Not Forgotten Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Not Forgotten script is here for all you fans of the Chloe Moretz and Simon Baker movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Not Forgotten quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Not Forgotten Script


Well done.

Well done, watch the way, Toby.

Take her to Melissa that there

In Del Rio, Texas on Saturday
are the days of football.

Fresh orange juice, people screaming,

corny uniforms,
and teamwork.

I used to live for those games, and one day,

stop worrying.

Good game guys

- Okay Toby.
- Not this.

It's just a game.

You can not always believe
as my dad says.

The pretend that this is how you play,

but believe me he likes to win.

Take off your hands up and my cousin.

Girls, to the practices of this
Sheriff week will bring pizza.

But calmly.

Good game it is today.

It will be better next time.

Hot dogs are ready.

No coach, these are for me.

Thank you.

Good man Hector.

Here are the hot dogs.

Where is Toby?

Do not know, should be at
Here, you want that look?

No, I will.


His team is the best,
maybe go to nationals.

We just have to
finish the season.

Toby stay away from there.

You'll never here, okay?

But it looks great.

Believe me, that's all
thing less cool.

But Melissa says you
pray for what you want,

even for things that
not you ask the Virgin.

Want to talk about something?

You're a young woman.

Your mother would be so
proud of you in heaven.

"Toby you there?

- If Dad.
- Ok.

- Are the two in there?
- Yes.

What are they doing?

Father please give us one minutes

- Yes, yes.
- My God father.


- I gave you.
- Yes.

Why not let the game a minute?


Ok, sorry

On nights like this
my father used to say

What do you mean?

There are so foggy that even
ghosts need candles.

- Toby I hope this good.
- I will.

Some things should be forgotten.

That's not what I meant.

Good night I love you mommy.

Eyes on the prize, so

Then the contest this year,

demand a little
creed to follow here.

As the dog Dobby, and
a penny is not worth a diamond.

- The Bear Yoggi.
- Oh, same thing.

Okay darling, sounded good.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Very good breakfast,
very well last night


- Take it off.
- No, no

- It's just lipstick.
- And the next thing will be a piercing.

Jack, sorry dear, you
that continue to shine for now.

- So you look better.
- For you maybe.

See you at practice.

As Yoggi Bear said, a
penny is not worth a diamond.

If good, I think that's all.

Then start

Thank you very much

Sorry I'm late.

What happens?

It's Toby, we can not find it.

We were kicking around
balls, and missed out there,

when we look back not

Hector, I told you you had to
watch them while I'm here.

- I know, I know.
- There must be an explanation.

Home if insurance was not feeling well.

- We have been looking for
- What about Melissa?

Over there.

Perhaps he was alone.

Wait, wait

- Jack listens, we find
- Where was the ball?

- Over there.
- Ok, thanks.

Perhaps we should

She will be fine,
this morning we discussed,

Insurance is
hiding for cobrármela.

In this same area is the border.

Watch this

If someone took her,
not that I will not know.

- She does not go away and
- Only a few hours have passed.

Toby will be fine.

For you it is easier,
it's not your daughter.

Sorry, that was not
what I meant.

Any trace of shoes?

Keep me informed.

The Department of Safety
Publish on line 2.

It's about sex offenders.

He talks Navarro, I
asked if they could send,

A list of violators
sex within a radius of 160 km.

Send it by fax in 5 minutes.

- Perfect, thanks.
- No problems.

What is all this? What sign?

This is the report
police officer,

and this is a request
more police officer.


Wendy, who had made the Sheriff
Fernandez in a situation like this?

You are doing well sir.

- How old are you?
- 11.

- How old are you?
- It has 12 in April.

A coat, pants and a shirt.


I think it was pink.

Why run away?

- Do you have problems with alcohol or drugs?
- No, never

- Are you sure, and friends?
- Toby did not use drugs.

- How do you know?
- Why is my daughter, so I know.

- And the mother of Toby?
- It is an orphan.

When I was a baby, mother
biological died of cancer.

- Is dead.
- We were introduced.

- We have been married 3 years.
- Toby was our flower girl.

Born in Saint Margaret,
in Oklahoma City.

Do you have a criminal record?


Did you fight in a bar?
- No, no, nothing.

- They have fought against it?
- Have you ever been beating his wife?


- And Toby, ever hit him?
- Have you cheated on your wife?

- Have you cheated on your husband?
- I never cheated on my wife.

She is Karen de la Rosa, the
Victims Assistance Unit.


Before going there, you should know
that if someone took Toby,

anyone who has
fact may be seeing this.

It is important to be clear and specific.

Bishop Ladies and gentlemen, believe that
escaped or that someone took her?

Toby if you're viewing this right now

we love you, come home.

Please where whoever it is,

if you have a Toby alone

please send it to us.

Please find Toby and
bring it back home with his family.

- Are you there?
- Sorry

In the name of the father, the
son and the holy spirit.

Thank you all for
come, God bless.

And thanks for organizing the prayers,
means a lot to us.

I want you to know that
the church supports.


We do not know what to do,
Can we do anything else?

Must trust the
Lord, whatever happens,

will be the will of God.

What is that? Do any of us?

No sir, only boys, if I understand.

And our old friend Walker.

North remains in jail.

It is one of the victims to leave alive.

Long is registered in Eagle.

Did you visit?

Do not touch him, Dad.

That's him.

- Hello.
- Jesus.

- Long night?
- Now that I?

What happens then?

You know I get nothing.

Tupito rooted in a
the City of Mexico,

Santa Muerte is a mixture
from pagan rites and Catholicism.

Police say that is popular
among prostitutes and drug addicts.

Some recent killings
have been linked with it.

The Catholic Church condemns Santa
Death as devil worship.

Despite the efforts of
the church, the cult grows.

What do you think?

No alibi,
a van, alone.

What do you think I think?

- Security 24 hours.
- Yes.

- Any news?
- No.

There is an old crossing
the border in Mexico.

My grandmother used
take me as a child.

- She sees things.
- Please Amaya.

Please what?

These people only solo te
say what they want to hear.

How do you know? Any
Once you go with someone like that?

- No.
- So what if you can help?

What I am saying is that no
We have nothing to lose.

I'll finish this conversation.

Let me understand something.

Want to leave this to the will
Mr., as the Father Salinas?

Or do you want to do something about it?

Vera mother now.

He said that I am the daughter of Toby.

What? Is that all?

She wants to touch your hands dear.

That was a waste of time.

- Dear she saw something.
- Whatever was not Toby.

Damn, I can not park here.

Jack, this is the special agent
Wilson, Nakamura's agent.

Handled the case
from now on.

How about you?

We still take the case, but
the FBI will be responsible.

What can you do
can not be the sheriff?

Between them they have 20 years of
experience in such cases.

We have some questions to ask.

Of view was never seen
she was sick.

She was very beautiful.

They said the last time
he saw Toby discussed.

- She is 11 years.
- Is he gone mad?

That is not new.

Do you have children?

They know what it is.

And at work? Does anyone
with whom he takes?

Not all like them but I do not think,

I can not imagine
nobody could.

Then you do not know anyone
you want revenge?

Not that I know.


They found something.

We were sent this this morning,
parents who had a camera.

See anything unusual?

That is the father of Heather
and mother Peggy.

And the big guy in the background?

No, is the uncle of Melissa.

Can I return? Please sir.

There, the white van in the parking lot.

"Redd Holden did not have a well?

No sign of the girl.

They were told to watch over
this place over 24 hours.

- I only went for 5 minutes.
- That is what is necessary, you idiot.

Wilson you have to do this.

I do not understand, how could this have happened?

How did they let him go
well? He must be watched.

Unfortunately it
mistakes were made locally.

You can say that again, a
real sheriff would not let it go.

That's not fair.

Casper, inherited the post
when Fernandez died.

Also if you do not know Toby.

This type has it, I know.

I can assure you that we have everything
we need about the suspect.

Not escape us again.

I have another question.

We're having trouble finding the
death certificate of his first wife.

Do you have a copy?

Remember the name
hospital where he died?

- Saint Margaret.
- What about the funeral?

- Give me one second.
- Do you know where they buried?

Do not remember where they buried?

- Can not find it?
- I tried.

Not to say, try again.

You know him?

No, why?

We did not see the first time,
I saw him this morning.

Nobody knows who he is.

If you've seen before, was
in the park the other day

was playing
lottery with some friends.

Did you see?

Yes, he joked about whether the
girls could go to the World Cup.

He spoke very fast, as laki.

- What?
- By Laki Indians.

Yes, know who they are.

I seek, I will send
a friend of mine in Mexico,

to see that you can find.

$ 10 at number 12.

Tremenda van friend.

My old man had an equal, is it a 200?

Ernesto Huerta, better
known as Bald.

Has tremendous history.

I go to the border, will you come?

Are the two of us?

If the FBI have a lot to handle.

Also have no idea of where we go.

It was a good idea, the laki.

Especially for someone
who does not speak Spanish.

A friend of the bank, the husband is laki.

If I thought it was Guatemala?

No, it laki.

Acuna, Mexico
- 3.2 km south of the border.

You have to go before
to give you another ticket.

This is my cousin's husband, Jack.

Sorry about your daughter.

Casper told me they were looking
Calvo called a laki.

They reached the right place.

Here stumble and do it with one.

Come, follow me.

Sorry, I do not speak Spanish.

But I'm Caroline,
the house in Tepito

Sorry, I do not know.


- Detective Sanchez.
- Santa.

My American friends are looking for a girl.

He knows that girls do not sell here.

Not that kind of girl.

His daughter was kidnapped ago
a couple of days in Del Rio

Kidnapped? It's pretty.

This is our
suspect, Huerta Calvo.

It sounds familiar.

'll Leave here in
If that sounds.

Does anyone work here?

Suspect in this week's
the 11 year old girl Toby Bishop.

The suspect is a sexual offender

The last time they saw
with a white truck,

670UHT plate.

We returned to its regular program.


- You want some ketchup?
- No.

They have so many beautiful photos of Toby,

but I have not seen a picture
Jack as a child.

Or yours

You got a day off?

Usually on Mondays,

but let me be the county
with the family long enough.

And I want to be sure that
I do everything necessary

Karen, can you give us one minutes

What the hell is this?

I take off this place in the center,

know the bakery.

Everyone in the rosary was talking about it.

And just wanted to see what it was.

A lot of it is about revenge.

Do not want to get into that.

Did you think you will do that will,

if you're off the
people who took Toby?

Face to face

kill them.

Where is he?

Who, who? I did nothing.

If, how did you do that to your face?


Is this it?

No, I do not.

But Toby is always
exchanging things.

It can be.

Is that blood?

We do not know, we'll send
The laboratory of the state.

They are very fast, soon we'll know.

It is a wrong answer.

I told you, I never
seen that girl before.

- I told you.
- Remember this?

The last time you were arrested,

.. your friends beat you both,

you spent 6 months in the infirmary.

You know that with one phone call can
could return there.

If the result of
DNA comes we will know everything

so if I were you.

I confess all and save me,

other beatings, you know I speak?

Ok, I picked up a girl at a bus stop,

she is escaping, it was good.

We have fun, things
outwith the normal.

Negative DNA is not our kind.

Where else could the
bad, scratched me and left.

But not kill her.

And sure I have not seen this girl.

Hey, this does not take much.

Thank you all for coming.

As you know we are here in community
to send a message of hope

Is not it strange that the
people become religious,

when things go wrong?

And surely the candles and
the prayers are a good idea,

but we do not know is that there
things that you can not ask the Virgin.

First I want to say that my
husband and I are grateful,

by demonstrations
of love and support,

we have received in recent days.

Guys please, we
in the midst of a mass.

This will not be much.

The hospital where I have to
his wife, Saint Margaret,

burned 5 years ago
is not any.

We did not find the certificate
death of the mother of Toby.

They should write his name wrong.

Then his name also,

because we find their
birth certificate.

No secondary file,
university, bar checks,

even a
library card.

I've moved a lot.

According to the military Jack
Bishop did not exist until 10 years ago.

Am I being arrested?

- No.
- Not yet.

Please excuse me.

I think my husband is going
Jack said something.

- What is it?
- More questions.

Hello everyone, Amaya already said,

but thanks for coming,
means a lot to me,

in my household that their
hearts and thoughts,

and in their prayers.

Toby says I talk too much,

so tonight, she'll talk.

This is something she
wrote in 3rd grade.

Life is like a ball of
soccer, written by Toby Bishop.

Life is like a soccer ball,

sometimes you lose

Sorry I Navarro.

- Primo.
- Hey, what happens?

I have a clue about your cousin gringo.

Want to go?

It would be better than the two to come.

I'll tell you right now, get
there as soon as possible.

- In a couple of hours.
- The sooner the better.

Come, come

I feel that.

Jack, remember the girl that you
Paloma Blanca came in last night?

- No.
- The prostitute.

- Sorry.
- She said to meet him.

Well, she's dead.

Early in the night Carolina Sandoval

was stabbed in a
abandoned church in the city.

What say?

Was there tonight?

No, no, no.

My husband was with me in Del Rio

On the lookout with Toby.

I have a witness who
see a gringo said,

who looked like her husband
within the church tonight.

No, no, it was not.

She is in the other room,
Why do not we ask?

You know that woman?

Amaya never before seen it.

He sees that he does not know.

I'm not sure about that, what about this?

Have you seen this before?

Well, I was there.

But do not know any Carolina.


- Can I go?
- If Lourdes, thank you.

Sorry daddy.

Carolina did not meet for the first time

knew, I came to see her.

And then something happened and kill her.

- That's not true.
- Is not that right?

Not true, it does not
step, I did not kill her.

I went to see her but I did not kill her.

I swear Detective Sanchez

- Amaya listen.
- Please.

- Do not touch me.
- Listen, please.

You have to listen to Casper.

And shit, this is my cousin.

Why not start at the beginning?


He did not, was only
in the wrong place.

The Mexicans went ahead of him.

Hey gringo, you want some soup?

Pretty girl.

Hey, do not touch me.

It was early.

- You sure?
- Yes, it was early.

Want to leave a message?

Give this, I'll tell him
at Hotel La Pantera.

No, this is not my husband.

I fear that if Mrs.

He tells me that this Robert Wyle

- Wyler.
- Whatever.

That Roberto was born in Oklahoma,

but grew up in a
whorehouse in Tepito.

- A collective debt?
- Yes.


And a hitman for the Mexican mafia.

I do not care what they say
Mexican informants.

This man is my husband,
I know Jack Bishop.

Jack Bishop there.

Apparently they will have to
wait a little longer.

Jack ran for 30 minutes.

Sorry, I fourth.

I need a room.

$ 10 an hour.

I need it for overnight.


Hey, I heard that I was looking for.

Where is my daughter?

Who do you work?

We ask for whom you work.

No, just another contract.

- Where is he?
- Fuck you.

I said where I was.

Ok I'll tell you.

Your daughter is a whore.

I was going to keep it to myself.

She is here at the White House,

on the hill.

If you are promised,

already be dead.

Where is Lorena?

- Tell your Katie.
- What are you talking?

- The kidnap.
- You're the kidnapper.

Do not lie, bitch.

Nobody disrespects me
so in my own home.

- I know you do.
- Stop saying that.

One day I woke up without husband or daughter,

not a damn note.

I did what I had to do.

If you are a saint.

I did not want him to see
things I've seen.

Poor Robert, you are
being the gringo weeping

the whore of her mother
left in Mexico.

Just give me back my daughter and go.

Are you serious?

- Talk to Calvo.
- "Bald?

Calvo told me that he had hired.

I know of no bald.

That's good coming from you.

Outside, seriously, get out, just go.

- Give it back.
- No where is, do not know.

Where is he?

Go back and was not here.

You have to do this.

No, please.

Amaya told me that my wedding day,

the spirit of my
mother would be beside me,

when he went to walk around the altar.

There really was going to marry.

But tonight, I knew that
my mother was with me,

at each step.

O Death, Glorious Death

Do not leave me without your protection.

Santa Muerte is one of us,

She walks with us, protects us.

She will overcome my enemies.

I am so proud of you Toby.

And now is the time for
know the truth about your mother.

Forgive me, O God.

Show me, please
show me the path.

I do not believe that ghosts
need candles tonight.

Amaya What are you doing here?

They come in light, with fire in his eyes,

darkness in your heart.

A crucifix falling, the red curtain

I said I was sorry.

The blood running through his body.

Why do you say that?

That night there was someone else.

A little girl.

Look at the darkness
the eye and tell you see.

I see nothing.

He was a player, but the
was all she had,

the girl was forced to watch as you,

and your dog, Katie,

blood collect your debt.

I was there Roberto.

No, no, that's not me,
I'm not that man.

Well, I am that girl.

You went with the family
wrong brother.

You and you took Toby Calvo.

You took my father,
the only man I loved.

What did you do?

And now I take that you love.

Eyes on the prize baby, that is.

My dad thought we had
lucky to have escaped the fire.

But I said none Amaya
of the two die that night.

And one night when
still was too late.

He would know everything.

Some people spend their whole
life back again.

New cities, new
work, new friends,

but no matter
where you go or you do,

There are things you can not forget.

and others can never forgive.

Santa Muerte conquer my enemies

and help me find
the murderer of my mother,

and to avenge her senseless death.

No matter how long it takes,

or how difficult it is.

to conquer that
I have conquered me.

Like Jesus on the cross.

Special thanks to SergeiK.