys make bail, sure.

But the midlevel guys, they can't.

They can't afford to be off the streets long enough for trial and appeal.

They'll cut deals that
include some jail time.

Think of all you could do
with 18 months of clean streets.

LOEB: Mr. Mayor, you can't--
-No, get out. Both of you.

Sit down.

The public likes you. That's the
only reason that this might fly.

But that means it's on you.

They're all gonna come after you now,
and not just the Mob.

Politicians, journalists, cops.

Anyone whose wallet's
about to get lighter.

Are you up to it? You'd better be.

Because they get anything on you...

...and those criminals are back on the
streets, followed swiftly by you and me.



ALFRED: I think your fundraiser
will be a great success, sir.

BRUCE: And why do you think I wanna
hold a party for Harvey Dent?

I assumed it was your usual reason
for socializing beyond myself...

...and the scum of Gotham's underbelly:

To try to impress Miss Dawes.

Very droll, but very wrong.
Actually, it's Dent.

ENGEL [ON TV] : Police released video
footage found concealed on the body.

Sensitive viewers, be aware.
The image is disturbing.

Tell them your name.

Brian Douglas.


And are you the real Batman?

BRlAN: No.


Then why do you dress up like him?



BRlAN: Because he's a symbol that we
don't have to be afraid of scum like you.

Yeah. You do, Brian. You really do.

Huh? Yeah. Oh, shh, shh, shh.

So you think Batman's
made Gotham a better place? Hm?

Look at me.

Look at me!

You see, this is how crazy
Batman's made Gotham.

You want order in Gotham...

...Batman must take off his mask
and turn himself in.

Oh, and every day he doesn 't,
people will die.

Starting tonight.

I'm a man of my word.




Harvey Dent,
scourge of the underworld...

...scared stiff by the trust-fund brigade.

-I'll be back.

A little liquid courage, Mr. Dent?

-Thank you. Alfred, right?
-That's right, sir.

Rachel talks about you all the time.
You've known her her whole life.

Not yet, sir.

Any psychotic ex-boyfriends
I should be aware of?

Oh, you have no idea.


BRUCE: I'm sorry that I'm late.

I'm glad to see
that you all got started without me.

Now, where is Harvey? Where--?

Harvey Dent, the man of the hour.

Where's Rachel Dawes?

She is my oldest friend. Come here.

When Rachel first told me she
was dating Harvey Dent...

...I had one thing to say:

"The guy from those God-awful
campaign commercials? "

"l believe in Harvey Dent. "
Yeah, nice slogan, Harvey.

But it caught Rachel's attention.

And then I started to pay attention
to Harvey...

...and all that he's been doing
as our new DA.

And you know what?

I believe in Harvey Dent.

I believe that on his watch,
Gotham can feel...

...a little safer, a little more optimistic.

Look at this face. This is the face
of Gotham's bright future.

To Harvey Dent. Let's hear it for him.


Harvey may not know you
well enough... understand when you're
making fun of him...

-...but I do.
-No, I meant every word.

You know that day
that you once told me about...

...when Gotham would no longer
need Batman?

-It's coming.

-You can't ask me to wait for that.
-It's happening now. Harvey is that hero.

He locked up half of the city's criminals,
and he did it without wearing a mask.

Gotham needs a hero with a face.

DENT: You can throw a party, Wayne,
I'll give you that.

Thanks again.

You mind if I borrow Rachel?

Lieutenant, that joker card
pinned to the body?

Forensics found three sets of DNA.

-Any matches?
-All three.

The DNA belongs to Judge Surrillo,
Harvey Dent and Commissioner Loeb.

The Joker's telling us
who he's targeting.

Get a unit over to Surrillo's house.
Tell Wuertz to find Dent.

Get them both into protective custody.
Where's the commissioner?

-City hall.
-Seal the building.

-No one in or out till I get there.
-Got it.

Gordon. What are you up to?

We're secure. I want a floor-by-floor
search of the entire building.

Sorry Sir, We believe the Joker's
made a threat against your life.

These are dangerous people, Judge.

Yea, but you're not giving me
an awful lot of information.

Even we don't know
where you're going.

Take the envelope, get in, open it.
It'll tell you where you're headed.

You can not leave me alone
with these people.

The whole Mob's after you
and you're worried about these guys?

Compared to this,
the Mob doesn't scare me.

Gordon, you're unlikely to discover this
for yourself, so...

...take my word, the police commissioner
earns a lot of threats.

I found the appropriate response
to these situations a long time ago.

Them gunning for you
makes you see things clearly.

Yeah, I bet.

Yeah. It makes you think about things
you couldn't stand losing...

...about who you wanna
spend your life with.

-That's a pretty big commitment.
-Not if the Mob has their way.

You get to explain to my wife...

...why I'm late for dinner.

Sir, the joker card
had traces of your DNA on it.

-Don't do that.
-All right.

-Let's be serious, then.

What's your answer?

I don't have an answer.

How'd they get my DNA?

Somebody with access
to your office or house...

...must have lifted a tissue
or a glass-- Wait! Wait!

-Well, I guess no answer is a no.

-It's someone else, isn't it?

Just tell me it's not Wayne.
The guy's a complete f--

What are you doing?

Oh, shit.


Get a medic!

They've come for him.

We made it.

Stay hidden.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

We are tonight's entertainment.

I only have one question:

Where is Harvey Dent?

You know where Harvey is?
You know who he is?

Hands up, pretty boy.


Do you know where I can find Harvey?
I need to talk to him about something.

Just something little, huh? No.

What's going on out there? Wayne!

Oh, thank God, you've
got a panic room.

MAN: Hey, wait--

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

You know, I'll settle for his loved ones.

We're not intimidated by thugs.

You know... remind me of my father.

I hated my father.

Okay, stop.

Well, hello, beautiful.

You must be Harvey's squeeze. Hm?

And you are beautiful.

You look nervous. Is it the scars?

You wanna know how I got them?

Come here. Hey.

Look at me.

So I had a wife.
She was beautiful, like you...

...who tells me I worry too much...

...who tells me I ought to smile more...

...who gambles and gets in deep
with the sharks. Hey.

One day they carve her face.

And we have no money for surgeries.
She can't take it.

I just wanna see her smile again. Hm?

I just want her to know
that I don't care about the scars.


...I stick a razor in my mouth
and do this... myself.

And you know what?
She can't stand the sight of me.

She leaves.

Now I see the funny side.

Now I'm always smiling.


You got a little fight in you. I like that.

Then you're gonna love me.



Drop the gun.

Oh, sure. You just take off
your little mask...

...and show us all who
you really are. Hm?

Let her go.

Very poor choice of words.



Are you all right?

Let's not do that again.

-ls Harvey okay?
-He's safe.

Thank you.

Jim, it's over.

As long as they don't get to Lau,
we've cut off their funds.

The prosecution's over.

Nobody's standing up
in front of a judge...

...while judges and police commissioners
are getting blown away.

-What about Dent?
-He's got any sense...

...Dent's halfway to Mex--

So where do you keep your trash?

You're due in court. I need you alive
long enough to get you on the record.

You can't protect me.
You can't even protect yourselves.

You refuse to cooperate, you're not
coming back here, you go to County.

How long do you calculate
you'll last in there?

Targeting me won't get their money back.

I knew the Mob wouldn't go
down without a fight...

...but this is different.
They crossed a line.

You crossed the line first, Sir.

You squeezed them, you hammered them
to the point of desperation.

And in their desperation, they turned to
a man they didn't fully understand.

Criminals aren't complicated, Alfred.

We just need to figure out
what he's after.

With respect, Master Wayne...

...perhaps this is a man
you don't fully understand either.

A long time ago, I was in Burma...

...and my friends and I were working
for the local government.

They were trying to buy
the loyalty of tribal leaders... bribing them with
precious stones...

...but their caravans were being raided
in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit.

So we went looking for the stones.

But in six months, we never
met anyone who traded with him.

One day, I saw a child
playing with a ruby...

...the size of a tangerine.

The bandit had been
throwing them away.

-So why steal them?
-Well, because he thought it was good sport.

Because some men aren't looking
for anything logical, like money.

They can't be bought, bullied,
reasoned or negotiated with.

Some men just wanna
watch the world burn.


Your name, sir?

JOKER: Eighth and Orchard.
You'll find Harvey Dent there.

Check the names.

"Richard Dent."

"Patrick Harvey."

Harvey Dent.

I need 10 minutes with the scene
before your men contaminate it.

Us contaminate it?
It's because of you these guys are dead--

Hey, Detective!

Give us a minute, guys.

That's brick underneath.

Gonna take ballistics
off a shattered bullet?



Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.

Because we found his next target.
He's put it in tomorrow's paper.

I'm not sure
you made it loud enough, Sir.

What can I do for you, Mr. Reese?

You wanted me to do the diligence
on the LSI Holdings deal again.

Well, I found some irregularities.

Their CEO is in police custody.

No, not with their numbers, with yours.

Applied Sciences. Whole division
of Wayne Enterprises...

...just disappeared overnight.

I went down to the archives
and I started pulling some old files.

Don't tell me you didn't
recognize your baby out there...

...pancaking cop cars
on the evening news.

Now you got the entire R&D
Department burning through cash...

...claiming it's related to
cell phones for the Army?

What are you building for him now,
a rocket ship?

I want...

... 10 million dollars a year
for the rest of my life.

Let me get this straight.

You think that your client...

One of the wealthiest,
most powerful men in the world... secretly a vigilante...

...who spends his nights beating
criminals to a pulp with his bare hands...

...and your plan
is to blackmail this person?

Good luck.


Keep that.

This is your original scan.

Here it is re-engineered.

And there's the thumbprint he left
when he pushed the round in the clip.

I'll get you a copy.

Mr. Wayne, did you reassign R&D?

Yeah. Government
telecommunications project.

I wasn't aware
we had any government contracts.

Lucius, I'm playing this one
pretty close to the chest.

Fair enough.

ENGEL: With no word
from the Batman...

...even as they mourn
Commissioner Loeb...

...these cops have to wonder if
the Joker will make good on his threat... the obituary column of
The Gotham Times to kill the mayor.

I've checked all the databases.
There are four possibles.

Cross-reference the addresses.

Look for Parkside,
overlooking the parade.

I got one.

Melvin White,
502 Randolph Apartments.

Aggravated assault,
moved to Arkham twice.

What do you got on the roof?

We're tight, but frankly,
there's a lot of windows up here.

Commissioner Loeb dedicated his life
to law enforcement...

...and to the protection
of his community.

I remember when I first took office...

...and I asked if he wanted
to stay on as commissioner.

And he said he would, provided
I kept my politics out of his office.

Clearly he was not a man who minced
words, nor should he have been.

A number of policies that he enacted
as commissioner were unpopular.

Policies that flooded my office
with angry calls and letters....

-Who's that?
-What happened?

They took our guns.

And our uniforms.


MAYOR: And as we recognize
the sacrifice of this man...

...we must remember that vigilance
is the price of safety.

Stand by. Honor guard.

Attention. Port arms.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Ready! Aim!


Ready! Aim!



Stay down! Don't move!

Mr. Mayor. Get him out of here.

-I'll see you later.
-Why are you going back?



Get out of here.

Tell me what you know about the Joker.




I'm sorry, Barbara.

Jimmy, go play with your sister.
Go ahead, honey.

STEPHENS: If there's anything
we can do, anything you need...

...we're here for you.



Are you out there?

Are you? You brought this
craziness on us. You did!

You brought this on us!

Switch it off, he ain't coming.
He doesn't wanna talk to us.

God help whoever
he does wanna talk to.


Can't we go someplace quieter?
We can't hear each other talk.

What makes you think
I wanna hear you talk?




MAN: Second.


-Harvey, where are you?
DENT: Where are you?

I'm where you should be,
at Major Crimes.

I'm trying to deal with all of this mess.

-Can I get the fingerprint analysis?
-Rachel, listen. You're not safe there.

-This is Gordon's unit.
-Gordon's gone.

RACHEL: He vouched for these men.
-And he's gone.

The Joker's named you next.

God, is there someone, is there anyone
in this town we can trust?


We can trust Bruce Wayne.

No. Rachel, I know
you're his friend, but--

Harvey, trust me.

Bruce's penthouse is now
the safest place in the city.

Then you go straight there.

Don't tell anybody
and I'll find you there.

I love you.

I want the Joker.

From one professional to another...

...if you're trying to scare somebody,
pick a better spot.

From this height,
the fall wouldn't kill me.

-I'm counting on it.




-Where is he?
-I don't know where he is. He found us.

He must have friends.

Friends? Have you met this guy?

Someone knows where he is.

Nobody's gonna tell you nothing.

They're wise to your act.

You got rules.
The Joker, he's got no rules.

Nobody's gonna cross him for you.
If you want this guy, you got one way.

But you already know what that is.

Just take off that mask,
let him come find you.


Or you can let a couple more people
get killed while you make up your mind.

You wanna play games?


How's that feel?

-You wouldn't.
-I wouldn't!

-You don't think I will?

-You don't think I will?

No. No, I wouldn't.

That's why I'm not
gonna leave it up to me.

Heads, you get to keep your head.


...not so lucky.

So you wanna tell me about the Joker?


-Let's go again.
-I don't know anything! I don't!

You're not playing the odds, friend.

Let's do it again.

You'd leave a man's life to chance?

-Not exactly.
-His name's Schiff, Thomas.

He's a paranoid schizophrenic,
former patient at Arkham.

The kind of mind the Joker attracts.
What do you expect to learn from him?

The Joker killed Gordon.
He's gonna kill Rachel.

You're the symbol of hope
I could never be.

Your stand against organized crime... the first legitimate ray of light
in Gotham in decades.

If anyone saw this,
everything would be undone.

All the criminals you pulled off the
streets would be released...

...and Jim Gordon
will have died for nothing.

You're gonna hold a press
conference tomorrow morning.

-No one else will die because of me.

Gotham's in your hands now.

You can't.

You can't give in.

You can't give in!

Harvey called.

He said Batman's gonna turn himself in.

I have no choice.

You honestly think that's gonna
keep the Joker from killing people?

Maybe not. But I have enough blood
on my hands.

And I've seen now, what I would
have to become to stop men like him.

You once told me that
if the day came when I was finished...

...that we'd be together.

Bruce, don't make me
your one hope for a normal life.

Did you mean it?



If you turn yourself in,
they're not gonna let us be together.

ALFRED: Logs as well?
BRUCE: Everything.

Anything that could lead back
to Lucius or Rachel.

People are dying, Alfred.
What would you have me do?

Endure, Master Wayne. Take it.

They'll hate you for it,
but that's the point of Batman.

He can be the outcast. He can make
the choice that no one else can make.

The right choice.

No, today I found out
what Batman can't do.

He can't endure this.

Today you get to say "l told you so. "

Today, I don't want to.

But I did bloody tell you.


ALFRED: I suppose they're gonna
lock me up as well... your accomplice.

BRUCE: Accomplice? I'm gonna tell them
the whole thing was your idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming.
I've called this press conference for two reasons.

Firstly, to assure the citizens
of Gotham...

...that everything that can be done
over the Joker killings is being done.


Secondly, because the Batman
has offered to turn himself in.

But first, let's consider the situation.

Should we give in
to this terrorist's demands?

Do we really think he's gonna--?

You'd rather protect an outlaw vigilante
than the lives of citizens?

The Batman is an outlaw.

That's not why we demand
he turn himself in...

...we're doing it because we're scared.

We've been happy to let the Batman clean up
our streets for us until now.

MAN 1 : Things are worse than ever!
MAN 2: Amen.

Yes, they are.

But the night is darkest
just before the dawn.

And I promise you...

...the dawn is coming.

One day, the Batman will have to answer
for the laws he's broken. But to us...

...not to this madman.

-No more dead cops!

He should turn himself in!

MAN 3: Give us the Batman! Come on!
MAN 4: Where is he?

So be it. Take the Batman into custody.

WOMAN: What?
MAN 5: Is he here?

I am the Batman.

MAN 6: What?
MAN 7: Come on.


Why is he letting Harvey do this?

-He went down to the press conference.
-I know. He just stood by.

Perhaps both Bruce and Mr. Dent...

...believe that Batman stands for
something more important...

...than the whims of a terrorist,
Miss Dawes...

...even if everyone hates him for it.

That's the sacrifice he's making.

He's not being a hero.
He's being something more.

Yeah, you're absolutely right.

Letting Harvey take the fall for this
is not heroic at all.

You know him better than anyone.

I do.

Will you give this to him for me?
When the time is right?

How will I know?

It's not sealed.

Goodbye, Alfred.

Bye, Rachel.


Sorry, I didn't have time to talk this through with you.

What are you doing?

They're transferring me
to Central Holding.

This is the Joker's chance, and when he
attacks, the Batman will take him down.

Listen to me. This is too dangerous.

We get this guy to County, he's their
problem. The streets will be cleared along your route... let's go.
The convoys stop for no reason.

I hope you got some moves, pal.

He's using you as bait. He doesn't
even know if he can get the Joker.

He's failed so far.

How do you know
what he's thinking?

I just... I do. Anyway, Harvey,
this isn't just about you.

What about all the people
who are depending on you... clean the city up
and do it honorably and--?

Harvey. Tell everyone the truth.

Heads, I go through with it.

This is your life. You can't leave...

-...something like that to chance.
-I'm not.


You make your own luck.


Hey, you wait like everybody else, pal.

What the hell is that?

Obstruction ahead, obstruction ahead!

Damn it! All units divert down
onto Lower Fifth. I repeat, exit down.

Exit down!

Lower Fifth? We'll be like turkeys
on Thanksgiving down there.

Jesus. Come on, get us out of here.
Let's go.

Listen, we need backup.
We've got company.

We got trouble, guys.

Lock and load!



What the hell was that?

-These things are built for that, right?
-He'll need something...

...a lot bigger to get through this.

What is that?

What is that, a bazooka?

I didn't sign up for this!

Look out.

Look out!


Come on, let's go!



Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent.

Oh, excuse me. I wanna drive.

COMPUTER: Scanning all systems.
Scanning all systems.


We gotta get topside.
We need air support, now!

I like this job. I like it.

COMPUTER: Damage catastrophic.
Eject sequence initiated.




We're on point, ready to give them
some of their own medicine.

That's what I'm talking about. Air cav.

Okay, rack them up.

Rack them up, rack them up,
rack them up.


That's not good.

Okay, that's not good!




Now, there's a Batman.

Ooh, you wanna play. Come on.

Come on.

He missed!

You can't stop here.
We're like sitting ducks!


Come on, come on.

Come on. Come on. I want you to do it,
I want you to do it. Come on!

Come on.

Come on, come on. I want you to do it,
I want you to do it. Come on, hit me.

Come on, hit me. Come on, hit me!


Hit me!





Come on. Aah!

Could you please just give me a minute?

We got you, you son of a bitch.

Gor-- You do like to play things
pretty close to the chest.

We got him, Harvey.

REPORTER 1 : Mr. Dent! How does it feel
to be the biggest hero in Gotham?

No, I'm no hero.
Gotham's finest, they're the heroes.

REPORTER 1 : But you and your office...

...have been working
with the Batman all along.

No, but I trusted him
to do the right thing.

REPORTER 2: Which was?
-Saving my ass.

All right, people, that's enough.
Let him be. Let him be.

Thank you, detective.

I've got a date
with a pretty upset girlfriend.

-I figured, counselor.
REPORTER 3: Mr. Dent, sir... about one for the front page, sir?
REPORTER 4: Mr. Dent.


Stand away! All of you!

I don't want anything for his Mob lawyer
to use, you understand?

Back from the dead.

I, uh...

...couldn't risk my family's safety.

What do we got?

Nothing. No matches on prints,
DNA, dental.

Clothing is custom, no labels.

Nothing in his pockets
but knives and lint.

No name.

-No other alias.
MAYOR: Go home, Gordon.

The clown'll keep till morning.
Go get some rest.

You're gonna need it.

Tomorrow you take the big job.

You don't have any say in the matter.
Commissioner Gordon.


I'm sorry, I couldn't risk your safety.


Look at these ugly bastards.

-I don't feel good.
MURPHY: You're a cop killer.

You're lucky to be feeling anything
below the neck.

-Step away from the bars!

My insides hurt.

Did Batman save you, Daddy?

Actually, this time...

...I saved him.


Has he said anything yet?


Evening, commissioner.

Harvey Dent never made it home.

-Of course not.
-What have you done with him?


I was right here.

Who did you leave him with?

Hm? Your people?

Assuming, of course,
that they are still your people...

...and not Maroni's.

Does it depress you, commissioner... know just how alone you really are?

Does it make you feel responsible
for Harvey Dent's current predicament?

-Where is he?
-What's the time?

What difference does that make?

Well, depending on the time,
he may be in one spot or several.

-lf we're gonna play games...

...I'm gonna need a cup of coffee.

Ah, the "good cop, bad cop" routine?

Not exactly.




Never start with the head. The victim
gets all fuzzy. He can't feel the next--


You wanted me. Here I am.

I wanted to see what you'd do.

And you didn't disappoint.

You let five people die.

Then you let Dent take your place.

-Even to a guy like me, that's cold.
-Where's Dent?

Those Mob fools want you gone so they
can get back to the way things were.

But I know the truth. There's no
going back. You've changed things.

-Then why do you wanna kill me?


I don't wanna kill you.

What would I do without you? Go back
to ripping off Mob dealers? No, no.

No. No, you....

You complete me.

-You're garbage who kills for money.
-Don't talk like one of them. You're not.

Even if you'd like to be.

To them, you're just a freak...

...Iike me.

They need you right now...

...but when they don't...

...they'll cast you out like a leper.

You see, their morals, their code...'s a bad joke.

Dropped at the first sign of trouble.

They're only as good as the world
allows them to be. I'll show you.

When the chips are down, these--

These civilized people...

...they'll eat each other.

See, I'm not a monster.

I'm just ahead of the curve.

Where's Dent?

You have all these rules,
and you think they'll save you.

-He's in control.
-I have one rule.

Oh. Then that's the rule you'll have
to break to know the truth.

Which is?

The only sensible way to live
in this world is without rules.

And tonight you're gonna break
your one rule.

I'm considering it.

No, there's only minutes left,
so you're gonna have to play my little game...

...if you wanna save one of them.


You know, for a while there,
I thought you really were Dent.

The way you threw yourself after her.



Look at you go.


Does Harvey know
about you and his little bunny?

Where are they?!

Killing is making a choice.

-Where are they?!
-Choose between one life or the other.

Your friend the district attorney,
or his blushing bride-to-be.


You have nothing,
nothing to threaten me with.

Nothing to do with all your strength.

Don't worry, I'm gonna tell you
where they are, both of them.

And that's the point.
You'll have to choose.

He's at 250 52nd Street...

...and she's on Avenue X at Cicero.

-Which one you going after?

We're getting Dent!

250 52nd Street!


Can anybody hear me?



Oh, Harvey, thank God. Are you okay?

I'm all right. I'm in a--

I'm in a warehouse.
They got me wired to these oil drums.

I am too.


I want my phone call.

I want it. I want it.
I want my phone call.

That's nice.

How many of your friends have I killed?

I'm a 20-year man...

...and I know the difference between
punks who need a lesson in manners...

...and the freaks like you
who would just enjoy it.

And you killed six of my friends.


Please. My insides hurt.

I don't really care. Back away.

The boss said he'd make the voices
go away.

He said he'd go inside
and replace them with bright lights...

...Iike Christmas.

You're out of your mind, pal. Back off.

Medic to the holding tank.
Come on. Get the door open.

You guys, back off!

Listen, we don't have a lot of time.

They told me that only one of us
was gonna make it...

...and that they were gonna
let our friends choose.

Okay, Rachel.

It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be all right.
They're coming for you.

Listen to me. I'll help you. Just talk me
through what's going on with you.

Can you find something,
anything, sharp?

I'm trying.




Harvey, what's happening?


All available units,
converge at 250 52nd Street.

Do you wanna know why I use a knife?

Guns are too quick.

You can't savor all the...

...Little emotions.

You see, in their last moments...

...people show you who they really are.

So in a way, I knew your friends
better than you ever did.

Would you like to know
which of them were cowards?

OFFlCER: What's that?
MEDlC: Jeez.

He's got some kind of a...

-I know you're gonna enjoy this.


I'm gonna have to try and enjoy it
even more.

Whoa, whoa!

Just put it down.

Take it easy. Take it easy.
Drop the weapon now!

-It's my own damn fault, just shoot him!
-Let him go now! Drop it!

-What? Sorry?
-What do you want?

I just want my phone call.

What--? What--? What's happening?

Just talk to me, just for one second.

-All right?


-Shh, shh, shh.


Is that a phone?

Mount the curb!

Harvey, just in case,
I wanna tell you something, okay?

Don't think like that, Rachel.
They're coming for you.

I know they are,
but I don't want them to.

I don't wanna live without you,
and I do have an answer for you.

My answer is yes.

No! No! No!

Not me! Why are you coming for me?


Rachel! Rachel!

-No! No! Rachel!



No! No!

Harvey, it's okay. It's all right. Listen.


No, commissioner!

Rachel! No!


Hello there.

Back at the MCU, the Joker's gone.

With Lau?

The Joker planned to be caught.

He wanted me to lock him up
in the MCU.



Dear Bruce:

I need to be honest and clear.

I'm going to marry Harvey Dent.

I love him, and I wanna spend
the rest of my life with him.

When I told you that if Gotham no longer
needed Batman, we could be together...

...I meant it.

But now I'm sure the day won't come
when you no longer need Batman.

I hope it does.

And if it does, I will be there...

...but as your friend.

I'm sorry, Harvey.

I'm sorry to let you down.

If you lose your faith in me,
please keep your faith in people.

Love, now and always, Rachel.

Prepared a little breakfast.

-Very well, then.

Yes, Master Wayne?

Did I bring this on her?

I was meant to inspire good...

...not madness, not death.

You have inspired good. But you spat
in the faces of Gotham's criminals.

Didn't you think
there might be some casualties?

Things are always going to get worse
before they got better.

But Rachel, Alfred.

Rachel believed in what you stood for...

...what we stand for.

Gotham needs you.

No, Gotham needs its true hero...

...and I let that murdering psychopath
blow him half to hell.

Which is why, for now...

...they're gonna have to
make do with you.

She was going to wait for me, Alfred.

Dent doesn't know.

He can never know.

What's that?

-It can wait.
-That bandit... the forest in Burma.

-Did you catch him?


We burned the forest down.



He's credible source, an M&A lawyer
from a prestigious consultancy.

He says he's waited as long as he can
for the Batman to do the right thing.

Now he's taking matters
into his own hands.

We'll be live at 5 with
the true identity of the Batman.

I'm sorry about Rachel.

The doctor says you're in agonizing pain,
but that you won't accept medication.

That you're refusing to...

...accept skin grafts.

Remember that name... all had for me...

...when I was at Internal Affairs?

What was it, Gordon?

Harvey, I....

Say it.

Say it!

Two-Face. Harvey Two-Face.

Why should I hide who I am?

I know you tried to warn me.

I'm sorry.

Wuertz picked you up.
Was he working for them?

Do you know who picked up Rachel?

Harvey, I need to know
which of my men I can trust.

Why would you listen to me now?

I'm sorry, Harvey.


No, you're not.

Not yet.

This craziness, it's too much.

You should've thought about that
before you let the clown out of the box.

You want him?

I can tell you
where he'll be this afternoon.

Not so crazy as you look.

I told you, I'm a man of my word.

Where is the ltalian?

All tactical units will converge
on the location in 20 minutes.

I want auxiliary units to cover
all possible getaway routes.


Joker-man, what you do
with all your money?

You see, I'm a guy of simple taste.

I enjoy...


...and gunpowder...

...and gasoline.

-What the--?
-Ah, ah, ah.

And you know the thing
that they have in common?

They're cheap.

CALLER 1 [ON TV]: How much are they
paying you to say who Batman really is?

This is our chance. I want Lau alive.
The Joker, either way.

Hey, Jim. Get a load of this.

Let's take the next caller.

CALLER 2: Harvey Dent didn't wanna
give in to this maniac.

You think you know better than him?

I think that if we could talk to Dent
today, he may feel differently.

And we wish him a speedy recovery.
Because God knows, we need him now.

You said you were a man of your word.

Oh, I am.

I'm only burning my half.

All you care about is money.

This town deserves
a better class of criminal...

...and I'm gonna give it to them.

Tell your men they work for me now.

This is my city.

They won't work for a freak.


[lN NORMAL VOlCE] Why don't we
cut you up into little pieces...

...and feed you to your pooches? Hm?

And then we'll see how loyal
a hungry dog really is.


It's not about money...'s about sending a message.

Everything burns.

-Who is this?
JOKER: I had a vision...

...of a world without Batman.

The Mob ground out a little profit...

...and the police tried to shut them down
one block at a time.

And it was so boring.

I've had a change of heart.

I don't want Mr. Reese
spoiling everything...

...but why should I have all the fun?
Let's give someone else a chance.

If Coleman Reese
isn't dead in 60 minutes...

...then I blow up a hospital.

I want you to call in every officer.

Tell them to head to their nearest
hospital and start evac and search.

Call the transit authority,
school board, prisons.

Get every available bus down to a hospital.

The priority is Gotham General. Wheel
everybody out of that place right now.

You, you and you, you come with me.

-Where are we going, sir?
-To get Reese.

I need you plugged in, checking
Gordon's men and their families.

-Looking for?
-Hospital admissions.

Will you be wanting the Batpod, Sir?

In the middle of the day, Alfred?
Not very subtle.

The Lamborghini, then.

Much more subtle.


Excuse me. Let me through.
Excuse me. Okay.

Sir, could you help, please?

I'm gonna find a bus for him.

Sir? Commissioner, do you really think... ordinary citizen
would try to kill this man?

Sir. Commissioner.


Get the cars around the back!

Go. Keep rolling, Sam.

I see O'Brien and Richards.

No immediate family member
admitted to a Gotham hospital.

REESE: They're trying to kill me.
-Well, maybe Batman can save you.

Davis, they got space. Bring him out.


I saw Burns and Zachary.

Nothing on them.

And a patrolman I don't know.

Okay, so, what now?

What do we do now?
Where are we going?

Send the information to Gordon.


Get out of here.


Ma'am, we're gonna have to
move him now.

GORDON: It's Berg, isn't it?

You okay, son?




You know...

...I don't want there to be
any hard feelings between us, Harvey.

-When you and--

--Rachel were being abducted...

...I was sitting in Gordon's cage.

I didn't rig those charges.

Your men, your plan.

Do I really look like a guy with a plan?

You know what I am?
I'm a dog chasing cars.

I wouldn't know what to do with one
if I caught it.

You know? I just do things.

The Mob has plans. The cops have plans.

Gordon's got plans.

You know, they're schemers.

Schemers trying to control
their little worlds.

I'm not a schemer.

I try to show the schemers... pathetic their attempts
to control things really are.

So when I say-- Ah. Come here.

When I say that you and your girlfriend
was nothing personal... know that I'm telling the truth.

-I'm gonna need your weapon.

Why? Because my wife's in the hospital?

Yeah, that would be why.

It's the schemers
that put you where you are.

You were a schemer, you had plans...

...and look where that got you.

The Police force are taking every possible precaution...

... urging everyone not to
take matters into their hands.

I just did what I do best.

I took your little plan
and I turned it on itself.

Look what I did to this city with a few
drums of gas and a couple of bullets.

Hm? You know...
You know what I noticed?

Nobody panics when
things go "according to plan."

Even if the plan is horrifying.

If tomorrow I tell the press that, like,
a gangbanger will get shot...

...or a truckload of soldiers
will be blowing up...

...nobody panics.

Because it's all part of the plan.

But when I say that
one little old mayor will die...

...well, then, everyone loses their minds.

Introduce a little anarchy...

...upset the established order...

...and everything becomes chaos.

I'm an agent of chaos.

Oh, and you know the thing
about chaos?

It's fair.

-You live.

You die.

Mmm. Now we're talking.

Mr. Reese.

That's Mr. Wayne, isn't it?

-That was a very brave thing you did.
-Trying to catch the light?

-You weren't protecting the van?
-Why? Who's in it?

Don't you think
I should go to the hospital?

You don't watch a whole lot of news,
do you, Mr. Wayne?




It's Gotham General.

-Did you clear the building?
OFFlCER: Yeah.

GORDON: You must know
how many were inside.

You have patient lists, roll call.

Right now we're showing
50 people missing. One bus.

All these others buses were heading off to
other hospitals. My guess is we missed one.

Yeah? Well, what's your guess
about where Harvey Dent is?

Keep looking. And keep it to yourself.
Anybody asks, we got him out.

Get me the mayor's office on the line.

We're gonna need the National Guard.

--people are still missing...

...including GCN's own Mike Engel.

I'm now being told that we're cutting to
a video GCN has just received.

I'm Mike Engel for Gotham Tonight.

"What does it take
to make you people wanna join in?

You failed to kill the lawyer.
I've gotta get you off the bench...

-...and into the game.
JOKER: Bench. Game.


ENGEL: Come nightfall, this city is mine.
JOKER: Mine.

-And anyone left here plays by my rules.

Mr. Fox? Security is showing
a break-in at the R&D Department.

If you don't wanna be in the game...

-...get out now.
-Get out now.


But the bridge-and-tunnel crowd
are sure in for a surprise.

Ha-ha, ha-ha. "




has shut down...

BARTENDER: Sweet Jesus.
-... the area 's bridges and tunnels.

Shouldn't you be out there,
you know, doing something?

It's my day off.

I gotta take a leak.

Keep an eye out for me, will you?


Now what?
Need someone to shake it for you?



Jesus. I thought you was dead.


Who picked up Rachel, Wuertz?

-lt must've been Maroni's men.
-Shut up!

Are you telling me
that you're gonna protect...

...the other traitor in Gordon's unit?

I don't know, he never told me.

Listen, Dent, I swear to God, I didn't
know what they were gonna do to you.

That's funny...

...because I don't know
what's gonna happen to you either.


Beautiful, isn't it?




You've turned every cell phone
in Gotham into a microphone.

And a high-frequency generator-receiver.

You took my sonar concept
and applied it to every phone in the city.

With half the city feeding you sonar,
you can image all of Gotham.

This is wrong.

I've gotta find this man, Lucius.

At what cost?

The database is null-key encrypted.

It can only be accessed by one person.

This is too much power for one person.

That's why I gave it to you.

Only you can use it.

Spying on 30 million people
isn't part of my job description.

This is an audio sample. If he talks
within range of any phone in the city... can triangulate his position.

I'll help you this one time.

But consider this my resignation.

As long as this machine is
at Wayne Enterprises, I won't be.

When you're finished...

...type in your name.


GORDON: My officers are going over
every inch of the tunnels and bridges...

...but with the Joker's threat,
they're not an option.

-And land routes east?
-Backed up for hours.

Which leaves the ferries
with 30,000 ready to board.

Plus, I wanna use the ferries so I can
get some of those prisoners off the island.

The men you and dent put away?
Those aren't people I'm worried about.

You should be.
Whatever the Joker's planning...'s a good bet Harvey's prisoners might be
involved. I wanna get them out of here.

So where is Harvey?

-We haven't found him.
-Oh, Jesus.

How long can you keep this quiet?

Don't stop for lights, cops, nothing.

Going to join your wife?

-You love her?

You ever imagine what it would be like
to listen to her die?

Look, take it up with the Joker.

He killed your woman. He made you... this.

The Joker's just a mad dog.

I want whoever let him off the leash.

I took care of Wuertz, but who is
your other man inside Gordon's unit?

Who picked up Rachel?
Must have been someone she trusted.

Look, if I tell you...

...will you let me go?

Can't hurt your chances.

It was Ramirez.


-But you said--
-I said it couldn't hurt your chances.

You're a lucky man.

-But he's not.

Your driver.


Stand back.

Hey, that ain't right.
We should be on that boat.

GUARDSMAN 2: You wanna ride across
with them? Be my guest.


Sir, they've stopped their engines.

Right, get on the radio.

Tell them we'll come back and pick
them up once we dump the scumbags.

Liberty, this is Spirit. Come in.


What the heck was that?


What the--?

CAPTAlN [OVER RADlO]: Liberty,
come in, please. This is Spirit. Come in.

Liberty, we have the same thing.
We've lost both engines.

-Liberty, come in.

There's something going on
on the ferries.

Get down to the engine room now.

Hey, buddy, what's happening?

Captain, we got a hundred barrels
down there rigged to blow. And this.

Oh, my God.

Looks like some kind of detonator.

CAPTAlN: Why would they give us
the detonator to our own bomb?


Tonight, you're all gonna... a part of a social experiment.

Through the magic of diesel fuel
and ammonium nitrate...

...I'm ready right now
to blow you all sky-high.

Liberty, come in, over.

It's dead.

JOKER: If anyone attempts
to get off their boat, you all die.

I'm zeroing in.

JOKER: Each of you has a remote
to blow up the other boat.

His voice is on the ferry...

... but it's not the source.



BATMAN: I have the Joker's location.

Prewitt Building.

Assemble on the building opposite.

At midnight, I blow you all up.

If, however, one of you presses
the button, I'll let that boat live.

So who's it gonna be?

Harvey Dent's most-wanted
scumbag collection...

... or the sweet and innocent civilians?

You choose.

Oh, and you might wanna
decide quickly...

...because the people on the other boat
may not be quite so noble.



Stay back.

Well, now, who are you to decide?
We ought to talk this over, at least.

We don't all have to die.
Those men had their chance.

-We are not going to talk about this.
-Why aren't we talking about it?

They're talking over the same exact
thing on the other boat.

-Let's put it to a vote.



RAMlREZ: Barbara, it's Anna Ramirez.

Jim needs you to pack up
and put the kids in the car right away.

But the units outside....

Those cops can't be trusted.

Jim needs you away from them
as soon as possible.

I'll call them off for 10 minutes,
and you'll have to move fast.

-But where am I supposed to take them?
-250 52nd Street.

Leave as soon as
the patrol car pulls out.


She believe you?

It's because she trusts you...

...just like Rachel did.

-I didn't know--
-Didn't know what they were gonna do?

You're the second cop to say that to me.

What exactly did you think
they were gonna do?

They got me early on.
My mother's hospital bills....

-I'm sorry.

You live to fight another day, officer.

We found the missing hospital bus.

And we have a hostage situation.

It's a shooting gallery.

Why would he choose a spot
with such big windows?

We have clear shots on five clowns.

Snipers take them out,
smash the windows, a team repels in.

Team moves in by the stairwells.

Two, three casualties max.

-Let's do it.
BATMAN: It's not that simple.

-With the Joker, it never is.
-What's simple is that...

...every second we don't take in, those people on
the ferries get closer to blowing each other up--

-That won't happen.
-Then he'll blow both of them up!

-We don't have time for paper ballots.
-I want everybody to put their votes...

...on this piece of paper.

If anyone's got pens, pass it along.

GUARDSMAN: Thank you.
Anybody else?

Coming through. Anybody else?
Thank you.

We need to get these votes in quickly.

Come on.

PRlSONER 1: What are you waiting for?
Push the button!

We're running out of time!

I need five minutes alone.

No! There's no time!

We have clear shots!

Dent is in there with them.
We have to save Dent!

I have to save Dent.

Get ready.

Two minutes, then we breach.


Fox, I need picture.


BARBARA: Jim, we're in trouble.

Okay, you got POV on alpha...

...omni on beta.

Looks like clowns and hostages
on two floors.

There's a SWAT team on the stairwell.

Another SWAT team on the roof.

Line's clear.

-Barbara, calm down.
-He has the kids!

DENT: Hello, Jim.

-Where's my family?
- Where my family died.


Blue team, acquire the target.

Entry team, set your charge.


BATMAN: Fox, the SWATs are
targeting the wrong people.

The clowns are the hostages.

Red team, go! Red team, go!

Entry team, blow and go!

Don't move.

Take the shot.

Those SWATs are coming in hot.

Clowns, put down your guns.

SWAT 2: Drop your weapons!
SWAT 3: On the ground, now!

SWAT 4: Doctors, get down!
Clear the line of fire. Drop your weap--




Stand down or you will be--

Look up.

See those bad guys on the floor above?

They're waiting to ambush
the SWAT team coming up the elevator.

Sixty seconds.

The tally is 140 against, 396 for.


So go ahead. Do it.

We're still here.

And that means they haven't
killed us yet either.

Go, go, go!

Blue team, cover!




Trouble on the floor above.

Get down on the ground now!


Freeze! Stop or we will shoot.

We will shoot you. Drop the officer.

Release the officer right now.

SWAT 9: Let him go now!
On your knees!

We got him. He's out of the game.

SWAT 9: Keep your hands in the air!
SWAT 8: Step away from the edge!



SWAT 10:

SWAT 11 : Stay down!
SWAT 12: Don't move!

SWAT LEADER: Be advised. Clowns
are hostages, doctors are targets.


Ah, you made it. I'm so thrilled.

-Where's the detonator?
-Go get him.




SWAT 13: Put down your weapon!
SWAT 14: Don't move!


You don't wanna die...

...but you don't know how to take a life.

Give it to me.

These men will kill you
and take it anyway.

No one wants to get their hands dirty.

Fine. I'll do it.

Those men on that boat?
They made their choices.

They chose to murder and steal.

It doesn't make any sense
for us to have to die too.

All the old familiar places.

Stand by.


SWAT 2: Red team, floor secure.
Hostages are safe.

Give it to me.

You can tell them I took it by force.

Give it to me, and I'll do what
you should've did 10 minutes ago.


We really should stop this fighting,
otherwise we'll miss the fireworks.

There won't be any fireworks.

And here we go.

What were you trying to prove?

That deep down,
everyone's as ugly as you?

You're alone.

Can't rely on anyone these days. You
gotta do everything yourself. Don't we?

That's okay. I came prepared.

It's a funny world we live in. Speaking of
which, you know how I got these scars?

No, but I know how you got these.



Oh, you.

You just couldn't let me go, could you?

This is what happens
when an unstoppable force...

...meets an immovable object.

You truly are incorruptible, aren't you?

Huh? You won't kill me...

...out of some misplaced sense
of self-righteousness.

And I won't kill you...

...because you're just too much fun.

I think you and I are destined
to do this forever.

You'll be in a padded cell forever.

Maybe we could share one.

You know,
they'll be doubling up...

...the rate this city's inhabitants
are losing their minds.

This city just showed you...

...that it's full of people
ready to believe in good.

Until their spirit breaks completely.

Until they get a good look
at the real Harvey Dent...

...and all the heroic things he's done.

You didn't think I'd risk losing the battle
for Gotham's soul... a fistfight with you?


You need an ace in the hole.

Mine's Harvey.

What did you do?

I took Gotham's white knight...

...and I brought him down to our level.

It wasn't hard.
See, madness, as you know... like gravity.

All it takes is a little push.



DENT: This is where they brought her,
Gordon, after your men handed her over.

This is where she died.

I know, I was here...

-...trying to save her.
-But you didn't.

-I couldn't.
-Yes, you could've.

If you'd listened to me.

If you stood up against corruption...

...instead of doing your deal
with the devil.

I was trying to fight the Mob!

You wouldn't dare try to justify yourself
if you knew what I'd lost.

Have you ever had to talk to the person
you loved most...

...tell them it's gonna be all right,
when you know it's not?

Well, you're about to know
what that feels like, Gordon.

Then you can look me in the eye
and tell me you're sorry.

-You're not going to hurt my family.

Just the person you love most.


So is it your wife?

Put the gun down, Harvey.

Harvey, put down the gun.

Please. Please, Harvey. Please.

Oh, goddamn it.

Will you stop pointing that gun
at my family?

-We have a winner.

No, Jim, stop him!

GORDON: Harvey.
BARBARA: Don't let him--



I'm sorry!

For everything.

Please don't hurt my son.



You brought your cops?

All they know is there's a situation.

They don't know who or what.
They're just creating a perimeter.

You think I wanna escape from this?

There is no escape from this.

You don't wanna hurt the boy, Harvey.

It's not about what I want,
it's about what's fair!

You thought we could be decent men
in an indecent time.

But you were wrong.

The world is cruel. And the only morality
in a cruel world... chance.




His son's got the same chance she had.


What happened to Rachel wasn't
chance. We decided to act.

We three.

Then why was it me who was
the only one who lost everything?

-It wasn't.
-The Joker chose me.

Because you were the best of us.

He wanted to prove that
even someone as good as you...

...could fall.

And he was right.

You're the one pointing the gun, Harvey.

So point it at the people responsible.

Fair enough.

You first.

My turn.

Harvey, you're right.

Rachel's death was my fault.

Please don't punish the boy.

-Please, punish me.
-I'm about to.

Tell your boy
he's gonna be all right, Gordon.


...Like I lied.

It's going to be all right, son.



Dad? Daddy, is he okay?


-Thank you.
-You don't have to thank me.

Yes, I do.

The Joker won.

Harvey's prosecution,
everything he fought for...


Whatever chance you gave us at fixing
our city dies with Harvey's reputation.

We bet it all on him.

The Joker took the best of us
and tore him down.

People will lose hope.

They won't.

They must never know what he did.

Five dead.

Two of them cops.

-You can't sweep that--

But the Joker cannot win.

Gotham needs its true hero.

-You either die a hero...

...or you live long enough
to see yourself become the villain.

I can do those things...

...because I'm not a hero, not like Dent.

I killed those people.
That's what I can be.

No, no, you can't. You're not.

I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be.

Call it in.

A hero.

Not the hero we deserved,
but the hero we needed.

Nothing less than a knight...


They'll hunt you.

You'll hunt me.

You'll condemn me.

Set the dogs on me.

Because that's what needs to happen.

Because sometimes...

... the truth isn't good enough.

Sometimes people deserve more.

Sometimes people deserve
to have their faith rewarded.




Why's he running, Dad?

Because we have to chase him.

Okay, we're going in! Go, go! Move!

He didn't do anything wrong.


Because he's the hero Gotham deserves,
but not the one it needs right now.

So we'll hunt him...

...because he can take it.

Because he's not our Hero.

He's a silent Guardian...

...a watchful Protector.

Special thanks to SergeiK.