The Kingdom Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Kingdom script is here for all you fans of the Jamie Foxx and Jason Bateman movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Kingdom quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Kingdom Script


NARRATOR 1: After capturing
most of the Arabian Peninsula

with the help of
the Wahhabi Islamic warriors,

Ibn Saud establishes
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NARRATOR 2: The Wahhabis
were fiercely anti-Western.

They want to
go back in time

to a pure Islam that wasn't
threatened by the West.

SAUDI RULER: It was by chance
that we discovered oil.

We were looking for water.

NARRATOR 3: Despite criticism
of foreign presence in the Kingdom,

the King allows commercial
oil production to begin.

The result is the first union

between Saudi Arabia
and the United States.

NARRATOR 4: To accommodate
the workforce

the first Western housing
compounds are created.

NEWSCASTER 1: The strict Islamic laws
enforced outside of these walls

do not apply inside.

NEWSCASTER 2: West and East
came together in Egypt

when President Roosevelt
and Ibn Saud, King of Arabia...

JAMES BAKER: They want America
present there in the kingdom

because we are their security.

NARRATOR 5: The Saudi elite became
notorious big spenders and lost credibility

and respect among
religious conservatives.

NARRATOR 6: In response to the
U.S. Support of Israel in the Arab-Israeli War,

Wahhabi Muslims pressured
the Saudi monarchy to stop pumping oil.

NARRATOR 7: Those who control
the flow of oil

hold the Western
world hostage.

Prices quadruple.

NARRATOR 8: Oil was
an American national security priority.

NARRATOR 9: The embargo
redefined the balance of power

between the oil consumers
and oil producers.

REPORTER 1: Iraq's battle-trained army
swept across Kuwait's borders at first light.

REPORTER 2: As a Saudi national,
Osama bin Laden offered his services

to the Royals.

He told them he could

bring his army
from Afghanistan

to repel the Iraqi invaders
from Kuwait.

NARRATOR 10: But the Saudis
had a better offer.

A half-million troops
from the United States.

His offer rejected,

Osama took to the streets
and mosques to denounce the U.S. ,

the Royal Family
and their unholy alliance.

Osama bin Laden this week

again lashed out
at the Saudi Royal Family.

SAUDI OFFICIAL: We were tracking
bin Laden since the early '90s.

We stripped him
of his citizenship.


MAN: When it became clear
that 15 of the 19 were Saudis,

that was a disaster.
A total disaster.

Because bin Laden, at that moment,
had made, in the minds of Americans,

Saudi Arabia into an enemy.

We are with you to get to...
The perpetrators of

this cowardly attack.

How dare they say
they are Muslim!

NARRATOR 11: This is a nation
where tradition and modernity

are in violent collision.

REPORTER 4: The Al Qaeda is thought
to have been behind the bombing.

A team of F.B.I. Agents prepare
to investigate the attack in Saudi Arabia.

terrorist attacks showcase the great division

between the pro-U.S. Monarchy
and the extremist Wahhabi militants

within the kingdom.


WOMAN: Yeah, come on! Come on!

PLAYER 1: Here we go.
MAN 1: Let's go!

Here you go, man.

Hey, thanks.


PLAYER 1: Yeah!

MAN 2: Hey, guys, you might
want to move back!

MAN 3: Is this what
you're looking at?

WOMAN: Easy.


PLAYER 2: Give it up!

Come on, move it!

We need a hit. Come on!

Here we go. No-hitter.


Come on. Do your worst.

Hello. How are you today,

Sun is shining.
Wind is blowing.

How bad can I be doing?



KEVIN: And this is the skateboard
that my Grandma Ruth gave to me.

This is my fish Jaws.
And he's a really neat fish.

And this is the day that my daddy says
is the happiest day of his life.

Can you tell us
about that day, Mr. Fleury?

Yeah. You guys want to hear it?
You want to hear the story?


Do you want to hear about that day?
Well, I'll tell you what.

This is December 
and we were at the hospital all day
and most of the night.

And we was waiting on
this little man to come out.

And then all of a sudden the doctor
showed up and said, 'He's not coming out.'


'We got to go in and get him.'

Like a search team, right?
So what she did was...

You sure I can
tell this story?

Yeah, go ahead.

So what happened was,
is they took a tiny little knife

then cut right underneath
the belly button,

and they opened her up

and then took her hands and stuck them
all the way in her belly and disappeared.

And she was in there just rustling
and rumbling and looking for something.

Then she started pulling and pulling
and pulling and pulling

and she was pulling,
and all of a sudden she stopped!

Then she looked at me and said,
'Mr. Fleury, are you ready

'to have your world rocked?'

And I said,
'Well, I guess so.'

And so she starts pulling and pulling
and all of a sudden a head popped out.

And I looked down and I said, 'Kevin!'
And then he looked back at me

and he said...

Daddy! Yeah.

And that was...

That was the happiest
day of my life.

GIRL: Say that again!













Please do not panic,
everything okay.

Come. Follow me, please.
Come with me.

Come. Follow me, please.
Come with me.







Are you getting this yet?

Slow down. I'm at Kevin's school.
What's going on?

Riyadh. We got a lot of bodies
down here, Ronnie.

Hold on, I'm going outside.
I can't hear you. Where exactly?

The Al Rahmah Western
Housing Compound.

Oil company employees.
They hit the compound picnic.


Broad fucking daylight.

They blew up a goddamn
softball game, Ronnie.

I mean, kids and everything.

You understand?

An hour ago.
Get them away from there!

An hour ago. One bomber.
Shooter crew for diversion.


Over there! Jesus Christ.

Fran, you okay?

(SHOUTING) Get them
on the far side.

Yeah, I'm fine. Listen to me, Ronnie.
You got to get out here.

Do you understand me?
You got to get out here.

Don't take no for an answer.

FLEURY: All right, I hear you.
I hear you.

They're not gonna say no.

All right.

Hey. Look, Daddy's got to
go to work. All right?

We're gonna do ceramics.

We're gonna do what?

Well, we'll do ceramics
when I get back, okay?

Who was that?

That was Uncle Fran.

Uncle Fran? What happened?

Some bad things happened.

A lot of bad people out there?

Yeah. But you are not one of them.



Hey, Rex?

How old were you
when your hat was that small?


Come on, buddy.
You got to get up.

We got work to do.

Well, we got to clear out this perimeter.
We got to...

I got...
We got to preserve

some of this evidence.

Get Jack and Steve
to cover on the far side.


The initial attack,

involving a suicide bomber
and at least two gunmen...

...was apparently designed
to lure...

REPORTER and around
the Al Rahmah...

...first responders
to the scene...

...Western housing complex
near Riyadh.

...followed by
a massive secondary explosion.

FLEURY: Numbers so far, 100 plus killed,
200 plus injured.

Target was a softball game.

The killers wore Saudi
police uniforms. Special...

Special Agent Fran Manner
was killed.




Grant? Take a stab
at the bomb sizes.


From the craters it looks like they used
a high explosive, possibly military grade.

Twenty, thirty pounds
of P.E.T.N.

That's something
that they have.

Semtex or C-if they could get it.

That there. God knows.

That crater looks like a plane
dropped a 500-pounder.

Sir? I, already know the answer to this,
but is there any chance in hell

we get to go over there
and use our hands?

If you already know the answer,
why ask the question?

Just thought I'd ask.

SYKES: Look, we're not seeing
this kind of planning and execution

anywhere else, are we?

I mean, these ain't hot-wired
artillery shells

waiting for Humvees
to roll by.

These hits are coordinated.

The planning, timing in big,
broad-daylight, balls-out ugly.

So fucking greedy.

Do we know if they used the uniforms
in the other two attacks?

No, as far as I know
this is the first time for that.

Then you're saying now they got
access to Saudi uniforms?

SYKES: I mean, baby Jesus!

Is anybody taking credit?
Anybody seen anything on the web?

Haven't heard anything.
Tom, you got anything?

We haven't found anything yet.

How do we know
it's not Saudi on Saudi?

Could be. If it's Saudi, then it's
quite probably the work of Abu Hamza.

Osama wannabe.
Lived in Iraq. Afghanistan.

Sir, not to beat a dead horse,

but if there was ever a time for us
to put boots on Saudi sand,

I mean,
don't you think this is it?

There's no way, Adam.
They will never allow it.

Then let's just ask.

The Saudi Royal Family cannot appear
as if they're losing control.

If they lose control of their country,
lose control of the people,

they risk losing
control of the oil.

And that is not gonna happen.

State Department.

'We are in agreement
with the Saudi security assessment

'that any additional American presence
on kingdom soil represents reckless risk.'

AGENT: Oh, come on, risk?

What's that?
That's not a reckless risk?

Fuck it.

You hang tight.
I'm gonna go get access.

Keep your bags packed.
Keep your phones on.

Some of you are gonna
get some calls.









Everyone's terrified,
so nothing moves.

You and your team
aren't going anywhere

and this meeting's
just a circle jerk, Ronnie.

Attorney General Young is
gonna go through the motions

because protocol says
we get an appeal.

We'll be on record,
but you expect nothing more.

I met with Prince Thamer
at Saudi Embassy

15 minutes after hearing
this morning's news.

And after speaking
with Thamer,

I advised withholding
additional U.S. Personnel,

because a large part
of the religious justification

for these bombs is the presence
of current U.S. Personnel.

More boots on Saudi soil

is only gonna make
an already combustible situation

that much more so.

CANAVESIO: My two cents.

The Saudis have not asked for F.B.I. Help.
They've done the opposite.

This is just going to further complicate
an already deteriorating situation

with one of our few remaining
allies in the Middle East.

Rock solid logic.

Well, we would like to be on the record
as saying the F.B.I. Would like

an Evidence Response Team
on the ground in Riyadh now.

Doesn't your team in that country
represent exactly the kind

of target that these masters
would die for?

They'd trade 10 of their own
for one of you.

Not to go after criminals
because they might try to harm you

is really not
a policy of the F.B.I.

See, we try not to say uncle.

We try.

Let me put it to you
another way.

Al Qaeda lost the first phase
of this war.

And they know it.

So a new zero-sum phase
has begun.

'If you're a Westerner
or a moderate Arab

'and you won't join us, we will let loose
the truly talented murderers.'

Men like Abu Hamza.

These are
operational commanders

who plan, organize, train, brainwash,
preach extreme violence.

These are the men
we're fighting.

Duly noted.

YOUNG: Anything else?

Now, as far as
the public's concerned

let's try to view this
through F.B.I. Agents' eyes.

Is that clear?

Sir, how do you suppose this is viewed
through F.B.I. Agents' eyes?

Pardon me?

I said, in this situation,
how do you feel this is viewed

through our eyes?

It's a variation of vengeance.

When one of your own is killed,
agents lose their analytical skills.

Kind of like a...

Thirty-six hours.

We don't do it in 36 hours,
we can forget it.

Agent Fleury, Agent Mayes,

I appreciate your passion.
Quite spirited.

If you were running the F.B.I. ,
you might turn it into Patton's Third Army.

Might be a good idea,
I don't know.

My daddy used to fly a helicopter
up in Saudi Arabia.

Is that right?
Now, where would he sit?

Would he sit either here,
or would he sit over there?

No, he used to sit
right here.

And you want to know a secret?


My daddy died in Saudi Arabia.

Yeah. Your daddy died
in Saudi Arabia.

You know your daddy
was my friend, right?


So that means
that now you're my friend.


So, since we're friends
you promise to take me flying

when you know
how to fly this helicopter?


Good. Good.

What sound does it make
when it takes off?



What about...


Yeah, like that, huh?

That's when it's coming in.



How hard you gonna hit
the Royal Family tomorrow in your column?

I'm gonna hit them
with a fucking sledgehammer.

The bombings or other things?

What's other
than the bombings?

I know you've been tracking
our investigation on Al-Haramain, right?

Yeah. Royal Family's donations
that end up blowing shit up.

Yeah. Seat's taken.

I need a favor.

I don't do favors, Ronnie.

Listen, Elaine, when this thing breaks
and it's gonna be real,

I'm gonna bring it
to you first.

I'm listening.

I need you to call Thamer
at the Embassy,

tell him that the F.B.I.
Is getting ready

to lay out major Saudi VIP indictments
dealing with charity financing

out of this Boston investment firm.
We're gonna freeze a lot of Saudi cash

and roll out some
hardcore embarrassment.

And you tell them
I'm heading up the investigation.

And I'm not the nicest
kid on the block.

That's accurate.

And all I need is
15 minutes tonight.


Come on. Exclusive.

I know you like exclusives.

I'll see what I can do.

Your Excellency,
Special Agent Ronald Fleury.

Listen, can we talk inside?

There's too many people in there
that know both me and you.

I would like to keep this
as discreet as possible.

I know you have a busy schedule.
It's just, so many people in there.

Why don't we
pull up here and talk?

I had an interesting conversation
with a reporter from the Post.

She exaggerates a lot of things.
Me, I consider myself a friend.

A friend of Saudi Arabia.

I just need a little cooperation,
that's all.

What kind of cooperation?

Like clearance to land

on the Prince Sultan's
airport tomorrow.

One month would be
as soon as we could.

One month. This is gonna go
down one of two ways.

One, the F.B.I. Has evidence that
two Royal Family wives donated

$10 million to three
Arab-American cultural centers

right outside of Boston,

and that some of that money
got to Jakarta

and these mosques, and they have
training camps right next to them.

It's just weird to see
little kids playing

and then not-so-little kids
playing with guns right next door.

It's just odd.
Don't you think?

You have no proof of this.

How do you know?

It's gonna be big.
It's gonna be a big story.

I mean, it's not just gonna be
in the metro papers.

It's gonna be in the Omaha Herald,
places like the Terrell Tribune.

You, you ever been
to Terrell, Texas?

Good chili.

What is your point?

I want in immediately.

Define immediately.

Right the fuck now immediately.

So, what was
Fran Manner to her?

He taught her how to shoot.

She introduced him
to his wife.

And he got her
into the Bureau.

They celebrated her graduation
at the IHOP

until some townie called
Janet something.

I don't know,
something not very nice.

So the townie didn't see Fran
coming out of the head,

but he definitely felt
Fran's uppercut shatter his jaw.

Really? And he didn't get
bounced for that?

No. No, Fleury took care of it.

Yeah, I do know the post in Riyadh was part
of the deal Fleury cut to save Fran's career.

Thank you. Janet, what did Fleury whisper
to you this morning?

Grant's age is a liability.


LEAVITT: Hello, sir.

Thanks for volunteering.

Yeah, actually I didn't.

Well, thank you, anyway.

LEAVITT: We're going to Riyadh?
Is that right?

SYKES: State Department said yes?

LEAVITT: White House?


We bringing security?

This is really gonna suck,
I think.

LEAVITT: All right, well
that's very questionable.

MAYES: Dog giving birth.

W-H-E-L-P-S? Whelps?


Bitch giving birth.
Whelp. Next word.

A dog giving birth.

SYKES: Right on.

Is that what you thought
it meant?

I know what it means.

That's why I played it.

And you didn't think it was
a hit and a scream.

Like a 'welt' and a 'yelp'?


I don't have much here,
don't worry about it.

Hey, what are four people
supposed to do

over there in five days,

Aren't you the one that practically
demanded we go this morning?

I didn't say 'I.'
I said 'F.B.I.'

Let's go.

LEAVITT: I got it, I got it!

Here it comes.

False alarm.

What's it like over there
on the ground?

It's a bit like Mars.


Sounds like
I didn't pack right.

Well, I will be looked at with disdain
for pretty much the entire time

we're on the ground.
Kind of like South Virginia.

Hey. Go easy on my kin.




Man, it feels like you got
a beast in there, Fleury.

What is it?
You don't think I'm okay?

I think you're not
entirely clear right now.


Look, you want to go?
We go. I got you.

But you got to check yourself.

I'm checked.

Okay. I'm just checking
that you're checked.

You know, I got 15 ties
in my closet from Fran.

Every Christmas,
he'd give me these ties.

My God.

Fran sent you ties?
He sent me ties, too.

Ties, yeah. Really?

At least 12, 13 of them.

Some of the ugliest ties
I've ever seen in...

Hey, good-looking ties.

Very colorful.
I go fishing with those ties.

I'll take you shopping with me sometime.
I'll show you style.

You'll show me style?

You gotta get
your L.L. Bean on.

You got to? You probably buy your car
batteries and your shirts in the same place.


That's good. That's good.



Colonel Al Ghazi.

Special Agent Ronald Fleury.

Special Agent Mayes. Special Agent Sykes.
Special Agent Leavitt.

You have your vests?
Excuse me?

Vests. You know, stop bullets.
The vests.

Bullet-proof vests.

Yeah, we, we brought them.
We're good, thanks.

Good. I will ask for
your passports and weapons.





There is an Israeli stamp in here.
Is that a problem?


LEAVITT: I've been to Israel
three times.

Got a grandma there.
Is that all right?

It's okay.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
Your two fallen comrades.

If you please go
to the second vehicle.

It's like 150 miles an hour.

You, like, doing
like a breathing thing?

Like a yoga technique
or something?

Do you have a problem with this?
Take the iPod.

Yeah, I have a problem.
I wish that I was as calm as you are.

I like it.
If somebody was tailing us,

they'd stick out.

Standard operation speed.

Hey, explain to the driver
I get carsick.

You've got to shut up.

You ever been
to the U.S., Colonel?

Yeah, I have been there once.

I spent four days in Quantico.

I also saw Michael Jordan play
for the Washington Wizards.

Hey, Colonel, your people got
portable lights on the scene?

AL GHAZl: Portable lights?

SYKES: So we can
work at night.

See what we're doing.
Lights, yes.

We have portable lights.
But your team cannot work at night.

Why? We only got seven days.
We work around the clock.

Five, Mister. You have five days,
and you're not safe at night.

We're safe
during the day, huh?

Listen, were the uniformed bombers
brother soldiers?

AL GHAZl: I don't know.

Driver, are we late or something?
Is there a...

Abu Hamza.

You think he was responsible
for these attacks?

I don't know.

You don't know
the source of the blast.

You don't know
if there was uniformed officers.

Listen, Mister,
Special Agent Fleury.

Forty-seven of my men were
blown into hundreds of pieces.

That will take months
to collect them.

Eighty thousands of officers
across all the country.

Thousands of people
that can forge identity.

I apologize. I'm very sorry
I don't have definitive answers.


LEAVITT: Hey, driver, driver, driver!


AL GHAZl: It's a camel.

That's, well,
it's good practice, huh?

Maybe slower,
next time we'll recognize livestock.

Okay. The bathroom
through that door.

We tried to give you
some privacy.

Actually, I want to put you
in the bathroom,

but if it's okay
with you this. So...

And we try to find
something pink

but I wish it will
make the job.

Okay, tomorrow we will
start working.

I will come in the morning.

See you tomorrow.

Al Ghazi.

Exactly what time are you
coming tomorrow?


What time is sunrise?

Excuse me!
What time is sunrise?

When I open this door.
Good night.


That's against fire code.

MAYES: They don't have
fire codes here, Sykes.

You're in the jungle now, baby.
Look sharp.

Axl, do you have any more lollipops?
Blood sugar's a little low.

Don't cross this pink line.
Stay back.

You're real butch
after a long flight.

YOUNG: 'Contrary to
the State Department policy,

'the F.B.I. Has sent
an investigative team

'to Saudi Arabia. In so doing,
I have come before this committee

'with a painful admission.
I've lost all confidence in the F.B.I.

'Especially its uppermost

That's you, baby.

'Entrenched and outmoded,
the leadership has shown itself fearful

'of the pioneering thoughts this committee
and I have tried to imbue.

'It is thus an agency at contretemps
hindering our every effort.'

And by 'committee,'

I mean the fucking
Senate Select Committee on Terror.

So you're going before
the Senate Select Committee

and not to the President
who appointed you.

Why is that?

I bet the President wasn't
the audience you thought he'd be.

I'll bet the President realized
that you can't have voters asking

why the second longest-serving
F.B.I. Director got fired for doing his job.

For sending agents to Saudi Arabia just
seven months before mid-term elections.

So you want to bet?

Mister Attorney General,
I obviously already have.

I bet my job.

I'm gonna bury you.

You know, Westmoreland made all of us
officers write our own obituaries during Tet.

When we thought the Cong were
gonna end it all right there.

And once we clued in
to the fact that life is finite,

the thought of losing it
didn't scare us anymore.

The end comes no matter what.

The only thing that matters is
how do you want to go out?

On your feet or on your knees?

I bring that lesson to this job.

I act knowing that someday
this job will end, no matter what.

You should do the same.


Which one of you
is Ronald Fleury?

Damon Schmidt,
State Department.

I'm here to make sure
that you get out of here okay.

Is this your team right here?
Yes. All three of them.

Hey, everybody, you're gonna need these.

Good to see you.
Some electrolytes for you.

Take that.
You don't want to drop in this heat.

Do you have any idea
how much trouble you're in?

My boss hates you.

He's furious.

When you get back home,
you're done.

If you make it back home.
Now here comes the Prince.

You hold onto his hand and you make sure
you don't let go of it until he does, okay?

That's good.
We got to dial down the boobies.

We need to cover
these situations.

No verbal response.

All right, everybody,
here we go.

Your Excellency,
Special Agent Fleury

of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
and his colleagues.


You will honor me with
your presence tomorrow at my home.

I'll tell you why this is a win.
You documented it and you're still alive.

I got a plane.
It's fueled up,

it's ready to go,
it's got your name on it.

You guys want to go,
let's do it.

You talk a lot.
A little too much.

You wearing a vest?

You got nothing.
You got nothing, big boy.

You want to tighten up the Kevlar. Okay?
All right. Offer still stands.

I'm always ready to go.

So what'd the Prince say?

That there are more rules
than just not working at night.

Rules? What rules?

It's a slow roll.

This whole trip's gonna be
like deep sea fishing in Florida.

We need more security here
before we go on.

Are you fucking kidding me?
You got a fucking army.

I'm not kidding you, okay?
And don't talk to me with this language.

You pay 700 bucks for a boat,
sit on your can out in the ocean.

Crew jumps around, screams, points,
throws out fish bait, you catch nothing.

Okay, let's go
inside now, please.



This is the kind of
radical circumstance

that could have seriously upped
Shaq's free throw percentages.

I mean, you take a man,
you ship him off to Riyadh.

MAYES: No cell phones,

no girls, no booze.

LEAVITT: Look at this website.

Nothing but being
locked in a gym.

He could have been shooting,
what, 70, 80 percent?

Lakers would still be together.
Kobe and Shaq, lovers forever.

I don't know about that part.
Kobe's a hater.

LEAVITT: Fleury, come here
and look at this.

It's a website that went up
about a half hour ago,

Al Saha dot something.

They so love
to flaunt their work.

Time to go.

You won't need your gear.
Not yet.

That's what I thought.

AL GHAZl: The remaining rules.

You cannot touch evidence,
please leave it.

You cannot question
anyone without me present,

touch a dead Muslim,
or leave my sight at any time.

Your safety is
my primary concern.

I thought your primary concern
would be the investigation.

And you would be mistaken.

I think this is one of those
'something happens to us,

'his head comes off'
kind of deals.

You're our babysitter, right?

We call that a babysitter.

Yeah. Who's running
the investigation?

General Abdulmalik.

He has given us permission to
walk through the crime scene.

Walk through? Shit.
MAYES: Walk through?

You kidding me?

Where are you going,
Mr. Fleury?

FLEURY: You're not in charge.

I'm gonna go find somebody
that's in charge, so I can get

some clarification
on what's going on.

Okay, there is
nothing to clarify.

Yes, the hell there is!
You think I flew over here for 18 hours,

and you gonna tell us
we can walk through?

I don't know what kind of game you playing.
I'm not that guy!

Listen. This is not
a game show, Mr. Fleury.

And definitely there are
no deals made here.

There is me telling you
what you may or may not do.

And there is you doing it.
That's it.

You gonna tell me what to do.

You will be permitted to
walk through the crime scene

when we determine it is safe,
that's it.

Any questions?

By the way,
I don't like your jokes.

What about witnesses?

The witnesses?

So you haven't interviewed
the witnesses?

Not yet.

Can we do that?

We didn't really see anything.

It was so fast and so loud.

So nobody saw anything?

I hit the deck.
The place was going Rambo.

Guns, guns, guns.

We went into our safe room.

Safe room, what's that?
That room right there.

Earl got an allowance of about $15,when we moved here to build it.

We stayed in here,
till we heard the screams.

Yeah, those kids were screaming,
all right.

That's what got me out
of the house. Them kids.

FLEURY: Which kids are those?

Tracy Jackson.
She lived next door.

She was murdered looking out
of her own window, in front of her children.

Jacksons didn't have
a safe room.


Mr. Jackson?


Mr. Jackson. Aaron Jackson?


You keep him away from me!

Hold on, hold on.

Special Agent
F.B.I. Ronald Fleury.

You know what?

That's... Whoa, whoa.

They're the ones
that attacked us.

We don't know that just yet.

That's what I'm here for.

I just need to ask the boys
some questions about maybe something

that they saw the other night.

What do you want to ask my boys
about the other night?

I told you...

What do you want
to ask them about?

You want to ask them about
watching their mother bleed to death?

Is that what you want
to ask my boys?

JACKSON: My 5-year-old boy,
when I got home, had a box of Band-Aids

and he was trying to put
his mama's mouth back on.

Is this what Mohammed
the prophet...

Oh, come on, man,
let's not have a fight.

Is this what Allah wants?
You know that, this isn't...

This isn't gonna bring
your wife back.

Does Allah love your kids
more than he does mine?

Does Allah love your wife
more than he does mine?

Leave me the fuck alone
and do not come back to my house!

I'll leave you alone,
but just...

I should have went home
a long goddamn time ago!

This is the big explosion.

About one hour
into the rescue.

LEAVITT: Where did
the water come from?

They hit a water main?

AL GHAZl: Water main?

Yeah, where'd the water
come from?

From a water pipe?
They break one?

No, it's from the tanks
of this fire engine.

This is the water that didn't,
how you say it, evaporate in the blast.

This truck used to be here?

We think so.

This hole is the case.
Your men are contaminating this.

You understand evidence?
Little things that are clues.

Clues can be very helpful
to a fellow trying to solve a crime.

You want to go into the hole?

Yeah! Absolutely.


All right.

Who was running security?

Security here is
a combination of police

and National Guards of...


Mr. Sykes! Please come back.



AL GHAZl: This vehicle was stolen.

A team outside the blast radius,
shooting at anything, everyone.

Sergeant Haytham ended this part.

Were any of the shooters your men?
Real Saudi police?

No, they weren't.


Nice work.

There were two officers in the car.
Both of them were executed.

And those were your men.
I'm sorry.

Car was parked here,
backed in?


They were attacked
from the front,

so they must have assumed
they were fellow officers.

These guys been
identified yet?

Not yet. It's likely that the four men
prayed in the same mosque.

That's enough to identify them?

If it's in Suweidi, yes.

LEAVITT: Suweidi?

MAYES: Suweidi's a known
militant stronghold.

Al Qaeda could recruit
from the storefronts.

Is there any way we can check out
those surrounding buildings.

Like especially
that one right there.

AL GHAZl: Why?
From the posting

on the Internet

the attack was filmed
from a high vantage point

and that building right there
looks over the whole crime scene.

It's outside the walls.

Come on now,
this is damn insane.

We got enough security to
invade North Korea and Suweidi...

You don't know
what you are talking about.

Can we just ask?


All right. We'll be
in the Community Center.

LEAVITT: How many virgins
will be available to you upon entry

into the afterlife here, if you follow
what the zealots follow in this stuff?


That's incorrect.



FLEURY: Hey, buddy,
how you doing?

I'm in Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, you remember
where I showed you on the map?

Well, right now I'm sitting
in the gym-slash-hotel.


What? Yeah, Fran is,
Fran's around.

We, we... Yeah, I saw him.

He is...
He's, he's tall as ever.

Yeah, and
we're looking for the bad guy.

And I'm gonna get some sleep.
Yeah, I'm gonna go to bed.

I love you, too.
All right, bye.

We have permission.




FLEURY: There's the building.
That's the rooftop.


We have a problem.

What's the problem?



Hey! Hey! Hey!

All right, easy, easy, easy.
Fleury, stop Fleury. Careful. Leave it!


Al Ghazi!

Tell me he didn't
blow out my eardrum.

Is it fucking bleeding?

It's all right.
There's no blood.


Come on, you okay? Let's get up.
Janet, you okay? Let's get up.


Are you okay?
Come on, Janet.

Are you okay?
No, are you okay?

He slapped you.

I'm good. I'm good. Thanks.

You sure? Let me look at you.

Okay. Thank you.

All right.
Come on, let's go up.


Fleury, look at this.

There's the front gate,
the police car and the bomb site.

And look.
That's about the same angle, right?

Yeah. Al Ghazi, have you seen
the video on Al Saha?

Look. Look right through there.
Same exact thing.

This is too pretty of a plan
to be hatched in just one day.

He had to come here
a couple of times.

This man is a Saudi.

See, if foreigners were here,

someone would say something.

So maybe Abu Hamza?
Could be.

Yeah. Then we should ask around.
Get out of here and some people...

They won't tell you anything.

Why not?

He's like Robin Hood to you.

People feel
sympathy to him.

Well, we know two things.

We know he was Saudi,
we know he was here.

That's two big answers
in two minutes.

Imagine if we had
a couple of days.

General Malik, he's got
his heart in the right place,

but he is clearly
not an investigator.

Now listen.
Let me help you.

It's a detonator. Where you...

Yeah, it's a gift
from us to you.

We found it at the bomb site.
Run with that.


Hey, where,
where are you going?

You got a lot of evidence here.
We'd like to bag it.

No, no we have five minutes...

Fucking bullshit.
We're here to collect evidence.

Why you say this bad word?

We're not fucking
tourists here, all right.

Why you say these bad words?

I'm getting the kit.
Fleury, talk to this guy.

I would bring a soap
and wash your mouth!

What do you think?



LEAVITT: Yeah, it's Leavitt,
not Livette.

I'm not a goddamn

Tonight we have the dinner
in the palace.

Miss Mayes,
she can't be there.

It's only men.
Only men?

Yeah, you know, tradition.

That's gonna be boring.
No women?

No. Just men.

No women allowed. All right.

Only men.

You wait.

Janet. He wants to
tell you something.


How's your ear? It is good?

It's the right one
or the left?

How many princes are there?

AL GHAZl: Over 5,000.

Does every prince get
a palace this big?

Some get bigger.

LEAVITT: And who pays
for all this?

SYKES: Exxon? Chevron? Shell?

AL GHAZl: Serious now, the Prince will
talk to you like subjects.

If he gives you to hold
his raptor, do not flinch.

It is a compliment.

LEAVITT: His what?
Hold his rapture?

His talons slice bones.

That right?

That's my most prolific hunter.

I try to teach his friend
over there,

but I fear it is something
you are born with or not.

PRINCE: You agree,
Mr. Ronald?

Innate or not at all?

I do.

PRINCE: What have you seen
so far in our kingdom?

I know that I can arrange a safari for you
and your colleagues.



I'll tell you what I've seen.
I've seen...

I've seen that the man that planned
the worst crime in your kingdom's history

is without a doubt Saudi.

If you walk three kilometers
from the compound,

you will find the rooftop
where the attacks were planned.

I've seen a person in this room
who's 'born with it.'

Colonel Al Ghazi. Everything that
I'm telling you Mr. Al Ghazi told us

while he was observing the crime scenes
and protecting us.

He wasn't even on duty.

So I agree with you that instincts
like this cannot be taught.

Not to falcons,
and definitely not to SANG generals.

I know you want him caught.
We want him caught.

So let us help you.

America's not perfect, not at all,
I'll be the first to say that,

but we are good at this.

Allow us to help your men
go catch this criminal.

AL GHAZl: The rules
for tonight still stand,

but tomorrow is a new day.

SYKES: All right, Ghazi.

Look at you Mr. Al Ghazi.

Coming through.
You feeling your power, huh?

Yeah, of course.
You feel his power?

He's real powerful.

AL GHAZl: We made a success
tonight, correct or not?

We need to party.




Okay. Give him half,
you keep half.

Tell him pass them out
around the compound,

see if they recognize anything.


Let's go.

Need a little check? Huh?

You big queer.
I can... Never mind.

Gonna have to get
a little dirty, people.

Yeah, you got to get dirty.
Nasty, filthy!


All right, fellows, what we need to do is
get this water out of here.

So we can see what's
really going on down here.

You understand?

See, something drivable
blew up.

Let's dry up this hole to see
if we can't figure out what she was.

All right?

Who's got a pump?


Yeah, a pump.
Pump out the water.


You cannot touch any Muslim.

So tell me what to do,
I'll do it.

Yeah, come over here then.
Take this.

This finger also? I push it?
Yes, please.

Really clean on the...
That's what's important.

Okay. Good. The non-Muslim bodies,
where are they?


HAYTHAM: We have them
in the next tent.

I need to see them.

FLEURY: Just take a look at these and
see if you recognize any of them please.

Oh, those are horrible.

No, I'm sorry,
I don't recognize either of them.

You know, that chair outside
looks like it gets a lot of wear.

It looks comfortable.

(CHUCKLING) Yeah, it is.
That's my mom's chair.

FLEURY: She spends
a lot of time out there?

Yeah, all day.

All day, huh? Where is she?

She's sleeping now.

Then let's wake her up.

MADDY: I've seen him.


Like a week ago.

Twice, I've seen him
watering with the garden crews.

And I thought that was funny.

FLEURY: Funny how?

He was a Saudi, I'm pretty sure.
The gardener.

Well, Saudis, like Americans

don't do manual labor.

Blowing leaves is
beneath them.

The gardener. We know who he is.
I want to take you somewhere.


Someone who can lead us
to catch the big dogs.

More like the big fish.

AL GHAZl: Big fish?

Yeah, big fish.

A dog... A dog is more bigger
than a fish.

Yeah, I don't...
I didn't make it up.


Don't count on me
To do the things I've done before

So why'd you get into this,
Al Ghazi?

Into what?

Being a cop. Why'd you
get into being a cop?

I mean, with all this
violence and chaos, it seems so crazy.

It's because of...

The Green Beast.
The what?

The Green Beast.

What the hell is
the Green Beast?

It's a TV show when I was kid.

You know,
a man who turns green

when he's very angry,
he turns green and...

Oh, oh, oh, yeah, the Hulk.

Yeah, you know. He was killing just
bad people, because they did wrong.

Yeah. Yeah, 'Don't make me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.'

Ah, you know
also Steve Austin?

Yeah, Six Million Dollar Man!

FLEURY: Now, that's my shit.
That's my shit.

What? You need bathroom,
you mean?

No, no, no.

I can stop here if you want.
No, no, no.


Cause when those lights go on at night

And light up the playgrounds then



Sir? Thank you.

Something cooking.

That's a gurney.

Son of a bitch.

You know what those sons of bitches did?

They blew up an ambulance.

Oh, man. Now that is nasty!


I'm 42 years old.

I have two daughters
and a son.

Beautiful son.

And I find myself in a place
where I no longer care

about why we are attacked.

I only care that 100 people
woke up a few mornings ago,

had no idea it was their last.

When we catch the man
who murdered these people,

I don't care to ask
even one question.

I want to kill him.

Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

So, is your first name Colonel?


Your first name.
What's your first name?




Officer Faris.

Friend, hold up!

Shit. Give me that shovel.

Oh, we got something good, man.

That grapple?

Get the keys to it.
I need it down here.


Thanks, bud.

AL GHAZl: See that man,
through the window?


Izz Al Din.

He joined bin Laden when Al Qaeda
brought the fight to the Royal Family.

Does he know
where bin Laden is?

No, no, no, no, no.

'Cause that'd be a real big promotion
for me, if I could get that one.

He turned himself in last year
during an amnesty.

He's now part of a new government effort,
to balance the experience of Saudi youth.

Oh, he's doing
community service.








The man who made war
on Al Rahmah is someone his age.

A man who can plan mass murder
of women and children

and then go home
and sleep soundly,

that kind of man is
supremely difficult to catch.

How does he know
he slept soundly?


Because he hasn't stopped.

You stop only when dead faces
don't let you sleep.

Is that why you quit?

Seventeen days without sleep
will make you quit anything.


American military detonator.


How would they get it?

There are several ways to get
this military equipment.

But not everyone can get it.

Could Abu Hamza get 'em?

Absolutely, yes.

Then ask him if he knows
where I can find Abu Hamza.

Did you say something funny?
'Cause I didn't say something funny.

Abu Hamza, he is like ghost.

Abu Hamza like a ghost.

Yeah, I got that.

I understood that.

You need...

Yeah, prayers, luck and...



Every bomb maker at some point
gets bitten by his own work.

Okay, chief.

It's hospital identification.

SYKES: You know it?

Call it in.

LEAVITT: Look who got
the big clue!

It's some pretty soft skin,
I'll bet you, too.

You know,
that mud looked pretty good.

Hey, hey, come on,
that's my only shirt, Grant!


The ambulance was stolen
from King Fahd Hospital,

three days before the bombing.


I got 20 men that rotated shifts
on the stolen ambulance.

One of them is very important.
He's in our interest.

His name is Muaath Al Abdullah.
This is Fahd Al Abdullah, his brother.

The one that Haytham shot.

So where's Muaath?

We are going now there.
Let's go.

Bring your vests.





Fingerprints are
on the other side.

I'm not looking
for fingerprints.

Then what are you doing?

AL GHAZl: Fingers.



Pictures of the compound.
American Embassy.


AL GHAZl: Japan.

It's the Coalition.
All these countries have troops in Iraq.

This is meaningless, man. This is pointless.


What he say?

The Prince.



Was anyone hurt?

No, nothing.
Everything under control.

Were there any pictures taken?

No picture. Nothing, the team was safe.
Everything good.

I'm taking them out of here.
They're getting on a plane

as soon as the Prince leaves, all right?
Where are they right now?

They are inside.
Are they?


Hello. Yes, sir,
everybody's safe.

No, I'm next
to the corpses right now,

but I don't think
this is the end of this, sir.

To me this doesn't feel
anything like senior leadership.


Yes, sir, I do. I do.

SCHMIDT: Fleury!



Schmidt, you all right?

You sure?

All right.
Don't throw up on your tie.

Want some water?
No, I'm fine.

You sure?

You lucky bastard, Fleury.

You won the hand
on the river card.

Schmidt, we didn't
win anything.

These are just teenagers.
Kids. Insignificant.

I'm looking at one, two, three,
four bad guys, a whole lot of guns.

This is good stuff.
You did good. Pack up.

Revel in the fact that when you
get home, for a few weeks,

your shit's not gonna stink.
All right?

Turn those frowns
upside-down, people.

This will be pitched as a stunning
Saudi-only counterpunch,

killing those responsible
for Al Rahmah.

The Al Jazeera is gonna play up the fact
that there's an F.B.I. Presence here.

Hello. Put that down.
Put it down.

Yeah. You got it.

It's time to go home.
The four of you are on a plane now.

Four vehicles will be left behind
when the Prince and the press leave.

You'll convoy straight to B.A. Flights
into Dulles.

Last-minute fares come out
of all your pockets.

I tried to get you an upgrade.
Doesn't look good.

Check at the counter. All right?
You guys are heroes. Fly safe.

I'm going straight
to Diamond Dan's

and I'm gonna order
six P.B.R.'s.

Pabst, Sykes? Really?

Yeah, first thing.
Best beer on the planet.

MAYES: Is that how you get laid? You go
and you take a couple Pi-Phi's and you...


So, Al Ghazi, what do you think?
What's going on in that head of yours?

LEAVITT: Haytham, you guys drink
that stuff, Pabst?


HAYTHAM: What is it?
AL GHAZl: It's a small win.

LEAVITT: It's beer.

FLEURY: Reminds me of when
they hit the towers, first time, in '93.

You remember
how they caught the cell?

Car bomb.

He went back to get
his deposit on the rental car.

$400. Stupidity.

Then nine years later
they come back.

I got a feeling
I'm coming back too.

Yes, you will.

Yes, you will.

I didn't even know
you could still buy that.

MAYES: It only comes
in keg form, doesn't it?

SYKES: Oh, Schlitz,
Pabst, sure.

LEAVITT: Do you think they just hand
that blue ribbon out? Do you?

LEAVITT: It's not just some cute little name.
It was just Pabst.

And then they won a ribbon.

And now it's
Pabst Blue Ribbon.

You ever have canned beer when

you're doing sensitive work?
LEAVITT: Haytham?

You guys have Pabst Blue Ribbon out here?
Oh, you don't even have

beer out there.
SYKES: No, you can't drink beer.

MAYES: They don't have beer.
HAYTHAM: No pork, no beer.

MAYES: Yeah, I used to do
keg stands in college.

LEAVITT: Oh, yeah?
Well, what, does that mean that you

don't like things
that are awarded the blue...

FLEURY: Brake!



LEAVITT: I'm still locked in.
Get me out.

FLEURY: What are they doing?
Hold onto him!

MAYES: You gotta take that.

FLEURY: Hey, Leavitt, hold on!
Don't do it!

MAYES: Hold on! Hold on!

FLEURY: Come on, Leavitt,
hold on, baby.

LEAVITT: Fuck you!

MAYES: I got you!



LEAVITT: Fleury! Fleury! Fleury!

MAYES: There's more of them!

LEAVITT: Fleury! Fleury!



We gotta move!


Al Ghazi, you've gotta put your foot
in this motherfucker. Let's go!

I put it! I putting foot!

I'm gonna fucking kill them!

FLEURY: We cannot lose him,
you understand? We can't lose him.

If we lose him, he's dead.




Give me a MAC. Give me a MAC.

AL GHAZl: I see it!

FLEURY: There he is right there,
let's go!

Yes, yes.

Let's move. Let's move.
Take the left, take the left, take the left.

FLEURY: Let's go, let's go,
let's move.

SYKES: Come on, faster.

You've lost him!
Damn it, you lost him!

I have not lost him!
I see him! He is in front!

There he is, there he is!

Punch it! Punch it, Al Ghazi!


MAYES: Watch it, he just turned,
he just turned.

He's up there.
He's right there, don't lose him.

Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out, watch out!


Khaled! Khaled!

MAYES: He went to the left!
FLEURY: Take a left!

You're gonna lose him!
Do not fucking lose him!


AL GHAZl: No, no, it's Suweidi.
This is not good area.

We shouldn't be here.
We shouldn't be here!

Suburban to the right.

Mercedes. Mercedes straight ahead.

All right.

We're in it, we're in it, we're in it.
FLEURY: You got it.

Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Reverse! Reverse!

Move, move, move.



SYKES: Cover!





Move, Al Ghazi!

You good?
I'm good.




Cover me!

There's a blood trail!

There's a blood trail
going into the building!





Are you good?
Yeah, yeah, fine.

We gotta get backup.

AL GHAZl: Look,
we don't have time.

We need two to backup here.
The other three go inside.

Okay. You good, Sykes?

Yeah, I got backup!
MAYES: Go, go.

FLEURY: Let's go.
AL GHAZl: Go, go, go, go, go!

This is very bad neighborhood.

Yeah, no shit.




Which side of the door
you think Allah is on?

We are about to find out.






It's okay! Malesh! Malesh!

Stay here! Malesh! Malesh.
Stay here! Stay here!






Leavitt! You okay?

Haytham! I got this!

Go inside and see
how they're doing.



You okay?

Oh, I have something.


Abu Hamza.

Get out!

Put it down! Put it down!

You put that fucking gun down!

MAYES: Put it down.
Put that gun down.

Put it down!
Put that fucking gun down!

Put the fucking gun down right now!
Put the gun down!





Go, go, go, go.

Hold on. Fuck.
Hold on, buddy. Hold on.

Hold on. Hold on.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, fucking breathe.

It's okay. God, he's just a kid.
He's just a kid.

It's all right, I got you, I got you,
I got you, I got you. I got you.

I got you. Just calm down. Relax.
Relax, relax. Gotta breathe.

You gotta breathe, you gotta breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Relax, relax. You gotta breathe.
You gotta breathe.

Let's get a fucking ambulance!

We got 'em. We got 'em. We got 'em.
We got 'em, okay? We got 'em all.

Just relax. Relax, baby.

Come on,
you gotta stay with us.

You gotta stay with us.
You gotta...

Faris! Faris!

Yeah. We got 'em, baby.
We got 'em.

My condolences.
Thank you.

This is his son, Sultan.

Sultan. Hey.

Tell him that his father
was a very brave man.



He asks if you know his father.


I knew your father,
your father was a good friend of mine.


All right.

Thank you, Sergeant Haytham.

Thank you.

Thank you, man.

This is to keep away
your worries.

Thanks, man.

We testify next Tuesday.

Fleury goes first.
But I'm gonna go through it

with each of you one-on-one,
in advance, just to make sure

we're all on the same page.

If they ask you, if we've talked about
any of this, the answer is

unequivocally no, okay?

You did outstanding work over there.
You hold your heads high.


Tell me what you whispered to Janet,
in the briefing, to get her to stop crying

about Fran, you know,
before all this, before we even got airborne.

What'd you say to her?


You remember?

I told her we were
gonna kill them all.


Special thanks to SergeiK.