No Reservations Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the No Reservations script is here for all you fans of the Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some No Reservations quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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No Reservations Script

Some chefs call them "Lovebirds, "

a romantic dish for
that special occasion.

Properly cooked,
they're as tender as butter.

They can be roasted,
stuffed with wild rice or barley...

...or you can broil them,
poach them...

...barbecue them,
and even braise them.

But there's no greater sin
than to overcook a quail.

Perfectly cooked, it must have
a touch of pink on the breast.

But you need the right quail.

It has to be fleshy or
it dries out too easily.

I prefer to serve them roasted.

That makes their taste richer
and more robust.

And a side of truffle ravioli
and wild mushrooms...

...goes deliciously well with them.

Of course, you can also cook
them in a pig's bladder... a mix of Madeira and cognac.

You see, the bladder helps protect
the quail, keeps it moist.

You could serve it with a tender sauce
of thyme, spring onions...

...caramelized shallots, truffles.

Truffles go perfectly
with almost any quail dish...

...because they elevate
the delicate taste.

Are you feeling okay?

I'm fine. Go on.

They wonderfully elevate
the delicate taste of the quail.

But you have to really
be able to afford truffles...

...otherwise you just
better forget about it.

- Now, for a appetizer, I suggest-
- Kate, would you mind...

- ... if I change the subject for a moment?
- No.

Why do you come to
see me every week?

My boss said she'd fire me
if I didn't get therapy.

And why do you think
she thinks you need therapy?


You know what?

I haven't the faintest idea.

Ordering two tasting menus.
Fire two amuse-bouche.

Leah, I need a quail and a Dover sole
for table nine.

I'm still waiting on those beef
tenderloins. Where are they? Pick up!

Terrine, carpaccio.

Excuse me, you should know
Hal Reeves says the lamb...

- ... has never been so good before.
- Really? And what would he know?

Kate, the Petersons are here.

They wanna tell you
how brilliant you are.

Brilliant chefs belong in the kitchen.

At least say hello.

You know they're some
of my best customers.

In a minute. Just don't cook them
too long, because they get-

- They get tough, I know.
- No, dry. Dry, Leah.

I get tough. Quail get dry.

Kate, I wanna go
over the menu for next week.

Later, okay?

You're a magician, Kate.

And you know my husband sings
your praises constantly.

In fact, it's hard not to be jealous.

I worship anyone
who can surprise my palate.

It's always a pleasure
to cook for you both.

- We'll see you next week, right?
- Of course.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Nice to see you.

I'm telling you
it's not cooked properly.

- May I ask what this is about?
- Kate, I'll handle this.

- I take it you're the chef?
- Yes.

- There's something I'd like to show you.
- Don't do this.

My wife's foie gras
hasn't been cooked long enough.

- Excuse me?
- Why don't I bring you...

- ... a new appetizer with my compliments?
- It's cooked just fine.

Nothing to be ashamed of, honey.
Even the best stumble over foie gras.

There's nothing wrong with this.
It's precisely comme il faut.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- Comme il faut? "As it should be. "

140 degrees in the oven, 80 degrees
water temperature, for 25 minutes...

...not too long, not too short,
with the perfect touch of pink, honey.

That's it.
We'll take our business somewhere else.

Let's go.

May I suggest Vinnie's hot dog stand
at the corner? He cooks to order.

How many times have I told you?

You can't make a scene every time
someone doesn't like your food.

- Please. The guy's a barbarian.
- And a paying customer.

If he says the foie gras
is not done, it's not.

- Foie gras is cruelty to animals.
- Stay out of this.

I swear to God, if you weren't one of
the better chefs in this city, I'd fire you.

One of the better chefs?
What's that supposed to mean?

I bet she's just saying that
to annoy me.

She's just saying that to annoy me.

- Isn't she?
- Whatever you say, chef.

Mailbox one. You have no messages.

- Hey, how are you?
- I'm good, Frank.

Got some nice lobsters from Maine.

That one's a little too small.
Try this one.

Yeah, yeah. Have them delivered
by 2:30, okay?

And send those scrawny ones
to La Fontaine.

Kate! Who's your best friend?

- You got it?
- Did you ask me to?

Golden tilefish?

- Bob!
- Just for you.

It's beautiful.

Beautiful golden tilefish, line
- caught.

- Beautiful.
- Give me a kiss.

- Bob.
- Give me a kiss.

- Hey! Hey! How come
I didn't get a kiss?

- How come you didn't get a kiss?

You ain't got the goods.

- What's this?
- I don't see any golden tilefish.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

I'm just checking in.
We should be there about 9.

Great, so I'll make sure
I'm back by then.

Okay, cool. So, what are you doing?
Reading a recipe, right?

Christine, don't be ridiculous.
I do have other interests.

Of course you do. Name one.

- How's Zoe?
- Adorable.

She's changed so much
since you saw her last.

- Haven't you, sweetheart?
- I don't know.

- So, what do you guys want for dinner?
- Don't worry about us.

- We'll just grab a pizza or something.
- I don't think so.

- So, what does Zoe like these days?
- She eats anything.

- She's a vacuum cleaner.
- Mom.

I'll call you when we get closer.
Say bye to your Aunt Kate.

- Bye, Aunt Kate.
- Bye, Aunt Kate.

- Hey, Kate. Did you just get in?
- No, I forgot something.

- How are you?
- Good.

Are you working tonight?
I know this great little Thai place.

Actually, I am.
Just for a couple of hours.

My sister's coming into town
with my niece.

I don't give up that easily.
One of these days...

...I'm gonna convince you
to have dinner with me.

Look, Sean, I think you should know
I don't generally do that.

- What, have dinner?
- Dinner dates.

- How about breakfast?
- You live in my building.

I don't generally go out with people
in my building. As a rule.

You seem to have a lot of rules.

Didn't you say you forgot something?

- Oh, thanks. Right.
- You're welcome.

So, what's the problem
with having rules?

It's not as if I'm controlling
or anything.

I just prefer things
to be done exactly right.

That's why I usually end up
doing everything myself.

Do you have any idea how complicated
it is to coordinate 40 dishes at once?

I hope you like scallops.

I thought we agreed you
weren't gonna cook for me anymore.

I didn't cook it for you,
I just tried some new ideas.

Who else am I gonna give it to?

Now, we're gonna try
something new this week.

I'm going to ask you questions,
and you're gonna answer them.

How long ago
was your last relationship?

Isn't that a little personal?

Well, this is therapy.

How long?

I don't know. Three years ago.
Maybe four.

- Who ended it?
- I did.

- He was getting way too demanding.
- How so?

Well, if you must know, after two years
he wanted to move in together.

Did you try the saffron sauce?

And, I'm sorry, what's so bad
about moving in together?

He asked me to give up
my apartment.

Why would I wanna do that?

I'd move out,
we'd get a place together...

...he'd eventually leave,
then where would I be?

My God.

- The sauce is so good.
- Thank you.

- Where's my lobster for table 12?
- Plating, chef.

I'm an actress
and I don't do naked bondage movies.

The world is so full of pervs.
That guy at table 10 is the worst.

Every week a new bimbo.

I swear, he leers at my tits
one more time, he's gonna regret it.

Damn it, Carlos!
Watch where you're going.

- Pay attention, everybody.
- Sorry, chef.

Fire two lobsters right away.
Hold the nine.

- I'm really sorry about that.
- Just don't let it happen again.

Now you're gonna run out of lobster
right after I leave.

Kate, we're not gonna run out
of anything, we're fine. Hydrate.

You're a mom already.

Well, I've gotta practice
while I can, right?

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

Someone get the phone.

- Kitchen.
- If it's my sister, tell her she said 9...

...can't make it any sooner.

- It's for you.
- Take a message.


...I think you better take this.

- Hello.
- One's done.


Ms. Armstrong? I'm Dr. Burton.
We spoke on the phone.

Zoe's doing great.
She's gonna be fine.

Has anyone told her yet?

We thought it would be best for her
to hear it from someone in the family.

Do you know how
we can reach Zoe's father?

He's never been...

I don't even know his name.

Dr. Burton to Emergency, please.
Paging Dr. Burton...

I'm so sorry.

I have to go, but I'll be back to check
on her in just a little bit, okay?

Hello, Zoe.

Where's Mom?

Is she dead?

She is, isn't she?


You have one new message.

- Hi, it's me.
- And me!

We just wanted you to know
we're running late.

Traffic's insane.
We'll get there eventually. Bye.

End of messages.

Now, this is a beautiful
2002 Dolcetto.

Any idea where it might be from?

- Probably Piedmont.
- South Australia. Adelaide Hills.

If Kate doesn't find a replacement soon,

I'll have this baby behind the stove.

I think that would be
a health-code violation.

Bernadette. Look at
the color of this wine.

It's absolutely beautiful.

And it's ready to drink...

Give me three words
to describe this wine. Three words.

Did you know she was coming in?

Kate, what are you doing?

What do you mean?

I thought you were gonna take
a few days off.

- No.
- Are you sure?


Give me one duck, two beef rare,
and a rack of lamb.

I'm still waiting
on those tenderloins of beef.

Pick up.

I need a quail and a Dover sole
for table nine. Okay, let's go, guys.

Come on, let's move it.
Terrine, carpaccio.

Carlos, I need more pans, pronto.

- Five minutes on the lobster.
- Cleanup right away on table 13.

Fire one rare steak on the fly.

Two duck breast, two rack of lamb.
Let's go, people.

Why is there no food on the counter?
Come on, we got tables!

Where's my souffle for 14?

Dear Kate, the baby is gorgeous.

I've called her Zoe,
which means "life. "

Now she's here, I'm beginning
to get what a huge thing... is I'm doing on my own.

So I want you to know
if anything should ever happen to me... are the only person
I would want to have her.

I know you'll love my baby
the same way I would.

Listen to me,
it must be the three-day blues.

I love you, sis. Christine.


...I want you to take a week off.

That's not a suggestion, it's an order.

What's up, Doc?

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Wile E. Coyote, genius.

Hello, Zoe.

I'm sorry, Mac, the lady of the house
ain't home and besides...

...we mailed your refund check
last week.

I cooked us something tasty.

I'm not hungry.


You know, you can leave on Friday.
You know that?


Zoe, you and I have to talk
about what's gonna happen.

Can I go back home?

I'm afraid not.

Why not?

Well, you'd be alone there.

Your mom asked me
to take care of you.

So you'll be coming home
with me, okay?

So the kitchen
is just to the right there.

The living room.

This is my bedroom and the bathroom.

This will be your bedroom.

We'll have sunshine today.
It's cold, a high of 36.

Her name is Nelly. I've had her
since I was 3. She has a whole family.

You should see all my other animals.

Zoe, dinner's ready!


Bon appetit.

Everything all right?

What's the matter?
Aren't you hungry?

Can I go back to my room?


Zoe, I have to stop by the restaurant
for a couple of minutes.

Will you be okay here on your own
for a little while?

- Yes.
- Now, if you need me...

...just press one, that's my cell phone,

and two, that's the restaurant, okay?

It's only a few blocks away, so if you
need me I can be back here in no time.

- All right?
- Okay.

I won't be long.

Hi, Kate.

He says, "Look! Look at the stars!

Gaze at the stars which tremble
with love. "

Hello, chef.

Oh, my God, it's you.

I am begging you,
will you please tell me

the secret of your saffron sauce?

Excuse me?

Listen to this, guys.
Listen to this right here.


He's saying, "Fade the stars,
fade all the stars. "

So you guys are my string section.

He says, "In the morning
I am going to wake. "

"This is our love. "

Now, everybody. "Win our love. "

All right, all right. Back to work!

Who do you think you are?

Nicholas Palmer.

And may I just say the world
would be a dark and depressing place...

...without your quail in truffle sauce.

We need to talk.

- You could've at least asked me.
- I'm sorry. I couldn't wait.

Nick became available.
I had to act quickly.

The last thing I need right now
is some lunatic in my kitchen.

He's not a lunatic. He's exuberant. God
knows we could use that around here.

Exuberant? Are you kidding me?
The guy thinks he's Pavarotti.

Good evening.
Do you have a reservation?

- Yes, Matthews.
- Matthews. Yes.

May I take your coats, please?

Let me show you to your table.
Excuse me.

Your waiter will be right over.

The only demand I had
when I took this position...

...was I get to choose
who I work with.

- Leah would have been just fine.
- Leah can barely stand up anymore.

If I push her, she's gonna fall over.

Holding her crotch and chopping
at the same time! Give him a chance.

- Nick is excellent.
- I know nothing about him.

- I have no idea what-
- Give me some credit.

- He was the sous-chef at ll Treviso.
- Italian?

You bring a sous-chef from an Italian
restaurant, and I'm the one in therapy?

We were lucky to get him.
Peninsula offered him executive chef.

Why didn't he take it?

Because he said he wanted
to work with you.


Funny thing to me about being in these
cabs is when you're in Manhattan...

...for some reason you don't get scared
no matter how fast you're going.

Well, you know, he's driving fast
and recklessly. He's a professional.

He's got a cab-driver's license,
I can see it right there.

I don't even know what it takes
to get a cab-driver's license.

I think all you need is a face.

This seems to be
their big qualification.

No blank heads are allowed
driving cabs in this town.

Kate, wake up.


School starts at 9.

It's 8:20.

Oh, no.

Oh, jeez. Okay, let's get dressed,
come on. Oh, you're dressed.

Okay, okay, one minute.

Do you need supplies or anything?
Like pens or paper?

They usually have those things.

I made your lunch yesterday.
I hope you like duck.

Okay, come on! Let's go.

- I can't find my scarf.
- Don't worry about it.

I can't have you late for your
first day of school. Let's go.

- I need my scarf.
- Zoe, just use one of mine.

We'll find yours later, all right?

Let's go find your scarf.

Here it is.

Is this it?

- That's it.
- Great.

That was easy.

Let's go.


Your lunch.

Could you get that, please?

Why didn't you get the door?

I'm not supposed to answer
the door for strangers.

Right. Yeah, that's smart.

- Hi, Sean.
- Any chance for some coffee?

I've just run out.

Sure. We're running a little late but

Just one second.

Good morning. I'm Sean.
I live downstairs.

You must be Kate's niece.

Zoe, right?

My kids are about your age.

They'll be staying with me this weekend.

Are you gonna be around?

Here you go.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- The good stuff.
- Yeah.

All right, let's go.


Thank you
for the Thai noodles last night.

- No problem.
- That was really nice.

I guess this is
where you go in, right?

I don't know.

Right. Come on.

It's gonna be fine.

Ms. Armstrong?
I'm Ellen Parker, the principal.

- Kate.
- You must be Zoe.

- Very nice to meet you.
- Hello.

I'll take you to the classroom
and we'll meet your teacher.

There has to be someone
better suited for this.

I have no idea what to do with a kid,
especially one who's lost her mother.

How do their minds work?

I can't get Zoe to eat anything I make.

- What am I supposed to do, force her?
- Maybe she misses her mother's cooking.

My sister never cooked.

- She reheated.
- Well, that's the point.

Maybe Zoe needs something
more familiar, less sophisticated.

What did you eat
when you were a kid?

- It's not the same.
- What do you mean?

My mother was an amazing cook.

Of course, I was the only one
who appreciated it.

And after your mother passed away,
did your father take over the cooking?

No. He didn't take over anything.

We were lucky if we even saw him
at dinner.

- So who took care of the two of you?
- Can we not get into this right now?


What about fish sticks?
Kids love them.

Fish sticks?

Yeah, you know, they're frozen
and breaded-

I know what fish sticks are.

I just can't believe I'm paying
for these suggestions.

Fish sticks.

- Did you learn anything interesting?
- No.

- Anything uninteresting?
- No.

- How was your teacher?
- Bald.

Well, that's interesting.

Fish sticks.

You know, I was thinking the other day,
I know so little about you.

I mean, we're family, but I don't
even know what your favorite color is.

- Red.
- Red? See, I didn't know that.

I love red. Red's a great color.

- What's your favorite number?
- You know, you don't have to do this.

Do what?

Try so hard.


Hi, I'm Charlotte.

- From the agency?
- You expecting another Charlotte?


So can I come in or what?

Oh, sure. Come on in.

Excuse me one second.

I told you, I don't need a babysitter.
I'm not a baby anymore.

So, what am I supposed to do?
I can't leave you here alone.

Why not? I'm perfectly fine.

Zoe, you barricaded the door,

I charge from when I get here,
you know.


I see you've brought
something to read to Zoe.

It's for my thesis.

Rapidly mutating deadly viruses.
You know, like Ebola, that sort of thing.

Well, have fun at work.

22 Bleecker, can I help you?

Table for five?
Yes, I can seat you at 9.

- I know.
- Yes.

How do you want the sea bass
prepared tonight?

Tell them they're gonna be served
to some very important people.

- You don't like music?
- It's distracting my staff.

Nick, you were right.
Pavarotti makes sex so much better.

Glad to hear it. Bocelli's good too,
but only for shallow one-night stands.

Pronto. Food. Belly. Now.

Thank you. Thank you.

Me plus baby
equals extra large portions, please.

Bernadette. Bernadette.

That's it.

David, Richard.
It's gonna be, I think, all men.

I think I can handle it.

Good luck.


- Chef.
- No, thank you.

Delicious, chef.

Only a full cook can judge food.
When you're hungry, everything tastes...

- ... better than it really is.
- I never eat in the afternoon.

My grandmother whispered this recipe
into my ear on her deathbed.

She brought it over from the Old Country
and I made it especially for you today.

- Happy?
- Very happy.

I thought your grandmother
lived in Miami.

Well, you know...

Well, we all thought she wasn't
gonna make it. It was like a miracle.

It was a miracle.

You take care of those dishes
and I'll take care of these.

- Then we won't get in each other's way.
- Wait, your half is bigger than mine.

Right, right, right.

I have some very big items.

I got beef, I got fish, I got rabbit.

Showtime, folks! Let's go.

Fifteen, two terrines,
one Dover sole, two lamb.

Seven, carpaccio.

- Have you seasoned that right?
- Yes, chef.

It's okay.

- Okay, where am I? Where's my lamb?
- Slicing it now.

One second. One second.

- Pardon me.
- I need that.

And you'll get it right back.

- Can I ask you something?
- Do I have a choice?

Where did you learn to cook so well?

My mother.

Seriously? I thought
you were gonna say you studied...

...under Alain Passard at L'Arpege
or something.

I did. But my mom was better,
and she didn't throw plates at me.

Oh, God. I need more space.

- Why are you so mad at me?
- I'm not mad at you.

You're very mad.

Look, this is my kitchen.
I've worked really hard to get here...

...and I'm not gonna let you
take it away from me.

What makes you think
I wanna take it away?

What else could you possibly want?

You treat me like a dog, Larry.

I'm not a dog. I'm a human being!
A human being, goddamn-

I'm sorry, I have an audition.

Would you mind?

Look, I don't need this job.
I can work wherever I want.

I'd like to work here because
it's an honor to cook with you...

...but I'd rather work
somewhere I'm welcome.

So if you want me to go,
you just say the word.

Want to tell me
what's going on in here?


Wait a minute, where are you going?

I'm sorry,
you'll have to find someone else.

- Kate, what have you done?
- I didn't do anything.

Nick, please. We need you.

Well, I'll have to hear that from her.

It's my restaurant.

It may be your restaurant, Paula,
but it's her kitchen.

Without her...

...all this would just be a pile
of hot metal and dirty dishes, so...

She decides.


Seems you've left me no choice.

- Do you want me to stay?
- Didn't I just say that?

I didn't hear those words.

I want you to stay.

Love to. Thought you'd never ask.

You're on fire.

And I know you guys are scared,
but it's okay, because I'm here.

But if you get really scared, you can
wake me up and I'll hold your hand.

Especially you, Louie,
because you're the littlest.



When did Charlotte leave?

I don't know. A while ago.

Looks so cozy in there.

I have an idea.

How about you come with me
to the restaurant tomorrow night?




I've tried everything. No matter
what I make, she doesn't eat it.

Why not try giving her
some regular kid food?

Have you been talking to my therapist?

All right, two foie gras, one tartare,
two bisque and a goat cheese.

Breathe in.

It's basilico.

Kate. Kate, your biggest fans
are dying to see you.

Leah, finish the duck on table five?
I gotta take a break.

Yeah, sure.

All right, I need one terrine, two bisque
and a langoustine, please.


Table 12's getting a little antsy.
Will it be up soon?

Hold this.

Fire one duck,
one sea bass and a souffle, please.

It's working now, chef.

Table five's coming up
in a few seconds, chef.

Save some for me.

You know, in ancient Rome...

...guys used to chew basil
before the prom to get rid of bad breath.

It's true.

Thank you.

- They didn't have proms in ancient Rome.
- They didn't? Are you sure?

I thought they did.

- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks, Leah.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Where are you going?

- Hi, Bob.
- Hi, Kate. How you doing?

- Good. What you got?
- I got fresh bluefin.

Just came in like five minutes ago.
I got baby mollusks over there.

What's behind you there?

- Colorados.
- Yeah, I'm gonna take some of those.

Unbelievably fresh. Look at this.

Good morning, it's 24 degrees,
sunny at 9:00...

...on this Tuesday, February 28th.


Zoe. Zoe. Zoe.

Wake up.

You're gonna be late for school. Here are
your boots. Come on. Let's go, let's go.

Just tell them it was my fault, okay?

Ladies, you are very lucky today.
I have new shipment.

They are from all over the place.
Modena, Montferrato, Bologna.

Big sniff.
It's a black truffle from Parma.

It's not bad.

- What do you have in white?
- My best product.

Very, very hard
to find this time of year.

- Who'd you get them from?
- You know I never reveal my sources.

- So how much for the white?
- Twenty-two hundred a pound.

- Oh, my God.
- They are from Alba.

No, no, no.
I think my water just broke.

- What? You're kidding me.
- No, I'm not kidding you.

- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- I don't know.

- Can you call 911?
- No, no, no. No police.

It's not the police. We need
an ambulance, she's having a baby.

Oh, my God.
Okay, just keep relaxed.

We have pregnant lady,
Bleecker and Charles.

22 Bleecker Street.
Her water just broke.

-22 Bleecker on the corner of Charles.
- Bernadette!

Okay, thank you.

Breathe, yes.


Oh, no!

Just on the left. You see the steps?
Here. Stop! Stop! Just wait.

Oh, Zoe.

- I'm so sorry.
- You forgot me.

- It's not what you think.
- You forgot me.

Leah had her baby,
I had to take her to the hospital.

But you still forgot me.

Okay, I forgot you.

And I'm so sorry.

Come on, Zoe. Let's go home.

Zoe, come on, it's freezing out here.

Zoe. Move it!

Zoe, I'm sorry. I totally blew it.

I know I'm doing everything wrong.

But I'm doing my best, okay?

Why don't you think of something
I can do to make it up to you?

You mean like a wish?


Yeah, you wish for something
and I try and make it happen.

And in return, you forgive me.

- Can I save it for later?
- Sure.

Kate...'re not doing everything wrong.

Really expensive.

All over the kitchen, everybody knows
about it. Carrots are a different matter.

Here you go. How many left?

- Kate?
- Yeah?

- You're not working tomorrow, are you?
- Nope.

And Nick
isn't working tomorrow, is he?

Sunday, we're closed.


Why's that?

It's my wish.

It was Zoe's idea, not mine.

- How come I knew that?
- She says she prefers Italian.

- Your kitchen or mine?
- Wouldn't it be easier to do it here?

- Fine, we'll use mine.
- But my kitchen's fully equipped.

Perfect. Shall we say noon?
I'll do the shopping.

- Aren't you cold?
- He's late.


I'll be right there.

- Hello?
- Help.


- Hey, you.
- You need a hand?

No, I got it.

This way. I'll get that.

Afternoon, chef.

Got the goodies. Where's the kitchen?

Right there.
Yeah, yeah, right. Okay, Yeah.

Okay, sous-chef, put on your apron.

- Now, do you have a cast-iron pan?
- Of course I have a cast-iron pan.


No, no, no.
Don't touch my Tupperware.

Tonight, Zoe and I make dinner,
and only Zoe and I. Zoe.

- But I could help.
- But it's my wish.

Tonight we're making pizza.

- Pizza pans, please, sous-chef.
- Okay.

Gotta get the flour, little eggs,
we'll roll some dough, okay?

Work your hands in there.
That's good.

Get your fingers in there.
Just like that.

You create your own person and buy
them pets but you have to make enough.

Nice and round.

Then when you're ready, go like that,
then you go like that.

That was the first thing he taught me.
Both hands. Gotta know how to do it.

That's what drapes over.

Right? Yeah, good,
and then just go like that.

Then you gotta sing Italiano.
You go like that.

Then you slap it down like that.

Remember what I told you.
You can do it.

Kate! We're ready.

No shoes.


Close your eyes. Come with me.

- What's the secret?
- You'll see.

No peeking.

Almost there.

Okay, open your eyes.


I guess we're not eating
at the table.

We don't have one. We're on safari.

I see.

- You forgot the plates.
- No, no. Sit down. We don't need plates.

- No plates?
- No plates.

Dirty plates attract the big cats.

Well, we certainly
don't want the big cats.

Let me guess who made the pizza.

- Me! Me. Me, me, me.
- Really?

Whose idea, though? Your idea.

Yours has the tusks on it.

Oh, you were so close.

Nothing moved.

But I get my eye poked out. That's okay.

It's a vampire. It's a king turtle.

The king, The Lion King!

Yes! Yes!

I should put her to bed.

Allow me.

Thank you.

So where did you go
to cooking school?

As a young child, I sat
at my grandmother's knee-

Oh, yeah, in Miami, right.

It was in Pittsburgh, actually.
My father was a steelworker.

But you did go to cooking school?

Are you kidding me?
Cooking was for girls.

After high school,
I went backpacking through Italy.

I owe my entire career
to a girl named Sophia.

- Sophia?
- She's my first love.

An older woman. Nineteen.

Her father owned a little trattoria
in Tuscany.

He was a brilliant chef and he
taught me everything he knew.

Sophia told him we were just friends,
so he gave me a job in his kitchen.

I fell madly in love with food.

Italian food.

Everything Italian, actually.

So, what happened to Sophia?

Her father found out
what we were up to and he fired me.

- That's too bad.
- Well, it opened a lot of doors.

I spent the next couple of years working
in some of the best restaurants in Milan.

So how come you're not running
your own kitchen by now?

I don't know.

I guess the right offer
hasn't come my way.

So, what would you do
if you had your wish?

I got my wish.

I made it this morning.

- I'm not a dessert person.
- You haven't tried my tiramisu.

Well, maybe I am a dessert person.

You know, in Italian, "tiramisu"
means "food of the gods. "

No, it doesn't.

Well, it should.

You have a little...
Some cream, right there.

I should go.

You're leaning on my scarf.

Oh, right. Yeah.


Good night.

He's so unpredictable.

- In what way?
- In every way.

He never does the right thing
at the right time. He's-

Kate. Life is unpredictable.

Not in my kitchen.

I'm sure you'll be able
to prevent the worst.

The worst?

That he'll tolerate you
for any length of time.

What is this? Some new kind of therapy?
Insult the client?

Only the finest therapists use it.

So I'll see you after school, okay?
Have a good day.

Hello, Kate.

- We're on time.
- Do you have a minute?


I've been speaking to Zoe's teacher.

She's been sleeping in class a lot.

And do you know
what her explanation for this is?

- No.
- She says it's her late work hours.

She tells her classmates she's working
as a kitchen assistant... your restaurant
to earn her room and board.

- I see.
- If I actually believed...

...that Zoe was working late hours
at a restaurant...

...I'd need to contact
Child Protective Services.

- That won't be necessary.
- I know that.

It's better for everyone when children
are well cared for by their relatives.

I'd hate to see Zoe end up in foster
care after all she's been through.

But I'm confident
that you will address this...

...and there will be no need
to go that far.

I'll be checking in on Zoe,
and we'll talk again soon.

And then
Mr. Daniels' cell phone rings...

...and he answers it and talks through
the whole class. It was so funny.

Zoe, we need to talk about something.

You can't come to work
with me anymore.

Why not?

Because I'm afraid they're gonna
take you away from me.

- But I like going to the restaurant.
- I know.

I know you do, but it's just not right for
a little girl to be up so late, you know.

- You don't want me there.
- No, that's not true.

No, you just need
to get a good night's rest.

You hear me?

You don't want to end up
being taken away.

Who cares?
You didn't want me anyway.





Zoe, stop it! Stop it!

Let me go! Let me go!
I want my mom, not you!


- Can I come in?
- No.

Zoe, please. I'm sorry.

Go away.

- Hi, guys. Is your dad there?
- Yeah. Dad!

- Hey. Hi.
- Hi, Sean.

- How are you?
- Good. Can I ask you a favor?

- Of course.
- I know it's last minute...

...but I have to go to work soon
and Zoe and I had a fight.

You want me to keep an eye on her?

- If you could just check on her.
- No problem. Take it inside, guys.

- You got a key?
- Sure, I got it right here.

- Thanks, Sean.
- Hey, how are you doing?

- All this is pretty new to me.
- I know what might help.

Call this number. Anna.
She's a godsend with kids.

Saved me right after my divorce.

I'm sure she'll be able to watch Zoe
for you whenever you need.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

If you're gonna play for Ireland, you're
gonna have to get stuck in better.

"Ms. Armstrong introduces bits
of truffle in an endive salad...

...that accompanied a lightly steamed
and wondrously silken halibut fillet.

It was highlighted by the gorgeous aria
of her saffron-infused emulsion. "

This guy can't decide if you're a cook
or a composer.

"The artistry of her signature quail
with truffles made it clear...

...that she brought in a great sous-chef
to complement her distinctive style. "

It says that?

Just making sure
you're paying attention.

You look like you need a drink.

I never drink at work.

Are you serious?

Like that?

Tell me what else you never do.

What do you mean?

Well, you never eat dessert.
You never drink at work.

I'm kind of hoping you'll tell me you
never go out with guys who sing opera.

I never go out with guys
who sing opera.


- I got it.
- I got it.

So I've got one for you.

What are the three secrets
of French cuisine?

Oh, come on. Everybody knows that.

Oh, yeah?
So, what are they, smarty-pants?

Butter, butter and butter.

You're good.

You know, you didn't have to do this.
It's not like I'm drunk or anything.

Sean. Hi.

Nick, this is Sean, he lives downstairs.

This is Nick. We cook together.

- How are you?
- You obviously don't live in the building.

- How was Zoe?
- Sound asleep. She's a great kid.

- Have a good night.
- Thanks, Sean.

Yeah, he's so sweet.

He was just keeping an eye on Zoe.

He's just a sweet, nice guy.
I couldn't wish for a better neighbor.

Yeah, he's always just so...

- in a totally neigh-

Take an aspirin.


Come on!

It's time to get up, sweetheart.

I don't wanna go to school today.

Guess what.

I don't wanna go to work today.


Today it's just gonna be you and me.

"To all the gang at 22 Bleecker...

...let me introduce you
to my little hors d'oeuvre. "

- Let's see the photo.
- Emma Jillian. Here we go.

- "Seven pounds, three ounces. "
- She's adorable.

"She can't wait to meet you all.
Love and kisses, Leah. "

Kate's late.

She asked for some time off.
Something personal came up.

One, two, three, four, five, six!
Yes, Park Place!

- And with a hotel, 1500 bucks.
- I don't have enough.

Mortgage, baby. Mortgage.

Come on. I love this game.

Come on.

All right. Great. Thank you.
All right, so, what do I need?

I need a nine. Give me a nine
and it's Free Parking.

Oh, boy. Here we go.

- Yes!
- No!

This isn't fair. No!

I'm rich. I'm rich. I'm rich!

You know what this means,
don't you?

- No, what does it mean?
- War!

Come on and fight!
You're afraid of a little pillow?

How's that rib eye doing, you guys?
I need two sea bass.

All right, pancetta, goat cheese, oysters,
steak tartare, grilled rib eye.

- How much longer on that rib eye, Mario?
- Rib eye coming.

Come on, let's pick it up.

I needed that souffle five minutes ago.
Let's go.

We did 110 covers tonight.
Everything was excellent.

You've really
mastered the menu, Nick.

You put your signature on the dishes,
and all the regulars have noticed.

How would you like
to stay on permanently?

I think I'd like that.

If it's okay with Kate.

- Who is it?
- Do you have any idea what time it is?

- What?
- It's very, very late.

The kitchen was a very different place
without you tonight.

I'm sure you did just fine without me.

- It was hell.
- That's better.


...white wine...


...leek, shallots...

...and garlic.

I'm getting truffle.

- I haven't... I think I-
- Don't think.

Pancake time.

Pancake time.

Where's my sous-chef?

- Pancakes?
- You want to help me?

Okay, flip it.

Nice. You could start
your own restaurant. Call it Zoe's.

I'll call it Nick and Zoe's.

Excuse me?
I did squeeze the orange juice.

Okay. Nick and Kate and Zoe's.

I like the ring of that.

Not in front of Zoe.

Zoe, I'm now going to kiss your aunt.

This is so embarrassing.

So how are we gonna
work together now?

We'll do what we always did.

You tell me what to do...

...and I'll go behind your back
and do whatever I want.

I wanna show you something.
Quick! Let's go.

Excuse me.
Do you have any kaffir lime leaves?

- Over there. You touch, you buy.
- I know, I know.

- What do you need those for?
- You'll see.

Here they are.

- One for you.
- Smells good.

Like it? One for you.

How do I know this smell?

Is this your saffron sauce?

Apparently we have
no secrets anymore.

You touch.

I know. I buy.

- You buy.
- Two dollar.

Today for our entree special,
we are offering...

...a Hudson Valley free-range duck...

...over a butternut-squash puree...

...and that is served with
patty pan squash and blood orange...

...and finished with
a mushroom sauce made up...

- ... of a variety of wild mushrooms-
- From the...

- from the cognac region of France.

- What do you think?
- What's that?

Nick came up with a great idea
of sending mini desserts home in a box.

It's so obvious.

So obvious.

And, Nick, I love those wines
you recommended for the new menu.

Well, you're gonna have to
discuss that with Kate.

John, tell us
about the asparagus dish.

We're also serving as a special
a side-

Rather, an appetizer
with asparagus and cippolini onions...

...and it has a side
of sliced watermelon radishes.

Table five's coming up in two seconds,

Nick, the couple at table eight
wants to say hello.

- They're drooling over the sea bass.
- Kate's responsible for all the food.

- She hates leaving the kitchen.
- Interesting.

- What else can you tell us about her?
- You know what?

I'm not gonna get into this.
I don't care who goes out there.

But if it is you, do me a favor and try
not to stab anyone who complains.

Don't look at me.

You. Me. In there. Now.

- So, what's the story?
- What do you mean?

I turn my back
for a couple of days and it's:

"Nick, the wine. Nick, the customers.
Nick, the boxes-"

She offered me your job.


Why didn't you tell me?

- I can't believe this.
- I was going to tell you.

I knew I couldn't trust you.

- The moment I met you, I knew.
- The truth is that you can't trust anyone.

- You've never trusted anyone in your life.
- Guess what.

Why should I when this happens?

Why didn't you have the guts
just to run your own kitchen, Nick?

Instead of coming in here
and taking over mine?

- Is that what you think?
- That's exactly what I think.

You know, Kate...'s okay to let people in sometimes.
Maybe one of these days...

- ... you'll figure that out.
- You don't understand.

This place is my life.

- This is who I am.
- No, it's not who you are.

It's only one little part.

Anna, it's me.


How did everything go?

I think we did well.
We played Monopoly.

- Who won?
- She did.

Thanks a lot, Anna.

- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.

Mailbox one.
You have one new message.

Monday, 11:54 p. m.

Oh, and for the record,
I did turn her down.

End of messages.

Oh, and for the record,
I did turn her down.


Still awake?

Where's Nick?

He went home after work.

Get some sleep, it's late.

- Kate?
- Yeah?

You can sleep with Louie if you want.

Oh, honey, that's sweet of you.

He needs you, I'm fine.



You had no right driving him out of here.
This is my restaurant.

- You've made that abundantly clear.
- You better find me a replacement fast.

You didn't need my help
with the last one.

- Kate.
- Okay. I'll find someone.

Like a certificate or something?
I don't have that little piece of paper.

But there's guys driving
on the street without a license.

They can't drive, so, you know.

Well, my specialty is in the beef area.

I deal with meats all the time.
Sausage, beef, slaughtering pork.

I'm famous
for my Vietnamese pork chops...

...with saffron mashed potatoes
and key-lime asparagus.

I get along great with people.
Really, I'm actually a big people person.

Oh, I'm a people person.

I'm a team player so long
as everybody follows my lead.

There was a misunderstanding
between me and the head chef...

...and the manager and the owners.

Fired is like, you know, it's,
"You're fired!" You know.

But, no, I think we parted
on amicable terms.

Why doesn't Nick
come to see us anymore?

We had kind of a fight.

- What about?
- Just silly grown-up stuff.

How come you don't wanna tell me?

- It's not that I don't wanna tell you.
- Is he ever gonna come back?

No, he isn't, sweetheart.


Zoe, you awake?

I'm done.

Are you having breakfast?


Nick, it's me.
Is Zoe with you?

I got up this morning,
and she was gone.

I'm here right now.
They haven't seen her.

I don't know. I told her about us
last night and she was upset, but...

Oh, my God.

What did the police say?

They checked the bus station and the
train station. She could be anywhere.

Well, she's a kid. She would probably
choose someplace she knew, right?

She went to school and the restaurant,
that's it.

Kate, it's gonna be fine.
She's gonna be all right.

You know what, maybe we should check
if she's gone back home.


Maybe she left a note somewhere.

She's not here.

Did she take her backpack?
If she didn't pack anything-

- She didn't take Louie.
- What?

She wouldn't run away
without Louie, right?

I let her down, Nick. I feel like
I made a mess of everything.

- We're gonna find her. I promise.
- She needs her mother.

- She just needs her mother.
- Kate.

I think I know where she might be.

- There she is right there.
- Oh, thank God.

Zoe, are you all right?

Zoe, please, don't ever do that again.

I was so afraid
something happened to you.

Sweetheart, what is it?

I'm afraid I'm gonna forget her.

We'll never forget her.

I promise.


And we can come here
whenever you want, okay?

You're coming in, aren't you, Nick?

Not today, sweetie.

- Guys still mad at each other?
- No.

Come on.

See you upstairs.

- You know-
- You know-

I just wanna say I'm sorry, Nick.

Don't apologize.
I actually wanna thank you.

I thought a lot about what you said...

...about me not having the guts to go
after what I want, and you were right.

That's why...

...I took a job.

In San Francisco.

The executive chef
at a new restaurant.

- Well, that's great.
- Yeah.

Well, I couldn't have done it
without you.

Executive chef.

Guy at table seven said
if he wanted it cremated...

...he wouldn't have asked for it rare.

- That is rare.
- Apparently not rare enough.

Any rarer, it'd walk out of here
and hail a cab.

Look, these are ad-agency people.
They spend a lot of money here.

No tantrums tonight.
Just fire another one.

- Fire one rare steak on the fly.
- Rare steak on the fly.

Where is the lamb for six?

- How are the quail?
- Great, chef.

Pick up! Terrine, carpaccio.

From the asshole on seven again.
He wants to know...

...whether you've ever seen
a rare steak before.

- Rare enough for you?
- Are you out of your mind?

- Yeah. That's why I'm in therapy.
- I'm so sorry.

I'll get you a new tablecloth.

No, please, let me take care of that.

Not bad.

That felt so good.

I just want a steak.

I wish there was a cookbook for life,
you know?

With the recipes
telling us exactly what to do.

I know. I know. You're gonna say,
"How else can we learn, Kate?"

No. Actually, I wasn't gonna say that.

- You wanna guess again?
- Oh, no, go ahead.

What I was gonna say was
you know better than anyone.

It's the recipes you create
yourself that are the best.

Hold on just a second.

I think you should know
there's something else I never do.

What's that?

I never invite myself into a
man's apartment, blindfold him...

...and feed him saffron sauce while
begging him not to go to San Francisco.

- You never do that?
- Never.

That's too bad.

- You're gonna sear that first, right?
- Yeah, chef.

Don't forget to reduce
this sauce a little, okay?

- You're crossing the line.
- No.

Yes, you are.
Look, your spoon's in my territory.

Look, I can't help if your
reduction's a little thin.

I have to say something.

I wouldn't talk.
Your sabayon's got lumps.

You're out of your mind.

- It's perfect.
- I'll be the judge of that.

You're right, it is perfect.


- Thank you.
- Voila.

Zoe, that's enough.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hey, Zoe. Thank you.

Wait. Let her tell us what.
What have we got?

Special thanks to SergeiK.