Never Back Down Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Never Back Down script is here for all you fans of the Sean Faris and Amber Heard fighting movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Never Back Down quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Never Back Down Script

Inside of a minute left to
play. The Knights need a big stop here.

Motion! Motion!

There's the snap and off goes Devore.
Tries to go off-tackle. Big hit by Jake Tyler.

Forty-four is killing us.
Get in there and stop him.

You want some of this, bitch?

Good one, Jake!

It's all good.

Call it out!

That is Tyler's 13th
tackle tonight. He is totally in the zone.

Coming through! Coming through! I got it!

Third down and 10.
Look for the quarterback on...

- Blue, 32.
- Hut!

There's the snap.

Pitch is wide to Moore.

And Jake Tyler makes
a big stop at the backfield.

Loss of three yards on the play.

Keep it up, baby!
It ain't gonna change the score.

Now Tyler and Moore are at
each other's faces.

They have been going at it all night long.

Lowe deep in the pocket.

Outside! Outside!

Now slings it out wide to Moore.
Ball's a little high.

Tyler hit Moore on the dead run,
and right down!

This could be it for the Hornets, folks.

You know, it's too bad about your old man.

The sauce. That shit will kill you.

What'd you say? What'd you say?

Tyler and Moore are going at it.

Hey, don't sweat it, Jake.
Good luck down there.

- Later, man.
- Dude.

Way to go out with a bang.

- Yeah.
- How's the hand?

I'll be all right.

Hey, come on, everyone's going over
to Harland's.

No, man. I can't.
I still got some packing to do.

I can't believe you're moving
to Disney World.


Yeah, well, I'd come visit you,
but I'm not eight years old.

Could have fooled me.

Maybe I'll meet you out in Daytona
for spring break.

Yeah. Sure.

- Who's gonna keep you out of trouble?
- Who's gonna get you into it?

Later, bud.

- What up?
- Evening feed.

It's a contact sport, Mom.

Your coach called.
He told me that you'd been fighting again.

You wanna know what the other guy said?

I'm not doing this when we go to Florida,
all right?

Then don't do it,
'cause I'm not gonna play, okay?

I'm late. I need you to help Charlie pack.

You guys start on the garage
first thing in the morning, all right?

Damn it, where are my keys?

Everything has to be ready for the movers
the day after...

- Mom, I can do my own packing.
- You see? He can do his own packing.

- Damn, where are my keys?
- I think I saw them over here!

Thank you. Bye. Just do it, Jake.

Seventy-two. By flying in a V-formation

a flock of geese adds 72% more
flying range than if each bird flew alone.

Something about uplift.


The number of useless facts in your head.

Miles from here to Orlando.

Do you hate me?

- Because of the move?
- No.

Famous Stampard Tennis Academy
in Orlando?

You better make it to Wimbledon.

Make it? I'll win it.

Here, let me give you a hand with that.

- No, I got it.
- No, here.

Guess Mom forgot to bring
that one to Goodwill.

I'll get rid of it.

You know, we could just close it,
get behind the wheel.

Nothing but open road
between here and Iowa.

- What about Mom?
- She wouldn't miss us.

- She'd miss me.
- Yeah, that's real funny.

- I got him!
- Here, get him!

You got him.

- Get him.
- Hey! Hey! Stop, man!

- Hey, I got this. I got this, man. I got this.
- Shit!

- Seriously, dude, I think he's got this.
- Damn right!

- Get lost, man!
- Yeah, vacate. You don't want none.

- You all right, bro? Are you ready?
- Yeah!

- Fight!
- Fight!

Get your hands up.

You still with us,
Mr. Tyler? Yeah? Good.

The argument can certainly be made
that The Iliad celebrates war, obviously,

but not all the symbols in this poem
support that interpretation.

What symbol or symbols might suggest a
less vainglorious attitude toward warfare?


Anybody? Anybody? Ms. Miller?

I'm sorry. You lost me at "vainglorious."

Come on. You have read the poem, I take it.
Seen the movie, perhaps?

That's the Shield of Achilles.

The scenes of normal life depicted

on Achilles' shield suggest
an alternative to war.

Friends or family or what is at stake.

Wow! Not bad for your first day, Mr. Tyler.

We might all strive to emulate
this kind of preparation and intelligence.

Hey, Shield of Achilles, nicely done.
Thanks for the save.

- I owe you one.
- No problem.

- I'm Baja.
- Like Mexico?

Like my parents smoked too much weed.

- I'm Jake.
- So, why the mid-year move?

My brother's a tennis star.
He got a scholarship.

Not bad. What about you?
You got any talents?

I mean, other than sucking up
in English class.

Probably not the smoothest move
on the first day, right?

Probably not.

Hey, can you help me find the 3-wing?

- It doesn't exist. Let me see?
- No, it's right there.

Oh, it's the B-wing.

Your handwriting's harder to read
than The Iliad.

Looks like you didn't have
any problem reading it.

A book that beat up has got to
be flipped through

at least a couple of times.

- Maybe I bought it used.
- Maybe, but I doubt it.

- There you are!
- Hey.

Nice shirt, Kurt Cobain.

You are aware it's hotter than Satan's
balls out right now, right? And they're hot.

Guys, give it a rest.

- Let's go, B, the lumberjack bores me.
- Not me.

J, guess what they clocked
my serve at today?

I don't know, 1,000?

- There's food right here, honey.
- I'm sick of eating takeout.

- Eighty-five miles per hour.
- That's great, Charlie!

- Isn't that great, Jake?
- Yeah.

How's the new school? You like it?

It's great.

Okay, brainiac. Give me the speed
ketchup leaves the bottle.

Not right now, Charlie.

How are the teachers?

- They're great.
- Classes? Other kids?

It's great. Everything's great.

Living out of boxes.
We're even eating out of boxes.

I'd just say everything's just great.

You wanna run numbers, Charlie?

Four. The number of times that
your brother has had to have stitches.

And two. The number of times that he has
been kicked out of school.

Six. The number of times I've had to
pick him up from the police station.

Tired of living out of boxes, Jake?
Why don't you try unpacking?

Dude! What's up?
You're carb loading. That's pretty smart.

Yo, I'm Max Cooperman.

Crack it.

- Jake Tyler.
- I know.

I also know that there's
a 225-pound football player in Iowa

that's happy as hell you moved.

- How'd you know about that?
- Internet, dude.

One guy shoots it, the whole world sees it.

Come on.
Tell me you haven't Googled yourself.

Look, when you hit my boy out
with that right hook, man,

we did some homework.

And your clip, it's starting to
make the rounds, bro.

Look, people... People are talking.

See, we got it going on here, man.
This is something you must check out.

All right, the other day,
when you saw me fighting,

that was completely organized.

- A totally sanctioned brawl.
- That looked like an ass-kicking to me, bro.

I'm getting my chi together.

I'm learning the moves
from one of the masters.

Jean Roqua. Dude trained with the Gracies
back in the day.

Dude was a finalist in the Vale Tudo, right?

Look, check this out.

Wait for the right moment.
Position before submission.

Look, I appreciate it and all.
I'm not interested.

What? Hey, but, dude. I mean, you're...
You could enter the pantheon of greats.

We're talking significant social profile here.

I mean, you are a natural born brawler.

I'm just not into it, man.

- Want a ride?
- No, I'm cool.

You sure? We can crank up the AC.
You can wear that flannel.

So, what? Is your car in the shop?

Yeah, yeah. If by shop you mean
showroom, then, yes. It's a new 335.

Feel free to go pick it up for me
any time you want.

It's the silver one I cannot afford.

Oh, my God. You are poor!

So, there's this party tonight
if you wanna go.

- You gonna be there?
- No, no, she's not.

She's inviting you to a party
she's not gonna go to.

Does that make sense?

Sorry. Here's the address if you wanna go.

See you there?

Yeah. Thanks.

The kid was nine. He beat me, 6-3.

So he's younger than you.
You're just getting settled in.

You just have to give it time.

My compaņero!

- Man!
- What?

Whose house is this?

That is a good question.
Do you want a beer?

- No, I'm cool.
- No?

Drink, bitches!

That's disgusting!

Number one clip on YouTube.

- Max!
- I can feel my hit counter rising.

I'm gonna shove that camera up your ass.

- I'm not here.
- Show's over.

on the dock.
I swear. It was hilarious.

- Yo, Ryan, what up, man?
- My man, Max.

You know I just came to party.

- How's it going? Good.
- Right on.

Hey, this is Jake.

- Ryan McCarthy.
- Jake Tyler.

- It's nice to meet you, man.
- Yeah. You, too.

You're from Ohio, right?

Due west. It's Iowa.

Iowa... Dan Gable,
greatest Olympic wrestler ever.

Yeah. The '72 games.
He never surrendered a point.

Exactly, man! Water.

Nice catch. Excuse me.

So, what do you make of Orlando?

Not really sure, man.

I hear you.
You know, I've lived here my whole life,

still don't know how I feel.

Bro, chicks wearing bikinis year round.
What's not to know?

Little man's got a point.
It can't get much better than this.

- Unbelievable!
- Yeah, but this ain't it.

This ain't what?
- All this American Pie bullshit.

No. The real action is lakeside.

Force times mass equals acceleration.

Fight night!

Anyone who wants to fight gets a shot.
Girl on girl.

A little black on brown.

And my personal favorite,
battle of the exes.

Yo, crazy bitch.

So, what do you think?

This is insane.

- Got anything like this back at home?
- Not even close. Who's in charge?

We are.

So? You ready?

Ready for what?

The main event.

That would be me and you.

Get the hell out of here, man.
I'm not fighting.

I kind of think you are.

Hey, this is it, fight fans!

Ryan "The Terror" McCarthy
versus Jake "The Gridiron" Tyler.


- Hold on, man.
- Hey, look, if you wanna be the best,

you gotta take out the best.

I don't wanna be the best.

We all saw that video, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

That stuff was tight, man.

Sincerely, okay? One right hook

and the dude was stone.

Hey, Ry, I don't think Iowa's into it.

Well, we gotta give the people
what they want.

You guys ready to see something?
- Yeah!

- You?
- Yeah!

I don't want to fight you, man.
I don't want to fight anyone.

You don't wanna fight?
Then what the hell are you doing here?

Then what are you doing here?

He's getting cold feet.


This is awkward.

You two have a good night.

Ryan, he's...

Where the hell are you going?

Hold up! Hold up, hold up.

I saw the clip, and you can bang, dude.

You know what they say about the Internet.

Yes, we do.

So none of that stuff is true, then?

Not even that part about your dad

wrapping his drunk ass around that tree?

You know, I can't figure out, though,

is what... What were you doing
in the passenger seat?

Why didn't you just drive?

Wow, talk about dropping the ball there.

Get off of me!

Guess some of that stuff
on the Web is true.

It's okay. You want some gloves, huh?

Yeah. Get the gloves.


Come on, baby!

Go to war! Play to win.

All right, calm down, calm down.
Bring it down, bring it down.

Fight ends with a knockout or a tap out.

You ready?

You ready?

Get some, baby!

Nice right.

Cheap shot, man.

Iowa, that was a cheap one.

But you are good, okay,

and you have a good center of gravity.

But that old-school boxing shit, it just...

I don't know, it doesn't fly around here.
You gotta mix it up...

Stings, right? Bet it does.

Your leg's all jacked up.
Can't put any weight on it, maybe.

Now for the bad news.

It's gotta end with you looking like a bitch

in front of everybody.

My boy's rocking!

- Get up, get up!
- Get up, farmer!

- Knockout! It's a knockout!
- Damn!

Damn, you're insane. He's getting up.
He's getting up. He's getting up!

You sent him to bed.

Dude, stay down. Fight another day, man.

Hey, Ryan!

You ain't got shit.

Don't worry, man. You're gonna be okay.

There's some roaches here.

You want breakfast?


- What about the other guy?
- What about him?

- He look worse than you?
- Yeah, maybe before the fight.

Hey, try not to say anything to Mom
about this.

Like I need to.

- Can you find your way to the bus?
- The big yellow thing?

Good man.

Good man.

Oh, my God, that new kid
got his ass handed to him.

The flannel kid, Ryan wrecked the dude.
He kicked his ass.

What's wrong with her?

- What do you want, Charlie?
- It's Max Cooperman

and Baja Miller.

Too easy.

- Way to commit to the move.
- What do you want, Max?

Well, you blew off school, man.

Trying to get an early jump
on the weekend.

Look, there wasn't a lot you could do, man.
I mean, Ryan, he's got crazy skills.

His dad's a psychopath.
He had him in karate before he could crawl.

But you, dude. You had heart.
It's inspiring even.

What's that?

This is just some of the best
mixed martial arts you'll ever see.

I told you I'm not into that UFC stuff.

Yeah, I got that impression last night.

Look, man, you gotta throw in some
Muay Thai, you know. Have a ground game.

Which is why I'm extending
this invitation to you again.

Dudes on that disk all train with the guy
I told you about.

My teacher, Jean Roqua.

All right, and with some technique,
bro, you can do what I can never do.

Achieve greatness.

Achieve an exit, please.

Dude, you're gonna tell me last night
didn't leave you twisted?

- Nope.
- Nobody can get their ass beat like that

- and not care.
- I can.

- Well, then hide in here.
- Maybe I will.

I bet under the bed's pretty safe, bro.

- You know, I bet it is.
- Whatever, dude.

Cool, man! How'd you find the club?

- The address on the DVD. It was real subtle.
- Yeah, hey, check it out. That's Roqua.

In trouble? Change your position.
Now, see, you got me.

It's hurting me, hurting me.

Right? And squeeze.

Whoa, dude, dude, dude, the shoes!
Take your shoes off.

Mr. Roqua, Mr. Roqua,
I'd like you to meet Jake Tyler.

He's interested in taking classes here.

People who come here
for the wrong reasons, they never last.

- Walked into a door.
- Must have been a big door.

- So when can I start?
- Tomorrow, with Max. Beginner's class.

- It's just labels, dude.
- What about this class?

This is not for beginners.
This is an advanced class.

- You can observe, if you like. Max?
- But he's got mad skills, sir.


I'm a quick learner.

Everyone up! Circuit one! Let's go.

- What do I do?
- Learn quickly.

One-minute intervals. Begin!


Section two. Time! Switch! Let's go.

Grab the rings, bro!

Push yourself. Pick it up, buddy. Let's go.

Time. Rotation. Let's go!

Come on! Pick it up, people.

Come on!

Pick it up! Time! Switch! Let's go.


Keep going! Don't give up. Never give up.

Never back down. Come on, pick it up.

Push yourself!



Don't compact your muscles now,
we're just getting warmed up.

That was a warm up?

Pair up. Go for the submission.
Three-minute rounds.


Are you kidding me?

- I got 20 pounds on this guy.
- So take it easy on him.

Tap out.

Shoot the legs. Take his back!

Good use of your chin to block his knees.

Rear naked choke!

- Tap out, dude!
- Tap out, tap out.

He's out. He's out, let him go.

You all right?

That wasn't so smart, buddy.

Couple of more seconds,
I would've had him.

You don't give up, do you?

Tomorrow at 6:00. Don't be late.

One rule, Jake.

No fighting outside the gym.

No matter what, no matter who,
no matter how big the door.

No fighting or you're out.
Can you handle that?


See you tomorrow.

That was amazing.

Oh, my God!

- It's no big deal.
- No big deal?

Are you kidding me?
The man put you on the rack!

He tested you and you passed
with flying colors, man!

Ass-kicking, skull-crushing,
mixed martial arts madness!

You're gonna bring it on!

- Dude, where you going?
- Bus.

Get in the car.

This is your car?


It's my baby.

I got it.



Hey, Jake.

Come on in.

Hey, could you give us a second?

- I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
- Whatever she did, accept.

Go away.


- You set me up.
- I get that. I do, but...

You set me up so that your boyfriend could
kick my ass in front of half the school.

I didn't know it would be like that.

I said I was sorry.

It was wrong.

Are you so different?

You wanted that fight.

You just didn't want to lose it.

You know, you better watch out,

because you're starting
to sound real smart.

My old school.

I was barely there a month.
Third time we moved that year.

My dad got transferred here,
and then Ryan happened,

and everything just got so easy.

Does that mean I'm supposed to feel
sorry for you because you're popular?

Sounds like my cue.

Hey. First class isn't for an hour.

I could use the extra work, remember?


This should be enough for two months.

- That's a lot of money.
- Yeah.

Sure it's worth it?

Never been more sure.

So, do you live here?

I thought you came to work out.

Add a round kick.

No, that's cool.
I'm gonna do my own thing till class starts.

Three-punch combo, then a round kick.
This is mixed martial arts. Mix it up.

You beat yourself
if you don't control your breathing.

Your first day sparring with Miles,
you panicked, stopped breathing.

Here you are trying so hard to kill the bag,
but you forget to breathe,

so your kick has no power.

Breathe with each strike.


- Breathe.
- I am breathing!

If you can't keep control
when you're kicking a bag,

what happens against an
opponent who can fight back?

This bag weighs a frigging ton.

Each strike, you breathe.

- So is that it?
- Is that what?

Your "Grasshopper" speech.
All I get is four words about breathing?

Still sure it's worth it?

Not just you, Jake. Everyone has their fight.

Nice work.

- Jake?
- Hey.

- Charlie had a match today.
- Yeah? How'd he do?

Level of competition here,
it's going to take some getting used to.

You should come sometime.

That was Dad's thing.

Did you take $out of your bank account, Jake?

Hey, I asked you a question.

Did you take $out of your bank account?

- Yeah.
- For what?

It's my money.
What difference does it make?

What did you spend it on?

What's in the bag?

Open the bag, please.

- You've been fighting?
- I knew you wouldn't understand.

You know, this is over.


Are we clear?

Today we're gonna try something new.
A collective narrative.

I'm gonna break you up
into groups of three.

Suzanne, Elise and Corey,
you're one group.

Lydia will be a group for me.

Ms. Miller, Mr. Tyler will be a group.

You three here.

So what do you guys want to write about?

How about pride?





That's bullshit. That's not even a word.

Yeah, it is. It's go with the flow,
and it's used quite well, I might add.

Why do you have to be such a jerk?

- Yeah, this is my fault.
- It wasn't, but you're making it that way.


What's up, Baja?

What's up, babe?

- We need to talk.
- So talk.

Are you sure you want to do this here?

Pretty sure.

Your fight with Jake Tyler was horrible.


I thought it was a pretty good party.

You said you were just
gonna spar with him.

And then we sparred,
and then I kicked his ass.

What is the deal?

It's over.

You can't be serious.

I'm sorry.

Because I gave
some random kid a beating?

And loved it.

The only time you're happy
is when you're hurting people.


Are you so self-righteous
that you actually believe that?

You know, when you moved here,
you were nothing.

You'd walk the halls like a ghost.

Being with me made you.

Thank you for making this so much easier.

- Don't do this to me.
- Ryan. Ryan, you're hurting me!

So do I look happy?

Hey, hey!

- What are you going to do about it?
- Jake, no.

You're weak like your old man


Watch your back, man.

Half-speed, both of you. Switch partners.

Forget half-speed.
You need to put it in neutral.

- What? I eased off.
- Okay, let's see it.

Clear your head. Let it go.
Easy, nice and easy.

- Just giving it as good as I get it.
- Really?

Should I go half-speed, too?


You're so set on hurting people,
you just hurt yourself.

- Easy, buddy.
- So this is my fault, huh?

Yes. It is your responsibility
to control the outcome.

- That is such bullshit.
- Bullshit?

Okay, show me your way.

Tap out. Calm down, buddy.

Go home and cool off.

Tomorrow is another day.

- At least I have a home.
- What did you say to me?

- I said, "At least I have a home."
- Then go to it. I'll see you tomorrow.

- Maybe I should check on him?
- Yeah, you do that.

Hold up, dude! Slow down.
Where are you going?

Let's just go.

You okay, dude?

My responsibility.


Dude, relax.

- You got a problem, tough guy?
- Yeah, I do got a problem.

Jake, be cool.

Hey, get back in the car, faggot.

What are you gonna do about it?

Let's go!

That's Jake Tyler.

Yo, Harry, check this out.
This is sick. Three dudes.

I heard one of them almost died. Look.

Get out of here, man. Whatever.

No, seriously, I heard Tyler hit the kid
so hard his heart stopped.

- That's in a Bruce Lee movie, you idiot.
- You're an idiot. Shut up.

- You guys sound like a bunch of bitches.
- He's a bitch.

That was a good comeback, dude.

You know, it's funny. I just had a
conversation with your brother about that.

Ask him.

How well do you know Jake?

- We're tight.
- Really?

Yeah, but it's more of
a professional relationship, though.

- I'm his trainer.
- Cool. Awesome.

Tell me more.

- More?
- Yeah.


- What are you talking about?
- You're a rock star now.

Why would you care?

Good question.

Well, looks like hotshot found himself
a new groupie, huh?

How's it going, badass?

You think I'm impressed?

Couple of wannabes in a yellow Hummer?

I could wreck you here and now.

What fun would that be?
This is a spectator sport.

You think you can make it through
the Beatdown?

I have.

Won the whole tournament twice.

That's where we'll get it on.

That's where this ends.

Not impressed.

Not even a little.

Enjoy the floor.

- Dude, where you going?
- Home.

Did you forget I drove?

I'm walking.


You okay?

What's the Beatdown?

Get in.

Straight up elimination tournament, dude.

The freaking Super Bowl
of the Florida fight clubs.

Everybody who brawls,
they go to the Beatdown.

It's gladiator heaven.


Like, sometime next month, man.

The fighters get the time and place
by text message

at the last minute.

Dude, do all you guys live
in houses this big?

Bro, this is our guest house.

Push over.

What are you doing?

- Training.
- Take off your gloves.

- I just...
- Take off your gloves.

Fight outside the gym and you're done.
Go right now.

You don't train here anymore.
Out of my sight.


Want to tell me
who did this to you, Charlie?

- Not a big deal.
- It is a big deal.

It's not like you.

- What about the other guy?
- What about him?

You think this is funny, Jake?
This is all your fault.

- How is that?
- Well, all this business with fighting.

You're the one who's supposed to be
setting the example.

- I thought that was your job.
- Well, I am trying,

but all he wants is to be you.

You think you're the only one
who gets angry, Jake?

You think you're the only one
who wants to break stuff?

I'd like to break stuff, too!

- Want to try that, Charlie?
- You sure?

Yeah, go on, break it.

- You feel better?
- Yeah.

How about you, Mom? Feel better?

Yeah, I do.

But guess what, there's still a mess
that needs to be cleaned up,

and that is my job.

I can help.
- No, it's all right.

Get out of here, both of you.

It wasn't a fight.

I got hit with a ball.

It was an overhead,
and I took my eye off of it.

I'm sorry I lied, Mom.

I thought it sounded cooler
if I got in a fight.

Still think you don't need to
set an example, Jake?

Isn't this a little stalker-ish?

Yes, but he's not going to let you
in the gym,

so we gotta go outside.


Dude, it's called 365 Combat for a reason.
He never leaves.

Well, he's gotta leave sometime.

Come on, dude. I mean,
we got to get you back in there, man.

We need to be training.

- We?
- I don't go back until you go back.


Whoa, he's leaving.

Let's go, baby, let's go.

I lied, the first class.

I had every intention
of fighting outside the gym.

Is this your apology?

Okay, I lied because I wanted
to pound on the guy

that was pounding on me.

This guy, he's got the perfect life,

the perfect car, the perfect girlfriend.

You know,

I lied because I'm pissed off,

because I'm angry all the time.

I just...

I just had to say no, and I blew it.

That's all I needed to do, and I couldn't.

My dad, he was...

He was completely wasted, he was tanked.

He wanted to drive.

And I let him.

He went off the road,

hit a tree.

I made it.

He didn't.

I've just been letting my mom down,
my brother down,

getting into fights.

I don't want to be angry anymore.

The only time I'm not is...

It's when I'm in the gym
and I'm training with you.

Be at the gym at 7:00.

Thank you.

You won't be thanking me tomorrow.

That was not cool.

Tap out.

That's what I'm talking about.


What's with the gym being open every day,
all year?

And why do you live there?

Where's your family?

Come on, I won the race.
You owe me something.


My father moved from Senegal to Brazil
when I was very little.

My father was proud to open
a little street corner restaurant,

but he was even more proud
of my little brother, Joseph.

Right from the start, he was 10 times
the fighter I could ever dream of being.

I mean, we fought professionally,
but Joseph was truly great.

We were at a local bar, Joseph and I,

and this guy

started mouthing off to Joseph,

saying ugly things to him.

Wanted to prove his manhood, I guess,
by taking on a pro, you know?

So I wanted to stop him.

I wanted to put this loudmouth in his place
and end this ugly talk.

But, of course, Joseph,

he beat him.

This local tough guy was
so badly humiliated

he left with his friends.

He then returned 10 minutes later

and shot Joseph in the head.

My father's favorite son.

- I couldn't face him after that.
- So you haven't seen your father since.


you beat me once.

Think you can do it again?


I don't want to hurt an old man.

Come on, old man!

You have no way to win here.
Stop fighting back.

Change it up. Go for position.

Trap my arm.

My leg here.

Now bridge and roll me over.

Now you have a chance to get in position.

A small chance.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, you win, you win.
You win.

I get it.

But you can't always change position.
I mean, sometimes you just get stuck.

In any fight, you can always
change your position.

You just have to find a way.

- So it's on me?
- Always has been.



How's he doing?

He's down 3-2 in the first set.

Hey, Charlie!

I thought you wanted to go to Wimbledon!

You got this!

Quiet, please.

That was subtle.


It's not our strong suit.


- I want to make things better, Jake.
- Don't worry.

- Everything's fine.
- No, it's not.

- We're significantly screwed up.
- No, we're

tremendously screwed up.


There you go.

I'm just grabbing a seat over there.


I was thinking about what you said.


I think that was total bullshit, what you did.


This is going better than I ever expected.


I was the one who took the bait, okay?

I chose to fight.

You tried to apologize,
and I acted like an asshole.

You had nothing to do with that.

Thank you.

Apologies are good.

Yeah, they are.

Anything else you need to apologize for?

It's a long list.

Hello, can I help you?

My son Jake trains here.

- Jake Tyler.
- Yes, he does.

Your son is a very good fighter.

Something every mother longs to hear.

Jake is much more than just
a very good fighter.

Is that what you say about all
the angry young men that pay your bills?

They're a lot less angry
when they walk out of here

than when they walk in.


That's fair.

When I first met Jake, I thought,

"Here's another kid who has a hard time
dealing with his own emotions."

But now I see he's just afraid of them.

I know that Jake thinks
I somehow hold him responsible

for the death of his father.

Do you?

This is for next month.

- Thank you.
- Just do me one favor.

Make sure he keeps all his teeth.

My dental plan doesn't kick in
for another six months.

Here, a mouth guard.

My dental plan.

Thank you.

Jake is a good kid.

I know he is.

It's on, dude. Beatdown is tomorrow night.

I don't think I'm gonna do that, man.

Yeah, man. Right.

No, really. I'm serious.

I'm not gonna fight at the Beatdown.


- Why not?
- Because that's what Ryan wants.

Not me.


I'm sorry, man. Come on.

Let's just grab a seat with the girls.

I mean, Baja's friend has been
checking you out all afternoon.


The one thing better than brawling.

So, you play Xbox a lot?

"Useless junk."

You sure you don't need a bigger box?

Tools of his trade.

Those look kind of cute on you.

They're still sweaty.

- Sorry.
- No, I like it.

Get up.

I said, "Get up."

Okay, I'm up.

Nice contact.

Two older brothers, one bathroom.

Show me.

Show you what?

What you got.

Show me.

You got good stance.

You love my stance.

I do.

Can you take it to the ground?

You see, it's about submission.

You wanna be able to make
your opponent tap out.

Tap out?

You wanna make it so painful
that they wanna give up.

I don't tap out.

You wanna tap out?

Do you want to tap out?


Hey, Charlie.

What are you guys doing?



What's up?

Phone. Mom.

- Okay.
- Mom.

Big wrestling fan.

Okay, okay.
Who needs a margarita?


Yo, Aaron.

Fresh batch, baby. You want one?

No, thanks, Mr. McCarthy. I'm good.

Come on, man. Don't be a punk.
Have a drink with me.

And don't call me Mr. McCarthy.

- I'm not that old.
- Dad!

I think we're good.

All right.
If we're good, guess we're good, huh?

Are you getting smart with me here
in front of your friends?

I asked you a question.

Are you getting smart with me here
in front of your friends?

You wanna be the best,
you gotta take out the best.

All right, I can take a hint. It's all good.

- I'll see all you guys later, all right?
- So long, Mr. McCarthy.

Shit. Can you believe Tyler bailed
on the Beatdown?

What? Why?

He's scared of getting his ass kicked, man.

That's not the word on the street, man.

Oh, yeah?

What is it?

What is the word on the street?

My bet is that he can kick your ass.


What's up?

Just hitting the mats.

You're training with Roqua.
You must be getting pretty good.

Mad Max, master of the ground and pound.

Yeah, dude.


So, I heard your boy doesn't want
to roll at the Beatdown.

That's correct. He's out.

Would have been sick, right?
You and him made it to the finals.

Guess we'll never know.

Take it easy.

Hey, you wanna come hang at the house?

Show some of the guys
the new moves you're working on?

Sure thing, man.

Hey, no, come on. Ride with me.

Max! Max!

Come on, dude. Jump kick some more.

Nice. Lower it.

Let's go.

- Check it out.
- Good.

Hey, man, you gotta...

You wanna kind of, like,
control the breathing.

Seriously, most fights end
because one fighter gets gassed.

And then when that happens,
dude, forget about it.

You know, we can do without
the insight, Sensei. Thanks.

Sit down, Max.

Don't laugh at him, you assholes.

He's right.

Most guys lose because they get winded.


- Right.
- Yeah.

Come on. Me and you.

Let's teach these boys a lesson, huh?


Come on.

Guard up. Guard up. Guard up.

You know, you can tell everything about
a fighter from how they take the first shot.


When you get tagged,
your mind only registers two thoughts,

back the hell up or get the hell in.

Dude, I don't have any gear on.

That's what it comes down to.

You're either backing out
or you're getting in.

Ryan, don't! Stop!

Jesus, Ryan!

You know, I don't think
I've seen this one on ESPN.

You just wait.

Indian Poker's gonna be huge.

See, Hold 'Em's all about luck.

This, thinking man's game.

Raise you two blues.

I got a strange feeling I should fold,
but I'm definitely gonna call you.

How do you win every time?

It is a thinking man's game.

So, you wanna wrestle?

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Hurry up. Go. Hurry up, man. Go.


Max! Max!

Oh, no! Call 911!

It's gonna be okay, man.

Fractured ribs, six stitches
inside his lip, and a broken nose.

That must have been one hell of a fall.

You're gonna be fine,

but we'll have to keep you here
overnight for observation.

- Called your parents?
- Yeah.

Are they coming?

- We have to call the police.
- No way.

Why not?

I need to borrow your car.


Jake, wait!

He's baiting you, just like at the party.

- This is different.
- Really?

'Cause from right here it looks like

you're giving him exactly what he wants.

Who's next? You? Charlie?

Jake, walking away and giving up
are not the same thing.

Good, 'cause I'm not doing either one.

Hey, Jake!


Where's Max?

He's in the hospital.

That boy

whose truck Max got into, he hurt Max.

- Revenge...
- No.

Revenge has nothing to do with this.

Listen, whatever your reasons,
right or wrong,

the consequences will be the same.

That's fine by me.

Do this and you can never come back
in my gym again.

I let you get away with it once, not twice.

Wait. Wait!

What? You think this is what I want?

To never train with you again just to

give some asshole
the show that he's looking for?

Then stop. Let it go!

The night my dad died,

I just let him drive.

I didn't even try to stop him.

Doing nothing has consequences, too.

You cannot live in the past, my friend.


If you could go back
and stop the guy who shot your brother...

- Don't push me.
- I know you would have fought that guy.

- I know that you would have...
- You know nothing.

Seven years.

Seven years, I have not seen my family,

my friends.

And every day, like the day before,

I wake up, wash my face,
look myself in the mirror,


Why not go back?

And face my father?

The last time he spoke to me

he said both of his sons died that night.

If that's what you believe,

then he was right.

You gave up.

Sometimes fighting the fight

means that you have to do the one thing

that you don't want to do.

You have to fight for his forgiveness.

You can't just hide here forever.

At least I can't.

I'm gonna stop this guy.

Win, lose, it makes no difference.

It ends tonight.

This is my fight.

Everyone's got one.


No matter what happens,

control the outcome.

It's on you.

Always has been.

Come in.

I was wondering...

I don't want to lie about this.

I'm not gonna ask you to.

Hold up.

No, no, no, he's cool.

You have fun, Jake.

Everybody do what they gotta do.


That's right.

It's 12:00 right about now.
You know what time it is?


Lock the doors, nobody gets out alive.
It's time for the Beatdown!

Beatdown! Beatdown! Beatdown!
Beatdown! Beatdown! Beatdown!

The first match is about to begin.

Let's give it up for Camin and Mintz!

This is a no holds barred match.

No eye gouging,
no crotch shots and no biting.

Bout ends with a tap out or a knockout.


Come on, Mintz!

Check that right.

Do it, man!

Camin and Mintz!

It's gonna go down!

Whoa! It's over.

Kick to the face.

Mintz is going on to the next round!


Show your stuff. Show your stuff.

Jake Tyler, checking in.

We're still in the first round.

And we have 32 fighters
going for the title of Beatdown King.

And right about now, we got the new guy,
Jake Tyler, trying to throw up

against current Beatdown King,
Ryan McCarthy!

Oh, my God!


Ryan is so hot!

Check mine out, too, yeah.

Strictly for the ladies.

New guy, he's been doing some push-ups,

but he's still a dead man walking.

McCarthy and Tyler.

Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!

Slight mix-up, man.
It's not McCarthy versus Tyler.

It's McCarthy versus Taylor.

I'm sorry, y'all.
It's McCarthy versus Taylor,

and not McCarthy versus Tyler.

We made a mistake. We misread. I'm sorry.

I can't read sometimes.
I can't read. Damn it!

Don't boo me. I'll beat your ass.

You dodged a bullet there, huh?

Stick around. This'll be quick.

Oh, knee to the head!

Beatdown King.

Leg lock!

Jake Tyler!



He tapped out! He tapped out!

Jake Tyler returns from the dead.


Only eight guys left, people!

And we got Jake Tyler versus Dak-Ho.

Down! Let him bring it!

Jake Tyler is hurt!

A kick to the ribs.

Many exchanges with these two.

Watch out!


Punch to the face!


- Come on!
- Dak-Ho is killing him out there!

Bust that pretty face!

Tyler slams Dak-Ho.

Leg lock! He's got the ankle.

I think it's a wrap for Jake Tyler.
It's over. It's over.


Jake Tyler, back from the dead.
How does he do it?

Triangle choke!

He tapped out!

It's over! It is over!

Jake Tyler is going on to the semi-finals.

I can't believe it! Dak-Ho is out of there!

Fight fans have got to love it.

Give it up for the new guy, Jake Tyler!


Are you sure you can fight?

Yeah. Just give me a minute.

I said just give me a minute.

So, I show up,
and that's the welcome I get?

You look like shit.

That's an insult to shit.

What are you doing here?

I guess I couldn't walk away either.

Why not?

I went back and sat with Max after you left,

wondering when...

If someone from his family
was going to show up.

Then I realized they already had.

I get it,

why you're fighting.

It's like the Shield of Achilles.

You're fighting so that
you don't have to fight again.

Shield of Achilles.

Nicely done.

You can do this.

This is the semi-final round!

Looks cute, but it's not enough.

Body slammed on the floor!

Come on, champ. What are you doing?
Why can't you finish?

He ain't even fighting back.
Why you taking so long, champ?

This ain't the Ryan McCarthy
we've been seeing all night!

Give us a show, baby!

He taps out. Villa taps out!

Ryan McCarthy is the winner!

Give it up again!


Let him hear it, y'all. Let him hear it!

We love you, Ryan!

McCarthy is going on

- to the Championship Round!
- Wait. Hold up.

Let me see.

McCarthy! Illegal move. DQ. Eye gouge.

- Eye gouge?
- You're out.

- Get over there.
- What? Keep it moving.

- Hold on, y'all!
- You're out!

Ryan McCarthy eye gouges Villa!

He is disqualified.

This is Jake Tyler versus Tommy Kline.

Oh, yeah!

Are you ready?


Fight, already!

- What happened to McCarthy?
- DQ.


Did he just tap out?

You're not serious!

Come on, let's go.

Jake Tyler taps out!
He didn't even throw a punch yet.

The winner by default is Tommy Kline.

So, what the hell is going on tonight, man?

All right, y'all.

I guess the championship match
is between Villa and Kline.

Sounds like a bad law firm.

I'm pissed off.
I'm going in the back to cool off.

You sure you're okay?


What the hell was that?

This is about me and you.
I don't care about some tournament.

You giving up? Is that what you're doing?

No. I showed up. I'm here. I'm ready.

There's nobody here to watch now.

That's all you care about, right?

"Spectator sport"?

That's all you got.

Now you got nothing.

Walk away from it, man.

Ryan, stop!

It's on.

The real championship is going on outside.

Where the hell y'all going?

Y'all can't leave the Beatdown like that.

Fight? Oh, shit!

Light them up, man!

Watch his feet!

Kill him, Ryan!

Come on, Ryan. You past his door, baby.

Don't let him tie you up!

Come on, grapple with him.
Get on the ground with him.

Yeah, baby. Come on, Ryan, get up!

Come on, Ryan! Get up!

Come on, Ryan. You did it before.
Overhand right. Overhand right.

Jake, you're weak, man. You're weak, Jake.
You ain't got nothing!

This is the Beatdown right here!

You got moves!

Nice shield! Nice shield!

Go for the ribs, Ryan. He's hurt.
Go for the ribs.

Come on, Ryan! Get him!

Come on, Ryan! Get out of it!

Come on, Ryan!

Crack those ribs, baby.
Break them. Tenderize them!

Go, Ryan!

Ryan, stop it!

Jake! Come on!

Don't freak out, man!


What the hell are you doing?

Ryan, you're an asshole!

Come on, Jake! Tap out, man!


What are you doing? Ryan!

Ryan, let go!

You're gonna kill him, Ryan!
What the hell are you doing?




You should not be driving a stick.

That's big talk from a guy
who takes the bus.

Hey, Max. You okay?

Improving significantly.


Special thanks to SergeiK.