My Blueberry Nights Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the My Blueberry Nights script is here for all you fans of the Norah Jones movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some My Blueberry Nights quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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My Blueberry Nights Script


Hello? Who!?

No. I'm sorry,
I don't know anyone by that name

No, listen,
I get about a hundred customers a night

I can't keep track of them all.

Do you know...
well tell me what he likes to eat

Cause I remember people by what they order

Not by their names

''Meat Loaf? ''

Well, I know a Meat Loaf with Mashed Potatoes.
I know Meat Loaf who likes

Well, with Cheese Fries,
Pouched Egg, Onion Rings

What? He doesn't like potatoes?

Why don't you, well, yeah give me your number

And if I see him, I'll tell him to call you

Yeah, I promise. I will. Ok bye

He's 5'11 with dark brown hair

Sorry, I can't think of any Meat Loafs
with Cheese Fries

or Onion Rings or Pouched Eggs

Or Fried Fillet of Fish
that match that description

Last time we were here,
I think he had the pork chops

Oh why didn't you say so?

That's because we supposedly
have the best pork chops in the city

You ever tried them?

No, I haven't

Why not?
What, are you religious or something?

Listen, have you seen him or not?

5'11 ''. Dark brown hair. Pork chops

I have actually.
He came in here for dinner last night

He ordered two pork chops

One with mashed potatoes and
one with string beans.

I guess he was hungry

No, he didn't eat both of them.

Our portions are too big
for a person to eat two

No, one was for him and one was
for his girlfriend

Look! Just get to the point...

Don't... Don't change the subject!

Are you seeing someone else?

Who is she?

I hope you both drop dead!

If someone comes in here looking for me

give him these keys

What do I tell him?

Tell him he's an asshole!


Hey, did he pick up the keys?

No, not yet

Do you have an extra cigarette?


Rolled it myself


You okay?


I haven't had one in a while

I only smoke when I get stressed out

Well, you shouldn't worry so much

That way you'll avoid lung cancer

Do you think she's pretty?


The girl he was in here with

Oh, she was okay I guess... I mean

Not the type I would prefer
to have my pork chops with

but ''each man to his own'', right?

Yeah right



I need someone to talk to

Do you think he'll pick up the keys?

I don't know

I've had customers leaving keys here for years

Sometimes they pick them up in a few days

Sometimes it takes a few weeks

Well, what about most of the time?

Most of the time, the keys stay in the jar

Well why do you keep them?

You should just throw them out


No I couldn't do that

Why not?

If I threw these keys away

then those doors will be closed forever

And that shouldn't be up to me to decide

Should it?

Guess I'm just looking for a reason

Well, from my observations

sometimes it's better off not knowing

and other times there's no reason to be found

Everything has a reason

It's like these pies and cakes

At the end of every night

the cheesecake and the apple pie
are always completely gone

The peach cobbler

and the chocolate mousse cake
are nearly finished

But there's always a whole blueberry pie
left untouched

So what's wrong with the blueberry pie?

There's nothing's wrong with the blueberry pie

It's just people make other choices

You can't blame the blueberry pie

It's just no one wants it


I want a piece

With ice cream?

Leave it to me

Here we go

I hope you enjoy it


It's not bad


You should try some

No, I'm alright. I have my own

Will you tell me the stories
behind those other keys?

What for?

I just wondered how they all ended up here

Pick one

Those belonged to a young couple
a few years ago.

They were naive enough to believe

that they were gonna spend the rest
of their lives together

Well, what happened?

Life happened

Things happened. Yeah, time happened

It's pretty much always the case more or less

Or maybe one of them ran off
with someone else

Maybe the feelings just went away

What about these?

Those belonged to a little old lady

Her best friend would pick them up
and come to visit her

She dropped them off
and I never saw her again

I presumed, I mean, she was pretty old

I presumed she passed away or something

What about these?

These keys used to belong to a young lad

from Manchester England

who made plans and had dreams

of running every marathon in this country

starting in New York

He was going to write a journal
about his experiences

and ended up running a cafe.

Later they were given to a Russian girl

who loved collecting keys

and watching sunsets

she loved sunsets more than the keys

and ended up disappearing into one

Why didn't you go looking for her?

When I was little

me mum used to take me to the park
on weekends

She said if I ever got lost

I had to stay in one place
so that she'd find me

Does that work?

Not really

She got lost once looking for me

Eh, you want some more ice cream?

No thanks

You sure?

Yeah I'm fine. Thanks

You're late

Same as usual?

No thanks

Can I have my keys back?

Yeah, sure


You two have patched things up then?


Lousy bloody camera


Alright. Come on. Break it... Alright!

Take it outside. Take it out...

None of your business cupcake!

Don't start with me mate!

Don't you start... Come here!

Right you come here

Get out of my place!

Don't start with me!

Get out!

Hey you haven't paid yet!

Can I have a tissue?

What happened?

Did he hit you?


Well what?

I got mugged on the subway

I thought Pork Chop lived around here?

He does

What were you doing on the subway?


I just needed some time to prepare myself

I was gonna get off in a few stops

I don't know, I just

The next thing I knew, I ended up in the Bronx

That's a very interesting way
to prepare yourself

I've never been very good at confrontation

Some people enjoy it

Not me

Hey, are you alright?

Should we call the police or something?


No, he didn't get away with very much

Especially after I kicked him in the balls

You didn't

Wait, what happened to you?

I ate too much chocolate today

What's wrong with your camera?

Oh, I don't know

It's been in a lousy mood these past few days

It doesn't really keep people from stealing,
does it?


Not really

But I like having it around, 'cause

for me it's like my diary

You know?

Some nights, I watch the tapes back and

I'm amazed at how much I've missed

That's going on right in front of me

You must have a lot of tapes

I don't keep them all

I'm not that weird

Only the highlights

Can I take a look?


Come around

She left behind her set of keys
and disappeared that night

DAY 01 ny

How do you say goodbye to someone
you can't imagine living without?

I didn't say goodbye

I didn't say anything

I just walked away

At the end of that night

I decided to take the longest way
to cross the street

Dear Jeremy

As you can see by this postcard

I'm now in Memphis, Tennessee

Hey Lizzy,
hurry up with those damn pick-ups will ya!


Come on hustle it!

It took me a long time to get here

And I'm not sure how long I'll be staying

During the day, I work at a diner downtown

I haven't been able to sleep at night

so I've also taken a waitressing job at a bar

It's kind of a dive,
but the tips are pretty good

Working two jobs is exhausting

But at least it keeps me busy

and most importantly,
it keeps my mind away from him

DAY 571,120 miles since ny

Hi girl

Hey Sandy

You going home?

Let me put it this way

I'm getting up out of here

I wish I could go

What's wrong?

That guy at the bar

I don't think he's ever gonna leave

Oh you're talking about Arnie?

Child, don't worry about him.

He probably just lost track of time

But now if you need to get going

You just bring his check to him,
have him sign it

Travis runs a tab for him

Well, does he always stay this late?


You stick around here you see for yourself

Have a good night darlin'

You too. Good night

Here's your check

Just eight?

I coulda sworn I had at least nine

No, just eight

Do you have a pen?


I don't recognize you

You new around here or something?

I just started a few nights ago


Have you got a name?



Well, it's been a pleasure getting
to know you Lizzie

What do you mean?

You won't be seeing much more of me
from now on

Why's that?

Well I don't have much reason
to come back here anymore

Tonight was my last night of drinking



So, you just give that to Travis

Tell him I'll cut him a check


That's for you

Thank you


Oh, hi

Do you have a twin sister?


I wish I did

Yeah? Well, I'm glad I don't have a twin

One of me's plenty

Well, let's see I'm just gonna
have the chicken fried steak

and a side of string beans


Coming right up

Hey! Knock that crap off over there!

This is a restaurant, not a damn dancehall!

How come you're working so hard, Lizzie?

I'm trying to save up for a car

Where are you going?

Well, I don't have any specific destination
in mind, but

I'm just gonna go until
I run out of places to go

I wish I could do that

Here's your change

You put that towards a Buick

Thank you


Wait what are you doing here?


What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm celebrating

What are you celebrating?

My last night of drinking!

He's not giving you a hard time, is he?

I think he just wants to talk

That's funny,
'cause he almost never wants to talk

He's not hitting on you, is he?

No. I don't think it's like that

It's too bad

Be nice to see him take an interest in a woman

I thought he was married

Yeah, that's precisely the problem.
He still thinks he is

Holy shit

Travis, how's it hanging?

Always a pleasure, Sue Lynne

You always say that to me

and I never know whether you mean it

I'm just dropping in to use the ladies' room

Do I have to buy a beer first?

Your money's no good here, Sue Lynne

Have you got a moment?

I got nothing to say to you




I know its none of my business

but have you ever thought about cutting back.

Have I thought about it?

What are these?

A group I go to sometimes, Lizzie,

has this system.

After a meeting,

they invite the new people to come down and

pick up a white chip.

You take it as a symbol of your intention

to stay sober.

And if you

slip up and drink again

you got to come back and pick up another chip.

This one is for ninety days.

I got that far.


See all those white chips, Lizzie?

I am the king of the white chip.

Dear Jeremy.

I thought about what Arnie said
about the sobriety chips,

how to focus your attention on something else

in order to cure your addiction.

If I was an addict, I'd choose blueberry pie
as my chip.

Writing to your boyfriend?

No, just someone I know.

Why not pick up the phone?

Some things are better on paper.

Oh you think so?

What are you doing?

Well, you know

I listened to what you said the other day.

So I'm trying to write a letter to my wife.

We don't talk to each other much anymore

so I thought maybe I'd try your method.


Oh my God!

Arnie! Arnie! Stop! Arnie!

Okay I got. Easy now, watch your back.

You'll be alright, man!

Hello, is that the Memphis Bar and Grill?

It is! Great.

Listen, I wonder if you could help me please.

I'm looking for a young woman
called Elizabeth.

Yes. I realize that.
I'm not calling to order your food.

I'm sure it's delicious.

I wonder,
does a woman called Elizabeth work there?



That's what I said, Elizabeth.


No, alright, thank you.

Thank you.

Good God, it's Jeremy!

Yeah it's me!

I never thought I'd hear your voice again.

Well, you see I got your postcard and...

This sounds ridiculous but...

Well I traced every Memphis bar and grill.

There must be at least ninety.

I know its crazy and...

I just wanted to say
thanks for staying in touch.

I miss you. I miss your company.

I never thought I'd hear from you again!

It's not really you is it?

No I know you don't know me.

But your name's Elizabeth.

Well, I just... I just wanted

I just wanted to say hello really, and...

I wanted to speak to my friend.


No no,
I don't want to order any fried chicken.


Thanks for listening.


Goddamn son of a bitch...

I need to talk to you!

Not in here. Let's take this outside.

No! I want to talk about it right here!

So you feel more like a man now do you?

You feel all big and strong.

I mean you could have killed him!

Yeah, no body ever said sleeping
with someone else's wife

was a safe vocation.

Oh goddammit Arnie!

We're, we're separated!

I don't live with you anymore!

I don't talk to you anymore!

You are my goddamn wife!

And I am still your goddamn husband!

No, no you're not...

Not anymore.

Well then what am I?

You're nothing.

Nothing to me.

Sue Lynne, please, please, please baby.

Don't do this, don't do this to me.

I love you, I love you so much.

I just, I just need a little more time.

Goddammit Arnie!

No, no you gotta let me go.

I can't do it anymore.
You gotta let me go now.

I'm gonna go, I'm restart my life

and I'm gonna get me a job.

You're gonna get a job, right?

Yes I am.

You don't need a job...

What with all those boyfriends of yours.

All you gotta do is just start charging.

You bastard!


You bastard Arnie!

I'm through with you!

You hear me? I'm through!

I'm through with you! It is over! It is over!

You understand me?

Sue Lynne,

I swear to god, if you walk out of here,

I'll kill you.

Then what?

Arnie, be calm now...

you don't want to do this.

It's over!

It's too much.

Nuh uh.

No no no...

You're saving up to buy a car, right?

Well, l...
I don't want you driving around in some


So some cop can pull you over
for a failed inspection.

Thank you.


You forgot these.

Yeah... you can just get rid of those.

The police said it was an accident.

He couldn't see where he was going

and he skidded off the road.

Can you give me a vodka?

This is my first drink in six years.

Haven't touched the stuff for six years.

Hey everybody!

Let's all drink to Arnie Copeland.

He was guardian of our highways

and defender of our freedom!

Well, this stuff tastes pretty darn awful.

But I guess nobody drinks it
for the taste, right?

Give me another one.



This isn't mine.

It's Arnie's tab.

What am I supposed to do with this?

Put it in a frame and hang it on my wall?

Travis wants you to settle it.


What are you giving this to me for!?

This is Arnie's tab, not mine!

Why are you giving this to me!?

He was your husband.

Or does that matter at all?

He's dead!

So if you want your money,
you better call his lawyer.

Don't give this to me!

Oh God, what a piece of work you are...

God only knows what Arnie saw in you.

I hate you Travis!

I hate you...


Make sure she gets home safe.

Go on now.

Go on!

Hey Sue Lynne?

Sue Lynne?

It's late.

Come on let me take you home.

I was

seventeen when he pulled me over.

High as a kite.

''You been drinking, Miss? ''

So I smiled.

Bat my eyes.

Who'd have thought we'd be married.

In love with a cop,

and stuck in this godforesaken town.

He was so crazy about me.

I couldn't breathe.

So we tried

drinking our way back into love.

But it never made sense in the morning.

So I ran.

And every time I came back,

he was here.

And he was still crazy about me.

You know,

I used to daydream about him dying.

I thought it was the

only way I'd get clear of him.

You must have hated him.

I didn't hate him.

I just wanted him to

let go of me.


now that he has,

it hurts me more than

anything else in the whole world.

This is where we met.

Right here.

Well, I heard you had a day job

I'm saving for a car

Well, I'm leaving town for good so

I wanted to take care of a few things

Arnie's tab came out to eight hundred dollars

I guess you can give it to Travis and

he can mark the debt paid

I'll give it to Travis tonight

Shock might give him a heart attack

I have a favor to ask you

Could you keep his bill hanging?

So they don't forget him too soon?


I guess for Sue Lynne,
leaving this town was like dying

I wonder how people would remember Arnie

When you're gone,
all that's left behind are the memories

you created in other people's lives

or just a couple of items on a bill

I began receiving postcards from her regularly

Instead of calling strangers,
I decided to change my strategy

It was tiring writing the same words over
and over again

but all worth it
if only one of them reached her

I always had the feeling
I could say anything to you.

Enclosed is a bill I've created for you

in memory of our time together

I wonder how you remember me

As the girl who liked blueberry pies

or the girl with the broken heart?

DAY 1853,906 since ny

Still rolling your own cigarettes?

You want one?


Tastes different

It's probably just been in my pocket too long

It's a shame you can't smoke in cafes anymore

You can't smoke anywhere anymore

You should've changed the place

It's not that much different

I've been meaning to buy new chairs

but I couldn't never find any that match

the tables and the tiles

Shouldn't be hard

Maybe you're just looking
in the wrong places or

maybe you're just sentimental

You look lovely

I'm starting to look like my mom

It's better than looking like your dad

I've seen photos of him

You still have the keys?

Yeah... I always remember what you said

about never throwing them away, about never

closing those doors forever. I remember

Sometimes, even if you have the keys

those doors still

can't be opened, can they?

Even if the door is open

the person you're looking for
may not be there, Katya

A few years ago, I had a dream

It began in the summer

and was over by the following spring

In between, there was as many unhappy nights

as there were happy days

Most of them took place in this cafe

And then one night

a door slammed and the dream was over

I should be going

I have to catch a flight in the morning

Thanks for the smoke.

You know,
I didn't even think you'd still be here

Why'd you come?

I guess I just wanted to see
if I could remember

what it felt like

Goodbye, Jeremy

Bye, Katya

DAY 2515,603 miles since ny


A screwdriver, please

Here you go

Dear Jeremy

I've always been fascinated by card players

They risk everything on their instincts
and their luck

I wonder if I would be able
to make the same moves

in their position

Or would I just fold?

Sweetheart, do you mind?

Uh-oh look at that

She gets another one this kid

You know Leslie you got that fancy Jag

you working on a Rolls Royce now?

Aloha, you forgot to tip the waitress

Actually I didn't forget dick

Because I never tip

What do you mean you never tip?

I mean Harlan can afford to pay his own people

I don't know why I have to

You can be cheap or you can be lucky

but you can't be both. Not in the long run

Here ya go, toots

That is from Mr. Aloha over there

He's gonna pay me back, he doesn't know it yet


Your luck just went south

Who's blinds?

Working long hours in the casino
makes you lose track of the time

And I'm never sure whether it's day or night

But at least I don't have to worry about
my sleeping problem anymore

Somehow it's gone away

How much you got left, sweet cheeks?

Because that's what I bet


You on a big draw, Aloha?

Because otherwise you're just about dead

You are on a big draw

Twelve outs twice

You wanna do business?

Make me an offer

How about you take six hundred
and I take a thousand

and we gamble for the rest?

I say I need more than that

Doesn't seem fair to you?

I feel like gambling

So what do you want me to do?

You heard the man.

He wants to gamble. Deal

Bet you wish you took that six hundred now,
huh Aloha?

Don't get too cocky little girl

Five of hearts still in that deck

Oh come on

We can all dream, Aloha

I wish you luck

Why don't you deal the card?


Wait, wait, how did you do that?

Ok I swear I wasn't cheating

I had the deck in my hand

Pass it to the sugardaddy here

I'm telling my grandkids about that one


A salad. That'd be healthy, right?

I don't think I could get it down though

All that chewing and swallowing

Maybe I'll get some eggs

Protein, right?

How would you like them?

Tied in a knot and nailed to the floor

Or maybe you can just crack 'em over my head

and let 'em trickle down my cheeks


Why don't I just go ask them right now?

So who is gonna lend me a grand
so I can get back in?

Sam, come on, this is me we're talking about

Why can't you just advance me the cash

and I will wire you back the money
within 24 hours

You won't even have a chance to miss it


Well fuck you very much!

Rough night, huh?

You could say that

How did you wind up in this hellhole?

The bus just dropped me off here

Where'd you come from?

New York

You came all the way here
from New York on a bus?

Sounds awful

Actually, I was on quite a few of them

You must love buses

I wanna get a car but

it's not easy saving money

How much you got?

About twenty-one, twenty-two hundred

Hey Beth

I've got a proposition for you

What kind of proposition?

See, I need a stake

There's a man I could call in Vegas

but I don't want to do that

I'm gonna win that game

I'm a stronger player than any of them

If you give me a chance
I'm gonna clean their clocks.

How much do you need?

Well your twenty two hundred
would get me back in

And then, once I cash out

you'll get your money back plus a third
of my winnings

But what if you lose?

If I lose, you get my car

It's a brand new Jag

This way

whatever happens

you've got your ass covered
from here to Houston

You got to give me a minute here

It's been a long night

I got an empty stomach. Just give me a minute

You take your time

I wouldn't want you choking on your food

Shit it's cold!

I know

I'll do it

Oh my, look who's back

I thought you'd be halfway to Vegas
in that fancy ass Jag of yours

I figure why not let you pay for my gas

Gotta raise again

Five hundred

Oh one of these days
one of us is going to have

something when you raise!

Listen, why don't you just wink at me
when that happens

so I know, alright?


I'm all in

You want to give me a count on that?

Fifteen... Fifteen thirty-five

Too rich for me

I don't know what's worse

That cute smile or that ugly shirt

I'll give you some action


Hey, what happened?

The car's yours

You've got to give me a ride though

So where we going?


She said she knew some people
in Vegas who could stake her

get her started again

But she didn't seem
to be in a hurry to get there

Hey Leslie, are you asleep?


I keep playing old poker hands in my head



Except for the poker

What are you replaying?

Just some stuff that happened back
in New York

Hey, the man you told me about in Vegas

that could give you the money


Is he a boyfriend?


I haven't had very much luck with boyfriends

I've had a few but

none that I could ever ask for anything,
let alone money

Now you want to know who the man in Vegas is

but you're too polite to ask


It's not important

He's my father

Taught me how to play poker

He had me figuring odds around the same time

other kids were learning how to count

He used to tell people

that I thought the number that came after ten

was Jack

So I can ask him for money or anything, but

I won't

Trust everyone but always cut the cards

Best thing my father ever taught me

You know what that means?

It means never trust anybody

If you're so good at reading people

Then why did I lose?


Because you can't always win

You can beat players but you can't beat luck

Sometimes your rhythm's off

you read the person right
but still do the wrong thing

Because you trust them?

Because you can't even trust yourself


Nobody I want to hear from



How did you get this number?

You know this is the third time this month
I've have change it?

Just leave me the hell alone! Stop calling!


Beth, answer it for me

What do you want me to say?

Tell them its the wrong number
and not to call again



Sorry, you have-

From where?


Okay... you sure?

Okay, thank you... bye

It was someone from a hospital in Vegas

They said your dad's there

And they said he's dying

Son of a bitch

That man... always dying

It's a trick, okay?

He's pulled this on me before

Says he has to see me, he's dying

And then

you know how many times I've fallen for that?

But it was someone from the hospital
that called it wasn't him

So what Beth?

You think he couldn't pay someone

to make the phone call for him?

I swear, is there anyone you don't trust?

Well he must really want to see you
to make up a story like that

Geez, you are just dying to ask me something


I didn't say anything

You didn't have to. I can read you

I can even guess what you wanna ask

You wanna ask

''What if he is dying? ''
''What if the message is legit? ''

Well what if he is?

The thing is Beth

I don't care

He lives, he dies


I don't fucking care

You're lying

I'm not going in there


I can't. What- what if I go in there

and he's just sitting up in his room

with his dead beat friends playing gin rummy

or, I dunno, detoxing, getting a mole removed

You know it's more serious than that

No, I don't know that and neither do you

Listen, you do me a favor.
You go in there for me


Why me?

Because you are safe.
There's no way he can hurt you

Go, c'mon


I am sorry

You know we tried to phone a couple days

but couldn't seem to reach you

He was-

You should've come earlier

He put you up to this!?

How much he pay you huh!?


You're so good at reading people?

Can't you see it in my face!?

Leslie, he's gone!

You're lying


I can't give you the car


Because the car

the car belonged to my father

Look, he won big one day in a Hold'em game
at the Riviera, and

went out and bought the next day

It was his pride and joy

Til one day I stole his keys,
and an hour later I stole his car

I don't know why I did it

Maybe I just

wanted to see what he would do, you know?

Was he gonna report it?

Get his daughter arrested?

He did something better than that

He waited until he found out where I wound up

One morning

a FedEx guy comes with an envelope for me

Inside the envelope's the title
and registration of the car

Son of a bitch signed it over to me


I'm gonna drive this car until it falls apart

At least until I do

So what am I supposed to?

Well, Beth

I told you I lost everything back at Harlan's,
didn't I?


Well, that's not exactly how it went down

See, I beat that game on its ass, Beth

I knocked them off their feet

The cards turned just like I knew they would

I read the other players just right

I walked away with all their money

So you lied to me

Maybe I didn't want to share

Maybe I just wanted to see how trusting
and gullible you were

Maybe I just wanted company. You know?

It's a long ride, Beth

I didn't want to go alone

Can't do it.
Thirty-five hundred's the best I can give ya

Three thousand. That's my top

Can't. Gotta have thirty-five hundred. Sorry

Thirty-two hundred. Take it or leave it

You know what?

I'm sure we can find a better deal
someplace else. Let's go

I don't think you will, ladies.
Suit yourselves

Thank you!

Don't look back

Beth, where are you going?

I want that car

Beth not at that price!

We can get it for three grand by the time
we get to my car

I don't think he's gonna come down

And I think that's the car I want

Have you learned nothing
from your time with me?

You have to stop taking people at their word!

Maybe you should start

You're hopeless

You're hopeless too

Dear Jeremy

In the last few days,
I've been learning how to not trust people

and I'm glad I failed

Sometimes we depend on other people
as a mirror

To define us and tell us who we are

And each reflection makes me
like myself a little more


Hello, Cafe Klyuch

DAY 300 ny


You still open?

No reason for me to still be here if I wasn't

I heard this place has the best coffee
and pie in town

Where'd you hear that?

I get around

You wanna come inside?

It's cold

What are you doing out here? It's freezing

It's a beautiful night.
I wanted to get some fresh air

Have a seat

Isn't this reserved?

Reserved for you

Want something to eat?

Yeah, I'm starving

What's good tonight?

What about a steak?

That sounds good

Does it come with home fries?

Or mashed

They both sound good

Half an order of both?

I'll get the home fries with the steak,
medium rare

and a side of mashed potatoes

Coming right up

Learning something about me?

There's something different about you

Or maybe it's me that's changed

Where are the keys?

You don't keep them anymore?

Been trying to give them back to their owners

Do you want yours?

No. I don't need them anymore

What about your keys?

I got rid of them

Good night, Jeremy

I'll see you tomorrow

You know I came here the night I left

but I didn't make it past the front door

I almost walked in but I knew that if I did

I would just be the same old Elizabeth

I didn't want to be that person anymore

Hope you enjoy it

Are they still left untouched at the end
of the night?

Yep, more or less

Then why do you keep making them?

Well I always like having one around
just in case

you pop in and fancy a slice

Do you remember that last night
you were here?

When you practically ate an entire pie
all by yourself?


I remember getting really drunk and

having a god awful hangover the next day

Nothing else?

No, nothing else

Or don't you have a tape I can watch?

I do... but...

I've watched it so many times

that the picture started fading
to black and white

And now it's completely unwatchable

Must have been an interesting night

It was

Never seen a girl eat so much in all my life

Like this?

No, it was more like this

It's good pie

It took me nearly a year to get here

It wasn't so hard to
cross that street afterall

It all depends on who's waiting for you
on the other side

Special thanks to SergeiK.