Jellyfish Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jellyfish script is here for all you fans of the movie known as Meduzot in Israel. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Jellyfish quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Meduzot Script

Is this going too?


Don't you want

to say anything to me?

Like what?

I don't know...

Like "Stay".

Are you coming with us?



We'll talk.


(Jellyfish / Les Méduses)

Batya, your buttons.

It's not buttoned right.
And your name tag is crooked.

Not here.

And why's your
hair so messy?

Didn't you
sleep last night?

- I slept.
- Then what's wrong?

go wash your face.

Batya, either wear nail polish,
or don't, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen,
the bride and groom are dancing!

Everyone get up and join
Michael and Keren on the dance floor!


Having a good time Sara?

Hi, Joy.

- What are you doing?
- Taking pictures.

Leave the old woman
and go to the dance floor.


Is there anybody
out there?

Now you're all better.

Doctor, can we
fly with this?

We're supposed to go to the
Caribbean for our honeymoon.

Definitely not.

Why do you need the Caribbean?
You have each other.

Do you want to stay here?

You wanted us to stay,
didn't you?

This place smells like a sewer.
Do you smell it?


It's a strong smell.

We can open
the window.

Is there even
a window here?

We can move to
another room.

Never mind.

We can move.
We're on our honeymoon!

Good morning...

- Did I wake you?
- No, no.

- Can I come in for a minute?
- Sure...

- Where's your boyfriend?
- Gone.

I see you're cleaning.

Do you want
something to drink?

No, no, I just came to tell you
that I'm raising the rent.

In the entire building.
Just by 30 dollars, that's all...

30 dollars?

The whole market went up,
it's not my doing.

You manage a wedding catering service,
don't you? There's money in that.

I'm a waitress,
not a manager.

but you will be one day,
you're a smart girl.

I have to run
before they tow my car.

The ceiling is leaking.

- What ceiling?
- Right here, next to the kitchen.

I'll send my plumber over.


You should answer,
it might be important.

- Batya...
- Mom, can we talk later?

Why later?
Did something happen?


Did you get
my invitation?

What invitation?

To my fundraiser.

Yeah... I got it.

Do I look
okay in the picture?


I just want them to buy tickets,
I'm working my ass off on this...


It's tomorrow,
don't forget.

It's an invitation for two.
Amir should come too.

He won't come.

Why not?

works nights.

That's too bad...

So I'll leave you a single invite.
There's a big demand for them.

I have to make more phone calls.
We'll talk?

- Hi, Menachem.
- Hello.

I won't make it
to Tel-Aviv today.

Yaroni is sick
and Ariel is at work...

That's okay.

Tell Mom I'll be over
on the weekend.

I hope she
recognizes you.



What's going on with her?

I'm on my way to her,
I'm bringing her a Philippine woman.

Did she ask for one?

Mom doesn't ask for anything.
You know her.


Mom, I want you to meet...

What was your name?

- Is it your woman?
- Yours.

She'll help you.

No... No...

Save your money.
For your home, for your children.

I don't have any
children, Mom.

Why not?

Why not?

What happened
to your face?

It's from a long
time ago, Mom.

Who did this to you?

The Syrians...

The Syrians...

- Your woman?
- Yes, Mom, yes.

What's your name?

What's your name?

Where is your mother?
Your father?

Did you run away?

She came out of the sea.
She doesn't speak.

- Please don't interrupt me.
- Sorry.

Let's see...

Hello, this is Sergeant Antebi,
Tel Aviv police.

We found a girl wandering on the beach.
She doesn't speak.

Can you send someone over
to get her?

- I don't know how old she is.
- She's five.

She's fi...

I see... Thanks.

It's a problem.
It's Friday.

Social services don't
work on weekends.

Can you keep
her for two days?

I work nights.
I can't take her to work with me.

I see.

Okay, we'll leave
her here for now.

You can go.


No, I didn't forget.

Tell me something,

how do you
know she's five?


We end up throwing
it all away.

So ask each one
to bring something.

Are you coming to bed?

What a strange hotel.

Does it smell here too?


But we are right on the coast,
yet we can't see the sea.

We can't see anything now.
It's dark.

Come to bed.

It's so noisy...


The street,
don't you hear it?

I'm beat.

We're right on
the main road.

Tomorrow I'll ask for another room
on a higher floor, okay?

I'll never fall
asleep here.

Are you tired?

Let's take this off.

Okay, we won't.

do you want to sleep?

In this day and
age of plenty,

it's hard to believe
that some people have nothing.

Every mother wants to give her child
the world, but not everyone can.

For some children,
this is a home and a bed.

And this is breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

On October 30th,
fundraising day,

we all open our hearts

and wallets.

Because everyone deserves
a roof over their heads.

To purchase a golden roof pin
or a key chain,

send a text
message to 0606.

Did I look okay on TV?



- What's going on with you?
- I'm fine.

No, you're not.
You can talk to me, I'm your mother.

Really, I'm fine.

I couldn't talk to my mother,
but you can.

if you want,
I could pay for therapy.

What's funny?
You don't believe in therapy?

No, no.

What is it, then?

Where are the clothes I had
when I was little?

Your clothes?

At your father's.

At Dad's?

Knowing him,
he probably threw them away.


We came here to relax,
and all we've had is troubles.

We're trying our best.
We already moved you to another room.

How about a room with an ocean view?
Do you have any suites?

We have one suite...

but it's occupied.

can't you do anything?

I'm sorry.

I just got married.


Yeah, right...

do you happen to know
how you spell "eternally"?


"Eternally in disgrace".
One or two L's?

Two, I think.


Maybe just one?

- What did she say?
- Who?

The receptionist.

She said it's the normal sound
of an air conditioner.

It's anything but normal.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Want an apple?

A rotten one?

What does
"eternally in disgrace" mean?

"Eternally in disgrace"?

It's something bad
that goes on and on and never stops.



Why did you bring her a Filipino?
She didn't want anyone.

- How do you know? You're never here.
- I called her twice a day.

I changed her diapers
twice a day!

I offered to move her to Haifa
but you insisted on...

What do you want now?!.

So let's move her to Haifa!

It's okay.

Tell me about yourself.

You still work
in flower arrangement, right?

I've been a waitress at weddings, Dad,
for two years already.

That's great.

Eldad told me
so much about you...

What did he say?


You're his only child...

How happy he was
when you were born...

What a beautiful baby you were...

It's good to see you.

Where are my old clothes?

I'll get them.

Don't all those weddings
give you an urge?

An urge for what?

I've been dreaming about my wedding
since I was a kid.



Just like your father.

Take what you need.
It's just getting moldy here.

What do you think of her?

- Who?
- Her.


I saved her,

poor girl.

Her life was a nightmare.
She came to me all skin and bones.

I took care of her.

Now she wants to
get married.

She's bulimic, poor girl.

Dad, who is this?

- Is the girl wet?
- No.

Your daughter
has your eyes.

She's not my daughter.

- Your sister?
- No.

Is 30 shekels okay?

- You didn't put the meter on?
- My meter's busted, sweetie.

The call time is almost up.
I wanted to tell you...

Your birthday is
coming up soon.

You'll be a big boy,
five years old.

And Mommy doesn't know
what to get you.

What would you like
the most?

I want you
to come home.


Why so late?

- I'm sorry...
- Who's this?

- I found her in the sea...
- In the sea?

I had nowhere
to leave her...

Batya, you have
one last chance.

Another screw-up
and you're out of here.

In the sea...

Go get changed.

Stay here, okay?

Stop it!

- You, stop it!
- Leave me alone!

Three couples complained
about you! Three!

Your pictures come out...

- It's not my fault.
- Whose then? My grandmother's?!.

It's easy to take a picture.
You aim, you click...

You're an idiot!

And you're fired!

What are you doing?

Don't move,
you hear me?!.

You hear me?!.

Excuse me, did a little girl
come out of here?

- A little girl?
- Wet, red hair.

- Big sad eyes?
- You saw her?

I took her picture.

It was my last shot.

- That's her dress, isn't it?
- Yes.

I yelled at her.
I shouldn't have done tha...

You're fired!

It makes you
feel good, huh?

Excuse me?

Firing people.

Get lost.

Make me.

Son of a bitch!

Excuse me,
where's the restroom?

- This way, Madam.
- thank you.

Come, let's look
for the girl.

Business cards. Forget it,
I don't need them anymore.

I don't think
I can get on a motorcycle.

It's a scooter.

No. Really, no.

- I'll drive slowly. Don't you trust me?
- No.

I don't trust anyone.

Fine, whatever.

Oh, these damn heels...

This damn hotel.

Eight flights of stairs
for cigarettes.


Yes, I'm on
the top floor.

- In the suite?
- Yes.

- You guys are lucky.
- What do you mean, "you guys"?

You and your husband.

I'm alone here.
What about you?

I'm on my honeymoon.

- I got married the day before yesterday
- Congratulations.


- This is my floor.
- Bye.

"Eternally in disgrace"
is with two L's.


It's spelled with two L's.
I asked my wife.


You can write
"forever" instead.

It's less final,
more optimistic.

I'll think about it.

Good luck.

With what you're writing.

Are you asleep?


The noise from the road
doesn't bother you?

I got used to it.


I met that woman again.

What woman?

The one who asked me
how to spell "eternally."

She's strange.

- Did you talk?
- A little.

She's an author.
She came here to write.

What's she writing?

Maybe she's a poet.

Is she pretty?

I don't know...

She's staying in a suite.

Is she married?

She's here alone.

Alone in a suite?

She's a writer. She's writing.
She needs space.

- Bullshit.
- Why bullshit?

Come on. She's probably
some bored millionaire.

Why do you say that?

You think Dostoyevsky
rented a suite to write?

Maybe not Dostoyevsky...

if you have something to write
you can do it anywhere.

How do you know?
Did you ever write anything?

At least I don't make
spelling mistakes.

In Russian,
I have no spelling mistakes.

I'm going out for a smoke.

We were
cut off yesterday...

Tell me what
you did today...

I don't want to.

Are you angry?

I don't know
where you are.

I'm in Israel.
Did Mirna tell you about Israel?

There's no such place.

Yes, there is,
it's far away...

where the sea ends...

It's okay.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

She disappeared.


I looked for her all night.
I took her to work and...

I left her alone for a minute.
I yelled at her.

Sit down, relax.

I lost her,
I was responsible for her.

You're not her mother,
you just found her, right?

So, that's that.

What do you mean?
What do we do now?



Unless someone comes looking for her.
Her mother, her father.

No one's looking for her.

I'm looking for her.

You're not her mother.

So what?
The girl disappeared!

You know how many
people disappear?

Missing people are
at the bottom of the list.

They don't even
get a folder.

Eliyahu Zilka.

No family.

83 years old.

Hana Kelman.



What's this?



Can't even say his name,
so how are they gonna find him...

Eliyahu Zilka.

No family.
Lost at sea.

if you had her picture,
maybe I could do something.

Like what?

Put out an
all-points bulletin.

Maybe someone
would call.

- Take it.
- No, thanks.

- Go ahead, take it.
- No, thanks.

Take it.

"My lord, as I was sewing
in my closet, Lord Hamlet,

with his doublet
all unbraced..."

Ward F.
End of the corridor.

Where's Galia?

- You don't speak Hebrew?
- A little.

Great. She can't even
find a decent care giver.

They said I could leave.
I want to go.

I want to go home.

I suggest you take a walk on the beach,
it'll do you good.


What's on the beach
besides dog shit and jellyfish?

You people eat them, don't you?

Speak to me in
Hebrew or German.

You speak German?

You okay?

Go buy me some water.

The kiosk.
Money? You need money?

The picture...

- What?
- Where is it?

What in God's name
are you doing?

Hi, we are out.
Please leave a message. Thanks.

Hi Batya, it's me.

I just wanted to remind you
about my fundraiser.

I'll pick you up on the corner
at five. So be ready.

And look pretty.

Come in.

I'll get the little
girl's picture.

- Do you remember that moment?
- No.

I've cleaned
so many tables.

They're all white
with the same food,

the same leftovers.

Only the bride
and groom change.

- Even they don't change.
- What?

Now where did I put it?
This place is a mess.

- What's this?
- It's a film.

- What film?
- Super eight.

Super what?
Is it Sci-Fi?

Kind of...

From my childhood,
stuff my dad filmed.

- Can I see it?
- It's boring.

Like all those films.

What films?

You must have some too.
Standing next to a giraffe

when you were a kid.

I don't. I don't have
any pictures either.


Can I see it?


There's no plot

I don't like developments.

Got any more
of these films?

I think I have something
from an amusement park.

I can look...

You're fired.

I don't need you.
I'm fine on my own.

I'm letting you go.

You can go.

You're fired!

It's okay?


Forget it.

How are you feeling?

You can see for yourself.

Are you in pain?

I got used to it.

How's the play?

Final rehearsals,
there's a lot of pressure.

Who's the director?

Mahmoud Yasif.

An Arab directing

do you know him?

Who doesn't...

No. Mahmoud. have you ever heard
of him? Or seen his work?

- Don't get all upset now.
- Then don't upset me.

Okay, I'll keep quiet.

How is she?

What can I tell you?

That I wish it was you
who picked me up from the hospital?

I'm sorry, Mom,
I had a rehearsal.

Never mind.

Is she treating you well?

I don't know
where you found her.

She doesn't speak
a word of Hebrew,

walks too slow...

It's only till
you're better.

Tova had a wonderful
Philippine woman, experienced,

- maybe you can find out...
- I'm swamped, Mom. I can hardly...

Yeah, yeah. Jumping around
on stage is more important.

If I get you a new one,
will you be happy?

Instead of flying to the Caribbean,
we ended up here because of her leg.

They gave us a room
on the ground floor.

And my wife couldn't sleep
because of the sewage.

We moved to another room.
Now I can't sleep because of the traffic

I can give you my suite.

You don't have to,
but it's nice of you to offer.

It means nothing to me.

but you write...

I can write anywhere.

So could Dostoyevsky.


Never mind.

"A ship inside a bottle

cannot sink

or collect dust.

It's nice to look at

and floats on glass.

No one is small
enough to board it.

It doesn't know
where it's heading.

The wind outside
won't blow its sails.

It has no sails,

only a slip, a dress.

And beneath them,


Her mouth is dry
though she's surrounded by water.

She drinks it through
the openings in her eyes... "

Head injury.


Looks like it.

What's your name?

Where's your mother?
Your father?

No, no sir, thank you.

Later, honey,
he'll be back, I promise.

Go play in the sand.

- Why didn't you buy her ice cream?
- Do it yourself.

Are you still mad?

- What do you think?
- That we came here to have fun.

Are you having fun?

The fact she opened her eyes
doesn't mean a thing.

The nurse said
it's a reflex.

I should have kept in touch
with her.

I'm a lousy father.

I have to throw up.

Go throw up.

I can't in a hospital.
It's disgusting.

Can I have a minute
alone with my daughter?


No, I'm really sorry.
Forgive me...

I'm sorry I yelled at you.

do you think
I don't know?

Know what?

Not in front of the child.

Want to go
into the water, sweetie?

Play nice.
Daddy's coming right back.

Don't play dumb.

How old is your new floozy?
20? 18?

Batya's age?


Too bad I don't have a camera.
I'd take a picture with you.

Too bad.

Excuse me,
do you have any aspirin?

I don't work here.

Okay, I won't
bother you anymore.


Go on, knock.

My wife, Keren.
This is...

I forgot...

I never told you.

Nice to meet you.

Are we too early?

No, I'm all packed.
Come in.

I'll go get the suitcase
from our room.

The towels are clean.

Why did you agree
to switch rooms with us?

I thought
it's what you wanted.

- Did Michael ask you to?
- No.

I felt it.

You're very generous.


There are just certain men
I can't resist.

We got married
the day before yesterday.


I heard it was
a lovely wedding.

I want you to
stay away from him.

You can see the sea
from the balcony.

I shut the blinds.

I hate light.


What now?


Look at her.
Everything hanging out...

Give me my glasses.

To see.

It's tonight.


She didn't invite me.
I don't go anywhere uninvited.

At 8, is okay?

Why didn't you tell me
she's so pretty?

- Who?
- The poet.

What difference does it make?
Look at the beautiful view.

Come on,
I'll carry you over.

Don't you want
to see the sea finally?

- What did you give her?
- What?

What did you give her
for the room?

What do you mean?

Did you sleep with her?

You're crazy.

I'm a woman.
Did you sleep with her?

Five flights up for nothing.
It's gonna be shit here too.

our first date?

We went to the movies.

You wore a white dress.
With thin straps.

We had seats
right in the center.

But someone was
blocking your view.

So I changed
seats with you.

But I couldn't
see either.

So we moved
to side seats.

But we couldn't
see from there.

Finally, we sat
in the second row.

And your neck hurt.

do you remember?

What was the movie about?

Did you sleep with her?

I don't remember either.

Let's go look at the sea
and talk.

Take me out to the balcony.

"Hamlet, Hamlet, Hamlet...

Oh, that this too solid flesh

would melt,

thaw and resolve itself
into a dew..."

I found you a boat.

A big boat?

A huge boat,

with a tall mast

and beautiful sails...

When will I get to see it?

Soon, it will arrive

on your birthday.

Mama bought me a boat!

Mama bought me a boat!

"...For I must hold my tongue!

Tongue, Tongue,

Tongue, Tongue."

I can't make it...

keep the receipt.

Did I wake you?

- Can I sleep here tonight?
- Sure.

- What happened?
- I ran away from a hospital.

Why were
you in a hospital?

I'll tell you tomorrow.
Can I sleep on the sofa?

I don't have a sofa.

They promised
he'd come back.


The ice cream man.

My mother promised
he'd come back.

Did they promise you anything
when you were a child?

My parents are Holocaust survivors.
I never asked anything from them.

You're second generation?

We're all second generation...

of something.

Don't worry,
he's always around.


The ice cream man.

I have pictures of him.

Can I see them?



I was glad to see you.

I really liked it.

He's talented,
that director.

And me?

You're my daughter.
I'm not objective.

- Where is the Philippine woman?
- Joy?

She's out.
She's leaving today.

But did you
like my acting?


half the time
you're lying on the floor dead.

And when you were acting, you and that
Hamlet just kept fondling each other.

We weren't fondling each other.
It's physical theater.

Physical, yes, but why do you have
to touch each other all the time?

- You don't like touching at all.
- What?

- Nothing, never mind.
- No. What did you say?

if you have something to say,
say it.

Even on stage no one understands
a word you mumble.

I'll never
come here again.


Get me a glass of water.

Didn't you hear me?

What's with you?

"I thought it
would be simpler to die.

I hate hotels.

Maybe that's why
I chose to die in one.

What am I waiting for?

It's all ready,
the pills, my mood.

So why doesn't it happen?

Is it because I'm not happy
with the suicide note?

I can't find words
to express my emotions.

And I won't do it
until I find them.

Or maybe it's because
I met someone who'll save me.

A ship inside a bottle
cannot sink,

or collect dust.

It's nice to look at

and floats on glass.

No one is small
enough to board it.

It doesn't know
where it's heading.

The wind outside
won't blow its sails.

It has no sails,

only a slip, a dress.

And beneath them,

Her mouth is dry
though she's surrounded by water.

She drinks it
through the openings in her eyes

which never close.

When she dies,
it won't be noticeable.

She won't crash on rocks.

She will remain tall...

and proud. "

It's beautiful. Isn't it?

if you didn't kiss her
on your way out,

my love,

if you can,

kiss me
when you return.

Special thanks to SergeiK.