National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets script is here for all you fans of the Nic Cage and Diane Kruger movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets Script

[fireworks exploding]

[crowd clamoring]

[indistinct chatter]

[man] He's in the other room.

- Are you Thomas Gates?
- Yes.

We got something
that we'd like you to take a look at.

I hear you're quite good
with puzzles and riddles.

- [man] It's a coded message.
- [Gates] It's a Playfair cipher.

- Playfair cipher?
- Can you decode it?

Cipher's impossible to decode
without the key.

- What do you mean by "a key"?
- A keyword or phrase.

I believe what you need is right there.

It'll take some time.

Go on. I'll take your diary.
I'll meet up with you later.

- [horse grunts]
- Whoa.

[man]...calculate the distance
and you're sure to hit the mark

in about most things
as well as shootin'.


...ready to pour out all over you
like apple sass over roast pork.


[woman] I'll take care not to
give up my hold on poor De Boots

till I am quite sure of the American.

- [woman 2] Ah, that's my own girl.
- [laughter]

Augusta, dear, to your room.

[man] turn you inside out, old
gal, you sockdologizing old man-trap.

- [audience laughs]
- [screaming]

Sic semper tyrannis!

- [grunts]
- [horse whinnies]

[indistinct chatter]

[Gates] Temples.


Cibola? This is a treasure map.

KGC? You're Knights of the
Golden Circle. You're a traitor.

You're all traitors.

- [man] President Lincoln's been shot!
- [man 2] Everybody, out! All of you!

[boy] Killer's on the loose!

I'd much appreciate it if you'd finish
deciphering that code now.

- [glass shatters]
- [shouting]


- Dad!
- The war is over.


- No!
- [gasping] No!

You're wrong about that.

The war has only just begun!

[gasping] Charles.
The debt that all men... men pay.

The debt that all men p... [stammers]

Dad! No, please!

[sobbing] Come back. It's not fair.

Help! Somebody help, please!

So recapping:

The Knights of the Golden Circle
was a Southern extremist group,

operating in the north
to subvert Union forces.

Had Thomas not burned the legendary
missing pages from the Booth diary,

the killers may have found
a vast treasure of gold,

and the Union may well have
lost the Civil War.

- Thank you.
- [applause]

[man] I'd like
to thank Ben and Patrick Gates.

Thank you.

And say what a wonderful addition Thomas
Gates is to our civilian heroes exhibit.

Thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Nichols.
I only wish my grandfather

had been here to see this wonderful day.

[man] Excuse me.
I have a question I'd like to ask.

What do you think happened
to that Booth diary page

- that was pulled out of the fire?
- We may never know.


- Perhaps not.
- [crowd murmuring]

You see, I have one of those
great-great-granddaddies, like you,

way up in my family tree,
name of Silas Wilkinson.

He used to tell a story
about the night Lincoln was shot.

As Silas tells it,

Booth didn't seek out Thomas Gates
regarding the treasure map that night.

It was Thomas who called the meeting.

A meeting to plan
the assassination of Lincoln.

- How absurd.
- That's a lie!

[crowd murmuring]

Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you... of the missing pages from the
infamous diary of John Wilkes Booth

with the name Thomas Gates written on
a list along with all the other killers.

- And Latin?
- Booth was a student of Latin.

He shouted, "Sic semper tyrannis"
after he shot Lincoln.

- "Thus always to..."
- "Thus always to tyrants." We know.

- "Surratt, copiae"?
- Military supplies.

Mary Surratt was convicted and hanged

for supplying Booth with
a rifle and field glasses.

- "Thomas Gates, artifex."
- "Designer"

- or "mastermind."
- I know what it means.

He must have,
uh, planned the assassination.

- I see.
- Could mean mastermind of anything.

You see that?
Burned out right there.

I can only imagine how difficult
this must be for you.

- May l, Mr...?
- Wilkinson.

I'll see if this new page
matches the Booth diary.

This is an outrage.
You're calling my grandfather a liar.

With respect, now you're calling
my great-great-granddaddy a liar.

Yes, sir, I am. This isn't
some garbage from a history book.

My grandfather
told me this story himself.

- I saw the truth of it in his eyes.
- I'm sorry, sir. I truly am.

We'll test this thoroughly,
Patrick, to authenticate it.

It can't be.

Maps to presidents' houses.

Keys to locks that don't exist.

What's the point?
What am I looking for?

Proof, proof, proof.

What proof?

Oh, wow. Is this a book
about the Templar treasure?

Yes, it is about the Templar treasure,
but it's also about other things.

Conspiracy theories, urban legends
and other myths that are true.

- So the author's here signing copies?
- I'm the author.

- You are?
- Yeah. See, uh...

There's a picture of me right there.

I think it's a pretty good picture.

I thought that guy,
Benjamin Gates, found the treasure.

Well, yes, Ben did,
but I am the co-finder.

- Oh, I've never heard of you.
- Oh!

Oh, my gosh. Are you Ben Gates?

- Yes. Yes, I am.
- Do you own a red Ferrari?

- Yes, I do.
- Well, it's being towed.



Wait! Wait! That's my car!

[wheels squeaking]

Where's the Ferrari?

- IRS impounded it.
- The IRS?

Funny story.
My accountant set up a corporation

on an island that didn't exist

and assured me
that that's how rich people do it.

Then I got audited and slapped
with a huge fine plus interest.

Wanna know what taxes
are on five million dollars?

Six million dollars.

But enough about me.

[sighs] What's new with you?

Well, my girlfriend kicked me out,
I'm living with my dad,

- my family killed President Lincoln.
- All right.

I need your help.

[man] I can't believe
you have to break into your own house.

[Ben] I need to get Abigail's ID.
She has access to the Booth diary page.

Why don't you ask Abigail for her help?

She changed the alarm code, Riley.
She's not going to talk to me.

All right.

We have 30 seconds after
the alert starts to disable the alarm.

- Go.
- [beeping]

I'll probably regret asking this, but
what happened with you and Abigail?

I don't know. I don't know.
She started using the word "so" a lot.


Yeah, like,
"So, I guess my opinion doesn't matter."

"So, you seem to always know what's
best." "So, I guess I'm invisible."

Now I've moved out,
we're dividing furniture...

- [beeping]
- [Riley] Oh.

Women. Can't live with them, especially
if they change the alarm codes.

You did that in 25 seconds.

That's why I tell people to get a dog.

- Got it.
- All right, let's go.

[car approaching]

[Ben] That's not Abigail's car.

[Ben] She was on a date.

Isn't that that guy?
The White House guy?

The White House Easter Egg Roll
is next Monday. Maybe if you're not...

He's weird!

[Abigail] What happens if kids
don't find all the eggs?

[man] Wow. You work in a museum,
and you live in one.

[Abigail] Pretty much.

What clever repartee.
She must like him.

[Abigail] All right, let me give you
a tour of the house.

- OK.
- That's actually kind of...

Oh, Abigail.

- What are you doing here?
- I just needed to get some things.

- Connor, good to see you again.
- Gates.

How did you get in, Ben?

Riley! Come out here!

What? [laughs]

Hey! What are you doing here?
I mean, it's your house, but...

I sent you a copy of my book.
Did you get a chance...?

- No, I haven't read it yet.
- Mm.

I know you.
You're the White House curator.

- I'm Riley. We met, uh, back in...
- Right. You're, uh, Ben's assistant.


Um, maybe I should go.

- Yeah, I'm really...
- Dinner tomorrow night?

I... I actually already
have plans for tomorrow.

You do?

- Of course you do.
- But I'm free on Friday.

- Awkward.
- Oh, great. [laughs]

- Good night.
- Good night.

I cannot believe you broke in.

- What did you take?
- It's just my things.

Hand it over, Ben.

[sighs] I need to see
the Booth diary page.

You saw the page yourself.
There is no treasure map on it.

No, it's a cipher leading to a map.
Anyone spectral-image the page?

No need to. The ink writing
on the page is clearly visible.

It could have been erased or faded.

You're the director of document
conservation. You know this.

Not up to me.
It's not my department.

That department reports
to your department.

Come on. One look under infrared.

You can have the Boston Tea Tables.

Both of them?


[Riley] We've been looking
at this page for hours.

There's nothing there.

Ben, I really don't think we're
going to find anything on this page.

In a hundred years,
no one's going to remember

anyone involved in the Lincoln
assassination besides Booth.

That's not true. Do you know
the expression, "His name is mud"?

- Yes. Of course.
- You do?

- You know the origin of the expression?
- Does anyone but you?

Dr. Samuel Mudd was convicted
of being a co-conspirator

in the Lincoln assassination.
The evidence was circumstantial.

He was later pardoned,
but it didn't matter.

Mudd's name still lives in infamy. And l
will not let Thomas Gates' name be mud.

- [Abigail] Ben.
- What?

Look at this.

- See that?
- Oh.

- That's quite something, isn't it?
- Yeah. It says "smudge."

It's nothing.

Residual ink
from the facing page. Flip it.

The letters are backwards.

- It's a cipher.
- Yes. It is.

A cipher.
See how the letters are coupled?

Playfair ciphers encode letters
in pairs. This could prove his story.

Unless you decode the cipher,
this does not prove a theory.

That's OK.
We need a five-letter keyword.

- What's the keyword?
- I don't know yet.

- All right.
- Uh, can I get a printout of this?

[Riley] There's a billion words
in the English language.

Got to be a logical...
Let's start from the beginning.

A. Aardvark.

Don't want to rain on your parade here,
but I don't think this is gonna stop

Dr. Nichols from announcing
the discovery of the page tomorrow.

No, now, wait. Can't you ask him to
wait until I prove Thomas is innocent?

What if he isn't innocent?


Sir? Looks like our old friend
Ben Gates is in the news again.

What did he find now? Atlantis?

A guy came forward
with a missing Booth diary page.

That's not the best part.
Listen to this.

"On the page are the names
of the conspirators

in the Lincoln assassination, as well
as a previously unknown conspirator,

Thomas Gates. Thomas Gates is said
to be the great-great-grandfather

of treasure hunter
Benjamin Franklin Gates."

- [woman] Thought my relatives were bad.
- What do we know about this Wilkinson?

- Sir?
- Guy claims he had this page

for 140 years then just suddenly
comes forward with it?

- Why?
- We'll find out.





- Keep going.
- That's stupid.

- How's he doing?
- Keep working.

[Nichols] We're grateful
to the Wilkinson family

for coming forth with the page.

On the page is a name of a previously
unknown conspirator, Thomas Gates.

- Nichols has bought into it. See?
- Would you stop watching that.

[Nichols continues talking]

It's on the internet!

- No stopping it now.
- Gates may have been the architect...

- They have no understanding.
- You know the truth.

That's all that matters.
You heard the story from Grandpa.

The story? This guy's got evidence.
He's got everything.

We have a story. We have nothing.

For one brief moment,
the Gates family could hold its head up.

- Now we're a bunch of crazies.
- But we're not liars.

Wilkinson is saying that Thomas Gates

was a mastermind to one of
the darkest hours in U.S. history.

And he burned the diary page
to cover that up.

You and I both know he burned the page

to keep Booth's men
from finding the treasure.

That's what we're going to prove.

- Only one way to prove it.
- Find the treasure.

You've got to find it. You're
going to help me find it. So come on.

Let's hear the story again
from Grandpa Charles.

Grandpa heard his father say,
"Treasure map."

- Then there was a commotion.
- Got all that. Anything after that?

Anything he said,
something he did? Anything at all?

- Wait a minute.
- What?

He took his son's hand.

He looked him in the eye, and he said,
with his dying breath,

- "The debt that all men pay."
- "The debt that all men pay"?

The debt that Thomas paid.

That's five letters.


Try "Death."

- What?
- It's the keycode.

The debt that all men pay is death.

All right.


[Riley] L-A-B-O-U-L...

It's Lab-ool...

Lab-ahl... La...

It's gibberish.

- Laboulaye!
- Laboulaye!

- What is that?
- It's a who. …douard Laboulaye.

Where's the phone?

I don't know.
Can't find anything in this mess.

- Temporary till I find a new place.
- Find the old one. I like her.

[indistinct chatter]

- Hi.
- Dr. Chase.

- Abigail, please.
- Abigail.

- Nice to meet you.
- Have a seat.

Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.

Of course. I was actually going
to call you about the diary page.

- Any news?
- Well...

We actually found some
latent letter fragments on it.

Take a look.

[Wilkinson] Random letters. A cipher?

- Maybe.
- Gates seen this?

He's the one that discovered it.

[cell phone rings]

- I'm sorry.
- Not a problem.

- I need one minute.
- Please, take your time.

Hey. What?

We cracked the cipher. It's "Laboulaye."

The cipher spells "Laboulaye. "

So? Laboulaye was well-known
in France. It could be nothing.

Or maybe there was a treasure map
like Thomas Gates said there was,

and Laboulaye had it.
We only got a partial on the next word.

L-A-D, lad... ladder...

- L-A-D.
- Aladdin! Aladdin?

- Lady!
- Thank you, Abigail!

Laboulaye Lady. Do you know
what Laboulaye was planning

right around the time
Lincoln was assassinated?

OK, Ben, I've got to go.

There's a map or a clue to a map
on the Statue...

- She hung up.
- She took your call. That was good.

- Dr. Gates?
- Yes.

Sounds like he cracked the cipher.
I couldn't help but overhear.

Laboulaye? As in …douard Laboulaye?

He seems to believe so, yes.

Man who had the idea
for the Statue of Liberty.

You're saying there's a treasure map
in the Statue of Liberty?

Laboulaye was a Mason.
They built clues into everything.

Did you learn that from my book?

- Have an interest in history?
- Fascinated by it.

Civil War, especially.
My family's descended from

Confederate General Albert Pike.
He was a remarkable man.

But, then again, what is history but
a marker for the deeds of great men?

A man only has one lifetime,
but history can remember you forever.

So the only question is,
which Statue of Liberty?


Is there more than one?

There are three, actually, Riley.

One is in New York,
one in the Luxembourg Garden.

But he only referred to one
as his "lady."

But he only referred to one
as his "lady."

This is like, impossible,
what you're doing.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

[Ben] Laboulaye had to leave a clue
somewhere on here. Move in on the torch.

[Riley] Let me get there.
It's not as easy as it looks.

No. Believe me, I understand.

[policeman speaks French]

Excuse me, officer. May I help you?

Ah, American, eh?

Of course you see no problem

in disturbing everyone's
pleasant morning

- with your buzzing there.
- Hey!

You know how much our constitution was
influenced by your man, Montesquieu?

- You know Montesquieu?
- Got it.

[policeman speaks French]

Montesquieu, yeah. "A government
should be set up so that..."

[both] " man need
be afraid of another."

- That's very good.
- Thank you.

- I'm astonished.
- I got it, I got it.

- I hope you read French.
- May l?

[speaks French]

He's a cop.

Um... "Across the sea
these twins stand determined..."

- Resolute.
- "Resolute," yeah.

" preserve what we are looking for.

- Uh... Laboulaye, 1876."
- Six.

- It's a clue.
- "These twins stand resolute."

Let's see. Resolute twins.


Resolute. And then twins.

Siamese twins? Siam? Trade routes
between France and Thailand?

[laughs] That's ridiculous.
HMS Resolute.

A British ship that got lost
in the Arctic in the 1800s.

It was salvaged by American whalers, and
then Congress sent it back to England.

When the ship was finally retired,

Queen Victoria had two desks
made from its timbers.

Voilŗ. Resolute twins.

- And where are those desks now?
- The closest one is in London.

How fast can we get
to Buckingham Palace?

Don't know. Why don't you ask
your new best friend?

[speaking French]

He's going to call you a cab.

- [speaks French]
- OK?

- Nice helicopter. Is that yours?
- Yes, actually. It is.

- OK, so you get the ticket.
- [laughs] Great.

Mitch Wilkinson studied history
at Virginia Military Institute.

Graduated 1978. Ran a private security
company which had contracts in Iraq

during the invasion,
and in the Congo in the late '90s.

These are trained mercenaries as well as
being black-market antiquities dealers.

So why does a black market
antiquities dealer...

...give up a rare Civil War artifact?

Something he could sell to a private
collector for a good deal of money?

- [crickets chirping]
- [dog barking]

[alarm chirps]




[Riley] So the queen's office is here.

The elevator shaft gets you close,

but the only direct access
is through security.

- That should be exciting.
- We got to get you in that room.

[phone rings]

- Hi, Dad.
- [Patrick] Ben.

It's Patrick Gates' phone.
He's calling Ben.

Give me that.

The house was broken into
last night. I was attacked.

Call the police. I'm coming home.

- What?
- What good would that do?

They didn't take anything.
And besides, I'm fine.

OK. We're in London.
We're going to Buckingham Palace.

We have an appointment
with the curator tomorrow afternoon.

- Son, just be careful. Goodbye.
- Bye.

Someone else is after the treasure.

Of course someone else
is after the treasure.

- It's the axiom of treasure hunting.
- We have to hurry and see that desk.

We don't want to miss that appointment.

- Hi. Ben Gates.
- See security. They'll let you in.



OK. It's teatime, chaps.

Looking for the curator's office.
Which way was it again?

Follow the stairs round,
then turn first left.

Thank you so much.

- Ben.
- Abigail.

- What's she doing here?
- What're you doing?

Your dad called me.
Said your next clue was here.

- [Riley] She's really there?
- Ben...

- drop her. Lose her.
- I want to help.

That's very nice,
but it's a bad time right now.

- A bad time, right now?
- It's a bad time.

[scoffs] OK, I just flew all the way
to London to offer my help...

- Remember the plan.
- You don't need it?

You're the one making a scene.

- l... I'm not making a scene right now.
- We want to make a scene.

Well then, fine! If that's what
you want, let's have it out now!

- So subtle.
- Let me guess? It's the wrong time.

It's the wrong place. I'm wrong again!

Wrong about us,
wrong about Thomas Gates,

wrong that you'd like
the Queen Anne chair!

You're wrong to assume
I'd like the chair.

You see? Everybody, listen to this.
This is more interesting than that.

She thinks that even when I'm right,
I'm wrong! Isn't that right?

Abigail, just because
I answer a question quickly

doesn't make it wrong.

Not if the answer's something
we need to figure out as a couple.

- That's what couples do!
- Sir.

You and your missis, take it outside.

Now look what you've done. You've
brought the little bobbies down on us!

You take the missis outside.
I'm staying right here.

- Ben!
- Whee!

- Good afternoon, sir.
- [English accent] Hello.

- Been drinking, have we?
- Just a nip.

Popped down to the pub for a pint!
Bit of all right!

Going to arrest a man for that?

Going to detain a blighter
for enjoying his whiskey?

- Enough.
- Bangers and mash.

Bubbles and squeak. Smoked eel pie.

- Sir!
- Haggis!

- That's it! Dismount the banister!
- I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Here they are, standing in a row!

Small ones, big ones,
some as big as your head!

That was brilliant.

- What's wrong with being right?
- Nothing. You should try it sometime.

- You're saying that I'm never right?
- I did not say that.

Hoo! So I'm wrong again.

- Now, see, there you are correct.
- Capital. Topper.

- Your mother told me about you.
- [continued arguing]

- [man] In here, please.
- Why don't you just make a list

of what's OK for me
to say or not write something...

- What's right or wrong...
- You two, stay.

- Right?
- No! No, no, man.

- Don't leave me in here!
- That's great. Wow.

What is going on?

I'm sorry for getting you roped
into this, but you were excellent.

- Thank you. So were you.
- When did you figure out

- it was a fake argument?
- When'd you figure out I was

- arguing during the fake argument?
- The middle.

Where "l assume I'm right."
Get us out. Which I don't get.

If I'm right, after I assume I'm right,
then I'm correct.

When you get to a conclusion
without asking,

and you happen to be right,
you got lucky.

I get lucky a lot.

So where does that leave me, Ben?

You guys are so great together.

- Want to know why I'm here?
- Uh-huh.

Think there may be a clue on
the Resolute desk in the queen's study.

Does that help?

Don't understand why it's difficult for
you to include others in your decisions.

Just because you may know
what my answer is going to be

doesn't mean you don't have to ask me.

- [Riley] door number one, opening.
- [buzzing]

OK. Let me try this out.

Abigail, would you like
to come with me, please?

Yes. Thank you.

Ridiculous. You're staying.

- It's too dangerous.
- I am so coming.

- Door number two.
- Door two, coming up.


- You're not coming.
- Call security.

[Riley] You should be near
a service elevator.

What are you doing?
Are those for the queen?

Queen's not here. There's
no flag flying. Queen's at Windsor.

- What are you doing?
- See the desk, without you.

- No.
- Don't let her go.

- Abigail...
- [clicking]

All right. Get in. Get in. Get in!

Hold this.

Will you give me
the flowers back, please?


- What?
- Wearing the perfume I bought you.


So I think it smells kind of pretty.

- It's the flowers, Ben.
- No, it's not.

Let's go.

[Riley] OK, now turn left.

- Dead end.
- [Riley] I mean right. Go right.

- The flowers... petals... stamens.
- Good. Good.

Go, go.

[Ben] That's it.

[Abigail] The Resolute desk.

We're looking for...

...writing, patterns in the carvings.
Could be anything.

Hey, look at this.

- "Malcolm Gilvary, 1880."
- Hold on one second.

Here we go. Malcolm Gilvary.
He didn't make furniture.

He made Chinese puzzle boxes.

- Oh...
- What?

I think these drawers
work like tumblers in a safe.

OK, four drawers...
Four-digit combination?

What about a year?

Uh, let me see.
Queen Victoria, born 1819.

So you go one...




- Any luck?
- OK... 1876 was on the inscription

on the statue in Paris. Let's try that.





[Ben] Uh-oh.

New rules.

These markings, like Incan or Aztec.

I have never seen any symbols like this.

I mean, this looks centuries older
than Civil War.

What do you think it means?

I doubt it has anything to do
with the plot to assassinate Lincoln.



Mayday. Mayday. Ben, get out of there.

- Oi! Where are my detainees?
- OK, let's make some noise.

- [beeping]
- [alarm wailing]

The fire alarm's gone off.

Uh-oh. God save the queen.

[man] All units, go to action zebra.

- What's going on?
- Haven't the foggiest.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [alarm blaring]

Someone or something is causing this.

- Check your primary stations.
- This doesn't make any sense.

Find the source terminal
and check public areas four and eight.

[man] This way, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you very much. Keep moving.

Keep walking until you're
on the other side of the fountain.

- Excuse me, excuse me. Coming through.
- I got them. They're at the main gate.

[siren wailing]

- Oi! Sparkle. Come on.
- OK. Here we go.

I'm a little bit allergic.

- Riley.
- Thank you. OK.

- See you later. Thank you. Bye-bye.
- Sit! Sorry!

Thanks for waiting for me.
Can I see the thing?

Daniel, hold it.

What is that?

Went to Buckingham Palace,
all I got was this wood?

Look at the symbols.
Never seen anything like this.

It's an incredible discovery.

- Wilkinson.
- Stop them. Go, go, go!

- He's the one after the treasure.
- I'll drive.

We're in England.

[Ben] It's a gun! Get down!

- We're trapped!
- Hang on! Keep your heads down.

Hey, who are you?

[Abigail] Sorry.

- Hey!
- Oi!

- Ben, they're getting closer.
- What is their problem?


- Go left! Go left!
- Hold on.

Turn, turn!

Watch out!

Everybody OK?

- Come on, come on.
- Danny, I want them stopped.

Look out!



Go. Go, go, go, go!

Did you see where he went?

[phone rings]

- What is that? Someone's phone.
- It's him.

- Have his number in your speed dial?
- Oh, shu...

This has to end
before someone gets hurt.

Give me what you got at Buckingham,
it won't be necessary.

Tell that to my father.

- [man] Moron!
- [honking]

Why are they standing
in the middle of the street?

- [honking]
- [screaming]

- Where are these people going?
- Why's everyone running?

- He's right there! Go!
- Move!

- Get out of the way!
- [honking]

- Did I just run over a man's foot?
- [Abigail] Watch the people!

Go! Go! Faster!

- Right over there.
- I got them.

- They're still behind us.
- This phone have a camera?

- No. No, it's broken.
- All right. Give me the plank.

Hang on.
We're going to run a red light.

- [honking]
- Ah! Ah!

Hack into the London Police database
and get a picture from that traffic cam.

- Okey-dokey.
- You can't do it?

No, I can. I just don't like
that you assume that I can.

[laughs] Why, thank you, Riley.

Get it!

Stop! Stop!

- He's got it.
- What is it?

I don't know, but it's ours. Let's go.

I don't know, but it's ours. Let's go.

- Abigail!
- Hey, Patrick.

Nice to see you two together again.

- Yeah, well, we're not.
- Yeah.

Oh, I was hoping to get some
of these boxes out of the house.

I can't read the whole thing,
but I can tell you that

these are definitely pre-colonial
Native American markings.

- Easily 500 years old.
- Easily.

I can identify one symbol.

Look at this.
Do you know what that is?

Sacred calendrical? I don't know.

That symbol is Cibola.

That's Cibola.

The City of Gold.

The City of Gold.

[Ben] "ln 1527, a Spanish ship
wrecked on the Florida coast.

There were only four survivors.

One was a slave named EstebŠn
who saved a local tribe's dying chief.

As a reward,
he was taken to their sacred city,

a city built from solid gold.

Later, when EstebŠn tried to find
the city again, he never could.

But the legend grew, and every explorer
came to the New World in search of it.

When General Custer's search for gold
ended with his last stand

at Little Bighorn, it became clear
none would ever find it."

Ben, can you imagine if the Confederates
got their hands on the City of Gold...

My God.

I'm going to go talk to her.

- You're coming with me.
- No!

- Hey. No one else can translate it.
- There are others.

There are several others.

For ancient Native American?
No one better.

- Who?
- Look, Ben, I can't go with you.

- It's been, what? Twenty-five years.
- Thirty-two.

That long?

There's a reason
why we haven't spoken in 32 years.

- We have nothing in common.
- Me?

Yes, of course. And I'm sure
she's just as proud of you as I am.

- Who?
- His mom.

- Will you relax? It's gonna be fine.
- Sure. Should look at the bright side.

Been a long time. Maybe she
lost her memory, won't recognize me.

I hate her!

We're in the right place.

I'm gonna take myself
out of the line of fire for this one.

- [Ben] Hi, Mom.
- [woman] Benjamin!

Abigail! What a surprise!
Hello, sweetheart.



You see? One syllable,
a knife in the heart.

- Oh, no.
- She can do that.

I can also track the whereabouts
of my toothbrush.

I was not the one that left
the toothbrushes in Marrakech.

I stowed them both
in the travel case, as instructed.

Yes, and you also insisted
on loading the luggage into the taxi.

- Didn't insist. I loaded the luggage.
- Not the travel case.

Travel case is not luggage.
The case goes into the luggage.

- Who was in charge of packing?
- I couldn't get the case into

the luggage. It was full
with that stupid rug you bought.

You thought it had secret stitching.

- How stupid was that?
- Did have stitching.

- Six phony green leather suitcases...
- Mom.

I need you to take a look at this.

- What is that a picture of?
- It's interesting.

- We think it might be Olmec.
- It is.

Yes, yes, definitely proto-Zoquean.

We were hoping
that you could translate it.

Yes, of course you were.

Oh, this doesn't involve
another treasure hunt, does it?

Mom, this is actually very important.

All right. What have we got here?

This... this glyph here,
that means "bird." And that means...

Uh, "noble bird."

"Find the noble bird,
let him take you by the hand

and give you passage
to the sacred temple."


Oh, you think this is a treasure map
for Cibola, don't you?

Well, that is exactly what it is.

No, this glyph doesn't mean "Cibola."
It means "the center of the world."

You know, you used to like it. She
fell in love with me on a treasure hunt.

That was not love. That was
excitement, adrenaline and tequila.

- [Ben] Mom...
- I was trying to get course credit.

Treasure hunting paid off,
in case you haven't read the papers.

Had nothing to do with you.
That was Ben.

Ben found the treasure.
You did nothing.

Patrick, Emily, please. Can we
just figure out what's on the page?

Well, that's it, I'm afraid.

These glyphs are only partials.
So you only have half a treasure map.

I'm sorry.

Not that I'm surprised.

[Ben] At least we know
where the rest of the map is.


You know where it is?
Why didn't you tell me?

Obviously you have
a tendency to overreact!

- I'm sorry.
- So am l.

So where is it?

Inscription on the statue in Paris said,
"These twins stand resolute."

We think the map's divided
between the two Resolute desks.

The Resolute desk.
The Resolute desk?

President's desk?

The president. What president?

- Our president?
- Unfortunately, yes.

But that means...

Wait, so we have to...

The White House?

The Oval Office... to be exact.

Why would I overreact to that?

- That's not what I signed on for.
- Could we focus on the issue at hand?

Thank you.

[Nichols] It's early, pre-Columbian.

- Can you translate it?
- Are you kidding?

This is an extinct,
exceedingly rare language.

Only a handful of people
study these languages.

Where are we to find them?

Universities, I suppose.
But you don't have the whole thing.

What do you mean?

These glyphs here... they're cut off.

There's more to the map?
How are we going to find that?

We won't have to.
Gates will get it somehow.

The Resolute desk is near
the south wall in the Oval Office.

Look at this. Look.

Small door on the front of the desk.

[Patrick] FDR had that put in so
guests couldn't see his wheelchair.

- But...
- Guys, take a look at this.

[Abigail] This could work.

I believe it's time for you to make
a date with your new boyfriend.

I think you're right.

[man] We hope you're enjoying
the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Face painting continues at 2:near the south fountain.

- [Ben] That Connor in the bunny suit?
- Thank you.

I've never been to an Easter Egg Roll.
It's kind of sweet.

Yeah, I love it.

I know you. Your great-great-grandfather
killed President Lincoln.

No. That would be John Wilkes Booth.

Eisenschiml says that Booth was a tool

in a greater conspiracy
that involved men in Lincoln's Cabinet.

Eisenschiml's book is filled with

- spotty research and false assumptions.
- Oh, yeah?

Explain why Lincoln's bodyguard
left his post that night?

Because President Lincoln
was never accompanied by guards

when attending the theater. Listening?
Especially on Good Friday.

Explain why all the bridges
out of Washington were closed

except one,
the one Booth needed to escape?

OK, run along now,
you impossible child. Run along.

What is going on
with the education in America?

- Hey! Hey!
- Connor!

- I'm so glad you decided to come...
- Hey.

-...with Gates.
- Connor.

- We just ran into each other.
- Oh.

Aren't you going to ask him?

- Ask me what?
- Nothing.

- No, really. What?
- I really wouldn't want to impose.

Well, what she means is
she doesn't think you can.

- Doesn't think I can what?
- She wants to see the Oval Office.

- No. That is way too much to ask.
- No, it's, uh...

- I can do that.
- Really?

You see?

- You can?
- Yeah.

That is so cool, Connor. I have
always wanted to see the Oval Office.

Connor rocks.

Well... here we are.

- Mm.
- Wow.

Empire furnishings
and crenellated molding. Love it.


Amazing feeling, isn't it,
standing in here?

- Yes. Amazing, huh?
- Oh, could...

Oh. Sorry.

Oh, that's, uh... The Resolute desk.

Might recognize it from
the photo of young JFK Junior

playing underneath
while his father was working.

- Wonderful.
- Yeah.

But many people don't know

that this desk has a twin
that sits in Buckingham Palace.

- Isn't that something?
- Who knew?

Every president since
Rutherford B. Hayes

has used that desk,
except, uh, Johnson and Nixon.

And Ford, of course.

- Uh, no.
- Uh, yes.

- No.
- Yes.

Abigail! Did you lose an earring?

Oh! I... I did, yes.

Connor, these were given to me
by my grandmother.

I suppose we should look for it.
Wouldn't want anyone finding an earring

that doesn't belong
to the first lady in the Oval Office.

- Yes.
- Excellent point,

considering we're not
supposed to be here.

- Yeah.
- Why don't we, um, go over here

and check it out?

I'll check over here.

- Do you think it fell down here?
- Yes.

- Maybe here.
- Probably.

Oh, no.

- You did sit on the sofa.
- Oh, the bunnies.


- You found it.
- I did.

Thank you so much!


You're just the best. Mm.




- [clears throat]
- [moaning]

[panting] Thank you.



- [Ben] Empty.
- [Abigail] Someone must've taken it.

Brightest men in our country sat
at that desk for over a hundred years.

- Look.
- Course one of 'em found the map.

- A symbol stamped into the wood.
- The presidential seal.

It's not the presidential seal.

The eagle's holding a scroll
instead of olive branches.

- [Ben] I'm not sure what this is.
- [Patrick] What do we do?

Did none of you read my book?

The eagle clutching the scroll.

- Do you know what it means?
- Yeah.

But it's not something I could tell you.

It's something that
I have to show you... in my book.

- You didn't even open it?
- I was moving.

Chapter 13.

- "The President's Secret Book"?
- "The President's Secret Book."

It happens to be a collection
of documents for presidents

by presidents,
and for presidents' eyes only.

And I'm not just talking about
JFK here, guys.

The 18 and a half missing minutes
of the Watergate tapes.

Did the Apollo really land
on the moon? Did it? Did it?

And the coup de gr‚ce... Area 51.

Come on, Riley. That's...
that's an urban legend.

Is it, Abigail? Is it?

It's just totally...

- Crazy?
- Yeah.

Hm. 'Cause last time I checked,
we pretty much make our living on crazy.

- He's got a point.
- I guess so.

Same symbol.

Released in '66 under
the Freedom of Information Act.

The eagle and the scroll,

the secret symbol
in the President's Book.

So you're saying that
whatever was on that plank

is now in the President's Secret Book?

[Riley] Ben.

If it was you trying to convince me...'d have less evidence,
and I'd already believe you by now.

The eagle with the scroll?

Conspiracy theorists like to believe

that it's the symbol
for the President's Secret Book.

You bought Riley's book.

[laughs] Your friend writes a book
about government conspiracies.

- You don't think we know about it?
- But is it true?

Does the president have a secret book?

Do you like ducks?


There is a book.

Why are you telling me out here?

Because inside, I'm a federal agent.

Out here,
I'm talking to you as a friend.

- Where's the President's Book kept?
- Only the current president knows.

The book is passed
from president to president,

and each one chooses
his own hiding place.

You're the FBI.
Can't you get it for me?

Only way you'll ever see that book
is if you get elected president.

Well, you never know.

All I need is a few minutes with him.

A few minutes? Really?

Even if you were married
to the president,

you wouldn't be able
to get a few minutes.

Not when he's surrounded by handlers.
If I get him alone...

How do you expect
to get the president alone?

Before the Civil War,
the states were all separate.

People used to say,
"The United States are."

Wasn't until the war ended people
started saying, "The United States is."

Under Lincoln... we became one nation.

And Lincoln paid for it with his life.

- So did Thomas Gates.
- Right.

With his life.

So how am I gonna get him alone?

I'm gonna kidnap him.

I'm gonna kidnap
the president of the United States.


- That's not funny.
- I'm your father.

How do you expect me to respond?
I can't let you ruin your life.

Are you out of your mind?

Read my book, and you'd know
you can't get to that book.

Exactly how do you plan on doing this?

- I was thinking Mount Vernon.
- Oh.

- I was thinking Mount Vernon.
- Oh.

- What?
- I'm in.

[man] Sir, we have to move the party.

Some historian claims
the Spencer Landmark Hotel

was used for Klan meetings
in the late 1800s.

- Anyone know if this is true?
- I've got the Washington Gazette.

They want a quote on, "Is the president
being insensitive to minority issues?"

- Doesn't matter.
- Get a list of approved alternates.

- What do you have?
- Yeah, I know it's short notice.

The pipe burst in the hotel
that we previously booked.

- l... There is water everywhere.
- A retirement party for 200 people.

- Gunston Hall.
- Monticello is booked.

So is Gunston Hall and Tudor Place.

The Denby Hotel is available,
and so is Mount Vernon.

- Oh, wow. You are a lifesaver.
- The Denby is great.

Strike that. The Denby was booked.
Mount Vernon's all we got.

Book it before someone else does.

[cheering, applause]

And let me say
what an honor it is to be here

and add my happy birthday to you,
Mr. President.

[? Randy Travis:
Better Class of Losers]


[siren wails]

- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.

Are you aware that you are
in a restricted area?

Yeah, but this is
where the fish are, son.

That may be, but I'm gonna
need to have you move upriver.

Are you aware that according
to article one, section 
of the Maryland constitution,
I'm allowed to fish in public water?

Are you aware I have the right to detain
you for the next 48 hours without cause?

I am going to go back where
I came from just as fast as possible.

Maybe one day I'll wear this thing
to a party I was actually invited to.

[? Randy Travis: Is It Still Over]


Twenty hundred time check. Station 11.

- [man] All clear. Perimeter secure.
- Hey.

You didn't happen to see
a cute brunette wandering around?

- Went to get a drink, she disappeared.
- No, sir.

I've got no game tonight.

Good evening, Your Excellency. Hello.

Prime Minister, it's a delight
to have you back in the States.

Spread the word, contribution limits
not enforced on the president's birth...

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

- Ben Gates. The Templar treasure?
- Oh, right, Ben Gates. Yeah.

- We won't keep you.
- Thanks so much. Always a pleasure.

I can't tell you what a thrill it is
for me to be invited here tonight, sir.

Yeah, you must have
the Secret Service hopping about now.


Considering your discovered lineage.

- Oh, yeah. Oh, that...
- Carry on.

I beg your pardon, sir,
but I know what a huge admirer you are

of George Washington. I thought
you might want to take a look at this.

Have a look at that.

This is a map of Mount Vernon
drawn by George Washington himself.

Mr. President,
that is exactly what it is.

- Architectural history major, Yale.
- I did not know that.

It belonged to my great uncle.

Got it from the granddaughter
of a slave, Charlotte.

- Happy birthday.
- Always a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Charlotte, who lived here
and worked here at Mount Vernon.

- Yeah.
- And we're standing right here, sir.

This line is an underground tunnel,
an escape route that was never found.

I wonder...
I wonder if it's still there.

- Well...
- [laughs]

- Only one way to find out, sir.
- Maybe we should take a look.

Are we allowed to do that?

I mean, I know you're allowed
to do that. You're the president.

Can I come with you?

- You guys are just everywhere.
- Yes, sir.

- Give my friend your flashlight.
- Thank you.

According to this map, it should be...

It's one... two. In here.

Yeah, should be in here.

- May l?
- Absolutely.

All right.

You know, Craig,
I appreciate you doing your job,

but I have no enemies down here.

In the cellar. In this tiny little room.

I'll just wait here, then.

[Ben] Over here.

- That's the mark of George Washington.
- Only it's slightly different.

- How?
- These axes, the angle's off.

For it to correspond with the ones on
the map, it should form a perfect V.


OK, what else?

The arrowhead... sideways.



[president] We're all right.
Don't worry.

Look at that.

Come on.

Mr. President?

We have a breach
in zone nine! There's...

- Inform Fairfax, SecTac Channel One!
- Perimeter detail, lock down all exits!

- Gates, what are you doing?
- I'm sorry, Mr. President.

I need to ask you a question,
which I know you can't answer

- unless we're alone.
- Two coming in!

I want a sledgehammer, I want a crowbar,
I want a jackhammer, now!

Tom, alert the vice president.

Mr. President, sometime between 1880,

when the Resolute desk
was placed in the Oval Office,

and now, one of our presidents found
a secret compartment in the desk.

Hidden inside was a plank
with Native American writing on it.

A treasure map to Cibola,
the legendary City of Gold, sir.

All this just to ask me
about a treasure map?

That map is a key to proving
Thomas Gates' innocence.

I know for a fact that the plank
is no longer in the Resolute desk.

You've been in my desk too?

I believe the whereabouts
of that plank is now hidden... the President's Book, sir.

The book known only to our presidents.

It contains all of our nation's secrets.


That's the most
ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

I saw the seal in the desk, sir.
I know the map exists.

You're not going to tell me
how to get out of here

- unless you get what you want.
- The way out is that direction,

and I'll show you.

You don't negotiate very well, do you?

No, sir.

Mr. President!

Where are my sledgehammers?

I don't get you, Gates.

You do all this,
you're willing to go to prison,

just to clear your ancestor's name.

The way out is just down those stairs.

Everything I am
is because of my ancestors, sir.

Thomas Gates gave his
last full measure of devotion

to his country to stop the KGC.

When someone dies for their country,
I believe they should be honored.

"Last full measure of devotion"?

Lincoln is my favorite president, sir.
No offense.

None taken. He's my favorite too.

Sir, I know the book exists,
and my question is,

"Will you agree to let me see it?"

Even if something like that
really did exist,

why do you think I would
actually just give it to you?

Because it will probably lead us

to the discovery of the greatest
Native American treasure of all time.

A huge piece of culture lost.

You can give that history
back to its descendants.

And because you're the president
of the United States, sir.

Whether by innate character, or the oath
you took to defend the Constitution,

or the weight of history
that falls upon you.

I believe you
to be an honorable man, sir.

People don't believe that stuff anymore.

They want to believe it.


[owl hooting]

Nearest highway is that direction.
You'll understand if we part ways here.

- Gates.
- Sir?

The following conversation
never happened.

The book exists.

- Where is it?
- Where else do you keep a book?

In the Library of Congress.

X, Y, two, three, four,
seven, eight, six.

Thank you, sir.

You'll also need to know
three, seven, nine, four.

Got it.

- And, Gates...
- Sir?

Two hundred people know you held me
against my will. I can't tell them why.

Unless you find what you're looking for,

you'll be charged
with kidnapping the president.

- You know what that means.
- Yes, sir. Very much so, sir.

- I want you to do something for me.
- It would be a privilege, sir.

Page 47. Just have a look at that.

[dialing phone]

Riley, meet me at the
Library of Congress in 20 minutes.


[phone rings]


The president's been what?

The president's been what?




- Hey.
- Hey.

We're close.

- Where do we start?
- XY is the book classification code.

Stands for special collections,
which means very special books.

- Where are they?
- This way. We'll sneak in.

This will be good.

Here we go. XA... XM...

Look. Do you have a code?


What did the president say
the number was?



two-three-seven-eight... Here.


- Two-three-four-seven-nine...
- Seventy-six, seventy-eight...

It's not there.

[Riley] Maybe someone checked it out.

- Why send us here if there's no book?
- He probably wanted us to get caught.

- [siren wailing]
- [tires squealing]


- What is that?
- It's a six-dial combination lock.

The location is the combination.

The location is the combination.


[Riley] Yes. I was right.

Well done, Mr. Poole.

Eagle and the scroll.

- Area 51!
- Shh!

- Kennedy assassination.
- Shh! We don't have time.

Yeah, it's true. [clears throat]

[sirens wailing]

Here. Wait.

"April 1865. Queen Victoria
sends Pike two coded missives.

The first is received.
Contains information regarding

New World treasure. The City of Gold."

Wait. The queen
wanted to help the Confederacy?

- A divided America'd have been weaker.
- Needed cotton from the South.

"The second missive was thought
to contain a Playfair cipher

suggesting contact with Laboulaye,
who'll hide clues before his death."

The cipher written into the Booth
diary page that Thomas tried to burn.

- The one we have.
- Exactly. "1880."

Resolute desk arrives in Washington,
sent by queen to President Hayes."

Look at that.

Missing plank from the White House. Wow.

Here's the final entry
by President Coolidge.

"1924. I found a plank
in secret desk compartment.

Plank photographed and then destroyed.

Borglum commissioned
to destroy landmarks

in sacred Black Hills mountains."

Borglum. Mount Rushmore?

He carved Mount Rushmore
to erase the map's landmarks

in order to protect the City of Gold.

Mount Rushmore was a cover-up.

- [police siren blares]
- What is it?

There's my tax dollars at work,
coming to arrest me.

Not coming for you,
they're for me. Go to the car.

- No!
- Go! I'll meet up with you.

This way.


[indistinct chattering]

So Gates abducts the president,
lets him go

and heads to the Library of Congress?

- Why?
- Maybe he wants to check out a book.



This way.

[indistinct chatter]

[man on police radio] All agents...

[dialing phone]

- Dad.
- Ben.

Get out of there.
I had to move the car.

FBI, Secret Service all over the place.

Calm down. I sent a picture
of the plank to your cell.

- You can do that?
- Yes, I can do that.

did you get it?

- I got it.
- [Ben] Look.

- Take it to Mom for translation.
- Why me?

He say his mom
could translate the plank?

Find out who she is.

- How are we going to find Ben?
- I don't know.

- Hold it! Who are you?
- We work here.

- IDs.
- Here. We were told to evacuate.

[Riley] I don't know what's going on.

- My car's parked...
- One second I'm reading...

- Special section for...
-...a book, then we're rushed out...

- Go ahead.
- OK. Thank you.

- Thank you for your help, officer.
- Best of luck.

- [alarm chirps]
- Have a good night.

[man] Hey, go
to the northeast sectors...

[Riley] Start the car.

[engine starts]

Put it in gear.

- Uh-oh.
- What's the problem?

It's clear. Let's go!

We're going to jail.

[man] I want to run a check...


Get in! Hang on!

Mercedes SUV...

- He's in! Go!
- Hang on!

[Abigail] Whoa!

OK. We can do this.

Close the barricade, lock it down!

Lock it down!

- Drive, drive, drive!
- OK.

I don't think so!

Whoa, whoa!

[man] Go, go, go, go, go!

Let's go! Let's go!

[engine hissing]

That did not turn out
the way it was supposed to!

- How'd they find us so quick?
- I'll tell you how.

- The president is a tattletale!
- Sadusky. He was there.

He knows more about the book
than I thought.

How'd the president
feel about being kidnapped?

How'd the president
feel about being kidnapped?

He was OK.

- Dr. Appleton.
- This office is closed. I'm sorry.

I do apologize
for the lateness of the hour.

My name is Mitch Wilkinson.

I've got something I want you
to take a look at. Just take a minute.

- You're a treasure hunter.
- No, ma'am.

I'm just a man trying
to make his mark on history.

Can you help me?

Um... No, I don't know that language.
I'm sorry. I can't help you.

- [phone rings]
- Oh, excuse me.


Got it.

Your ex-husband's on his way up.
He wants the translation.

Tell him anything but the truth.
Get rid of him. His life depends on it.


I know I'm the last person
you want to see,

and I'm not comfortable either,
but we need you to translate something.

- Ben sent me. He needs your help.
- Yes, of course.

If it's for Ben, of course. What is it?

Oh. Uh...

It's in the cell phone.
I'm not sure how to...

- Give it to me.
-...bring it out.


We know it leads to Mount Rushmore.

Yes. "Islands...
Islands of stone in a sea of grass."

That's what the Lakota used to call
the Black Hills in South Dakota.


"Find where the moon touches the earth
and release the hummingbird."

That's it?

Did it ever occur to you...?
I can't believe I'm saying this.

Did it ever occur to you that I did
the things I did to impress you?

No, you did it because you wanted to,
and I would've done the same thing,

except one of us had to grow up
and stay home and look after Ben.

Certainly wasn't going to be you.

Did it ever occur to you that I made
sacrifices for us that you never did?

No, of course not.

So just go away.

Lousy tequila.

Don't feel bad. You did good.

Patrick believed every word you said.

Besides, your son would have
never found the treasure anyway.

You don't know Benjamin.

Perhaps not.
But then again, I have this.

A letter from Queen Victoria to
the Confederate General Albert Pike?

Seems the dear old queen
was partial to the Confederate cause.

This has been handed down
by my family for 140 years.

Contains a vital piece of information.
The final clue, as it were.

This piece of information is worthless
without your translation of the planks.

It's ironic, isn't it?

This all began with the burning
of pages, and now it ends

with the burning of this,
the final clue.

Making me the only one...

...who can find Cibola.

...who can find Cibola.

Get your coat.

Her translation on the second half
of the planks says

- we need to find an island of stone.
- Ben would have found it by now.

I don't think so.


How do I get to, um, this...

Hello, Mitch.


- Wait for me.
- No way. You're too slow.

I knew you'd figure out
the message I gave your father.

The hummingbird was good. Let her go.

We're the ones with the firepower,
and you're giving me orders.

I kidnapped the president. The FBI
is on their way right now to arrest me,

and I'm sure they'll love to meet you.

They'll find us both and arrest us both.

That path doesn't lead
to the City of Gold, does it?

This man has information you need.
He's got a letter.

From Queen Victoria
to General Albert Pike.

- How do you know that?
- I read about it, in a book.

I'm afraid he's burned it.

All right... You've had me do
all the work so far, why stop now?

You tell me what you know,
I'll find the City of Gold,

prove Thomas Gates' innocence,
you can have the treasure.

- What?
- I'm going with you.

But if anyone's gonna be credited
for discovering the City of Gold,

it's going to be me.

But your partners stay here,
and all the guns.

What makes you think I'd agree?

Because you need that treasure.
Believe me, I know.

All right, Gates. We'll do it your way.

But believe me... I don't need the guns.

- Which president? The president?
- I thought it best not to tell you.

[Abigail] I still don't see anything
that looks like a noble bird.

All right. Let's have it.

What did the letter say? What's
the clue from Queen Victoria's letter?

"The entrance shall only be revealed
under a cloudless rain."

Figure that one out.

So we come back when it's raining?

"Cloudless." Could simply mean the sun.

You need a sunny day... and rain.

We need water.



Everybody, the water makes
the rocks darker. Use the water.

Em? Water?

- What's this in my hand? Are you blind?
- Good, good, good.

This is ridiculous.
Are we going to water the whole thing?

That's it.

Oh! That's it. I found it.
Over here! Found it! Over here!

Look at this!

It's an eagle.

- Look at that. It's an eagle.
- There it is.

- "The noble bird..."
- "Will give you passage."

- Uh-huh. Now what?
- We need to join hands,

and in a noble manner,
pass over the bird.

- [Patrick] It indicates direction...
- [Riley] Somehow that bird...

...will rise from the rock
and kind of caw...

You can stand around guessing for a
while, or I can give you the next clue.

"Surrender your hand
to the heart of the warrior."

And the eagle
is a symbol of the warrior.

Ben, no. Wait, wait! No.

That's probably a horrible trap.
Tell him!

It's a horrible trap.

It would be a pity to come this far
and not even try, now, wouldn't it?

I'll do it, Ben.

It's OK.

Surrender your hand.



- I am sorry. I... I couldn't resist.
- You!

It, uh... feels like a latch.


Look at this.

All right, good. Let's go.

[Emily] Oh!

Ben, look at this.

Oh, that's beautiful!

- Patrick. Patrick!
- [Abigail] Ben, what is that?

[Ben] Appears to be a counterweight
to hold the door open.

- [Riley] What is that sound?
- [groaning]

[Emily] Fascinating.

[Riley shouting]

- [gasping]
- Ah!


[Riley] Sorry.

- You OK?
- No.

Get up.

It's locked.

- Patrick, what have you done?
- Some kind of a bolt. I didn't do it.

Only one way out of here now.


[Emily gasps] Oh!

Never seen so many relics.

So beautifully preserved.

Looks like we're going
to be moving some rocks.

- There's a tunnel back in through here.
- Guys, look at this.

It's a little golden man.

Look. It's got a tiny little torso.
Look at that. It looks like...


- Ben!
- Ben!

Move back! Move back!
All of you! Other side!

Back up! Back up!


Riley, move forward! Move forward!

No, back up, back up.

- What you want me to do?
- Stop! Stop!

We have to balance our weight
to even this thing out.

- We'll find 'em.
- What are we gonna do?

Figure something out.
Tell you what we're going to do.

- No, I'll tell you.
- No. I'll tell you!

No, I'll tell you!
There's that passageway.

You go, pull those stones out,
because that leads somewhere.

That is a good idea.

[Wilkinson] There's nothing.
Just a big old black hole.

[Abigail] Ben, look!
There's a ladder.

- I mean, what's left of a ladder.
- Toss me the light.

Riley. Move slowly to that corner.
No! Wait. Just...

- As I move to this corner.
- OK.

One step at a time. Good.

If we can raise this corner,
I think I'll reach it.


- Stop! Red light!
- You're not helping!

I can get up there just as easy as you.

Just stop.

- Guys!
- It's three against one here.

I ain't going last, and if I'm not
going last, I might as well go first.


What's it gonna be?

We'll do this your way.

[creaking, rumbling]

The rest of us, on my count of three,
all move together.

One step at a time.

One, two, three.

- You ready?
- Go.



[Ben] Mitch, what do you see?

Is there a way out?

What's up there, Mitch?

[both grunting]


- Are you all right?
- Just promise me he's gonna be OK.

All right.

Let's go.

Mitch! Come on!

- I've been doing the math here, and...
- I know.

We're gonna have to leave
one person behind.

[Riley] Promise you'll
come back for me.

I can do the math too.

- That makes you next.
- I'll go last.

"No, we'll figure something else out."
"We need you there. Please, Riley."


I'm just kidding. Go.


[rumbling, creaking]

- One... two... three!
- Go!


- What are you doing?
- Nothing.


I can't get it.

Just go! Go now! Go!

- All right, ready?
- Now!


Riley! Hang on!

OK. Mitch, the idol.
OK, Ben. We found a gold idol here!

We can roll it over
to offset your weight!

Then roll it!

[Abigail] Here it comes!

[Riley] Come on, Ben!

Here! Give me your hand!

[Abigail] Ben!

Thanks, Riley.

Why couldn't a girl see me do that?

- You all right?
- You're OK. You're OK. You're OK.

So... forward.

- What is this?
- [running water]

Oh! Oh! Oh!


Put your light over there.

What are you doing?



[Riley] I can't see anything!
Is this it?

It's oil!

It's a dead end!
There's no way out!

We have to turn back!


No. No, Patrick, this is crazy.


I got it!

I got you! I got you!

[both shouting]



[Abigail] There's no forward!

It's not forward, it's down!

All this water has to go out somewhere.
Otherwise, it'd be filled up.

Help me turn this wheel!

[Wilkinson] The water's going down.

It is... Em.

Em. Em.

Ben! Hey!

Dad! We found it!

- Thomas was right!
- No, you were right!

Sorry I smeared your
great-great granddaddy's good name.

Seemed like the only way
to get you in on the hunt.

But this was a chance for the Wilkinson
family to make its mark on history,

to find the City of Gold,
to be remembered.

[gurgling, bubbling]

What happened to you?
Your father was worried sick about you.

She was frantic. She was frantic.

Dad, coming through,
did you happen to see...?

Stop it. Coming through, did you see
any branches that could lead out?

No, it's all blocked. You can't even
get back to the big, round stone door.

Where's your mother going?

[Emily gasps]

Sweetheart. Sweetheart.
Have a look at this.

- What?
- Look.

This is gonna unlock
the Olmec language.

It's gonna give us incredible
insight into pre-Columbian history.

Oh! [laughs]

[Patrick] Em?

- You happy?
- Oh, yeah.

- Ben! Look at this! Look!
- Oh, yeah.

That's where they slit the throat,
cut the heart out.



- What was that?
- Listen.



I tried to find a way out.
All those portals are blocked off!

I'm telling you, all this water
goes out somewhere. We'll find it.

Ben, there's a current!

Follow it!
There's got to be a central drain!

It's under us. Right here!

Come on!

Let's go! Get in there!

The water's rising too fast!

Let's get that door open
so we don't all drown!

Ben, it slopes down!
It's a drainage tunnel.

It fills with water
when you open the door!

We need to find something
to stick under it to keep it open!

No, if it's open,
this tunnel will stay flooded.

We've got to get to the other side
and close the door.

Patrick, Emily, go!

- No.
- No!


Mitch, we got to be
on the other side of that door!

Nobody leaves unless I say so.

That door is not gonna stay open
by itself.

We both know what has to happen here.

One of us keeps the door open
and stays behind.

I vote Mitch.

This isn't a democracy.

[grunting, shouting]

Stop! I'll stay!
I'm staying. Look. Look!

See? I'm right here! I'm staying!

I'll tell everybody
how this is going to go.

You and me are going to open that door.
Anybody tries to leave before me,

I drop the door,
we start this all over again!

Try any funny business, I guarantee you
people are going to get hurt!

I won't! You have my word.
Just let her go.

Ben, no, we're not leaving without you.

[Ben] Abigail.

You make my parents leave.
You make my parents leave.

- No!
- Let's go!

Let's go, please! Patrick, Emily,
he's trying to save our lives.

Please, come on.

Push, Ben!

The current's too strong!

- I'm ready!
- It's all yours!



- [straining]
- Hang on!

Hold your breath!


We got to get Ben out of there!

If I'm stuck in the door,
it stays open,

both rooms fill up, and we all drown!

- Open the door! I'll get you out!
- The current's too strong!

I open the door,
you'll be washed down!

I'll get you out!

I found the City of Gold! I found it!

And no one will ever know?

We can figure this out!
We can all get out!

It's not a puzzle!
No more puzzles, Ben!

We're all going to die,
or it could just be me!

- Tell them I found it!
- Don't quit!

- [straining]
- Mitch!


Thank you.

- We haven't officially met. I'm Riley.
- [Emily] Oh, hi.

Sir! It's for you.


- I have my proof.
- Ben!

We were just talking about you.
Ready to turn yourself in?

Not quite.
We found the City of Gold.

Doesn't matter.
You still committed a federal crime.

Stop. Stop it.

- Mr. President?
- Craig, give us a minute.

Sir, for your information,
this is the man who kidnapped you.

As I recall, we were
exploring a hidden tunnel,

and a door closed accidentally,
and this man saved my life.

Yes, sir.

- Gates.
- Sir.

For the record, after centuries
of exploration, on this day,

you have brought honor
to your country and your family.

You've done this country
a great service. I thank you.

- Thank you.
- Craig.

I thought you might want to
take a look at tomorrow's headlines.


Thank you, sir.

All of you, along with
Emily and Patrick Gates

will get credit for this discovery.

And Mitch Wilkinson, sir.

- Is that right?
- It's true, sir.

Ben, I am curious
about that favor I asked you.

Any report regarding
what's on page 47?

I believe I can help with that, sir.

- So it's good.
- Life-altering, sir.

What's on page 47?
Are you talking about the Book?

What book?

[Emily] Be very careful with that.
Is that distilled water you're using?

- Yes.
- Have you catalogued all of this?

- No, ma'am.
- You haven't?

Excuse me? Excuse me, sir?
Are you cataloguing this?

You should've been there
when we picked out our first couch.

Excuse me.

Hey, you're that guy...
The treasure hunter guy, right?

No, actually, the guy you're thinking of
is somewhere over there.

No. You're him. Riley Poole.
I recognize you from your book.

- Will you sign it?
- [crashing]


Thank you.

So, um, the tea tables...

Yes, I'm going to have the movers
bring them to you next week.

I was going to say
you can keep them.

And maybe you could...

...come and move back in with me.

- No. You used the word "so."
- So?

So, when you say "so,"
it means you're angry.

And then sometimes it doesn't.

It's sort of like a puzzle.

And you're so good at puzzles.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.



[engine starts]

I love this car.

- [tires screech]
- [crashing]

Special thanks to SergeiK.