Eros Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Eros script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wong Kar Wai, Steven Soderbergh, and Michelangelo Antonioni movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Eros. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Eros Script






Why do we talk in such a way?



This is what you said




Everything is my fault



Why do you blame me when the

relationship faced with problems?



What are you saying? Wish? Yes



I don't want to wish



And you always hope

your wish comes true



Why can't you accept the fact

that we've broken up?



This way, everything is understood,

we'll know what to do



If I've not mistaken,

you always want to make things clear



Isn't that correct?



Answer me!



Can we go now?



Thank you, Nuccio






Why haven't we been here before?



Not enough curiosity






Do you still remember

the beautiful things?



What do you want to remember,

the sun, the moon?



Don't you tell me suddenly

you've become a romantic person



I do all these things because

I don't want to be trapped in the past



This is a must



What I do remember is not the day,

but clouds



The sad feelings emerged

when summer came to the end



I don't want to be sad, that's why

sometimes I smile without reason



So, smile



How are you?



How are you?

- How are you?



Can I take   apples for the horse?

- Yes



How are you?

- How are you?



Do you know her?






The girl who went outjust now



The girl lives below the tower



Thank you



I like this location,

today I was sued



If you want personal space,

it's up to you



You're not allowed to talk in such a way,

who do you think you are?



You're silly

- Is that so?






Tell me what do we do the whole day

besides fighting, nothing else



What do you wanna do? Sex?

- Yes, sex



But make me happy,

sex is not an illusion



You think too much



Walk quickly!



I hate this, but I get it everytime



Isn't that funny?



You are always searching for purity



You are a hated person



I can't do anything

I like this



You like it?



Let us be here



What are you finding inside?






I like old things

- But I am young



I like it even more



Is this an invitation?



Hopes you like it









I seems to know you for a long time






You're the opposite type



Other types






A saxophone player



I saw   butterflies near the beach



They're always following me



I'm sure you've met one of them






But I believes one of them is with us



You want us to find it?

- No




- No



This is a message

- Message?



Might be a message related to   people






I feel cold









Are you here?



If I throw it, what will happen?



I tell your name



My name is Linda



How are you?

- How are you?






How are you?

- How are you?



Where are you?

- Beach



The horse has ran away,

I want to bring them back



I am looking at the snow

- Where?




- I can't hear you, where are you?



I am in Paris



Is it snowing there?



I hope it snows here too



Cleo, if you're saying this



You makes me want to go there



I hope to get close to you



But the way you analyse problems



Hello? I can't hear



I said the way you analyse problems



The way I analyse problems,

how do we change?



Forget it



This is about searching



Foundation to something



Now I can't think of anything



Snow makes me calm,

I'm nervous now



la might be your best friend today



Kiss you

- Me too



Let's go back!



I don't remember exactly

when it happened



It was   weeks ago




that was the day that I lost my...



It was the day after we're told we'll

be pitching this Samson's account



The copy guy comes in

and he's wearing a...



What's the socially acceptable term



Somebody encountered this trap,

kill it



We're shocked,

our molecules are moving



And before we processed this betrayal,

Howard says calmly



He decides to do something

about his hair problem



And he'll appreciate it if we kindly

refrain from making it



A topic of comment or conversation.



This is my team



Good people.

They're great at what they do



It's like Jazz



We can't talk about this tragedy

of Hallet's hair



I mean you should see him,

faces like starving animals



Look at me



Do something!



It is an alarm clock



They want a new concept

for their shitty little alarm



You know the, Samson,

'coz time is important to us



We're polishing the vase

when the house falls down



- Do you've an alarm clock?

- I do. Yes.



- You happy with it?

- It does the job.



Right, but you need a new alarm clock,

Dr Pearl



And it's gotta be a Samson



A new colour, a new texture



You want softer kick



You wanna kick it off a night stand

every morning for a year, you can



Our mechanism is incredibly



You see what I'm saying?

The message is simple



The life is lacking something






Yes, it's short for Dr Pearl



You're talking about alarm clocks



All around me, these other firms,

they can hit home-runs







Melt in your mouth, not your hand,

it's great!



Dollar for dollar



Any of 'ur patients famous?

- I can't discuss my patients



All right, no, I saw a sketch

about that one at a night club



Doctor patient,

patience, doctor



I remember that, I want to remember

the names, anything personal



Mr Penrox ain't



Do you remember Jack?



I really can't help you there



Oh my god,

their sales up to the roof



I have the data



Your sister mentioned something

about a recurring dream



The woman in the dream.



The woman in the dream,

why did you say it that way?



Cecelia says it like that



Is Cecelia is your wife?

- Yeah



And you tell her about the dream?



I make the mistake of

mentioning it once



Now it has become a ritual,

it's a ritual



Until yesterday



What happened yesterday?



Yesterday I came down to the kitchen,

I was telling her about the dream



The latest installment.

There was a woman in the dream



When I wake up, I don't remember who

it is, but in the dream, I know her



It's not a sex dream






But we're there and I said,

'Boy, who is it? '



Because I was thinking about it, I felt

like the air in the room has change



I look over and there she was,

shoulder shaking, she's crying



Why is she crying?



I don't know



Did you asked her?



She won't say it



She is upset?






Have you given any

thought of sitting down?



I'm wondering if cavemen

sat around talking about their dreams



And having coded conversations

with their wives



Over cold venison.



Do you often imagine

that you're a caveman?






I am happy with     



Look at the advances

in medicine, polio, TB



That was a joke



So, how is it with Cecelia

since her crying in the kitchen?



It's great



She's like a nurse on the night

when I've my tonsils out



Civil and unavailable



And how long is it since

you've been having this dream?



That's the thing...



It was the night when Hallet show up

with a new on his head



They show the woman in the dream



I've to show Cecelia

that I know the answer



Or she's gonna be gone



You've to help me, if this woman is

pulling away, I don't know what I'll do



So, I need to know the answer now



Before I leave, I gotta know



Mr Penrose



Human beings is not a car brake, I mean

we'll talk, we'll see what happens



Everybody is different.

You're under a lot of stress.



You're anxious about the job,

the recurring dream, the situation...



With your wife, you're much

more anxious than usual.






There're various ways I can try

to help you reduce 'ur anxiety.



First, I'll have you lie down

on the couch over here.



This couch?

Yes, right here



Just put 'ur head up on one end and

slide your feet down the other end



This works for people, the couch?



I can tell you,

I've great success with this couch



Should I take my shoes off?

- Yes, whatever makes you comfortable



We want your mind completely clear



Should I close my eyes?

- I find that helps



'coz I see things in great details



Sometimes, I imagine myself

as a person with no responsibility



That's very interesting



Part of me knows I enjoy it



Now, I want you to tell me

about 'ur dream






But first, take a minute, go back

to the beginning of the dream



When you got there,



Just pause for a moment, and

hold the first image in your mind



We at the beginning?

- Yes.



Tell me the first thing

you see in the dream



A woman's face



Can you see the woman

in 'ur mind right now?






Where are you? Are you very close

or are you far-away?



We've facing each other in bed.

It's right after



That's very close.



Think for a minute what it feels like



How do you feel?



Then what happens?



She looks at me with kinda funny smile



And goes off to the bathroom



Turns on the tub and lets it run



This is when I realised we've

been in this room before



Describe the room to me?



Feels like a hotel room



Doesn't feel like a place

where anybody live



The only person

belongs to us



So, when I hear the water running,

I think,



I love it, that

she's gonna take a bath and I,



Begin to imagine her getting ready.



Taking off her make-up,

putting her hair up



So excited thinking about it.



When I hear her turn the water off,



I'm gonna go right

in the tub with her.



That's when the phone starts ringing.



- Who do you think might be calling?

- I don't know.



Aren't you afraid of being discovered?

- No.



Not even a slightest feel guilty?



- No.

- Not the tiniest bit?



No, no guilt whatsoever.



Then what happened?



Got better things to do

than answering the phone



She takes her bath



She gets up and dry herself up



She climbs up on the sink

in front of the mirror like a cat



And puts on her make-up



She finishes and,



Back in the bedroom,

I watched her as she,



Get dressed.



In the bathroom for a minute,

close the doors



She comes back out in her living room



She puts her hand on my face



There is a glove on her hand.



She kisses me.



I just lay there for a minute.



Then the phone rings again, I got up



Answer it, but there's

no one at the other end



- Then what happens?

- I wake up.



- Should I stop?

- No, no, stay in the dream.



I feel so sad.

Yes, you wanna be with her.






Stay there on the bed.

You're in the dream now.



And I want you to go back.



I want you to go back in the dream

when the woman is in the bathroom.



The bathroom door is close?






And you're lying on the bed?

- Yes.



Raise your head slowly, slowly



Where are you?

- I am standing.



And where is the purse?



The purse?



Yes, you said that when she sat down

next to you, she picked up a purse



- You see it?

- Yes.



I want you to go to the purse.



I can't.

- Why?



You're in a very vulnerable

state right now,



It's crucial you do not feel

judged at this moment.



If you turn around,

any expression on my face,



No matter how sympathetic

or supportive



And I cannot allowed that,

I'll not allowed that.



Thank you.



Let's go back to your work

for a while.



You feel as if

you've run out of ideas?



I feel like I've run out

of good ideas.



Something is missing.






What is your favourite part

of the dream?



When she standing at the door

while the phone rings






By standing at the door and

letting the phone rings,



She's keeping outside world

away for a minute.



That's where I screw up, I answer

the phone and the dream ends



Maybe if I didn't answer the phone,

she'll come back



So, the phone is an interruption

from the outside world.






Like the alarm clock.






You hear the alarm clock

in the morning, what happens?



I turn it off.

- Yes, but what did you wanna do?



Go back to sleep.



- Why don't you?

- If I don't get up,



I'll fall back to sleep

and I will be late for work.



Yes, yes, but you just want a few

more moments of sleep, just a few.



You've to reset the entire alarm



And the setting mechanism

isn't that precise.



What'll solve the problem then?



You've to turn the alarm off, and then

turn it off again automatically



I actually think I would.




the alarm clock of your dreams.



Sounds like one of those good ideas.



Can I get up now?






Feeling better?






I feel like we've accomplished

something today.



No need to thanked me.

The work is an honourable reward.



Breakthrough is exhausting.



I feel really tired all of a sudden.



Are you all right?

- I feel like I can lay down again



You've some time left on your hour.



Thank you.



Are you up?



You must have hit the alarm

about a half a dozen times.



It's become a ritual.






Promise me you'll talk to Hall

about his hair today.



I gotta go.



We can't pitch this,

we can't present this.



We work very hard on this.



And I'll like to think we've

accomplished something.



Don't you feel like we've

accomplished something?



No, I don't.



Neither do I.



We're living in the shadow

of a freaking snooze alarm



Where do you go from there?






How are you now?






Don't you ever come again,

epidemic illness






You don't have to



That person is gone



Look at my face



Can't wear it anymore






You will be fine



Do you want to try?

- No



I believes you've done it well



Do you remember



The first time we met?






Do you remember my hand?






Where is block   first floor?



To the left

- Here?




- Thank you



Who is it?



Is Miss Hua here?

- Who is looking for her?



I'm Master Jin's worker,

he asked me to come



Mr Zhao, wanna go?

- Yes



Miss, Master's Jin worker is here



Let him ini



You can come in



You can come in



Miss Hua



You're Master Jin's worker?

- Yes









What's the matter?






Stand nicely



Put down your arms



What happened to you?






Take out your pants!



Take it out!



Do you want me to call your Master?



Take it out!



Underwear too






Come here



Give me your hand



Have you touched a woman before?



No, how can you become a tailor?



You'll touch many women



It becomes like this when you touched



Who wants to find you?



Am I good to you?



All right



You remembered



Your master is old



He said you will be successful



Maybe you'll become

a tailor after this



You have to remember

your feeling today



The dress made by you

is gonna be very beautiful



Miss Hua



We have yet to congratulate you



Some said you are married



How come we don't know

such wonderful news?



Xiaozhang? He went out



Yes, the festival is near



A bit busy nowadays



Why do you say such things?



You know Xiaozhang



He won't served other customers



He only makes your dress



All right, when Xiaozhang is back,

I asked him to come to your house



All right



Didn't I say not to come again?



If they see, what will happened?

You take care of me?



I take care of you



What can you do?



What do I eat later on?



Eat me






Forget it



Don't be like that



Next time, you go back first,

I called you, ok?



I go back first

- Just go



Mr Zhao, are you going?

- There are things to do






Ying, if Mr Zhao come again,

tell him I'm not at home






Has Xiozhang came?

- Not yet



Call him, ask him to come quickly



What Adonis?






He is my cousin brother



You always hear rumours



Looks like Adonis

- Waiting for you



His hair is less than you



I have choosen the house



When you come tonight,

bring the cheque along



I want to give deposit




- Miss Kofi



Has Xiaozhang came?




Give him this clothes, tell him Boss Chu

bought for me this clothes from France



Let him do it carefully



Give him a few dumplings, say

I'm the one who give him to eat



All right






What did you say?



What do you scare?



Scare of your wife?



Scare of me?



Scare of me is all right



Don't come tonight



This dumplings is given by miss



She makes it herself



Thank you

- Okay




- Goodbye



See you again



Master Zhang, so early



Have miss woke up?

- Miss is talking with Mr Zhao



Any problem?



The dress is ready,

I want to let her try



Give it to me



Looks like they're

gonna discuss further



All right



If there's problem, call me




- I go first



There's no need for you

to say like this



How many times must I say

we're relatives



We don't have any relationship at all



I know, you're boring, right?



Wanna dumped me just like that?

It's not that easy



You listen carefully



If you don't do things that satisfy me



I won't let you go



Miss, Master Zhang

is waiting for you outside



How dare for him to come



I don't want.

I won't sew at there again



Xiaozhang has gone out,

who is talking?



Sis Ying, how are you?



I am Jin, he has gone out



What? Miss is looking for him?



If he comes back,

I ask him to go at once



You're welcome, okay



Hello Mr Shao?






You can't recognise my voice?






You didn't go out?



I am okay



Call you, nothing



These   days



I miss you









I didn't see him



I didn't see him for some time



Mr Shao



I want to work



Being at home is quite boring



Nothing to do



Mr Shao



When I am performing



You have to come and watch



You promised to come?






Are you



Busy later on?



I treat you to eat supper









So, you must come






See you later



Is it tight enough?



Am I fat?



A little



You're usually    inches






   inches,   inches more



Do like previously



I want to go to work



Will be thin



Don't you misunderstand



I don't want to force you



I heard that you're sick



I called to ask how are you






You're our old customer






You rest,

when you have time



I asked Xiaozhang to come

and collect it






See you again



Who do you think you're?



You're just a hooker



You're just like last time?

Without money



No need to say anything



You are back

- Yes



What did he say?



He is sick, ask me

to find him after a few days



It's more than half a year



He can't take it anymore



She didn't go to work



Everyday live in luxury



Her lifestyle is luxurious



Force her after   days



The festival is here soon



Look at all these clothes



All needs to be changed



Just sell it



You keep the money



I still owe you









You keep all these clothes



A lot are still new



I can't wear that many,

I want to go other places



I don't want to bring so many things



Keeping it is not useful



Just bring it along



Where are you going



Can't bring so many clothes



I haven't thanked you



Take it



I know you like alcoholic drink









Who are you looking for?



Is Miss Hua here?



She have moves out



Do you know where she moves to?




- Thank you




Look for who?



Miss Hua, she have moved












He have went out



Who is looking for him?



Miss Hua






Yes, I am Master Jin



Sorry, I can't recognise your voice



It's been a while since

we keep in touch



We miss you so much



You're back, where do you live now?



Can you leave your contact number?






When Xiaozhang is back,

I ask him to go at once






See you



Where is Miss Hua's room?



The room at the end uptairs



Thank you



Drink tea



So long no see



You're just like last time,

didn't change



You too



Thank you



You're getting better



How are you?



Have you married?

- Not yet






No one wants to marry me



You introduce one to me



Introduce myself



You won't mind, is it?












You're good to me



Can you...



Sew a dress for me?



What type of dress?



Tell me



A beautiful dress



I have an old customer who

came back from America



He still remembers me, ask me out



I think this is my last chance



Help me






This is the money I've left,

you take it first



If I have extra, I'll pay again



You keep it first



I still keep your dress



There's more new one.

Just change a bit



Don't use use anymore money



You still keep it



I can't wear all those clothes



I have become thin



Want to measure for me again?



There's no need



I am used to your body



Measure with your hand is enough



Do you know where Miss Hua went?

- You try to find her at the beach



She is usually there at this time



What is she doing over there?



To work, what else?



It is raining heavily outside



Is it enough?



Who is she to you?



We are friend



Friend? Your friend is good



Pay rent for her



She is very ill, if you've time,

bring her to see doctor



How are you now?

- All right



Don't you come again,

epidemic illness






I've altered your dress



There's no need



That person have gone



Can't wear it anymore






You will be fine



Do you want to try?






I believe you did it very well



Do you remember



The first time we met?






Do you remember my hand?






Do you hate me that day?






I have to thanked you



If not because of your hand,

I've change my job



Forget about me



Find other girls



Come here



You're good to me



I can't repay you back



I don't think there's chance



I am fine



I still have something last time



Now nothing



Only this hand that is left



Do you mind?



Where do you go?

I want to find you



I have send Miss Hua



She past away?






So quick






Today, there're many people

on the street sending her



She is very happy



Dan beautiful too



  years ago, I thought she is gone



Now there's chance she is back again









Couldn't imagine it



Have Liu's dress finish?



What happened to you?




Special help by SergeiK