Fireproof Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fireproof script is here for all you fans of the Kirk Cameron Christian movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Fireproof quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Fireproof Script


All right, sweet pea,
it's time for you to go to bed.

Mommy, would you ask Daddy
to come tuck me in?

No, he's at work tonight
at the fire station.

But he'll be home tomorrow night.

Mommy, l want to marry Daddy.

You do?
Catherine, you can't marry Daddy.

He's my husband.

Well, when you're done being married,
can l have him?

We'll never be done.
You'll have to marry somebody else.

Can l wear a white dress
and white gloves?

Sure, if you want to.

Will we live happily after ever?

lf you marry somebody
who really, really loves you.

Like Daddy?

Yes, like Daddy.

-Terrell, man, my bad out there.
-This ain't no game.

You playing with people lives.

Come on, man.

Eric, he's got a right to be upset.

You left him in a dangerous spot
and tried to be a hero.

l thought l heard someone
calling for help.

lt was coming
from outside the building.

lt was dark, l couldn't see.

That's why you stay with your partner.
He had to assume...

...that something happened to you
and you needed his help.

You never leave your partner,
especially in a fire.

You give him some time
and then give him an apology.

-And make it sincere.
-Yes, sir.

-Hey, Tasha.
-Oh, hey, Cat.

Just saw you on TV. Looking good.

Oh, l missed it. l was giving a tour
of the new cancer wing.

-Hey, has Robin left yet?
-No, she's here.

Robin, Cat's here.

-How are you?

l'm good. How are you?

Hey, are we still on for tomorrow?

Yeah, 4:00. You still want
those scented candles, right?

Oh, absolutely. Bring them on.

-l wanna try them all.

l'm going to see my parents
this weekend.

-l thought they might like some too.
-Oh, how are they?

Do you know it's been a year
since Mom's stroke?

l've been trying to get her
a new bed and wheelchair...

...but their insurance
doesn't cover it.

l don't know.
lt's so frustrating for my dad.

He wants to help her too,
but he can't afford it either.

-l am so sorry.
-Yeah, it's all right.

Anyway, well, l need to run.

-But l'll see you tomorrow, right?
-l'll see you.

-Okay, bye.

-Hey, Catherine.
-l'm so sorry, Dr. Keller.

Call me Gavin, please.

Gavin, sorry for almost
running you over.

-Anytime. lt's good to see you.
-You too. Take care.

Sweet girl.

-Tasha, will you file this for me?
-Sure, doctor.

lf l didn't know any better,
l'd say the doctor has a thing for Cat.

-Hi, sweetheart.
-Hey, Daddy.

-How are you?
-Oh, great. Good to see you.

You too.

Hey, Mama. How are you, huh?

She's doing great today.

Can l get you
something to drink, dear?

-Do you have any sweet tea?
-With lemon?

You know me.

Oh, Mama, l wish we could talk.

lt's been so long
since l heard your voice.

l miss you.

-You have breakfast already?

-What'd you eat?
-l had the last bagel and a yogurt.

Are you planning
on making a grocery trip soon?

Caleb, you work 2 4 hours
and then you're off for 48.

-You've got more time to go than l do.
-l asked a simple question.

You don't need to get smart with me.
At least save me some breakfast.

l never know when you're coming
or going. You don't tell me.

Catherine, what is your problem?

Did l offend you
by walking in the door?

You can't expect me to work every day
and get the groceries...

...while you look at trash on the
lnternet dreaming about your boat.

You chose to take this job.

-No one said you had to work full-time.
-We need the income.

Especially since you tuck away
a third of your salary...

...saving for a boat we don't need.

You've got $2 4,000 in savings
when things in our house need fixing.

Like what?

The back door needs to be painted,
the yard needs landscaping.

And l wanna put more shelves
in the closet.

Those are called preferences.
Those are not needs.

There's a difference. lf you wanna
spend your money on that stuff, fine.

l've been saving for my boat for years.
You're not taking that from me.

This is so pointless.
l don't have time for this.

Yeah, shut the door
on your way out.

lt ain't working, Michael.

How is it that l get respect
everywhere l go...

...except in my own house?

l've been there,
and it's a hard place to be.

What'd you do about it?

l realized that it wasn't my marriage
that was broken.

l just didn't know
how to make it work.

What does that mean?

That treadmill's not broken.

But if you don't know how to run it,
it ain't gonna work for you.

You saying l need counseling?

Well, l think everybody
needs counseling.

Hey, look, man, l am not about to go
talk to somebody l don't even know...

...about something
that's none of their business.

All right.
Catherine does need to respect you.

But just remember,
a woman's like a rose.

lf you treat her right, she'll bloom.

lf you don't, she'll wilt.

Where'd you get that?



What are you doing?

l see you left me no pizza.

l just lit that candle.
l like the way it smells.

Well, l don't.
Did you leave me any dinner at all?

l assumed
you were eating with Michael.

Does it not occur to you...

...that two people in this house
both need to eat?

You know what?
lf you would communicate with me...

...maybe l could
have something for you.

Why do you have to make
everything so difficult?

Oh, l'm making everything difficult?

l'm carrying the weight around here
while you're off doing your own thing.

Excuse me?

l'm working to pay this mortgage,
and l pay for both of the cars.

Yeah, and that's all you do.
l pay all of our bills with my salary.

Which you agreed to do. That's fair.

Do you not like this house?
Do you not like your car?

Caleb, who takes care
of this house?

Me. Who washes all the clothes?

Me. Who gets all the groceries?

Me. Not to mention l'm helping
my parents every weekend.

l've got all this pressure on me.

The only thing you do for anybody
is for yourself.

Let me tell you, you don't know
the first thing about pressure.

All right? You think
l put out house fires for myself?

Or rush to car wrecks at 2 a.m.
for myself?

Or pull a child's body
out of a lake for myself?

You have no idea what l go through.

Yeah, but what do you do around here
other than watch TV...

...and waste time on the lnternet?

lf looking at that trash
is how you get fulfilled, that's fine.

But l will not compete with it.

Well, l sure don't get it from you.

And you won't.

Because you care more
about saving for your stupid boat...

...and pleasing yourself
than you ever did about me.

Shut up! l'm sick of you!

You disrespectful, ungrateful,
selfish woman!

-l'm not selfish.
-How dare you say that?

You constantly nag me
and you drain the life out of me!

l'm tired of it!

lf you can't give me
the respect l deserve--

Look at me!

--then what's the point
of this marriage?

l want out.

l just want out.

lf you want out, that's fine with me!

Mr. Rudolph.


-That's it.
-All right.

Think we got it. We're good to go.

l think l got this.

-You think you know the truck?

All right. l'll tell you what.

We're gonna go inside
and get something to drink.

You bring me a hose stretcher.

All right.

-That's mean, man.
-No, it's good for him.

-Mother's gifts.

-You know what? l forgot to tell you.

-l got Friday off and l'll be there.

You know l ain't gonna
let my son down.

l know you won't.

Hey, we still got
that hot date tomorrow, right?

Oh, so now it's a hot date?

Life's too short
to have any other kind.

You're right.

-l love you, baby.
-l love you too.

-And l will see you in the morning.
-All right.

-Back home.
-All right, see you later.

Eric, what are you doing?

Wayne told me
to grab a hose stretcher.

-A hose stretcher?
-Yes, sir.

Eric, you are the hose stretcher.


Honey, l agree with you.
You gotta get out.

-He don't deserve you.
-You can say that again.

A real man's gotta be a hero to his wife
before anybody, or he ain't a real man.

Do you need a place to stay? l can't
imagine living in the same house.

No, l decided
that l'm not the one that's leaving.

-He's the problem, not me.
-That's right, girl. Stand your ground.

Make him respect you.

lf there's one thing
a man understands....

lt's respect. That's the issue. That's
the reason our marriage is failing.

She shows me no respect at all.
And the saddest part about it is....

He doesn't have a clue.

He thinks our marriage
has been fine for the most part.

You know, he probably thinks....

Our marriage has been fine
until this year.

Now, all of a sudden,
she goes off the deep end.

Do you think this happened
all of a sudden?

l don't know what to think.
l don't understand her.

She's emotional about everything.

She's easily offended
and way too sensitive.

l mean, he's so insensitive,
you know?

He doesn't truly care how l feel.
He doesn't listen to me.

Even if l say it over
and over and over again.

And then she starts nagging me
and saying l don't listen to her...

...or something like that.

lt drives me crazy.
l feel like l'm going....


You know,
he doesn't understand my needs.

l feel like we are
completely and totally....


She's probably whining to her friends,
making me sound like a criminal.

l can see them all right now, crying,
having some sort of group hug.

lt's gonna be okay, sweetie.
lt's gonna be all right.

You'll get through this.

We have your back.

Whatever you need.
Whatever you need.

So you think
it's past the point of no return?

l don't have a reason to return.

-Hey, Kyle. Hey, Ross.

-What's going on?
-What are y'all doing?

We're heading to the pizza barn
to meet friends.

Y'all wanna come?


Hey, we'll race you there.
And if you win, we'll buy.

Ready, set....

Go, go, go.

Hey, Dad.

No, not really.

l think Catherine and l are done.

No, it's over.

She said she wants out.

Sure, yeah, you can come over
tomorrow. l'll be home.

Dad, l gotta go.

Public Safety
to Engine 1 , Battalion 1 .

Respond to the intersection of
Roosevelt and Kelley, 1 0-50-l rescue.

-Time out, 1 2:2 1.
-Hey, that's close by.

Lieutenant, you and Terrell
take the other truck and go with us.

Okay, let's roll.

Engine 1 is en route
to Roosevelt and Kelley, 1 0-50 rescue.

1 0-4, Engine 1.

Lieutenant, you and Sanders have
the Hurst tools ready if we need them.

-You stay with me when we pull up.
-Yes, sir.

We've already got a crowd.

-Can you see it?
-We've got one car on the tracks.

You're kidding me.

Oh, it doesn't look good.

Engine 1 , it's 1 0-23.

We have a two-vehicle accident
with possible entrapment.

One of the vehicles
is on the train tracks.

Notify the train dispatcher
to stop all trains in progress.

Ten-four, Command.
Be advised, EMS is en route.

-Rookie, you come with me.
-Yes, sir. Let's go, guys.

You two go check out the car.
Let me know what you got.

l need
an inch-and-three-quarter line.

you check out the passenger.

All right, l need you all to stay clear
of the tracks and the vehicle.

l'm Captain Holt
from the Fire Department.

-We're here to help.
-Help me, please. l can't get out.

-Where are you hurting?
-My legs are hurting.

-Please, please help me.
-All right, we're gonna help you.

Okay. Where else are you hurting?

My neck is hurting.
Please, please help.

We're gonna get you out of here.
You're gonna be fine.

Please don't leave me.
Please don't let me die.

l promise you
l am not going to leave you.

-You're gonna be all right.

-She's alive but not responding.
-Get the spreaders.

Those two will be okay.
They've got minor injuries.

We have to cut these two out.
Sanders, help Harmon.

-l need you to check for gas leaks.
-Yes, sir.

We've got an ambulance coming.

-l'm gonna stay right here with you.

You're gonna hear
a very loud noise.

That just means
we're getting you out faster.

-All right. You're gonna be all right.

-Captain, did l just hear a train?
-Guys, there's a train coming.

this is Roosevelt Command.

We have a car on the train tracks.

Notify the train dispatcher
to stop all trains in progress.

Roosevelt Command, be advised...

...we are currently unable to make
contact with the train dispatcher.

No, no, no. We don't have time.

Come on, we're gonna have to push it
out of the way. Let's go, let's go.

No, l don't wanna die.
l don't wanna die.

All right, let's go. Push. Push.

Captain, it's not rolling.
We gotta drag it off.

-Get the chain.
-Hey, Wayne, hook up the chain.

Hook up the chain.

Hey, there's a train!

-Captain, we gotta pick this up.
-All right, grab the front.

Lift on three. One, two, three.

Again. One, two, three.

Again. Let's go.
We're getting this car off the tracks.

One, two, three.

Again. One, two, three.

-Again, captain.
-One, two, three.

One, two, three.

Harmon, go back
and get the spreaders.


-You all right?
-Come on, let's go.

You'll be okay.
You're gonna be all right.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, God.

Thank you, God.

Are you okay?

Captain, l just needed a minute.

Well, l broke my record of how close
l could come to death and still live.

Well, don't break it next time.

l wasn't trying to break it this time.


Don't tell my wife.

-Hey, lieutenant?

This kind of thing doesn't happen
all the time, does it?

Risking our lives? Yes.

Playing chicken with a train?
First time.

-Aren't you afraid of dying?

Because l know where l'm going.

l just don't wanna get there
because l got hit by a train.

Why don't you come
help me work on some dinner?

All right.

Hey, captain, hold on for a second.

You know where you're going?

-l'm going to my office.

You believe in heaven and hell?

l don't know.

When l die, l'm going in the ground.
That's where l'm staying.

You know, you and Michael both seem
so sure, but one of you is wrong.

lt ain't me.

How do you know?

Hey, listen,
you might not agree with Michael...

...but you and l both know
he's the real deal.

Son, how long has this
been going on?

l don't know, Dad. We've had
our arguments now and then...

...but it seems like now
she is constantly frustrated with me.

l mean, l walk in the door
and she's mad about something.

Have you given her
reason to be upset?

l've never known Catherine
to be unreasonable.

l could have saved the lives
of two people at work...

...and if l'm not here helping wash
the dishes, l'm a horrible husband.

But, Caleb,
she needs your help here as well.

Doesn't she help her parents out
every week?

-She can't do everything around here.
-You sound like you're taking her side.

But she's working and she's trying--

Mom, l do not need you to tell me
l'm doing everything wrong.

l've got Catherine for that.
l am not the problem, she is.

-All l'm saying is, if she's working--
-Cheryl, let's hear Caleb out.

l wanna know
what's going on with him.

Dad, can l please have a few minutes
to talk with you, alone?

Caleb, l just wanna help
you and Catherine.


Why don't you let us take a walk?
lt's all right.


Dad, why did you have to bring her?

Caleb, because she's my wife.

And your mother,
no one loves you more than her.

She just-- She's always fixing me.

She's still trying to fix me.
l'm not broken.

Son, if you're looking
for a perfect mother...

...l'm afraid
there's not one out there.

But she's a good woman.

And l love her now
more than l ever have.

l'm not saying l don't love her, Dad.
Just that she--

She grates on me.

Have you not seen a change in her
in the last two years?

Yeah, she treats you better.

But you've also put up with a lot
over the years.

Well, so has she.

Dad, l'm glad you didn't split up...

...but l would have understood
if you had.

Do you know why we didn't?

Not really. She realized
she couldn't do any better?

Not quite.

Caleb, the Lord did a work in us.

ln both of us.

The Lord?

-You're giving credit to God?
-Why does that bother you?

You've always believed in God.

lf there's a God out there, he's not
interested in me and my problems.

l disagree.
l'd say he's very interested.

Then where's he been in my life?

He's been at work all around you.
You just haven't realized it.

You haven't exactly
given him an open invitation.

What is this place?

Used to be a summer camp
across the lake.

l think this must be a part of it.

Son, l used to be
where you are right now.

God didn't matter to me.

But l can't say that anymore.

l never understood why Jesus
had to die on the cross--

Dad, please.

We had this conversation
last month.

l'm glad this new faith is working
for you and Mom, l really am.

lt's just....

lt's not for me.

Caleb... there anything in you
that wants to save your marriage?

Maybe. lf Catherine wanted to,
but she doesn't. She wants divorce.

ls that what you want?

l want peace.

But what difference does it make?

She signs the papers, Dad,
it's all over.

Have you agreed
to start the process with her?

No, but l think we both understand
where this is all headed.

l've got plans
to meet with my lawyer tomorrow.

Caleb, l want you
to do something for me.


l want you to hold off on the divorce
for 40 days.


l'm gonna send you
something in the mail.

Something that'll take you
that long to do.

-What is it?
-lt's what saved our marriage.

Dad, if this is a religious thing,
l'd rather you didn't.

Look at it as a gift from your father.

Take one day at a time,
then see what happens.

Please, son.
lf for no other reason, do it for me.

l'm asking as your father.

-Forty days?
-Forty days.

-Eating alone?
-Well, hello, Dr. Keller.

-Gavin, sorry.

-How are you?
-l'm doing well.

l just need a place
to put my plate down.

ls this spot reserved?

Deidra was supposed to meet me,
but you're welcome to join us.

Well, if you're gonna twist my arm,
l don't want any trouble.

Are you gonna eat
wearing your clean white coat?

l need to keep up
with the latest fashions.

lt seems all the doctors
are wearing one these days.

But it's probably not too smart
while l'm eating.

l didn't know
doctors cared about fashion.

We keep up
with the attractive fashions...

...the Public Relations
employees wear.

l see.

Since there's
only one person in that category...

...l'm sure she'd feel honored.

She should. She's pretty amazing.

Hey, you look good.

Thanks. l try to take care of myself.

You like this song?

Oh, yeah.

You feel that?

lt's called chemistry, and we got it.

Wayne won't leave you.

-Hey, man, you seen my bag in here?
-No, l ain't seen it.

All right. lt's probably in my locker.

Where were we?

Oh, come on. That ain't funny.

This ain't no show.

This is me-time.



Forty days? Does Catherine know?

l'm not gonna tell her.

lf she wants to go ahead and file,
that's up to her.

Divorce is a hard thing, man.

Well, if it brings peace....

But, Caleb,
you want the right kind of peace.

What do you mean by that?

You know what that ring
on your finger means?

-Means l'm married.

lt also means
you made a lifelong covenant.

You putting on that ring
while saying your vows.

The sad part about it is...

...when most people promise
for better or worse...

...they really only mean
for the better.

Catherine and l were in love
when we got married, but today...

...we're two very different people,
all right?

lt's just not working out anymore.

Caleb, salt and pepper
are completely different.

Their makeup is different,
their taste and their color.

But you always see them together.

And when you....

Hold on just a second.

What are you doing?

Michael. Hey.

What'd you do that for?

Caleb, when two people get married,
it's for better or for worse.

For richer or for poorer.

ln sickness and in health.

l know that.

But marriages aren't fireproof.
Sometimes, you get burned.

Fireproof doesn't mean
that a fire will never come...

...but that when it comes,
you'll be able to withstand it.

-You didn't have to glue them.
-Don't do it, Caleb.

lf you pull them apart now,
you'll break either one or both of them.

l am not a perfect person,
but better than most.

And if my marriage is failing,
it is not all my fault.

But, Caleb, l've seen you
run into a burning building... save people
you don't even know.

But you're gonna let your own
marriage just burn to the ground.

Michael, you are my friend.

And l have allowed you
to speak freely with me on this job.

Don't abuse it.

My son, this 40-day journey
cannot be taken lightly.

It is a challenging
and often difficult process...

...but an incredibly fulfilling one.

If you will commit
to a day at a time for 40 days...

...the results could change your life
and your marriage.

Consider it a dare from others
who have done it before you.

Day one: The first part of this dare
is fairly simple.

Although love is communicated
in a number of ways...

...our words often reflect
the condition of our heart.

For the next day...

...resolve to say nothing negative
to your spouse at all.

If the temptation arises,
choose not to say anything.

It's better to hold your tongue
than to say something you'll regret.

Be quick to listen,
slow to speak and slow to get angry.

James 1: 1 9.

Would you have time
to take that to the dry-cleaners today?

Think after two days off, you would
have already taken care of that.

Day two:

It is difficult to demonstrate love
when you feel little to no motivation.

But love in its truest sense
is not based on feelings...

...but a determination
to show thoughtful actions...

...even when there seems
to be no reward.

In addition to saying nothing negative
to your spouse today... at least one unexpected gesture
as an act of kindness.

l poured your coffee.

l don't have time for coffee.

Day three:

Whatever you put your time,
energy and money into...

...will become
more important to you.

It's hard to care
for something you're not investing in.

Along with refraining
from any negative comments... your wife something that says
you were thinking of her today.

Yeah, l need to order some flowers
or something for my wife.

No. No, it doesn't matter.

Sure. How much does that cost?

Do you have something cheaper?

Yeah, yeah, that's more like it.
Let's go with the 25.

How about a box of chocolates
or something?

How much is that?

You're killing me.

That's better.

Okay, how about
a little stuffed bear?

All right, forget the bear.

How long is it gonna take you
to throw something like that together?

Man, you done lost your mind.

Terrell, l can bench 300 right now.

For real?

Why can't we all come
to the same obvious conclusion?

That l am the man.

All l know is the man
left the thermal-imaging device...

...on the bumper of the truck
last night.

-That's an $8000 piece of equipment.
-My bad, captain.

That doesn't change the fact...

...when it comes to difficult situations,
l can take it.

Man, l can't take this much ego.

You've been bragging on yourself
for 1 0 minutes, man.

lt ain't bragging if it's true.

Last week at the apartment fire,
l pulled off two attack lines...

...laid my own supply line
and caught a hydrant in two minutes.

-Other folks could do that, man.
-Not from this station.

-Tom McBride could.
-At Station 4?

He might do it in two and a half,
but he can't do it under two.

-l don't know.

...he's strong, but he's not as fast.

l could take him
any day of the week.

Wayne, you seem
pretty high on yourself.

l think confidence is a good thing,
but you're over the top.

Man, he way over the top.

l can back it up.
That's all l'm saying.

Wrath of God, baby.

-What's that for?
-We're about to have a little contest.

We're just gonna see
if Wayne really is the man.

That is, if he's for the challenge.

l'm all about this.

All right.

l'll go first.

-What are you gonna do?
-Michael, time me.

You got it. Ready?


No way.

Man, you crazy.

He gonna drink the whole thing.

Twenty-three seconds.

All right, man. You're up.

All right. That was impressive.

Till l do it under 20.

-Time me.
-Oh, l'll time you.



-Come on, Wayne.
-lt's hot.

-Go, Wayne.
-That's it, Wayne.

How about you take it?

-You gotta drink that, bro.
-Fourteen seconds.

-Come on.
-lt burns!

Where the man at now, huh?

l thought he said he could take it.

My mouth's on fire!

Captain, how'd you do that, man?

You could do it too, Terrell...

...if you replaced yours
with tomato juice.

That is classic. That was awesome.

Dr. Anderson?

Wanted to remind you
about your interview in 1 0 minutes.

Catherine, thank you. l'll be there.

on your cancer-research award.

-You deserve it.
-l appreciate that.

This is Catherine.

Hey, it's Caleb.
l wanted to call and check on you.

You wanted to check on me?
What for?

You know,
just see if you needed anything.

You called to see
if l needed anything?

Right, yeah. You want me
to bring something home for you...

...or get something from the store
in the morning?

Caleb, you never asked me this
before. What's going on?

l just wanted to see
if you needed anything, that's it.

I'm fine.


All right, well...


Day four, done.

Hey, Cat, how you doing, girl?


-My husband's acting weird.
-What's he doing?

Well, in the last few days...

...he has fixed me coffee,
bought me these pitiful little flowers...

...and just now,
called just to see if l'm doing okay.


l'll tell you what he's doing.

He's trying to butter you up
for a divorce.

And why would he do that?

Before my cousin Luwanna
got a divorce...

...her husband did the same thing.

He started acting nice and sweet,
next thing we know...

...he walks away with the house
and most of their money.

He hasn't even talked to her since.
Don't you let him deceive you, girl.

Did you clear your history?


Did you wipe the websites off so
nobody would see where you've been?

You know, Caleb,
you're not fooling anybody.

l know what you're trying to do...

...buying me flowers
and calling me at work.

And what is that?

l'm meeting with a lawyer next week,
and don't you think...

...l'm buying into
this nice-guy routine.

What are you talking about?

You're not getting one dime
more than you deserve.

When this divorce is final,
l'm taking my share.

-ls that what you think l'm doing?
-No, l know that's what you're doing.

Well, you're wrong.

You never assume l would do anything
worthy of respect.

-Anything honorable.

What were you just looking at, Caleb?

What was on that computer screen?
Was that honorable?

Who do you think you're fooling?

Do you know why your sweet
little gestures mean nothing to me?

lt's because that's the kind of man
you've become.

When you're alone,
that's what you default to.

And there is nothing honorable
about it.

Mr. Rudolph.


-lt's not working, Dad.

What's not working?

This whole love dare thing.
lt is not working.

Tell me what's going on.

l have been doing everything
that it says to do...

...and she has completely rejected
all of it.

Caleb, this process takes 40 days,
not four.

What's the point of going down
a dead-end road...

-...when it's not going anywhere?
-You don't know that yet.

Caleb, you're not a quitter.

And something tells me
you're doing just enough to get by.

Am l right?

-l feel nothing.
-l understand, son.

But this is not based on feelings.

It's a decision.

You can't give up yet.

Keep taking a day at a time.

Yes, sir.

l love you, son.

You too, Dad.

How is he?

We've gotta start
praying for him more.

Mama, l don't know what to do.

l know you always told me to hang on
during the hard times, but....

You don't know
what l've been competing with.

l mean, when he look....

He makes me feel so humiliated.

And he doesn't even know it.

When did l stop
being good enough for him?

So, what day are you on?


And it's still difficult.

Every day has me adding
a new concept to the way l treat her.

For example?

Well, here.

Day 1 6 was about praying for her.
l kind of skipped that one.

Day 1 7 is about listening to her.

Eighteen's about
studying her again.

-Studying her?


''When a man is trying to win the heart
of a woman, he studies her.

He learns her likes, dislikes,
habits and hobbies.

But after he wins her heart
and marries her...

...he often stops learning about her.

lf the amount he studied her
before marriage...

...was equal to a high school degree,
he should continue to learn...

...until he gains a college degree,
a master's degree...

...and ultimately, a doctorate degree.

lt is a lifelong journey that draws
his heart ever closer to hers.''

That's a pretty good concept.
l never thought about it like that.

So do you study Tina?

Yeah, but l don't think
l got my college degree on her yet.

So tell me a little bit more
about the studying her.

l'm supposed to make her
a candlelight dinner...

...and then ask her
a whole list of questions.

Well, my advice is go all out.


Don't go cheap. lf you don't cook,
get it from a good restaurant.

Take it home, use your best dishes,
glasses, music, everything.

Make it a memorable date.

Man, what you talking about?

-You ain't had a date in a year.
-l'm like a fine wine.

l need about 35 years
to reach perfection.

But the lady that gets Wayne Floyd,
she'll get the complete package.

-You mean complete wreckage.

l'm 255 pounds of pure love.

All you need to make marriage work
is a little bit of romance.

And that comes from right here.

Man, that's easy to say
when you ain't never been married.

lt's a lot harder than you think.

One day l'm gonna walk in
with a tanned beauty on my arm.

l'll show you how easy it can be.

The only thing you'll come in with
hanging from your arm... a bucket of chicken.

lt was tomato juice.

Tomato juice? Man, that's wrong!

-That's wrong.
-What's wrong?

l drank the real stuff
and he drank tomato juice?

You just got that?

Do you know
what that stuff did to me?

Go to bed, Wayne.

-There's some serious repercussions.

Oh, it's on now.

Done lit a fuse.

Somebody's gonna get
a karate-chop sandwich.

What are you doing?

Maybe l'd like to have dinner
with my wife.

Let me be real clear with you
about something.

l do not love you.

Oh, son.

This is when it gets hard.

-Hello, Caleb.
-We're done, Dad.

l am not gonna keep doing this.
l have tried and there's nothing there.

lt's not worth it.

l understand, son,
but you're halfway there...

...which was the most difficult
for us too.

But at least you had some hope.
She has given me nothing.

There was a point
when we had no hope either.

Our marriage should have ended,

You can't listen to the way you feel
at the moment.

She's seen you trying.

No, she doesn't care, Dad.
None of this means anything to her.

Dad, l tried.

Caleb, are you off tomorrow?

Yeah, why?

l'm coming to see you.
We can talk then.

Dad, you don't have to do that.

l want to, son. l'd like to come.

All right.

Dad, l gotta be honest with you.

l feel bad that you drove four hours
just to come see me.

lt was good.
lt gave me time to think and pray.

So, what are you on, Day 20?

-Yeah, yeah, something like that.

l'd say the halfway point
was the hardest for us.


Well, it's when you determine
whether your heart's in it or not.

Makes you check your real motives
when things get difficult.

Did Mom give you a hard time?

No. l thought your mother
had a pretty good attitude about it.

Yeah, well,
Catherine's not buying any of it.

-Why do you think that is?
-Because she doesn't love me.

She doesn't even like me.

Dad, she's just about ignored
everything l've done.

Are you reading everything
on each page?

You mean the Bible verses
at the bottom of it?

No, l'm not, Dad.

-l told you, that is not what l need.
-And what do you need?

l need Catherine to wake up to the fact
that we are about to get a divorce.

And l'm trying to prevent that,
but l cannot do it by myself.

That may be true,
but l think you need more than that.

Dad, if you're gonna tell me
l need Jesus, please don't.

l don't need a crutch
to get through life.

Oh, son,
Jesus is much more than a crutch.

He's become the most significant part
of our lives.

Dad, why do you keep saying that?

He's the most significant part?
How is that?

When l realized who l was
and who he was...

...l realized my need for him.

l needed his forgiveness
and salvation.

See, l don't understand that.

Why do l need his salvation?
What, am l gonna be thrown into hell?

For what? Because l got divorced?


Because you violated his standards.

What? Thou shall not kill?

Dad, l help people.
l am a good person.

According to you.

But God doesn't judge
by your standards.

-He uses his.
-And what are his?

Well, truth.


-l'm honest.

l care about people.
l am those things.


But have you loved God,
the one who gave you life?

His standards are so high,
he considers hatred to be murder...

...and lust to be adultery.

Dad, what about
all the good l've done?

Son, saving someone from a fire
does not make you right with God.

You've broken his commandments.

And one day,
you'll answer to him for that.


...if l ask you why
you're so frustrated with Catherine...

...what would you say?

She's stubborn.

She makes everything
difficult for me.

She's ungrateful.

She's constantly griping
about something.

Has she thanked you
the last 20 days?


And you'd think
after l washed the car...

...l've changed the oil,
do the dishes, clean the house...

...that she would try to show me
a little bit of gratitude.

Well, she doesn't.

ln fact, when l come home,
she makes me feel like l'm an enemy.

l'm not even welcome
in my own home, Dad.

That is what really ticks me off.

Dad, for the last three weeks,
l have bent over backwards for her.

l have tried to demonstrate
that l still care about this relationship.

l bought her flowers,
which she threw away.

l have taken her insults
and her sarcasm, but last night was it.

l made dinner for her, l did
everything l could to demonstrate...

...that l care about her,
to show value for her...

...and she spat in my face.

She does not deserve this, Dad.
l am not doing it anymore.

How am l supposed to show love
to somebody over and over and over...

...who constantly rejects me?

That's a good question.

Dad, that is not what l'm doing.

lsn't it?


Dad, that is not what this is about.

Son, you just asked me:

''How can someone show love
over and over again...

...when they're constantly rejected?''

Caleb, the answer is:

You can't love her...

...because you can't give her
what you don't have.

l couldn't truly love your mother
till l understood what love really was.

lt's not because
l get some reward out of it.

l've now made a decision
to love your mother...

...whether she deserves it or not.

Son, God loves you
even though you don't deserve it.

Even though you've rejected him.

Spat in his face.

God sent Jesus to die on the cross
and take the punishment for your sin...

...because he loves you.

The cross was offensive to me
until l came to it.

But when l did...

...Jesus Christ changed my life.

That's when l truly began
to love your mom.

Son, l can't settle this for you.

This is between you and the Lord.

But l love you too much
not to tell you the truth.

Can't you see that you need him?

Can't you see
that you need his forgiveness?


Will you trust him with your life?

Waffle time.

Hey, man,
l'd like to talk to you about something.

What's that?

-Hey, captain.

l think B shift
is trying to pull a joke on us, man.

Salt and pepper shaker
won't come apart.

Hey, toss them over here.

Thanks. Don't forget
to mop the kitchen after breakfast.

Yes, sir.

You wanna tell me something?

lt's about your faith.

-My faith?

What about it?

Well, l'm in.

You're in?

Yeah, l'm in.

Are you saying
that you wanna be in?

-l'm saying l'm in.
-You're really in?

-You can't be half in and say you're in.

-You gotta be all in, brother.
-l'm saying l'm all in.

Caleb, l can't believe it, man.

-You're my brother.

-l'm your brother?
-Yeah, man.

You're my brother from another mother
but now we got the same father.

-l'll explain it to you later, man.

This is awesome.

-Does Catherine know?

No, l don't think she'd care right now,
to tell you the truth.

She hasn't been taking too well
to this whole love dare thing.

-But you're not done yet, right?
-No, l'm day 2 1 out of 40.

But l'll be honest with you.
Up to this point... heart's not been in it.
-That's what matters.

A woman can tell when you're
just going through the motions.

That's absolutely right.

-Hey, let me ask you a question.
-Go ahead.

How did you get a good start
with Tina?

Why is it so easy for you?

Oh, it's not always been easy.
Marriage takes work, man.

Tina is an incredible wife.

But we learned a lot of lessons
the hard way.

At least you haven't
had to face divorce.

l wish that were true.

What does that mean?

You and Tina
been struggling that much?

Not me and Tina.
But l did with my first wife.


You were married to someone
before Tina?

For one horrible year.

l got married for the wrong reasons.

Then l turned around and got
a divorce for the wrong reasons.

Man, l thought
l was just following my heart.

Michael, l've worked with you
for five years.

-You've never told me that.
-Because l'm not proud of it.

lt was before l gave my life
to the Lord...

...and, man, l was just only concerned
about my rights and my needs.

Man, l ruined her life.

But when l gave my life to God...

...l tried to find her,
but she'd already remarried.

So believe me when l tell you
l got a big scar.

Man, God made marriage
to be for life.

That's why you gotta keep your vows
to Catherine.

You gotta beg God to teach you
how to be a good husband.

And don't just follow your heart, man,
because your heart can be deceived.

But you gotta lead your heart.

lt's just been hard for me, you know?

l saw my parents again yesterday...

...and, well,
Mom's not doing too well.

lt's amazing how much a stroke
can affect somebody's life.

l just....

l feel like she's trapped, you know?

And Dad does his best
to communicate...

...but it's hard for him too.

Catherine, l'm so sorry.

You seem very close to them.

l am.

They had me late in life so it was like
growing up with grandparents.

So they spoiled you.

Hey, now.
l think they did a pretty good job.

They did.
They should be very proud.

You know, you're kind of sweet
when you wanna be.

Kind of?

With some training,
l think you could be a fine gentleman.

Well, are you offering lessons?

So, what does your mom need?

Well, a better wheelchair
and hospital bed...

...would be at the top of the list.

l've been working with
RMS Medical Supplies to get them...

...but it's so expensive.

Well, you can't put a price
on helping your mom.

That's right.

So it's worth the sacrifice.

You know, they're lucky
to have you for a daughter.

Don't look at me like that.
l'm trying to help.

Why does it matter
what my bed looks like? l sleep in it.

What if the chief walks through here?
My bed says l take my job seriously.

Your bed says your mama didn't
help you make it up.

Teaching a rookie
how to make his bed?

Somebody's got to.

That looks as bad as yours did
when l taught you.

Engine 2, Engine 1,
Area 1, Battalion 1.

Respond to 209 1 1 th Avenue.

Structure fire, residence.
Time out, 1 5:32.

-Michael, you got that?
-Got it.

-Wayne, let's roll.
-Got it.

Engine 1 is en route
to 209 1 1 th Avenue, structure fire.

1 0-4, Engine 1.

Be advised we've received numerous
calls regarding this structure fire.

That means
there's something to this one.

Make sure you're tightened up.

Remember your training.
Stay with your partner.

Yes, sir.

Engine 1 is 1 0-23.

We have a single-story
brick dwelling, 30 percent involved.

We'll be using
a 1 '' and 3-quarter for rescue.

We'll be 1 1 th Avenue Command.
Engine 2, bring me a line.

Be advised there is a hydrant
right next to Engine 1 .

Unit 2's clear. One supply line.

Come on, rookie, let's go.

You live here?
ls everyone out of the house?

My daughter's in the neighbor's
house. This is our home.

-Please, put that fire out.
-We will, just stay clear.

-Please, please.
-Oh, no. No.

Megan, Megan, where's Lacey?

-She went home already.
-You mean she's not at your house?

No, l was just talking to her
on the phone.


-You can't go in there.
-Lacey, no!

-You can't go in there.
-Let me go. Please let me go.

My baby!

-Let's go, let's go.
-Come on, guys, let's go.


My baby.

Come on, guys. Come on, guys.

Let's go.

-lt's done.






-Get in there, guys, get in there.

Lacey! Lacey!

Come on.
Over here, man. Over here.

Back out, back out, back out.

Over here!

Over here!

There's a hydrant over there.
Give me one supply line to Engine 1 .

Hey, we got two people inside.
We need you.

Hey, hurry up with that supply line.

Get back in there, get back in there.

Breathe. Breathe, Lacey.
Breathe for me.

Captain, you gotta get out of the
house. The roof is about to give.

Captain, do you read me?
You've gotta get out.

God, get me out of here.
Get us out of here.

There, there.

Get the girl. Get the girl.

With the x-ray showing that...

...he's left with a partial thickness burn
to the arm.

You look terrible.

l feel terrible.

You gonna be okay?

He sustained some first-degree
burns, but he should be fine.

So this is your husband?

-You've got a hero on your hands.

Sir, l need you to keep this arm
elevated for 2 4 hours... help the swelling go down.

Come back in 48 hours
to get it checked out again.

-Well, let me get out of your way.
-You're not in our way. You can stay.

No, it's all right.
l'll let you do your job.

l'm gonna get you more gauze
to take home with you...

...and fill that prescription
for your pain, okay?

l wouldn't put that ring
back on your finger...

...until your hand
has a chance to heal.

My hand's gonna have to heal
with this ring on my finger.

Mom, it'll be fine.

lt's gonna heal up
in a couple of weeks.

Yes, l got it wrapped up right now.
Can l speak with Dad, please?

Okay, Mom, l got it.

Now, would you please
hand the phone to Dad?

Thank you.

Dad, would you please ask Mom
to cut me some slack?

l'm a fireman.
l'm gonna be around fires.

l know. l know, Dad.

l just don't like getting grilled
every time she picks up the phone.

Yeah. Today, Day 23.

But it was hard this morning.

Yeah, the newspaper called me twice
wanting an interview.

Seems l'm a hero with everybody
in the world except my wife.

No. No, l'm not giving up.

Thanks, Dad.

All right, l'll talk to you later.


Caleb, what are you doing?

Why is this so hard?

Day 23, watch out for parasites.

A parasite is anything that latches
onto you or your partner...

...and sucks the life
out of your marriage.

They're usually in the form
of addictions like gambling...

...drugs or pornography.

They promise pleasure,
but they grow like a disease...

...and consume more and more
of your thoughts, time and money.

They steal away your loyalty
and heart from those you love.

Marriages rarely survive
if parasites are present.

If you love your wife... must destroy any addiction
that has your heart.

If you don't, it will destroy you.

Okay, Lord. No more addictions.

Mr. Rudolph.


You doing okay today?

No, not really.

lrma, l don't want you
talking to that guy.

He is weird.

Takes one to know one.




-Good morning.
-Hi, Mrs. Evans, how are you?

l'm fine. l hope you are.

l'm doing pretty good.

l actually wanted to talk to you about
the equipment we've been looking at.

l bet your parents are excited. When
a patient gets the right wheelchair... can make such a difference.

l'm sorry, what?

The bed and wheelchair we delivered
to your parents this morning.

To my parents?

Yes, they should have been delivered
by now.

But l haven't paid for anything yet.

Oh, it's actually
already been paid for.

A gentleman called,
said that he wanted to pay...

...for everything
that you'd picked out.

Actually, he covered everything
plus some accessories.

He said....

Mrs. Holt?

-lsn't this wonderful?
-Oh, she looks amazing.

Hi, Mom.

Has anyone ever told you
that you're wonderful?

Maybe, but not today.

Gavin, you didn't have to do that.

-Do what?
-Giving money to help my parents.

That was so thoughtful.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

lt was the least l could do.

-Do you have lunch plans?
-l do now.

''Dear Catherine.

l can't tell you how much
l've enjoyed getting to know you.

l find myself
thinking about you often...

...and l look forward
to seeing you every day.


Yeah, l need to know if there's a Gavin
that works at the hospital.

No, l just have a first name.

Dr. Keller?

-Caleb Holt.

l need a word with you, please.

lt's really not a good time.
l'm about to make my rounds.

l think you need to make time.

This is concerning Catherine,
my wife.

All right, what can l do for you?

l know what you're doing.

l have no intention of stepping aside
as you try to steal my wife's heart.

l've made some mistakes,
but l still love her.

So just know
l am going after her too.

And since l'm married to her,
l'd say l've got a head start.

By the way,
thanks for helping me with my hand.

My ring finger's feeling
a whole lot better.

Y'all, l just saw Caleb and Dr. Keller
going at each other.

He had his fist
all knuckled in his face.

Are you serious?

What are you all talking about?

Hey, Cat, how you doing, girl?

l'm fine.
You sure got quiet really fast.

Well, that's because
we decided to stop talking.

What's up?

l'm setting up an interview
in about 1 0 minutes...

...but l was wondering if you guys
have seen Dr. Keller this morning.

l think he was doing rounds,
maybe on the 8th Floor.

Okay, well, l'll see y'all later.

See you.

Why didn't you tell her?

-Because it ain't our business.
-But you told all of us.

l don't want her to know her business
is our business if it ain't our business.


Hey, how are you?

-Hey, Catherine.
-How's the good doctor today?

-Pretty busy, actually.
-Are we still on for lunch?

You know, there's a few things
l need to catch up on.

-l've gotten a little behind lately.

-Well, maybe we could talk later.
-That'd be good.

-All right, see you around.
-See you.

-Hello, Catherine.
-Oh, hi, Anna. How are you?

l'm doing well. And you?

l'm okay, l guess.
Do you wanna sit down?

l'd love to if l'm not disturbing you.

Not at all.

So, what's been going on
in your life these days?

We haven't talked in a while.

Well, it's been one of those years.

Good or bad?

You know, l hate to say it,
but mostly bad.

You know when you get
to a fork in the road...

...and you know that either way you go
is gonna change your life?

Life does give you some of those.
Excuse me just a minute.

So have you decided
which path to take?

l think so.

lt's just hard
not to second-guess yourself.

Pardon me, l don't mean to pry,
but does this concern relationships?

lt does.

Catherine, you're so young.

l would encourage you
to make your choices carefully.

l'm trying to.

But l'm also tired of feeling empty.

Anna, it's so nice
to have someone treat you... they really care about you.

Forgive me, but you're talking about
a certain young doctor, aren't you?

l suppose it's no secret
as much as he and l talk.

l couldn't help but notice
how you act around each other.

But l also wonder
how your husband would feel.

My husband has had his chance.

And Dr. Keller is a good man.

He treats me better than my husband
has treated me in years.

He listens to me
and makes me feel important.

l haven't felt that way
in a very long time.

lt's always good to have that, but....

But, sweetheart, if this doctor is trying
to woo you while you're still married...

...what makes you think
he won't do that with someone else?

l don't wanna talk about this, Anna.
We're getting personal.

Oh, Catherine, l'm sorry.

l didn't mean
to overstep my bounds.

l need to go.
lt's good to see you, Anna.

Catherine, are you okay?

l'm fine.

-Aren't you going to work?

-Are you sick?
-l'll be fine.

ls it your allergies?

l said l'll be fine.
Don't worry about me.

Because if you need something,
l can go to the store.

No, l'm okay. You can go.


Can you sit up for me?

You got a fever.


You think you can take this?

Why are you doing this?

l have learned
you never leave your partner.

Especially in a fire.

Caleb, what's happened to you?

Dad asked me
if there was anything in me...

...that wanted to save our marriage.

And then he gave me something.

l could let you read it.

Was it this?

How long have you known?

l found it yesterday.

So, what day are you on?


There's only 40.

Who says l have to stop?


...l don't know how to process this.

This is not normal for you.

Welcome to the new normal.

You didn't wanna do this at first,
did you?


But halfway through, l realized...

...that l did not understand
what love was.

And once l understood that,
l wanted to do it.

Caleb, l want to believe
that this is real.

But l am not ready
to say that l trust you again.

l understand that.

But whether you ever reach
that point or not...

...l need you
to understand something.

l am sorry.

l have been so selfish.

For the past seven years,
l have trampled on you...

...with my words
and with my actions.

l have loved other things
when l should have loved you.

ln the last few weeks...

...God has given me a love for you
that l had never had before.

And l have asked him to forgive me.

And l am hoping, l am praying...

...that somehow
you would be able to forgive me too.

Catherine, l do not want to live
the rest of my life without you.

l'm supposed to give
those divorce papers... my lawyer next week.

l just....

l need some time... think.

You can have all the time you need.

-Hello, Mrs. Holt, how are you today?
-Fine, thanks.

l hope your parents are doing well.

That new bed and wheelchair
are certainly helping.

l'm so glad.
Well, what can l do for you today?

l just need to pick up a few linens
for the hospital bed for my mom.

Sure, we have some in stock.

Great, that's the only thing
that wasn't covered by the doctor...

...when he purchased
that bed and wheelchair.

The doctor?

Yes, Dr. Keller,
our secret philanthropist.

l don't think Dr. Keller
covered those things.

No, l'm sure he did.
l spoke with him about it.

Mrs. Holt, if l remember correctly,
$2 4,300 was given...

...for the bed and wheelchair,
but Dr. Keller was not the main giver.


Of the amount given,
Dr. Keller gave $300.

Then who gave the other?

Your husband, Caleb.

He came in about two weeks ago
and paid for everything.

l assumed you knew.

Two weeks ago?

Yes, he told me not to tell anyone,
but l didn't think that included you.

lt was the Tuesday before last.

He called
and asked what the price...

...of a particular bed
and wheelchair were.

And l looked it up and....

Oh, where is it?

Oh, stop crying.

Okay, explain RECEO.

He ain't gonna get it.

Rescue, exposure,
containment, extinguish--

Captain, can l see you for a minute?

-Right now?
-Yes, sir.

Something wrong?

Catherine is in the bay.

-My Catherine?
-Yes, sir.


lf l haven't told you...

...that you are a good man... are.

And if l haven't told you...

...that l've forgiven you...

...l have.

And if l haven't told you...

...that l love you...

...l do.

Something has changed in you,

And l want what happened to you
to happen to me.

lt can.

ls it too late to ask you
to grow old with me?

-Hey, what are you looking at?

Back up.
There ain't nothing to see here.

Why? What's going on?

Go back to your business.
Caleb's starting a fire.

-Why's he starting a--?
-Ain't that kind of fire.

Go back to your business. Go-- Hey.

Put you on cleanup duty.

Good morning,
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph.


l don't understand that boy.

-How are you?
-Hi, son.

l'm getting to where l know this trail
pretty well.

-You're welcome to walk it anytime.
-l just might.

l wanna thank you, Dad.

The love darRepoe changed my life.

God changed your life.

The love dare
was just a tool he used.

l've already given it
to one of my firemen.

Good. lt's meant to be passed on.

l just can't tell you how grateful l am
that you didn't give up on me, Dad.

Or on Mom, for that matter.

Caleb, l wanna be a godly man.

And l'm learning so much.

But there's something
l haven't told you.

l wrote that notebook
in my own handwriting...

...because l knew
you would accept it from me.

But l didn't do the love dare
on your mom.

She did it to me.



...l was the one
that wanted to leave.

But God got ahold of your mother...

...and she prayed and loved me

lt was through her example
that l came to Christ.

Mom did this?

She's such a blessing to me.

And she's grown so much.

l love her with all my heart.

Dad, l....

l have treated her so wrong.

Caleb, she deserves your respect.

Mom. Mom, l'm so sorry.

Mom, l didn't know. l didn't know.

lt's all right, son.
lt's okay. lt's all right.

Mom, please forgive me.

l do, Caleb. You're forgiven.

l love you.

l love you too, Mom.

l love you so much.

l love you, Caleb.

We've gathered here today
to celebrate the reaffirmation of vows...

...with Caleb and Catherine.

This may be the second time they've
made a commitment to this marriage... is the first time they've done so on
a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

''lt is the desire
of Caleb and Catherine... establish their vows
from this point on... a covenant and not a contract.

For marriage is a sacred institution
established by God...

...and one that is meant to last
for life.''

''Caleb, in the presence of God
and these witnesses... you come today
to freely and unconditionally commit... this covenant marriage
to Catherine?''

l do.

''And, Catherine, do you come today
to freely and unconditionally commit... this covenant marriage
to Caleb?''

l do.

With all my heart.

Genesis 2:2 4 says:

For this reason, a man shall leave
his father and mother...

...and shall be joined to his wife,
and the two shall become one flesh.

Special thanks to SergeiK.