Law Abiding Citizen Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Law Abiding Citizen script is here for all you fans of the Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Law Abiding Citizen quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Law Abiding Citizen Script

 Hey, Mister Tambourine Man 

 Play a song for me 

-  In the jingle-jangle morning... 
- "B."

-  I'll come following... 
- "A."

You having fun, sweetheart?



Well, I hope you're doing
better than me, baby.

- What are you making?
- A necklace for Mom.

Yeah? Let me see.

Wow. Another one?

- Yes.
- Honey?

That's two today.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


- Yeah?
- Waiting for the help to get that?

I thought you and I were the help.

- Go wash up for dinner, pumpkin.
- Okay.

Mmm, smells nice.
That takeout?

Mommy, look at-


No! Ahh!

Oh! No no no!

You can't fight fate.

We gotta get the fuck out of here.
Come on!

Oh! Oh no!


- What the fuck are you doing?
- No!

Fucking stop!
Let's go!

Just shut the fuck up!


It's cool.

Kids like me.

No! Heather!

No no!

- Nick.
- Bray, what's happenin'?

Willis is a rowing buddy of mine.
Where are we on his kid's case?

- Willis?
- Yeah.

- Oh, I kicked it down to juvie.
- Why did you do that?

'Cause the case was a dog.
The kid was only 15 years old

when he committed the murder.

You wouldn't want to jeopardize
your 95% conviction rate.

- It's actually 96%.
- 96% now?

Yes. You gotta keep your books
better than that.

You know, if I didn't know any better,
I'd say you were gunning for my job.

You do know better.

And you know that I'm aiming
much higher than that.

They filed a motion to dismiss,

but there's no way that
Judge Abrams honors it.

I think that we can
get him on RICO.

All that time and that's
what you come back with, Sarah?

You might want to reevaluate
your research skills.

- What else have we got?
- She's right.

Mr. Rice?

RICO's designed
for this kind of thing.

Check out section 901 of
the Organized Crime Control Act.

And you should let Sarah
try this case too.

Mr. Rice, last I checked,
I was running this room.

She's already done the leg-work.
I'll oversee it.

I mean, Helen Keller
could try this case.

Okay, Boy Wonder,
she fucks up, it's on you.

Cantrell wants to see you.

All right, I'll be right there.

No, Nick.
He wants to see Nick.

You still torturing Bringham?

Let's just say I'm less impressed
with his Harvard degree than he is.

Well, we can't all have
gone to Fordham.

I went to Fordham night school.

You know what I learned
in Fordham night school?

Law school's got nothing
to do with law.

Guess you skipped the course
on inter-office politics.

All I need is a jury to like me.
Isn't that what you told me, Jonas?

The Shelton case-
where are we?

It went sideways last night-
Judge Burch.


Bad news. What now?

- Let's make the deal.
- They killed a little girl, Nick.

- It's an imperfect system.
- And we its imperfect servants.

- However you could win this case.
- No, can't take that chance.

Some justice is better
than no justice at all.

You need to tell the husband.

That's part of my job.

Good, because he's waiting
for you right now.


- How are you doing?
- Good. How are you doing?

Good. Sit. Sit.

Well, I didn't hear back from you

and made some notes
on the case.

I had some good ideas.

Yeah, let me
take a look at it.

Well, they're just-

I was gonna talk to you
about those.

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me, Clyde?

Yeah, of course.

Darby has agreed to testify
against Ames.

With Darby's testimony,

Ames will go
to death row.

Um, what about-
what about Darby then?

Darby will plead
guilty to murder.

- In what degree?
- Third.

He serves, what?
Five years...

at best?

I don't understand.
I'm sorry.

We had a setback. The judge ruled
that the DNA was inadmissible.

- What?
- Exclusionary rule.

The opposing counsel
maneuvered it.

You said this part of
the case was clear-cut.

We had the blood on his shirt-

It's covered under
the same rule.

What about the rest of
the forensic evidence?

It's not conclusive, Clyde.

Okay, that's okay.
'Cause I saw- I saw their faces.

I saw them do it.
I mean, he killed my little girl, Nick.

You blacked out, Clyde.
Your testimony won't be reliable.

You get on the stand and
the defense will tear you apart.

No no, the jury's gonna
believe me though.

- Because it's the truth! We can-
- We can lose.

And then we'd have nothing.

You will waste a whole year,
spend millions of dollars,

and then both of them could
end up going free.

Nick, both of them are guilty,
especially Darby!

- You know that.
- It's not what you know, Clyde.

It's what you can
prove in court.

Please don't make a deal
with this man.

Please don't make a deal with this man.
He's a monster-

I'm sorry, the deal is done.
I'm sorry.

I made the deal.

How could you do that?

This is just how
the justice system works.

Listen, I know you don't
think it right now,

but this is a victory for us.

Your office has certified
this agreement?

Yes, Your Honor.

Mr. Reynolds, any great insights
to share with the court today?

I'm a defense attorney, Your Honor.
I don't have many of those.

No, Your Honor.
No insights.

Good, then I trust that we can
move forward with Mr. Ames's trial

unimpeded by continuances.
A triaI date is imminent.


There's no cell phones
in my courtroom, Mr. Rice.

- We've been over this-
- I'm sorry.

- and over this, over this...

Yeah, I had some
exigent business I-

Next time it's mine.

- Ah, you married?
- Excuse me?

Are you married?

Please fuck this up
so I can destroy you.

I wish ill for no man,

but Ames deserves to
suffer for what he did.

I mean, you can't
fight fate, right?


Once you make a decision,
live with it- move on.

This job, your best asset's
a short memory.

Don't beat yourself up. Too many other
people out there doing that already.

Look, there's some of them
right now.

Isn't this where you tell me
some type of old fable

or wives' tale-

All right, all right, I got one.

Marcus Aurelius hired a servant
to walk behind him

as he made his way through
the Roman town square.

And this servant's only job

was to whisper in his ear
when people praised him,

"You're only a man.
You're only a man."

- Okay, man?
- Okay, man.

- Okay, man.
- That's some bullshit.

That's good.

I don't think you even know
what that story means.

You're missing the point, Nick.
It doesn't matter what they say.

Okay, I got this now.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,
one at a time, one at a time.

So you'll be seeking
the death penalty?

- For Rupert Ames, we will be.
- And for Darby?

He has pled guilty to murder,
but he is a cooperating witness.

The DA's office has committed
all of its resources

to ensure that justice
will be served.

Did you make any kind of-

Do you think this is
a fair sentence for Darby?

I just wanted to say
thanks for being in my corner.

It's nice when
the system works, right?

Get away from me.

Move. Move.

Let's go.

- Nick?
- Hey.

Nuh-uh, what happened?

What happened to what?

What's wrong?

You call my job boring. "C-"?


okay now...

you gonna tell me
what's wrong?

Can I talk to my daughter
for a little bit?

- Oh, please. No no no.
- Gonna lay down.


First of all,
this is your father speaking.

- Yeah, she didn't know that.
- You never know.

I want you to stay in there
as long as you can.

'cause there's a lot
of crazy-ass people out here.


Your mother's a hardass, but-

I'm right here.

And Daddy- Daddy wants you to
come out and be Daddy's little girl.

I want her to come out
'cause she's on my bladder.


Anybody seen my phone?

- Hey, have you seen my phone?
- It's not strapped to your hand?

No, it's not strapped to my hand.

- Daddy?
- Yeah?

You're not gonna have
some of my French toast?

- French toast? You made French toast?
- Mm-hmm.

I can't, honey.
I'm running late.


All right, here- Mmm.

- Mmm, that's good.
- Thank you.

- You did this by yourself?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm just gonna take
this whole plate to work.

All right- no.

You're only 10 years old?

- You better than your mother.
- I heard that.

Smells good in here.
Your lifeline.

'Morning, baby.
Give me a kiss.

Mmm! You going to your daughter's
recitaI this afternoon?

Um, I thought you were gonna
order the DVDs.

Video's not the same, Nick.

Mom, it's okay.
Dad's got to work, I know.

See? It's all right. Dad's got to work.
And what is Dad doing today?

- Lock up bad guys.
- And why does he do that?

- To keep us safe.
- Yeah.

She understands.
'Cause he wants us to be safe.

- Baby, get your cello.
- All right.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

- Little Julia Child.
- Mmm.

You know she's
10 years old, right?

- You know that?
- I know that.

She doesn't understand why
you're never around.

This good-guy, bad-guy stuff-
that's just talk to her.

Don't do this, come on.

I can't come today.

You know you have not been
to one recitaI-

- How many has she had?
- Enough.

Well, we'll get the video,

we'll sit down and we'll
watch it together as a family.

I love you.

All right?

- Thank you for the toast.
- Love you.

- Love you too!
- Bye.

Love you.


- So how's Chip?
- It's Chester.

What happened to Chip?
I liked Chip.

There is no Chip.

And now there's no Chester.
He kept calling.

- Sarah, that's a good thing.
- I know, but I kept cancelling.

My caseload's crazy.

You know you don't have to
go to this if you don't want to.

Yeah, I do. I...

What's it like?

No biggie.
Like watching somebody fall asleep.

Except for
the not-waking-up part.

Does it bother you?

Not anymore.

Sarah, your legs are looking
real good in those heels.

Fuck off.

What are you doing here, Reynolds?
Your DVD player broken?

Ames has no family. I felt like
someone should be here for him.

Wow, that's nice.


Rupert Ames, do you have
anything you want to say?



What I did that night was wrong.

I should have never been there.

But I swear to God,
I didn't kill those people.

The wrong man's dying here today.

The wrong man's dying.

That's all.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Ahh! Fuck!


Ahh! Fuck!

Oh, God.

- Oh, God.
- Take her- take her out.

- What the hell is going on?
- I don't know.


What could have caused
the unexpected reaction of the inmate?

We'll keep you informed.

You okay? Huh?


So somebody killed the guy
you were trying to kill?

What are we calling this?

Clear violation of his
Eighth Amendment rights-

- cruel and unusual punishment.
- Law schooI.

Yeah. The machine-
how does it work on a good day?

It's designed to be pain-free.

It's three drugs administered
in a specific order.

From this point on, we're operating
under the assumption

that the machine was corrupted.

We're gonna need a list of all
the people with access to that machine.

- My people would not do this.
- I appreciate that, Warden,

but I'm gonna need more than
a hall pass and a note from Mom.

Detectives, got this off
the back of the machine.

- Check it out.
- Let me see it.

Right there.

"Can't fight fate."

What is it, Nick?

During the home invasion,
Ames's accomplice

said to one of the vics,
"You can't fight fate."

And then he said the same thing
to me in the courtroom- prick.

I can't remember his name, though.

Have a look at this-
your guy?

- Clarence James Darby.
- He's a cutie.

- You got history with him?
- Put him away.

All right, three years. That the going
rate for murder these days?

There was extenuating

The only extenuating circumstances
should be he didn't do it.

Still, three years at Marion?
Fucking gladiator academy.

You expect him to come back
a modeI citizen?

Well, if you scholars wouldn't
contaminate the crime scenes,

I could keep them
locked up longer.

Authorities have refused
to comment at this point,

but foul play cannot be ruled out.

The prisoner had been on death row
for the past 10 years-

his name, Rupert Ames.

All we know at this point

is what was supposed to be
a painless execution

has turned into something
out of a horror film.


- Clarence Darby?
- Who's this?

coke on the table,

bitch on the floor- life in prison.

Who the fuck is this?

Look out your window,
south side.

- Is this a joke? Get up!
- Ahh!

South side.


Shit. Out of the way!

- Stay down!
- You're all crazy!

He's heading north!
Go go!

- Damn.
- Move it, move it. Go on!

- What now?
- Wipe the prints off the gun.

- Get rid of it.
- No no.

You fired six times, genius.
You bring any ammunition?

- Lose it.
- Why are you doing this?

I want to keep you
out of prison.

See the abandoned factories?
Go toward them.


There's a cop car there
with a cop in it.

What the fuck?

I Tasered him, but he'll be waking up
in about 90 seconds,

so you'd better move.

Rise and fucking shine, bitch.
Wake the fuck up!

Let's go!
Start the fucking car!

- Okay!
- Do it.

- Take it easy, take it-
- Come on!

- Okay, let's go.
- Take it easy.

Let's go!
Get in gear, shithead, now!

Do it! Go go go!

Get the fuck out.

Let's go.

Get the fuck down there!

Okay. What about my wife?
My little girl?

- I'll never see them again.
- Fucked up, ain't it?

Oh oh oh.

You don't mind if
I take this, do you?

My guardian angel.

I am impressed.

You know why I'll never see
my wife and little girl again?

'Cause you took 'em from me.

You remember me?

Sure you do.

You came over to my house
once before.

You don't remember?

This tetrodotoxin...

should be nicely into
your system by now.

It's isolated from the liver
of a Caribbean puffer fish.

So it paralyzes you,

but leaves all the other
neurological functions

perfectly intact.

In other words, you can't move...

but you feel everything.

It does absolutely nothing
to blunt the pain.

And you're about to
experience more of that

than you could ever
fucking imagine.

These are tourniquets

so you don't bleed out,
'cause you may be here a while.

Saline solution-

that should keep us going.

Clamps- nice and secure.


You really are shaking.

Sure you're all right?

You'll love this-


Now this is so you
don't pass out.

There you go.

How's that feel? Good?

Now what we don't want
is you swallowing your tongue,

so bear with me.

Now this is for your penis,
but we'll get to that later.


for your eyelids,

in case you insist
on fucking shutting them.

You see,

I know what it feels like
to be helpless.

just like when I watched you
slaughter my whole family.

You know you can't
fight fate, right, Darby?


And look-
I made this especially for you.

You like it? Yeah,
I didn't want you to miss anything.

Now you have the best
view in the house.

You hear that?

Your heart is beating so fast.

No, me too.


Now they get to
watch you suffer.

They'll be the last thing
you ever see

as I cut off every single one
of your fucking limbs.

See, I wasn't lying

when I told you that I wanted
to keep you out of prison.

That was the truth.

Thanks for the car.

Okay, these are all
the case files on Darby.

I vetted through what I could.
We have crime-scene photos-

Don't need to see 'em.


- What's bothering you?
- It's Darby.

All the crimes he's committed
have one thing in common,

and that was violence.
But yesterday at that execution,

- that wasn't violence. That was-
- What?

- That was intellect.
- Okay.

- What are you thinking?
- I don't know.

I'm just thinking maybe
we shouldn't be looking for Darby.

Jesus Christ.


Good news, Counselor. We found Darby.

I gotta say though,
he's looked better.

They found him in about 25 pieces:

no legs, no arms,
eyelids were sliced off- gruesome.

- Shedding tears for Darby?
- Not quite.

- I see your wheels turning.
- Think motive- who has one?

The husband, the father.
What do we know about him?

He owned the warehouse
where they found Darby.

- What else?
- He's a tinkerer-

uh, little inventions, gizmos.
He holds two dozen patents

that made him some money.

He liquidated most of
his wealth a few years ago

to buy some industrial
properties around airports,

chemical plants,
raiI yards.

- It doesn't add up.
- No, it's weird, right?

Search 'em all, Sarah.
See what you find.


- Get down, go!
- On your knees!

- Face down, face down!
- Pull him down and cuff him!

Crazy men scare
the shit out of me.

Is this guy a lawyer?


He's an engineer.

Nick, look at this.

We have zero evidence.
Gonna need a confession.

He give you any trouble
on the way in?

No, nothing.

He wasn't too happy when
we took his bracelet, though.

- Can I help you?
- Package for the Rice family.

Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Mom, the video from my recital came.
Can we watch it?

- Please?
- No, not you.

No, please, we said we were
gonna wait for your father, remember?

- Please?
- No, not now.


Uh-huh, yes.

Yes, absolutely.


Don't worry, he's just disarming
the guy, letting him feeI easy.

What I'm about to tell you
I don't want anybody else to hear.

As a prosecutor, I'm breaking
all the rules right now,

and I don't give a damn
because I'm a father.

I have a little girl.

And what you did... bravo.

The world is better
without Darby and Ames.

You're not gonna see a tear shed
from me or anybody in my office.

With that being said...

I have a job to do.

I'm gonna ask you some very simple
and direct questions.

I suggest that you
answer them in the same fashion.

Is your name Clyde Alexander Shelton?

Yes, sir.

And you've waived
your right to counsel, correct?

- Yes, sir.
- You sure you want to do that?


Did you murder Clarence Darby?

I wanted him dead.

He killed my wife and child.

Rupert Ames-
did you murder him as well?

Rupert Ames deserved to die.

They both deserved to die.

So you arranged
both of those murders?

Yes, I planned it...

in my head, over and over again.
It took me a long time.

All right.

I guess we're done here.


You might want to canceI
your 12:30 lunch with Judge Roberts.

Excuse me?

In fact, you might want to
cancel the rest of the week,

'cause you're gonna be busy.
Sit down.

We're done here.
We have your confession.

Mmm. Oh, you do?

On tape.

See, in our profession,
we consider that a slam-dunk.

Oh, really?
I don't think so. Let's think back.

What did I say?

That I wanted to kill
Clarence Darby?

Yeah, sure.
What father wouldn't?

That both Darby and Ames
deserved to die?

I think most people
would agree with that.

That I planned it over and over
again in my head?

Yeah. Who wouldn't
fantasize about that?

None of these are
an admission of guilt, Nick.

- You might want to check the tape.
- We know you did it.

Well, it's not what you know,
it's what you can prove in court.

Didn't you tell me that once?

The only problem with your theory

is that Darby's body was
found on your property.

One of my many properties-
an old abandoned warehouse, Nick.

Junkies, they trespass there
all the time.

Isn't Darby involved
in the drug trade?

That's an unsavory world.
I bet you a jury would agree.

Or perhaps someone was
trying to frame me.

You know, Clyde,

there's a lot of assholes in prison
that thought they were smarter than me.

Let's stop fucking around.

Nick, unless you have any
hard evidence,

then why are we even here?
Why are we having this-

- What do you want?
- -conversation?

Well, that's easy.

Now you're the one who
makes deals with murderers, yeah?

So I've come to make mine.

I will give you a confession,
a reaI confession.

You just have to
give me something in return.

Yeah, well, since you
are a murderer, what might that be?

A bed.

But a nice bed.

I want a nice new one
for my cell.

Very simple.

You're gonna have to deal with that,
because the one I have is lumpy, Nick.

It's making me crazy.

Clyde, I think you've got me
confused with detail people.

See, I don't deaI
with prison conditions.

I believe those cots
are bolted into the cells.

Well, that's what wrenches are for,

You know, one of those new
Duxiana beds

with the adjustable- you know,
adjustable lumbar support,

- that's the one.
- I've seen the commercial.

- That's the one I want.
- Those are nice.

- 'Cause really-
- Comes on late at night.

- And frankly I don't think-
- Two old people laying on the bed.

- I'll be able to focus
on anything

untiI I've had a good
revitalizing night's sleep

in my therapeutic Duxiana bed.

So that's the deal:

you get me my bed,
you get your confession.

Okay, let me think
about that for a second.

How about...

fuck no.

Hey, what are you doing?

- What do you mean?
- Why did you tell him no?

A mattress? He doesn't make
those kinds of decisions.

Take your ego out of it, Nick. Shelton's
- this case is shit.

We need a confession.
And a mattress for a murder confession?

- That's a pretty good deal.
- He's playing us, Jonas.

Well, then we will play him.


There's an urgent call from your office.
They say you're not answering your cell.

I need to finish up here and then
I will be home as soon as I can.

the things on this video-

Nick, I have never seen
anything like it.

Please come home.

Listen, you need to calm down.
Tell her that it's not real...

- Okay.
- ...and that I love her.

Come home.
Come home soon, please.

- Kelly, did you see his face?
- No.

It was covered with something.
I couldn't see.

Okay, baby, let me finish up here and
I'll come home as fast as I can, okay?


This motherfucker sent a DVD to my house
of him killing Darby.

- What?
- My daughter saw it.

He recorded it?
We've got him.

No no, he had on a mask.
We need that confession.

You still want to bargain
with this man?

The art of the possible, Warden.

Make the deal.

Hey, come on, man! Give us one!

Back problems, Warden-
the worst.

You got bigger problems than that.

It's the have-nots in here, son.

I don't know that I want
to be the one "have."

Turn around.

I don't think he likes me.

Nice bed.

Thank you.

It's a single.

I'd watch my fucking back
around here, you hear?

In the cell, let's go.

We can't put
Clyde Shelton anywhere-

not in a job, not in a city,
not even the country.

So I dug a little deeper and I found
something from his missing years:

a couple of contract payments to Clyde
from the Department of Defense.

- And his real estate?
- He bought nine properties

under his own name,
then he transferred them

to some corporation in Panama.

We can't get to the addresses.

A lack of reciprocity
is our problem.

So I'm gonna circle
back to the farmhouse.

That's a waste of time. He wanted us
to find it and find him there.

It's the industrial stuff
that's curious.

All right, I don't care what you
have to do and who you have to piss off.

If we have to invade
Panama again, fine.

Clyde is hiding those properties
for a reason. Find him.

Got it.

- Baby, you leave it cracked?
- Hmm? Yeah, I left it cracked.

- Night light?
- Isn't she too old for a night light?

Yeah, I left a night light.

- Good.
- Look,

I told her that
that video wasn't real.

- Okay.
- It's some sort of horror film-

something she shouldn't
be looking at anyway.

- Okay, good.
- She'll be okay.

Yeah. And you?

- Am I what? Okay?
- Yeah.

Of course.
Don't I look okay?

- Hmm?
- Yeah.

Nick is always okay.

Always- I'm extra good.

I love you.

I love you too.

In light of Mr. Shelton's
economic means

and his potential flight risk,

the egregious nature of both
Mr. Ames's and Mr. Darby's deaths,

the state requests that
bail be denied, Your Honor.

Seeing as how you've...

waived your right to
counsel, Mr. Shelton,

do you have anything to say?

Mr. Shelton?

Do you have anything
that you'd like to say, Mr. Shelton?

Yes yes yes, Your Honor.

- Should I stand?
- Please.

Your Honor, I'm a law-abiding citizen.

I'm just a regular guy.

I am not a flight risk.

And this is my first alleged offense.

And the prosecution has not presented
one single piece of evidence against me.

Now in these circumstances,

unless the state has obtained
some new piece of information

relating to my involvement
in the matter in question,

then I find it highly prejudiciaI,
even constitutionally offensive,

to keep me detained without bail.

It's a slippery slope,
Your Honor.

Haven't we seen the result
of such violations,

both internationally and domestically?
Case in point

would be Day v. McDonough,
docket 041325.

I am actually inclined
to agree with you, Mr. Shelton.

Your Honor, Mr. Shelton has
agreed to give us a full confession.

Has he given it, Mr. Rice?

No, Your Honor.

Well, then in my opinion,

the state has failed to establish
a compelling basis

for its motion,
and I will grant bail in the amount of-

Your Honor,
I would caution you not to do that.

Thank you.

Excuse me?

No, I don't think I will excuse you.

You see, this is what
I'm talking about.

You were about to let me go.
Are you kidding me?

This is why we're here
in the first place.

You think I don't remember
who you are, lady?

I would tread carefully, Mr. Shelton.

Well, how carefully
should I tread?

Because apparently
I just killed two people,

and you were about to let me
walk right out that door!

How misguided are you?

I feed you a couple of
bullshit legal precedents,

and there you go- you jump
on it like a bitch in heat.

- Folks, you all hang out-
- I'm warning you, Mr. Shelton!

- -in the same little club.
- You will be held in contempt!

And every day you let madmen
and murderers back on the street.

- You're too busy treating the law-
- One more time!

- -like it's a fucking assembly line!
- One more time.

- Do you have any idea what justice is?
- You are now-

- Whatever happened to right and wrong?
- -in contempt of court.

- Whatever happened to right and wrong?
- Remove this man.

- Whatever happened to the people?
- Bail denied!

- Whatever happened to justice?
- Bail denied!

And I bet you take it up
the fucking ass, bitch.


Hey, see you later, Nick.


That's what you're building
your defense on? Insanity?

Nick, I told you I would
give you a confession.

And I- I meant it.

- I saw a movie today.
- You did?

My daughter saw the same movie.

Well, you taught your daughter
about good versus eviI?

I don't have to.

Well, that's what this movie was about:
good conquering evil,

the righteous prospering,
the wicked suffering.

I didn't get that.

I'm gonna give you
one more chance, Clyde.

And don't test me
'cause I will run you over.

Fair enough.

You did get me my bed.

A deal's a deal.

That was you on video
killing Clarence Darby, wasn't it?

Yes, that was me.

Okay, fair enough.
That was me, Clyde Shelton,

on the video,
killing Clarence Darby.

Not good enough, Clyde.
I need specifics.

I took his fingers with bolt cutters,

his toes with tin snips,

his balls with a hacksaw,

and his penis with a box cutter.

How's that for specifics?

And Ames?

Switching the canisters was easy.
Everything's automated these days,

so I just hacked into
the shipping company's server

and swapped a few numbers around
so the package came to me.

Then I switched
the potassium chloride

with something a little more...

Well, I'm tired of
hearing your bullshit.

I got everything I need.

What now?

I go home;
you go to prison.

You know, the righteous prospering,
the wicked suffering.

That ought to make you
feel better about the system.

What if I had another
confession to make?

Call a priest.

But another confession would
mean another deal, Nick,

so you would have to
give me something in return.

You ever been to Del Frisco's?
They cater.

So for lunch, I would love
a 200z porterhouse steak,

maybe a little bit charred,

with all the trimmings-
pommes frites, asparagus, butter squash.

Fuck you and your pommes frites.

can I have my iPod as well?

I'd love a little bit
of music with my meal.

First rule of negotiating, Clyde: you
gotta have something to bargain with.

Would the life of
Bill Reynolds suffice?

Open it.

Who the fuck is Bill Reynolds?

Darby's attorney.

Tell me you located him.

I've got his wife.
She reported him missing three days ago.

Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds.

Well, looks like I got something
to bargain with after all, Nick.

At the moment,
Bill Reynolds is still alive.

I'll tell you exactly where he is.

Just bring me my meal and
my music at 1:00 exactly.

00 sharp.

00, Nick.

That's good, right there.

All right, up!

- It's 5 to 1:00.
- I don't take orders from him or you.

And inmates don't have
access to the time.

- We tell them what time it is.
- I don't care if he has a Rolex or not.

We need to stick to the timeline
that was agreed to.

Fuck him, Nick.
Let him wait.

Christ, he sawed a guy's dick off.

Whether you like it or not,
we are on his time.

Check it again.

Are you shitting me with this?!

This motherfucker!

Man, come on!
I'm fucking hungry!

Steamed asparagus,

- lobster macaroni and cheese...
- Wow.

...porterhouse steak,
seared, medium rare.



- Napkin, Nick.
- Napkin.

Oh, excuse me, waiter?

You might want to put 30%
down for yourself, my man.

- Hey, what time is it?
- It's 1:00.

Is that right, Nick?

- It's 1:08.
- That's disappointing, Warden.

I mean, how can you expect me
not to fuck with you

when you can't even
be honest with me?

Late or not, Clyde, you have what you
asked for. Now where's Reynolds?

Can I have some silverware,


You get a spork.



Come on, Clyde.


Here we go:




And you'd better hurry, Nick.

'Cause by anybody's watch but
the warden's, you're already late.

- Open the door!
- Where's my lunch?

I'll take a ground unit!

So I suppose if I don't
share this with you, you're gonna-

I'm gonna get the fuck up,

I'm gonna cock back
my right hand,

and I'm gonna split your whole
fucking skull in two. How about that?

Well, come on over here. Join me.
There's plenty to go around.

Here, enjoy.
Have some pasta.

It's good.

What about some steak?
You want steak?

- Mmm.
- Here, have some steak.

Here's a big piece for you.

There you go.

Good, huh?

What'd you do
to get in here, anyways?

I did what I had to do.

So you got a girl or something?

Mmm, it's a long story.

Pilot, how much longer?

Two minutes.

How about you?
You have a girl?

- Got a few girls back home.
- Oh, yeah?


- You have a boyfriend in here or no?
- Get the fuck out of here.

This is- it's Reynolds's.

- Not a good sign, Nick.
- Just dig.

- Jesus Christ!
- Reynolds!

- He's unconscious.
- Reynolds!

He's gone, Nick.
He's gone.

- Oxygen?
- Get something to get him out!

He's got IV lines
going to his-

He's got him cuffed!

Listen, you got your keys
to the cuffs?

- Mmm!
- Mmm.


Oh, God, I'm so happy.

Your lucky day, huh?
Get some food.

Here, wanna take a shot at this?

- What is it?
- Know how to use it?


Oh, shit! Check this out!

He's crazy!

Don't stop now, partner!

Finish him, come on!
Take his head off!

Take it off!

I need a shower, Warden.

Get him out of there!

what time do you have?


Took us roughly 15 minutes
to get here.


Reynolds's air was rigged to
shut off at 1:15.

If Shelton would have got
his lunch on time, he'd still be alive.

Fuck this guy, Nick.

He wants to play games,
we can play games too.

We need to take the gloves off.


Nick, it's Sarah.
Listen, Clyde murdered his cell-mate.

The warden is furious.
He's moving him to solitary.

That's all I know right now.

How are we doing?

Great. Can you believe this?

Checking his iPod for clues.

I do the same thing
with my daughter's.

Learn anything?

Yeah, they both got
shit taste in music.

We got a game plan
with this guy or what?

Game plan?

I tell you, I got a game plan.

Give me five minutes alone with him
and I'll cripple the fucker.

I don't give a shit
what happened to his family.

It's no excuse.


Stop right there.

Step into the cell.

We found Reynolds.

Moments too late,
from what I hear.

I had to call his wife and tell her
that her husband had been buried alive.

Justice should be harsh, Nick,

but especially for those
who denied it to others.

And your cell-mate?
What was that about?

You murdered a man
because your lunch was late.


No. No, you murdered him
because you couldn't keep your word.

We made a deal, you and I:
00 PM.

That's a pretty important principle
I'd like you start learning, Nick:

- keeping your word.
- Oh, really?

What principle was at work when
you tortured and killed those people?

That everyone must be held
accountable for their actions.

You think your wife
and daughter would feel good

about you killing in their name?

My wife and daughter
can't feeI anything.

They're dead.

Hey, Nick?

On Clyde's real estate,
Judge Stansfield shut us down.

He's looking for some sort of legal
precedent that I'm not sure exists.

- But?
- But...

I think I may have found
a way around it.

- I'll call in a favor from a friend.
- Who's your friend?

You don't name your friends
or they stop doing you favors.

Something else Cantrell said.

No, that was all you.
Jonas, hi.

She's thinking just like you, Nick.
Guess you trained her well.

- One day she'll have my job.
- Let's get some air.

Clyde's government contract payments
were bothering me,

so I pulled some ancient strings.
We're meeting someone.

Who might that be?

Someone who does some really nasty shit
so we can live the American dream.

So Clyde finally lost it?

Somebody must have
really pissed him off.

You worked with Shelton,
is that right?

Okay, first of all,
I was never here and we never spoke.

Tell us what we're dealing with.
Shelton was a spy or-

Spies are a dime a dozen.
I'm a spy.

Clyde is a brain.
He's a think-tank type guy.

His specialty was low-impact
kinetic operations.

Is this a hell of a fancy way
to say that he kills people?

We kill people.

He figured out how to do it
without ever being in the same room.

It was his gift,
and he was the best.

One time we're tasking
this tricky target.

I mean, we're using cruise missiles
and predators

and we even had a B-2 bomber
flatten this guy's villa with a JDAM.

All right? We're burning up
millions in ordnance

and we're getting nowhere
with this guy.

So we call Clyde and
we ask him to solve our problem.

Clyde develops a Kevlar thread

with a high-tech ratchet
made of carbon fiber

put in a necktie.

Two days later, Mrs. Bad Guy
comes home,

finds Mr. Bad Guy dead
on the bathroom tile,

choked to death.

What I'm saying is, just assume
that this guy can hear and see

everything that you're doing.

No, we've got him locked away,
maximum security.

If he's in jail, it's because
he wants to be in jail.

He's a born tactician. Every move
that he makes, it means something.

That cell-mate that he killed-
you think that was random?


That's a pawn being
moved off the board.

If I were you,
I'd be looking for the next piece.

Anybody who had anything
to do with that case,

he's gonna be coming after you.

So what are you saying?
You saying we can't stop him?

Walk into his cell
and put a bullet in his head.

Aside from that?
No, you can't stop him.

If Clyde wants you dead,
you're dead.

- Hello?
- Sarah? Sarah, it's Nick.

Set up a meeting
with Judge Burch.

We need her to help us
keep Clyde on ice.

Help us with what, Nick?
The man's in prison.

He's worse than we thought.

- Chester's your boyfriend, right?
- Chester.


Good. Maybe stay a few days
at his place.

And have Dunnigan send
a patroI car to my house.

Sorry about this, Sarah.

I can't supersede the penal code.

You've already got him in solitary.

A half-decent paralegal will have him
out of there by next week.

We just want to limit his options;

give him less contact,
less access,

even if it's just rescinding his
mandatory exercise period for a week.

- Under what cause?
- Whatever cause you want.

Wrap it around whatever
piece of legal doctrine

that helps you rationalize it,
Your Honor.

So let me get this straight:

you want me to violate
his God-given civil rights

in the name of some murky sense
of the greater good.

Is that the gist of it, gentlemen?

Okay. I'm game.

Just don't plan
on it sticking for long, all right?

Wait, you're gonna take that,

after all the grief you've
given me over cell phones?

That's one of the benefits of
being a judge, Mr. Rice.

I can pretty much do
whatever I want.


Oh my God.

Back out. Back out.

Female reporter:... at city hall, though
we are unable to confirm the details,

we do know that
at least one person is dead

in what officials are calling
a possible murder.

We have reporters
on the ground...


Somebody's helping this guy-

a bomb in that phone,
and she doesn't know about it.

Who had access?

Are you okay?

I've survived the war
and two ex-wives. I'll be fine.

How are you holding up?

I'm good.

So you're killing judges now?

In my experience, Nick, lessons not
learned in blood are soon forgotten.

And vengeance keeps you
warm at night.


That's what you think this is about?

What else could it be?

No, Nick, I had 10 years
for vengeance, if that's what I wanted.

You don't think that I watch you
go to work every morning at 8:00 AM?

Or that I watch Kelly take Denise
to schooI, 8:15?

No, I could have slaughtered you
or your family anytime I wanted!

You even think about
touching my family-

you even think about touching
my family...

I do my job.

I'm the best at it.

- It works.
- You were doing yourjob

the way that best served you, Nick-
the way that best served you.

- That has to change.
- What do you want, Clyde?

You at war with the whole world?
It's not gonna bring anybody back.

No, I'm at war with this-

this- this broken thing-

this thing that brought
you and I together.

This broken thing works
for people that are sane.

You think doing what you're doing
is gonna change anything?

You and whoever else
you have helping you

are gonna pay.

I don't think you
have any idea

who's helping me
or what I'm doing.

It's a matter of time.

See, you see the bodies,
you see the smoke,

but the larger picture
still eludes you.

Do tell.

I would like to...

but I would rather show you.

I still have faith in you,
so I'm gonna give you one last chance.

Here's the deal:

release me and drop
all charges by 6:00 AM.

- 6:00 AM, Nick.
- Or what?

Or I kill everyone.

- Hello?
- Yeah, Sarah,

he has to have an accomplice-
probably somebody inside the prison.

We have to go through all the prisoners'
files to find some sort of connection.

Do you want the files
brought to the office?

No, there isn't time. Get everybody
together and bring them to the prison.

We're moving in.

Stop looking at your watch.

Anything from your friend?

This treaty with Panama is a mess.

We can't access anything about
specific property holdings,

but my friend found
this tiny loophole

that grants us access to
Clyde's corporate expenses.

Does that help?

So we match sale prices
of industrial properties sold in Philly

up against purchases made
by his corporation.

Okay, I got it.

- Hey, Nick, can I ask you something?
- Hmm?

Would you do it
the same way now?

Would you still cut
a deal for Darby?

This is the job, Sarah.
We have to make choices.

- But did you make the right choice?
- We made the right choice, right?

I don't know.

I'm 35, Nick.

And there are things-
there are possibilities

that I'm not gonna have now.

And it's okay.
I know it's part of the deal.

And don't get me wrong.
I love working for you.

But I just want to make sure
I gave up those things

for more than just
a high conviction rate.

Do you want any more coffee?


All right.

All right, let's just get focused here.
This guy's not God.

He's not the All Powerful.
He's just well-prepared.

We need to be equally

Take a couple of hours, go home,
come back. We'll get a fresh start.


Come on, old man, let's see if
we can find you some breakfast.

Hey, Nick, get some rest.

Give Chester my regards.
When do I get to meet him?

Oh, he's not ready for that.

'Night, Jonas.

I don't know how
this one's gonna turn out, Nick.

We're gonna stop him.
That's how it's gonna turn out.




In the past 48 hours, six
officials from the Justice Department

have been killed in a series of vicious
and premeditated attacks.

This marks the first time in
the history of the United States

where government officials have been,
by all appearances,

systematically murdered.

We'll continue to follow this story and
bring you up-to-the-minute details...

Nick, I'm sorry to have to do this now,
but we've got something here.

Found this right outside the wall-

radio beacon-

sent an arming signal to the car bombs
when they went through the gate.

Security said they checked
every car before anybody got in them.

They didn't check the gas tanks.
That's where the clever prick put 'em.

Real precise stuff too.

Could have taken out
a lot more if he wanted to.

- What about Nick's car?
- That's the weird thing.

It's clean-
hadn't been touched.

I gotta go.

Jesus Christ.

Privacy, please.

So let me get this straight:

not only do we
know who did it,

we have him locked up
and he's still killing people?

You boys sure
fucked this one up.

The press is gonna kill us.

Can someone explain this to me?

We can't yet.

How did this get away
from you, Jonas?

It's complicated, April.

He's very smart.
He's very angry.

We assume he has an accomplice
helping him on the outside.

I'm not having
this conversation.

I don't care how smart he is
or who's helping him.

We'll release a statement saying we
have suspects, we're following leads-

- nothing alarming.
- Mayor, you have my word,

we are gonna stop this guy.
He's not gonna hurt anybody else.

I'm assigning security to
each of you from now on.

Get this situation
under control, gentlemen.


I bet you don't remember
when I did that.

I bet you I do.



You and your mother are going away
on a little vacation, that's all.

- You like vacations, right?
- Yeah.


But why?

Why not now?


Don't need an excuse, right?

All right.

No phone calls, no credit cards,
no computers- just cash.

Daddy, are you coming?

Oh, yeah, of course.

- Of course I am.
- You'd better, Nick.

It was first grade, hmm?

Your mother helped you
with the spelling.

It was my birthday.

- We need to go!
- Let's go.

- Bye, Daddy.
- Bye.

- Love you, Daddy.
- Love you too.

- Nick, your phone lines are clear.
- Good.

No bugs; nothing's been tampered with.
You're good.

You should have taken my deal.

That's six fucking innocent people.
Is that how you want to play it? Huh?

It's okay.
It's okay, Nick. I know you're angry.

That's good. That's what it takes.
That's how it has to be.

What if I said you was right
and I was wrong?

What if I had said, "Well,
let's take them to trial"? Huh?

Then I would say
you're making progress.

And we might have lost!
And Ames and Darby would both go free.

Don't you get that?


You didn't care, Nick.
You didn't even try.

You could have walked out of
that courtroom with your head held high.

I could have lived with that, Nick.

I keep my head up.

And you will end this.

I'm just getting warmed up.

This is Von Clausewitz shit-
total fucking war.

You fuck.


I'm gonna pull
the whole thing down.

I'm gonna bring the whole
fucking diseased, corrupt temple

down on your head.

It's gonna be Biblical.

Jesus, Nick, she was a good kid.

Did we bring this all on ourselves?

Absolutely not.

You don't actually believe that,
do you?

Gentlemen? Sorry,
but we need to get going

if we're going to make it
to the press conference.

I want to read you something
from my speech before we go.

"We must not give in
to the fear.

We must face
those things we fear the most.

We must appeaI
to our better angels."

Too much?

I'm sorry.

It's just before, when you asked
if we brought this on ourselves-

we didn't.

I did.

When I was young,
I really wanted to change the system.

You know, I was ready to fight.
I was gonna be the best no matter what.

You give an inch here,
you give an inch there,

you get caught up
in the game.

And then you realize that the system
that you're trying to change-

it changed you.

Jonas, I've lost my way

Look, remember what I told you?

The hard part isn't
making the decision.

It's living with it.

Everybody stay sharp.

We're on the move.

- We all right?
- It's dead.

Electrical system's fried.

What's going on back there?

Dunnigan, tell them to
get Jonas away from here.

What the fuck is that?

Get down, get down!

Jonas! Jonas!

- Jonas! Jonas!
- No, Nick! Get back!

Jonas! Get your hands off me!

Jonas! Get out of the car!

Get out of the car! Get off of me!

Please listen to me!



I told you to handle this.

You didn't.

Now we have a jailed psychopath

that's managed to bring this
entire city to its knees.

One of my friends
was just murdered.

More than one of my friends
is gone, Mayor.

What I should do is fire you.

Right now.

I resign.

- Is that your real answer?
- I think that's best.


I'm not gonna allow that to happen.
Bring me the Bible.

I'm not gonna let some criminal decide
whether Philadelphia has a DA or not.

As of now, you're acting
District Attorney.

We'll have a formal
swearing in later.

For now this will suffice.
Stand up.

Put your left hand on the Bible.
Raise your right hand.

Repeat after me.

- I, Nicolas Rice...
- I, Nicolas Rice...

- solemnly swear...
- solemnly swear...

- ...that I will support...
- ...that I will support...

- ...obey...
- ...obey...

...and defend the Constitution
of the United States...

...and defend the
Constitution of the United States...

...and the Constitution of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...

People aren't going to work;
kids aren't going to schooI.

They're scared,
and I don't blame them.

So I'm implementing the emergency
provision of the Philadelphia code.

We're gonna lock this city down.

Starting now, no one moves
in this city unrestricted.

I want a show of force
for the public-

uniforms, detectives,
12-hour shifts.

Put an armed cop on every corner.

If you have to give shotguns
to the meter maids, do it.

There should be no doubt
in people's minds

that this city is secure
and under our control.


Okay, Clyde.
I get it.

Listen, that contraption
that killed Cantrell,

it was a weaponized
bomb-disposal robot.

Can you believe that?

Damn thing had video, night vision-
you name it.

It's like military APl,
for Christ's sakes.

That's anti-tank rounds, Nick.

I think he's saving you for last.

Nick, I'm serious.

I appreciate the insight.

Nick, you gotta get in front of
this guy if you want to stay alive.

I may have a way-

something a friend
is helping me out with.

Who's your friend?

A friend named Chester.
I'll call you back.

Thank you, Sarah.

This is Nick.
Give me the real-estate listing

of every industrial property sold
here in the last 10 years.


You're kidding me, right?

You're saying Clyde
owns this place?

Something about it
sticks out, right?


What- are you gonna do
what I think you're gonna do?

- What about his civil rights?
- Fuck his civiI rights.


There's got to be
something in here.


Remember this from
outside the house?


Get that right there.


Look at this.

Watch your step.

This guy tunneled into prison?

Oh, shit.

Fuck- Semtex.

Got police uniforms,
other disguises.

He tunneled into every cell.

Over here.

He wanted to be
transferred to solitary.

Surprise, motherfucker.

- He's not here!
- If he's not there, then where is he?

Nomos, what happened to your eye?

Oh, long story.

Stop right there, sir.

Let me see your ID, please.

- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.

Turn around, sir.
Extend your arms.

Something going on tonight?

- The mayor.
- Mmm, mayor.

Look at this.

He tapped into the prison cameras.

Jesus, he's got
cameras everywhere.

- Shit.
- Is that your house?


Baby, please tell me you're okay.

Denise- where is she?

Is she with you?
Are you sure?


Stay where you are.
I'll explain later.

I love you.

Von Clausewitz.

Look at that.

He's at City Hall.

You're free to go, sir.

- Sorry for the inconvenience, sir.
- No, don't worry about it.

Better to be safe
than sorry, right?

Get ready to evacuate the building.

We'll need a tactical unit
and a bomb squad.

Bad idea.
Have them come in soft.

If Shelton spots them or
any of us, we're fucked.


- Where's the tactical team?
- En route.

- They're coming in soft- no sirens.
- Bomb squad?

You're looking at it.

Right, okay. We take the north surge;
you take the west.

We'll call.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- IDs, please.

- He's the fucking DA.
- Good for him. IDs, please.

What's going on here tonight?

- Security meeting with all the brass.
- What floor?

6th floor- caucus room.

- What floor is this?
- That's the 5th floor, sir.

Directly below the caucus room.

You catch this motherfucker red-handed,
we gotta take him alive.

Where is he?

What the fuck are we looking for?

Wait wait wait.

Right there.

Stand back.
Don't touch anything.

It wasn't exactly my first instinct.

Can I see your ID, please?

All right, next car, pull forward!


That's napalm, basically.
This shit'll take out the entire floor

and the one above us.

Looks like it's- looks like it's
triggered by this cell phone here.

So an incoming call arms it?

Yeah. Maybe 30 seconds
till boom time.

- Jesus.
- Dunnigan, what are you doing?

- I'm calling the mayor's security.
- We can't.

Clyde is watching. He sees him evacuate
and he will detonate this thing.

We don't tell the mayor anything.

So what do we do?

Wait a second.

We've got something.

He's pulling up.

Mayor April Henry.

Thank you for coming in
on short notice.

I have one simple question.

Why is Clyde Shelton still in my city?

Now I refuse to believe

that one man is smarter
than Homeland Security,

the FBl, the sheriff's department,
or Philly PD.

I don't care how we do it,
or what kind

of obscure legaI justification
we have to invoke, gentlemen.

I don't care what laws
we have to bend.

I am sure that there is a provision
of the Homeland Security Act

that we can activate.

Just get him out of here
by tomorrow.



I wasn't expecting company.

Yeah, I would have-
I would have cleaned up a little.

Never seen anybody
tunnel into prison before.

And the solitary confinement?
That was clever.

Well, that's how winners play.

We convince the other guy
he's making all the right moves.

So did you ever catch my accomplice?

Yeah, I did.

It's the end of the road
for you now.

You played us, Clyde.
You played us real good.

Thank you.

You know, I'm glad you finally
get to appreciate

some of the effort that
I put into all of this.

Well, you set out to
make a point, Clyde.

You made it.

No, people still don't get it.

They don't appreciate what I'm trying
to say, Nick, but they will soon enough.

A man I cared about
once told me

that we can't retract
the decisions that we've made,

we can only affect the decisions
we're going to make from here.

- Are you trying to save me now, Nick?
- I'm giving you a way out.

Big difference.

Stand up for those principles
you've been preaching.

See, we're all held accountable, Clyde.
That includes you.

Why don't we do
the right thing here?

I'm doing the right thing, Nick.

You just have to see it that way.

By murdering all those people,

all you're doing is
destroying the memory of your daughter

and causing the same pain
that you're suffering from.

So what do you suggest, Nick?
Make another deaI?

One finaI offer?
Is that what it is?

I don't make deals with
murderers anymore, Clyde.

You taught me that.


Well done. Bravo.

Maybe I wasn't such
a bad teacher after all.

If you go through with this, Clyde,
it's a decision

you'll have to live with
for the rest of your life.

I'm sorry, Nick.

Me too.

Like I said, Clyde,

it's a decision you'll have to
live with for the rest of your life,

which I figure by now
is about 25 more seconds.

 Ain't seen a night 

 Things work out right 

 Go by 

 Things on my mind 

 And I just don't have the time 

 And it don't seem right 

 Ain't seen a day 

 That I don't hear people say 

 They know they're gonna die 

 This may seem a little bit crazy 

 But I don't think you
should be so lazy 

 If you think
you've heard this before 

 Well, stick around 

 I'm gonna tell you more 

 One just like the other 

 Sin's a good man's brother 

 But is that right? 

 You tell me that I don't 

 Then I say I won't 

 But then I might 

 You said this is the way
it's supposed to be 

 But it just don't seem
right to me 

 And that's outta sight 

 Some folks need an education 

 Don't give up
or we'll lose the nation 

 You say we need a revolution? 

 It seems to be 

 The only solution. 

Special thanks to SergeiK.