Knowing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Knowing script is here for all you fans of the Nic Cage movie from director Alex Proyas. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Knowing quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Knowing Script




MISS TAYLOR: Everyone inside now!


Lucinda, we're going in.


Lucinda, we're going in.



Now, you remember tomorrow
is our official opening day, don't you?

- Yes, Miss Taylor.
- Yes, Miss Taylor.

And you remember Principal Clark
ran a competition last month

to find the best ideas to celebrate
this very special day.

- Me! Me! Me!
- Me! Me! Me!

Well, yesterday,
the staff selected the winning idea,

and it came from this class.


The winner is our own

Lucinda Embry.

BOY 1: Lucinda?
GIRL 1: Why her?

BOY 2: Lucinda?
GIRL 2: Lucinda?

MISS TAYLOR: Come on, everyone.

We'll be closing our dedication ceremony
with the burial of a time capsule.

- Yes?
- What's a time capsule?


This is a time capsule.

ALL: Wow.
GIRL 3: That's incredible.

Now, I need you
to put your thinking caps on,

because I want each of you to draw

what you think the future
is going to look like.

Then we'll put the pictures in the capsule,
and 50 years from today,

a group of children just like yourselves
will open it up to see what you drew.

Doesn't that sound exciting?

- Yes, Miss Taylor.
- Yes, Miss Taylor.

Let's begin.

That is a lovely spaceship there, Dawn.

DAWN: Thank you, Miss Taylor.
MISS TAYLOR: Well done.

And that is a nice robot, Andrew.
Very good.

Time's up. Everyone hand your work in.

And make sure you write your name
on the envelope.

HAROLD: My name's over here.

MISS TAYLOR: Thank you, Harold.
HAROLD: Thank you, Miss Taylor.

Lucinda, you need to finish up now.

- Thank you.
- GIRL: Thank you.

Oh, Lucinda.

The assignment was to draw a picture.

This was your idea.

Okay, I want you all to finish, please.

PRINCIPAL CLARK: Welcome to all
our friends and esteemed colleagues.

We, the students and faculty
of William Dawes Elementary,

hereby bury this time capsule
in dedication of our new school,

and we charge our descendents

to open this vault of history
50 years from today.

To the future and the promise that it holds.





POLICEMAN 1: Lucinda?

POLICEMAN 2: Lucinda?

I'm certain Lucinda
is simply being over curious.

Can you please help find her?

The cloakroom. Check the cloakroom.

POLICEMAN 3: Lucinda. Henry, come on.

- Lucinda?
- POLICEMAN 4: Come on out now.

POLICEMAN 3: Lucinda?







Oh, my God.

(SOFTLY) Make them stop.
Please make them stop whispering.


JOHN: Caleb? Take a look at this.

CALEB: There you go.

What is it?

Saturn's rings await your approval.

Has anyone found life on other planets?

Not yet. Guess it's just us for now.

CALEB: Okay.
Then how many that might have life?

Well, if you count the number of stars
similar to our sun in this galaxy,

then you factor in the probability that
they have Earth-like planets orbiting them...

There are 10 million possible worlds

with four million mature enough
for life to evolve.

Why do you even ask?

Just making sure if you're listening.

- Where you going?
- To watch that Discovery program.

JOHN: But it's Dad's famous Sunday night
hot dogs on the run...


I can't consume that.
I've decided to become a vegetarian.

Well, when were you planning on
telling the guy

who buys the groceries around here?

Are you deaf? I just told you now, Dad.

MAN ON TV: The cubs are now
six months old and bounding with energy,

but, any parent knows,
this is also a mixed blessing.

- Off.
- No, it's almost over.

You're not gonna be able to concentrate
in class tomorrow.

I don't have class tomorrow.
It's the 50th anniversary, remember?

I remember.


when I said it was just us out there,

you know I was talking about space, right?

I didn't mean heaven, or anything.

- I'm sure wherever Mom is...
- Dad, you don't even believe in heaven.

I never said that, Caleb.

I just said we can't know for sure, that's all.

If you want to believe,
you go ahead and believe, okay?

Okay. Bedtime.

Hey, you and me,

- together forever.
- Forever.

I love you.

I love you, too.



We're going to pose a topic

to get you thinking along the right lines
for your term paper.

It's the subject of randomness
versus determinism in the universe.

Who's jumping in? Jessica?

Determinism says
that occurrences in nature

are causally decided by preceding events
or natural laws,

that everything leading up to this point
has happened for a reason.

That's right. That's what determinism says.

Spencer? Tell me something about the sun.

It's hot.



Temperature's about 10,000 degrees
Fahrenheit on the surface,

- 27 million degrees at the core.
- Good.



A word or two about the composition.

Mostly hydrogen.

Also helium with some carbon
and nitrogen thrown in there.

Excellent. Now, I want you to think
about the perfect set of circumstances

that put this celestial ball of fire

at just the correct distance

from our little blue planet for life to evolve,

making it possible for you
to be sitting here in this riveting lecture.


But that's a nice thought, right?

Everything has a purpose, an order to it,
is determined.

But then there's the other side
of the argument,

the theory of randomness,
which says it's all simply coincidence.

The very fact we exist is nothing
but the result of a complex

yet inevitable string of chemical accidents

and biological mutations.

There is no grand meaning.

There's no purpose.

STACEY: What about you,
Professor Koestler?

- What?
- Well, what do you believe?

I think shit just happens.

But that's me. Class dismissed.

Now, that's some very heavy shit
for a Monday morning, by the sounds of it.

Since when does the cosmology
department audit my lectures?

Since my esteemed colleague
in astrophysics owes me a latte.

JOHN: So what's on
your scientific mind today?

Do you remember Kim's little sister?
Ph-double D's? Remember her?

Is it ethical to say things like that
about your sister-in-law?

What? It's factual. It's peer-reviewed.
I mean, it's like... Anyway, whatever.

- She's in town this Friday.
- Okay.

And she thinks that you're intriguing,
which I thought was code for gay,

but apparently not because she's asked
if you would join us for dinner.

- Yeah, I... I don't know, Phil.
- Come on, John.

Come on, you owe me for last time
you skipped out on me.

- Caleb was panicking.
- Yeah, look, I know.

And the time before that,
he had a sore throat.

- Oh, no.
- What?

- Damn it! Damn it!
- What?

Caleb's ceremony. I'm sorry, Phil.

Hey! Hey! Friday!

I'll think about it!

- (SINGING) This little light of mine
- This little light of mine

- I'm gonna let it shine
- I'm gonna let it shine

- This little light of mine
- This little light of mine

- I'm gonna let it shine
- I'm gonna let it shine

- This little light of mine
- This little light of mine

- I'm gonna let it shine
- I'm gonna let it shine

- Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
- Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Fifty years ago, the students and faculty
of William Dawes Elementary

imagined what the future might hold.

Today, we unveil their legacy.

Now, I'd like to introduce you
to someone very special,

Miss Priscilla Taylor.

Since Miss Taylor was there
for the original dedication,

it's only fitting that we have her
do the honors today.


CALEB: You almost forgot again.

JOHN: I made it in time to hear you sing.
You were the best one up there.

- You could not hear me.
- I could. I swear.


CALEB: Gotta go. They're starting!

TEACHER 1: All right, easy, easy!
No pushing.

Everyone is going to receive an envelope.


Open them gently now. They're very old.

BOY: Miss Taylor! Miss Taylor!

Thank you.

TEACHER 2: Everyone's gonna get one.




- Hello again, John.
- Hello. How's it going?



Hey, what'd you get?

(SCOFFS) Boring.
Everyone else got a picture.

Caleb, could you please watch
where you put this?

I don't want you to lose another one.

It's making funny noises.

Try turning the volume down.


Hey, Dad? You know that kid, Jason,
from soccer practice?


He's having a sleepover this weekend,
and he was wondering if I can come.

Sounds like fun.

They have a boat.

Jason's dad said he might take us out
on the lake.

I'll think about it.

- That means no.
- It means I'll think about it.

(SIGHS) What are you doing with this?

You weren't supposed to bring this home.
It belongs to the school.

But maybe it means something,
like a math puzzle or something like that.

Yeah, that's good, I don't know,
but it's not ours to keep.

Now, you return this as soon
as you get to school tomorrow. Got it?

Okay, let's go. Bedtime.



O'er thy spirit gently stealing

I my loving vigil keeping

All through the night

Goodnight, baby.

Goodnight, Mom.


MAN ON TV: Our tigress lives
in Kanha National Park,

in the forests of Kipling's Jungle Book,

where dawn elephant patrols

ensure this is one of the safest places
for tigers to roam.



Year after year...


Damn it.



Two thousand, nine hundred
and ninety-six.

Come on.

What the hell is this?

MAN 1:
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...

MAN 2: There could be
thousands of bodies here...

Oh, my God.


Dad, we're gonna be late!


MAN: Do you have your knapsack all set?

Thanks for the ride, Mr. Koestler.

Dad, are you sick?

I'm fine.

Don't you think you're acting
kind of awkward today?

Am I awkward?
I just had a lot of work to do last night.



- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.

JOHN: Look at this.

- Look at the numbers beside the date.
- PHIL: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

JOHN: Two thousand, nine hundred
and ninety-six.

PHIL: Right.

That's how many people died
in the attacks that day.

- Yeah.
- All right, stay with me.

I know how this sounds, but I've matched
these numbers to the dates

of every major global disaster
for the last 50 years in perfect sequence,

except for three.

And these events haven't occurred yet,
starting with this one.

So tomorrow, somewhere on the planet,
this number string predicts

that 81 people are gonna die
in some kind of tragedy.

- Whoa. I mean, have a listen to yourself.
- I know.

- It sounds pretty crazy.
- I know.

I mean, even for you.

- What's this?
- Open it.


Why are you showing me this?

The day Allison died in the fire,
it's on the list, too,

from a piece of paper that's been
buried in the ground for five decades.

- Yeah.
- Can you explain that, Phil?

I was up all night going over this.
I went through that list again and again,

and I tried to fault it and I couldn't.

Maybe someone's playing
a really shitty joke...

Right! Right! Except I saw them dig it up!

I watched them pull the capsule
out of the ground

and hand that sealed envelope to my kid.

Okay, let me ask you this, then.

All these uncircled numbers,
what do they mean?

I don't know yet. Maybe nothing.
But the circled...

Maybe they all mean nothing.

Okay, Phil, hey,
can we just start over here?

I'm not saying that 81 people
are going to die tomorrow, okay?

I'm just trying to understand
why this is saying they will.

Okay, it's spooky, all right? I'll grant you.
It's more than spooky.

But just step back, all right?

You have all these uncircled numbers
with no sequence to them.

I mean, numerology,
kabala, Pythagorean cults,

there are systems
that find meaning in numbers,

and they are a dime a dozen. Why?

Because people see
what they want to see in them.

I mean,
that's really what you think I'm doing?

Yeah, I think that losing Allison
has spun you off your axis a little,

and I think it's clouded your judgment.

I'm just saying it's clouded your judgment.

Don't you think?

- Where are you going?
- Off campus.




JOHN: But you do remember her?

MISS TAYLOR: Oh, yes. I remember Lucinda.

She was such a sad little girl.

Would you like some iced tea?

Oh, no. Thank you. Thank you.

Do you remember the day your students
buried the time capsule?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, yes.
The children were so excited.

And what about Lucinda?

That was the day we couldn't find her.

She was hiding in a closet, under the gym,

scratching at the door with her fingernails
like some kind of animal.

Scratching at the door?

- Why was she hiding?
- I'm not sure.

She was holding up the class
writing all those silly numbers.

I had to hurry her along.

Then we found her,

and I knew something had frightened
the poor dear,

but we never could get her
to tell us what it was.

Miss Taylor, my son got
Lucinda's time capsule message.

Do you remember this?
Is this what she wrote?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, Professor, you are testing
an old woman's memory.

- Can you believe it's been 50 years?
- It's a long time.

I believe that's it.

How rude of me.

I never offered you a drink.
Would you like some iced tea?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

I thought maybe I could meet her.

Oh! I'm sorry.
Lucinda passed away several years ago.

I said I'm Caleb Koestler's father.

I'm calling to find out
the names of the two janitors

that pulled the time capsule out
of the ground yesterday at the ceremony.



I'm not sure I understand
why that would be a problem for you.

MAN ON PHONE: Yes, sir, we're afraid that
that's privileged information.


- Who was that?
- I don't know. Just some guys.

What did he give you?

Just this. Kind of cool, isn't it?

What did I say about talking to strangers?

Have you done your homework?

Give me 10 more minutes of practice.

I don't want to have to ask you twice,
Caleb. Come on.




Hey, stranger.

At what age do we learn to knock?

I said I was going to drop by on my way
to the graveyard shift, remember?

- Didn't you get my message?
- I've been busy.

Can you not play with my things?

- You're always busy.
- Yes! Yes.

GRACE: How's my nephew?
JOHN: Decided to become a vegetarian.

- GRACE: A what?
- Why, you got a problem with that?

You're not feeding him Dad's famous
Sunday night hot dogs again, are you?

You know, if you want someone to take him
off your hands for the evening

so you can go out, you know,
like normal people do...

I appreciate the offer, but we're fine.

And, believe it or not, Caleb and I have got
a good thing going here.


Yeah. So you can report
that back to headquarters.

Mom says hi. So does Dad.

Grace, don't.

GRACE: I get that you don't like
being the son of a pastor.

I am the son of a pastor.

That's fine.

- You're still his son. Can't you let it go?
- Can't he?

You know he asks after you
every time I see him.

- He worries about you.
- He said that?

- He doesn't have to.
- Right.

You're going to have to speak to him
one day, you know.

This can't go on forever.

You know it's what Allison wanted,

for Caleb to have a grandfather,
and vice versa.

Okay, I'm going. I'm going.

By the way, Grace, how are you?
How's your life? What's going on for you?

- Thank you, John, for asking.
- I have to get up early in the morning.

What have you got going on?
I'll say a prayer.




And at the ASX 200 index in Australia,

one of the bigger losers today
so far in the recession,

down about 1.5%...

The dispute has now lasted
for some three weeks,

with talks yet to resolve the issue.

Experts say solar flares this weekend
may disrupt cell phone communication...

- Experts.
...and some satellite transmissions.

The problems can...

MAN 1 ON TV: The attorney for the family
talked to reporters

after the press conference today.

MAN 2 ON TV: The price of oil
hit yet another record.

MAN 3 ON TV: A devastating fire
burns out of control in the Gulf.

That story leads our headlines
at the top of the hour.

Plus, all the latest world news
at midnight on October 15th.

JOHN: Eighty-one.

MAN 3 ON TV: Tonight, in the Gulf of Mexico,

an explosion on a soon-to-be
decommissioned oilrig

triggered a fire which burned
for three hours before it was extinguished.

Officials don't yet know
the exact cause of the explosion,

but believe a malfunction in
the cooling system may have been at fault.

MAN 4 ON TV: Our last run into the rig...

MAN 3 ON TV: Due to the prompt response
of the rescue unit,

the structure was evacuated
with no loss of life.

Farmers across the Midwest are continuing
to feel the effects of a record drought...

Across China and Southeast Asia...

BOB: And here's Carl with the weather.

- Looks like a scorcher's on the way.
- CARL: That's right, Bob.

The forecast shows more high pressure
moving in later this week.

It seems our Indian summer
is set to last a little while longer,

so don't put away your hats
and your sunscreen just yet.

Temperatures are set to reach
another record high this week.

Thunderstorms are blowing across...


- Hello?
- Dad, where are you?

You're on carpool this afternoon.

Caleb, I am so sorry.


I'll pick you up in 10 minutes. Okay?

Okay. Bye.


FEMALE VOICE: William Dawes
Elementary School, alternate route.

No alternate route available.


Hey, you've dialed Phil and Kim.

We can't get to the phone right now,
so please leave a message.

Hey, Phil, it's John.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

I kind of freaked out on you, didn't I?

Well, look, I'm not ready to meet anyone
in any kind of special way, you know,

but I would like to take you up
on your offer for dinner.

I think it would be good for me to just,
you know, get out of the house and...

The uncircled numbers are locations.

This location.

POLICEMAN: Get back in your vehicles.
We'll clear this up in a minute.

Get these people back in their cars!

We can open up the far lane.

MAN: What's going on?
Can we get through or what?

Hi. Is everything okay?

I'm sorry, sir,
but you need to get back to your car.

- Anybody hurt?
- A couple of injuries, but nothing serious.

MAN: Get down! Get away!


Hey! Hey!





WOMAN: Help me! Please!

Help me!

Help me, please! Help me!





Are you okay, sir?

Step back, sir. Step away.


WOMAN ON TV: Today we witnessed one of
the worst days in recent US aviation history

when four planes crash-landed
across as many states from Maine to Miami.

One tragically ended in disaster
when Flight 74 from Pittsburgh came down

2 miles from the runway near
Logan International Airport and exploded...

Can you go upstairs
while I talk to your dad?

No act of terrorism
is expected to be involved.

The National Transportation Safety Board
is looking into possibilities

that a malfunction in the navigational
systems of the planes caused the crashes...

- You didn't tell him anything?
- Of course not.

First estimates put
the presumed dead at 81.

- GRACE: Do you need to talk?
- NTS is linking

possible navigational malfunctions

- to an unprecedented level...
- I just...

... of electromagnetic radiation
from a series...

I just want to sleep.

Government officials are quick to reiterate
that at this time

no act of terrorism is suspected
to be involved.

What happened, Dad? What's going on?

Truck broke down on the highway.

It's more than that, isn't it?

I'm going to bed.

Get your homework done.

And you should go to bed, too.
No TV tonight.

- Why? I always watch an hour of TV.
- No more questions, Caleb.

I can ask questions when you tell me
things to do that don't make sense.

You won't let me play soccer,
you won't let me stay over at Jason's,

and now you won't tell me what's going on

and why you're acting so weird all the time.

I'm not a kid anymore.



Oh, my God. John, you... You were there?

The date, the number of dead,
the GPS coordinates, lat and long.

- Why didn't I see that?
- It wasn't coincidence.

I drove past at the exact moment
the prediction came true.

It's not coincidence.

Okay, John, I didn't say it was.

So what are we calling this?

Two unrelated events,
digging up a time capsule, plane crash,

combined to create a significance
for the subject, you?

I keep seeing their faces,


Oh, man.

Okay, look.
We're way beyond the bounds here, John.

We don't have a frame of reference.

There could be multiple meanings
to consider.

There are two disasters left.

What are you saying?

The numbers are warnings meant for me.

They might just as easily
be a warning to stay away.

You could have been killed today, John.
Caleb would have been orphaned,

and you want to go put yourself
back in harm's way?

Two disasters left.

Right now my scientific mind is telling me
to have nothing more to do with this,

and yours should, too.





Caleb, what's wrong? What's wrong?


It's okay. It's okay.

It's just a bad dream.

It's just a bad dream.



You stay away from us, you hear?

Want some of this?

CALEB: One, two, three...

- Got your hat, honey?
- Yeah.


Caleb, why don't you check out
the dire wolf?

- I'll catch up with you, okay?
- Okay.

Do you know that all wolves are born deaf?


But, you know, when they get older,

they can hear another wolf's howl
from 10 miles away.

Wow. How did you know that?

I read it in a National Geographic.

WOMAN ON PA: Mammal responses to rising
temperatures and other climate changes...



Is that your daughter?

- Yeah, why?
- Why? That's my son,

and they look like
they're already best friends.

Yeah, Abby's probably telling him
about the animals.

Even as a baby,
she was completely fascinated with them.

Yeah, he's the same.
He likes extinct animals.

I'm John.

Hi. Diana.

What are they doing now?

JOHN: Caleb's showing her something
in sign language.

- I'm sorry. I didn't realize...
- He's not.

Sounds just get jumbled up sometimes.

He has a hearing aid, which helps,
but he's not deaf.

He is an expert in sign language.

I don't think it's ever been this hot
in October.

Air conditioner must be out.

CALEB: Dad, can we get a drink?

Can we get one, too?

Hey, would you and Abby like to join us?

Sure, that'd be nice.

Abby, this is John.

JOHN: Hey, Abby.

ABBY: What's that over there?

DIANA: It can be tough sometimes,
because, you know, I'm by myself.

JOHN: I know how you feel.

- You're a single parent, too?
- Yeah.

I kicked him out years ago.

He couldn't keep his hands to himself,

so I decided he couldn't keep me
to himself either.

Well, it's... It's his loss.

And you? You're separated, or...


we didn't meet here by accident.

I need to talk to you about something,

ask you something about your mother.

My mother? What about my mother?

Did she have some kind of ability?


A gift of some kind?

- Who are you?
- Yeah, it's awkward. You don't know me.

I'm John Koestler.
I teach astrophysics at MIT.

My son goes to William Dawes Elementary,

which is the same school
your mother went to.

Fifty years ago, she put this
in a time capsule. It's a list of dates,

events that I think
she believed would happen.

Look, I don't know
what any of this is about...

And I thought if I could talk to you
or your father...

My father's dead.

I think it's possible that there are people,
like your mother, Lucinda,

who can see things before they occur.

Abby, we're leaving!


I followed one of your mother's predictions

and I watched 81 people burn to death
in that plane crash yesterday,

when she said it would happen,
where she said it would happen,

and there was nothing I could do about it.

She says 170 people will die tomorrow
in New York City,

and in three days' time,
October 19th, 33 more.

Stay away from me and my daughter.

Abby? Let's go, honey. Come on.

Stay right there. Diana?

Diana, I think this has something
to do with my son.

DIANA: Get in there, honey.

I don't know how, or why,
but I think he's in danger.

So I'm asking you please, please help us.

I can't.



MAN ON TV: A class-action suit
brought by the families of the victims

is meant to be heard beginning next month.

Commuters along the Eastern Seaboard
are reassessing their travel plans

in response to an FBI warning
of a possible terrorist plot.

The Department of Homeland Security
raised the national threat level

from elevated to high
after intelligence reports suggested

an attack on a major East Coast city
may be imminent.

Police have urged citizens to stay vigilant.


how may I direct your call?

The attack will take place tomorrow at
the corner of Lafayette and Worth Streets.

Cordon off the area from midnight.
Are you clear on that?

Sir, let me patch you through
to our agents...

Please! Do exactly as I say
or many people will die.

This is not a crank call.

You said you'd take him off my hands.

(WHISPERING) I know there's something
you're not telling me.

(WHISPERING) Don't let him watch the news.

MAN ON RADIO: Well, traffic on the FDR
right now is looking pretty heavy,

this gridlock we're looking at
probably won't let up for hours.

Most of this traffic is headed
downtown to the Westside...

Why hasn't this intersection
been sealed off?

Excuse me?

I said why hasn't this intersection
been sealed off?

- Didn't you get the tip-off about the attack?
- Sir. Sir, please calm down.

If you'll accompany me,
we'll get this matter taken care of.

Sir, stop!

MAN: Hey, man.

I got him. Let's go! Move! Move!


Suspect sighted. Platform three.


Out of the way! Let me through!

Forward car.


- Get off the train.
- Why? What's wrong?

Just take the baby and get off the train.

What's your problem, pal?

Hold it right there, sir.

Transit police. I'm asking you to stop!

That's him! You have to stop him!

Transit police. Turn around.


Put your hands up!

Please! Please, I won't do it again,
I promise! I'll give them back!

I'll give them back! I'll give them back.

CONDUCTOR ON PA: Next stop, Spring.


Move back! Move back!


MAN: Get out of the way!








FIREMAN: (MUFFLED) Move outside.


MAN 1 ON TV: Make their way through
the massive tangle of wreckage...

... New York City subway disaster since...

It could be the result of a terrorist plot...

Federal Aviation Administration officials

are investigating a possible link
to the electrostatic bursts

believed to have caused
the Lexington air disaster of two days ago.

And NO AA, the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration,

remains silent tonight.

But with the devastating subway crash
in Manhattan,

power cuts in Long Island
and two more emergency...

Grace. I got held up by work.
I'll be over in 30 minutes.

No, I'm fine. I'll see you in 30 minutes.

DIANA: Three, four, five...
ABBY: Five, six...

Caleb, go inside.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Want to check out the house?
- Sure.

You said October 19th?

My mother used to talk about that day
all the time.

She said it was the day I was going to die.

DIANA: All my life I've had this thing
hanging over my head

and Abby's.

I just don't believe
anyone can predict my future.

And what does it matter, anyway?

We all die in the end.

I don't want to know what my future holds.

Last year, my wife was on
a business trip to Phoenix

a few days before my birthday

and a fire started in her hotel
at 4:00 in the morning.

The investigators said
that Allison died of smoke inhalation.

Died in her sleep.

She wouldn't have known
anything about it.

While she was dying,
I was at home, in the front yard.

I always thought
you were supposed to sense

when the people you love are in danger,

but I didn't feel anything.


I was just blowing leaves off the lawn.

I'm so sorry, John.

Well, but my point is that from then on,

I decided that no one can know
what was coming,

and life was just a string
of random accidents and mistakes.

And then I got that list.

If that had come to me before Allison left,
I would have saved her life.

I need to know.

It's still here.

What's this?

Have you seen this?

Abby used to do this sometimes,
write things backwards,

and that last number, I don't think it's 33.

It's EE.

EE? Initials. Someone she knew?

I don't know.

DIANA: I was nine when she overdosed.

The only time I ever came out here
was with my father

when he identified her body.

She willed the property to me,

but I never came back for any of her things.

When I was little, my mother used
to tell me that she could hear voices

whispering to her,

telling her horrible things.

And then one day,
my dad came and took me away from her.

He said she was sick.

She said she moved out here to get ready.

I never knew what she meant by that.

I made this for her one Christmas.

I never knew she kept it.

She used to stare at this picture for hours.

DIANA: That's where they found her.

In there.

Have you seen enough?

Yeah. Okay. We'll go.






MAN: Caleb.



Come with us.

EE isn't just one person.


Abby, no!


DIANA: Abby!

What? What? What? It's okay. It's okay.

They were here.

Who? Who was here, Caleb?

- Did they hurt you?
- No. They were talking to us.

- What did they say?
- I don't know. They were all talking at once.

They said we could go with them,
if we chose to.

- Who did, baby? Who?
- The whisper people.


Hey, lock the doors.


What do you want with my son?

Answer me!


JOHN: I just know they've been following us
for days.

I think someone's been following me
and Abby, too.

That's why she didn't write
any coordinates down after the final date.

There isn't a single location this time.

Are you telling me that my mother
could see the end of everything?

That we're all going to die tomorrow?

She was disturbed, John.
She could've just made it all up.

She's been right so far, Diana.

About everything.

Abby's... Abby's all I've got, John.

I can't let anything happen to her.


Caleb, you really need to sleep.

I can hear them whispering to me
sometimes like Abby can.

Could Lucinda hear them, too?


Yeah, I think she did. Yes.

Are me and Abby gonna die?

No. I will never let that happen, Caleb.

Do you hear me? Never.


Abby, what do you like to eat for breakfast?


What are you doing, honey?

It's the sun.

There's something I need to check.
Get Abby, you're coming with us.


Okay. All right.

Hey, John, what happened?


Talk to me. What happened?

I've been calling you off the hook
ever since I heard about the subway.


Do you remember that paper
on extra-solar activity I published?

Yeah, sure, I remember.

I found evidence of a series of super-flares
from a star in the outer-Pleiades region.

PHIL: Right. Ratings were off the chart.


We were both wrong.
The numbers are a warning,

but not just to me or any random group.

They're a warning to everyone.

Okay. You're officially scaring
the shit out of me right now.

The super-flare, in our own solar system.

A 100 microtesla wave of radiation

that would destroy our ozone layer,
killing every living organism on the planet.

We have to let everyone know.
We have to call the NOAA.

They already know.
The announcement will come anytime now.

I thought there was some purpose
to all of this.

Why did I get this prediction
if there's nothing I can do about it?

How am I supposed
to stop the end of the world?


Go home, Phil. Be with Kim tonight.


(CRYING) I'm so stupid.

I've spent my whole life
knowing she was right

and pretending that she was insane.

If we hide underground,
we've got a chance, don't we?

It's possible.

I know some caves
off Route 40 past Groton.

Hardly anyone knows about them,
but I used to play there as a child.

We could try there, right?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Caleb, put some clothes and shoes
into your backpack.

Diana, load all the non-perishable food,
any water you can, into the truck.

Let's try to be out of here in 10 minutes.

DIANA: You start. I'll get some bags.
ABBY: Yeah.



JOHN: Allison wanted me to call you

the day she left for Phoenix.

She wanted me to promise her
that I'd call you.

REV. KOESTLER: I know, Jonathan.

We haven't spoken in so long,
I don't really even know why anymore.

I need to tell you something.


That sermon you preached every year
at Pentecost, about the gifts of the Spirit,

one was the gift of prophecy.

1 Corinthians 12. Yes, I remember it.
The church should respect the prophet.

I have a prophecy.

It's about to be proven accurate.

I need you to respect it
and receive it as the truth.

This heat we're experiencing
isn't going to get better.

It's going to get worse, much worse.

I need you to get Mom and Grace
and any supplies you can,

and get below ground tonight.
The basement, the sewer, the T.

Just get as deep as you can
and as fast as you can.

And that will keep us safe from this heat?

I don't know that, but we have to try, right?


I'm sorry, John, but I'm afraid I'm not
going anywhere tonight or any night.

I appreciate your concern,
but if it's my time, it's my time.

I'm ready whenever the good Lord calls me.

Are you?

- Dad?
- Hello?


- John?
- Dad?


Caleb, let's go!





Caleb, stop!

- Caleb!
- Huh? Huh?

What were you doing?

Did I do that?


This isn't the way to the highway.

Everybody wait here.



John, please, why are we back here?

John, please, what are you doing?
We have to get to the caves.

- We're not going to the caves.
- What?

She knew the coordinates
for this last event.

She tried to write them down.

The teacher said she was interrupted,
ran out of time,

so she scratched them into this door.

She tried to tell us where to go.

You're not making any sense.
Look at you. Look at what you're doing!

The numbers are the key to everything.

Please! Please, John, we need to leave!

We're taking my car. Come on.
Let's go. Keep your bags with you.

Be here, please, be here.

Throw it in the back.

What about Dad?

He's just gotta finish what he's doing.
He's gonna follow us.

We're just getting a head start, okay?







Where are we going, Mom?
Are we hiding from the whisper people?

Yes, baby.
They won't find us where we're going.

Mom, they know where we are.

- How do you know that?
- They told us so.

- You've seen them again?
- No. They just talk to us.

How, Abby? How do they talk to you?

They whisper into our heads.

(CRYING) Oh, God.


Oh, God.

- I want to call my dad.
- The phones are down!

I promise he's right behind us!
We'll call him when we get there!

Wait right here!

WOMAN ON TV: Now let's get back to the
financial markets, if we may, for a moment.

Let's check it out on the grid here this
morning. We've got Treasuries moving up...

MAN: Yeah, thanks. Thanks, man.

Number five.

... India is a better bet than the US
or Europe,

and that the dollar will continue
its long slide...


MAN ON TV: This is an Emergency
Broadcast Transmission.


This is not a test. This is
an Emergency Broadcast Transmission.

- GENERAL: Today, NO AA has concluded...
- Turn that up!

... the solar flares may last longer

and cause more damage to our
infrastructure than we originally thought.

We're recommending that people
stay indoors until further notice.

Bring your pets inside.
Stock up on extra water and, if possible,

seek out fortified underground shelter.

- General, what time is it happening?
- General, excuse me...

GENERAL: The shelters we have
are currently overwhelmed.

The best advice we can offer the public
is to seek your own.


One more question about the warning.

GENERAL: We are assessing this information
as it becomes available.

It was only recently confirmed.

REPORTER 2: Where is the President?

GENERAL: The President and his staff

are currently being transported
to a secure location.

- JOHN: Hello?
- Dad?

Caleb, are you okay?
Tell me exactly where you are.

We're at a gas station. I don't know where.

The damage information regarding
the destructive power of these flares

is a scientific matter,
and I'm not gonna speculate...

CALEB: Are you coming with us?

JOHN: I need you to stay right there.
Get me an...

Caleb, get back to the car now.

- JOHN: Caleb?
- John?

- Where are you?
- DIANA: We're in Westford.

I'm sorry.
I had to do this for Abby and for Caleb.

- I'm taking them to the caves.
- I found the numbers!

They're the location
of your mother's mobile home.

That's where we've got to go.

- Don't do this to me. Please.
- I know how it sounds.

You want us to head toward the place
where this is supposed to happen?

Are you insane?

It's a chance we gotta take
or we're all gonna die!

Stay where you are! I'll be right there!

No! If we go to the caves,
we have a chance!

You said the sun can't reach that far!

The caves won't save us! Nothing can!

The radiation will penetrate a mile
into the Earth's crust! Do you hear me?

Our only shot is to go
where the numbers want us to go.

- It's what we're meant to do!
- No, I don't believe you!

I'm taking the children!
We have to save the children!

Don't you move, Diana! Caleb is my son,
and I'll decide where he goes!

Diana! Caleb! Are you there?





Abby! Abby!

Help! Somebody took my daughter!


Damn it!

Where did she go?

Everyone needs to do this immediately.

We are facing a natural threat
of global proportions,

and there is very little
that this government...

Same thing happened with Y2K.

They are gonna wake up tomorrow morning
feeling pretty stupid.

Thirty minutes ago there was
a woman here. She was screaming!

She was with a kid! He was on your
pay phone! He's a nine-year-old kid!

Some guy took the lady's car
with the kids inside. Drove right off with it.

- The woman, where'd she go?
- That way!

Go lock the door! Stop that, you crazy...

You've got to pay for that! Hey, stop!

GENERAL ON TV: You need to
seek protection from the sun

and it needs to be immediately.

We're facing a deadly threat.

MAN 1: Get out!
MAN 2: I didn't see you!

POLICEMAN: Hey! Get out of here!

- Is she... Where are the children?
- We can't help you now, sir.





POLICEMAN: Calm down, all of you!
Just calm down!






- Okay, call it.
- 12:00 midnight exactly.

There's a man down. We need help.


I'm sorry.



Where is he?

Where's Caleb?

I want my son!

I want my son!



CALEB: Dad, don't!

Are you hurt? What did he do to you?

It's okay, Dad. I'm okay. This is my friend.

They said I can keep him.

Caleb, I want you to come with me.
We're going now.

But we have to go with them.

ABBY: They won't hurt us.

JOHN: Abby, are you okay?

- Your mom wanted to be here, honey.
- ABBY: I know.

The whisper people told me
that Mommy's safe now.

They've been protecting us all along, Dad.

They sent a message ahead of them
to prepare the way,

and now they've come for us.

Who are you?

It's time to go, Dad.
They've chosen us so we can start over.

So everything can start over.

What do you mean? I don't understand.

Why is he saying that, Dad?


What's he saying, Caleb?

He's saying only the chosen must go,

those who heard the call.


I can't go with you, Caleb.
I mean, I can't go with you.

They've chosen us to go.

They haven't chosen us, Caleb.

They've chosen you, both of you.

You have to take care of Abby now.
You have to be strong for her.

(CRYING) No. I don't want to go without you.

They could've taken you away from me,
but they didn't,

because you have to make
this decision yourself.

But you promised.

You said we'd be together forever.

We will be. We will be. I'm not leaving you.

But you gotta go with them.
You gotta go. You gotta go with them.

Caleb, Caleb, listen to me, Caleb.
Stop, stop. Stop. Listen to me. Listen.

We're gonna be together.
We're all gonna be together.

And Mom's gonna be with us, too.

I know it. I know that now. I know it.

Look. Here. Take this.

Take this. Keep it with you.

One day, you'll know what it means.


I love you, Daddy.






Where's Caleb?

Caleb's safe.

We're going to stay on the air
for as long as possible.

All we can say is what
we've been repeating all morning.

Get to any kind of underground shelter.

We've been told the satellite...



REV. KOESTLER: This isn't the end, Son.

I know.


Special thanks to SergeiK.