Lilo And Stitch 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lilo And Stitch 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney sequel movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lilo And Stitch 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lilo And Stitch 2 Script







[electrical buzzing]






[maniacal laughter]












[Hawaiian music]









- Aloha.

- What?



[Stitch] Bye-bye.









Stitch, why are you doing this?






Please stop.









Stop it, Stitch. Don't...



No! Stitch!



Wake up! Wake up!



Wake up, Stitch. Wake up.



Stitch, wake up.



lt's all right. Don't worry.



You were just having

another nightmare.



- Seems like a bad one.

- [mutters in alien language]



You know what this means,

don't you?



Hmm, very interesting.



Why don't you tell me

what happened next?




[mutters in alien language]



- [mimics explosion]

- Mmm, l see.




[mimics machine gun]



And then... [shrieking]



And then... [gasps]



That's it. No more.



lt's my professional opinion



that you're afraid

of turning bad again.



We need to test your goodness level.



For example, someone bad would

let this Elvis Blue Hawaii lamp,



circa        , smash to pieces

against that wall.



Or let my favourite book,



Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong,



drop out this window

to be lost forever.



Yah! Waagh!



Or let his family member

fall to her painful, crushing death.







Look at all the good things you did.



My prognosis?

Your goodness level is extra high.



Nothing to worry about.



[woman] Lilo! Stitch!

You're gonna be late for hula class.



Except that.



[electric buzzing]



- [Lilo] Stitch!

- [gasps]



Hurry up, you two.



Hey, can you guys help me today?

lt's family night.



- l want the house clean.

- Oh, not me.



l have very important project

l've been working on.



- No more crop circles!

- Ah!



Oh... All the other aliens

get to make them.



- What about you?

- l have a full day of Earth research.



Watching talk shows

and reading magazines?



Yeah, it takes it out of ya.



Can we take the hovercraft? Please?



lt's too dangerous.



- Besides, someone may see you.

- [both] Please?



All right, you can take it

if you can find it.






l hid it so good this time,

they're never...



Thanks, Nani.



Aw! l gotta find

a better hiding place for that thing.




Whoa! Whoa!



  There's no place I'd rather be



[chorus in Hawaiian]



  Lingering in the ocean blue



Oops. Sorry!



  I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



  Flying by

on a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



[chorus in Hawaiian]






- [both laughing]

-   Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  There's no place I'd rather be  



Girls, l have very exciting news.



This week is our May Day celeb...



Sorry l'm late.

But wait till you see this.



l got my uliuli technique down.



- Lilo...

- Kui kala laima!



Ho kee ma!



Uliuli, uliuli, ha!



- Lilo?

- Uliuli, uliuli, ha!



Uliuli, uliuli, ha!



Lilo, we're not doing that today.



We're not doing that today.













Kumu has an announcement.



ln three days

is our town's May Day celebration.



And here's the best part.



There will be a hula competition.



Each of you

will create an original hula.



The one that best expresses

the aloha spirit will lead our hulau



- as the winning dance.

- You, you, you!



- Are there any questions?

- Kumu, l have one.



Will people who are late to class

be allowed to participate?



Mertle, l think in the spirit of aloha

we should be tolerant of others.



Well, there's no harm in asking.



l want you to use class time today



to begin working on your ideas.



The May Day celebration is big time.



The whole town will be there.



Maybe l'll get a contract.



We can do any idea we want.

Even make our own costumes.



- Cool!

- lt'll be a lotta work.



My mom knows

how to make great costumes.



- My mom can sew really good.

- My mom knows a lot about hula.



- She can help me with it.

- l guess Lilo's on her own.



- She doesn't have a mom.

- Don't say that.



- lt's the truth.

- Not everyone has a mom.



All right, don't bite my head off.



l don't know

what costume l'm gonna wear.



Lilo, may l speak with you?



This is a book of past winners.



Do you know who this is?



lt's your mother.



My mom?



Aye. She won the competition

when she was your age.



She was as beautiful as an orchid



and as graceful as a rolling wave.



Here. To inspire you.






That's my mom.



She won the competition

when she was my age.






Hey, Lilo.

Maybe your dog can take a picture of me



when l win the competition.



- How do you know you'll win?

- lt's pretty well known



that l'm the best dancer

in the seven-year-old division.



l don't know.

l think maybe l can win.



Hello? You're a stinky dancer,



and anything you come up with

will be stinky.



- Oh!

- Uh-uh.



You'll never be like your mom. Never.



- OK.

- That's it!









[camera shutter]



As you can see, there was

a little disagreement... again.






Next time, flush the evidence.






Why don't you come inside, Kumu.

Excuse the mess.



- [Kumu] Ooh-we.

- We have a full house.



Make yourself at home, Kumu.

l just made some lemonade.



- Wha...

- Hey!



Nani, we're out of lemonade.



Pleakley, l just made that.



Nani. You have to come to lab

and see my new invention.



l just mopped in here!



lt will improve

your primitive earthly life.



Speaking of improving your life,

l've just been reading this article



called Ten Days To A Slimmer You.



Full of wonderful suggestions.



Guys, l don't have time for this.

We have a guest.



A guest?

Well, let's go meet him.



Let's not.

Lilo's in enough trouble.



- [both] Trouble?

- Well, all out of lemonade.



Anyway, l know my sister

is very sorry and didn't mean it.



- Very sorry.

- See?



- But l did mean it.

- Lilo?



Next time,

Mertle Edmunds is going down.



She's going way down.



- [mimics crowd cheering]

- [Nani chuckles]



No more pro wrestling for you.



Where is she? Where is she?



- Wow.

- Ai-kapulu.



There's our precious angel, who must be

the victim of a misunderstanding.



- Oh, no, no...

- Where is she?



- Jumba. What are you doing?

- Don't worry. The cavalry has arrived.



- There she is.

- No, no, no, no.



Somebody give this kid gold star,

she's so good.



l don't believe we've met.



This is Uncle Jumba

and l'm Auntie Pleakley. EnchantÚ.



On second thought, Kumu,

we should talk outside.



lt's not polite

to interrupt your auntie.



- Knock, knock.

- David.



How's it, every... body?



You remember my Auntie Pleakley

and Uncle Jumba, right?






- Say something.

- Uh...



- Nice hat.

- Why, thank you, David.



See? Uncle Jumba

said it made me look top-heavy.



Aunt Pleakley wanted the truth.



What we want and what we need

are entirely different things.



lt's true what they say. Men are from

Mars, and women are from Venus.



- Nani.

- Yeah? Uh-huh?



You've been stressing,

so l got movie tickets.



Movie? David, l would love to, really,



but l'm gonna have to rain check.



That's OK. l understand.



Great. Thanks for understanding.



l dare you to say

that's not flattering, even on him.



OK, l'm sure that Kumu

isn't interested in this.



- Nice to be meeting you.

- Au revoir.






Boy. Good thing we were here.



l'm not talking to you.




Sorry about the relatives, Kumu.



Yeah, sorry. Thanks for coming.



- See ya at the competition.

- [lock clicks]






l know you want to be

in the competition,



but your behaviour today

makes me think you're not ready.



No. l'm ready. lt's just...



Mertle pushed my buttons.



l'll be good. l mean it.



l hope so. lf there's any more trouble,

you won't be allowed in the competition.



l promise.

There won't be any trouble.



l promise, promise.

l triple promise.



- OK, then.

- Thank you, Kumu.



You don't have to worry.

l've seen the error of my ways.



l will be good from now on

and be the best hula dancer ever.



You'll see. l can do it.



There's no way l can do this.



Just because my mom was a great

hula dancer doesn't mean l am.



The only thing

l know l inherited from her



is, well, Nani.






What if Mertle's right



and everything l do

is gonna be stinky?



Maybe l'm just stinky... like cheese.






But my mom was beautiful like an orchid

and graceful like a wave.



l'll never be like her.



You... you think l can do it?



We do together.



Let's win this thing.



- Okey...

- Dokey.



Hula ideas, take one.






[Stitch moans] Huh?






Vampire bats.






- Gossip.

- [gasps]









l wonder if Elvis had these problems.






OK, everyone, family fun night

is ready to begin.









Guys, family fun night.

Everything's ready.



Let's... What's going on?



We're increasing the flow of blood

to our brains to make us think.



- We've only got one day and    hours...

- And     minutes.


            come up with the winning idea,



- so please leave us alone to think.

- Please.



You'll figure it out, and if you ask me,



it's a perfect time to take a break.



- [both] Pass.

- l said, if you ask me, it's...



We kinda didn't ask you.



That's it, you two.



l've been cooking for hours

and finally picked up the house



just so we can have quality

fun time like Mom used to.



You're part of this family,



so you are gonna come downstairs

and have family fun.



Fun, fun, fun!






- ls everyone having fun?

- [all] Oh, yeah!



- Great.

- Loads of fun!



l made sci-fi snacks.






We have deep-fried Martian cockroach.



Mm. Delicious.



- l think l'm gonna throw up.

- Ew. l think someone did.



Uh, Nani, what are these?



Alien-eyeball dumplings.



What kinda sick joke is this?



Don't be making her mad. Eat it.



lt's good.



- Cockroach?

- l'm too upset to eat.



l'm hula-less.



Aw, l'm sure

you'll come up with something.



Come on.

Let's watch the movie.



...are dangerous. They'll destroy

everything in their path.



The authorities are asking all...



lt's a bit redundant,

don't ya think?




l'm trying to watch movie.






[Jumba blubbering, sniffling]



- lt's so beautiful.

- Nani,



l think you did a great job

with family... night.




l know what your problem is.



- What?

- l'm sorry to break it to you,



but your relationship has fizzled.



- We've been only going out for   weeks.

- A fizzle is a fizzle.



According to this,

comfort plus time equals boring.




l think she's just tired.



- Tired, or tired of you?

- Shh.



l wanted to dance

at your wedding, but...



- Shh.

- Fine.






[zapping, Stitch yelps]



Hmm? Hmm.






Ow! Huh?






[Stitch yells]



- Ah, Stitch!

- Oh, Stitch!









Oh, no.



Jumba, Jumba, slow down!



Where ya going? lnclude me!



- Something's wrong with    .

- What is it?



- l don't know.

- Or won't tell?



Ow! My good eye!



You don't trust me.



Fine. You won't tell me

what's going on.



l won't tell you something.



Ooh, what an interesting secret

l have that l won't tell Jumba.



Ooh, my, it's a juicy one.



- Quiet, you.

- OK, l don't have a secret.



But don't shut me out.

Let me in. Let me...



- What's that?

- ls sample of Stitch's fur.



Now we shall see.






No. No.



Those idiot police.



l hoped this day would never come.



What are you talking about?

What is wrong with Stitch?



During his creation,

Stitch was never fully charged.






There is it.






[cackling continues]






That's not so easy on the throat.



Oh, can it be? Have l done it?






So cute, so fluffy, even.






Where did l go wrong?



Ha-ha-ha! What a relief.



Your name is    . lsn't that nice?






Oh, l know, l know.



You want to get out

and wreak havoc,



but your molecules

need to be charged.



That's most important part.






Meanwhile, l've got a surprise for you.

Close your eyes.



No peeking. He cheats already.



Aw, jiggiebig.



- Ta-da!

- [mutters]



lf it's too big, l have it taken in.



- [banging]

- Uh-oh.



- Open up! lntergalactic Police!

- ls nobody home.



Uh, cheque is in mail.

[high-pitched] l'm in the tub.



You are under arrest

for illegal genetic experimentation.



You idiots, you will ruin everything.



- Oh, no.

- Yeah. Tell it to the Council.



- You two, get the evidence.

- Stop.



His molecules aren't fully charged.



No, no! No! Oh.



[computer] Warning. Warning.



Electromagnetic bonding incomplete.



No, no, there's no telling

what will happen.



Let me go. No!



What will become

of my little monstrosity?



Now his circuits are going haywire.



That's why he was freaking out.



He can't control it. lf it continues,



his circuits will burn

themselves out like supernova.



Can ya...

Can ya fix him?



l must, or my little Stitch

will shut down...



...for good.



- [footsteps]

- [gasps]



Stitch? Stitch?






Once there was a boy

with big, puffy hair



who loved meat loaf a lot.



So he put the leftovers

in his pillowcase.



But that night,

a buzzard flew in the window



and tried to eat the meat loaf.



Trashed the whole house.



And do you know

who that boy was?



- Elvis.

- Huh?



True story.



l think Stitch feel better.



Even Elvis slipped up sometimes.



But he never stopped trying,

and neither can we.



[both] Elvis!



[bugle plays reveille]



At ease.



When Elvis was in the army,

he got things done.



Here's a map that shows

every place Elvis went to in Kauai.



Our mission:

go to these places,



where the King will give us

the idea for our hula.



To the hovercraft.



Huh! Thanks to a certain sister

of mine, we'll have to walk.



[  Elvis Presley: Rubberneckin']



  Stop, look and listen, baby

That's my philosophy



  It's called rubberneckin', baby



  But that's all right with me



  Stop, look and listen, baby

That's my philosophy



  It's called rubberneckin', baby



  But that's all right with me



  Some people say I'm wasting time



  They don't really know



  I like what I see, I see what I like



  It gives me such a glow

Yeah, yeah, yeah



  First thing in the morning

Last thing at night



  I look, stare everywhere

And I see everything in sight



  Stop, look and listen, baby



  That's my philosophy



  It's called rubberneckin', baby



  But that's all right with me



  People say I'm wasting time



  But I don't really care



  I see what I like, I like what I see



  It gives me such a glow

Yeah, yeah, yeah



  Stop, look and listen, baby

That's my philosophy



  It's called rubberneckin', baby



  And that's all right with...  



This is the exact bench

where Elvis sat in Blue Hawaii.



Oh, yeah. That's him.



l can't believe it.



My butt is in the shadow



of the butt of Elvis Presley.



Oh. Yes.



OK, Elvis.



We're ready to receive

a great idea for our hula.



[echoing] Hula... hula...






That's it. l got it.



Elvis is trying to tell us

to do a hula about a chicken.






No, he's not.



There's plenty of other places

on the map that we can go to.



We better hurry.



Hey, drop it!






[Lilo strains]












We're sunk.






l know it's hard

to keep the faith sometimes,



but if you don't give up on Elvis,



Elvis won't give up on you.



[singing in Hawaiian]



That song. lt's about

the Hawaiian goddess Hi'iaka.



Hey! That's right, Lilo.



That's a great story.



Friendship, jealousy,

death by molten lava!



Do you know what this means?



[both] Thank you, Elvis!



We got our hula.



[typing, computer bleeps]



Stupid supercomputer.



l know, Mom, but Jumba and l

have been very busy.



My mom says hi.



- Yeah, hi....

- He's waving.



l can't talk about it, Mom.

lt's top secret.



- l said l was sorry.

- That's it. That's it!



l have to go, Mom. Talk to you Sunday.



l finished plans

for new fusion chamber



- that will recharge Stitch.

- Way to go.



But we don't have alien technology

to build it.



Way to burst a bubble.



We'll have to find

primitive Earth machinery



and just hope it works.



No prob. l can get

all those parts from the house.



- [alarm]

- [Jumba] Agh!



Stitch is having another episode.



They're getting worse.



Hurry. These parts

are crucial to saving Stitch's life.



Nothing can go wrong.



Target sighted.






Oh, no, it's you. l mean, hi, Nani.



What are you doing with the toaster?




Yeah, interesting question.



- What's going on?

- l was just about to...



We have to hurry to... Nani...



- To make toast.

- Toast?



Making toast.

We're making toast.



Toast. Who doesn't enjoy

nice crispy piece of toast?



Answer: nobody.



And there's so many different kinds.



- Rye, sourdough, pumpernickel.

- You can put marmalade on it.



Tasty toast.

You don't know what you're missing.



- Care to try some?

- That's OK.



l've gotta go to work.



- Oh, and, boys?

- Hmm?



Don't play with the toaster.




Hi, David. Gotta run.



lf you're hungry,

we've got toast. Lots of toast.



- Should l make more?

- Just get rid of him.



- But how?

- You're the Earth expert.



- [David sighs]

- Hmm...



David, David, David.



Poor, sweet David.

Trusting, naive David.



- OK, maybe l do need help.

- You're in good hands.



For   .   you can have

the kayak all day long.



But, of course...



Look at her. Tsk. Tsk.



Doesn't even know you're here.



- Maybe because we're hiding.

- Oh, l'm sorry.



ls my relationship dying? No.




What you think l should do?



Well, it's obvious

she's taking you for granted.



But she won't if she sees

another woman interested.



- What other woman?

- Whoo-hoo!



- Yeah!

- Have fun.



Oh, my,

you're so fascinating and tan.



Whoa! l'm so clumsy.



You've gotta be kidding me.



- l don't think...

- lt's working.



- She's coming over.

- Hey, Nani.



No waving. Be cool. Wow!



ls that a deltoid or a rhomboid?






OK. Hey, David, l'm off at five.



- Wanna get some dinner?

- Great.



- He has plans.

- He does?



With me.

l'm the new girl on the island.



Let me get this straight.



You came here

and interrupted me to tell me



you have pretend plans with Pleakley?



l, uh, don't know

what you're talking about.



My name is lnga.

l'm a foreign exchange student.



Are you jealous?



Mmm... No.



Well, you blew it.






[both laugh]



[Lilo] This is how

the story goes, Stitch.



Once, there was a beautiful

goddess named Hi'iaka



and a handsome mortal

named Lo'hiau.



They were as close

as two people could be.






But one day, PelÚ,



the volcano goddess,

grew jealous of their friendship.



So she took Lo'hiau

and threw him into a volcano



filled with molten lava.



- Waagh!

- Oh... Stitch!



My bad.



Hi'iaka discovered

his body in a cavern



by a sea cliff,

and she stayed with him,



praying to the gods

to bring Lo'hiau's spirit back.



And it worked.

Her love brought him back to life,



proving that love

is more powerful than death.




  I will love you always  



We are ready for rehearsal.



[Kumu] OK, girls,

this is your last rehearsal



before tomorrow's competition.



What if l forget the moves

and Mertle laughs at me?



And l get mad and pound her?



You gotta help me, Stitch.

l need you.



We do together.



Our hula is about an ancient friendship



that proves love

is more powerful than death.



Oh, brother.



The great goddess Hi'iaka...

That's me!



And the brave and handsome

mortal Lo'hiau.



That's Stitch.



l said,

the handsome mortal Lo'hiau!



Oh, handsome mortal!






Stitch, get out here.









- What are you doing?

- [girls laugh]



Cut it out.



That's not what we practised.









- [Lilo] Stop it!

- He's crazy!



[girls scream]



Girls, girls, get behind me.



Lilo, get control of your dog.

Nice doggy...



Lilo! Lilo!






Lilo, you will not be allowed

to rehearse at this hulau again.



Lilo, l... l...



[Nani] Come on.

lt couldn't have been that bad.



- lt was.

- Mahalo. Have a good one.



- You're not listening to me.

- l'm listening. l have to work.



My hula career is falling to pieces,



and you're worried about stinking work?



Stitch needs you

to be patient with him.



- He did it on purpose.

- You don't mean that.



You should have seen

the way he was acting.



- Aren't you being overdramatic?

- His goodness level is at rock bottom.



[  Elvis Presley:

I Need Your Love Tonight]



[tyres screeching]



  Oh, oh, I love you so



  Uh, uh, I can't let you go



  Ooh, ooh, don't tell me no



  I need your love tonight



  Oh, gee, the way you kiss



  Sweedee, too good to miss



  Wowee, I want more of this



  I need your love tonight



  I've been waiting just for tonight



  To do some lovin' and hold you tight



  Don't tell me, baby, you gotta go



  I got the hi-fi high

and the lights down low



  Hey, now, hear what I say



  Oh, wow, you better stay



  Pow, pow, don't run away

I need your love tonight



  I need your love tonight






  I need your love tonight



  Oh, oh, I love you so



  Uh, uh, I can't let you go



  Ooh, ooh, don't tell me no



  I need your love tonight



  Oh, gee, the way you kiss



  Sweedee, too good to miss



  Wowee, I want more of this



  I need your love tonight

I need your love tonight



  I need your love tonight...  



[hums I Need Your Love Tonight]



Oh, yeah.



The great goddess Hi'iaka...

That's me.



The great goddess Hi'iaka...

That's me.



...and the brave mortal Lo'hiau...



Whoa. That's also me.






...were best friends.



Lilo, look.



- Their friendship proved...

- l'm good now. No more badness.



Oh, sorry.






- The great goddess Hi'iaka...

- Stitch good.



Stitch, just get outta here.






- No, you out.

- No, you.



- You. You!

- You. You!






l will.



- No, Stitch will.

- l'm leaving first.



- l'm leaving first! l am.

- No! Stitch first!



Who took my hair...

Who took my hair dryer?



Get back here. You'll be sorry.



- Open this door, trog.

- Who's there?



- Stitch. Open the door.

- OK.



- What is up with you two?

- Nani, it's me.



- Neither of you move.

- [both growl]



Oh, David,

l'm glad you're here... David?



Nani, you're not

the only fish in the sea.



- [Pleakley] Tell her you have...

- Because l have a lot of... uh...



- Tell her your options.

- Options?



Options. Oh, really?



[Pleakley] OlÚ!



[hums tunelessly]



Are you jealous?






- She's touching me.

- l'm not touching you.



- Agh! You're touching me!

- Not touching.



- Touching me!

- lt's free air.



- Ew!

- Would you cut it out?



This is crazy.

You guys are family.



Ohana... Ow!



- Why are you fighting?

- Because he ruins everything.



- Not my fault.

- Then whose fault is it?



- You're dead meat.

- Whoa!



That... is... it!



Go to your room and make up

like loving friends!



- You're gross.

- Stupid head.



Keep walking.



[Stitch mutters]



- Stitch sorry.

- We said we were gonna be good.



l needed you, Stitch.



Stitch good again.



lf you promise to be good,



l'll give you one more chance.



- But l want you to promise.

- Oh, yeah. [alien language]



You get the costumes,

and l'll get the record player.



Stitch good.

Good, good, good, good, good.



Stitch good...



[whimpers, growls]






We are ready.



- Stitch.

- Lilo.



- Everything's ruined.

- l... l sorry.



l don't know

why l ever believed you.



Something wrong with Stitch.



l know what's wrong with you.



You're bad, and you'll always be bad.



Three. Two. One.






There it is, Pleakley.



The fusion chamber,

the only thing that can save Stitch.



- lt's amazing.

- Just another work of genius.



Oh, oh, can l switch it on?

Please, please?



Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no.



That is extremely delicate machine.



lt takes superior mind.






Heh, thanks to me, crisis is over.






Jumba? Jumba?



What happened?



[metal scraping]



That's it, Pleakley. lt's over.



l can't build a new fusion chamber.



Sure you can,

like you built the first one.



l didn't build first one.

l ordered it... from catalogue.



A catalogue?



And now there is no hope

for my little creation.



Jumba has failed family.



So you didn't build

the first fusion chamber. So what?



You still built Stitch, didn't ya?

Well, didn't ya?






And you're still an evil genius.

Admit it.



No, l... l don't like to brag.



Well, see, that's why

you're the only one who can do it.



[computer bleeps]



Pleakley, my wrench!






Hey, Lilo.



l'm not doing the hula with him.

So don't try to make me.






He's ruining my chance of winning.



Lilo, baby, it's just a contest.



No, it's not. Now get off my bed.



- Not until we talk about this.

- You're no help!



- l wish Mom were here.

- l'm doing the best l can.



- Well, it's not good enough.

- Don't you think l know that?



[both] Oh...



[Nani] Hey.

Remember how she would always



make up those funny constellations?



Like Swiss Cheese Man?



Where is the Stinky Bag

of Garbage again?



Near the Sour Milky Way.




Right near the Old Lady...



[both] ...with the

Chihuahua on her Head.



l have to win the contest,

just like Mom did.



lf l win, she'll know l'm good,

and she'll be proud of me.



Oh, baby.



You don't have to win anything

for Mom to be proud of you.



- How do you know?

- Because l know everything.



OK, l don't know everything,



but l think Mom would be proud of you

just for being you.



You too.



Thanks, Lilo.






Stitch good.



Stitch good now.



[  Elvis with JXL:

A Little Less Conversation]



[loud gulping]






  A little less conversation,

a little more action, please



  All this aggravation

ain't satisfactioning me



  A little more bite

and a little less bark



  A little less fight

and a little more spark



  Close your mouth and open up

your heart and, baby, satisfy me



  Satisfy me, baby  



Do you think Lilo will show up?



[Mertle] After that rehearsal?

She wouldn't dare.



[  A Little Less Conversation




-   Come on, come on

-   Come on, come on



-   Come on, come on

-   Come on, come on



  Don't procrastinate, don't articulate



  Girl, it's getting late

gettin' upset waitin' around



  A little less conversation,

a little more action, please



  A little more bite

and a little less bark



  A little less fight

and a little more spark



  Close your mouth and open up

your heart, and, baby, satisfy me



-   Satisfy me

-   Satisfy me



-   Satisfy me

-   Satisfy me  



l just wanted to say

l am very proud of all your hard work.



lf it were up to me,

you would all win first place.



He's just saying that

so the losers don't feel bad.



Hi, Nani.



Uh, yeah.









Welcome to

our annual May Day Festival,



where one of our little girls

will be chosen alaka'i.



First up is Aleka,

doing the dance of the pineapple.









Ah, that should do it.



What if it doesn't work?



lt will.



Ooh, mai ka i, Aleka.



Next up is Mertle Edmunds.



lt's a gift certificate

to my daddy's store. Hit it.



Legend tells of a man named Karl



who dreamt of offering

authentic Hawaiian collectibles



at an affordable price.



Like this costume

in seven natural colours,



and these genuine faux pearls,

each a jewel of the Pacific.



The best things in life



are marked down for clearance

this weekend at Karl's.



Mertle, what can l say?



Thank you.



lt's in the bag.



lf Jumba and Pleakley don't get here

soon, they're gonna miss Lilo.



- No.

- What's happening?



His circuits are about to blow. We have

to get him in the fusion chamber now!



- Shouldn't we test it?

- There isn't time.



Next we have Lilo,



who's doing her hula

about an ancient friendship.



This is it.



- You'll be great.

- Stitch?



- l just want to say l...

- l can't talk now.



- l have to go on.

- l know, l...



- Oh, no, badness coming on.

- What?



- l... l have to...

- Are you OK?









- Stitch?

- No, Lilo. Too dangerous.



- Stitch?

- Lilo, it's your turn.



Everybody's waiting.



My hula is about

an ancient friendship...



...that proves love



is more powerful than death.



[singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you, I will love you...  



l'm sorry, Mom.



Stitch! Come back!



- Have you seen Stitch?

- We thought he was with you.



- Lilo, baby, what happened?

- Something's wrong with Stitch.



He's malfunctioning.



And if we don't find him soon...



- Stitch!

- Stitch?



- Oh, Stitch! Where are you?

- Stitch.



You there, brudda, brudda?









Hey, we'll find him.



- We looked everywhere.

- He only has few minutes left.



- The ship.

- The fusion chamber.









- We have to stop him.

- [car horn beeps]






- l think l should drive.

- Two eyes. My car. l'm driving.



At the rate he is going, he's soon

to be accelerating into stratosphere.



lf only we had way

to communicate with him.



Stitch has taken off in the ship,

and we have no way to contact him.



- Poor Jumba. He's worked so hard.

- Give me that!



Yes, yes... Yes, Mother Pleakley.

He'll call you back.



Hello. Thanks for using

the Uninhabited Planet Index,



your guide to the galaxy's

most isolated and lonely locations.



If your selection is Planet Z-   

engage hyper-drive.



[Lilo] Stitch!

Can you hear me? I need you.



Please come back.



Stitch can never come back.



- [Jumba] He's lost control of ship.

- What?




What do we do now?



lt was my best hiding place.



Get him into fusion chamber

before his energy runs out.



ls only chance!















No, Lilo. Too dangerous.



You're not dangerous.



We have to get you

into Jumba's machine.



No worry.

l've got you, Nani.




you're gonna be OK now.



Please be OK.



Stitch sorry.






Hurry, before... Oh, no!



Jumba. Jumba, it's not working.



Oh, no.



We're too late.



- No!

- Lilo, wait.



There's nothing you can do.



He's gone.



Oh, honey, come here.









l'm so sorry.



l kept saying how l needed you.



But you needed me more.



You're my ohana, Stitch.



And l'll always love you.



[woman singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you



[singing continues in Hawaiian]



  I will love you  



Stitch not bad.



Stitch fluffy.






But how is it possible?



lt's not.



Stitch OK now?



No more nightmares.






You look fluffier than ever.




Come here, you. Group hug!



So Hi'iaka and Lo'hiau

were reunited



and are together to this day.



Kui ka laima!



Hoo kee ma!



[man singing in Hawaiian]






  I will love you

I will love you always



  When it's hard to stand



  Oh, you can take my hand



  And I will love you

I will love you always



  I will love you

I will love you always



Mom would be so proud of you.



  I will love you

I will love you always  



[  Jump :

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride]



[  Jump :

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride]



  Aloha e, aloha e

Aloha e, aloha e



  'Ano 'ai ke Aloha e

'Ano 'ai ke Aloha e



  There's no place I'd rather be



  Than on my surfboard out at sea



  Lingering in the ocean blue



  And if I had one wish come true



  I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



  Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



  Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



  Flying by

on a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



  Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



  Pi'i nÔ nalu, la lahalaha



  O ka moana, hanupanupa



  Lalala i ka la hanahana



  Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one



  Helehele mai kÔkou e



  Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  There's no place I'd rather be



  Than on my surfboard out at sea



  Lingering in the ocean blue



  And if I had one wish come true



  I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



  Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



  Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



  Flying by

on a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  Hang loose, hang ten,

howzit, shake a shaka



  No worry, no fear,

ain't no biggie, brudda



  Cuttin' in, cuttin' up,

cuttin' back, cuttin' out



  Frontside, backside,

goofy-footed, wipe out



  Let's get jumpin',

surf's up and pumpin'



  Coastin' with the motion of the ocean



  Whirlpools swirling,

twisting and turning



  Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  There's no place I'd rather be



  Than on my surfboard out at sea



  Lingering in the ocean blue



  And if I had one wish come true



  I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



  Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



  Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



  Flying by

on a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride



  Hawaiian rollercoaster ride  



[  Always]



[man singing in Hawaiian]



[singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you

I will love you always



[singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you

I will love you always



  I will love you

I will love you always



[singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you

I will love you always



[singing in Hawaiian]



  I will love you

I will love you always  


Special help by SergeiK