Flower Of My Secret Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Flower Of My Secret script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Pedro Almodovar movie (La Flor de mi secreto).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Flower Of My Secret. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Flower Of My Secret Script





We did our best, but

your son Juan is dead.



That cannot be, I saw him breathe.



You're wrong. Don't

you ever make mistakes?



Not this time.



I want to see him.



You will, but you'll be

mistaken by his appearance.



When you see him

you'll see him breathe,



but it's not him, it's a machine.



Listen, if you can't do anything

for him I'll take him somewhere else.



I'll find the money.

If there's hope..



There isn't any.



Brain death is difficult to understand.



We're giving oxygen to

your son with a machine



and so he looks like he's breathing,



but his brain is dead.



But my son Juan is strong,



he's only   .



If you say he's breathing



then he is breathing, isn't he?



It's the machine, as my

colleague's just explained.



Sorry, but I doubt that.






we have the proof.



Juan's last EEG was flat.



That means brain death.



I don't care if he's a bit retarded,

I just care for him to be alive.



Madam, your son is dead.









Should we call any relative of yours?



I'm lonely. My husband died

of a heart-attack two years ago.



There's only my mother-in-law

left. She's just a burden.



She had to give Juan her motorbike!



Damn motorbike!



I told him!



If you go on like that, something

bad is going to happen to you!



These things happen every day..



Every day?



I don't lose a son "every day"!



Swear it!






Swear that Juan is dead!



Nobody's ever asked us before..



Don't judge her..



Yes, madam, we swear.



Your son Juan is dead.



"..harmless against

approaching madness."



Every day I wear

something you bought for me.



Today I put on the boots

you bought me two years ago.



You had to help me take them off,

remember? Because I couldn't by myself.



When I saw them this

morning I thought of you



and wore them for you.



But they hurt.



Sometimes the memory

of you, like these boots,



hurts me so much

I cannot breathe.



I can't take them off.



Can you lend me     pesetas?



- I don't have it.

-    ? I need it.



- I've no change, sorry.

- Please..



If you help me take off these

boots I'll give you     .



Deal! Shall we go

to the stairs there?



- Where?

- In front of the fountain.



Come here.



Sit there.



- This one?

- Yes, that one first.



This way.



It's hard!



Push a little, like that..



How can I push?



No, wait a minute, look..



Give me back my leg!



Here it is!



Be careful, the heel

must go downwards



and the tip goes upwards, see?



Pulling that way.



It isn't moving.



Listen, please!






Stop it!



No, please, ouch!



Stop it, I'm getting all wet.



- I love the rain.

- I don't.



I'll go ask for a friend's help.



No, here's the money. Take it.



Thanks and goodbye.



- It's storming, isn't it?

- Yes. A coffee with brandy please.






I'll make a call.






National Organisation for Transplants.



This is Leo, Betty's friend.



Could you put her through?



No, she went to a seminar.



- In Madrid or out of town?

- In Madrid.



At the Hotel Escuela.



- As usual.

- Yes.



She'll be back tonight.



- Can I take a message for her?

- No, thanks.



Did your son care for the

problems of the society?



I don't know..



Well, he wanted to be a

conscentious objector



He hated violence,

intolerance and war, like everyone.



Then he cared

for other people.



He did.



Did he ever speak about death?



About death? He was only   !



We told you this, because..



some people choose

to donate their organs.



We would like to know if Juan..



A transplant?



This means there's still hope?



There is, but not for your son.



For other sick people.



Try to understand:



his organs will save others' lives.



In his case we can use everything



because he was young and

healthy, and so we'll save   lives.



But we need your

authorisation for this.



Please, I'm very upset already..



Someone told me

about it the other night,



but I can't allow you

to mutilate my son.



He won't be mutilated, it's

just an internal operation.



You won't notice anything.



I want to see my child!



Think about it.



The   % of the families we

ask, give their authorisation



and they find comfort in that.



We know what

we're talking about.



To whom are you giving his organs?



To anyone who needs them.



Even to an Arab, for example?



An Arab? we'll give them

to anyone who needs them



without distinction

of race or social class.



I read that some very rich Arabs



do business with everything!



Maybe in the Third World..



In Spain there's an overall plane



- Plan.

- Plane..



Overall Plan



for the Donation of Organs.



We work in

complete transparency.



But will they stay in Madrid at least?



We aren't allowed to tell you this.



I don't know..



Let me think about it, I'm too upset now.



I want to see my son.



We cannot wait.



Unfortunately there's not much time.



Take your time, instead.



..And if we can help you

in some way, let us know.



We are not here just to ask.



We were supposed to start from here..



It's never too late.



Let's go..



Manuela, you were wonderful.



Thanks, but too many tears, maybe?



On the contrary, your

acting improves with time.



I'm going to re-wind.



If you have comments,

speak and I'll stop the tape.



You, Roberto,



how did you feel?






Above all when Manuela didn't

want to understand brain death.



Not me, I'm a nurse.



But not everyone

knows what an EEG is.



Brain death is not

easy to explain



or understand.



At that point people are very upset



and ready to hang on to anything.



You can't speak

about donation, unless



they understood or accepted

their dear ones' death.



Therefore you have

to be clear and delicate.







I admit that the matter of the Arab



upset me. It made me mad.



Because you were

judging Manuela's reaction.



Not mine, Betty, but Juan mother's.



I'm not a racist.



Your denial was understandable.



And when I said "Plane" instead of "Plan"



I wanted to run away..



I thought I'd piss in my pants..



I understand that..



But you never have to judge

people. This is fundamental.



Pain and fear justify

every kind of reaction,



even the most exagerated ones.



Leo, what are

you doing here?



I had to see you. It won't take long.



- Problems?

- No, it's raining.



- It was about time.

- Wait for me at the bar, please.



See you, Leo.



What's the matter?



Help me take off these boots.



I can't.



But Leo..



Don't look at me like that.

I had no one else to ask.



Blanca, my maid, has the day off.



I called her but she wasn't at home.



Come on..



You're all wet.



- What a day, Betty.

- Sit down.



Come on, gimme this foot.



- It's hard!

- It is.



Paco bought them

for me two years ago.



That night he had to help me take

them off, cause I couldn't by myself.



The other one.



- I feel better.

- Leo, you can't go on like this.



Like what?



Other boots?



I can take off these.



You're too fragile.



What should I do, Betty?






Shall we dine out togehter?



If you can, I'll be happy.



And don't worry for me,

please. I don't feel so bad.



If I go on like this, I'll end

with the Anonymous Alcoholics.



Did you go see my

friend Angel of the "El Pais"?



Not yet.



- You don't care?

- I do, but I'm ashamed.



Bullshits. Angel is charming,

and a good friend of mine.



- Promise me you'll go tomorrow.

- Alright.



Did you tell him who I am?






Tell him yourself, if you want.



Betty, maybe it's the alcohol,

but everything looks so complicated..



Leo you must go out, get motivated!



You can't stay there all the

time waiting for Paco to call.



I wish I could, but I can't.



If you can't we'll look

for professional help.



I don't need it. I only need Paco.



Leo, you aren't the only woman

who has problems with her husband.



This doesn't make me feel better.



Blanca, I had to tell you

something, but I forgot what it is.



- Take your phosphor.

- Oh yes.



It doesn't help my memory

but it makes me horny.



Did you know that

phosphor is an aphrodisiac?



It is what?



Oh, I remembered..



If Mister calls, tell him

to call again tonight.



If he asks you how I feel,

lie to him and say I'm ok.



It's my son.



He came to help me carry the bottles.



Oh, I'm late.



Hi mom.



- Did you tell her?

- No.



What are you waiting for?



I can't leave her,

she needs me here.



Mom, this is an

opportunity not to be missed.



Who knows when

there'll be another one.



What opportunity?



If I don't see the

contract, I won't believe it.



You keep practising,

I'll take care of the rest.



I'm worried.



I don't get how a producer could

give you   million without guarantee.



Go empty the trashcan.



"I don't want anything



in change" he said?



Come on!



Tonio, why me?

I haven't danced for ages.



My kidneys are bad.



Stop it, mom.

You were the best!



I used to.



But it was a long time ago.






It's the place I prefer

here at the newspaper.



Yes, it's like its

heart and arteriae.



If this doesn't work,

El Pais doesn't work.



- Not only El Pais.

- Excuse me.



- Angel?

- It's me.



- I'm Leo.

- Leo who?



Leo Macias, Betty's friend.



Oh, yes Betty talked

to me about you.



What can I do for you?



I know it may sound ambitious,



but I'd like to write about

literature for your newspaper.



I told you it would sound ambitious.



A little ambition



will help the insert.

I want to refresh it a little.



- Did I read anything yours?

- No.



- Why, do I seem an illiterate?

- No, but I haven't published anything.



Of course I know I won't get the

job just because I'm Betty's friend..



Therefore I brought something

I wrote to give you an idea.



A novel..



and two essays.



Well, I don't want you to

waste more time. Thanks.



Not at all, let's go to my office.



- Where is the toilette?

- Over there.



Is this novel, "The Cold Store", yours?



- Sure.

- You didn't sign it.



I forgot.



- A coffee?

- Yes, please.



How long have you been writing?



I was   .



My family moved to

Stremadura for economic reasons.



In the road we lived there

were many illiterate people.



For three coins I read and wrote



our neighbours' letters.



I have never stopped

reading and writing since then.






- Want some?

- No thanks.



Are you a specialist in any

particular types of literature?



No, but I'd rather

write about what I like



and avoid Spanish

literature, if I can. Moreover..



Another request?






I'd like to write

under a pseudonym.



No problem.



But just to form an idea,

which authors do you like?



Women above all.



Adventurous, suicide...



crazy like Djuna Barnes,

Jane Bowles, Dorothy Parker,



Jean Rhys,

Flannery O'Connor, Virginia Woolf,



Edith Warton,

lsak Dinesen, Janet Frame..



One of the essays, "Life and

Sorrow", is about all of them.



That's why I could list them so fast.



I love female writers too.






What's your opinion on Amanda Gris?



How do you know it's a woman?



No one has ever seen her picture,



no one knows who it is.



You're right,



but her style is

typical of a woman,



exactly as Barbara Cartland's is.



I see you don't like

sentimental literature.



I do, but I don't think her works



are about feelings.



There's no pain, no sorrow,



only courtesy and

affected sensitiveness.



That's your opinion, not mine.



Would you tell me more

about that in   pages?



I'm afraid I'm not the

person you're looking for.



I hate Amanda Gris.



Even better.



For people like Amanda Gris, we usually

publish an article for and another against.



You'll write the one against her.



I don't want to write against anyone.



My life is already full of negativeness.



I don't want to add more to it



and even be paid for that.









What a jerk!



- Rosa, I'm Leo.

- Leo! Come in.



- What are those?

- Clothes.



Maybe they're not the best..



They are, and semi-new!



My child! My child is here!



- How are you, mom?

- Not too well.



She's in a bad mood.



What bad weather!

That's how Madrid is!



Bad weather? Bad nerves!



She gets angry all the time.



Shut up you louse-face!



Your sister believes I'm too

nervous and I make up things!



Don't fight please, I don't

care about the weather.



My legs are as heavy as lead.



You must walk, or you won't

be able to move anymore.



I can't already!



Don't you take her out?



She doesn't want to!



To be killed by a skinhead,



or run over by a car?



I heard that skinheads are after me..



Of course! You call

them pigs and hippies!



And they don't even carry weapons.



How can I tell skinheads from

yuppies since I can't see well?



Why  don't you go to see the oculist?



Here's the new Amanda Gris..



I can't read or crochet anymore!



But I can. This

"Anthology" is wonderful.



Come, these chairs

make my back hurt.



But your sister likes them



because they're

gilded. She's a real gipsy!



I loaf about all day.



I can't see anything.



The oculist said she

could operate her.



Your sister wants to lock

me up into an operating room.



I hate them!



I'll say no till I die!



When I'm dead you can

do anything you want.



Don't say that, mom!



And don't worry, it

won't take too long.



All that not to go to the oculist's!



Leo, an operation is like a melon.



Before you split it you

don't know whether it's good



or bad.



- You're right.

- What a philosopher!



Well, the philosopher is

going to the bathroom.



I'm constipated.

No glicerine, no poop.



Clear the way, or

you want me to jump?



- See how she is?

- Awful!



She has no patience.

If she doesn't evacuate



she uses a glycerine

suppository every day.



But I didn't offer you anything!



What was I thinking of?



I even cooked..



- Want some coffee? I was making some.

- Yes, please.



If you contraddict her,

she shows her teeth.



- She is getting aggressive.

- It's because of her age.



It's suffocating here for her.



She'll end up like her sister Petra



and like granny.

All insane.



It's in mom's blood!



Here's some calamaries.



No, I'll only have the coffee.



We'll end up like that too,

we have the same blood.



Have you see how she dresses?

She looks like a tramp!



How about some pudding?



- It's light, you can't say no.

- Okay.



- Here, take it.

- It's too much!



Rosa, please..



Okay, but only till

Santiago finds a job.



- How is he?

- Not too well.



He lives from day to day

and drinks more and more.



And with mom too, I'm in trap.



Rosa, I think I should

take her with me.



Don't even say that.



She's too much for you.



I'm used to her.



Someone is criticising me?



I don't listen. My head is still good.



I wish my feet were as good..



Your hands are cold.



Mom, why don't you put on

the dressing gown I bought for you?



It's too nice!



- But I bought it for you to wear it!

- Its place is in a drawer.



She'll be called a tramp.

I'm ashamed of her.



Your sister is never satisfied.



She's as extravagant

as my poor sister Petra.



- Just like her!

- You look like her!



- And granny!

- Who?



Enough with our genes!



I'll go back to my village.

I can't bother you from there.



Who said you're bothering us?



After lunch, if I fall asleep,



she wakes me up!



- Otherwise she doesn't sleep at night.

- She wants me to move!



What am I supposed

to do? Aerobics?



I wish I died. I wouldnt

bother you anymore!



Where did you put them?



She always hides everything!!



- What are you looking for?

- Peppers.



They're right in front of you!



See, I was right..



I can't see.



Blind or not, she wants

to go back to the village.



And as soon as possible!



I hate Madrid!



Mom, you can't live by

yourself at the village.



You need someone who takes

care of you and the house.






and searches my wardrobes and eats

my puddings! Don't even think about it!



Take the peppers.



You know I have a cook.



- Who knows if she can cook, the gypsy.

- Racist!



Wonderfully. And

she can iron too.



Paco says no one can

iron his shirts like her.



By the way, at war



no one takes care of him like

at home, don't you think, Rosa?



- Want some more pudding?

- No thanks.



-- I'll put it in a tupperware.

- Don't you worry, Rosa.



You look awful.



I'll put the calamaries in as well.



He went to war..



as if there aren't

enough problems already!



Put the tortilla in as well.



I pray for him, so nothing

bad happens to him.



Pray for me too.



Of course my child.

For you above all.



- But not for me.

- You're an atheist!



So what? I don't

prevent you form praying!



- Want a cookie?

- No thanks.



As a matter of fact,

I need some help



- with the taxes at the village.

- Of course.



Here you are.



And in a week it's

the kid's birthday..



He doesn't need anything.



He needs a pair of jeans,



he's always wearing the same

pair. He's a young man already.



and he's educated and serious!



Not like his sister, who

doesnt even wash her panties!



Her granny's her same mental age!



The calamaries!



Leocadia, she's

such a weight to me..



In front of you



is an anxious woman.



Djuna Barnes.



Leo, this is Angel.



Angel who?



Angel of "El Pais".



Sorry but I couldn't

wait till tomorrow.



Your essays and

novel enchanted me.



Really? You liked them?



Very much.



You aren't making fun of me?






Are you drunk?



Yes, and when I am I never lie.



Find yourself a pseudonym,

because we'll publish



"Life and Sorrow"

on the next insert.



Can I call you Leo?



Please do, Angel.



I love the title "Life and Sorrow"



It's a song by Bola de Nieve.



I know.. "If what's left

to me is only life and sorrow,



my love, don't let me live!"



Compare the Cuban

feeling to Djuna Barnes



is original and farsighted.



Yes it stroke me.



Do you have a publisher for the

novel? Otherwise I could help you.



I haven't thought about publishing it.



No? Why did you write it then?



For pleasure.



I adore to write.



Good. Come to see me

and we'll discuss work.



And forgive me about this morning.



I'm not evil,



but I can be a jerk sometimes.



Alright. Have a good night.



Paco? It's me.



Leo? What time is it?



It's early..



Early? It's almost midnight!



I was sleeping.

What's the matter?



I'm happy



and I wanted to

share it with you.



This morning I went to "El Pais" and..



Leo, are you drunk?



No, why?



Because you sound too happy



at this late hour.



It's not late in Madrid.



It's never late in Madrid



but I'm in Bruxelles.






I'll call you again tomorrow, to tell you all.



Are you ok?



Yes, my love.



Many kisses.



See you tomorrow.






I need to speak with

Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Arco, please.



He's not here at the

moment. Who wants him?



His wife, from Madrid.



Yes, tell him I called,

and to call me back, please.



Nothing else?



No, only that I want him to call me.



Alright. Bye.



Fine. Bye.



Leo! Finally!



Look, already a second edition!






- It took you long to come here..

- I was busy.



Last week I sent you a novel..



- Yes, I got it.

- And?



It's not an Amanda Gris novel.



Why did you change?



- Maybe I evolved.

- Why?



Because I'm alive.



But why change when

your books are best sellers?



Honey, our collection's

name is "True love",



and you send me the story of a mother



who finds out that her

daughter killed her father



after he tried to rape her!



And to hide his body,



she puts him in the cold store

of her neighbour, who's a restorer!



It's not easy to get rid of a body.



And her only concern

is to save her daughter.



Wouldn't you do anything for your children?



We're not talking children here,



but novels.



The ones suck life out of us.



The others help us live a little.



People buy our books to

forget about life's misery,



and to dream of a better

world, even if it's a fake one.



- Coffee?

- No thanks.



People living in hovels,



don't help anyone dream,



because they're like zombies.



Who wants to be like someone whose

job is to clean sick people in a hospital?



Whose mother-in-law is a

junkie and whose son is gay,



and who likes the blacks?



Did you go nuts, maybe?



Maybe, but that's reality, Alicia.






We've already lots

of "reality" at home.



Reality is good for TV and newspapers.



And see the result!



Thanks to "reality" our

country is about to explode.



Reality should be forbidden.



Alicia, don't change the subject.



If your son's a junkie it's nobody's fault.



That's none of your business!



Which reminds me.. Is it true that you

gave him      pesetas the other day?



Me? I don't even know him!



He knows you, he saw you here.



It's bitter!



I guess he stole it from

me. That's incredible.



He swore he met

you in the street



and you paid him to help

you take off your boots.



He makes up so many

stories.. He'll drive me crazy.



Was it your son?

He told the truth.



Really? And the strange

part is I believed him!



Let's go back to business.



When Alicia starts speaking

about drugs she never ends.



Of course.



Leo, we hired you

to write love stories.



There's a love story in the novel.



Which one? I didn't find any.



The one of the restorer,



who can't forget his wife,

even if they're divorced.



..And who decides to hire a killer

to assassinate his mother-in-law,



so he can see his wife at her funeral



and try to convince her

to go back home with him?



Yes, that one.



Because you think that the best

way to get in touch with a woman



is kill her mother?



II know it sounds absurd,

but a real event inspired me.



It happened in Puertorico.



You're kidding me.



I'm not.



And I'm sorry if you

didn't like the novel.



Wait a minute.



There's a problem, Leo.



A big problem.



Your contract says you must send us



five love stories a year



for the next three years.



To remind you:



"Stories of love and

luxury in a various scenario"



"Suggestive atmosphere,

no obscenity, winter sports"



"Shining sun, exclusive neighbourhoods"



"High officials, Ministries, yuppies"



"No politics"



"No social awareness"



"As many illegitimate

children as you want"



"And happy endings".



And the contract includes



how many millions you

were paid in advance.



And your requests: we

can't use your real name,



we can't reveal it,

and we can't show



any pictures of you.

And no interviews.



We accepted everything,



and respected the contract.



But you didn't, and that's the problem.



The problem is with colour.



Leo, speak clearly. Don't

play riddles with me.



I can no longer write love stories.



They come out noir. I try,

but my pages are all noir.



Bullshits! You've written

love stories for    years!



You can't forget how

to do it so suddenly!



The whole world

can change suddenly.



I'm leaving.



But darling.. would you like to try again



before TomÔs sues you up

for not fulfilling your contract?



Think of your villa, your independence,

your journeys to the Caribbeans,



your collagen and beauty massages..



your poor family

and your anonymity..



Good-bye Alicia.



Don't play games, Leo!






I only try to be

clear and sincere



not forced by a contract.



Speak with your lawyer. He'll tell

you what you're going to face with.



You can't leave us like that!



If TomÔs sues you up, the whole

world will know you're Amanda Gris!



Have you thought about it?



This'll advertise the

second edition of "Anthology"



A nice scandal indeed



if everyone knew

who her husband is.



Sue her up, TomÔs!



The only thing I recognise in Amanda Gris



is the fact she hides behind a pseudonym.



We don't know much

about how she writes



Does she use pens

or does she type?



Truman Capote

used to distinguish



between writers and typists.



We wonder if Amanda

Gris is just a good typist.



Fiction is her field.



but it's nothing to

do with creativity.



When I say "fiction"



I mean "lies".



It's so powerful!



- Who's that?

- This is Leo, open up.



Leo, I'm leaving.



Why didn't you call?



I did, but the line was busy.



You could wait.



I couldn't, but I'll leave if you want.



Come in.



- Hi Leo.

- Hi Betty.



I wouldn't disturb you if I

didn't have a serious problem.



I have a problem too.



We could swap.



Thanks alot! I

thought we were friends!



If we're friends, why don't

you ask me what the matter is?



You didn't give me time!



I came here because you're the

only person who knows about Amanda Gris.



But yes, you look weird Betty.



What happened? Come on, let's go.



Tell me everything.



- I can't.

- You can't?



No. Problems at work.



That's two of us then.



Shall we drink something?



The phone.



- What?

- Phone's ringing, don't you hear it?



Yes, but I'd rather

go and take the drinks.



- Shall I get it?

- No, don't worry, I'll get it.



Hello? Hey, what a surprise!



Yes, she's here.



I'll put her through.



Leo, it's for you.



- Who's that?

- Leo?



Paco! How did you know



I was here?



I called home and

you weren't there.



So I thought you were at Betty's



How intuitive!



You always tell me that if

I can't find you at home



I have to look for you all over town.



I like that..



How come you went to Betty's?



I have a problem, I'll tell you later.



But tell me, do you

have any rocks for me?



Yes, of course.



Many rocks here for you too,

as many as the Grand Canyon.



Okay, but tell me what happened..



I broke up with "Fascination".



I won't go into details,

they're too complicated,



and I suppose you have no time.



I don't..



But you can tell me

all in person in   days.






Yes, I got a    hours permission.



- You did?

- Yes.



You don't know how

much I need to see you.



This time everything

will be alright, I promise.



It won't be like in Bruxelles.



I hope so.



But Leo don't cry, my love.



I'm emotioned,

I'm crying for joy.



Here, I stopped now.



I can control myself, see?



I do. Say hi to Betty.



Paco says "hi".



- Hi from me too.

- From her too.



How is she?

- She has some problems, poor thing.



- What kind of problems?

- I don't know, she couldn't tell me.



- What's the matter?

- I've had enough.



She's had enough.

Problems at work.



- Really?

- Yes.



So it seems, at least.



Well, I have to go

now. Many kisses, love.



From me too,

honey. Many rocks.



It's strange for Paco

to call here, isn't it?



I wasn't at home, and he

know's you're my only friend.



Is he coming?



Yes, in three days.



You better square things

up with him, this time..



Don't cry, don't scream, listen to him.



Behave like an adult.



There'll be no fights, I swear.



And what's this things of the rocks?



You asked Paco if he had rocks for you..



It means "I love you".



We were just married..



We were walking down a street



and we saw the advertising

for the bathroom suite's "Rock"



and the slogan said "I want you, Rock".



From that time onwards, when

we're on the phone in front of someone



and we don't want them to

understand, we say "A rock" or "Many rocks"



to mean we love each other.






Blanca, I'm here!



- I found it!

- Finally!



You took it to the dry

cleaner's two weeks ago.



I completely forgot.

I'm not well, Blanca.



I've been looking for my onyx

earrings since this morning.



They're on the chest of drawers.



Then look for them please,

as I can't see them.



I don't like jewels to disappear from here.



Neither do I.



No one gets in here but me.






Leo? This is Angel.



How bad!



Could you come here?

Let me know plese.



Where's the dam cordless..



I've just read in an interview

we're going to publish on our next insert,



that Bigas Luna is preparing a movie based



on a similar story



- To your "The Cold Store".

- Hello? Angel, I'm here.



What's the matter?



You seem weird.



I've got the speaker on.



Do you know a scriptwriter

called Juan Jose Bures?



No, sorry.



He wrote a script

which looks like your novel,



and Bigas Luna will

shoot a film out of it.



Really? What a coincidence!



It can be coincidence or plagiarism.



I don't think so.



Nobody read it but you.



But is it copyrighted?









I didn't mean to

have it published.



Honestly, Leo, I

don't understand you.



Are you sure you

didn't plagiarize yourself?






I've nothing against plagiarism,

unless I'm the plagiarized one, or you!



Okay. I'm coming there.



You didn't answer my question..



I know..



Well, I'm coming.



Madam, I can't find the earrings.



Hi.    Miguel Yuste Road, please.



He published it!



"Is Amanda GRis just a

typist?" By Paz Sufrategui.



"Amanda Gris, or the

Alexandre Dumas of sentimental novels".



By Pachy Derm.



I wonder who

Pachy Derm is..



Welcome, Paz Sufrategui.



No one has to know.



Thanks for publishing my

article. It made me happy.



As a matter of fact,

who's the other one?



Pachy Derm?



Here it is..



That cannot be..



Do you think I exagerated?

Is it too twisted?



To write is a serious thing,

even for Amanda Gris.



But you don't like her very much..



Tomorrow there's a yelling

contest in Colmenar de Oreja.



You must come, it's too fun,



- you'll enjoy it alot.

- I can't.



Maybe you prefer a demonstration

of students in medicine?



You could write an article about them..



Tomorrow I'll be very busy.

My husband is coming home.



Oh, there's a husband..



I knew that "there

was a gulf between us",



as Amanda Gris would say..



This reminds me of Billy

Wilder's "The Apartment".



Me too.



In this film, Shirley McLane loves



someone she thinks

she's in love with,



and doesnt love the one

she's in love with for real.



Unfortunately, I love someone



I believe I'm in love with.



Blanca, how do I look?



Very sexy, madam!



You think?



I'm not sure..






It's Antonio.



Oh, when Paco arrives you can go,



and please don't dome back

before tomorrow afternoon.



Madam, tomorrow afternoon

I'll be reharsing with my son.



Then come back in two days.



I'd like to stay alone with

my husband for a whole day.



Of course! And have a lot of sex!



Everyone's waiting for you.



Let them wait, I'm working.



Dam it! Who do you think you are?



This house comes before everything else!



Your son should!



What's happening?



I heard a noise.



Madam I need to

ask you for a favour.



Don't listen to him.



Shut up, woman!



Hey, you don't speak

like that to your mother.



I'm sorry.



I'm already nervous

enough. I need a drink.



- Want some, Antonio?

- Yes, please.



So, tell me..



Everyone is waiting for us..



There's an important manager

who only came because of my mother.



Don't involve Madam in our

problems. She already has her own.



What's the problem? You

should take her with away?






What are you waiting for, Blanca?



But I..



She's scared because

she hasn't danced for ages.



But I must finish the paella!



I'll do it, Blanca!



No, you're out of your mind..



Wow, she's harsh..



Come on, I only have to add rice to it..



Alright. If Mister is late,



wrap it in tinfoil.



He likes it very hot.



- Go now, and good luck!

- You too!



God bless you!



Enough with drinks.



Let me close the door..



I'll stay like this all the time.



- Is Blanca in?

- No.



We're alone.



If you want to see her, stay

till.. where are you going?



In the kitchen, I need

to iron a few shirts.



I'll iron them.



Not so well as she does, though..



There's not much time.



I agree.



Look what's here..






I made it..



Well, Blanca did,

but I added the rice.



It's cold.



I'm not..



I'll heaten it up in the microwave..



I don't like it heatened.



I'm sorry..



I didn't know what

time you would arrive,



because you



didn't bother to let me know.



I'm sorry, don't

get mad. It's alright.



Then kiss me.



I'm going to shower.



I've had the same clothes all day.



But after that we need to talk.



I have to tell you a lot of news.



But I can wait.



Go shower first, as it's so important..



Then we'll make love.



Then we'll have some rest.



And then we'll make love again.



And then we'll see.



Come here, I'll help you.



Okay? Like that..



Hey, take it easy!



Let's go to the bedroom..



You better do something,,



or I'll jump on the first man I see.



It's because of the phosphor.



- Which phosphor?

- You don't remember?



I take it for my memory.



I think it's an aphrodisiac.



If you don't come home soon

next time, I'll start writing erotic novels.



Paco, what's wrong?






You're avoiding me.



I'm not,



but I have to tell you something.



- What?

- Calm down.



- I'm calm.

- No, you aren't.



So, what the hell is the matter?



Promise me you won't get mad first.



- Who gets mad?

- You!



Don't yell and don't weep.



Who's yelling? Who's weeping?






I don't have a whole day's permission.



I must be in Torrejˇn in two hours.



Then I'll take a plane to Split.



- Two hours?

- Yes, I must return earlier.



That cannot be!



- War started back.

- That's what you say!



Leo, don't act like a baby.



I'm a military, do I have to

explain my duties to you?



You're also my husband! Do I have

to explain your duties towards me?



You promised to put

aside our problems,



at least till the war was over!



I'm very sorry! But

I'm not made of stone.



You can't let me get

mouldy in the freezer!



Why don't you try to

understand the situation?



There's nothing to understand.



Your journey comes

before everything else.



I'm trying to save the

lives of many people!



Why don't you save my life?



Leo, I'm talking about innocents,



who have nothing to eat, who

are killed for a crust of bread..



who have no electricity,

no medicine.. No hope.



You're talking about me.



Your selfishness

beats everything!



Can't you stop thinking

about yourself for a moment?



No! And you're a bastard



because you use the misfortunes

of the Bosniac people as an excuse!



You joined the peace force



to escape from the

war we had at home.



And the only victim

of this war is me.



At the same moment

when you decided



to join the NATO International Force



you were separating from me.



You could have stayed

at the Ministry of Defence,



if you wanted,



at least till we

solved our problems.



But you escaped from me.



Why don't you admit it?



Answer to me!



I hate you!



If I only could keep hating you like this!



I'd find the courage to give up my life!



God, I don't believe

in you, but help me.



- Are you already leaving?

- Yes.



Paco, please, I'm speaking to you.






- Aren't you even having lunch?

- No.



Anything else?






You still owe me    minutes

out of those two hours.



Paco, I'm begging you to

give me at least    hours.



Anywhere, any way,

but soon. Let me know.



I don't think I could

bear you for    hours.



Don't you think we could speak

in tranquillity, like two adults?






Before you leave, tell

me what our situation is.



I don't know.



I must know if you

care to save our marriage.



Despite all, I do.



Should I consider the

fact you opened the door



as a "no"?



Leo, don't torment me.



Can't you see I'm

blocked and I cannot speak?



The great strategist!



You're supposed to be

specialised in conflicts..



Yes, but no war compares to you.






Sometimes I'm slow

to understand things.



Answer me once for all.



Is there the slightest chance



for us to save our relationship?






Not one.



Leo darling, are you there?



Or are you busy?



There's no haste, but

I have to talk to you.



I just need a minute.

Call me please, ok?



Are you sure you aren't there?



Leo, my child, are you there?



I'll wait a while, hoping for

you to pick up the phone.






I had a fight with your sister.

I'm going back to the village.



I wanted to say bye bye.



I feel so down, my child.



I'm so nervous!



Call me.



And don't listen to what

your sister Rosa says.



Are you there?



I wish I could

say bye bye to you.



I can't see well, my child.



Yours. Mom.



Want me to zap?



Yes, please.



From now on Felipe

is going to cure your fever!



Felipe will be pleased



to cure your diseases!






What happened?



All the students here



have the same thought



We don't want dirty deals

because we work alot!



A dirty deal here,

a dirty deal there,



Dirty deals everywhere!






So, how are you?






What are we doing here?



This is my new apartment.



- I don't remember anything.

- I do.



I remember all and

want to blackmail you.






Look out of the window..



I think I was drunk

and said too much.



You did, and you told me

"the flower of your secret",



as Amanda Gris would say.



I'll pretend I'm not a journalist.



But on a condition..



Which one?



Promise me you'll never do it again,



and share your secrets with me.









Leo! Betty!



You scared me.



I scared you? That's incredible!



And you still do. What

are you doing here?



I looked for you all night. Where were you?






I called everyone, the

hospitals, the police..



Don't yell please.

I have a headache.



- A beer to cheer us up?

- No thanks, I want to stop drinking.



- Betty?

- No thanks.



- You need a tranquilizer.

- There aren't any.



I took them last night.



I was right then! You

swallowed a whole tube!



Half a tube, but I don't

want to talk about it.



That's your problem! You never

want to talk about anything!



Am I missing something?



Are you missing something?



Don't you wonder how I got in

here? Who gave me the keys?



Paco did!



And the other day,



when he called me, weren't you surprised?



Didn't he call me?



When will you face reality?



What does it take

for you to face reality?



That you don't hide it to me.



How am I supposed to,

when a simple pair of boot



makes you fall down?



What are you doing!



Paco has tried to

talk to you for years.



But when he tries you

start screaming like hell,



and Paco isn't so cruel.



Why didn't you tell me

then? You're experienced.



Experienced? In what?



In bad news.



You even organize seminars.



- Well, I have just told you.

- Fine.



Fine, you told me.



And now go away please.



I won't go away.



Because I broke up with Paco.



And I did it for you.



When he told me about

your fight, last night,



I told him off because he

left you alone in that state.



He said that's your usual state,



but I know you, and

I knew how you felt.



So I took his keys



and came here to stay with you.



When I saw the vomit and the

empty tube I feared the worst.



You don't know how bad I felt!



- Does he know?

- Yes.



He called this morning from the airport,



before taking the plane.



- Is he really going to Split?

- Yes.



He should be there by now.



How long have you been lovers?



A little before he moved to Bruxelles.



He came to see me.



You were going through a crisis



and he couldn't stand

seeing you suffer that much.



He didn't love you anymore,

but he dared not tell you.



He came to me as I'm your

friend and a psychologist.



But exactly because I'm your friend



I couldn't accept him as a patient.



I gave him a colleague's number



but I don't know if he ever called him.



He kept seeing me,



he found comfort in my friendship.



And one day, I don't know how,



we found ourselves

in each others' arms.



The phone..



I can hear it.



Don't you get it?



You get it.



It's for you.



Tell him I'm back and I understood.



But wait for me to be outside.



Leo, is that you?



- No, this isn't Leo.

- This is her mother!



Put her through please,

I need to talk to her.



Of course.



It's your mother.



Yes mom? I was about to call you.



My child, I feel so bad. If

your father only could..



Shut up you louse-face!



I'm going back to

the village, to my house,



because even a beggar

is the master in his own house!



Alright mom,

I'll come with you.



I'll come and take you

as soon as possible.



Are you coming too? What a joy!



Leo, nobody sent her away..



Your husband did!



Santiago just said



he doesn't have to ask for her

permission to drink in his own house.



- And she called him a drunkyard!

- That's what he is!



- You're brainless!

- You are!



You wish I never spoke!



She treats me like a dog!



Rosa, mom, please don't raise your voices.



She said not to raise your voice!



I'm coming.



Give me that!



She hung up!



She seemed weird,

I'm a little worried.



And I'm worried about

you. You'll make me die.



Why don't you come with us?



How could I?



And how can I leave you here,

with all the problems you have?



You'll drive me crazy.



Guess whom you remind me of..



My sister Petra, her spitted image!



May she rest in peace..



The same crazy look..






Some ham then?



No, I can't.



When you

decided to lose weight



you started looking dull.

You made me say that.



Angel, don't ever start a diet.



Don't worry madam, I like to eat.



You look great the way you are.



As a child she was chubby.



When she was born her

weight was    pounds.



She took me two days of labour.



She was all puffed!



Thanks God my mother-in-law, who was a pearl,



said we had to take

the baby to the yard.



"But it's freezing out there" I said.



It's cold in the yard in winter.



Well thanks to that pearl,



the baby was taken outside,



then she reacted to

the cold and was saved.



Do you remember, Leocadia?



How could I remember that, mom?



No, I meant do you remember the

nursery rhyme I told you at the village?



"What a nice morning, Leo".



"The sun is shining,"



"the flowers spread their scent."



"The trees make their noise."



"Singing from branch to branch"



"the birds fly happily."



"Their song enchants me,"



"and we can hear the bleating"



"of the tender sheep"



"who look like snowflakes"



"in the grass."



"Here is a hut,"



"where some shepherds live."



"There is a white house,"



"whiter than a lily."



"A bit farther there's a farm."



"Behind the farm

there's an orchard."



"Behind the orchard there's a house."



"Behind the house a Church."



"Oaks are on the hill."



"The valley is full of fruit-trees."



"There are high trees along the river."



"Don't you know what it is?"



"It's my village".



I saw the car and

thought: that's Jacinta!



How are you? What

are you doing here?



- But that's Leo!

- Yes, she came with me.



Here she is.. Hey what's wrong?



Nothing, she probably stumbled.



Don't worry Jacinta, it's alright.



Open the door.



Don't worry madam, it's nothing.



This way.



You didn't even touch your soup.



What's wrong, Leo?



I'm going insane, mom.



You aren't. Your sister is, not you.



I am instead, like aunt,



like granny. Insane.



It's because of Paco, isn't it?



I knew it..



How bad, my child.



So young and already

like a cow without her bell.



A cow without her bell?



Yes, lost,



bewildered, messed up, like me.



Like you?



I'm a cow without her bell too,



but at my age it's pretty normal.



That's why I want to live here.



When a woman loses her husband,



because he dies or he

goes with another woman,



she must return to her hometown.



Go to the church,



enjoy the fine weather with

her neighbours, pray with them,



even if she's an atheist.



Otherwise she'll get lost,



like a cow without her bell.



My child..



It wasn't easy for me to bring you up.



What are these?






- And those?

- Pins.



- Remember that proverb?

- Which one?



The one which goes like

"Jealousy is like a thousand needles"



"which prevent me from living".



"If you want to know about jealousy"



"you better ask me".



And me.



Tell me about aunt Valentina..



- She drowned herself in the pit.

- She killed herself?



Yes. Somebody found

her a few days later



and called her children.



They took her out of there.



Unfortunately, I

don't remember her.



She was wonderful, she

told me so many secrets!!



Yes, she was a good woman, but lonely.



Yes, she was great.



Why don't you sing me a song?



- A song?

- Come on!



A song to cheer me up.



The one which goes

like: "I'm from Almagro"..






I'm from Almagro



I come from the rich village,



where everyone has lots of money



and eat grilled eggplants..



Leocadia, on the phone.



Is it for me?



Yes, aren't you Leocadia?



- Who's that?

- I don't know.



- A man or a woman?

- A woman.



Leo? Alicia here.



Alicia! Who gave

you this number?



You did, for the invoice.



Oh yes, the invoice.



We love your two novels!



They're the best thing you've written

since the Amanda Gris series started.



I am glad to hear that.



And tell me.. I read that

someone is shooting a film



whose plot looks like The Cold Store's..



Yes, I read that too.



Isn't that strange?



I don't know..



And TomÔs, who is

naughty, wondered..



Maybe you sold it to someone

else using a different name?



Me? When you rejected

it I locked it in a drawer.



- Maybe someone stole it?

- No.



But Alicia, are you sure

that no one stole it from you?



You're the only one

who has a copy of it.



Who could steal

a novel from me?



Your son, the junkie.



He must be used to that.



And it takes an

hour to photocopy.



But it isn't worth a

cent. It isn't copyrighted.



It isn't?



No, as it's crap..



But certain crap

needs copyrighting!



Well, I'll ask my son.



We better forget about it, okay?



The only thing which matters

is for Amanda Gris to be back.



Yes, that's important.



Leo, what a surprise!



Listen, did you give my

number to Fascination?



Yes, why?



They received two

novels by Amanda Gris,



but I didn't write or send them.



But you didn't

tell them, did you?



Of course not.



Thank goodness!



Did you write

them by any chance?



Yes. Don't tell me they noticed

the difference and rejected them?



No they loved them!



What a cheek, though!

Why didn't you tell me?



I was afraid that

you wouldn't approve.



Forgive me Leo, and

be happy: you're free!



When are you coming to Madrid?



Soon, unfortunately.



Paco is taking the steps to divorce.



Call me.



"I'm burning with desire to see you"



Yes, I'll call you.



But I don't like for

you not to have told me.



I'm dead!



I'm not surprised,



considering your weight!



Thanks Angel, but I don't

want to take advantage.



I've  served other writers before.



But no one has ever

written for me before.



There's a first time for everything.



What about you?



I've always wanted

to write love stories!



You're so frivolous!



And how long will

you go on with that?



At least till your

contract is over.



And what do you want in change?



I haven't thought about

that, but if you insist..



I do.



Well, as my agent you'll

get   % of my income,



and the rest is for me.

Do you feel better now?



Yes. Do you?



I feel as you want me to feel.



Madam, why didn't

you tell me you'd come?



And why didn't you tell me

you were such a great artist?



Now I feel like I

took advantage of you..



- Madam, you helped us alot.

- Did I?



More than you know.



- Do you know each other?

- Yes we speak on the phone.



She keeps me posted.



And when did you arrive?



I came here directly.



Really, Blanca you were so.. so.. so..



- Come on! Antonio!

- Your son, oh my god!



He's so.. so.. so..



Antonio, come here.



Look who's here..



What's wrong?






No, there's something.



In the dressing room

you were radiant,



and now you're about to cry.



Am I so unpleasant?



No, but you reminded me of Paco.



Three years ago, in Athene.



It's not like in Madrid, there

aren't many bars there.



We were walking along the street



and Paco saw a cardboard box

and started kicking it like you did.



He looked like a child.



It's the only good memory

I have of that journey.



From now on, football

is officially forbidden!



Only dancing is allowed.



If a spinning top can dance,



I can dance too.



Did you get hurt?



- Every bone is broken.

- Don't even say that.



Help me, come on!



Any better?



Do you remember "Casablanca"?



When Ingrid Bergman enters

Rick's Bar for the first time?



They sit at the same table.



Bogart is stiff,

petrified by emotion.



Ingrid asks him



if he remembers the

first time they met.



It was in Paris.



Bogart replies, impassive:



"I'll never forget that day."



It was the day when the

German army occupied Paris.



"They wore grey uniforms,

and you were in blue."



You were in blue as well when

were escaping from your life,



and entered mine.



I don't want to remember that day.



I'll never forget it.



Let's go, I'll take you

home. You're drunk.



Stay with me.



No, I must go to my house.



- By yourself?

- Yes.



You're so strong now..



I preferred you when you were fragile.



I am still.



I didn't drag my bags

to my place all by myself



because I like it.



I'm not strong at all.



But I must learn

to live without Paco.



Let's go drink something together.

Alcohol will give you courage.



I must also learn to live without alcohol.



Without Paco and no alcohol.



And the sooner, the better.



I'm not going to answer.



I'm Antonio.



- Antonio?

- Can I come in?



Antonio, what's the matter?



My mother insisted for

me to bring you some food.



She shouldn't have

bothered at this hour..



Did you know I stopped drinking?



But if you want

some I'll have a little too.



Do you want a drink? Say yes.



There's no ice, though.



- Are you staying here tonight?

- Yes, I want to try and sleep.






Yes, why?



Would you like me to stay?



Antonio, don't tempt me.

Finish drinking then leave.



I must tell you something..



What's it about..



I stole something from you.






A few jewels, nothing

too important though.



When I was out?



No, you were in the house.



I took advantage of your memory

loss to take as much as I could.



Oh, I also took the

draft of your novel,



"The Cold Store",

and my colleague



typed it and

sold it to a producer.



The one who's shooting the film!



Yes, I read that.



Then it was you..



But I'm not a thief.



Of course not..



I needed the money



to put on the show.



The school of dance wasn't enough.



And did your mother

steal from me too?



My mother? My mom's an antitheft!



When she found

out.. Do you remember



The day when Don Paco arrived?



Very well.



We had a fight that day.



Yes the day of the paella.



We had a fight because she found out.



She didn't want to dance anymore!



My mother loves you very much.



I love her too.



Every day she reminds me



that we're in debt with you.



Oh, and tonight you

came here to pay for it?



And how much sex would it take?



How much am I worth for you?



Please madam, don't say that.



I'll give you all the money back.



There's no need for that.



You used it for the wonderful show

I watched tonight. That's a great thing.



You think?



That's life.



It's cruel, paradoxical..



unpredictable but fair!



If you say that..



Well, should I stay

or should I leave then?



Leave before I lose my head



and forget I'm a lady!



And thanks Antonio.



What for?



Because you gave a reason

to the darkest period of my life



and also made me forget about Paco.



I haven't thought

about him for    minutes.



Can I come in?



Of course..



This reminds me of the

end of "Rich and Famous".



Two writers, both women,



are drinking alone,



away from the world,

in front of a fireplace.



Okay, but you don't drink anymore,



and it's New Year's Eve in the film.



Pour me a drink and let

me take care of the rest.



Kiss me.



If it's New Year's Day I

want to touch a human body.



And yours is the

only body available.


Special help by SergeiK