Let The Right One In Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Let The Right One In script is here for all you fans of the Swedish vampire movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Let The Right One In quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Let The Right One In Script

Let the Right One In

Squeal like a pig.
So, squeal!

Squeal! Squeal like a pig!

The police have
ways to determine foul play...

Do you remember that fire in Ängby?

A house burned down
and a body was found inside.

We knew that the fire had been set

to conceal the fact that the person
had been murdered beforehand.

So, how could they know that?

Well... - Go ahead.

there was no smoke
in the lungs of the person who died.

that's correct.
Did you figure that out right now?

No, I read a lot...

What kind of books would that be?

Just books.

Okay... I'm going
to talk to you about drugs.

What do you think are
the most common types of drugs...

Hey, Oskar...

What are you staring at?

Are you looking at me? Well, fuck off!


What a good piggy you are.

- Come on, it's time for PE.
- I'm not going...

Here's the weather forecast...

Excuse me...

- Do you have the time?
- I don't have a watch.

- What's that?
- this? It's called halotane.



Beat it!

Stupid dog!

What are you staring at?


Are you looking at me?

Well, fuck off!

What's your problem?

Are you scared?

So, scream.


- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- Do you live here?
- Yeah...

I live right here, in the jungle gym.

Seriously, where do you live?

- Next door to you.
- How do you know where I live?

- Next door to you.
- How do you know where I live?

Just so you know,
I can't be your friend.

- What do you mean?
- Does there have to be a reason?

that's just the way it is.

Are you so sure
that I want to be your friend?

You're supposed to help me!

Do I really
have to take care of this myself?

Say something!

Forgive me.

they don't know why
the boy was killed.

I realize that many of you
may be worried.

the counselor will be here all day,

so go talk to her
if you feel the need. Any questions?

Is it all right to kill the killer
if you happen to meet him?

that wasn't very nice, Conny.


Where are you, Piggy?

- Where are you, Piggy?
- Piggy!

Now go straight home after school.

And don't leave the courtyard
until I get home.

- It was way over in Vällingby.
- A person who kills children...

...is certainly capable of taking
the subway two stations.

Or walking a mile.

No, Oskar will be staying
with his dad next week.



- Hi.
- If it isn't my little honey bunny...

the death penalty has no justification
in a society based on the rule of law.

Based on the rule of law?

the government wants us to believe
in that crap, just like the Russians...

Are you saying
there aren't any Russians?

- Of course there are...
- Never seen the guy before.

But take rattlesnakes...
Does anyone actually get bitten?

that guy over there just moved into
my neighborhood. He has a kid.

they're in Janne's old place.

- Should I ask him to join us?
- Sure...

He might pay for a round.

In that case, he's welcome
even if he has cancer.

Bad news?

Yeah, life stinks...

You just moved into number 15, right?

You don't have to sit here all alone,
join us and have a laugh.

No thanks, I'm in a hurry.

Mom... I'm going out.

Aren't you going to watch the show?

No, it's no good.

Stay in the courtyard, okay?

I'll just watch this on my own, then.

So you're back...

So you're back.

- I want to be left alone.
- So do I.

then go home.

You go home,
I've lived here way longer than you.

- What's that?
- this?

It's a Rubik's cube.

Is it some kind of puzzle?


Want to try?

- You can give it back tomorrow.
- I might not be here tomorrow.

the day after, then. But that's it.

How do you do it?

You want each side
to be a solid color.

Like this...

You smell funny.

- Aren't you cold?
- No.

- Why not?
- I guess I've forgotten how.

See you tomorrow.

thanks for yet another evening
steeped in friendship and merriment.

Good night, old buddy.

- See you tomorrow.
- You're the best, Jocke!



Please help me.

Is something wrong?

Are you all right?

- Can you get up?
- No...

Oh... I'll carry you,
and take you to a phone.

- Careful.
- You don't weigh a thing.

Bloody hell!

Never again...

Gösta? Christ, it's been ages.
I haven't seen you all year.



I was out on the balcony and I saw...

I saw Jocke and this kid...

How big was this kid?

It was around here somewhere.

Move it.

What the hell is this? Christ!

It's blood!

Who the hell did this?

How did you do it?

I just twisted it.

Do I smell better now?

Um, what's your name?


- What's yours?
- Eli?

I'm Oskar.

- How old are you?
- 12... more or less.

What about you?

12 years, 8 months and 9 days.

What do you mean, "more or less"?

When's your birthday?

I don't know.

Don't you celebrate your birthday?

Your parents... they've got to know.

then you don't
get any birthday presents, do you?


You can have this, if you want.

It's yours.

I don't get how you did this...

Want me to show you?

- Here. Go ahead.
- Start with the corners.

then this part. And you put...

Like this...

No, like this. then this...

"...slipping in and out of the shadows,
running quick and quiet,

and keeping out of the sun;

so soon they went back, grumbling
and cursing, to guard the door.

Bilbo had escaped."

Right... that's all for today.

Has everyone handed in their slips
for the field trip on thursday?

Well then, class dismissed.

- Oskar, aren't you?
- No, I have stuff to do.

Hurry up, Conny.

What were you writing down?

What do you mean?

Show it to me.


What do you mean, no? Hand it over.

Crap, who's going to talk to his mom?

Wait for me!



I fell down during recess.

- I tripped on this rock.
- Oh, honey...

- I tripped on this rock.
- Oh, honey...

You've got to watch your step.

Short, long, long, short, long...

- Short, long, long, short, long.
- Exactly.


What happened to you?


Some classmates...

- Where do you go to school?
- Oskar, listen...

Hit back.

You've never hit back...

Have you?

So do it. Hit back. Hard.

- there are three of them.
- Hit back even harder.

Hit harder than you dare,
then they'll stop.

- What if?
- then I'll help you.

I can do that.

Come on.

Come on.

Hey... Move.

You're in the way.

Go on.

Let's see, short, short...

S... W... E... E... t

D... R...

Keep proper distance.

Not too close, not too far.
Keep distance.

Nice and steady.


the after school
weight-lifting program...

Could I sign up for it?

You don't have to sign up,
just be there at seven.

Are you thinking of doing it? Good.

If you practice, you can make strong.

See you.

Wait a sec...

Mixed candy.



too bad.

I can... try one.



Do you like me?

Yeah, a lot.

If I wasn't a girl...

...would you like me anyway?

I suppose so.

Why do you ask?

Oskar! Hello!

Hello, son.

- You're early.
- Hi, Dad.

there are people who know my face,

who know that I live here with you.

Maybe you shouldn't.

What else am I good for?

Could you do one thing for me?

Could you not see that boy tonight?

What the?

What's taking Matte so long?

Hey, Matte...

You can jerk off at home.

Matte, hurry up.

What are you up to?

- Matte!
- Let me down.

Let me down...




- Matte!
- Help!

- Open the god damn door!
- Help!




- Get me down!
- What are you doing up there?


...according to Communist Party
Chairman Brezhnev.

An unidentified man was arrested
yesterday, charged with murder

and attempted murder
in Vällingby, near Stockholm.

The man's
self-inflicted facial wounds

make it hard to determine
his identity. And now, sports...

Come on in. Through those doors.


Excuse me, I'm looking for my dad.

Has he been admitted to this hospital?

What's his name?

He's sick, the police brought him in.

Do you know where he is?

He's up on the seventh floor.

Only that's a restricted ward.
I could call them...

that's all right.

Oh, you poor thing...

May I come in?

A kid...

What kid?

- Why would a kid kill Jocke?
- I don't know.

Jocke's the sweetest guy
there ever was.

I'd like to tear
that damn kid limb from limb.


May I come in?

Don't look at me.

But you have to say that I can come in.

You can come in...

Close your eyes.

How did you get in?

- I flew.
- Yeah, sure...

You're not wearing anything.

You're as cold as ice.


Is that gross?


Higgledy-piggledy shout.
How many fingers are out?


Want to go steady?

What do you mean?


Do you want to be my girlfriend?


I'm not a girl.


But do you want to go steady or not?

Couldn't we just
keep things the way they are?

I guess...

Do you do anything special
when you go steady?


So everything's the same?


then we'll go steady.

It'll be you and me.



Listen up!

Lower school, skate with me.

Middle school, free skating.

Watch out for holy, over there.

- Understood?
- Avila...

- It's a "hole in the ice".
- Oh...

I meant hole in the ice.

- Fancy a swim?
- Beware of holy in ice.

So, do you want to go swimming?


Mr. Avila, I have to pee.

- Go behind tree.
- On the ice?

What does it matter?
You make new ice, yellow ice.

What's that stick for?

to hit you with, if you try anything.

Are you a brave pig, all of a sudden?

I'm going to push you,
and you aren't going to do a thing.

Isn't that so?

Little piggy watch your step,
or I'll get you...


Come on.

Mr. Avila will freak out...

Are we supposed
to just let him stand there?

What's going on?!

What are you up to?

Oh yes, they will blame us!

Am I supposed to tell them
my son doesn't have a father?

Yes, it is!

Here he comes.

they called from school.

And you'd better
talk to your father, because I...


I'm fine.

I don't know.

Is the bike working? We'll see.

Hello, Oskar.

So you did go swimming after all?

I'm only kidding.

We're not really allowed to be in here.

But some of the bigger kids
hang out here anyway.

And you know what? today...

they tried to push me
into a hole in the ice, but I...

I had this stick, and I hit Conny so
hard that he had to go to the ER.




What did you want us to do?

We're going to mix...

It doesn't hurt.

All you need to do is poke your finger.



Go away!

they had to use a chainsaw to get
him out. Go tell the cops your story.

- What's your problem, Gösta?
- they'll ask me questions...

What do you mean?

they might shut me
into one of those rooms...

...and shine
bright lights in my eyes...

- Jocke and I were this close.
- I'm sorry, but I can't...

It's your duty, you witnessed a crime.


You go on
about what a great guy he was...

But now that he's gone,
I have nothing left.


- Oh, Lacke...
- Stop it!

Don't you "oh, Lacke" me!

You don't get it, you're so damn cold.

No one gets it...

Smooth, Lacke.

Ginia, please... Wait up!

Could we at least talk about it?

Come on...

Get off her!

Wait up... You took my lighter.

I didn't mean it, Ginia...

I love you.

What the hell?


- I didn't see that coming.
- You never do.

- But this time I'll get you.
- Dream on.

You go first.

- Well look who's here!
- Good evening to you all.

You look like
you're having a grand old time.

that's right.

And Oskar's here...



- It's your turn.
- We have guests.

It's nice and cozy in here.

So you had a little something, then?

"I must be gone and live,
or stay and die." Yours, Eli.

It ended up all wrong.

It was supposed to be great, but their
calculations were all wrong.

It was all wrong from the start.

And it just got worse. So when
you pass these buildings...

Pretty damn busy
around here tonight.

Come on in.

Ginia? Where the hell have you been?

What's going on?
I've been so damn worried.

- What's wrong?
- Leave me alone!


Open the door, you bastard!

Let go! No...

Oskar, is that you?


Are you a vampire?

I live off blood... Yes.

Are you...



Can't you tell?


Are you old?

I'm twelve.

But I've been twelve for a long time.

Are you like, poor?

See that egg over there?

If you sold it, you could buy
a whole nuclear power plant.

For real.

Yeah, sure...

Put your finger on it.

Where do those rings come from?

I'm going home.

I have flyers to distribute tomorrow.

to make money?

I can give you money.

Here. take it if you like.

Here. take it if you like.

You stole this...

...from the people you killed, right?

- It was given to me.
- By who?

By different people.

I want to go home now.

If you'll let me.

It's time to sell it...
Dad's stamp collection.

What a guy, one stamp...

80,000. Eighty grand.

If you find the right buyer.
I won't accept any less...

then we'll buy that nice cottage.

the countryside is so beautiful.

the two of us can live there.

Listen to the birds sing
and grow our own vegetables...

Lacke, you've got to help me.


that kid...

She must have infected me somehow.

I don't want to live.

Good morning!

things are looking up.
You can probably go home today.

Won't that be nice?

I'll just unlock this.

And take a blood sample. there...


Could you open the blinds?

Sure... No problem.

Hand over your cap. Do it!

What's your problem? Give it to me.

What are you, some kind of moron?
Give it to me.

Go for it, Conny!

- Put up a fight...
- Are you blind as well as deaf?

- Hey...
- What's up?

Could I borrow your keys?
I want to go home.

- Sure. Here you go.
- thanks. See you later.

- Who's the boss at your house?
- Well, well...

- What are you laughing at?
- Are you hard of hearing, Conny?

- Hey.
- Hi.

You have to invite me in.

What happens if I don't?

What happens if you walk in anyway?

Is there something in the way?


You can come in!

Who are you?

I'm like you.

What do you mean?

What are you staring at? Well?

Are you looking at me?

So scream!


those were the first words
I heard you say.

I don't kill people.

But you'd like to, if you could...

to get revenge. Right?


I do it because I have to.

Be me, for a little while.

Please... be me, for a little while.

You can borrow
one of my mom's dresses.


Let me in.

What are you up to?

I'm in the bathroom, I'm coming.

Let me in, Oskar...

Hi, I'm in the bathroom. Please don't
go in. Want to hang out tonight?

I really like you. Yours, Eli.

I can't see a thing...


Let go of me!

thank you.


I've got to go away.


Hello? Is that you, Oskar?

It's me, Martin. Mr. Avila wanted
to know if you're coming tonight.


I guess he just wanted to know.

Maybe he wants you to be there.

I'm not sure...

It was good, by the way...
What you did to Conny.

- He had it coming.
- What an actor...

Do you think so?

So, are you coming tonight?

- Good, Oskar.
- Hi...

Hello, Oskar.


Come, we'll start with aqua aerobics.

Hurry up!

Come on, Oskar!

Move your body...

What? Christ!

Call the fire department! Fire!

Beat it!

Clear out!

Do you know who I am?

- Yes...
- Good. then you get it.

We're going to have a little contest.

You stay under water...

...for three minutes.

If you can do it, I'll just nick you.

But if you can't,

I'll poke one of your eyes out.

An eye for an ear, right?

But that's impossible.

that's your problem.

three minutes.

Better take a deep breath.

Five, four, three...

...two, one.

- Jimmy...
- Shut up!

- Let's go, Conny.
- I told you to shut up!


Special thanks to SergeiK.