Paragraph 175 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Paragraph 175 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the documentary about Nazi persecution of homosexuals in Germany.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Paragraph 175. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Paragraph 175 Script



We have to

see this romantically,



because in such drastic times

one tends to be romantic.



When bombs fall...



...and explode nearby...



to others for closeness...



...and one forgets the bombs,

the war and the stalled train.



One is just close to others.



One does what everyone does

when they are close.



That's what one does.



You're not going to tell me

that while the bombs were falling...


            made love on the train?



But of course I did!



But of course!



You didn't get that?

You are slow, darling.



You are slow.



Hello! Kari, greetings,

it's Klaus!



Today is not convenient?



Should I just stop by so we can

see each other again?



Then I'll be there around three.



if you want to get rid of me,

just kick me out, that's fine.



I'm excited! Till later!



Oh, I've already talked so much

about the concentration camps.



You know,

it's more than fifty years ago.



There have been so many

other, better impressions...



...than such shitty shameful deeds.



Look, with time they've all

been torn out.



Why do you tear them out?



I throw them away.



Those are uncomfortable memories.



I've spoken about it before,



I don't want to anymore.



That's in the past for me.



I don't have much time

for this movie.



More than half a day,

I refuse.



I'm here

but let's make it short.



Very short.



Otherwise, I can't.




let me, let me.



I'm not dead yet!



I swore never to shake hands

with a German again.



And here you are.



it's terrible.



You can't understand this,



because you're not from

the same generation.



This is the difficulty

between us today.



You're trying hard

to understand me.



And I'm trying not to hurt you.



Because it's difficult to talk

about that time.



This is the Schwanenburg.



it was a dance club.



A normal bar...



...but on certain days

it was rented by homosexuals.



Then there was much joy,



and even more screaming.



There was homosexual dancing,



and once in a while,

just to get the queens going,



someone would shout,

''The police are coming!''



Everyone would hike up

their skirts and run.



But the police

never really came.



Today, it's hard to imagine...


            wild it was in Berlin...



...after the      to      war.



Everything went topsy-turvy.



Men danced together

and so did women.



in Berlin, those were

the golden years.



I think in all of Berlin

you were free,



you could do

what you wanted.



We had three

very well known clubs.



One was in the north...



...where proletarian girls came.



Usually in their

Sunday best costume...



...their smoking costume.



I was a bit scared, I must say.



if you have never seen...



...boyish and

masculine lesbians...



...and such a heap of them.



I was surprised,

I had to get used to it.



And funnily enough,



I saw one woman...



...which looked a little bit

like Marlene Dietrich.



Anyway, I wanted

to get to know her.



But she didn't

care for me, of course.



I was a silly little girl.



But she is the one...



...I saw occasionally later on...



...who saved my life,



because she was the one

who sent me this permit.



She went to England before.



Sports became the center

of my life.



I had an athletics teacher...



...a blond Jewish teacher.



Oh, my!



So slim and strong and beautiful.



One day we were

showering together...



...and I jumped on him.



Exactly the opposite of the

pederastic teacher...



...I jumped on him!



I ran home to my mother

and said,



''Mother, today

I had my first man!''



You were born here?



Born here.



But not in this apartment?



No. One floor below.



Have you forgotten

the boys, Hein

Special help by SergeiK