Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board script is here for all you fans of the Disney movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board Script

In case some of you don't
remember, my name is Johnny Kapahala. 

I've probably changed a little
since the last time some of you saw me. 

A few years ago, I moved
from sunny Hawaii to snowy Vermont. 

Traded my surfboard for a snowboard. 
But this week,

if I'd have known what was coming,
what a wild ride it would be,

I mighta just stayed on the mountain. 

Whoa! Whoa!

No! No! No!




Johnny. Johnny.

- You OK?
- Yup.

Gnarly dream.

- How does it feel to be back in Hawaii?
- Awesome.

- Like we've been away forever.
- Never thought we'd come back

- to see my father get, you know...
- Hitched? Tied down? Hooked up?

How about just "married?"

- Are you OK with this, Dad?
- No. Yeah, I'm good.

It's because we haven't met
Grandpa's squeeze yet, isn't it?

- Her name is Carla.
- No, that's not it.

This is about Carla's son, isn't it?

Well, don't you think
it's just a little strange?

I've always been an only child
and now, what's his name, Chris?

Dad hasn't said two words about him.

I think it's nice that Johnny's
gonna have an uncle.

Dad, this isn't the way
to Grandpa's house.

We're gonna stay
in the city for a couple of days.

Your dad has a business meeting and,
uh, I wanna buy some summer clothes.

OK, well,
how am I supposed to get there?

We arranged a ride
with a friend of ours.

What up?


Sam. Ah! What's up, man?


- You gonna be OK, Johnny?
- How's it, bro?

I'm good, man.
Better, now that my boy is here!

- I think he'll be fine.
- You got ugly on me, man.

- See you at Grandpa's.
- You look good, bro.

Thanks, man!

Aloha, sun!

- Aloha, palm trees!
- Yo, yo. Chill, bro.

I mean, I'm the one that's been
in Iceland for four years, remember?

- Yeah.
- I should be the one saying...

Oh, mahalo, Hawaii.

- Hey, hey, hey, eyes front, junior!
- I got it.

Whew! Man, I still can't
believe you live here.

Yeah. I thought it
was a joke when Dad told me

he was transferred here to Hickam.
Whoa, bro, check it out.

- You saw that, right?
- Uh, yeah.

All right, man.

- All right, dog, thanks for this.
- All right, OK.

- Tell your grandpa I said hi.
- You got it.

- All right, man. Push out.
- Later.


Right on. Surfs up.

What is this?

Whoa! Ah!


I told you, this is stupid!

- I don't want to surf!
- Hey!

Hey, Grandpa!

Hey, Pono!

What's up?

Hey, how are you, Pono?

- Nice haircut! Kinda short, huh?
- Yeah.

I never thought I'd see that.

Well, let me tell you, Pono,
there are plenty of changes around here.

- Like you giving surf lessons?
- Ah, only to tourists.

- Why, you need one?
- Who you callin' a tourist?

- Hey, you got a visitor.
- Oh, no, that's not a visitor.

That's my Carla, Pono.
You ready for this?

If you love her, Grandpa,
I know I'll love her.

That's my grandson.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Carla, this is Johnny.
- Nice to meet you.

Oh, give me a hug!
I have heard so much about you!

- Great to meet you.
- It's good to meet you too.

- Should we go inside? I made dinner.
- Yes!

Where's Chris?
I thought he was with you.

Hey, he'll be here. He's hungry.

- Mmm, I smell Huli Huli chicken.
- Your favorite.

I'll have you know it was the first
Hawaiian dish that I learned to make.

Oh, hey, Johnny, um, about your room.

Um, the house that I'm renting down
the beach ended up being really small,

so Chris stays here.
I hope that's OK.

Totally cool.
You know, I can't wait to meet him.

Never had an uncle. He might
not want to hang around with a teenager,

but I've always
related well to adults.

Uh, Johnny...

- What?
- There's, uh...

- No.
- That's my Chris.

Your new uncle.


Hey, Chris.

- This is Johnny.
- Hey.

- This, uh, used to be his room.
- Yup.

Yeah, well, uh, he can have it.
It smells like fish.

Dude, that's just the salt air, or...
it might actually be fish.

I used to bring buckets
of stuff in here.

Mom thought it was gross,
but Grandpa was cool.


Well, Chris had his
first surfing lesson today.

- Yeah, that's right. That was, um...
- Lame.

I was gonna say cool, but, um,
dude, I totally understand.

When I was first learning,
I wiped out constantly.

- Well, Chris is gonna surfjust fine.
- Yeah.

He just needs practice. Right, Chris?


Oh, unreal, huh?

We don't got waves like this back
in Vermont, I can tell you that much.

- Chris is a real challenge, huh?
- Uh-huh.

Come on, Pono, you can say it.

Look, I'm sure Chris is totally cool
once you get to know him.


Thanks for coming, Pono.

It's the biggest day of my life,
and you being here made it bigger.

I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Oh, Houston on the outside!

- Oh, drop in, drop in.
- Whoa!

Some things never change, eh?

- Pono.
- Hey.

- So we hitting Sunset?
- Ah, nah.

- No time for surf today.
- Rewind.

I heard you just say something
crazy like no time for surfing.

Yeah. Come.

I wanna show you why
Carla and Chris came to Oahu.

- This is why they came to Hawaii?
- Carla's father owned this shop.

When he passed away,
he left it to her.


And, uh,
I'm going to help her get it going.


- You're gonna run a shop?
- Don't look so surprised, Pono.

Ta-da! Whoo-hoo!

So this is where
old surfboards go to die.

- What you think, Pono?
- It's, um... It's nice.
- Hey.

- Hey!
- The cavalry's here. Hey.

- Hey, Johnny.
- Hey.

So, uh, where's Chris?
I thought he was with you.

Oh, no. He's, uh, across the street
with his, uh, friends.

- OK.
- Yeah.

So, Pono, I got plenty of work
for you to do around here.

Whatever you need, Grandpa.

- Well, um, there's one thing...
- Sure. No problem.

- Thanks, eh.
- I'd love to baby-sit my uncle.

Oh, look, Chrissy.
Here comes the nephew.


- Hey. How's it, brah?
- Great.

- I'm Johnny.
- Jared.

This is Bo, Spidey and Rooster.

I'm Val.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- That's, um, a dirt-board, right?
- Some people call it a mountain-board.

- Do you ride?
- He surfs.

- Wow, that's so Hawaiian of you.
- You live here, right?

For now, yeah. Tomorrow, who knows?

OK. I get it.

You're all from the Mainland
and you all don't like surfing,

and you all get your matching outfits
at, uh, Dirt Devils, huh?

They bring the dirt
and I supply the devil.

Aw, man.

Look, I'm kiddin', bro.

Hey, come on inside and see
what everyone's been talkin' about.

Sure. Why not?

Oh, this is all state-of-the-art gear.

On this side we got dirt decks,
all-terrain trucks, suspension,

helmets, leathers.
Spidey, do not touch that.

And over here it's all street. You got
your, uh, custom decks, suspension...

Oh, man, out the back,

we do the sickest taping
this side of Carlsbad.

There's nothing but the best
for my crew, huh? Am I right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, right.

Yeah, this stuff is,
uh, it's pretty sweet.

Yeah, well,
Troy is the godfather of dirt-boarding.

He's gonna help us get sponsors
so we can do a tour.

We can get off this rock
and make the world our dirt pile.

- You ever ride?
- Well, I skate back in Vermont.

Here, it's all about North Shore.

Well, then the answer would be,
uh, "No. "

- Carving rock is gnarly, dude.
- When you stack, you don't float.

- You bleed.
- OK, I think he gets the point.

Hey, we were gonna hit some trails
we found west of Cloud Break,

- so you could come with us.
- No, Johnny can't come

because he has stuff to do, right?

Actually, um, I'd be down
to give it a try. I'll need a board.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

- Rental's on the house.
- And a helmet. And pads.

Oh, of course.
Yeah! Safety first, right?

- Yeah.
- Right.




That was tough!

That was crazy!

I don't think we should be here.

The only one who
shouldn't be here is you.

These guys,
they're not your friends, are they?

You need to shut up.

All right? We're friends.

I'm sure you'd like them to be.

You don't have the uniform.

- You're not a Dirt Devil yet.
- I will be.

When you prove you're good enough.

So prove it.

Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa! Whoa!


- Here.
- Whoa. Déja vu.

- Yeah, are you OK?
- Yeah, no, I'm cool.

Man, you can't stop this thing like
a snowboard. Brah, you are awesome!

Compared to what?
Johnny "Who-nami?"

Yeah. Kid, that was a nice try, C,

but you know what you gotta do
to be one of us.

You gotta impress Troy.
And to impress Troy,

you gotta impress me first. OK?

So I think that you
should ride the Toilet Bowl.


Val, chill. Thanks.

You want the gear, right? Yeah?
You gotta face the fear.

- Come on, you can do it.
- What are you waiting for?

Get in there. Come on.

- Chris, can you do this?
- I don't know.

- Do it.
- Bail then.

No shame in backing off a sketchy run.
The pros do it all the time.

- You scared, C?
- Mommy! Hold me!

- You'll never do it, C.
- Little chicken!

- Scaredy-cat!
- Wait, dude.


You're trespassing
on private property. Bring it in.

Right now.

- Johnny T. How's it, brah?
- Officer Oki, how's it going?

- Double overhead at Rocky Point, eh?
- Yeah, I'm gonna try to catch

the glass-off later, so...
Hey, I got something for you.

What's going on?

Well, I found these two ripping up
some private property on this.

It was my idea.
I asked Chris to teach me.

- I guess I chose the wrong spot.
- What were you thinking?

- So, what's it gonna be, Officer Oki?
- Well, this is Chris' second warning.

Next time, it's wikiwiki
to the juvie judge.

Inside with me. Come on. Right now.

You know, I woulda been outta there.

- Face planted at the bottom, brah.
- Brah?

Do me a favor and just stop calling me
that, all right? I'm not your brah,

your bro,
or any other part of your family.

So Chris, uh,
we talked about what happened today.

Johnny knows, uh,
I'm not into this punishment thing.

When his dad was your age, we disagreed.

But I believed that in time
he'd find his own path.

I believe in you too, Chris.

This path you're on right now...
it's dangerous.

So we've, um... we've decided
to take away your wheels.

No more dirt-boarding for the week.

- But, Mom...
- No, no "buts. "

What about him?
He said that it was his idea!

You know what, Chris?
I don't want to hear it, OK? Go.

Great job, brah.

Grandpa, I'm sorry.

Yeah, well,
I appreciate what you tried to do. I do.

I just wish it would've
turned out better.

You OK, Grandpa?

I never told you,
if we don't open the shop in time,

generate some cash right away,
Carla may lose everything.

Well, is there anything that can I do?

- Chris.
- I know he's kind of...

- Angry? Bitter? A pain in the?
- Pono, look.

Please, for me, just keep him
out of trouble till Saturday.

- Dude, where's your board?
- I can't go surfing.

- Quick. Get in the car!
- Why?

Uh, 'cause I'm taking you
to the hospital. You've gotta be sick.

Uncle doesn't surf.

- Chris, Sam. Sam, Chris.
- What's up, Chris?


Look, bro, all I'm saying

is your grandpa doesn't
seem like the business type.

He isn't. Wasn't.

The place is gonna crash and burn.

Hello? Anybody here?

Weird. Grandpa's car's out front.

Maybe he went
to the barbershop for a trim.

Yeah, right.

- You're kidding?
- Not really.

"Gone to the barbershop for a trim. "

Well, I'm gonna go ask him
to see what he wants us to do first.

- Um, keep an eye on him for me?
- Gotcha, bro.

- You don't have to watch me.
- Right.

- Hey, brother. How's it?
- Sorry.

- Hey, Pono!
- Grandpa?

So, what you think, Pono? Crazy, huh?

Uh, yeah, you could say that.

Gonna meet Carla at the bank.
Where's Chris?

- He's back at the shop with Sam.
- Oh, late.

You're wearing a watch?
You never wear a watch.

Not since... Wish me luck.
We'll tell you about it later, eh?

All right.

- Hey, Carla.
- Hey.

Whoa, bro. I haven't
seen that look since the...

Come to think of it,
I've never seen that look.

- What's going on?
- I saw my grandpa.

- Yeah, so?
- He was wearing a suit.

Don't joke
about something like that.

Hey, where's Chris?

Well, he isn't skating and he's
not doing anything illegal, so...

We need to help Grandpa with this.

- Guess we'll call it volunteer work.
- Cool. Thanks, man.

- No, it's cool.
- All right.

- So let's see what we got here...
- Man, do I love summertime.

- Best time of the year.
- I'll take that.

Mom! Um, dad?
You guys came back early.

Yeah, well, your grandfather called.
He sounded strange.

You should see how he looks.

- Looks?
- Never mind.

- We're here to help.
- Good. There's all this stuff

to put on the racks
and no one surfs anymore.

I'm supposed to take care
of my new uncle-to-be who,

you probably know by now,
is 12 and a punk...

- Johnny. Breathe.
- Listen.

I got the DSL up,
but the wireless router's jacked.

- There's tons of software to load...
- Come on, Sam. Take it easy.

- Nothing I can do...
- Calm down. Take a break.

- We'll handle the computer and the...
- Merchandise?


You two go have... Well, have some fun.

- All right. I love my parents.
- Yeah, me too.

All right, got the wax
'cause you always forget.

- I know, bro.
- Let's get my board and go surf.

Whoa, bro. Where's Chris going?

Chris, hold on!

We gotta go after him.

- You sure?
- Yes.

Maybe you'll get lucky
and they won't give him back.

I promised I'd keep Chris out of
trouble. This looks like trouble.

- Hey, Troy.
- Yeah.

What, uh... What we doin' here?

Oh, well, I'm leaving
and they're gonna... do what they do.

- Chris isn't allowed to skate.
- As I understand it,

he's not allowed to, uh, dirt-board.
Come on.

It's cool. Val heard
that Chris couldn't ride dirt,

so I set up this little street course
on my buddy's barge.

Hey, uh, Johnny?

Look, I'm on Chris's side.

I know how much skating
means to these kids.

They really stick together.
You take Rooster, for instance.

He's from Montana. He came here.
He doesn't surf, he had no friends,

then he found the Dirt Devils.
And Chris, well,

I was just telling him he might
be almost ready to wear the logo.

Oh, really?
Did he do something impressive?

I hear you have to be impressed.

Man, Jared just says that
to scare off the posers.

Look, man, Chris is 12. His mom
doesn't even know that he's here.

He'll be fine, bro.
I mean, isn't that why you're here?

I don't get that kid.

I mean, he knows that everyone's
stressing this week, you know?

With the shop and the wedding?
Now he's pullin' this.

Maybe it's his way of dealing, bro.

I mean, it ain't easy to move
to a new place.

And it can't be easy
to suddenly have a new parent.

All I'm sayin' is you know Chris
is going through things

that you did when you
moved to Vermont. All right?

- Yeah, yeah. You're right.
- So what'd you do back then

- to feel better?
- Hung out with you.

That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, and we became boys

'cause we loved riding boards
more than anything else.

No doubt. No doubt.

All right,
let's go make friends.

That's what I'm talking about.
You on the right page.

Hey, Chris!

- What's up, man?
- What are you guys doing here?

Hangin' out. Skating.
If that's OK with you.

- So surfer boy's gonna drop in.
- Yeah.

- Yeah? You sure you can hang?
- Go big or go home, right?

- You know it.
- You ever actually skated like this?

- It's not exactly cruising.
- Hmm. I don't know.

- You, uh, think we can handle it?
- Yeah, I don't know, bro.

Looks pretty gnarly.

If we stack, we quit. Deal?

- Hey, you know what? He's your nephew.
- Cool.


Yeah, OK.
This should be comedy.

You're up, Sam.
Go for it, brah.

Whoo! Yeah, boy.

- That was awesome.
- Told you.

- Wanna see how we skate?
- Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it.



Yeah, Dirt Devils. Yeah!

I'm sorry, bro.
I didn't even see him leave.

- Man, this is not good.
- Yeah, tell me about it.

Is that him? That's him.
Pull over up ahead, yeah?


Chris! Chris.

Come on, man. Wait up.
Wait up. Wait up.

Come on. Hey, listen.
Listen, I'm sorry, man.

Leave me alone!
Go! OK? I'm walking.

Walk all the way home?

I don't remember.

Oh, well, no. You have
to tell her the story sometime.

- Whoo!
- Oh! Hey! Chris!

- Wow. I'm, uh, sorry, guys.
- Chris?

Come on, Chris.

- Just leave me alone, OK?
- Dude, I'm sorry.

- Why did you have to follow me?
- I was just trying to help.

Man, they already think
I'm just some little lame kid.

You know, this was my chance to show 'em
my skills and you blew it for me.

- Dude, those guys are cool with you.
- What? They're cool with you.

Come on. You surf,
you snowboard and now you're, like...

- You're like some Tony Hawk.
- What can I say?

I mean, we got a great
skate park in Vermont.

Hey, it doesn't snow all year.

I tried, Grandpa. I really did.

Chris just doesn't like me.

- Ah, Pono, it's not that.
- You know, I don't just get him.

You know, the kid's got the best room
on the best beach. He lives with you.

There's nothing bad about his life.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.

I'm out of ideas. I don't know
what to do with him tomorrow, I...

Tomorrow, I'll handle Chris.

He's my responsibility, not yours.

I'm sorry I laid that on you.

And now
that your mom and dad are here,

the store's gonna get opened in time.
There's one thing left I need you to do.

You're gonna like this.

- Need one of these?
- Yeah. Thanks.

Heard the swells are mellow.

Well, I'll ride anything,
as long as it's water.

I'll get this. I tried surfing once,
back in California.

- Mmm. And, uh, what happened?
- I chipped a tooth.

Yeah. It wasn't pretty.

Well, it must not have been too bad
'cause, you know, you look OK.

- I mean, um, you look good.
- Thanks.

So, uh, you gave up surfing?

Yeah, I guess I just
got comfortable on dirt.

My dad doesn't like it so much. There's
not a lot of safe places to board.

But hey, surfing's cool.

I mean, you know, if I knew what I was
doing, I'd probably really get into it.

Oh, well, we could...
I mean, I could teach you.

- If you want. Uh, if that's cool.
- Are you always this slow?

I'll grab an extra board.

All right, now jump up.

Is that right?

- Oh!
- Paddle, paddle, paddle.

There you go. Paddle.


Paddle! Paddle! Stand up.


- Stand up.
- Come on! I'm doing it.

- Yeah!
- Look, I'm up!

- Yeah! All right, girl!
- Yeah!

That was awesome.


- You're a great teacher.
- I am?

Gimme your hand.

OK... What are you doing?

When you're ready,
I'm gonna turn you into a dirt head.

Teach me, OK?

- You gotta sorta push it.
- No, wait. I got it.

Hang on. OK...

- You know, you could do worse.
- What?

For a family.

- No, my family's back in Philly, man.
- Cool, cool.

Just saying that it's nice
to know people love you,

- even this far away from home.
- This ain't my home.

Come on. You've always
said you liked my dancing.

Man, I hate that runt guitar.

Look, it's early and, uh, my grandpa's
just getting started up there.

- Way I see it, you need me.
- Why?

'Cause I can drive.

What do you say? We could
go see a movie or something.

We could give Val a call and all go...

- No!
- No to what? No to a movie,

- or no to Val?
- Dude, just forget it, all right?

You can go hang out
with your... your girlfriend.

What do I care?

- There you go.
- Thanks, bro.

No, I am determined, bro.
I'm gonna get this kid to like me.

Excuse me, have we met?

I mean, bro, aren't you
Johnny "It's all good" Kapahala?

- You don't care if people hate on you.
- I do when they're part of my family.

- No, man, there has got to be a way.
- Dude, don't!

Told you.

- I just got an idea.
- That's the magic of brain freeze.

Hold on.

- Oh! Ow! Ow! Oh!

Knock it off! No!

Come on.
I don't wanna go anywhere with you guys!

All right.

Go ahead. Hey, yo, J,
you wanna watch our new video?

Ah, yeah. Good idea.
You know, we should roll by Dirt Devils.

Jared and Spidey and the guys
would be into seeing this.

It's their kind of humor?
You know, me personally, bro,

- I can't stop laughing.
- Gimme that!

All right, here's the deal.
You spend the day with us,

- doing what we want to do...
- And we destroy the file.

I believe that's a yes.

You guys know
that blackmail's a felony, right?

Staying at home on a day
like this is a crime.

You guys are in so much trouble
when we get home.

- You don't even wanna know.
- Wow, J. Your uncle is so cool.

You know what? Can you just chill,
for, like, five seconds?

- Don't worry, all right? It'll be cool.
- Yeah, seriously.

OK, brah. Stupid surfboard.

- Oh, whoa! This is so cool!
- Hey, guys.

- Hey.
- What's up?

Whoa, wait a minute, Val.
You, uh, you live here?

Yeah. I mean,
it's kind of embarrassing. It's so...

- Totally sick!
- Well, I was gonna say big.

I mean, my dad owns a lot
of property and businesses and stuff.

- He likes to own things.
- That's cool.

- You wanna see something way cooler?
- Sure.

- Come on.
- Cool.

Here they are.

- Yeah.
- Oh.

- What do you all think?
- Whoo-hoo!

Sure we're allowed to ride these?

Sweet 16 present from my dad.

- And do you always get what you want?
- Well, pretty much.

My dad feels guilty
because he works all the time.

- And my mom lives in Chicago.
- That's gotta be hard.

When I get lonely,
I just hang out at Dirt Devils.

- That's a lot of boards.
- Everybody pick one.

All right.

- Hey. It's cool.
- Yeah?

I talked to my grandpa.
Dirt-board ban lifted.

- Thanks.
- All right?

[ Plain White T's: Our Time Now

Nice, Val.

Hey, uh, just so you know,
she's not my girlfriend.

- We're just friends.
- Whatever.

- Whoo!
- Yeah! Whoo-hoo! That was amazing!

- Yeah.
- Whoo! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah! There we go.

All right, watch him. Watch him!

- Oh!
- Oh, you're looking good!

Oh-ho, 180!

Come on. Don't fall over.


- Oh!
- Ooh!

- My bad!
- Yeah, all right.

OK, we've done OK so far,
but let's...

- Bend your knees. There you go!
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Almost.
- Yeah!

- Oh, you got it!
- Oh!

There you go!
Bend your knees. There you go!

Good, good, good.

All right, watch it, all right?
Bend your knees. Turn around.

There you go.

- Lean back!
- Whoo!

Whoa! That's sick, Johnny!

- Whoa!
- Yeah!

Yeah, man!

Well, he's 12 and, you know,
he's normally sort of, um...

- Well...
- Twelve.

Exactly. But you know what?
It's just... it's worse this week.

Well, I'm sure things will calm down
after the wedding.

- I hope so.
- Whoa. What an improvement.

- Whoo!
- We saved that window display for you.

Ooh. Hey.

- You sure you want to do it?
- Oh, yeah.

Wait till Chris gets a load of this.

- Oh!
- All right.

- There is no competition.
-  Not what I heard. 

This is a great deal
and I'd hate to see you miss out.

I'm not buying your shop. Deal's off. 


- Jared.
- Yeah.

Are you sure that Chris's mom's place
is just a surf shop?

Yeah. Nothin' but surfboards
and wetsuits last time I looked.

All right, well, check it out again.

Something tells me
they might be diversifying.

- Uh, might be what?
- Just check it out.


How sick was that, man?
That was really...

- Hey. You don't need to clean up.
- You sure?

- I'll clean later.
- What about when I fishtailed?

Thank you so much, Val.
I had so much fun today.

That's not a problem.
I had a great time.

- It was sick.
- You were impressive.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- You totally rocked it.
- Daddy.

Either we're being robbed
or these are your dirt-boarding friends.

- Everybody, this is...
- Hi. Nice to meet you, Mr. Clark.

I'm... I'm Val's... I'm...

...Chris. I'm...
- And this is Johnny and Sam.

- How's it going?
- All right, then.

- I hope you kids are boarding safe.
- 'Course.

- Definitely.
- Sure.

Pumpkin, get cleaned up.
We've got dinner with the Nakamuras.

OK. Well, there's something
to look forward to.

- Um... Pumpkin?
- Get out of here right now.

- No. You sure we can take off?
- It's fine. I'll do it later.

- All right.
- Later.

- Thanks, Val.
- See you later, Val.

- I'm Val's Sam.
- And I'm Val's Johnny.

- What was that?
- I don't know if you guys heard,

- but Val said I was the greatest.
- Whatever.

Anyway, I got shotgun.

Remember how I told you my grandpa
was talking to some dude

- outside the bank?
- Yeah, yeah.

That was him.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Why's my grandpa hangin'
with a guy like that?

- I call shotgun.
- No!

- Oh, hey.
- Hey.


- I was, um...
- Looking for Chris, maybe?

Yes. Absolutely.

- Is he here?
- No, no.

- He's, um, hanging out with Johnny.
- Great. I'll go find him.

See you later.

I knew it. I knew it. Axel trucks,
aluminum wheels. Hey, Spidey.

Up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
Toe straps, bindings, tires and tubes...

Hey, guys, do you want me
to find you something to do?

- Go. Come on.
- Cool.

- This is all just like your stuff.
- You picked up on that, did you?

All right, come on.
It's time to go pay a visit.

Hey, I guess if you're too old
to ride 'em, you sell 'em, huh?

- Hello, Troy. How's it?
- It's all good on my side of the fence.

Now, uh, over here, I don't know.

- Is everything OK?
- Oh, yeah, yeah. There's no problem.

I am surprised that you'd
want to go toe to toe with me, John.

Eh, just a few dirt-boards.
Don't worry, brah.

Oh, I'm not worried.
Not even a little.

- Competition's good for community.
- Right.

Well, just remember, it was your idea.

Hey! Troy,
we were just at Val's. It was sick.

You shoulda been there! She had
dirt-boards, ATVs... It was so cool!

Oh, and now that we're competing,

you should probably keep
your little spy away from my store.


- What did you say to 'em?
- Nothing, Chris.

- No, you obviously said something.
- Chris!

- I knew you'd ruin it for me.
- Don't talk to my grandpa like that.

God, whatever!

- What happened?
- No big thing.

Chris? Let's go.

Maybe he'll talk to me
if we're alone for a while.

When I was 16, Pono,

I decided I was ready
for Surf Pipeline, eh?

In my mind, I was
not just a good surfer,

- I was great. I...
- You still are a great surfer.

But when I was 16, I was immortal.

All my friends and I, we were working
at a shrimp shop down in Waimea.

Some pros that we knew came in one day
and they said the pipes was going off.


- Triple head plus.
- Whoo!

Said it was too big.

That's all I needed.
Couldn't get down there fast enough.

- Man! You must've been scared.
- Yeah, I shoulda been.

So I took off on this huge wave. Oh.

Ate it big time.

Waves were breaking so fast,
I couldn't get out.

Took on too much, Johnny.

Promised myself I'd never do that again.

It's weird. Grandpa was gone
before I got up this morning.

He's just gone to pick up
last-minute things for the shop.

I'm just glad
it's finally ready for the opening.

I, for one, am relaxing today.

No, you're not. We've got a million
things to do before the rehearsal luau.

- Hey. Where's John?
- Is everything OK?

No. Chris is gone.

- Do you see him?
- Nope. Not yet.

When you do,
you tell that kid to run,

- because he's choked my vacation buzz.
- I don't believe you.

- Don't believe you.
- You can't stop me!

- We're the same crew.
- Not anymore.

Hang with the competition,
lose your ride.

All right, man, stay here.

- Let me by!
- Hey, let her go.

- It's cool, nephew. Just relax, OK?
- I already bought my ticket, Troy!

Well, that's, uh, great.
Now all you gotta do is find a ride.

- Where are they going?
- A pro dirt-boarding demo.

We all bought our tickets a month ago.

- Did Chris buy a ticket?
- I guess so.

Troy was gonna introduce us
to sponsors.

Akoni Kama's gonna be there.
He's like the god of all-terrain.

- How am I gonna get there?
- What? You can't ride in my whip?

All right, let's do it.

- Ladies and gentlemen...
- Give a big hand...

Yo. Check it out.

We need to go see that.

- No, Val. Chris.
- Sorry.

I'm sure we'll find him.

- Dude!
- That was crazy.

- OK!
- Guys!

Chris! Chris!

Akoni Kama!

He's got brown hair...

Oh, yeah! Way to punch it!

I'm just saying,
call me anytime you want.

- I'm sorry.
- Whatever.

Tony Cabo
with the nice back flip!

Excuse me, have you
seen a kid about this tall?

Oh, backside
fakey 180 from Leon.

Trick, ladies and gentlemen.
360 indie grab.

Backside 360 double grab.

Whoa! Massive one-footer.

Good ride, man.

That's Akoni Kama.

Give him a big hand! He'll be here
all day signing autographs.

Grandpa? Yeah.

We haven't... found him.

- I...
- Just back off!

No, no! I actually... I just found him!

Tell Carla not to worry.
I will bring him back.

I'm sick of this.
I've been working.

- You have not proven yourself!
- I haven't?

- Hey, hey, hey. Everybody chill.
- I'm way better than you!

Listen, Barney. Maybe you
should take your training wheels

and go home before
you say something really stupid.

- Whoa, barney?
- That's not cool.

I know your problem.
You're afraid to race me!

Yes, Chris, you caught me. I... I am
afraid. I'm afraid I'm going to die...

...of boredom.
- A-ha! Classic. You're gonna die...

OK, uh, the guys at ProBoards,

they, um...
They want to meet the Dirt Devils!

- Yes!
- All right, Dirt Devils. Follow me.

Hey, hey, Troy? Troy. Troy, listen.

Listen, I really want to be
on your crew, OK? I'm... I'm ready.

- Just give me a chance.
- Troy, Chris is really great.

- Give him a chance.
- We gotta get back home.

Whatever you want, I'll do it.
I'll do it now.

Oh, OK. Uh...

Here's what I wanna see.
I wanna see you tellin' your new dad

if it's a board and it has wheels,
it sells at my shop.

- Period.
- Yeah. OK, man. Whatever.

- Just let me ride.
- Chris, we gotta jet.

- Let me go.
- Jared's my team captain.

He knows what it takes to be on
this team. If he says you're in,

then you get to wear the D-squared logo.

You want to be a Devil, grom?
You gotta get air. Big air.

- Not those baby bumps you been ridin'.
- No problem. Name the place.

How about... Pupukea?

The gap at the bottom
of the south trail.

- When?
- Tomorrow. 3:00.

Chris, come on. Let's go.

- I'm there.
- Can't wait.

That's Akoni Kama. He'll
be here all day signing autographs.

- He ran away from home, John.
- He went to hang with his friends,

- and do what he loves.
- He took the bus! By himself!

Old lady tourists
take the bus around here.

That's not the point, OK?

As he gets older,
he's going to make mistakes.

- He's gonna do things he regrets.
- I know.

Sometimes he'll need his mother.

But right now, what he needs most
is to be part of something.

To belong.

Ah, great.

You know, they say that
if you're a pipeline surfer,

you're gonna get hurt.
It's not a matter of if, or when.

- It's inevitable.
- You know, as usual,

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Your mom and my grandpa.

They are going to get married.

Whether we like it or not,
it's gonna happen.

We are gonna be a family.

So all this yelling
and slamming doors, running away,

it's not gonna change anything.

In the meantime,
you're making everyone miserable.

You know what?
You can leave me alone.

You know, all I want...

All I want is
for my grandpa to be happy.

And I think your mom deserves the same.

She seems like a really nice person.
That's all I'm saying.

Yeah, thanks.

I'll always cherish this moment.

Later, brah.

Ooh! Oh...

There. No, back.

- Back.
- You sure?

Yes. Back. That's it.


You know where we could put this?

Right here.


- How's that checklist, Mel?
- Very checked, thank you.

- Flowers finally came!
- Check.

- Oh, music.
- Uh, check.

- Thank you.
- Hula dancers?

- Double check.
- OK.

Um, you do realize this
isn't even the actual wedding.

- It's just the rehearsal dinner.
- Just wait till you get married, Pono.


- Do I have to worry about you today?
- No. No.

Hey. You're my boy.

Kiss me.

- Uh, Pete? You ready to go?
- Yeah. Shoot.

- Go where? We still need muscle.
- What?

Oh, don't worry. We'll be back. We just
have a few, uh, details to take care of.

We'll be ready
for the grand opening tomorrow.

Oh, grand opening in the morning,
wedding at night. Am I crazy?

A whole day of new beginnings, Pono.

- So what? You coming?
- Nah.

Somebody's gotta stay behind
and... be the muscle.

- Thank you.
- Don't rip your shirt, Rock.

Very funny.
And just so you know, it's The Rock.

OK, The Rock.
We'll see you hula time, eh?

All right.

Hey, um, come on, man.
I need some help.

Come on.

- All right, we'll look at...
- Hey, um, thanks.

- For what?
- You know, for not telling anyone

- about the jump today.
- Oh, well, that was easy.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Because there isn't gonna be any jump.
- Says you.

- What's up?
- You see those flower arrangements?

- The stupid pineapple ones?
- Yeah.

My mom has spent hours on them. My dad
has set up every chair and table here.

- So?
- So for the next 24 hours,

you and your miserable little life
consists of doing whatever it takes

to make this day special
for your mom and my grandpa,

just like the rest of us.

- Or what?
- Trust me. You don't want to know.

- Johnny?
- You win. Fine.

- Good.
- I need you to go into town

and pick up things from this list.
Don't forget ice.

- Yeah, sure. No problem.
- Hey, um, can I come?

Why do you want to come?

I thought I'd help you out
with the ice bags.

- OK. Thanks.
- Yeah. Gotcha, bro.

Just, uh, wait for me in the car.

I'm impressed. How'd you do that?

I, uh, guess I appealed
to his sense of self-preservation.

OK. Seat belts.

- All right. Bye, Mom.
- Seat belt!

Hey, uh, gotta go to the bathroom.

- Why didn't you go before we left?
- Didn't have to go then.

Well, all right. Just come and find me
when you're done. This list is crazy.

Hold that.

I can't believe I fell for that.

Great. Flat tire.

that's at least 15 feet deep.

Don't fall in.

It's looking pretty gnarly!

That's your jump, Chrissy.

Let's go.

- I can't believe you fell for that.
- OK, really not the point.

You gotta admit, it's funny.

Mom, dad and grandpa
are going to think it's hilarious.

There they are.

- Do this and I'm a Dirt Devil?
- Absolutely. It's all you, bro.

Tell me he's not
gonna try that gap.

- I wish I could.
- Chris, wait!

Decision time, C. You better hurry.
Nephew doesn't look too stoked.

Chris, hold up!

Oh! Oh!


- You all right?
- My arm! It kills.

- Stay still. Just stay still.
- That was awesome, dude.

- Back off, all right? I'm serious!
- It's cool, OK?

- Does anything else hurt?
- No.

- I'm gonna get help, OK?
- OK. All right, go. Thanks.

- You all right?
- How could you let this happen, Johnny?

You were keeping an eye on him.

I was. He's like
some 12-year-old evil genius.

Johnny tried to stop Chris.
We just got there too late.

You gotta give him props
for that jump. It was pretty sweet.

I think we'll hold off on the props
for a little while.

We're lucky. It's a simple fracture.
Nothing serious.

- I am so sorry about all of this.
- No, no, I'm sorry.

I should've kept an eye on him.
Sorry about your dinner...

No, Johnny, please. It's OK.
Chris told us everything.

- Mel, Pete. Help me clean up?
- Yeah.

- Can I help?
- Yeah. Come.

Does it hurt?

A... little.

That was a pretty sweet jump, though.


- This should be fun.
- Hey, relax. This ain't about you.

Hey, Johnny T.

I've got bad news.

There was a break-in at the store.
It's been trashed.

- Who would do something like this?
- I've got officers canvassing the area.

We'll do an investigation,

see if we can find fingerprints
on that window in back.

We've been here every day, every night.

Whoever did this probably
knew you'd all be busy tonight.

- Jared.
- Jared.

We found him behind Dirt Devils
with a key to the store room.

He was stashing this.


That's affirmative, dispatch. Over.

There are three more bags of stolen gear
where we found that one.

- Troy's on his way.
- Speak of the devil.

Oh, this is brutal.

It's not good for the opening.

You know anything about this?

Uh, no.

- Hey. Put in him the car.
- Come on.

- Sure we have to call my parents?
- You're joking.

Troy. We're gonna
need access to your storeroom.

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.
You have my full cooperation.

- Hey, John.
- Yeah, Troy.

I just want to apologize
for the other day.

- Ah...
- I have to admit that I was nervous

about having the legend,
the great Johnny T., as competition.

But, man, this just makes me sick.

And If there's, uh,
anything I can do to help...

You know, I don't think
there's much anyone can do.

Well, I better go and help out.

But hey, I heard about the jump.

Oh, you did? Cool.

It's impressive, man.

Why don't you come
by the store tomorrow?

I got a Dirt Devils helmet
in your size.

- Sweet.
- That's not going to happen.

- What are you talking about?
- You going to ride for these guys

- after all that's happened?
- Johnny, please. Not now.

Hey, Troy.

- Time to go, brah.
- Oh, hey. My bad.

You know, I guess when I see
real talent, I have to go after it.

But I hear ya. Family first, right?

Come on, Val, we gotta get you home.
Chris, Johnny.

No. I'm not riding with him.

- He ruins everything for me!
- Christopher, please.

I hate this family.

Dad, listen,
we'll all sort this out tomorrow.

- Together, all right?
- Thanks, eh.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

This place might be paradise,

but it's still real life.

A life
we can work on together.

All this can be fixed.

We'll ask the bank
for an extension on the loan...

It's not the shop, John.

I think I made a mistake.

Staying here,

thinking I could just bring Chris
with me on my little Hawaiian adventure.

And he's not luggage, you know?

- He's a boy and...
- He just needs some time.

He'll come around.

I can't take that risk.

I just...

...can't marry you, John.

I'm taking Chris back to Philly.

We'll sell the shop and, um,

- of course you'll get a share...
- Share?

I don't want a share, I want you.

I want to be Chris's father.

I've barely been his mother.

I've been so wrapped up
in opening this business.

Hey, you're always saying

that things will work out,

let nature take its course.

But for the good of my son,

I can't wait that long.

I'm sorry.

Waves look pretty tasty today.

Eh, don't feel like
getting in the water much, Pono.

It's funny.

I was actually getting used to the idea
of having a 12-year-old uncle.

Yeah, I can't imagine
them not being here,

Carla and Chris.

They've become such a huge part of me.

You ever tell Chris that?

Hard to face that...

...whatever I say to Chris
is perhaps too late.

No! No, it's not.

We just need to figure out a way
to make things pono again.

You and me, all right?
It's what we're great at.

It's right there on my bedroom door.


You're not a tadpole anymore, eh, Pono?

Not exactly.

I've been too busy
to even recognize that.

Mahalo, Pono.

You know what?

I know the one person on the planet
that Chris might actually listen to.

You, uh, go away, please.

- I'm sorry, I can't do that.
- Val!

- Val, what's up?
- I need to talk to you.


Somebody has to keep you
from becoming a Jared.

- Jared?
- Yeah. It's Hawaiian for "loser. "

Chris, Johnny Kapahala is,
like, the best big brother.

Or nephew or whatever
you could ever ask for.

And since he came here, he's done
nothing but try to be your friend.

- You don't understand...
- He learned how to dirt-board for you.

He made a fool of himself for you.
He skated the barge.

He tracked you down when you ran away.
He stood up to Troy and Jared.

And yesterday, when the rest
of your so-called friends

didn't even care whether or not
you jumped to your death,

- he tried to stop you.
- I didn't ask him to do all that.

- No. Mr. Kapahala did.
- What?

Johnny's grandpa, he asked his
17-year-old grandson to spend

his entire Hawaiian vacation with his
12-year-old, soon-to-be-stepson.

And Johnny did it.
I just don't get it.

You've got this whole family
of people who love you.

They want to be with you
and they want you to be happy.

Why would you walk away from that?

- Do you see?
- Johnny and Chris talking?

- Should we be worried?
- Only if we hear police sirens.

This whole thing is my fault.

If I would have just listened to you
and not have gone for that jump,

Jared would have never
known about the party.

And... mom would
be opening the shop today,

and she'd be
marrying your grandpa tonight.

Look, I... I really want to fix this.

I just... don't know how.

- You really do?
- Yeah.

Well, then I guess it's a good thing
that your nephew's a genius.

Come with me.

Carla, what if you stayed?

Just... Just postpone the wedding,
give the shop a chance. I...

- Give Dad some time with Chris.
- No, it's complicated.

Well, of course it is.

I just... I just want you to know
we'll all be really sad if you leave.

I mean, what's a Hawaiian vacation
without some police intervention

and a couple trips
to the emergency room?

we'll outgrow that.

- Exactly.
- Well, we got most

of the restaurant deposit back
for the reception.

We do, however,
have to eat there tonight

and order the entire right side
of the menu.

Hello? Yeah. OK.

All right.

That was Johnny.

- What's up?
- He's at the store with Chris.

Well, is Chris OK?

Chris? Open up. It's locked.


This is incredible! Oh!

- Unreal, eh?
- Look at that.

- Surprise!
- Chris! Did you do this?

Yep. Me and my friends.

- Oh, my...
- We debated.

Fix up the shop or do something
dangerous andIor illegal.

- We settled on this.
- Good choice.

- You no need do that, Pono.
- Yes. Yes, we did.


- Hey, uh, you know Val, right?
- Mom.

- Hey, Val.
- She's really bossy.

I am. But in a good way.

Mom, I don't want to move...


You know, I think I could like it here.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Oh, sweetheart. I love you.

- So what do you think about these?
- I like that one.

- I want you to see this.
- Oh, cool.

- Hey.
- Hey.

OK, put it there.

No, no, no, don't do that.

How 'bout over here?
Around this corner.

Hang on, I think there's... over here.
It's perfect.

Can you just put it here? Great.

Let me think...

Sam! Sam!

- She's just like my mom.
- Sam!

- What, bro? She scares me.
- Listen, listen, listen.

- Hey! Look...
- When my buyer backed out,

- you said you'd step in.
- You come all this way to tell me...

What's going on?

- My life is riding on this deal.
- Gee.

It was great
not doing business with you.

- Look. Listen, all right, man.
- Uh-oh.

Can't do this.
We had a verbal contract.

Our negotiations broke down.

- No, they didn't, man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- What's up?
- Troy here was hoping I'd buy his shop

as a site for my new condo development.

- Condos?
- It appears as if your mentor

- is moving to California.
- Wait.

What about the Dirt Devils? Troy,
you said that I could be on your crew.

- This isn't about you, C.
- No, actually, it is.

It's about all these kids,
including my daughter.

Wait, she's... No. I had no idea.

Oh, you're surprised?
Now you know how we feel.

Val, all right, this is business.
You don't understand.

I do understand. I understand
that you don't even care about us.

You were gonna move
and leave us in the dust.

So I told my dad that we don't need
any more condos on the island.

We don't need Troy's shop.
There's a new board store in town.

One that cares about the sport,
not just the money.

Oh, this is...
This is really funny. Man, this is good.

I mean, you've got, like, what? You've
got five mountain boards over there?

No real rider
is gonna give you a second look.

- Johnny T!
- Hey, Akoni! How is it?

- Where you want these?
- That's Akoni Kama! Akoni!

How you guys doing?
Hey, man. Check it out.

- Akoni Kama!
- This is so cool.

You do what you have to, Johnny T.
You have your little moment in the sun.

Once Akoni Kama goes back to the
Mainland and his signed boards are gone,

those kids are going
to be back riding for me,

'cause I'm the real deal.
I'm going to crush you, old man.

I'm gonna make sure that you lose
your whole place and everything in it.

- It's never gonna stop, is it?
- Doesn't seem like it, Pono.

Hey, Troy.

I thought you were
the godfather of dirt-boarding.

I just realized
I've never seen you ride.

Uh, you got a point, surfer boy?

It's sort of a tradition in our family.

We settle things with our skills,
not our mouths.

- What did you have in mind?
- Mountain-board race.

You win, we take the four-wheel boards
out, drop 'em here at your doorstep.

You get all the dirt gear you want.

I win, both stores sell what they want.
These guys get a choice.

You can't be serious.

- Dad, are you sure about this?
- Yeah. I'm sure.

- I got faith in my grandson.
- Well, that's fine with me.

You bring it.

And what do you know. I've got just the
spot to hold this little race, don't we?

You remember how I told you
my dad likes to own things?

Yeah! All right!

- Daddy, this is fantastic!
- Well, it was John's idea, actually.

He wanted someplace safe
for kids to dirt-board.

I made contacts, but his vision
got the bank to fund the development.

I thought I was your partner.

- Ah, it was a secret.
- He did this for you.

You're one lucky young man.

When Johnny was little,
he had the whole ocean to do his thing.

I thought you needed a place
to do what you love.

- Here's where you say, "Thank you. "
- Oh, got it. Thanks.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- You really are a great dad, Dad.
- Thanks.

Come on! Let's scope out the track.

Race you!


It's another mountain, eh, Pono?

How do we keep on
getting ourselves into this?

The Kapahala way, that's what.

- You're not nervous, are you?
- No. Why would I be nervous?

No pressure at all, right?

Remember when you was a kid,

you asked me who the best surfer
in the world was?

And you told me the one
who's having the most fun.

That's the one!

Mahalo, Grandpa.

- Yo, J, you ready?
- You know it.

Hey, bro, listen. Stay frosty, all
right, man? Stay frosty. You got this.

- It's dirt-boarding.
- Oh, yeah.

I'm just playing, man.
Hey, stay dusty, man.

Stay dusty, all right. Troy who?

Hey, OK, guys. OK.
I, uh, scoped out the whole course.

Remember up at the top
there's a wall ride.

Uh, the tree barrel
and the right hand berm.

- Right.
- When you come out of that,

keep your speed
'cause of the crazy water feature.

- Then...
- Scrub speed for rollers...

And then you hit
the three big tabletops jumps.

- Right.
- All right. Cool.

Oh, and, uh, Johnny? Be careful.

Hey. Thanks, man.

Listen, you're the one that should
be racing Troy. You're better than me.

Dude, it's just a snowboard...

...on wheels.

All right. Good luck.

Hey, since it's a race,
I don't have to know how to stop anyway.

Hey, where you going?

I'm gonna make sure that
the ambulance has the motor running.

Oh, yeah. Thanks, but you
think you could drop the gate for me?

Yeah, come on. Of course.

Oh, you're in way over your head.


But, hey, at least I know how to swim.

All right, check it out.
Here are the rules.

Get to the finish, three jumps,
three tricks to win. All right?

Now the winner has to nail
three tricks before the finish.

Cool? All right.

Riders ready...



Come on, J!

Come on! Come on, Johnny!

- Yeah!
- Whoo!

- Johnny!
- Pono!

You all right, Pono? Say something.

That was sweet.


The Kapahala way.




- That was nice.
- Man!

- Sweet, man.
- That was so great. My gosh!

- You know, this isn't over.
- Yes, it is.

Shouldn't you be watching Jared
or something?

I can see Jared.
He's right there.

See, Jared's been released
to the custody of his parents.

- It's you we wanna talk to.
- You got nothing on me.

The night of the break-in,
you heard about Chris's jump.

The only way you could've
is if you talked to Jared.

He gave us a full confession. Told us
all about your little powwow that night.

So I figure, aiding and abetting,

coercion of juvenile
to commit a felony.

- Hey, Oki...
- Don't talk, Troy.

Your attorney probably wouldn't like it.

Hey, Chris.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Cool park.
- Yeah. Good race.

- Thanks, man.
- So, you wanna try it out?

- Sure. Yeah.
- Let's go.

I just want to go home, put my feet up
and look out at the ocean for a while.

Oh, I'm right behind you.

Well, we might have to put
the hammock time on a little hold.

- Oh, now what?
- You know, I was just thinking.

It would be such a shame to let
that beautiful dress to go to waste.


Oh! Oh, my gosh!

- Close one, eh?
- Congratulations, Dad.

- I'm really happy for you.
- Thanks.

I now pronounce you man and wife.

John Kapahala, you may kiss your bride.

- Whee!
- Yeah.

So, you ready to give that a try soon?

Whatever, whatever.
Surfing's no big deal.

No big deal?
Did he just say no big deal?

- I think he did.
- No!


- Here it comes! Here it comes!
- Whoo!

- You guys were gonna throw me in.
- Yeah, and you were scared.

Ooh, yeah. Scared. For sure.

No, no, no. I saw your eyes.
I saw fear in your eyes...

Special thanks to SergeiK.