Push Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Push script is here for all you fans of the Dakota Fanning & Chris Evans movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Push quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Push Script


what's happening?

Nick, listen to me like we're

the last two people
on the planet. Okay? Nick,

Some day a girl
is going to give you a flower.

You got that? A flower.

And you have to help her.

You help her and you help us all.


I know it doesn't make
any sense right now,

but I believe the woman
who told me that.

You think you could believe me?

I love you.

I always said you were special, Nick.

Turns out I was right.

Division's here.
Just keep moving.

And don't make any decisions
that any watcher can track.

I just wanted to have a conversation.

What a waste.

Bring his body to the lab.

There are special people in this world.

We don't ask to be special.

We're just born this way.

We pass you on the streets every day,

unnoticed by most.

It started in 1945.

The Nazis were conducting
experiments in psychic warfare...

trying to turn those
with psychic abilities into soldiers.

Lots of us died.

The war ended,

but the experiments never stopped.

Other governments around the world

set up what they called "Divisions"...

trying to do what the Nazis couldn't,

to turn us into weapons.

Division's agents are trained to track
and hunt us down like animals...

take us away from our families
and friends.

There are children stuffed away
all over the world.

They test us and categorize us.

I'm what they call a "watcher".

We can see the future,

even if that's not always
as simple as it sounds.

The jumbo jet crashed.
There are no reports of survivors.

Others are called "movers",

just an easy way
of saying "telekinetic".

"Pushers" put thoughts in your head

and make whatever lie
they come up with the truth.

They'd already begun
to control my mind...

"Sniffs", "shifters", "shadows",

"bleeders", it goes on and on.

In Division's eyes,
we're all just lab rats.

Only one problem: We keep dying.

The evidence shows that the kids
were given milk with radioactive iodine.

No one has ever survived
the drug meant to boost our powers.

My name is Cassie Holmes.

Division took my mom from me.

Right now the future
I see doesn't look so great.

The good news is the future
is always changing...

in the largest of ways
by the smallest of things.

They've been winning a lot of battles.

Now it's our turn to win the war.



She survived the injection.

She's our patient zero.
Bring me every sniffer we have.

But she's on foot.
She can't get far.

She'll get help from anyone
she can lay her eyes on.

Do whatever is necessary to get her
and that syringe back! Now!!


You're already down five thousand
I hear you owe more than that to Chen.

Chen's a liar...

Am I a liar too? I was told...

you owe fifteen

So you want to bet or not?

Ok. But if you lose again...

I'll have you beaten.

You owe us six thousand, Nick!

What do you say, Nick?

Who are you?

- We're with Division.
- Like you didn't know.

- Go to hell.
- Easy, son.

If we wanted you,
you'd be in the back of a van.

You gonna let us in
or are we gonna have to be rude?

Smart move living
in a shithole like this.

One on top of the other.
Took you far off the radar.

Not far enough.

Would you believe
this is how we found you?

From your old toothbrush
from that encounter ten years ago.

Barely a scent left.

Thought you were in Tokyo.

Then Malaysia.

Finally we got a few readings
on some buildings.

There's a lot of runaway psychics
in Hong Kong trying to disappear. Nick.

People with no country, no loyalty...

No desire to get involved
in political bullshit.

Nobody but you in this apartment
for a long time, Nick.

Why? You looking
for someone besides me?

A girl. She has something
belonging to us.

Better than a hunch you know her.

Obviously I don't.

In case we need to get hold
of you again.

I've got some old toilet paper
you boys might like more.

Don't bother running.

We know where you are now.


- Yeah?
- Hey, Nick.

- Who is this?
- Open up, Nick.

And put your gun down.

Put that thing away.
Got you something.

Where's the chicken? There it is.

Hey, whoa! Excuse me?

Is this how you treat your guests?

This is how I treat random strangers
who barge into my apartment.

Like the Division sniffers
who were just here?

Who are you?

I'm Cassie.

I'm here to help you.

Listen, Cassie...

I'm sure your mom and dad are nervous
about you right now, so why don't you...

- You don't understand.
- You've got that right.

This is about us
finding six million dollars.

That's us.

And that's our money.

And that's my toothbrush.

You're a watcher.

So is there a place we can
get something to eat besides chicken?

I'm buying.

Lose a bet with your hairdresser?

I like color.

First things first. I know you're
a second-generation mover.

Is that what the kids
are calling it these days?

I'll let you know when I see one.

You don't really use your powers,

which means you haven't practiced
and you kind of suck at it.

- How am I doing so far?
- Go on.

I'm a watcher.

Second generation, like you.

- Wow. That's.
- Complicated.

Because the future can change
just by talking about it.

So I see glimpses
and I draw in my book.

But I'm not really good at it.

I'm kind of a crappy artist, but...

I'm sure you already knew that.

But I got the sniffs
in your apartment, right?

That's why I brought you
a new toothbrush.

Anything with shrimp.

You speak Chinese?

I'm surprised you didn't know that,

being a watcher.

I get things wrong sometimes.

I know the feeling.

Are you worried about
the thugs you owe money to?

Don't. Thank you.

We'll be able to take care
of it in a couple days.

With your six million dollars.

- Where's the money?
- It's on its way here.

With a girl.

Don't tell me.

Same girl Division sniffs are looking for.

It's Cassie, right?

Enjoy your food.

- That's it?
- That's it.

Sorry. Some 12-year old that knew
I needed a new toothbrush...

isn't enough to get me
involved with Division.

Even if it's not a con.

I'm 13. And I've been
told I look at least 14.

- Right.
- And this is not a con.

This is a way for everyone
to get something they want.

I've actually used that line before.

Fine. Don't believe me.

- But you will help me.
- Really?

Because I'm getting a message.

It's telling me "find somebody else".

If we don't find the case and that girl,

really bad things happen, Nick.

What? What's wrong?

Shit. They're here in the market.


- Who?
- They're in the market! Come on!

- Division?
- Bleeders!

We've got to get out of here!

- How does this end?
- I have no idea.

Where is the girl?

My daughter has already
seen you with her.

Told you.

I've told three people already today,
I don't know this girl.

Stupid child.
I already saw how you die.

Then you know it's not here
and it's not today.


Go, go!

Go, go!

Go, go!


The big tanks... Go!

- Quick!
- This way!


- Stop!
- Run, Cassie!


Not like this...

...lf we kill him we lose the girl

I already know you're here.

You must be Cassie Holmes.

- Who sent you?
- Your mother.

A week before she was captured
by Division,

she told me to be
at that fish market today.

Stay away from him.

If that's what you want.

Just be sure to add his picture
to the Wall of the Dead.

You're a stitch.

That should be obvious to a watcher.

If you had even a modicum
of your mother's talent...

I've been dealing with a lot.

Years ago your mother did me a favor.

Now it would seem
I need to pay off my debt.

I hear they've got your mother
buried deep inside Division.

Have her so drugged up
she can't even hold a spoon.

I bet they suck
the future right out of her.

You help her and you help us all.

A flower

Is he okay?

- You okay?
- Yeah.


That woman's got magic fingers.

For you.

What is that?

It's a lotus.

I heard what she said about
your mother.

You did?

Division's got her.

They locked her up because she's the...
greatest watcher they've ever seen.

They're afraid of her.

And they're afraid
they can't control her.

They killed my father
for the same reason.

But I guess you already knew that.

I see the future, not the past.

And right now our future
isn't that great.

That's new?

Now the sniffs from your apartment

are going to get the girl and the case.

It's changed.

I don't know why...

something I did, a mistake I made...

Doesn't matter, it just has.

My mother told me that case...

is the key to bringing down Division
and freeing her.

There's no money in that case,
is there?

Unless I'm missing something,

they don't have the case yet.

It's still out there.

If your mother's such
a great fortune-teller,

how did she get caught?

I'm just going to have
to ask her that myself.

I haven't even gotten
to the bad part yet.

What is that?

We die.


Hello, Kira.

You have a plane to catch.

Come on.
You want to come with us.

Christ. Get a load of that.

She must use that ten times a day.
That's a keeper.

You're not gonna have a lot of lipstick
opportunities where you're going.

You know what I mean?

She's doing it again.

- Get the hell out of my head!
- No! No!

- What does she want?
- She's got to go to the bathroom.

To throw up or something.

Carver will kill us
if anything happens to her.

- Bathroom?
- This way.

Come on.

Coffee, black, with sugar.

Alright. In you go.

You're a good man, Agent Mack.

I bet you come from a good family.

It must have been hard
for you when he died.

Who died?

Your brother.

- I don't have a brother, sweetheart.
- No, you do.

I've got something
that will make you feel better.

And you loved him very much.

But he was murdered.

And you know who did it, don't you?

But he was murdered...

And you know who did it, don't you?

You know who did it, don't you?
But he was murdered...

You know who did it
he was murdered...


We've got to work on your skills
if we're going to change anything.

Don't bite your nails.

The lollipop chick freaks me out.

- She's a watcher.
- Like you.


I know this place. This is...

I know this place.
Club B, boss. Science Museum Road.

Thank you.

Why is that olive out of the glass?

- That's not an olive. It's a bead.
- It's a bead?

Yeah, it's a bead.
A shimmery kind of thing...

Well, it looks like a pimento.
If I was going to draw a bead, I'd...

It's a bead with a shimmer.

What does the bead have to do with it?

I don't know what the shiny,
shimmery bead has to do with it.


Let's keep it simple.

We'll start with the bead
and see where it takes us.

Sounds like a plan, but...
what about the part where we die?

I remember growing up together.

Where we went to school.

How he died.

So except for this brother
you never had...

is there anything else she might have
put in your head?

I'm only asking because I don't
want to be shot in the face...

for screwing some made up sister
you don't really have.

I don't have a sister?

Agent Mack,
you are relieved of duty.

Get on a plane, eat some peanuts,
and go home.

She won't push me again, sir.

She just caught me off-guard.

The only thoughts
in my head are my own.

You're willing to risk your life on that?

Yes, sir.

Then put the gun in your mouth
and pull the trigger.

Don't worry.

You already checked it.
It's not loaded.

Spread these beads to any sniff,
any watcher,

any goddamn expatriate reader
in Hong Kong

who knows up from down
until we find Kira.

What about the Chinese government
and their guys?

The story is out, bleeders all over
the country will be looking for her.

We can't let them get the drug.

Then we put a price on her head.

Yeah, this is it.

Hey, can you... I don't have any...

Yeah! Sure. I got it.

There you go.
You can keep it. Thanks.

How much do you have?

Don't give him all of that.

- It's not gonna be enough.
- It's enough.

- Just give me the...
- It's enough. / Excuse me, sir?

Hey. We need five minutes.

- Five minutes
- Yeah!

Listen, this is a place for grown-ups,

- so behave yourself.
- Shut up.

That sounds about right.

- Choose another.
- Yeah! Show me...

- Concentrate.
- Yes.

- Queen of hearts.
- Okay. Watch. It's already here.

Show me... Ace of spades.

Think I know why we're here.

You've got good hands.

- Nick! You alright?
- Yeah.

What's going on? Sit down.

- Vodka martini?
- Thank you.

I'll have one of those.

She'll have a Coke.

My mom drinks when
she wants to get really clear images.

She's famous for it.

Maybe something without caffeine.

I've got it. Whoa.

There's five.

Keep the change.

Thank you.

I know who you are.

When I was in Division,

her mother was at the top
of every watch list there was.

You worked for Division?

You want to know about Division?

Ten years. No thank you,
no pension.

I was put out on the street
with a threat to not shift again.

Only the sniffs caught up
with me in Chicago.

I was just trying to buy
something nice for my wife.

Next day I get a call, she's dead.

Car accident.

But my wife doesn't drive.

But I don't have to remind
you how that feels, right?

- We need this.
- An olive?

It's a bead.

It's supposed to lead us to someone
we need to find before Division does.

Excuse me! May I?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Got it right?

It's a little more round and shinier.

That's it.

That's just how I saw it.

It won't last long.

I'd take it Emily Hu.
She's ex-pat sniff.

Only works by referral.
Here's her address.

Thank you, Hook.

Bye bye.

Good luck.

Here it is...

Is she with someone else?


I see a man... and a boat

Is she happy?

Will she come back?

It's a very big boat.

May I help you?

Hook Waters sent us.

A bead that looks like this one
is supposed to lead us to a girl.

You with Division?

Are you looking at us?

The truth is,
the girl who dropped that bead...

is supposed to have a suitcase
that will bring down Division.

Cassie here thinks that
if we don't find it, we die.

And you believe her?

She's pretty convincing.

Well, consider me unconvinced.

Looks like we've just got to wait.

For what?

You have about one minute to help us.

And what's that?

That's your... poster.

- That's the bead.
- That's the clock.

- It's... right now...
- You've got about a minute.

You guys can't be serious.

Don't look at me.

This girl's been going
at it with that plan all day.

Everything that ends up on this pad
seems to be coming true.

I just see it like I'm looking
at a photograph.

Look... we want Division
out of Hong Kong...

just as much as you do.

It's going to be a whole lot easier
if you help us find the girl.

You remind me of someone...

...I used to know


They've been spreading these
all over the city.

You'll find who you're looking
for on Kwun Tong Pier.

Excuse me!

Excuse me. Speak any English?

- No.
- No.

It doesn't really matter.
I just need a ride.

We're old friends, right?

I know. I should have called.

Whoa, whoa!

- Kira?
- Dammit!

- What the hell are you doing here?
- There goes my ride!

- Don't.
- Don't. Don't what?

You're the girl everyone's looking for?

- I should kill you, Nick.
- Hey!

You know this psycho?

- What happened to you?
- Now you want to know?

What does that mean?
I thought you left.

You stopped returning my calls.

Division caught me
and locked me up.

- What?
- And you never came.

I looked for you. I did!

You didn't find me.

It's done! You had a thing.
Get over it.

I really suggest we discuss
this somewhere else.

Let's go, Nick.

Kira. Division's looking for you.

They're looking for the case.

And so are you.

What's in that case?

I don't know.

All I know is that I woke up on a boat

next to a note I'd written
saying to look for you

and you'd help me find the case.

I don't remember anything
about the last couple of days...

no matter how hard I try.

You must have had yourself wiped.

Erased memories make it harder
for Division to track you.

Not the ones of you.

Can I talk to you for a sec?

Can it wait?

I'm kind of in the middle of something.


You, me, and my mom.

I've never seen my mom's
death before.

It's her, Nick.

She's changing the future,
and she's making it worse.

- We've got to dump her.
- Dump her?

Cassie, we...

Cassie! We just found her.

And she doesn't have the case.

Which is what we're looking for,

- if you remember.
- Yeah! I know.

We find her, we find the case.

- The three of us.
- Yeah, and then Division finds her.

Oh yeah, the three of us.

We'll get a shadow
so they can't trace her.

- Satisfied?
- No.

Cassie, you've got to trust me.

I'm not the one
with the trust issues here.

You better do something quick

because I'm getting sick
of drawing dead bodies.

That's him.

- Hey, Pinky.
- Hey, Nick.

- Hey.
- Alright, who's feeling the heat?


Here's how this works:

I get ten grand a day
for shadowing Miss Trouble.

As long as she stays
within twenty feet of me,

no sniff is gonna find her.

I don't care
if they're standing right on top

of us with a piece of her fingernail.

- Happy?
- Overcome.

Come on. Let's find a place to think.

So Pinky,
your wife give you that name?

No, the Division did, sweetheart.

Back in the day.

I'm sorry. I can't remember
anything about the case.


Can I clean up without getting killed?

Don't forget to wash
behind your ears.

Nice girlfriend you've got there.

Yeah. She used to be.

I met her running cons
on Coney Island tourists.

We did everything together.

So we're just gonna sit around

and wait for her to get
her memory back...

and hope that she'll tell us where
the case is before Carver gets it?

Or us.

Great plan.

Where you going?

I saw a chicken place downstairs.
Want to come?

No, I'm good. I want to stay here,
see if I can help.

Have fun with that.

Where you going?

Relax, Romeo.

I can shade her just fine out
in the hall.

I don't need to be a watcher
to see where this is going.

Oh! Sorry about that.

I thought the bathroom was on fire.

I had to get you to come
in somehow.

Did you push me?

You didn't like it?

Push back.

My father expects me to find
that suitcase.

So does my mother.

But you don't see it clearly, do you?

Too many things keep changing.

I already saw how you die.

Did you see it yet?

You can change it, you know.

Plenty of planes
leaving Hong Kong every day.

Oh, we are going to change it.

You put a shadow on the girl.

You know that's only temporary.

That girl is the one who brings
all your little fantasies crashing down.

So tell Nick something for me,
little girl.

Tell him my family is going to make
his brain pop like a tomato.

Tell him that's the future I see.

Oh, boy.


There you are.
Where is the chicky-chicky...

- who gets us all killed?
- Are you drunk?


I'm sorry. I didn't know the procedure
for stopping a blitzed ten-year-old.

I'm thirteen!
And I am powering my use!

I can't believe this.

I am working.

- You screw it all up!
- Alright...

Give me this. What is this?
We talked about this, Cassie.

Nobody is going anywhere.

- What is this?
- You don't get it, Nick.

She is the one that kills us all,

Then I guess we're all gonna get killed.

Yeah. Screwed up.

By "we", you mean not...

You, too.

Pop Girl's a better watcher than I am.

Whoa! No one said anything
about a watcher.

I can only work long-term
against the sniffs.

- Good.
- No! True story.

You've got a watcher after you.
It's just a matter of time.

Then we'll split up.

We'll give her two things
to track instead of one.

- Pinky, take Kira somewhere safe
- I'm not going with him.

No offense.

None taken, cupcake.

I know you're sweet on the champ.

I'll find you.

Let's let her sleep for a bit.

She's a step ahead of our sister.

Father will be displeased...

She saw me coming.

Maybe she's better than you?

She still dies!

She's gone, you know.

I'm just saying...

- You okay?
- No...

Not until we find that case.

When was the last time you saw it?

Not since yesterday.

Not for lack of trying, though.

If we don't find it soon,
they're gonna kill my mom.

And it's gonna be my fault.

Look at me.

Hey! Look at me.

You really think
I'm gonna let that happen?

You said the future's
always changing, right?

It can change just by knowing it?

It can change.
It doesn't mean it will.

- Good enough.
- What are you doing?

What are you gonna go do?

I'm gonna try and make a better one.

Going after Carver
doesn't change anything.

It doesn't save me,
it doesn't save you,

it doesn't save her.

It's just a matter of time, Cassie.

If I don't go to him, he'll come for us.

Emily, it's Nick.

Division sent a pusher named Carver
to Hong Kong.

I need you to find him.

Just use that bead they gave you.
I'm sure his hands were all over it.

- We're not open.
- I'm not hungry.

Henry Carver.

Now there's a face
I haven't seen in a long time.

Sit down.

The food is actually pretty good here.

Give me one good
reason not to kill you right now.


Gonna try and get inside my head?

Go ahead.

See if you can push me
before I pull the trigger.

Wow! Ten years is a long time
to hold a grudge.

My father would disagree.

- You piece of shit.
- Your father I had respect for.

He took a stand with great integrity,

which is more than anyone
can say about you.

- If this is your attempt at...
- Think I don't know this future?


I've got twenty of the best watchers
in the world...

tracking every moment
of this time right now.

You die, Nick.

You all die.

You know who doesn't?

- Me.
- You sure about that?


Kira is our patient zero.

And with her we're going to create
an army the world's

- never seen before...
- I'm sorry. Am I supposed to care?

Fine. Fuck patriotism.

The girl will die unless she receives
the necessary injections.

And you're not going to find
it anywhere but with me.

Maybe you care about that.

Tell me something, Nick.

Her blood turn black yet?

No? Insides running out?

Or is she keeping that
away from you, too?

I'll take that as a yes.

You already know
the ending to this story.

You can only draw it so many ways.

We're going to change it.

You don't believe that, do you?


don't make me do anything to myself.

Hurting you would change the future.

And I like how this future goes.

So will killing him.


I think I just saved your life.

There's no need to thank me.
You should just start listening to me.

You look like shit.

- Where is she?
- 5-A.

- Is she safe?
- Yeah.

She's sick, though. Pretty bad.

I need to ask you a question.

What's in the case?

It's a drug.

Some sort of psychic steroid
that boosts our abilities...

but kills us.

They want me back

because I'm the only one...
who survived the injection.

Tell me why I just drew a picture
of me holding her shoe.

Is she okay?

What? No.
You've got to be kidding me.

- She's dying.
- You are not bringing me into this.

You're already in it.

We need to know
what this key unlocks.


how much do the Chinese know?

Whatever we do. It could be more.

Their watcher is better than me.

We know there's a suitcase
with a Division drug in it.

Kira hid it somewhere in Hong Kong.

Can you draw us a way out of this?

We can't change anything
with that bitch tracking us.

The second we do,
she's gonna see it.

- What do you mean?
- She sees intentions.

What we decide to do.

I decide to cross the street,
so she sees me crossing the street.

What if nothing we did made sense?

Or we just kept changing our mind,

we didn't know exactly
what we were gonna do?

Would that throw her off?

It might, but we still have
to find the case.

Whatever this key unlocks
is being shadowed.

Like I've never seen before.

It's this way.

That really narrows it down.

If it's shadowed,
I won't be able to draw.

There's a building missing.

I thought shadows weren't supposed

to be effective against
watchers like Cassie.

They're not.

We're not supposed to be able
to shade entire buildings either.

You wanted to see me?

I'm going to need your help.

Watchers from everywhere
are tracking us.

Carver... the Chinese...

Anything we think we're gonna do,
they know about it.

That's why we all keep dying
in Cassie's book.

- Pardon?
- You die outside an elevator.


How are we gonna make
the future unpredictable?

By not knowing what we're gonna do

until right before we do it.

- Like a plan without planning.
- Yes. Right.


I'll write letters to each of you
giving you specific instruction.

You don't open them until I tell you.

Then the last letter,
I write to myself...

and wipe the memory
of ever having written them.

That's why I need you to find
the guy that wiped Kira.

- Sure thing.
- That sounds like a great plan.

- Do you have a better one?
- We're flying blind.



I need one more drawing out of you.

I need to know the exact size
and shape of that case.

And that syringe.

Our watchers say it is already here.


I know what Division is looking for...

It's a syringe.

With this drug we'll be more powerful
than Division.

The girl will die unless she receives
the necessary injections.

You're not going to find the stuff
anywhere but with me.

You die, Nick.

You all die.

You need the medicine
that Carver has.

I'm not gonna watch you die.

I'll come back for you.

I promise.

When do I open it?

When you start to doubt the truth.

- You know when to open these.
- You sure this is right?



Take an umbrella.

It's gonna rain.

You be careful, too.

You make us chase
you halfway across the world...

then you let a hack
like Pinky Stein bring you in?

- I'm sick.
- You're sick?

You don't know what you are.

Victor, pay the man.

Of course.

I knew I wouldn't get paid yet.

Wait here.

Were you followed?

I'm never followed.

Where is this guy?

- Which one?
- The yellow one.

- The big one?
- Yep.

Wo Chiang?

You are here about the girl?

You're the one that wiped Kira?

12 years ago, a woman told me
an American girl would come.

That was two days ago,
Kira showed.

I have a job for you.

Two hours ago,
I wrote seven letters.

I need you to erase the memory
of ever having written them.

Seven letters,
two hours of memory.

The woman tell me those things.

She did not pay for you, too.

And when you're done,
I need you to open this and read it.

- I need a minute.
- As you wish.

I'm not gonna wake up
and forget who I am, am I?

7:34... 7:
Wait, wait. No, just... go.

It's all gone.

The future has... disappeared.

I lost the connection.

Halt. Identification?

Safety inspector...

I need to know where the security lockers are.

Certainly, sir. Go up the elevator...

to the top floor.

- Up this way?
- Yes, sir.

No problem.

The job is over.

You don't have to shadow
the building anymore.

The girl sent me...


Thank you.

You ready?

Right size, right shape.

No problem.

Better hurry. Won't last long.


The Lord giveth.

Did you really think
you could slip out of town with this?

Tell me, was this worth dying for?

No. He dies slowly.

Your sister promised me that
and a great deal of money.

Do you know how many people
in the world would kill for this drug?


Where is Cassie?

Get me back on my feet.

Perhaps the Pop family
can't be relied upon.

Didn't see that one coming,
did you?

Do you really want to do this,
little girl?

I know where the drug is.

More importantly,
I know how you die.

Do you want to know
what the tiger means?

The drug is here.

See if that will make him love you.

My note says I'm supposed
to tell you...

the Division has Kira.
216 Batang Street.

It said a lot on there.
Was everyone's that complicated?

I knew you could handle it.

This immuno-suppressant
will save your life

and allow you
to reach your full potential.

You're going to be a better you, Kira.

You need to accept this reality.

We're not trying to hurt you. Kira.

Matter of fact, your well being means
everything to us.

Understand it's not your fault
you're forgetting

who you are and running from us.

The drug has side effects.

We have no way
of knowing the severity.

I want you to know that
I blame myself for that, Agent Hollis.

This isn't real.

You volunteered, Kira.

I was against it.

You were certain you'd be
the one to survive the drug.

I had to support you.
After all, we were partners.

Then you panicked.

Did you think you made it
all the way here...

and eluded us for so long
without any training?

That's the Division in you. Kira.

Now let me help you remember.

Let me help you remember.

I keep trying to draw
something different, but I can't.

It's something to do with how I die.

It's a tiger.

I'm serious.

I don't know how I know,
but I just know.

I know I act like
I don't care sometimes,

- but I don't want to die.
- Cassie...

It's not gonna happen, okay?

Just tell me that I'm a crappy artist
and that I'm wrong.

You are a crappy artist
and you are wrong.

Listen to me.

You've already done
more than enough for everyone.

The only thing
you've got to worry about right now

- is keeping yourself safe.
- But how?

Just start walking.

Don't even think about
where you're going.

Just keep moving. And don't make any
decisions any watcher can track.

And when you come across
someplace safe,

you hide. Simple as that.

I don't know how,
but I know this is gonna work out.

I promise.
No need to be scared. Trust me.

That's more like it.

What are you gonna do?

I can't tell you.

You make me look like a fool
in front of my family!

Don't worry.

You won't remember a thing.

Your mother's very proud.

I want to make a deal.
The drug for the girl.


Dock 4, Man Yuen Street.

Where is the case, Nick?


Go ahead.

Remember that night
under the roller coaster?

We parked in the rain
and got those little bottles of Jack.

That was the first time
you told me you loved me.

He remembers.

I want to hear it from him.

I remember.

It never happened.

We met for the first time yesterday.

You've never been to Coney Island.

Nobody's been to Coney Island.

I used you, Nick.

And the quicker we find that case,
the quicker I'll let you forget it.

You might as well.

My card says you have to take
the drug. Give me Carver.

It's for you.

- Hello!
- You want the case,

you let them live.

I'll tell you exactly where it is.

- Another?
- Sure.

One for the road.

Don't feel too bad.

That push of Kira's
has worked on better men.

Kill him.

If that's alright with you?

The case...

Agent Carver.

The contents of this case
are the property

of the United States government.

We are the only government here.

Be reasonable.
There is no need for anyone to die.

We're not much
for diplomacy these days.

Victor! Make me a way out of here!




Whoa! I'm impressed.

The engineers are always conservative
with their projections...

but this is something else.

Hey! We are on the same side.

Now why don't you march the men

who tried to kill us off this roof,
and we'll call it a day.

Wait! Kira! Don't do this!

It's a push.
What Carver told you is a lie.

I'm sure they make a card for this.

Where were we?

Where were we?

You don't want to do that.

Watch me.

You'd be doing me a favor if you did.

What's in that needle will kill you.

I went through hundreds
of potentials to find her.

She's our survival.

Look at me.

You know me.

I know you.

Look at me...

Look at me.

Let him do it.

What a waste.

I told you to bring an umbrella.

Thought you said it was gonna rain.

I also told you
I get things wrong sometimes.

Maybe it will wash the crap
out of your hair.

So where's the real case?

There it is.

How long do you think your mother
has been planning this?

Since before I was born.

This is the key, Nick.

Division will do anything to keep

this from getting into
the wrong hands.

So we trade your mom for the drug?

I'm still working on that one.

Hey, what was it that
I injected myself with?

Nine Dragon Soy Sauce.

That's gross.

What about Kira?

You're the watcher. You tell me.

Don't worry.
We'll see Miss Trouble soon enough.

When do I open it?

When you start to doubt the truth.

Put your gun in your mouth.

Pull the trigger.

Special thanks to SergeiK.