How She Move Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the How She Move script is here for all you fans of the step dancing movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some How She Move quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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How She Move Script

I had this plan.
Study hard in private school.

Study harder in medical school.
Make everyone proud.

Make a new life
far from the old neighborhood.

But fighting my sister Pam's addiction
took everything my parents had,

including my boarding school
tuition money.

And after Pam died,
I had no choice but to return home.

But I won't be there for long.
I have a plan to get back.

My private school scholarship exam.
I've only got weeks to prep.

But I'll do what I have to.

It's funny, isn't it?

How one moment
changes a million after it.

You tell that bitch to stay there,
you hear?

Yo, you think I'm playing?

Nice. Nice. Do it again. Do it again.
Come on.

Come on, Little Ray.
That's it, Raya. Like that.


Pamela Elizabeth Green will be
remembered by her father, David...

Be strong, Faye.

...her mother, Faye,
and by her younger sister, Raya.

May she rest in peace.

No. No necklace, no locket.

Look, I'm telling you,
she didn't bring it in to me.

She's brought half our apartment
in here, Mike,

so don't play dumb with me.

I mean, this isn't a stupid TV
or stereo, all right?

It's my grandmother's antique locket.

Pam gave it to me.
I have to get that back.

What can I tell you, kid?

The Lord giveth,
the junkie pawn-eth away.

I love my boots! My boots!
Oh, I love my boots!

I love my hard stomping, head nodding
J Street boots!

I love my boots, my boots!
Oh, I love my boots!

I love my hard stomping, head nodding
J Street boots!

This ain't no ordinary crew!

They know how we do!

J Street makes the crowd go "Ooh!"

Jane Street, you all ready?

S'up, Little P?

I love my hard stomping, head nodding
J Street boots!

I love my boots, my boots!
Oh, I love my boots!

I love my hard stomping, head nodding
J Street boots!

This is ain't no ordinary crew!

They know how we do!

J Street make the crowd go "Ooh!"

Jane Street, you all ready?

We're ready!

Raise the ruckus for 5KO!

Let's do it.

You care for my crew,
you'd have something to show for it.

- Garvey Gaines.
- What's going on, B?

- See you on back on our home court.
- Yeah, I came to check out your steps,

but I guess you're saving the good stuff
for Step Monster, huh?

Look, if you and the Brooklyn boys

wanna go up there
and do your step thing,

then by all means knock yourself out,
but we cool right here.

Keep holding onto this dead weight,
you're going to sink, bro.

Whoa, whoa, what's up? What's up?
What, you lost or something?

Just 'cause I'm not out here looking
for you, doesn't mean I'm lost, Bishop.

So, so what, they give you time off
from that rich school?

Something like that.
You guys were good in there.

That was just a warm-up.
You wanna see the full effect,

you better come up the street
and check us out sometime.

And why would I want to do that?

Say, why not?

Just think about it, all right?

It was wack!

Damn. Shit.

Hey, Raya, what you doing here?
Missing McCabe?

Thought it'd be a good idea
if I came back for a little while.

So what? Them stosh girls finally boot
you out of the 'burbs?

I just told you, Selia.

Well, don't go slumming
on our account.

I'm looking for two brave
and brilliant volunteers.

And, class, please, before anyone asks,
no, you may not go to the bathroom,

you may not go to your locker,

but what you can do, however,
is raise your hand up,

walk up to the board, and show me
that you've at least learned something

since last September. Anyone?

How about we give a big round
of applause to our first volunteer?

Do I have any volunteers
for contestant number two?

- She'll be all right.
- Thank you, Miss Davis. Come on up.

All right. We have one equation.
Use the quadratic form.

First person to cross the finish line
will win my utmost admiration.

- All right, begin.
- Come, on Miche. Let's go, Miche.

Come, on Miche.

- Go, go.
- The answer's three!

Is this what a $20,000 education
gets you?

A tying score with an 18-year-old
who failed this class twice?

Come on, Michey!

Come on, Michey, looking good today!

Win some, Michey!

Well, it looks like we got ourselves
a winner.

Stop cheating!

The correct answer is two.
How refreshing.

Come on, Mister J!
You gotta give Michelle another chance.

Hey, Michelle, quick.
How many fingers?

That was cruel.

So, I got the take from last night.
Here you go.

Gotta go pay the rent,
and get some food.

Man, what happened to your job?

Come on, baby. You know I'm too pretty
for minimum wage, man.

- This all the money we got?
- What?

That warehouse was pack up.
I seen nuff of them dropping $50 bets.

Yo, you don't you think
I'm sick of Niko's five dollar shit, too?

This... Let's go deal
with that bitch, man.

What are we waiting on?
I know where he stay.

Yo, I told you I ain't about to catch
a case on account of nobody.

We got the warehouse coming up.
That's always a payday, right?

Man, what I tell you
about messing up my shit, man?

I been working on your step.

Just go stick another book up your ass,

and keep out of big people's business.

B, handle your brother, man.

Seriously, B, you need to run
some CSI shit on that boy

'cause one of you was adopted.

- Raya, Raya. What's up?
- Hey.

It's fine.

I think Michelle is losing her man.

How can you lose what you don't have?

I really hope you don't think
I can't hear you.

Hey, I was just asking where I could
find you.

- Listen, about that thing in class...
- What thing?

You know what? Forget it.

It's impressive, man.

It's been like, what, three years, and
you've still got that quick exit down.

- Come on, Miche. Just cool it.
- That's your issue?

I didn't hang around here doing nothing
and going nowhere with you?

So what, you came back here
to show us

nothing, nowhere people something?

So then come now.
Come show me a little something.

This is stupid.

All right. You think your step is better
than mine? Show me.


And on that nowhere nothing tip,
that shit's in your family line, not mine!

Hey! That's enough.

- Get off me!
- That's it! Enough!

It's a little late for that,
don't you think, Miss Green?

And you, Miss Davis. Do you know
how close you are to expulsion?

- Very.
- Very.

Impressive transcripts.
Any ideas on future plans?

Med School. Probably Johns Hopkins.

- Seaton turns out a ton of Ivy Leaguers.
- Good.

65 percent of our students
go on to higher education.

That's nice for your students.

Well, Dr. Green.

Miss Davis here is on the brink
of academic disaster.

And you're going in
on a rescue mission.

Excuse me?

Peer tutoring.

There are study areas
reserved in the library.

Make sure you turn in the signed forms
at the end of each session.

- I don't need anything from her.
- I expect you both to meet twice a week.

I can't. I've got a scholarship exam
in less than a week.

For a school that won't admit students
with suspensions on their record.

That is, of course, your alternative here.

Good. So, we're all in agreement, then.

Twice a week. Turn in the forms
at the end of each session.

Do you want a ride?

The 27 stops a block from my building.
Straight shot.

Okay, so you still
know your way around here, then?

So then you know the 27 stops running
after 6:00, right?

- Late for something?
- Yeah.

Well, supposed to be home already.

Parents got you on lock-down?
What did you do?

Who has to do anything?

- So, yo, that stuff with Michelle?
- Stupid.

She may have nothing better
to do with herself,

but I shouldn't let her get to me like that.

So that's what you think step is?

Just a bunch of people with nothing
better to do?

I never said that!

Ray, I'm just saying,
you've got a serious step.

You know what I'm saying? A few weeks
with me, you could be dangerous, yo.

Bishop, it's done, all right?
Seriously, it doesn't even matter.

I thought you said the 27 stopped
running after 6:00?

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.


Don't pick a fight
that ain't worth winning.

I'm just saying,
watching you in that shop,

I've never seen anybody fight so hard
for something that doesn't even matter.

That's all this place is, Bishop.

A whole lot of people killing themselves
for things that don't even matter.

How you making out?

I'm about 20 minutes off
on the essay part.

But I'll have it down by Friday.

She used to love it when you did this.
It made her look so pretty.

Looking pretty don't mean anything
if you live dirt.

Hey, what's up, pretty girl?

Library. Friday. Bring your books.

Look, I don't care what your deal is,

but I'm not about to let you
mess with mine.

Is this when I'm supposed to cry?

'Cause, you know, it might take me
a minute to work that up.

Do what you want.

I just hope it works out better for you
than it did for my sister.

You know, you ain't changed
your hiding spot since third grade.

That's why you were always it.
Pam and I could always find you.


I sort of got this English final tomorrow,

and, I mean, if I flunk out,
my moms will...

Well, I can't flunk out.

I've got this thing at Seaton
in the morning.

Just keep it Mondays and Fridays
in study hall, all right?


Wonder why
Pam never asked you for help.

When the final buzzer goes,
you will put your pencils down,

and turn your exams in
at the front of the room.



Time! Turn in your exams
at the front of the room.

That was so hard...

- No, no, no! Mommy, please!
- No!

Please what? Please what, Michelle?

You think you're a big woman?
You don't have to take your test then?

Well, go on then, big woman!
Go on and get out of me house!

Give me another chance,
come on, give me another chance!

- I'll take that test over. Please, I swear...
- No!


My goodness, look upon you.
How you do, sweetie?

- How are your mommy and daddy?
- They're doing all right.

I actually just wanted
to drop these off for Michelle.

She asked me to help
bring her grades up,

so I made some review sheets
to get things started.

So I'll see you later?

You know where to find me.



I thought you had to work.

It was no good.

I was sick to my stomach
the whole time you was there.

How you think you did?

I aced it.

Thank you, Jesus!

Thank you, Jesus!

I told you.
I have everything under control.

Oh, my God! That is my girl.

So I guess you expect me
to say thanks or something?

Oh, God, no.
I'd never make you do a thing like that.

So what's up with these math formulas?

Raya? Raya.

It's that test, isn't it?

So there's absolutely no way
your parents can swing the tuition?

Big sis took care of that.

Well, maybe you could get
a scholarship or something.

Could have, should have, didn't.

Okay, so if you follow
on the review I gave you,

- you can see how solving...
- Yo.

Me and the girls make a few dollars
at them step comps.

And we've been thinking
about bringing on some new blood.

- You guys make a lot?
- A little bit here and there.

I mean, top spot makes the most

but they always be giving that
to the guy crews.

They've got ninth graders
reading Tolstoy?

No. They've got ninth graders reading
Death Of A Salesman.

No. They've got ninth graders reading
Death Of A Salesman.

I'm reading Tolstoy.


It's a "disturb and die" policy.

But I'm sure it only applies to me.

No, no, no! Whoa, whoa.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Yo, you guys ain't doing it right, man.

Yo, E. C., come and show them
how it's done.


You see what I'm saying though, right?

But we've gotta do something
with that last beat, yo. The timing's off.

Yeah, but I think we know
who we gotta blame for that.

E. C., is that you want dead?

You know what I want is for you to stop
that Ja-faking accent.

Thank you.

Everybody know you from
Scarborough. Look at you.

Shut up! You don't know where
my people are from!

This Scarborough guy's
still troublesome.

Yeah? Yeah? You want some of that?

Let's all break for some eats

and we'll come back
and do the damn thing, all right?

Yo, I don't think that invite was for you.
Check it out.

What? I'm hungry. Now what?

It's just... You look like her, that's all.

Listen, now, when you gonna come by

and let me show you
some of my moves and stuff?

I've known you since the fifth grade,
Bishop. I've seen all your moves.

Anyway, the only plan I got time for
right now is a payment plan.

What? Little cash crisis?

Little is an understatement,
but I think I might have a solution.

What's up?

I wanna be on your crew.
We could win Step Monster.

Come on, Raya.

You been to the comps,
you know the deal.

The whole mixed team thing?
It don't work like that.

Look, I gotta go.

You're the one who said
I had a serious step, remember?

Was that true, or was that just what you
say when you're trying to hit it?

Get out.

Man, she's not going nowhere.
Hurry up!

I don't see nothing wrong with a little
bump and grind,

but we got some work to do, bro!

Yes, I think you got a serious step, okay.
And I wasn't saying that just to hit it.

Why don't you just hook up
with Michelle's crew?

You all could take
some local comps easy.

But this shit right here, Ray,
is a whole other level.

Just give me a chance!

They'll never give top dollar to a
girls' crew. You know that.

Bishop! Where you at, man?

- Just give me a minute, man!
- I need this.

Bishop? Come now, man!

I can't.

He was right, you know.


Is that a fact, Quincy?

It's Quake. And yeah, it is.

Step is one thing,
but stepping the money?

I've been to the cash
competitions before.

My sister did it like a hundred times.

Oh, yeah? How many times you do it?

They got a comp coming up.

They're rehearsing at my uncle's
shop tonight.

Come around 6:30.

- Meet me upstairs.
- Excuse me?

I expect more from a Tolstoy fan.

- Wow, this is pretty...
- Neurotic?

I was gonna say amazing.

So how many cash comps
have you stepped?


Look, Quake, I appreciate you wanting
to help, but I really need this money.

Tomorrow morning in the shop.

It's a chance, not a guarantee.

And don't even think of being late.

And you? Clean this shit up
before Uncle C sees it, man.

Look, don't I always
have all your backs?

We wanna start getting
some outside attention,

then we gotta try something new.

Bishop, maybe
you got chance in your budget,

we ain't got no room for it, B.

Look, I've got no problem with you
playing us for what you could score,

but don't make your personal issues
my professional problems.

Yo, you know it ain't even about that.

Look, man, we take the stage with her,
and they kill us, B.

Yo, you keep stepping like you been
stepping lately,

and I'll kill you my damn self.

Ain't that the truth.

What you think that don't apply
to you, too?

Yo, maybe you all been laxing it,
but my shit is always tight.

All right, yo, get on the hood.
Ray, you take the roof.

Take the what?

Stand on the roof. E. C., get on the hood.

I got you scared or something,
Ernest Charles?


Pick it up. Put it into step.
Five, six, seven, eight.

Wait, wait, wait, hold up, hold up!

Yo, she can't keep up with our speed.

She can hear you and she can handle
herself, so let's just do it again.

All right, all right. Switch spots,
switch spots, switch spots.

- Check it out.
- Yeah.

Yo, Trey. Come again.

Holy shit!

- Damn!
- Oh, man.

You wanna do some damage
on the stage?

You better do some damage here first.

Yo, Bishop!

Get off me, man.

I'm done with your shit.
Your team, your steps.

Man, what do you think
you'd be without me, huh?

It gonna be some shit when you
find out.

- Now, E. C., come on.
- You want your spot? It's all yours!

Yo, E?


You know, what you all waiting on?
Warm up, man.


me and E.C.
Go back to the sandbox, all right?

So this thing, it ain't a thing.


JSJ, let's run it through.

Looks like you got a spot
on Bishop's crew.

What, my crew
not good enough for you?

- It's not how it looks.
- Really?

'Cause it looks like you's a lying-ass
bitch who can't be trusted for nothing.

Well, you can cross me off that
community service list, all right?

- Call it time served.
- Michelle, you know my situation.

Do you know mine?
Do you know Selia's?

You know anyone else's but yours?

I'm doing what I have to,
to get out of here.

And I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't
tell you, you could do the same.

You start making
people like this a habit,

and then you're the habit.

And then, you're done.

You know why Pam started hanging
around people like this?

Because it's too hard
being fake-ass people like you.

- Man, what does Garvey want?
- What's up, Bishop?

Uncle C,
a special order came in this morning.

You think
you could pack that up for me?

- Nice boots.
- I'm gonna have to copy that.

You really done a lot with the place.

Looks like business
is good on every front, doesn't it?

What's up, Little P?

You know, we all send our condolences
on your sister there.

She was one down-ass, bit... homegirl.
Wasn't she, fellows?

Yeah, I used to come check out her
shows. She's no joke up on that stage.

Funny. She used to say
the same thing about you.

The brothers from Brooklyn
always down for the party,

always late for the funeral, homie.

Yo, let's go man.

Five to one I take that stage
and put you back in your place, boy.

Step Monster Comp.
That boot shit that you do?

You think you can play that in Detroit?
Against my crew?

Well, I'll put 25 grand on it,
you only gotta come up with five.

You put up that 25. We going to come
up with the five grand.

Oh, shit.

Come on!

That's enough.

All right, that's a night.

Tomorrow we'll run it from the top
straight through.

Bishop, I was thinking we could add
a couple of steps in the middle.

Listen, those lights hit you
Saturday night,

you'll be lucky
if you remember your name,

never mind some steps you threw in
the night before.

Later, man.

Hey. Hey.

- I just wanna walk you up.
- I don't think that's such a good idea.

Why not?
You earned your spot on the team.

It's got nothing to do with nothing else.

Things are complicated enough
right now.

You and me?

It would just make things harder.

So, I'll just... I'll see you at rehearsal.

Good golly, Miss Molly
when you walk in

I really love it when you come around

When you smile when you see me
When you kiss and you see me

When you love it
when you come around

- Come here, come here. Come on.
- Hey.

Come here. Good golly, Miss...

Whoa, whoa! Miss Dance Hall Queen,
come dance with me.

David, I'm late, right. Why you always
starting foolishness when I'm late?

Oh, come on!

Do you know when they'll send back
the test?

Probably not for a few weeks.

The plans I have for you this evening
will surely make you smile

Plans I have this evening
will turn back the hands of time

I don't know what's come over me

Loving you this time

Thought I was brave, but you can see

I'm showing my nerves this time

Good golly Miss Molly
when you walk in

Lord, David.
How long you supposed to fix that?

It would seem I can't find the time
for it, yeah.

I'll take up the whole thing for you
next week.

Hey, you want to go to Cousin Bunny

- for some ice cream?
- Yeah?

The child has school work to do, David.
Just leave her in peace.

What, I can't talk to my daughter?

Is now you choose to talk?
What, you just now find your voice?

How about when your other child
left school

and started running the streets
with them worthless boys?

Is me the one
did have voice to talk then!

- Jesus.
- Are you okay, Dad?

Never mind, Ray Ray.

I'll take care of myself.

- I'm hungry, man.
- I feel you, man,

but I can't believe
you eating that shit again.

What you all thought I forgot?
Straight from Kingston, Jamaica.

They call it The Separator.
The men from the boys.

- Man, you all know what I mean.
- Yeah, yeah, we know what you mean.

- Anyways, whoever eats the most, wins.
- Wins what?

My respect.

Great. Give me something
I can actually use.

- Oh, man, you just didn't... No.
- Oh.

You can't just arm wrestle for respect?

This way if you throw up on stage,
you can blame it on something else.

Oh, good God, Q.

It's a little hot.

Tingle on the tongue a little bit?

You all right?

- It was the peppers.
- Yeah.

Bishop! My boy, my boy.

Been talking to my money men all day,
and they say your numbers been sliding.

Word is that a pair of panties
done punked you out.

Is that what the word is, Niko?

- It's on you, boy.
- Always is, Niko.

All right, now this next team
that's coming on,

they been in the game
since the game started in T-Dot.

You know, I'm not even going to hold
them up no more. Everybody, give it up

for Black Ice! Come on!

The floor is hot!

All right, JSJ versus Fem Phatal!

Fem Phatal, first to step.

Excuse us, ladies.

This is humiliating, yo.

Yo, don't worry about it, B.
It ain't nothing but easy money.

So make them broke-ass blood-clots
keep talking!

She's cracking our steps.

Man, I told you we shouldn't have let
that bitch up in our space, man!

Come on!

Give it up for Fem Phatal!
Yo, they came with it!

Now, JSJ, make your way to the stage!

- So what do we do now?
- We do the routine.

- Shit.
- What?

JSJ, make your way.

Look, all they did was crack our steps
just a little bit.

We stick to the routine and show them
what done right looks like.

- Let's go.
- All right, man.

Jane Street Juntas!

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Same song? Is that the same song?

- Bishop, I was just trying...
- We stick to the routine.

You didn't hear me say that?

Hey, yo, at least
she tried to do something.

They weren't feeling that out there, B.

Yeah, and then a bunch of people
on the stage

looking like we making shit up
as we go along.

- You ain't feeling that too, huh?
- Come on, B.

You think you can go
to Detroit after that shit?

- You think you're ready for that?
- Why don't you back off her, Bishop?

Man, why don't you find somebody else
to look out for your punk ass, man?

'Cause I'm tired of the job, all right?

Don't touch me.

You didn't have to do him like that,
Bishop. There's still time till Detroit.

We can fix this.

We? Weren't no "we" up there, Raya.
It was "you. "

You broke rank.

You trashed four other people's lives
just so you could have the spotlight.

I thought we were losing, Bishop.
I had to do something.

No, Raya. It's my team.
I had to do something.

You're off the crew.

The College Consortium's
in Baltimore this year.

I've been before. It's useful,
but I guess we can't afford it.

It's Baltimore, not Barbados.
I'm sure we'll manage.

You go and make sure they know
all they need to know about you.

Daddy's home after 11:00,
and supper's on the stove.

I'm gonna try and work a double tonight,
but if you need anything...

Mom. I've got it under control.

Yeah, I've heard that before.

What is it you need, Raya?

Why would I need anything from you?

I saw you up on that stage.

And you weren't stepping like a girl
who wanted to win.

No. Those...

Those are definitely
"need to win" steps.

Big difference.

So, now that Bishop's cut you loose,
I have a proposition for you.

Seems to me you're in need of a crew.

I'm asking five grand.

I'll give you 3,400.

Are you serious, man?
There's like two grand alone in the tires.

And I'll have to spend three times that
under the hood.

Now, 3,400, take it or leave it.

- Yeah, man.
- Terrific.

I'm not sure what the weather's like
in Baltimore.

You think one jacket will be enough?



You know, if you'd just ask,
Garvey'd give you a spot on his crew.

Why you acting like
I don't know you, dawg?

This nine to five hustle, that ain't us.
That's bullshit.

You can't trip on Manny and them, B.
We gotta handle our own.

Just grab your shit, man. Let's go.

You know what, E?

I don't think you know me anymore.

Looks like I'm not the only one.

I think the guys will work things
out eventually.

So, that's what they teach you
on the hill, huh?

To take people you care about,
and what, treat them like nothing?

I guess that's something
I'll have to ask your brother.

So, we're down a man for Detroit.

Look, if you want me to fill in for Raya,

I get an extra 20 percent of the take.

Are you serious, man?
Come on, your own brother?

So now you're my brother.

Twenty percent, take it or leave it.

All right, 20 percent.

- Hello?
- Sister Green? It's Michelle's mom.

- Hello, Sister Davis. How are you?
- I'm fine. How you do?

Fine. Yes.

I was wondering if Michelle could ride
with Raya to the step thing in Detroit?

- It's because I'm a little worried...
- I'm sorry. I don't understand you.

You want Michelle to ride
with Raya where?

I wasn't really trying to break any
traditions or anything.

I just figured you gotta get yourself
the right man for the job and...

In this case, the right man
was this woman right here.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised
by all the attention as well.

You've reached the Green residence.
Leave a message at the beep.

Hey, Mom. Sorry, I missed you guys,
but I just wanted to let you know

we all got here safe.

It'll be crazy the next few days,

so if you don't hear from me,
don't worry, okay?

Pimps and players
and all that up in here.

We know what you're here for!
Welcome to the one, the only

- Step Monster Competition!
- Step Monster Competition!

Yeah! Glad to hear you all!

Diamond Dynasty's giving you
a little taste of what's coming up.


Check that out. See, that's
the kind of love we want you all to show

when you see something you like.

Yo, that's right, because this weekend
we've got some of the best judges

that any competition has ever had,
and you know that's gonna be you!

You got them all pumped up now,
Keyshia. Look at them.

You? Me? No, not you in particular.
All of you all.

Who stays? Who goes?
It's all up to you.

We don't know unless you make
some noise!

So, without further ado, Detroit, are
you all ready to get this thing started?

Let's move!

JSJ, let's go!

Stay with it, man.

You know what, DeRay? I think this is
the best step competition in America.

No, this is the best step competition
in the universe, yo!

Keyshia, look. I been dancing
backstage, you all, for Keyshia

and, I'm telling you,
she wanna put me in her next video.


Come on?

So, you all know
what we coming down to, right?

We got three teams gonna compete
tomorrow in our showdown finale.

Our first finalist is last year's
champions. Kin Dreadz, you all!

Kin Dreadz!

Finalist number two! The Step Monster
freshmen have finally graduated.

You all show some love for JSJ!

That's right! And last, but definitely
not least, is Washington's finest

- Dem Boys!
- Dem Boys!

Look at Dem Boys. They can't stop
stepping for nothing, huh?

Now we got our top three,

but only one of them
is walking away with the 50 Gs.

So, you all make sure you all be back.

We'll see who
the champion is tomorrow.

Fifty Gs!

What's up, Little P?

I'm sorry. I got to pee.

Where did you get that locket?

From my man, and it's antique, too.

- Take it off!
- Excuse me?

- Take it off!
- Bitch, I ain't taking off shit.

Give it to me. Give it to me.

- Get off me!
- Chill!

- Chill.
- What the hell's going on out here?

What is she doing with that?

- Pam gave it to me.
- My sister would never give that to you.

What do you want me to tell you?
The girl had a need to feed.

Chill! Chill!

It ain't nothing but business, baby.

We didn't get here
on angel wings, Raya.


I had mad love for your sister, okay?
She just couldn't handle the business.

Now, you and me,
we're "do what we gots to do" people.

And what we gots to do right now,
is chill the fuck out.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised
by all the attention as well.

We're the only mixed team
in the competition.

You dancing or what?

You know, ain't no hoochie
from Jamaica, Queens

gonna take
a real Jamaican queen, all right?

Oh, wait.

You know, if you really
wanna teach something,

best teach these trifling girls
how to tack up a weave.

Pam meant this only for you.

You guys were pretty fierce yesterday.
Too bad about that catch, though.

Yeah, well.

At least, your man still got
a chance, right?

Look, I'm pretty sure Bishop
doesn't want to hear anything

from me right now.

I can't exactly say I blame him.

So you're just gonna play it safe
and not find out for sure?

Uncle C?

Did anyone buy one of my customs yet?

All right, listen,

can you put them up
in the window for half price?

Now, when someone buys one, call me.
All right? Bye.

You gotta be kidding.

I left Garvey's crew.
And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I just...

I know it doesn't fix anything,

but you guys put a lot on the line for me,

and I never put it on the line for you.
And for that, I'm sorry.

Listen, how you getting back?

We got people strapped to the roof.

It's all right. I'll figure it out.

Look, it's a tight squeeze.
You can come back with us.

In the meantime,
just stay out of the way.

We're still a grand short.

Dawg, if we don't have the money,
we don't have the money, B.

That's all there is to it.

Yo, man, Garvey be wiping his ass
with thousand dollar bills, man.

And we just struggling.
Struggling for a few hundred.

- You tried, B. We all tried.
- What's it all worth trying for?

Whose world makes sense, man?
Ours or his?

I don't know.

Bullshit, man. Garvey wins again.

Look, about that 25 grand deal
with Garvey.

Do you mind? We're trying to have
a team discussion here.

I figure this
should cover you with Garvey tonight.

I mean, I thought you were saving up
for school?

Raya, this has no guarantees.

All you can do is try, Bishop.

So, now you think you can go
to the ATM and buy your way back in?

Listen, Raya,

that may work at rich man hill,
but that no go so here. Saying?

Yo, that money?

She just pawned the locket
her sister gave her to get that.

But if E.C. Came knocking on this door,
you all would take him back in a minute.

How sorry does she gotta be
to make you happy?

Look, we started rehearsals.

Means you're late.

Are you worried that our team
isn't big enough?

Please, I ain't worried.

It just that, you know, Garvey's crew
got a whole lot on their side, that's all.

You do, too.

All right, look, break's over, guys.
We're gonna run it from the top.

And, Q?

I want you starting off the second part
with of one of these.

All right, everybody shadow Q
until you catch it.

But these are my steps. I mean...

I know what they are.
Can you do it or not?


All right. Let's go.
We're gonna hit them with the remix.

Welcome back to day two of our
competition. The Step Monster Finale.

Back to defend their championship
title, make some noise for Kin Dreadz!

Kin Dreadz!

Kin Dreadz! Come on, come on, you all.

- All right! All right!
- Hey, Keyshia. What am I?

What are you...
I don't know what that is.

- I don't know what that is.
- I'm a Step Monster.

No, no, that wasn't nothing?

- Corny!
- All right, it ain't about me, right now.

- It was the peppers, huh?
- Must be.

It's hot in here!

Somebody better find them
Umbrella Girls,

tell them the sprinklers
almost went off in here. It was hot!

I know that's right. But we're not about
to cool down right now.

So let's keep it going
with our next team,

known for their shake-the-ground
big sound.

Put your hands together for

- Dem Boys!
- Dem Boys!

I'll just be over there.

You know, I don't know which is worse.

Having Michelle's mother tell me
what you're doing,

or knowing you lied to my face.

I'm sorry.

- But I blew the scholarship exam...
- I know all about the exam, Raya.

Ninety-two percent. We made it back!

You watch. All of them big universities
soon come calling you.

This is unbelievable. I'm going back.

This is what happen when smart girls
make proper use of their time.

Leave the fools to their foolishness,
all right?

It's not foolishness.
I want to perform with my team.

I need them as much as they need me.
Probably more.

I know why that scares you.

Until you watch your daughter's life
get destroyed,

don't bother telling me what you think
I know, all right?

I loved Pam, too.

But she made a different choice
for herself.

And what was the result of that?

Spending all her time
with these sort of people?

Mommy, this is me.

And just because I'm moving ahead,

doesn't mean I have to leave
everything behind. It's all me.

School. Step.

You. All of it.

If I can accept that, why can't you?

Do young people always think
they can have everything?

Well, life have a way of teaching
you different.

Now, get your things and let's go!

Looks like Dem Boys are in it to win it.

Show your love one more time,
you guys!


Look at that. Look at that,
head moving, but the body just still.

That's what I'm talking about.

Ain't no stepping like old school
stepping, you all. Am I right?

- Come on!
- You know I've got moves.

I know you've got something.
I just hope it's not contagious.

Now it's time for our last finalist.

And you know the drill. You all, look.

We can't make the call
if you don't make no noise.

All right, now. Here's JSJ with a little
island flavor to savor, you know.


- Need a ride? Hop on this.
- JSJ transform!

Speed it up now!

We know, we know, let's go, let's go.

- All right. It's that time, you all!
- Yeah!

We're gonna take our last roll call.

Yeah! Tell us how you feel!

Here we go. Here we go.
How you feel about Kin Dreadz?

Yeah? Kin Dreadz, you all? Okay.

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah! All right, yes.

Show the love, show the love
show the love!

Or is it Dem Boys?

Dem Boys? Dem Boys? Come on!

Clap if that's what you want!
Is that what you want?

Okay, okay. What about JSJ, you all?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Okay! Okay!


All right, all right! All right!

We got this one.

This year's Step Monster Champions,


How you doing?



called, but there was no answer.

I went after Raya.

She ran off to some step show
in Detroit.

You saw her dance?

So many people everywhere and...

Traveling with those...

And anything could happen to her.

How was she?

She danced so beautiful.

Both my daughters dance so beautiful.

It's okay.

It's funny, isn't it?

How one moment
can change a million after it.

Special thanks to SergeiK.