The Janky Promoters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Janky Promoters script is here for all you fans of the Ice Cube and Mike Epps movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Janky Promoters quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

The Janky Promoters Script

Get the fuck out of the way.
I said get the fuck out of the way.

Move, goddamn it!

Come on, man! Shit!

Move it, suckers! Move it!

Come on, move! Move!

Get in, man!

There they go.

Bitch, move!


AII we was trying to do

is bring a nice little rap shov,
to Modesto, California,

and this is the fucking
thanks we get.

You know what, im-a start
from the begining.



Russell Redds, wake up.

- Russell!
- What?

- What time did you get in last night?
- l don't know.

'Bout 1:30, 2:00. What's up?

Did you go in my purse?

What purse?

You think you slick, but you not.

l don't know what you're talking about.

Told you, l ain't got nothing

to contribute
to your little rap show tonight.

FYI, if you didn't get the memo,

l got the money for tonight.

All l was looking for
was just a little support

from my woman, that's it.

Baby, you know i support you.

You just can't spend
none of this money.

l don't need none
of that money.

l'm papered out.
Modesto's finest.

You forgot who you in love with?




You still asleep?

Wake your ass up, man.
We gotta pick up that van.

Man, what time is it, man? Shit!

6:45. Get up. Where you at?

6:45 in the morning?

No. 6:45 at night.
Where you at?

We gotta go pick up these dudes
from the airport at noon,

so don't be fucking around.

You know these rappers
ain't got no damn patience.

I'm gonna come pick you up
at your apartment.

I got a condo. It's a condo!

Yeah, okay. Whatever, man.

Hey, Regina, wake up. Regina!

- What?
- We overslept!

- Oh, shit!
- Shit!

Jellyroll, why didn't you
wake me up?

Shit, I overslept too. Shit.

Ronnie is gonna kill me.
Come on, we gotta go.

You gotta take me home.

After that second nut, l was done!

You always nutting before me.

- Shit, man.
- And i get nothing.

I know that pussy got
a lot of miles on it now.

- Yeah, and you put 'em on there.
- And a whole lotta other thugs.

You gotta take me home.
Ronnie's gonna kill you.

First he was gonna kill you,
now he gonna kill me?

Ronnie's been wanting
to shoot you ever since high school.

Come on, let's go.

You the one who married
the fucking police.

- There she is.
- Roll camera.

I'm Kevin Maline
with the TV show So Busted.

- Can i ask you a few questions?
- Oh, my God, it's So Busted.

- Open the door!
- That's my man!

l see you on TV!
What's up, baby?

Why are you cheating on
your husband Ronnie

with this very skinny and ugly man?
Do you think that's right?

- No comment.
- Skinny and ugly!

You Yorkshire terrier-looking

- I'm the Ebony man.
- Open the door, Jellyroll.

No, no more!
You better run!

I'm not running in these heels.
Open the damn door!

Obviously you like his equipment
better than your husband's.

That's right, l've been knocking
a line in that pussy for years.

- Open the door!
- KEVIIN: Regina, please.

Answer the question.
Your husband has a right to know.

No comment.
Jellyroll, open the door.

- On the other side, guys.
- CREWMAN: We're moving.

I gotta get home, Jellyroll!

You know that this
is a married woman?

Do you know that I don't give a fuck?

Hey, fuck all this.
Tonight, Jellyroll Entertainment,

Russell Redds, Young Jeezy tonight.

That's right, Jellyroll Entertainment.
Russell Redds.

- We doing it big, baby.
- Jellyroll, let's go!

You have no respect for this woman
or her marriage.

- Oh, 'my God, it's him!

It's your husband. No!

Go, go, go, go, go!

l love you, Regina.

l'm-a kill you, Jellyroll!

- I'm hit!
- Oh, shit! Kevin's been hit!

Call an ambulance.

- Stay right there, Kevin.
- Sir, are you all right?

- You all right?
- I'm okay.

- It just grazed me.
- I am so... so sorry.

Please tell me we got
that on tape.

Yeah, no.
We definitely missed that, Kevin.


This is Dispatch.
What is it now, Ronnie?

Excuse me, do you have any tissue?


Yeah, baby.

All right, baby, i'm going.

I'll see you later.

Hey. Good luck.

l don't need none.

Yeah. Yeah.

l'm a big daddy.




Get your ass up.

What you doing? Get up.

I'm asleep, Dad. What's the matter?

Why you ain't up practicing
your routine for tonight?

That's what's the matter.

How the fuck you gonna be like
Lil' Wayne if you sleep all morning?

Lil' Wayne sleep all morning too.

Yeah, but he rich, nigga.
You ain't shit.

- Yet.
- Don't wanna hear no lip, son.

You know l still got you
under contract.

Yeah, i know. Six albums.

Six albums.

That's publishing and meI_chandise.

You feel me? All right.

How many dances you got?

I got mo.

They fine?

- Yeah?
- Yes, sir.

No ugly dances, man.
They gotta be fine with ass.

You already know l can't handle
ugly girls onstage with me.

Them booty shorts, too.
l like that.

That's what we want, ass.

My eyes burnin'. What's that smell?

Oh, that's that new cologne
l'm trying out. You like it?

Smell like pepper spray.

Now get up, man,
and practice your routine.

l want you tight, and l'm gonna be
back to check on those dancers.

- All right.
- Yeah.

Get your swag up, man.

You need to check
on that cologne, Pop.

Goddamn it.

Where's Michael Vick
when you need him?

Whoa, Biscuit.
Get out the way!

What y'all doing?

Go! Get the hell outta the way.

Hey, Mom.

What the fuck you want, Russell?

Girl, why you got to be so mean?

I brought you something.

Thanks, baby.

Smell good again.
What y'all cooking?

Crack. Wanna help?

Nah, l got to make some runs today.

- How you doing, Ms. Ann?
- Hey, baby.

You see that blue car up the street?

Yeah, they still up there.

Goddamn Feds been messin'
with me all morning.

Bitch can't make
a decent dollar nowadays.

You wonder why?
Y'all need to slow down.

You know what l mean?

Women your age should be
thinking about menopause.

Y'all been slinging crack
since the '60s, Momma.

Boy, don't ever let me see
you fix your mouth to say that.

Me and Ms. Ann
been slinging since the 'GOs.

Double-ups, half ounces,
ounces, grams, kilos,

burrs, chickens, eagles,
bricks, boulders,

cake, weight, hard, soft.

However you want it, nigger.

Fish scales! Whatever.

Just hit me on my Blackberry.

See? Y'all getting too old
for this shit.

What do you want?
You fixing to get on my nerves.

You breaking my concentration.

Y'all know tonight's the night,

No. To do what?

I do that big show over
at the Mercy Theatre tonight.

Well, what do you do?

l'm a promoter, Momma.

Me and Jellyroll, we been doing
this for, like, four years now.

Well, you must not be any good.
Why we ain't heard about the show?

'Cause y'all are too old
to be worried about hip-hop.

Y'all need to be worried about
when Al Green coming to town.

Well, can l tell you no
right now before you ask,

'cause l know what you want.

Come on, Momma. Look.

All l need is a one-day loan,
the kind you be giving out.

How short are you?

Now, l got to pay for the building,

l got to get the hotels,

and, you know, these rappers
be having all kind of requests,

so, you know,
we about 9500 in the hole.

Ninety-five hundred!

Why don't you spend your Aruba money
instead of wasting it on Aruba?

Now, you know
i cannot spend that money.

That's my wedding money, okay?

lf l spend the Aruba money,
ain't no reason to go to Aruba,

'cause Loli ain't gonna
marry me anyway.

What's wrong with being single?

I ain't never been married,
and I'm cool.

Momma, you got to stop hating
on my relationship.

You sound like a bitch.

No! The answer is no.

Me and Ms. Ann got
to re-up tonight, Mr. Promoter,

so think of a new one.

Just because l told you
your daddy might be Don King

don't mean you gotta be running around
acting like you some damn promoter.

Well, maybe it's just in my blood.

Yeah, well, whatever.

See you at church tomorrow.

See y'all at church.

- Hey, baby.
- Drive!

- What's the matter?
- Drive, man!

- What's going on?
- Would you drive?

It's going down around here.

What's the matter?

Oh, man, that nigger Ronnie Stixx
tried to kill me again.

You fucking all on his wife, man.

But not all the time.
Every now and then I'm hitting it.

- Still hitting that.
- What's happening?

I'm gonna need half
of your money by show time,

or at least by sound check, man.

This building owner is on my ass.

Every five minutes he calling me
about that money.

Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah.

- You got your half?
- I got my half.

- Cool, cool.
- When you gonna have yours?

After I go pick them up from the hotel,
I'm gonna have my half.

What the ticket sales looking like?

Ticket sales ain't doing too good.

- What?
- Shit, we in Modesto.

Everybody know
this is a walk-up town.

This is a word-of-mouth town.

Word of mouth
you know what I mean?

That's just how the town is.
This is Modesto, man.

This is where people come
when they on the run from the police.

All right, man.
Keep your ass in the car.

You know you're in the computer.

- May i help you?
- Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, there, Chris.

l work for a company
called Russell Redds, Inc.,

and we got
a 15-passenger van reserved.

The confirmation number is B2TT54.

Okay, Mr. Redds.

I'm gonna need a credit card
and driver's license.

Of course you do.

Got that right here.
How are you doing?

Good, good, thank you.

And did you want insurance on the van?
That is an additional cost.

Oh, yeah, you know,
give me full coverage,

everything you got.

Okay, let me set that up for you.

Set that up for me, Chris.

What do you mean?

We're gonna have to charge you
a cleaning fee.

A cleaning fee? I ain't never
heard of no cleaning fee.

The last two times
we rented you vehicle

- we found paraphernalia inside...
- What kind of paraphernalia?

Uh, marijuana.
That's what l have on record.

Look, you know what,
just to be honest, Chris?

The cabin smelled like marijuana
when we got it.

l'm just putting that out there.

- I'm just putting out a cleaning fee.
- Yeah, okay, whatever, man.

Oh, and this credit card is maxed out.
Do you have another one?

- Wait a minute, man. l can't be--
- That's--

All right, man. Shit.

Try this one, and then
if that don't work, try that one.


Y'all throw in the navigational system
with that too.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, we want that.

- We want all that.
- You got it.

Thank you.

Where that little cute thing
that used to work here?

She's gone. We found
marijuana in her car too.

She probably the one
who put the shit in my van,

but l ain't gonna say
nothing about that.

PERCY: Let's do this, old man.

C.W.: Modesto, baby!

PERCY: Do what it do!

JEEZY: Where that weed at?

Yeah, man, I'm wondering

what kind of females
they got out here in Modesto.

Let's get this money first.
Worry about them broads later.

I'm trying to--


Hey, smile, dog.

They act like they ain't never
seen no black people out.

No, what it is, they ain't
never seen no rich black folk.

Ain't but one of us rich.
What they looking at you for?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

WOMAN: Oh, my goodness.

Oh, it is you! Oh, my God!

Can l get an autograph?

Take a picture, get a hug?
Hook me up with a CD!

If you were to pump your brakes
and introduce yourself to me,

his road manager, Young Percy,
I could've hooked you up.

That's cool, that's cool, brother!
Can you take a picture of us? Great.

- And can I get a hug?
- Come on with it.

- It's all good.
- What are y'all doing here?

Got a show tonight.
That shit gonna be crazy.

- I know you heard about it, right?
- No.

Hey, take this picture, man,
so we can get the fuck outta here.

Yes! Take your picture.

Yeah, that's what's up.

Well, look, why don't you
call me later if you get a little bored.

Here you go. Take that.

I'm always backing that up, hey!

That's how you pull a bitch
in Modesto, man.

Yeah, whatever, man.
She was giving me a little rub.

You saw, like, all on that nigger.

Fuck that, bro.
Where the motherfucking car at?

l don't know where
these dumb-ass promoters are.

Let me try to get him on the phone.

- Call the nigger or something.
- I got you covered.

Russell Redds, Incorporated.

We winning, please don't hate it.

- What's up, Russell?
- Who's this?'

- It's Percy. man.
- What's up, Percy?

How you doin', man?
What's going on?

We sitting here at the airport.
Ain't no damn fucking limo.

- You don't see my limo?
- Ain't no limo.

I talked to my chauffeur 20 minutes ago.
He said he was on his way.

Listen, man, you got the hottest rapper
sitting out here on curbside.

- Tell me you ain't know that!
- I did not know that.

- I'm-a call you back.
- Cover your ass up.

'cause i ain't gonna be chewed out
for some shit y'all fucking up.

All right, dude,
l'll call you right back.

Call me right-- hello? Hello?


l knew it, l knew it, l knew it.

RUSSELL: You don't know shit.

Yes, l did. Jeezy comin', huh?

Why didn't you tell me?

And why he staying up in heI_e?
This place is raggedy.

What you talking about?
This is a three-and-a-half star hotel.

You so damn cheap.

Get your ass back to work
before l get you fired, all right?

No fraternizin' with the guests.

You ain't no guest.
You my cheap-ass cousin.

Boy, please.

Keosha, it's going down,
girl, let me tell you.

Russell Redds, Incorporated.
Sophisticated, please don't hate it.

This is Percy. man.
Where the fuck is that limo?

We been standing out heI_e
for 30 damn minutes.

He still ain't got there?

No, man. and Jeezy
gettin' hungry, man.

He wants some weed
and pussy ASAP.

My chauffeur, i can't find him,

so i got to use my van driver,
but he'll be there in a minute.

I don't give a damn
who you get to pick us up.

Just hurry up.

Don't worry about nothing.
We all black children.

Hello? Hello? Damn, that was--
What the fuck?


Well, you made it, baby!

- Boy, you all--
- Hold up, hold up.

Oh, man, I'm so glad
you made it in town.

Where the fuck the limo at, man?
It's hot as a motherfucker.

They sent the van driver 'cause they
had a problem with the chauffeur.

Do l look like a van driver
motherfucker? I'm the promo'ter.

Talking 'bout a van driver!

I should've brought six Big Wheels
for you motherfuckers to ride.

Why you gotta talk
to Jeezy like this?

- Man, who the fuck--?
- Come on, get in the van.

Put your foot in there
and get in the van, motherfuckers.

P.A.:Welcome to Modesto
Couty Airport.

For safety and security,

please do not leave
your bags unattended.

Take your ass
to Legoland or something.

- How's it going?
- JELLYROLL: I got'em,

I'm about to kill one
of these entourage niggers.

l don't know who they think
they fucking with.

All right, calm down, tiger.

Please, just bring they ass
to the hotel and drop 'em off.

Did you tell one of them
I was a fucking van driver?

-They think i'm a van driver.

- l did not know that.
- I got money invested too,

Okay, I'm glad you set'em

I'm gonna get'em some cush
over at Mondo's.

Be carefull over there.

You know them dudes
is real thirsty up in there.

- Yeah, I'm thirsty too, baby.
- One more thing.

- You still got my son's demo?
- Yeah, l got it right here.

Play it for Jeezy.
See what he thinks.

He gonna love that shit,
probably wanna do a video with him.

All right, hurry up too.

Do you have another card, sir?
This one's maxed out. Sorry.

Damn! I hate these credit cards.

Try this one. If that don't work,
try that one.

Hey, man, y'all wanna hear
a little music?

Yeah, nigger, turn the radio on.

I got something better than that.

Russell Redds, the guy
l'm throwing the show with?

This is his son right here.

Just 'case y'all wanna sign
some talent, this is him right here.

He's supposed to open up
for y'all tonight.

You knew about that, Jeezy?

l ain't never heard of that.
Why'd he do that?

- Okay, what's his name?
- Yung Semore.

He's Modesto's finest,
hot to def.

Let me see the CD.

Right here, yeah.
You gonna love him.

We looking for a good deal.

We ain't trying to just
run him up in no bullshit.

You know what i mean, Jeezy?

Let's try it in the streets.
Let's see if they like it.

Hey, man!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

What's up, what's up, what's up.

Ain't nobody trying to hear
that shit in this van, man!

That's how we do.

Jeezy, hey, he gonna
be opening up for you.

I'm talking about Jeezy,
you understand?

All right, what y'all trying to get?

An ounce, nigger,
and there better be some cush too.

Oh, it's cush, baby.
That's all we deal with out here.

- How much it cost?
- 450.

- What?
- 450?

That's our prices out here, man.

Don't bring my shit back
in no sacks, either.

- We got the scale on your ass.
- l'll be right back.

Jeezy, you gonna pay for some weed?

My nerves are bad, homey.

- Yo, what the fuck is this?
- Who this piece of shit, man?

- Hombre!
- This is bullshit, Percy.

I'm fI_om this area.
I be up in there all the time.

Hey, Jellyroll.

What's up?

That's my dog!

- MONDO: Who the fuck is it?
- Hey, it's Jellyroll!

What's happenin', Mondo!
Damn, did i come at the wrong time?

- What you want, nigger?
- I didn't come for me this time.

Russell Redds got Young Jeezy
out there in the van.

- Nigger, stop lying.
- Go out there and look.

Send one of your guys.
Go do something, man.

Sitting around, livin' off Mondo.

You brought Young Jeezy
to the projects to cop some weed?

To cop an ounce of the weed, baby.

I been coming round here
since you were selling nickel bags.

Don't act like I'm a new customer.

Jellyroll, you ain't got no sense.

Hurry up and get that man
out of here before he get jacked.

- Tried to tell him, fool.
- Nigger, this is the projects.

Niggers don't give a fuck
how famous you are.

I'm gonna sell it to you this time,

but next time, you gonna get shot.

You just shot
that motherfucker recently.

l can smell the gunpowder on it.

- He took the keys.
- You let the nigger take the keys?

- Man, like l knew!
- Percy, that's bullshit.

Jeezy, i got your back.

Probably getting robbed
or some shit, man.

Serves him right for having us
up in the hood.

- 350.
- Oh, 350. You got it.

Give me the money.

That's how we doing it.

- Look.
- What's that?

You tell Russell Redds
the next time he sends you

over to my house
for some illegal shit,

- he gonna get shot too.
- l'm-a tell him what you said.

We're been trying to get this
concert together all day, man.

You know me and the D-boys
is throwing an after party--

I heard! I heard something
like that.

So how much would it cost me
to get Young Jeezy to show up?

It's gonna cost you.

Let me holla at him,
and l'm-a let you know what he say.

He'd better say yes.

All right, let me handle it.

What's happenin'!

Where the fuck your slow ass been?

You got my motherfucking weed?

Yeah, i got grape.

- There it is, baby.
- Come on, let's go.

I can get you a bird if you need it.
Why don't y'all calm down?

You talk all that gangsta shit
in them music albums,

and now you all nervous
'cause we in the real projects.

Ain't nobody
motherfucking nervous, man.

My partner want to do an after party.
What y'all want to do?

- Fuck the after party.
- I'll be right back.

- No, come on, man!
- Bring your ass home!

Ike Turner-suit-wearing motherfucker.

Mondo! I'm back, baby.

What'd he say?

He said he'll do it,
but it's gonna cost you.

How much?

Twenty Gs.

- Twenty Gs!
- Twenty Gs, brother.

He said 20 Gs up front
or he can't do it.

That's what the man's saying.
I ain't, you know...

- Let me talk to him.
- You can't talk to him, now.

You gonna scare the shit out of him.
They all scared of real niggers.

Soon as you come out there,
they're gonna say, "Tupac's alive!"

But how's this shit work?
The whole 20 Gs now?

You gotta give him
the whole 20 Gs right now, up front.

Fuck it. We gonna do it big.

VIP, VIG. Wait right here.

You are the best drug dealer.

Hey, man, y'all hanging with
one of the nicest drug dealers

i ever seen in my life.

Jellyroll, you be hustling?

Hey, we got to do it.

He don't show up...

that's his ass and yours.

Sure it's his ass.
We gonna kill him together.

I ain't playing.

I heard-- hey, man, that's--

D-BOY: No joke, man.

Get Jeezy out of the projects.

Jellyroll, where you at, man?

Johnny G, at the Mercy, bro.
What's going down?

- What up, Julio?
- What's up?

What's up is that
the ticket sales are down.

That's what's happening.
What kind of promoters are you? Huh?

Have you been pushing this on radio?
How many spots you got?

We've been running spots
on V1O6, man, every 3O minutes.

You don't even listen
to black radio, man.

You wouldn't even know.

Modesto's a big walk-up town, man.

Walk up. Listen, I need
all the money up front, cash,

before I open the doors,
you got that?

You been bugging me about
that money for mo weeks, man.

l got it. l'm gonna take care
of you at sound check.

Sound check is cutting it
too close, Russell!

I said i'm taking care
of you, right?

Don't call me again, man.
I'm trying to handle business.

I'm-a get you your money
at sound check.

All right, i'll see you soon.


Goddamn Aruba money.

Fuck it. Fuck it!

She gonna kill me.

Hey, girl.

- Hey, baby.
- What you doing?

Okay, i'm debating on
whether or not I want to do

the silver shoes or the white
shoes for the wedding.

I think these look too hookerish.
What you think?

Yeah, but l like hookerish.

I know you like hookerish,
but I gotta be able to walk.

ls your momma coming
to Aruba with us?

I don't know.

If she do, she gonna have
to sneak on.

- Why?
- You know she's still on parole.

- Three years ain't up yet?
- Nope. She going back too.

Why your momma
gotta be like Frank White?

I don't know.
She say it's in her blood.

Where's Semore at?

In the back, rehearsing.

All right.

How you doin'?

Y'all know what time it is.

Can you scoot up a little bit?

Hey, DJ! Ha! Let's go!


Yeah, real quick.

They know how it is, man.

You got it, man!
That's what l'm talking about.

What'd you think, honestly, though?

You looked good, boy.
They ain't gonna be able to handle you.

Modesto ain't ready for you!

Modesto ain't ready!

I like that, and guess what!

lI let Jeezy hear your demo.

For real? What'd he say?

I can't tell you that, boy.
You might go jack-in-the-box on me.

All right, bitches.

You looking at Modesto's finest.

Take it from the top. Let's go!

Hey, wait a minute. Hold up.

How much are we
getting paid for this?

Y'all ain't gettin' nothing.

Exactly, so don't call me
a motherfucking name.

My name is Sandra,
and that's my girl Keisha.

Can you get the shit right?

Yeah, look, l'm sorry, all right?

Okay, take it from the top,
motherfucker. Come on.

Ghetto ass. Hello.


We gonna show'em
how we do it.

I'm Yung Semore. Yeah!

Hold up. No, no, no.

Hold on, hold on.
What you doing, girl?

- What?
- What are you doing?

Look, girl, when you
get on that stage,

i need that ass clappin'.

You know what I mean?

All right, look.

Let me see. Come on.
Line that ass up.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Come, clap it! Yeah.

What I'm talking about.

Damn, son!

Keep that ass in line.

All right, let's go!

DJ, spin it back.
Let's go, come on!

- Hey, now.
- What?

- Come on, girl.
- Baby, it's hot. Come on.

- l need your help.
- Right now?

Yeah, I gotta blow up
a couple balloons before the show.

Don't you see me
cleaning this table?

Baby, it's only a couple.

Come on.

Hold on, tiger.

Oh, yeah, baby.



- This is shit, man!
- How's everything?

I finally got them down here.

This a no-star hotel.

Ooh, is that him?

I think that's Jeezy right
there, girl.

I think I can see
the tattoo on his neck.

Double-R Incorporated.
Russell Redds.

What's this bullshit, Russell?

What you mean?

We supposed to get
a five-star hotel,

like the Hyatt Regency,
Doubletree, something classy.

l can't even get dude
out the van.

l know that. l know you all
were supposed to be over at the Hyatt,

but when l called
they was all sold out,

and over at that Doubletree,
they got that police--

They got some kind
of police convention.

- Retirement party.
- You don't wanna go there.

l know y'all be doing your thing
and don't wanna be over there.

This right here, the Cloud G,
is actually one of the best hotels...

BOTH: Modesto.

Me and Jellyroll stay here
all the time.

I got married here, man.

And we got you that discount rate
l was talking about.

Yeah, 'cause Martin Luther King
probably got shot here.

You know what, a nigger
named King Luther got shot

up there in 313 one night.

Some shit jumped out,
got real ugly...

You know what, man?
I'm calling the Hyatt.

- You're wasting your time.
- MICHELLE: I think that's him.

I wanna let him beat on this box.

Ooh, shit!

I like that little one right there.

With the big old booty?
I guess, if that's what you like.

They're overpriced,

and they didn't have
the presidential suite you asked for.

You saying they have my suite?

No, they didn't have your suite.
They got it over here.

- They got the Jacuzzi...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

We'll talk about that later, okay?

- What we need to do is get the keys...
- Gonna get the keys--

We're gonna get the keys,
and l get him to his room,

- 'cause he's tired, you know.
- Do what you're gonna do, man.

Shut the fuck up.
I'm talking to Russell.

This nigger think l'm the driver?

Make sure I get
that presidential suite ASAP.

- I'll get you the presidential suite.
- With a Jacuzzi?

- I hooked you up.
- That's what's up.

Help me with the bags, please.

That nigger act like he got
an album coming out.

The road managers,
they prima donnas.

- You ovulating?
- Yes, I am!

Girl, me too, girl.
We gonna get paid.

Now, fix your titties.
Yeah, let's do this.

Hell, no, man.


Oh, be having bottles!


Thank you, Jeezy, for going platinum.

Let me call the man.

How your room?

It's crazy in here.
What do you mean, how's my room?

My shit whack too, dog.
Yeah, dreadful.

- Let's go to sound check.
- Yeah, okay.

I'm gonna check on that
and hit you back.

Hurry up, man.
Got a fucked-up room.

- Don't trip, man. My shit whack too.
- Let's go to the ventte,

Aw, yeah.

Me likey.

Wanna go to the room?

Ha! Yeah. Sweet.

Yeah, that's how we do it.

I spent a grip over at Gino's
on the way here.

You need to go to the mall.

You're probably gonna wear
that ugly-ass Kurt Franklin suit.

They threw my son's CD
out the window?

Slung that out the window
like a Frisbee.

I thought a dog was gonna
catch it.

Catch that motherfucker
in the air.

But, no, I was mad too,
but don't worry about the CD.

This is what you need to
worry about.

Huh! Two Gs. Gator!

That's them preachers be tricking
them bitches in church with.

That's something special.
That ain't shit.

That ain't shit.

You need to look at 13 Gs.

I'm gonna kill 'em tonight, baby.
I'm-a kill-- whoo!

Damn! That's the showstopper,
right there.


You need to get
your shit together.

- I need to get my shit together?
- Yeah.

I'm the one who taught
you the game, boy.

You might be able to out-dress me,
but never to out-think me.

Understand that, now.

I don't know where
you borrowed that money from,

but i don't want no bullshit
at the venue tonight.

I come from money.
I've had money all my life.

Looky here, man. Whoever you
borrowed that money from

gonna be bugging the shit
outta me to get paid.

What's up, Russell?
You taking us to sound check?

Yeah, let's go.

All right, man, get your driver.

Driver? You better be in a car seat
when you get in that van,

little Gary Coleman-looking

Clean that good, girl.

Mike check. Mike check one.

Mike check mo.

One, mo, check.

Y'all got that?

Mike check one, mike check mo.

Russell Redds.

- Oh, goddamn.
- Just the guy l wanted to see.

Where's my money?

Man, l got your little
funky-ass $G500.

- 9500. Don't get cute with me.
- Whatever, man.

I'll meet your greedy ass
in the office.

Trying to handle this
goddamn show.

No cash, the house
doesn't open, all right?

Gonna take a whipping tonight,

- Whatever, man.
- You're going down, baby.

Yeah, your daddy want
his hat back.


JELLYROLL: ...on the seats.
You understand me?

Do you feel me? Do you feel me?

Look, Jeezy,
just give me a second.

Bring my Hennessey back.

I got you covered.

Damn! About to lose my job.

Man, how you not gonna have
no Popeye's chicken,

no potato salad, no Hennessey?

If it's a rap show,
you gotta have Hennessey, man!

Who are these goddamn promoters?

Don't they know l've been
working with the best of them?

I can't pay all of them.
I'll pay your light bill.

- At least you'll have--
- Jellyroll!

All right, i'm gonna holler
at you in a minute.

Up top, baby.

See you later.

- I need to holla at you.
- What's up?

Hey, brother,
i need to talk to you, man.

- What's up?
- Wait a minute!

Russ, what you need, man?

Hold on, Jellyroll.
Let me hear what he got to say.

Hold up, Russell. I think your
partner got a problem with me.

Yeah, you thinkin' right.

He the one that threw
your son's CD out the window.

- What?
- Him. Don't lie.

- Are you lying to me?
- What happened was--

- When we was in the car, and--
- You lying.

You look like a lying motherfucker.
What you want?

I don't know what's happening here,

but i'm focused on what we need,

and that's that Hennessey
in the dressing room ASAP.

Get the fuck outta here.

Can't you see us having
this conversation about the show?

- You talkin' about some Hennessey?
- Liquor, man? What the fuck--

I'll talk to you in a minute.


You know what? Fuck it.
No Hennessey, no show.

Ain't got time for this shit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Now, that's what Jeezy said.

You know, i mean,
i'm just the messenger.

If i was the rapper, I'd say,
"Can we have a Hennessey, please,"

'cause that's what's on the rider.

You tell that motherfucker Jeezy
that we'll think about it.


Okay, thanks.

- Hey, Percy.
- What?

Don't forget where you at, man.

You in M-Do now.

The 2O9, punk.

What's that supposed to mean?

Look, i'm about to go pay Glanville.

I need you to steal
that money back, okay?

All right, look,
here's what we gonna do.

Count this shit faster, man.

Hey, you know what?

Let me take my time here,
all right?


Five... 9,OOO.

Have a seat, Russell.

I'd rather stand.

Whatever you want, bro,
but you don't look too good.

Forgot to bring my medicine.

- You know l'm a diabetic, right?
- No, l didn't know that,

but l do know that you suck
at being a promoter.

I don't want to hurt
your feelings or nothing.

You're not gonna make it.
It's not gonna happen.

Look, man, some
of our shows worked.

Give us some credit.

But most of your shows
do not make money,

because you and Jelly Rat
don't know what you're doing.

- Jellyroll.
- Jellyroll, whatever.

What the hell's wrong with you,

You all right, brother?

We have to call my woman.

She got to-- !

Hey. Hey, Russell! Russell!

Russell! Russell. Russell.

Russell, what's up, man?

It's me, Johnny-- hey!

I need help here!
I need-- Russell, hey!

I need help! Shit! I need help!

Hey, Boyer! Got an emergency!

Boyer! Boyer!

Oh, no!
What the hell is going on?

- Dear son of--
- Get the money!

Get the fucking money!

Don't let him see.

Hey! Put that shit in your pocket.

Oh! Anybody seen Russell
around here?

He's having a seizure. Hold on!

Having a seizure where?

Oh, hell, no!

Oh, no! What'd you do to my man?

- I didn't do shit.
- Russell Redds! Russell Redds!

- He's asleep.
- He's snoring.

Yeah. See, when he have a seizure,
that's what he do.

He usually just go to sleep.
He's out of it.

Just leave him alone.
He's cool, yeah.

Want me to call the paramedics?

Get him a Capri Sun.
That's what he'll usually use.

A Capri Sun? What the fuck?

Russell Redds! Wake up, Russ.

- Wake up.
- I'm good.

Wake up. Right! He's up.

My boy, he's up.

You scared the shit outta me.

You don't need a doctor or nothing?

Everything's cool, baby.
He cool.

I'm-a call his mother
when i leave.

See if she'll come pick him up.
We gotta go, man.

Hold it a second!

What the hell happened
to my money?

What money?

Pat 'em down, boys.

Don't touch me.

I don't know where that
come from.

You're goddamn geniuses, huh?

The only reason you mo
are walking out of here alive

is because the show must go on.

Because if it doesn't
and those monkeys in there

ruin my beautiful theatre,
ay, mamacita.

Just give 'em a little bit
of appetizer.

What's appetizer?

Come on, man! Motherfucker!


- Damn!
- Goddamn.

I knew that bullshit
wasn't gonna work, man!

It would've worked if you'd
just came and got the money

instead of trying
to get me off the ground.

What do you think you are,
Gray's Anatomy?

l didn't know your ass was
gonna be stretched out on the floor.

Just have your half tonight.
Shit, l'm broke.

Look, Jellyroll, it's imperative
you don't spend that money.

This show gotta jump off, man.

Our life might depend on it.


Hit me in my motherfucking jaw.

I ain't gonna be able to eat no pussy
for mo, three months now.

I'm gonna have to eat me
some pussy like this.

- Turn-down service.
- Come back later.

Ooh, l'll love the shit outta you.

Babe, you gotta get up outta here.

- Let's go.
- Ooh, baby.

- No, no, no!
- Finally got a real rapper.

What the fuck? Let go of me.
Hey, man, stop.

Hold on, baby, i don't fuck
with the help.

- Okay, okay. l'll give you some.
- I don't fuck around like that.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

You gotta go, baby. I got a show.

Oh, l got a show tonight for you.

Oh, i'm sorry! Is that your balls?
Let me kiss them.

Come, man, don't fight it.

I'm gonna fuck
the tattoos off of you, boy.

What's wrong with you?
You allergic to pussy?

This is good for you.
I'm gonna make your skin shine.

Oh, exactly!

- Ooh, there you go!
- You like that?

Yeah, role play, baby. Role play.

Ay yi yi!

- LISA: ;Mas mttcho!
- PERCY: ;No mas! ;No mas!

I'm coming! I'm tired. I'm tired.

Shut the fuck up and hit it!

I done hit it with
everything i got, baby.


Lisa Williams,
what is going on in here?

I told you to stop. Get off me!

Oh, thank God you came.
I told him to stop.

Did he? Come on, honey.
Let's go to security.

You are an animal!

Wait a minute.
That's not what happened.

- Get back, you pervert!
- Ow, that burns!

No, wait, you don't understand.
She lying.

This is some bullshit.
She lying on me, man.

I'm telling you,
she is lying on me.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Miss Leonard caught us fucking
up in the presidential suite.

- I didn't want to lose my job, so...
- You didn't!

- PERCY: Call my lawyer!
- You know l did.

Yo, Jeezy! Call my lawyer, man.

His card in my bag.
He expecting your call.

You know, the one
that got R. Kelly off.

What aI_e you gonna do?
You can't go through with this.

Lisa, you lying! You liar!
You know you lying.

I'm about to go finish my shift.

Excuse me, ma'am. You're gonna
have to go with us to the hospital.

For what?

We have to run
some tests on you with our kit.

This nigger Percy, he's crazy.

For real, he didn't learn
it from Kobe.

Peace out.
Don't eat the baloney sandwich, nig.

We'll be down there
to get your dumb ass.

Right about now,
coming to the stage,

straight out of north Modesto!

Make some noise for Yung Semore!

And the crowd goes crazy.

How do i look?

You look good.

Nigger, you ain't even look at me!

Yes, i did.

RONNIE: Till death do us part,

Till death do us part.

Show time!

- Russell Redds.
- What up, man?

Where the fuck is Jellyroll?

I don't know.
Shit, i ain't seen him.

I don't see his car
so he might not be here' yet.

Y'all need some tickets?

- Yeah.
- Okay, l'll hook you up.

He was supposed to leave us
some at the front desk.

- What's up with that?
- It happened like that.

He ain't here.
I'll hook y'all up.

I want to know
what the fuck is going on,

'cause l got some money
invested in the concert.

- Wait, what did you say?
- Twenty Gs.

You gave Jellyroll 20 Gs?

Yeah, for Jeezy to show up
to my after party.

That's up.

Oh, man, i ain't seen him all day.

Didn't you send Jellyroll to
my house to cop some weed?

- I don't recall that.
- Well, recall this.

That's when l gave
his ass the money.


Now go see about
my backstage pass.

Wait a minute, you said
you wanted tickets.

Now i want backstage passes,
since i'm a partner.

We partners, dog.

Goddamn, Mondo.

You see that i'm short, man.
It's thin out here.

- How many you need?
- Twenty-seven.

Twenty--? Just wait here. Shit.

- Wait here!
- Hurry up.

Hey, hey, anybody seen Jellyroll?

Paco! You seen Jellyroll?

No, man.

What up, bitches? It's your boy Percy.
Call a motherfuckers back, Holla.

Hey, hey, man, Percy.

Goddamn is filling up over here
and l ain't heard from none of y'all.

Okay, this is my third time calling,
and l ain't heard nothing, bro.

Call me back, please.
Russell. Please.

Brother, please, call me back.

All right, i ain't heard nothing, okay?
I need to hear from you ASAP.

Oh, man. What?

Hey! Who the hell y'all with?


Bullshit. Semore invited all y'all?

- Yes.
- Where the hell is he?

Over there.

Hey, y'all better have
backstage passes.

Everybody better have a pass.

Free tickets for every goddamn
body up in this building.

Hey, Nick, get your big ass
out the way.

Where you think you going?

I'm Russell Redds, the promoter.
That's my son in there!

That may be true, but you can't
enter until he says it's okay.

So wait here.

I know your uncle too!


He's getting a massage.
What you want?

Dollar, it's me.
Hey, yo, Semore!

Your pop's out here.

Yo, Russell, there's this guy
standing out there named Mondo.

Don't let him in, all right?
Just tell him l'm working on it.


Thank you.

Gotta pat you down first.

Are you serious?

That motherfucker ain't
even famous!

Semore! Hey, man,
did you hear me calling you?

What the hell's going
on around here?

What you mean what's going on?
These are all my people.

We kicking it. It's show time.

You got bodyguards, entourage.
There's strippers in there.

There's motherfuckers that didn't pay.
That's coming out your money.

You getting a massage?
What's going on!

Don't worry about nothing, Pops.

I heard that Puffy,
Jay-Z, and Andre 3,OOO

get at least four
or five massages a week.

That's just how us rappers do.

Are you crazy? Nigger, they rich!
They got money.

You ain't got nothing.

I got talent.
That's all the money l need.

- Are you high?
- No, i ain't high.

- Havee you been drinking?
- No.

Look here, man, don't play
with me with that talent shit.

I done told you already,
talent don't make money.

Money make money.

- I got you.
- Okay?

All right, man,
but forget about that.

Look here, man,
how many songs can you do?

I got six albums' worth
of rhymes. Why?

I need you to go on there
and do more than 20 minutes.

I got it. I can go all night
if you need me to, just like Kanye.

Look, i'm Yung Semore,
the crowd wanna see more,

and they fiendin' for it,
i'm-a let 'em see more!

Hey, yo, Big D.
Can you escort my dad outta here?

You don't let nobody in here
without my approval.

Nigga, nobody want to listen to me.
They'll learn. I'll start firing people.

I still don't understand why we
had to park so far down the street.

'Cause i'm the promoter.

I don't want nobody to see me
pulling up in that Rent-a-Van.

Ooh, Regina...

I'm Jellyroll Entertainment,

and you looking like one of the
girls off The Flava of Love,

RONNIE: We gonna settle
this right now.

It's your husband!

Get down.

Come on, girl, run!

REGINA: I'm running. I'm running!

RONNIE: Regina, l love you, baby.

It's me. Oh, yeah, it's me.

REGINA: Don't kill him! I'm sorry!

Oh, baby, come back! Please!

I just want to cuddle. Come on!

Come back! Stop!

Going down. Yung Semore's
in the building.

I'm feeling good, i'm looking good,
and i'm smelling wonderful.

RAPPER 1 : Yo, all right!

- RAPPER 2: Tear it up.
- You ready, man?

I don't know, Dad, man.

I don't think l'm ready.

All them people out there,
i don't know if they're feeling me.

What happened to all that swagger
you had in the dressing room?

I learned that from 50 Cent.

Look, man, you can
name every rapper

and what they had for breakfast,
but what about you?

Man, you can't be no regurgitated MC!

You got to be an original.

The people, they want
an original, all right?

Now, you Yung Semore, right?
Modesto's finest, right?

Well, then act like it.

I'm-a go out there and announce
that Yung Semore's in the house

and he about to tear
this motherfucker up, right?

- Right.
- Right?

- You ready?
- I'm ready.

Stop acting like a bitch
and come on. Hit it.

Ready on the curtain and a spot.

All right, remember what i told you?
Clap, clap, clap.

Hey, now. Yo, yo.
What's up, Modesto!

How y'all doing?

Not this nigger again.

Are you all ready to see
Young Jeezy?

Yeah, before we bring out Jeezy,

i'd like to say that this show
was brought to you

by Russell Redds, Incorporated,

in conjunction with
Jellyroll Entertainment,

and you know we bring
the finest show--

- Fuck that!
- Hey, man, be nice.

None of that bullshit, Modesto.

Don't embarrass me up here, now.
Don't embarrass me.

Before we bring out Young Jeezy,
i got a treat for you all.

Y'all know who he is.

Y'all done seen him since he
was yea high to a horsefly.

He better than Jay-Z,
he better than Little Wang

and Kanye West put together.

Y'all give it up for my son,
Yung Semore!

Give it up! Give it up!

Uh, let's go.

Jeezy down in the building.

What's happening, Modesto?

I go by the name of Yung Semore.

Make some noise for me. Yeah!

We're gonna do it like this.

How's everything going?

How the fuck you think, man?

Where you been?
Where the group?

I went up to the hotel.
They wasn't there.

Did you call?

I called up there.
I ain't get no answer.

Fuck it. Come on.

Hey, Percy, man, our reputation
in Modesto is in jeopardy as of now.

Okay, call me back, brother,

Please, brother, please.
Call me back, brother, please.

Damn, why you didn't call me?

Man, Regina's trifling ass
came over there

and put it on me and had me
in the bed for about an hour.


Okay, what time did you
get to the hotel?

I got there about 9:OO, 9:30.

Look, i already see
where you're trying to go.

- It ain't my fault.
- It is your fault.

I don't know how,
but l know it's your fault.

- Don't start.
- Why you bring Mondo into--?

Mondo wanted to invest
with Jellyroll Entertainment.

- Mondo?
- You just mad 'cause i got investors

and you ain't got none,
going on with all that.

Twenty Gs, dog?
You don't need 20 Gs!

Don't worry about the internal affairs
of Jellyroll Entertainment.

Like i said, all you need to worry
about is that Aruba money.

Stay out of my goddamn business.

Can i ask you just one thing,
FYI, okay, for your information,

- or just for my information.
- Come on with it.

How the hell you gonna get Jeezy
to show up at some after party

if he won't even show up
to our show?

You just stay out of my business.

Just worry about that Aruba money.

Your business is my business!
Remember that!

Yeah, Yung Semore
in the building, baby.

No passes?

Dirty motherfuckers.

Bitch, how much for 2T tickets?

Don't do this, Percy.
We got the people out here.

They waiting for Jeezy.
There ain't no Jeezy, man.

Call me back, man.
I'd really appreciate it, man.

It's Russell Redds.
Call me back, brother, please.

Please, brother, please.
Thank you.

I fucked up, huh?

Yeah, you did.
That ain't business, man.

You should've handled business.

I know, i know.

- That ain't business.
- I know.

Damn, man.

Oh, there they are.

Hey, Jeezy, baby! Hot damn!

Look, man, you scared
the hell out of us.

Where you been?
Where Percy at?

Had a little situation
with my road manager, man.

Hey, man, fuck all that.

You were supposed to be on stage
about an hour ago.

You're very unprofessional.

Unprofessional? I'm here now,

Gentlemen, we don't need that.
How much time you need?

Ten minutes. Hey, but where
the rest of that paper at?

Oh, now, look, man.
You secure now.

We got your dough.
We ain't no small-time dudes.

- Okay.
- We've been doing this a while.

We got your money.
You secure on that.

But i wanted to talk to Percy
because earlier, at sound check,

he promised me and Jellyroll
that we probably could get

a slight discount
if the house wasn't that full.

Now, look, we got a 3500-seater.

Now, it's only about 52T.

Something like that,
ballpark figure.

So i was just wondering
if that little discount still rang true.

You saying that to say what?

I'm saying that, you know,
you got all these platinum plaques.

I thought you was bigger than that.
I thought you could fill the house.

I am bigger than that. Maybe
y'all should be better promoters.

And you're saying that to say what?

I'm saying it to say
I want my fucking money.

Let's roll, man.

We got your money.
That ain't shit.

Little old chump change.

Man, you ain't got to be
all hostile like that.

You have a nice show.

Yeah, have a nice show, brother.

You need to freeze some of that
meat on the back of your head.

Get off the stage!

SEMORE: Somebody say yeah.

You see the look on that
motherfucker's face when i told him?

"l thought you
was bigger than that."

No, did you see
the look on your face

when he said that you was
a sorry-ass promoter?

You looked stupid
as a motherfucker.

Just give me the money
so we can pay these clowns.

I-i-i tried to tell you
when i pulled up, man.

I tried to tell you
when i pulled up.

Regina's husband tried
to run us over, man.

What's that got to do
with the money?

Look, i tried to offset it,

'cause I thought we was gonna
have a walk-up crowd.

You started yelling at me,
and then i messed up money.

Come on through.
What that got to do with anything?

What that got to do, man?
Look, look, look, don't tell me.

Don't tell me. Jellyroll,
do you have this man's money?

No, i don't have the money,

This watch.

Oh, man! I don't give a goddamn
about that damn watch.

Oh, Lord, no...

Come on, man, the Lord ain't
got nothing to do with this.

Jesus Christ.

Oh, man, don't tell me you
gave up this man's money!

You know i mess up money
all the time!

That ain't business!

I've got a sickness, man!

That ain't business, man!

Yo, what's popping?

After party.

Y'all ready for Young Jeezy?

You're gonna see
Yung Semore right now.

Yeah, what's up?

Yeah, man, we need to
holla at Jeezy.

Yo, it's the promoters.

Let 'em in.

I knew there had to be a mistake.

- What's happening?
- Hold on, hold on.

Yeah, right there.

You got to treat a nigger like he's
on The Price Is Rightt or something?

Damn, baby.

We good?


- What's happening, baby?
- What's going on, man?

Show time, baby!

Modesto's finest, huh?
What's up with it?

Oh, it's packed.
They ready for you, Jeezy.

- Bunch of bitches out there?
- I got one just for you.

- Okay, that's what's up.
- How much time you need?

About five minutes.
He tightened me up.

Okay, cool, just have
your people let me know.

I'm gonna be right there
by the stage. I'll bring you on.

That's cool, but let's take care
of this business. I got that paper.

I want to put it up anyway,
so let's get that.

We just need to get you
on that stage,

'cause it's a union building.

We get you on that stage,

and i hit the box office
and check your receipts.

Receipts? Who y'all think
y'all dealing with?

Wait a minute, Jeezy,
don't insult us like that.

We done already took a loss.

BOTH: You can't be a boss
until you take a loss.

Bottom line.

That's on y'all.
That's your fault, not mine.

Why you all let them in anyway,

Hold on, hold on!

Let me talk to my man
for one second.

You got mo seconds.
Go ahead, take your time.

Okay, looky here.

Nigger act like he ain't never
performed for free before.

Ain't that a bitch!

- Say what?
- The watch.

- With the big face?
- Yeah!

- Nigger, please!
- We got to pay him!

I have my half of the money.
Where your half?

It's in that motherfucking watch,
and we got to pay him.

I knew you was gonna do that.
I knew you was gonna do this.

You know how many numbers
i done got with this motherfucker?

- Oh, i love you, baby.
- Give it up.

Hey, come on. You done good.

Hey, G, i think we got
your problem solved.

We can pay you with that.

What the fuck is that?

What kind of watch is that?

That's something special.
That's a Genev...

Let me see.
Yeah. That's a Genitalia!


A lot of rich white men,
they know about that.

You probably don't know
about that.

How much did you pay
for the watch, man?

- I paid 13,OOO.
- Thirteen Gs.

- You paid 13 what?
- Thirteen cold cash, baby.

Did that nigger have a gun
when he sold you this shit?

Man, you got robbed.

You not about to rob me with that.
Where my paper at?

Oh, l forgot--

Hey, hold on!

I wrote these myself!

- Man, they throwing stuff.
- Get back there.

Get your ass back there.

Now i'm back.

We some small-time brothers

trying to do something for the
little kids in the community.

You don't know no damn kids.
Hold up.

Hey, pack up the equipment.
We about to roll.

No, no, no.

C.W., K.K., man, get these
fake-ass promoters out of here.

Jeezy, Jeezy, baby!

Hold on, man!
Don't put your hands on me.

- Don't put your hands--
- Get the fuck out.

Keep yourself--!
You're a dead goddamn band.

Some bullshit right there, man!

What's going on?

It's all good, man.

This motherfucking goddamn rapper,
he might not be performing.

Why the hell not?

If it ain't one thing, it's another.
Some bullshit, man.

Custody case, some shit.

What are we gonna do?
They're gonna tear down my theater!

That's the reason
why we got insurance!

Insurance? You know
what the deductible is?

Keep your voice down.

Jeezy, Jeezy, Jeezy.

Hey, come on. Yo.

Settle down.
Settle down, people.

- Hey, boy!
- Man, fuck you.

Get your boys.
Get your ass up there!

Let's go to this after party,

What the fuck?

Get your fucking paws off me!

Let's fuck this shit up!
That's for Modesto!

Ain't no Jeezy? D-boys, fuck
this motherfucker up.

Get these motherfuckers!

Move! Do it, big boy.

Move this shit. Let's go!

What you doing, man?

Hey, man, what the hell's going on?

There go Mondo.
There's Mondo! Go!

Hey! No!

There they go! Jellyroll!

Oh, no! Goddamn it, move!

Move! Move, goddamn it!
Come on!

Let's kill 'em!

I want my money!

Move, motherfucker!
Move, bitch!

Come on, man! Shit!

Get in, man!

Come on, move! Move!

There they go!



Y'all didn't see shit.

Back 'em up.


Oh, God! Look at my car.

- Yeah.
- Damn.

Man, whoa, whoa, we did it tonight.

I know it, man.

I want to take full responsibility
for tonight, man.

I fucked up. I should've paid
Jeezy his money, man.

That's all there is to it.

No, no, i'm glad you didn't
pay them niggers shit,

'cause if you'd have paid them
and they went on,

we'd have still took a loss, man.

Shit, might as well
both take a loss.

I'm just mad i spent my Aruba money
on some damn rap concert.

Yeah, you did.
You fucked up on that for real.

Yeah. I ain't the only one
fucked up.

You fucked up bringing
Mondo into the picture.

Motherfucker almost
decapitated me!

You know me.
I mess up all the time.

You need to worry about
Loli killing your ass

about that wedding money.

I got a perfect solution.

I'm out of the game, Jellyroll.

Don't try to talk me out of it.

We're not doing this no more.
This shit don't work for us.

No, no! How you
gonna stop promoting?

We Modesto's finest,
and you talking 'bout quitting?

Don't nobody come to town
unless we bring them into town.

- You feel me?
- I feel you.

You're the best, man.
It's in your blood.

- It is, man.
- Come on, come on, baby.

It is in my blood,
'cause we be promoters, man.

I'm back! Fuck it, i'm back.

Ticket sales is
overrated any damn way.

Fuck the ticket sales.
We who we are, baby.

We get money, man.
We don't care none about that.


LOLI: Where you at?
I know the snow's over,

Oh, sure, I'm just shooting
the shit here with Jellyroll.

How you doin', baby?

I'm at the after party.
Your coming? It's packed!

It's packed?

Yeah. Jeezy picked up
one of Mondo's flyers, and he's here.

He allmost knocked me down
trying to get in.

- Jeezy's there?
- Yeah!

How long is it gonna take you?

'Bout 20 minutes.
I'll be right there.

What's happening?

Hey, the after party packed,
Jeezy there.

We back in business, baby.
We back in it!


Yo, what up, 'Do!

It's your boy, DJ Scream.

Big shouts out to Mondo
and the D-boys.

Right about now,
coming to the stage,

he came here tonight for the
after party to represent for y'all,

so I want y'all to give me
a warm yeah...

to my motherfucking dog,
Young Jeezy!

Yeah. What up, what up, what up!

What up, Modesto?

I didn't get a chance
to perform tonight

'cause of some janky-ass promoter,

but I mean, your city
has shown me so much love, man,

so I'm gonna show y'all
some love too.

- You got something for me?
- I got you, big dog.

Let's get 'em, Mo. Hands up!

You like how I invested
in this after party, huh?

Yeah, I do.
You know what? Come here.

I like how you invested in that watch,
so I might have to invest in that.

Pay for my wedding,
you understand that?

Come on, Loli.
Let's go, baby.


Just the man I wanted to see.

What's happening, Mondo, baby?

Thanks for getting Jeezy
to show up to my after party.

Told you I knew the nigger, man.

Looks like we are
better promoters, though.

Wait, you saying that to say what?

Your shit was empty,
and our shit is packed!

Beginners' luck, baby.

You gonna need a few more years in Devry
to be a better promoter than me.

Let's go!

Brought to you by Double R, Inc.,
Russell Redds Incorporated,

in conjunction
with Jellyroll Entertainment.

We brought you Young Jeezy
to Modesto, baby!

Yeah, baby!

Like I said.
Russell Redds Entettainment.

along with my myn Jellyroll,
is doing it big. baby.

We doing it big. Look at that.
Ha ha!

Special thanks to SergeiK.