The Hurt Locker Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Hurt Locker script is here for all you fans of the Jeremy Renner movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Hurt Locker quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

The Hurt Locker Script

Go, go!


I think we have touchdown.

Little to the right

Hello mum

Now, push it in

I can't

What do you mean you can't? Pretend it's your dick, man.

How about I pretend it's your dick?

You'll never get in if you did that.

- Here, let me have a shot.    - Give me a second,

- No, come on    - My dick, man    - Go


- Got that    - Yeah

Here we go

- Oh, look at that     - Nice 155, huh?     - Yeah

It's going to do some fucking damage.

Hey, Eldridge, looks like we're going to need a charge!

I got that.

Figured four blocks that'll give us about 20 pounds of bang total.

That blast is going to roast straight out there.

The shell will probably kick out there, and most of the shrapnel

is going to shoot straight up in a beautiful umbrella pattern.


We're gonna get some smaller pieces and shell fragments this way,

but we'll be okay if we're behind the Humvee,

- Bring the bot back, we'll load it up.    - No problem.

Bot is moving.

Let me know what you got, Eldridge.

Good to go.

All right, wagon's set up. Bot moves.

Uh-oh, we got goats, guys!

Goats 12:00, Watch out,

Load them little bastards up.

- Oh, shit,    - Shit,

Oh, fuck!

Wagon's having a bad day, boys.

- You build that?    - No, the U.S. Army did,

All right, looks like I'm going down there

You don't like waiting around this beautiful neighborhood?

Oh, I love it.

So, if everything looks okay, when I get down there

I'm just going to set it up and bip it,

Give these people something to think about,

Want them to know if they're gonna leave a bomb on the side of the road for us,

we're just going to blow up their little fuckin' road,

Sounds good

Craving a burger; is that strange?

- Not for you    - No, okay

Helmet on

Happy trails

Blaster One, can you read me?

Roger that, Blaster one. You're good to go.

You're looking good, Blaster One.

Nice and hot in here.

One fifty

Roger that, 150 meters


- Where are you from?    - Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Where are you from? Where are you from?    - Stop!


- Hey, get out of here, man    - Where?

Hey, this ain't no fuckin' meet and greet. Now get out of here.



You making friends again, Sanborn?

All day long


Twenty-five meters, Roger that You are now in the kill zone.

Thanks for reminding me.

That's what I'm here for, baby.


The debts look good.

Roger that.

I'm laying on the charge.

Nice and sweet.

We're good to go.

I'm coming back.

- Five meters out.    - Five meters, Roger that.

Hey, Sanborn

- You know what this place needs?    - I'm listening.

Needs grass

We gonna start our grass business?

That's right, man.

I'm going to sell the grass, you're going to cut it.

It's going to be called ''Sanborn and Sons'',

We'll be rich.

I like that, crabgrass, St. Augustine, man.

I'm a scholar on this shit,

How about this? You sell it, I fertilize it.

- 25    - 25 meters, Roger that


Butcher shop, 2:00! dude has a phone!

Why is Eldridge running?

- Make him put it down!    - Put down the phone!

Come on, guys, talk to me,

Drop the phone! Drop your phone!

Hey, burn him, Eldridge! Burn him!

- Put down the cell phone!    - Eldridge, burn him!

- Get out of the way,    - Drop your phone!

Make him put it down! Go get it!

- Come on, Eldridge!    - I can't get him shot!


Anywhere's good,

- Is that everything?    - Yeah,


Come in.

Sergeant James?

JT Sanborn, man.

Hey! Hi, how are you? Will.

Welcome to Bravo Company; welcome to Camp Victory,

Camp Victory? I thought this was Camp Liberty,

Oh! No, they changed that about a week ago.

Victory sounds better.

- All right. Well, at least I'm in the right place, right?    - Yeah,

While you're here, can you help me move this thing real quick?

Yeah, no problem.

Maybe you shouldn't take this down.

We get a lot of mortars at night.

The plywood on the windows help with the lateral fray coming through.

That's why it's up there.

Yeah, well, it's not going to stop a mortar round

from coming in through the roof, you know.

Besides, I like the sunshine.

Hey, I'm sorry to hear about Thompson.

- I know he was a good tech.    - Yeah, he was,

He was a great team leader, too,

Yeah, I'm not trying to fill his shoes or anything,

I'm just... I'm just going to do my best.

- Appreciate it,    - All right.


Home sweet home, right?

Aren't you glad the Army has all these tanks parked here?

Just in case the Russians come we have to have a big tank battle.

I'd rather be on the side with the tanks, just in case, rather than not have them.

Yeah, but they don't do anything.

Anyone comes alongside a Humvee we're dead.

Anybody even looks at you funny we're dead,

Pretty much the bottom line is if you're in Iraq, you're dead.

How's a fuckin' tank supposed to stop that?

- Would you shut up, Owen please?    - Sorry

Just trying to scare the new guy.

I saw a little bit in Afghanistan, too.

- Get your eyes on the road, Eldridge.    - Copy that



Blaster One, this is Victory Main.

Have you reached your 10-20, yet? Over.

Where the hell are the guys who called this in?

Victory Main, Victory Main, this is Blaster Mike.

Interrogative, do you have an update on position? Over.

Victory Main, figures to follow, Three-four-five-three is your grid.

Well, that's exactly where the hell I am and I don't see anybody in fatigues,

Give us a second to confirm.

Watch your feet!

Set visual is three-four five-three,

Got the Humvee



Ah, here we go.

They abandoned their vehicle.

We got an empty Humvee over here, James.

Yeah, I got it.

Let's move.


- Morning, boys.    - Sir.

Don't tell me the bomb's in here with you guys.

- Step out and I'll show you what's going on    - All right

Down on that block 20 meters.

This side of the mosque. east side of the street.

our informant says he saw a pair of wires

going into a rubble pile

- It's a possible IED.    - Yeah

- I trust this guy. I know him.    - Okay,

- I'll handle it.    - Do you want to talk him or...    - No.

Good, Keep your boys back, We'll be good, Thank you,

Specialist, bring up the Humvee,

What's going on?

I'm going to break out the suit.

- What about the bot?    - I'll take care of it.

Don't you want to send the bot down there to see what it looks like?

I'll handle it.

That's kind of tight down here, James.



You don't have to go down there, We already have the bot halfway up.

I'll be all right.

First day, figure you want to take it easy, right?

How's it looking, Eldridge?

- Good to go    - Let's do it

- Got tools?    - Got tools

All right. Let's rock and roll, man.

- He's a rowdy boy    - He's reckless

Blaster One, what's going on?

Blaster One! What are you doing?

Blaster One, this is Blaster Mike

What's with the smoke on the side of the road?

Hey, James, can you hear me?

What's going on with the smoke on the side of the road? Over

Creating a diversion

From what? Is there a threat?

Eldridge, get up on the wall, Move!

Tell me what you see, specialist

All right, I got him

He's walking down range.

James, the smoke is killing my visibility.

Where are you in relationship to the IED? Are you within 100 meters yet?

Hell, I don't know, but I'll tell you when I'm standing over it, cowboy.

Take cover!

Oh, no, A car stopped in front of him, Sanborn.

Shit, James! James, come back now.

EOD pulled a nine on this Haji in a car.

Want me to send backup?

I got it.

- Sanchez, Hayes!    - Negative! Negative!

Stand down

The blast will come up the block

Stay clear around the corner

EOD has the situation under control, over

- Where you going?    - Hold your fire on my command!

Want to back up?

Get out of the car!

- Get out of the car!    - Come on!

What the fuck are you doing?

Back up!


Want to get back?

It's that way.


Taxi's moving.

Get out of the car!

Stop! Stop the car!

- Get out, get out of the fucking car!    - Get out the ground!

- Underground!    - Stay down!

Well, if he wasn't an insurgent, he sure the hell is now.

Roger that! That's real funny.

Got something

Oh, baby!


All right

We're done

Good to go

Come down, specialist.


Got a wire

Hang on

Where are you going?



Take cover! Get in the wall! Get in the wall!

That wasn't so bad. First time working together. What do you think?

I think us working together means I talk to you and you talk to me

- We going on a date, Sanborn?    - No

We're going on a mission.

and my job is to keep you safe so we can keep going on missions.

It's combat, buddy.


It's just 39 days.

Thirty-eight if we survive today.

Hey, it's ''Mr., Be All You Can Be''!

What's up, doc?

Not much, How are you?

I'm good.

Got a question about that song, ''Be All You Can Be''.

What if all I can be is dead on the side of an Iraqi road?

I mean, I think it's logical.

This is war, people die all the time. Why not me?

You got to change the record in our head.

You gotta start thinking about other things.

Okay, Stop obsessing... Right now.

What are you thinking about?

You want to know what I'm thinking about, doc?     - Yeah

This is what I'm thinking about, doc.

Here's Thompson, okay. He's dead, he's alive.

Here's Thompson. He's dead, he's alive.

He's dead. He's alive.

Yo, what's up, my nigger? What's up, man? You cool?

Come on, You want the cool shit? Come on, come on, It's the tight shit, man,

Wanna buy DVD? Wanna buy DVD?

Fuck you, Come, come, please, please
New releases, look.

Hello, Hello! Want to buy DVDs? Very good, Very good,

How much?

One for five and two for nine,

Three for twelve.

Three for thirteen and I don't give you tax. Very good, man. Look.

- Look...    - No tax?

All right, What do you got? What do you got,

You know, you smart shit, You not like those stupid fuck face.

Yeah, I'm the smart guy.

You're a smart kid, Give me your best one, okay?

- Here, this the best one.    - This is a good one?

- Yeah, The best shit, man.    - Okay

Here you go, I'll take one.

- Keep the change    - Thank you

Want a cigarette?

Get out of here, You shouldn't smoke.

Thank you. Take it easy.

I need to talk to you about something before we go out again.

What's that?

- Yesterday    - Mm-hmm

Wasn't cool

Yeah, I know. You'll get it, though.

- So, you're a ranger, huh?    - Yeah.

I was in intelligence seven years before I joined EOD,

We ran missions in every shithole that you could possibly imagine.

So, I'm pretty sure I can figure out a redneck piece of trailer trash like you.

Looks like you're on the right track.

We'll see you out there.

Let's go, move!

Shit, Get out of the way. Move!


- Where is it?    - It's behind the wall

- All right! See any wires? Any smoke?

No, I didn't look

So, how do you know it's a bomb?

The car has been parked illegally

The suspension is sagging. There's definitely something heavy in the trunk,

Right. So, why don't you walk over there and peak inside and tell me what you see.

You want me to go close to it?

Yeah! No-no, I don't. I'm kidding.


It's coming from over here!

Blaster One. You there?

Blaster One, you hear me?



Let's go, guys.

Let it go.

I got top cover.

That's a negative, specialist.

Eldridge, you stay with me.

Sanborn, you take top covers.


Blaster Mike in position

What do you got?

I got a through and through to the chest, but I got him stable.

He's not going to make it.

We're leaving in 15 minutes. Got a survival wound, sir.

He's not going to make it.

Oh, God.

- What's he doing?    - I don't know,

What are you doing?

There's enough bang in there to send us all to Jesus.

If I'm going to die, I'm going to die comfortable.

I need my kit and my cans.

What's going on down there, Eldridge?

I'm getting his kit and his cans. Cover me, please.

Kit and cans

Got a Lot of deck cord, electrical

I'm looking for this initiating system

Well, it's not in the back seat.

I don't think.

All right, It's not in the back seat.

Got a young man on the roof, your 9:00, keep an eye on him.

Roger that

It's not in the front seat.

It's not in the door.

Not on the floors.

Not in the glove box.

If you haven't found it yet, it's probably under the car.

Yeah, no wire leads under... the car. It's all in here somewhere.

- Hey, Sanborn    - Yeah

You got eyes on some guy, with a video camera?

No, Where?

He's right at my 12:00, you see him? He's pointing the fucking thing at me

- Shit    - Negative, I don't see him.

Hey, Sanborn. He's right at my 12:00, look! 12:00!

Roger that, I got him.

Getting ready to put me on YouTube.

- Little shady.   - Yeah, he Looks shady. Keep an eye on him,

Okay, So, what's the play?

Be smart. Make a good decision, over

Got more wire

Leads fucking nowhere


Hey, James, how you doing?

I'm wonderful, How are you?

You know, we've been here a while

We need to get out of here soon.


We got a lot of eyes on us, James. We need to get out of here.

Roger that, I might figure this out.

James, we need to get out of here,

James, do you copy?

Fuck it, I get it.

Fuck me

- Hey, how's it looking in there, soldier?    - All clear

James, the evac is complete. We can leave.

Let the engineers handle this mess,

- We moving?    - That's affirmative


What's up with James? He's not answering

Yeah, I think he removed his headset,

Well, will you tell him to put his radio back on, please?

Hey, James!

Sergeant Sanborn is asking if you'll please put your headset back on.

Uh... that's a negative.

- That, yeah, that's not gonna happen.    - Shit!

I got eyes on three guys at the Minaret at 6:00.

- What the hell is he doing?    - I don't know what the fuck he's doing!

Looks like, he's checking the oil.

They're communicating with your cameraman.

This is real bad, man.

Get behind the Jersey barrier.

I can't see James from here.

Get down now!

We can go!


We're done.

Sanborn, let's get out of here.


That was good.

- Hey, James!    - What?

Never turn your headset off again.

You the guy in the bomb suit?

No, sir, Sir, that's Sergeant James. He's right here.

- Hey, James.    - Yeah?

Someone's here to see you.

You the guy in the flaming car. Sergeant James?

Afternoon, sir Uh, yes, sir

Well, that's just hot shit.

You're a wild man, you know that?

- Uh, yes, sir    - He's a wild man

You know that?

I want to shake your hand.

- Thank you, sir.    - Yeah

How many bombs have you disarmed?

Uh, I'm not quite sure.

- Sergeant?    - Yes, sir.

I asked you a question.

Eight hundred seventy-three, sir.

Eight hundred! And seventy-three.

That's just hot shit.

Eight-hundred and seventy-three.

- Counting today, sir, yes.    - That's gotta be a record.

What's the best way to... go about disarming one of these things?

The way you don't die, sir.

That's a good one.

That's spoken like a wild man. That's good.

- Hey, what's up, man?    - Oh, hey, wait a minute,

Look who it is.

I want my five bucks back, buddy.

Five dollars for what, man? You crazy now?

Yeah, The DVD you sold me was crap.

You crazy, man. That's impossible. It's Hollywood special effects.

No, It was shaky. It was out of focus, buddy.

- What, you want donkey porn?    - It's crap.

Girls on dog? Gay sex, man?

Anything you want, you get.

I hook you up, man.

All right, What... what's your name?

- Beckham.    - Beckham like the soccer player?

Yeah, man. It's like soccer player. Now give me my ball.

Are you a soccer player?

Yeah, man, Best of the best. I'm better than Beckham.

- You play goalie?    - Yes, I play goalie    - Good

I'll make you a deal. If you can stop the ball, I'm going to give you five bucks,

- but if you can't...    - And what if... what if I can't?

Listen to me. If I score, I'm going to keep your ball,

- Deal?    - Deal

Get up there

Go on

- Let's see what you got hot stuff    - Are you ready?

On three, Ready?

One, two, three... Aahh!


Come on Where's the five dollars? Man, come on.

All right, I got ya. Good job, dude.

Here's five.

You're an EOD, boomala, boomala.

That's right.

It's fun, no?

It's cool? It's gangster.

- Yeah?    - Yeah, I think so.

Tell you what, I'm going to buy...

Let me see if I have enough money, yeah. Five.

I'm going to buy another DVD, okay?

But if it's shaky... Look at me... or out of focus...

or any way not 100%,

I'm going to chop off your god dammed head with a dull knife.

How do you feel about that? I'm just kidding.

Here, you're a good kid, man. You're a good kid, aren't ya?



- Hi, sir,    - How are you?

- I'm good    - Good

- What's wrong?    - Brakes are squeaking

Don't trust the mechanics around here. You know.

- So, how you doing?    - Good

I just want to check the oil.

Yeah, it's good to sleep, eating well...

I'm feeling pretty squared away, actually, doc.

Good to hear it.

So, you getting along with the other soldiers in your unit?

Yeah, My team's great. My team Leader is inspiring.

- Are you being sarcastic, soldier?    - No

He's going to get me killed.

almost died yesterday.

At least I'll die in the line of duty, proud and strong.

You know, this doesn't have to be a bad time in your life.

Going to war is a - is a once in a lifetime experience.

It could be fun.

And you know this from your extensive work in the field, right?

I've done my field duty.

Where's that? Yale?

Look, you don't want me to come around, I won't come around.

These talks are voluntary.

Look, I'm sorry.

I appreciate what you're saying, I do.

I appreciate our sessions together,

but you need to come out from behind the wire, see what we do.


if this circumstance calls for it, I will.

Just like every other soldier.

Fire in the hole!

Firing now!

- Ready for second det?    - Ready

Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole, Fire in the hole!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hold on a second!

God damn it, I think it forgot my gloves down there.

- What?    - I forgot my gloves.

Hang on

You know, these detonators misfire all the time.

What are you doing?

I'm just saying shit happens, they misfire.

He'd be obliterated to nothing,

His helmet would be left, You could have that.

Little specs of hair, charred on the inside.

Yeah, there'd be half a helmet somewhere,

bits of hair.

Ask for a change in technique and protocol,

make sure this type of accident never happen again, you know?

You'd have to write the report.

- Are you serious?    - I can't write it.

No, I mean, are you serious about killing him?

- Twelve o'clock I see an SUV    - Roger that

I got four armed men.

They're in Haji gear.

All right, go slow and easy.

Careful now.

All right, Careful now, guys.

- Eldridge, you stay on that 50.    - I got 'em.

''Obre... obre...'' put your gun down!

On your knees! Put your gun down!

- Obre, motherfucker!    - Hold up your hands!

Get down, motherfucker, Obre!

Put your gun down now!

Put your gun down!

Advance, advance...

Hands high!

- Eldridge, cover!    - I got you

Pistol, off your hip, now!

What you want me to do?

Keep my hands up or take off the pistol?

- Keep your hands up    - Okay

Easy, easy.

Got it!

Can I touch my fucking head now?


We're on the same fucking side, guys.


You guys are wired fucking tight, you know that?

Well, this is no place for a picnic, right. What are you guys doing here?

We have a flat tire, can you help us?

Sure, yeah. You got any spares?

We have spares, but we've used up our wrench.

How do you use up a wrench?

Well, the uh, the guy over there with the red thing on his head,

he threw it at someone.

- All right    - Thank you

That's Chris, this is the wrench man.

- Hello, wrench man.    - That's Jimmy.

You know, you can shoot people here, you don't have to throw a wrench at 'em,

Fuck off

Take a look at this,

I picked these guys up in Najaf.

Nine of hearts, that's one,

And the other... jack of clubs,

- These the same guys?    - Yep, That's them.

Does he need a little help there?

What's the problem with the tire? Come on.

No good, boss. This wrench is too small.

All right, solutions? Anyone?

I think there's another wrench in the back of the Humvee if you want to check,

- I'll give it a try.    - All right. Let's do it.

How long you guys out here?

Well, I don't know. Specialist, what do we got?

- We have... 23 more days or 22... - Oh yeah

No one's counting.

Contact left!

Take cover!

Chris, take the 50. Jimmy, take that in the Humvee.

- Got it.    - Come on!

Charlie, go!

Go, go, go!

Fucking morons!

Get on the side, Charlie Get the Barret and the go-bag, Jimmy.

- What are we shooting at?    - I don't know.

Fuck, the packages are gone!

They won't get far on foot.

Bring 'em back those fuckers now. I'm out 500,000 fucking pounds.

I forgot,

it's 500,000 dead or alive.

- Okay Jimmy, give me the Barret.    - Yeah

I can't see a thing.

Come on!

Chris is shooting wild. Gotta conserve the ammo.

Hey, Chris can you hear me?

Hey, Chris! Chris! Can you hear me? Chill out on the 50!

Roger that.

- Fifty's down    - They shot Chris.

It must be coming from that building.

I can't see anything.

Movement on the roof.


Three meters higher.

I'm going to adjust.


Fuck, he's dead.

We've got to get out of here now!

Damm it.

This is Alpha Nine. We're in deep shit.

I'll get on the Barret.

Go, go, go!

Yeah, we're taking incoming fire.

Go, go, go!

- No, Sanborn, don't come up here    - Got it!

Go, buddy, Stay low! Stay Low!

I have two KIA,

correction, three KIA... our grid last lock stat...

Stay low!

Can you get me some help?

Copy, Alpha Nine. Hold on, over.

- Behind you    - Yeah

Breathe easy

- I got movement    - Yeah

On the ridge of that house

Eight hundred and fifty meters

- See it    - By the window

- You got target    - Got it

All right, here little left.

Just breathe easy

- I'm out of ammo - Hmm?

I'm out of ammo.

Eldridge, we need ammo.

Where is it?

Check on the dead guy, man.

It's on the dead man.


I'm looking.

We need that ammo, man.

All right, man.

Oh, here.


All right. Got it.

Same target.

It's fucking jammed.

Let me see it.


Aw, shit. The blood's making it jam, Eldridge.


You gotta clean the blood off, man. It's making 'em jam.


- Clean the blood off.    - Okay

Clean it. Clean it.

You gotta clean it, man.

- How?    - Spit and rub,

All right

Spit and rub, buddy. Spit and rub.

It's not working, it's not coming off.

Spit and rub, Spit and rub. Here, take it out.

- Use your camel, Use your camel.    -  Where is it?

You all right?

Here, use that.

Just breathe, buddy.

Come on, Just breathe in.

Good. Here, squeeze.

- Got it?    - Yeah

Rub that olive, baby. Come on, you got it.

You're doing good, man. You're doing real good.

- Got 'em?    - Yeah

I'm going to keep you safe, buddy, all right?

Now let's get these bastards, Scan your sectors.

Scan your sectors.

Kill that fuckin' asshole.

Son of a bitch.

Nice, he's down. 2nd one out of range.

Twenty meters to the right of the building.

I got him.

Fire when ready.

He's moving, he's moving. To the building.

- Follow him You got him?    - Got him

He's down.

Goodnight. Thanks for playing.

Window, the window. At the window,

He's still there.

Left window. Left window, Got him?

Got him.

He's down.

- Hey, Owen?    - Yeah?

Can you grab the juice? out of the pack please?


I think we're out.

- Got anything left to drink?    - You could try that one.

Thank you.

Drink, drink it.

Things are real quiet.

Yeah, I don't like it.

- Hey, Will?    - Yeah?

At your six o'clock.

I see movement on the bridge. Right on the tracks.

Well, handle it.

Should I fire?

It's your call, buddy.

Good job.

Hey, Sanborn.

I think we're done.

Okay? You all right?

That's what you get for hitting your fucking team leader, motherfucker.

- Man    - I'll be right back, I gotta piss.

Owen. Another round, boy. That's your order.

Well, yes, sir. Sgt, James, sir.

You're not very good with people, are you, sir?

But you're a good warrior, Give me your mug.

There ya go, sir.

You were well on the field of battle today, specialist.


Uh, I'm too old for this shit.

- I was scared.    - Yeah?

Well, everyone's a coward about something, you know.

You're good. You're real good.

Just what do we have here?

Will has possessions.

I didn't know you owned anything, Will.

Let's see what you got here, Will.

Who is that?

That's my son,

he's a tough little bastard, nothing like me.

You mean to tell me you married?

Well, you know, I had a girlfriend and...

she got pregnant, so we got married.

We got divorced.

Or I thought we got divorced.

She's still living in the house. And she says we're still together,

so I don't know, What does that make her?

Dumb for still being with your ass.


She ain't fuckin' dumb, all right?

She's just loyal.

She's just loyal. That's all, How 'bout you guys?

You got... you got a girl? What do you got?

My only problem is the girl I do like,

I can't stop her from talking about babies, man.

Well, give her your sperm, stud.

Go on. Do it.

- C'mon, chicken. Just give it to her.    - No! Hell no!

Make babies

I know when I'm ready, and I ain't ready for that yet, I know that.

Well, well... what do we have here?

Uh, components.

They're bomb parts, signatures.

Yeah, I see that, but what they doing under your bed?


Ah-ha, there we go, this one...

This one is from the UN building.

Flaming car, dead man's switch... Boom,

This guy was great, I like him.

Ah... Look at this one.

This one, y'all, is from our first call together.

This box is full of stuff that almost killed me.

And what about this one?

- Where's this one from, Will?    - It's my wedding ring.

Like I said, stuff that almost killed me.

You know, I just think it's really interesting

to hold something in your hand that could have killed anyone.

Damn that, It's all shit from radio shack.

It's interesting.

I think it's interesting too.

Well, I think you hit me harder than I hit you

therefore I owe you a punch.

Now get your ass up, C'mon.

C'mon, He's right. Let's go, C'mon,

Come on!

All right, hold on, boys. We need some rules,

Sanborn, no face shots.

Oh, there's gonna be a face shot.

Sergeant James, take off your shirt.

Yes, sir.

What happened?

My momma dropped me when I was a baby,

Looks like frag scars,

- Let it go, Eldridge, C'mon,    - All right,

Nice and big


You like that, huh?

That's all you got?

Come on,

Bring some, C'mon,


Wooh, God damn!

That's gotta hurt.

- You all right, man?    - Oh, yeah

- Oh, he's all right.    - Get up, bitch.

All right, bitch.

- What do you got now?    - Get the fuck off me?

- What do you got?    - Get off me, you mother fucker.

What do you got? What do you got?

Wooh, he's a wild one. We got a wild one.

C'mon, Sanborn. Get him. That's right.

- Ride him, baby.    - Get off me

- C'mon, bitch    - C'mon, guys

What do you got?

Get off me

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm just kidding, motherfucker, shit!

You're all right, Sanborn.

You're all right, man.

Owen, get this guy a drink. C'mon.

- You got him?    - Yeah, I got him,

- All right, here.    - All right.

- See you later, be safe.    - All right.

All right, come on big boy. Damn, boy, you need to get on a diet.

He hurt his knee,. C'mon, man.

Steps. C'mon.

Step, step.

All right, lay down. All right, Get some rest.

Hey, James, you think I got what it takes to put on the suit?

Hell, no.

Night, boy.


- Good morning, Colonel.    - Good morning.

Mind if I ride along? I'm sick to death of sitting behind a desk all the time.

- That'd be a privilege.    - Hop in, Colonel.

Hey, Doc.

Not to insult your intelligence, sir.

but if the shit hits the fan, please don't fire out the Humvee.

The round will just bounce around, and someone might get shot.

- I don't like getting shot.    - Understood, Sergeant,

Oh, it's a pretty standard mission.

We're just here to pick up some unexploded ordinance.

Sergeant James is gonna see what the deal is

and then hopefully we'll be gone in a couple minutes.

- We've gotta gear up.    - For what?

Security hasn't gone in.

Go in quiet.

- Radios off, Roger    - Roger that

- Glad you came.    - Stay safe, all right



cigarette's still smoking.

It's all our shit.

Mother fucking goldmine.

Watch out for trips

I got something

I know this kid

His name's Beckham. He sells DVDs,

You ever see a body bomb before, man?

It's disgusting. Let's get outta here,

Hold it.

Eldridge, want you to grab all the C4 and deck cord you can get your hands on.

Let's get all this ordnance outta here.

And we're just gonna... we're gonna blow the place.

Roger, Just blow it.

What are you doing?

Yeah? Putting the stones in to move.

Yeah, that's really wonderful

but it's a little bit unsafe today,

Yeah, it's a little unsafe.

So maybe... I don't know.

I'm thinking maybe we should move?



- You all right?    - Yeah

- You?    - Yeah

- You all right, man?    - Yeah

No one in or out, okay?

Cancel the det, Cancel the det.

- What the fuck is he doing?    - I don't know, man.

I don't know.

I'm coming out.

Roger that.

- Where are you from?    - New York.

The Big Apple.

I'm from Iraq

I love it here. This is a beautiful place.

But it's not too safe here, okay?

So, I think we need - we need to move, please.

You think it's that little Beckham?

No, I don't.

- You're positive?    - Sure.

Hey, I don't know, man. They all look the same, right?

I don't know.

- Will seemed sure. That was weird.    - Very weird.

Please, just move.

Move, Move.

Move on. Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Will's very weird.

I mean he keeps bomb parts under his bed.

I'll bet you he won't keep any of these parts under his bed.


Yeah, bye-bye. Bye, thank you.

Hey, Colonel

Let's go

So long, thank you.



Get back, get down

Stay back

Stay back, Sanborn, keep 'em back

Is anyone hurt?

Cambridge! Fuck!

Where's Cambridge!

Cambridge, come out, We gotta go.

Oh, he's dead.

Hey, we gotta find Cambridge, Doc!

- Eldridge!    - Doc!

Eldridge, c'mon, man, C'mon

I just saw him. He was walking right here.

I know. He's dead. Look, he's dead, Okay?

It's all right, man.

It'll be all right, man,.






Hey, let me ask you a question,

What happened to the little kid? that used to work here?

Sorry, man, English I... no English.

No-no English, You no speak English now.

Little kid, Beckham is his name. He sells... sells DVDs,

DVD, One DVD, $5,

Oh, Jesus Christ.

- $5    - Excuse me, soldier.

you in charge of this area here?

- What's up?    - You know this guy?

How do we know that he's not giving intel to insurgents

, telling them where to drop mortars?

I think he's just selling DVDs.

Well, he's a security risk, We should get rid of him.

What are you looking at?

- He's just selling DVDs, man. All the merchants are clear.    - By who?

I couldn't do anything with him without the say-so from my CO.

Okay, Fuck


Does this change anything?

You speak English now. Don't you?

- Yalla, yalla, drive!    - Okay

- OK    - Is this his house?

Beckham's house?

Wait here


Psst, psst, shh.

You speak English?

English, French, Arabic.

Good, Open you vest.

Ah, stay there. Stay.

Tell me what you know about Beckham.

For whom?

Beckham, 12-year-old boy, body bomb. Stay right there

- I don't know    - You don't know

But please, sit down. I am Professor Navid,

This is my home.

You are a guest. Please, sit down.

I'm a guest?

Just... I'm looking for the people responsible

for-for-for Beckham,

You are CIA, no?

I am very pleased to see CIA in my home.

Please, sit.

How can I...

Be careful, the gun can go off.

USA friendly coming in.

Stop! Stop! Get the fuck down!

USA friendly,.

On your knees, Get on your knees now.

On your knees. You will be shot. Don't move.

On your knees. Down now.

- Open your jacket!    - Opening my jacket,

Cover. Get him down,

- On the ground,    - I have a weapon

Don't fucking move

- Tower, hold cover. Searching.    - I have a weapon.

- Gun.    - Like I said,.

Weapons clear.


What the fuck are you doing?

I was at a whorehouse.

All right, If I let you in, will you tell me where it is exactly?


James, do you copy?

James, do you have your ears on?


This is James, What's up?

- Hey    - What's up, man?

Look, we have a tank explosion in the Green Zone.

We have to post-blast assessment,

see if it was a suicide bomber,

and if so, how the fuck did he do it?


Where'd you say you were again?

I didn't, sergeant. Let's go.

What happened to your head, James?

Hey, you ready?

Game face, buddy. Let's go.

- You ready?    - Let's do this.

Rock and roll. Moving out.

USA friendlies coming through.

Make room, guys. Make room.

Hey, Sanborn.

Oh, shit!

Get a medic! Get a medic!

- An oil tanker?    - Yep,

That's a pretty long flight, huh?

This is the edge of the blast radius.


So, where's our triggerman?

Burnt up in the flames, man.

Suicide bomber.

We're never going to find a body in that shit.

What if there was no body?

What if it was a remote det?

A really good bad guy hides out in the dark, right?

Right here. Perfect vantage point,

outside the blast radius to sit back and watch us clean up their mess.

- Want to go out there?    - Yes, I do

- I could stand to get in a little trouble.    - No, man. This is bullshit.

You got three infantry platoons behind you whose job it is to go Haji huntin'.

That ain't our fuckin' job.

You don't say no to me, Sanborn. I say no to you.

You know there are guys watching us right now.

They're laughing at this, Okay, I'm not okay with that.

Now, turn off your god dammed torch 'cause we're going.

Now we know where their oil tanker came from.

No shit. Same kind.

- We're close    - Yeah

The alley ways are probably set up on a grid.

We're going to need to spit up, flush 'em out.

Sanborn, you take one, Eldridge, take two,

I got three. Rally point at your intersection.

- Ready, move    - Wait, rally point when?


''Ipsura, ipsura,'' Go, go!

Shit, Ahh.


- You got contact?    - Who was it? What's going on?

- What do you got?    - It's Eldridge.

Go, go.

Man down! Man down!

Shit, Shit, Shit!

- Negative, negative. It's not him.    - He's gone.

Where'd they go? Where'd they go?

Tankers and troops are that way.

- Let's go this way.    - Fuck

Use your torch, On three.


One, two, three.

- Fuck!    - Shit

Softy, softy, softy.

On three

One, Two, Three

Now! Go, go, go...

- Eldridge, you okay?    - Fuck, dude, I'm hit.

Hit him in the fuckin' leg.

Come on

- Am I dead? Am I dead?    - No, You're fine, man.

Am I dead? Am I dead?

I'm going to put some pressure down. Come on.

You're all right.

Look at me, look at me, You all right.

All right, buddy. You ready to get up? On three, ready? One, two, three

Hey, what's up, man? What's up, man?

Wanna buy some DVDs? Wanna play some soccer?

What's up?

Come on, man. Wanna play some...

Aww, Fuck.

How you doing, buddy?

Doc says you're going to be okay.

My fucking femur is shattered in nine places.

He said I'll be walking in six months if I'm fucking lucky.

- Six months ain't bad, huh?    - It's not bad?

Fuckin' sucks, man,

- Ah, ah! Take it easy,

You see that? You fuckin' see that?

That's what happens when you shoot someone, you motherfucker.


- Sorry, Owen.    - Fuck you, Will.

Really, Fuck you.

Thanks for saving my life, but we didn't have to go out.

Looking for trouble to get your fucking adrenaline fix, you fuck.

Hey, take care of yourself, Owen.

Come home safe, man.

- See you on the other side, man.    - All right

Let's get out of this fucking desert!

Don't move

If you keep walking we will shoot you.

Move him back

Keep that translator back

- But the bomb was forced on him.    - Get him back!

Don't move! Stay still

If you keep walking we will shoot you. If you keep walking we will shoot.

Get that translator back, now!

Give him room, give him room.

Hey, what do you got?

He came walking up to our checkpoint,

said he had a bomb strapped to him, But he's sorry, doesn't want it to go off.

Then he starts begging us to take it off of him.

Help this man, he's not a bad man.

He's not a bad man? He got a bomb strapped to him,

This is a joke, he's trying to pull us closer.

Yeah, I got it, I got it.

All right, look... Tell him to open his shirt slowly

and see what's inside.

Slowly, slowly...


All right Sergeant, I need a 75-meter perimeter.

- Get these guys back.    - Give me 75 meters. Get back.

You tell him to get on his knees and touch the sky, okay?


Get down

Okay, I need your radio.

- Can't we just shoot him?    - No

He's a family man. He's not a bad man.

He's asking for help, only help.

Yeah, all right. You don't want to die, get back! I got it.

Listen, I know we've had our differences.

It happened, all right. It's water under the bridge.

This is suicide, man.

That's why they call it a suicide bomb, right?

Let's do this. Come on.

He says the bomb may have a timer, please hurry.

- We're good, Ready?    - Yep

Go get 'em

- Let's do it    - See you

- Watch the snipper huh!    - Yeah!

Get your hands up

He says he has a family

Please help him,

Now, listen

Look, It'd be a lot easier for me to disarm this

if I just shoot you. Do you understand?

What's he saying?

He says I don't wish to die, I have a family... Please take this off me.

Tell him to put his hands behind his head or I'll be very happy to shoot him.

Look, that's not what I said.

Tell him to put his hands behind his head or I will shoot him.


Listen, listen.

You understand?


What do you got here?

He has four children.


Sanborn, we got a timer, and we got a lot of wires, man.

I'm going to need a little help on this.

Roger that, tell me what you need.

Bolt cutters

You gotta get down here in two minutes or we're all fucked.

Roger that, I'll be there in 30 seconds.

He says, please, I have a family.


I know, it's okay. You're all right. You're all right.

Please, don't leave me.

You weren't fuckin' kidding.

Nope, What's this made out of?

Oh, man

This case's harder than steel


- What's our time?    - We got two minutes    - Shit

We're going need a torch to get this off.

Well, we don't have one of those in the fucking truck, man.

He's dead, man.

Hold on, man. Let me think. Just Let me think.

We're going to handle this. It's okay. We got this,

Shh, okay.

Now listen, you're gonna get back.

It's just we don't got enough time, Sanborn.

I just gotta... I gotta get these bolts off.

No, We got a minute and a half, man. We gotta get out of here.

- I'll handle this. Just go.    - Come on, man.

Look, I'm right behind ya. Just go.

Fuck him! Come on, Let's go,

- Sanborn, I got the suit. Just go,    - James!

Sanborn, you have 45 seconds. You have 45 seconds. Sanborn, Leave,

You're fucking dead, man. Dead.


- Everybody get back!    - Go, go!

We got one.

Go, get back.

I can't. There's too many locks. There's too many, I can't do it,

I can't get it off. I'm sorry, Okay!

You understand? I'm sorry,

I'm sorry. You hear me? I'm sorry,

- Get down now!    - I can help him.

Everybody stay down!


Everybody up and out, James!

You all right?

Aw, man,

I fuckin' hate this place.

Here, man. Have a hit.

I'm not ready to die, James.

Well, you're not going to die out here, bro.

Another two inches.

Shrapnel zings by, slices my throat.

I bleed out like a pig in the sand,

Nobody'll give a shit.

I mean, my parents'll care, but they don't count, man, Who else?

I don't even have a son.

Well, you're going to have plenty of time for that, amigo.

- Naw, man    - You know?

I'm done,

I want a son,

I want a little boy, Will.

I mean, how do you do it, you know?

Take the risk?

I don't know, I just...

I guess I don't think about it.

But you realize every time you suit up,

every time we go out

it's life or death. You roll the dice

and you deal with it.

You recognize that, don't you?


Yeah, I do.

But I don't know why.


I don't know, JT. You know why I am the way I am?

Naw, I don't.

- Wow! You did some shopping.    - Yeah.

I got some soda. We done?

You want to go get us some cereal and I'll meet you at the checkout?

Okay, cereal.


Some guy drove his truck to the middle of an Iraqi market,

starts passing out free candies.

All the kids coming running up, the families stuff,

He detonates.

They're saying 59 are dead.

You know they need more bomb techs.

You want to chop those up for me?


You love playing with that.

You love playing with all your stuffed animals.

You love your mommy, your daddy, your nature pajamas.

You love everything, don't you? Yeah

You know what, buddy?

Once you get older,

some of the things that you love might not seem so special anymore.

Like your Jack In The Box,

Maybe you realize it's just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal

and then you forget the few things you really love,

And by the time you get to my age maybe it's only one or two things,

With me I think it's one,

- Welcome to Delta Company    - Sergeant

Special thanks to SergeiK.