Ella Enchanted Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! The Ella Enchanted transcript is here, for all you fans of the Anne Hathaway. The Ella Enchanted script was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie. I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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(narrator) Fairy tales tell,

as their labels imply,

stories of magic, of creatures that fly.

With giants and dragons and ogres and elves,

and inanimate objects that speak for themselves.

d Strange magic

d Oh, what a strange magic

d Oh, it's a strange magic

d Got a strange magic

d Got a strange magic

There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes.

There's good guys and bad guys and some guys in between.

A fairy tale also reveals some sort of truth,

the perils of choices we face in our youth.

But our story today is different in theme,

for our hero had no choice, or so it would seem.

- (cat meows) - d Strange magic

It starts with a fairy bestowing a spell.

This one's for a baby named Ella of Frell.

d Got a strange magic

d Got a strange magic

Now, now, Ella. Mother's here.

There, now. Oh, dear Ella.

Oh, it's nothing a little burping won't cure.

- Up. - There, now.

Come on. All the way.

l gotta work on that.


Hello, ladies!


- She gives the worst gifts. - Not if she can't find the baby.



Lucinda here. Fairy par excellence.

Now, where's the baby?

- Out walking. - At her grandmother's.

- At her grandmother's. - Out for a walk.

- She's walking, at her grandmother's. - Either way, as you see, she's not here.

(baby cries)

Oh, look. She's back.

All right.

What shall we give this beautiful little child today?

- What's her name again? - Ella.


Ella of Frell.

Not a very well-behaved little stinker, is she?

Quiet, please. l can't concentrate here.

Ella of Frell, l give you the gift of obedience.

Now, go to sleep.

Now, wake up.

- lsn't it wonderful? - No, it's terrible.

lt's a terrible gift to have to do what you're told. Take it back.

l have a no-return policy.

And if you're going to be ungrateful, l can always turn her into a squirrel instead.

- A squirrel? - No, obedience is a lovely gift.

Besides, you should thank me.

l've just given you the perfect child.

ln spite of the spell, Ella grew up strong of mind.

Her gift made her obedient, but her heart made her kind.

Why don't you go back to where you came from?

- Yeah. - Areida. What a stupid name.

- Nobody wants you here. - l do.

Bite me.

Did you just see what Ella did?

l made your favorite, so dig in and stuff your face.

l'm gonna get forks.

Sweetie, stop.

l always knew something was wrong with me.

Can't you take the spell back? You're a fairy.

l'm only a household fairy, honey.

Besides, according to fairy guidelines,

only the fairy who gave you the gift can take it back, and we've begged her.

Not only that, but she said she'd turn your mother into a squirrel

and take away my eternal youth if we ever asked her again.

lt's not fair.

l know, darling. l know.

So Ella now knew why she'd always obeyed.

But she never stopped fighting to have things her way.

Ella! Come practice your mandolin.

Fine, but l'll take my own sweet time doing it.

Hurry up, now.

As she struggled to find a way out of her gift,

she had no way of knowing something worse was adrift.

Please get well, Mother.

Listen to me.

Only Mandy and l know about the gift.

We've never even told your father.

And you must never tell anyone else.

- l don't want anyone using it against you. - Mother, please.

Remember, no matter what anyone says or tells you to do,

look to yourself, Ella.

What's inside you is stronger than any spell.

Take this, then l'll always be with you.

d A strange magic

d Strange magic

d A strange magic

(Mandy) Ella.

Your father would like to speak to you.

- You're married? - She has money, Ella.

And she's very fond of my title.

lt was either get married or sell the house.

You'll adore Dame Olga, and her two daughters.

She'll make a wonderful mother.

Well, a motherlike figure.

Look, l'm sure you'll all be the best of friends.


ls this the right address?

There must be some mistake.

My dear, welcome.

And these must be your lovely daughters.

My precious Hattie and my special Olive.


- And you must be Ella. - Pleased to meet you.

Yes. The house looks delightful.

But l do seem to remember that at the noblemen's convention

you said that you lived in a castle.

No, l said a man's home is his castle.

Hi. l'm Ella. Welcome to Frell.

What's with the prince pinups?

Hattie's president of the Prince Char fan club.

Char and his uncle are responsible for the segregation of the kingdom.

So? He's dreamy.

ls this hutch meant to be a closet?

lt's pathetic.

My clothes need more room than this.

- We'll have to use yours. - Wha...?

Show it to us.


lt's so... quaint.

Almost like, well, it's just ugly, isn't it?

There's no room in here, either.

We're gonna have to throw out some of your gowns to make room.

- Wait. Get away from there! - You get away.


What's this? l do actually like this.

Please don't touch it. lt was my mother's.

- Can l have it? - No.


lt can be your welcome gift to me.

Come on, hand it over.


Aren't you accommodating.


The second l sell the last of these, l'll be back. l promise.

l know it's not a great job, not even a good job -

OK, even a monkey could do it - but we need the money, Ella.

- l'll miss you, Father. - l'll miss you, too.

(Hattie) Hey, Olive, we should call her Ella the Smella from Frella.


Elves, giants, ogres and humans used to exist in harmony,

but when King Florian was killed, allegedly by an ogre,

Sir Edgar saw it as an opportunity to exile all nonhuman creatures to the forest,

keeping their land for himself.

Passionately put, Ella. Give yourself a pat on the back.


(teacher) Hattie?


What my unworthy opponent fails to realize

is Sir Edgar has done a fantastic job.

He has driven the ogres out,

and he has put giants and elves to work as laborers and entertainers.

Therefore, if it weren't for him,

we wouldn't have today's thriving free-enterprise system.

lt's only free because we've enslaved the poor creatures and they work for nothing.

Edgar is a monster, and l don't hold out much hope for his nephew, either.

Well, that shows what you know, aka nothing.

Prince Char will be the greatest king ever.

- Right, girls? - (all) Yeah.

l wonder if my opponent has based her opinion on the prince's politics

or how cute she thinks his butt is.

Admit you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about.

l'm stupid and l don't know what l'm talking about.

(teacher) Ella?

Anyway, in conclusion...

Hold your tongue, Ella.

(teacher) Ella!

My tongue itches.

(teacher) lf you're not going to take this seriously, l declare Hattie the winner.



Uncle, do l have to go to this mall opening?

As heir to the throne, it's your royal responsibility, Char.

- You are a public figure, after all. - Yes, but you're the one in charge.

Only for a little while longer.

Your coronation is next week.

You need to be out there with the people, Char.

Yes, shaking hands and kissing babies.

Exactly, Heston. So the people can learn to trust us.

What's not to trust?


But while you've been away at school, Char, the kingdom has been under siege.

ln your absence, the ogres have become impossible.

He's right. Even the giants have become more and more treacherous.

But the giants have always been peaceful.

The ogres were peaceful too, until they ripped your father to shreds.

And l promised your father, should anything happen to him,

l would take care of you and the kingdom.

And, well, l've kept my promise, haven't l?


Likewise, you must keep your promise to the people.

Now, let's put on a smile. Remember, image is everything.

(d ''Walking On Sunshine'')


Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

lt's wonderful to be here in your charming town of... Frell.

Prince Charmont and l...

We want Char! We want Char!

We want Char! We want Char! We want Char!

Now it is my great pleasure to welcome my nephew, Prince Charmont.

- Say no to ogrecide! - Stop the giant land grab!

- Say no to ogrecide! - Stop the giant land grab!

- Say no to ogrecide! - Stop the giant land grab!

- Say no to ogrecide! - Ella! You are embarrassing us!

Go home now.

l have to go. l'm sorry.

l love you, Prince Char!


Hey! Prince Char!

- Are you a fast runner? - Not particularly, no. Why?

Get him!

d I'm walking on sunshine

d Whoa-oh

d I'm walking on sunshine

d Whoa-oh

- Ow! - Shush, shush, shush!

d And don't it feel good?

- Prince Charmont. - Please, call me... call me Char.

Sorry about that. Occupational hazard.

- Allow me. - l don't need your chivalry, thanks.

And l've no intention of curtsying, either, so forget it.

You can curtsy or not. That's your choice. There's really nothing l can do about it.

Except have you beheaded, but that seems a bit extreme.

Charming. Why don't you do what your people usually do?

Steal my land and destroy my livelihood. lf you'll excuse me...

Wait a second. Come back here.


What is your name?

Ella of Frell.

Well, Ella of Frell,

you're the first maiden l've met who hasn't swooned at the sight of me.

Then maybe l've done you some good.

Look, l've never stolen anyone's land or livelihood.

l want peace in the kingdom as much as anyone.

So you have a new plan once you take the crown?


Sort of. Of course, l couldn't reveal it to a subject.

That's what l thought. You're all just the same.

You care more about your fan club and your next jousting tournament.

No, actually, l've never been comfortable with the whole adoring fan club thing.

Perhaps that's why l find your obvious disdain for me so refreshing.

Obvious? And l was trying so hard to hide it.

Where's my purse? lt's back there.

Wait right there. l will get it.


Prince Charmont!

Prince Charmont!

Your Highness.

Are you crazy? Why didn't you move?

l would have... were it not for your apparent fascination with knocking me to the ground.

That's the second time today, you realize.

l'll try and be more considerate next time l'm saving you.

Next time? What makes you think we'll see each other again?

Well, won't we?


Ella of Frell, you are not like other girls.

You have no idea.

Ella, come here.

Shouldn't you be at home cleaning the fireplace, huh?

Stop flirting with him.

lt's me he's going to have at his coronation.

Yeah, in the middle of the table with an apple in your mouth.

Go back to the mall with Olive.

- Ella. - Oh.

Don't bother with her. Ugh.

l'm the one you want. l know everything about you.

l've got posters of you, and pictures.

And when we used to live in Lamia,

l used to stand outside your castle and watch you turn your lights on and off.

Tell Ella l'll be in touch.

Right. l'll see to that.

- Where were you? - Oh.

- l met the prince. - You met the prince?

l don't wanna talk about it. Olive and Hattie were there.

Hattie. Why do you always do what Hattie tells you to do?

- l don't. - Yes, you do.

- l don't. - Tell the truth.

Oh, l do.

Olive, have you noticed anything strange about Ella?

No, not really.

Have you noticed it gets darker at night, then lighter when the sun comes up?

- That's because of Ella? - Never mind.

- You've been acting odd, even for you. - What do you mean?

- Oh... Don't let her see me. - That's what l mean.


- Areida, no! - Ella, come here.

l have to go.

- What? - l need you to do me a little favor.

Take that.

Cool! Let me try! Take that.

And that potion bottle.

OK! OK, that's enough.

l think that's for me to say, Ella. We need one more thing.

Take those.

- Please don't make me do this. - Well, since you said please...

No. Take them. Take them!


Stop that girl!

Buy a squirrel sandwich. Get 'em while they're hot.

Here. Keep the change.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Coming through.

Try our new perfume.


Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

Ella, bravo!


Put your hands together.

You're under arrest.

A felon in my own family. l could die from embarrassment.

Promises, promises.

- You are a disgrace. - Maybe she was put up to it.

Mandy's right, Mother. We were there.

lt really wasn't poor Ella's fault at all.

She was forced to do it.

So, Ella, who put you up to it?

- (whispers) Tell her it was Areida. - Ar...

l'm waiting. Tell me who's to blame.


Areida! l might have guessed it.

- You are forbidden ever to see her again. - What?

(Areida) Ella?

How dare she come here now?

Answer the door and tell her that you never want to see her again.

And tell her you could never be friends with an Ayorthian.

- Dame Olga, there must be some mistake. - Please, Dame Olga.

Don't argue. Just do it.

Thank goodness you're all right.

What's wrong?

l never wanna see you again.

Ha-ha. Very funny.

l don't understand. We're best friends.

l could never be friends with an Ayorthian.

Just go.

l've done terrible things before, Mandy,

but this is the worst thing the curse has ever made me do.

l've gotta do it.

l have got to find Lucinda and get her to take back the curse.

You're right.

l have something to show you.

This is gonna help you find her.

l should have told you about this years ago.

- But l was a little embarrassed. - Embarrassed? How?

Well, as you know, l'm not the most talented fairy.

Anyway, this book... is my boyfriend, Benny.


Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet anyone, quite frankly.

You're the first introduction l've had in 20 years.

- l've never seen anything like this. - l know. No one has.

And l don't want them to, cos then they might take him away.

lt was an accident. l was just trying a spell to trim his hair, and it went a little askew.

l would have left her ages ago, except l love her so darn much.

Plus, l have no legs.

l love you, too, my little Pooky Pages.

Not as much as l love you, Cuddlebuns.

- l love you more. - OK.

Lots of love. Moving on.

Well, l want you to take him with you.

You mean l'm getting out of here? Beyond these four walls?

There are so many places in my pages l've been wanting to visit.

Wow. What is all this?

- He knows everything. - Thanks, sweetie, but not everything.

lf l did, l'd be a lot thicker.

Can he show me anything about Lucinda?

- Can l show you anything about Lucinda? - Watch this.

Show me Lucinda.


Cool trick.

Now, which Crockery Barn? They're all over the kingdom.


That's the glitch. He can't tell you where a person is. He can just show you pictures.

Like a crystal ball or a magic mirror.

Everything is so huge. ls that a wedding registry?

Duh! They're in Giantville.

Look, she's going to a wedding in Giantville.

- Benny, we're going to Giantville. - How exciting.

( Olga) Ella, the girls and l need bouquets for our portrait sitting tomorrow.

Go and pick some.

d What you want, baby, I got it

d What you need, cos you know I got it

d All I'm asking is for a little respect when you get home, baby

Oh, my God!

So, as her stepfamily scratched their newly found itches,

Ella was off, glad to be rid of the... witches.

Benny, can you show me a map of the Forest of Pim?

Of course.


According to this map, if we head due east towards Monster Rock,

we can cut half a day off our journey.


- What was that? - Probably something that wants to eat us.


- (man) Somebody help me! - (man laughs)

- Wait a minute. - (man) Sing soprano, little man!


What do you think you're doing to that poor elf?


Who's this who thinks she's so tough?

Look, l think it's only fair to warn you that l'm practiced in the ancient art... of origami.

Paper folding?

l was hoping you wouldn't know what that was.

Don't let him scare you, sweetheart! Kick his butt!

Don't let her do that.

Now rabbit punch.

Combo. Kneel. Front-step kick. Dragon-roundhouse kick.

This chick is nuts!

Let's get outta here.

l think l'm gonna puke.

Let me help you with that.

l am gonna need so much therapy after this.


- Are you OK? - No, l am not OK!

l think l broke something, or dislocated it, or...


No, just a crick. Slannen of Pim.

Ella of Frell. Nice to meet you.

Well, if you're OK, then l have to be going, but good luck.

You're going? You can't walk in this wood on your own. How about a bite to eat?

That's very sweet, but l'm on a tight schedule.

Fine. Message received, Miss ''l Think l'm All That''.

- That's not what l meant at all. - l extend the hand of friendship...

- l am on a tight schedule. Were l not... - Everybody's busy...

- ..l would love to have dinner with you. - Great! l've got a coupon.

(whispers) Slannen.

lf this is where you live, why are we sneaking around?

lf they spot you, you'll be sorry.

You know how all elves are forced to sing and dance?

Yeah. So?


- Places, everyone. - One, two, three, four!

Run for it!

d Let us entertain you, let us make you smile

d Let us give you a few tricks, some old and then some new tricks

d We're very versatile

d And if you're real good we'll make you feel good

d We want your spirits high

(Ella) Where are we going?

(Slannen) l said get lost!

d We'll have a real good time

Leave us alone!

Peace and quiet at last.

d Jeremiah was a bullfrog

d He was a good friend of mine

Hit the road.

d Hit the road, Jack, and don't you...

Get outta here!

(waitress) l need this.

What is this, anyway? Ella's secret diary.

Yes. Why don't you like music?

That's right. Because elves are supposed to be so happy and joyful all the time.

Singing and dancing for the man.

l don't wanna be an entertainer.

l wanna be a...

- What? - Nothing.

- What were you gonna say? - lt's silly.

Please tell me.

l wanna be a lawyer.

- l guess in small-claims court. - What is that?


- Why can't you be a lawyer? - Hello?


l forgot. The elfin restrictions Sir Edgar passed.

No elf shall be engaged in any occupation other than singing, juggling

andlor tomfoolery.

They're never gonna let me go to law school.

l'm never gonna get my day in court,

never gonna stand in front of the judge and say

''You're out of order! Permission to approach the bench?''

- ''l object!'' - No, l object.

- l heard it there. lt's coming from the book. - No, it's not.

- Yes, it is. - No, it's not.

Great. l knew it. A talking book.

Good. Because for a minute there, l thought l was going crazy.

d Crazy

d l'm crazy for feeling so lonely

- What are you doing with Ella's things? - Just a little tidying up.

- What's that? - What? Nothing. lt's personal.

A letter for Ella?

The prince's coronation ball. He's invited that insolent little snip?

Girls, go and dust off your ball gowns and pack your bags.

l think l may have found you another chance at your future husband.


So you can really show me anything anywhere in the kingdom?

You're kind of like a walking, talking encyclopedia, except for the walking part.

- Come on. - What?

What's going on?

Edgar's soldiers rounding up elfin singers to perform at the coronation.

Get in. And you.

Slannen, you've gotta go to Lamia and petition the prince.

- For what? - To go to law school. You gotta stop this.

d The sun will shine

(Slannen) You want me to go to Lamia on my own?

We're going to Giantville. lt's on the way. Come with us.

The prince will never grant an audience with an elf. They think we're a joke.

l have met Prince Charmont, and l think he might be different than his uncle.

- Why? Cos he's a hunk? - No.

- What is he, about six foot? - About.

Yeah, l hate the guy already. l'm not wasting my time.

Lacking courage as well as height.

Count me in. Elves aren't that short, you know.

That's just a myth created by that stupid Elves and the Shoemaker story.

- Do l look small enough to fit in a shoe? - No.

Stinking Grimm Brothers. Are you sure he knows where he's going?

Hey, l'm right here. Just cos l'm a book doesn't mean l don't have ears.

Boys, if you can't play nice, you can't play together.


Oh, no. The rustling always comes before the screaming and the running.

l knew this was gonna happen.

They'll just find pieces of us scattered across the forest floor.

Oh, a bunny. You know, the last known case of a bunny attack was, well, never.

lt never hurts to be on your guard.

(twig snaps)

Nobody panic, nobody panic. l've got this in hand.


You! Thumper!

Out of the forest or no more carrots for you.

l don't like carrots.

How do you feel about rabbits, cos one just went thataway.

l am the ogre, Nish.

How do you like to be eaten? Baked, boiled, shish-kebabbed?

How about free range?

Stop! No!

Ella of Frell. Hi, how are you doing?

l think there's been a big mistake here. See, l'm pro-ogre.


Absolutely. l led a rally on your behalf the other day. Maybe you heard about it.

lt'll only hurt for a moment, l promise. l'm a fast eater.

Slannen, Slannen! Please, l want to help.

Help? From a human?

Humans took everything from us.

l was an ogre of leisure, with a simple life.

- Next thing you know... - Now, not this again.

Nish, hurry up. l'm starving.

Right, you, into the pot.

Forget that.

- Who are you? - l am the ogre, Nish.

We just did this. Didn't we just do this?

All right, that's enough fun and games.

Now, keep your mouth shut and don't move.

ls it boiling yet?

lt's not gonna boil if you stand there looking at it.

You couldn't show a picture of a big ogre heading our way?

- That would have been helpful. - Oh! Oh!

l think l see bubbles.

(horse neighs)

Let her go!

Untie yourself.

Truce! Truce!

Can't we just get along?

Are you one of the monsters who killed my father?

King Florian was a good man. We lived in peace during his reign.

Why would we kill him?

l'll spare your lives where you didn't spare his.

You take your friends and find breakfast elsewhere.

We'll pick up something else on the way.

Anyway, you eat maiden, an hour later you're hungry again.

What are you doing here, with an elf for protection?

Do you get a kick out of near-death experiences?

No. l was fine. l had things well in hand.

l could see that, as you were dangling over the boiling cauldron,

no doubt lulling the ogres into a false sense of security.

Who's to say it wouldn't have worked if you hadn't come barging in?

l see the score currently stands at chivalry two, gratitude zero.


You're right. l'm sorry.

- Thank you. - You're welcome.

- You're bleeding. - Hm?

Oh, it's just a scratch.

You'd better let me help you with that.

- So, will l live? - l think the odds are in your favor.

So... where were you headed?

The giants' village for a wedding. l'm meeting my godmother.

That's on our way back to Lamia. We'll accompany you.

That's not necessary.

lt makes it so much easier rescuing you if l don't have to commute.

l'm so glad l was here for this interesting development.

(Heston groans)

- Look, l really appreciate the offer, but... - Are you crazy? Tell him to come with us.

Come with us.

So, traveling with an elf? Your boyfriend couldn't make it?

- No. - Oh.

- Because l don't have one. - Oh.

Your girlfriend doesn't mind being left alone?

- l don't have a girlfriend. - Oh?

- l have many. - Oh.

l'm kidding. Shouldn't believe everything you read in Medieval Teen.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Prince Charmont, permission to speak?

- Sure. - You know the word coincidence?

lt just so happens l was on my way to meet a certain royal someone

in order to discuss some career options currently unavailable to...

Slannen wants to petition the kingdom for the right to become a lawyer.

- A lawyer? - Why not?

There were no laws against it when your father was king.

That's not really my area of expertise.

My advice to you would be to talk to my uncle.

l'm sure if you make a good argument, he'll come round.

Well, thank you for your... advice.

- What? - You're about to become king.

You'll have the power to make a difference in the world and you don't even care.

lt's not like l asked to become king. l've had no say in the matter.

Well, thanks to your uncle, there are a lot of people who have no say in the matter.

Nobody should be forced to do things they don't wanna do.

Take it from somebody who knows.

Ella! Ella!

You're not finished yet. You work until sundown.

( Char) The giants have always been gentle. Why are they treated like slaves?

l'm sure my uncle doesn't know about this.

He couldn't.

(lively music)

(Ella) Maybe you can get to the bottom of this at the wedding.

( Char) Maybe you can find your godmother.

(Ella) Whoa.

They're not so bad. l thought they'd be all so big and scary.

Didn't hurt.

l hope this is a good idea. They must hate the royal family.

They'll respect your courage at showing up here.

Besides, they don't hold grudges. They're bigger than that.

Prince Charmont. What are you doing here?

No grudges, eh?

Well, l thought that maybe this would be a good time to possibly have a heart-to-heart.

But now l'm thinking l should come back when there's been a little less drinking.

He's here as a friend to hear your complaints.

Then welcome.

l'm looking for someone. My godmother, Lucinda.

She was over there earlier.

Thank you. l'll be right back.

Excuse me. ls Lucinda Perriweather here?

Too late, sweetheart. She left about an hour ago.

Do you know where l can find her?

Last l heard, she was somewhere living in Lamia.

Do you know where the bathroom is?

Benny, show me Lucinda.

Looks like she's getting an FWl.

- FWl? - Flying while intoxicated.

- She could be anywhere. - Ow!




l'd no idea things were so bad.

l promise, first thing after my coronation, l'll help you buy your farms back.

l'll hold you to that.

- l'm sorry to interrupt. - No problem. We were done.

That's a fine young man you have here.

He's not fine. l mean, mine. He is fine...

Never mind.

So have you seen Slannen? We have to leave.

My godmother's on some kind of bender.

You can't leave now. lt's the middle of the night.

You have to stay for the party.

OK, l'll stay.

l appreciate your enthusiasm, but you don't have to stay.

l don't wanna make you do anything you don't wanna do.

Thank you, Char. For everything.

So l'll see you around?

But l wish you would stay.

l guess one more night wouldn't hurt.

Mmm. Yuck.

So you're looking for your godmother Lucinda?

She was supposed to be here, and now l have no idea where she is,

and l need to find her as soon as possible bec...

Because l miss her.


- Did you think of trying the hall of records? - No.

We have every year's census in the castle.

lt's not open to everyone, but l could probably pull a few strings.

Char, l can't tell you what that would mean to me.

Well, then, it's settled. You come with me to Lamia tomorrow.


- l gotta hide. They're after me. - Who?

The giants. They want me to sing. l don't sing!

There he is. There's our little entertainer.

Mr Koopooduk, l know you may find this hard to believe, but Slannen doesn't sing.

- Well, how about you, then? - Me? Oh, no. l couldn't.

- Now, come on. - Please don't.


d Can anybody

(clears throat)

d Find me

d Somebody to...

(deep voices) d Love?

d Each morning l get up, l die a little

d Can't barely stand on my feet

- d Take a look at yourself in the mirror - d Take a look in the mirror and cry

d Lord, what you're doing to me?

d l've spent all my years in believing you

d But l just can't get no relief, Lord

- d Somebody - d Somebody

- d Somebody - d Somebody

d Can anybody find me

d Somebody to love?


d Got no feel, l got no rhythm

d l just keep losing my beat

d l'm OK, l'm all right

- d She's all right, she's all right - d Ain't gonna face no defeat

d l just gotta get out of this prison cell

d One day l'm gonna be free, Lord

- d Somebody - d Somebody

- d Somebody - d Somebody

d Can anybody find me

d Somebody to love?

Give it a little more soul!

- d She works hard - d Every day

d l try and l try and l try

d But everybody wants to put me down

d They say l'm going crazy

d They say l got a lot of water in my brain

d Got no common sense

d l got nobody left to believe

d Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


d Find her somebody to love

d Find her somebody to love

d Find her somebody to love

d Find her somebody to love

d Find her somebody to love

d Find her somebody to love

d Can anybody find me

d Somebody to love?

d Find me somebody to love

d Find me somebody to love

d Find me somebody to love

d Find me somebody to love

(applause and cheering)

l love singers.


Because, you know, being an elf, l love to sing.

You know, l hope you don't mind me saying this,

but you're much prettier than l would have expected.

Oh, l know. Giants are supposed to be big, ugly and mean.

lt's because of stories like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Stinking Grimm Brothers.

l've seen weirder couples.

None that immediately come to mind, but still.

My stepsister Hattie would die if she knew l was here.

She's the president of your fan club, you know.

Oh, Hattie, yes. Thank you.

Now l know what name to put on the restraining order.

No, you're lucky. l wish l had brothers and sisters.

My mother passed away before she had any more children and...

My mother passed away, too.


You know, she used to sing me to sleep every night.

My father used to sing to me, loudly and very off-key, but...

l still miss him.

l have Edgar, l guess.

He's not such a bad guy. He risked his life to save my father.

And he brought me up as his own son.

l know you don't like his politics much,

but l'm sure when l tell him about the giants, he will correct the situation.

Yeah, or you could.

lt took a lot of guts for you to come here. Look at the way you smoothed things over.

You're a natural at this.

Wow, is that almost a compliment?

Almost. Now, don't go getting a big head. Your crown won't fit.

You know what else? Tomorrow l'm gonna go to my uncle

and l'm gonna ask him to repeal the elfin restrictions.

Slannen will have his day in court, if l have anything to say about it.

l think you're gonna be a great king someday.

Your father would have been proud.


l think he would have really liked you.

Kiss me.

That wasn't an order, you know.

l know.

l want to look 25 at tonight's ball. What do you suggest?

A time machine?

May l recommend our newest procedure?

Bat faeces and oxen blood.


Works wonders, although l do caution you,

some people have a temporarily bad reaction.

- Olga. - Peter, what are you doing here?

l'm in town on business and heard you were here. l came to see Ella.

- ls Ella here? - Of course. Where else would she be?

She's... she's... with Hattie and Olive, taking a tour of the castle.

Next we move into the castle lobby.

l can't believe it.

Prince Char walked on this actual floor!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!

Stop tonguing the foyer.

(all groan)

- Show us where Char showers. - (excited giggling)

l bet he showers naked!

- Hold it, pipsqueak. - l'm with the prince. And l'm not that short.

- Are you singing at the coronation? - Heck, no.

No elves in the palace unless they're performing.

Discrimination. lntentional infliction of...


..bodily harm.

These portraits were recently commissioned

in honor of tomorrow's coronation.

(women gasp)

(women scream)

Right, follow me.

What are they doing here?

l don't mean to rush, but now l really need to find my godmother, and Slannen, too.

- Where is he? - My uncle'll send the guards to find him.

Everything's gonna be fine. Don't forget, you are with the future king.

- Char. - Hello, Uncle.

l've been looking all over for you.

And who might this charming young lady be?

This is Ella. Ella of Frell.

Ella, this is my Uncle Edgar.

And this is his... Heston.


So, l trust your journey was pleasant?

We had a little run-in with some ogres, but Char got the best of them.

You could have been killed.

Ah, well. One just has to grin and bear it, l always say. Grin and bear it.

So, Char, might l trouble you for a moment?

The crown maker needs to see you in your chambers for a fitting.

Sure. l just have to take Ella to the... to the hall of records.

Yes, well, hop to it, then, both of you.

You were right about that girl. Very odd.

And l'm afraid she's been filling our prince's head

with dangerous new thoughts.

Here's the latest census. Names are listed first by location then species.

- Good luck. - Thank you.

Sorry l couldn't be of more help, but l don't have a census.

l mean, look at the size of that thing. l do have a restaurant guide.

Lucinda, l hope you're in here.

Ella has lots of interesting opinions about the kingdom, Uncle. You should hear them.

l can't wait.

The giants' working conditions, for instance. They're unbelievable.

Luckily, l've talked to them and they're definitely open for negotiation.

The only negotiations between me and the giants will be over our vegetable deliveries.

(Heston laughs)

Good one, sire.

This isn't a joke, Uncle Edgar.

We'll talk about it after your coronation, yes?

Fine, but we will talk.

Of course.

l... l'm going to ask her to marry me.

Who? This... this Ella of Frell?

Yes. Tonight, at the ball.

At the same time and in the same place as my father proposed to my mother.

- (Hattie) Get off! Do you know who l am? - (guard) Come with me.

- What now? - (Hattie) Get off! Get off me!

- So, Ella of Frell is your sister. - (Hattie drinks noisily through straw)

- Stepsister, actually. - Really?

Tell me, what do you know about her?

What's in it for me?

How about that your eyeballs remain inside your head?

Now, now, Heston.

We like these girls. They're our friends.

l can't find anything in any of these books.

Benny, show me Lucinda.

(Benny) No, still sacked out.

l don't know where else to...

Dun Flyin Retirement Community for Faeries?

Why don't we just cut to the chase, hm?

l might even be willing to throw Prince Char into the deal.

Let's see, now. After the coronation he'll need to take a queen,

and shall we say... his hand in marriage?

Queen Olive.

For the eldest daughter, of course.

Ella does everything she's told.

l don't know why, but she does. She can't help it.

Lucinda Perriweather,

Dun Flyin Retirement Community for Faeries, Lamia Heights.

Benny! Benny, we got her.

Hello, Ella.

l hope you've found everything to your satisfaction?

- Yes, thank you. - Good, good.

Oh, dear. How clumsy of me. Pick it up.

Very good.

Now touch your toes.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes. And while you're about it,

why don't you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time?

Now jump up and down.

- Please stop. - Wait.

Perhaps you know this one.

d Put your left foot in, your left foot out

d Put your left foot in and shake it all about

d Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

d Shake your booty, shake your booty

This is fabulous!

Hate to be a party pooper, but, Edgar, evil plans, remember?

Yes, you're right. OK, stop.

As you know, tonight is the coronation ball.

At some point,

amidst your frolicking and romancing,

Prince Char will sweep you away to the hall of mirrors.

Then, just before midnight,

he will take you by the hand and ask you a question.

How do you know all this?

We know everything, my dear.

And the one thing we know with most certainty

is that at the stroke of midnight you will take this dagger

and plunge it through his heart and kill him.

No! No, l won't!

Oh, yes, you will.

You will, because l order you to.

(Edgar chuckles)

Actually, it's lucky you're here, so l won't have to do it myself.

You'd kill your own nephew?

Why not? l killed my own brother.

What? Why?

- l want to be king. - Duh!

Now go.


There's one more thing.

You will tell no one of this plan.

- Can l help you? - l'm looking for Lucinda Perriweather.

- lt's kind of urgent. - Sorry. She was kicked out last week.

- Do you know where l could find her? - Nope.

You don't understand. lf l don't find her, something terrible's going to happen.

Finding her would be something terrible.

(Ella) Dear Char.

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and I hope you'll understand.

We can't be together.

I can't tell you why.

Please believe that this is the only solution.

I wish you the best.

I really do believe you're going to be a great king.

Goodbye for ever. Ella.

(narrator) Now, if she stayed clear of the prince until midnight had passed,

then Char would be safe.

But how long could that last?

Slannen, where have you been?

What are you doing? Never mind.

This may sound strange, but there's something l need you to do.

You are one freaky chick.

l need you to go back into the forest and rally all the elves and giants you can find.

- You want me to go back in there? - You'll need all the help you can get.

Someone has to get into the castle, find Benny and keep Char away from Edgar.

- Why? What's going on? - l already told you, l can't tell you.

But if you don't,

you might very well be stuck singing ''Kumbaya'' the rest of your life.

Fine! lnto the forest of certain death walks Slannen.

- Thank you. - Yeah, whatever.

(d waltz)

Where's your little friend?

Yes. She should be here by now.

l don't want to talk about her.

(bell rings)

Agh! Oh!

- Oh! Oh! - (tree creaks)

Slannen, please hurry.

Would you stop that?

When you steal from here, you are stealing from me now.

- What do you mean? - This is my future home, isn't it?

- (clears throat) - Oh.

Hi. l was just polishing...


Would you... would you care to dance?

Are you kidding? That's all she ever talks about.

You wanted to look younger.

lf you spent less time on your face and more on your maternal duties,

we'd know where Ella was right now.

(tree creaks)




What the...? This isn't the salad bar at Brelly's.

Lucinda. Lucinda! Lucinda!

Oh, my goodness. Do l know you, child?

Ella of Frell. You gave me a gift.

Oh, yes. l remember you.

- The obedient one. - l am so happy to see you.

l have been looking everywhere for you.

- l need you to take the gift back. - Take it back? l don't think so.

lt's not that l'm not grateful for the gift. l am, really.

But because of the gift,

l'm about to do something horrible to this guy l really like and might even love.

Girl, you out of your mind. Everybody loves my gifts.

Lucinda! Lucinda, l am begging you.

l will do anything you ask. Please take it back.

You don't like my gift? Fine.

Get rid of it yourself. Don't blame me for your problems.

- Did l chain your butt up to this tree, huh? - Well...

- Huh? - But you...


And, in fact, just to prove what a gem l am... l'll unchain you.

What? No! No!

Aren't l fabulous?

Now, look at you. A pretty girl like you should be at the ball.

- What? - Go get down with the prince.

- No, l can't go! - Well, not dressed like that.

Now, that's what l'm talking about.

OK, that hurt.

Give, give, give.

You're welcome.

Tell me about your sister.

Olive? ldiot.

- No, Ella. - Oh.

l don't wanna talk about her. She's so dreary.

- l just wanna talk about us. - Us?

lt sounds even more wonderful when you say it.

(Ella screams)

(Hattie) Ow!

Something tells me she just couldn't stay away.

- We need to talk. - Char, please...

Please tell me you never wanna see me again.

l will if you tell me that you don't love me.

- lt's not that. - Then why did you write me that letter?

Tell me how you really feel about me.

l love you. But l am wrong for you, Char. l am wrong for the kingdom.

ls that what this is about? Ella, that's crazy.

Come with me.

The hall of mirrors?

When l was little, my father brought me in here.

He told me to look in the mirror and see myself as a great leader.

Somehow, l never could.

And then you come along.

Ella, what's wrong?

l wish l could tell you. l wish l could tell you everything.

These last few days have been so perfect.

Well, except for the bit where we almost got eaten by ogres.

And you wrote me a letter that ripped my heart out.

And l had to dance with Hattie.

But none of these things matter.

We're together now.

And when we're together, it's like magic.

- l never want it to end. - l know, l know.

- And l feel the same, but... - That's why l brought you here.

- Char, please listen to me. - Ella, l know. You're scared.

l'm scared, too.

This is... this is a big step.


Ella of Frell, will you marry me?

(clock chimes)

No, no, no, no, no!

- No? - No.

l don't understand. What is it?

My politics? Your family?

Because those things aren't important. What's important is what's in our hearts.

lf our love is strong, we can conquer anything.

l do love you, Char.

- (Hattie) Ella, come here. - ( Olga) Don't argue. Just do it.

- ( Olive) Take that. - Keep your mouth shut.

- (Hattie) Take those. - (ogre) Don't move.

(Edgar) On the stroke of midnight you will take this dagger

and plunge it through his heart and kill him.

What's inside you is stronger than any spell.

You will no longer be obedient.

You will no longer be obedient!

(clock strikes midnight)

l'm free. l can't believe it. l'm free.

You tried to kill me.


- No, Char... - Take her away.

No, Char, please. Please, Char, wait. No, Char!

Char, please, wait. l can explain! Please listen to me! Char!

No, please. No! No!

There's been a huge mistake.


Just listen. Please!

(Edgar) You realize, of course, she'll have to be put to death immediately.

l just don't understand. Maybe l should go and talk to her.

No. No, l forbid you to go down there.

Your Highness, your uncle didn't want to frighten you,

but the secret police informed us of a possible uprising.

Those ogres in the forest, they were after you.

The girl was obviously part of the scheme.

The ogres never planned to hurt her.

She was just toying with your emotions, Char,

so she could get close to you and commit the murder herself.

l... l just don't believe it.

Yes. Yes, it does seem quite fantastic.

You let me worry about all this, hm?

You just concentrate on tomorrow's coronation.

Sire, you know l've been working with the Red Guard.

Why not call them in now and take over the whole kingdom like we planned?

First we must find a way to get rid of the prince.

And l think l have a pretty good idea how to do it.

(cock crows)

All right. We just have to find a way to get past those guards.

(Benny) Help! Please, somebody get me out of here!

Benny? What's he doing here?


- Slannen, you've saved my life. - Are you OK?

- l could kiss you. - l think a nice thank-you note is enough.

l think Ella's in trouble.

Something to do with Edgar. We have to find her.

Show me Ella.

Edgar's done this?

We've gotta go in there and stop him. lt'll take courage, bravery...

(Elves scream)

l was gonna ask you how you'd like to be eaten,

but if it's Edgar you're after... count us in.

Welcome aboard.

Executioner coming through.


- Help. - l wouldn't do that if l were you.

Open up. l'm Miss Frell's legal representation.

- Her what? - Her lawyer, numbskull.

lf the gauntlet doesn't fit, you must acquit.

Now, open this door before l sue you for everything you own.

Now, move it! Come on! Come on!

Thank you. Slannen of Pim is not an elf easily drawn into a legal battle,

but when faced with a challenge to equality, freedom and civil liberties,

this elf will draw the sword of justice.

And, furthermore... Excuse me, what is going on here?

- Well, can we at least take him to go? - Put the nice man down.

- (Ella) Slannen? - Ella?


- Slannen! - Oh, Ella!

- Benny! - Are you OK?

l'm fine, but Char might not be. Show me Edgar.

- (Slannen) That's Char's crown. - (Ella) He's poisoned it.

We gotta go. Come on. Come on, guys. We got a coronation to crash.


People of Lamia.

Today is a very special day for our kingdom.

For today you are here to witness the crowning of a king.

Bring in the crown.

Drop that crown!

- ( Char) Ella? - Seize them!

lt's payback time.



Kill them, and anyone who gets in your way.

Oh, my God!

No! No, no, no, no!

l can't believe l'm saving you, after you tried to kill me.

l didn't try to kill you.

You get away from her!

- Take this! - (Benny) Hey!

That dagger you were about to plunge into my back was an early wedding present?

Hello! Help!

Mandy! Help!

Fairies in kingdoms across the land,

please help me turn Benny back into a man.

A pumpkin?

OK, maybe l did try to kill you, but that wasn't me.

- What? - Maybe it was me, but it wasn't my fault.

Then Edgar found out about the curse and he ordered me to kill you.

So l had to break up with you,

even though l'm pretty sure that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

That crown he's about to put on your head, it's poisoned.



- Edgar's trying to kill me? - Yes. Hold on.

How vulgar!

Excuse me. Thank you.

Char, there's one more thing.

He killed your father.

What? That can't be true.

Well, of course it's not true.

Who are you gonna believe? This lying little twit, or the man who raised you?


- He tried to kill Char! - Get him!


Well, l guess that answers that question.

You vile little girl.

l should have disposed of you when l had the chance.

You almost destroyed this kingdom.

You killed my father, your own brother. How could you?

How could l?

l wanted something, he was in my way, l got rid of him.


He wasn't fit to wear this crown, and you're not fit to wear this crown.

This crown is mine.

This kingdom is...


(all gasp)

We won't be needing that.

You saved my life.

Then we're even.

Ella! Ella, stop kissing him!

You are never to kiss him again.

You wanna bet?

Marry me?

- Now, that l'll do. - (all) Ah!

l now pronounce you husband and wife.

To a nation of equals.

To my good friends.

And to my true love, Ella.

So, such is the story of Ella of Frell,

a spunky young woman once under a spell.

lf there's one thing to learn, it's you just can't go wrong

if you follow your heart and end with a song.

d Don't go breaking my heart

d l couldn't if l tried

d Honey, if l get restless

d Baby, you're not that kind

(Slannen) d Don't go breaking my heart

d You take the weight off of me

d Honey, when you knocked on my door

d l gave you my key

d Ooh-ooh

d Nobody knows it

- d When l was down - d l was your clown

d Ooh-ooh

- d Nobody knows it - d Nobody knows it

- d Right from the start - d l gave you my heart

d Oh-oh

d l gave you my heart

d Don't go breaking my heart

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d Don't go breaking my heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d Don't go breaking my heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

Good luck, Ella!

d l won't go breaking your heart

d Don't go breaking my... Don't go breaking my...

d l won't go breaking your heart

(narrator) Now it's back to the real world, all of you I must send,

for I've only two words left, and they are: the end.

d I thought that I was too old to believe in fairy tales

d But there's a letter for me waiting when I check my mail

d I start to shakin' like a seven on the Richter scale

d When you say you love me

d I look in the mirror

d And I'm not who I used to be at all

d It's coming clearer

d I'm Cinderella at the ball, I'm Alice growing ten feet tall

d It's not just makebelieve

d Here comes the prince's kiss, I'm positive the slipper fits

d It's not just makebelieve

d It started out like just another ordinary day

d Then suddenly my life is different in every way

d The sun is brighter and my happiness is here to stay

d It's like I'm dreaming

d Thank you for showing me

d That true love doesn't hurt when you fall

d You got me glowing

d I'm Cinderella at the ball, I'm Alice growing ten feet tall

d It's not just makebelieve

d It's really happening, I feel so good, I gotta sing

d It's not just makebelieve

d I'm Ariel above the sea, I'm Beauty dancing with the Beast

d It's not just makebelieve

d Here comes the prince's kiss, I'm positive the slipper fits

d It's not just makebelieve

d It's not just makebelieve

d True to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d That's when the heavens will part and, baby, shower you with my love

d Baby, I knew at once that you were meant for me

d Deep in my soul I know that I'm your destiny

d Though you're unsure, why fight the tide?

d Don't think so much, let your heart decide

d Baby, I see your future and it's tied to mine

d I look in your eyes and see you searching for a sign

d But you'll never fall till you let go

d Don't be so scared of what you don't know

d True to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d That's when the heavens will part and, baby, shower you with my love

d Open your eyes, your heart can tell you no lies

d And when you're true to your heart

d I know it's gonna lead you straight to me

d True to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d Got to be true to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d You gotta be true to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d That's when the heavens will part and, baby, shower you with my love

d Open your eyes, your heart can tell you no lies

d And when you're true to your heart

d I know it's gonna lead you straight to me

d True to your heart, you must be true to your heart

d That's when the heavens will part and, baby, shower you with my love

d Open your eyes, your heart can tell you no lies

d Once upon a time

d I always did as I was told

d And every day and night

d I tried to make it on my own

d But I had a secret

d I needed someone there to tell

d You said: Look inside yourself

d You can break the spell

d Believe the voice inside of you

d Live out your dreams and make them true

d Through your eyes you helped me see

d With your love you set me free

d Wishes can come true

- d If you believe - d If you believe in love

d Live out your dreams and make them true

d If you believe in love

d Through your eyes you helped me see

d With your love you set me free

d Wishes can come true

d If you believe

d If you believe

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