88 Minutes Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the 88 Minutes script is here for all you fans of the Al Pacino thriller. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some 88 Minutes quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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88 Minutes Script


Do you think it's an accident?

Who would wanna kill Princess Di?

She's so young and so beautiful.

I'm going to sleep.

Joanie, don't forget to feed Kitty.


Turn the music down!

Kitty. Dinner's ready.


Kitty, Kitty, dinner's ready.

Kitty, dinner's ready.

Why don't you feed the cat, already?

Feel good?

Hey, shut that damn cat up!

What is your name?

Janie Cates.

And the deceased was your sister?

Her name is Joanie.

We're twins.

Could you see who did this?

Just a glimpse.

It was dark.

I'm not certain.

In your professional opinion,
as a forensic psychiatrist...

will Jon Forster rape and murder again
if allowed to go free? -

- I believe...
- I object, your honor.

It's speculative in nature.

Dr. Gramm is the prosecutor's
hired gun...

a forensic psychiatrist of the year,
so to speak...

who pontificates like the Oracle of
Delphi on hypotheses...

as if they are stone cold fact.

- Objection.
- Overruled.

Dr. Gramm, you may answer the question.

I believe-.

I object on the grounds that the witness
has put forth a...

a depiction of the crime scene
that is pure fantasy...

filled with convenience and wrapped
in a perfectly symmetrical bow.

Have you finished, Ms. Bennett?

My client grieves for the victim of
this heinous crime.

And more women will be killed as the
real murderer is free...

cackling at the folly of this trial.

I think you are finished.

Yes, you are finished, and overruled.

And now, Dr. Gramm...

you may actually answer the question.

What is the question, I've forgotten.

I know the question. Sorry.
I know the answer, too.

In my professional opinion as
a forensic psychiatrist...

Jon Forster is a serial murderer...

and a rapist,
who if allowed to go free...

will rape and murder again.

Thank you, Doctor.

We the jury find the defendant guilty
of murder in the first degree...

with special circumstances.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

you are released with the
state's gratitude.

The defendant will be in the custody
of the state...

pending sentence determination.

Tick-tock, Doc.

Thank you for your service.


Excuse me.


Hey Jack, it's Shelly.

I've been callin' you all morning.
You okay?

- I'm okay. What's up?
- I was worried.

You worry too much.

Frank Parks wants to speak to
you immediately.

Patch him through.

I had fun last night, Ms. Pollard.

Me too.

Thanks for the wine tasting lesson,
Dr. Gramm.



Hey, Jack. I got Frank Parks.


Jack. Yeah, we got another one.

Oh no, the same?

Every detail.

Down to the lateral lacerations.

Halothane, carabineers, ropes...

the works.
It's the Seattle Slayer again.

Where are you now?

Look, Jack. There's a tape.

You're gonna wanna see it.

Jack? Are you still there?


Meet me at my office, okay?

Sure, Jack.

Where to?

114 Weston please. Quickly.

We continue interviewing Jon Forster...

who was convicted of the murder of
Joanie Cates 9 years ago...

based on the testimony of her sister,

Forster is slated to die at midnight at
Walla Walla Penitentiary...

- Can you change the channel?
- Mr. Forster...

what is your reaction to...

Thank you.

FBI get here yet?

Yeah, 2 minutes in the conference room.

Any calls?

New York Times, Wall Street Journal,

they want quotes on
Forster's pending execution.

No comment.

Janie Cates came by to
give you a present.

Dr. Gramm.

I'm sorry.
I don't know if this is appropriate.

I just wanted to mark the day.

Thank you, Janie.

I'm glad that my sister isn't forgotten.

Thank you. For everything.
You went out of your way.

You're busy.
So, I'm just going to get outta here.

We did good Janie. We did good.

All right. Thanks.

Can I help you?

You're one of my students?


I'd like to introduce you
to Jeremy Guber...

with the Attorney General's Office.

He is in charge of the Seattle Slayer
Task Force.

Good to meet you.
This is a big honor for me.

Sorry about...

This is a beautiful conference room.

This is Special Agent Mactire
from the FBI.

Pleasure. Have a seat.

- Hey, big fellow.
- Ace.


Seattle Slayer Task Force.

Okay. I'm sure you have
a lot of questions.

I will do the best I can to answer them.
But first-.


First I think we should
all have a cookie.

These are from Janie Cates.


Sure. Thank you.


No thanks, Jack.


Mr. Mactire?

Hey, you're a good sport, Jeremy.

A little milk maybe? What do you think?

Shelly, we got milk, don't we?

Bring in 3 glasses.

Nothing for me, Jack.

All right, make that 2. No, make it 3.

Maybe you'll have a change of heart.

So let's see.

I can assume that last night's
crime scene...

was very much like Forster's previous
crime scenes, right?

They totally match.

Slit throat.

And where does this take us?

This might be far-fetched, but what
if the perp worked with Forster...

and these staged scenes were to throw
doubt on his guilty verdict?

Go with it.

Possibly providing him a stay of
execution, or even a new trial.

Gold star, Jeremy. Big gold star.

That's exactly what I think is
happening here.

Well, I'm stickin' with copycat.

Well, yeah.
Of course there is another possibility.


- Forster's innocent. Wrongfully convicted.
- No.

The Task Force knows your expert
opinion was critical...

in his conviction,
so why did he walk his first trial?

Procedural error.

Why hasn't he been tried in the
5 murders that you attribute to him?

It's the duty of my office to ensure
an innocent man is not executed.

- You do understand that?
- Look, Jack.

If you have any reconsideration
of testimony...

or anything new you want to lay
on the table, now would be the time.

Would you characterize your
attitude towards...

Forster as a personal vendetta?

If we're being fair, yeah,
it's a personal vendetta.

I have a personal vendetta
against Ted Bundy...

Gacy and 10 or 15 other
serial murderers who...

- roam the streets.
- Jack. Please.

This helps.

There's another issue we need to address.


What's goin' on here?

Do you know a woman named Dale Morris?



She's a student of mine.

She is just a student?

We're federal agents here.

You don't want to be lying here.

We had a relationship.

You're being cryptic.

We had a professional relationship,
not a sexual relationship.

A year ago, her father died,
she was very troubled.

I treated her as a psychiatrist.

I don't sleep with my students.
Nor do I sleep with my patients.

Now what does this have to do
with anything anyway?

Dale Morris was murdered last night.

She's the third and the latest victim.

When did you last see Dale?


I saw...

saw her last night.

To our impossibly difficult professor...

we say thank you...

for making our lives miserable.

The pleasure is all mine.

We were celebrating.

Forster's pending execution?

No, we were celebrating his conviction...

not his execution.

It wasn't overturned so we were happy.

We worked hard on this case.

A tape was left at the crime scene.

We're gonna play it for you now.

This message is for Dr. Jack Gramm.

You got the wrong man.

Forster's innocent.

Please don't hurt me anymore.

Don't hurt me anymore.

You're gonna let me go, right?

You said you'd let me go.

I read what you wanted me to read.

It goes on like that for about
an hour before she dies.

Why do you think she's reading you
that message, Dr. Gramm?

Dr. Gramm.

Dr. Gramm.

Oh my God.

I want you to have our investigators
coordinate with the FBI.

I want to know everything Dale Morris
did in the last 24 hours.

Where she went, and who she talked to.

Could you have Dr. Gramm's car ready,
please? Thank you.

Thank you Shelly.

For what?

I don't know. Everything.

I hate when you do this.

Every time you do this I think you're
going to end up dead.

Just don't ask me to marry you again.

Why not? We're perfect for each other.

Except that I'm gay and you're
a commitment phobe.

That's why we're perfect.

Thanks, baby.

In Dr. Gramm's own words,
he analyzes a mental puzzle.

So there are no actual
tangible pieces per se.

He guessed what happened to
the Cates twins...

based on intuition, a personal bias, ego.

And he sold that fiction to the jury,
lock, stock, and barrel.

Jack, look! Look at the kite!

Jack, look at me!




You have 88 minutes to live.


You know how long 88 minutes can be,
don't you? That's 11:45 AM.

Who is this?

Tick tock.

- Who the hell is this?
- Tick tock.

What are you sayin'?

Hey Michael, wait up.

Jack Gramm Associates.

I want you to set a trap
and a trace on my cell.

What's going on?

Contact our wireless carrier.

Find out who made that last
phone call to me.

- Jack, I could be more helpful if...
- Just do it.

I need it.

Call me when you get it.

Jon Forster was an Eagle Scout...

which accounts for his facility
with ropes.

He worked in a veterinary office...

where he used the animal
tranquilizer Halothane...

which he used to subdue victims.


Sorry I'm late.

Thank you, Kim.

The size of our class dwindles again.

That could be because you keep
booting everyone.

My favorite med student, Mike Stempt.

The legal distinction between sanity
and insanity rests upon what?

Free will.

The concept of free will.

What is the most important thing...

to remember when entering a courtroom?

Insanity is a legal concept,
not a medical or psychiatric term.

Although insanity is a legal concept...

- it doesn't mean someone's not sick.
- Yes.

Of all the serial killers I've
interviewed and studied, including...

Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy...

none were legally insane...

this is not to say they were normal.

I could argue they couldn't
help themselves...

because of their mental disorder.

If you want to argue,
the law school is across campus.

It's disingenuous to pretend our
presentations are not argument.

We create a narrative of crime
and criminal.

Narrative based on fact and logic.

We don't advocate sentencing.
We don't take sides.

We check our views at the door.

You want us to pretend we
have no opinion?

We have opinions, but we keep
them to our self.

Share 'em with your dog.

Not your parrot, it talks back.

That logic gets you into
law school across campus.

Been there. Done that.

My condolences.

Where is Dale Morris?

She's absent. I don't see her.

That's a first.

I didn't take her for a quitter.

Anyone who has her phone number,
please contact me after class.

Excuse me.


Tick tock, Doc.

You have 83 minutes to live, Dr. Gramm.

Tick tock, Doc.

So, where was I?

Bundy versus Forster.


Bundy versus Forster.

Thank you, Lauren.

You're welcome.

What we're going to explore today is the...

similarities and dissimilarities from
Ted Bundy's modus operandi...

as compared to Jon Forster's.

Dr. Gramm, your phone's ringing.

Jack, are you there?

Shelly, what's goin'on?

The call came from a cell phone
that you prepay minutes for.

Registered to who?

You're in class but...

Registered to who?

A Kate Gramm.

It's a common enough name.
It doesn't have to be your sister's.

It's just a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence.

Jack, I'm losin' you.

Shelly. Goddamn it.

Have you found out who my phone
is registered to by now?

Poor Kate.
Or is it Katie you like to call her?

I'll find you.
Understand, you son of a bitch?

You are barking up the wrong
tree 'cause I'll find you.

She suffered for such a long time.

You remember how long, don't you?

Still feel guilty about her?

Do you feel guilty about
falsifying evidence?

Lying under oath?

Tick tock, Doc.
You have 79 minutes to live.


Do you find this funny, Albert?

Who are you calling?

Let me see your phone.

I was just...

Let me see that goddamn phone.

- I was just checkin'the Mariners'score.
- What?

- Checkin'the Mariners score.
- What's the score?

The score?

What's the damn score?

3-1 Mariners, bottom of the first.

Oh, my God, I can't believe it.

What is the problem Leeza?

- Look.
- What?

What's goin' on?

Dale Morris was murdered last night.

Is that true, Dr. Gramm?


You knew and you didn't tell us?

And you asked for Dale's number?

Is it the Slayer?

- Could be.
- Could be?

The police haven't released
information yet.

- Are we in danger?
- I can't believe you didn't tell us.

- Dr. Gramm.
- Dean Johnson.

Someone called in a bomb threat.

Everyone evacuate the building
immediately. Thank you.

I'll get your papers and presentation.

I got the slides, Kim.

All students, faculty and staff
must evacuate the building.

I repeat.
Everyone must evacuate the building.

Please remain calm and do not run.

Go to the northern end of the campus.

Repeat, you must evacuate the building.


What are you doing? Get going.

What was that on the screen?

Well, some student playin'
a joke I guess.

You know every outbreak of school
violence is preceded by a threat.

You need to report this to
Campus Security immediately.

I get a threat 3, 4 times a year.

Your arrogance makes me want to slap you.

I wish you had disclosed your feelings...

before we became friends.

Stop hiding behind assessments of
others and assess yourself.

Get over your past and on with your life.

What you're livin' isn't one.

Isn't that what you tell patients?


Thank you.
I'll tell campus security you're coming.

Where'd you go last night,
when you left the bar?


Were you alone?

Screw you.

Roger, we're on it.


The press got Dale's name.
It's all over the news.

Yeah, I know that.

Forster's attorneys are going to
the Appellate Court to get a stay.

On what grounds?

That these murders prove...

the real killers haven't been
brought to justice.

They're buying time, they're desperate.

They claim you falsified testimony
and concealed evidence.

Old news. Damn it.

Who is that guy?

What about Dale Morris,
find anything more about her?

She was murdered in her apartment
between 2 and 6 am.

- Any sign of forced entry?
- No.

Does Forster still have a legion of
groupies visit him?

Like a goddamn rock star,
website and all.

Pull background checks on all
my students and get back to me.


Oh no.



What are you doin' here?

Getting my car.

It's parked here, like everyday I
come to campus.

That was horrible what you did in class.
It's a new low for you.

I was lookin' for suspects.

What did you do after the party
last night?

I didn't wind up drunk in bed with
a stranger like you.

You left the party with Dale Morris,
the girl that was murdered.

Yes, I did.

What did you do? Where did you go?

You are not seriously considering...

Where'd you go?

We went to the Hickory Stick,
had 2 drinks.

And then?

I went home, alone.

Can anyone verify that?

No. I've been your teaching assistant
for 2 years.

I'm your friend.
I'm here to help if you'll let me.

Follow me.

Follow me.

Who did that?

What does it mean?

According to an anonymous phone caller...

it means I got 72 minutes left to live.

Can I borrow your cell phone?
I broke mine.

These are my car keys.

Could you take that around front
and meet me in 10 minutes?

I'm going to campus security.

- Call my Blackberry if you're late.
- Okay.

Shelly. You're gonna have to reach me
on Kim's cell phone.

Where's yours?

- I broke it.
- What?

You have her number, right?

Yeah, I do.

Just forrward all the calls to Kim's cell.

Please. Thanks.

Dr. Gramm.

Hey, Mike.

Everyone's pretty upset about Dale.

That's understandable,
considering the circumstances, yes.

I had a question about Forster.

Yeah? What?

I been goin' through the trial
transcripts and case history.

Why would you do that?

To understand your process better,
how you come to your conclusions.

And? What?

Is it possible Forster's innocent?


You won't even consider the possibility?


You're convinced the scenario you
put together is the only one?

I didn't put together a scenario,
I recreated a crime scene.

I didn't convict Forster, a jury did.

Evidence was circumstantial.

No DNA, no murder weapon, nothing
linking Forster to the crime...

except your narrative,
and Janie Cates' testimony...

Your point?

Your testimony was convincing.

Yeah, it was my job to be convincing.

I thought it was to be right.


Somebody please!



- Lauren.
- Dr. Gramm.

What happened?

He's wearing a leather jacket.
He's out there.

I bit his hand. It's bloody.

- You okay?
- Get him, I'm fine!

- My car!
- This is a police action.

Show me your hands.

- Back off.
- Open the window.

I'm a forensics psychiatrist with the FBI.
Open the window now.

- Yeah?
- Roll down the window. Show me your hands.

Show me your hands.

You got nothin' to hide, you can show me.

I'm tryin' to go home. What?

Okay. Sorry.

Excuse me. There's been an assault.
I want to see your...

Hold it.

There's been an assault.

Show your hands.

I'm a forensics psychiatrist for the FBI.


Thank you very much.


I couldn't find him.

Here's a handkerchief.

I'm so stupid.

I can't believe I'm so weak.
I'm such a wimp.

It's not your fault, come on.

I can't believe I let him get away.

Stop beatin' yourself up.
What exactly happened?

He came from behind,
put a rag over my mouth...

I bit his hand.

- Did the rag smell?
- Smelled sweet.

Halothane, right?

- Yeah.
- He's the one.

Probably, yeah.

I let Dale's murderer go.

Stop beatin' yourself up. Tell me.

Could you identify him again?

He came at me from behind.
I couldn't see.

Let's go to campus security and
tell 'em everything.

Hello? This woman has just been attacked.

You okay?

I think so.

What's your name?

Lauren Douglas.

Who are you?

I'm Jack Gramm.

The famous Dr. Jack Gramm?

Dean Johnson said you'll be coming in.

Can someone interview Ms. Douglas now?


Will you check her out?

In a minute.

Right this way.

What's goin' on here?

The attacker may still be on campus.

What are you doin'?

All the guys are on the bomb scare.
Excuse me.

It's crazy here.
Jimmy, get off the phone and...

interview Miss Douglas please.

I'll be right there.

Why don't you sit down here?

Okay. You okay?

Jack Gramm Associates.

Shelly, get Frank and patch him through.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

Don't go back to your apartment
until the locks are changed.

I don't have anywhere to go.

After you talk to the officer,
go back to my office.

Shelly will find you a place to stay.


It'll be all right.

I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused.

Ms. Douglas, this way.

Right in here.


I left word for Frank.

- Okay. There's been another incident.
- Okay.

The Forster case is yours, right?

Wrong. It's not mine.

But I saw your testimony on Court TV.

Is that right?

Fill those out.

I follow the big crime cases.
They fascinate me.

And when Dr. Jack Gramm takes the stand...

you say things I didn't think of.

This is just a job until...

You pass your police entrance exam.

How'd you know that?

Just a guess.

That's the thing.
You know how to put 2 plus 2 to make 4.

Or 5.

Third time's a charm though.

I won't be a campus cop to
snot-nosed rich kids.

Especially these rich...

My car was vandalized, windows smashed.

Did a number on the body. Look into it.

Dr Gramm. You got...

Dr. Gramm.

This is Johnny D'Franco from
campus security.

Can you get me Dean Johnson?

Jack Gramm Associates.


Find Frank?

Not yet. What is goin' on?

I got a threatening phone call...

saying I have 88 minutes to live.

11:45 this morning, and my time is up.

Pull out my risk assessment file.

Anybody rating 8 and above
cross-reference against Forster.

When you find Frank ask him if
Sara Pollard or any of my students...

ever visited Forster in prison.

Who's Sara Pollard?

She's the girl I met at
the party last night.

Call Warden Eaton, have him list
all the phone numbers...

Forster called in the last 72 hours.

Where should I fax it?

My apartment.
And, and run a check on Kim.


Yeah, just do it. Okay? Hello?


Damn it.

- Car is out front. Drives great.
- Good.

Are you okay?
You look a little freaked out.

- You have another battery for your phone?
- I do.

What the hell is this?

Damn! What are you doin' with
a gun in your purse?

Why not announce it to the world?

The English Department didn't hear.

- Why the gun?
- Protection.

Where'd you get it?

Dad's a cop.

Why do you need it?

I don't. Dad thinks I do.


I have a crazy ex-boyfriend.

Oh, Jesus.

I really know how to pick 'em.

Judge says if he threatens anyone,
it's back to jail.

Back to jail? What jail?

Prison, actually. Walla Walla.

That's where Forster is.

Let's go.

Special Agent Parks.

Frank, it's Jack.
I'm at the University Campus.

We got a problem here.

Someone attacked my student...

tried to knock her out with Halothane.

The Seattle Slayer's MO.

Hold on. Kim, give me a second.

There's a security guard on this campus,
name's D'Franco.

I don't like him. He's suspicious.
Take him in for questioning.

Also, get a warrant and search his place.


Can't get a warrant without
sufficient grounds.

Just get a warrant.

Do you think he's the Slayer?

Forster's link on the outside?

It's possible.

I checked the names Shelly gave me of your students.

No record of Lauren Douglas,
Kim Whitman, or Sara Pollard...

but Mike Stempt visited Forster 4 times
over the last 6 weeks.

What was his reason?

Research. He had written permission.

I didn't give him any permission,
written or otherrwise.

It's your signature.
I got a copy right here.

Hold on.

That ex-boyfriend of yours, Guy,
what's his name?

Guy LaForge.

Run a check on a parolee, Guy LaForge...

served time at Walla Walla with Forster.

And I will call you back when
I get to my apartment.

All right.

- Is D'Franco workin'with Forster?
- Someone is.

- I got Dean Johnson.
- Yeah.

They found a backpack in
your lecture hall.

Was a bomb in there?

No. A photo of dynamite, a timer,
a note addressed to you.

What'd it say?

Tick tock.

What does it mean?

I'll call you back.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

What the hell was that?

That was someone trying to scare us.

Who do you think would do that?

Does your boyfriend drive a motorcycle?

Yeah but he's not my boyfriend anymore.


How is it, knowing you won't live
through the night?

56 minutes.

Tick tock, Doc.

Let's go.

Guy LaForge.

He isn't a boyfriend, is he?

The only thing that got me out of
West Texas was my book smarts...

and when I left for college I had that.
But I didn't have much else.

So, I tried to fit in,
I drank too much...

thought too little.

And I met Guy.

And, he was an English working
class rock star wannabe...

and I fell for him.

And I married him...

when I graduated.

He didn't take too well to my...

aspirations for higher education.

He didn't want me to leave the house.

When I disobeyed he got filthy drunk,
and he beat me black and blue.

Then he got arrested, and I divorced him.

Been tryin' to make up for lost
time ever since.

You know, Forster's trying to kill me.

He's in prison.

I know.

He's got somebody on the outside
trying to do the job.

He's gonna kill me.

If I don't get him first.

Whoever is working with Forster
must be close to you...

a friend even.

I don't have many friends.

That's a plus.

It's a pleasure to look at everyone
as your would-be murderer.

Paranoia as a normal state of mind?

Where's Earl?

I don't know. I'm a temp.
Agency sent me.

Dr. Gramm? There's a package for you.

How'd you know my name?

I don't. It was a question.

There's no return address on this?


Who delivered it?

A courier.

But someone was here at the same time
lookin' for you.

What was his name?

I didn't get it.

He came when I was on the phone,
said he'd be right back.


You want surveillance tapes?

No more than an hour to get the keys.

- I don't have an hour.
- No?

He was also wearing leathers.
Had a motorcycle helmet.

That's Guy.

He was here.

If he comes back, don't send him up to
my apartment.


- Hi, Dr. Gramm.
- Hi, Hilda.

How did Guy know you were
going to be here?

How does he know where you live?

Oh, Walther P99.

That'll blow a hole through any theory.

What? I grew up around guns.

Maybe he didn't know I'd be here,
and that's why he showed up.

I better find out where he went
after the party last night.

Lauren Douglas is here.
Should I send her up?

Okay. Send her up.

Got that right, didn't he?

Hey, what's that?

- This?
- Yeah.

It's a chemical detector.

Sniffs out vapors.

Customs agents use them.


Not a bomb.

That's good.




You okay?

Yeah, better, thank you.

What do you got?

I saw Shelly like you said,
she tried to fax you...

but the machine was down.

I said I'd bring the risk assessment
profiles to you.

Didn't know you had company.

Dale said how good you were with
her when her dad died.

She was so grateful.

Dr. Gramm.


If I can help you find Dale's murderer,
let me know?

Of course, yes.

Thank you.

Can I call you a cab or something?

No, Mike's gonna give me a ride.

Thanks for these, Lauren.


All those people threatened you?

Well, you know.
Comes with the territory.

Why didn't you mention that in class?

How many students wind up goin'
into this field anyway?

Not very many,
with you booting all of 'em.


Can I ask you a personal question?


How come you never married?

You're a pretty good prospect.

You make a shitload of money.

Why would I marry?
I'm a target for any nut with a grudge.

Can't afford emotional attachments.

Don't you want kids?

Don't you want a family?

I'm too old for kids.

You're too young for me, Kim.


Jack, it's Shelly.

What happened? Where you been?

Making calls for you. The fax is down.

Yes, Lauren came over with some papers.

Turn on MSNBC.


Forster got a judge to allow him an interview.

He's on live.

It will heat things up with
a stay pending, don't you think?

I want you to send some of the
boys over to my apartment.

Someone may be in my lobby in biker
leathers when they get there.

You got a name?

His name is Guy LaForge.

Put a photo on the FBI wire.

If you don't get a stay of execution...

are you prepared to die?

Should I call the police?

Frank will handle it.

As prepared as a man can be for
something he didn't do.

Did you messenger a package to me?


Many believe in your innocence.

I'm grateful...

- Know who might have?
- No.

For their prayers...

Everything goes through the office.


Find anything on Sara Pollard?

You didn't pay her, did you?

What do you mean?

She works for an escort service.

Escort service?

You didn't know?

I didn't know.

She told me she was a student lawyer.

What are your thoughts?

That's one thing I don't have a lot of.

You got a number for her?

Phone number and address.

I know the address.

Give me the number.

If Dr. Gramm were with us,
what would you say?


He knows I didn't do this.
There's only one other person...

who knows that I've been framed...

railroaded, set up.

That I am innocent.

That is renowned forensics psychiatrist...

Dr. Jack Gramm.

What would I say to Jack Gramm?

I'd say, why me?

I know you suffered a great
loss with your sister.

I feel your pain, Dr. Gramm.

Pick up, damn it.

But that does not exonerate you
from falsely accusing me of things...

you know I could not have done.

Pick up, Sara.

If I can be convicted of this voodoo
forensics science, who's safe?

Shelly? Get me MSNBC, I want to
talk to that son of a bitch.

Nor will I be the last.

That's not a good idea.

It's a good idea. Get him, call me.

I find it hard to believe
Dr. Jack Gramm can be...

psycho babbling innocent people
into the death chamber.

Who's the murderer now, Jack?


Who's the murderer now?


We got D'Franco in custody.
I got the warrant.

The guys are on their way to his place.

Did he say anything about Forster?

A lot, but nothin' useful.

What about Guy LaForge?

He hasn't checked in with his
parole officer in 6 weeks.

He was at my building less
than an hour ago...

and he said he's comin' back.

I got a call a little while ago,
saying I have 88 minutes to live.

Jesus, Jack. Why 88 minutes?

I don't know.

You got any idea who this caller is?

You'd better find Guy LaForge...

before he gets here, okay?
Let me call you back.



Mom! Dad! Jack!

There's someone here.

And he wants to talk to you.
Where are you?

Please come home, quickly.
I'm scared of the man.

Is that what you wanted me to say?

Jack, come here now! Help me! Help me!

Jack, what is that?

My sister.

Oh my God.

That's horrible.
Who would send that to you?

There's only 2 copies of this tape
in the whole world.

One is locked up in the
custody of the NYPD.

The other is in a restricted access room...

in my office file cabinet...

with the highest security measures.

So you think it was stolen?

Of course it was stolen.

You think I stole it?

You left the bar with Dale.

You were one of the last people
to see her alive. Maybe the last.

You think I stole the tape
and killed Dale.

Have you lost your mind?

I don't have clearance to the room.

Why was Guy LaForge at the bar?

He was trying to protect me.

From what?

From you.

- He knows about me?
- Yes.

What does he know?

He knows I have a silly
girlish crush on you.

Jack, hold on a second.

I just got an email back
from Mike Stempt.

He saw Guy at Darby's Club last night.

When Mike left at 3am.,
Guy was there and...

the bouncer booted him at 6am.

So there's no way that Guy
could have killed Dale Morris.


Did you listen to the tape, Dr. Gramm?

Why'd you leave little Katie all alone?

She'd still be alive today if you
hadn't left her all alone to die.

Now it's your turn. In a blaze of glory.
Tick tock Doc.

37 minutes.


MSNBC will connect you to the prison.

You sure you want to do this?

Shelly, there's been a breach
in my place...

my most secure area.

Did you ever give anyone clearance to
go into my secure files?

What are you saying?

Did you ever let an unauthorized person
into my secure files area?

No. Never. To anyone. Ever.


Put me through to MSNBC.

- Frank?
- Yeah?

Turn on MSNBC. They've granted Forster
a live interview.

I can't, I'm in the car.

It's all right, they're simulcast.
You can turn on 750 AM.

I'm phoning in.

Is that a good idea,
with the court actions?

I think he's behind the phone calls
and threats.

I'm going to try to get inside his head,
make him crack.

You'll stay on the line?

- Dr. Gramm?
- Yeah?

You're on the air.

I'm told Dr. Jack Gramm is joining us
by phone. Are you there?

I'm here.

Have you watched the interview?

Is that what you call it?

What would you call it?

I'd call it entertainment.

A performance, maybe.

You called and must have
something to say.

Forster talks about forgiveness.
I want him to know that...

his victims have not forgiven him.

You lied under oath and you know it.

This is about the women you raped,
tortured and murdered.

Women like Joanie Cates!

I had nothin' to do with her death.

There was an eyewitness, her twin sister,
who identified you.

She was there!

She was drugged and beaten so badly,
she couldn't be sure.

You berated her until she said it was me.

You didn't say you were innocent.

I had nothing to do with it.

I know you were tried and
convicted by a jury.

You were tried and convicted

That wasn't a trial but an inquisition.
The jury believed your lies.

You caused pain and death
so you could feel alive.

Pain and suffering is
what you forensics inflict.

Your idol, Ted Bundy,
identified his victims.

How about it? Identify your victims.

The bodies of Terry Hines...

Alicia Smith, Samantha Greene?

Where are they?
Give these people's families closure!

You're on national television.
Millions of people are watchin' you.

How about your London colleague
in the Clark case?

Putting away an innocent mother
for murdering her baby?

Well done, you must be proud to be
part of such an elite fraternity.

Her conviction was overturned
when the doctor's testimony...

proved absurd.

Quack, quack, Dr. Gramm.

Take a good look at your watch.

Now imagine what it's like to be
minutes away from your own death.

To hear the ticking of a clock
and know that your time on Earth...

is drawing to a close.

Thank you.

There's a package for you, Dr. Gramm.
Should I send it up?

This just in. A 3-judge panel
of the Ninth Circuit...

has just granted Jon Forster
a stay of execution.


Are you serious?

You hear that, Frank?

Yeah, I heard. Forster got the stay.

I got him goin', though, didn't I?
No cigar.

Why did you send me on a wild
goose chase, Jack?

What do you mean?

D'Franco is not a serial killer,
he's a serial groupie.

So what?

Jeremy Guber at the Attorney General's
Office called.

You're wanted for questioning
in the murder of Dale Morris.


They found physical evidence
that implicates you.

What evidence?

You know I can't say.

What do you mean you can't say?

There's someone to see you...

Hey, Mister! You can't go up there!

You told the doorman not
to let anyone up.

It's all right, don't worry,
no one's gettin' in.

The State Attorney General just
announced that he is appealing...

the stay to the State Supreme Court


We will inform you of developments.

It's your boyfriend.

Let Kim go.

I know him. He won't hurt me.

I have to open the door.

Do it quick. We're smokin' up here.



There's no problem.

Put down the gun.

I am fine.

Guy's been shot, no!

On the roof there's a fire escape.

- When I say go, follow me,
- Okay.

Do you think he's dead?

It doesn't look good.

We should go back up there.
I got to go back and help him.

No, you can't go up there. Man.


I need a few minutes to
clarify something.

Shelly, I can't talk now.

I'll call when I get to
Sara Pollard's apartment.

Mrs. Lowinsky. You okay?

I'm just a little dizzy.

We found an incendiary
device with a timer.

Get a bomb squad in case
there's a second one. Go.

Get her some oxygen.

We got her, sir.

Get her outside.

You'll be all right.

Jack, I don't see the shooter out here,
do you?


He's got a gun!

- Where?
- Who?

Where the hell is he? Where?


Kim! Kim! Where are you?

All these people, keep moving.

Go! People, back!

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm gonna live.

Here. Let's go.

Where are we going?

Sara Pollard's house.
The girl I was with last night.

That's funny. It worked in the garage.

Why'd you do that?

I don't know. I had a...

- You okay?
- Uh huh.

What next?

I don't know.

- Okay, let's get outta here.
- Okay.

That your cab?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'll give you 100 bucks,
you let me drive it across town.

100 bucks?

100 bucks plus tip.

How's that?

All right.

I cannot believe it.

Guy's dead.

He is. He's dead.


You have nothing to say, huh?

It's just another day in the
life of Jack Gramm.

Was I fooling myself into...

thinking I could have a relationship
with you?

A doctoral student in Behavior Science,
for god's sake.

Not enough common sense
to figure this out.

What was I thinking?

Would you wait outside
the cab for a minute?

- You bet.
- Thanks.

You asked me about my kid sister.

Okay. It was a long time ago.

She was staying at my apartment
in New York City.

She was 12, I was 28.
I was late for a very important meeting.

A meeting that was gonna change my life,
make me somebody important.

Make all my dreams come true.

So, I went to this meeting
on my dissertation.

And I left her there by herself.

I could have taken her with me,
I could have left her with friends...

I could have postponed the meeting.

But I chose not to,
because I was in a hurry.

Anyway, I left her there alone

At the time I was working on a case.

This guy had strangled 6 women.
We were very close to nailing him

He was upset and he wanted to
get back at me.

So he came to my apartment,
only I wasn't there.

And at that time,
I wasn't as concerned with security.

I was careless.

So, he broke the door down,
and he went in...

and did things to my baby sister.

Katherine was her name. Katie

He did things that you wouldn't do...

to an animal that was bred for slaughter.


When they caught him...

he laughed, and said...

it took him 88 minutes.

It took him 88 minutes to
hack my sister to bits.


He's in prison now...

comin' up for his fifth parole hearing.

I left New York.
Left all that behind me, and...

came here to Seattle.

It seemed a perfect place.

It was in a far off corner
of the continental USA...

to see if I have a second act in me.

Whoever stole that tape knows
the meaning of 88 minutes.

Is that enough?


If Sara's not home,
we don't have a search warrant

Well, we don't need a search warrant.

We're not gonna arrest anybody.
We're just breaking and entering.

Not a good sign.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

This looks familiar.
When did you take it?

Guess it doesn't matter, does it?

It just might.

Okay, check it out. That way.

Oh, Jesus.

What is it?

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Okay. All right. Calm down

Oh my God, she's dead. She's dead.

- What kind of twisted mind could do that?
- I know. I know.

- Who could torture somebody like that?
- Just breathe. Just breathe.

- I'm all right. Okay. Oh, God.
- Breathe. Breathe.

- Get control, get control.
- Okay. I am in control.

Okay, you're in control?


- Okay, good. Let me show you something.
- Okay.

That's my signature.

Forged. Credit card receipt.

This whole place is filled with my DNA.

Police are gonna come here,
they're gonna know I was with Sara...

and they're gonna think I killed her.

Your phone. Answer it.



Carol? Carol?

Did you hear the tape of your sister's
88 minutes of suffering?

I sent it to your apartment.

What are you saying, Carol?
What is this?

The Porsche was a close call.

I called Frank and told him
you murdered Sara...

after you killed Dale.

You thought you were so smart.

Invincible and unbeatable.

Jon Forster's given you a death sentence
and he's about to be freed.

How ironic.

You've got 18 minutes left.
Meet me at your office alone.

Tick tock.

What is it?

It's Carol.

She wants me to meet her at
the University at my office.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

Shelly, what the hell are you doin'here?

I need to talk to you.

Oh, that poor girl.

That poor, poor girl.

It was me.

Sit, sit, sit.

- It was me.
- Shelly.

Just calm down.

I broke the security protocol.


About 6 weeks ago,
I had a drink in your office...

with a student of yours.

A couple drinks actually.

And, she made an advance.

It was late.

But, the office was jammed
with people working still.

And when we woke up she left.
She didn't have a briefcase...

she had nothing that she could
bring the tape in...

but, but somebody else must have.
Somebody else did.

- While we were sleeping probably.
- Who was this girl?

What was her name?

It was Lauren.

Lauren Douglas.

Here's a picture from the security camera.

This is the person that must have
rifled through my files...

and found the combination to your vault
and took the tape.

This is not a person, Shelly,
it's a hat and a coat.

This is the photo ID of everyone
who visited Forster last month.

Could you ever forgive me?


If I can't forgive you, Shelly...

I don't deserve you.



I want you to call Carol.
Patch her though to me.

- Okay?
- Okay.




Hi, could you transfer me to
Dean Johnson's office please?




Where you goin' in such a hurry, Jack?

Somethin' upstairs you don't
want me to see?

There's a woman named Sara Pollard
upstairs very dead.

You can see her if you like.

Look, I'm a straight shooter,
right, Jack?


And you would never screw me over,

Come on.

Why are your fingerprints all over
Dale Morris' apartment?

They are?

And you were right about the halothane
in her bloodstream.

But you failed to mention that it's
your semen in the vaginal cavity.

Is your semen in Sara Pollard as well?

Where the hell are you goin' with this?

Can't you see this is a frame?

Forster's coordinating this whole
thing from prison?

- Yeah, right.
- Yes.

Is it Forster's semen in Sara Pollard,
or is it yours, Jack?

Somebody hired her to be with
me last night, then killed her...

Took my semen, deposited it into
Dale Morris.

- Do you know how absurd that sounds?
- No, it's not absurd.

I don't have time to explain.

Carol isn't answering.

- What?
- Carol isn't answering!

Get the names of all the women lawyers
who work for Forster.

I want their names and ages.

- Look, I know how you operate.
- What the hell are you doin'?

I know how you use people.

It's no secret you're a womanizer.
You drink too much.

How do I know that you haven't gone
completely over the edge?

What did I do?
Did I send myself a tape?

Did I blow up my car?

Did I set my apartment on fire?
Did I fire bullets at myself?

Will you wake up?

What the hell are you doin'?

I don't know who you are anymore.

I'm bringin' Gramm in.

No, you're not gonna do this.

Just give me some time.
I can untangle this.

Just give me some time.

Move and I will blow your fuckin'
head off.

Don't point a gun at me, Frank.

I wanted to synch up our watches,
that's all.

All right, Jack.

What do you need?

I need time. I need 10 minutes, okay?
Let's synch up now.

At 11:40, meet me at my office
at the university.

Kim, what happened?

I know you're only trying to help me,
but don't go to my office.

Do you understand? It's dangerous.
Don't be a hero.

When you get this message,
call me back ASAP. Understand?

It's Jack.


Still no answer in Dean Johnson's office.

Hold on.



Kim, whatever you do, do not go to
my office on campus...

do you understand?

You have 14 minutes.

Huh? What?

It was me, Jack. I set you up.

I had a computer dialing service
call you at...

prearranged times using
an electronically altered voice.

Kim, this is no time to joke.

Meet me in your office in 10 minutes,
Jack. 11:40.

Don't be late.



Oh, shit.



I got the names of those women on,
Forster's legal team.

There were three.

Hannah Baker, 53, Rosanne Caputo,
47, and...

Lydia Doherty, 28.

How'd you know?

Because her name's on the sign-in
sheet you gave me.

Do a search on Lydia Doherty.
Get all the information you can.

Fax it to my office on campus.
Okay? Do it now.

Hey, another hundred bucks and I'll wait.

What the hell are you doin' here?

This is Lauren Douglas' bag.

It was stolen today.
Found it in your desk.

Halothane? What's it doin' here?

What are you doin' here?

This what you used to
kill Dale and Sara?

Or do you have no idea about this too?

Sure. I left all that stuff in my desk
so you'd come and find it.

You convinced the jury Forster was guilty.

How do I know you didn't kill
those women too?

Who sent you here?

- I'm reporting a suspect in the Slayer...
- Give me that damn phone.

Who sent you here?

You think I'm too dumb to figure it out?

Yes I do.

Whoever sent you here is deeply
involved in the slayer killings.

Lydia Doherty.

Who the hell is that?


Come to the Stern Building now.
Corner office, 7th floor.


You have 5 minutes, Jack.

What are you doin'?

I'm not movin'.

I don't have time to explain this.
Get away from the door.

You gonna shoot me?


I'm a bad shot.

Frank, when you get this message,
I'm gonna be at the...

Stern Building on the 7th floor.

Get there as soon as you can.

Oh, God.

Punctual, Dr. Gramm.

I'm gonna give you a B plus for effort.


Dean Johnson's indisposed,
but she'd say hello if she could.

Your heroic friend Kim didn't
make the grade.


Got the name right.

Lydia Doherty, copycat murderer.

I wish Forster could see your face.
You look so totally clueless.

I hope that's not a gun you're holding.

A gun, Dr. Gramm?

What do you want?

Is that a gun?

I have a gun.

Then do this.

Put it on the floor.

Slide it to me.

To me.


I'll slide it.

One more time.

Slide it to me.


Move back.


Dear God.

I'd like to talk to Jon Forster please.

This is his appeals attorney,
Lydia Doherty.

They monitor his calls, you know.

You're gonna implicate him.

The brilliant Dr. Gramm's latest
psycho gambit. Is that it?

Sorry for the trouble I caused,
Dr. Gramm.

You know I did, Dr. Gramm, with honors.

Dale told me how good you were with her
when her dad died.

She was so grateful.

Although insanity is a legal concept...

it doesn't mean that someone's not sick.

Have him call me on my cell.

He knows the number.

What do you want?

How about we start with a confession?

I confess.

To what?

To what? To everything.
Whatever. I confess.

Speak clearly and I want the truth.

Well, where do I start?

Janie Cates.

Janie Cates, I coached.


Shut it off.

- Shut it off.
- I am.

Go again.

Okay. I coached Janie Cates.

In what trial?

I coached Janie Cates in
Jon Forster's trial.

I coached her, she perjured herself.

I gave false testimony.

And Jon Forster was convicted.

Based on unlawful testimony.

Based on unlawful testimony.

Feel good?

What are you doing?

Are you assessing me?

Are you looking for a weakness,
Dr. Gramm?

I'm just wondering what's next?

Aren't you gonna offer me a deal?

Sacrifice yourself for Kim and Carol?

Be the hero?

That wouldn't fly, would it?

I'd offer it, but it wouldn't fly.


Do you have any other moves?

Or are you spent so quickly?

I could move my eyes.

Like this.

Just look behind you.

See that there's someone there with
a gun pointed at your head.


How much time I got?

About a minute.


Time for your last words.
I won't deny you those.

All this torture, all this torment,
for an infatuation.

Not infatuation, don't demean me.

If not infatuation, what is it?

Stop, please.

Jack, help.

I went to great lengths to pull this off.

Jon really appreciates
the quality of my work.

Timing calls.

Perfecting ropes and pulleys...

implicating those close to you.

Coaching Carol and Kim.

While staying invisible.

It was me. I set you up

You know what I don't understand?

How in God's name does anybody give up
their free will?

How do you do that?

45 seconds.

I saw you.

You came to my class. I remember you.

You were intelligent. An individual.
You challenged things.

You challenged me, you challenged ideas.

You were your own person.
How could you...

ever allow yourself to be
so manipulated by this guy?

30 seconds.

Are you taking the fall for him?

If that's what he wants, so be it.

You see Jack-o, I'm a true believer.

Well then believe that
there's an FBI agent...

with a gun pointed at your head,
at this moment.

Believe it.

No more kidding.


Believe it.

I believe your time's up Dr. Gramm.



Jack, help.


I got you. Good.

It's okay. It's okay, sweetheart.

Requesting immediate EMT help.

At the UNW campus. Stern Building stat.

I repeat. Immediate emergency medical
technicians, stat.

Multiple stab wounds

Here we go.

It's okay.

Now don't move.


Officer Finnegan at the
Walla Walla State Penitentiary...

calling for Jon Forster to Lydia Doherty.

Put him through.

Go ahead.

Lydia, did you finish with Gramm?

She's downstairs.


Put my attorney on the phone, please.

She's indisposed.

You shouldn't be meddling.

You seize on a naive junior lawyer
on your legal staff

You realize she's
psychologically impaired.

Genius, isn't it?

Susceptible to your crap.
So what do you do?

You get her to kill people,
so you can stay alive.

That's innovative legal strategy.

You flatter me with your
vivid imagination...

but you're grasping at straws.

She becomes my student.
You keep her out of the appeals process...

but she's still your lawyer,
so she has unlimited access to you...

so you can plan your copycat
murders together.

Then you can get a new trial,
and live happily ever after.

Isn't that the case?

Dr. Gramm.

I want you to listen very closely.

When I get out of here,
I'm going to go have a nice hot meal...

stop by your grave,
and then piss all over it.

Now please put my angel
attorney on the phone.

She's dead.

It's over, Forster.

Except for the clock that goes
tick tock, tick tock.

You got 12 hours to live.

Jack, look at me.

Look at the kite!

I'm glad that my sister Joanie
hasn't been forgotten.

We did good, Janie.

We did good.
Special thanks to SergeiK.