Feeling Minnesota Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Feeling Minnesota script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Feeling Minnesota. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Feeling Minnesota Script





Hello. I'm Johnny Cash.



Good evening.



Feels good tonight.



Jjaks, go and get ready.

Your dad's coming.



Ifell into a burnin'

ring of fire



Went down, down, down



And the flames went higher



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



Why do I have to go

with my father?



Because Sam came first...



you came second...




I might as well keep the first.






All right, ready?



One, two, three.



Paper beats rock.



Ifell into a ring of fire



Ifell into

a burnin' ring of fire



Went down, down, down



One, two, three.



Scissors beats paper.



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



The ring of fire



The Memphis Horns

and the Tennessee  .



The taste



Of love is sweet



I don't want to go

with my father.



Get out.



When hearts like ours meet



Ifellfor you like a child



All right, again.

One, two... Yes!



Rock beats scissors.



But the fire went wild



Ifell into a burnin'

ring of fire






Went down, down, down



And the flames went higher



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



The ring of fire



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



The ring of fire



Got you! You're dead!



I'll show you whether I'm dead.



Ifell into a burnin'

ring of fire



Went down, down, down



Get off of me!



And the flames went higher



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



Aw, shit!



The ring of fire



And it burns, burns, burns



The ring of fire



The ring of fire



See you.



Come on!



Fuck you, Red!



Fuck you, too, baby!



World's going to think your head

blowing apart is a backfire.



Don't miss.



Forget about it, Red.

I'm not marrying him.



That's the deal you made.



Fuck the deal.



Fuck you!



I would hit you in the face,

but it's your wedding day.



You get the fuck up...



before you ruin

that nice dress even more.



Think you can make

a fool out of me...



stealfrom me

and just walk away?



You lucky you got

a nice piece of ass.






I don't even want

to think about it.



You going to marry

that little fucker Sam...



and you going

to cook and clean...



and you going to suck his cock

every once in a while.



Do you want to know why?



'Cause that's the worst thing

I can think to do to you.



Now fix yourself up pretty

because people are waiting.



You want to fight me?



Go fuck...



I changed my mind.




Stay right here.

Be right back.



Yo, Red. Red, how you doing?



Yeah, what?



Shake hands.

Go get a job, man.



Got one?



Come on.



That was good. I like that.



- Hey, guys.

- Hi, Ruby.



My favorite cop.



Yeah, what?



I took care of that

little problem for you.



You might want to go away

for a couple of days...



go fishing or something.



All right.



- How'd we do this week?

- Good, boss.



I don't know. It looks like

it could've been better.



Good... Business is good.



Every day is payday.



That's a nice tux, Sam.



What's this?



The American dream, huh?



Yeah. Why not?



Hey, why not?



Get going, buddy.






There she is...



Your Christmas bonus...

a few months early.



You're a beautiful girl,




Ifeel bad the way you turned up

in this bad crowd situation.



It's a shame.



If ever you want a way out,




give me a call.



You know? Maybe I can help.



Fuck you.



God. She's beautiful.



She was beautiful yesterday.



Yeah, but today, she's mine.



What are youfucking looking at?



Let me ask you something, Lloyd.



Why are you

such a fucking wick, huh?



All passengers

should be onboard.



I wonder if your brother

is going to show up.






Who invited him?



I told him it wasn't right...



if he didn't come

to his brother's wedding.



But, please, if he comes,

try and get along with him.



Sam, I'm talking to you.



What if she doesn't come, Mom?



Will you stop eating?



I didn't take your money.

I told you that!



You embarrass me, little girl.



Sir, sit down right here.



Come on, Freddie,

make it easy on yourself.



Come on, get in the spirit.



Straighten up.



Hope you two kids

will be very happy.



Dearly beloved...



we are gathered here

in the sight of God...



to witness and bless...



Hi, Mom.



the joining together

of Sam and Freddie...



Jjaks, you came.



How nice.



What's the story?



They make a nice couple,

don't they?



No, they don't.



Behave yourself, Jjaks.



But that is the portion

in this life...



What did you get them?



Whisper it to me.



When it is God's will...



Come on.



Nothing, Mom.

I didn't get them nothing.




and love of the Lord...



Therefore, marriage

is not to be entered into...



unadvisedly or lightly.



You showed up empty-handed.



And in accordance...



What is the matter with you,




Into the holy union...



Sam and Freddie

now come to be joined.



Here we go. I love this.



When somebody loves you



It's no good

unless he loves you



All the way



Happy to be near you



When you need someone

to cheer you



All the way



Can I get a beer?



I just want to get

the fuck out of here.






Who are you?









No, Jjaks.






- Jjaks what?

- Clayton.



You're not related to him,

are you?



Sam's my brother.



I don't know who's worse off,

you or me.






Are you shy?






He ain't heavy.



He's my shithead brother.



You didn't have to get

all dressed up, you know?



What were you in for

this time, huh?



My brother likes to spend

his free time in prison...



isn't that right, Jjaks?



Whenever I can get away.



This is my new wife Freddie.



Come on.






Come on.



Scissors beats paper.



Come on.



Paper beats rock.






Come on.






Rock beats scissors.









She's a knockout, isn't she?



So you won the game,

I won the girl.



I can't believe

you even showed up.



Especially without a present.



Nice tux, Sam.



I'm going to go pee.






Asked me how I knew



My true love was true



A little to the left.



A little to the right.






Did you come for me?



I don't even know you.



No! Did you come for me?



Did you?



You got to shave, baby.

You're ruining my skin.






I look like shit.



Don't I look like shit?



Yeah, I do.



I'm getting old.



You're not even, what,




I'm closer to thirty

than to twenty.



I used to be seven years old.



I used to be unborn.



I used to be fourteen.



And tomorrow

I'll be forty orfifty.






I'm dying.



I'm dying. You're dying.



Right now, we're both dying.



Listen to the ticking.



It gets louder

with every second.



I don't want to die here.



You should just split.






You think those guys are just

gonna let me walk away?



They haven't yet.



See? They did this to me.



- Jesus.

- Yeah, Jesus.



Red says that

I owe him ten grand.



He says that I stole it

from him.



It's bullshit.



He found it on the books.

Your damn brother did.



So, there it is.



I'm his reward.



He's my punishment.



Fuck them anyways.



Fuck them anyways.



See you out back?



You see a pair

of laughing eyes



And suddenly

you're sighing sighs



You're thinking nothing's wrong



You string along, boy, then snap



Those eyes, those sighs



They're part of the tender trap



It'll always turn to shit.



Not only don't you bring

a gift...



you don't even say good-bye.



Those dreams that dream



They're part of the tender trap



Some starry night



When her kisses make you tingle



She'll hold you tight



And you'll hate yourself

for bein'...



Empty the cash.



Come on, come on!

Move it, move it, move it!



Jjaks? Jjaks, is that you?



Damn it.



Just give me the money.



You wouldn't shoot me,

would you?



I'm not gonna shoot you.



Sorry, Bob.



In my life



There's been heartache and pain



I don't know

if I can face it again



Can't stop now



I've traveled so far



It's a candy dish.




on your marriage.






Don't leave me.



I'm sorry.






- Oh, my God.

- Is she all right?






You killed her.



You show up to my wedding

after no one invites you.



Mom invited me.



Get her all upset...



so she faints and dies

just like that.



Maybe it was you who upset her.



Me? Not me.

I was herfavorite!



She didn't send me off packing

when I was eight!






Hey, Freddie.






So how is married life

treating you?



That good, huh?



Hey, can I bum one of those?






Sorry about your mother, boys.



Mine died about six years ago.



Worstfuckin' day of my life.



I need a word with you, Jjaks.



Why? Huh?



What did he do this time?




What did you do thatfor?



Tell me about the gas station

you knocked off.



I got a captain crawling

up my ass for an answer...



so I'm gonna take

a little refuge up yours.



Now that old guy, Bob...



he didn't see you,

but he heard you, right?



It's always something

when you show up.



It's notfinished

between me and you, Jjaks.



Just want you to know that.



I can't sleep.



It's cold in here.

Want another blanket?



Did you stay for me?



I stayed to bury my mother.






I'm taking off.



I know you've been

thinking about me.



'Cause I've been

thinking about you.



And when I do...



I can feel you inside me.



You want to be

inside me again, Jjaks?



We shouldn't.






I thought I told you to shave.






Have you ever

been to Vegas, Jjaks?



It's the best.



I went there when I was little

with my mom.



We met Ann-Margret.



Man, she was the coolest.



I mean, she was like...



Like a kitten with balls,

you know what I mean?



She gave me this.



She signed her picture

and gave me this.



It's supposed to bring me luck.



Let's just go.



Let's just start this thing up

and get out of here.



I can't.



Why? Why can't you see?



Maybe all this shit happened

with me, with you...



with your mom dying...



Maybe it happened

so we'd end up together.



I can't.



If you leave me here

with these bastards...



I swear you're a biggerfucker

than they are.



Don't you see?



Itfeels too good.



It's gonna turn to shit!

I just can't!



Come on. I can make you happy.



- Don't touch me.

- I can't sleep.



I'm not in the mood.

Get off of me.



For Christ sakes, Freddie.

You're my wife.



- I want to make love.

- I don't want it!



- Let me...

- No, it hurts.



Don't push me away. Please.



Sam, stop.



It hurts like that.

Come on. Get off me!



But itfeels good like that.



It's great out here.



Waitfor me. Come on.



Right over there.



What are you doing back here?



I got a car waiting outside.



For me?



You came back for me?



Where are we going?



What are you doing?



I'll be back in a minute.



Do you believe

in love atfirst sight?



Me neither.



It came with the car.



They're gonna be lookingfor me,

you know.



I know.



How young are you?



How old am I?



Let's count the rings



Around my eyes



How smart are you?



How dumb am I?



Don't count any



Of my advice



Meet me



- Anyplace

- Anywhere



Or anytime



Now, I don't care



Meet me tonight



Let me speak to Red orJoseph.



Look, I don't care

what time it is.



OK, I'm sorry.



Just give me the...



I gotta turn my life around.



I gotta do things different.



So is this doing things




running off

with someone else's wife?



You can't look at it like that.



I mean,

look at it like this...



Time is like...



an orange.



It's round.



It means that everything

repeats itself.



And everything that happens

happens for a reason.



Lieutenant Ben Something.






Costikyan! Yes!



Yes, just leave a message.



No, I don't need

to speak to anybody!



Just leave a message, OK?




The big promise I made myself...



was that I'd never spend

another day in prison.



Not one.



You want to know the truth?



You want to avoid prison?



Quit sticking up gas stations.



What I'm talking about

is different.



I'm just saying go home

one last time and get the money.



We have a little cash.



I gotfifty bucks

stuffed in my underwear...



and you've got enough

to springfor this swell place?



We left in a hurry, Jjaks.

We forgot.



- I know, but...

- Come on.



We're almost there.






It's like, if I close my eyes...



I can see us in Vegas...



lying by a pool...



with water in it.



It's always sunny and warm.



And guys in white jackets

bring us daiquiris...



and all the food we can eat

forfour bucks.



And all the towels smell

like Downy fabric softener.



There's no clocks, no bedtime...



and when I get going there...



you can come see me

perform at night.



I'd be wearing

big redfeathers...



one of those things

on my head...



like crown things,

with diamonds in it.



When I come offstage

I'd be too wired to sleep...



so we'll make love

until morning...



sleep until  :  .



It's half my money, Jjaks,




I'm his wife, right?



It's the law.



He kept saying that he

was gonna make me happy...



that he had all this

money stashed away.



So after everything...



let him make me happy,




I just don't know

where he hides it.






You know where, don't you?



Do you?



Look at me.



You told me to call, Ben.






He's back.






I spend my whole life trying

not to come back here.



I always end up

coming back here.



Where's Freddie?



Why don't I just

put the money back...



and really never come back?



So you and my wife

can live happily ever after?



That sounds like

a really good dealfor me.



We're gonna go at it,

aren't we, Sam?



Big time.












You bastard! You piece of shit!



Take a little refuge up yours.



Jeez. You need a doctor?



I need a tank of gas.



Justfill it up.

Where's your can?




I just saw a cop get beat up.



Ben... Ben Costi-hoo!




Yes, I did. Jjaks Clayton.



I don't know. He just

beat the hell out of him.



He might be dead. Yes.



One-eighty-two Goodrich.



That's right. I don't...



Stop! That's my horse!






Hi, honey. I'm home.



What happened?



- I got him good.

- You need a doctor.



No. I hate doctors.



I always throw up

around doctors.



Shit. I can't believe this.



Look. This is what he did.






I hung on to the sucker, though.



My God, that is disgusting.



I don'tfeel good.



Let me help you, OK?



I need to lie down.



Yeah, you should lie down.



You sure you know

what you're doing?



Be quiet.



You know how to operate this?



Look at that.



Isn't that your horse?



I didn't mean for this

to happen, Jjaks.



I'm so sorry.



I'm afraid to ask.






Did you get the money?



You think this is the best time

to discuss finances?



It's my last chance, Jjaks.






I got it.



That's what Ifound.



He's got more than this.

He said so.



- I don't understand.

- It's enough.



We can check out of here

and go...



in the morning.



What are we gonna do?

This was our last chance!



They're gonna find us

andfucking kill us!



How could you

let him get to you?



I didn't let him get to me.



Let go of me!



I counted on you, Jjaks!



- Hey, shut up in there!

- You shut up!



You shut the fuck up!



Is everything

all right in there?



What's going on?



Where are the car keys?



I'm gonna call the cops!



I'll get you some help.



Show's over, so crawl

back into yourfucking hole.



All right.



Hi, Freddie.



- Where's Red and Joseph?

- It's just me.



Let's go for a drive.



Come on.



Come on, I want to talk.



Come on, drive.



You don't need that gun.



You gotta be reasonable

about this.



This wasn't meant to be.



You know?



I'm sure

there's lots of girls...



I guess, who...



would be just rightfor you.



Let's talk about it.



It was supposed

to be a surprise...



but I can tell you now.



I sent half the money already.



Not a down payment,

but half of it.



You would...



You'd laugh if you knew how hard

it was to get this money.



Red'd shit his pants.






This is the model right here.

It's nice.



It's      square feet.



Central air and heat.



It's got cable

with fifty-seven channels...



a two-car garage...



and look, a swimming pool

with tennis courts...



and a park, you know,

that they're building.



I can't breathe.



Don't open the fucking door!



Look, I know that your dream

is to live in Vegas...



but this is close to Vegas,

but better.



It's like a real neighborhood.



We have a choice.



Look what it says here.



"Eggplant or ecru"

for the carpeting.



Is that a color?



I don't know. I guess.






And how many children

should we have?






You're a liar.



Can I get a Coke...



and a Hostess cupcake?






One of those sweatshirts, too.






What are youfamous for?



I don't know.



That was a nice horse you had.






You know.



Yeah, thanks.



So, did you call the cops?



No. Why? Did you?



No. It wasn't my horse.






Could I use your phone?



I'm sorry. We can't tie it up.



Tie it up?



- Who's gonna call?

- Sorry.



There's trouble in there.

A murder!



I saw the guy.



My name?









Oh, shit.



This is

the manager of the motel.



The police are here.



They want to have a look

around your room.



Whatever you got going in there,

get rid of it.



I ain't in the mood

to have the place busted.



So, what's going on?



Well, let's find out.



I just spoke to him.



I'm sorry.

I was in the bathroom...



and my wife is sleeping.



Please, let's whisper.



She's come down

with some sort of flu.



Poor thing was throwing up

all night.



She justfell asleep

maybe ten minutes ago.



What happened to you?



My stupid brother and me.

We got drunk.



It was stupid.



- What's this?

- What?



There's blood here on the sink.



From my head.

He got me pretty good.



But I got him better.



Where is your brother?



Kicked his ass back home.



I came to visit, right?



He gets drunk

and all bent out of shape.



Who needs that, right?



Where is home?



About half an hour

outside of St. Paul.



Let's go.



Why don't you come on outside?



Come on out here for a second.



Just need to talk to you.



You ever been in any trouble?



Not really.



Maybe a little.



You got a record?

Figured as much.



You staying out of trouble?



Yes, sir.

I've got my life and my wife.



That's all a man needs

to turn things around.



Yeah, well...



I'm sorry, Freddie.









I got an emergency call,

come on!



Life is one big emergency,

man, so fuck off.



Some asshole. I don't know.



Am I given to understand

you killed Freddie Clayton?



Is that true?



Is that a yes or a no?



It doesn't matter because

your brother here...



says he knows where

you stashed the body.



And if that's true,

that's a very sad thing...



because that was

a beautiful girl...



with her whole life

ahead of her!



Son of a bitch.



I liked that girl.



Kind of a stupidfucking name

is that, anyway?






It was supposed to be Jack...



but they fucked up

his birth certificate.



No, yeah!



A stupidfucking typo.



That's all your life

amounts to, huh?



It's here somewhere.






He must've did something

with it.



Sure you got the right spot?



Well, there's nothing here.



Don't point out the obvious.

It's fucking annoying.



No, he moved her.

You did something.



Where is she?



Come on!



Hey, hey! Jesus!



You think I've got the time

to fool around?



You remember I'm a cop!



People depend on me.



I'm here to serve and protect.



I don't have the time

to fuck around...



with a couple of fucking losers

like you!



But I saw it!



How do you know she's here?



Maybe it's up the road

or something.



This is it. This is the spot.



I'm telling you what I saw!



I don't think so.

Youfind your own way back.



You can't just leave me

out here.



I can't, huh?



Gimme a light, asshole.



So what went wrong?



She make you mad?



Come on, you can tell me.



What did you do with her body?

You know I know.



People know she didn't

want to be with you.



And people know

you let those motherfuckers...



write that on her arm,

you bastard!



- I didn't tell 'em to do it!

- Who did?



She was my wife!



Forfourfucking days!






Wasn't conventional.



We didn't meet at the prom.

So what?



So why couldn't

she love me anyway?



You know I didn't have

any reason to kill her...



but you did!



I can't remember anything,

but you were there, right?






Where's the body?



Kiss my ass.



Hey, you set me up.



Only if you're setting me up.



So, was it love or just...

with Freddie?



Fuck off.



A good blow job feels like love

every time, right?






I'm not letting you

out of my sight.



Notfor a minute.



That's fine with me.



Where you going?



Don't answer it.



Who is it?



Tell my brother

what you just told me.



Who is it?



Just take the phone.



That's right, Mr. Clayton.



What my wife saw the other night

made me sick.



One of you carrying

that woman...



her body... into the room...



and then the other one

carrying her out.



I think you know what I mean.



Fifty thousand dollars

ought to do it.



I don't want to be hard,

'cause you got problems...



but I'd really like

the money by morning...



or I'll have to go

to the police.



Sorry for the inconvenience.



Did you hear what he said?



He said...



one of us carried her body

into the room...



and one of us carried her out.



I only carried her out.



I mean, I couldn't remember.



You bastard!



You let me think it was me!



Look, it doesn't matter

who killed her, right?



I mean, he saw me

and he saw you...



It matters!



I loved her!



Well, don't worry now.



You did the right thing

calling me.



I'll take care

of everything, OK?



But you gotta

take care of me, too.



Listen to me, asshole,

this is what's gonna happen.



You buried me in this shit,

and you're gonna dig me out.



You're gonna give me the money.



- What money?

- To pay that motel guy off.



There is no money.



You lying sack of shit!



I don't have it anymore!



It's gone!



I bought a house!



Half a house.



Near Vegas for Freddie and me.



We're supposed to have a house.



A house?



You bought a house?



Get up!



What are we going to do

with a fucking house?



You're gonna get that money!



Wait! Wait!



I got it. I got it.



This is what we do.



We go to where

you hid her body...



and we dispose of it

once andfor all...



where nobody can find it

in a thousand years.



Then we don't have

to pay nobody nothing. See?



You idiot!






I never moved her body.



How could you lie to me

about that?



You ate my ear...



you killed your wife,

youframed me...



and you're mad at me for lying?



Jesus, what kind of sicko

would take a dead body?



My head...



You really hurt my head.



Shut up.



Better pray I calm

this motel guy down while...



I go to Red's

and ask him for the money.



Ask him?



Beg him.



Bear his fucking children

if you have to.



You better take this.



I don't need it.

I don't want any more problems.



We're talking

about serious stuff here.



You might need it just

to reason with the guy.



You don't have to shoot him

unless you absolutely have to.



Good luck.



Fuck off.



Always burning the midnight oil,

as they say.



Jesus Christ.

This is unbelievable.



I was just about

to come to see you.



Here you are.



I should come back later.

You're busy.



No, I'm finished.



This adding and subtracting

shit you do is hard.



It's very hard.



I don't pay you enough.



Yeah, well...



What did you want

to see me about?



It can wait.



Naw, it can't.






I'm in kind of a fix, you know?



I was gonna see

about borrowing...



some money, maybe.



You want more money?



You think you can fuck

with my books...



and I won'tfind out?



Who the fuck are you?



I didn't take nothin', I swear!



OK, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!



I want it all back.



I'm gonna break

yourfucking legs anyway...



but you are going

to give me back every dime...



and every seed of every joint

you ever smoked of mine...



that didn't belong to you!



I don't have it anymore.

He took the money.



My brother...



I don't give a shit!

You took itfirst!



He stole itfrom you,

you steal it back.



I got no beef with your brother.

Thirty-eight grand you owe me.



That's what Ifigure's

gone over the past year...



give or take a penny or a pill.



I mean it.



If I had it, I'd give it to you.



No! That prick...



Are you listening to me?



I don't care about

yourfucking problems!



I look like a fucking shrink?



You tell it to that cunt

Ann Landers.



You do what you gotta do.



Sell your mama's blood

for nickels.



I don't give a fuck.



My mama's dead.



Right. Well, I guess

you shit outta luck.



Just let me go.



OK? I'm sorry.



Hey, don't move!



Red, don't move.



Youfucking shit!



All right... Damn, Red!



Drop the gun.



You drop yours.



I pulled mine outfirst.



Then, Sam, you're fired.



Aw, shit!



Aw, shit!



Shit. Shit.



It's forty-six thousand,

youfucking idiot.



You can't count, you bastard.



You got here fast.



You said by morning.



That's right. I guess I did.



Would you like a cup of tea?



A sandwich?



So, where's your brother,

parking the car?



Relax. He's getting the money.



He'll be along.



He'll be along?



- Yeah.

- When?



Look, I just...

I don't want no trouble.



Just relax, OK?



OK, I'll relax.



You relax, too.



What's the matter?



Where you going?



Look, maybe this wasn't

such a good idea.



What the fuck is going on here?



Stop it! Stop it!



You took her body, you sick

son of a bitch, didn't you?



You sick fucker, you!



Where is she?



She put us up to it! That girl...



Shut up!



I'm really tired

of the motel business.



There's no future in it,

you know?






We had our eye

on this really nice RV.



It's OK, baby.



Don't worry.



I know it was Sam who killed me.






Oh, shit.



It's OK.



I don't...



I don't get it.



Someone found me

at the side of the road.






Saved my life.



But I saw... I mean, I saw.



Oh, my God, you're bleeding.



She's bleeding! Help!



I'm OK. I'm OK.



Sam's a lousy shot.



Even that close.



The bullet went in there

and out there.



Doctor says I was lucky.



I told him

there's no such thing as luck.



It's real, right?



It must be.



I mean, I've neverfelt like...



Whatever that word is.






I need you to tell me

exactly what happened.



I don't know exactly.



I blacked out.



I couldn't remember

anything and...



there you were.



I thought I'd killed you.



- Why would you want to kill me?

- I wouldn't.



- What did I ever do to you?

- Nothing.



Just thinking about you

in that ravine...



bleeding to death...



You broke my heart, Jjaks.



I was scared.



I was stupid. I was fucked up.



Please forgive me.






I've already forgiven you.



- Where are you going?

- I'm hungry.



I've got a fucking hole

in my stomach.



You want something to eat?



I'll bring us back something.

You wait here.



Oh, shit.






Here you go.



Can I ask you something?



You want me to throw

that outfor you?



What? No.



Are you OK?



Can I ask you something?



Go ahead. Shoot.



If you had, you know,

killed two people...



murdered them...



and in the process had gotten

almost a hundred grand...



That's close to

ninety-eight thousand dollars...



which nobody was going

to miss, you hope...



and a stranger

was blackmailing you...



would you give him

a big chunk of that money...



you worked so hard to get?



You are weird.



No, I wouldn't give

the bastard a red cent.



Yeah? That's what I think, too.



Could you...



bring me...



one of those doughnuts, too?



Yeah, hold on.



Since I'm a regular,

think I could use your phone?



Yeah, but...



don't make a habit of it, OK?



The Suburban motel.



Twenty-one ninety-five.

That includes a color TV.



How can I help you?



Put him on.



- Yeah?

- It's me.



It's about time.

Did you get the money?



I got the money.






OK, so come on.



You should have seen me.



I was great.



So we'll see you soon, right?



He had no choice

when I put it the way I put it.



I made him see it my way.



And, Sam, bring the key.



What key?



On top of everything,

he says I owe him    bucks...



for the motel key I took.



It's in the fish dish.



The fish dish.

Look on top of the TV.



But I'm not at home.



Where are you?



I'll get you another cup.



See ya.



- Shit.

- What?



Stupid machine forgot

to put sugar in my coffee.



This is weird.



You scream

like you just saw a ghost.



I'm the one

who just saw a ghost.



You are a ghost, aren't you?



I know 'cause I killed you.

I was there.



Youfucker, you.



What are you gonna do,

kill us all?



Come on, what's in the bag?

Is that money?



We can all get out of here.



Oh, boy.



You know...



how does something like this

happen to me?



All along

it never occurred to me...



that the only reason

that your body was missing...



is because you weren't dead.



I gotta keep my head here.



I gotta do something right!



You know, Jjaks...



why can't it be nice

when you come home to visit?



Normal, like otherfamilies?



Leave him alone!






No! No more, please!



It's all right.

I'm a police officer.



Drop the gun, Jjaks.

Come here, Freddie.



I'm sorry.



Come on.



You drop that gun, Jjaks.



Folks, you mind

stepping outside, please?



This is officially

a crime scene.



Oh, my God.



I don't think

I can go through with this.



You called me, remember?



There's no turning back now.



It's done.



Don't worry. It'll be nice.



You tried to bury me, Jjaks.



Fuckin'- A. And, Jjaks...



if you're gonna kill someone...



you gotta kill 'em.



I could really get

in a lot of trouble for this.



I'm not supposed to let you in

without Mr. Cos... Custodian.






I won't tell if you don't tell.






What is your name again?



Listen, Lloyd,

I am trying to help you.



I was there. I saw everything.



Jjaks did not kill his brother.



Listen, I gotta go.



He's gonna be OK, right?



Leave me alone!



I don't know where...



You promise?

What are you gonna do?



I'll look into it.




All my money is fucking gone!



Oh, oh, jeez.



There's nothing wrong

with my wife, is there?



Your wife's fine, Ben.



She's a little pissed at you.



We got a callfrom Freddie.



Freddie who?



And she had some very

interesting things to say.



She stole all my fucking money.



Ask this guy.



Hey, tell him.



Tell this fucker,

who works for me...



that she stole

every lastfucking cent.



Tell him, for Christ's sake!



Come on, hey!



Look, hey, Lloyd, OK,

we're cops.



We gotta stick together.

That's what we do.



If we don't look out

for each other, who will, man?



Let me ask you something, Ben.



Why you such

a fucking wick, huh?



Hey, I got pants up there!



Hey, listen!



I suppose

it's none of my business...



but after all that...



you sure

this is the right woman for you?



I don't know.






How do you know for sure

she's even here?



She's here.



Thanks for the ride.

Appreciate it.



Take one of these with you.



I don't have twenty-five bucks

for a Bible.



- It's a gift.

- Keep it.



You got a family to feed.



Don't look so worried.



Look at this.



I got a letterfrom her

not too long ago.




maybe it's all bullshit.



"Maybe nothing does happen

for a reason after all...



"but I'm doing great.



"I'm living my dream.



"So fuck you anyways.

Freddie. "



I hate to say this, son...



but that don't sound

exactly like a love letter.



You gotta read

between the lines.



Good luck.



Good night, Freddie.



What took you so fucking long?


Special help by SergeiK