Imagine That Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Imagine That script is here for all you fans of the Eddie Murphy movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Imagine That quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Imagine That Script

Mr. Danielson?

He took my blanket!

Okay. Everybody calm down!
Calm down, everybody.

You'll get your blanket!

It's mine! Legally,
it's mine! It's mine!

Nice, Evan. Really nice.

Evan, get help. Get help!

I don't need help!
What I need is my blanket!

- Man, you're crazy!
- I am not crazy! I want my goo-gaa!

I want my goo-gaa!

He wasn't always this way.

Once upon a time, he was a king.

The king of Somewhere.

Strong and powerful.

What I'm suggesting is that

you reallocate 8% of your equity
into international markets.

He protected his loyal subjects
and made them feel safe.

All right, are you looking at the charts?

Well, these are actually very
conservative projections. Yes they are.

But one day he left his Kingdom

and he got lost in the Land of Nowhere.

Something no one could
have ever imagined.

Imagine That

Everybody's upped their stocks...

I am here to talk about finances,
Wall Street...

In Nowhere Land,
everybody wanted to be king,

or at least they all try to be.

Evan, it's Noah. I got a feather.

- You got a what?
- A feather.

It was on my desk with a note attached.

- From Johnny Whitefeather?
- Yup.

What'd the note say?

"I'll be at your 9:00 a. m. See you
in there. Ain't nothing but a thing. "

- Wow. Then the rumor must be true.
- What? What rumor?

- Stevens is cashing in.
- What?

- He's selling the company?
- He has to be.

His replacement is gonna be me
or Johnny!

You're gonna get this job!

- Hey. Good morning!
- Good morning, Mr. Danielson.

- Good morning!
- Good morning, Mr. Danielson.

It was a very strange place.

...and they've narrowed it down
to our firm and two others.

And it is confirmed, Whitefeather is
gonna be in the meeting.

The King was really unhappy there.
He just couldn't figure out why.

- Hey, Tod!
- What's up, Mr. D?

Take this down to graphics
and add it to my chart, all right?

- After I...
- Now.

- What about the...
- Hey, "now" now, man. What's up?

- How much are we paying that guy?
- He's an unpaid intern.

It might be too much.

I think it was because he was
always working to protect his castle

from those who wanted
to steal his crown.

Johnny Whitefeather.

Evan Danielson.
Fellow salmon swimming upstream.

- After you, sir.
- Thank you.

So those of us he left behind
went out into the land to rescue him.

Whip, I said I'd sit you down with
our two best financial managers.

Evan's been our number-one guy
for the last eight and a half years.

Johnny's been with us for 16 months,

but he's already
one of our top producers.

Either way, you'll be well taken care of
here at Smith/Stevens.

- Evan?
- Mr. Bryson.

You've made some
really sound investments,

but quite frankly, I think we can do
better. Let's see if you agree.

Evan Danielson's office.

Now, this will give you a solid base of
capital and a 9 to 11 % yield, annually.

Yeah, I understand. Is it...
His daughter?

Did you call her mother?

Because if I say it's urgent
and he's really, really...

The goo-gaa?

- Fantastic, Evan.
- Thank you, Tom.

- Johnny?
- Thank you, Tom. Whip.

Dave, Lee, Troy.
I see those looks of skepticism,

just like old man Stevens
the first week that he hired me.

Said to himself, "I hired an Indian.
Can he handle money?"

And how.

Hey, I really appreciate
you letting me contribute

a little piece of venison
to your potlatch.


We're here under one sky.

All of us, under one sky.
Let's appreciate that.

One sky.

Evan Danielson,
that man over there is a seer.

Uses the whole eye.

But there is a difference between sight

and vision.

Sight is about
what lies just in front of us.

Vision is about what lies ahead.

- The genius of the hawk...
- Excuse me.

Johnny, sorry to interrupt you

in one of your always interesting stories
about nature,

but, gentlemen, I have...
I'm gonna have to leave you, Mr. Bryson,

in the very capable hands of
my colleague Mr. Noah Kulick here.

I have a little family emergency at my
daughter's school I have to take care of.

Thank you for your time, sir.

That's what we're all talking about.

Life, nest, eggs. Circle of life.

Yeah. Hakuna matata.

I'm so sorry, but the school kept calling.

- Don't tell me. The goo-gaa.
- Yeah.

I hate that blanket!

We don't normally allow
any kind of security items at school,

but because of yours
and Trish's separation,

we made a temporary exception.

it's just not workable anymore.

Hey, you guys.

So this is why I was called out of work?

Because my daughter's
sitting by herself at recess?

No, the reason I called you,
Mr. Danielson,

is because her class went inside
45 minutes ago.

She's still sitting here because
Kupida and Mopida told her to.

- Kupida and Mopida are...
- Yeah. I know. Her imaginary friends.

I told Trish we're gonna have to
do something about that blanket.

Well, Trish and I discussed this,

and we both feel that
what needs to be dealt with

is the reason why she still feels
she needs a blanket.

It's usually an indication of
some kind of emotional needs

that haven't been met.

What's happening? Are they talking?

Well, you know, sometimes,
these things are like a Band-Aid.

You just have to rip it off.


Rip it.


Kupida. I can't hear you both
at the same time.

Go ahead, Mopida.

Wait. Wait a minute.
Someone's coming.

Hey, Liv.

- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey, baby.

Hey, remember we talked about
how the day was gonna come

when you couldn't take the goo-gaa
to school with you anymore?

That day is gonna be today.

So what Daddy's gonna do
is I'm gonna take the goo-gaa.

I'm gonna hold on to it for you.

When you get home from school,
you'll get it back then, all right?

All right, sweetie.
Just give me the goo-gaa.

And you have a great day.
All right, baby.

As you know,
the Mile High City Arts Council

relies solely on contributions.

Yeah. I've got 12 people and four desks.
We need your money.

Mr. Cosgrove, can I call you right back?

Trish, please, this is a really bad week.

Evan, I told you three months ago
that this week was pledge week.

- That's this week?
- Yes.

You promised me you wouldn't do this.
You promised me.

Look, Evan,
I know you and her haven't ever...

- Trish, please, not this week.
- had a chance...

- Not this week. I'm begging you.
- to connect.

- Can we flip-flop...
- No.

and I'll do it next week?
I promise you...

No, Evan,
even if I could, I wouldn't.

Evan, why did you tell me
you even wanted to have children?

'Cause I did. I do!

I just didn't know
I'd be so bad at it.

You know, Evan,
you're a really smart guy.

You make huge deals every day.

I'm sure you'll find a way
to deal with her.

Sweetie, you're gonna go
with Daddy, okay?

- Okay.
- He's so excited.

And I'm gonna call you every night
to say good night.

- Promise?
- You'll be fine. You'll be fine.

- Okay.
- I love you, kiddo.

I love you, too.

Okay, here we go.

Hey, you're a competitive guy.

That's intimidating,
especially in a father figure.

Okay, first of all,
I'm not her father figure.

I'm her father.
And she's the one that's intimidating.

- What?
- Honestly. She just stares at me!

Or through me.

She's got this imaginary world
that she goes to

with Kupida and Kapuda and Zupida.
I don't get it.

Look, I'm gonna put this
as gently as possible, okay?

You're a complete idiot.

You feel out of control
and you project that onto her.

Hey, look, man.
Be my friend and be my client.

But don't be Mr. Mystic Man
or whatever that is you call yourself.

- Man Whisperer.
- The Man Whisperer.

John Strother, former cornerback
for the Denver Broncos,

is now known as the "Man Whisperer. "

- That's right.
- You be whispering to men.

Look, all I'm saying is that we all
have a little kid inside, right here.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- And he's whispering.

Stop. Please. Stop. Stop!

If you don't whisper to little Evan,

- you'll never get through to Olivia!
- I'm not whispering to little Evan

- and I'm not whispering with you.
- You just did.

No, I wasn't.
No, I wasn't whispering with you.

I was whispering on the other...

You was finished talking,
and then I said "whisper" after.

I wasn't whispering with you.

Little Evan?
What's wrong with little Evan?

Say it again. Say, "Whisper to little
Evan," one more time. Say it again.

- You know what's gonna happen?
- What's gonna happen? What?

- What you gonna do?
- I'm gonna crash your portfolio.

What's that have to do with anything?

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

- You wear him out?
- No, but Olivia will.

- Where are they at?
- Upstairs. Princess dress-up.

What? They started without me?

- Hey, Ev. Livvy's upstairs.
- Thanks. Thanks for watching her.

Absolutely. Anytime.

And Trish told me to remind you,
vaccinations on Thursday.

- Okay.
- And Ella's party is Friday.

It's a sleepover here,
so pack all of her stuff.

And the Fall Sing is Saturday.

Livvy's really nervous,
so go through her songs with her.

She doesn't think I'm gonna
remember all this, does she?

No. She does not.

Oh, no. Come on, guys.

More! I want to be beautiful!

Hey, Ev.

I've got the perfect size seat
for little Evan.

- Come, sit down.
- I think I'm fine. I'm okay.

Come on, Liv, let's go. We gotta go.

- Bye, Olivia.
- Bye, Ella.

- Bye, Liv.
- Bye.

Denver Broncos, huh?

No, Mopida, I can't go.


Well, yeah.

Are you sure, Mopida?

Okay, if you say so.

What? He actually had a snake?
A real snake?

Nobody's gonna fall
for this whole shtick.

What we have to do is find
a better way to do this, all right?

No, no, listen.

Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna eliminate TriTek.

No, no, no, no.
Look, I'm looking at the specs here,

and I don't like what I see. First of...

Hold on a second.

Olivia, what are you doing?
Go back to bed.

- You said you'd be a king.
- I said I'd do what?

You said last time that next time
you'd do dress up, and you'd be a king.

Well, I don't recall saying that.
I don't remember saying that.

And even if I did say that,

I don't have the right stuff
to do king stuff here.

I don't have any king clothes,
and I don't have a king hat.

It's called a crown.

- Evan, you there?
- Hold on a second.

Whatever. Olivia, please, just go to bed.

I will sleep in here.

No, you're sleeping in your room.
That's why you have a bedroom.

- You go sleep in your bedroom.
- I do not want to sleep in there.

All right. You're gonna go to sleep?
You promise?

Go over there and lay down. Be quiet,
Olivia. I have to work here, all right?

I'm sorry, man. Where was I?
What was I saying?

Listen, this is where
we're gonna snake Whitefeather.

'Cause he's thinking we're gonna go
for the obvious play, Solocom.

But what we're gonna do... Digital Fiber.
Digital Fiber is the play.

- That's the obvious choice.
- Stop saying...

Hold on a second.

- Olivia.
- What?

Yeah, sorry about that, man. Look.
No, no, no.

You gotta be quiet.

It's his job, not yours.

Can I call you back? Thank you.

All right, that's it.

Now, I asked you to be quiet,
but you don't listen.

- Yes, I do.
- No, you don't.

I asked you not to talk,
but you kept talking.

You don't know how to listen,
so since you don't know how to listen,

you take your blanket
and you go in your room. Go.

Come on now.

Come on, come on, really, please.

Come on, please. I'm saying, "Please. "
Go to bed, please.

Now what?

What is it?

Look, I told you,
I will play king with you some other time.

Daddy has a lot of work to do.
All right? So...


I do listen.

I'm sorry.

How many days till I go back home?

I've gone over everything we talked
about last night, and it all looks great.

That's perfect, because
Whitefeather's gonna go with Solocom.

- Of course.
- But we got a better alternative.

- Digital Fiber.
- Got a good record.

I'm gonna call you in 20 minutes,

- right after I drop Olivia off to school.
- Very nice.

All right. Okay.

Come on, honey. Let's get going.
Daddy's sort of in a hurry.

I think this milk is spoiled.

No. That's not possible,
because I checked this milk.

Come on, let's go! Let's go.

What if we say
we just get a muffin, huh?

Tomorrow, can we make pancakes?

Honey, I don't know
if I have the right stuff for that,

- you know, supply-wise or skill-wise.
- I can help you.

I got a better idea.
How about we leave a note for Graciella,

she can make some pancakes,
put them in the freezer,

we'll thaw them out
and eat them tomorrow, huh? Yeah.

- Not what I was thinking.
- Move! Let's move!

Hey, you didn't pack my Fall Sing music.

Okay, your Fall Sing...
Where is that stuff?

Okay, here it is! Right here.
Right here's your music.


- I thought you said you were in a hurry.
- Yeah. I'm coming right now.

Okay, stop, stop, stop. Once is enough.

Hey, does Mommy ever make
a new friend, you know, in like a...

- You mean Rick?
- Yes, Rick.

Is that the guy from Mommy's work with
the spiked hair and the pointed face?

"Hello, I'd like to talk to you
for a sec". That guy?

No, that's Skip. Rick is tall.

Handsome, too.
He looks like Prince Charming.

Good for Rick.

- Morning, Graciella.
- Morning, Mr. Danielson.

- Hi, Graciella.
- Hi, Olivia. Nice to see you.

Hey, Graciella! One thing.

Can you please make some pancakes
and put them in the freezer for us?

Thank you so much. All right.

Hey, what are you, a button maniac?
Stop it.

Press one floor and leave it alone.


Kupida wanted me to tell you something.

Yeah. Go ahead.

She heard what you were saying
on the phone last night,

and she told me to tell you
she doesn't like either of them.

Which guy? Rick or Skip?

The companies,
Solocom and Digital Fiber.

Kupida doesn't like them,
neither does Mopida, and Qwali agrees.

Daddy, do you know
why they don't like them?

Daddy, I said,
do you know why they don't like them?

- Why?
- Because they're broken.

- Do you know which one they do like?
- No, honey, I have no idea.

The first one,
the one you threw away, TriTek.

- Are you sure you're listening?
- Yes, Daddy sure is listening,

but come on, we got to go. Let's go.

Kupida and Mopida really like it.

- You know why?
- Why is that?

- Because it has buried treasure.
- Yeah? Okay.

- You aren't listening.
- No, no, Daddy's listening.

Okay, so, we're here,
and we're going in.

And there's something
you have to go without.

Hey, come on, come on,
Olivia, let's go, let's go.

- Liv! How are you?
- Hi!

- Give me five.
- Put her there. Put her there.

Okay, guys, I got, like,
three meetings back to back.

She's just gonna sit down here
and get settled down here.

Let's get settled in. All right.

- Mike, which one can I get rid of?
- Well...

That one.

No. You don't say that one.
That's sacrilege.

That's Dante D'Enzo.
We never get rid of Dante D'Enzo.

- Kupida says he's boring.
- Well, Kupida is estĆŗpida.

Because he happens to be one of
the greatest investors on the planet.

- No, he's boring.
- No, no.

Why am I standing here
arguing with you about Kupida?

Let me get something for you to watch.

There you go. There's the...
What's that? Barney.

Okay, look, can you watch my kid for
me? You have my back for me, Mike?

Watch that Barney and I'll be...

That's not Barney. That's Blue.

And now I'm going to tap
your knee very gently...

Did you see that? increasing your family's holdings
in optical fiber.

If you take a look at these charts here
on page six in your folders...

Granted, Solocom looks solid,

but if you pore over the financials,
it's crystal clear,

the smart play here is Digital Fiber.

- Kupida says no.
- Okay.

- No.
- Let's move on Digital Fiber.

I'm sorry. Don't move on Digital Fiber?

Oh, no. Yes, yes. Do go, yes. No.

- No?
- Yes. Yes, go, yes.

- Mother?
- Tom?

Perhaps you have something to add?

Not really. It's good work from Evan.
Digital Fiber. Solocom.

I struggled with it myself last night.

I went to sleep convinced
I was gonna take

the Pressman family towards
that pretty face, Solocom.

But in the middle of the night,
the dream sparrow comes to me.

She taps me on the forehead and says,
"Wake up, handsome brave.

"There's something happening
in Uzbekistan. "


"It's 4:30 in the morning, little friend.
I'm sleeping. "

But she said there's a kalacampi,
the worm hidden in the apple.

And I let the dream sparrow fly away.

- The dream sparrow.
- But I investigated what she said

on the white fire grid
you people call the Internet.

At 4:15 this morning,
Mountain Standard Time,

the Uzbeki government
followed through on a series of threats

to detonate a nuclear weapon. Boom.

Digital Fiber, Solocom,

all of their underground cabling
that they were relying upon,

lost in that mushroom cloud.
Do I blame Uzbekistan? No.

Defend yourself, mountain republic,
just like you said you would.

You followed through.

But 200 miles south, in Turkmenistan,

a little company called TriTek,
didn't look like much to me yesterday,

but today, their 6,000 miles of
already-buried underground cabling,

looking a lot more valuable.
TriTek, baby. I say we go into TriTek.

- Let's keep our fingers crossed, huh?
- Okay.

Evan, you mind if I sit in on your 11:00?

Well, Johnny, that's not up to me.
That's up to the client.

So it's cool?

Because I checked with the client,
and they said it's okay.

That's great. That's great.

Hey, ain't nothing but a thing.

The herd moves on, but you're
gonna be fine, little elk.

You're gonna be just fine.
One sky, man.

One sky.

I didn't realize you guys were so tight.

You know what I want you to do
for me, Tod?

Go down to legal
and check something out for me. Okay?

I want to know
what the ramifications are

if I were to stab Johnny Whitefeather.

- Daddy!
- Not now, sweetie.

- But, Daddy!
- Hey, not now.

And listen to me, Liv.
This is where Daddy works.

You cannot come down here
and stand outside my meetings

and flail your arms around.

- Rose!
- Yeah.

Can you take Olivia downstairs
and get her a muffin or something?

- Are you hungry, honey?
- No.

I don't think she's hungry.

She's starving. I can see that.

Come on. Here we go.
Let's go get a muffin.

Have some girl talk.

- Hey, Ev.
- Hey, give me a second, Noah.

I'm trying to find my notes for the 11:00.

Actually, it pertains to the 11:00.
Quickly, two things.

First, Johnny has just asked me
to join his tribe.

I can't believe it.
He actually calls his team a tribe.

Yeah, it's stupid.

- And you said yes, didn't you?
- No, no, absolutely not, at first.

But then he put
so much pressure on me.

He needed an answer immediately. So...

It's all well and good, Noah.
But thanks for your loyalty, all right.

Now if you don't mind, I gotta get ready
in about 10 minutes, so if you'd be so...

That's the other thing.
About the 11:00, Johnny moved it up.

He had a conflict at 11:00.

Johnny moved my meeting
with my clients?

Yeah. It started at 10:30,

so I popped in here as a courtesy to you,
because we were so tight for so long.

And thank you so much for hiring me.

- Out!
- Okay, I gotta go.


Where are my notes for the 11:00?

- Sorry. I think they're in there.
- They're not in there.

Mr. D, I talked to the lawyer guy upstairs
and he confirmed my hunch

about the whole stabbing
Mr. Whitefeather thing.

It's a definite no-can-do
from a legal standpoint.

- Go away, Tod. Go very far away.
- Yes. Right.

I can't find them.

Well, they're here somewhere, Rose.

Please, I can't make it happen
without my notes.

- Find my notes. Please.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.

All of a sudden, I'm late for a meeting
that I was early for in the first place.

All right. It's all right.
We're gonna find them.

Oh, my God.

Did you draw on my worksheets?

- Qwali said I could.
- Qwali said you could?

Qwali said you could.
But let me tell you something, Olivia.

I'm getting ready to go into
a meeting with grown people.

They're gonna be judging Daddy,

and all of a sudden,
my worksheets have

pictures of flowers and sparkly stuff

and, what is this,
people kissing or something?

Kupida says they might get married.

And why is this sticky?
Why is this so sticky?

It's sparkle glue. Sparkly.

This is a disaster.

- A horror show.
- Live.

Love. Laugh. Walahala!

Live. Love. Laugh. Walahala!

I have never, guys,
I have never felt so jazzed

about the prospects of our pension fund!
I mean it. I am jazzed!

I wish I could take credit, Fred,

but we gotta give that to the Walahala,
Mr. Waterfall.

Hey, rain down prosperity!

- And how.
- Thank you, Johnny!

Evan. Everybody,
you remember Evan Danielson.

I would hope so, after seven years
of working with you guys.

Yeah. Of course.
How's it going there, Evan?

Good to see you. Hey, look,
while we were waiting for you,

Mr. Whitefeather, he made some rather
radical suggestions, as you can see.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

So what do you think, Evan?
You agree with Mr. Whitefeather here,

or do you have some special insight
that you'd like to share with us about

how you would increase the fund?

I think I do have some insight.
I don't agree with Mr. Whitefeather.

What I was gonna suggest was...

a 4% reallocation
away from convertible arbitrage.

And in addition

to that...

Okay. Good. Thank you.

I don't know about you guys,
but this is good for me.

Didn't I tell you he was good?

Hey, man.

Sometimes the best spear
is the one you don't throw.

Ain't nothing but a thing.

"Ain't nothing but a thing. "
What does that even mean, Johnny?

It's not a thing, but it is?
It's something, but it's not a thing?

But it's not. But it's something.
What is... I'm confused! What's that?

You're a seeker, brother crow.
You should ride that...

You know what? Stop it right now.
Stop it!

Because I'm not gonna be
subjected to your...

Dr. Seuss-meets-Pocahontas
stuff today.

"One sky, two sky, red sky, blue sky!"

Evan, that's shadow time. Okay.
Let's keep that in the shadows.

Oh, no. Please, please, please,
make him stop. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Lord, Lord, Lord, make him stop, Lord.
Why are you falling for this?

What's the matter? I've been
working for you for seven years.

And you know that, Fred!
I went to your grandson's birthday party,

and I went to Aspen with you
and your wife for the whole weekend.

We got history together.

You gonna throw it all away because
this guy showed you some waterfalls

and got you chanting "Walla Walla"?

Evan, we're always looking for fresh
ideas, and he showed us some.

It's like Johnny says.

You got turtles that live in their shell
and turtles that live out of their shell.

What? What? What did you just say?

What did he say? Johnny just said...
What did he tell you?

What was that?
What did he say? What?

He said turtles with no shell...

Called geckos, man.

That's not even biology!

How could you listen...
What's a frog, Johnny? A short snake?

You want new ideas?
Special new ideas. Okay.

'Cause slow, predictable growth
is so boring.

Let's talk about... Let's talk about
a little company called ChemStar.

Let's talk about this company.
I say go out and buy lots of it.

Buy lots and lots of ChemStar.
You know why? Because it's sparkly.

Everybody knows that
everybody loves sparkly things,

so go out and buy some ChemStar
because it's sparkly!

Okay. Here's fresh new idea
number two.

These companies were so stinky
I had to snip them all away.

Snip! Snip! Snip!
If you're not good, you got to go!

Here's fresh new idea number three!

Look at that.
You got YellowFin and AeroDyne.

What are they doing?
YellowFin and AeroDyne.

They're kissing.
And what does kissing usually lead to?

Marriage! They're getting married!

YellowFin and AeroDyne sitting in a tree
K- I-S-S-I-N-G

First comes love, come on
Then comes marriage...

- Evan. Stop.
- No, don't stop me.

I got more. I got more, Tom!
Fresh new idea number four. NeoDyne.

that's your biggest holding, right?

6% of your equity is in NeoDyne.

You know what fresh new thinking has
to say about that company?

Pull out! Pull out now. You know why?

Because NeoDyne is about
to have his pants pulled down

and have his underwear exposed.
Know what's in the underwear?

- No.
- Poop.

Poop is in the underwear.

Poop. Nasty doo-doo. Stinky ca-ca.
So here's a recap.

NeoDyne, pants pulled down,
butt exposed,

poo-poo, doo-doo, stinky ca-ca. Okay?

Those are my fresh new...
You take this. You hold on to it.

So those are my new ideas.
Thank you so much!

Raining down!
Fresh ideas and Walla Walla!

- Did you tell them what Kupida said?
- Yeah. I sure did.

Did they like it?

I imagine it was
a lot of fun to watch, honey.

Oh, God. What have I done?
What have I done?

Is everything okay?

Hey, Ev?

Stevens wants to see you. Yeah.

- He just kind of flipped out.
- He lost it, man. He lost it.

Look, whatever you heard I said,
it's probably a lot worse.

- I heard you said poop.
- Yeah, I said poop. Twice.


I will be back in as much time

as it officially takes to say,
"You're fired," all right?

Evan, what...

Tom, I don't know what...

I'm still trying to process
what just happened in there.

So am I, too. Really, Tom.

How did you know
about all those things?

Listen to me, Tom. There's... What?

The two companies
you said were kissing.

AeroDyne and YellowFin.

- What did you mean by that?
- I just...

My brother-in-law
sits on the board ofAeroDyne.

For 18 months, they've been looking for
a partner to offset their overseas debt.

Of the literally
700 companies considered,

there's only one whose financials
actually made sense,

and that's YellowFin.

Now, how did you know
about this impending marriage?

- I just...
- Kupida said they might get married.

You said to buy because it was sparkly.


- Yeah, okay...
- A data-wire

came in during the meeting.
During the meeting.

"ChemStar finalizes plans to expand

"bauxite excavation
in its New Guinea mine.

"Stock up 18%."


It's sparkle glue.

- Sparkly.
- Sparkly.

NeoDyne. You said to get out.
Do you remember why?

- Do you?
- Yes.

I wrote this down.

"Because their pants
were coming down,

"and everyone was going to see
their underwear,

"which was filled with poop".

Yeah, I remember that.

Lunchtime today, they were exposed
by the SEC for corporate fraud.

Pants pulled down.
And their books? Total poop!

So I'm asking you again.

How did you know all of this?

- Are you insider trading?
- No. No, Tom. No way, never.

Then what are you doing?

Where are you getting this information?

- So it's the goo-gaa?
- That's how I go there.

What do you mean you go there?
Go where?

- To where the princesses live.
- Right. The princesses.

That's Kupida and Qwali
and all of them, right?

Qwali's a queen.

Kupida, Mopida and Sopida
are princesses.

- Okay, got you.
- How many times do I have to tell you?

Right. Right.
Okay, let me get this right now.

Now, they tell you things
about companies?

Well, you know what,
I got a couple of other companies

I want you to ask them about.
Do you think they'll be up to that?

You can do it yourself.

I can ask them myself.
I can go there with you?

Yes, it'll be fun.


A little more room here.

- Now, I do what now?
- Okay.

- I take the goo-gaa.
- You hold it up to your face.

- Hold it up to my face.
- And rub in little circles.

- OK, I'm doing it in little circles. OK.
- Like this.

Now you put it over your head, like this.

Okay. Now what?

And you kind of call them in your mind
while you spin around in circles.

Okay. So I call to them in my mind
while I spin in a circle.

- Yeah.
- Okay, I'm spinning. I'm spinning.

Keep spinning. Keep spinning.

I'm spinning around.

Are you calling them in your mind?


Okay. So am I supposed to just
keep spinning and spinning around?

'Cause I'm a tad bit nauseous now.

Okay, we're there!

Isn't it beautiful?

Come on, Daddy!
This way, into the forest!

Wow. The princesses
sure live in a beautiful forest.

No, because this part's all burned.

Yes, burned from a big forest fire.

No, Sopida's dragon burnt it all.

Sopida has a dragon?

And if you want to get past her,
you have to sing a song she likes.

I gotta sing a song
to Sopida's dragon, too?

- Hurry. She's coming!
- What? She's coming where?


Sopida's dragon, please let me pass

Sopida's dragon

You gotta do better than that.

Sopida's dragon, please let me pass

Try higher.

Sopida's dragon, please let...

- Higher, like a mouse!
- You want me to have an aneurysm?

Sopida's dragon, please let me pass

She very hates that.

- I'm with her.
- Try lower, like a frog.

Okay, like a frog.

Sopida's dragon, please let me pass

Sopida's dragon...

She very likes that. She fell asleep.
Come on. Let's go.

Now we can go through her cave. Duck!

All right, going into the cave.
That's a big, beautiful cave we're in.

No, it's tiny. Can't you see?

Okay. My eyes are just adjusting still.
That's why...

Jump, Daddy! Jump!

- Jump? Why am I jumping? Okay.
- Jump till you get in!

Okay, you're in.

- Now you're out.
- Okay. What was I in?

- France!
- I was in France?

- Now, we're on the beach.
- Okay. We're on the beach now.

All right. Great! Is it a nice beach here?

Only 'cause mermaids give us
popcorn balls.

That's so nice.
Thank you for the popcorn balls!

Oh, no! Someone's coming!
Sopida, no! Sopida, you can't!

Can't what? What happened?
What's going on?

She doesn't trust you!
She's throwing rocks at you!

- Why? Why...
- Duck, Daddy! Duck!

I'm ducking! But what did Daddy do?

Why's she throwing rocks at me?
Don't know what I did.

Up the path!

Go back down!

- This way.
- Okay.

Okay, we made it. There they are.

Hi, Kupida! Hi, Mopida!

- Hey.
- Say something nice.

Hey, Kupida and Mopida, how are you?
Good to see you.

My name is Evan Danielson,
and I'm Olivia's dad.

They already know who you are.


It's good to see you.
You look so nice and pretty,

the two of you.
My, you really outdid yourself today.

I'm here to ask you. I was wondering...

- Are you sure they're...
- Yeah. They're watching.

I was gonna... I have some...

I want to ask about magnesium futures

and their relationship to
Bolivian currency fluctuations.

Specifically, these three companies,

La Paz Ore and Iron,
and International Mining

and Weston Metallurgy Limited.

Weston Metallurgy.

These three. I was wondering if you...
Can they see them?

I don't want to be in your way.

Okay, what are they doing?
Are they talking?

- Yeah.
- What are they talking about?

They're talking.


Are you sure?


Yes, no, no.

Did they give a reason?

- Because it's fancy?
- That's exactly right, sir. Fancy.

But you're also saying, and this is
what strikes me as contradictory,

that we should abandon
all interests in Weston Metallurgy.

- That's correct.
- Because the boliviano is gonna...

What did he say again?

"Be a big, dumb showoff
and fall off its bike. "

No. Trike.
And nobody likes a big, dumb showoff.

Well, no offense, son,
but sounds to me like

a load of what you just stepped in.

Well, that's why we brought
Mr. Whitefeather along, right?

What you got, son?

Mr. Rowe, that's funny.

The country's entire monetary system
reduced to riding around on a tricycle.

That's a laugh. It's good to laugh.
It's good to laugh, man.

But there's a time to be serious.

We're out here in these holy mountains
that we call Rocky.

They're full of predator, prey.

The lion of the mountain
knows when to pounce.

Better watch out, jack-bunny...

- Excuse me, one moment.
- Yeah, okay.

Love the new act, man.

- Fun character.
- Thank you.

You know, there's an old tribal saying,

"It's not the paint
that makes the warrior. "

- What?
- Be well, brother. Be well.

Evan, I ever tell you
about Billy Littlesnake,

a guy I used to go fishing with
in Montana?

I think you spared me that story.

He'd go fishing
where nobody else fished

and always come back with 10 fat trout.

Turned out he was stopping off
at the market and buying them.

I'm not insider trading,
if that's what you're saying.

Whoa, come on. Let's don't go
into those woods. All right?

- There's a lot of bear in those woods.
- Hey, listen. Stop that thing.

If you're gonna talk to me,
don't do that thing you do.

You want me to speak directly?
I can do that.

Then do it.

You want to run with me, Evan,
then run with me.

I accept the challenge. I welcome it.

But if I find out that you're stopping off
at the market and buying your fat trout,

I'm gonna scalp you.

You're gonna scalp me. Literally?

It's gonna feel literal, yeah.

Nice chatting with you, Johnny.

And you, Evan.

Hey, Ev, good to see you. Okay.

Let me tell you something
about Johnny Whitefeather.

Under all the show,
I'm good at what I do.

I have a gift. I see trends.

I see patterns.
I see things no one else will ever see.

Evan is good, but he's not that good.

I want you to find out
where he's getting his information.

Sopida's dragon, please let me pass

- She's in a good mood tonight.
- That's great.

We're all in a good mood.
Let's go through the cave then!

Let's get in the cave,
going through the cave.

Ducking down!
It's a little above my head in the cave.

And now we're coming out in France.
We're in France!

All right.
And now we're back on the beach again.

On the wonderful beach
with Kupida and Mopida.

Hello, Kupida and Mopida!
How are the princesses today?

- They're good.
- They're good. That's great.

That's great.
Hold on to this for a second, honey.

- Yeah.
- Okay, now.

Ladies, I want to talk to you
about something.

First, let me tell you that those gowns
you're wearing look exquisite.

They look exquisite, ladies.

I'll just go right out and say it.
Am I looking in the right direction here?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I have a potential client
who is in the medical field

and he has a particular company.

He was wondering if
he should hold on to that company.

And I was wondering if you ladies
had any feelings about that.

The company is called VallaTech.

I've just been hearing
so many incredible things about it.

We were just wondering
what you princesses thought.

- What do they think?
- Maybe.


Because Kupida very liked it,
and Mopida very hated it.

Okay, so, now what do we do?

If they disagree, we have to see Qwali,
but she's at her mountain castle.

Okay. Well,
where's the mountain castle?


Now, does Qwali have to be out
by this bridge in front of my building,

all these people all over the place,
where everybody can see us?

We are not by a bridge.

We're at the bottom of
Qwali's mountain!

And there's no one here
except you and me,

and maybe Qwali,
if she likes the way you dance.

Dance? I have to dance for Qwali, too?

Yeah. Because there's a ball tonight,
and she has to see who is the best king.

And she will not talk until she does.

Okay. Well, let's do a little dance
for Qwali, then.

- Hey, Evan.
- Hey, what's going on, man?

How are you...

- Okay. How's that?
- Horrible.

You have to get on that thing,
so she can see you.

Hey, look. I'm not getting up
on the stage, all right?

She won't talk to you.

Okay, I'm gonna go get up on the stage.

Oh, come on! She can't see that!
She's way, way up there.

Hey, all right, okay. Take it easy here.

More! Bigger!

Like that? Like this? No? Yes?

To the beat! Can't you hear the music?

To the beat? I don't hear the beat.

Check it out.

I hear the snickers.

It's spinning music!

- Spinning, with your arms out!
- You mean like a waltz?

Like a waltz you're talking about. Okay.

- That's the best I could do.
- No, it was good. She liked it.

You can go to the ball!

Okay, all right.

Qwali said it was good.
I can go to the ball.

Now, did you ask Qwali
how she feels about VallaTech?

Bottom line, sir,
is that VallaTech is stuck up

and doesn't play nice with others.
I say we cut it out.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I know this sounds a little unorthodox,

but here's something else
you need to know.

It has a big butt?

A big ol' butt with a shelf on it.

I think if you look at DarbaCon's
bloated end-of-the-year rollover...'ll see it has pretty hair
and all the boys are looking at it.

Well, if he said it wets the bed,
then it wets the bed.

What else did he say?

This little company goes
wee-wee-wee-wee all the way home.

- Did you say, "Wee-wee-wee-wee"?
- Yes. All the way home.

- And people are buying that?
- By the millions.

Icky, icky, icky. Gross. Yucky.

Rose, is Evan seeing a psychic?

Not that I'm aware of.

It's fizzy like a soda pop.

- Is he a psychic?
- No, I don't believe he is.

It's old enough to start wearing makeup.

"Ready for makeup. " You feeling this?

He says your funds are mature,
and now it's time to start diversifying.

Specifically, for A.I.,
what I'm thinking is Argenteeny Pinkini.

- I'm feeling that.
- Hey, I want some of that.

Back off, dawg. It's mine.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! There's enough
lip gloss to go around for everybody.

Agroco is a crybaby who always
goes running to Mommy.

- That's your analysis.
- Yes, it is.

- And you recommend I...
- Sell.

- Sell the crybaby.
- Sell the crybaby.

Is this some kind ofjoke, Tom?

- No, Carl. It's not.
- Because it seems...

- I know, a little different.
- A little?

Why don't we hear
what Mr. Whitefeather has to say?

Yes. Johnny, would you like to

toss some spear at some tatonka,
or cast some venison into the potlatch?

No, I wouldn't.
I'd like to take this seriously.

There's a great deal of money
at stake here, Mr. Simons.

I think that you should move forward
on Agroco, aggressively.

Increase your holdings.

And a gentleman
by the name of Dante D'Enzo...

happens to concur with my position.
His company, D.D.E. Investments,

is looking to increase
their holdings by 25%.

So I think if we're gonna make a move,
we have to do it rather quickly.

If you're ready, I'm ready.
Let's make some money.

That's my "venison".

Evan? Your thoughts?

Well, I think that's interesting.
I think that's very interesting.

Very, very, very interesting...

that Dante D'Enzo would say in
and I would say out.

That's interesting, I think.

What I'm gonna do now
is I'm gonna go to the restroom,

and I'm gonna think this through,
and I'm gonna re-crunch some numbers

and get right back to you,
gentlemen. Excuse me.


These look great.


- Hey. Hey. What are you doing here?
- Flyers for Saturday. The Fall Sing.

We're on lunch,
so I'm just dropping them off.

- Hey, how you doing? I'm Rick.
- Rick.

Rick's son, Henry, is in kindergarten.

Yeah, so you're Rick.
You're the sculpture, sculptor.

I saw your little thing that you did
at the Comerica building.

- Yeah.
- Very metallic and pointy.

And unfairly criticized, I might add.

Look, I got some last-minute
parenting thing I gotta do with Olivia.

Nice meeting you, Rick.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt. It's Mr. Danielson.

- Can I talk to Olivia for one second?
- Sure.

I'll be brief. Olivia,
come talk to Daddy, please?

Hi, everybody.

I have some quick questions for Qwali
about Agroco. Where should we go?

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Okay. Did you bring the goo-gaa?
All right. Okay.

I knew you would. Okay, perfect, perfect,
perfect. Blanket up. Rub in fast circles.

I smell something burning.
It's Sopida's dragon! Here she is!

Mopida and Kupida! Good to see you!
Time to dance!

- That's it.
- What are they doing?

I have no idea.

- She's really sure?
- And she says you agree with her.

- I do?
- Don't you?

- Yeah, I guess I do, sort of.
- Okay.

Okay, give me a high five.

- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.

Put this back in. All right, tell no one!

So you're saying that Dante D'Enzo
is totally wrong on this.


And your inner child says that...

we should completely
pull out ofAgroco.


Okay. I think
I'm going to go with...

what Mr. Whitefeather
has put together here.

It seems better.

- I am going to have the venison.
- It's a savory meat.

Doctor's office.

I know you say Qwali's never wrong,
but I think we both were this time.

Ifjust Mopida says it
orjust Kupida says it,

it could be wrong.
But if Qwali says it, it's never wrong.

Well, I think
she kind of was wrong this time.

- She was not.
- Yes, she was.

- Was not.
- Yes, she was.


Actually, not.

Ha, ha, you're just trying to get me
to say "was. "

No, she really wasn't wrong.

D'Enzo pulled out ofAgroco,
which is down 12%.

"Agroco cries foul,
hides behind parent company. "

Crybaby runs to Mommy.

- How are you doing this?
- It's easy.

You just overlap them
and it makes a pyramid.

Olivia? We're ready for you, sweetie.
Time for your shot.

You did a really good job in there.
I'm really proud of you.

For that, we're gonna get
a special ice cream treat.

- I cried, though.
- But you did good.

You see, when I was your age
I had to get a shot,

I was running, screaming,
"Don't stab me! Don't stab me!"

No, you wouldn't.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me, please!"

How you doing, sir? What can I get you?

Can we get two juice bars?

- So, who wants pancakes for dinner?
- I do.

Yeah, that's what I say.

No, we're not gonna pour it yet.

Put butter on it.
Gotta put a small amount of butter.

- You put too much butter.
- No, that's enough.

Looks like Sopida's dragon
got to this one.

- Hey!
- That's gonna be your stack.

You keep going here
and I'll go set up the restaurant.

The restaurant? What restaurant?

- Allow me to tell you the specials.
- Please do.


We have kind of burnt pancakes
and really burnt pancakes.

Okay, well, how much for the regular?

- Let me see. $3,000.
- And how much for the kind of burnt?

- Forty-seven cents.
- Okay, let me have the kind of burnts.

Let me have two kind of burnts, please.

Perfect. Now do we have
any condiments or anything like...

What do you mean by that?

You know, like syrup or some honey
or some jelly or some...

Anything that might cut the taste a bit.


Chocolate syrup. Hot sauce.
And mustard.

You know, I would have just went with
chocolate sauce or honey or...

- Don't worry, it's yummier this way.
- But ketchup is...

Wow. That's enough ketchup.

- Now would you like chocolate sauce?
- Well, I guess so, yeah.

- You probably would prefer it.
- Yeah, wow.

Yeah, let's put a lot on.


Excellent choice.
Brown and yellow match perfectly.

I think it's gonna add
some mystery to the dish.

Don't eat it yet. We got the hot sauce.

Hey, where...
What happened to the pancakes?

There. Perfect.

I think we should say our grace and eat.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- So, you pray with Daddy now.
- Okay.

- Dear Lord.
- Dear Lord.

- Please protect my daddy's throat.
- Please protect my daddy's throat.

- He never done nothing to nobody, Lord.
- He never done nothing to nobody, Lord.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- And now I'm gonna dig in.
- Yeah, dig in.

And I think it's time to ingest
this pancake and be a good...

Hey, look, it's Sopida.

She's gone.

That's the best pancake
I ever had in my life!

- Can I please see the bill?
- Yeah, the bill?

You must be out your mind, woman!

You trying to get... Tell you what!
Come back here now! Come back here!

Almost got you! Oh, my God!

Yeah, that's a good one, too.

Hold on, wait, wait, wait,
don't hog the picture now.

You're gonna hog the picture.

Wait, the picture's not right
unless Daddy's in the picture.

That's magic! Come on, it's late.
Okay, come on.


I'm scared about
the Fall Sing on Saturday.

What are you afraid of? Your mother
told me you were excited about it.

Well, everybody has a solo
and mine is on the last song.

And I start it, so if I mess up,
the whole entire song is wrecked.

What makes you think
you're gonna mess up?

I can't sing.

- What do you mean you can't sing?
- I can't.

Yes, you can.
Where's the song you're gonna sing?

Let me see.

I'll put it to the right page.

- What song is it?
- Here, this page.

All right, All You Need Is Love.

Okay, that's a good one.
That's The Beatles.

Tell you what, here's what you do.

Come over here.
I'm gonna get you onstage here.

- This is the stage.
- I thought you'd play the part.

No, you're gonna get on stage
and I'm gonna be in the audience.

This is gonna be
just like you're at the play.

And all the people in the audience
all came to see the show.

We're all like, "This is great.
Well, I can't wait to see the show.

"Who's in the show? Well, who's that?
I wonder if she can sing".

You've got to get ready now.
You got to get ready,

see, 'cause everybody's watching,
everybody's watching.

And you're gonna say...

There's nothing you can do
that can't be done

- I can't.
- Yes, you can!

¶ There's nothing you can do
that can't be done ¶

Here's how you're singing it.

You say it and then you take
the last word and just stretch it out.

¶ There's nothing you can do
that can't be done ¶

¶ There's nothing you can do
that can't be done ¶

Yeah... All right, now,
here's the second line.

¶ There's nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶

And we go higher now.

¶ There's nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶

A little higher though.
Higher. Higher.

¶ There's nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶

My baby sounds like
Minnie Riperton!

Okay, let's drop it lower.
Let's do it like a frog.

¶ There's nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶

Daddy, you're just doing
what I did to you.

Yeah, that's right. I'm doing
what you did to me. Now let's try it.

¶ There's nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶

See, you're doing it.
Okay, here's the next one.

¶ There's nothing you can say ¶

¶ But you can learn
how to play the game It's easy ¶

¶ There's nothing you can say ¶

¶ But you can learn
how to play the game ¶

¶ It's easy ¶

That's it! That's it!
You're singing!

Take a bow! She was wonderful!

- You're going to the top!
- Oh, stop.

She's going to the top!

"They finish reading. Olivia's mother
gives her a kiss and says,

"'You know, you really wear me out,
but I love you anyway. '

"Olivia gives her a kiss back and says,
'I love you anyway, too. "'

There you go, sleepyhead.


We didn't talk to the princesses tonight.

Yeah, you know what, we didn't,
but that's okay.

It's quite all right.

Well, maybe if you want,
you can talk to them yourself.

Really? On my own?

Qwali says she trusts you now.

That's very nice of Qwali.

Tell Qwali thanks a lot.
That means a lot to me.

Or I could tell her myself.

You want me to?

Hey, you want me to?

Did you fall asleep that quick?

I send you out to gather
pertinent information.

You come back with this.

But this is all he does.
He just hangs out with his daughter.

They sing and they dance
and they laugh.

They're playing with a blanket.

The two of them with their faces buried

in a blanket.

The blanket.

- It's a wakalyapi.
- Yeah.

He's a sharp cat. He is a razor cat!

- Say that again?
- Wakalyapi.

A tapestry. A weave.

It's how you access a higher eye.

My people believe it's the way
to achieve closeness to the Great Spirit.

- Who are you calling?
- You'll see.

The entire Denver financial community
is talking about you.

But as your very first client ever,

you owe it to me to tell me
what the hell is going on.

I told you, Maggie, I'm just listening.

To the little voice that whispers to you.
Yeah, right.

Why don't you just tell her your secret?

- Hi. Johnny Whitefeather.
- I'm Margaret Johnson.

Evan? Tell her the truth.

Okay, Maggie, here's the truth.
I have a six-year-old daughter.

Now, she has what you would
have to call a magic blanket.

Now, with this blanket,
I can be taken and be transported

to a mystical, magical place

where I meet with three
invisible princesses and one queen.

Incidentally, they all have
remarkable insight to investing,

except for one, who mostly
wants to throw rocks at me...

and have me burned up
by her dragon.

A securities blanket.

Fine, fine. Keep your secret.
Just keep me in the black.

I can get a blanket.

I can. And I'm gonna get one.

I need to see you guys
in my office, please.

You may have noticed
I've been doing things...

a little differently
this past week,

letting the two of you go
head-to-head a bit more than usual.

And I know you've probably
heard the rumor, and it's true.

There's an offer on the table,
and it's big.

It's the kind of out
I've been looking for.

But the buyer wants to make sure that
there's someone worthy to, well,

to take this office. So...

Here we go.

Gentlemen, this is
Mr. Pratt of D.D.E. Investments.

- You're Frederick Pratt.
- Yes. Yes, I am. Excuse me.

- Yes, sir.
- That's the suitor? Dante D'Enzo?

- He's ready for you.
- Hello there.

Mr. D'Enzo.
What an honor it is to meet you, sir.

Thank you. Have a seat, gentlemen.
This won't take long.

I assume that Tom
has already told you about...

- Mr. Danielson, everything okay?
- Yes. Yes, sir.

Just had to kill the phone.
It's dead now.

Okay, I assume Tom
had already told you that

he's decided to throw away
the rest of his life playing golf.

Which means one of you
is gonna be running...

the western division of D.D.E.

Now, you won't be surprised to know
that I've been reviewing your files,

and, frankly, you're both
applying quite unorthodox methods.

And I don't really care, as long as you
get results, which you seem to be doing.

But, unfortunately, gentlemen,

there's only one chair
behind the big desk.

So I have a decision to make,
and I'll be stopping in Denver

on my way back from Beijing tomorrow
to make that decision.

In the meantime,
you have approximately 17 hours

to suss out what Mr. Pratt
is about to hand you.

And as far as preparation is concerned,

I'll just share with you
the best advice that I ever heard...

No, that's not the advice.

The advice is, if I had eight hours
to chop down a tree,

I'd spend the first six sharpening my ax.

- Abraham Lincoln.
- You read my book.

- Three times, sir.
- It wasn't clear the first time?

No, that's not what I meant.

I think I know what you meant,
Mr. Danielson.

All right, gentlemen,
it's 2:00 a. m. in Beijing.

Do you know where your ax is?

I'll see you tomorrow.
May the best man win.

These are a few of the strategies
Mr. D'Enzo is considering.

We will require your most
detailed analysis and recommendations.

I'll leave you with Mr. Pratt.

Okay, page one.

Olivia! Hey! Olivia!

Big night! Big, big night tonight! Hey!
Where are you?

I want to talk to princesses
and Qwali and all your friends!

Got a lot of questions!
Get to stay up late!

Hey, Olivia! Hey! Where are you?

Graciella, where is she? You picked
her up from school, didn't you?

Yes, seƱor. Then Mrs. Trish came
and took her away.

- What? When?
- About one hour ago.

Now, why would she do that
without calling me?

You know why? Because
I took the battery out of my phone.

Hey, listen!
Hey, did Olivia leave that little blanket?

- The goo-gaa?
- Let me check, okay, seƱor?

- Hello!
- Trish! Hey!

Evan, where are you?

Olivia called you, like, five times,
then she got upset and called me.

And then I had to leave the pledge drive
to make sure...

It's a long story.
I took the battery out of my phone.

But, listen, you'll never guess
who I was just talking to.

Not now, Evan. I'm at the party.

- The party? What party?
- Ella's party.

- Which you obviously forgot about.
- Forgot it. Forgot all about the party.

Okay, listen, tell Olivia I'm gonna be
there in 20 minutes to pick her up.

Why? I'm already here.

Look, you did your week.
I'll just stay here...

and take her to Ella's
for the sleepover.

Sleepover! No, no, no. I don't know if
a sleepover works for me tonight, Trish.

I actually need Olivia here with me.
Here with me and her blanket, yes.

Her what?

Listen, I know this is gonna sound
a little crazy.

I know this is gonna sound
a little wild,

but the fact of the matter is...

I need... I need the goo-gaa.

I don't have a response for that, Evan.

- No, Trish, listen.
- I'm hanging up now.

- Bye.
- No, no, no, Trish, Trish, Trish!

Okay, if you're here
for Ella's birthday party,

make your way to the orange slide
and into the Kidz Only zone

for some Fo Fo Figgley fun.


- Trish, you want me...
- No, I'll deal with this.

- We'll get her.
- Olivia!

Evan, what is going on?
What are you doing here?

I know, I know. Everything's fine.
Everything's cool.

Look, where did she go just now?

She went into the Kidz Only room.
What is this, Evan?

Nothing. Everything's fine.
Everything's cool.

- Hey. How we doing over here?
- What's going on? How you?

I'm good.

Trish, do you mind helping Lori
with the cake for me?

Yeah, help Lori with the cake,

and I'm gonna do
what I was going to do.

- It's my daughter's 7th birthday!
- Congratulations.

You're gonna think
this is hilarious,

but I got to go get Olivia's
blanket for, like, six hours.

- You need her blanket.
- Yes, I need her blanket.

I see, so that's what you're
here for, to cause a scene.

I'm not trying
to cause a scene at all.

You're making it a scene by stopping
me from going to get the blanket.

You should just let me go get the
blanket, and there's no scene at all.

- Let me talk to you for a second.
- What's the problem?

Now we've all seen what happens
when you take Liv's blanket, right?

Okay, that's duly noted.

And now is not the time
nor place for it.

Let me explain something to you.
Let me say something.

What I'm gonna do
is gonna take all of 10 seconds.

I'm gonna get the blanket,
and I'm gonna be gone.

And that's the end of the deal,
you know what I'm saying, John?

Let me do my thing.
Hey, what's the matter with you?


Hey, what's up
with the football block, man?

- Hey, be cool.
- You be cool, okay?

I am being cool. I just need the goo-gaa!

Okay, when a grown man says
"goo-gaa," it's time to go.

Okay, all right.

Okay, all right. It's cool. All right.
You made your point.

You got it. You gotta be cool.

I'll tell her you said happy birthday.

She'll be touched.

Hey, John. Is everything okay?

- I took care of it. He's gone.
- What did you say?

Don't worry about it.
I put my foot down, okay?

That's the last we're gonna see
of Evan today.

You wanna play, boy? Man, stop.
No, you didn't.

Hey, little brother. Hey, brother.
Hey, my man. Hey, little man.

Hey, why don't you do me a favor?
I want you to go into the Kidz Only room

and talk to Olivia Danielson and tell her
her dad's out here.

I'm gonna give you $20. Go in there
and tell her that her dad's out here

- and needs the goo-gaa.
- A what?

It's a goo-gaa. It's a pet name for
the blanket. I need the blanket.

Just go in, tell Olivia Danielson
her dad's out here and get the blanket.

$20, man. Come on, brother.

- I'll take $50, my brother.

Or you can take your grown self up there
and get the goo-gaa on your own.

Hey, stop it! I'm not in here
to play with you kids. Stop it!

Look, man, I haven't been to the
cash machine. All I got is $26 in here.

See, that's more than half of $50.

And I got this.

A Peet's Coffee card.
I got $15 worth of credit on it.

You know how much coffee
you can get for $15?

You drink that coffee, you just keep
playing and playing and playing!

- I'm a kid. I don't drink coffee.
- They got other things.

They got cookies and cakes and scones.
You like scones?

Scones? What do I look like,
the Queen of England?

Hey, you stop that right now!
I'm not here to play with you!

- I'm talking to this child!
- That's a nice Rollie.

Yes, that is a nice Rollie,
and you just back on up.

You're not getting my Rollie.
Come on, man. This is $26.

$26, a Peet's Coffee card. That's some
easy money. You want it or not?

Not. Get this fool!

Hey, stop it right now!

Grandfather, will you bless the blanket?

Here's the... This guy?

The blanket works best
through the innocence of a child.

Okay. Good. Thank you.

- Indigo! Wake up, buddy. Hey! Hey!
- What? What?

Wake up.
You're going on a vision quest.

- I don't wanna. I'm tired.
- Well, you're gonna.

Your new tribal name, Red Bull.

Okay, I got this. I can do this.

I'm thinking it through,
and I'm letting it flow.

And I can do this,
and I do not need the goo-gaa.

Let it flow, Evan. Just let it flow.

Okay, I know this company. Yes.
I don't know this company. No.

I don't need the goo-gaa,

I don't need the goo-gaa,
'cause this is what I do.

Look at that. All right, how you feel?
How you feel?

- I'm still tired.
- Yeah, you're still tired? Get up there.

Hey, what is this?

The relationship of this currency
to this company five years out.

Maybe if you want,
you can talk to them yourself.

This is a wakalyapi, okay?

Star blanket.
I need you to feel the magic.

All right, first up.

- Oleon.
- Oleon Investments.

- How you feeling about them?
- I want to go to bed.

You want to go to bed? Bull!

Red Bull. More of it.
And a lot more in the garage.

All right, I got a goo-gaa!
I got a goo-gaa, too! Here's my goo-gaa!

You think you're the only one with a
goo-gaa. Here's my goo-gaa. Okay?

And I can rub it in little tiny circles,
too, and I can spin in a circle.

And I can say...

I'm where the princesses are!
I'm where the princesses are!

Sopida's dragon!

Hit me, Daddy!

- HalliCom Investments.
- HalliCom Investments.

- Sell it!
- Sell?

- Sell it?
- Sell it!

- Sell? It's not a...
- Write that down!

Mopida and Kupida! Mopida and Kupida!
How you doing, Mopida and Kupida?

Got some questions for you!
One quick question!

- Pylong.
- Buy it!

- Diego Industries.
- Sell it!

Talk to me, ladies.

It's beautiful!

I can't hear you. Are you whispering?

One sky!

If you're whispering, I can't hear.
Talk to me, louder.

You have approximately 17 hours.

Sleepover! I don't know
if a sleepover works for me tonight.

The fact of the matter is
I need the goo-gaa.

I need the goo-gaa. I need the goo-gaa.

Go on, I dare ya! Is that all you've got?

That all you've got?
That's gonna leave a mark.

Mr. Danielson?

- Hey, Ella. How are you?
- Why are you stealing our blankets?

I'm not stealing them.

I'm taking them to get them cleaned,
because they're dirty.

You go back to sleep. Night-night.

- Mr. Danielson?
- Hey, hey, what's going on, Will?

- How you doing?
- Why are you in our house?

Hey, man, it's all good.
Go on back to bed

- I'm on my way out. Go back to bed.
- Why do you have those blankets?

I'm taking the blankets
to get them cleaned.

You go back to bed.
You're having a bad dream.

- This is my sister's blanket.
- Go back to bed.

Be a good little boy,
and go back to bed now.

- No, give it.
- You let go right now.

- You're being very disrespectful.
- Give it!

- Give me the blanket.
- You're a horrible little boy!

- A horrible child!
- Give me the blanket!

- Evan, what the hell are you doing?
- He's trying to steal their blankets.

For God's sake, Evan!
Have you any dignity at all?

- Yes, I do!
- No, you don't. Look at you.

- And now they're up.
- Hey, you are stealing our blankets.

See? Now you messed
with my little girl. Give me them!

Everybody calm down! Calm down!

Everybody's gonna get their blanket.
I just want this one here.

Okay, all right. Here you go.

Here's your blanket! I just want this one!
Okay, it's all good now.

- You're not taking no blanket!
- I paid for this blanket!

- I don't care what you paid for!
- Wait, wait. It's little Evan.

Now you want to whisper? No, no.

- Come on, man!
- No.

- Come on, man.
- Get out.

It's okay, baby. Will!

This blanket is mine! It's mine!

I'm calling Trish.
Nice, Evan. Really nice.

Evan, get help. Get help!

I don't need help.
What I need is my blanket!

- Man, you're crazy!
- I am not crazy! I want my goo-gaa!

I want my goo-gaa!

- John! John! This is important!
- I'm calling the police!

I want my goo-gaa! I want my goo-gaa!

John, come on, man,
this is life and death!

We're gonna go back to bed.
Everybody, back to bed.

Yeah, man!


Come inside before the neighbors
call the fire department again!

Hey, Cheryl! We're down here working!

You think your new nose
just crawled on your face?

- What's the next one?
- John!


- I'm sorry. Look...
- What's up, bro?

Listen, it's getting late.

I think we need
to rethink this blanket strategy.

- You doubting the wakalyapi?
- No, no, no. Absolutely not.

So, you are saying that
my son's not a seer?

- Is that what you are saying?
- I see beyond, like the great salmon!

With wings! That flies!

You got tiny eyes, man.

- You got the eyes of a salamander.
- What?

You say my kid's not a seer?
He's a Whitefeather!

Come here, boy! Get over here!

AampCo! What you feeling
about AampCo?

AampCo is tight!

- AampCo is tight! Write that down!
- Write that down!

No, Johnny,
I'm not gonna write it down, okay?

I can't go to Dante D'Enzo and say,
"AampCo is tight

"because we're listening
to the Great Winged Salmon,

"who's actually a 10-year-old boy
with a $6,000 blanket,

"who's hopped up on Red Bull!"

Listen to me, Johnny.
This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

We can't blow this thing.
You are better than this.

- Tell him he's out.
- You're out!

- What?
- Tell him he's out of the tribe.

- You're out of the tribe!
- I'm out of the tribe?

You're out of the tribe, because
you're blind to the poetry of smoke!

Blind to the poetry of...

Stop it! Just zip it! Zip it!
You are a crazy little kid!

And you, you're a liar! I'm out?

Good. Wrap it up! I have never been
so happy to be out, okay?

I didn't go to business school for this!
I graduated from Stanford with an MBA!

And they don't just give
those things away, Whitefeather!

- Get him.
- Back off, you little freak!

Get some sleep!

Hey, Trish, it's me!

- Trish, I really need to see her.
- No, no. I just now got her to sleep.

And with tonight,
and singing tomorrow...

- Please. Please, Trish.
- She just...


Thank you.

Can you please leave?

Hey, Liv, I'm sorry about
what happened at the sleepover.

I want you to go.

About the concert...

I'm not gonna be able
to come to the concert,

because it's at the same time
as a meeting I have to...

I don't want you there.

Okay. I understand.

I just want you to know that
I really did want to go.

I don't care. Don't come.

I won't.

I won't because you don't want me to.


Liv, I really have to go to this meeting.

It's really important. It's a really
important meeting, and I really need...

Promise I'll get it right back to you.

It's okay. She's fine. She gave it to me.

- What?
- She told me, Evan.

- Everything.
- Okay, well, then you understand.

No, I don't understand.

I mean, do you honestly believe that
that blanket

has something to do
with everything that's been going on?

Look, I don't know what's happening.
I know something's happening.

I need for it to happen
one more time tonight.

So, now we're back to what you need.

Hey, Trish, what do you want me to do?

Blow off an opportunity
I've been waiting for since grad school

and lose my job?

Evan, you have two jobs, and
one of those jobs is being a father.

And she needs to know

that you care as much about that job
as you do the other.

- I do. Of course I do.
- Then leave the blanket.

I can't. Not tonight, I can't.

I don't expect you to understand.

How you doing, Feather Man?
Pretty good, brother. How you doing?

Not so bad. A little amped,
a little tired.

Ain't nothing but a thing.

How about another Red Bull?
Wouldn't say no to that.

- Good luck, Johnny.
- Luck is for losers.

Good. Here we are.
Gentlemen, this is Mr. D'Enzo.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you, sir.

Mr. D'Enzo. John Whitefeather.

Have a seat, guys.

D- Papa-D to the Feather Man.
I think you're reading my signals.

And I think you're reading them
loud and clear.

You're getting the wisdom.

Buy long, sell short.

- Sell short, buy long.
- Hi.

Good morning, everyone.
Welcome to the Fall Sing.

It's so good to see
so many of you here today.

Well, I can hear a lot of
very excited children back there,

who, like their parents, are not here
to listen to me continue talking.

So without further ado,
the wonderful Chilton School choir.

Summer fades into the blue

Brand new colors come into view

Seasons change
I have, too

Just like the leaves of autumn

You know what I see in this room
that nobody else sees?

Hidden feathers.

That's what we share, hidden feathers!
Crow feathers.

Right now,

I need you to caw with me.

One crow to another crow.

Bring it. Come on. Bring it in.

I know you want to let it out,
but I appreciate you keeping it in.

There it be, brother crow.

Look forward to working with you, man.


I've never seen anything like that before.

I know.

No, you don't know.

Quite frankly, that's one of the
biggest loads of crap I've ever heard.

What possible excuse can you give us

for wasting our time
with that unctuous stream of drivel

that you call a presentation?

- My kid.
- What?

My kid.

He's been wanting to get more
involved in my workplace life.

He's like, "Dad, I'm on a vision quest.
I got some investment ideas. "

I'm like, "You're nine.
How many good ideas could you have?"

He's on a vision quest. I'm like,
"Vision quest, my red butt! But"...

You're blaming your child?

Look, don't let it rattle
your corn stalk...

All right, enough!

I don't mind this Indian business
when it's working.

- When it's not, it's just annoying.
- Whoa!

- That's deep shadow time.
- Seriously, cut the crap.

You're not even a real
Native American.

The fact is
you're mostly Finnish-Armenian.

Your baptismal name
is Johann Hasuvian.

And your great-grandfather
was one half Navajo.

So, what would that make you?

Frankly, you are an offense
to true Native Americans,

and if you have nothing better
to offer...

All right, all right.

Johnny Whitefeather can see
which way this wind's blowing.

It's your loss! Old croaking toad.

I'm going this way!

Well, Mr. Danielson?

Looks like this job is yours to lose.

I'll get right to it.

Mr. Danielson?


I can't do this.

I'm sorry?

I messed up. I really have.

Sorry, what?

- Are you walking out?
- I'm really sorry, sir. I just can't.

You realize what you're giving up?

Yes, sir, I do.

Sorry, Tom.

Could I see that brochure, please?

Ain't nothing but a thing, man.

Next, we will sing
a traditionaI Japanese folk song

about the blooming
of the cherry blossom, the Sakura.

Sorry! Sorry about that!

The next song is one you all know,
so feeI free to sing along.

Just don't sing louder than us.
It's our concert.

¶¶ Love, love, love ¶¶

¶¶ Love, love, love ¶¶

¶¶ Love, love, love ¶¶

¶¶ Love, love, love ¶¶

¶¶ Love, love, love ¶¶

Music sounds only

[door opening]

¶¶There's nothing you can do ¶¶
¶¶ that can't be done ¶¶

¶¶ Nothing you can sing
that can't be sung ¶¶

¶¶ Nothing you can say ¶¶

¶¶ But you can learn
how to play the game ¶¶

¶¶ It's easy ¶¶

¶¶ There's nothing you can make ¶¶
¶¶ that can't be made ¶¶

¶¶ No one you can save ¶¶
¶¶ That can't be saved ¶¶

¶¶ Nothing you can do ¶¶

¶¶ But you can learn
how to be you in time ¶¶

¶¶ It's easy ¶¶

¶¶ All you need is love ¶¶

¶¶ All you need is love, love ¶¶

¶¶ Love is all you need ¶¶

¶¶ All you need is love ¶¶

¶¶ All together now ¶¶
¶¶ All you need is love ¶¶

¶¶ Everybody ¶¶

¶¶ All you need is love, love ¶¶

- Eddie Murphy
¶¶ Love is all you need ¶¶

Nice king hat.

It's called a crown.

You know,
you were really great in there.

- Thanks.
- Hey, listen, I got something for you.

- I don't need it anymore.
- Really?

I was hoping you would take it,
and, you know,

you'd help me apologize
to the princesses.

- You can do it yourself.
- I can?

Yeah, they're right there.

Okay. Well...

Sopida, I wish that I could say
you were wrong about me,

but, obviously,
you and your dragon knew better.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for protecting Olivia
while I was away.

And Kupida and Mopida,

I'm sorry for taking you for granted
and just expecting things from you

and not realizing how smart and kind

and truly amazing you really are.

Qwali, thank you so much

for letting me come into your mystical,
magical world,

- 'cause it's a truly magical...
- Daddy, they're leaving. They got bored.

They were bored.

Do you want me to ask them to stay?

Well, what do they want to do?

They said it's time for them to go.

Well, then I think they should go then.

Wave goodbye.

There they go.

Hey, guys. What you doing?

Just waving goodbye to Qwali
and the princesses.

Really? They're going away?

How about that?

You know, I think
there's somebody here to see you.

Wow, so, they're really gone?

Nice outfit.

I take it this is why
you walked out of our meeting.

Do you know how many people
have ever done anything like that to me?

- Two.
- Two.

You want to know where they are
in their careers right now?

Each one is running
a key division of my company.

I don't want any sycophants around me.
I want people with confidence

who are not afraid to make decisions,
even under pressure.

Incidentally, this is very good.

You are very good indeed,

and I want you
to head our western division.

I'd like to discuss that with you,
so, please...

Sir, I would love to discuss it now,
but it's Saturday.


- Well, Monday, then.
- Monday.

- Well, congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

I have a daughter, too.

I haven't seen her for years.

- So, have a pleasant Saturday.
- You, too, sir.

So, what are you guys doing
with the rest of the day?

I don't know. What do you want to do?

I think Mommy should get a chance
to try some of your special pancakes.

Special thanks to SergeiK.