Henry Poole Is Here Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Henry Poole Is Here script is here for all you fans of the Luke Wilson movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Henry Poole Is Here quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Henry Poole Is Here Script

Oh, my.

Hope you haven't
been waiting long.

I'm usually
the first one here.

Sorry about that.
All right.

I think you're gonna like this
three-bedroom property, Mr. Poole.

Right through here, this bathroom
has been completely redone...

new tiles, new sink.

There are walk-ins
in every room.

And right through here
is the kitchen.

Look at this skylight.
That is nice.

And the cabinets, I believe

are original, which some
people really enjoy.

And if you follow me
to the backyard...

And, uh...

What about the other house
The one down the street.

Oh, right.

Well, I made the offer
like you asked,

but they didn't
want to sell.

Yeah, that house
is not on the market.

I mean, did you tell them
that I'd pay whatever they wanted

I did, Mr. Poole.
They live there.

They like it.
That's their home.

But anyway,
back to this place...

Let me just show you
this backyard.

Are you from California,
Mr. Poole

The weather's so nice here.

A lot of Californians
spend time in their backyard.

And look at this...
there's plenty of room for a pool

- or a hot tub...
- How much

Well, they're asking 325.

I'm sorry, could you
mind repeating that

I just have trouble
with this ear.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was
saying they're asking 325.

Okay, I'll take it.


Mr. Poole, I'm pretty sure I could
get them to knock off 25 or 30.

I mean, look at this place.
It needs to be re-stuccoed and...

It's okay.

I'll pay what
they're asking.

But look at the place.

I mean, it needs paint
at the minimum

and the landscaping really
leaves a lot to be desired.

I'd like to pay
what they want.

No negotiating,
no repairs, just...

But Mr. Poole...

Mrs. Wyat,

you need to just
let this go. Okay

The higher the price,
the bigger your commission.

- So...
- Okay, then.

(car starting)

(rock beat playing)

 Don't got a lot of time 

 Don't give a damn 

 Don't tell me
what to do 

 I am the man 

 If there's a God
up there 

 Something above 

 God, shine your light down here 

 Shine on the love 

 Love of the loveless 

 Love of the loveless 

 Don't have too many friends 

 Never felt at home 

 Always been my own man 

 Pretty much alone 

 I know how to get through 

 And when push comes to shove 

 I got something that you need 

 I got the love 

 Love of the loveless 

 Love of the loveless 

 Love of the loveless 

 The love of the loveless 

 All around you,
people walking 

 Empty hearts
and voices talking 

 Looking for and finding 


 Don't got a lot of time 

 Don't really care 

 Not selling anything 

 Buyer beware 

 If there's a God
up there 

 Something above 

 God, shine your light
down here 

 Shine on the love 

 Love of the loveless 

 Love of the loveless. 

(doorbell ringing)

(ringing again)



I'm your neighbor from...
from next door,

Esperanza Martinez.

I just want to come by
and say hello,

um, welcome you
to the neighborhood.

Homemade tamales for you.


Thank you.

I used to be...

good friends with the man
who lived here.

I was actually
the one who found him.

Found him where

- There in your kitchen.
- Oh.

He died of a heart attack.

Fue terrible.

It was terrible.

He had been laying there
for 10 hours, they think.

- Here
- Yes.

We were good friends.

So where are you from

Not here.


Thank you for
the tamales.

You're welcome.

Looks like you're burning.

- I am.
- Are you wearing any sunscreen

Well, I would have called
before I stopped by,

but you still don't
have a phone.

- No.
- Yeah, and I rang the...

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure
you're doing okay

and that the move
went well.

And did you notice that
we re-stuccoed and painted

Yeah, I noticed that.

Didn't I ask you
not to do that

Yeah, well...

- I just thought...
- The thing is...

I'm not gonna be living here
that long, Mrs. Wyat,

so it's really just
a waste of time.

What do you mean, you're not
gonna be living here that long

And for the record,

whoever did it,

they did kind of
a lousy job.

It's all discolored
right there.

Oh, well...

we can have
that fixed.

No, don't bother.

It doesn't matter.

- Oh.
- Well.


Mrs. Wyat's voice:
Looks like you're burning.

- I am.
- Are you wearing any sunscreen

Well, I would have called
before I stopped by,

but you still don't
have a phone.

And I rang the bell.

And did you notice

that we re-stuccoed
and painted

Henry's voice:
Yeah, I noticed that.

Didn't I ask you
not to do that

Yeah, well...

- I just thought...
- The thing is,

I'm not gonna be living here
that long, Mrs. Wyat.

So it's kind of
a waste of time.

What do you mean, you're not gonna be
living here that long

And for the record,

whoever did it,

they did kind of
a lousy job.

It's all discolored
right there.

Oh, well...

we can have
that fixed.

No, don't bother.

It doesn't matter.


(button clicks)

What are you doing

Oh my God.

(water running)

(faucet shuts off)

Yes! Really. Really.

Yes! Yes!

(continues indistinctly)

I don't know anything
for sure, but...

It's... it's like...

Oh, please please
please please.

Okay. Okay.

Thank you.
See you soon.

Mr. Poole, something very
wonderful has happened...

Were you just in
my backyard

Did you not look

Were you looking
in the windows

Ay, no!

Of course not.
Did you not see

See what

- Oh. Oh my God.
- I...

l... I saw you.

You were running around.

Oh. Oh.

Do you need
to borrow something

Okay, I'll see you later.

(door slides open)

You don't see it

See what

All I see is a water stain
from a lousy stucco job.

You are not looking.

l... I don't see anything.

You are not looking.

Es el rostro de Dios.

The face of God.

The face of Christ.

It's... it's like a sign
from God.

Look, the only sign
I see is that

you seem a little overexcited.

It's probably the heat.

I think the heat
has gotten to you.

- Okay
- Okay. Okay.

l... l... I know it's
hard to believe it.

But the proof is right...
right there.

All right.

You just going
to ignore it

No. No.

I am gonna
ignore you, though.


So who were you
talking to

To you.

No, I mean in your yard.
You were on the phone.

- Who were you talking to
- Mmm.

Excuse me

- (doorbell rings)
- (dog barking)

Stay there.


Hi, I'm looking for
Esperanza Martinez.

Said she would be here.
I'm Father Vincent Salizar

from St. Ramos
Catholic Church.

She called and asked me
to meet her here...

Qué bueno que llegó.

It's in the backyard.
I'll show you.

Ven. Come in, come in,
come in.

Pares aquí.

Aquí aquí.
Pares aquí. Aja.

Look, I don't know
what you're up to,

but I didn't say
you could come back here

and I'd like you
to both leave.

You see

Well, I do see something.

- Very sorry about the intrusion, Mr...
- Poole.

Henry Poole.

Mr. Poole, I apologize.


you do see it

Well, I can see how it could
be interpreted as a face.

- Oh my God.
- That's quite clear.

But the face of Christ

I'm not so sure that

we can make that leap.

Thank you.

You see
You understand

And like I was saying,

I'd like you to both leave.
I'm kinda busy in there.

No no no no no.
Look. Look.

You can see...
the eyes here

and the beard here.

And the holy shoulder.

Everything. Everything, Padrecito.

I can see how
it could be that.

These types of things should
not be easily discounted,

but we do have to take
these things at face value,

no pun intended.

Look, the face value of this

is that it's a water stain.


- Right
- You're probably right, Mr. Poole.

Yeah. Yeah.

And by no means does
the church condone

any kind of frivolous
claims of this nature, but...

But nothing.

the game's over, okay
That's not the face of Christ

and I want to be
left alone!

You're right.

You're right, Mr. Poole.

We've imposed enough.

Esperanza, let's go.

No no, espere un minuto, ¿sí

Mr. Poole,

you can't ignore this, please.

- Es que espere, mejor... mejor, sí.
- Esperanza...

- vâmonos.
- Por favor, espere un minuto.

Mr. Poole,

don't you believe in God

Please! Please.


Es que... es el rostro
de Dios.

Sus ojos.

(Esperanza continues)

Excuse me.

No, wait...

(pushes button)

Father Salizar's voice:
These types of things

should not be
easily discounted,

but we do have to take
these things at face value,

no pun intended.

Henry's voice:
Yeah, well, I agree...

(tape rewinding)

Woman's voice:

(woman sobbing)

It's gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



Hi. I'm Henry.
I live next door.

Oh, yeah.

I saw you move in.
I'm Dawn.

- Hi.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.

Anyway, your daughter,
I guess,

she dropped this
in my backyard.

Oh, God, I'm...
I'm so sorry.

I keep telling her to stay
out of other people's yards.

No, it's not a problem.
She was just walking around back there.

Did she tape you

I don't know.

'Cause she does that

She tapes people.

Why does she do that


I don't know.

Um, well, I've got to go.
But thank you so much

for bringing this
back to Millie and...

I'll make sure that she
stays out of your yard.

You having
another party


Well, I've seen you in here a couple
of times buying the same stuff.

I thought maybe... Uh...

That'll be $155.82.

I thought maybe you might
be throwing some parties.

No parties.

Well, that doesn't look like
a very healthy diet.

Just kind of a phase.

Andales. Andales.
Hurry hurry.

Go go go with me.

Hurry, girl! Hurry.

Hurry, Margie.

Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God.

- Hey!
- Oh my God, oh my God.

Run run run run!

(Esperanza shouting)

I see you.

Hey! Hey!
Holy shoulder!


Are these yours

There you go.
You can have those back.

Let me ask you
a question.

Does that look like a church back there
'Cause it's not.

It's my house.
It's private property.

And I don't want you four
wandering around back there

when I'm not home
with a bunch of candles

doing whatever it is
that those things do. Okay

And you're gonna put
paint on my wall

All right
That's vandalism.

- Got it
- Please. Please, Mr. Poole.

Calm. We didn't paint
anything on your wall.

- Really
- Really.

- No, nothing
- No no no...

Okay, so what's that

Wanna tell me
what that is

Oh my God.

That's not paint,
Mr. Poole.

And we did not
put it there.

So what is it

It's blood.

- Oh...
- It's the holy blood.

- Blood
- Yes.


- Oh my God.
- Let me tell you something.

All three of you are
old enough to know better

and I'm especially
disappointed in you.

Sick of it.

Please just leave me alone,
all right


(rock music playing)

 Whoo hoo 

 Whoo hoo 

 Whoo hoo 

 Whoo hoo 

 I got my head checked 

 By a jumbo jet 

 It wasn't easy 

 But nothing is 


 Whoo hoo 

 When I feel heavy metal 

 Whoo hoo 

 And I'm pins
and I'm needles 

 Whoo hoo 

 Well, I lie
and I'm easy 

 All of the time but
I'm never sure 

 When I need you 

 Pleased to meet you 

 Oh, yeah. 

Thank you.


Ooh! Oops.

- "Oops"
- Sorry.

Oh, I missed.

You... you missed

Eh, let me just
try again.

- Yeah
- Mm-hmm.


Damn it. Jesus.

- Oh, damn.
- Eh!

- (sighs)
- You know, seriously,

do you want to go
practice and come back

Maybe warm up on, like, an orange
What's the story

You know, at this point, I'm just like,
"A razor blade and a coffee cup,

I'll do it myself."
You know what I mean

One more time.

It's just...
this is the one.

- Yeah
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, just relax.

I feel it.


- Ah, got it.
- Got it

- Mm-hmm.
- Good.

Ouch! How many times
did she hit you

Uh, three or four.
I actually kinda lost track.

Three or four, huh
She's getting better.

She got some practice.

Let me just run through
a couple of standard Q and A.

- You sleeping okay
- I could use a little more, yeah.

Diet good

I eat, yeah.


Uh, you know,
here and there.

So no

- Well...
- Other than that, Mr. Poole,

you're doing fine.

I'd probably try
a little more exercise.

Maybe some yoga
Or Pilates

I'll call you in a few days when
your blood and urine come back.

I can help you
over here.

Hope you're not using
that as a mixer.

- Huh
- 'Cause you're not getting vodka.

Oh, yeah.

Did you know that in 1985,

Gorbachev, right after he became
the party's general secretary,

tried to eradicate
vodka in Russia

The people wouldn't
have it, though.

Isn't that weird
I mean...

something like 30,Russians die a year

from alcohol poisoning,
but the people,

they want what
they want.


What's wrong with you


Well, I don't mean
to be rude.

It's just that...

something is clearly
wrong with you.

I don't know if you're sad
or angry or both,

but you're not normal.

I thought maybe you might
want to talk about it.

You want me to tell you
why I'm sad and angry

while you're ringing up
my bottles of bleach

So it is both...
sad and angry.

- I didn't say that.
- Yes, you did.

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

I was indulging you.

Okay I was being polite.

Okay, indulge me
some more.

- Tell me what's wrong.
- Why don't you just ring my stuff up,

all right Jesus.

I mean, I appreciate
your concern,

but I'd just like to
get out of here.

- All right
- Okay.

I'm sorry I asked.

Don't be.

It's okay to be sad,
you know.

I mean, I've been
really sad before.


you have to be sad to remind
yourself that you're alive.

Better than feeling
nothing, right

It's not coming off, huh


No, it isn't.

I, uh, think I might have
even made it worse.

You, uh, you got
any suggestions

Um, no.

But if it's what
Esperanza says it is,

then I guess it's gonna take a little
bit more than a bottle of bleach.

Yeah, well,
Esperanza's wrong.

So you aren't in
so much doubt.

You really think that's
the face of Christ


from this angle, it looks
a little bit like you.

I mean,
an abstract version.

I guess.

It's just a stain.

It's a bad stain.

Well, if you can't
get it off,

I guess it'll be something
to remember you by.


Well, you're not gonna
live here that long, right

Esperanza, she's like the local
newspaper around here.

I think she cornered
the real estate agent

and so we got
the lowdown on you.

Oh. Yeah.

So... so what are you doing Buying it,
selling it and making a profit


Yeah, something like that.

Well, don't sell it
to any weirdoes, okay


I won't.

Okay, well,
good luck with the face.


Or whatever it is.

(radio on low volume)

Woman: Listen to me.
The man is clearly an atheist.

And he's not very nice.

The two go hand in hand.

Well, those without faith

sometimes need a little help.

That's it.

Psst, psst.

Now what are you doing

- Your lawn is so sloopy.
- Sloopy

- Yeah.
- Look, this is ridiculous.

Okay, people just don't go around
helping one another for no reason,

so just tell me
what it is you're doing.

- What do you want
- I don't want anything.

Just tell him.
Just ask him.

Ask me what

She wants to bring
the church in

to test the face
in your backyard,

to see if it's a miracle.

You've got to
be kidding me.

Nope. She's crafty like that.

- Aren't you
- Yeah.

I didn't catch your name,
but anyways...

Listen to me, okay

You can build me
a goddamn gazebo back there

and I still wouldn't let you
and your crazy church friends

into my house. All right

So that face, whatever
you happen to think it is,

is a stain.

It's not a miracle.


How can you say that

Look, I really don't want
to talk about it,

so I just came out here
to give you that.

I just found it, so...


Oh my God.

Why did you have to
go and do that

Um, why are you crying
I just... I'm sorry.

I just found that.

That's Leo.

He was her boyfriend
before he died.

He lived in your house.

He was such a good man.

Well, look, there's
a cigar box full of them under the sink,

so you can come by
and get 'em when you want 'em.

He was so handsome.

l... I never thought
I'd find someone like him.

l... I was ready to...

to just be old alone.

I never married.

Never found anyone.

Then one day,

three years ago or so,

Leo came here.

And that was it.

Years of being alone

and one minute...

manages to take it all away.

A lifetime of sadness and...


I couldn't even remember

what it was like to be sad.

And then he died.

And I remember.


I pray to God

to help me stop

feeling that pain

and let me know

that he was okay.

And now...

the face appears...

the face of God.



I want you to be
very honest with me.


You really think that
that stain out there

is the answer
to all your prayers

Do you

So what exactly is it that
you want the church to do

Just come and test
the wall.

Test the blood.

And to see what it is.

And if it's nothing,
then it's nothing

and I won't
bother you again.

I promise, really.


All right.

Just one day.
That's it.

I mean it.
One day.

Thank you, Mr. Poole.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

You'll see.
You'll see.

Everything happens
for a reason.

llevélo al dentro.

- Gracias.
- Who's that guy

He has to open up the wall and look
at what's behind the stain

to be sure it's not

We'll repair it.
It'll look as good as new. Don't worry.

No, don't repair it.
It's okay.

Don't be silly, Mr. Poole. We're not
gonna leave a hole in the wall.

Doesn't matter.

I'm not gonna be here
that long.

You know, Father Salizar,
the house was re-stuccoed

before I moved in,
so that's it.

There's really not
a lot to talk about.

Maybe not about the house.

Why did you say you were
not gonna be here that long

I don't really want
to talk about it.

Oh, yeah, you do.

Oh, I do

Otherwise you wouldn't
have mentioned it.

Let me ask you
a question.

What makes you think
you know me that well

I don't think that.

I just think anybody with two eyes
could see that something is wrong,

- like you're...
- Sad and angry


Something like that.


I'm a good listener.

Yeah Me too.

Father Salizar's voice:
I just think anybody with two eyes

could see that something
is wrong.

- Like you're...
- Sad and angry


Something like that.

I just think anybody
with two eyes

could see that something
is wrong,

- like you're...
- Sad and angry


Something like that.

(recorder button clicks)

What are you doing
in there


You really like
this place.

You don't talk,
do you, Millie

It's okay.

Sometimes I don't like
to talk either.

You know

I ought to go.


I'd love to sit here and visit
with you, but I just can't.

I got a pretty long journey
ahead of me.

I wish I could stay
and talk with you.

I just don't have
the time.

Mr. Poole Uh...

l... I'm sorry.
I rang the bell, but...

Well, I have something
for you.

How'd you know
this was the one

I know everything
about this neighborhood.

You should know that
by now.

This used to be my room.

Mr. Poole, are you okay

This used to be my room.

This is the last place
I remember being happy.

Even then
I can barely remember.

This is the room where they
used to scream at each other.


It's a strange thing
about standing here again.

It's doing absolutely nothing
for me, you know

Mr. Poole,

I'm sorry it wasn't
what you hoped.

Don't be.

It never is.

But thank you.

This was very generous.

- Mmm.
- Thanks.

What did you expect

You can't go to the past
to fix the present.

You sound like
a fortune cookie.


Cookies don't talk.


at least now you know.

Know what

To come back to
the place you grew up.


Now I know.

It's like nothing.

You find out
there's nowhere to hide.

 Shadows are falling 

 And I been here
all day 

 It's too hot to sleep 

 And time is
running away 

 I feel like my soul has 

 Turned into steel 

 I've still got the scars 

 That the sun
didn't heal 

 There's not even
room enough 

 To be anywhere 

 It's not dark yet 

 But it's gettin' there. 



Come out, honey.
It's too late to be playing games.

Where are you, Millie

Where are you, Millie




What are you doing


Hey, Millie.



What is it

Hey, what did you say


- (whispering)
- Hey.

What did you say


Can you hear me

We're okay.

I love you so so much.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, baby.

I'm sorry.

Mommy's here.

Mommy's right here.

Come on.
Let's go.

Hey, let's go home.


What happened out there

You tell me.

She hasn't said a word
in over a year,

ever since her father left.

I mean, she loved him
so much.

And it's just been...

so unfair for her.

I mean, l... I couldn't
even get her out of bed

when this
whole thing started.

She just kind of
turned inside herself

and couldn't find
her way out.

I took to every kind
of doctor... therapists,


psychiatrists, and pretty much
everyone... nothing.

They'd just run down the list...
depression, post-traumatic



And after a while,
she got a little better,

but she just
wouldn't talk.

Maybe she just didn't
have anything to say.

Maybe she wasn't ready
until now.

Maybe. But she touched
that wall and she...

You think she spoke because
she touched the wall

No, I'm not saying that,
but that's what happened.

I mean, she touched it
and she talked.

And I'm just praying
that it stays that way.

Dawn, I think it's great
that Millie spoke.

But I think you
should realize

it was a completely
random event.

Things just... they don't
happen like that in real life.

I mean, if they did,
then I wouldn't...

You wouldn't what

Ever feel like things
just happen for no reason

That you're just kind of
going along for the ride

and there's just
nothing you can do

I need to
tell you something.


I want to tell you so that
I'm not the only one that knows.

Henry, this is so unheard of
here in the States.

I mean, it happens.

- But this disease...
- Disease

It steamrolls
through the system.

Stopping it at this point...

You're saying
I'm gonna die.


(birds chirping)

(knock on door)

Mr. Poole.
Mr. Poole,

are you okay
Mr. Poole

The door was open.

That doesn't mean you can
just walk through it.

I need to talk to you.

No. No, you don't, actually,

'cause I know exactly
what you're gonna say.

No, you don't exactly.

So I guess you heard
what happened last night.

Now you think
that little girl spoke

because she touched
the wall

And now we're all supposed to believe
that the Second Coming's happening

in my backyard.

And the next thing you know,
this whole goddamn street...

sorry... turns into a carnival
with every holy-roller freak

within a 100-mile radius
lined up around the block

to touch or catch a glimpse
of my stucco job.

Well, it's not gonna happen.

And in no way did Millie
finally speaking

have anything to do
with her touching the wall,

and you know that.

And God only knows... and I use
the phrase very loosely, believe me...

who knows what it was that caused her
to get up at 3:00 in the morning

and wander over here
and start palming the wall

like her life
depended on it

- It was me.
- What was you

I told her the wall would
take away her suffering

if... if she just had faith.

Why would you do that

- It worked, no
- No.

She worked. Maybe your
insane pep talk got to her,

but she got here
on her own.

Why it's so hard
for you to believe

that something like this
could happen

Why is it so important
to you that I believe

that something like that
could happen

- Because it...
- Because I'll tell you.

Because if you can convince me,
then suddenly your beliefs

become more real. Right

The more people you can get to
jump on your God's-on-the-wall train,

the more your mission's made.
So until you get me

to swallow your world
and believe what you believe,

you'll never have the kind
of faith you want to have.

You'll always have
a little bit of doubt.

You'll... you'll never
know if you're quite right.

You'll always kind of
be wondering if it's real.

You'll always be sitting over
there waiting for that man

to come waltzing back
in from the dead.

And that's sad.

That's really sad.

I'm just trying
to help.

Just like that.




- Hey.
- Hey.

How you doin'

I'm good.

Just getting some air.

I just wanted
to thank you

for helping me
with Millie last night.


I made you some cookies.

Thank you.

It was Millie's idea.

- How is she doing
- She's really good.

I'm just praying
that it stays that way.

You wanna go
for a walk


Mmm, just came out of the oven,
like, 10 minutes ago.

 Her fingers touch
upon my lips 

 It's a morning yearning 

 It's a morning

 Pull the curtains shut 

 And try to keep it dark 

 But the sun is burning 

 The sun is burning 

 Baby crying kept us
up all night 

 With her morning yearning 

 With her
morning yearning 

 Morning yearning... 

I just wish I could tell you that
everything was gonna be all right.

That's okay.

Now what

Now I go home.

And then...

I wish I didn't.

 Like a summer rose 

 I'm a victim of the fall 

 But am soon returning 

 Soon returning 

 Your love's the warmest
place the sun ever shines 

 My morning yearning 

 My morning

My God.

Dear God.


Oh my God.


What are you doing
What's going on

Are you... are you okay


- What's wrong
- Nothing is wrong.

Everything is right.

What are you talking about

I touched the face.

I just put
my hand on it.

And my whole body
got all warm.

And then I closed
my eyes.

I saw light everywhere.

I opened them...

and I could see.


I can see.

Look at that.

I can see perfectly.

The house numbers,
the license plate.

You know,
this is amazing.

- This is a miracle...
- Don't say that.

What Miracle

- Yeah.
- Come on, Mr. Poole,

what else could this be

A coincidence

I mean, there are
no miracles, Patience.

I don't believe in them.

Imagine that there was
something wrong with you,

Mr. Poole.

And you did this seemingly
meaningless thing,

put your hand
on a wall,

and you were healed.

It's okay, Mr. Poole.
You don't have to say anything.

I gotta go.

I gotta go
tell my mom.


This is incredible!




It's getting harder,
isn't it

What's that

To pretend this
isn't happening.

(woman vocalizing)

(doorbell rings)


- Hi.
- You're home.

- Yeah.
- Um...

Millie wants to know if you
want to come over and play.


Um, I just don't think
I'm up to it.

- Henry...
- I think I'll just stay here.

...are you actually considering
saying no to a six-year-old girl

with actual words coming
out of her little mouth

Give me a minute.

We'll be in the yard.



I got you, Mr. Poole.

Let's get him!

(both laughing)

- Get him, Mommy, get him!
- I got him!


(Millie laughing)

Oh, gosh.

I surrender.
You win.

I surrender.

 A million tears 

 A million codes 


 No way to go 

 You point your finger 

 To the moon 

 It looks like rain 

 Coming soon 

 I figured all 

 My worst fears 

 Believe in
childlike heroes 

 But I don't want to go 

 That way 

 Surrender hope 


 I don't want to go
that way 

 Surrender hope 

 And faith 


 Your blood, your fire 

 Your kiss good night 

 Your words, sometime 

 They might be mine 

 I feel this love
could cross the sand 

 I want to feel
that way 

 The fire might linger
and fade away 

 The shadows run
from yesterday 

 Like everyone 

 And everything
were memories 

 And then appears 

 Your blood, your fire 

 Your kiss good night 

 Your words, sometimes 

 They might be mine 

 I feel this love
could cross the sand 

 I want to feel that way 

 Oh, don't make me
feel that way 

 Oh, I want to feel 

 That way 

 Oh, I'm breaking through 

 These walls of steel 

 Pushing that wall
for something real 

 I'm falling far
and faster still 

 Wake up, wake up 

 Wake up,
wake up 

 Wake up, wake up 

 Everyone and everything 

and everything. 

(birds chirping)

- Dawn: All right
- Millie: Yeah.

You ready

- Okay, good.
- Hey!


Hi, Mr. Poole.

Hey, there, Millie.

That's a really nice dress.

You look really pretty.

You look nervous,
Mr. Poole.

- Oh, no, I'm... I'm fine.
- (Dawn laughs)

I, uh, no.

I'm just a little tired,
that's all.

You kind of wore me
out yesterday.

Um, honey,

do you want to
get in the car

I wanted to, uh,
return your dish to you.

Oh, thanks.

They were really good.
Thanks a lot.

Glad you liked them.

Really shouldn't eat
so many at once, though.

- Not good for you.
- No, it doesn't matter.

I mean, I'm...
Uh... no, you're right.

I shouldn't.

Well, listen, l...

I was wondering and,
I don't know,

it might seem a little unfair

seeing as how you know
my situation,

but I thought that maybe,

if you were able to get
a sitter and you had the time...

- Yes.
- Really

Oh. Oh, wait.

- What
- Can I ask you

Well, you did just
ask me, didn't you

No, I mean, really ask you...

to finish asking you.


Would you like to
get dinner with me

I can't.
I'm busy.

- I didn't really want to any...
- No!

Henry, I'm kidding.

I would love to.

- Great.
- What about tomorrow

It's perfect.

And it's not unfair
for you to ask.

Would it be worse
if you didn't

Thank you.

Okay, so...

- Tomorrow.
- Yeah.

Have fun.

Just this once, okay

Okay, I promise.

Whatever you say, Mr. Poole.

Thank you.

What's wrong with her


And what about
the one next to her

There's nothing
wrong with her.

So, preventative

Just in case.

No, is it true that
the man in the red shirt

just wants to be
a better dancer


Ay, Mr. Poole...
(mutters in Spanish)

Um, what about you,
Mr. Poole

Have you touched
the wall yet


But you will.

Hey, Henry.

- Hi.
- It's good to see you.


It's good to see you too.

Oh, you...
you forgot these.

I wanted to return
those to you.


Don't really need them, though.

- Well.
- I guess they'll be a good souvenir

- of my previous life.
- Yeah.

So have you talked
to your doctor yet,

- your eye doctor
- Not yet.

90 bucks for him to
tell me I'm 20l20.

- Yeah.
- I already know that.

But, I mean, you got to think
about all the write-ups

in the medical journals. Right

You're still having
a pretty hard time buying into this,

- aren't you
- You gotta admit that it's...

Do you know who
Noam Chomsky is

- The writer
- Yeah.

He's a linguist too, but...

once in an interview, he said,

"When questions of decision,
reason or choice of action arise,

human science is at a loss."

You actually believe that

He meant that not everything
needs an explanation.

Sometimes things just happen

because we choose
for them to.

I chose to believe.



You're welcome.

Well, this is about
the loveliest thing

that I've ever seen.

I can't wait to see
what's for dinner.



This is... this is
very romantic, Henry.

- Thanks.
- Really.

Plastic utensils.

Oh, yeah, family heirlooms.


Can I ask you something


The other night,
you came home kinda late and...

You know what
It doesn't matter.

It's fine.

You want to know
where I was.


I can't tell you.


No, l...

I'd just gone for a walk.

And it's kind of funny

'cause I'd just left the house
and started walking

and l... I don't even think
I really knew where I was going

till I got there.

Where did you go

The river.

I, uh...

My parents,
they used to fight a lot.

So I would go down there

and even though it was
such a big place,

I always... I always just
kind of felt very safe there.

I'd kind of go there
and hide.

And that's why...

I came here.

So just like that,
you disappeared.

Since this thing
happened to me,

every morning when I wake up,
the first thing I think about

is... I mean, after I figure out
if I'm still actually here or not...

The first thing I think about
is how much time

that I have left.

And all I can really do
is kind of...

wait for the end.

But this morning
when I woke up...

the first thing
I thought about was you.

And Millie.

I'm just trying
to say that...

that I'm enjoying this.

I'm enjoying you
and being around you.

And I just...

it's a surprise
'cause I didn't ever think

that I'd feel this way.


Millie, what are you
doing up

I can't sleep.

Where is Esperanza

On the couch, snoring.

Okay, let's go inside.
Um, do me a favor.

Keep enjoying this.

All right, honey.
Come on.

Big sack of potatoes, huh

What are you doing
up so late, Millie

It's a school night.

Okay, you want Jasper

Here he is.


Sorry about that.

It's like she doesn't want
to miss a thing now that...

You know...

l... I think maybe we should
just call it a night

because this isn't...


Sorry, this just isn't right.

What are you talking about

Just you, me and everything

all at once.
I just... I'm sorry.

Hey, how can you say that


I know you're gonna die,

but all that either of us have

is right now,

and we should pay
attention to that.

I am paying attention.

That's the problem.

I'm sorry.

 On an ocean white 

 Of roaring waves 

 I see your light 

 And golden face 

 A precious gift 

 Of your longing arms 

 Hurt me not 

 Just sing to me,
my love 

 Ooh ooh 


 How come so 


 Sweetly, child,
you sing 

 And all the joy 

 You bring to me 


 Goes our loved
ones home 

 And I will... 

 I will be waiting. 


What's going on

- It's Millie.
- What is it

She's in here.

I mean, she's been
like this all morning.

She won't talk to me.
She won't look at me.



Can you hear me

Millie, you remember how
much fun we had the other day

when we played

You remember that

Please say something.

Henry's here.
He came over to play.


can you hear me

Dawn's voice:
Henry, I know you're gonna die,

but all that either of us
have is right now.

And we should pay
attention to that.

Was there any kind
of trauma

Anything which could have
set her back like this

You told me "one time."

You promised me.

Mr. Poole, God is
bigger than a promise.

Just let me talk to you, yes

- Esperanza, please, let him go.
- No no no!

- Mr. Poole, just let us...
- Listen to me, please.

Listen to me!
Mr. Poole.

- Holy shit.
- No no no no.

No "holy shit." No "holy shit."
Holy... something else.

Mr. Poole,
the test came back.

Yeah, and what And what
There's no explanation for it, right

- No.
- It's a big surprise, huh

- No no, please...
- Yes, you're right.

There is no explanation.
That's exactly right.

You want to tell me
what's going on

Why all these people
are here Huh

There here to see
something unexplainable.

- Yeah
- They're here to find some hope.

Let me tell you something...

I never should have let you
come here in the first place

'cause this is insane.
You got people praying to the wall.

- Excuse me, is this your house
- Yeah!

- This is my house.
- You know, you're a very lucky man

- to have such a...
- Yeah! Yeah, I'm so lucky

I ought to buy
a lottery ticket, shouldn't I

You're all just kind of
staring at the wall

Is that what you're doing

Hope can't save you.

You understand that

It can't save you.
Or her

or her or him!

You understand that
Hope isn't gonna save you!

You know that.

Please, Mr. Poole.

No no no no no no, please.
Listen to me!

Listen, it's a miracle.
It will do things...

No no no no...
this is a gift from God!

This is a gift from God!
No no... oh my God.

I want this out of here!

I don't want this stain
on my wall!

I want...

This doesn't save lives.

(woman vocalizing)


This doesn't save lives.


 Sweetly, child,
you sing 

 And all the joy 

 You bring to me 


 Goes our
loved ones home 

 And I will... 

 I will be waiting 

 On an ocean 

 Sweetly, child,
you sing 

 On an ocean... 

Mr. Poole

 On an ocean... 

Can you hear me

Mr. Poole,
the blood was real.


 Sahhh ahhh ahhh 

 Sahhh ahhh ahhh. 


Oh, God.

Thank God you're okay.

What are you
doing here

I've been waiting
for you to wake up

to make sure you're okay.


...Dios mio.

What are you smiling at

At you.

Why did you not tell me,
Mr. Poole

Tell you what

About your secret
you had.

Dawn explained it to me.

What do you mean, "had"

I need to see a doctor!

- (panting)
- You need to get back in your room.

- I need to see a doctor.
- Sir!

Mr. Poole, no no no.
You should not be walking around.

You need to get back to
your room... hey hey!

Hey hey!
Mr. Poole.

Please... okay.
Mr. Poole, just calm down.

- Mr. Poole...
- (Henry muttering)

No no no no.
No no... don't do that.

Mr. Poole, look at
your arm, Mr. Poole.

- You're bleeding.
- Esperanza: Mr. Poole.

Henry's voice:


Mr. Poole.

Wake up.

Mr. Poole
Wake up.

It's okay.
Wake up.

Millie, did you just
say something to me

Mommy said
you're not sick anymore.


I'm not gonna die

No, Henry.

You're not.

How can that be

Well, I told them what
was wrong with you

and they checked.
And you're fine.

You were never sick,

So... so I was
never gonna die

No no, we are all going to die,

just not right now.

And that is the miracle

for you.


after what I've done,

the miracle's gone.

No no no.

Don't worry about that.

It was here for as long

as it needed to be here.

- Yeah
- Yeah.

Like everything
and everyone.

I'm glad you're better,
Mr. Poole.


I'm glad you're better too.

You know, you should really
get some rest.


We'll be outside
if you need us.

Come on, honey.

 I promise you will
get old 

 I promised you

 To protect you
wherever you go 

 I'll give you
this diamond ring 

 Just promise you
will remember 

 The promise should
last forever 

 Right up to
the dying embers 

 Of the fire that
burns so slow... 

- You're back.
- Yep.

I'm home.

What's left of it.

What do you make
of all this

You're gonna live, Henry.


It's a gift.


Pretty miraculous, huh

I don't...
I don't know what it is.

I don't know
if it was a mistake.

I don't know.

I don't think that
any of this

was a mistake.

What now

 It's a beautiful
thing to do 

 Sometimes you just
have to walk away 

 Remember I do love you 

 Have courage in
what you say 

 And promise you will

 That promises
last forever 

 Still after
the dying embers 

 The fire that
burns so slowly 

 Sometimes you just
have to walk away 

 Sometimes you just
have to walk away 

 Wishing today
was yesterday 

 Yes, sometimes you just
have to walk away. 

(instrumental music playing)

Special thanks to SergeiK.