Moon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Moon script is here for all you fans of the Sam Rockwell movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Moon quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Moon Script

There was a time when
"energy" was a dirty word.

When turning on your
lights was a hard choice.

Cities in brownout,...

food shortages,
cars burning fuel to run.

But that was the past.

Where are we now?
How do we make the world so much better?

Make deserts bloom!

Right now, we are the largest
producer of fusion energy in the world.

The energy of the sun,
trapped in rock,

harvested by machine from
the far side of the moon.

Today, we deliver enough
clean-burning helium-3...

to supply the energy needs
of nearly 70% of the planet.

Who would have thought that all
energy we ever needed

is right above our heads?

The power of the moon...

the power of our future.

Rock and roll!
08:32, Pacific Time.

All harvesters running smoothly.

Readouts are as follows:

Matthew...14.6 miles.

Mark...16.8 miles.

I don't—

Hey, Gerty? Gerty?
Wake up!

Good morning, Sam!

We have got a live one on Mark!

I'm going to go out
now and rope her in.

OK, Sam.

I want chocolate.

I think you're sweet enough.

You don't need chocolate.

Searching for long-range comms.

Searching for long-range comms.

Signal failure on long-range comms.

Sam Bell, reporting to Central...

10:14, Pacific Time.

I have a full container full of helium-3,
ready to roll.

By the time this message reaches you,
it should be in transit.

Otherwise, everything running smoothly...

How are things down there?

You guys been having any...

good parties or anything?

Oh, thanks for the...(stumbles)

for the football feed!
It almost felt live.


Three years is a long haul.

You know—
It's way, way, way, way, way too long!

I'm talking to myself...

on a regular basis!


Time to go home,
you know what I mean?

That's it,
over and out!

Rock and roll,
God bless America!

I can do that for you, Sam.

God damn it!
I said I got it!

Why don't you listen to me?

Package ready for launch.

Sam, is everything OK?

- Sam?
- What?

You don't seem like yourself today.

- Is something wrong?
- No. Can you turn that off, please?

Jesus Christ!

Sam, it might help you
to talk about it.

Gerty, have you heard anything new
about anyone fixing Lunar-Sat?

the setting of monthly satellite dishes?

No, Sam.

From what I understand,
it is fairly low...

on the company's priority list right now.

You tell them to sort that out.

You know what I'm talking about?
That's not—

I've only got two weeks!

But it's not fair for
whoever's coming up here next.

I will, Sam. Do you want me
to finish cutting your hair later?

No, come on;
let's finish this.

Got one of those headaches...

Can you—can you give me
something for it?

[Gerty]: Message received
from your wife, Sam...

via Jupiter link.


Hi, Sam!
It's me.

I got your last message.

It was really good
to hear your voice.

I miss you, too!

I know you're really lonely up there...

But I think...
In a lot of ways....

it's been really good for you.

For both of us.

God, I hope you do not mind me saying that.

I'm proud of you!

Someone has got something to say.

What did you want to say to daddy, baby?

Say "astronaut".

(Sam chuckles)

He is an astronaut!

(whispering) Say daddy's an astronaut.
Say it really loud.

Daddy's an astronaut.

Clever girl!

Give daddy a wave!

Kathy, could you—

I can't believe you're
going to be home soon.

It's her birthday next month...

And I was thinking about
maybe a playhouse for the garden.

- Gerty!
- We could work at it together.


I love you!

(softly) I love you!

- And I miss you!
- (softly) I miss you!

And I can't wait to see you.

OK, sweetheart...


Hi, Doug!

You're really full of yourself,
aren't you, Doug?


(tsks) Not good!

What about Dumbo?... (continues)

(groans) Fuck!

God damn it!


Wasn't kind of smart,
was it, Gerty?

- Sam, can I ask how it happened?
- I told you.

I saw something on TV and
I spilled boiling water on my hand.

You saw something on TV?

Yeah, I something on TV
that distracted me.

Is there something
wrong with that, Gerty?

Sam, you said it was the TV
that distracted you...

but when I came in,
the TV wasn't on.

Perhaps you were imagining things?

Yeah, you think too much, pal.

You need to get laid.
I'm going to go back to work.

(Alarm clock blares Chesney Hawkes'
"The One and Only")

Shut up!

Good morning, Gerty.

Good morning, Sam.

- How are you today?
- Fine!


- How is the hand?
- Oh, it's a little sore!

A little sore. It's OK.

- What's for breakfast?
- The usual.


- Two weeks to go, Sam.
- Two weeks to go, buddy!

Would you like some
hot sauce on your beans?

No, my tummy's a little tender, actually.

But, thank you.
Thank you, Gerty.

You're welcome, Sam.

08:19, Pacific Time.
Readouts are as follows...

Matthew ... 9.8 miles.

Mark is less—

- 9...
- Hey, Gerty!

Rock and roll!


Mark is 11 miles on the button.

Luke is a little twitchy today.

Hey, Gerty.

Looks like we have got a
live one out on Matthew.

I'm going to go out in a few minutes.
I'm just going to finish my coffee, OK?

OK, Sam.

Searching for long-range comms.

Signal failure on long-range comms.

Danger. Atmosphere compromised.

Where am...

- Where am I?
- Sam, you're in the infirmary.

You had an accident.
Do you remember what happened?

No, I don't...
I don't remember a thing.

Do you remember me?

Yeah, of course I remember you, Gerty.

That's good. That is very good.

It's nice to see you awake again.

I'd like to keep you under observation
here in the infirmary for a few days...

And run some tests.

How long have I been out?

Not long, Sam.
Go back to sleep.

- OK, pal.
- You're still very tired.

We can talk later.


(Distant conversation)
[Gerty]: The new Sam is in reworking order.

But we only have two
working harvesters now.

[Overmeyers]: (sarcastically)
Yeah, well,what a surprise!

[Thompson]: Gerty, we're going to have to
find a way to ramp up production.

[Gerty]: I know.

[Overmeyers]: This is incredible!
But how do you manage to destroy...

a fucking rover, a harvester and
an employee all on the same day?

These were extraordinary
circumstances, as you know.

Gerty, what is the status on Harvester 3?

How do the repairs look on... (stopped)

- Sam, you're out of bed.
- Yeah.

I wanted to stretch my legs a bit.
Who was that?

We've been having some problems
with the Lunar-Sat...

And our live feed seems to be down.

I was recording a video-message for Central...

Updating them on your progress.

Sam, you need to stay in bed.

You're not ready to walk around yet.

Can you bring me my sunglasses?
It's really bright in here.

Give me some...
Give me all my stuff, you know?

Your belongings are in your quarters, Sam.

- Well, bring them in here.
- Certainly.

Excellent, Sam.

What...When can I get out of here, Gerty?

Sam, you may have suffered
from brain damage in the crash.

This would explain your slight memory
loss and logic impairment.

So what's the diagnosis?
When can I get back to work?

Central has asked me to
slow down the harvesters...

to ensure you have time to
recuperate and get your strength back.

(sarcastically) That's terrific!

That's fantastic!

You can return to the sleeping quarters tomorrow.

But it will still be a few more days before you
can resume anything like a normal work schedule.

Let's try another test.

I don't want to try another test!

Please, Sam.

Hey, Gerty?

Do you know about this?

Matthew has got no velocity readout.
He is completely still.

He must have stalled.

Well, he has obviously stalled.

Don't you think we should tell Central?

Unlock the doors and I'll go fix it.

I will pass on your message.

[Gerty]: Message received from Earth
via Jupiter link.

[Thompson]: Sam, we appreciate the offer,
but you concentrate on feeling better.

[Overmeyers]: Yeah, we don't want
you to take any unnecessary risks.

- You are too important to us.
- You stay put.

[Overmeyers]: That is an order.

[Thompson]: It's an order, Sam...
from Lunar.

And what we're going to do is send a rescue unit...

to tend to the stalled harvester
and get the base back on its feet.

- (under breath) Fuck is with...? What the fuck?
- I'm sorry, Sam.

- What?
- Sam...

I'm under strict orders not to let you outside.

I don't appreciate that—being treated like a child.
I don't appreciate it.



Gerty, come here!

- What happened?
- I do not know, maybe a meteorite...

There have been no meteorites, Sam.

Micrometeorites, maybe. I do not know.

Either way, there might be
damage to the exterior shell.

I think you better
let me go outside and take a look.

There is no damage to the exterior shell.

Well, it's not that I don't believe you, Gerty...

But, you know, this thing is
springing leaks like an Acme firehose.

You need to let me go outside
and fix this problem, Gery.

I can't let you go outside, Sam.

Gerty, if you don't let me go outside,
we can't fix this leak.

I'm not permitted to let you go outside.

Just let...
We'll keep it between you and me, ok, pal?

This thing is leaking gas. Let's go! Come on...

Just to check the exterior shell?

- Of course.
- OK, Sam.

Thank you.


Searching for long-range comms.

Searching for long-range comms.

Searching for long-range comms.

Signal failure on long-range comms.



I found him outside!

I found him outside!

Near one of the stalled harvesters...

Who is he?

Who is he?!

We need to get him to the infirmary.

Not until you tell me who that is.

You tell me who that is!

Sam Bell. We need to get him
to the infirmary immediately.

Hello, Sam.

How are you feeling?

Where—Where am I?

The infirmary.

You had an accident out by one of the harvesters.

Do you remember?

No, I'm—I'm thirsty.

I could get you some water.

I saw someone out there, Gerty.

I saw someone out there.

Sam, you suffered a slight concussion in
the crash and have incurred minor injuries.

But, all in all,
the prognosis is good.

I'm happy to see you again.


Yes, Sam?

Is there someone in the room with us?

Sam, get some sleep.

You're very tired.

[Tess]: Spoke to Thompson today.

They are in Europe, they—he's promising the world.

I think it was the right thing.'s just such a long time.

I suppose there are—there are things...

You know...that needed to happen.

I—I need time to think.



Be safe...And I'll...

I'll talk to you soon.



Gerty, what the fu—what the hell's going on?

Who is the guy—
Who is the guy in the rec room?

Where did he come from?
Why does he look like me?

Sam, you're out out of bed.

Yeah, Gerty, I'm out of bed.
Who is the guy?

Who is the guy in the rec room?

- Sam Bell.
- Come on, come on, come on!

You are Sam Bell.

Sam, what is it?

It might help to talk about it.

I don't understand what is happening...

I think I'm starting to lose my mind.

We can run some tests.

I haven't let Sam contact Lunar.

They do not know that you were recovered
alive from the accident.

"Recovered alive"? What do you mean?
Why did not you report it to Central?

What are you talking about?

I'm here to keep you safe, Sam.

Are you hungry?

Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks

Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks, two weeks,
two weeks, two weeks, two weeks... (exhales)

- I'm just getting my slippers...
- I'm using them...I'm using them.

These are mine.

Gerty says you're Sam Bell.

I'm Sam Bell, too!

- What?
- Well, we've got that going for us.


How long have you been...


How long have you been here?

About a week.

- So how are you doing?
- What?

How are you doing?

"How am I doing?"

How do you think I'm doing?

They locked all the exits.
Who's looking after the harvesters?

Harvesters are fine.

It's the fact that I'm here talking to a clone
that's slightly troubling.

(chuckles) I'm not a clone.

I'm not a clone!

- You're the clone.
- Okay, Sam.

You're not a clone.

Hey, hey...You're not looking too good.

Sh! Butt out of this!
I'm not even talking to you, pal.

I think that Katherine likes you.
I think she likes you a bit.

You're not looking too good, my friend.

I hope you're not feeling too bad.

Are you talking to yourself?

- Let's just get you fixed up...
- How long have you been here?

Well, it's about...three years.

For almost three years.

Listen, I...

I wanted to thank y—.

I wanted to thank you for, um...

If it wasn't for you, I'd—I...

I guess I'd still be in that crashed rover.
You saved my life.

Hey, I know this is weird, you know...?

I'm real lonely, you know, I...(puffs)

I just wanted to shake your hand.
Will you shake my hand?

Maybe later.

- What are you looking at?
- You look just like me; it's incredible.

Why do I look like you?
Why don't you look like me?

We look like each other, I guess.
I don't know.

Hey, you know...(chuckles)

It's weird for me, too, you know? (stutters)


Hey, you want to play some ping-pong?


Come on, I'll teach you.
It'll help you relax.

- What's the score?
- 2-18.


- Do you want me to show you how to hold that?
- No...No, I...

I don't need you to show me how to hold it!


- Yeah, "OK"

- Should we play?
- Yeah!

Fuck! God!




You want a...You want a stick of gum?

You know...

You should approach this in a different way.

- Remember when you went to flight school?
- What are you doing?

I'm fixing the net.

It is very Zen with ping-pong,
you have to just to relax.

How long did it take you took to do that?

Oh, I don't remember doing all of it.

I remember doing the church...
and the Salvation Army.

And doing the people.

My mind has been acting kind of weird lately.

That's Fairfield, right?

There's the town hall.

Fairfield, that's right...

Yeah, that's Tess...and Eve...


You know Tess?

Yeah, I know Tess.

- You know about Eve, right?
- What?

I had a...We had a girl...


Ain't she beautiful?

She's my little monkey.

She's our little monkey.

High five!

She might be the milkman's,
but she's beautiful.

Sam, a new message has arrived from Earth.

Oh shit!

- [Overmeyer]: Greetings, Sam.
- [Thompson] How's our man?

You feeling better?

- [Overmeyer]: Have you had enough rest?
- [Thompson]: You resting up, Sam?

(chuckling) You better be, you bastard.

Well, enjoy it while it lasts. We've got some good news.

[Thompson]: The Jupiter program had to be put on hiatus,
so we've got a few pairs of hands for you.

[Overmeyer]: So what we've manage to do is
cue you a rescue unit ahead of schedule.

Rescue Unit Eliza.

[Overmeyer]: Eliza has been stationed on
Goliath-19 for the last 2 months.

[Thompson]: We expect them to reach you
in approximately 14 hours.

So commence to jump for joy!

You're about to be back at work.

In the meantime,
hang in there.

Rest up.

[Overmeyer]: You hang in there, Sam.
Over and out!

They're sending a rescue unit? Why?
Why are they sending a rescue unit?

To fix the stalled harvester.
They didn't think I was up to it.

Well, then I'm going back.

That's it for me.

- What?
- Is that what you really think?

Yeah. I've got a contract!

I'm going home.

- You're a fucking clone. You don't have shit.
- Hey, I'm going home!

- Home!
- You're not going anywhere.

You know, you've been up here too long, man.
You have lost your marbles.

What do you think, Tess is back home,
waiting on the sofa in lingerie?

What about the original Sam? Huh?

I am the original Sam!

- I am Sam-fucking-Bell.
- Hey!



Gerty, am I a clone?

Are you hungry?

Hey, hey...

Don't get your fucking panties in a twist.
I'm in the same boat, asshole.


- What about the other clones?
- What?

We might not be the first two
to have been woken up.

You said that that model had already
been started when you got here.

Well, who started it?

There might be others up here right now.

Think about it. How did I get up
here so quickly after your crash?

- I don't know...
- They didn't ship me in from Central.

There wasn't time.
I must have come from the base.

I don't know what you're smoking. Why would
they do that? That's ridiculous.


I bet there's some kind of secret room.

"Secret room"?

Yeah, a secret room. Why not?

You know, you are the one that has lost your marbles.

I've been here three years, man.

I know every inch of this base.

And I know how many dirt is between
those wall panels over there.

Why would they do that?
What's the motive?

Look, it's a company, right?

They have investors, they have shareholders.
Shit like that.

What's cheaper? Spending time and
money training new personnel...

Or you just have a couple of
spares here to do the job?

It's the far side of the moon!

Those cheap fucks haven't even
fixed the communication satellite yet!

- Tess would know, she would have told me...
- Hey, Gepetto, wake up!

You really think they give a shit about us?

They're laughing all the way to the bank!

Tess would know, she would have told me...

Where do you get off?!

Fucking sitting there sulking
like a little fucking boy!

- Jesus Christ...
- Wake up!

There's some area that we don't know about.

And I'm going to find it.

Yeah, maybe you'll find some
buried treasure, too.


Eliza arrival estimated in 13 hours.

You find your secret room?

Just put that anywhere.

Yes, that's a good idea...

- That's where I keep my leprechauns.
- Get out of the way.

- What? Why?
- I want to look underneath that model.

You're not touching this model.

Get the fuck out of the way!

Listen, why don't you just relax, right?

Why don't you take a pill?
Bake a cake?

- Go read the encyclopedia or something?
- Oh, you're a tough guy now?

What, are you going to stab me?

No, I'm a peaceful warrior.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Put the knife down.
I want to look underneath there.

- Put the knife down.
- No, I'm not going to give you the knife.

- What?
- Just get out of the way.

- Take it easy.
- Let go of the knife.

Don't ever tell me what to do.

- Let go.
- You let go of the knife.

- Don't be an asshole.
- Don't push me.

- Don't push me, motherfucker!
- Let go.

Let go!

What did I fucking tell you?
"Let go of the goddamn knife."

You fucking little girl, man!

Damn it! What did I tell you?

You going to stop?
You going to stop?



Jesus, fuck!

Fuck me! What the fuck?

I hardly...I hardly touched you.

Let me see.

- That's a lot of blood.
- Get off of me!

Hello, Sam.

Sam, is everything OK?


Yeah, we had a fight.
Me and the other guy, the other...

He's very angry, you know?

You know what he did?

He flipped my entire model over!

You know how much work I put into that thing?

938 hours.

938 hours. Yeah, exactly.

938 hours, really?


He's got a problem.

He scares me, Gerty.

What is it about Sam that scares you?

The guy flies off the handle.

I see it now. I see what Tess was talking about.

I never told you this, Gerty, but she...

She—She left me. Tess left me.

For 6 months. She moved back in with her parents.

I know.

She gave me a second chance.

- I promised here that I'd change.
- You have changed, Sam.

Hey, Gerty, since I've been up here,
I've sent Tess...

I've sent her over a hundred video messages.

Where did those messages go?

Did they ever reach her?

Sam, I can only account for what occurs on the base.

What about the messages she sent to me?

Sam, I can only account for what occurs on the base.


Am I really a clone?

When you first arrived at Sarang,
there was a small crash.

You woke up in the infirmary. You suffered
minor brain damage and memory loss.

I kept you under observation
and ran some tests.

I remember, yea, I remember that...

Sam, there was no crash.
You were being awakened.

It is standard procedure for
all new clones to be given tests...

 to establish mental stability..

and general physical health.

Genetic abnormalities and minor
duplication errors in the DNA...

can have considerable impact on...

What about Tess? What about Eve?

They are memory implants, Sam.

Uploaded, edited memories
of the original Sam Bell.

I'm very sorry. 

Sam, it's been several hours since your last meal.

Can I prepare you something?

Rescue arrival estimated in 11 hours.

- You OK, sweetheart?
- Yeah, I'm staring into space.

Hey! Thanks for this, this is good.

This is cozy. How's the nose?

Much better, thank you.

I went haywire before.
You know...I lost it. I...

- I'm sorry about that.
- It's OK.

No, it's not OK. I fucked up Fairfield. I fucked up your model.
I don't know what's wrong with me. I've got...

I've got a temper, I've got to do something about that.

Yes, you do.

(Music player plays Katrina and the Waves'
"Walking on Sunshine")

Hey, can you turn that off for a second?
I want to talk to you.

Can you turn that off?

Listen. (Music stops) Listen.

(music resumes)
I wasn't supposed to...

I'm trying to tell you something.

(music stops)

I never instructed Gerty to...
(music resumes)

(music stops)
Listen to me. I wasn't supposed to find you...(music resumes)

(music stops)

(music resumes)

(music stops)
Tough Guy.

- Listen to me!
- You look like a radioactive tampon.

Like a banana with a yeast infection.

Listen to me. I wasn't supposed to find you.

Lunar instructed Gerty to lock me inside
the base while you were out there.

And there's something else.
Right around the time I was awakened...

I walked in on Gerty talking with Central.
He was having a live conversation.

"A live conversation"?

- Yeah
- How do you know it was a live conversation?

Because it was a back-and-forth exchange.

Communications equipment was damaged.
There was a solar storm.

- It was live, man, it was live.
- That's impossible. There was a flare, it fried the satellite.

The satellite is fine. They don't want us
to be able to contact Earth. They lied to us.

They've been lying to us since the beginning.
They've been lying since forever.

If the satellite works, how are they
blocking the live feed from down here?

Everything works fine.

Maybe they're not blocking the signal from inside the base?

From where, then?

Searching for long-range comms. 

[Sam]: I'm just passing the last of
the harvesters. Looks like John.

How long until you are out of the base's range?

Um, a minute.

- 90 seconds tops.
- Have you ever been out this far?

No...never have.

Leaving Sarang working perimeter.

Leaving Sarang working perimeter.

Leaving Sarang working perimeter.

- See anything?
- It'd help if I knew what the hell I was looking for.

Wait a second, I see something.

Approaching station 3.

Holy shit! I think I see something, too.

Approaching station 1.

Do you see what I see? Looks like
an antenna or...or...

A pylon or something. I think it's the jammer.

Dude! This is why we're not getting the live feed.

- Sam? Can you hear me?
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah I hear you.

Listen, I'm not feeling too good.
I'm going to—I'm going to head back to the base.

OK, I'm going to stay out here for a while.
I'm going to see if there's any more of these things.


Access denied.

Access denied.

Access denied.

Password accepted.

Accessing Sam Bell database.

(chuckles) My hair's falling out.

(hacking cough)
How about that for a status?

We'll do this another time.


I'm going to go see her soon.

Rescue arrival estimated in 9 hours.

Lay down, relax and breathe deeply.

The cryogenic protection pod is designed
to put you into a deep sleep for...

The duration of your three-day return
journey back to Earth.

As you begin to feel sleepy,
think about the magnificent job that you've done.

And how proud your family are
of what you've accomplished.

Lunar Industries remains the #1 provider
of clean energy worldwide...

Due to the hard work of people like you.

Safe trip, "Annyeong-hi kyeseyo" and goodbye.

Approaching station 2.

Hey, I saw 3 more of those jammers.

I think the base is surrounded with them.
I printed out their coordinates.

Bud, what's wrong with you?

What's going on?

I found your secret room.

- Who goes first?
- I go first.

Jesus Christ, there's so many of them.

Why are there so many of them?

Sam, can I help you with something?

Not now, Gerty. I'm OK.

Gerty, why did you help me before?

With the password? Doesn't that go
against your programming or something?

Helping you is what I do.

Leaving Sarang working perimeter.

Searching for long-range comms.

Searching for long-range comms.

Signal established.

Signal established.


- Is this the Bell family?
- This is the Bell residence.

Could you call back?
There's something wrong with the picture.

I'm trying to reach Tess Bell.

I'm sorry, she passed away some years ago.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I think so.

I'm her daughter. Can I help you?


- Yeah.
- Hi! Hi, Eve.

- How old—How old are you now?
- I'm 15.

- Do I know you?
- Sweetheart...

How did mommy die, sweetheart?

How did mommy die?

- Dad!
- Yeah.

- There's someone asking about mom.
- Who's asking about mom?

That's enough.
That's enough.

I want to go home!

...want to go...(cries)

Eliza arrival estimated in 7 hours.


- What, did you cut yourself?
- Yeah.

What are you laughing at?

Well, you don't hold it like you're trying
to stab somebody, for God's sakes.

Here, give me that.

You've got to hold it closer to the blade, you see?
Watch what I'm doing.

Why are you shaking?

Carve out like that.

It's freezing in here.

Well, you're sitting under the fridge.
What's going on with you?

You all right?

Yeah, that crew they're sending us...

If they find us awake at the same time,
they aren't going to let us live.

You know that, right?

You know, the return vehicle is a...

You OK?

You should lay down for a while.
Take some tranquilizers or something.

"Take some tranquilizers"?
I'll never wake up again.

You're going to be OK.
Everything's going to be OK.

I'm freezing.

Hey, hey?

I'm really scared.

Where are you going?

[Eve, video playback]:

- [Sam]: Is this the Bell residence?
- [Eve]: This is the Bell residence.

Could you call back?
There's something wrong with the picture.

I'm trying to reach Tess Bell.

I'm sorry, she passed away some years ago.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I think so. I'm her daughter.

Can I help you?

Gerty, I need to talk to you.

Of course, Sam, how can I help?

We've found the hidden room.
We know about the others.

That hidden room, Gerty.

The lower deck is out-of-bounds
to awakened clones, Sam.

Gerty, we need to wake up a new clone.

New clones can only be awakened once a
three-year contract is completed.

Gerty, if you don't wake up another clone,
me and the other Sam will die.

We will be killed, do you understand?

- Yes
- You want me and the other Sam to be killed?

- That is the last thing I want.
- Well, then you have to wake up a new clone.

OK, pal?

Eliza arrival estimated in 5 hours.

(Alarm clock blares Chesney Hawkes'
"The One and Only")

What's going on? You OK?

Don't—Don't touch him.

Come here.

He's not conscious yet.
Gerty and I just woke him up.

Why? What's going on?

Come on outside.

When the rescue unit arrives, they're going
to expect to find a body in that crashed rover.

That guy?

(chuckles) What, are you going to kill him?

- Jesus Christ.
- What are you doing?

Zip up your fly.

You're burning up.
Sweating like a pig.

Put your hat on.
Put your hat on.

If I go through with this, I'm going to need
your help hauling him out to the crash site.

What about us?

When Eliza arrives, it finds you and me as a welcome party...

They aren't going to find you and me as a welcome party.
They're going to find me.

You're going back to Earth before they get here.

In that helium-3 launcher. I did the math; you're going to
pull some G's. But you'll be fine. You'll be all right.

You're going home.

You did your three years.

They can't expect you to stick around.

Maybe you can meet Eve in person.

I saw that V.P.

She's beautiful. She's gorgeous.

You did good.

High five!

Go for it.

- Are you comfy?
- No.

- What?
- No!

- What if I have to take a shit?
- (laughs) Well, I guess you'll just have to hold it in, pal.

For three days?

That's the way it goes.

- Need a hand?
- No.

OK. All right.

No reason for hostility.
I'm just trying to help out.

Eliza arrival estimated in 3 hours.

Hey, we need to do this.
If we wait too long...

The other one's going to be conscious.

What's going on with you?

I changed my mind. I'm not going back.

I don't think I can move my legs.

Besides, look at me!

If I meet Eve now...

I'd scare the crap out of her!

What are you talking about, man? She's your daughter.
She doesn't care what you look like.

You're not going to kill anybody.
We can't kill anybody.

You can't. I know you can't,
because I can't.

You go.

You're a good guy, Sam.

And it was a good plan. You know, you
just picked the wrong guy to go back.

Are you sure about this?

Yeah. You should—You should travel, you know?

I always wanted to do that.

Amsterdam or...

Yeah, I was thinking about Hawaii
or maybe...Mexico.


Bring me back a piña colada. All right, pal?

Hey, Johnny Spaceman?

Do you remember when Tess
came in for that interview?

She was so beautiful.

She wasn't the best candidate,
but it didn't matter...

I had to give her the job.

I wanted to keep her in the country.

(said together)
She was going back to Ireland.

And you knew you had to take a chance. called her...

You were terrified with that whole
speech for the answering machine...

but you didn't need it,
because she picked up the phone.

She was like, "Why is he calling me?"

"The internship is over.
Why is he calling me at home?"

I asked her if she wanted to get an
ice cream cone or something dorky like that.

She said, "Let's get a drink."

I said, "OK." We...

Sam, this is not going to work.


I have recorded everything that has
taken place since your awakening.

If anyone were to check my memory cache,
it would put you in considerable danger.

You could erase my memory banks.
I could reboot myself once you have departed.

- Are you okay with that?
- I'm here to keep you safe, Sam.

- I want to help you.

Eliza arrival estimated in 24 minutes.


I set your...I set your
computer to reboot...

- the moment that I launch.
- I understand, Sam.

You should be OK.

I hope life on Earth is everything
you remember it to be.

Thanks, Gerty.

- Are you going to be OK?
- Of course.

The new Sam and I will be back to our
programming as soon as I have finished rebooting.

Gerty, we're not programmed.
We're people. Understand?

Eliza arrival estimated in 8 minutes.

Air lock pressurization complete.

[Eliza Member]:

Hey, Sam?

You OK, buddy?

Cavalry's here.

Where am I?

- You're in the infirmary.
You've had an accident.

- How long have I been out.
- Not long, Sam.

Do you remember what happened?

[Eliza Member]:
We've made contact.

Eliza, he ain't going nowhere.

Bag him up and we'll get started on
repairs to the harvester.

Dwight, I'm going to need the...

(ecstatic screaming)

[Various radio/television jumbles]
-...Stocks have slipped a further 32% after accusations that...

-...Sam Bell for crimes...
- (speaks Spanish) ...Lunar el segundo...

-...Clone six, the clone of Sam Bell has been giving evidence
that CEA's board of directors meeting in Seattle...

-You know what? He's one of two things:
He's a wacko or an illegal immigrant.

Either way, they need to lock him up!
Line two!

Special thanks to SergeiK.