Legion Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Legion script is here for all you fans of the Paul Bettany kick-ass angel movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Legion quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Legion Script

"Come, ye children,
listen to me.

I will teach you
the fear of the LORD. "

Psalm 34:
When I was a little girl,
my mother would remind me

each night before bed to
open up my heart to God,

for he was kind,
merciful and just.

Things changed when my
father left a few years later,

leaving her to raise me
and my brothers in a place

on the edge of the
Mojave Desert.

She never talked of a
kind, merciful God again.

Instead she spoke
of a prophecy.

Of a time when all the world
would be covered in darkness

and the fate of Mankind
would be decided.

One night I finally got up
the courage to ask my mother

why God had changed, why
he was so mad at his children.

"I don't know," she said,
tucking the covers around me,

"I guess he just got tired
of all the bullshit."


Transcribed by: anreith

Lost Angeles, December 23rd
1:02 AM

God damn animals. Nights
like this I'd like to take

a match to this city so
I could watch all these

motherfuckers burn.

Just a good ol' boy
barbecue, eh?

A fresh start. Thatís what
this place needs.






Drop the bags! Put your
hands on your head!

Itís starting.

There isnít much time.

Shut the fuck up and
drop the bags now!

Hands on your head!

On your head!

Turn around! Turn
the fuck around!

Let him go!

Let him fuck...

What the...?


What are you doing, Michael?
These weren't your orders.

What did you say?

No, I'm following my
own orders now.

Then you will die
along with the child.

Burton, you fucking
know this guy?

What the hell is...?

"Paradise Falls"

You okay, Jeep?

- Sorry I woke you, Charlie.
- Yeah. Wasn't you.

He's been kicking up
a storm all night.

Must know
something I don't.

Another bad dream?

It's just stress, Jeep,
that's all.

You do too much

About this place.
About your dad.

About me.

You're the only thing I
like to worry about.

See what I mean?

You're worried about a girl
that's eight months pregnant

and it isn't your baby.

It's enough to give
anybody nightmares.

Go ahead and make
fun of me.

- Everybody else does.
- Come on.

You know how much I
appreciate everything that

you and Bob are
doing for me.

But a month from now, the
baby will have a new family

I need to start to think
about what the hell

I'm gonna do with my life.

You're still going
through with it?

I'm not ready to
be a mother.

Christ, I can barely take
care of myself as it is.

I could help you.

We could do it together.

I want to.

You got to stop carrying
the weight of the world

on your shoulders, Jeep.

{y: i}I don't know whether
I like it very much being

{y: i}seen around with an
angel without any wings.

{y: i}I've got to earn them and
you'll help me, won't you?

Lord as my witness, Bob,
one of these days that

thing's gonna hit you back.

What are you talking
about, Percy?

We got a special
relationship here.

Yeah, they got names for
that kind of relationship.

{y: i}But lonely walls,
I'll keep you company.

It's disgusting.

You're right.
It is disgusting.

Really. How can she go out
in public looking like that?

I don't know. Why
don't we just ask her?

Howard, Don't.
You'll embarrass me.

Audrey, honey?

Your mother was wondering
if you got dressed this morning

with the specific intention
of showing your ass off

to the entire world?

It's because I woke up
hoping to get double teamed

by a couple of meth head
truckers in some bathroom

of a desert shithole.

It's good that we
got stuck here.

I feel satisfied with that
answer. I really do.

I'm being punished for
something, I know it.


Next service in 50 miles.

50 miles?

- Merry Christmas.
- What's so merry about it?

You know that shit isn't
good for the baby.

Guess I should think
about quitting, then.

Before you quit,
can I get one from you?

You can buy a
whole pack inside.

How about I get one
from you and I give you

two from the pack
you're gonna sell me?

I'm kind of lost.

Am I right here?

Not even close.

Son of a bitch...

Are there any phone around
here that actually work?

Bob will probably let you
use the diner phone

if you ask him nice. Maybe
pay him a little something.

I think I can handle that.

You got anything in there
to eat? Pancakes, or...

Yup. We got a buttermilk
stack for three seventy-five,

French toast for four
dollars if you're into that.

Personally I like the
pancakes though.

- You okay, Charlie?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

This guy is just lost.

Who is that?

What do you want
me to do?

Talk to him!

Things should have been
ready two hours ago.

I hope Salem Lights are
all right, that's all we got left.

Charlie, where have you been?

It's not a resort, we've
got orders stacking up.

You best not be
smoking again.

Not in your condition.

Bob, see where
I'm at right now?

Can my condition really
get any worse?

- Besides, you ain't one to talk.
- What? I quit two years ago.

Yeah? So why are you
still carrying that

fancy lighter around?

Gift from my ex-wife.
I'm sentimental.

For when I remember how
much I hate her guts.

Hey, man, you got a
phone I can use?

My cell phone has no
reception, and the

phone booth outside
is busted.

Excuse me, is there any
news about when our

car might be fixed?
You said your boy

would have us back on
the road two hours ago.

The rate we're going, we'll
be lucky to make it to

Scottsdale by Christmas.

Hey. Hood's up on this car.
That mean anything to you?


What the hell are you
working on that's so

damn important you're
not doing your job.

Found it under a bunch of
stuff in the storage shed.

I know you never liked
throwing anything away

- What are you doing?
- What?

Jeep, I like Charlie. I do.
And I think it's nice of you

- to try to help her out.
- Leave me alone.

How long you gonna follow her
around like a puppy dog?

Cleaning up the messes she
makes while she steps out

- with every guy but you?
- Don't say that about her!

She's not like that.


I know it doesn't make
much sense to you.

Sometimes it doesn't make
sense to me either.

I've been having these
dreams about her.

Some of them so bad...

I wish I'd never have
to sleep again.

I can't explain it, dad.

I just feel like it's
something I got to do.

You know your mother
thought I was crazy.

For wanting to
buy this place.

It's all the way up here,
in the middle of nowhere,

But I just knew it was
something I had to do.

I couldn't explain it
either. Just like you.

I told your mother:
"Trust me"

"You just wait and see,
when they build that mall,

with all the superstores
like they've been planning

on for years, this place
is going to be a goldmine. "

Only problem was:
I was wrong.

They went and built the
thing in another county

and I looked pretty
damn stupid.

And I see you making
the same damn mistake.

Believing in something that's
never going to happen.

You listen to me, son. It's
time for you to leave here.

I don't want to see you
wake up one day

old and pissed off,
realizing you're lost,

just like everybody else
that stops here.

Go on. Fix the car.

I want these people out
of here by nightfall.

He's about this close
to wrapping it up.

What is wrong with
you today?

I told you to get
the satellite TV.

But you didn't
want to listen.

What the hell do I
need that crap for?

The History Channel, man.

I got all the history
I can take.

- That's for sure.
- What's your beef now?

You donít need to be
watching this anyway.

Alright baby. This is
gonna be it, right here.

"This is not a test"

Clear as day.

What the hell is that?

Well, they're testing

"This is not a test"

That doesn't look
like a test.

Can I just use the phone?

It's back past
the kitchen.

Excuse me, but if this
were an actual emergency,

wouldn't they be giving us
instructions on what to do?

Percy, check out that
old radio of yours,

See if there's any
news about the TV.

Put my little man on the phone.

Because a father is
supposed to be able

to talk to his son,
thatís why.

I don't care what your
lawyer said, I got my

own lawyer, now put him
on the god damn phone.


Your phone is breaking
up, do you hear me?


Maybe there was
an earthquake.

A lot of people
could be hurt.

Not if it was centered
in the desert.

Yeah, could be nothing
to worry about.

- So why is the TV out?
- Maybe it was terrorists.

Oh God.

For crying out loud, there's
no use speculating.

I'll just call my brother
up in Needles,

he'll probably
know something.

- I don't think so.
- What do you mean?

I was just on the phone,
the shit cut off in the middle

of my conversation.
I want my money back.

This is perfect,
absolutely perfect.

Hey hey, everybody.
Simmer down.

There's nothing to
get excited about,

they're probably just
working on the lines.

Besides, Jeep's going to have
your car fixed in a jiffy,

then you can be on
your way, so...


Have a seat wherever
you want ma'am.

Specials are on the board.

- I already know what I want.
- Okay. What will it be?

- I'll have a steak, please.
- How would you like it?

Rare, if you would.
And water, no ice.

- Coming right up.
- Charlie, is it?

- Yeah
- Unusual name for a girl.

So they say. I'll be right
back with your water.

Hello, I'm Gladys.
Gladys Foster.

Oh, hello Gladys, it's
so nice to meet you.

I'm Sandra. And this is
my husband, Howard.

What a nice looking
young couple.

What brings you up
to these parts?

We're on our way to
Scottsdale, but our car

broke down and we're
stuck here until it's fixed.

What a nuisance.

Gladys, the lines seem to
be down around here,

the phone and the TV and
I was just wondering

if you might have heard
something on your way up,

about what's going on?

Oh, you don't have to worry
about that, sweetheart.

It'll all be over soon.


- So what are we looking at?
- I don't know.

It's probably something
wrong with the computer,

but we don't have the
gear to test it here.

Oh, shit.

They're gonna be pissed.

Just tell them we'll
call it in and tow it.

That's not gonna happen.
The phone's out.

- What?
- Yeah.

Thank you, dear. How
far along are you?

Oh, just about there.

The father must be
very proud.

I wouldn't know. He's
out of sight, out of mind.

I see.

So I take it you're
not married?

- No.
- That's too bad.

No, I prefer it that way.

I don't need a man telling
me what to do.

- But what about the baby?
- I've got it under control.

But it's gonna burn.

What did you just say?

I said your fucking
baby's gonna burn.

Go to hell, lady.

- Fucking Jesus freak.
- What happened?

All little babies
are gonna burn.


Shut up you stupid
fucking cunt. All you do is

- complain, complain, complain!
- What?

- What? What?
- Harold, no...

I don't know who the
hell you think you are,

but I'd like you to
apologize to my...

You're all going to
fucking die!

What the fuck, man?

Shoot her, Jeep!

You will never save her.

Shoot that bitch!

Shoot her!

Somebody help me!

Don't look at me like that.
Iím trying to help.

Calm down. Keep
pressure on his neck.


How far is it to
the hospital?

How the hell did
she do that?

I don't know.
I don't know.

70, maybe 80 miles.

80 miles?

- Please drive faster.
- Okay.

What the hell is that?

It's clouds, what do
you think they are?

Clouds don't buzz!

I can't believe she was
still standing after Percy

hit her with that
frying pan.

He broke her fucking
neck, I saw it, I swear.

Did you see the gun
that guy had?

What's a guy doing
with a gun like that?

Hey, Jeep.
It's alright, son.

I couldn't pull the
trigger. I froze.

I saw what I needed
to do. But I was too afraid.

She would've killed you.
She would've killed Charlie.

Hey. You ain't got nothing
to be ashamed of.

You hear me, son?

Not everybody can
play the hero.

Especially when it comes
to pulling the trigger.

What happened?
What's going on?

- Gonna get my Bible!
- What for?

Somebody's gotta
start praying.

Jesus, she's burning up.

How is that possible? She's
been dead for an hour.

I don't care how long
she's been dead.

The bitch just walked
on the ceiling.

She ain't staying in here.

The old bitch is heavy.
Hold her up.

- Where are the flies?
- How am I supposed to know?

Are you asking me to
explain the behavior of a

motherfucking pestilence?

Hey. Somebody's coming.

Now what?

- Alright. Now we're talking.
- What is that? LAPD?

- I'm from Vegas, man.
- Give me the gun.

Oh my God.

Charlie, wait.

Take one more step and
I'll drop you right there.

Is that how you greet
all your customers?

Mister, after what we've
been through you're lucky

we don't shoot you first
and greet you later.

Let me see your teeth.

Teeth, god damnit!
Let me see them!

No shark teeth, Pop.

Okay then, how about
you tell us your name?


Sorry about that, Michael.

We had this old lady here,
went crazy in my place.

She had these teeth. Never
seen anything like it

Practically bit
a man in half.

What are you doing
out here, anyway?

You don't look like any
policeman I ever saw.

Even the ones from L.A.

But he's got to be, right?

Who would be crazy enough
to steal a cop car?

- You don't know, do you?
- Don't know what?

We don't know anything.
Nothing works, the TV,

the radio, the phone.

- I'm running out of time.
- Hold on there, fella.

You better start talking or
get the hell out of here.

Dad, just tell him
you're sorry.

Hey, hey, hey, Sir!

Now I'm sure you don't
want to go spilling blood

for no good reason, in front
of all these decent people.

What do you say?

Just let Bob go and then
you will be on your way,

nice and easy.

They're here.

You're gonna need this.

- Wait, who's here?
- More like her.

What do you mean like her?

Hold on. I don't think
that's such a good idea.

- Dad, I can handle it.
- He can handle it.

He doesn't have a choice.

Don't do anything brave.

- What's happening?
- Better get back inside.

Jeep, come on!

Everybody stay calm!

Okay, we're locked in here,
so what do we do now?

Alright, Rambo.
You got us up here.

You mind telling us
what we're fighting?


You hear what I'm hearing?

- What the hell is that?
- Sounds almost like...

Ice cream?

Can't be fucking
serious, right?

There's a safety switch on
the side of your weapon,

Push it all the way
down. Two clicks.

Now when this starts,
you hold on tight.

Otherwise you're gonna
blow your hand off.

What the fuck are you
all looking at me for?

"Frosty Treats"

Audrey. Honey, listen. It's
the Ice Cream Man.

Oh, man, he don't
look that bad.

Oh shit, oh shit,
oh shit.

Oh, damnit!

Get ready.

Is that it?

Now! Shoot now!

It's just regular people.

Not Anymore!
Keep firing!

Don't let them get
near the windows.


See what you made
me do, mother?

There you are!

Let me go! He's alive!
He's out there!

- He's out there.
- He's gone.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.


I told you not to
do anything brave.

We got them running.

What happened?

Someone needs to
be on the roof.

- I'll go.
- Hold on.

You better start talking.

The last time God lost faith
in man he sent a flood.

This time, he sent
what you see outside.

Are you saying this is
the Apocalypse?

I'm saying this is
an extermination.

Those things outside
are just vessels.

They're possessed.

The weakest willed are
the easiest to turn.

Possessed by what?


By angels.

Hold on. I don't know what
book you've been reading

But in my version the
angels are good guys.

Well the truth, I'm afraid,
is never that simple.

Bullshit. I'm not a pastor,
but I've never heard of no

Ice Cream Man, or old lady
eating raw meat,

jumping on the ceiling
with baby teeth.

So I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.

Hold on. How do you know
so much about them?

Because until last night,
I was on their side.

- So you're saying you...
- Yeah, yeah, that's right.

Yesterday I was fucking
Santa Claus.

You know this is crazy,
right? I mean...

I don't even believe in God.

Well that's just fine, Bob, he
doesn't believe in you either.

He doesn't believe in
any of this anymore.

I knew this day was coming,
I just didn't think

- I'd be around to see it.
- Come on, Percy!

What are we even
talking about this for?

Angels, and possessed people.
It's not real! It's...

Have you looked
outside, Bob?

Those people aren't exactly
our regular customers!

So, are you here to
protect us?

No, not you.


Me? Why me?

Because your child is the
only hope humanity has

of survival.

Wait just a minute.
This can't be happening.

I'm nobody, I'm
just a waitress.

- I don't even own a car.
- None of that matters anymore.

Either your child lives
or mankind dies.

So we're supposed to
hold those things off

- until the baby gets here?
- That's it.

I'm only eight
months pregnant.

This shit can't be
happening, man.

How are we supposed to
survive here for a month?

We won't have to.

- It's coming soon, isn't it?
- Yes.

Listen. I simply don't care
what you people believe.

And those things outside,
they don't care either.

They just want
the child dead.

Now, this first attack was
a test of our strength.

The next will be a test
of our weakness.

Now we can sit here
and discuss it...

Or you can try
to help me.

But believe me. Something
much worse is on the way.

Sons of bitches.

They're out there,
I can feel them.

- So what's with that gun?
- What?

Your piece. The one you
killed grandma with.

Don't reckon it's for
hunting buck.

- I use it for protection.
- Protection from what?

- From people.
- People?

- People that be starting shit.
- Regular people, or just...

No. Not regular regular
people, but you know...

Irregular people, then.

Get the fuck out
of here, man.

I got my reasons for doing
what I do, and that's that.

I've never actually
used it, alright?

I may have flashed it,
scared a few folks but,

It never actually fired off.

Not until today.

This shit is crazy, man.

When I was a kid...

my father would sit by
my bed every night

before I went to sleep.

And he's say to me:

"Percy, if you don't
wake up tomorrow,

if it turns out that today

is your last day on earth.

Will you be proud

of what you've
done in this life?

Because if you ain't

you better start
getting square. "

Fuck it.

- On the house.
- Thank you.

- You hungry?
- No.

Just because it's the
end of the world

doesn't mean you
have to starve.

I'm just happy we still
have the gas on.

I never really cared
much for beer.

Howard was the beer
drinker in the family.

So what did you do?
Before you came here.

I was a soldier.
A general in His army.

What changed?
What made you leave?

I was given an order
I didn't believe in.

He lost faith. I didn't.

How come you still
have faith?

I mean, seems like
everything I have faith in

cost me nothing
but trouble.

When God chose your kind
as the object of his love.

I was the first in all of heaven
to bow down before you.

My love and my hope for
mankind hasn't lessened yet.

But I have watched you
trample that gift.

I've watched you kill each
other over race and greed

Waging war over dust, rubble
and words in old books.

And yet in the midst of
all this darkness

I see some people who
will not be bowed.

I see some people
who will not give up.

Even when they know
hope is lost.

Some people, who realize
that being lost is so close

to being found.

I see you, Jeep.

Fifteen years old, your
mother leaves you,

your father withdraws
from the world.

And you spend the next
five years of your life

helping him find
his way home.

You love a woman, who
has the child of another,

and you love her making
a fool of yourself.

Even though you know
she may never love you

the way you love her.

You, Jeep.

You are the reason
I still have faith.

It's almost time
for the next shift.

You have a question?

I question myself.
And so should you.

Since their creation, He's
told us only to love.

I cannot stop.

They brought this
judgment upon themselves.

They are just lost.

It's our place
to guide them.

It's our place
to obey.

Tell me, Gabriel.

Do you wish to give
Him what he wants...

or what he needs?

It's not your test, Michael.

How dare you listen
to His heart?

Because he made
this one.

It tells me we shouldn't
lose faith now.

Too late. The order
has been given.

The weak will turn
against the strong

and we will undo what
has been done.

If you fight him...

{y: i}Sandra

{y: i}Sandra



Help me!

- What are you doing?
- He's alive! Let me go!

Mom, what are you
doing? Mom, stop!

- Your father is alive!
- He's not, mom!

Let go of me!



It's my fault.
I fell asleep.

- Dad...
- Don't!

I did this.
He trusted me.

Just like your mother,
I let him down.

Let everybody down.

Here. Mom, If you take
these you'll feel better.

This is your fault.

We were only here
because of you.

We sacrificed everything
for you.

No. You wanted to go.
You said you wanted.

I loved my house.

I loved my life, and
you have ruined it.

You ruined everything!

- Everything!
- Enough.

You're just gonna sit here
and torture your daughter?

Can you come help me
find a station that works?

Wait! Guys, you gotta
take a look at this,

I'm hearing something.

{y: i}If you're hear my voice,
we're getting the first bits

{y: i}of good news since this
Apocalypse began,

{y: i}nearly 48 hours ago.

{y: i}A militia has formed on
the outskirts of Las Vegas

{y: i}and has begun to
engage those affected.

{y: i}Getting unconfirmed reports
of other militias gathering

{y: i}in Death Valley, Zion and
Red Ridge National Park.

Red Ridge, that's like
an hour from here.

Does that mean
we can leave?


- We're not going anywhere.
- What?

I don't know about you,
but I gotta get out of here.

I won't risk being on the
move when the baby comes.

It's too dangerous.

Dangerous? What the fuck
you mean too dangerous?

{y: i}... strength to survive. And
have mercy for those

{y: i}who are already lost.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You okay?

The craziest thing is
I don't want this baby.

I even went down to the
clinic, did you know that?

I remember sitting in
the waiting room...

absolutely sure I was
doing the right thing.

Then I started getting
this feeling.

Like if I was falling into
the deepest, darkest

hole imaginable.

I couldn't breathe and
I couldn't speak.

I kept thinking this must be
what death feels like.

And when they called
my name, I just ran.

For a long time I...

I always thought that I could
go back whenever I'd want.

And end it like
I'd planned.

But then I started getting
that damn feeling again

I knew I had no choice.

Somehow this had
already been decided.

It made me just...

Made me hate this
thing growing inside me.

You shouldn't say
things like that, Charlie.

It ain't right. You'll
get through this.

I know you will.

Why do you have so much
faith in me, Jeep?

God knows I've never given
you or anybody a reason to.

Or is it just that you don't
have any other hard-luck

cases to follow around,
is that it?

No. You're not the only
one whoís had it hard

around here, okay?

Let me know when you stop
feeling sorry for yourself.

- So now you just have to...
- Two clicks. All the way down.

I dated a marine last summer.
He was kind of a gun freak.

- My parents hated him.
- I bet they did.

My mom was right. It is
my fault we are here.

- She didn't mean that.
- Yes, she did.

It's true.

The only reason why we're
moving is because of me.

They thought my friends
were a bad influence.

But I was the bad influence.

So really fucked up.

When I was a shorty, the
only time my old man ever

gave me attention was
when I did something bad.

So you know what
I did, right?


I got really good
at being bad.

Problem is, when you get older,
when you have a family,

being bad is not so good.

Is it over?

- We back in business?
- I don't think so.

- Better go downstairs
- No, I can handle it.

- Get downstairs.
- No. I can handle it.

Take this just in case.

Get ready.

- Wait a minute.
- Kyle, are they...?


Son of a bitch.
It's a trap!

They see them coming
and turn their lights on.

Hey! Get back in your car!
Get back in your car!

They won't make it!

Get in the car!

Don't, you're gonna
hit them too!

What the hell is
that guy doing?

Don't open the door.
If you do, we all die.

Now what?

Now what?

Fooled you.

Damn it to hell!

Oh no. Audrey.

You're gonna die now.

She's just a kid,
you can't let her die.

I swear if you don't
do something, I will.

Wait. You stay here.

Open the door.


- I'll get some water.
- Jeep!

Don't be scared. I just want
to play with your baby.

- Are you hurt?
- Where is he?

What the hell?

Oh God.

It's coming.

Just because I'm a
girl does not mean

I know how
to do this.

Be calm and do
exactly as I tell you.

How can you know
what to do?

What a way to bring
a child into the world.

- What the fuck is that?
- He's coming.

- We need to hurry now.
- What do you mean hurry?

This isn't exactly something
we can hurry.

Charlie, I need you
to push now.

You push like you never
pushed before. Push!

- Michael, who is coming?
- Push!

How many bullets do
you have left?

Come on!
Thatís good!

Charlie, you did it!

You did it.

It's okay.

No, it's okay, your
baby is fine. Look.

It's alright.
Give her some time.


He's beautiful.

I remember when
you were a baby.

You used to look at
me just like that.

Just like that.

Audrey, I'm sorry about
what I said to you before.

- I didn't mean it.
- Yeah.

You're the most precious
thing in the world to me.

It's just you and me now.

- Are we safe now?
- No.

Now, at least, the child
will have a chance.

To grow up.

A chance to lead the
world out of darkness.

What happens until then?

You'll need to show him how.

What makes you think
I can do that?

What makes you think
I want to do that?

If he's so important,
why don't you take him?

Because his journey is yours.

Michael, we need to go.

The possessed can't go
near the child, but he sent

someone who can,
someone like me.

- Like you?
- Gabriel.

He's come here to do
what I wouldn't.

You were the one who was
supposed to kill the baby?

That's the order
you didn't obey?

- We need to go.
- What is he talking about?

Go grab whatever
weapons we have left.

- What are you talking about?
- We need to go now.

- Tell me!
- Now!

The baby. The baby was
never meant to be born.

The future has been
unwritten. The child lives.

And while he does,
there's still hope.


- Mom!
- Come, come.

- What are you doing?
- I heard them say.

They just want the baby.
I will give them the baby.

- Then they'll let us go!
- Give him back to me!

Why!? You didn't want
him in the first place!

Come on, Audrey.
Audrey, come with me!

It's just one baby.

It's just one baby.


No, Jeep, not now!

The child! Get the
child out of here!

- What about you?
- Don't be afraid.

Find the Prophets. Learn to
read the instructions.

Prophets? What Prophets?
What instructions?

I knew he'd send
you, Gabriel.

You were always so
eager to please him.

Unlike you.
The rebellious son.

Your wings. They would
have helped you now.

To not feel that burden
is a dream.

You think you can defy Him
and not pay the price?

The child lives.

It doesn't matter
what happens to me.

Yours is a fools sacrifice, Michael.

You can help them run
but they won't escape.

Neither will you, my brother.

I'm not running anymore.

That's enough.
There's another way.

There is no other way.

That's enough.

You wanted to live
like one of them.

Now you die
like one of them.

Jeep. You arm.

The instructions.

Sorry. We're out of business.


We need to figure out
our weapon situation.

Hopefully Michael didn't take
everything out of the car.

Look around.

I've got a flare gun
and a couple of...

Audrey, flare gun!


Do it!


- The baby?
- Alive.


Give me the child.


Then death will
come to you both.


Why do you continue to fight?

When you know all hope is lost.

Fuck you.

This can't be.
You've disobeyed Him.

You gave him what he asked.

I gave him what he needed.

When I was a little girl...

my mother spoke of a prophecy.

Of a time when all the world
would be covered in darkness

and the fate of mankind
would be decided.

One night I finally got up
the courage to ask my mother

why God was so mad
at his children.

"I don't know," she said,
tucking the covers around me,

"I guess he just got tired
of all the bullshit."

Special thanks to SergeiK.