Notorious Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Notorious script is here for all you fans of the biopic of Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, Notorious B.I.G., etc. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Notorious quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Notorious Script

Where you gonna be 10 years from now?

Ten years from now,
where do I wanna be?

I wanna be... just living, man.
Just living comfortably with my wife, you know.

Just layin' back. Just chilling.
You know what I'm saying? Living.

Where do I think I'll be in 10 years?

I don't think I'll be seeing it, dog, for real, man.
I don't think my luck is that good.

I hope it is, but if it ain't,
so be it. I'm ready.

 Come on, hah, sicker than your average poppa 

 Twist cabbage off instinct
Niggas don't think shit stink 

 Pink gators
my Detroit players 

- Puffy! Congratulations!
-  Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn 

 Dead right, if they head right
Biggie there every night 

 Poppa been smooth
since days of Underoos 

Can't wait for the new al bum, man.


Yo, Big, let's change the world.

Let's roll. Let's roll, y'all.

You needa real man.

- We back, baby. We back!
- No doubt.

We back on top, baby!

- Yo, what's up, ma?
- What's up?

You looking fine.
I'm going to have to get your number.

I don't know.
What's up with you?

In the beginning...

God gave me a clean slate.

But where I grew up,
I knew I couldn't stay clean.

If you was a nice, ordinary kid...

you was an easy mark for the wanna be gangsters
and cutthroat girls in the school yard.

- You wanna check out this magazine?
- Right on. Let's go.

Fab 5 Freddy. There we go.

Kurtis Blow, man!
He's the man! You know-

 Clap your hands, everybody
lf you got what it takes 

 'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow
and I want you to know that these are the breaks 

 Break it up, break it up
break it up 

- There we go.
- Yeah.

I know.

Y'all want our autograph?
We gonna be in a magazine one day.

Chris Shy-ass can't be in no magazine.

He's too fat, black and ugly.

At least there ain't
no train tracks in my mouth.

What do I tell you?
If you just pay attention...

you study hard, always do your best
and look what happens.

A hundred percent!

- I'm proud of you, Chrissy-poo.
- Don't call me that!

Oh, I forgot.
You're all grown-up now, huh?

My moms was from a small town in Jamaica...

where they left the doors
unlocked at night.

But in our neighborhood,
the only time she let me off the stoop...

was when she walked me home from school.

We've seen that 12, 13 times.
Don't you wanna see something different?

This was Brooklyn. Do-or-die Bed-Stuy.

And there was just some shit
Moms couldn't protect me from.


Christopher, say hello to your father.


A hundred dollars.

Is that all he's worth to you?

Are you even planning on
being in his life?

- Thin gs are complicated.
- Things?

I feel like if you and I could just...

It was easy to lie about your wife.

Now, when it comes to your child,
"things"are complicated.

Bye, Voletta.

You for got something.

What's up, y'all?

This is Super Rocking
Mr. Magic holding it down.

This is DJ Marley Marl.
- Check it out, y'all.

- It's all the way live.

He ain't coming back, is he?

No. I don't believe so.

Good. I'm glad.


Come here.

We're gonna be all right, just you and me.

 You ain't no pops to me 

 You just some nigga
sipping on tea 

 Moms don't want your money
so run and flee 


 Back all hunched over
'cause you gotta admit 

 I don't need you in my life
'cause you ain't shit 

Right then and there...

I decided to stop being
that little kid on the stoop.

I knew life was a fucked-up game...

and I knew D Roc was fucked up enough
to show me how to play.

- What's up, D Roc?
- What up, big boy?

- Your mama finally let you out the house?
- Told you I would come.

- I ain't on lockdown like that.
- So you ready to be a big baller?

What I gotta do?

Remember, just act like
you slapping the nigga five.

 Five, six
One, one, two, two, three 

 Four, four, five, six
One, two, three, four, five 

The phone is ringing.

Motherfuckers got
addicted to crack after they first hit...

but I got addicted to money
after my first sale.

By the time I was 17,,
I wasn't no ordinary kid. I was paid.

Christopher, you're not still
lying in that bed, are you?


Christopher, what are you doing?

You saying your prayers?

Praying that God teaches you how to knock.

Please. Don't you mock your prayers.

You don't think Jehovah
has a sense of humor?

He must have, if he made you.

We always gotta listen
to this corny old country music?

I happen to like this music.
They tell good stories.

So, who were you yappin'
on the phone with last night?


It's perfectly normal
for a mother to feel jealous...

when her son cares about another female.

Oh, for crying out loud!

By the way, Ma...

- What?
- How much does a garbage collector make?

I think about 28,000 a year. Why?

- No reason.
- Would you hurry up before you make us both late for class?

- Hey, Voletta. Is that the new Watchtower?
- Of course.

We gonna see you this weekend, right?

 "W" for Wallace
Rappers are demolished 

 Wax 'em and buff'em like polish 

 Don't I look like the illest thing
you ever saw 

 Live with action
guaranteed raw 

 Rappers are demolished 

 Wax 'em and buff'em
like polish 


You need to add 3X to the other side.

Now, you need to solve the problem for X.
Who wants to come up and do that?

Come on up, Mr. Wallace.

7X equals 84...

then 12 equals X.

Impressive. You're actually
smarter than you look.

- Ooh!
- Mr. Webber.

- Yesterday you said I was gonna end up a garbageman.
- That's right.

Lf you keep cutting class,
that's exactly what you'll become.

Well, I found out a teacher
makes 24,000 a year...

and a garbageman makes 28,000 a year.

I'm gonna make $4,000 more
than his dumb ass.

All right. Get out.

Hey! Get out of my class.

Thanks for meeting up.

You know you got it like that.

When my moms see that phone bill,
she gonna kill me.

We gotta chill with all that wild-ass phone sex.


I'm pregnant.

I went to the doctor and everything.

We gonna have a baby.

- Damn.
- Damn?

Is that it? I was half way hoping
you was gonna be happy.

But if this fucks up your world,
then I'm sorry.

Whoa, whoa.
Jan, hold up. Sit down, baby.

What you talking about?
Sit down.

What's wrong with you?

If you're carrying my seed,
it means you are my world.

- You're not sitting there thinking, "Oh, fuck"?
- No, I'm not.

- You know I got you.
- You got me?

No doubt.

Come here.

Oh, fuck.

- What's up, D Roc?
- Yo, what up's, son?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Let's get this money then.

Me and D Roc were like factory workers...

and Fulton Street
was the assembly line.

 Here we go 

But every now and then,
D Roc would say, "Yo, can I get a rhyme?"

See, drug dealing was like my wife.

Rapping was just some chick on the side.

Before I knew it, word got out
a bout my skills and shit.

Then this kid named Primo
called me out.

Everyone was jocking him,
'cause he never lost a battle.

It was one thing to rhyme for your boys,
but it was another to battle.

- ' Bout time you stopped running.
- ' Bout time your ass stopped talking shit.

- Yeah. That's Chris.
- Come on, man.

Get out ofhere. Y'all got big

This what y'all wanna see? Huh?
Y'all wanna see me and big boy?

We got MC quest out here.
That's what- MC Quest.

Come on, man. Y'all know
who the king of Fulton is.

Hey, deejay, play me something nice, man.

All right. Do it.

I 'm gonna get some barbecue chicken
when I'm done with big boy.

You sure you don't want
no barbecue chicken?

 Now let me tell you a little story
about the P-P-Preem 

 Preem head bald
like Mr. Clean 

 And Preem be fresh
like Irish Spring 

 And 'round here
I'm raining and reigning king 

 Big Preem
Coming from the borough of Brooks 

 You sweet on the mike
so your mike get took

 Pla ya slowjam track
and I'll smoke that ass 

 Techno track
and I smoke that ass 

 You can't see me
It's like you blind 

 I call you son 'cause you mine
not 'cause you shine 

Man, get this fool out of here.
You can't be serious, man.

Let's do it though, kid.

Come on. What you got, big boy?

 Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn where this rapper
was originated 

 Your rhymes ain't shit
Your flow's constipated 

 Many awaited the heavy set brother
from Fulton Street 

 Drop a rhyme to a funky beat 

 Niggas wanna know
how I live the mack life 

 Making money
smoking mikes like crack pipes 

 Making loot
knocking boots on the regular 

 Pass the microphone
I'm the perfect competitor 

 Jewels and all that
The clothes is all that 

 Come step it to me
That's where you take your fall at 

 B.I.G., just like my murder 

 It's unheard of
I stay close to mine like Tina on Turner 

 Word to mother
I'm above ya 

 And I love ya
'cause you a sweet bitch 

 A crazy crab
that might make my dick itch 

 I flow looser than Luther
You have to get used to B.I.G. Is the boss trooper 

 Like ice cream, I'll scoop ya
I got it going on 

 Live with action
guaranteed raw 

 For all you bum-ass niggas 

- Yo, that was hot.
- That's what I'm talking about.

Get him downtown.

Primo. Who the hell is that?

What's up, Mom Dukes?

So I was by Fulton Records and I thought,
"What would make Slim happy??"

So I bought you the corniest
country album I could find.

In the last month,
you have missed 20 days of school.

All right. Look.
I tried, Ma.

I missed a few days.
But I went back three weeks straight.

Then three people came to
my class on career day:

A computer technician,
a store owner, a doctor...

- and they all looked like poor, broke-down niggas.
- You watch your mouth.

I can't see myself going to
school to end up like them...

'cause I got something to do right now.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Jan's pregnant.
I'm gonna be a father.

Please tell me that you are not that stupid.

Why would you even say
something like that?

Because you are still a damn boy.

Is this why you think
I came to the States-

So I can spend all my days
taking care of you, feeding you?

Cleaning up old plates of mashed potatoes
you leave underyour bed?

- What?
- You can't take care of your self.

- How are you gonna take care of a baby?
- What did you do with it?

- Where's the plate?
- I threw it in the trash. It was disgusting.

It's my work, man.

- What are you doing?
- Those wasn't no damn mashed potatoes, all right?

Look at me.
I said, "Look at me."

Are you telling me
what I think you're telling me?

Boy, you gonna end up like those
worthless bums you hang with.

- Don't you see that?
- Bums don't have chains, and boys don't have money. I'm a man.

You think that makes you a man?

Get out.

- Ma.
- Get out.

 The fuck is goin'on 

I wasn't the man my moms wanted me to be.

So fuck it. I was gonna be
the man I needed to be.

 When I die, fuck it
I wanna go to hell 

 'Cause I'm a piece of shit
It ain't hard to fuckin' tell 

 It don't make sense, goin' to heaven wit'
the goodie- goodies dressed in white 

 I like black Timbs
and black hoodies 

 God will pro bably have me
on some real strict shit 

-  No sleepin' all day 
- What up, baby?

- What up, man?
- Yo! What up, Chris?

I 'm telling you, Lil' Cee,
the corner ain't no place for you.

Yo, man. I'm just chilling.
That's all.

Yo, D!
Yo, D. Come here.

- Hell.
- Come here, man. Come here.

Does this look like a Lamaze class to you?
Hey, yo, Sandy, take your ass home.

- Come on!
- I got this.

 She don't even love me like she did
when I was younger 

 Suckin'on her chest
just to stop my fuckin'hunger 

 I wonder if i died
would tears come to her eyes 

 For give me for my disrespect
For give me for my lies 

-  My baby mother's eight months Her little sister's two 
- Thanks, black man.

-  I swear to God, I wanna just slit my wrists 
- Yo, D!

-  And end this bullshit 
- Fuck you, man!

I love you too, Sandy.

Yo! You selling crack
to someone who's pregnant.

Fuck a pregnant bitch.
I ain't get in this game to be no social worker.

 A worthless fuckin' buddha-head 

I got tired of that
nickel-and-dime shit, so I stepped up my game.

 I feel like death is fuckin' callin'me 

-  Nah, you wouldn't understand 
-  Nig ga, talk to me, please 

 You see, it's kinda like the crack did
to Pookie in New Jack 

I had four young cats out on the streets.

Look at you, man.
All grown up and shit.

Shut the fuck up and get back by the door.

I wasn't hanging with
my boys, wasn't messing with no chicks.

I was too busy counting paper.

But I was moving too fucking fast and I slipped up.

You have a collect call from

Christopher Wallace.

an inmate at the Wake County Jail.


Damn you, Christopher.

I fucked up.
I need your help.

No. You got your self into this mess.
You get your self out.

I can't ask you to pray for me?

I never stop praying for you.

But you need to stop wasting God's time
and pray for your self.

Close your eyes, Christopher.

Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...

Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...

I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

Thoupreparest a table
before me in the presence of mine enemies.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life.

You got your self
into this mess. You get your self out.

That was the first time in my life I thought...

if i was dead,
my fucking problems would go away.

I started rhyming 'cause I was bored.
Plain and simple.

But then my frustrations turned into rhymes,
and those rhymes told my story.

 The 23 rd Psal m was what
my moms had to offer 

 No collection plate
to make hard time feel softer 

 I know how it feels
to wake up fucked up 

 Pockets broke as hell
Another rock to sell 

 I got P-A -l-D
That's why my moms hates me 

 She was forced
to kick me out, no doubt 

 Then I figured out nicks
went for 20 down south 

Christopher, it's a girl.

 I know how it feels
to wake up fucked up 

 Pockets broke as hell
Another rock to sell 

 Baby on the way
Mad bills to pay 

Welcome home.

- Where is she?
- Oh. All right. All right.

Here. Let me take that.
Give me that.

- T'yanna, say hello to your daddy.
- Let me see.

Come on.


No, no, no, no. Like this.


What's wrong, Ma?
She ain't that ugly.



- Hey, what's going on?
- Chris?

You be a great father.

No doubt. No doubt, Ma.

Yo, what's up?

Hey. Look who's back, man.

Oh, shoot! Yo, it's Chris, man.
What's up, Chris?

- What you doing down here, man?
- I'm chilling. I'm chilling.

Holding niggas down in here, man.

- You know he a pop now, right?
- Word! Are you a pop?

- Yeah.
- Yo, what you got, a boy or girl?

- Little girl.
- Wow. Thank God she look like her mother.

- You know Mister Cee right here.
- What's up, dog? How are you?

Hey, yo, Big. I hope you remember
how to smoke one of these.

It's what I do, man.
Keep this out your hand.

That's for grown folks, man.

- Give me that shit.
- Hey, yo. Now that you out, what you gonna do?

Having a daughter
made me want to be a different kind of cat.

Got a little shorty I gotta support,
you know what I'm saying?

But not being able to
support her felt like a whole other kind of jail.

- Me and D Roc gonna hold it down like we always did.
- Hell, yeah.

Come on.

Come on. One, two. Yeah.

 The microphone murderer
mass mayhem maker 

 B.I.G. Is on the mike
Call the undertaker 

 Make an appointment
and schedule an interview 

 Because you know
what big man's about to do 

 50 Grandon the Technic
with the right beat 

-  Brothers wanna hear the words 
- Hold up, hold up.

What'd you say at the beginning
of your rhyme? B.I.G.?

- Biggie Smalls.
- Biggie Smalls, huh?

- Let's do it a gain, nigga.
- Hey, yo, son. Your shit got nice.

- For real.
- But, yo, if you gonna...

put it down like that,
we gotta record this shit.

- Nigga, don't be gassing me up.
- I'm just saying.

I know motherfuckers
who know motherfuckers.

- Then pop a tape in, nigga.
- All right, yo.

Let's do this. Let's take it
from the top, Biggie Smalls.

 A whole lot of niggas
want Big to do a demo tape 

 Yo, 50, what's this 

 Uh, the microphone murderer
mass mayhem maker 

 B.I.G. 's on the mike
Call the undertaker 

 Make an appointment
and schedule an interview 

 Because you know
what big man's about to do 

 50 Grand on the Technics
with the right beat

 Brothers wanna hear the word
the big man speak 

 The microphone a-ripping
The burner got the clip in 

 Slamming MC's
like Scottie Pippen 

 Sipping on old gold cold
'cause the rhymes were sold 

 Puffing on dime bags
and l've been told 

 My words are harder than a brick
Chinese arithmetic 

 A thick stick in my dick 

-  Makes me sick when you pick
- That's it, right there.

 Your weak rap rhymes, G I'm kicking and pumping
It's tic-tac time, see 

 The B.I.G. Moves swifter
than a ninja 

 Even on stickups
I'm the masked avenger 

 Keep my eyes open
and the case is closed 

 No eye witnesses
No names are exposed 

 It's the heavy set one with the big gun
and the sweet tongue, taking down everyone 

 Coop like Michael Jackson
Kicks like Bo Jackson 

 Fuck like Freddy Jackson
No need for action 

 My crew, ooh
No fronting, no faking moves 

 Hot into fucking
and even when we stick a move 

He got sex appeal like LL?

Yeah, a little bigger than that.

What, like Heavy D?

He a little darker than that.

- Yo, he look like Wesley Snipes?
- He ain't Wesley.

- Okay?
- Yo, bring him in. Bring him in.

Yes, bring him in, please.

This is Biggie Smalls.
You know Mister Cee and, um-

- D Roc. What up?
- D Roc.

Uh, y'all have a seat.

So my boy said
that you was digging the tape.

I know what you did forJodeci and MaryJ.

And I got rhymes for days,
know what I'm saying?

What kind of story you trying to tell?

I guess I'm trying to tell a story about a average
nigga from Brooklyn. Know what I'm saying?

- Nigga gotta figure out that life shit.
- You still hustling?

So you don't get it twisted,
I'm not a gainst making money.

My business is about the streets,
but my business ain't in the streets.

And I can't be building nothing around no artist
that can get locked up any minute.

I'm saying, if you got real paper coming my way,
I'm out the game.

Don't chase the paper.
Chase the dream!

I started off as Andre Harrell's assistant.
Now I'm damn near running this place.

Nigga, I'm hungry! You can throw me butt-naked
in the jungle, and I'll come out with a...

with a chinchilla coat, a leopard hat
and 10 pounds heavier from eating them niggas.

With all due respect, Puff,
dreams ain't paying the bills, G.

His do.

Puffy, I don't know about a chinchilla...

but if you throw me out to the jungle,
I'll have them motherfuckers dancing.

Maybe in the right hands, I could be,
like, one of the greatest.


- How old are you?
- Nineteen.

By the time you 21,
I'll make you into a millionaire.

We can change the world, Biggie Smalls.
We can change this game.

Saying the West Coast-
They got Snoop, they got Dre, they got Cube.

They killing it. The East Coast just
waitin' for somebody to fill that void.

The decision is yours.

You can be the average
nigga from Brooklyn...

or you can rap about
the average nigga from Brooklyn.

You gotta let me know whether
it's the streets or the studio.

So you in?

What's up, big mama?

What'd you just call me?

Big mama.

You looking damn good.
How's work today?

Every day you ask me how I'm doing.
What's that about?

- It's 'cause I care. Know what I'm saying?
- Yeah, right.

What ever you say, big poppa.

You got a smart-ass mouth.

You gonna do something about it?

I ain't think so.

Hold up.

You wanna get something to eat?

Fuck. Oh, I like it.

Oh, shit, Big.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Oh, damn. I want you
to get on top of me, Big.

- Mm-mmm.
- Oh.

Oh, it feels so good, big poppa.

Oh. Oh. Oh!

You seein' anybody?

Kind oflate to be asking.

Well, I was seeing someone.

He kept thinkin'
we was in a Mike Tyson fight.

Ain't nobody gonna hurt you no more.
I got you, all right?

Oh, shit.
We got Puff out, huh?

Been out here waiting for y'all asses.

What's up, man?

- What's up, Big?
- What's up?

Andre said there only can be
one lion in the jungle.

The fuck you talking 'bout?

I got fired, Big.

So what about my deal?

You really had my ass goin'.

Just didn't know
it was all fucking bullshit.

Only thing I got lined up is some-
some college shows.

It's gonna be a minute
before I get something real.

Hey, Big.

My father died hustling on these streets
when I was two years old.

Ain't no future in this right here.

Just because we got knocked down,
don't mean we can't get back up.

What don't break a nigga make a nigga.

I thought I hada record deal, and now
I can't even buy fuckin' diapers for T'yanna.

Gotta punch the clock and shit.

- I thought you told Puff you gonna stop hustling, man.
- I thought I was.

- Oh, shit.
- Shit!

Yo, toss that! Toss that!

We got another one.
He's heading to Saint Mark's.

There's no where to go.

Let's do this the easy way, huh?

Show me your hands.
Come on, show me your hands.

You show me your hands,
I'll put the piece away.

You know, when I was a kid...

you had a switchblade, brass knuckles,
you were a bad dude.

Now you got 13-year-olds
looking to shoot the big niggers...

on the corner so they could start
running shit themselves.

I mean, what the fuck
is the world coming to...

when a drug dealer can't
walk the streets at night?

Tell me, Chris, what do you put on first?

Your socks, your jacket, your piece?

I ain't never saw that gun before.

- So then it must be yours.
- Nah.

Okay, one of you is goin' down
for carrying an illegal firearm.

Which ever one it is, I don't give a shit.
But there's no way...

that the two of you
are walkin' out of here.

I give you one minute.

- He just trying to make us sweat.
- Yo, we play hardball with him, he's gonna dust it for prints.

- We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
- No, by then it i'll be too late.

Look, y-you got priors.
You're looking at five or six years, easy.

If l plead guilty, I get three and a day.

- No, D Roc. My gun, my bid.
- No, man. That's bullshit.

Look, this music shit you got going on...

It don't come around every fuckin' day.

When a motherfucker like you make it,
we all make it.

- What if I don't make it?
- Listen.

I told you how to get into the drug game.

Now I'm telling you
how to get the fuck out.

You don't have a record deal?
Then go out and get one.

But you're not going back on the block.

Not when you got the skills
to do something...

and not if I take this bid for your ass.

So you're gonna make it.


I put my socks on first, motherfucker.


Go ahead. Take a walk.

Big, what's going on?
You good?

Look, Mark, I 'm gonna be
for real about this shit.

This is my motherfucking life,
you feel me? I got a kid.

I feel like I'm stuck in the mud, yo.

Tell Puff l'm down with chasing the dream.

Whatever he want me to do, I'm in.
But this shit gotta jump off now.

I'm gonna tell Puff.
Look, I got you.

Puff will be right with you.

 This is going out
to all the pimps and macks 

 Y'all know the flavor, Brooklyn style
You know how we do 

 Is it true
All I wanna do is screw 

 Drink brew with the crew
on the avenue 

 Ooh, I flip skins
like Mary Lou 

 So what you gonna do
when she'll come for you, boo 

 I got girls that
look like Toni Braxton 

 And give me the skins
without aksin' 

 When I'm relaxin' on my back
and you know what time it is, oh 

 But if it's red, man
I'll leave you alone 

 She can call me
on my cellular phone 

 And I'll mess around and pickyou up
take you to the crib, stick you up 

 And put my Silk CD
and lick you, ooh 

- Yeah, Big. You ready.
-  Hit the twat till your pops call the cops 

 And when I make bail, out of jail
I'm-a wail on that tail 

 Because sex never fails
This is going out to the pimps and macks 

 This is forthe macks anddons 

- What up, Howard University?
- What up?

Y'all ready for the next performer?

All right, coming to you from do-or-die
Bed-Stuy, Biggie Smalls!

Also known as Notorious B.I.G.

- Who is that?
- What's up, y'all? How you feel, Big?

...Business Instead of Game.
I need y'all to get loud right now-

- Doyour thing, a'ight?
- And give it up for Notorious B.I.G.!

- A-Yo!
- All right!

Puff made a name
for his self when he went to Howard.

But my name
didn't mean shit to that crowd.

- Yo!
- All right!

Hey, Howard. I'm back.

Go get it, big man.

I wanted to do so fuckin' good.

I felt like I owed it to D Roc.
I felt like I owed it to my self.

Welcome to B.I. G.

- Get the fuck out of here.
- Got you, Big. I got you.

All right?

Where my niggas at?

- Don't stop. We won't stop.
- Let's go. Let's go.


 I was a terror
since the public school era 

 Bathroom passes
cuttin' classes, squeezing asses 

 Smoking blunts was a daily routine since A chubby nigga on the scene 

 I used to have the tre-deuce
and the deuce-deuce in my bubblegoose 

 Now I got the MAC in my knapsack
Lounging black 

 Smoking sacks up in acts
with sidekicks 

 With my side kicks
rocking fly kicks 

 Honeys wanna chat
but all we wanna know 

 Is where the party at
And can I bring my gat 

-  It don't take nothing 
- What up, Pac?

Vince. How's it going?
Good to see you.

 Dumping out, just me and my crew
'Cause all we gonna do is 

 Bullshit and party
and bullshit and party 

 And bullshit and party 

-  And bullshit and party and bullshit 
- Next verse.

 Honeys in the back
looking righteous 

 In a tight dress
I think I might just 

 Hit 'em with a little Biggie how I tote guns 

- What up, Pac?
- Hey, man.

- You hitting the stage tonight?
- No. You know, I'm just here for the recreational activities.

 Smoking, drinking
Got the hooker thinkin' 

 If money smell bad
then that nigga Biggie stinking 

 Niggas start to loke out
A kid got choked out

 Blows were thrown
and a fucking fight broke out 


Yo, chill!

 Can't we just all get along So I can put hickeys on your
chest like Little Shawn 

 Get you pissy drunk off of Dom Perignon
And it's on 

 And I'm gone
That's that party 

 And bullshit and party
and bullshit and party 

 And bullshit and party
and bullshit and party 

 And bullshit andparty
and bullshit andparty 

- All right!
- I saw Tupac a bout 20 times in Juice.

Now here I was
walking into a party with him.

It was crazy. Females were ready
to jump out their clothes to get at him.

- Yo, man.
- And all the brothers gave him mad respect.

What's up, baby?
When you starting out, that's the best time.

'Cause as soon as you get on top,
that's when the shit start.

I figured if it was this good starting out...

then being as large as Pac
must be the shit.

Catch you later, Big.

You see that fine-ass girl over there?

Which one?

Right over there.

 Before I flip a script
you know I must keep you dozing 

 I nto the stage of the Buckshot Shorty
Son, pass the boom 

That's my joint.
 Never, ever, ever get played Kill that 

 Bust a mad cap in your back
'cause I'm all that 

 Straight from Crooklyn Better known as Brooklyn
Elude the hook and 

- Nice voice.
-  The whole beat's took in 

- Keep going.
- Why? So you can laugh?

I ain't gonna laugh at you.

Least not to your face.

 My mental is criminal
Felony thought subliminal 

quick to trigger pull 

 Grab a pocketful of duckets
So what 

 Fuck it Don't give a damn
Niggas know who I'am 

 See, a bitch like me come
and do you in your sleep 

 You wake up, shook up
Running scared in the streets 

 Known around town
as the bitch who gets down 

 Till they put me in a cell
or they put me in the ground 

- That's tight.
- But?

Dudes want to hear some sexiness
come out a chick's mouth...

not no gangsta shit.

 Your whole world changed when you 
Wait. Wait.

Loosen up.

Go on.

 Your whole world changed
when you heard me rap 

 Hand on your dick
while my ass you smack

Wanna take off my panties
and put it in the hole 

 But this ain't cheap, nigga
Gots to pay a toll 

 Give a nigga head
and no, I never bite 

 Sexy-ass lyrics
you know you kind of like 

 Mike in my hand
You better understand 

 Lil' Kim be the baddest bitch
in Brooklyn 

Damn, shorty.
I'm loving that.

- Yeah?
- Uh-huh.

- What else you love?
- Mmm. I love it when you call me Big Poppa.

- I don't understand what you're doing.
- I am being a man.

You're coming in here
all hours of the night.

- Jan's calling me.
- Me and Jan ain't even kicking it.

You breaking up with your daughter too?
You too busy hanging out to go see her.

I'm not hanging out.
I'm working.

And I'm starting to question
what this job really is.

Puff got it all lined up.

What kind of man, grown-ass man,
calls himself "Puffy"?

That's just absolutely ridiculous.

- Puffy doesn't even have a job himself.
- It's not even like that.

- It's not like what? It's not like what?
- Jesus.

- What isn't it like, huh?
- Excuse me, Ms. Wallace.

Ifl could just explain
why Chris has been late.

Please. I want to hear this.

Yes, ma'am. Uh-

Your son has something special.

And sometimes it's gonna mean late nights
and hard work, but I think it's gonna pay off.

Now, the minute I see him slacking,
I'll be the first to let you know.

I been talking to Mark
about becoming my manager.


And if you're asking me to hold you
equally responsible, Mark- believe me, I will.

Yes, ma'am.

- I need to have a word with Chris.
- Yes, ma'am.

My doctor found a lump in my chest.


My surgery is next week. They need to act
aggressively if I'm gonna have a chance.


- What is that supposed to mean?
- I want to be up front with you, Christopher.

- No, Ma. No, I don't want to hear all that.
- No, listen.

- I need you to know something. Christopher! Please!
- I don't want to hear this, Ma.

Listen, yo. I got these ideas in my head.

Like, I've been thinking all night.
I can't get-Whoo!

Look, look, yo. I've been thinkin'
about my cousin Wayne. He's smart.

I been thinking about bringing him in
to help me with the management.

I think you'll dig him, Big.


Big. Big.
Do you want to talk about it?

- About what?
- I mean, whatever's buggin' you, Big.

You haven't said shit
for the past couple days, man.

My moms has breast cancer.
Talkin' gonna fix that?


No. I guess not.

I was only when I lost my moms to cancer.

How'd you deal with shit?

I ain't feel like talking.

Look, Big, I know you goin'
through hard times right now.

But you're gonna have to be
a soldier for your moms.

You gonna have to be there
and support her, man.

I'm gonna pray for your moms, Big.

Some of y'all wrote me off.

Maybe some of y'all in this room.

- But what don't break a nigga will make a nigga!
- Yeah.

- To Bad Boy Records!
- To Bad Boy!

Yo, Puff, can I holler at you
for a minute?

Yeah, I wanna talk to you.

- Yo, how your moms?
- Gettin' her strength back.

She just got back from the hospital.
Look, Puff, man, this Bad Boy shit for real?

Let me show you something.

Yo, I took this here to Clive Davis.

Big on Side One- Biggie Smalls-
Side Two, Craig Mack.

B.I.G. Mack.
It's the B.I.G. Mack. Feel me?

What the hell could he say?
Just open it.

Welcome to Bad Boy.

-  Love got to do 
-  When I'm rippin' all through your whole crew 

 Strapped like bam boo
but I don't sling guns 

 I got bags of funk
and it's sellin' by the tons 

 Niggas wanna know
how I live the mack life 

 Making money
smoking mikes like crack pipes 

 It's type simple
and plain to maintain 

 Add a little funk to the brain
The funk, baby 

-  I live for the funk 
-  The funk, baby 

 I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk
I'll die for the funk 

-  I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk 
- Fuck around and be hard-core.

 I live for the funk
I'll die for the funk 

That's hot. That's hot.
I love it.

- This could be my first single.
- I want you to hear something.

 Juicy fruit 



-  Yeah 
-  Juicy fruit 

-  Candy rain Comin'down 
- See what I'm saying?

I'm trying to get niggas out their seat.
This going to be like soul music.

If I spit this, niggas going to be laughing at me.

If you spit this, niggas going to be
laughing at you all the way to the bank, Big.

What's next? You want me
to dance like MC Hammer?

Look, you give me
that street shit for Side B.

But if l don't have something
I can play on the radio...

no body 'll everhear or buy your album.

You'll just be a broke-ass, mix-tape rapper.
Trust me, Big.

Yo. Puff got a point.

And he's burnin g a lot of money
in the studio.

These niggas look like Rick James.

- Yo.
- I need some time, man.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Yo, come back in, like, an hour or two.
We'll have something ready by then. Puff, I got this.

- All right.
- All day.

Yo, Cease.

I'm gonna need some Pepsi
and some more weed.

- All right, man.
- And some females. Tell them we having a party.

- About time, baby! I'll be right back.
- Let me hear that one more time.

-  Juicy fruit 
-  Juicy 

What's up? That's 500.

Game over, man. Now you mad.
You lost. Loser.

Hey, yo, Big.
Your baby mama on the phone.

Not right now, man.

All right, man. I got you.

 You're my sugar thing
My chocolate star 

Look, Big, have you written
some lyrics down yet?

Gotta find some inspiration.

 But you're the only one 

 That gives me good and plenty 


You ready to go in the studio, Big?
Puffs on his way over.

- Come on. Wake up. Pull that track up.
- We don't pay you to sleep.

 Live from Bedford-Stuywesant
the livest one 

 Representing B.K. To the fullest
Gats I pull it 

 Bastards ducking when Big be buckin' 

 Chicken heads be cluckin'
in my bathroom fuckin' 

 It ain't nothing 

Yo, uh, any time you wanna stop playin'.

Drop the drum.


 It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine 

 Salt-N-Pepa and Heavy D
up in the limousine 

 Hanging pictures on my wall 

 Every Saturday, Rap Attack
Mr. Magic, Marley Marl 

 I let my tape rock
till my tape popped 

 Smoking weed and bam boo
sipping on Private Stock 

 Way back, when I had the red and black
lumberjack with the hat to match 

 Remember Rappin' Duke
Duh-ha, duh-ha 

 You never thought that hip-hop
would take it this far 

 Now I'm in the lime light
'cause I rhyme tight 

- That's that money, baby!
- That's fire. That's fire.

 Born sinner
The opposite of a winner 

- Yo, he ain't write this down?
- I don't even know.

I mean, I think.

Tell you the truth,
I'm a little fucked up right now.

 I'm blowin' up
like you thought I would 

-  Call the crib Same numbers, same hood 
- Yeah, Big.

 It's all good

 And if you don't know
now you know, nigga 

That shit just clicked. Puffy gave it that gloss.

The way them snares
hitting them vocals dropped...

he took that track
from 100 percent to 200 percent.

They started saying we brought
the funk back to hip-hop.

All I know is,
I was doing what I always did.

Bad Boy Records is taking over the rap game...

with Craig Mack burning up the charts.

And now every body's excited a bout
the Notorious B.I. G.'s debut album, Ready to Die.

 Just like uniblab
robotic kickin' flab 

 My flavor be the badder chitter-chatter
Madder than the Mad Hatter 

 I bet you my shit come out fatter
Got the data 

lf they didn't know
Puff Daddy and Biggie Smalls before...

they damn sure knew us now.

 The king is what I mean
I mean 

How you doing?

This is my man, right here.

Bad Boy!

 I bet your mama miss you
and I bet the MAC take off like an M.X. Missile 

 No more of your whining
on the charts climbing 

 As I make the funk kickin' out
more harder than a diamond 

 And if you didn't know
who's rhyming 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
How y'all doing? How y'all feel?

I wanna thank each
and every one of y'all...

for helping us celebrate
the Ready to Die album. Thankyou.

Hip-hop ain't never going to be the same...

because of this man right here,
Biggie Smalls!

The Notorious B.I.G.!
You got something to say?

Brooklyn, we did it!

Take your crown. Take your crown.
Have a seat, Big. You're a Brooklyn king.

 Biggie Biggie Biggie Smalls
is the illest

Biggie Biggie Biggie Smalls is the illest 

 Live from Bedford-Stuywesant
The livest one 

-  Representing B.K. To the fullest, gats I pull it 
- It's a hot party.

 Bastards ducking
when Big be buckin'

 Chickenheads be cluckin'
in my bathroom fuckin'

 It ain't nothing
They know Big be handlin'

 With the MAC
in the Ack doorpanelin'

 Bandagin' MCs
oxygen they can't breathe 

 Mad tricks up the sleeve
Wear boxers so my dick can breathe 

- What's up, homey?
- What's up?

Yeah. I'm-a be right back.
Hey, hold this. Don't let them go nowhere.

- What's up, homey?
- Congratulations!

We doing it.

- You shining, baby. Congratulations!
- Get my man a bottle.

- No doubt. What's up?
- Yo, how well you know them cats?

Oh, they just helping me with this movie
I'm doing. They cool.

Mmm. Watch the company you keep, man.
They got a rep.

So? Nigga, you got a rep.
So what the fuck you saying?

Shit. I'm a bad boy!

- Yo, Pac, Big.

Can I get you to say
a couple words for the camera?

Man, fuck your camera! No, I'm fucking with you.
Come on.

Hey, yo, check it out,
motherfucker! I'm Tupac.

I'm chilling here with my homeboy
the Notorious B.I.G. On the scene.

We about to takey'all motherfuckers
by storm. Give them something, Big.

True, that. True, that.
You know, I'm chilling with my man Pac...

who schooled me to the game and shit.

- Yeah, they know who it is.
- You know what I'm saying?

Now we about to wreak havoc
on you motherfuckers, man.

You know what I'm saying?
Chandon sippers.

- Know what I mean? Frank White piece holders.
- Yeah!

- Rolex diamond. You know what it is, nigga.
- Get some. Get some.

We taking your money
and buying your bitches with your money.

- That's right, nigga. You'll see.
- Come get some, motherfucker!

I'm wearing this
to my first show coming up.

What you think?

That ain't bad.

Ain't bad?
You must be going blind.

I'm trying to make you
the Marilyn Monroe of hip-hop.

That ain't turning no heads.

- So I should lose the suspenders?
- Keep the suspenders.

Lose the shirt.

- Like this?
- Mmm.

Like that. Yeah.

- Faith, come on.

Get it going. That's good.
Move, Faith. Yeah, good.

Come on, y'all.
This ain't no funeral.

It ain't even a photo.
It's a mission statement.

Bad Boy ain't here to be in the game.
Bad Boy here to take over the game.

Every body, take 10 minutes.

Watching Faith, all I could think was, "Damn!"

She was like some chick
fresh off a movie screen.

My baby. Thank you.

So, why a brother
gotta be left out in the cold?

You done show everyone
up in here them pictures, except me.

Look, uh, no offense.

I think you're an incredible rapper
and I'm sure you're a nice guy...

but I don't need all that right now.

All what?

What you saying?

You don't need a brother
to make you smile?

Sorry, but I'm not smiling.

Not yet.

All right, fine.
My daughter, Chyna.

- She's beautiful.
- Thank you.

Just like her mother.

What were you doing before
you hooked up with Puffy?

- Pharmaceuticals. You know how it is.
- Typical.

So, are you a bad guy trying to be good,
or a good guy trying to be bad?

I'm someone trying to make it.

- How'd you start singing?
- North Baptist Church choir.


I wrote a couple joints
for other artists and finally I got my shot.

I don't know what I'd be doing,
but I ain't think I'd be doing this.

When I was a little girl,
everybody told me singing was my destiny...

but I was secretly hoping to make a career
at doing the beat box.

No! Get out of here. I know you ain't
trying to say you know how to beat box.

- You trying to play me out?
- Let me hear some old-school flavor.

- You gonna rhyme?
- I'm going to tear it down.

- Shh.
- You shootin' jabs?

 Some call me Biggie
or B.I.G. 

 I'm just chilling
in the place to be 

 And I ain't trying to preach
or teach some knowledge 

 I'm just trying to call you
FEW- Faith Evans Wallace 

I like your laugh. It's sexy.

Why don't you let me do that?

- Do what?
- Make you laugh.

Can I be that man?

 Oh, oh
Checkit out

 To all the ladies in the place
with style and grace 

 Allow me to lace
these lyrical 

Man, you're making all the big niggas
sexy again, brother. All right?

Yo, Big. Thanks for representing for
the brothers hustling on the corners, man.

Your story telling is the shit. For real.
I could picture everything you're rapping about.

- Shit is like a fucking movie.
- For real, man.

- Shit.
- What's up, Big? Can you sign right here for me?

Right there.
I do all this for you, baby.

- I love you, Big Poppa!
- I lovey'all, too.

We had been
seeing each other for three weeks.

But I ain't wanna wait another minute.

In prosperity and adversity.

Prosperity and adversity.

And, for saking all others,
to always be faithful.

You know me about a month, Big.
Don't say it if you're not ready.

And, for saking all others,
to always be true.

With the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

 You got it goin' on 

Let's get it.

Come on!

 Uh, wha wha 

You got it goin' on
Wha wha 

-  I used to be scared of the dick 
- Is she for real?

 Now I throw lips to the shit
Handle it like a real bitch 

 Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme
Take it in the butt 

-  Yeah, yeah, what, I got... 
- No! That's not the way I said do it.

Maybe I don't feel like doin' it
your wack-ass way.

- Look, bitch, stop being so fucking difficult.
- Who you calling a bitch, nigga?

You wasn't talking that shit when you was
eating my pussy the other night.

Turn that shit off.

- Are you out of your fucking mind?
- Are you out of yours?

- Since when do you start treatin g me like a ho?
- She's my wife.

And what the fuck am I?

Someone whose ass I took out
of the fucking department stores.

Ain't that what you wanted?

You said, "I got you."

- Shit.
- "No one's gonna hurt you no more."

Look, this fucking recording studio
ain't big enough for all that personal shit.

What do you see in her that you
don't see in me? I want to know.

You're my fucking artist.
All right?

You're my fucking artist.

That's all I am to you, Big?

Do the fucking song.

 Throw your motherfucking hands
in the air 

 Throw your motherfucking hands
in the air 

 Throw your motherfuckin' hands
in the air 

 Check it out 

-  Somebody say, "B.I.G." 
- B.I.G.!

-  Say, "B.I.G." 
- B.I.G.!

Everybody put your middle fingers in the air
like this and turn it like this!

 Check it
and let me hear you say 

-  "Fuck that side" 
- Fuck that side!

-  Say, "Fuck that side" 
- Fuck that side!

 Say, "Fuck that side" 

Fuck that side!

 Who the fuck is this paging me
at 5:46 in the mornin' 

 Crack of dawnin'
now I'm yawnin' 

 Wipe the cold out my eyes 

 See who's this pagin' me
and why 

 It's my nigga Pop
from the barbershop 

 Told me he was in the gamblin' spot
I heard the intricate plot 

 Some niggas wanna stick me
like fly paper, neighbor 

 Slow down, love
Please chill, drop the caper 

 Remember them niggas from the hill
up in Brownsville 

 That you rolled dicewit'
Smoked blunts and got nicewit' 

 Yeah, my nigga Fame
up in Prospect 

 Nah, that's my nigga
Nah, love wouldn't disrespect

 I didn't say dem 

 They schooled me to some niggas
that you knew from backwhen 

 When you was
clockin' minor figures 

 Now they heard you
blowin' up like nitro 

 And they wanna stick the knife
through your windpipe slow 

 So, thank Fame for warnin' me
'cause now I'm warnin' you 

 I got the mack nigga
Tell me what you gonna do 

 Niggas wanna stick me for my paper 

 Niggas wanna stick me for my paper 

 Niggas wanna stick me for my paper 

 Niggas wanna stick me for my paper 

 Do my ladies
run this motherfucker 

Hell, yeah!


- Is Chris home?
- No.

Know when he'll be back?

I don't.
Is there a message?


Tell him he needs to visit his daughter
every once in a while.

 I let my tape rock
till my tape popped 

 Smoking weed and bamboo
Sipping on Private Stock

 Way back when I had the red and black
lumberjack with the hat to match 

 Remember Rappin' Duke
duh-ha, duh-ha 

 You never thought that hip-hop
would take it this far 

 Now I'm in the limelight
'cause I rhyme tight 

 Time to get paid
blow up like the World Trade 

 Born sinner
the opposite of a winner 

 Remember when I used to
eat sardines for dinner 

 Peace to Ron G, Brucey B
Kid Capri 

 Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug

 I'm blowin' up
like you thought I would 

 Call the crib same number, same hood
It's all good 

 And if you don't know
now you know 

- Ladies!
- You know very well!

-  I can't hear you 
- Who you are!

-  A little louder 
- Don't let'em hold you down!

So how's Philly?

I had females crying for me like
I was Michael Jackson and shit.

Well, tell them hos to beat it.

You had a- a visitor, by the way.

- Your ex came over.
- Jan?

- Yeah.
- What the hell does she want?

For you to spend time with your daughter.

I do spend time with my daughter,
whenever I can.

I'm breaking Jan off every
motherfucking weekwith cash.

- Giving money ain't the same thing.
- Whose side are you on?

- You have to ask?
- My bad.

So check it.

Mark met some chick, so I may let them...

use my suite tonight,
so don't bother calling.

You're letting Mark use your room?

Yeah, it ain't no thing.

It sounds stupid, that's all.

That's 'cause it is stupid.
But it's for my man, you know?

- All right. I love you.
- I love you, too, Fay.

- Hello?
- Hi. Could you watch Chyna for me?


- House keeping.
- No, thank you.

Sorry, ma'am.
I can't hear you through the door.

I said, no, thank you

- Shit!
- What the fuck?

- Fay, wait. Fay.
- What the fuck?

Fay, wait! Don't!

- Fucking bitch!
- Hey, FEW, wait. Fay-Fay.

- Shit! Fay! I wasn't even fucking her.

Well, you should have been.

 You didn't
hear me calling out 

 Calling for
your warm affection 

 After all this time 

 You can't deny 

 What I'm feeling, ohh-oh-ohh 


 And I stood right by 

 Your side 

 Went through
all the hurt and pain 

 Then you turned
and walked away 

-  I remem ber 
-  I remember 

 You used to love me, baby 

-  I remember 
-  Ohh-oh-ohh 

 The days you used to love me 

 Ohh-oh-ohh, remember 

I don't know what else to do but be real with you.

I fucked up.

I miss being home with you and Chyna.

I got caught up in some bullshit.

I'll never fuck up again, Fay-Fay.


I don't know what else to say.

I just want to come home.

- Ladies and gentlemen-
- Stupid.

Nobody smile like you, Fay-Fay.

Forgive me, Fay-Fay?


Oh, shit!

See what you did?

I love you, Fay-Fay.

I love you too.

Things got cool with me and Faith...

so I took Junior M.A.F.I.A.
On the road.

But the smoother shit got with me and Fay,
the bumpier they got with me and Kim.

Notorious B.I. G. Presents...

Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Featuring Lil' Kim!

 Niggas, better grab a seat 

 Grab hold your dick
'cause this bitch get deep 

 Deeper than the pussy
of a bitch six feet 

 Stiff dicks feel sweet
in this little petite 

 Young bitch from the street
guaranteed to stay down 

 Used to bring work out oftown
on Greyhound 

 Now I'm Billboard bound
Niggas, press to hit it 

 Play me like a chicken
Thinking I'm pressed to get it 

 Rather do the killin'
in the stick-upjooks 

 Rather count a million
while you eat my pussy 

 Push me to the limit
Get my feelings in it 

 Get me open
while I'm comin' down your throat 

 You wanna be my main squeeze
nigga, don'tcha 

 You wanna lick
between my knees, nigga 

 Don'tcha wanna see me
whipping your three down the ave 

 Blow up spots on bitches
because I'm mad 

 Break up affairs
lick shots in the air 

 You get vexed and start
swinging every where 

 Me shifty
Now you want to pistol-whip me 

 Pull out your nine
while I cock on mine 

 Know what, nigga
I ain't got time for this 

 So what, nigga
I'm not trying to hear that shit 

 Now, you want to buy me
diamonds and Armani suits 

and Chanel nine boots 

 Things to make up
for all the games and the lies 

 Hallmark cards
saying, "I apologize" 

 Is you wit' me
How could you ever deceive me 

 The pay back's a bitch
Motherfucker, believe me 

 Naw, I ain't gay
This ain't no lesbo flow 

 Just a little somethin'
to let you motherfuckers know 

 Get money, fuck bitches 

-  Get money 
-  Get money, fuck bitches 

That's that Biggie joint, baby.

"One More Chance" officially got
the number-one slot on the chart this week.


I love you.

 We push the hottest V's
Peel fast through the city 

 Pla y Monopoly with real cash 

 Me and Biggie and the models be
shakin' they saditty ass 

 And parotta be somethin'
you cats got to see 

 And the watches be all types
and shapes of stones 

 Bein' broke is childish
and I'm quite grown 

 Run up in that club
with the ice on me and Paisan 

 Scope the spot out
see somethin'nice and I'm gone 

 I'm poppin' Ma gnums
while Jigga bag somethin'

 Watch is platinum
Got jet lag from 

 Flights back and forth
Pop corks of the best grapes 

 Make the best CD's
and the best tapes 

 Don't for get the vinyl
Take girls, break spinals 

 Biggie be Richie like Lionel

 You seen the Jesus
dipped to H classes 

 Ice project off lights
Chick flashes 

 I love the dough more than you know 

 Gotta let it show
Gotta let it show 

 I love the dough 

I love the dough 

 More than you know 

- There he is.
- What's up, brother?

What's up? Looking good, baby.
How you doing? How's everything?

- Everything good.
- Good to see you.

- Here, you break.
- Oh, you want some of this?

Yo, Pac, can I get your auto graph?

- Here you go.
- Thankyou.

This shit ever trip you out?

- What?
- People wanting your autograph. They actin' like it's 14 karats.

I had a kid come to me the other day,
tell me I was his hero.

But, I'm like, nah.
Malcolm X should beyour hero. Dr. King.

That was Pac.

A revolutionary one minute,
a thu g-life motherfucker the next.

Ask 10 people who Pac is
and you get 10 different answers.

But he was all that and more...

and sometimes he was just someone
who liked to fuck with you.

- Give me your money. Take your little lunch money.
- Huh!

But like Pac told me,
the best time would be when I was coming up.

Because once you on top,
you can only go down.

What's up, Dre?

Pac was right.
That night at Quad Studios changed everything.

Hey, yo! What's up, Pac?

- Hey! What up, Cease?
- You coming up?

Yeah, I got a gig on the 12th floor.

- All right. I'm gonna go tell Big.
- Yeah!

Hey, yo, Big.
I just saw your boy Pac downstairs.

Go get him.

All right.

- You know Big and them on the 10th floor. They in a session.
- Yeah? How their session going?

- Come on, man. You know he doing his thing.
- Just make sure they're working.

Yo, I hope Pac got some
of that good weed, man.

They say, "Puff, puff, pass."
But if it's that good, I ain't passing nothing.

Yo, get those motherfuckers
back in the elevator!

Get the fuck back in the elevator, man!

Yo, Big, man! Pac is downstairs getting rolled
on, man! They had the gun in my face!

- Don't move. Stay here.
- They're still down there. Let me come with you, man!

Fuck! Press 12.

Motherfucker jacked me in the lobby, man!


Stop right there!

- Hold on.
- Shut the fuck up and keep your hands in the air!

Yo, somebody call the ambulance.
Yo, Pac. What happened, Pac?

Tupac didn't know who the fuck to trust.

Get away from me.

Which one of y'all set me up?
I'm right here, motherfucker!

What? Huh? Fuck!

- As far as he was concerned-
- Oh, shit.

Everyone near was responsible...

Oh, shit. Fucky'all, man!

Including me.

In the aftermath
of the Tupac Shakur shooting at Quad Studios...

the rapper-actor named record producer
Sean "Puffy" Combs...

What? No!
This is full of shit.

Yo, Big, come on, man.
You don't need to be watching this right now.

I warned him about those guys.

Naming music producer Sean "Puffy" Combs
and the rapper Christopher Wallace...

Now he's blaming me? How the fuck
could he say i do some shit like that?

- Yeah, they're full of it, man.
- They wouldn't even let me see him in the hospital.

Fuck it!
I'm gonna call him.

- He know who shot him.
- Yo, Big, hold up.

Yo, Big, hold up.

Yo, Big, ho- Big, hold up.
Hey, Big, hold up, man.

They just found your man
guilty on that sex abuse.

He ain't thinking clearly right now.
You know what I'm saying?

Just give him some time.
Just give him some time, let this cool down.

Shit doesn't make any sense.

At the Superior Court
where he faced ajury...

in the sex-abuse trial
brought against him last year.

He was acquitted of six counts in the indictment
and found guilty of three others.

He now faces sentencing
and probable jail time.

Hey, yo, check this out. Let
me tell y'all who the winneris.

And the winner is

Above the backboards and the rims.
You know what I'm saying?

Pac went to jail on the sex-abuse charge.

We thought all the bullshit
would die down...

but Suge Knight, the owner of Death Row Records,
had something else in mind.

I'd like to tell Tupac to keep his guards up.

We riding with him.
And one other thing I'd like to say.

Any artists out there that want to be artists
and want to stay a star...

and don't- don't have to worry
about the executive producer...

All up in the videos, all on the records, dancin'...

come to Death Row!

- Hell, yeah! West Side, boys!
- Yo, come on, man.

Yo, we gotta rise above this.

Big, what is the East Coast-West Coast rivalry?

Are you afraid for your life?

- Any further comments on Death Row?
- Biggie, what did Puff Daddy do?

Did you shoot Tupac?

What are you going to do now
that Pac's getting out of jail?

Go, go!
Get us the fuck out of here!

Pac and his people have been saying...

that "Who Shot Ya?"
The joint Biggie came out with...

is trying to dis Pac a bout
the shooting at Quad Studios.

But Biggie's camp is saying he wrote that song
before the shooting ever happened.

And he stopped playing that song now.

Yeah, he stopped playing the song.
And now Pac is coming out...

with this new song getting at Biggie.
The whole thing is getting out of control.

The fans are choosing sides,
the labels are choosing sides.

What's up?

What? You're just gonna
sit there looking stupid?

- Yo, your boy's been wilding out, man.
- Who?

Pac. He's been on a mission
ever since Suge bailed him out of jail.

 First off, fuck your bitch
and the clique you claim 

 West Side when we ride
come equipped with game 

 You claim to be a playa
but I fucked your wife 

 We bust on Bad Boy's niggas
Fuck for life 

 Plus, Puffy tryin'
to see me weak 

That's some dumb shit. I ain't sweating it.

 We keep on coming
while we running for your jewels 

 Steady gunning Keep on busting at them fools
You know the rules 

 Little Caesar
go ask your homey how I'll leave you 

 Cut your young ass up leave you in pieces
Now be deceased 

 Lil' Kim, don't fuck around
with real G's 

-  Quick to snatch you gly ass off the street 
- Where you get this from?

Got it from the store, man.
It's all over the place.

 So let the West Side ride tonight 

Been singing since I was
in the choir as a little girl.

Go see what that is.

- Um, I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on.
- Where the fuck is Faith?

- Big, I'm doing an interview.
- When were you going to tell me?

I gotta find out about it like this?
You fucked that motherfucker? Huh?

Come the fuck here.

Get the fuck over here.
Let me talk to you.

You fucked that motherfucker? Huh?

You want to fuck with niggas?
You want to fuck with niggas?

- Huh?
- Get out of here!

Yo, Big, go downstairs, man.
You know somebody called security by now!

Big, get the hell out!

Get the hell out, man!

- What were you thinkin'?
- I wasn't fuckin' thinking.

I just fucking snapped, all right?
I just wanted to get the truth.

Yo, man, truth is your Pac, he trying to
bring you down to the gutter with him...

and you playing right into his hands, Big.

I mean, well, we can squabble...

but, yo, I just got finished
signing with Clive for $42 million.

And you getting $5 million, Big.
Don't mess that up.

Fay-Fay? Come on, FEW, open the door.
I want to talk to you.

Come on, open the door.


Can you open the door?


What's going on?

Fuck you!

I don't even know
who the fuck you are anymore.

Can you listen for a minute?

- Fay, just listen to me for a minute.
- It's over.

I'm sorry about bugging the fuck out.
I'm sorry about a lot of things.

Why couldn't you just be a man and ask me?

Okay, I'm asking.
What happened with you and Pac?

I saw him at the House of Blues.

We took that picture,
and that's all it was supposed to be.

And that's all there was.

End of story.

- Okay.
- May be now you have an idea what it feels like to be cheated on.

I'm not bragging, Fay, but I could have had
10 bitches a day if i wanted.

So go have 10, 20.
I don't give a fuck.

I ain't mean that.

No, Chris.

I'm not laughing.

- Not anymore.
- Come on, Fay.


- What?
- This Notorious?

- Yeah.
- You gonna be wearing a toe tag, nigga.

- Who this?
- West Coast, motherfucker.

- What size are these?
- Those are 14s like you asked.

These ain't no fucking 14s.

Fucking 12s.
These ain't no fucking 14s.

- All right, every bod yout.
- Cease, go get the car!

- Everybody out!
- All these fucking problems.

- Out, people. Come on. Come on.
- Hey, Mark, y'all playing around.

- You ain't doing your job!
- Y'all sent over the wrong size shoes!

Y'all sent the wrong size shoes!
Now he ain't going on!

I ain't got time for no tempertantrum!

Look, you need to chill, Puff.
He's got a lot on his mind right now.

What? He stressed out about them
Death Row niggas in the audience?

Big ain't worried about it.
It ain't that, man. Fay's pregnant.

How'd that knuckle head get her pregnant?
I thought they was broke up.

All this soap opera drama.
Yo, Big!

- I'm not going on.
- Big, come on, man. Don't do this to me.

- Don't do this to your self!
- I've done just about...

every fucking thing
you have ever asked of me.

All I want in return is some
motherfucking shoes that fit.

Yo, man, yo, man.

- There you go dancing again.
- Yeah.

Maybe I take my shoes too seriously.

Size 14, I would take them seriously.

I know lately that it ain't been easy.

Pac is talking about us.

The media is doing whatever they can...

to keep this
East Coast-West Coast thing going on.

I wanna be the last cat still standing.

I'm hoping that you want the same thing.

Yo, look, i just got these
from Big Sexy.

They ain't fly or nothin',
but they gonna have to work, baby.

I used to sling rock for nice kicks.
Now look at me.

This your idea of us changing the world?

We can't change the world
unless we change our selves.

Yo, Big. What now, huh, motherfucker?
Huh? West Side, motherfucker!

Now you on the best side! What you gonna
do now, bitch? Huh? Huh, motherfucker?

- Let me talk to you, man.
- Your bitch ass set me up!

What you gotta say now, motherfucker?
That's why i fucked your wife!

Oh! He got the strap!
He got the strap!

- You set me up, motherfucker!
- He got the strap.

Let's go!

What the fuck? Come on, man!
West Side, bitch!

Catch you on the rebound, big boy.

Me and Pac should have said, "Fuck that bullshit.

Let's go somewhere
and talk this shit out."

But the fact is,
we were both way be yond that now.

The media went crazy.

It had nothing to do with hip-hop...

but everything to do with
selling papers and magazines.

If it ain't New York, it ain't shit.

West Side, Compton in the house!

- We got Biggie. We got everybody.
- We got Pac. We got Dre.

Play our shit on the East Coast.

None of that shit get played
in the clubs in the Bronx.

We created all this
rap shit anyway. East Coast.

West Side! They might think they started
the game, but we elevated that motherfucker.

Tupac knows what he's talking about.
He talks about the hood.

He talks about what's actually
going on on the streets.

I know Big set him up. That's why my man Pac
came back with "Hit 'Em Up."

That's some bullshit.
Set him up?

Biggie wrote "Who Shot Ya??"
Because he got something to do with Pac.

Big wrote "Who Shot Ya??" months
before that shit went down with Pac.

How is Pac gonna really think
that Biggie would set him up like that?

Fuck West Coast.
Man, they can eat a motherfucking dick.

I don't give a fuck
if you think it's gangsta.

- Fuck Compton, man.
- Fuck the East Coast.
- Fuck the West Coast.

That's what the fuck I think about
the motherfucking East motherfucking Coast.

-  Just give me the loot, give me the loot 
-  Money, money, money

 Give me the loot
give me the loot 

 Give me the loot
give me the loot 

-  Money, money, money 
-  Give me the loot, give me the loot 

 I'm a bad, bad man 

 My man Infleft a Tec
and a nine at my crib 

Turned him self in
he had to do a bid 

A one-to-three
He be home the end of'93 

 I'm trying to get this paper, G
You with me 

 Motherfucking right
My pocket's looking kind oftight 

 And l'm stressed
Yo, Biggie, let me get the vest 

 No need for that
Just grab the fucking gat 

 The first pocket that's fat
let's take it to his back

 Word is bond Yo, no fronting
yo, don't fake no moves 

 Treat it like boxing
Stick and move, stick and move 

 Nigga, you ain't got
to explain shit 

 I've been robbing motherfuckers
since the slave ships 

 With the same clip
and the same 4-5-

Yo, enough. Cut that.

Shut that shit down!

- Yo, put that joint on.
- Big, what you doing?

Sometimes you gotta rise above it.
Sometimes you gotta step on in.

- Don't sing that song, man.
- I got to.

Yo, check it out. This industry will turn
your best friends into your worst enemies.

Pac warned me, but I didn't believe him.

This song was made months a go.

He probably won't believe me.
Maybe nobody will.

But frankly, I don't give a fuck.

Drop that joint, DJ Enuff.

 Who shot ya 

 Separate the weak
from the obsolete 

 Hard to creep
these Brooklyn streets 

 It's on, nigga
Fuck all that bickering beef 

 I can hear sweat
trickling down your cheek 

 Your heart beat sounds
like Sasquatch feet 

shaking the concrete 

 Finish this stuff
when I foil the plot 

 Neighbors called the cops
when they heard mad shots 

 Rolling in the drop
three in the corner 

 Slaughter, electrical tape
around your daughter 

 Old school, new school
need to learn, though 

 I burn, baby, burn
like "Disco Inferno" 

 Burn slow like blunts
with yayo 

 Peel more skins
than idaho potato 

 Niggas know
the lyrical molesting is taking place 

 Fucking with B.I.G.
It ain't safe 

 I make your skin chafe
Rough to the masses 

 Bumps and bruises
Cuffs and Land Cruisers 

 Big Poppa smash fools
hash fools 

 Niggas mad because they know that cash rules
everything around me 

 Two Glock nines
Any motherfucker whispering about mines 

 And I'm Crooklyn's finest 

 You rewind this
Bad Boy's behind this 

 As we proceed
to give you what you need 

 East Coast 

 Bad Boy 

 I seen the light
excite all the freaks 

Head line news at the top of the hour.

Right now we've got some breaking news
for you out of Las Vegas.

An apparent drive- by shooting
targeting rapper-actor Tupac Shakur.

- Hey, yo, Big, come in here, man!
- At the time of the shooting-

What the hell you hollering about?

Shakur was accompanied
by his producer, Suge Knight.

Police are not yet
indicating any suspects.

However, eye witnesses reported
hearing multiple gunshots.

Shakur was air lifted to the Las Ve gas University
Medical Center with four gunshot wounds...

and is reported to be
in critical condition.

What the fuck?

I pray all this East Coast-West Coast
mess is over now.

I saw his mother on TV.

She's a strong woman.

But no parent
should have to bury their child.

I just always figured we had time
to straighten things out.

You don't think this had
anything to do with your argument?


I don't.

Well, nobody is invincible, Son.

That's why we have to make
everything we do now count.

I'm chilling with my man Pac, who schooled me
to the game and shit. Know what I'm sayin'?

Now we a bout to wreak havoc on you
motherfuckers, man. Know what I'm sayin'?

I don't know when the hell
they'll fix your truck...

but I 'll get us home before
we're seen in this piece of shit.

I don't care, Cease.
Just drive.

Watch out!

In that one moment, I had that thought a gain.

Dying would be better
than dealing with this shit.

I was leaving,
and I was sitting in a hotel, and a voice said...

"Do you see any niggers?"

And I said, " No." And it said, "You know why?
'Cause there aren't any."

- Yeah, I been here three weeks,
I haven't even said it.

I ain't gonna never call
another black man nigger.

Look at you. Your mama
should have never let you out the house.

Oh, shit.

- I can't believe it.
- Oh, bro, what's going on?

- When did you get out?
- Yesterday.

- You picked up some weight.
- Man, look who's talking.



Biggie motherfuckin' Smalls.
I'm proud of you, dog.

When the brothers in the pen found out
you was my boy, I got mad love.

How much love did you get?

Man, fuck you, bitch.

D Roc, there's not a day that don't go by
when I don't think about what you did for me.

I set some paper aside for you.

I didn't do it for no payoff.

If shit was reversed, I don't know
how I could do that bid for you like that.

Well, if shit was reversed, I don't know
if I could have been strong enough to make it.

Making it?

It ain't all it's cracked up to be.

More money, more problems.

- Beats the corner.
- Guess so.

Hell, yeah.

So how's Tee-Tee doing, huh?

Okay. I guess.

I'm gonna check you out
a little later on, all right?

You know, neither one of us had our fathers
around to teach us how to be men.

We were just learning
as we was going along.

But maybe making it
ain't just about the shit you do on stage.

You a philosopher now?

Man, I think everyone
that's in the pen is a philosopher.

But when you're on your back,
laying on that cot...

you spend a lot of time
staring at the ceiling...

Iooking for God...

thinking about what's important.

Keep making it, Chris.

You gotta let me know
whether it's the streets or the studio.

You think that makes you a man?

You be a great father.

What if I don't make it?

I love you too.

We gonna be all right, just you and me.

You're too fat, black, and ugly.

I don't even know who the
fuck you are anymore.

Are you a bad guy trying to be good,
or a good guy trying to be bad?

And I want you to know...

 That these are the breaks 

 That these are the breaks 

 Break it up, break it up
break it up 

Now go play. That's my girl.

- Hello?
- Hey. What you doing?

- I'm just kicking it with my daughter.
- How's the leg?

It's all right.

I got one more stop, and then I'm on my way.
You need anything?

That's not a good idea.

- What isn't?
- I'm just here kicking it with my daughter.

- You were the one who told me to come over.
- I'll call you later.

I'm done with this.
I'm sick of you treating me like shit.

You know what, nigga?
Don't even bother calling. All right? Fuckyou.

Fuckyou too, bitch.

Come here, Tee-Tee.

I'm gonna teach you something
I never want you to forget.

Another rap?

No. More important than any rap song.

Look at me.

See, you're my princess.

So no matter what, for any reason...

never let a man call you a bitch.

- You got it?
- Yes, Daddy.

- You sure you got it? You better have it, you hear?
- Yes.

Hey, yo, isn't that Sandy?

Yo, she used to be a crack head.

People dying for that next
Biggie Smalls joint.

Tell me the reason why you're here
'cause you ready to get back in the studio.

I can't talk about the same shit anymore.

A motherfucker's a work in progress.
You know what I'm sayin'?

But I ain't hustling
on the streets no more.

I got two kids. Half the time
I don't even feel like the same cat.

I wanna do something different.

So if it's cool to try some new shit...

I'm ready to come back.


The Notorious baby-What?

- Uh-huh. You ready?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Ready to run the world? Ready to take it?
- Ain't trippin'.

I don't see nobody.
What's up? I'm walking around...

- don't see nobody.
- You know how we do it.

All right.
That's what I'm talking about.

- Yo, welcome back, Biggie.
- Let's get it.

 Wit'my counter parts
on how to burn the block apart

 Break it down into sections
Drugs by the selection 

 Some use pipes
Others use injections 

 Syringe sold separately
Frank the deputy 

 Quick to grab my Smith and Wesson
like my dick was missin'

 To protect my position
my corner, my layer 

 While we out here
say the hustler's prayer 

 If the game shakes me or breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man 

 Take a better stand
Put money in my mom's hand

 Get my daughter this college plan
so she don't need no man 

 Stay far from timid
Only make moves when ya heart's in it 

 And live the phrase
Sky's The Limit 

See you chumps on top 

 Sky is the limit
and you know that you keep on 

 Just keep on pressin' on 

What's up?


I did it.

I did it.

I'm the greatest!


 Just keep on pressin'on
Sky is the limit 

Yo, Big, wake up. Wake up, baby.

- We got the 7,:30 flight- 504.
- 504.

- Going to L.A.X.
- Cali?

- No doubt, baby. California.
- Yeah.

I don't like you going out there.

I think me being in L.A.
Is gonna finally put an end to all of this.

Besides, I'm just promoting the album.
I'll be home soon.


Hey, Ma. I'm proud of you.

Proud of me? For what?

Fighting cancer, then getting your master's,
sticking with it...

even with everything you've been through.


I want you to be careful, Chrissy-poo.

I hate it when you call me that.

I forgot.
You're all grown-up now.

West Coast rappers
were still scared to come to the East Coast...

and East Coast rappers
were scared to come out west...

but it was time
to put an end to all this shit.

So I went to Cali to promote my album.

Y'al I see how sexy I looked last night
at the Soul Train Awards?

- Yeah. We saw you.
- I gotta stay out here and promote the album.

You think T'yanna could come out?

Maybe my moms could bring her?



I wouldn't have a problem with that.

Thanks, man.
These shits are hot!

I'm gonna holler at you later, all right?

Yeah, man. Oooh!

- Man, that shit look real good, man.
- My mom's gonna love this.

23rd Psalm.
This joint is bangin'.

- So we going to the party tonight or what?
- My ass too tired.

Folks wanna see you.

- Yeah.
- It's hot as shit here in Cali.

You tell that fat motherfucker
he's not gonna make it out of L.A. Alive.

Fuck you, motherfucker.
We ain't hidin'!

- Another one?
- Yeah, man.

Fuck it.
We in Cali, right?

- Man, we going out tonight.
- All right, man, fuck it.

Hip-hop royalty from both coasts...

are out on the town here in L.A. Tonight.

Vibe magazine is hosting a major party
in honor of yesterday's Soul Train Awards...

and some big names are expected to attend.


- You coming to the party?
- Yeah, we on our way over there right now.

- I thought you were going to London.
- I was...

but I gotta stay here
and promote the album.

So when you get back to New York,
I want you to send C.J. Out here with my moms.

Jan's letting me scoop up T'yanna,
so I need my son to be here.

All right, we can work that out.

Let's talk later.

 Ha, sicker than your average 

 Poppa twist cabbage
off instinct

 Niggas don't think shit stink
Pink gators 

 My Detroit players 

 Timbs for my hooligans
in Brooklyn 

 Dead right
if they head right 

 Biggie there every night
Poppa been smooth since days of Underoos 

 Never lose, never choose to 

 Bruise crews who do something to us 

 Talk go through us
Girls walk to us, wanna do us, screw us 

 Who, us
Yeah, Poppa and Puff

 Close like Starsky and Hutch
Stick the clutch 

 Dare I squeeze three
at your cherry M-3 

 Bang every M.C.
Easily, easily

 Recently niggas fronting
ain't saying nothing

 So I just speak my piece
keep my peace 

 Cubans with the Jesus piece
with my peeps 

Yo, we in L.A.! We in L.A.!

Yo, you feel the love we getting up here?

I just wanna give it all back.

Yeah, Puff. I told you they gonna
feel this record, baby.

Sound like you just did,
and we ain't even done yet.

Let's change the world, Big.

Can't change the world
unless we change our selves.

I think all my life I was trying to become a man...

but for some reason on this night
I didn't have to try any more.

My second album was about to drop...

and it felt like God was giving me
a clean slate all over again.

Unfortunately, we being shut down.
We done burn it up in here tonight.

Fire marshal's in the house
and we got to go.

Please exit to the far left.

We should just chill.
Let them clear out first, all right?

You're the man.
Everybody love you right now, son.

Yo, look. We got shit to do
in the morning.

- Hotel, baby. All right?
- All right.

What's up?

I just wanted to say sorry and shit.

When I get back to New York,
why don't we just...

sit down and figure out
what the fuck we doing?

No more drama.

We could do that.

You all right?

- I'm good.
- Guess what.

- I bought my own truck.
- Oh, shit. For real?

- Black Lex.
- You owe me a ride.

All over Brooklyn.

- It's a date.
- I got you.

- Later, Mookie.
- Later.

- Let's hit it.
- Whoa, whoa, let's roll. Let's roll, y'all.

- We out. Car's over there.
- Let's go.

See y'all at the hotel!

 I'm going, going
back to, back to Cali, Cali 

- We back, baby, we back! We back on top, baby!
- No doubt. We did it.

- Look at that! What's up, ma?
- What's up?

- Oh, you're looking fine!
- Going to the after party?

- Wherever you're headed, ma. You feel me?
- Where y'all going?

Let's go to the show!
Shit! Where y'all goin'?

You okay?
You okay? Get up!

Yo, what's up? What's up?

Let's get out of here, man!
Let's get to a hospital!

Get in! Go! Drive!

- Come on, get us to the hospital!
- Just shut up, man! Drive! Drive!

 Now the day is over 

 Night is drawing nigh 

 Shadows of the evening

 Steal across the sky

 Now the darkness gathers 

 Stars begin to peek

 Sun and birds and flowers 

 They are sound a sleep 

Ms. Wallace, if there's anything...
anything that you need, I...

I wanna take my son home
just one last time.

You need some help, Ms. Wallace?

Oh, no, sweetheart. You just had a baby.
You sit right here and relax.

- Can I hold my grandson now?
- One minute, Ma.

All right.

- Thanks for bringing him.
- You're welcome.

This little nigga
like a light-skinned you.

Can't this motherfucker be in the world
one week before being called a nigga?

As if"motherfucker" is really that much better.

Both of y'all need to watch your language
around my grand children.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Come on, it's time to eat.

I'll take the baby so you can eat.

Uh! Say grace.

Dear God.

Thank you.

- That's it?
- Yeah.

I thought it was perfect.

We loved him too!

Biggie Smalls!

My son, Christopher Wallace, told stories.

Some of them were funny,
some of them were sad...

some of them were violent...

but people listened.

I'm saddened that his life
was cut down at the age of 24...

but I find solace in knowing
that he became a man...

and he was ready to live.

As I looked out
at all those faces...

something happened.

Someone in the crowd
turned on their radio...

and I could hear my son's voice.

 Hah, sicker than
your average Poppa 

 Twist cabbage off instinct
Niggas don't think shit stink

 Pink gators
my Detroit players 

 Timbs for my hooligans
in Brooklyn 

 Dead right, if they head right
Biggie there every night 

 Poppa been smooth
since days of Underoos 

 Never lose, never choose to bruise crews
who do something to us, talk go through us 

 Girls walk to us, wanna do us, screw us
Who, us 

 Yeah, Poppa and Puff
Close like Starsky and Hutch 

 Stick the clutch
Dare I squeeze three at your cherry M-3 

-  Bang every M. C. Easil y, easily 
- Take that! Ha-ha-ha!

 Recently niggas fronting
ain't saying nothing 

 So I just speak my piece
keep my peace 

 Cubans with the Jesus piece
with my peeps 

 Packing, asking who want it, you got it
Nigga, flaunt it 

 That Brooklyn bullshit
we on it 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 I put hos in N. Y. On to DKNY 

-  Miami, D. C. Prefer Versace 
- That's right.

 All Philly hos
go with Moschino 

 Every cutie wit'a booty
bought a Coogi 

 Now who's the real dookie
meaning who's really the shit 

 Them niggas ride dicks
Frank White push the sticks 

 On the Lexus LX
four and a half

 Bulletproof glass tints
if I want some ass 

 Gonna blast squeeze first
ask questions last 

 That's how most of these
so-called gan gsters pass 

 A t last, a nigga rappin' ' bout
blunts and broads tits and bras 

sex in expensive cars 

 I still leave you
on the pavement 

 Condo paid for
no car payment 

 At my arraignment
note for the plaintiff

 Your daughter's tied up
in a Brooklyn basement 

 Face it, not guilty
That's how I stay filthy 

 Richer than Richie
till you niggas come and get me 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 I can fill ya wit'real millionaire shit 

 Escar got, my car go 160 swiftly
Wreck it buy a new one 

 Your crew run run run
your crew run run 

 I know you sick ofthis
name brand nigga wit' flows 

 Girls say he's sweet
like licorice 

 So get with this nigga
It's easy 

 Girlfriend, here's a pen
call me 'round 10: 00 

 Come through
Have sex on rugs that's Persian 

 Come up to your job
hit you while you working for certain 

 Poppa freakin', not speakin'
Leave that ass leakin'

 Like rapper demo
Tell them hos, take they clothes off slowly 

 Hit em wit' the force like Obi
dick black like Toby 

 Watch me roam like Romey
Luck y they don't owe me 

-  Where the safe Show me, homey 
- Say what? Homey.

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid 

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

 I guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid

 Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
can't you see 

 Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me 

 And I just love
your flashy ways 

I ain't even good with writin'.
I don't even write shit.

I just felt...

I had to write this letter to Big.

-  Yeah, yeah 
- Niggas is actin'like-

Letter to Big.

Oh, yo.

 Dear Christopher Frank White Wallace 

 Yeah, it's your boy Kiss
l just wanted to holler 

 In your memory
I keep a Coogi in my closet 

 Kangol on the rack
a fresh pair of Wallies 

 You know I'm still
the liquor and the weed child

 And still got
Branson on speed dial 

 And everybody's the king now 

 You ain't gotta be nice
Gettin'shot is the thing now 

 M.A.F.I.A. Was doin' they best
They separated

 Now Roc and Gutta doin'a stretch, uh, yeah
Kim is still in it to win it 

 I seen Money L a while a go
but I ain't heard from Cease in a minute 

 People in power is queer 

 I could go on for a year
a bout how would it be if you were still here 

 The game got cheaper
rappers is more commercially successful now 

 But the heart's a lot weaker 

 You know me
Still got the flow that'll pop speakers 

 First option on offense
the top feature 

 It's easy, Big
All you need is a Pro Tools set 

 And I ain't touch the paper
that I was supposed to yet 

 Everybody that's some body
show respect 

 Only a matter of time
before they notice that 

 I'm an impecca ble
lyricist, yeah 

 And with the right mechanics
I could take over, be clear of this 

 They well aware of Kiss
the light of the city 

 And I ain't on the label no more
but I'm tighter with Diddy 

 I got my own plan
Handle mine like a grown man 

 Long as I know I'm nice
fuck it, I'm my own fan 

 Remixed the joints you had

 But they could never ever
duplicate your swag, never 

 Mean while I'm-a keep it so
on my lil'plans 

 And you might bump into
a few of my lil'mans 

 Up there steppin' with God

 Down here Mister C. In B.K.
Is still reppin' you hard, hard

 T'yanna so pretty
C.J. Turned into a Lil' Biggie 

Just a little lighter
but so witty 

 On your born day
we get the highest 

 Groovy still the best with the garments
He keep me the flyest 

 Tonight Patron is dead

 Only right that I take a bottle
of Bacardi Limon to the head

 And before I end it
I gotta say thanks 

 'Cause not only was your time well-spent
it was splendid, thanks 

 Miss you, my nigga 

-  One love 
 We tried so hard to understand 

 We tried so hard
to understand 

-  Why you had to go away 
-  Why you had to go away 

 We miss you
You were everything, yeah 

 So we'll just keep 

 Our heads to the sky 

 'Cause we know
we're gonna see you 

 In the next life time 

 But it's never easy
saying good- bye 

-  See you when I get there, baby 
-  Saying 

 Good- bye 

 So we tried so hard
to understand 

-  Why you had to go away 
-  Why you had to go away 

 You were everything 

 We missed you
Why you had to go away 

 So we tried so hard
to understand 

 Why you had to go away 

 We miss you
You were everything 

 We miss you, ooh-ooh-ooh 

Special thanks to SergeiK.