How To Lose Friends And Alienate People Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the How To Lose Friends And Alienate People script is here for all you fans of the Simon Pegg movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some How To Lose Friends And Alienate People quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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How To Lose Friends And Alienate People Script

WOMAN ON TV, : Supposing Queen
Elizabeth had been misguided enough

to marry an English commoner,


I'm sorry, Ms, Fox, I didn't quite hear,

Obviously, you are immersed
in problems

of far greater significance
than Elizabeth's foreign policy,


WOMAN ON TV, : But these mental...

SIDNEY, : When I was a kid, I used to
think there was a special place

where all the movie stars lived,
A kind of Shangri-la,

And if you could just get inside there,
you'd be happy, Forever,

All these years later, I'm finally inside,
I've made it to Shangri-la,

My name's Sidney Young,
I'm a celebrity correspondent,

a journalist, a friend to the stars,

Yeah, that... That isn't me,

This is me at the Apollo Film Awards
in LA this year,

That's my Armani tuxedo,

That's an Omega Speedmaster Pro
watch I'm wearing,

That's the actress Sophie Maes,

Last night, she told me
she'd let me have sex with her

if she won the Best Actress award,


She just won the Best Actress award,


My life didn't used to be like this.

Only a year ago,
my alternative magazine,

the Post Modern Review,
was on the ropes,

I needed a big celebrity scoop to save
me from bankruptcy and humiliation,

But there was just one problem,

To cross the thin red line that separates
the looky-loos from the stars,

you had to be famous,

- Babe?
- Babe 3, Yeah.


- But he hasn't got any ID.
- How many pigs are coming tonight?


What do you want? Me to leave him
here with you? 'Cause I can, that's fine.

- I'll leave him here with you.
- No, no, no.

You cannot leave him here. I've got a...

If you're positive you're supposed to.

Well, well. Sidney Young.

Well, well, clipboard Nazi-type woman.

The pig doesn't get in.


SIDNEY, : Plan B, If you couldn't
crash the awards ceremonies,

you had to get
into one of the after-show parties,

Of these, the most exclusive
was the Sharps magazine party,

hosted by legendary editor
Clayton Harding,

Here the A-list could finally relax,

safe in the knowledge that no looky-loo

would be desperate enough
to book a room

in one of London's
most expensive hotels,

just to get close to them,

Okay, Britney,
I want you in bed by 10:00, okay?

And no porn.


SIDNEY: When I'm in LA, I like to stay
at the Chateau. Where else?


And then when I'm in London,
I always like to stay here

at the Haymarket. 'Cause, you know,

I just got to the point now

when I don't feel at home
unless I'm in a hotel.

- (CHUCKLES) Do you know what I mean?
- What is it that you do?

I'm a writer. I'm a movie writer.

Oh, great.



Hello? Sir?


Is everything all right?


And it is weird that I should see you,

'cause I was talking to the producer,
like, last week,

and I was saying, you know,
Thandie Newton, lead role.

- What do you reckon?
- Yeah.

I'm serious, yeah,

because you have the intelligence
and the beauty

and the fragility
that I think we're looking for.

- What's the film?
- It's called Tits of Fury,


- You are too much.
- I am, aren't I?

NEWTON: I love it.

- What's your name again?
- It's...

Clark. Clark Baxter. How do you do?




WOMAN: What is that? It's disgusting!

Oh, shit!

Sarah, get security.
Sidney Young got in.

Who's Sidney Young?

Oh, fuck!

SIDNEY, : Plan C, Keep a low profile
and leave as unobtrusively as possible,


MAN ON PHONE: Why do you not see
how this is ridiculous?

It's a puerile and personal attack
in alcoholic prose...

Can you get that? manage to misquote
both Derrida and Lyotard.

I'm sorry?

SIDNEY: Can you get the phone, please?

MAN: My stupid...
Your stupid fucking article!

I wouldn't do you the honor
of calling it a review.

- I am...
- A girl. internationally respected academic

- Prick.
- What?

You answer the phone.
What do I pay you for?

MAN: I am an author...

- You don't pay me.
- Answer the phone. the history of culture. I am...
- WOMAN: A fuckwit!

Hello. Post Modern Review,

Sidney, if she doesn't apologize,
I'm quitting.

You're going to have to apologize,
okay? George can't leave.

- Why can't George leave?
- Because he owns the fax machine.

- That's why. What?
- It's them. It's Sharps magazine.

WOMAN: What are you gonna
do about it then?

MAN: Well, I will take them to...

Names are ridiculous. I mean...

- We're finished.
- We're not finished.

- lf they sue, we're finished.
- It's going to be all right.

- Give me the phone. Shut up.
- Dead.

Be quiet!

Sidney Young.

This is Clayton Harding,
editor of Sharps magazine.

- Lord Vader.
- I saw you at my party,

just before you ruined it
with your little pig stunt.

- You liked that, did you?
- Sure.

I especially liked the part where
Clint Eastwood beat the shit out of you.

Yeah, well, you listen to me, okay?

I'm not scared of you, Harding, all right?

You can sue if you like, but, you know,

it's like Jimmy Stewart said,

"All right. Yeah, you sit up there

"and you spin your little webs,

"and you think the whole world
revolves around you and your money,

"but it doesn't, Mr..."

- Mr...
- Potter.


You can sue us, okay, but I warn you,

- if you strike me down...
- Ms. Taylor's here to see you.

SIDNEY, :... I will become more powerful
than you can possibly imagine,

A hundred men will
spring up in my place,

Men who care nothing for success.
Men who can't be bought.

- Men whose only loyalty...
- I want you to come work for me

at Sharps magazine in New York.


- Fight, fight, fight, fight!
- Fight, fight, fight, fight!


MAN: You can keep
your fucking fax machine!

Can you say that again, please?


(SINGING) I see trees of green

Red roses too

I see them bloom

For me and you

And I say to myself

What a wonderful world

I see skies of blue

And clouds of white

Bright sunny days

Dark sacred nights

And I say to myself

Oh, fuck.

This magazine you're working for,
it is good?

Yeah, with Sharps,
You know, Sharps magazine.

Sort of high society, fashion, crime,
finance, Hollywood celebrities.

Hollywood? Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now everybody is celebrity.

You take out your breasts,
you're celebrity.

I think it probably depends
on the breasts.

In Poland, someone was famous
because they'd done something.

Marie Curie, Pope John Paul.

Yeah, well, they don't make entertainers
like that anymore, do they?

Wise guy.

They brought your things yesterday.

Great. Yeah.

Yeah, it's nice.

I like it. Yeah, it's good. I'll put
my drums in the corner over there.


It's a joke. They're just little. Congas.

- When you start work?
- In the morning.

So you got to be fresh,
make a good impression.

Go to bed!

That's exactly what I intend to do.


I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around

I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around
Oh, yeah

I get around


I get around
Oh, yeah


- Kona, please.
- Make that two.

I'm Clark. Clark Baxter.

Nice to meet you. Cheers.

- What is this?
- That's a water, sir.

That's not right, is it?
Put a bit of beer in it or something.

- I'm sorry, my boyfriend's sitting there.
- Is he?

He's fucking small, isn't he?


That's his White Russian.
He'll be here any second.

Excuse me,
can you reserve seats in this bar?


I'm a journalist.
I work for a little periodical

you might have heard of,

Sharps magazine.
I'm the cultural editor. I...

This is a library card from Gloucester.

Don't. It's the wrong one, isn't it?
I've got...

- Happy now?
- Just doing my bit for the gene pool.


Who is that with Clint Eastwood?

- Morgan Freeman?
- No, in the headlock.

- You got this laminated?
- Give it to me.


- Shit.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.

- No, no, no! No, no, just leave it!
- All right.

It's got... Okay, then.


It's pronounced Gloucester, by the way.

- Are you going to get off of that seat?
- No.

- Do you know the meaning of karma?
- The curry?

What goes around comes around.

The moment is approaching
where you'll pay the price

for being an asshole.

And when my boyfriend gets here,

I'm going to encourage him
to take you outside...


Hello. Hi, honey.

All right, I'll see you then.

Boyfriend not coming?

Look, I'm sorry, okay?
Do you think... Do you think...

Do you think I could have his drink?

- Bobbie.
- Hey!

- Do you want my seat? I'm just leaving.
- Thanks.

Who do you think that is
with Clint Eastwood?


(SINGING) Chicken, pay the chicken back
Back, pay the chicken back

Pay back the chicken back
Do the chicken payback

Come on
Pay the camel back

Sitting on a camel back

See the camel, do the camel
Pay the camel back

I'm going to go powder my nose.

Why don't you put on something
a little more romantic, huh?





- Mrs. Lebowski?
- Kowalski.

You know what time it is?
The music blaring, the door open.

Was it? Fuck. I mean, sorry.
Shit. I mean, sorry.

I just... I ran into an old friend
and I brought her back for a little...







You can do this. You can do it.

You can do this. You so can do this.

Come on, Bob.

A quick cup of coffee,
then you've got to go.


SIDNEY, : This is my city,

This is my building,

This is my lobby,


These are my models,

This is my workplace,

He's come down to see Mr. Harding.

And this is my boss,

What the fuck are you wearing?

Do you like it? I've got you one, actually.


- Sit down. How was your flight?
- Yeah, it was good.

Thanks for the business-class tickets,

That was a mistake.
And don't call me Clay.

- Can we smoke?
- We? No.

Oh, my God. You...
You've seen... Yeah, okay.

That was a little... I'm actually a big fan

of your early, funnier stuff.

Snipe magazine was really good.

You've actually been
a big influence on me.

And I think together we can really inject
some of that Snipe spirit into Sharps,

I've got some ideas, actually,
if you'd like...

You think you've arrived, don't you?

Hate to break it to you,
but you're only in the first room.

In about a year, maybe longer,

you'll discover a secret doorway

at the back of the first room
that leads to the second.

And in time, if you're lucky,
you'll discover another doorway

in the back of the second room
that leads to the third.

There are seven rooms altogether.

You're in the first. I'm in the seventh.

Don't you forget it.

Can I use the bathroom in the seventh?
'Cause the one in the first really smells.

Which leads us to the subject
of your sense of humor.

I had a look
through your magazine here.

What did you think?

Felt it was kind of snarky

and bitter

and witless.

I'm going to try you out
in the "I Spy" section.

You're going to report
to Lawrence Maddox.

Well, Sidney,
I know we've only just met,

but already I perceive
I'm in the presence

of a rare comic sensibility.

- Thanks.
- Harding wants me to be your rabbi.

- Show you the ropes.
- WOMAN: Mr. Maddox.

Are you aware of what we do at "I Spy"?

You photograph famous people
when they're drunk.

"I Spy" is the nation's window
into high society.

WOMAN: Thank you.

The looky-loos read us
because, well, they weren't there.

And the glitterati read us
because we tell them they were there.

For the system to work,
we have to know where "there" is.

So when we go out to clubs and stuff,
is that on expenses?

This isn't a vacation. It's a vocation.

And when we do go out, you're going to
have to wear something more suitable.

- What do you mean by suitable?
- Something that covers all this up.

- Is that Mussolini?
- No, Sidney, that's Richard Heywood,

owner of this magazine.

He does, doesn't he? A bit of the...


Who's this funny-looking kid?
Is that his son?

That's his daughter, Elizabeth.
Now my wife.


She's very... Isn't she? She's got...

I mean, babies are all like Mussolini,
aren't they?

Ms. Olsen takes care of book launches,
gallery openings

and other intellectual fare.

Ms. Olsen, would you find
our new rookie something to do?

I hear the cultural editor's job
is up for grabs.


Look, seeing as I'm going to
be sitting just there,

don't you think
we should put last night behind us?

No. Now, get off my desk.

Yeah, but... I don't really know
what I'm supposed to be doing.

- Are you going to help me out?
- Sure. Which way did you come in?

Here, Chris Blick exhibition opening.
Caption it. Now get off my desk.

- Hi.
- Hi, Ingrid.

Aren't you going to introduce us?

- This is Clark Baxter.
- It's Sidney, actually. Sidney Young.

- Clark Baxter's my alias, so...
- Why would you need an alias?

He uses it when he's trying
to pick up transsexuals.

He's English.

Oh. Right.


- WOMAN, : Hello,
- Hello, is that the Parsons Gallery?

Yes, it is,
This is Celia Parsons speaking,

Hi, this is Sidney Young
from Sharps magazine.

We're running some photographs
from your opening

of the Chris Blick exhibition,

and I've been asked to caption them.

I wonder if you could help me
identify a few people.

- All right,
- Thanks.

Chris Blick. Man or woman?

- What?
- Is Chris Blick a man or a woman?

Are you sure
you're calling from Sharps magazine?

Yes, I am.

Well, then, tell me, Stanley,

why have they given you
this assignment

if you don't know
who one of the most famous artists

in America is?

I don't know.

- He's a man!
- Great. Okay. Is he an old man?

He's an older man, yes,

'Cause I've got two old men here.
Is he the fat one?

You do realize that Clayton Harding
is a personal friend of mine?

- What's that got to do with anything?
- Right,



- WOMAN, : Parsons Gallery,
- Is he the one with the wonky eye, then?


It's fashion sensitive.

If you're not wearing Prada,
it will take your arm clean off.

But I am wearing Prada.

This place isn't what I expected.

- What did you expect?
- I don't know, like, the Algonquin Circle.

Dorothy Parker.
You know, martinis, quips.

- Nobody here's drunk.
- It's called being professional.

You should try it sometime.

Here's something
you gotta understand, okay?

I'm not really one of you.

- By "you," do you mean human?
- No, I mean one of the glossy posse.

Bunch of zombies
writing about pets of the stars,

acting like they're working for the UN.

I am here to shake things up.

Where are you from?

Not that it's any of your business,
but Port Huron, Michigan.

Ah! Small-town girl.

I bet you couldn't wait to get out.

Get anywhere.

Get all the way to the NYC.

Silence of the Lambs,

Let me give you a bit of advice, okay?

Don't take the celebrity fluff
too seriously.

You arrogant...


Are you insane?

- What?
- That was Lawrence Maddox's wife.

Elizabeth. Her father owns Sharps,

What? That was her?
The Mussolini baby?

- Well, I could go back...
- No! You do not

approach Elizabeth Maddox,
you do not talk to her,

don't even make eye contact with her.
Do you understand?

- What? Am I supposed to be afraid?
- Yes.

I don't know
the meaning of the word fear.

I'm sure there are many words
you don't know the meaning of.

- What does that mean?
- When I think of all the people

who would kill to be where you are.

You lumber in here, spitting food,

haven't got the brains
God gave a mollusc.

Why did Clayton hire you?

- Snipe magazine.
- What?

When Clayton left college,
he started this magazine called Snipe,

It was fantastic. Just took aim at all
the self-important celebrities in town.

It was completely fearless.

It was like my magazine,
but 20 years earlier.

I am the young Clayton Harding.
That's why he hired me.

He looks at me
and he sees his glory days.

- His glory days?
- Yeah.

Sharps has won
over 14 National Magazine Awards

and increased its advertising pages
by 60% since he took over.

He lives in a Bank Street townhouse,
and weekends in the Hamptons.

Clayton Harding is one of the linchpins
of the media-industrial complex.

Don't worry about that. I think
I might just be in time to save him.


Hello, you've reached Sidney Young,

I'm sorry, but my answering machine is
out of order,

So the voice you're hearing
is actually me, What do you want?


RICHARD, : Sidney? Are you there?

Sidney? It's your father,

If you're there, Sidney,
please answer the phone,


Are you there?


(SINGING) In the cool of the evening
When everything is getting kind of groovy

You call me up and ask me would I like
to go with you and see a movie

SIDNEY: Wow. Look at that.

First I say no,
I've got some plans for the night

Are you two texting each other?

Love is kind of crazy
with a spooky little boy like you

You always keep me guessing

I never seem to know
what you are thinking

And if a girl looks at you
It's for sure your little eye will be a-winking

There's about 100 grand's worth
of food here,

and I think I'm the only one eating it.

- You want some?
- No.


- This place is just wall-to-wall totty.
- Wall-to-wall what?

Totty. You know, babes.

- Sexually-attractive women.
- Do you mind?


- Hey, Lawrence, how are you?
- Hey, I'm good.

Good to see you.

Look at that.

All night long, people have been
treating us like royalty.

In London, the journalist's motto is,

"Everybody hates us,
and we don't care."

Well, now you're one of the high priests
of what's hot and what's not.

I shouldn't even be here.
I get thrown out of places like this.



Lawrence Maddox? Oh, my goodness.

- Long time.
- MADDOX: Yeah.

You know, it is so funny
I should run into you.

I've just done this great little film.
It's called Five Boroughs,

- It's low-budget. First-time director.
- Yeah.

But it's really moving.

Hey, you know,
maybe you could do a little...


- Good to see you.
- Lawrence, right?

- Yeah.
- How are you, sir?

- Good.
- Good to see you, too.

- How's the picture?
- Pretty close to perfect,

if I can just get all the experts
to leave me alone.

In fact, I'm going to have
some screenings next week.

- You should come by.
- Hey,

that was Rachel Petkoff.
She's a fantastic actress.

She's not been in anything for a while,
but she was, in her day...

- Sure.
- No, seriously.

I think she's due for a comeback.

We should get in there.
Do a profile before anyone else...

Sidney, I'd like to introduce you
to Vincent Lepak, enfant terrible.

In my opinion, the most exciting
new director in American cinema.

This is the worst fundraiser
I've been to in my whole life.

It's a rat fuck, isn't it?

- It's going well, huh?
- VINCENT: Yeah.

Excuse me.

Could I have your autograph, please?
I'm a huge fan.

- Is that so?
- Yeah, I've seen everything

you've been in.

Those episodes of The Love Boat

and The Bionic Woman and Song Birds,

In The Night, And I saw
your first ever TV appearance,

The Twilight Zone, "House of Mirrors."



But my all-time favorite
has to be A Day Too Long,

You look great in that.

- What's your name, honey?
- It's Sidney. Sidney Young.

Sidney Young.

- Thanks.
- I'll remember that.

Thank you.

I mean, you look around you
and it's all shit, you know.

No one's making movies
that are fucking worthwhile.

I have to disagree with you, Vincent.

You're making movies
that are worthwhile.

This is what I'm saying, you know.
You have to inspire yourself.

I am my role model. I want to be me.

- What's the greatest film ever made?
- Excuse me?

What is the greatest film ever made?
Have a guess.

(STAMMERING) Well, I don't know.
I don't think there is one...

- Have a guess.
- VINCENT: Yeah. No. Have a guess.

What's the greatest film ever made?

It's hard to say.
I mean, I personally love La Dolce Vita,



Con Air,

- I beg your pardon?
- Con Air, right?

It's got everything, hasn't it?

You know, you've got Malkovich
for your acting chops,

you got Nicky Cage for your action,
Steve Buscemi for your comedy,

John Cusack for the gays. Right?

It's like a smorgasbord, isn't it?


I don't think we've been introduced.

Mr. Young, this is Eleanor Johnson,
Queen of New York.

Sidney's from England.
He's our very own idiot savant.

Without the savant.

It's always nice to have fresh blood
at these things.

Which reminds me.

I am here with Sophie Maes.
I want you to meet her.

Her new film, The Making of a Saint,
the buzz is amazing.

- What are you? A publicist?
- I don't really like that word, Sidney.

What do I call you, then?

You can call me Eleanor.

All right.

There she is.


This one will go far.

Where's the car?

What's it doing at the back?

Forget what I said.
I want it at the front now.

I just think it's so awful
how we're still exploiting animals,

which is why I won't wear fur or leather,
or wear make-up.

I'm a vegetarian.

I'm with you on that one.
I won't eat anything with eyebrows.

Or something that can chuckle.

I would never eat an animal
that could chuckle.

I'm sorry, I can't really understand
your accent very well.

Nothing, I was just...
So you're an actress, are you?

- So you've not won any Oscars, then?
- No.

'Cause I would definitely vote for you
for Best Supporting Dress.

I haven't been nominated for anything.

- I realize. I was just saying...
- ELEANOR: Sophie.

- Dear, are you ready?
- Yeah.

SIDNEY: I was joking,
'cause your dress is...

ELEANOR: Now, you know what to do.


PHOTOGRAPHER 1: Thank you!

PHOTOGRAPHER 2: This side.

ALL: Sophie! Sophie, Sophie!

ELEANOR: Thank you.
Thank you very much.

- All right. Let's get in.
- MAN: Sophie!

I'm going to the Circle Club.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Okay. Good night.

- Budge up.
- Where are you going?

- I'm going to the club.
- I'm sorry, you're not on the list.


- Cuba!
- See? Even Cuba says so.



- Who's a good boy?
- To the Circle Club.

Oh, God! That just turns my stomach.

He's pawing all over her.
He's old enough to be her father.

- No, he isn't.
- Yes, he is.

Actually, I was producing sperm
when I was 13, technically.

For your information, he wasn't
pawing her. He was just doing his job.

In case you haven't noticed, Sharps has
to have a star on the cover every month,

and most of those stars are
Eleanor's clients, so do not piss her off.

She's a flack.
Hacks do not take orders from flacks.

And I wouldn't call that
doing his job, okay?

He had no blood left in his upper body.

Would you...

And the next time you want to do that
hilariously ironic "I love Con Air"skit...

I wasn't being ironic.

...would you mind not doing it
in front of Vincent Lepak,

who happens to be very important?

Yeah, I could tell that by the way he was
allowed to stay up past his bedtime.

- Do you think she'd go out with me?
- Who?

Sophie Maes.
Do you think she would go out with me?


Girls like Sophie do not date journalists.

And as far as she's concerned,
you're the help.

What do you know? Anyway,
a lot of these starlets are lonely.

All they do is look around for men.

This is New York, Sidney.

Women only date men
who are successful.

- I'm going to be successful.
- And tall.


Have you seen this? She's everywhere.

MADDOX: Great coverage.

From Sophie Maes.

"Thanks for the great night." Sweet kid.

Sidney, about last night.

A word of advice.
Don't talk to the celebrities.

Sophie said
you made her uncomfortable.

So, Brad's people finally got back to me
and they've agreed.

We have the whole afternoon
before the shoot.

Good work, Lawrence.

Okay, if that's it...


Actually, I was thinking, Clay.

Paris Hilton.

I do a profile on her
as if she's this complete recluse.

(CHUCKLES) Like a hermit.

You know? I'm tracking her down.

"Who is the elusive Paris Hilton
and why is she so publicity shy?"



Isn't it? It's good.

'Cause just changing it...

That's first room stuff, Sidney.

And call me Clay one more time,
see what happens.

I thought that was quite good.


If I give you an interview,
will you leave me the fuck alone?

- Bill Nathanson, nice to meet you.
- Sidney Young, Sharps magazine.

Huge fan. Lovely to meet you.
I've just seen the film

- Rap Rat,
- Good.

- Did you like it?
- I did.

I did like it. I did. I liked
the hamster thing that you played.

- Actually, he's a chipmunk.
- Yeah.

Now, I've done a bit of research

and I can see
that you're quite a private man.

- Is that right?
- Well, I like to keep a line...

I think that's great. That's brilliant,
but today, let's get behind the mask.

I don't think there really is a mask,
as such.

I don't mean to be a pain,
but what I really want to talk about today

is the new musical...

- Yeah.
...and keep it about the work.

- Is that all right?
- Okay.

First question. Are you Jewish?

I don't see what the relevance of that is.

Okay. Well, fine. Second question.

The hamster thing that you play
in the film...

- It's a chipmunk.
- Whatever.

Is that gay?

- It's a chipmunk.
- I know, yeah, but is it a gay chipmunk?

Look, it's a kids' cartoon.
It's just a chipmunk, okay?

I mean,
I don't think chipmunks can be gay.

All right. So it's straight.
It's a straight chipmunk.

- Yeah, absolutely.
- Okay. Got that. So...

Are you gay?

I was...

I was trying to probe.

You want to probe,
become a proctologist.


You can't ask a musical comedy star
whether he's Jewish or gay.

From now on, just assume
they are all Jewish and all gay.

- Okay?
- All right.

No, I'd love this, but I'm so fat I couldn't.

- Get out of here.
- You look totally rexy.

That's so sweet.


I don't mean to be rude, Sidney,
but what the fuck do you want?

You know how things work here.

How am I going to get a piece
in the magazine?

I thought all this fluff was beneath you.

It is beneath me,
but things have changed.

What's changed?

Well, I know everybody thinks
I'm a bit of an idiot.

Okay, and maybe I didn't have
the best start here, but I want...

I want...

I want to have sex with Sophie Maes
before Maddox does.

You're loathsome, do you know that?

I know he's got a bit of a head start,
but I think I can win her back.

'Cause once I get my hooks into a girl,
she never gets free.

- Like ringworm.
- lf you like.

Where are you going?

You, buddy. You big corporate dick-lick.

Hello, I'd like to apply
for a MasterCard, please.

Yeah. Hon Sidney Young.

Hon. H-O-N. It's short for "Honorable."
Yeah, it's a British title.

The Queen? Yeah, I know the Queen.

She used to be
in my break-dancing posse.

She's a body-popper
more than anything.


MADDOX: Well, hello. Cuba!


He likes you.

So, how's it feel to be a star?

No, don't, it's so embarrassing. God.
Those pictures are everywhere now,

and I had no idea that, that dress
was so see-through.

Plus, everybody's talking about it
like it was some kind of stunt.

Such a cynical age.

Hello, Sidney.

Hi, I was just looking for my, you know...

I didn't know you were coming in today.

Lawrence is taking us to lunch
at Cipriani.

That's nice.

Lawrence, can I leave Cuba here?
He doesn't like Italian food.

Of course you can.
He can stay in my office.

Sidney, fetch Cuba a bowl of water.

- Will you?
- Of course.

That is a lovely ring.

- Where is that from?
- It was my mother's. She gave it to me.

You sweetie. That is very, very...

So, listen.

You've met Vincent Lepak,
haven't you, Sidney?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

See, he has a new movie
coming out soon,

and Lawrence is overstretched as it is.

How would you like
to do the feature on him?

Yeah, I would, actually.
Yes, I'd like that very much.

Well, great.

Maybe we can get together
and discuss the angle.


What do you mean, "angle"?

Well, I'd need to know
how we're going to present Vincent.

You know, check the story and so on.

Are you saying you want copy approval?

Any stories written about my clients

need to be in their best interest,
that's all.

I mean, if things work out with Vincent,

maybe we can talk about
a follow-up story on Sophie.

What do you think?

I'm sorry, Eleanor, I don't work that way.

Sidney, dear...

Think of it like this.
You write about one of my clients,

you are borrowing
some of their starlight

to help sell your magazine.

All I'm saying is quid pro quo.

Sorry. "Starlight"?

SOPHIE: I just don't usually eat carbs.
MADDOX: It's delicious.


Hello, Cuba. Hello.

It's Uncle Sidney.
Come to see how you are. Yes.

What's this?

Would you like a little play?
Would you like a little play?


Would you like a little play?


There you go. That's it. That's it.

Well done. Well done.

You and me are going to be pals,
aren't we?

Yes, we're going to be pals, yes.

You're going to like me
much, much better

than that prick Maddox, aren't you?
Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Okay. Ready? Ready?




Come on!

Shit! Come on! Come on!

That's my bag.

Yeah, I was going to borrow it
for a second.

What are you talking about?

I'll bring it right back.
I was just going to put...

- Give me my bag.
- Just let me borrow it.

No. Give me my bag.

Give me my...

Oh, my God!

- It was an accident.
- What did you do?

I was trying to make friends,
and then it was...

Don't tell her.
Okay, just please don't tell her.


Sorry, have you seen
this little Chihuahua...

SIDNEY: Fucking heck!



What are you doing?

- You just can't...
- MADDOX: Alison?

- Have you seen Cuba?
- What?

Have you seen Sophie's dog?

Oh, uh...

No. No idea.

Well, come and help us find him.

Don't worry.
He couldn't have gone too far.

SOPHIE: Cuba! Cuba!


- Clayton, have you got a minute?
- Did they find that rat yet?

I don't...

No, not yet.
It probably just got out the building.

Congratulations on
the Man of the Year thing.

- How was lunch?
- I don't know.

$1,000 a plate, all I could taste was ass.

I'm kissing their ass.
They're kissing my ass.

I get this dream sometimes.

Someone's set fire to the building.

Heywood, Sharps magazine,
the whole thing up in flames.

My analyst,
he thinks it's an anxiety dream.

I never let him know how happy I am
watching the fucker burn.

What do you want?

I want to write a story
about Vincent Lepak, okay?

Not a puff piece.
Something funny, with teeth.

Like Snipe would have done.

Everyone's treating him

like he's some sort of a genius
and he's not. He's an idiot.

Look at these things.

How'd I get a closet
full of blue fucking shirts?

I don't know.

I don't know, either.

This is an office, for God's sake.

Why have I even got a fucking closet?

Do it.

- Do it?
- Fuck it, yeah.

Do it. He's an annoying little prick.

We'll take him down.

- This is your shot.
- Thanks, Clayton.

- You're my little hit man.
- Yeah, I am your little hit man.

- Go do it.
- Okay.

Hey, you could call me the Jackal.

- Out!
- Okay.


- Mr. Young?
- Yes.

I'm Sophie Maes' assistant.
I'm afraid Sophie isn't here right now.

Yeah. Well, I know she's here, okay?

I'm not a stalker. I just know
she's upset because she lost her dog.

She isn't here.

All right, well, can you please
just find out if she got my present?


Did you send the flowers?

Flowers? Yeah, 'cause she doesn't
get enough flowers, does she?

I sent the fish.


You know, goldfish, in a bowl.
Did she get them?

Yes, but they were dead.

- All of them?
- Yeah. It was kind of shocking, actually.

Were they dead when you sent them?


No! Who sends people dead fish?

The Mafia.

(GASPS) Oh, my God.

- You're, like, a serial killer.
- No, no, no. That wasn't me.

Look, I laid him to rest.


- I took him out to the...
- I don't want to know!

- You might not want your bag back.
- Stop.

Sorry. Also, just the whole, you know,
not telling them thing.

I just wanted to say...

I appreciate that

because you didn't have to do it.
And a lot of people probably

wouldn't have done it, but...
Why didn't you?

You don't need my help
to screw up here, Sidney.

I mean, the only thing you make
are mistakes.

And stains.

May I help you?

Just a couple of straws, please.

Hey, listen. Let me ask you,
what is it with this book?

You're always writing in it.
What is it, like a diary? Am I in it?

It's a novel I'm working on. All right?

- Wow.
- Yeah, go ahead, I know.

- I'm a walking cliché.
- No, not at all.

That's very impressive.

- And you're writing that by hand?
- Yeah.

It's... I don't know, it keeps it separate
from the magazine work.

Makes it seem special.

You're full of surprises, sister.


White Russian.
Are you waiting for your boyfriend?

Yeah, he'll be here soon, so...

What does he do, this mystery guy?
Is he like a hack, too?

- Actually, he's a poet.
- Oh, is he? What does he look like?

- What?
- Well, you know, poets,

they're not known
for being that good-looking,

'cause they're always in dark rooms
and they look like Gollum and...

- He's probably...
- He's very handsome.

- Thank you.
- Of course he is.

You know what I don't understand?

You're so desperate
to get a story in the magazine,

so why wouldn't you play ball
with Eleanor? Write the puff piece?

Well, I just resent being bribed
to gush sycophantically about a star.

I choose to gush sycophantically.

- Okay.
- Anyway, Clayton's given me a story,

- so I'm on my way.
- Well, that's good.

... after these messages,

In a world where passion is forbidden
and belief divine,

the love she withheld from a man
she gave to all mankind,

WOMAN ON TV, : You've given yourself
to Christ, my child,

But I love him,

(SOBS) How can it be wrong?

I believe in love, That is all we have,

And we must give it
wherever it is most needed,

ANNOUNCER ON TV, : Sometimes,
before you can find God,

you have to find the world,


Stand up, Mother Teresa,

ANNOUNCER ON TV, : Sophie Maes
is Mother Teresa

in The Making of a Saint.

Coming soon to a theater near you,

Anyway, I better shoot off,
leave you in peace with your poet.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

I've still got the receipt, so...

Which makes it a half a page left.

Lawrence, any ideas?

Yeah. Rachel Petkoff.

Fabulous '70s actress.

One of my all-time favorites.

Just made a movie
called Five Boroughs,

I think she's poised for a comeback.

And I think we should get there first.
Do a piece.

Sounds good. Let's do it.

Okay, that's it, people.



Did you read my piece
on Vincent Lepak?

What? Yeah, that...

That's not going to work.

And for those of you who haven't heard,

Alison will be running
the "I Spy" section from now on

as Lawrence here
is moving up in the world.

He's replacing Greg Roberts
as deputy editor.


- MAN: Way to go, Lawrence.
- Thanks.

WOMAN: Congratulations.

Hey, I'm sorry, Rachel Petkoff
is one of your favorite actresses?

You'd never fucking heard of her.
That was my idea.

Well, so it was, yes.

If you have any more good ideas,
don't forget to bring them

by my new office.

By the way, there have been complaints

about you skulking around
the water cooler,

trying to talk to women.

- I mean, that's inappropriate behavior.
- What?

You spend your life chatting up the staff.

When I do it, it's called flirting.

When you do it,
it's called sexual harassment.

Consider this an official warning.
I will not tolerate sexist behavior.

MADDOX: I know that wasn't
Greg's way of working,

but Greg isn't deputy editor anymore.
I am.

And I am making changes.


- What?
- Hi, Lawrence.

There's a lady here
that's been looking for you.

- Can I help you?
- Are you Lawrence Maddox?

- The new deputy editor?
- Yes.

I'm here to congratulate you
on your promotion.

Thank you. I'm sorry, you are?

I'm your present.


SIDNEY: Lawrence, this is
inappropriate behavior,

wouldn't you say?

This is wrong. I should record this.

Such a misuse of company time.

- Sidney, stop.
- I'm not doing anything.

Holy Christ!

- Hey, Mrs. Harding.
- Hi, Ingrid.

Oh, my God. So adorable.

This is Ingrid
from the fashion department.

- You're getting so big.
- Where's Mr. Maddox now?

He moved to Room 217.

- It's just over there.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye. Come on, girls.

Let's go see Mr. Maddox.

My God! My Lord above!

This is terrible. Oh, good Lord!


There's a surprise.
Look at his face. Wow!

What do you think...

Mrs. Harding.


- SIDNEY: Bobbie.
- What?

I've got cock on my hand.

I see what you're saying.
Whatever you like. There's gonna be

- plenty of time before we lock it in...
- That's great. if you want to change it...
- All right. Love to hear that.

Get in.

I didn't know it was
Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

I didn't know there was
a Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

Shut up.

You know, when I told my wife
I'd hired another Brit, she was excited.

She still thinks you're all like something
out of Pride And Prejudice,

But after what she just saw in that room,

now she thinks you're a British person
born in New Jersey.

- Why did I hire you?
- I don't know. Why did you hire me?

I had an attack of nostalgia.
But it's passed. Like gas.

- What was wrong with my story?
- What?

Why did you kill
my Vincent Lepak story?

Sidney, it wasn't good enough.
Simple as that.

Wasn't good enough?

- We don't do hatchet jobs here.
- Come on.

- It wasn't a hatchet job.
- Your opening quotation,

"It's only too easy
to catch people's attention

"by doing something worse than
anyone else has dared do it before."

Who are you thinking of here?
Yourself or Vincent?

He is a talentless, pretentious little twat,

who thinks that cinema began
with Tarantino.

And somebody needed to say that.
You told me to do something with teeth.

I'm trying to run
a fucking magazine here.

"A free press is the last defense
against the tyranny of stupidity."

Save me your tin-pot philosophy.

It's not mine. It's yours.
First issue of Snipe,

Would you grow the fuck up?

You are not Robin Hood.
You never were.

You bitch about famous people

for the same reason
I used to bitch about them.

Because they got invited to the party
and you didn't.

Well, Sidney, you're at the party now.

Quit your bitching
and do your fucking job.

You're on your last life here.
Do you understand that?

One more fuck-up like today,
you are gone.

Won't you have to run a decision
like that past Eleanor first?

Get out.


ALISON: I can't believe
you hired Bob as a stripper.

SIDNEY: I didn't hire him.
She did it as a favor.

ALISON: I thought you wanted
to be a success here.

SIDNEY: I do. It wasn't me. It was Clark.
ALISON: Oh, your alias, right.


I don't think Clayton's going to publish
anything I write, you know?

I've been on salary for four months now,

and I've written probably 175 words.

I think, dollar-per-words basis,

I am the highest-paid writer
in the history of this magazine.

He's not going to renew my contract.

Well, what do you expect?

I mean,
Vincent's one of Eleanor's clients.

I told you, they're untouchables.

I just thought Clayton was different,
you know? I really did.

The only thing I'm good at
is pissing people off

and he won't even let me do that.

"My glory walks hand in hand
with my doom."


- Troy who?
- Troy the movie.

Clayton only invited me here,
so I could be shunned.

Everybody hates me.

You're the only one that will talk to me.

- You cornered me.
- I'm serious.

Do you want another drink?

Yeah, I'll have a half of lager.

MADDOX: Sophie, darling!

Ravishing as ever.

We were just talking.

Did you all know that Lawrence
published a book of poetry?

- Called The Hollow Heart,

- You write poems?
- In another lifetime. You know, dabble.

- Cointreau?
- Right here. Thank you.

- And the White Russian?
- MADDOX: Right here.

Well, well, if it isn't Sidalee.

What time does the stripper come on?


Shut up, Maddox.

Where's your sense of humor, Sidney?

Choke! Choke!

Choke! Choke!

Choke! Choke!

Hi, Mrs. Harding.



Lovely party. Happy Fourth!


Has anyone ever told you before
that you have an unusually dark aura?


You should walk with bare feet
as much as possible.

Ground all that negative energy.

What are you, a wizard or what?

- I'm a spiritual healer.
- Can you make a living out of that?


Oh, God, no. I'm a dentist.

You want to do some coke?


(SINGING) Yankee Doodle went to town

Riding on a pony

Stuck a feather in his cap

And called it macaroni

Yankee Doodle, keep it up

(CHANTING) England! England! England!

England! England! England!

England! Oi, Orlando!
You used to be English.

England! England! England!

England! England!




You okay?

- What?
- I said, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- You?
- Yeah.

No, actually, I'm not.
I hate my life, so, you know,

I'm going to get drunk.

Right, well... I'll see you, then.

- How could you?
- What?

How the...
You and Maddox having an affair!


For Christ's sake!
The man with hidden shallows!

I used to think... I just thought...

When I met you,
I thought you were bit of a pain,

but I was really... God damn it! Maddox!

How can you live with yourself?

I couldn't.
That's why I've broken up with him.

That's no... You broke up with him?

- Which leg did you hurt?
- This one.


God! Fuck! God.

You know what?

There's something
very damaged about you.


Like an animal
that's been hit by a car or something.

Like a deer

or like a pig, maybe.

And they walk all funny,

and the other animals keep away
from them.

Little, limpy pig.

I'm drawn to sick animals.

That's why I picked Cuba.

Because he had,
like, psychological problems.

Poor little Cuba.

Where is he now?

Jesus, I'm wasted. Are you wasted?
Because I'm really wasted.

I slept it off.

Congratulations on becoming
incredibly famous, by the way.


- What's that like?
- Weird.

It's all happening so fast,

and it sort of feels like
it has nothing to do with me.

Kind of like I'm not really even here.

You know what would be nice, though?

Some coke.

It's probably just as well
I don't have any, though.

Coke always makes me so horny.

Wizard! I need the wizard dentist!

I need the wizard... Not you.

The dentist wizard.

The wizard, have you seen him?
He's like a wizard/dentist.


- Okay, all right. You got it.
- Thank you!

Thank you so much.

It's okay.

I will never, never, never forget this.

It's okay. Really.

- What are you doing?
- None of your business.

You can't drive like that, okay?
Go just sleep it off.

Firstly, you are a stupid asshole
and I hate you!

- And secondly, secondly...
- Okay, okay, okay.

I hate you
'cause you're a stupid asshole.

Look, if you drive in this condition,
you are going to kill yourself, okay?

(SOBBING) I don't care if I did.
I hate my life.

I got to go. I got to go.

- Just... Come on. Come here.
- No, don't touch me.

I hate rental cars. I hate them.

No, give me the keys.
I've got to go home.

I thought I had it all figured out.

A, get the hell out of Port Huron,
come to New York.

B, do the serious journalism thing
to pay the bills, while I write the novel.

C, win the Pulitzer.

- E.
- D.

D, I don't know what D was.

Then I took the internship
at Sharps and...


I met Maddox.

And then before you know it,

I'm writing
Ten Tips for the Fucking Metrosexual

and pretending this is what I wanted.

- And that's why I hated you.
- I didn't know you hated me.

You were right about me.
I'm a ghoul writing fluff.

No, you're not a ghoul, okay?
You're a zombie.

- A ghoul is like a ghost.
- Fine.

I need a cigarette.
Where are my cigarettes?

You don't smoke.

Oh, yeah.

When I told him
I couldn't see him anymore,

I don't know if he cared.

I love him, and I don't know if he cares.

Look, I'm sure he does care, okay?

He's probably just not very good
at expressing his emotions.


Okay, well, let's just calm down, okay?

Don't get snot everywhere,
'cause it's a rental.

Oh, God.




That's grim!



ALISON: No more steps, no.

Will you shut up?
You're going to wake the old witch up.

ALISON: No. Why are we stopping?


- Did we wake you?
- ALISON: Oh, God, I'm a whore!

I'm a whore! I'm a...

I'm a whore.

- I'm a whore!
- Hello, Dad.



I love this song!

- She's not actually a prostitute.
- Oh, good.

So, Sidney's dad. It's nice to meet you.

- I'm Alison.
- Delighted to meet you.

- I'm from Port Huron.
- Port Huron.

And you must be Sidney's mommy.

- No, I'm not!
- Okay.

I mean, my dad remarried, too,
so that's cool.

Where are my cigarettes?

What is this?

Hey, is this...

- I think it's probably cocaine.
- Yeah, that...

It wasn't actually for me. I was going
to give it to this young actress.

So, Mr. Sidney, what you doing here?

- Please, call me Richard.
- Richard.


written a little book,
and I'm doing some talks.

- I'm writing a book.
- Yeah?

- What's yours about?
- I write books on philosophy.

- Philosophy.
- Ideas.

Oh, my God.

Richard Young? The...

You're R.C. Young?

You never said
your dad was R.C. Young!

I brought you a copy
of the book, Sidney.

I'd love to hear what you think.

What would Sidney
know about philosophy?

He does have a master's in the subject.

You're shitting me!

He... He likes Con Air,

- I don't feel very good.
- Come on.

- Time you were in bed.
- Okay.

You can sleep on the couch.

It was a pleasure to meet you,
Lord Young.


You really should have said
you were coming.

That would have required
you answering one of my calls.

Yeah, well, I've been kind of busy.

Of course. Yes, I...

I picked up your magazine at the airport.
Most enjoyable.

I particularly liked
the young Hollywood actress

who said she would like to start
her theater career somewhere small

like London or England.

- Why must you always do this?
- It's just a little joke.

No, it's not a little joke, is it?

Basically, what you're saying is
what I do is worthless.

I don't think it's worthless.

I just think that you know in your heart
that you could be doing more

with your life.


Sharps magazine is one of the most
respected magazines in the world.

There's a million hacks that would
give anything to be where I am.

Do you know who I hung out with
just today? Orlando Bloom.

- I don't know who that is.
- Of course you don't know who that is.

You don't know who anyone is.

You thought Brad Pitt
was a cave in Yorkshire.

The thing is most people do know
who that is, all right?

And most people wouldn't think
a journalist hanging out

with celebrities like that
was a disappointment.

I don't think
you're a disappointment, Sidney.

I've never thought that.

I'm sorry. I...

I didn't mean to upset you.

Things haven't been that great,
actually, Dad.

I don't know why.
I can't seem to get ahead.

- lf you're not happy...
- No, I'm fine.

Really, I can make it. I know I can.

Einstein said,

"Try not to become a man of success,

"but rather to become a man of value."

Young lady
in the bedroom there, Alison.

She wouldn't have anything to do
with your desire to stay on, would she?

No, we're just friends.

Anyway, she says that New York women
don't go for losers.

I suppose not.

But Alison is from Port Huron, isn't she?




I don't remember much from last night,
but I'm so, so sorry.

Why? No... You were all right.

Oh, my God. Your father.

- And that woman.
- Mrs. Kowalski?

Don't worry about it. The last woman
she caught me with had a penis.

- So, you know, you're a big step up.
- Thanks.

- Who is that?
- That's my mother.

No way.

- Was she a model?
- Actress.

- Is she still...
- No. She died when I was young.

Must be pretty cool
having your mom in a movie.

Well, I used to see her on the TV
from time to time

when I was growing up.

You know, which is kind of weird.

Okay, full English fry-up.
Perfect hangover cure.



Not again!


Hi. I was just, you know...

Just rooting through
your personal possessions.

- I like the opening.
- You do?

Yeah. Can I read the rest of it?

Believe it or not,
I am a pretty good editor.

I don't know. I don't even know
if I'm going to bother finishing it.

Hey. "Keep true to the dreams
of thy youth."

Is that Troy again?

It's Schiller.

I'm going to jump in the shower,
and then I really will get out of your hair.

(STAMMERING) Well, wait, 'cause I...

I got you a present.

I was walking past this record shop
on the corner and I saw it and thought,

you know, it might cheer you up, so...

You said it was your favorite film, so...

ALISON: That is...

I don't even know what to say.

I don't have a turntable.

Well, you could always come
round here and listen to it.


Are you kidding?
I could throw up on you again.

Oh, come on. Come on!

There we go.

Come on, don't be shy.

I'm a great mover.



Hey, Alice? Versace. You like?

I'm good, thanks.

You know, honey, everybody needs
to change their look every now and then.

Especially when they have
a new man in their lives.

What? I'm...
What are you talking about?

That English guy is always
hanging around you these days, right?

Tell me it isn't so.

- Of course not.
- Thank God!

Can you imagine? He's such a creep.

This is gorgeous, but I'm just too fat.

Don't be crazy. Alice?

Is Anna fat?

Not at all. Why, she's so thin
I could take her little spindly body

and snap her over my knee
like a dry fucking twig.

And, for your information,
Sidney Young has more going for him

than anyone in this place.


It works. It works good.


Hey, Alison. I was wondering if...

Hey, Alison. I was wondering maybe
if you wanted to go see a movie

or have a meal or...

Do you want to go on a date?

Might work.


(SINGING) Wake up in the morning
with a head like what you done

This used to be the life,
but I don't need another one

You like cutting up and carrying on
you wear them gowns


- Hello, Sidney.
- I like your costume, Vincent.

- I'm not wearing a costume.
- Oh.

- Idiot.
- Wanker.

You'd better know
when you're swinging round the room

Looks like magic's only ours tonight

- I'd better find Ed.
- Okay, I'll see you.

- See you.
- Clara Bow.

Louise Brooks.

Bela Lugosi?

- George Hamilton.
- George Hamilton's not dead.

Isn't he? That's a shame.

I was looking for you, actually.

And I have something
I wanted to tell you.

Me first.

I wanted to ask if maybe

you wanted to go and maybe go and see
a movie, or go have something to eat.


- I can't understand what you're saying.
- I'm sorry.

Sorry. Yeah.

No, I just wanted to ask if...

- Back in a minute.
- All right.


I wanted to tell you that

Lawrence has left his wife.

- We're going to be together. Officially.
- That...

That's brilliant.

- So maybe he does care after all, right?
- Yeah.

I'm going to...


Yeah, and take
the West Side Highway, please.

Eleanor! Wait!

Let me write the profile on Vincent.

I don't think so.

You can have complete copy approval.
It will be like you wrote it.


Vincent, think about it, okay?
Think about how humiliating

it will be for me, please.

- I am begging you.
- VINCENT: You...

You don't look like you're begging.

West Side Highway, please.

CLAYTON: Sit down, Sidney.

Lawrence Maddox is no longer
working for Sharps magazine.

Seems that Elizabeth got tired of him
screwing around and kicked him out.

She kicked him out?

Richard Heywood doesn't seem
to like the idea of employing

an ex-son-in-law.

So he's gone. So is Alison Olsen.

Don't worry about Maddox.

He's already lined up something
with Gotham magazine.

I'm going to need somebody
to hold the fort at "I Spy."

Strictly on a temporary basis,
you understand.

One more thing.

I had a call
from Eleanor Johnson this morning,

wanting to know if you would like
to write a profile on Vincent Lepak.

I don't know how you did it, Sidney,
but somehow

you've made it to the next room.


(SINGING) I caught my stride

I flew and flied

I know if destiny's kind

I've got the rest of my mind

Well, my heart it don't beat

It don't beat the way it used to

And my eyes, they don't see you no more

And my lips, they don't kiss

They don't kiss the way they used to

And my eyes don't recognize you no more

For reasons unknown

For reasons unknown

With one deep breath

One big step

I move a little bit closer

I move a little bit closer

For reasons unknown

I said my heart, it don't beat

It don't beat the way it used to

And my eyes don't recognize you no more

And my lips, they don't kiss

They don't kiss the way they used to

And my eyes don't recognize you no more

- Hi.
- Hey.

Well, well, little Sidalee.

Listen, I can't stay. Anderson wants me
to go to some photographer's exhibition.

Hot new talent. Blah, blah, blah.

How hot is she?

- Who?
- The talent.

See you back home.

Could you stop carrying
this book around?

(CHUCKLING) It's kind of embarrassing.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- Nice robe.
- Oh, thanks.

Ralph Lauren. It was a gift.

Who from?

Ralph Lauren.

I was doing a piece and...

I wanted to say congratulations.
I heard about your promotion.

- I'm really happy for you.
- Well, yeah, thanks.

- How's things going with you?
- Good. Fine.

Everything's... I'm working
for this little literary magazine.

It's not The New Yorker, but...

So I left you a bunch of messages.

- Yeah, I know, I've been so busy.
- Yeah. I thought so.

- Okay, well...
- How's the novel going?

I... I'm still working on it.

Well, you should keep at it.
I believe in you.

Actually, I never gave you these.


There you go.


It's just, you know... You don't have to
use them if you don't want.

You know, don't even look at it.

- You know...
- Sidney?

Hey, Alice.

Where did it all go so wrong?


Sophie is going to get
an Apollo Film Awards nomination

for Best Actress.

Wow! That's great. But the nominations
haven't been announced yet.

That is correct.

Which is why we have
absolutely no way of knowing

whether or not she will be nominated.

But when she is nominated,
we would like Sharps to do a feature.

Someone to cover the whole lead-up.
Unrestricted access.

The trajectory,
the building of this unique brand.

I'm going to have a logo.

So, here's the deal.
Sophie wants you to write the story.

You can be my bitch.


Merry Christmas, Sidney.
This is a cover story.

I think a little celebration is in order.



(SINGING) Maybe we could make it all right

We could make it better sometime

Maybe we could make it happen baby

We could keep trying
but things will never change

So I don't look back

Still I'm dying with every step I take

But I don't look back

We could keep trying
but things will never change

So I don't look back


Dance the little devil, loverboy

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

I love what you do
I love what you do

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

I'm your pinup
You're my candy man

Sugarcoat me, baby
when you can

First time perfect moment
Fire and ice

Give, give, give, give me your love

Give me your love

Give, give, give, give me your love

Give me your love

Give, give, give, give me your love

Give me your love


SIDNEY, : It's 20 storeys up,

WOMAN 1: Sidney, you loser!
MAN 1: You suck!

It's too high.

WOMAN 2: You can do it!
MAN 1: Grow some balls, man.

MAN 2: Don't be a wimp.

- Come on!
- MAN 3: Come on.

WOMAN 1: Such a loser!

- You didn't do it!
- It's high!

Oh, but you let me down.

You couldn't do it. It's bloody high.




- What are you?
- Limpy pig.

- What?
- I'm your little limpy pig.

That's right, limpy pig.
And now it's time to pay a forfeit.

- What do you got?
- I've got my little limpy pig dance.


Give me your ring.


I can't.

- Come on.
- No, I can't.

- Give me your ring. I want it.
- I can't.


If you give me your ring,
and I win tomorrow,

I'll let you have sex with me.



MAN ON TV, :... has left Rocky wondering
where the others have gone,

His old anxieties
about being left alone...

WOMAN 1 ON TV, : Now there's an easy way
to remember everything,

WOMAN 2 ON TV, : Oh, thank you, Mike,

I'll buy you a better one,
just as soon as I...

No, you won't,

I'm always going to keep this one,

I'll never part with it,

Never, never, never,

Let's do it properly, Please,


Ms. Maes. Over here. Smile!

Thank you, Sophie.

What people don't realize
is that all saints start out

as human beings.

And all human beings fall in love
at some point, right?

- Mother Teresa still has...
- It's really important, sure.

Well, anyway...

MADDOX: Well, well. Look at you.

Made it all the way to the seventh room.

Wheel of fortune, right?
You go up, I go down.

You here with Sophie?
How about doing your old rabbi a favor

and putting in a good word for me?

- Need a little interview.
- Is Alison here?

Alison? No.
We went our separate ways.

Actually, she left me.

And tells me she's in love
with someone else.

Nope. Not you, I'm afraid, Sidalee.
Some guy named Clark.

Can you believe it?
These are the sacrifices we make.

I don't need to tell you.
This isn't a vacation, it's a vocation.

So, listen. About Sophie, need
a little interview. It won't take long.


SIDNEY, : So, here I am
at the center of everything,

I've got the tux, I've got the watch,
I've got the life,

I am exactly where I wanted to be,

I've made it to Shangri-la,

I'm gonna have to
have the ring back, okay?

What are you doing?

- I need you to give me the ring.
- Get away from me.

- What are you doing?
- Give me the ring back.

My mother gave me this ring,
and she told me to give it to the one.

- She's not the one!
- Have you lost your mind?

- No, just... Will you just...
- Let me go.

I don't want to be on the inside!
I don't want to be at the party!

I don't want to have sex with you!

I killed Cuba!


No. Hey!

Fucking, mother-fucking fucker!


Stop it!

SIDNEY: This is live!
SOPHIE: I don't care!

ANNOUNCER, : Well, this is a strange one,

We've certainly never seen anything
quite like this before

at the Apollo Film Awards,

Sodom and Gomorrah!

I'm sorry!


ANNOUNCER, : I've just been informed
that the young man involved

in the altercation

is Sidney Young,
a reporter with Sharps magazine,

ELEANOR: Take your hands off of me!

You are finished! You're finished!

- Hey, Vincent.
- Sidney.





Have a nice flight.

I need a ticket to New York, please.

The next available flight isn't
until tomorrow morning at 10:00.

It arrives in New York at 6:30 p.m.
Iocal time.

There's nothing sooner?

- No, I'm afraid not.
- Fine. I'll take it.

Hi, you've reached Alison,
Please leave a message,

Oh, and Joe, if that's you, I got
the tickets for Empire Park tomorrow,

I'll see you there, Bye,

Alison, it's me. It's Sidney.

Listen, my battery is very low,
and I wanted to...

Can I see you? I just...

I don't think I'm going to be working
for Sharps anymore, okay?

But it's fine.
Because I thought I wanted all that stuff.

I thought I wanted to be special
and have the money

and be treated differently
to everybody else.

Can I get an upgrade?

But I don't, okay? And... Who's Joe?



Could I get your autograph?

What? 'Cause I'm on the TV?

'Cause I'm up there
close to the movie stars?

'Cause you think I'm special?

For your credit card?


Do you have any baggage?



What makes gold look like rust

What turns diamonds into dust

Like oxygen to you and me

We need it more than the air we breathe

Too much push and shove

Without enough love to go round

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love

To go round the world

Stop the car. Stop the car! Stop the car!

There must be enough love, love, love

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love



How's the novel coming along?

It's finished.

Thanks for the ending.


Oh, fuck!


Girl, you really got me goin'

You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'

Yeah, you really got me now

You got me so I can't sleep at night

Yeah, you really got me now

You got me
so I don't know what I'm doin', now

Oh yeah, you really got me now

You got me so I can't sleep at night

You really got me
You really got me

You really got me

See, don't ever set me free

I always wanna be by your side

Girl, you really got me now

You got me so I can't sleep at night

Yeah, you really got me now

You got me
so I don't know what I'm doin', now

Oh yeah, you really got me now

You got me so I can't sleep at night

You really got me
You really got me

You really got me

Mother Superior? This is Agnes
from the Ottoman Empire.

ANNOUNCER, : Sometimes,
before you can find belief,

you have to find someone
who will believe in you,

WOMAN, : They say you traveled alone,
You came by train?

AGNES, : By foot,

WOMAN: That is not a suitable way
for a young lady to travel.

It is how the poor must travel.

ANNOUNCER, : Sometimes,
what is so wrong...

MAN: You left this.

ANNOUNCER, :... can feel so right,

Stop it!

WOMAN, : You've given
yourself to Christ,

(SOBS) But I love him.
How can it be wrong?


- I was told to come here.
- Who told you?


WOMAN, : The faith is strong in this one,

AGNES, : I believe in love,
That is all we have,

and we must give it
wherever it is most needed,


ANNOUNCER, : Sometimes, before you
can find God, you have to find yourself,

Stand up, Mother Teresa.

ANNOUNCER, : In a world where passion
is forbidden and belief is divine,

one woman achieved everything

by helping those who had nothing,

Sir Ben Queensley,
Dame Peggy Aitken,

Tod Rivera,
and introducing Sophie Maes,

Teresa, The Making of a Saint.

A Mel Cohen Film, Rated NC-17,


Get over it

Get over it

D'you want my side,
my side of the story

D'you want my side,
my side of the story

Well, I want you,
want you like I'm eighteen

But I'm tied, tied to my baby

To my baby


What hurts but feels so fine

What turns water into wine

It runs so deep in you and me

From a fountain to a river
to the seven seas

Too much push and shove

With not enough love to go round

I finally found

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love

To go round the world

There must be enough love, love, love


Special thanks to SergeiK.