Quantum Of Solace Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Quantum Of Solace script is here for all you fans of the Daniel Craig James Bond movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Quantum Of Solace quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Quantum Of Solace Script

It's time to get out.

Don't bleed to death.

- Hello, Mitchell.
- Bond.

The Americans are gonna be
none too pleased about this.

I promised them Le Chiffre,
and they got Le Chiffre.

They got his body.

If they'd wanted his
soul, they should...

have made a deal
with a priest.

- Has he said anything?
- No.

I'm going to check
the perimeter, ma'am.

You look like hell.

When's the last
time you slept?

Vesper's boyfriend,
Yusef Kabira,

the one who was
abducted in Morocco,

the one she was
trying to save.

His body was washed up
on a beach in Ibiza.

We're meant to believe
the fish did that to his face.

His wallet and ID
were in his pocket.

- Well, that's convenient.
- Quite.

Which is why I did a
DNA check on a lock...

of his hair found in
Vesper's apartment.

It's not him.

A lock of his hair?

I wouldn't have thought
Vesper the sentimental type.

Well, we never
really know anyone,

do we?

But I do need to know, Bond.

I need to know that
I can trust you.

And you don't?

Well, it'd be a pretty
cold bastard...

who didn't want revenge...

for the death of
someone he loved.

You don't have to
worry about me.

I'm not gonna go chasing him.
He's not important.

And neither was she.

It's clear, ma'am.

- Thanks, Mitchell.
- Shall we?

Are you gonna tell
us who you work for?

I was always very
interested to meet you.

I'd heard so much
about you from Vesper.

The real shame is that
if she hadn't killed herself,

we would have had you, too.

I think you would have done
anything for her.

Well, you know you're
not in Britain,

and God knows where
you'll be tomorrow.

Which should tell you
that eventually...

you will tell us about
the people you work with,

and the longer it takes,

the more painful
we'll make it.

You really don't know
anything about us.

It's so amusing because...

we are on the other
side, thinking,

'The Ml6, the CIA,

they're looking
over our shoulders.

'They're listening to
our conversations.'

And the truth is
you don't even know we exist.

Well, we do now, Mr. White,
and we're quick learners.

Oh, really?

Well, then, the first thing
you should know about us...

is that we have
people everywhere.

Am I right?


Craig Mitchell worked for me
for eight years.

He passed a full
security check...

and lie detector
test every year.

Didn't leave so much
as a scrap of...

paper to explain any of it.

Eight years.
Five as my personal bodyguard.

I found this and three other
bloody Christmas presents

I bought him about the house.

I don't think he smoked.

And you had to kill him.

Couldn't bring him in
for questioning so...

that we might actually
learn something.

When someone says we
got people everywhere,

you expect it to be hyperbole.

Lots of people say that.
Florists use that expression.

Doesn't mean that
they've got somebody...

working for them inside
the bloody room.

What the hell is this
organization, Bond?

How can they be everywhere...

and we know
nothing about them?

- I assume we found
no trace of White.


The agent guarding the
door in the garage...

was dead before you passed him
on the stairs.

I passed him on
the stairs? Christ.

Mitchell must have
killed him when he...

went out to check
the perimeter.

You're lucky to be here.

Do you think
White's still alive?

- Yes, I do.
- What is it?

Craig Mitchell, 45 years old.

No living family.
Gave generously to charity.

Tell me you know
more than that.

Our moneymen went through...

every bill in Mitchell's
wallet and house.

- How much did he have?
- Less than 100 pounds,

and about the same in
euros and dollars.

Excuse me. Excuse me, ma'am.

We've done a complete
forensic analysis...

of every note and its
traceable history.

Not in the mood.

After you.

This particular note from

Mitchell's wallet
may be of interest.


We introduced
tagged bills into

Le Chiffre's money-laundering

by intercepting
illegal payoffs.

We traced money
through several of...

his bank accounts
around the world.

That's pretty thin.

At the rate money
changes hands,

you could probably
find a tenner...

in my wallet with a tag.

That's true, ma'am.

A single bill could
be a coincidence,

but what about a whole stack?

These bills,

from the same series
as Mitchell's,

were just scanned at a bank
in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,

deposited in the
account of a Mr. Slate.

Impress me.

We have a Mr. Edmund Slate
returning to Port-au-Prince...

from Heathrow this morning.

His entry documents
have him staying...

at the Hotel Dessalines.

He's in room 325.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Do you have any
messages for 325?

No, sir.

The only message was
about the briefcase...

that was delivered earlier.

- Did you want us to
continue holding it?

No. No, I'll take that now.

Yes, sir.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Get in.

- What?
- Get in.

All right.

You're late.

I got pulled into a meeting.

Who with?

A friend of Mr. White's.

Don't think I know him.

It's funny.

You don't look at
all like I expected.

Really? What were
you expecting?

I didn't think
geologists looked so...


A friend of yours?

I don't have any friends.

Get out of the way. Move.

We didn't settle on a price.

Make me an offer.

We can work it out
later, over drinks.

Dominic didn't give
you any trouble,

did he?


What the hell is this?

I think someone
wants to kill you.

That wasn't very nice.

- You were supposed
to shoot her.

Well, I missed.

Get Bond.

- Where is he now?

Approaching the
docks, Kings Quay.

- Connecting.
- Tanner.

I've got Bond.

Ask him about Slate.

She wants to know about Slate.

Tell her Slate was a dead end.

Slate was a dead end.

Connection terminated.

Damn him. He killed him.

Touch me and I'll
break your wrist.


How nice to see you.

Alive, you mean?

I knew we shouldn't
have slept together.

I think I'm starting
to like you.

So you did just try
and have me killed.

And that made me very sad...

thinking I would
never see you again.

But here you are.

Damn it, Dominic.
I was trying to help you.

I was trying to
uncover a leak.

And you, you sent
someone to kill me?

Please don't talk to
me like I'm stupid.

It's unattractive.

Come. I wanna show
you something.


There's nothing that makes me
more uncomfortable...

than friends talking
behind my back.

It feels like...

ants under my skin.

It's been that way forever.

I remember when I was 15.

I had a crush on...

one of my mother's
piano students.

Somehow I overheard her saying
very nasty things about me.

I got so angry.

I took an iron.

Is that him?

I... We only spoke
on the phone.

It's such a shame...

because he's one of
my best geologists.

He said you asked
to buy information.

No. He called me...

and offered to sell
me information.

Why would I come back here
if I was lying?

Because you love me.

I was doing it for you.

To stop him from
betraying you.

You know what burns more
than all your bullshit?

Is that I always
got the feeling...

that you were only
sleeping with me...

to get to General Medrano.

Is that him?

You know how these
deposed dictators are,

jealous of their safety.

Stick around.

I'll introduce you.

Do you see the girl
that just walked in here?

Could you give her that?
Tell her to call me.

You've reached
Universal Exports.

Our offices are
currently closed.

And you can do
all this for me?

Well, look at what we
did to this country.

The Haitians elect a priest...

who decides to raise
the minimum wage...

from 38 cents to $1 a day.

It's not a lot,

but it's enough to upset
the corporations...

who were here making T-shirts
and running shoes.

So they called us,
and we facilitated a change.

The difference is,

my country's not
some flyspeck...

in the middle of
the Caribbean.

But we've already begun
destabilizing the government.

We'll supply the
private security.

We'll pay off the
right officials,

and we have 26 countries...

ready to officially

your new Bolivian government.

You want your country back.

My organization can
give it to you...

within the week.

You've been busy.

And in return you want what?

A desert.

- This part.
- This land is worthless.

So you're getting
a great deal.

You won't find oil there.

Everyone has tried.

Maybe, maybe not.

But we own whatever we find.

Did you know Ernesto Montes?

A very powerful
man in his day.

He had a beautiful
Russian wife.

A dancer.

Well, his daughter
works for me.

Or did.

She's lovely,

but I don't see
the resemblance.

Why don't you consider her...

as something to
sweeten the deal?

Just promise me to drop her...

over the side
when you're done.

Camille, General Medrano.

Be careful what you
wish for, my dear.

Have fun, you two.

What the hell are you doing?

- You're welcome.
- You idiot. Take me back.

You know, maybe
I'll do that later.

You're not one of Greene's.

Dominic Greene?

Get down.

- Give me the wheel.
- Navigate.


- What are you doing?
- Hold on.

Get down.

Excuse me.

Thank you. She's seasick.

It's Bond.

- Connect Bond.
- Connecting 007.


Name check, Dominic Greene.

G- R-E-E-N-E.

I might need a little
more than that.

There are a lot of
Dominic Greenes.

Do you have a social security
or passport number?


Scanning DGSE databases.

- Anything?
- Scanning KGB databases.

Do you have anything?
Will you put her on, please?

I am on, Bond. What
happened to Slate?

I'm not dwelling on the past.

- I don't think
you should, either.

You killed him.

Largest hit, Dominic Greene,
CEO of Greene Planet.

It's a utility company,

but Greene's been doing
a lot of philanthropic work,

buying up large tracts of land
for ecological preserves.

You should be getting
his picture now.

Yep, that's him.

I'm afraid there's
a firewall...

around his other
corporate holdings,

so we have no
other information.

Get me the Americans.


Go ahead.

Interest in Dominic Greene,
Greene Planet.

Transferring you now.

Hold for Gregory Beam, please.

Thank you.

Hi, this is Gregory
Beam, ma 'am.

Hello, Mr. Beam.

I'm so sorry to
keep you waiting.

We have no interest
in Mr. Greene.

Thank you, Mr. Beam.

Connection terminated.

He's a person of
extreme interest.

- But he just said
that he wasn't...

Tanner, I asked
about the man...

and she transferred me...

to the section chief
of South America.

How would she know to do that
if they weren't tracking him?

Bond, we have your location
as approaching an airfield.

- Is Greene on the move?
- Yeah.

I've got a tail number.


Get me a destination.

It's a private charter...

going to Bregenz, Austria,
leaving immediately.

Tanner, authorize
a charter for 007.

And, Bond, if you
could avoid killing...

every possible lead,

it would be deeply

Yes, ma'am. I'll do my best.

Connection terminated.

I've heard that before.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Welcome aboard.

Come. Have a seat.




How much longer?

So do we have an


We do nothing to stop
a coup in Bolivia,

and in exchange,

the new government
gives America...

the lease to any oil found.

If it's oil you want.

Well, you didn't find
diamonds, did you?

Drilling underground,
you kept off...

everybody's radar
for a very long time,

but you can't buy
that much piping...

without somebody
getting curious.

We'll have to verify the find.

I'm not even admitting
there is one.

You are getting this for free.

Venezuela, Brazil,
now Bolivia.

With you tied up in
the Middle East.

South America is
falling like dominoes.

You don't need another
Marxist giving...

national resources to
the people, do you?

Well, we can hardly
be expected...

to do something
about a coup...

we know nothing about.

And I have a pest.


You have any idea who that is?


It's James Bond,
British Secret Service.

I don't know how I
could have missed that.

I will need you to
get rid of him for me.

Yeah. That's not
gonna be a problem.

You know who Greene is...

and you wanna put
us in bed with him.

You are kidding, right?

Yeah. You're right.

We should just deal
with nice people.

I need to know you're
on the team, Felix.

I need to know you
value your career.

Dominic Greene.

- Good to see you. Good.
- How are you?

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

tonight's performance of Tosca
will begin shortly.

Please take your seats.

What else does General
Medrano require?

Anything further
from Canadian intelligence?

We'll discuss that later.

How much more
pipeline do we need?

Ideally, 2,000 kilometers.

Are there any objections?


Not here.

No objections.

Transfer the funds
from our Siberian holdings.


Where do the Americans stand?

Well, the CIA doesn't
care about another...

dictator as long as
they get their end.

But when they find out
that they've been duped?

I'm working on that.

I'm still not sure that
the Tierra Project...

is the best use of
Quantum 's time.

Perhaps we should shift
our focus to the Canadian.

This is the world's
most precious resource.

We need to control as much
of it as we can.

Bolivia must be top priority.

Can I offer an opinion?

I really think you people...

should find a better
place to meet.

Where do you think
you're going?

Thank you.

Well, Tosca isn't
for everyone.

Drop it.

So who are you working for?

Piss off.

Get rid of anything
we brought with us.

We've been compromised.

I asked you who you
were working for.

- Is he one of ours?
- No.

Then he shouldn't
be looking at me.

Get me M.

It's your line.

Thanks. Connect call.

Connecting Tanner.

We've ID'd the pictures.

Show me.

Gregor Karakov,
former minister,

now owns most of the
mines in Siberia.

Moishe Soref, former Mossad,
now telecom giant,

and Guy Haines, special envoy
to the Prime Minister.

Get Bond.

There's something else.

It appears Bond
shot Haines'...

bodyguard and threw
him off a roof.

- Where are you?
- Did you get my pictures?

Was this a conversation?
Can you link these people?

Is that stress in your voice?

I need you to come
in and debrief.

- I don't have time.

Bond, you killed
a man in Bregenz.

I did my best not to.

You shot him at point blank
and threw him off a roof.

I'd hardly call that
showing restraint,

especially since he was
a member of Special Branch.

So who was he guarding?

Bond, are you
missing the fact...

that you killed a member
of Special Branch?

I need you to come in.

And I would, but right
now I need to find...

the man who tried to kill you.

Go back to sleep.

Connection terminated.

Restrict Bond's movements.

Cancel his cards.

Put an alert on his passports.
All of them.

And I want to know everything
we don't know about Haines.

Yes, ma 'am.

And, Tanner,

be careful who you
trust with this.

Hopefully, you're
a better judge...

of character than I am.

You want to follow
your friends...

to La Paz, Bolivia?


I'm sorry, sir, but
this doesn't work.

Do you have another card?


Could you do me a favor?

You're gonna get a
phone call in a minute.

Would you mind telling them
I'm headed for Cairo?

- I'd be happy to.
- Thank you.


What do you want?

Come to apologize?

You know, Mathis.

I think retirement suits you.

None for him.

Sorry. He's in a
bad mood today.

I need a passport
and matching credit cards.

And Ml6 ran out of plastic?

Well, oddly, right now,

you're the only person
I think I can trust.

That is odd.

But I guess when one's young,

it seems very easy
to distinguish...

between right and wrong.

But as one gets older,
it becomes more difficult.

The villains and the heroes
get all mixed up.

I was sorry to
hear about Vesper.

I think she loved you.

Right up until the moment
she betrayed me.

She died for you.

Why did you really
want to see me?

I need some information.

You have some hard friends.

This man is some
kind of facilitator.

Fingers in many pies,

and they don't
leave any prints.

- These men were together?

They're buying
up oil pipeline.

Something called
the Tierra Project.

- Do you know it?
- Destroy these.

That's Guy Haines.
You don't know him?

- Should I?
- I suppose not.

You haven't been keeping
secrets as long as I have.

He keeps a very low profile,

but he's one of the
Prime Minister's...

closest advisors.

Well, they say
you're judged...

by the strength
of your enemies.

Do you know anything
about Bolivia?

I was stationed in
South America...

for seven years.

- Well, do you have
some contacts there?

A few.

What do you want to know?

Come with me.

You can't sleep?

May I fix you a drink, sir?

What are you drinking?

I don't know. What
am I drinking?

Three measures
of Gordon's gin,

one of vodka, half of...

- Kina Lillet.

Kina Lillet, which
is not Vermouth,

shaken well until
it is ice-cold,

then served...

with a large thin
slice of lemon peel.

Six of them.

That's impressive.

They're good. You
should have one.

No, it'll just keep me awake.

So what's keeping you awake?

I was wondering why
you came with me.

It takes something
to admit you were wrong.

- You want a sleeping pill?
- No.

- Pain pill?
- No.

I have pills for everything.

Some make you taller.

Some make you forget.

I'm going to try
and get some sleep.

Good idea.

Thank you.

Mr. Bond, my name is Fields.
I'm from the consulate.

Well, of course you are.

And what do you do
at the consulate, Fields?

That's not important.

My orders are to
turn you around...

and put you on the first plane
back to London.

Do those orders include
my friend Mathis?

I'm sorry, I don't
know who you are.

You see that? Gone
such a short time...

and already forgotten.

You're just saying
that to hurt me.

Mr. Bond, these
orders come from...

the highest
possible authority.


Fields, when is the
next flight to London?

Tomorrow morning.

Well then, we have all night.

If you attempt to flee,
I will arrest you,

drop you off in jail...

and take you to the
plane in chains.

- Understand?
- Perfectly. After you.

- I think she has handcuffs.
- I do hope so.

He blames the water shortage
on global warming.

Hello, Carlos? Carlos.

The Colonel who heads
the National Police.

We have a reservation.

- Cómo está?
- Very well, thank you.

- Your name?
- Miss Fields.

- You're going nowhere.
- So shoot me.

I'd rather stay in a morgue.

We are teachers on sabbatical.
This fits our cover.

No, it doesn't.
Get in. Get in.

Follow me, please.

- May I show you
your room, señor?

No, it's fine. Thank you.

I can't find the...

The stationery.

Will you come
and help me look?

You've been
invited to a party.

I didn't know we had
any friends here.

Greene Planet.

You're not coming?

I'm having a drink
with my friend the Colonel.

I'll see you there later.

Do you know how
angry I am at myself?

I can't imagine.

You must be furious.

Do you want to go to a party?

A party?

But I have nothing to wear.

We'll fix that.

It might be useful to
know your real name.


Just Fields.

Fields it is, then.

We are in a spiral
of environmental decline.

Since 1945, 17% of the
planet's vegetated surface...

has been irreversibly

The Tierra Project is
just one small part...

of a global network
of Eco Parks...

that Greene Planet
has created...

to rejuvenate a world
on the verge of collapse.

I hope that
tonight you make...

the decision to
be part of that.

Thank you.

And have fun.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Excellent speech
and congratulations.

Wonderful speech, Dominic.

- We need you here.
- Thank you.

Miss Fields, Mr. Bond,
my friend Carlos.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Ma'am.

Mr. Bond, Mathis has spoken
a great deal about you.

I want you to
know my entire...

police force is
at your disposal.

Well, that could
be very useful.

You know, there are
people in this...

country spending half
their paycheck...

just to get clean water.

What do you think of that?

The Bolivian government
is the problem.

They cut down the trees,

then act surprised
when the water...

and the soil wash out to sea.

I couldn't agree more.

I hope this figure
is to your liking.

Chéri, you shouldn't tease.

Why don't you tell
them about all...

the land you bought
up outside Potosí?

It's been a pleasure.
Will you excuse me?

Of course.

Somehow the logging rights...

went to a multinational

that cut down the forests,

but only after our
last government...

sold the land to
Greene Planet.

- Or have I got
my facts crossed?

Yes, I think you did.

You'll excuse us?

What a wonderful night.

You just cost me
quite a bit of money, darling.

You can't put a
price on integrity.

I can try.

Thank you.

Tell me you didn't
drop by tonight...

just to piss on my parade.

Or are you still after...

this General's head
for your mantel?

A little of both.

Tell me where Medrano is...

and maybe you won't lose
any more investors.

You are really
breaking my heart,

choosing an insect
like that over me.

Are you going to
throw me over?

No. You've been drinking,
so maybe you slipped.

Just think how much
you'd miss me.

Good evening.

There you are.

Would you excuse me?

Mr. Bond.

What a pleasure.

Well, careful with this one.

She won't go to
bed with you...

unless you give her something
she really wants.

It's a shame...

because she's really
quite stunning...

once you get her on her back.

I wish I could say
the feeling was mutual.

I'm sorry, Mr. Greene,
but we have to go.

Please. My friends
call me Dominic.

I'm sure they do.

How much do you know
about Bond, Camille?

Because he's rather
a tragic case.

As Ml6 says, he's
difficult to control.

Nice way of saying
that everything...

he touches seems
to wither and die.

Shall we?

Doesn't bode well
for you, I'm afraid.

You two do make
a charming couple, though.

You're both... What's
the expression?

Damaged goods.

Oh, my gosh.

I'm so sorry.

Come on, lighten up.

You're cramping my style.

So it's British
intelligence now.

What the hell do
you want from me?

You're gonna show me

Dominic Greene's
Tierra Project.

- Are you up to it?
- Do I have a choice?

Do you want one?

There's something horribly
efficient about you.

Is that a compliment?

Well, what's the bet
that Dominic Greene...

has friends in
the police force?

Stay here.

Now, why would you
want me to do that?


There's a hospital
on the other side of town.


Stay with me.

Stay here, please.


Come here.

It's okay.

That's better.

That doesn't hurt.

Is Mathis your cover name?


Not a very good one, is it?

Do we forgive each other?

I shouldn't have
left you alone.


She gave everything for you.

Forgive her.

Forgive yourself.

Is that how you
treat your friends?

He wouldn't care.

Let's go.

The Foreign Secretary's
asking to see you.

What don't I know?

René Mathis has been
shot dead in Bolivia.

The police claim it was Bond.

How much did you pay him?

Well, he wanted you,

but I left him the
car as collateral.

He'll make much more
when he sells us out.


Let's see if this
thing'll fly.


All the information
I found said...

there was nothing
of value there,

but Greene's geologist
had proof that there was.

My sources tell me...

you're Bolivian
Secret Service,

or used to be,

and that you
infiltrated Greene's...

organization by
having sex with him.

- That offends you?
- No, not in the slightest.

So what's your
interest in Greene?

Amongst other things,

he tried to kill
a friend of mine.

- A woman?
- Yes.

But it's not what you think.

- Your mother?
- She likes to think so.

What's that down there?

That's a sinkhole.

There are a few around here.

Just for the record,
I wasn't with Greene for my...

Damn it.

I think we lost him.

He's coming fast.

He's right behind you.

Here. Put that on.

Come on.


According to the Bolivians,
it was a routine stop,

and when they discovered
Mathis' body.

Bond disarmed and shot them.

Of course, there
are no witnesses...

to prove otherwise.

I need something.
I can't go in there unarmed.

I'm sorry. There's nothing.

Come in.

What's today's excuse?
That Bond is legally blind?

No, Minister.

I don't think I
need to tell you...

how upset the PM is.

With respect, the PM
has my direct line.

And he'd have used it...

if he'd wanted
to speak to you.

I'm sorry, M. Things
have changed.

We've had long discussions
with our cousins.

Mr. Greene's interests
and ours now align.

Minister, this man is a
major player in one...

of the most dangerous

We've never even heard of.

Foreign policy cannot
be conducted on...

the basis of hunches
and innuendo.

Then give us time
to gather enough evidence...

so you can make
informed decisions.


Say you're right.
Say Greene is a villain.

If we refused to do
business with villains,

we'd have almost no
one to trade with.

The world's running
out of oil, M.

The Russians aren't
playing ball.

The Americans and Chinese
are dividing up what's left.

Right or wrong
doesn't come into it.

We're acting out of necessity.

Bond is running wild.

Who's to say he
hasn't been turned?

Pull him in...

or the Americans
will put him down.

I think I found a way out.

You're freezing.

I'm fine.

So what is it that Greene has
that you want?

It's not Greene.

It's Medrano, the
man he met in Haiti.

My father worked for
the military junta.

He was a very cruel man,

but he was my father.

When I was a small child...

the opposition sent general
Medrano to our house.

He shot my father.

He did things to my
mother and my sister...

and then strangled
them while I watched.

I was too young to
be any trouble,

so he just smiled at me...

and set the house on fire.

He left his mark.

So when I pulled
you off the boat...

I waited years
for that chance.

I apologize.

It seems we're both
using Greene...

to get to somebody.

You lost somebody?

I did, yes.

You catch whoever did it?

No. Not yet.

Tell me when you do.

I'd like to know how it feels.

We should go.

You ready?

They used dynamite.

This used to be a riverbed.

Greene isn't after the oil.
He wants the water.

We can't leave it like this.

It's one dam. He's
creating a drought.

He'll have built others.

Excuse me, sir. Your
wife left a message.

The English woman,

she left it for
you this morning.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

What is it?

Would you mind
waiting down here?

I'll be outside.

So that's what she meant.

I hope you can
trust these men.

Just a moment. It's Tanner.


We've got the girl downstairs.

She says to tell
you she's sorry...

but this is not her fight.

It isn't. Let her go.

She isn't our concern.

Well, I'm disappointed.

You are?

How much oil
did the Americans promise you?

This isn't about oil.

- Well, that's good,
because there isn't any.

It's about trust.

You said you weren't motivated
by revenge.

- I'm motivated by my duty.
- No.

I think you are so blinded
by inconsolable rage...

that you don't
care who you hurt.

When you can't tell
your friends...

from your enemies,
it's time to go.

You might like to tell
her your theory...

about there being no oil.

Her lungs are full of it.

- It was Greene.
- No doubt. But why?

- It's just misdirection.
- I mean, why her, Bond?

She was just supposed
to send you home.

She worked in an office,
collecting reports.

Look how well your
charm works, James.

They'll do anything
for you, won't they?

How many is that now?

You're removed from
duty and suspended...

pending further investigation.

You'll give whatever
weapons you have...

to these men and
leave with them now.

Miss Fields showed
true bravery.

I want that mentioned
in your report.

- Now you and I need
to see this through.

There's nowhere to go.

There's a capture or
kill order out on you.

Who would have done that?

- Ma'am?
- Find out where he's going.

- He's on to something.

Ma'am, the CIA is insisting...

I could give a shit
about the CIA...

or their trumped-up evidence.

He's my agent, and
I trust him. Go on.

- Get in.

Are you gonna
try and shoot me?

I said, get in.

You're gonna get botulism
if you keep drinking that.

It's bottled water.

It probably came
from some stream...

just around the
corner from here.

Bunch of little
kids peeing in it.

That's why I eat the peppers.

Well, all I'm saying is...

you can't trust a damn
thing around here.

You know,

you should just
answer, 'CIA,' Felix.

A taxi driver told me
where the office was.

Well, if we're so
easy to find, James,

you really should come visit.

Or maybe you should come out
and see some more of the city.

I heard a rumor
you'd gone native.


You know, I was
just wondering...

what South America
would look like...

if nobody gave a damn
about coke or communism.

It's always impressed
me the way...

you boys have carved
this place up.

I'll take that as a compliment
coming from a Brit.

Are you sure you're playing
with the right side?

Regimes change once
a week down here.

Medrano'll be no dirtier
than the next guy.

Oh, you see, that's what I
like about U.S. intelligence.

You'll lie down with anybody.

Including you, brother.
Including you.

Do you know you're
being played?

Dominic Greene's gonna
suck this place dry,

and then he's gonna move on,
and you're gonna be left...

picking up the
broken crockery.

What can I tell you?

There's no such thing
as a free lunch.

Well, you see, Felix.

I don't think you're
half as cynical...

as you make out to be.

You don't know me.

Why? Just because you
didn't come alone?

- How long have I got?
- Thirty seconds.

Well, that doesn't give us
a lot of time, does it?

Medrano can't move
until he pays off...

the army and the police chief.

Greene's bringing
him his money now.

A hotel called La
Perla de las Dunas...

in the desert.

Thank you, Felix.

James, move your ass.

Get down. Get down, now.

Move it. Move it.

What the hell happened?
What did you tell him?

Just what we agreed.

What are you doing?

The slide's caught.

Maybe you should
check your own.

I will.

Have you ever killed someone?

Your training will
tell you that...

when the adrenaline
kicks in...

you should compensate.

But part of you is
not gonna believe...

the training because
this kill is personal.

Take a deep breath.

You only need one shot.

Make it count.

In euros,

as requested.

The dollar isn't
what it once was.

The cost of war.

I am afraid that
the corruption...

in this current government...

can no longer be tolerated.

And mine?

Right after you
sign over my land.

My first official act.

And this, if you would.

What is this?

As of this moment,

my organization owns...

more than 60% of
Bolivia's water supply.

So this contract states
that your new government...

will use us as
utilities provider.

This is double what
we are paying now.

Well, then don't sign it.

But you should
know something...

about me and the
people I work with.

We deal with the
left or the right,

with dictators or liberators.

If the current president
had been more agreeable.

I wouldn't be talking to you.

So, if you decide not to sign,

you will wake up...

with your balls
in your mouth...

and your willing replacement
standing over you.

If you doubt that,
then shoot me,

take that money
and have a good night's sleep.

You and I had a mutual friend.

Sounds like you just
lost another one.

Not this way. Not this way.

I can't. I can't.

Come here.

Like you said,

'Take a deep breath.

'Make it count.'

Close your eyes.

Come on.

Wait here.

- You promised that you'd...
- Let you go?

I answered your questions.

I told you what you wanted
to know about Quantum.

Yes, you did,

and your friends'd
know that...

so they're probably
looking for you.

But the good news is,

you're in the
middle of a desert.


I bet you make it miles before you...

consider drinking that.

Goodbye, Mr. Greene.

Thank you.

It's my pleasure.

Are you all right?


But I keep thinking,
'He's dead.

'Now what?'

Well, the dam we saw
will have to come down,

and there'll be others, too.

Someone who worked for Greene
might be of help.

Not a bad idea.

Do you think they'll
be able to sleep now?

I don't think the dead
care about vengeance.

I wish I could set you free.

But your prison is in there.

Fine. Anything
for an easy life.

Sit down.

Sit down.

It's okay, baby.

You're Canadian?

You work in Canadian

It's all right. I know you do.

And knowing this man.

I'd guess you have access...

to some very
sensitive material...

which you're gonna be
forced to give up.

His life will be threatened,

and because you love him,
you won't hesitate.

It's a beautiful necklace.

Did he give it to you?

I have one just like it.

He gave it to a
friend of mine,

someone very close to me.

Your name is?

- Corrine.
- Corrine.

Corrine, I suggest
you leave now.

You contact your people,

and you tell them to
check their seals.

They have a leak.

Do it now, please.

This man and I have
some unfinished business.

Thank you.


Make it quick.

Is he still alive?

He is.

I'm surprised.

Did you find what
you were looking for?

- Yes.
- Good.

- I assume you
have no regrets.

I don't.

What about you?

Of course not.
That would be unprofessional.

They found Greene dead...

in the middle of
the Bolivian desert,

of all places.

Two bullets in the
back of his skull.

They found motor
oil in his stomach.

Does that mean
anything to you?

Wish I could help.

You'll be glad to
know, I straightened...

things out with the Americans.

Your friend Leiter's
been promoted.

He replaced Beam.

Well, then the right
people kept their jobs.

Something like that.

You were right.

About what?

About Vesper.



I need you back.

I never left.

Special thanks to SergeiK.