Fritz The Cat Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fritz The Cat script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ralph Bakshi movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fritz The Cat. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fritz The Cat Script





Hey, yeah. The 1960's?



Happy times, heavy times.



All right, so you get

your daughter, right?



She might be Catholic,

Jewish, anything.



So you bring her up

in what they call...



the bourgeois,

American-type-society family.



Bring them up so they don't

screw until they get married.



You take them to church

on Sunday.



Teach them all you can

about bringing up a family...



how you should look and act...



then you send them to college.



You bust your hump.

No government subsidy.



Nobody's paying nothing.



You save your money,

or you borrow the money...



you work overtime,

you send her to college.



You want her

to get an education.



The first Easter

she comes home on a vacation...



she says, "Hey, Dad,

I'm living with some guy."



"You're living with some guy?

What do you mean?"



"This is the thing now.

Free love."



We're getting away

from the original point.



What we're trying to find is,

why are these bastards rioting?



Because they did dope.



Listen, you're going

in the wrong direction.



What of it?



What happens is, look,

I'm sending you to school...



I'm breaking my ass to send you

to college, right?



I expect you're going

to learn something.



Why be a janitor?

Learn something.



To justify my investment in you.



But some of these people

revel in the fact...



that their kids are leaders,

are rabble-rousers.



This son of a bitch

just started a riot.



These kids think

they're the first generation...



that ever screwed

before they got married.



We all did,

but we always had one girl.



She screwed...

that girl you took out.



It's better off

these kids don't get married...



because they haven't got

the guts to stick with it.



Hey, you fucking intellectuals



You think

you're so where it's at



Before you fill your minds

with any junk



Better listen to Fritz the Cat



'Cause writers and poets

and artists



It's your duty

to live life to the most



So fly out, brothers,

and check out the world



Give me a ride to the coast



Fritz the Cat



He fought many a good man



Laid many a good woman



Live life to the fullest



Cry out for more

until it bleeds



Help me,

help me help you, mother...



Love me,

I hate you, love me



I kill you, love me



I love you



What a mob in the park today.



God, the place

is crawling with phonies.



Yeah, high school punks.



Those creeps are always here

on weekends, man.



Most of them are total jackoffs.



So many people here

and nobody here.



-Dig that chick, man!

-Over there?



Man, look at that ass on her!



-What a baby carriage.

-So what, man?



If you hadn't showed up so late,

we'd be all right now.



Fritz always does it, man.



Everybody's here with

their guitars already.



Sixteen versions

of "Lemon Tree."



I just want someplace

where I can sleep.



I mean, I can cook.



I can sew and do housework

and things like that.



Get out the guitars.



Come on, get them out.



And one, two, three.



Once I had a little girl



Who was in love with me



Well, well, baby,

I know, I know



Yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah



Oh, mama, mama,

singing it, ho



Dumb chicks.



-Easily impressed by spades.

-lt's the thing, man.



Look, I'm gonna split.



I'll see you guys later.



Yeah, hang loose, Fritz.



I've read everything

James Baldwin's written.



He has a true sense of

the problems of black people.



I worked for Head Start

for free last summer.



Black kids

are so much groovier.



I went to a couple of

Black Panther meetings.



The time for

non-violent revolution is past.



More power to the people!



I'm taking a course

in African studies at school.



I had no idea you people

were so civilized.



Do you know

that property values...



actually go up when

a black family moves in?



Freud didn't write

for the black man.



Why does a great actor

like James Earl Jones...



always have to play black men?



Don't you hate it when people

say "Colored" or "Negro"...



and not "Black"?

Black is beautiful.



It's so great that black people

wear their hair natural...



not emulating

the image of beauty...



white people inflict upon them.



I had a black girlfriend once

who said that Jewish people...



were the closest

to black people.



I'm Jewish, you know.



I ain't no jive-ass

black nigger, honey.



Who do you think I am?




Oh, God!



Oh, Jesus!



How awful.



My soul is tormented.




-Oh, no.



I've been up and down the four

corners of this big old world.



I've seen it all!

I've done it all!







I've fought many a good man,

laid many a good woman.



I've had riches and fame

and adventure.



Stood face to face with danger

and death countless times.



Are you somebody famous?



I think I saw you

in a movie once.



Try not to interrupt, huh?



I've tasted life

to the fullest...



and still my soul cries out...



in this hungry, tortured,

wrecked quest, "More!"



-Look at the good side of life.

-Things aren't all bad.



Gee, he's handsome.



You. You can help me.



You must save me.



By so doing, you, too,

will be saved.



I'd like to, but what can I do?



Lovely set of eyes there.



Little sweet one

with your heart of gold...



I know of a place

where we can be alone...



to join our souls

in sacred truth.



I want to be in on this thing.



What about my soul,

you fink?



Four in bed...that's a kick

I haven't tried yet.






Yes. Together

we shall all learn...



the real existential essence

of the life force.




I heard that word once.



-What's it mean?

-"Cool," stupid.



You are a true genius, Fritz.



Wild, this is wild.



Oh, honey, I could go...



I'll get it. God damn it.



What's happening, man?



Fritz the Cat has become

the stud of the year.



We're having a session here now,

so I don't know.



Anybody using that room?



That's the john,

I mean...



if you're really

strung out, man.



We'll take it.

This way, group.



Come along, now,

step lively.



Watch your step.



That's a girl.







A new world of experience

awaits us, my loves.



This bathtub

is now transformed...



into a space capsule

of truth and love.



Wow! This is wild!



Only in naked closeness

can we all know each other.



Yes! Right!

Very good, Winston, darling.



"Naked closeness," true.

You are a perceptive girl.




we must all get very close...



as close as possible,

as a matter of fact.



That's right.

Let's all get close together.



Oh, boy.



Closeness and fulfillment

of our hidden desires...



through which

we reach the truth.



Fulfillment is important.

Don't you think so, Winston?



Ooh, yes.

Very important.



Now I'm getting to the truth,

I think, yes.



It's all very clear now.



OK, Winston.

Here come the truth.



You got the word.

Oh, Fritzy.



You got such

an existential little body.



Jeez. Wow.



Oh, shit!

Maybe we better go, huh?



No! Not at all!

You get down over here.



And you down like that.

Right under here.



Watch the foot.



Right under here.



Ready, everyone.

Here we go.



Hey, Ralph,

I think this is the place...



we got the report on

with these kids upstairs...



doing the shit and smoking,

I think.



Tell me what to do.

I never went in before.



Because you're a rookie

and this is your first beat...



you just follow me.

We walk up the steps.



We don't make any noise.



You follow me slowly, got that?



I do. Like Dick Tracy.



No, it's like

Terry and the Pirates.



Dick Tracy's old hat.



Now, let's go inside.



Wait. Could I get

to search the girls?




I've done enough of that.



Here we go.



And watch me,

'cause I'm a natural in action.



Up the steps.



Hey, man.



What the hell's

going on in here?



For Christ's sake,

what do you want?



For Christ's sake...



Fritz is having his own

private little orgy.



Move over, man.



Will you get out of here?

We're seeking the truth!



It's my bathtub, man.



Don't pay attention

to that Fritz.



He got a Jesus complex.



Oh, I know it.



Have some joy puff,

sweet little bird.



Hello, New York.



Heard you're having

a hash session here.



Wow, this is where it's at.



Yes, man, come join us.



Good stuff and lots of it, man.



Only close the door.

We're modest.



Har har har.

The guy's a riot.



Oh, God, I'm there.



You really there?

How is it?




-How is it?



That's funny.

I'm not there anymore.



Oh, shit.



I'm a writer.

Let's talk about it.



Ever made it

with an aardvark before?



It's a rare opportunity.

We're scarce.






I can't tell

if I'm there or not.



How do you tell?



You'll know when you are.



Oh, balls.

lt doesn't work for me.



I'm a failure

as a pot smoker.



Don't be sad.



Someday you'll make it.




Shh. I think we're here.



Do you hear anything, Ralph?



It sounds like a bunch

of degenerates in there.



Now, listen, Ralph,

you got the deeper voice.



And I want you to yell,

"Open the fucking door."



Say the word "Fucking" because

that makes you sound tough.



When I say three,

you yell, "Open..."



I'm even gonna ad-lib.



No ad-libbing, Ralph.



Let me call them pre-verts.



What's a pre-vert?



A pre-vert is a degenerate,

didn't you know that?



A pre-vert's a degenerate?



Didn't you have no bringing up?



I got bar-mitzvahed.



You ain't supposed

to laugh, Ralph!



This is a serious job

and we're getting paid for it.



Cut the fucking shit out.



Let's go.



All right.



Open up in there!

It's the law! Hippie bastards!



Good, Ralph, do it again.



What the fuck's your problem?

Cut it out!



I won't laugh!



Open the door, you pre-verts!



Open up!

Law and order's here!



-Open up!

-All right in there!



Open up! Here we are!



Wow! I can do it!



Oh, baby, do I feel high!



I'm flying!



What a wonderful, wiggly world!



We're outside,

but we'll get in!



-Law and order's here!

-Open up!



All right in there!



Your fucking bath party's over!



-Over here!

-The cops!



Right in the mouth!

Yeah! I love it!



Take that!



Hey, you!

Get your hands out of my thing!



-Here we are!

-Where the fuck are you?



Over there! ln the head!



Get your hands

off of my dick!



In the head!



I love it! I love it!

Ralph, where are you?



Ralph, help! Gotcha!



Now I gotcha!

Here, take that!



That's my...



Gotcha! ln the heart!

In the head!



Over there!

Watch that thing!



Where's the cat?






Hey, look at

this big fucking gun.



I killed the john!



Kill! Destroy!



Can you give him your glasses?



Because I can't.

I have to look.



-You can't see?

-l'll give them back.



A little bit...



Oh, boy, this is good for me.



Can you dig it in your eyes?



You're younger than me.

Forty-five, forty-eight.



I'm sixty-seven.



I wish I knew.

I would give you glasses.



I'd take another pair

from the house.



I didn't think

I would need the glasses.



I'm not so young no more,




You don't see nothing?



I'm older than you are,

I'll see.



I'll mention that I see.



You're doing fine.



You're doing fine.

You know something?



That you don't have to

look at the book, right?



So say it. Say it.



All right.



All right. Good.







Thank you, thank you.



Just normal.

You know, nice and quiet.



Now, wait a minute.

Don't rush.



Mother of God,

I'm a fucking fugitive.



This is the place!

I saw him come in here!



Oh, my God, it's a synagogue.



What kind of a place is this?

A church?



Listen, I can hear them.

Don't sound like English.



Are they Puerto Ricans?




you're trying my patience.



You go down that aisle,

I'll go down this aisle.



It's about time

you said something bright.



Ralph, please be quiet.

It's my people.



-Excuse me, Rabbi.

-They all got long hair.



-Sorry, Rabbi.

-They all got long clothes.



-Excuse me.

-Must be a hippie church.



Hi, Rabbi.



Did you see him?







would you please shut up?



I ain't talking loud.



Excuse me, Rabbi.



Hi, Ma.

Excuse me, Rabbi.



Uncle Ben, how are you?

I'm catching a criminal.



Excuse me, Rabb...

It's you.



Did you find him?



No, he was over there, but...



-But I was just telling you...

-Cut it out!



But I was just...

I ain't talking loud!



What are you doing?



What's going on here?



You saved my life!



We interrupt

the lsraeli-Arab war...



for this special announcement.



The president,

after conferring...



with the lsraeli

prime minister Golda Meir...



has agreed to send more arms

and equipment to lsrael...



based on the return of

New York City and Los Angeles...



to the United States.



Mazel tov! Mazel tov!



Stop, you motherfucking cat!



Stop in the name of the law!






Stupid, Ralph,

you're not supposed to dance.



But I didn't want

to break the circle!



-You're not supposed to dance.

-l got musical feet.



You dumb rookie.

Dumb rookie!



You dumb rookie!



Dumb rookie!



You're not supposed

to dance, Ralph...



'cause you're not Jewish!



I had a great thing going till

the frigging fuzz showed up.



I wish that skinny broad

didn't turn on the shower, too.



I think I'm getting a cold.



Hello, men. Everybody studying

for their goddamn exams?



Hey, Buzz, how'd it go

with that Dee-Dee chick?



She's got some bod,

you have to admit.



Charlene isn't bad,

either, though, right?



Like wow!




You swine, old buddy pig!



You groove behind Alvina,

get some kicks tonight?




You'd think the goddamn exams...



was the be-all and end-all

of existence...



cosmic life force

or something.



You'd think they were

the frigging fugitives.



Can't even get in

a few decent words to a guy.






What a bore,

they just sit there...



and take bennies

and stay up all night...



with their face stuck

in a bunch of books...



and their thumb up their ass.



Yes, yes,

I remember the time...



when it was all very inspiring

and enlightening...



all this history and literature

and sociology shit.



You think learning

is a really big thing...



and you become

this big fucking intellectual...



and sit around trying

to out-intellectual...



all the other big

fucking intellectuals.



You spend years and years...



with your nose buried

in these goddamn tomes...



while the world

is passing you by.



All the stuff to see...



and all the kicks...



and all the girls

are out there.



And me, a writer!



And a poet who should be

having adventures...



and experiencing

all the diversities...



and paradoxes

and ironies of life...



and passing over

all the roads of the world!



And digging all the cities

and towns and rivers...



and the oceans and...



making all of them chicks.



Oh, God.



As a writer and a poet...



it is my duty to get out there

and dig the world...



to swim in

the whole frigging scene...



while there is

still time, man.



My farting around days

are over, baby.



From this day on, I shall live

every day as if it was my last.



I must do it!



No more of the dreary,

boring classes...



dismal lectures,

sitting around bullshitting..



with pretentious

fat-ass hippies.



No more of the books...



the spoutings of

a bunch of old farts...



who think they know

the whole goddamn score.



Oh, my God, what have I done?



I set all my notes

and books on fire...



and now I can't study

for my exams.



I'll flunk out,

and my folks will be pissed off.



I'll get a blanket.



The blanket's on fire.



We better call

the fire department.



Bo Diddley buy his baby

a diamond ring



If that diamond ring

don't shine



He gonna take it

to a private eye



If that private eye

can't see



He better not take

that ring from me



Bo Diddley caught him

a nanny goat



To make his pretty baby

a Sunday coat



Bo Diddley caught him

a bear cat



To make his pretty baby

a Sunday hat



Maybe someday



You will fall in love



As I fell in love with you






The one you love



Just keep falling in love

with you



Then when



You all alone



You know it'd be best, baby



You can sing like that.



Little coquette, I love you



Sing, 'cause I want to...

if I get tired, I quit.



But you don't want to sing.



I want to sing, man.

I'm good.



You sing as good as you want.



If I get tired, I quit.



I went to school in Oakland...



and I had quite a few white-type

of school kids with me.



I'm forty-nine.



At that time, I had white kids

going to school with me.



I would have peanut butter.



I don't want it...



but I ate so much when

my mother gave it to me.



With apple butter.



I got two cans of it now.



That I don't eat because...



whitey was eating

ham sandwiches...



and I was eating

peanut butter sandwiches.






I got to get out of this town

for some Southern times.



Let me out of here.

That's right.



Suck! The bus only cost

$   to New York.



I say, "l ain't made

$   in two weeks."



Got air to live.



Riding a ship

coming out of Pearl Harbor.



And all my white friends...



then we drank water

out of the ditches.



If I had a K-ration,

I gave them some of it.






I would ride this bus.



I couldn't sit with my friend

on this bus at Houston, Texas.



I had to ride

at the back end of this bus.



I'm about to get hot now.

As a matter of fact...



you couldn't even go no place

down South riding a bus.



Couldn't even get a soda...



walk in there

and get you a sandwich.



I don't give a damn

about who's racist.



I just want equality.



Be equal with the next guy,

because I'm paying my taxes.



That's a different thing now.



I'm a working man,

and I'm paying my taxes.



The money is what's happening.



See what I mean?



It all counts...

when is what's happening.



I'm talking about...



If you want

to be revolutionary...



you get some bread first,

and then you can talk trash.



Whitey blind us with religion.



If you fight

violence with violence...



like the late Malcolm did,

you'll get some results.






Because before

this rioting and shit...



you didn't have

no Head Start programs for kids.



You didn't have shit!




You didn't have

a goddamn thing.



Got you down in Harlem

selling horsemeat.



You know,

if one of them motherfuckers...



down and out selling

horsemeat, they dead.



Another civil war.



Civil war.



And I'm gonna be

standing back...



"Get 'em, baby!"



Hey, man, you in a bag?



Yeah, that's it.

I'm in a bag.



Just don't lose

your coolness, cat...



I mean,

don't lose your coolness.



Easy for you to talk.

You're a crow.



I wish I was a crow.



If I was a crow,

I'd fly away, man.



I'd fly away from

this miserable town for good.



You think being a crow

is a big motherfucking ball?



All you cats the same, man.



You don't know where it is.



There's nobody to tell you

where it's at.



And you come up here,

try to find out where it's at...



but you got to be up here, man,

to find out what's happening.



I know it isn't a ball, man.



I studied the race problems.

I know.



You don't know nothing

about the race problem.



Got to be a crow to know

about the race problem.



You know what I mean?

Do you dig where I'm at?



You know what I'm talking about?



Man, this thing affects me

very deeply, fella.



As a cat, I have

a considerable guilt complex...



because my kind have always

brought suffering on your kind.



Yes, indeed, my soul

is tortured and tormented...



by this racial crisis.



No shit?



I kid you not, man.



Sometimes I really get

hung up about it.



You know, uptight.



-Strung out.

-ln a bag?



Yeah, in a bag!



I'm gonna buy you a drink, cat.



Just 'cause I think

you got coolness.




Hey, boy, can I have a drink?



Oh, man!



Hey, Duke!



Hey, Duke!



They's blowing pot like mad

up in Mildred's pad!



I'm on my way, man.



Hey, cat, how would you

like to bug out now?



By God, man!

I'm gonna bug out!



Did he say bug out, baby?



Go ahead, baby, bug out.



Ain't no bug out.



-What kind of shit is that?

-lt's a bug out to him.



-lt's some kind of dance.

-Let's split.



Anybody looking our way?



Some stud

gone and left his keys.



What are you doing?



You stealing that car?



Shove over, Jack!

Let me drive this goddamn thing.



Move it out!



Hey, man,

you cats can't drive.



You don't know nothing

about nothing.



Can't you see that car go by?



Cool it, will you?

I drive like a crow.



-Man, look, slow down!

-l see the light.



Man, you'll get killed up here!



Bullshit, Ralph!

Would you please shut up?



It's bad enough

we got transferred up here...



without you bullshitting

all night.



Now, I gotta cover my beat...



and I'll meet you

back here in an hour.



One hour, Ralph.

And, Ralph...



please, be careful.



Yeah, but Harlem?



Come on, slow the car down!



Look out, man!

I ain't ready to die yet!






I know what I'm doing.



The only faces...



you can see in a crowd

up here is ours.



The way they look,

all you can see is their eyes.



I don't like it here.



I see the fucking fuzz.



Cool it, just cool it.



Right through the head

I'm gonna get you!



Throw that pig out!



Look out!



Cool it, man, will you?



I know what I'm doing.



Like hell you do.



Duke, you saved my life, man!












Days I knew as happy sweet



Sequestered days



Olden days



Golden days



Days of mad romance



And love



Then gay youth was mine



And truth was mine



Joyous free and flaming life



Them-sooth was mine



Sad am l



Glad am l



For today



I'm dreaming of






That you, Sonny?



It's me, baby.



-How's the crowd tonight?

-Not bad.



We're pushing enough grass

to make our money.



Just enough.



But it sure ain't like

the good old days in Harlem...



when white money was boss...



and them fine, white cats

came up to Harlem...



spreading it all around

Big Bertha.



Oh, child.



That was before

all those peace marches...



sit-ins, riots, and 'dos.



Ain't nothing wrong

with no peace marches.



It's me, baby.



Who's that joker?



Friend of mine.



Cat, you ever been high on pot?



Are you kidding me, man?




Who doesn't, you know?



What do you think,

I'm some kind of a hick?



Let's get that cat going on pot!



Take one.



That's what

I'm talking about, baby.



Nothing wrong, take two.



Come on, be a club member.

That's it!



Take three! Take four!



Five, six, seven!

That's it, baby!



He ain't losing now,

no, indeed.



Joint, Hilly! A joint!



Stay loose!



Fritz, come on, now, stop!



Yo, Fritz!



Fritz, come on, now,

stop it!



No, don't stop! Oh, yeah!



Oh, no, Fritz! Come on!



Hey, toro!



Hully gully cat!



Climb, sugar!



Right there! No, Fritz!

Come on, Fritz!



Aw, man, yeah!



Will you look at that?



You ain't black enough, hon.



That old black magic got me!



Oh, Fritz! That's right!



Right there, honey!



Wow, wow, wow!

Pump that thing!



Suddenly it's all very clear!



I must tell the people

about the revolution!



Revolt! Revolt!



Damn you! What the hell

you jabbering about now?






Revolt! Revolt!




you thick-skulled idiots!



You have carried heavy burdens

for the bosses!



You have sweat your lives away

for the bosses!



The bosses!

They ride around in limousines!



Get the fuck off my car!



Bosses...they're eating

strawberries and cream !



That's funny!

Cats are real boss!



All right,

what's going on here?



Break it up!



Cool it, officer.

He's just blowing hot air.



No one's paying no mind.



Come the revolution,

there'll be no more limousines!



Come the revolution,

no more strawberries and cream !



Hey, Ralph, you know how

these dumb kids are.



They don't know what they doing.



Fucking "A" right.



There he is!



He's the one who keeps

the bosses in power!



He's the one

who's holding you down!



-Who, me?




-Not me. You.

-No, you!




-Not me!






-Fuck you!

-You first!



The spiked Buddha Capitalism !



The iron thumb on the heads

of the proletariat!



They're gonna kill us.



Would you like to see

a picture of my kids?



Come on, man!

You'll get killed up here!



Get them, get them !



Kill them !



We shall overcome!



Group Commander to Formation B.



Don't give them

a chance to scatter.



Attack all congested areas.



I've got to find him.



Where could he be?



This is the alley behind

that place he was standing at.



It gives me the creeps.



Good evening, madam.



Oh, Fritz!

Thank God I found you.



Join me, Winston, my love.



It's not very pretty looking,

but it's cozy as a bitch.



Fritz, come out of there,

will you please?



The hell! With the fuzz

combing the city for me?



Has my picture

appeared on TV yet?



Have they broadcast an alarm?



Offered a reward for information

leading to my arrest?



Don't be so melodramatic.



You and your illusions

of grandeur.



I'm not getting in that filthy,

grimy garbage can with you.



Go fuck yourself.



You're such a child.



Such a self-centered,

egotistical child.



This is disgusting.



If you're gonna talk about

my garbage can that way...



just get the hell out.



Fritz, are you still going

to bug out or not?



Are you kidding, toots?

I got no choice at this point.



Listen to me, will you?



I've got a car and some money.



I can get

all the things we need...



and we can leave right away.



We can go out to the coast.



I'll get a good job

as a private secretary...



and you can work

on your poetry and all.



We can get married and rent

a nice little pad in Frisco...



and dig the scene out there.



It's supposed

to be a great town.



Frisco. Yeah, OK.



She makes men into boys



She makes giants into men



She'll have you feeling guilty



Before you can count to ten



Poor Winston



Sharp mind and a body to match



Poor Winston



Fine fancy karma,

able, too, at that



Who is the girl

in the fiberglass shorts?



Well, it's got to be

Winston Schwartz



You can't outtalk her



'Cause she talks too fast



You can't outthink her,

she's a New York flash



She makes love to you

and tell you you're in love



You make love to her



She says you don't know

how to do it



Poor Winston



at last we're zooming down

that old lonesome highway.



It's wild.



Yeah. Marvelous.



Marvelous, my ass!



It's exalting. Elating.



The cool night wind

blowing past the window. Man!



I'm hungry.

Let's stop someplace.



The hell with stopping.



I just want to feel

those miles flying by.



I'm hungry!



Let's dig one of those

little greasy truck stops.



I'd like to talk with

those truck drivers, you know?



Hear what they got to say

about life on the road.



I bet they got

wild stories of the road.



Drivers, trucks, hijackers!



Fights! Let's do it.



Here's a good place.



I'll have your deluxe steak

with salad and coffee. Black.



All right.

What would you like, sir?



That was really a fine steak.



You can always depend

upon Howard Johnson's.



Let's get back on the road.






Fritz! Wake up!



Huh? What?



The car is broken down...



and I can't get

the damned thing...



What? Where are we?



Fuck a duck.



We're out in the middle

of the frigging desert.



Jesus, it's great!



Exactly. You've been

sound asleep for two days.




-Two days.



You must've been dragged out

after your big binge.



Shit. I guess I was.



All that drinking and

blowing pot and screwing, man.



Man, I get horny

just thinking about it.



Like, wow!



Start thinking about

fixing this car, Fritz...



or we'll be sitting

here forever.



Look, is something

bugging you, pal?



The car won't go!



Well, let's have a look.



I knew that all the time.



The engine's not up here.

It's in the back.



Let's just check it out.



What's wrong?



Let me see, I'll just...



If I move



What's wrong, Fritz?



It's all very complicated,




I couldn't begin

to explain it.



I think the piston rod's

stuck in the drive shaft.



Either that,

or the carburetor is rusted out.



Oh, good God.



Here comes a pickup truck.



Maybe he'll give us a push

to the next gas station.



What's the trouble, buddy?



Our car is busted down.



Could you give us a push

to the next gas station?



Let me look at it.



One thing I'm good at

is fixing things.



Shut up!



Please shut up, chickens!



Shut up!



Please shut up!



I mean, shut up!



One thing I'm good at...



is fixing things.



Dumb chickens.



Let me see now.



Ain't nothing the matter

with this car here.



Buddy, ain't you got

any sense at all?



You just let

your car run out of gas.



I swear, these motherfucking

hippies from New York.



There's a gas station

a couple of miles back.



I'm going this way.



You ought to stop for gas

once in a while, you stupid...



Gotta keep your engine fed.

Wise up, buddy.



Well, how do you like that?



New York hippies

come down here...



and they think they can...

I never, honest and true.



You think a thing

like that happens...



Son of a bitch.



You're so clever.



So clever.



Big mechanical genius.



Here's a bucket, smart guy.

Good luck.



Hey, this is for shit!



You made a big bourgeois deal

out of everything...



and ruined it completely.



I was gonna bug out and be free

from all this bullshit...



and roam around

and dig everything...



and really have a good time.



Your naivete is astounding.



You'd be completely lost

without me, Fritz...



and you know it.



You're a motherfucking bitch.



I see the hard facts of life.



I am realistic,

something you're incapable of.



You'd be better off with

one of those stupid morons...



like Charlene, who you could

sleep with and throw away.



You can't cope

with a mature woman.



You haven't the faintest idea

how lucky you are...



that an intelligent woman...



loves you and wants to

give you something of value...



something that will inflame

your creative potential!



Now, get going and hurry up!



We'll see who gets lost

without whom.



Fritz the Cat



Fritz the Cat



Fritz the Cat



I'm the envy of

each and every guy in town



She looks so sharp,

and the girl does, too



And everybody knows

what I'm gonna do



Gonna take a ride on my bike



Gonna take it

and drive all night



Tell my Chevy to take a hike



Take another ride on my bike



Blue, I'm crazy about you.



Penniless. A regular bum.



A hobo with no money

and no place to go.



Hey, you old scroungy

old alley cat.



Get out of them garbage cans.



You talking to me, Jack?



What the hell

you doing there, anyway?



Man, here we are on the brink

of the apocalypse...



the eve of destruction,

so to speak...



and I can't think

of anything to do.



Offhand, son,

I'd say you have got a problem.



But at least you're honest.



The revolution

can use a man like you.



Hop on.



-Hello there.




-How are you?




I'll introduce you to the guys

at the cell meeting.




Glad you could make it, man.



Howdy, John. I brought along

an old buddy of mine.



He's a bright lad

but bored with life.






this here is John...



former biker

and small-time hood...



turned fighter for the cause.



That cat was a beautiful head.



Glad to meet you, man.



Another castout

for the bourgeois view.



From the mold

of bankrupt sedentary.



What's the state of

his political consciousness?



Practically nil, I'm afraid.



Our shipment came in today.



Thirty-two survivors.



Go around.



Hey, chief.



Getting ready for a little

action planned for tonight.



We're gonna paralyze

the whole fucking city.



It's going to be great, man.



The shit is really

gonna come down tonight.



We've got everything we need...



for three synchronized

sabotage actions.



The city will be ours.



The machinery

of the establishment...



will be in ruins by morning.



The government will fall

without firing one goddamn shot.



The new mayor will resign...



and we'll move in

and set up a tribunal.



It's curtains.



Blue, honey,

talk to me a minute.



Don't bother me.



I want to talk to you, honey.

Let's go.



Leave me the hell alone.



We'll go and get some chinks.

I'm so hungry.



I ain't hungry.



Don't turn off on me.




I don't need that garbage.



Every time you're with

your friends you don't pay...



You son of a bitch!

That hurt me, god damn it!



What do you think I am,

a boxing ball?



A punching bag!



Hit her! Hit her!



You know what you guys are?



You're a bunch of closet fags.



Shut up!



And when I leave this place...



you'll get together

and screw one another.



That's nice.

That is nice.



See, she loves it.



I love it, too.



We've got a lot

of lousy time to kill.



I think I'm gonna ride

that goddamn horse.



Then go on, have a go.

You'll love it.



Let me ride

that goddamn horse.



Get on with it.



You know what you are?



You're a bunch

of fucking Nazi fags!



Guys, that's uncool.

Don't do that.



Listen, you son of a bitch.

You lousy...



Cut it out.

You're hurting her!



You maniacs!

What are you doing to her?



Go ahead and hit me!



My God, my God!

I can't take it anymore!



This isn't working out, Blue.

Our relationship stinks.



Come on, Harriet.

Let's go inside. lt's cold.



I have to go to bed by day.



Come on inside, baby.

You'll get hurt out here.



Listen, I tried

to stop them, but l...



Come on, Fritz!



Wait a minute, huh?



John says

this night will mean...



a great leap forward

for America's social evolution.



I dig it.



We're gonna blow up

the power plant.



This will keep you warm.

I gotta go.



Hey, baby.



We all had a good time

and got our rocks off.



Now we must devote ourselves

to the great task before us.



What'd you have

to hit her so hard for?



She loved it.



Me and you have been assigned

to blow up the power plant.



That's all I care about.

The revolution.



You're full of shit!

All you care about...



is a reason to hurt,

to destroy, to blow up.



You don't know what

a real revolution is.



None of you sons of bitches do.



Harriet, well, she's good.



She's real. She loves.



She loves.



And when you get

right down to it...



that's where it's really at.



The love you give is equal

to the love you get.



Well, fuck it.

I ain't doing it.



So long, Fritz.



I ain't planting this bomb

for you schmucks.



Far out.



And though after my skin worms

destroy this body...



yet in my flesh

shall I see God...



whom I shall see

for myself.



You gotta

let us see our Fritz!



Where is he?

What have you done with him?



You can't go in there.



I'm sorry, girls.

He's under house arrest.



Let us see him ! Please!



-No one gets in.

-He's hurt.



Lord Jesus...



and shalt believe

in thine heart...



that God hath raised Him

from the dead.



I reckon he needed her.



He must be through.




For with the heart...



man believeth

unto righteousness...



and with the mouth...




is made unto salvation.



He that covereth his sins

shall not prosper...



but whoso confesseth

and forsaketh them...



shall have mercy.



Fritz, we're so sorry, baby.



He's trying to say something.



I've been up and down...



the four corners...



of this big old world.



I've...seen it all...



and I've done it all.



I've fought many a good man...



and I've laid many a good woman.






if there's one thing

I've learned...






you get over here...



and you get

down there like that...



Poor cat.



He was a...



he was a tough kid

at that, wasn't he?



Down the lane



They're strolling



Two by two



Holding hands



They smile like we used to do



Here with their one and only



I'd forgotten I was lonely



Oh, how I wish



That here were there with you



All the days of sadness



They seem so needless now



Yes, it's taken me



This long, long time



To see



It's clear



And my dreams



Keep drifting back to me



And our strolls



Beneath these same stars above



And when the leaves



Are falling



My heart will be recalling



You're the only girl



I ever really loved


Special help by SergeiK