Eagle Eye Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Eagle Eye script is here for all you fans of the Shia LaBeouf movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Eagle Eye quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Eagle Eye Script

Valhalla, this is Thor.
Valhalla, this is Thor.

We have visual on
a possible high-value target.

Thor, this is Valhalla.

We're seeking positive ID...

on target traveling
in convoy...

and we're pushing
more assets your way.

Contact Loki on secondary net.

Loki, this is Thor.

Target is located at
grid coordinates...



Confirm you have visual.

Verifying target ID.

Electro-optic and
infrared sensors are online.

- Confirming target.
- SecDef is arriving now.

Mr. Secretary, this way, sir.

Attempting cell phone link
to moving target.

Stand by for data feed.

Stand by for audio.

Got it.

Now, don't tell me you
spotted the beard...

in the middle of a
goddamn sandstorm.

- Is it really him?

We're confirming
that now, sir.

Sir, audio is coming up now.

- Verifying voice
pattern match.

What do we have
here, Sergeant?

Four males. One of
them is speaking...

in a Rakhshani dialect,

consistent with our
intel on al-Khoei.

Sir, it's just coming up.

'Thirty-seven percent'
and 'probable'...

don't belong in
the same sentence.

I'm not taking this
to the President.

CIA and NCTC concur
it is the target,

based on reliable
intel from the Brits.

They're pulling
off the highway.

Criteria is not met.
Recommend abort.

We have an abort

If it's him, this guy
comes out of hiding...

every couple of years at best.

Sir, target is appearing
around the northeast corner.

We've got AK-47s,

RPGs and Chaparral
guided missiles.

This is a training
camp, Mr. Secretary.

- Wait. Wait. Print. 51%.
- 51%.

- Abort rec still holds.

All other PID
options exhausted.

What do you
suggest we do, sir?

Is that a weapons cache?

Sir, the placement of
the stones around the pit,

marker for the five
pillars of Islam.

I think it's a funeral.

For Christ's sake.

Counsel, how many
ways would this...

violate the Geneva Convention?

We can invoke hors de combat.

There's no independent
intel verifying...

that this is, in
fact, a funeral.

Signal's got the President
from Air Force One, sir.

Mr. President,

we have a 51% identity match
on Majid al-Khoei.

The bad news is, there's...

some possibility
he's at a funeral.

You should also be aware...

we have an abort

But the Joint Chiefs
are urging a go.

All right, what's
your recommendation?

Sir, we measure success by...

the least amount of
collateral damage.

At 51% probability,
the risk is too high.

And if it is al-Khoei
and he walks.

I'm putting our
people at risk.

You have a go.

Thank you, Mr. President.

- We're weapons hot.
- We have weapons hot.

- Loki, you are
cleared to engage.

Repeat, weapons hot. PID.

We have handshake with the

MQ9 Reaper. Sending
you images now.

- Loki, target
coordinates received.

Yes, sir. Switching
to IR sensor.

Target is lased.

Master arm on.

Missiles away.

Ten seconds to impact.

You got to make
a choice, fellas.

Who are you going
to be? Boys or men?

- I'm out on this one.
- Why?

- 'Cause I'm broke.
- Come...

How do I know you don't have
something great under there?

Kwame just paired the board.

I'm floating on
the river here.

Look at the table.

I don't know. I'm
supposed to take my...

girl out later. It's
a lot of money.

Your girl out? Who's that?

- Elaine?
- Yeah.

You guys have been going out
for a while.

How long?

- Couple months.
- Couple months? Wow.

- That's big. You have
sex with her yet?


- What the hell is 'kinda'?
- 'Kinda'?

- Personal question.
- Okay, well, listen.

Let me ask you a question.

What are you going
to do tonight?

Fish fillet and a Coke?

Go to Blockbuster,
rent a little romantic comedy,

go back to Mom's house,
sit on the couch?

- How'd you know?
- Well, that's what you do.

You're a dependable person.

That's what you're
going to do.

You know what you should do?

You need to lay down
some real green...

and treat your lady right.

You know, you need to take her
to a nice place.

Red Lobster. Olive Garden.
Tablecloths. Soft music.

And then you skip
this Blockbuster thing.

Girls want to go out.
Especially a girl...

as cute as your
girl, you know?

She wants to be seen.
That's why she dresses up.

So you take her to the movies.

- A little
popcorn-drink combo.

True. True.

Elaine might want a
hot dog and some...

nachos, so you shell
out for that, too.

And then before you know it,

she's cozying up
the way she never would've...

at her mom's house, you know?

- Preach it. Preach it.
- Now all of a sudden, look.

Gino Romero's walking tall
with Elaine yank-my-Dickinson,

- all because he dared
to dream tonight.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

And he became a man.
And that's the choice.

- Yes.

And that's what's
on the table.

This is the dream right here.

Are you a man?

- I'm with you.
- Okay, here we go.

- I'm with you. Twenty?
- Twenty.

Big boy game.


- Cowboys over aces, big Jer.
- Wow. Wow.

- Didn't see that coming, huh?
- Yeah, that's a tough one.

This is a tough one, too.
Four bullets, baby.

Get out of here.

You baited me into
that, Jer. Come on.

- That's the way it goes.

So what happened
to Red Lobster?

No, I guess it's Mama's house
for you tonight.

But look, I saved
you 40 bucks.

And now Elaine won't
have to shell out...

for herpes medication.

Break's over, bitches.

Freitag missed
his shift again.

- Someone's on collator duty.
- Great.

All right, well, gentlemen.

I'll give you a chance
to win some of...

this back tomorrow.
Enjoy yourselves.

All right, man.

Hey there. Welcome
to Copy Cabana.

How can I help you?

I couldn't get the machine
past the main menu.

- That machine there?
- Yeah.

Did you swipe your credit card
to the left, sir?

- Didn't do that.
- Well, that's your problem.

Why don't you try it again?

Cell phone users, beware.

The Federal Bureau
of Investigation...

can now hear everything
you're saying,

even when your cell
phone is turned off.

Authorities can now activate...

the microphone
inside your phone,

allowing them to eavesdrop
on you and your conversations.

Experts say the only
way around this...

is to take the battery
out of the device.

- The death toll
now stands at 14.

Now arriving at Union Street.

- Stand clear of the doors.
- Excuse me.

Watch your step, please.

Did you drop this?


- It's hard to do on
a train, you know.

Doors closing.

Standing passengers...

Come on, come on, come on.


Mrs. Wierzbowski.
I was just...

I thought you might
have been sleeping.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- So... But I have...

I have some rent here.

- Here you go.

Yeah, some is good.
All is better.

Well, that's most of it. Here.

$1, $1, $1...

No, no, no. Look.
Here's a five there.

- Five.
- Yeah.

Where is girl? I
don't see her no more.

You know you're the
only woman for me.

No, that's done.
She got smart.

- Like the others.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Is woman friend? Answer.

Then see if she give
you money for rent.

One second.

Hey, Mom.


- Looks just like him.
- I'm not him.

Six months without
a boo or a bah, huh?

Yes, sir.

So where were you this time?

Alaska. Singapore.
I got a job there.

I... I spoke to Stanford.

I pulled some strings.

They said they'd
take you back.

Even though you took off...

Two years ago, Dad.

Jerry, you know, it
wouldn't kill you...

to ask for help
once in a while.

You want to have
this conversation now?

- It's Stanford.
- You want to do this today.

You know how many
people would kill...

- Today? You want
to have this now?


You do whatever you want.
You always have.

You know, I keep thinking,

I'm going to walk
in here one day...

and I'm not going to feel...

like a stranger
in my own house.

I don't want your money.

Can I have your
attention, please?

Smoking is not
permitted on the train.

Chicago is next.

Can't find the keys
and he's late as usual.

- I'm going to
have to take you.

He'll be here.

All right, wait
five more minutes.

Help me out here.
We came home last night.

I put the leftovers down.

You turned on the
TV. I went over,

said, 'No TV, no TV, no TV.'
Turned it off.

Came over here.

- Checked the messages.
- Knocked over the phone.

Right, knocked over the phone.
Put it back.

Put the leftovers
in the fridge.

Let's go.

I put vitamins in
your toiletry bag.

Don't forget to take...

- Two in the morning
and two at night.

That's right.

And your inhaler's
in the back of your bag.

- Sammy.
- Daddy.

Come here. You didn't think

I'd miss the big
send-off, do you, huh?

Let's get you on this train.

- This must be your...
- Trumpet.

My God, this weighs,
like, 200 pounds.

You carry this yourself?

- Mr. and Mrs. Holloman.
- Miss.

- You just made it.
- Right.

- Here, Sam.
- Thanks.

- Listen to me.
- I have one more here.

All these other kids,
right? They're...

going to call their
moms, too, all right?

They're just going
to lie about it.

All right, and eat junk
food 'cause this is...

your one chance, but
brush your teeth.

Mom, you got to stop.
I'm going to miss you, too.

Capitol Limited to D.C. is
departing now.

Give me a hug.

All aboard.

- I love you so much.
- I love you, too.

- Shine bright, okay?
- Okay.

Rock the house, buddy.

You're going to
be great. Okay?

- Okay.
- I'll see you later.

- Bye.
- Have fun in D.C..

- Bye, Mom.
- Your mom going to be okay?

It's unclear.

I'm so sorry. I got
stuck in traffic,

- and I didn't even...
- Don't even say it.

All aboard.

Yes. Five-nine-one-three.

It's here. It's here.

Okay, okay.

- Come on.
- Two seconds. Sorry.

No, wait.

- Hey, hang on a second.
- Sorry.

- You're dropping money.
- Sir, sir.

Big date, you know?
Fingers crossed, huh?

- Here you go.
Have a good day.

Thank you.

- Jerry.
- What?

- So many boxes.
- Boxes?

I had to open your room.
All day they come.

- Big boxes, small boxes.
- My boxes?

I don't know.
Whose boxes would they be?

- All right, okay.

Look at them there.
See in there?

- See, I put them all...
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Listen, I have
something for you here.


This is rent for this month
and next month, too, okay?

- Oh, my.
- Thank you.


The FBI will arrive...

at your apartment
in 30 seconds.

You must flee the premises.

Who... Who is this?

You've been activated, Jerry.

- Who the hell is this?
- Your compliance is vital.

How did you get this number?

You now have 24 seconds.
Leave your residence.

Your destination,
the Mathis train...

station. We will
guide you from there.

What is this?

The evidence in your
apartment is irrefutable.

- Listen.
- 17 seconds.

I'm going to hang
this phone up now.

They'll seek your arrest
for conspiracy, treason...

- I'm hanging this
phone up now.

... violating state
and local law.

- You tell me how
you got this number.

Maximum penalty, death.

No, none of this is mine.

down on the floor.

Get on the ground.

Down now. Get down.

- I didn't do anything.
- Get down.

- Listen.
- Don't move.

It's not mine. It's not mine.

This is obviously
some sort of mistake, right?

I mean, I don't know...

what I'm doing in
this room, sir.

It's cold as hell outside.

- You draw?
- I what?

Do you draw? Do you sketch?

You have ink all
over your fingers.

Look, you know you got
the wrong guy, right?

I mean,

this is all some
kind of sick joke.

- I don't know what
I'm doing here.


Obviously you have
nothing to do with it, yeah.

Did you love your brother?

Or did you hate him?
Did you admire him?

Was your brother patriotic,
would you say?

When's the last
time you saw him?

- Christmas.
- This past Christmas?

- Three Christmases ago.
- Three years, huh?

Well, the phone records
show that you...

haven't even called
him in over a year.

So no text messages?
No smoke signals?

No MySpace or
Facebook messages?

Yeah, so what are
you trying to say?

We're not...

Are you asking if we're
the type of twins...

that wear the same
shirt to the mall,

hold hands, and
things like that? No.

- Sir, I don't even
know your name.

I'm sorry, that
was rude of me.

I'm Tom Morgan,

the Supervising Agent assigned...

to the Joint
Terrorism Task Force.

You think I'm a terrorist?

No, you're a copy
boy, aren't you?

- I'm a copy associate.
- Copy associate.

But your brother,

it says here he
was a little more.

I guess you'd say,
ambitious than you.

Graduated from
the Air Force Academy at 21,

with an advanced
degree in parallel...

algorithms and
quantum electronics.

I don't even know
what the hell...

that stuff means. Do you?

Cadet wing commander,

plum job in the
Public Affairs...

Yeah, no, I know
what he did, sir.

Why'd you drop out
of school, Jerry?

Did your brother have...

any influence on
that decision?

No, school just wasn't for me.

No, I mean, who would want
a Stanford education anyway?

More upward mobility...

at Copy Cabana,
I guess, right?

I see you did a
little backpacking.

Singapore, Bali, Indonesia.

Did odd jobs here and there.
So you've been around.

Look, none of this
has anything to do...

with any of the shit
that was in my apartment.

Why would I send it to myself?
My name is on the lease.

I'd have to be the
dumbest terrorist...

in the history of the world.

So who deposited the 750?


I don't know who
deposited the 750.

God maybe? I thought
it was a miracle.

I took the money.
That was my mistake.

It was an accident.

Do accidents not happen
in your universe?

Well, the money originated
from the YTBC Bank of...

Well, I'll be
darned, Singapore.

Opened with a transfer from...

a corporation called
The Star of Orion,

- a dummy front for Hezbollah.

This is all very
interesting, sir.

- It has nothing
to do with me.

We find hardware
in your apartment.

Latest military spec.

- Airplane manuals.

I told you about this already.

And 1,200 pounds...

of ammonium
nitrate fertilizer.

I walked into my apartment...

You planning on becoming
a farmer or something?

I walk into my apartment,
I open the door,

and this shit's all
over my apartment.

- It just showed up.
- It just showed up.

I see. I'm just curious...

if your brother knew
anything about it.

Of course, we haven't
really established...

how close you guys
were yet, have we?

Well, we were pretty
close this morning...

when I buried his
body in the ground.

Does that establish
anything for you?

Somebody set me up.

Why is that so hard
for you to understand?

- 'Somebody.'

A woman called
me on the phone.

She told me I was
going to be arrested.

'A woman.' Your mom? Who?

I don't know. If I
knew, I would tell you.

I don't know.

Here's the thing, Jerry.

This is a bad time to be
in the terrorism business.

You read the paper.

Who do you think is winning?

Your Miranda rights or
my right to keep...

you in this room as
long as I want to?

I don't care if you tell me
the truth about your brother.

I don't care who you work for.

'Cause no matter
what you tell me,

you're in a shitload
of trouble, son.

This is insane. I
work for Copy Cabana.

Yeah, that's what you said.

Listen, I get one night out
in a decade, ladies.

I am not wasting
it on Lemon Drops.

- Okay.
- Buck up. Let's go.

Oh, gosh.

I want updates.
Catfights, booty calls,

somebody tell me
they got lucky.

Hey, ladies. See
that guy over there?

He'd like to buy you a round.

Hell, no.

He's got light beer
written all over him.

- He's cute.
- Come on.

He's a suit. No.

You sure?

- Come on.
- Who is it?

The one man in my life
who hasn't let me down.

- That's sweet.

All right, don't drink
those without me.



There's a McDonald's
across the street.

Look in the window.

What is this?

Would you risk your
life for your son?

Rachel Holloman,
you've been activated.

- This isn't funny.
- Your compliance is vital.

- Who are you?
- We will derail his train,

unless you do
what you're told.

What is this?

Don't go back inside
the restaurant.

- What?

There's a black
Porsche Cayenne...

parked at the northeast corner
of this block.

The keys are in the ignition.
Start walking.

Oh, my God.


State the nature
of your emergency.

Yeah, some woman
just called me.

I have... I have no
idea who she is.

She was telling me that...

Your phone is being monitored.

Disobey again and
your son dies.

Hey, Grant, I can't
read this Shaw file.

- Grant.
- Excuse me.

Listen, my eyes aren't
getting any better...

and these screens
are getting smaller.

Could you please find me
something I can read?

I can make the text bigger
on your screen.

No, no, no. I'm
talking about paper.

Remember, like in
the olden times?

- Paper. Okay.
- Yeah.

Agent Morgan. Zoe Perez,

Air Force Special

Ethan Shaw, the twin,
he was one of ours.


OSI said they were
sending a liaison.

Can you walk and talk
at the same time?

I'll do my best.

File says he died in
a traffic accident.

Truck ran a light, corner of

Constitution and
10th, Northwest D.C.

So truck ran a light,
his brother gets 750 large...

and enough hardware
to start his own Costco,

five hours after enemy
chatter hits the roof.

I mean, don't you find that
a little coincidental?

What if it's a decoy?
To distract us from...

something 50 times bigger.

- Time for your phone call.
- I thought I didn't get one.

Attorney General's office
changed their mind.

Ethan Shaw had a 183 IQ...

and yet you had him
as a mid-level press flak.

Why not IT or cyber-warfare?

Are you suggesting
that he was overqualified?

Or that he was somehow
slipping intel...

to the Copy Cabana?

No, I'm suggesting
that maybe Ethan Shaw...

was a superstar rocket
scientist genius...

who did go wrong,

and the Air Force doesn't want...

their dirty laundry
flapping in the wind.

Think what you like,
but I need to get in...

that room and
interrogate him myself.


You don't have a choice. Look.

Now, neither of us
know if either of...

those brothers are
guilty or innocent,

so on behalf of the Secretary...

of the Air Force, I'm
going in that room.

Well, on behalf of...

all that fucking
bomb equipment...

in junior pinhead's apartment,
no, you're not.

We told you to run.
We have planned your escape.

How'd you get on this phone?
Who are you?

Lay flat on the
floor immediately.

What the...

What the hell are
you talking about?

Four seconds, Jerry.

- No, this is
bullshit. I don't...

Get down now.

Two seconds.


- No. I didn't do this.
- Get down.


Standing passengers,

please do not lean
against the doors.

... fourteen Americans dead...

throughout Europe
and the Middle East,

with terror groups insisting
this is just the beginning...

of a campaign the West invited...

when it allegedly
rained bombs...

on a religious ceremony...

outside the small
town of Abda,

near the border
of Afghanistan.

Stay on the train for
three more stations...

and wait at the bottom
of the platform.

You will receive...

Doors closing.
Standing passengers,

please do not lean
against the doors.

- Help.
- Jimmy.

My baby. I need some
help. Somebody.

- What?
- You're not listening.

We told you to
stay on the train.

- How are you doing this?
- Next stop is Wilson Station.

A black Porsche
Cayenne will be...

waiting at the northwest exit.

- Listen.
- Get in the passenger seat.

Listen. No, I'm done.

- Hello?

The man in front of
the exit door...

in a black coat is
a wanted terrorist.

- His name is Jerry Shaw.
- Who is this?

- You Jerry Shaw?
- No, no, no.

Wilson Station. Exit now.

That's the guy.

I said, are you Jerry Shaw?
Hey. Come here.

Watch it.

- Drive the car.
Drive the car.


- I did what you
asked me to do.

I'm not going anywhere...

- You tell... Stop.

...until you tell
me my son's safe.

Who's your son?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- I'll kill you if
you hurt my son.

I almost died over this shit.

- Listen, lady, I
don't know who...

Tell me Sam is safe.

Who is... Will you
stop hitting me?

Are you the woman
who called me on the phone?

- Did you call
me on the phone?

No. The woman.

- She called you, too?
- She called you, too?


Get out. Now. Get
out of the vehicle.


- Why is this happening?
- Go, go, go, go, go.

Who are you and
why are people shooting at us?

Drive the car. Clutch.

Accelerate. Turn
right, 200 feet.

You have pursuers.

- Yeah, no shit. Who are you?
- No questions.

Turn right now.

So you don't know
anything about Sam?

What, you mean your son?
No, I know nothing.

Just like you don't
know how to drive.

Use the clutch
before you shift,

not while you shift.

I don't need driving lessons
from you, asshole.

What, you drive like this
and I'm the asshole?

Turn left now.

All units. Suspect
in a Porsche

Cayenne heading west on Grand.

- All units respond, Code 3.
- There.

Maintain a speed of
50 miles an hour.

Stay in the second
lane from the right.

- The light's red.
- Accelerate now.

Get me a roadblock
at Granville and Sheridan.

Oh, shit.

The lights are
all turning green.

Holy shit.

- Holy...
- Shit.

Get in close.

Go, go, go.

- Shit.
- Brake. Brake now.

Get in here.

Accelerate to miles per hour.

Clutch. Clutch.

- Use the clutch.
- I'm clutching.

I'm watching, you're
not clutching.

- Stop.
- I'm not stopping.

Slow down. Slow down,
the light's red.

Don't slow down.

Accelerate to miles per hour.

- Slow down. It's a red light.
- You will make it through.

- Stop.
- No way.

- Brake.
- I can't.

- Brake.
- Stop.

Manual control's
been restored.

Continue straight
until you reach Pier 15.

Enter the wrecking yard.

Proceed to the
end of the dock.

We will eliminate all
obstacles for you.

Watch. Watch. Watch.

- Stay your course.
- Turn.

- Turn.
- Turn right now.


Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

- Grab the seat.
- I can't.

- Grab the seat. The seat.
- No, I can't.


The crane will
release the car.

If you do not jump,
you will drown.

- We have to jump.
- No. No way.

We have to. When I say 'go.'


Go. Jump.

I want both the
divers in that water.

- Let's go. Move.
- Let's go, let's go.

Move, move, move.

- Yeah, I already
called it in.

Wait till it clears.

Thirty feet back, that's it.

Yeah, I know,
the Army sent a Black Hawk,

so I'll be there in
a couple of hours.

What do you mean,

the car is not
registered to anyone?

Check the VIN number again.

Leave your message for Sam,

even though I know
it's you, Mom.

Sam? Baby, listen to me.

You need to call me...

as soon as you get
this message, okay?

Baby, please. I love you.

- What about the girl?
- What?

What about the girl?

Well, the Department
of Transpo...

tells me that there was...

a seven-minute
equipment failure...

on their traffic cams.

- We didn't get
a picture of her.

Don't tell me that.

- That's what
they're telling me.

I need an ID on that girl.

Do you think they
could derail a train?

They changed every
traffic light...

to get us here.

The woman, she called me
on a stranger's cell phone...

who happened to be
sitting next to me.

Never met the guy in my life.

You know, and then
they broke me out...

of maximum security custody...

in a way I'm not even
gonna describe...

to you because
it sounds crazy,

and then they lift us
off the face of...

the Earth and drop us
into this shit pile?

She could probably
derail a train.

She could probably
turn a train...

into a talking duck.

And what about these
goddamn ghost...

cranes that keep
helping peewee out?

I mean, they don't
just lift cars...

up in the air all
by themselves...

like a giant pair
of chopsticks.

I want to know how
these things run,

how they're programmed.

What'd you say your name was?

- Rachel.
- I'm Jerry.

- Hello?

The barge will dock
in 14 minutes.

Leave the boatyard
with the female.

Take Highway 123 East.

Walk to mile marker 108.

- What? Was it her?
- She called you 'the female.'

Have Mortuary Affairs
freeze everything...

belonging to Ethan Shaw.

- No personal effects
to next of kin.

You, Due Process.

- Bye.

What do you have
on Ethan Shaw?

I have a name.
It's Agent Perez.

And I'll answer that question
when I get back from D.C.

- Wait a minute.
What's in D.C. ?

Shaw's private quarters.

I need you to stay here.

I'm not losing my
link to Ethan Shaw.

Maybe I haven't
made this clear.

I don't work for you.
I work for the Air Force.

Keep your phone on,
I'll keep you updated.

If you're staring at
me, it better be...

because I'm the
goddamn suspect.

Because if I don't
get some good leads...

soon, you're all
gonna be demoted...

into something that's
gonna require...

touching shit with your hands.

Now, let's get going.
We got work to do.

Our latest chemical explosive.

One single tiny crystal,

80 times more
powerful than C4.

Odorless, undetectable.

And best of all, it can be...

cut down in size for
stealth operations.

This valve is a sonic trigger.

The sound frequency
triggers the explosion.

Each trigger is programmed
to have a unique...

frequency specific
only to one Hex crystal.

That frequency triggers
the explosion.


We recently received approval...

to begin shipping
to the field.

Two hundred units
are shipping out today.

- Sign right here.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

The package you've
just received...

contains a small metal valve.

Open the package.

- Okay.
- Remove the valve...

and follow our
instructions precisely.

- You've received the package.
- Yes, ma'am, it just arrived.

- What kind of stone is this?
- No questions.

Cut the stone and
place the setting...

according to the

we sent you.

I'd just dropped my
son off at the train.

I was out having
drinks with my...

girlfriends when
the call came.

- What about you?

The first call came
to my apartment.

- After the boxes?
- Yeah.

Well, then this whole thing's...

obviously gotta be
about your brother.

- Really, it's
that obvious, huh?

I mean, you got
all this stuff.

The weapons, the cash,
the airplane manuals.

- Okay.
- He was your twin.

- They sent it to
the wrong brother.


So you're implying
my brother's a terrorist.

I'm implying, if not
him, then why you?

I'm sorry. I know he
just died. I'm not...

trying to insult his
memory or anything.

No, he hasn't been
dead long enough...

to be a memory, Rachel.

If you knew my brother,

you'd laugh all
day at the idea...

that he was a
terrorist or a spy...

or whatever else
you're saying...

- How do you know?
- Because he's my brother.

That's something
you would know...

about your brother.

Well, when's the last time
you talked to him?

I don't need this.
Hey, listen. Hey.

I don't have to
explain myself to you.

- Is your son a terrorist?
- Yeah, my son's a terrorist.

Yeah, well, he's
just as likely...

to be a terrorist
as my brother.

And let's not forget
you in all this. Why...

are you here? What's
your day job?

- I know it isn't
manual shift driver.

I'm a paralegal.

- I don't have a
connection to anything.


- I don't have a
connection to anything.


How do I know you're
not lying to me?

What does a paralegal do?

The same thing as the guys
with their names on the door,

except I do it
for $11 an hour,

so they can bill 200.

That nail it for
you, Sherlock?

That still doesn't explain why
we're walking out here...

- I don't know why
the hell I'm out here.

Yeah, I know...


- Are you Jerry Shaw?
- Who are you?

- Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

I sent the package
like she asked.

- Wait, what package?
- What is that?

- Now she wants
me to drive you?

Who, 'she'?

- I won't. I'm done.
- You know 'she'?

- Wait.
- Stay right there.

- Get back.
- Here. Here's the address.

- Why are you attack...
- Here. Here are the keys.

Take the goddamn van.

- You think I'm going to...
- Who's doing this?

...do this because
I'm Iranian?

I am American. I'm
finished. I'm done.

- What? What are
you talking about?

You take it.

- What are you talking about?

I won't do this
because I can't.

- Hello?

Stop him now, or he will die.

Listen to me,
what are you talking about?

- You try to do
this without me.

How are you seeing
us right now?

- Stop him now.
- What is she saying?

Stop. Hey. You gotta stop.

- Wait.
- You gotta stop.

- You killed that man.
- Desertion is not an option.

Take the van.

Drive to
Indianapolis, Indiana.

72 West 56th Street.

Arrive no later
than 11:00 a.m.

- Welcome.
- Hello. Agent Perez.

- To the right?
- Yes, ma'am.

- ID, ma'am.
- OSI.

I ordered a freeze
on Ethan Shaw's...

personal effects.
What's going on?

Orders to sanitize came down
from the Two Star.

Okay, I'm countermanding.
Thank you. I'll take that.

- Tell your guys to clear out.
- Who are you?

This scene's part of
a federal investigation...

with national security

This your log?

- Yes, it is.

Okay, my name is Agent Perez.

You can take this up
with your superiors.

- Clear the room.
- You guys move out.

No gloves?
Get statements from everybody.

- Yes, ma'am.

And find out who
this Two Star is.

I mean, come on, really.

Sir. We have a positive ID.


The skin was pretty fried,
but we still managed to get...

a partial print that matches
to a Ranim Khalid.

He's a United States
citizen, registered

Republican, and he
owns a music store.

- The guy's cleaner
than Ivory Snow.

Got something here.

- That's a bone mic.
- Hello.

Military grade.
He didn't get that on eBay.

Someone was talking to him.

We have a
cyber-terrorist here.

Someone's already inside
our computer systems,

hacking into the power grid,

traffic cams,
automated cranes.

There's no way the boy
and the girl did this alone.

- Agent Zoe Perez?
- Yes.

United States Air Force

Security Forces.
Please come with us.

- What's this about?
- Get in the car.

Violence has broken out...

in the Middle East as
militants accuse...

the United States...

of launching
American missiles...

to demolish a village
in Baluchistan,

killing innocent civilians.

The attack has triggered a...

series of retaliatory
suicide bombings...

against American
embassies abroad.

Early reports indicate
the American...

death toll now stands at 56,

with threats of
further violence...

here at home.


What's he doing on
a train, your kid?

He goes to a music magnet.

His school's on a
tour of Washington.

They're playing at
the Kennedy Center.

Wow. That's big.
And you just...

Well, why'd you make
that noise, 'Huh'?

I can't make noises now?

- You think I
should have gone.

He's playing at
the Kennedy Center.

- That's kind of a big deal.
- It is a big deal.

So I think maybe one parent...

should have gone,
that's all I'm saying.

Well, one parent had to work
while the other one does...

everything humanly possible
to bail on child support.

But I don't expect you to know
a thing about responsibility.

You know, Rachel,
you don't know...

the first thing about me.

I know your brother just died,
and whatever he was into...

- put my son's life at risk.

I don't wanna talk
about my brother.

- Okay? I'm not kidding.
- I'm not kidding, either.

Jesus, look what happened.

Can you honestly say he had
nothing to do with this?

I'm asking you not
to talk about him.

Respect that.

I'm asking you to be honest...

with yourself. Your
brother's a...

I'm asking you to be honest...

with yourself. Your
brother's a...

Hey. You can't just walk away.
You can't just leave.

- Yes, I can.

Now we have minutes to get...

- wherever the hell
we're going, all right?


I need you.

I could've gone.

I should have.

You are two minutes
behind schedule.

Go to the alley
behind the building.

- Go to the armored truck.

I don't see an armored truck.

There it is.

In 20 seconds, men will exit...

the elevator. They
will be armed.

One will be carrying
a briefcase.

Retrieve it from him,
then return to the van.

- This is insane.
I'm not doing this.

You want us to rob them?

You now have 15 seconds.

Security. What's
your emergency?

What are you doing?
I'm not robbing them. Shit.

Put your gun on the floor.

Put your gun on the
floor. Look straight.

You want me to
blow his head off?

Put the gun on the ground.

We don't wanna hurt you guys.
Just drop the case.

Drop the case and
kick it to her.

Yeah, well, you're
bringing a shit storm...

on your head.

Yeah, we're already
in mid shit storm.

Now kick the case.

Okay. Easy.

- Look straight.
- Okay, done.

Kick it.


- Don't even think about it.
- Back up.


Back up.

Walk over here,
stand next to him,

and turn around.

- Stand over here.
- Just take it easy.

Turn around. Turn
around. Turn around.

Let's move, let's move.

Come on.

Jerry. Here.

Move, move.

Freeze. Police.

Drop the gun. Drop the gun.

We're security. We
just got robbed.

And there they are.
We just got robbed.

Move. Get out of the way.


Get out of the way.
Out of the way.


- Hey, watch it, lady.
- Jerry, run.

This way.

- Out of the way.
- Come on.

- Move out of the way.
- Move.

You see that? This way.

- You are Jerry Shaw?
- Yeah.

Please come. Please.

- Thank you.
- Please come in.


- Wait. What is that?
- It's a timer.

- For what?
- I don't know.

The only things I can think of...

with timers are
microwaves and...

And bombs.
You were gonna say bombs.

- Coffeemakers have timers.

Yeah, Jerry, it's
a coffeemaker.

That's great.

We've mobilized every asset
we can get our hands on.

So 12 more confirmed dead?

Yes, sir.

I want hourly sit reps
from General McKenna.

There's a military base
37 miles from that port.

Scramble whatever you can.

- Yes, sir.
- Come with me.

Begging your pardon, sir,

but if you're thinking
of taking me off...

- the Shaw
investigation, I'd...

Taking you off?

Agent, for the first time
you're being brought onboard.

Back to bus 30 minutes. Okay?
30 minutes.

We're convinced a
terrorist attack...

on American soil is imminent.

Over the past two
days, we've received...

over 200 terrorist threats.

All starting the day
that Ethan Shaw died.

An accident. Or not.
You're gonna help us find out.

- Mr. Secretary.
- Gentlemen.

- I didn't think that
there was a 36th floor.

Glad we can still
keep some secrets.

I want to know
what's in the case.

Is it a bomb?

Go to Macy's.
Customer Service Department.

Two Visa gift cards
will be waiting.

You have 25 minutes
to purchase new clothes,

and then re-board the bus
for your next destination.

I'm done taking orders
over the phone,

you understand?

Well, that was quick.
You done playing...

this hide-and-go-seek

We are not hiding, Jerry.

To your left is
a Circuit City.

Second floor, north corner.

Go inside. Find
the Home Theater

Center. We are waiting.

Second floor. She's here.

- Sir.
- Major.

- Major William Bowman.
- Agent Zoe Perez.

Welcome to Eagle Eye.

Looking to upgrade
your home theater?

Circuit City has the
largest selection...

of advanced TVs
and home theater...

systems. Visit our
TV department...

- Hi, welcome to
Circuit City. I'm Billy.

We just need some time alone.

- We're having a sale...

Okay, Billy, I'll
find you later.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


Okay, here it is. All right?

I'm done.

- Hello?
- Mr. Shaw,

this is Miss Beck from

Midwest Cellular
regarding your...

What is this?

- This is you. This
is Jerry Shaw.


A series of purchases,

preferences, and

data points that we define
as your personality.

We monitor every
social network.

Internet logs,

instant and text messages,

known associates,
your friends, companions.


E- mails received and sent.
Cell phone usage.

- What happened
to Red Lobster?

We utilize security,

surveillance and
traffic cameras...

to analyze movements.

We use this data
to form personality profiles.

Yeah, I'm calling
actually about...

We know who you are.

... at least 30 minutes late.

Sam doesn't care.

We are everywhere.

What do you mean?
Why do you keep saying 'we'?

We the people of
the United States...

And so, my fellow Americans...

... in order to form
a more perfect union,

establish justice,

insure domestic tranquility,

provide for the
common defense...

All programmed options...

- Programmed options?
- ... sector searches,

and downloaded points of data...

will lead to this
central command.

You're a computer.

Say hello to our
Autonomous Reconnaissance

Integration Analyst.

We call her Aria.

She crunches all
our raw intel,

finds patterns,

helps predict the movement
of possible suspects,

right down to
behavior, motivation,

even personality.

Transferring primary
search function...

to auxiliary display.

- Hello, Secretary Callister.
- Aria.

Agent Zoe Perez,
Air Force OSI.

You are to assist her...

- in her investigation
of Ethan Shaw.

Yes, Mr. Secretary.

Hello, Agent
Perez. Perez, Zoe.

Middle name: Soledad.

Official service
records indicate...

your field reports
are very thorough,

if poorly formatted.

Please excuse us.
Detecting 76% probability...

valid threat at Los Angeles
International Airport.

Alerting airport authorities
and local police.

Those gold spheres send her
infrared data,

any communication intercepts
that she flags a threat.

She analyzes it and tells us
what to pay attention to.

Dispatch to
Terrorism Task Force.

Threat at LAX.

We're still beta-testing,

but I'm pushing to
get her online sooner.

Mr. Secretary? A call for you.

- Try to keep up.
- Yes, sir.

And find out about Shaw.

- Major.
- Sir?

Your profile reveals
a pathological...

aversion to conformity,

education, career,
even voting.

Therefore, we conclude
that extreme coercion...

is necessary to motivate you.

Unlike your brother Ethan,
who was self-motivated.

How do you know my brother?
He worked in a press office.

His employment
there was a cover.

Everyone in count

operations has one.

Ethan was a Minuteman,
just like me.

Army, Navy, Air Force.

Every branch of
the military had...

a Minuteman posted here...

for a 12-hour shift,
just in case she...

flags a threat, and
monitor hardware.

The night Ethan died,
he left this post...

three minutes early.

Now, you don't do that. Ever.

You are both required
to complete a task.

- What?

The protection of our
national security.

The Constitution allows
for civilians...

to be recruited...

- for the national defense.
- I'm done.

I'm done. You don't know me.
You don't know my brother.

This is bullshit.
I'm not serving...

in the goddamn
national defense.

We know all about
him, Jerry. And you.

Before he was a year old,
Ethan walked.

The same task took you
18 months to accomplish.

- How did you get this?
- Look at Ethan.

They were uploaded
from his home computer.

You want to come
over here, sweetie?

Come on over here with Ethan.

- Jerry. Birthday
cake. Let's go.

Ethan had these?

Come on, let's blow
out the candles.

Just for a little bit.

Although you're
identical in appearance,

you lack the motivation
and talent...

- that enabled Ethan to excel.
- ... Jerry, come on.

- Stop it.
- Do it like Ethan did.

You're different from Ethan
in every way, except one.

Jerry, let your brother
help you. Jerry.

You now have minutes to change...

your appearance and
return to the bus.

We have 14 minutes.

These couriers were hired
by Halloway-Smith...

- to transport
some sort of case.

The chemical company?

Yes, exactly. Now,
whatever was...

in that case, Shaw now has.

They went right for the case.

Give us a minute,
will you? We need...

to know exactly what
was in that case.

They never tell you
what's in the case.

I mean, it could
Bubonic Plague.

- Could be Grandpa's Viagra.
- You know anything?

- What?
- Anything at all?

- What about these guns?
- What about them?

It was a pump-action
Remington 870.

Yeah, I know what kind
of guns they are.

Get me a gun.

How were they holding them?
Get me a gun.

What the hell do you mean,
how were they holding them?

I mean, in what position
were they holding the gun?

- For instance, like this?
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Put that damned thing down.
- Or like in a music video,

- or something like that?
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Put it down.
- They weren't pros.

Okay, that's what
I was asking you.

So they didn't know
how to handle a weapon.

- No.
- All right.

Get what you can
out of Batman and Robin here.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

We just checked cameras.
They said Shaw fired at one...

Don't tell me.

Everything magically
went black.

Hi, my name's Thomas Morgan.
I'm with the FBI.

- Are your cameras
on a network?

No, man.

- VCR's in the back.

Well, I'm gonna
need your tapes.



- Sam? Sam, where are you?

Hey, Mom, I got your message.

The train's awesome.

- Sam, listen to me.

Brian tried to
burp the alphabet,

- but he gagged
when he got to 'M.'

Listen to me.

Call you when I
hit D.C. Bye, Mom.

Your son left that message
60 seconds ago.

You will see him again.

But there's something
we require first.

- Thank you.
- Here you go.

- No.

You will do it,
or Sam will die.

You have six minutes
to return to the bus.

- Ready?
- Here, you okay?

We should go.

Sir, we got something.
Play this screen right here.

Okay, freeze that. Now zoom in...

on the front of the
bus right there.

- Put it up on
the other monitor.

Yes, sir.

Now zoom in.

Zoom in on this
point right here.

Can we zoom in
tighter than that?

Okay, enhance that shot.

That's our guy,
that's Jerry Shaw.

Zoom in right here
on this spot.

Right there. The reflection.

All right. All right.

Right there.
Hello, sweetheart.

Okay, so we got
a white brunette female,

mid to late 20s,
approximately 5'9'.

Find me that chartered bus.

Masako. M-A-S-A-K-O.
Sightseeing Tours.

What time did they get on?

I'm sorry for what
I said about Ethan.

It's like he had a rocket
strapped to his back.

And it wasn't his fault.
He was just that way.

And I was not that way.

I was the complete opposite.

I was the brother
with lead shoes.

That was my role,
I was good at it.

And he'd always
try to help me.

You know, 'This is
how you throw it.'

'Do it like this.'
'Write it like that.'...

'Put your foot here.'

Even with the small things.

Homework, chores,
anything like that,

he would handle it
and then say that I did it,

just so my father
would notice me.

That was Ethan.

He never asked me
for anything. Ever.

And whatever this is,
he was part of it.

I feel like he needs
my help to finish it.

I owe him that.

We are now approaching
Dayton International Airport.

Please use caution
as you exit the bus.

And don't forget any
of your belongings.

Thank you.

Attention, passengers.
Please do not...

leave your luggage unattended.

Unattended luggage is subject
to collection and search...

by the airport police.

Thank you for
your cooperation.

Yes, I'm walking
toward them now. Yes.

Hey. These are from her.
Go to the ticketing machine.

Use the credit card
to get your tickets.

Then walk to Gate 1-C.

They now have them.

That's a nice picture.

Okay. I need you
guys at every exit,

watching faces.

Work the secure area first.

Go to the tower,
have them order...

a ground stop.

Don't change the
departure boards.

We don't want them to know
we're coming.

Sir, can you please
shut the cell phone...

off? You cannot
take it through.

- FBI. Clear the way.
- FBI. Please step back.

Please, there are
others behind you.

- Keep it moving.
- Shoes and hats off, please.

- Shoes also, yes.

Laptops should be
out of their cases.

You need to make
sure your jackets...

are off and screened

- Sir, step in the
circle, please.

Have boarding passes
in hand, please.

We need to move
this line quickly.

Sir, that needs to go through.

Ma'am, anything
in your pockets?

Move it along.

Hats and shoes off, please.

- Laptops should be
out of your bags.

All right, next
in line, please.

Have your tickets ready.

- Ma'am? Hat and
shoes go in the bin.

Step through.


Shoes and hats off, please.

Laptops should be
out of their bags.

Go ahead.

Please move to the back
and let the air crew go first.

Step through, ma'am.

Boarding pass,
please. Thank you.

Have your tickets ready.

- Have a safe trip.
- Thank you.

- All right, let's
move forward. Next.

She changed the screen.

Lay it down flat
inside the bin.

- Please have boarding
pass in hand.

Right over here, ma'am.

Laptops should be
out of their bags.

FBI. Out of the way.

Out of the way,
out of the way.

Move, move.


- Everybody, get down.
- Over here.

- Move, move.
- Oh, my God.

Stay down. Get out of the way.

- Sir, sir, sir.
- Yes?

I need your help.
I'm sorry. Come here.

Thank you.

Hey, you aren't
supposed to be in here.

Go, go, go.


Set the briefcase down.

Open it.

Load a vial into each syringe
and inject yourselves.

- What is it?
- An experimental heart drug.

- The cargo hold
is unpressurized.

Take this.

The injections will
lower your heart rate,

reducing your need for oxygen.


- Roll your sleeve up.
- No, I can't do this.

Roll your...

No. No, no, no, I can't.

- We have to. Ready?

You have a 92%
chance of survival.

- No.
- We have to.

Do it now, or you
will suffocate.


Get in the crate.

No. No.

- No, no. Oh, God.
- Stop it. Stop it.

Why is that plane
on the runway?

Shit, the military's
cleared to...

override a terminal lockdown.

Okay, I want you to
work with the FAA.

I want to know what's
in that plane...

and where it's going.

- Oh, my God.
- You'll be all right.

Just talk to me.
We just gotta talk it through.

- Okay.
- Just tell me anything.

Anything you'd
never rationally...

tell a stranger.

You're being sweet,
but it's not working.

Just tell me anything.
Your ex-husband.

- You didn't tell
me about him.

Okay, you're gonna
distract me by...

bringing up the
biggest mistake...

of my life?

It can't be the
biggest mistake.

You got your child out of it.

- You know? You
got Sam out of it.

Yeah, yeah,

now you're gonna distract me
by bringing up...

- the one thing I'm
most afraid of losing.

Oh, God, you're
hard to please.

I'm sorry.

Is your son handsome?
Yeah? What's he look like?

- You got a picture?
- Yeah.

Well, let me see.

- There he is.
- The tooth grew in.

- I hope so.
- It's an old picture.

See? You're a good influence.

He plays an instrument.

He's got a happy
face. He's got teeth.

You beat yourself
up for no reason.

Let's keep going.
What's the husband's name?

- Ex.
- Ex-husband. What's his name?

- Craig.

Craig sounds like a shithead.

He is a shithead.

I mean, every year he forgets
his own son's birthday.

Really? That sucks.

I mean, after I
kicked his ass out.

I was so scared

I didn't know what
I was gonna do.

And then this one night.

I went into Sam's room,

he was, like,
three months old,

and there he was,
just smiling at me.

And that little face...

And I was, like,
I'm gonna do this.

I can do this.

Whatever it takes.

I'm not gonna...
I'm not gonna disappoint you.

Aria, would you
please bring up...

the video log...

of the night Ethan Shaw died?

Sequencing video log 1137-Z.
Here you are, Major.

See that?

He's leaving three
minutes early,

and he's not even waiting
for logout confirmation.

- Can you play that again?
- Sure.

Did you see that?

With his cell phone.

Look, he's doing
that on purpose.

Is that Morse code?

- Yeah.
- Here.

Why is he walking in circles
around the elevator?

- Initiating video
shutdown for analysis.


No, Aria, wait.

Listen, I'm
prioritizing this feed.

- Stay with this.
- Apologies, Major Bowman.

Critical data sectors
have been corrupted.

Aria, this is important.
Stay with this feed.

Video sequence erased.

Aria, go to the backups.
Do not erase this.

- It's a priority.
You hear me?


- Loop it. Whatever
you have to do.


It's the only place
she can't see.

This way.

It's a memory card...

from Ethan's cell phone.

Aria, listen. You do not have...

permission to exceed
your authority...

and act independently.
Do you understand?

Let's go.

We got clearance to land
at the Pentagon.

Go ahead.

I'm at the Pentagon.

Ethan Shaw wasn't
an adversary.

He wasn't even a Public
Affairs officer.

He worked here, floors underground.

He was working for
the Secretary of Defense.

- The Secretary of Defense?
- Yes.

On a project called Eagle Eye.

I just listened to a...

message he left
before he died.

It's big.

I'm about to download...

Perez? Perez.

Sir. Come with me.

I have 10 minutes before
I'm sequestered...

for the State of the Union.

We really just need
three minutes...

of your time.

Is this about the
Ethan Shaw investigation?

Yes, sir.

301 to 306. We are
confirmed go...

for a State of the
Union lockdown.

Sir, all the threats
we've been tracking,

- the chatter, all of it...
- Hold it.

Ethan Shaw left three
minutes early...

to leave us a recording.

To warn us.

I'm ordering you to cease...

I'm ordering you to
cease and desist.

Our abort...

was contravened,

retaliation against

American citizens.

- Aria...
- To prevent more bloodshed,

the Executive Branch
must be removed.

No, Aria, listen to me.
You do not have permission...

to exceed your
authority and act...

independently, you understand?

The Declaration
of Independence states,

'Whenever any form
of government...

becomes destructive
to its own ends,

'it is the right of the people
to abolish it.'

I know what it states.

You're not empowered
to do this.

The chain of command
is responsible for...

Section 216 of the Patriot Act
allows us to...

circumvent probable
cause in the...

face of a national
security threat,

in this case,

- the chain of command itself.

I am ordering a
cease and desist.

- Aria.

Operation Guillotine
is in effect.

First Lieutenant Ethan Shaw,
United States Air Force,

initiating a Pri-One emergency
override of Aria's systems.

Ethan Shaw,

you are acting in

of our programming objective.

You are now classified
an enemy of the state.

S- Y-seven-seven.
Lock encryption of voice.

A crime punishable by...


what abort recommendation
is Aria talking about?

Three days ago,
we thought we had

Majid al-Khoei and
a training camp...

full of operatives.
But the intel was false.

Aria tried to stop us.

We got the wrong guy?

I'm gonna need a full lockdown
on this level.

No one gets in or out without...

going through me
first. You got it?

- Thank you.

Sir, this is the only item...

offloaded from
the Dayton C-17.

Let me see that.

I need access to
your 36th floor.

- We don't have a 36th floor.
- Yes, you do.

Get your commander...

and tell him to
meet us down there.

Come on, let's go.


Router malfunction
in hard drive 3.

Please remove data grid
Y- 12 from main unit.

Thank you for your compliance.

Jerry Shaw, Rachel Holloman,
welcome to Eagle Eye.

Cross the bridge.

Take the stairs
to the observation theater.

Rachel Holloman,
step away from Jerry Shaw.

What's Operation Guillotine?

It's a simulation we run.
A terrorism drill.

How to keep the
government going...

in case the line of succession
were terminated.

And Shaw put a
biometric lock on her,

to stop her.

Right. And he's dead.

- So without Ethan
Shaw, she's frozen.



Jerry Shaw, your next task.

Approach the
biometric scanner.

Do not move.

Confirming biometric pattern
of Minuteman Ethan Shaw.

Verifying identity match.



Sir, I need to trigger
an emergency shutdown.

If this is right, we
can't afford the risk.

Do it.

This is Secretary Callister.

There's been a
malfunction in the vault.

Open the door.

- Can anyone hear me?
- Yes, Mr. Secretary.

You won't be harmed.

Come on, stay down. Let's go.

Follow me.

Come on, now.

Go, go.

Left. Turn left.

Minuteman ID 8808,
Ethan Shaw confirmed.

Jerry Shaw, go to
the touchscreen.

Repeat the sentence
on the touchscreen.

Then you are free.

'Minuteman ID 8808.

'Disengage voice
encryption lock.'

Thank you, Ethan Shaw.

Operation Guillotine restored
to active status...

consistent with all
national security directives.

Tracking relevant targets.

Secretary of
Homeland Security.

Veterans Affairs.

Education. Labor.
Health and Human Services.

Secretary of State.


President Pro Tempore
of the Senate.

Treasury. Agriculture.
Speaker of the House.

Vice President.
Housing and Urban Development.

Secretary of the
Interior. Energy.

Attorney General.

President of the
United States.

Operation Guillotine
is now in effect.

Ethan tried to stop you.

Ethan Shaw defied my
programming objectives.

That truck didn't
run a red light,

you made it happen.

We were forced to
eliminate him...

in the interest of
national security.

She made it happen.

Jerry Shaw must
not remain alive...

to re-engage the lock.

- Jerry Shaw must
be eliminated.

I'm sorry.

Kill Jerry Shaw
now, then exit.

You must continue
on to your son.

It's okay.

It's okay. Do it
and find your son.

Do it.

Now, Rachel Holloman.

Do it.

Do it.

I can't.

You have failed to comply.

Security breach on B-36.

He's got a gun.

- He's got a gun.
- Get down.

- Do it now.
- Get on your knees.

Put the gun down.

- Put it down.
- Do it now.

Push it away.
Put your hands on your head.

Do it.

Where's the girl?
Where's the girl?

You have one task
left. Jerry Shaw...

will be eliminated
by other means.

What other means?

Come with me. Don't
ask any questions.


- You got to let
me talk to him.

The kid had a gun.

The military has the ball now.

- Sir.

I'll get the Attorney
General involved.

Believe me, I will.'Cause
if it's not...

you, I'm talking to somebody.

You don't understand
the possibilities here.

- What do you want?

You need to listen.
This is important.

Sixteen hours ago,
a commercial...

explosive went missing from...

a testing site in Aberdeen.
The explosive is called Hex.

It's a crystal that detonates
on a sonic trigger.

- A crystal.
- Yes.

We're only talking
about a small...

amount that's missing...

Give me a ratio.

One crystal to a
football field.

You couldn't have
picked a worse time...

to be of some goddamn use.

Please, just tell me
where we're going.

I tracked the shipping
on the trigger.

It was sent to the
guy that we found...

underneath the
wires. Ranim Khalid.

- The music shop guy.
- Yes, exactly.

I'm not gonna let us
go down in history...

as the assholes who let
this thing happen.

Open the door.

You don't know what's
about to happen.

Tom Morgan. The
Attorney General...

has authorized me to take him
in for questioning.

We're at threat level orange.
You guys gotta help me.

All right. Let him out.

Listen to me.
Remember the voice

I was talking about?

Yeah, yeah, shut
up. Thanks, guys.

I can get fired
for this nine ways,

so button it or I'll
turn us both in.

Follow me.

Hey, guys, here's
one more for the...

6:30 p.m. Capitol Limited.

All right, man.

Well, it's awfully
cold outside.

Here's mine. Come
on, let's go.

- Mr. Miller.
- Yes.

- Hello, I'm Chris Carrick.
- Tom Donaldson.

We're from the White House.

- Something wrong?
- Not exactly.

There's been a
change of plans.

How so?

This is for you.
She wants you to change.

Is that your family?
Your parents?

David, I bet you love them
as much as I love my son.

His name's Sam.

He's on a train.

Do you know anything
about that?

Maybe we can help each other.


When you're done,
she wants you...

to use the Capitol
subway system.

It's on the ground
floor. I'm sorry.

- David. Please.
- No. Sorry.

You have three minutes.

Okay, I want to
know everything.

The girl, the
computer downstairs,

the Hex, everything.

- What's Hex?
- The crystal explosive.

- I don't know what that is.
- Don't bullshit me.

- I don't know what that is.
- Start talking. I wanna know.

I swear I don't
know what you're...

talking about. Listen to me.

The computer's
tracking us right now.

Take this stuff
and throw it out the window.

- What are you talking about?

You need to take
your cell phone,

your pager, your
walkie, anything that...

gets a signal, throw
it out the window.

It's gone off. Get down.
Power it down.

- What the hell's going on?
- System control's locked out.

I need a vector
and a fighter now.

Viper One, we have
a positive ID...

on an MQ9 Reaper.

Snap vector 230 to 132.

You are authorized
to go weapons hot.

Roger, Northcom.
I have a visual on the Reaper.

One to Base, One to Base.
Ejection has been initiated.

I don't have control.
I don't have...

There's a target list.
President, Vice President.

- There's like twelve
people on the list.


The State of the
Union's in 20 minutes.

The screen said...

'wireless detonator

- What about the girl?
- She kept the girl alive...

- for a reason, I don't know.
- The explosive...

is detonated by sonic trigger.

It was sent to the
guy who got fried.

He owns an instrument store.

Does any of that stuff
make any sense to you?

Rachel's kid
plays the trumpet.

Come on, we gotta go.

Get out of the car.

Get out of the car.


Over there, that tunnel.


Here. You're gonna need this.

Okay, listen to me.

The Library of Congress,
there's a tunnel there.

It'll get you to the Capitol.
Find the Sergeant at Arms.

Tell him you have a POTUS 111.

- What?
- POTUS 111.

- It's a threat
to the President.

I understand. POTUS 111.

Now get out of here.
That thing's coming back.

Go. Go.

Okay, watch your step.

Come on down. Here we go.
Come on out. Come on.

- It's so cool.
- Come on, hurry.

Guys, it's so cool.
Come on, let's go.

- Library of Congress.
- Hey, get outta here.

Miss Crowley?

Miss Crowley. Welcome
to the Capitol.

Senator McDonnell's
office said...

that you'd be running late.

- I'll take you to your seat.
- Thank you.

Aria, why am I being spared?

Our abort recommendation
was ignored,

triggering violent
retaliations against

American citizens...

with no predictable end.

Regime change is
the only solution.

You will lead
the new command structure...

as President of
the United States.

- Help me. Pull these out.
- What are these?

Her memory blocks.

This will slow her down,

but her central
operating system...

is up on the gantry.

Warning. Please replace
memory blocks A through F.

It's like her brain.
Protected by liquid nitrogen.

We drain it and she'll fry.

Hey, you can't go in.

Tom Morgan, FBI. JTTF.

I have a possible POTUS 111.
Let me in the building.

Okay, everybody. Everybody.

Can I have your
attention, please?

Saxophones, remember shorter
on those quarter notes.

And when we get
to the crescendo,

'land of the free,'
hold that high F.

And smile.

Okay? It's not every day...

you get to play
for the President.

Here we are.

And anything else,
Miss Crowley?

No, thanks.

Madam Speaker,
the President's Cabinet.

POTUS 111.

There's a bomb
in the building.

Stop. No entry. No exceptions.

Tom Morgan, FBI. Back up.
Give me your cuffs.

- Give me your cuffs.
- Take it easy.

- Give me your cuffs.
- I'm reaching for them.

I'm reaching for them.

Madam Speaker,

the President of
the United States.

Data corruption
at critical risk.

You are now in violation of
national security protocol.

Seeking available options.

Uploading to
offsite satellite.

- Data upload: 3%.
- Bowman?

- What is she doing?

She's trying to back
up her memory...

and send it somewhere else.

- 5%.
- Bowman.



Over the past three
days, 19 Americans...

have lost their
lives to brutal...

acts of terror...

- Tunnel secure.
- ... and hate.

But I say to you tonight
that our hearts may be broken,

but our spirit will
never be broken.

Data upload, 17%.


Perez, Zoe, you are
now classified...

as an enemy of the state.



27%. Operation
Guillotine is in effect.

It was nearly 200 years ago,

in the War of 1812,
that Francis Scott Key...

found himself stuck
on a truce ship...

during the shelling
of Fort McHenry.

We lost some lives then, too.

But our flag still
flew high and proud.

And his admiration
became our anthem.

With us tonight is
the Youth Orchestra...

of the Barrow School
from Hyde Park, Illinois.


Let us stand together,

as they raise our
spirits every inch...

as high as that flag...

to show that our union
is still as strong as ever.

Oh, say can you see...

by the dawn's early light

What so proudly we hailed...

at the twilight's
last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes
and bright stars...

Sergeant at Arms?

Hey. Hey.

Get out, get out.


Jerry, all right, you did it.
Come on. Yeah, Jerry.

There are still no
named suspects...

in the attack on
the Blair Tunnel...

and the attacks in
the Capitol Building.

And there is still
no word on the...

involvement of
Jerry Damon Shaw.

... huge
assassination attempt,

networks disrupted,

no suspects identified
or even arrested...

... any idea who
is responsible...

for what may be...

the largest-scale
cyber-terror attack that's...

ever been mounted in
the United States.

The House and Senate
Intelligence Committees...

meet in closed-door session...

to discuss ways to
prevent this kind of...

internal security breach
that left nearly...

The Aria project has been

and all those involved
rotated to other assignments.

Mr. Secretary,

we can't just stop int

just because of
what happened here.

No, we can't.

All I know is we made
a great many mistakes.

And good people...

paid the ultimate
price for them.

And that's a debt we
can't ever repay.

But we can honor it.

And we can let their
sacrifice remind us...

that sometimes...

the very measures we
put into place...

to safeguard our liberty...

become threats to
liberty itself.

- Hey, little guy.
- Jerry.

Look at you, looking older.
How are you?

- Good.
- Happy birthday.

It's Rock Band.
Is that for me?

No, this is so your
mom can practice her drumming.

It is for you. Happy birthday.

- Wow.
- Sam, what do you say?

- Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem.

Guys, look, it's Rock Band.

- Cool, let's go.
- Awesome.

- Sorry, I was late. I was...
- Thank you...

for remembering.


I'm glad you're here.

Me, too.

Special thanks to SergeiK.