Julia Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Julia script is here for all you fans of the Tilda Swinton movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Julia quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Julia Script

 and I want you to take
your time and look it over 

 'cause what you see
may not be 

 what you're gonna get 

 then she said... 

- Saturday!


 before you ask some girl
for her hand now 

 keep your freedom as
long as you can... 

Alan, can I have another--

 you'd better
shop around 

 shop around 

 there's something
that I want you to know 

 just as sure as
the wind's gonna blow...

Come on, Johnny.

 women come
and women go 

 before you tell 'em
that you love 'em so 

 my mama told me... 


Gang way.
Hey, watch out, buddy.

Let go of my ass.

Phillip Gordon,
that's for you from me.

It's my treat
all the way. Julia.

- Oh, my beauty. Lover--
- Georgie. Georgie.

George, introduce me.

Oh, Julia, Phillip.

- Who's this gentleman?
- My name's Phillip.

He's my new boss--
this guy.

- Your boss? George's boss.
- My new boss.

- That's why I'm buying him a drink.
- Commiserations.

Are you married?

Uh, a little bit.

- A little bit.
- A little bit married.

You know what, sweetheart? I'm gonna
give your wife a little present here.

Don't smudge it.
Just leave it right like that

for her to find
in the morning.

Julia, what do you do
outside of--?

Phillip, I do everything.
I do a bit of everything.

She does everything.

Get off.

I like to make people's
dreams come true, Phillip.

- You know, I like to--
- Dreams come true?

Well, I kind of like to sell things to people--

You know, things they
really want.

Even things they didn't know they
wanted. You know what I'm saying?

I was in real estate
just recently.

that's what I'm in.

- Really?
- Yeah, that's my boss.

- That's your business?
- It is, actually, yeah.

 sweet dreams
are made of this 

 who am I
to disagree? 

 I've traveled the world
and the seven seas 

 everybody's looking
for something 


 hold your head up 

 keep your head up,
moving on 

 hold your
head up, moving on 

 keep your head up,
moving on 

 hold your
head up, moving on... 

Oh my God.

Now I know
you're good. She's the one.

I missed her. I don't
know what happened to her.

Where'd she go?
How are you doing?

 some of them want
to use you... 

 some of them want
to get used by you 

 some of them
want to abuse you 

 some of them want
to be abused... 

This is my car.


I have to go.

Don't touch me.

Where's my purse?

Just tell him.
Just tell him.

I had some, um,
family problems.

Family problems?
You've got family problems?

I've got family
problems too.

I've got
lots of problems.

But you know what?
I still come to work

Every day on time.

Okay, look, Frank,

I'm gonna pull myself
together, right?

I mean, what are we
talking about here?

I got drunk once--

One or two drinks
at lunch.

But since I've been here
I have been really good.

I have been on time--
all my meetings-- everything.

- Ask Mitch.
- Um, yeah.

That's not what
Doreen told me.

Doreen? Oh.
I hate Doreen.

And the way you talk to her--
you know what?

I'm sorry, but this is
going to end right here.


I really wish this had turned
out better, but I'm sorry, Mitch.

No, you don't have to be sorry.
I'm the one who is--

I'm sorry. Julia's
sorry too. Right, Julia?

- Julia?
- This Doreen,

She's fucking saving

her own fucking
lazy fat ass,

fat-fucking-ass bitch.

Fucking fat-ass
fucking bitch.

Julia, Julia.

Julia, can I have a moment
alone with Mitch, please?

Just give me a second outside.
Wait for me outside,


- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's fine.

Did you take care
of your rent check?

- Yeah.
- Really?

Because I spoke
to your landlord

and he didn't
get a thing.

I put it in an envelope.
Maybe I forgot to mail it.

Oh, fuck.

Is this about your money, Mitch? Because
I'm gonna pay you back every Penny.

You just got fired.

Julia, I'm warning you-- if you
do not stick to our arrangement...

- What?
- ...and go to the meetings...

- What happens?
- lose my number.

I gave birth.

I was drunk
out of my head.

I didn't know
where I was

or with whom.

I know I wasn't
in a hospital

or a police station

or even a bedroom.

I just-- whomp--
emptied out my guts,

got rid of her.

I didn't
take care of her

to such an extent

that when I saw her
start drinking,

I watched her
pick up the bottle

and I didn't do
a thing.

I saw it
as inevitable.

I gave her
her first drink.

I think I--


I know

I wanted her
to suffer

as much as I had,

and even more.

Hi. We have
a new schedule.

There's gonna be some
construction work

and we're gonna do
some changes.

Can I offer you
some coffee?


- Hi, Elena.
- Hi, Henry.

It's the new schedule.
There's gonna be some changes

because of the construction
around here.

I love the color.

Can I offer you
some coffee?

I don't
drink coffee.

Candy, Elena?

No, this one. Thank you.



You know,
the people here--

they're really nice
to each other.

You can feel
safe here.

And we can
help you.

I know you.

You live right across from me.
We're neighbors.

Well, I'm not really down
with the good-neighbor shit.


I live alone also.

Well, not really alone.

I have a boy--


He's eight years old.

Now he's

living with his grandfather.

How do you know
I live alone?

Oh, because I see you
in the kitchen--

your kitchen, yeah,
through the window.

- Oh.
- That's right.

Lord grant me the serenity...
- Bye.

...to accept the things
I can't change,

the courage to change
the things I can,

and the wisdom
to know the difference.

Keep coming back.
It works if you work it.


All right, 4008 Vincent.

Julia, come on, go.
- Oh, we are! We're here.

Let's go. I got an early day
tomorrow, sweetie. Come on.

No no, Honey, you're not
gonna disappoint me again.

- Julie, no.
- You're gonna come up

right, for a little

You know what?
Fuck off, all right?

You don't know how to end
things, all right? So go.

Go fucking look
in the mirror,

All right?
For God's sakes.

I'm going now.

Hurry up.


You're not going to go
help the lady?

No, you go help her.

Where the fuck is it?

You are in my apartment.

I got coffee.

Why the--
why am I here?

I found you
in your car.

Don't you remember?

I need water.

Uh-huh, yeah,

You've got quite
the bird's-eye view

of my fairy palace
from here, don't you, huh?

This happens
to me sometimes.

That's why it's good for you
to go to the meetings.


The meetings.

Those prayers

and women lamenting

it kind of creeps me out.

I find it obscene.

Somebody forces me to go
to those meetings, you know.

It's not my decision.

My boy--

That man--

He forbids me
seeing him.

But it's not
my decision either.

He tells the boy
terrible things.

He tells him I'm evil

and that I'm sick here.

He lives like a prisoner
in this man's house

with dogs and bodyguards.

It's been
five years now.

But I'm gonna see
Tom again soon.

There's a man

who's in charge who watches him.

And-and if I give him money,

he will let me
see Tom.

I'm gonna kidnap Tom.


I'm just giving a child
his mother back.

He deserves to know where half
his heart comes from, right?

And-and, I mean,
that way we can get away

from his filth.

- Really?
- I need your help. 

Please, I'm begging you.
I need your help.

I can't do this alone.

I'll pay you.
I'll pay you.

To-to kidnap your kid?

- Yes.
- You're fucking nuts.

If he calls
and says yes,

he's gonna take Tom to a
river where they go and bathe.

I know this place.
Nobody goes there.

And, you know, all you have
to do is stay in your car

a-and-and wait there.

My car stays right
where it is, lady.

There are
license plates on cars.

You're right.
And I can rent one in my name.

And for doing this

I will give you

That's a lot of money.

I know, yeah,
but I have all this money.

- I have it in Mexico.
- In Mexico.

And I also have stocks
from my husband.

I have a lot of money
and I don't want any of that.

I just need Tom.
I just want Tom.

No, don't go.
Please, don't go.

- Just wait.
- Okay okay okay.

I need to show you
what I'm saving him from.

- Okay.
- Don't leave.

What the fuck?

You know, my child--

He can never be happy
with this man.

He is going to destroy

my kid.

I gotta go.

I don't know
the first thing about kids.

Great story.

Oh, fuck.


Hey, Honey Honey, we're closed.

Hey, you're-- I'm here.
You're open.

We've been closed for about
half an hour now.

Could I just get a vodka tonic?

A vodka tonic?

Can I just get--?

I'm waiting
for something.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure.

Vodka tonic?


Nice place
you've got here.


You don't mind
if I smoke, do you?


You don't want me smoking
in the street outside--

- Not a good look.
- Honey, you just sit here and smoke.

You're a kind man.


You're a kind man.

Going somewhere?

- Mitch!
- Seen my pants?

'Cause I can't find them anywhere.
I'll make some coffee.

You know, what you did do
was you collapsed.

Yeah yeah.
I picked you up.

I had to carry you
to my car.

I put you inside.
I opened a window.

You know what you said?
"fuck you."

No, what you said--

Oh, God, you said--

You went like this
and then you said,

"the wind
caresses my face

like no man ever will."

- Fucking poet.
- God, you were so beautiful.

I kissed you.

Well, you know I have

this unbelievable
power over men.


You did a bad thing.

You did a bad thing.

How would you know anything
happened between us?

And why would you even give a shit?
Aren't you the one

who likes to wake up in the morning
not remembering what happened?

I am finding this whole experience
very revealing.

The real Mitch--
no saint after all, Honey.

I mean, these photographs
of the little family--

the lovely wife and the
adorable children everywhere.

I didn't sleep with you.
You slept with me.

You were here alone.


You were asleep there in a coma
on the Couch. I'm in there asleep.

I woke up in your bed
with my dress half off.

I wake up, you're suddenly
crying your little eyes out.

- I was crying?
- Yeah, like a little baby.

I had to put my arms around
you-- a big giraffe like you.

"I don't want
to sleep alone."

- Oh, really?
- Yeah yeah.

And you know what, Julia?
Any guy would do.

You stink of loneliness, Buster.

You're not my type.

Do you think you could shut up
for a minute? Is that possible?

'Cause I'd like to tell you
something here. If you're not careful,

you could lose it all in one
night-- in one bad night.

I'll tell you about
the old Mitch, okay?

- Oh, come on.
- If you shut up.

The old Mitch, who was
a real fucking drinker,

could drink you
under the table

any fucking day
of the week, believe me.

A disaster for my family,
but I didn't give a fuck.

And one bad night

One of my kids
gets in the way.

And I just--

I just wanted
to push her,

but that's not what I did.

What I did is I hit her.

All this rag came out of me.

I wanted to do some
real fucking damage.

My fist came down on her.
She just went--

What is she, eight years old?
Skinny little arms--

she went flying against that wall.
She dropped right there,

not breathing.
My wife goes running over to her,

picks her up, takes her
to the hospital.

Saved her life--
my little Lucy.

You know what I did?

I went in there

and I went to sleep.

Passed out.

Just another night.

13 years--

haven't seen them since.

Julia, do not
waste a second

thinking that you've got these
magical incredible powers,

because what you are
is an out-of-control

suicidal blind alcoholic.

But I'm here.

I'm here to help you.

Are you in love with me, Mitch?

- Is this what this is?
- Oh, God.

You know, it's not a good idea.

I'm a disaster
to be in love with.

You know that.

You know,
I just fuck you up

and then you hate me

and then--

and then I lose my friend.

So the ring that I got
in my pocket here--

I shouldn't bring it out
'cause you're gonna say no?

Listen, kiddo,

if I'm in love with you, none
of your fucking business, okay?

That's too bad
'cause you got great legs.

It's right here.


The river is down there.

You want me to walk down there?

- Yeah, yes, come.
- Well, I'm not--

It's fine.
I'll help you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

This is where they're gonna
park their car, right here.

And this is where
they have their picnic,

Over here.

And we're here with Tom.

Okay, I'm gonna bring him

and tell him I need
to speak to him alone--

you know,
this intimacy thing.

And we're gonna be
around this area.

And there's
nowhere to run, see?

So he's not gonna
think anything.

And the car's
gonna be over there.

So, okay, and here's
when I'm taking the gun.

I'm shooting in his
direction-- poom poom.

Whoa whoa whoa.
That is the first time

I've heard you
bring up a gun.

'Cause I'm not, you know--

well, it's only to frighten him

Because I need to take his
car keys and the cell phone.

It's only that. It's only that.
Don't worry.

So in the moment that
he needs to reach someone,

we're gonna be
really far away.

So, okay,
that is gonna be

your sign to come here--

to come and pick us up
right here.

Eh? See?

- You know, Elena, I have to ask this--
- Yeah.


What if Tom doesn't wanna?

- Doesn't want what?
- Doesn't wanna go.

I mean, doesn't recognize you.

Oh, no, he will recognize me.

He will?

Yeah yeah.

Okay, so say-- say-- let's
say that it all goes good

And you've got
your kid back.

Then what?

Well, then you drive us

back to San Diego, you know?

Because we're going home.

We're going to Mexico.

I have everything there
ready for him.

You know, that asshole

wanted to leave me

without everything Brian gave me.

And I fought him. I fought
him and I won the trial.

So now I'm rich, Julia.

I have more money
than I need.


I don't know.

 I can't get you
out of my mind 

 true love 

 is so hard
to find... 


Elena, it's me--

I'll do it.

I knew it.
I knew it.

God told me.
Thank you so much.

No no, I mean, the guy
is a prick, right?

And he's got your kid.

And, you know,
there's no mother

in the world that wouldn't
do what you're doing.

So you can rest assured
I'm with you.

Hey, does Nick Costello
still live here?

Nick-- Nick Costello.

- Yes, he sleep.
- He's here?

- Yes.
- Can I--? Old friend.

- Yes.
- Nick-- very old--

He's not sleeping.
There he is.

He's lounging
is what he's doing.

Whoa whoa whoa, look
who's come to visit me.

A blast from the past.

Julia, Julia.

Look at you.
What's happened to you?

- You look terrific. Look at you.
- Oh, I'm a dinosaur.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

- Sit down.
- All right, all right.

I want to give you
a kiss. Mm-mm!

- Whoa.
- You got a nurse now or what?

Kitty-- that's my wife.

Your wife?
You got a wife?

- Yeah.
- Man!

Now, Nicky, you think she might
like to go out to the store

and get a few beers or something,
you know, get lost for a while?

I have something
I want to ask you.

No funny business.
I just have to ask you something.

...and the woman
is a total nutjob.

She doesn't give a shit about me.
All she does all the time non-stop

is talk about the kid,
the kid, the kid, the kid.

And I'm supposed to take
the risk of going away

for what?
A measly 20 grand?

And for what?
Why would I do that for her?

And there's
real money there, Nick.

I tell you, I've seen the
pictures and they're loaded.

But you know, the money
is not enough for her.

No no, she has
to have the kid.

- She's the mother, for Christ's sakes.
- Well, exactly.

That's what I'm saying.
She's the mother.

And of course, the lady-- you
know, she has to have her kid.

Right, okay.
Well, then she has to pay for it.

And it's time
my luck changed.

And it's time something went
right for me for a change, and you.

Yeah, how's that
gonna happen?

It's simple.
Okay, listen here.

I go with her.
I get the kid.

Sweet, okay.
And then here's the kicker--

We kidnap the kid
from her.

- Oh, Jesus Christ.
- We kidnap the kid from her.

Listen to me.
We're coming back in the car.

I think of something. You know
me-- I'll think of something.

And I stop the car
and you're there, right?

You're there and you separate
them and you take the kid

and you take off with the kid.
You just take off with the kid, okay?

And don't worry about the woman
'cause I'll deal with her.

And then--
and then what happens?

And then, you know,
she has no choice.

I mean, what is
she gonna do?

She's either gotta come up with
the money-- whatever we ask--

or the child goes back to the
old man, she never sees him again.

I mean, she's got
to pay, right?

And plus, it's not even
like she can go to the cops.

It's the double-cross
of a lifetime.

And the money--
it's right there.

It's right there.
I can smell it.

And-and they can go
anywhere they want.

They can go to Mexico.
They can go to bueno bye-bye.

And we can go
where the fuck we like.

Julia, where did you
get this idea?

Nick, you know my life.
You know my life.

You know it.
I'm so sick of it.

I work.
I work like a dog.

And where's the money?
I don't know.

It's just-- it's like--
it goes through my fingers.

I mean,
I don't know where.

I'm-- I'm tired, Nicky.
And what do I do?

I smile and I
eat shit from guys.

And what do I have?
I mean, I don't have anybody.

And I get drunk.

And I'm getting old.

Jesus, you're not

I'm getting old.
Look at this.

I'm getting old. You're just
as beautiful and crazy as ever.

And she has her kid.
She has a kid

and she has all that money.
She has all that inheritance.

And the money-- it's just there.
We just have to take it.

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky,

You're the only person
I can come to with this.

- Julia, Julia, Julia.
- Nicky, baby, Nicky.

Wait wait,
listen listen.

- Listen, you and me--
- Yeah yeah yeah.

--It was a while ago.
It's a long time ago.

Now I love Kitty.

I've never been like this.

She's a gem.
I don't want to be put away,

Leaving her alone
for 20 years.

I'm sorry, but I can't
do this with you.

Now walk away
from this insanity.

Come on.

Tell this woman you're not interested.
It's ludicrous.

Hey, Leon.

Come over here.
I want to ask you something.

All right, look,

it's gonna be $for the first pump,

about $20 for the next pump.

No, man, get in.
I need some help with something.

What do you need
help with?

It's kind of
a business proposition.

Oh, a business

Get in the car.
I'll tell you all about it.

I can definitely
do that. Yo.

Hey, guys.
It's a beautiful day.

Well, hello, Julia.

You mind if we
drive a little?

Yeah, go ahead.

I need to ask a favor.

- Uh-huh?
- Um, okay,

So I...
I loaned some money

to this woman.

And she's not paying me back.

Oh, girl, you need Leon.

But here's the good news--

I think I have
a way to stop her.

And that is?

She's got problems
with her kid, okay?

She's been a bad mother.
And the kid is--

it's supposed to go
to a foster home.

And she's hiding the kid.

So I figured

if I steal the kid--

Stop stop.
Hold on a second.

I just want
to scare her a little.

How much this bitch
into you for?



I just feel so nervous.

Oh, Honey, you have got
nothing to be nervous about.


And look, think of it
this way--

this time on Wednesday

you're gonna be
with Tom in the car.


- Yes.
- Yeah, that's it.

Yeah, sure I'm right.

Trust me.

Also, your problem--

your problem with drinking--


I want you Wednesday--

You don't drink.

Oh, yeah.


No no no, sure.
Yeah, sure.

I'll be straight.


I want to give this
to you.

- You don't have to give me anything.
- No no no, I want--

Can I have your hand?
Let me have your hand, please.

No, I'm not--

- It's pretty.
- Please let me have your hand.

Please let me
have your hand.

I want to give this to you.

When temptation's strong,

- You just pray.
- Oh, I do?

And then you have to kiss this.

- I kiss it?
- Kiss it.

- Nothing gonna happen to me.
- No.

Gonna, like, go up
in a puff of smoke?

- You just kiss it.
- Okay.

- There you go.
- Okay, there you go.

So nothing's gonna happen to me now.


This is a bullet.
This is your clip.

You're gonna put the bullet
right in there.

I showed it to you slow for a reason.
You're gonna keep putting them in there.

You're gonna take your clip
and you're gonna take your gun,

gonna pop it in there,
pull the chamber.

And there's a bullet in the chamber.
Take your safety off.

You bring it up.
You're looking through the crosshairs.

You put the person in your sight and
you blow that motherfucker-- poom.

The cat's gone.
You feel me?

- Okay.
- All right.

I'm gonna pay you tomorrow.

What the fuck you mean,
you're gonna pay me tomorrow?

Are you--?

J, don't fuck me, okay?
You're already into me for two Gs now.

Now this shit, you're
into me for three Gs.

And guess what--
Leon just don't give fucking credit.

- Do you feel me?
- Yeah yeah.

- Do you feel me?
- Yeah yeah, I hear you.

Leon, believe me,

I swear to you
I'm paying you tomorrow.

On my heart.

It's, um, yeah.

- Oh.
- Here are the-- the keys.

Yeah, the car's outside.

Good. You see?
Things are already going good.

Yes. Oh, and I have this too.

It's like death.

White's better.

That's gonna frighten Tom.
It frightens me.

Now I have to change it.
I have to change that.

And pray with me.

- Pray with me now.
- I don't pray.

- Please pray. Pray, come on.
- No no no.

- Pray with me.
- No, I don't pray.



Are you still doing it?

Yeah yeah, no problem.

Listen listen, I need to have
that money that we talked about.

Oh. Oh, the money.

Yeah, sure. You'll have it.
You'll have it.

No no no, I mean
I need to have it now.

We agreed.

Tom-- when I get Tom,
he'll give us the money,

everything he owes. 'cause
we're gonna have everything.

And it's all Tom's money.

And that man, he is so old, he's
gonna inherit everything soon.

And you know what? I'm gonna
have more money than I need,

much more than I need.
And you should come with us to Mexico.

Come with us. It's gonna
be a big house. Yes? Please?

- Elena?
- Please, I beg you, come with us.

Elena, are you saying that you
don't have the money now yourself?

- Well, money doesn't matter.
- What?

It's Tom, right?

What? That bank and the
shares and everything--

I don't have the money, okay?
I don't have any money.

He has all the money.
He's gonna give it and God's with us.

God's with us? God's with us
and you don't have the money?

No, I don't have it,

I owe that money!
That's my money,

you fucking psycho!

My baby!

Even an animal
keeps its babies.

Even a bitch keeps its babies.

Help me!
Somebody help-- help me!

 but you see 

 I got a fine woman

 she tells everybody
"Sam is my man" 

 and if she 

 if she's got
a small problem 


 I know I'm gonna
help her solve it 

 if something is wrong 

 with my baby 

 something is wrong
with my baby... 

Tommy, come on now.

Buddy, come on
out of the river now.

Let's go.


Hey, it's me-- Marcus.

Dude, I've got a flat tire
and there's no Jack in the car.

I'm down by the river
with the boy.

Yep yep,
the usual place.

Fuck Leon.


Hey there.
I hate to bother you,

but I've got a flat tire
just down there

and I don't have a Jack.
Do you have a Jack I could borrow?

I've got a spare and everything.
Do you have a Jack?

Help yourself.

Could you just pop
the boot, please?

I think it's on the door there.

- Oh, there, yeah.
- Awesome.

I'll bring it right back.
Thanks a lot.

Tom, I'll be right back.

All done.

Hey hey!

Hey, you, come out of there.

Get out of the water.
Come on, get out of the water.

Come out
of the water now!

Come on! You want me
to come in and get you?

- This way.
- Marcus! Marcus!

You want me
to use this gun?


Come on, kid, come on.

- Who are you?
- Come on, shut up.

- What do you want?
- Shut your mouth.

Get up.
Get up.

What do you want?

Stand there where I can see you.
Now stand there

And don't move.
And shut up.

- Marcus!
- Shut up!

Shut up.

Stand there.

- Now get in the trunk.
- No.

- Get in the trunk.
- No, please.

Get in the trunk.

- Come on, get in the trunk.
- Oww-ww!

No! No!


Do you have a room?

- Just you?
- Yeah.

I got one.

- No pets, no drugs, no parties.
- No no no.

- Cash or charge?
- Cash.

I don't want you
to make a sound.

Come on, get out.

Put your hands down.
Put your hands down.

Now move it.
Move it.

Stand there.
Stand there.

Don't fucking move.
Now get in the bathroom.

I don't want to hear a
fucking sound out of you.

Stand there.

Fuck, what a stink.

Okay, drink it.
Drink the water.

Drink the fucking water.
Drink it down. Do as I say.

Drink it now.

What's that fucking stink?

All of it.

Okay, now take that.
Get in the shower.

Get in the fucking shower
and wash yourself good.

Now take those off and wash 'em.

You wash the shit off you?

Okay, that's enough.

Turn it off.

Get out of the shower.

Come on.


Dry yourself.

Good boy, Tom.

Come on, dry yourself.


You're gonna stay with me
for a while, okay?

And tomorrow

you're gonna go back
to your grandfather.

And nothing bad
is gonna happen to you.

Okay, put out your hand.

Put out your fucking hand.

Now those are good.
They're gonna make you relax.

Drink 'em down.

Do as I say.
Drink 'em down.

All of it.

Let me see in your mouth.

Good. Okay.

You need to sleep.
You're tired.

Ow. Ow.
Oh God.

- Shut up.
- Ow.

Get in the bed.
Get in the--

put your legs in.
That's it.

You need to sleep.

It's good--
good to sleep.

Okay, close your eyes.

Close 'em, come on.

Come on, come on,
come on. Come on!

Eight-year-old Tom Whytekear was
kidnapped this Wednesday afternoon.

The grandson of the renowned
multimillionaire electronic kingpin

Clyde Whytekear,
the child disappeared

in particularly
violent circumstances.

Marcus Adams,
the man minding the child,

was run over by an unidentified
car and seriously injured

during the incident.
He is currently in a coma

and no diagnosis
has been reached

as to his chances
of survival.

Police are investigating
the whereabouts of Tom's mother

Elena Gonzales,
a Mexican citizen

with a tumultuous
psychiatric history

who mysteriously disappeared
from her LA apartment

the day before the crime.

The coincidence
of her disappearance

and Tom's kidnapping
remains unresolved and--

Whytekear Enterprises,
Security Services.

What can I do for you?

I would like to leave
a very important message

for Mr. Whytekear
concerning the whereabouts

of his grandson--
the kid they kidnapped.


Okay, you don't make a sound.

What is it?


I can't feel my legs.
I can't feel them.

- They're dead.
- It's pins and needles. It's your blood.

- Rub them.
- I have to go.

Okay, come on,
come on, come on.

Come on, come on.
In here.

No no no, the door.

No no, I have to see you, okay?

I can't go if you watch.


Okay, Tom?

Come in here and get a--
get a burger.

Be good for you to eat.

Are you going to kill me, ma'am,

after my grandfather
gives you the money?

Am I--

Am I gonna kill you?
What the--

what kind
of a fucking question is that?

No, I'm not.

What the--

Come here.


I didn't take you
to kill you.

And I didn't take you for
any fucking money either.

Do you remember
your mother, Tom?

Huh? Elena?
She's a friend of mine.

She's my--
she's a-- she's a--

Good-- very very good--
she's my best friend.

Right? And she...
She asked me to take you

because you know your grandfather
doesn't let you see her?

Well, she wants
to see you.

She-- she--
she needs to see you.

You're her little boy
and she misses you.

And so I'm taking you
to her,

and then after I'm going to take
you back to your grandfather.

Okay? And that's it.

So now I don't need to
tie you up or anything.

You know? From now on.

'Cause you know it now.

You know the deal, all right?

Well, just listen.

Just take these.
This is stomach medicine.

And it's gonna be
good for you, okay?

- That's what made me sick.
- No no no.

This is medicine.
This why it's called medicine.

I mean, it's good for you.
Come on, come on, come on, Tom.

Come on, come on, come on.

There you go.
Okay okay.

One minute.
Okay, take that.

There we go.
Come on.

Come here,
you fucking bitch.

Come here, I'm gonna
fucking kill you.

Can I have your attention, please?

Larry Williams,
please contact station services.

Larry Williams, please
contact station services.

Whytekear Incorporated.

Uh, it's me. I'm the same
person who called yesterday.

About the kid--
gimme Whytekear.

This is Whytekear.

- I know where your grandson is.
- You have Tom?

No no, not me.
I, uh...

I saw him when he
got out of the car.

Uh, he was half naked
and, um...

And I... and I saw the woman
from the TV-- the mother.

Um, I recognized him.

Where are they now?

They're in this house.
They're still there.

It's full of crackheads!

And, um, I-I--
I know because...

well, uh, I'm no Angel.

And, okay, so it's where
I get my shit.

Um, but, uh...

you know, I can't be
involved in this.

I have to remain
anonymous because--

how do I know
it's really Tom?

Um, he's wearing

a bathing suit
with blue stripes.

What is it you want?

What is it?
Tell me!

Uh, I want what I can sell--

My information, $2 million.

$2 million and you

he will be at the address
you give me?

They're there
and they've been there.

I've been watching them
all night.

And when can you
get the money?


Okay, 8:00 P.M.,

L.A. Greyhound
Bus Station, locker 444.

Yeah, well, I can see you're mad at me.

Uh, I know you're mad,

but I had to go out, right?

I had to tie you up.

I mean, you run away and your
mom never gets to see you.

See what she gave me
to give you?

Huh? That's her own

beautiful medallion.


Yeah, see...

No need to cover my face.

You can see me.

You know why we're together.

So she gave me this to give to
you and she wants you to wear it

To protect you
and to keep you safe

until she can do that herself.


if I promise you

I'll never tie you up again...

are you gonna promise me
that you're not gonna run off

and you're gonna stay with
me and you're gonna be good?


Yeah, and the pants.

And the shoes,

yeah, put them on.

Just put them on.

Are they good?

They're too big, ma'am.

Well, better too big
than too small.

Come on, sit down.

Sit down.
Jesus, sit down!

I'm going to get you
some food.

What are you doing?

I like it in here, ma'am.

W-well, why?
I mean, we've got food,

You have a problem?

You scare me.


Son of a bitch.

No no, don't come in.

No cleaning.
No cleaning.

Get out.
Get out!

Okay, I'm gonna untie you now.

All right, so hold still.

Let me help you.

- No no, go slow.
- You liar!

Let me go.

Ow ow!


That was the last time,
I promise!

Oh, kiss my butt, you idiot!

Tom, where are you going?
There's nowhere to go here.

That was
the last time!

I swear to God,
I'm not coming back.

We're staying here
for a while.

You need water!


I'm gonna leave this here.


I'm gonna leave you alone.



I see you.

What are you doing
up there?

Come down.

Stay in the shade.
It's hot.

You want me to come up
and getcha?

I can see you.

Oh, for--

you're gonna get burned.

Don't tell me
I didn't warn you.

We've gotta go down
and get some water.

Where are you going?

How long do we
have to stay here?

Not long.
Until she calls.

When she calls, we'll go.


You'll find out.

I don't have
to tell you everything.

Why isn't she
just here now?

She sees me-- done!
I go home.

It's not...

it's not that easy,
you know?


She has to be careful.

Because of your grandfather.

He really hates her,
you know?

On account of her being Mexican.

You know that?

Which, by the way,

makes you half Mexican.

I betcha he doesn't
talk to you about that.


I bet he's really
really sweet to you.

He's a fucking racist
to her.

You listen to me,
your grandfather,

he's just jealous

because he knows
he's just some

tired out old fuck
who's in a wheelchair

and who's gonna die soon.

And your mother, she's...

she's wonderful.

She's just

a beautiful human being.

She's warm

and got
this beautiful smile.

And everybody loves her


actually you look like her.

You've got her eyes.

She looks like a--
like a squaw,

Like a beautiful
red Indian squaw

with, you know,
long shiny black hair.

And she's generous--
generous heart.

Not like him.

Then why did she choose
someone like you with a gun?

- You put me in the trunk.
- Are you shot?

Where is the bullet hole?


She doesn't know
I have a gun.

And anyway, what else do I do?

I mean, I come to you,
I say, "you don't know me,

I don't know you.
You get in my car.

I'm taking you to your mom."

Would you have come?
I don't think so.

You don't give a fuck.
You don't think about her.

All she does
is think about you.

You think about it.
You wouldn't even be here

If it wasn't for her.

She-- she ripped you
out of her own guts.

You know what she said to me?
She said...

"For this little boy
to become a man--"

those were her words:
to become a man.

"--he has to know where
half his heart comes from."

That's her.

When you see her,
you'll thank me.


Okay okay!

If you don't fucking
do this--

motherfucking do it.

Wake up and fucking do it.


Get away from the car!

Get away from the fucking car.

Oh my God!

The fucking cops were there!
I saw them, you fucking bastard.

I saw them.

The money was dropped.
I did my part,

now where is Tom?

You don't give a shit
about seeing your kid again.

Julia Harris, we know who you are.

We'll pay, but I want Tom.

If you lay a hand on him,
you are fucking dead!

Tom? Tom?



Tom, Tom!

Oh oh.

Oh oh.

Oh, Tom, Tom.

Tom, Tom.
Oh, fuck.

Tom, Tom.

Tom, Tom.

Tom, Tom, look at me.

Just open your eyes.
Just look at me.

Look at me.

That's good, that's good.

That's good.
Okay, that's good.

That's good.

Come on, drink a little.

There you go.

Oh, there you go.
There you go.

Oh yeah, there you go.

There you go.
There you go.

There you go.
There you go.

There you go. There you go...

Marcus? Marcus?


It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.

- He's right here.
- Marcus?

He's right here.

Here you go.

Still there?
We're coming in.

I have you in sight.

There's another one too.

There's a man
running with bags.

We've got a man running
with bags underneath him,

- but don't know--
- another one, hard right.

Border protection.
You are in US territory.

Border protection.
You are on US territory.

You are in US territory
illegally and are under arrest.

Stop the car immediately
or we will open fire.

This is your final warning.
Stop the car or we will open fire.

I have an unidentified

This is your final warning.
If you do not stop, we will open fire.

You are now
in Mexican territory,

under the jurisdiction
of the Mexico Police Department.

A brown vehicle containing
unidentified passengers

just crashed through the border
and are now in Mexico.

Two packs of those chips.
Yeah, okay.

And, uh... what are
those things there?

are they bananas?

Yeah, one of those.

- How much is that?
- 25 pesos.

Uh, in dollars?

- Do you take dollars?
- 2.50.



Hey, this is all they have.

I got some chips.

Are you hungry?

Why am I here--
in this place?

I went to get gas and...

I didn't wake you
'cause you were sleeping.

And when I came back...

guess who had gone?
Don't you remember?

I drove around that entire
desert like a crazy woman.

You didn't hear me?
Didn't hear me hollering?

Completely fucked my car.
I had to get a new one.

- Where was I?
- Well, good question.

Listen to me,
you're a fucking kid.

To go off into the desert
like that

is so fucking dumb.

- What would I have told your mother?
- I don't want to see her.

What do you mean you
don't want to see her?

I wanna go home.

Look, we're so near it now.

You know, we crossed
the border last night.

We're in Mexico now.

We're in her country.
We're in your country.

This is Mexico?

Is this where she lives?

Hey, how about that?

You like that?

- No, those aren't good.
- Why not?

- It's got a ball--
- I can do it myself.

I'm gonna go over there, okay?
I'll wait for you there.


I'm gonna be
watching you, okay?

Uh, excuse me,
could I have a cerveza?

Please? A cerveza.


Do you know a good--
a cheap hotel

Near here?

- What is cheap for you?
- Uh, I don't know.

Not expensive,
not-- nothing fancy.

Just some-- I don't know,
family place?

Cerveza, por favor.

- You want help?
- No, it's okay, thanks.

You need a hotel?
I know a pretty good one.

It's around here.
I can show you.

It's like two blocks
in the main street--

- I'm just waiting on a friend.
- Oh.

You shouldn't be
alone here, you know?

- Oh really?
- Uh-huh.

A pretty lady like you
in Tijuana?

This is bad for you.

- Oh, it is?
- Mmm.

Why is that?

You see, I don't want
to scare you, but...

- You don't want to scare me?
- Well, I mean,

No, really.
This town is full of thieves.


Yeah, you better go
to a beautiful place.

We have a lot of--

por ejemplo...

Puerto Vallarta
is beautiful.

Acapulco is
very touristic.

So I can take you.
I can be your guide.

I can take you there
if you want.

Oh, I see, right.

You can be sure of one thing:

that when I am in the market
for a tourist guide,

I'll remember you,

Mr. This-is-bad-for-you.

So I'm Diego Sierra.

You got nothing better
to do with your time, Diego,

than hit on gringos in bars?

What if she calls
and you're sleeping?

I'm not sleeping.
I'm just closing my eyes.

You have no idea
how tired I am.

Will you turn off
the light?

I'm all dressed.


- Welcome?
- It's Julia Harris.

I'm calling for the money.
Tom's being treated well.

He's okay. Nothing-- nothing
bad has happened to him.

Now listen to me.
A man came to see me.

He recognized you
from the papers.

He had, you know, a lot of problems
with his wife and his kids.

If you know what I'm talking about,
don't say< his name, just say yes.


Now the police don't know
anything about him.

He talked to me about you

And I choose to trust you and you
know you can trust him as well.

He's your friend.

He will give you the money
and you will give us back Tom.

He'll be on his own,
no cops,

and then I want you
to disappear.


All three of us must make sure
Tom is coming back home.

I'll call him now.

- He is waiting.
- Okay.

- Mitch?

- Is that you?
- Julia.

I suppose you talked
to Whytekear, right?

Julia, you can talk.
Nobody's listening in, Julia.

- Is the boy all right?
- Yeah, he's fine.

- Just don't hurt him.
- Don't hurt him?

Is that what you
think of me, Mitch?

And I suppose you-- I suppose
that's what you told him, right?

That I'm some-- what?

alcoholic degenerate moron?

No, that's what he thought
before I talked to him.


Listen, I'm interested
in one thing.

One thing!
Getting that kid back home, yes.

Okay. Well...

- you bring the money here.
- Where?

In Tijuana--

At the airport.
When can you get there?

Was that her?

Yeah, she just Hung up.

Why didn't you get me?

Oh, I wanted to,

but she wanted you to sleep.

It seems like she has to come down from
the mountains-- that's where she's from,

and she'll be here

Why did she say to let me sleep?

Listen, why don't we--
the two of us,

- just celebrate, huh?
- Celebrate what?

Your mom's coming tomorrow, huh?!

- Really?
- Yeah, a fiesta!


Okay, we'll have
two orders of that,

And... what?

Why do you have to order for me?

- You have a better idea?
- I can pick my own!

Well, pipe up, buddy.
Come on, what do you want?

You can make sense
of that?

Time's up. We'll have two orders
of that-- the carne con frijoles,

and I'll have--
with fries.

And I'll have
another gin-- triple.

Can you get through yours?

Not very well.

- Ah, my shirt!
- What?

- It's got ketchup on it.
- It's okay, just wipe it off.

- Get it off, get it off!
- I can't even see it.

- Get it off.
- Just wipe it off.

Let me do it then.
Let me do it.

She's not gonna notice.
I mean, kids are always dirty.

Everybody knows that.

Listen to you,
Mr. Get-it-off!

I heard your grandfather
coming through there, mister.

Oh yeah? Well, when my
grandfather started out,

He had nothing.
He's tough.

My father's dead
because he was weak.

He wasn't able to see what
was important in his life.

- You never even knew him.
- He chose drugs over me and my mom.

I knew that about him. He was always
gone, leaving me and her alone.

I don't want to be like him.

Well, sure,
so he fucked up.

But, you know, I mean,
what? He took drugs?

I have news for you.
Not everybody is 100% perfect.

I hate him.

You don't have to hate him.
He's dead.

It doesn't count anymore.

When you were born,

He thought that you were the best
thing that had ever happened to him.

Oh yeah? That's 'cause the
rest of his life meant nothing.

Your mother and your father, they
had years of happiness together.

And you're
the proof of that.

My mother is a lost soul.

Your mother
is a lost soul, huh?

Well, why did you go and buy
all of your Fancy clothes

to meet her then, huh?
What's that all about?

That's just a waste?

I'm fine by myself.
I don't need anyone.

Oh, hey.
- My American friends.

- How are you doing?
- Diego, right?

- Right.
- Right.

So you finally find
where to stay?

Diego, we're in the middle

of an important


Ah, gotcha!
Can I sit, please?

Thank you.

It is hot in here.

So it's good to see you.
What are your plans?

You-- you going back

soon to the States?

Do you want to go to America?

You want to be my pool boy?

- I don't know, really?
- Why not?

Have you got any
better offers lately?


I have two cousins
that they tried to...

- To leave-- to cross over.
- Bye.

Where are you going?

He likes to play the big man.

Yeah, he's a little macho

- Tonight.
- Poquito.

You have this big house and pool

- and other things?
- Yeah yeah.

That's great.

- In where, in L.A.?
- Sure.


Oh, it's--
it has to be wonderful.

- Huh?
- I think L.A. is wonderful, no?

L.A. is a wonderful
wonderful magical place.

- Yes.
- You can be sure of that.

And I'm thinking that

I'd like to get a place here.
I like it.

What do you do for a living?
What's your business?

Um, oh, I don't know,
this and that.

- This and that? What does that mean?
- Yeah, cha cha cha cha.

- What's this and that?
- It's just like cha cha cha cha.

Ah, you're joking then.

- I'm not joking.
- You're laughing at me.

- I'm not laughing at you.
- I don't care.

- I wouldn't do that.
- You are beautiful.

- You're fast!
- No, I know.

I'm not.



Go to your mother.
Your mother.

Hurry hurry.

Just through there--

Are you ticklish?


Buenos dias.

Um, have you seen my...

my little boy?

Poquito nino?

Little boy?
It's Tom, he was here.

He was there.
I was in this room with...

Is my nino
in the casa?


Diego is here?

¿Donde? Diego?





Mi poquito nino Tom?

Have you seen him?

- A coche? A car?
- Si.

Um, nino in a car?


Los hombres? With some men?
Who, where? Show me.

Which hombres?
Do you know which--


The coche what?
The coche went down there?

- It went down there?
- Si.

Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.

Uh, excuse me.
I'm looking for Diego.

Diego, he works here?

- Diego...?
- Uh, Diego-- what's his name?

- Diego Rodriguez.
- Diego Rodriguez, do you know him?



Diego, you have Tom?

Is Tom here?

What what?!

- At the bar last night.
- What what?

- Some guys asked me who are you.
- Who?

I don't remember.
And I say...

- you were just--
- They asked who we were?

Yes, and I just say you
were Americans traveling.

You said we were American?
Oh, fuck!

American, you're American!

And you're traveling, no?

Why did you take me back to your
house? That's what I want to know.

It doesn't matter who--
where you are.

- The boy has been--
- it doesn't matter where you are!

Maybe they can follow you. It could
be here, it could be in your hotel.

They put a fucking gun in your
head and you can do nothing.

That's the thing.
And if you go to the police,

maybe they can kill the kid.

So we--
you have to be calm.

I'm gonna be with you.
You have to be calm.

And we have to--
we must wait.

- Wait for what?
- For the call.

They're gonna call.
They have to call.

How are they gonna
know where to find-- I mean...

They'll find you.
They'll find you.

They always deal
with the family.

Is this him?
- Yeah, he has a message.

I don't have anything to do
with this

and I don't know
who these people are, okay?

But I got this call
and they told me

to come here
and tell you that

it's gonna be $50,
by tomorrow.

And to get your phone number.

$50,000-- I don't have
that kind of money.

You know these people?

Ma'am, just a taxi driver.

I am Miguel Alarcon.

Um, you can ask.
I live by the street

where your kid was playing.
I live there.

But I deliver messages
for the people all the time.

That-- that's it.
I don't know who they are.

And that's all.

Just write down your number here.

They want it.

I'm not rich.

I'm just--

A mother.

I mean, if I did,
I would give


What's your name?

- Yes, Miguel.
- What do I do?

I don't know.
Call your family in America.

My family?
I don't have a family.

I'm by myself.

Danny is...

half Mexican-- like you.

His father, my husband,

was Mexican.
He's dead.

We are poor, like you.

I-- I couldn't pay his debts
in the United States.

That's why I came here.

You know,

I can tell you this:

that that you're saying, it's going
to be very dangerous for the boy

because they will know
that you're lying.

I'm not lying.
It's the truth.

Well, um,
when they call me

I just tell that
you're not going to pay.

- Okay?
- No no no, wait wait wait.

Hey hey hey, wait.

Listen to me,
listen to me.

I will pay.
I will pay.

Tonight, okay.

- Okay.
- Right, okay.

- But I want to meet these people.
- What?

And I want-- I want the kid

then I'm gonna pay.

But I get the boy first.

That's it.

What what?!

Let me tell you this,
lady, okay?

These people are kidnappers.
You know what that means?


I mean, they have your kid, God damn
it. They are going to kill your son.

What-- what kind
of mother are you?

You don't find
the money and--

they'll call you, okay?

- Good day.
- Where is he going?

No no, tell him! Tell him that I
want to go see so I can explain.

The thing is that he doesn't know
a thing. He's just a taxi driver.

And you honestly believe that
he has nothing to do with this?


At some point they're gonna
get in touch with you

and you have to wait!
And I'm gonna be with--

- Yes?
- You don't pay?!

No, I pay, I pay it.

You want to see the eyes of your
son in front of your door, bitch,

find $50,000 for tonight!


Where's the boy, huh?

- Call your fucking friends up.
- I told you, I'm just a taxi driver.

Come here, stand up,
stand up, stand there

where I can see you.
Stand here where I can see you!

Where did you put him!?

I saw you!
You went to the police

And then they called me.

Tell me where the boy is.
Just tell me!

I don't know where he is.
Just give them the money.

If you don't give them the
money, they will kill me too.

I can't.
The money is coming tonight.

- From his father. He's rich.
- So what?

But he needs the boy
before he gives the money.

- I told you that's bullshit!
- I took the boy from the father

without telling him...
kind of illegally.

- Illegally?
- I'm not the mother.

And he's bringing a lot of
money to get the boy back.

And I'll give it all to you.
I'll give you $100,
all for you, just tell me
where the boy is.

you are not the mother?

- No.
- But the father comes

- with the money?
- Yes, tonight.

Who has the money,
you or this bastard?

He does and he is
bringing it here tonight.

But I will give it
all to you, $100,
to you personally

if you will help me
find the boy.

If he has the money, he is
the one we might be calling.

Not you.

- You're nothing.
- What?

- Tell me the name!
- What?


What does that have
to do with anything?

Okay, don't tell.

You know the boy will talk.

Put the phone down.
You stop doing that.

I tell-- you put--
you put that phone down.

- Put the gun away.
- You put it down.




Si, ¿Santos?

Okay, bye.

Hey hey.

¿Como estas?

How did you find this place,
before I kill you?

I only want the child.
I have money.

I can give you $100,000.
I can give you--

I have this money.

How do you find this place?
You're fucking crazy to come here.

My child went missing and I went to the
police and they gave me this address.

What are you saying?
Fucking puta!

Who fucking tell you
at the police station, puta?

- My friend D-Diego.
- Who?

- My friend Diego.
- What?

- He wanted to help. Diego.
- Diego?

Fuck you.


Tom, you in here?

Oh, Tom, God, you're here.

I'm here.
It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, hon. I'm here now.

- They're gonna kill me!
- They're not gonna kill anybody.

This is just a big show.
They want money, that's it.

You got us into this.
This is your fault!

All your fault.

Simmer down!
Buster, listen to me.

This is all just a big scam.
They want money.


Okay, well, then tell them
to call my grandfather.

- He'll give them whatever they want.
- Well, I did.

I've done it. It's okay. He's
sending money tonight with somebody.

- You called my grandfather?
- Yeah, it's okay.

It's all happening.
This kind of thing happens all the time.

It's like a national pastime here.

They take people and then they get
their money and then they let them go.

Listen, as far as
they're concerned--

Listen to me, listen to me!

Listen-- listen to me!
Look at me, look at me.

Listen to me!

As far as
they're concerned,

I'm your mother,
you are my son, right?

You don't say a word
about your real mother,

and you don't say one thing
about your grandfather, right?

So you let me do all the talking.
You keep your mouth shut.

And I'm gonna get us out of here.

- How?
- Well--

Huh huh?

They want-- they want to know
how you find this place.

How you find this place?
You follow Miguel?

- You follow Miguel?
- Miguel?

I-I don't know any Miguels.

How you don't know?

Miguel! The one you saw
at the cafe, remember?

Who did you see at the police?

Just a guy,
I don't know his name.

Is that Miguel?

Pretend you have
a lot of money.

- What?
- They want the money.

They want the money.
They want the money.

Give us the money.
Give us the money and that's it.

You fucking American slut.

- We're tourists, God damn it.
- American.

Who gave you the address?

- Who gave you the address?
- Who gave me this address?


He-- he did it.
Yeah, he gave me the address.

- Yeah yeah!

And he told me--
he did-- and he told me

to say that I got it from the police.

- No no no.
- It was him.

- Shush.
- Tell the truth, you fucking--

He wanted to make a deal.
He wanted to make a deal with me

because he wants
to go to America.

- Si.
-  Miguel esta muerto.


- You kill Miguel, puta?
- I'll give you $1 million.

- What?
- $1 million for you!

- One million!
- That's too much money.

- His grandfather is very rich.
- Do you have it?

For you I have it tonight.

Don't kill us or
you won't get the money.

- Out out.
- Come on, come on, go.

Get out, get out!

Oh, don't look, don't look.

I-I-- my purse?

- I need to make a call.
- What?

I need to call my husband
for the money.

you stay.
You stay there, puta.

He either comes with
the money or I kill you.

- Okay!
- Okay.

Hey, get in the car.

- Get in right now.
- Come on, come on.

Hello? Hello?

It's me.

Julia, I'm here. I'm in
Tijuana at the airport.

Where are you?

Stay there

And I'll call you back
when I've, uh--

Listen, I have it with me
right here, right now.

$2 million.
I need to know, is Tom with you?

Yeah, he--
he's right here.

- He's at the airport.
- I hear you.

- He says two million.
- No, he-he's just confused.

- He doesn't know--
- Fucking puta!

I hear your husband.
He says two million.

You bring that over here.

- No no no, I take my boy with me.
- Fuck you!

Give us the fucking money--
all the fucking money,

Then you get the boy, okay?

Tom, listen, I have to go
with them, right?

- I have to go and get the money.
- I'm coming with you.

No no, listen, you'll be--
you'll be strong, right?

I'm coming.
I swear on my life.

I'm coming to get you.

- Okay?
- Let's go.

- I'm taking my son with me.
- Fuck you!

The boy stay with us.

Give us the money
and then you get the boy.

You touch a fucking hair on his
head and you're fucking dead!

Julia, help!

No, Julia!



Tonight your baby's
back in your arms,

and Santos is adios.

You don't see me no more.


No-- is not nice.

You look like old lady
when you're anger.

I don't like it.

Today you lose
and I win, puta!

You see this car?
Take it.

Leave the airport
and go to the south.

To Tijuana.

To this cell phone,
I call you.

Hey hey!
You do what exactly I tell you.

Then you get the kid.

What's your name?

- Laurie.
- Laurie?

Be smart, mama Laurie.

Be smart.
Get out.


What-- where's the boy?

- Well, where is he?
- We're doing this my way.

- He's in Tijuana.
- Oh God.

I left him in Tijuana.

You-- you left an eight-year-old
boy alone in Tijuana?

He's safe!
He's being well looked after.

- By who?
- He's with--

People I know.
People I trust.

I don't trust you, Mitch.

You went to see Whytekear.
You're on his side.

How can I be sure you're alone, that
there isn't an army of cops behind you?

Now you're gonna do what I
tell you. I will give Tom back

When I'm safe and I'll
tell you where he is

and he will be there
and waiting for you...


...and you can take him
back to that bastard!


Just take it easy.
Just-- just take it easy.

Julia, look, he--
he's-- he's--

he's an old man-- Whytekear.

He's sick. He's dying.
He's got a tube up his nose.

He can't-- he can't breathe.

You know what is going to be the first
thing they do when they get that kid back?

They're gonna come looking for me.
And they're gonna find me

And they're gonna
fucking crucify me.

I am fighting for my skin here,
Mitch, and I am dead without that money

And you know it.

So shoot me, go ahead.
You got a gun? Take it!

Go ahead.
What are you gonna do now, huh?

You're not getting the money
unless I get the kid.

You gotta trust me, Julia.

Look at me, why do you
think I'm here?

It's because of you.

You're here for one reason.

For only one reason,
Mitch, and that is

that your wife
didn't turn you in.

Oh yeah.

You got lucky, man.

I don't have that luck.

Look at me.

You know I didn't turn you in.

- Do I?
- Julia,

We all knew that Elena's
stupid insane story

about getting her kid back

was bullshit. We heard it over
and over again at meetings.

Why is it that you
are the only one

who believed her?

You're dangerous to this kid, Julia,
because you're a danger to yourself.

You see that?

You don't have
the guts to see it.

You're blind.

I'm going.



We're at the airport hotel.
We're waiting for the kid.


- You got the money?
- Shut your hole. Yeah, I got the money.

Not here.

I will feed that fucking
kid's face to my dog.

I'm not the mother, asshole.

Right? I don't give a flying
fuck what you do to him.

You're not the one
who kidnapped that kid, Santos,

Let me tell you:
I did.

Yeah, take it in.

You didn't ask the family
for a ransom.

I did!
You know for how much?

$2 million.

Oh yeah.

Today you lose, I win.
¿Entiendes, fuckface?

Here's my deal:
You get exactly half.

I'll do the math for you--
that is $1 million.

When I get the kid back.

I can't believe this.
No mommies.

Read "The L.A. Times,"
you stupid shit.

My fucking face is all over it.
You don't know who I am?

I'm Julia Harris.
I kidnapped that little shit.

And I need a gun.


Help! Ow!


- Julia!
- You fuck.

- Let me see.
- Okay okay.

- Let me see and now turn around.
- I don't have gun on me.

- I don't have gun!
- Now get in the car. Get in the car.

- Okay, where's the money?
- It's there.

- Where?
- There on the floor.

In one plastic bag? What the fuck,
you fucking crazy puta?

- It's all there.
- Santa Maria...

- You gonna count it?
- Fuck me.

Fuck me, puta.

Now will you call him and
tell him to bring the kid?

- I got a better idea.
- Now.

Lose the motherfuckers.
You have the other million here?

- No.
- We could pick the money.

look look look,

between of us, we have two
fucking millions of Dollar.

I wouldn't wipe my ass with you.

- You make that call.
- One day...

you sorry to say that.

- You make that call now.
- Fuck you.


You get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car!

Tom, come here, Tom!

Come here, Tom!
Tom, come here to me.

Tom, Tom, Tom, come here.

She said that you must come with me.

Come here to me!
Get away from him!

You stay away from Tom!

- Hey, Tom?
- Tom, Tom!

Tom, you stay back.
You fucking stay away from him!

Wait, Tom, Tom!

Tom, Tom-- ow!

Ow, fuck!

Quick quick!
La pistola, cabron.

La pistola.

The fuck are
you doing, pendeja?

You stay away from us!
You stay away from us!

You fucking
stay away from us.

There's a million dollars
in the trunk of my car.

Take it.

Take all of it.

I knew you were the
mother, pendeja.

I knew it!

I'm rich.

I'm rich, puta.

Adios, mamacita, adios.

Okay, I'm taking you
to your mother.

 okay, what do
we got here? 

 a horny black boy
and a frisky white girl 

 eye each other
across the room 

 and the chemistry
is unbearable 

 and definitely not
on anyone's agenda 

 he suggests they go
someplace they won't be seen 

 and she thinks otherwise,
finally they agree to go 

 and put up
with dunkin' donuts 

 the usual story 

 they fall in love
under a hail of spit 

 that they ignore while secretly
conspiring to murder each other 

 hoping that will alleviate the
slightly more uncomfortable 

 feelings that may arise
in a situation like this 

 but behind closed doors,
the eyes of the world 

 becoming their wallpaper 

 they melt into a beautiful
example of a power 

 that definitely exists 

 and come together
on a warm moonlit night... 

Special thanks to SergeiK.