Not Easily Broken Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Not Easily Broken script is here for all you fans of the Morris Chestnut and Taraji P. Henson movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Not Easily Broken quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Not Easily Broken Script

When I first met Clarice in college,
I was completely sprung.

She was smart, passionate, driven.

The sweetest thing I'd ever met.

You know the kind of woman
I'm talking about, right?

The got-your-back kind of woman?

I did what a good man does
when he finds the woman...

...he's been dreaming about
his whole life.

I went all the way.

For if one falls down,
the other is there to pick him up.

That's right.

Even better
is a cord of three strands...

...because it is not easily broken.

My brother, my sister,
life is going to try to knock you down.


And it's hard to keep
the good in a good marriage...

...when bad things happen.

The two of you represents
the first two strands.

But God represents the third.

And as long as you stay
close to him...

...your marriage
will be a three-stranded cord...

...this world can never break.

-l love you.
-l love you.

Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson.

On our wedding night... was just the two of us
in a little slice of heaven.

We didn't come up for air
for two days.

we had goals and dreams.

We were going places in this world.

She was gonna be
a real-estate rainmaker.

I was gonna be
a major-league ball player...

...with hall-of-fame numbers,
a big contract... entrepreneur, daddy.

The big life.

Till it all ended shattering my leg
sliding into home plate...

...during the final game
of my rookie season.

Yeah, that's how young love
always starts out.

Feels like the honeymoon
will last forever.

But like the bishop said... has a way
of knocking the hell out of you.

-Oh, hey, baby, sorry l'm late.
-Hey, baby.

There was this bumper-to-bumper
traffic on the 5.

-lt's okay.
-But look at you.

Look at you in my little favorite,
sexy, big, grown-girl outfit.

Oh, no, baby,
l just touched my face up.

Can't go there.

All right.

-This is it.
-What's that?

This new property
l've been dying to show.

l think l'm gonna get
an offer on it soon.

-When are you showing it?

-Oh, baby, not tonight.

You know, l thought we could get
a little quality time, you know?

Oh, God, Dave,
l would love to spend quality time.

But, you know,
my commissions pay for this house.

And besides, these clients could pay
for that new work truck...

...we've been dying to get you.

You think l want
my big, strong, chocolate kiss...

...driving around
in that beat-up old thing?

David, you're building
a business, okay?

And appearance is everything.

lt's about time we put the pro back... Dave's All Pro
Building and Remodeling.

Appearance is everything,
that's what you said?

l'm saying, you can't show up
to someone's house...

...talking about you're here
to remodel and rebuild... that beat-up old rusty truck.

-l happen to like that truck with rust.
-lt's a bucket.

-The rust, everything, l like that truck.
-Okay, okay, okay.

What about this weekend,
you and l close ourselves in...

...and try out that new Jacuzzi tub
we bought?

l like that idea.

-But it has to be after Saturday.

l'm meeting the boys
and team on Saturday.

-The boys?

But after that-- After that, it can then
be just you and me, and me and you.

And then we could talk
about little miniature you and mes.

Oh, God, please.
Don't press your luck.

And there goes our quality time,
so that's on you, brother.

-Are you gonna hoop later?
-Yeah, meet Brock and Tree about 7.

Good, good, you know, because l feel
a little extra around the middle section.

-You ain't feeling--
-Yes, l do, baby.

l'm feeling a little spare tire.
Get your hoops on tonight.

-For-- For real, you feel--

-You don't-- You--
-l'll see you later, okay?

Good morning.

You've been holding out on me,

-You didn't tell me you was...

...taking Oprah and Stedman
out to look at houses.

Oh, hush, girl,
that's Mr. and Mrs. Reid.

He's a federal judge
and she's a chichi art dealer.

They're looking to get
into a new zip code.

Well, you are already
Salesperson of the Year.

How come you can't throw
your girl charity...

...and help me meet
my quota for the month?

Because, sister girl, that's not how
l got to be Salesperson of the Year.

When you live the life,
you pay the price.

And these bills
are about to strangle me.

What about Dave?

Go make that money, girl.

Sorry l asked.

Hey, Eminem, Eminem,
you wanna turn that down a little bit?

Sorry, man.

Give my neighbors a heart attack.

You guys think l'm getting fat?

-You what?
-What did you say?

Yeah, Reesie says
it looks like l'm gaining weight.

lf she's says it's your ass, yes.

Yes, your ass did get bigger.

Not looking at my ass, are you?

lf l am looking at your ass right now,
l got good reason to.

Since Vanessa got pregnant,
she won't let me see her naked.

So ass is an ass right now.

l can't wait to play ball today.

l'm giving everybody a good play.

Speaking of big asses,
how did that disposition thing go...

...with your divorce attorney?

-You mean, deposition, Tree?
-Depo-- That's what l said.

-Yeah, right.
-What did l say?

-You said disposition.
-All right, l'm sorry, human thesaurus.

-How did your deposition go?
-Oh, man, it's ridiculous.

l'm a dead man.

Fiona's gonna try to take everything.
My house, this car, half my salary.

That is ridiculous, man.

What, she gonna let you keep
the big screen, though?

Please tell me
she not gonna take your big screen.

-Oh, damn.

Can we talk about something else?

-You know, l will leave that alone.
-Thank you.

You over here worried
about your weight, he's losing a TV.

-All right, all right. Come on. Let's go.
-Come on, y'all.


Keep away from him, keep away.

Putting it up.

-Oh, no.
-Shake it off, babe.

Don't bring that here.
Don't bring that here.

What was that?

-Get off me.
-What was that, man?

Chill, yo.
Darnell, what's wrong with--?

Bringing in here street ball.
You brought it in here.

-That's what's wrong.
-Check yourself.

You ain't in the prison yard no more.

-You heard me.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

-Ball up top, ball up top.
-Yeah, ball up top.

-l got my integrity, boy.
-Don't drop the soap.

You ain't nothing like you used to be.
l see how you are.

-Whatever. You-- l'm from the 'hood.
-You not from the 'hood.

-You ain't from the 'hood?
-l know where l'm from.

-You're acting like you're not.

-You Starbucks soldier.
-Don't drop the soap.

Starbucks security.

Get out of here with this bull--

Hey, watch out, Dave.

Oh, that's it, huh?
Game's over, huh?

What are you...?
Aren't you with him?

Why are you still here?

You're not on our side.

Big, just bully for no reason.

He's starting to shoot.
He's shooting.

Look at that view.

Big garage there,
lt's beautiful, solar-lit.

Now, isn't this beautiful?

Look at this open space.

And what l love about this house
for you, Judge Reid...

...are the floor-to-ceiling built-ins
in the study for all of your law books.

And for you, Mrs. Reid,
the east-facing front door.

So feng shui.

Feng what?

lt's Chinese, baby.
lt means harmony.

l assume the sellers
are looking for full price.

Well, we can ask, but l doubt
they will be willing to come down.

But there aren't many homes
in this neighborhood...

...with a garage big enough
for your vintage-car collection.

How did you know
about my Corvettes?

Oh, l make it my business to know
the unique needs of all of my clients.

l think l'd like to see
how my chi flows...

-...through the master bedroom.
-Sure. l'll leave this with the judge.

Wait until you see
the bedroom balcony.

The view is spectacular.

Funk shwa.

Don't know why Darnell
needs to hate like that.

Come on, man. l kind of thought
we'd been over this, D.

Yeah, it was 1 5 years ago.
He needs to get over it.

-Got three more.
-You gotta look at it like this.

-He feel he got dealt a bad hand.
-Nobody forced him to sling that crack.

Well, he just needs to realize
that life isn't always fair, man.

Believe me, l know.

Come on, now, just what part...

...of your magnificent life
are you whining about now?

What are you talking about, man?

l'm getting screwed
by the divorce lawyers.

Well, B, you act
like you don't know why.

You getting screwed
because you a hound.

-l'm not a hound.
-You get more tail than a public toilet.

True, but with Fiona,
l was always faithful.

l mean, l may have browsed,
but l never bought.

-You never bought?
-l never bought.

-Never bought?

What about the Thai massages
you like to get?

All right, so what?
l bought once or twice.

See, that's your problem, man.

Me, personally, l don't browse,
l don't buy.

l keep my eyes straight ahead.
l'm focused.

l don't see nothing else.
l even turned in my player card.

Yeah, man, l feel you.
Clarice has radar.

She can even see my eyes moving
behind my sunglasses.

You wanna know what l do,

When l wake up,
l just tell Vanessa sorry.

l don't care if l did anything.
l tell her sorry.

l tell her sorry
about 1 0 times a day. Why?

Because if l do something,
l already apologized.

She has nothing to say.
Makes her happy.

And a happy wife equals what?
A happy husband.

That isn't living.
That's just breathing.

Hey, l tell you what.

l'm not the one losing my big screen.
And why is the chair so low?

Put it so l can use the machine, Brock.

-Julie, Julie. That's my girl.
-Who's that?

-My girl, Julie.

And the guy at the front desk
says she's single.

So am l.

Well, almost.

Tell me why you walked over here.
What are you even looking at?

This is not our ballpark.

We're focusing, Brock.
Eyes on the prize.

l got my eyes on the prize.

Hey, looking good. Keep going.

Keep pushing, Bryson. Don't quit.

Keep pushing, buddy.

Last half lap.

Push to the end, Bryson.

Finish strong, buddy. Kick it.

Good. Good job, buddy.

Great heat, baby.

How did that feel, Bryson?

Good, l guess.

Feel that good?

New record.

Remember to count your strokes so
you know when you're near the wall.

You see that scar?

No accidents.

-Sorry, coach, l forgot that time.
-All right.

Now, with the regional finals
coming up, what would you say...

...if l included your freestyle
in the 400 medley?

lt's the 1 4-year-olds,
but l want you to start steering...

...toward the Junior Olympics
for next year.

l'll take that as a yes.

-We're gonna get some pizza.
-l'm so excited.

-Mom, stop, it's embarrassing.
-Why? l'm excited.

You just cleaned the clocks
of a bunch of high school freshmen.

Baby, you awake?

l am now.

Are you drunk?

No, l'm not drunk.

-Just had a beer with the fellas.
-That's nice.

-You know what l was thinking?

l was thinking that we need to get back
to the loving part of our marriage.

l know what this is about.

Trying to keep up
with Tree and Vanessa.

-No, l ain't trying to keep up--
-Yes, you are, yes, you are.

l just look at you, and l just think that
we could have some beautiful babies.

David, how many times
do we have to have this discussion?

l'm not ready for babies.

Would you move over?
lt's hot in here.

l'm not ready for babies.

l have a career, l have dreams,
l have places l wanna go.

-l do too.
-A baby's just gonna get in the way.

Besides, you're building a business,

You can't come home
all hours of the night...

...after drinking with your boys,
and then expect to have sex... rabbits all night long.

Oh, by the way,
l need you home by 5:00 tomorrow...

...for my awards ceremony.



Like that rag on your head.

That's why you're not getting any.

There we go, get it.

Keep your butt down.
Keep your butt down.

See the ball into the glove.
You'll get it, Marcus.

All right, here we go.

Get in there.

-There you go.
-Good play, that's what l like to see.

-That's what l like to see.
-Yeah, boy, yeah, boy.

Who's your daddy now, sucker?

Please, cracker.

You looking like your white mama
making that play.

-Hey, not today.



-Just let go.
-Go, fight, fight, fight.

Get-- Hey, hey.

-Come on, man.

-Get your hands--
-Break it up.

-Boy, you better get up.
-Bring it in.

-Get up.
-Bring it in.

Des, what's wrong with you, huh?
How many times do l have to tell you?

Nobody is gonna disrespect
anybody on this team.

You got that?

Now, both of you look at me.

What race am l?



You know what Brother King said?

He said l'm human first,
then l'm black.

There's only one race of people,
and that's the human race.

But there's two kinds of people,
the good ones and bad ones.

Now, Darius, look at Coach Brock.

What race is he?


We're gonna have to work on that.

Hit the bases. Let's go.

What are you saying, man?

Martin Luther King
never said those words.

No, that was Tyrone King.

You know, he owns that barber shop
down there on Florence.

You're lying. l know Tyrone.

He stutter.
He don't even talk like that.

Look, look, we got company, dude.

Come on.

You gotta get up out of here
with that King Cobra.

l ain't got to get up
out of nowhere, man.

l can come see my boy
anywhere l want to.

Not drunk on your ass, you can't.

lt's a bad influence on the boys
and against league rules.

Get out of here, man, come on.

Oh, what, you gonna go
get the police on me?

Because of the rules,
you gonna go get the police on me?

All right,
l ain't gonna cause no trouble.

Darius, let's go.

Coach said we gotta go.

l ain't finished playing yet.


Man, get your ass over here right now.
l said it's time to go.

-l'll drag your ass out of here.

Get over here now.

Who you talking to like that?

Better not ever talk to me
like that, boy.

No wonder Darius has an attitude.

With him as his father.

Well, see, he's his daddy.

He's a long way
from being his father, man.

Let's go. Here we go.

Why you gotta make me
quit the team?

You better watch how you talk to me,
boy, before l put my foot in your ass.

But l wanna play ball like you did.

Oh, now you're saying
you wanna be like me?

You really wanna be like me,
then buck up.

Do you see me out there?

l ain't chasing after no empty dreams
in no field wasting my damn time.

l'm in the real world.
You wanna come to the real world?

Because the real world eats your ass
and spits your ass out.

Wake up.

Stop dreaming.

Did you really forget
about my awards ceremony?

l know, l just got carried away
with the boys, baby, all right?

-Give me five minutes. Five minutes.
-You are so insensitive and selfish.

Everything is about you
and those damn boys.

Do you have any idea
how important this night is for me?

How hard l've worked for us?

Or what an honor it is
to be Salesperson of the Year?

Look, l know it's a big night
for you, okay?

l'm sorry. l got a little caught up
on the field, l apologize.

Why do you waste your time
with those boys?

Clarice, don't start. Don't start.

You know how important it is for me
to be coaching kids.

They're not gonna do nothing
but end up in prison... their ghetto-pass-carrying

l saw your lips moving, but it was
your mother's nagging-ass voice--

You leave Mama out of this.
You leave Mama out of this.

All l know is if you spent
half of the time at home... do with those boys,
we wouldn't be having--

-Look, l said l was sorry.
-Oh, whatever--


Clarice, baby, you okay?

-All right, what do you got for me?
-BP is 85l55.

-Resp. is 1 2 and falling.
-Distal pulse is dropping.

-We got a line in.
-There's obvious abdominal edema.

-Get the O.R. ready.
-l'll call.

-Come on, people, let's go.

We will take care of her.

-Someone needs to take care of that.
-She needs me.

-lt's hospital policy.
-All right, all right.

-You're hurt, we'll take care of you.
-l got it.

Why don't you spend
a few moments with her?

She's still coming out of anesthesia.

She's under a lot
of pain medication.

You got one tough cookie here.

She told me l wasn't allowed
to remove any of her body parts...

...without her permission.

That's my Reesie.

Tough as nails.

Can l speak to you outside
for a minute?

Mr. Johnson,
this is a very severe injury.

lf she doesn't wanna park
in the handicapped spot...

...the rest of her life, she's gonna need
months of physical therapy.

You need to make her
understand that.


-Are you gonna be all right?
-Yeah, thank you.

You're welcome.

How is she doing?

Her leg was broke pretty bad.

ls she gonna be all right?


lt could've been
a lot worse, though.

Yeah, it makes you count
your blessings.

You gonna be able to take over
the team for a while?

-Yeah, don't worry about it.
-Yeah, yeah.

We do most of the work
anyway, right?

Here, look,
l got Clarice some flowers.

She'll like these.

Yeah, l got you a bear.

You got him a bear?

Yes, l got him a bear.

-You bought that for him?
-Brock, yes, l brought him-- Yes.

lt's my money.

Clarice Johnson.

l'm looking for Clarice Johnson.

-She's in Recovery, right there.
-Thank you.

Dave, Dave.

Okay, okay, what--?
Just tell me what happened.

She's okay, all right?

-Now, she had to have surgery--

-Why didn't you call me sooner?
-Everything was happening so fast.

l wasn't thinking straight.

lt looks like you had time to call
everybody else. Where is she?

-We're gonna go.
-We're gonna go.

-Nice to see you.
-What happened?

-Okay, where is she?
-Okay, it was an accident, all right?

Somebody ran a red light and hit us.
lt just came from nowhere.

You know what?
l don't wanna hear that.

She called me when she was at home
waiting for you.

Now, if you hadn't been late
coaching those kids... would've paid more attention.
You wouldn't have been in a hurry.

This is your fault, Dave.

This is your fault.

Now, where is she?


Once, I heard a radio host
ask the question:

''Why do bad things happen
to good people?''

During Clarice's weeks
in the hospital...

...we asked that question a lot.

I tried to be there for her
in every way a husband should.

But it just seemed
like it was never enough.

And when we came home...

...the reality that everything
had changed began to sink in.

-We gonna get you through this.

We aren't the ones with their leg
twisted up like a damn pretzel.

Got everything in the house
already taken care of for you.

We got about a week's worth
of meals in the freezer.

When we get inside....

-You all right?

When we get inside, l'm gonna warm
you up a hot little plate.

-Oh, boy.
-And get some food. l got you.

-l've moved in.

Hey, baby.

Well, don't just stand there.
Bring her on in.

Look, l appreciate your concern
and all that, but l got this, okay?

l'm capable of taking care of my wife,
and l got-- l got you, baby, okay?

Dave, l figured l was gonna have
to break this down to you.

Now, if things was jiggy as all that...

...l wouldn't have to be here now,
would l?

-Like l said, bring her on in here.

-Come on.
-l'm so glad you're here, Mama.

l'm here, baby.

-See that?

-That's what l'm talking about.
-l got it.

-Be careful with her.
-l got it.

So rough.

-She already had one accident.
-Now you gonna break my other foot.

l know, that's what l'm talking about.

The only way you're gonna get
Mama out of the house... to get Clarice back on her feet.

The doctor told me she wants me
to get Clarice into physical therapy.

Oh, you know--?
Remember that girl l had my eye on?

-Which girl?
-No, the girl--

-lt's the girl over at the pool, Julie.
-Oh, okay, l do.

Word around the club
is she's one of the top therapists.

You should give her a call.
See if she makes house calls.

-There you go.
-And then, you know, let me know.

You know what D's problem is?

He hasn't learned from the lessons
l've learned from.

l try to tell you things,
but you do not listen, man.

The other night,
Vanessa's taking a bubble bath.

She's in the tub, looking good.

Normally, that's my green light to go in
there and do what l'm supposed to do.

So l go in there, to get a little cuddly
with her, and she shoved me off.

Like, pushed me.
She's bigger than me, you know that.

So when she pushed me, l fell back.

And she was like, you know,
''Get away, you stinky man.''

Now, what l need to know--
Not wanna know.

What l need to know,
am l a stinky man?

Seriously, like, do l smell?

Am l the friend that stink and
y'all don't tell me, because we close?

-Do l have stinky breath?
-l don't know.

-Do l have stinky breath?
-l don't know.

-Tell me. Smell my breath.
-l'm not gonna.

-Smell my breath.
-l'm not gonna smell--

You're gonna smell my breath.

-l figured that.
-l'm telling you, man.

Even after everything Fiona and l
have been through, l still miss her.

-Are you serious?
-lt's something about the way she....

She crosses those legs...

...and she just bounces
those high heels up and down.

My thing is when l just get home...

...Reesie's just getting out
the shower.

She puts on one
of my little old tank tops.

Starts painting her toenails.

You know what l like?

l like it....

l like it when Vanessa has me rub
this skin cream on her back.

She's got bad eczema.

Big bumps on her back.

And it needs to be moisturized.

And l do it. l do it.

lt's a little rocky moisturizing roll
on her back, but l don't mind.

Because that's what she has me do,
you know.

-Years l've been doing that.

-Are you crying?

-Are you crying? No, look at me.
-Come on, l'm enjoying myself, right?

-You are crying.
-l'm not crying, man.

lt's not even tears, man.

l feel like these women
got us in a beam, so we--

They got us in one of them
Star Wars contractor-beam things.

lt's pulling us in.
You know what l'm talking about?

lt's like we couldn't escape that beam
if we wanted to, you know.

lt's like you want to, but you love it.

You love it so much that you can't.

You can't escape it.

lt's an interesting way of putting it,
Star Wars.

-That's what you said, Star Wars?
-Star Wars, man, it's a beam.

lt's a beam, it's like a light.
They shine it at you.

lt mess with your body, your nerves
and stuff, and you can't move.

You just gotta allow yourself
to get pulled in.

And l'm getting pulled in.

You need to get pulled in
and you need to get pulled in.

Accept it, man.

Accept your life.

-l accept mine.
-No, no, no.

-You're right, l probably had enough.

l probably had too many.

-Oh, no, honey, we're not buying--
-l got this, l got this.

l hope l have the right address.
l'm Julie Sawyer.

You called for an in-home
physical therapist?

-Yeah, that's right.

-Dave Johnson, come on in.
-Nice to meet you.

Reesie, this is the physical therapist
l was telling you about.

Please have a seat.
This is Miss Sawyer.

And l'm Mrs. Clark, her mother.

How do you do?

Mrs. Johnson?

Look, Mrs. Johnson,
l know after all you've been through...

...the last thing you want
is a stranger in your life, so....

How about we get to know
each other--?

l'm not looking for anyone
to psychoanalyze me either.

Okay, well, that's good,
because that's not why l'm here.

But, you know, to be honest...

...talking about how you're feeling

...can help me design a better plan
to get you on--

How l feel.
Lord Jesus, where did y'all find her?

How l feel?
You wanna know how l feel?

l feel like Humpty Dumpty,
that's how l feel.

Clarice, you need to calm down.

Let this woman do her job.

Now, you do know
what you're doing, right?

Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Johnson, l understand.

So why don't l just come back
tomorrow, and we'll begin then?

Bingo, that's a great place to start.

How about you come back never?
What about that?

-That works for me.
-Okay, no, we're gonna do this today.

And you're gonna calm down.

You stop acting like this.

Come on now.

Just leave me alone, okay?
Just leave me alone.


The bishop used to tell a story
about Adam and Eve.

When God made Adam,
he instructed him to do three things:

-Work, cultivate, protect.
-Two, three, down.

-That's great.
-Oh, my God, that's incredible, okay.

What we're gonna do today
is have a little fun.

Down through history,
men have been measured... how hard they've worked
and cultivated... how well they've protected
their wives and children.

Down, three, two, one.

Up again. Up, one, two, three, hold.

In the old days...

...women saw their men
as conquerors, providers, heroes.

But somewhere along the line,
that changed.

Push, push.

Women started becoming
their own heroes.

Okay, how's this there?

Maybe it was because their men
forgot how to be heroic.

Or because women
didn't wanna be protected anymore.

Or maybe women
had to be their own heroes...

...because of the pain
they had to endure in life.

Look, he's handsome.


He's so handsome.

But whatever the cause...

...the world took away
a man's reasons for being a man.

They told him
he wasn't important anymore.

And when that happened... turned the whole world

-l don't know how to thank you.
-You don't need to.

You really don't.
You know what you can do?

You could write a letter
to my boss at the clinic...

...saying you've never met a skilled
or more professional therapist.

l wanna thank you too, Julie.

Look at her.
She's doing extremely well.

Yes, you are truly gifted
at what you do.

Thank you.

-Okay, l'll see you Monday?

-Okay, great.
-Get home safely, okay?

-l will.
-Take care.

-Enjoy your evening, okay?
-l will.

-Hey, baby.
-Hey, what's up?

Not much.

No, no, no, don't worry.
lt does it all the time.

lt's probably just the battery.
l'll be fine.

-lt sounds more than just the battery.
-No, no, please go on inside, go on.

you can't be late for your son.

-Dave will run you home.

-No, it's my hoop night.
-Hoops night?

l ain't gonna miss my night.
l can call her a tow truck.

Miss your hoops, are you insane?

You're missing the point here.
This woman saved your wife's life.

-He can miss his hoops.
-Okay, l don't wanna put anyone out.

-lt'll make me feel worse, please.
-Little girl, little girl.

Get your ass in this car.

Let me ask a question.

l have a friend who has actually
been wanting to ask you out on a date.

-Yeah, you.

But he's in a complicated situation.

Oh, God, no, don't tell me.

He's recently broken up
or getting divorced...

...or lives with his mother?

Getting divorced.

No, l appreciate that,
but l think l'll pass.

Single mothers
don't have a lot of options...

...but l don't really need
to be his rebound relationship.

lf it's all the same.

So how long
has he been swimming?

Oh, as soon as l could get him
in the water. He loves it.

-Hey, Bry.
-Hi, Mom.

This is Dave. His wife's my patient.

-Remember, the ones in the accident?

-How do you do, sir?
-How's it going?

My car broke down again,
but Dave offered to give us a ride.


So you like baseball, Bryson?

Well, l've always wanted to try it.

But Mom throws like a girl.

Watch it.

Well, l coach a team
over at East Side Field...

...and if you want,
you could stop by some time...

...and l could show you
a few pointers.


That would be totally sick.

Oh, ours is....

The street up there.

The minute l get in the house,
l'll call for a tow for that car.

You don't have to do that.

l know a mechanic
that owes me a favor... l'll have him take a look at it.

Clarice and l owe you.

-Are you sure?
-Yeah, no problem.

Thank you.

All right.

-All right.
-Lord, yes.

Oh, yeah.

-All right.
-Praise the Lord.



Jesus called out to the multitudes.

-He said, ''Come to me.

-All who are weary, come to me.
-Come to me.

-And l will give you rest.''
-Yes, he will.

He said, ''l will give you rest
if you come to me.''


So today, l want you to stand up
and come down to the altar.

Come down.

I always felt church
is like a hospital.

It's where sick people go
to get well.

Anybody out there
that needs praying for today.

Or maybe you just need
just a little encouragement.

Jesus said....

Whenever I went to church,
I felt hope.

Come on, come to me.


Glory, hallelujah.

Girl, when l saw you,
hey, l almost went in.

l said my D was looking
like Miss America...

-...up in here.
-Stop it.

l hope this don't mean you're about
to come back to work...

...and l gotta start fighting you
for clients.

-Oh, you know, l meant to tell you.

Mr. Hastings forced me to take some
of your clients while you were gone.

Girl, don't worry about that.

-l would do the same thing to you.

But you better bring
your boxing gloves to work.

Girl, l can't fight.
l just got my nails done.

You crazy, come here, girl.

lt was really good to see you folks
in church today.

Well, with what we've been through,
it's good to be seen.

The Lord's been good, bishop.

Clarice has got her trainer,
has her walking again...

...and Dave's been a real trouper.

No, no, you have.

We are here for you, 2 4l7.

Even if you just wanna come in
and talk.

-Come here.
-lt is so good to see you.

-You too, love you.
-l love you too, girl.

-See you tomorrow.

You better bring your gloves.

l'm glad it ain't a street fight...

...because you know l don't wanna get
my face scratched up.

Hey, baby, how you doing?

-Okay, take care of my girl.
-Todd, let's go.

Come on, now,
you know l'm hungry.

l got to get to brunch.

You're walking all slow.

lt's sickening, man.

He really disgusts me, dude.

-Hi, Julie.

l'm Brock Houseman.
l'm a friend of Dave Johnson's.

Yeah, l....

Has he mentioned me at all?

Yeah-- No, well....

Bet you $ 1 0, he's gonna take
all the credit for fixing the car.

You fixed my car?
l don't know what to say.

-No, don't.
-Thank you. No, you don't understand.

Don't say anything. lt's my pleasure.

Why are we even here?
Tell me why we're here.

We're part of the problem, man.

-No, we're accomplices.
-No, we're not, you are.

-All right.
-You drove, l'm not a part of this.

-Look at him.
-Look, look, look.

What? Why are you so happy?

-Nothing, nothing at all, Satan.

Satan? Hey, hey, l--

l can't help it. l am not ashamed.

-Get in the back.
-l have no problem getting in the back.

Better not tell Vanessa l was here.

So l think you can see... a retail space in this
neighborhood can be a home run.

Well, l like what l see, Clarice.

-lt's actually quite impressive, really.
-Yeah, it has lots of potential.

Excuse me,
who will be taking the check?

-We will. Sure?
-No, no, no, l got it.

-Please, l insist.
-No, l--

-l insist.
-No, l got it.

-Are you sure?
-Yeah, l'm positive.

Go ahead, Dave.

-Thank you very much.
-You're so welcome.

lt's nice to see you back up
on your feet now.

lt is so good to be back.

l can only imagine.

Dave, tell me, l'm interested
in getting your perspective.

What's it like to have a wife
who is as progressive as Clarice?

Well, you know,
anything Clarice puts her mind to... gonna be successful,
so you guys are in good hands.

Oh, impressive.

As a general contractor,
l thought you might be able... weigh in
and share your perspectives...

...from a professional level
on the architectural flow chart...

...that she's presented to us today.

Well, see, with this particular project,
my approach....

l mean, l would approach it
in a way that....

Actually, the projects l work on
are a little bit smaller.

-About 3000 to 5000 square feet.
-Dave, Dave, don't be so--

He's just being modest. David owns
a very lucrative construction company.

-Yes, sweetheart.

l was just letting them know
that the projects l normally--

You don't have to let everybody
know everything. lt's okay.

-We're looking to get into--
-l was just telling the man--

-Don't tell the man everything.
-Maybe we could work together.

You might be able to be the general
contractor, do the finish-out work.

-Perfect, l think that's a great idea.

Excuse me, sir, l'm sorry,
but your card has been declined.

You know what?
lt's gotta be a mistake.

-We'll take care of it.
-No, no, no, l can--

Let me give you another credit card.

Did l bring it with me?
l brought the American Express.

-Do l have it?
-Think you got it.

-Clarice, please.
-No, l can do it.

l'll handle this.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Nice music.

Oh, and the food....

l've never been so humiliated
in all of my life.

-You realize how you made me look?
-How l made you look?

Well, if l embarrassed you in front
of Mr. Big-Time-Development-Head...

...that's too damn bad.

Think twice before you open
your big-ass mouth talking about--

Big-ass-- lt is irresponsible of you to
be over your limit on your credit card.

Do you mean to tell me
you don't have $200?

-l'm done.
-While you was recuperating...

...l was the only one bringing money
up into this house.

l was the one paying bills.

Overextended? lt's because of you.

-This mortgage's about to bankrupt us.
-Oh, please, don't be so dramatic.

This mortgage
is not going to bankrupt us.

And as soon as l clean up
this little mess you made...

...we will be fine.

We're gonna take the insurance
money, put it down on an Escalade.

l just let you talk me into buying a 300.
We ain't buying no Escalade.

My clients don't ride in anything
but an Escalade, okay?

-They're gonna be walking, then.
-Hey, hey, hey, settle down.

l can hear y'all all the way upstairs.

And if l can hear you,
the whole neighborhood can hear you.

And you know what, Dave?

l've been waiting to tell you this
for a long time.

Maybe if you stop
spending so much time...

...with them little gangsters-in-training
down there...

...and spend more time in this house
handling your business... wouldn't be having
this argument right now.

You better stop talking
about my boys like that.

Now, look, l said what l got to say.

You know what, Mama?
l got this, l got this.

David, l have worked too hard
to get us to where we are...

...and hell will freeze over
before l let you take us backward--

-Know what you need to work on?

Work on not being in a fantasyland,
trying to be somebody that you not.

Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute.

-Don't talk to my daughter like that.
-That's my wife.

-l'll talk to her any way l want.
-Don't talk to my mother like that.

Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?

l'm out of here.

-Wait a minute, Dave--
-Hey, don't you dare run after him.

Sometimes when you don't know
where to turn... got to turn to what you know.

I knew my chair, my records,
my music.

Only problem is,
when the song is over...'re right back
where you started.

l'm telling you, l don't know how much
longer l can put up with all this drama.

Then why don't you just try to sit
Clarice down and talk it all through?

l could talk all day long.

l think her and her mother
are missing the listening gene.

Brock Houseman.

Yes, ma'am,
thanks for calling me back.

Look, l was hoping
we could talk about--

ls that right?

No, no, l understand.
l'm just sorry to hear that.

l will let him know.

Okay, bye.

Darius' mom.

She said Darnell still won't let the boy
back on the team.

What's he trying to do?
Guarantee his son ends up like him?

-What's Julie doing here?
-l never thought they'd show up.

Well, l'm glad she did.
l'm feeling a little leg cramp.

-Maybe she could rub it out.
-See, there you go.

-All right, this is Bryson.
-Hey, Bryson.

-He's gonna be having fun with us.
-Oh, what's cracking, y'all?

Somebody be watching
too much BET.

-All right, come on.
-That's enough. Hit the field, let's go.

-Nice swing.
-That's okay, Bryson.

Keep your eye on the ball, give me
a swing, make contact. You got it.

Here we go.

Yo, coach, my little sister could hit
that pitch and she's blind in one eye.

Oh, come on,
my grandma can hit that.

-Bryson, come here.
-My goodness, you suck.

Get off the field, man.

Listen, it's okay, all right?
l don't want you to listen to any of that.

-You hear me?

Now, l want you to go back up there.
l want it just to be you and the ball.

-You got that?

-Let's go, buddy, here we go.

-Let's go, come on.
-Here we go.

See that?

Good job, Bryson, good job.

Nice hit, dog.

Good job, Bryson.

Good job.

Hey, Julie, l wanted to give you
my contact info.

You know, just in case Bryson ever
wants to come back to practice again.

-Or when your car breaks down.

Or dinner.

-Dinner, okay.
-Okay, no.

-Coffee, doesn't have to be dinner.
-No, it's not that.

lt's just l probably
should just stop you right there.

l feel like l've dated you before.

No, no, no,
l would have remembered that.

No, not you, your type, and l....

l get it, okay.

You just wanna cut
past the foreplay.

-lt's okay.
-Okay, l guess, l--

No, l know what you mean.

No offense, because l really
appreciate you fixing my car.

But l just don't have the time
or the energy.

You know, dating's not my thing.

My kid's my thing.

So if l were to get
into a relationship... would have to be with someone
who could be a potential husband...

...and a father to my son, and
l'm pretty sure that's not your thing.

No, l....

-Well, l could do that.
-You could?


Bryson, grab your bag. We gotta go.


You're not gonna stalk me now,
are you?

-Not unless you want me to.
-l think l'll take a pass on that.

l'm really glad
we had this conversation.

Cleared everything up.

Call me, okay?

-Good job out there today.
-Bye, thanks, coach.

She will not leave me alone.

-l'm telling you, she wants me.
-Yeah, l could see it all over her face.

-Can you?

l don't know what l'm gonna do.

College boy,
what the hell you want?

Got a beef with me, let's do it. Don't
kill your son's future because of it.

What l do with my son,
that's my business.

l'm making it my business. Knock
that victim chip off your shoulder.

Or Darius is gonna end up
just like you.

Your punk ass would know
all about that too.

When are you gonna stop blaming the
world for punching my college ticket?

Didn't nobody force you
to sling that crack.

What l do with my son,
it's my son, it's my business.

Well, give your son an opportunity.

Hey, and the next time
you come up here... better come up here strapped.

Talking that beef garbage.

Carmen, I've been looking
for two days for you.

For two days, Carmencita.

I inquired at the factory,
and you were absent.

Why do we have to watch this?
Can't we watch something else?

Girl, shut up, you know
we ain't changing this channel.


Yeah, hold on a second.

To the magi-- Magistrate.

To the magistrate?

He'll send me to prison.
I can't go to prison.

It's just he died in the prison.
And I had no money to survive--

Coach, hey, can you come
to my swim meet Saturday... l can show you my stuff?

lt would have to be in the afternoon.
We have a game in the morning.

Okay, cool, l'll see you at the pool.

Give me that phone.

l'm so sorry, honestly,
and if it's too much pressure--

No, no, look, it's no problem.

Tell him l'll be there.

Oh, I know. Believe me, I know.

-Are you seeing this?

Since when he gotta go outside
to answer a phone call?

I'm not afraid of hard work.
I'm a good, honest, working girl.

But who would take care of me--?

Honey, l spent too many years
with your raggedy-ass daddy... know when something's wrong.

See this?

These movies had romance.

Good movies, good writing.

I'm ready to go now, soldier.
Please take me away from here.

-This scares me, David.


The silence between us.

l was thinking,
with our anniversary coming up...

...maybe we should just get away
for the weekend, you know?

Because l know it's been stressful
since the accident, l know.

lt's been a lot longer than that.

Okay, that's fair.

l've never felt
some of the feelings l'm feeling...

...and l just don't know
how to deal with them.

l guess what scares me the most
is you pulling away like this...

...because it's not like you, David.

Can we talk
to someone about it, please?

lf that's what you want.

Since the accident, l know l've been
a little difficult to get along with.

l know that.
And l've been depressed, you know?

And that should be understandable.
l'm getting over a major injury.

But David's pulling away
and l don't know why.

l-- l feel like he's doing it on purpose.
Like l've done something.

Like he's paying me back for
something l don't even know l've done.

And then he spends all of his time with
these boys, this Little League team.

And that's time he could be
spending with me at home.

Working on our marriage.

Dave, what do you wanna say
to Clarice right now?

l mean, what's the point?

You heard her.
She has everything figured out, so....

You see what l mean?
This attitude is--

lt makes my skin crawl
because that's not us, bishop.

We used to talk things through.
We talked about everything--

No, no, we never used to
talk about everything, okay?

You used to do all the talking.

l used to sit,
listen to her and her mother cackle.

Cac-- He has no respect
for my mother.

-Let's just--
-Mama loves you.

No, no, she doesn't love me,
she tolerates me.

Because she loves you.
But l'm cool with that.

-Can't believe you just sit up in this--
-Dave, Clarice.

Why do you say that, Dave?

Well, the truth of the matter,
bishop... that l feel like
l'm just visiting this marriage.

See? See?

l mean, nothing l ever do,
nothing l ever say is ever enough.

-Oh, God.
-That's honest.

-Please, that's David being dramatic.

-You should get an award for that one.

What irks you about Dave
coaching those Little Leaguers?

He's never home, bishop.
You know?

He's always with them.
He's always with those boys.

That's all he cares about.

You mean like what a father
would like to do if he had a son?


-But he knows we can't afford children.
-No, we can afford kids, okay?

lf someone didn't live beyond
their means, we could afford kids.

Please, David.

Look at us, look at us.

Trying to fix our marriage. Do you
really think a baby is gonna help?

-l used to.
-That's enough.

Are you finished?

Do the two of you remember
how I told you on your wedding day... hard life can be?

Well, that three-stranded cord...

...I wrapped around your shoulders
that day, will always be there.

Unless, of course,
you've chosen to remove it.

Does that feel good?


Are you okay?

You were moaning.

Yeah, l was....

l'm gonna get a drink of water.

l guess that makes it ours.

-Oh, l love it, Clarice.

And you managed to keep it alive
while we made up our minds.

Well, actually it was Michelle here
who kept it alive...

...and that's why she's gonna share
in the commission.

-Well, thank you.

-l've got to get to the courthouse.
-No, you don't.

You first have to see new tile samples
for the master bathroom.

l got a full caseload.
Court won't wait for me.

The tile samples.



Okay, Clarice, what's wrong?

We just closed one
of the biggest deals of your life...

...and you walking around
like somebody stole your bike.

-What's going on?

-l'm fine.
-Nothing, yes, it is.

Tell me, come on now.

This is me, tell it.

lt's-- l'm just having
one of those days, okay?


Do not make me go Oprah on you,
because l will.

l think David's having an affair.


Oh, honey, are you sure?

Yes, Michelle.
l can see it in his eyes.

lt's always in the eyes, ain't it?

And it's my physical therapist.

That skinny little white thing?

-lt's Julie Sawyer.

Oh, girl. What?

You got to go over there
and open up a good old can...

...of soul-sister power
on her narrow behind.

l can't do that.
l don't have any real proof.

We got to go over there
and snatch her.

Michelle, l can't do that.

Snatch her by her hair...

...and squeeze until that heifer tell us
everything we wanna know, okay?

You want me to do it?

Look at me, look at me.

Don't go all
Waiting to Exhale on me.

Dave is too good a man
for you to lose.

And you don't want
to do something all crazy...

...that you can't take back.

Now, you take that from me. l know.

Don't tell me Todd is cheating too.

l did the cheating.

-l know.

Don't look at me like that, l know.

How was he able to forgive you?

lt was not easy, okay?
lt took a long time.

But he forgave me, after all that.

And l will never sacrifice
his heart like that again.

Yeah, well,
that's good for you guys...

...but l just don't think
l have it in me to do that.

Yes, you do.

Now, are you sure you don't want me
to go snatch the white girl?

Why are you so crazy?

l'm just saying.
lt'll make you feel better.

-No, it'll make you feel better.
-Yes, yes, it will make me feel better.

Oh, my friend.

-l am so sorry.
-Me too.

Maybe we should snatch Dave too.

Just do a drive-by snatching,
and snatch everybody.

You can do it.

-lt's all right.
-Way to go for it.

Good job, Bryson.

Let me tell you something, Bryson.
You were a beast up in that pool.

-Thanks, coach.
-l can't wait to come to another meet.

Well, l'm here all weekend if l keep
winning. The finals are tomorrow.

Hey, Bryson, wait up.

There is a rep here
from the Junior Olympics.

And l want you to meet him.

-Are you serious?
-You're on your way, young man.

Okay, well, go.
We'll be out here waiting for you.


Hey, listen, thank you so much...

...for taking the time
to come out here today and--

l mean, it really means
the world to both of us.

Hey, a deal's a deal, right?

Hey, Dave?

Don't take this
the wrong way or anything...

...but we single girls
are experts at a few things.

-Like what?
-Like good men.

l was telling Clarice just the other day
about how all the guys like you...

...are already taken
and that she's a very lucky woman.


Can l ask you a question?

l saw your college photo
at the house.

What happened
to your baseball career?

Anterior cruciate ligament
happened to my career.

-Oh, man.

l was sliding into home plate.

My knee went one way
and my body went the other.

Along with my dreams
of making it into the big leagues.

Well, at least you're passing those
dreams on to those Little Leaguers.

Yeah, somebody's
got to take care of them.

-And that you do.
-That l do.

And who takes care of you?

Hello, hello.


-What are you doing here?
-l can ask you the same question.

l was just bringing flowers.

l never brought flowers before
in my entire life, just so you know.

And they aren't for you,
my married friend.

Yeah, well, l didn't think so.

Okay, l think l'm gonna go
check on the boys inside.

Oh, they're beautiful.

Hey, these flowers don't mean
l'm stalking you.

No, they're beautiful. Yeah.

-We had a conversation.

Okay, that's weird.

Clearly l don't have a chance with this
girl, which is deeply baffling to me.

So seriously, man.

-What are you doing here?
-What am l doing here?

You don't think l see
what's going on here?

You got everything a man could want.
A gorgeous wife, beautiful home.

And you think that
that makes it all good for me?

l just don't want to see you
screw up your life.

Too late for that.
My life's already screwed up.


Who takes care of me?

-Hey, Dave.
-That's a damn good question.

A question
I didn't have an answer for.


You didn't notice the candles?

-Reesie, l--
-Come on, baby.

You remember the candles.

When we first got married,
they were always my signal... let you know
l was gonna put something on you.

l know.

l know it's been a long time
since l lit my candles for you, l....

You don't have to do this.

Baby, we need this.

l sent Mama on a long errand,
so she won't be back for a long time.

Come here, please.

Like you said,
it's time for us to get back... the loving part of our marriage.

-Oh, baby, l want you so bad.

-Are you sleeping with her?

l'm not stupid, David.

-Are you sleeping with Julie?
-No, l'm not sleeping with her.

Well, then, what is it? What--?

Since when have you had
to take phone calls outside?

What are all
the phone calls about, anyway?

David, what's happening?
Tell me the truth.

Things haven't been right between us
and l think we both know that.

l know that.

So l'm not gonna lie to you.

l do have some feelings for her.

That's worse.

She's taken your heart from me?

So, what do you want me to do?

l don't know, David.

-How could you, Julie?

-How could you betray me like this?

-Betray you, what--?
-l respected you.

l thought we were friends.

Okay, l gotta stop you right there
if this is what l think it's about.

Dave and l are friends.
Just like you and l are friends.

Nothing more, nothing less.
We're just friends.

Girl, as much as l would like
to snatch you right now...

...l'm not gonna do that.

l'm gonna rise above this.

But let me make myself very clear.

Stay the hell away
from my husband.

You wanna blame someone
for your problems?

You didn't need to leave
your doorstep to do it.

And you certainly don't need
to come to mine.

Oh, girl.

ln case you didn't hear me
the first time...

...stay away from my man.


-Yeah, come on.
-Here we go.

Take your marks.

-Come on.
-Kick, kick, kick.

Go, Bryson!

Come on, Bryson! Keep pushing!

-Come on, Bryson!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, he's done it! Oh, my God!

Why don't we say it's a draw?

Let me ask you this, man to man.
Ain't nobody in here but me and you.

Who gets that baseball scholarship
if we back in the day?

You do.

But l was a better athlete.


So you think all the hell
l've been through was my fault.

Man, everybody got problems.

See, you just don't know
how good you got it.

You talking about Darius, right?

l'd trade that scholarship and
everything l had for a son like Darius.

Oh, hell, no.

Yeah, that's right. That's right.

We putting you out of here.

And don't think Clarice
is gonna change her mind.

What you doing, you old woman?

-Old? Oh, no, hell, no.
-Mama, please!

No, no, no, let her talk.

She's always had an equal vote.
Why change it now?

What is wrong with you?

You got this beautiful
black queen right here.

What in your mind
makes you think... gotta go out
and get a white woman?

Shut up
and mind your own business.


He been living high on the hog
leeching off your money for years.

lt's time you got his black ass
out of here.

She more of a man
than you'll ever be.

So you just gonna stand there
and let her say that to me?


You are just gonna stand there
and let her say that to me?

Well, then you're right.
lt is time for me to get out of here.

Because l don't give
a damn about this house...

...your money or this marriage.

l'm done.


Hey, where you been?

l've been trying to call your cell.
There was an accident.

-lt's Bryson.
-What happened?

l don't know,
he went into the wall too hard.

They rushed him to the hospital.
lt's bad, man, really bad.

Come on, l'll drive.

-l should go.
-You ain't going nowhere.

Go on in the house.


Please, what are you doing?

No, no, no. Please, no.

No, no.

Oh, please, God.

She's all alone.

l don't think she has anyone
to help her through this.

She has us.

''The Lord is my shepherd.
l shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.

He leadeth me
beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness for his name's sake.

Though l walk through
the valley of the shadow of death...

...l will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.

Thy rod and Thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me
in the presence of mine enemies.

Thou anointest my head with oil.''

''My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life.

And l will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.'' Amen.

Clarice, be honest with me.

ln the last meeting
l had with you and Dave...

...l asked you
a very important question.


Has God been
the third strand in that cord...

...l wrapped around
your shoulders all those years ago?


Well, without that third strand... find yourself
sitting here alone.

Your mother is a good woman.

But because you listened to her
in matters of your marriage...

...that acorn hasn't fallen
too far from the tree.

Now, l got to go bury this child.

But, Clarice...'re in the right place
at the right time.

When I drive through this city...

...and hear the sounds of sirens
and alarms going off...

...I see the looks of panic
on the faces of people I don't know.

I realize how afraid we all are
in this world.

Life is so unpredictable, fragile.

We're only alive one breath,
one heartbeat at a time.

And so when death comes
to one of us... comes to all of us.

Because it's the one thing
we all have in common.

Sooner or later,
it's the one place we're all headed.

And even though
some of us believe...

...that life doesn't end
on this side of the grave...

...our grief drives us to hunger
for a human touch.

Mama, what's that?

ls that a picture of Daddy?
Let me see that.

Give it here.

-So you still love him?

That's a piece of him
l keep as a reminder...

...that l made the right decision.

Do you miss him at all?

Do you remember that
cheerleading competition l won?

l remember all your accomplishments,
Clarice. What you want?

That was the same weekend
Daddy left.

But all l remember you saying--

Don't start dredging up all that mess.
That's good riddance to bad rubbish.

All l remember you ever saying to me
was how he cheated on you...

...and how he was
a horrible husband.

Never really got his side.

Finally talked to Daddy, and he said
that he never slept with that woman.

He said you drove him
out of the house, Mama.

He didn't sleep with her until after--

-l'm not having this conversation.

Because my bedroom drama with your
daddy ain't none of your business.

Excuse me?

The way you're all up in my marriage?

You convinced me
to put my husband out of my house.

l think it is my business, Mama.

Don't talk to me like that.

Okay, all right.

You wanna know?


Your daddy was rotten.

You were too young to understand
what was going on in that house.

He was a nasty bastard.

-Don't ''Mama'' me.

He hit me... my face.

Now, you listen to me real good.

When they stay,
and they done already left...

...they get mean.

l hated your daddy.

-No, l hated him.

l hated him!

You were right to throw Dave's ass
out of here before he hits you.

No. No, David's not like that.

And that wasn't the way
to handle that.

l shouldn't have listened to you.

l shouldn't have listened to you.

l'm not gonna talk about this.

l'm not.

Black women have to be strong
and you know that.

l don't know what kind of pain... are holding on to
in your heart, Mama...

...but you need to let it go.
You need to just let it go.

And in all your lessons about
how l need to be strong...

...and proud
and independent, Mama... left out
some very important things.

-How to love, Mama.

How to really care about somebody.
How to forgive.

l cared about you.

l loved you the best l could.

l gave you everything in me
that he didn't take.

And he took everything.

Can't you see that?

l know you did, Mama.

And if that ain't good enough for you,
then l'm sorry for you.


Mama, l'm so sorry for you.

l didn't mean to come out here
and disrespect you, l really didn't.

But it's time for me to grow up...

...and l'm gonna have to ask you
to leave my house...

...because l want my husband.

l want my husband back,
and l want to fight for my marriage.

Because, Mama,
l don't want to end up like you.

l don't.

l'm gonna pray for you, Mama.

l love you so much.

Little girl.

You pray for yourself.

l'll be gone when you get back.

Go on.



I'm not sorry about what we did.
I love you.

-Please leave.
-Not until we talk.

We can't.
If Shawn comes up here and....

-He can never find out about this.
-He won't.

Then why are you even doing this?

Hey, hey!
Hey, come on, Dave, knock.

-You scared me.
-What are you doing here?

What do you mean?
Why didn't you knock?

l just came by.

Talked to the manager. l told him l was
your probation officer, he let me up.

-So, what are you doing here?
-l can't come by to see my friend?

l know what you're going through.

l wanna make sure that everything
that you are going through is cool.

-Make sure you're copasetic.
-What are you watching?

Just something to
make me feel better. l had--

Vanessa kicked your ass out,
didn't she?

First of all, that's just crazy to even
think that she would kick me out.

Okay, why would she kick
her husband out?

Her husband,
the man she's supposed to love.

Can l tell you what she said to me?
Can l tell you what she said?

-Listen, look at me.
-What did she say?

She told me l'm too emotional.

l'm way too in touch
with my feminine side.

No man should apologize
to nobody that much.

My feet, she don't like my feet now.

All of a sudden
my feet is a problem?

But her back, l can accept that?

-You can't accept my feet?
-Here's what l want you to do.

Go back home to your wife.

No, l'm gonna make her think
l'm cheating.

You need to go back home
to your wife.

-Why don't you--?
-Go back home to your wife.

Can you talk to me? Listen,
can you talk to me for two seconds?

Why can't me and you get in touch,
figure out why this keep happening?

-l'm emotional now.
-Good men.

-Good brothers.
-Emotional, here we go.

We're good black men.

-Got my toiletry bag?
-Here you go.

-Because l don't want to--
-Here we go.

l love you, l don't tell you enough.

-Here we go.
-All right, you right.

-Thank you, Dave.
-Have a good night.

Do you got my toiletry bag? Okay.


Thank you for coming.

And thank you
for taking care of everything. l--

l couldn't have done it.

Are you okay?

l think he was so focused
on winning and that medal, he....

His coach told him about--

Why didn't l remind him?

''You have to take the trash out
when we get home.''


That's the last thing l said to him.
Before the race.

''You have to take the trash out
when we get home.''

Not ''l love you.''

Not ''l'm so proud of you.''

Not ''l'm so lucky to be your mom.''

''You've got to take the trash out
when we get home.''

-lt's okay.
-No, it is not gonna be okay.

lt's-- lt's never gonna be okay.

Oh, my God. lt's just not gonna be.

-lt's all right.
-You can't make it better.

Just stop.

lt's not. lt never is.

Wait, no, wait.

l can't do this.

l know.

l'm sorry.

l know.

Now, you tell the crew for me
there are four ways...

...of doing things onboard my ship:

The right way, the wrong way,
the Navy way, and my way.

If they do things my way,
we'll get along.

-Aye, aye, sir.

Oh, the manager gave me a key.

-l can leave if you--
-No, no, no, it's cool.

That manager
would give a key to anybody.

David, l just need you
to let me say some things, okay?

l have been round
and round with my heart...

...and l want you to know two things.

First of all, Mama has lost...

...all of her voting privileges
in this marriage.

And, second... one ever taught me
how to be one of those wives...

...who holds on
to her man's every word.

And no one taught me how to trust him
to take care of me, you know?

l really don't know
if l could ever be that woman...

...but l do want to learn
how to be your partner.

And whatever you decide...

...l need you to know
that l can't live without you, David.

l don't want to live without you
and l love you so much.

Come here.

What's that?

l heated you up a plate...

...because you're staying in
a roach motel and l wanted you to eat.

-l cooked it.
-You cooked it?

-There ain't poison in this, is there?

You're not gonna eat it?

You're not gonna eat the food?


What up?

What up?

You know, l was hoping, man...

...l can get Darius
back on your team, you know?

lt's like you, you know--
You helping him to be a better man.

Why don't we both do that?

Darius, where you at?

Okay. Listen,
l got you back on the team, man.

Yeah, and l got you a new glove.

So l want you to come back home
and be there by, like, 5:00.


l love you, man. You know?


All right.

I found out that if you wanna know
the purpose of a thing... can't ask the thing to tell you.

A car doesn't know why it's a car.

Only the manufacturer knows
what it was made to do.

And I guess that's the way it is
with us and God.

You know...'d make
an excellent daddy someday.

Well, l hope so.

What about in, like,
seven and a half months?

Are you saying that...?

God didn't just make Dave Johnson
to be a husband...

...or a coach, a friend, or a daddy.

Those are just roles,
not who I am as a man.

But I guess, sometimes...

...he has to let life
turn you upside-down... you can learn how to live
right side up.

Special thanks to SergeiK.