Redbelt Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Redbelt script is here for all you fans of the David Mamet mixed martial arts movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Redbelt quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Redbelt Script


Tie them up.

The hands are not the issue.

The fight is the issue.

The battle is the issue.

Who imposes the terms of the battle,
will impose the terms of the peace.

You think he has a handicap?
- No.

The other guy has a handicap,
if he cannot control himself.

You control yourself,
you control him.

Take him to court.

A man distracted is a man defeated.

That's right.
You've heard that before, huh?

Try it again.

Take him to court.
- Taking him to court.

Good, got him down.
The fight is over.

That's it.
The fight is over.

Finish it here.
It is over.

Ok, improve the position.
Improve the position.

Keep the weight on his head.

What next?

Watch the slam.
Keep your head up.

Nice. Nice.
You felt that, huh?

Keep it back.


Ok, improve.

Breath, breath.

Good. Good.
You felt that. Good.


Improve the position.
Improve the position. Good.

Take him to Brazil.

Good. Good.

Arm grip. See that.

Triangle. Hold.
Insist. Insist on him.

Insist on the move.

Now, what?

Breath. Breath. Breath.

Good hit.

Breath. Breath.

Breath. You know the escape.
You know the escape.

Breath. Breath.

There's always an escape.

You know the escape.
You know the escape.

There's always an escape.

I'm passing out.

All right.

Great class.

Great class.

C'mon buddy.
- Great.

Hey, stick around.

You don't fight your way clear?

I was passing out.

There is no situation,
you cannot escape from.

You know the escape.

You know the escape,
show it to me.

Show it to me.

Show me the escape.

Good, good.
You know the escape.

You just got tired.
What's the lesson?

Don't get tired.
- Let the other guy get tired.

You want to fight like a black belt, huh?

You want to test for the black belt?

Snowflake, give him his wish.

Alright, raise your hands.
Your hands, get them right up.

Concentrate on the fight.


Did you tell me
this training saved your life?

This is how you would pay me?

Breath through it,
the moves work.

Defend the neck.

Take the fight out of your face.

Well, that's it.
Officer down.

That makes you mad.

Control your emotions.
Control your emotions!



Alright. Ok, that's it.
That's it.


Hit the showers and
come back in. Good.


You're ok?
- Yeah.

He is good, huh?
- Yeah, he is good.

Hi, I'm lost.

I can't find the fucking pharmacy.

I don't know.

Well, you said I have to find it
before eight o'clock.

Thank you.

Hey, hey.

Hey, stop.

Answer the phone.

Hi, yeah I missed the guy.

He needed your help with some
of those things.

No, a regular doctor is not going to
fill the prescription.


Because he is closed.

The prescription is not going to
stand up at a straight pharmacy.

Alright, but I need...

Alright, ok.


Hi, this is Sondra Terry with
Southside Ju-Jitsu.

Yeah, I have your
invoice number 20903.

Yeah, you indicate that you didn't
receive our payment.

Ok, but...
On my record it shows that...

Look, I'm trying to run a business
just like you.

I'll wait.

As all the world knows,
tomorrow is Wednesday.

So we will be on Wednesday schedule.

9 AM.
Beginning self defense.

11.15 AM.
I am watching the match.

You going to have to train if you
want that black belt, officer Joe.


What you want the officer walk you home?

It's rough out there.

Well, after he gets his black belt
he can walk me to the car.

That will make me feel secure.

How is the belt going to make you feel secure?

I know his fucking pants
are not going to fall down.

Hey, by the way.
Aren't you going to buy a new rig?

I was thinking about it.

Oh, you were thinking about it.

I tell you what, why don't you take
some of that good off-duty money..

..and buy a new shoulder-rig.

A shoulder is nothing but a handlebar.
- Ok.

Excuse me.
Eh, who is this?

It's all right.
Come in, come in.

- Mike?

I believe I..
- Mike, can you come here please?

Yes, thank you.
I was driving..

Take off your coat.
How can we help you?

Look, I heard your car..

Hey Joe, take the lady's coat. Come on.

..the car, I pay you cash.
So we can just..

No, stay away from me!
- Miss?

Don't touch me!
No, don't touch me.

I am a police officer!

The wind blew something into
the window.

The wind blew something into the window?
- Yeah.

Yeah, sure.
You're all ok?

Yeah, we're fine.

You want me to start to clean up?

Yeah, thanks Snowflake.

What else am I going to say,
she's trying to kill a police officer?

Are you sure?
- I am sure.

It's ok.

I am an attorney, I...
I can't let...

The officer thinks it didn't happen.

Eh, I'm sorry...

He thinks it didn't happen.

I thought you were going to the mountains?
- No, that's funny.

Is Joe still inside?

No, he just left.
- Left?

Yeah, maybe he went to the club.

What happened to the window?
- Isn't he on at the club?

Ehm, that's funny.
- Weren't you going to the mountains?

Why would he go to the club?
- Isn't he working tonight?

The club? No, he hasn't worked
at the club in months.

Listen, I have to tell him something.

Ok, tell him.
- Why?

Why what?
- Why hasn't he been working there?

Yeah, no.
Listen, I got to get home.

Officer Joe let the girl walk?
- Yeah, I suppose he did.

That was generous of him.

Yeah, I think so.

Why did he do that?

He didn't want to bring the sauna
on the academy.

Yes, of course.

I need a black belt for him.

You didn't want to bring the sauna
on the academy.

Yes, thank you.

The car?
- Car?

The girl drove into your car.

I didn't look at that.

They want cash to get the window
bought it up.

Do you have any cash?

And on your business,
for which you have no cash.

We need to replace the window.

Your cheque bounced.

My cheque?

The martial art supply.

Mike, we're short.

You have no cash.

If we pay the window,
I can't make the rent.


You need your ass kick out
for a loan.

Mike, you go ask him for a loan.

Hey, Mike.

Hey, Billy.

Jimmy, you can't smoke in here.

We got Mike Terry down here.
- The fucking world is turning into a dungeon.

Hey, sorry. He's busy.
Five minutes.

Cardo said that?
- No, Bruno. Ricardo is out.

Put the cigarette out.

Hang on, I'll take a beer.
- You havenít got no bouncer?

Just weekends now.
- Officer Joe?

Billy, I show you something for a drink.

I hardly think so.
Joey, the cop?

- Wait, come on. I'll wait for this drink.

Check out this dice.

So where you've been,
the cruise ships?

I worked on a cruise ship.

Why Joe quit?
- Yeah, hold on a second.

Check this out.

You ever seen that?

I am fucking fantastic, somebody
buy me this fucking drink.

Officer Joe, why did he quit?
- What?

Why Joe quit?

Because Bruno wasn't paying him.
They never paid him.

They never paid him?

Coming from that
Brazilian Ju-Jitsu background,

I spent a little time with Silva years ago
before he moved into MMA.

He showed me his secret technique
that his grandfather showed him.

I said we'll be doing that since
I was twelve in High School wrestling.

We have a deal or we don't have a deal?

He's going to have his hands full of
Morisaki, but I think it's going to be a great fight.

I don't know why everybody is not
coming to this fight.

The main event for the IFA..

We got a deal.

What good is a deal,
if nobody is making any money?

Ricardo won't do it.

What? He's to pure?

What, it's not elegant?
That elegant life he lives.

How long is that going to last?
Answer me that.

Morisaki is going to do it?

This bullshit.

Morisaki is a whore, he's going to do
whatever the fuck I tell his people.

If he did this, he'll do anything.

The golden ivory studded belt is
worth 250.000 dollar.

It was presented to Taketa Morisaki
by the emperor of Japan.

Is he on the level?

The belt is a fucking national treasure,
it's worth 250.000 dollar.

He's going to give it to
Ricardo if he loses?

It's publicity.
It's publicity.

It's something to tell the papers.

It's a story.

I am a samurai. Should this guardian
defeat me, I will surrender my fucking belt.

And will he?

We're not selling tickets.

Sell the tickets, sell the show.
And we figure that out on the way to the bank.

The point is,
you've got to sell the show.

Ricardo is the biggest thing in Brazil.

Read the street signs,
we're in America..

...Morisaki is doing his part.

You've got to do yours,
Ricardo's got to do his.

Where the fuck is he?

Pay per view is pulling back
on the promotion.

We need a gimmick.

One more time.

Ricardo brings the old man up
from Brazil.

He fights for the honor of his mentor.

Morisaki brings the belt,
he fights for the emperor.

What do you got?
A grouch match.

It's back to the thirties.
Black against white.

Irish against Jew,
a racial grouch match.

Give me some velocity,

Or else,
it's just two monkeys in the ring.

Yeah, we will speak English here in front
of my friend.

Marty Brown, this is my brother in law.
- Mike Terry, can I have a word with you?

We're trying to do business, Mike.

What do you want?

I got to talk to you about money.
- Money?

- You want money?

I tell you what.

Fight on the under garden.

I'll put you in the under garden.

Round robin.
Winner takes home 50,000 dollar.

You got a good chance of take
home the money.

Fight on the under garden.

Joe Collins, the cop.

Joe Collins, the cop?
- Yeah, your bouncer.

He worked here several months, now he's...
- All right! All right, I got it.

Did you ever pay him?

Did I pay him?
- Yeah.

What the fuck do you care?

Did you pay him?

No, I heard you but what business
is it of yours?

The guy has got a family.

I know what the fuck you are saying,
this guy has got a family

and I owe him some money.
And what?

Is this some business of yours?
- Did you pay him?

I told him as I recall.

He would have to wait for his money.
He got hotheaded and quit.

Yeah, this is Bruno Silva.
Put him on.

Chet Frank just walked into the bar,

without his wife,
without his bodyguard.

No, no.
Get a news crew outside and...

Who did they get the tip from?

Some cabby driving by,
what the fuck do I care.

Chet Frank just walked into my bar.

Would you call the newspapers?
Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by.
How's my sister?

I'll have paparinga.
- I'll have another one too.

I take care of the ladies drink.
- How you're doing these days, Chet?

Everything is a fucking struggle, you know?
- Take the high ground, Chet.

Yeah, right.
- The lady thanks you.

Anything for beauty.

Nobody's tough when it comes to beauty.
- Indeed, indeed.

Excuse me.
- My pleasure.

I'd like to buy that,
she's a friend of mine.

I admire your taste.
- What?

I'm sorry, what did you say?
- I said, I admire your taste.

Yeah I heard what you said,
I just don't know what it means.

All right.
- What does it mean?

Whatever you want it to mean.

I've had a tough day.
- And what the fuck is that to me!

Fucking tough guy in the movies.
- Look...

Hey, where is your protection tough guy?
- I didn't know that you knew the woman.

Well, you insulted me and
then you insulted the young woman

and don't you have a wife?

Yeah, didn't I actually read
that you have a wife?

You come here for fighting or
you come here for a drink?

Maybe you came to the wrong
fucking place.

You know what?
- Just calm down.

Let me go, man. I'm calm.
You fucking calm down.

Just cam down.
Have a seat.

Have some ideas?

I don't think you do.
- Oh, I don't?

I just want to have a drink.

Come on. How you like that, man?
Come on. Take that!

All right, make a lane.

Hey, baby.
You can hear me.

You can hear me.

I'm all right.

Do you think he's got a guy
or something?

I'm sure they made the call.

Hey pal, why did you come out alone?

You looking for trouble?
- Huh?

He's ok.
He's all right.

You banished the professor down here?

Here you go.

I thought Joey was on the door?
- No.

Hey Mike, what the fuck happened?
- I don't know some kind of bar fight.

Show it to me.

What we're talking about here?
- A couple of bad boys jumped on a movie star.

How about that?

Loomis says him out of the ambulance.

What happened to them,
they fall down?

Something like that, I think.

Our friend here is all by himself.

Jesus Christ!

You got the tape, I never threw a punch.

I am a stone cold victim.

What happened to the other guys?
- How would I know?

What about you?

Nobody knows who I am.

You didn't get the loan?
- Ricardo wasn't there.

Did you ask Bruno for it?

He didn't ask for it.

Are you afraid of money?

You tell me how we can run
the academy without money?

You tell me that, so I can do it.
And not disturb you in your purity.

How am I going to run my business,
all the time you need me.

All the time, all my money
is going to yours.

There are some things,
I don't understand.

My father made money,
my brothers make money

and you are somehow to pure.

You're to pure to compete.

It weakens the fighter.
- That's right.

Because the competition is not a fight.
- That's correct.

And what about the fighters family,

What are they going to eat?

While he is being so pure.

I have to take money from my business,
which is making money.

If you replace the window,
you can't pay your rent.

The insurance will replace the window.

Do you want to turn your friend in?

Your precious friend?
- Yeah.

Your proudest student?

The policeman?

The girl tried to kill him,
and he let her go.

The girl, if he turned her in.

The cops would have said it was
attempted murder.

And wasn't it?
- It was an accidental discharge.

Was it?
- She is disturbed. All right?

The girl was disturbed.
- And now well, you adopt her?

She walks into your academy
and so you take responsibility for her crime?

They would have prosecuted her,
she would have gone to jail.

It would have ruined her life.
And so yes, he gave her a pass.

I knew you think it was noble.
The code of the warrior.

Do you think it is noble?
- No, I think it is correct.

Well, that's fine. Except, as
we reported the wind blew in the window.

It was an act of God and not covered
under a specific policy.

And so, until we find the money

we have to live with a broken window.

And you tell me how that
brings money into your business.


Hi Niki.

No, I can't order the new fabric now.

No, I can't.

I can't.

Of course I am going to re-order.

Niki, I'll see you in ten minutes, ok?

Ok, bye.

Now I have to fix the window.

Where am I getting the cash to buy the new fabric
for my business? Without which we cannot eat.

One moment.

Where did you get that cut?

Thank you.

It's for you.

What is it?

It's an invitation.

Who is it from?
- From Chet Frank.

Chet Frank? - Yeah, we're invited
to his house for dinner tonight.

To Chet Frank's house?
- That's right.


Where is Joe? - Oh Mike, tell him.
What's the best weapon in the world.

The best weapon in the world is a flashlight.
- Tell him why.

So you can look deep in the other guys eyes.

I heard they had a dust stop at the Sao Paula
last night. - Is that right?

Yeah, two motherfuckers ran to Quisonar.
- You can't believe everything you hear.

Fucking Lennie and Loomis saw the tape.

They said it was better than Thai-tanic!

We're going to ride or you still getting pretty?
- I'll be right out.

I wished I was there Mike?
- I wish I was there too. Hey Mike.

Did you calm down because of that thing?

Thing? What thing?

I got something for you.

- Yeah.

I don't deserve it.
- Yes, you do.

The belt is just symbolic.

The belt, as Snowflake says, is just
to keep your pants up.

Thank you.

One thing.
- What?

You said a reminder about the thing.

The thing with the girl,
that never happened.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Open it later.
- What is it?

Well, it's a wristwatch.

Yours? Who's is it?
- It's yours.

I set you up with a job with my people
who did stiffed you.

Yeah, you went to the club?
- Why you didn't tell me they weren't paying you?

You know, I...
- Well, they paid you now.

That thing, take it.
Take your wife to the mountains.

What does the black belt mean?

That I represent the academy.
- Then respect your teacher.

Hey, what's going on?

Who ordered this?
Who's paying for this?

Mr Terry, I'm hardly ashamed of what I did.
I am so sorry.

I will of course make it well. This is a cheque,
for the damage I did to your car.

And I would like to contact the police officer
to thank him, for what he did.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Mr Terry, I'm an attorney.
I know what the officer did.

Out of courtesy, he reframed from
actions that might have sent me to jail,

or to some institutions.
- Hey, baby.

Hey, Richard.

Hey, who do you like in the
Morisaki fight?

I'm sure one of them is going to win.
- A little word from a little bird.

Yeah, I don't play that.

Well if you did, who would you like?
- I can't help you, Richard.

You sure? Because if you help me,
I am going to help you.

That's the word to the wise.

On this fight, it's sufficient to put some
groceries money in your pocket.

Who does it hurt, Mike?
- I can't help you, Richard.

You know as much as me.
- I know as much as you?

Mr Terry,

as you can see, I...

I have a problem,
I have something of a problem.

Is there someway,
that I can help you?

You work with the police?

I've trained the police.

And what do all the belts mean?

The white belt is someone who walks
in of the street.

The black belt is someone that the teacher
recognizes is fit to instruct.

In between we have blue, purple and brown.

What do you have to do,
to get a red belt?

There is only one.

All right, I'm not going to touch you.

But if you would have hold me,
could I strike you?

If you put your arms around me
and hold me, could I strike you?

With your knees.

If you turned your body slightly,
and grassed me

could I strike you from there?

No. No!
- What?

Could I strike you now?
- No.

Where can I strike you?

Don't stand there.

An enrollment form,

if you wish to continue your instruction.


I am looking at cinaty 7-c,
I got it.

Well, an office is good as a feast.

Ok, let's take a walk.
Come on.

Excuse me, but I have to ask you.
Where did you get your dress?

I made it.
- Oh, she made it.

Oh, did you do your coat too?
Where did you get the fabric?

The fabric?
I made that too.

You made that?
- Yeah, since I was a kid in Rio.

You made the fabric?
- Yeah, I have a company in Brazil.

No, I don't believe it.
I just don't believe it.

Come and sit down. Lucy and I just
wrote a book about fabrics.

- Yes.

We have a company.
She has her decrement in textiles.

I love this fabric.

I have some people,
my family's people in Brazil

and their the ones that bring..
- I love this fabric.

- Yes.

I would love..
If you guys want, I can show you more..

..I have tons of..
- Of course.

So what is Ju-Jitsu?

You use the fighters strength against him?

Yes, in a way.

You let him use his strength,
and you use your understanding.

So it's a form of wrestling?


Like we see in the mixed martial arts
competition? - Yeah, that's right.

Do you compete?
- No.

- Competition is weakening.

Because it's fixed.

Two guys in the ring,
people betting money.

Maybe fixed?
Anyone fight, maybe fixed.

But you train people to fight.
- No, I train people to prevail.

In the street, in the alley

in combat.

The bodyguard, the cop, the soldiers.
One rule, put the other guy down.

Now, you have to train them
to do that and any..

any staged contests must have rules.

Everything has rules, the problem
is stick 'em to them.

Your wife, she's a beautiful woman.

Thank you.

Yes, she is.

Booz, women. What in this life
doesn't get you in trouble?

Turn to the side.
Everything has a force.

Embrace it or deflect it.
Why oppose it?

How you're doing?
You're healing up?

I'm good.
- Well, you're young.

So there's a neck-line, the waist-line
and the hem-line. Right?


So, if you bring the hem-line down
in this direction.

It gives a better rhythm, right?
- Yeah.

If you repeat and the fabric is.. foot. Let's say.

Repeat at one foot?
That's too costly.

That's what I'm saying.
Not from my people in Brazil.

And you can get this fabric?

Absolute, and make their fabric
and have it to you in a week.

- He's got to be on the set in five hours.

Let's let these nice people go home.

Sure honey.
Two heroes to obey.

Thanks, pal.
- You're welcome.

Jerry, take care of that thing
for tomorrow morning. - You bet ya.

Movies, we get up early in the morning
like in the military.

You were in the military?
- Yes, I was.

I've never seen Chet socialize on
a school night.

The guy saved his life.

- Thank you.

Tomorrow, I want to see you tomorrow.
Those are all my numbers, right there.


Mike, tell them the story.
Oh no, they want to go to bed.

Come on, baby.
Tell them the story.

The fight is before a fight.
- Three marbles.

Each fighter has a two and three odds
of choosing the white marble.

White marble is a pass.

White marble is a pass?
What if he picks the black marble?

Black marble is a handicap.
- What does that mean a handicap?

No, you lose the use of an arm or...

Because you never know
when you maybe disabled.

Thank you, for a beautiful evening.

Thank you for having us
to your lovely home.

In fact it's a handicap.
Do they do that in competitions?

- No? They should.

A lot of money in that.
It will be like a reality show.

Chet wants you to come down to the
set in the morning. Can you do that?

Yeah, ok.

Mike, over here.

Yeah, hold on.

Chet is a little bit late.
He's a little bit late.

What do we need to make you comfortable?

Yes, Jerry?
- Give him a script.

Put him in the trailer if he wants.
Chet is running late.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pay attention.
Will you pay attention?

Come on. What you going to do,
stab me with your purse?

Come on.

No, no, no.
This is bullshit.

You got to stab me with the fucking thing.
- I'm trying, George.

Well, try harder.
Let's go!

Come on.
Come on, stick me!

Come on.
Come on.

You got to make it real.

You got to make it real.

Are you listening to me?
Or am I talking to a fucking wall?

Make it look real.
You got to make it look real.

Chet is not going to look real,
if you don't make him look real.

Anybody could do this fucking move.

You? Yeah, you.
- Me?

I'm going to show him
how to do the fucking move.

Take the knife. It's not going to hurt you.
It's rubber.

Mike, what the fuck are you doing here?

I don't know.
I got asked by Jerry Weiss.

Are you coming on the show?
- No, it just got all wannabe.

Did he ask if you're in the military?
- Yeah.

Did you tell him what you did?
- No, he didn't ask.

You take the fucking knife.
He's Chet. I am you.

You take the fucking knife
and you...

Well, what we have here is a wise guy.

How the fuck are you?
- I'm good.

I don't want to take up any of your time.
- No, fuck.

We're shooting something else.
There's always something else to shoot.

Step in my office.

What are we shooting today?

Meet me

0- Dark-3080C.

I never served.

I know I didn't miss anything.

What are you going to say?

But how would I know?

This fucking guy who locked out.
- Here you go, Chet.

Yeah, I'm just a fucking guy who locked out.

I drink too much.

I fool around.

Do you know how hard it is
for a man to step out?

A famous man.

And who can you trust?

What were you doing in the bar?

I wanted to get a drink.
- Why didn't you bring your protection?

I wanted to get into a fight.

Why didn't you fight him then?
- I wanted to beat him.

What are you a psychiatrist?
- No, I'm a fighter.

If that isnít strong enough,
you tell me.


What are we shooting today?
- Golf war flashback.

That's right.

It's not my department.

What are these numbers doing on my boot?

If the guy been at combat,
they would have been worn of.

I mean the sizes would have worn of, right?
- It's not the sizes.


The guys in the desert,

ink their numbers
in their platoon on their boots.

Anyway if their legs got blown off
or their bodies got blown apart,

somebody in their platoon would know
who it was.

0- Dark-30.


What does EOC mean?
- Es on curb.

Es on curb.

That's good.

But is that something a guy would say?
- He might.

It's hold on me, world war II.

Maybe the guy learnt it from the guy.
He's good.

You're free tonight?
You, me and Jerry.

I want to meet over in Fiori's,
have to be raff.

I want to make you a co-producer
on this film.

Yeah, hey this is Mike Terry.

Yeah, George Coreani asked me
to sent me some materials.

Yeah, I found it.
Do you want me to fax it to you?

Ok, I'm going to fax it. I going to have
dinner with Jerry and Chet tonight.

Yeah, ok.

They want to put it in the movie.

They put what in the movie?

This desert storm is a bunch of combat...

George is doing it.
George is doing the stunts.

George is doing their stunts?
- Yeah.

And why they want you for?

They want me to be a producer.

What does that mean?

To begin with,
they want to use my training idea.

Golf war, they training for hand to hand.

The captain in the film, he's training
the guys using my training methods.

Two seconds.
Sondra Terry?

Lucy, hi.

Yes, yes.
I'll be right up.

Yeah, I'll bring you the sample.

Ok, bye.

Sorry baby, you were saying?
- They want me to be the producer.

I'm going to the set,
and then I am going to dinner with...



Who's going to take the beginners class?

Baby, let the wheel come around.

Just let it come around.

Sometimes you can just let
the wheel come around.

I can't just cancel the class.
What kind of message does that sent?

You made Joe a black belt.

And so he is qualified to aprove
the honor of the academy.

Let him teach the class.

Let him teach the class.


Let the wheel come around.

Good for you.

I got to go.

See you later, ok?

Their going to take me in their company.


Yeah, this is Mike Terry.

Yeah, did you get the fax
that I just sent you?

Ok, good.
Yeah, I'm going through the whole script here.

Yeah, it's all about authenticity.

Am I supposed to meditate?

No, just...

sit for a moment.

All right.

I don't understand.

The first step is the hardest.
- And what is the first step?

To leave the outside, outside.

I think, I've come to the wrong place.

I'm so sorry.

Conquer your fear and
you'll conquer your opponent.


Mr Terry,

a man raped me.

He held a knife to my throat

a man twice my size.

And then he raped me.

He held a knife to your throat?
- Yes, look I..

I appreciate what you have done,
it's just..

I don't think there's anything
that I could learn here that would really...

There is no situation
that you cannot escape from.

There is no situation that you cannot
turn to your advantage.

A man was going to cut my throat.

Like this?

Don't move. There's a knife there.

There's a knife there.
Grab my arm.

Drag it toward me.

Toward me.
- Good.

Move to the right, move to the right
and behind me.

Move to the right and behind me.
Good, now stab me with the knife.

Good, stab me with the knife.

Good, stab me with the knife.

Stab me with the knife.

Let's hear it.
Let it out.

Let it out.

It's all right.

There's nobody here but the fighters.


Yeah, this is Mike Terry.

Yeah, I put that stuff together for you.

Yeah, well eh...

It is good.

Yeah. No, I'm working on the script now.


No, thank you.

Hey Joe, thanks for coming in.

I want you to take the evening class.
White belts.

Hit escape, escape the mount,
pass the board, arm ball.

What time you go on your shift?
- I've been suspended.

The wristwatch was hot.

The wristwatch?
- The gold watch.

The guy gave you, you gave me.

I pound it, it was hot.
- It was hot?

Two dollar pistol.
- You pound it?

I did.

The pound shop called it in.

The captain wants to know what I am
doing with a hot $20.000 dollar watch.

What did you tell him?
- I told him..

I told him, I got to tell him tomorrow.

He suspended me.

You told him where you got the watch?

I didn't want to hurt the academy.

I couldn't tell him you gave me a hot watch.

No, no.
Let me clean it up, it's easy.

It's easy.

It's easy?
- Yeah, these guys..

..these guys. I'm sure, the guy who gave
me the watch. He got stiffed, it's easy.

I'm sure he want to know.
Take the class, sweat it out.

Sweat it out.

It's ok, Joe.
It's easy.

Sorry, I'm late.

Chet might be shooting till down.
If he raps early, he will come down.

He sent his regrets.

Here's what he wanted to talk to you about.

And you should get a lawyer because he wants
to make a business arrangement with you.

He's got some big ideas.
Some of them might be even be mine.

Here's one of them.
This could be money.

What would you like to drink?

No, I'm good.
- You don't drink?

I used to.
- You don't anymore?


There's a problem and
I need you to help me to work it out.

Of course.

It's eh...
Its difficult for me to say.

That's way I know.
Spit it out.

Chet gave me a lavish gift.

A lavish gift.
- All right.

There was a money issue and
I asked a friend of mine to pound it.

To pound it?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.

Chet sends you a wristwatch
and you pound it?

Hey, look...

He gave it to you. It's yours to
do with it as you want.

- How you're doing?

You got a minute?

I catch up with you.
- I got something, I think Chet might like.

Well, I'm coming right over.
- I'm going to call you about it.


Somebody pound the watch
that Chet gave you?

And he was told the watch was stolen.
- Stolen?


Son of a bitch.

Some motherfucker sold..

Someone sold Chet Frank a hot watch.

I can't use the cell phone in here.

I'm going to use the phone in the front.
I'm going to clean this up right now.

But she gave me this number.

Mrs. Frank gave me this number.

I called the other number
and it's out of service.

It's out of service.


Their numbers are all out of service.

How come it's out of service
if they gave it to me yesterday?

- Zena Frank.

I had a meeting with Jerry.

They've changed the number.

I've ordered $30.000 dollar of the fabric.

I placed an order to Brazil for
$30.000 dollar of the fabric.

Lucy Wise, please.

She's on vacation?

She won't take my call.

I had a meeting with Jerry.

What did you do to screw this up?

You placed an order to Brazil.
- What did you do to make them act this way?

You placed an order to Brazil
for $30.000 dollar.

- Why?

Zena told me it was a done deal.

Their were going to use
my fabric in their shop.

Where did you get the credit?

- Where did you get $30.000 dollar credit?

I paid cash.

- I paid cash.

Are you deaf?
Do you know what's happening to my life, Mike?

Where did you get the cash?

I took out a personal loan for two weeks.

I was going to get the fabric..


I was going to be a part of their company.

You took out a personal loan

for $30.000 dollar for two weeks.
From whom?

It was a done deal.

Yes, but now it's not a done deal.

I wasn't even going to need it
for two weeks, Mike.

They told me, they were writing their cheque.

Who gave you the loan?

Richard gave me the loan.

You borrowed $30.0000 dollar
from a loan shop?

Are you crazy?

She spent it.

She spent it?

She spent the $30.000 dollar I gave her.
- That's right.

She said she wanted
the money for two weeks.

She spent it.

What the fuck am I going to do?

What can you give me?

How soon could you get it to me?


If you could carry me?

The money isnít mine, Mike.

The money isnít mine...

I gave it out of my word. But I owe
that money to my guys, you understand?

It isnít mine.

What do you own that you could turn to cash?
What do you got what you could liquidate?

Something for you?

It's an Asian-samurai training technique
going back to the 17th century.

Every fighter in the tournament,

each match, each fighter
will pick a marble.

Should he pick a white marble,
he'll be giving a pass.

Should he pick a black marble,
he'll be given a handicap.

So the fighters on the Undercard, each one
could get a handicap? - That's right.

The samurai say that's this..

What do you got what's worth money?

..where one can never tell
if they might become disabled.

So there you have the Under card,
in the main event we have bad blood..

evidentially between Morisaki and your
brother Ricardo Silva.

Morisaki feels like he's been insulted.
- That is correct, it is.

Unfortunate, but this competition has start into
a grouch match between my brother and Morisaki.

Under the laws of intellectual property,

the copyright

that is the possession of the idea and all
profits from its exploitation belongs to Mr. Terry.

The three marbles.

You can't copyright an idea?

You can't copyright an idea but you can
copyright a particular expression,

which my client has done through use
to exploitation of his system

in order to earn his living.

Into historical form.

Which idea...
- It's a historical form.

It's not a historical form. That's nonsense.
- The Japanese..

The idea was discovered in a Japanese
training manual of the 19th century.

You show it to me in one historical document,
we'll pack up and go home.

And you show me were your client
never transcribed ancient...

He has a document of his training regime
that he used for many years in his academy.

So he says,
and I'll give you that.

Who has ever seen this form
outside of his academy?

We can assume that the Silva's
and your client had access.

The presumption of access.
- You can assume whatever you want.

I believe the courts will conquer the
relationship between the parties being so close.

Is that your case?
Is that you want to roll the dice on?

Are you sure you want to play in this league?

What do they want?
Let's financesialize the problem.

No, no.

Please ask him to wait.


My client is prepared to relinquish.


To relinquish all rights to his creation.

In return for what?
- In return for a payment of $200.000 dollar.

Payable today.
- That's a lot of money.

It's a great idea.
- It's a good idea.

It's a great idea or why would
you promoting it?

No, ask him to wait.

He's got to wait.

Your name could be here.

You want to make some money?
Fight on the under card. $50.000 dollar.

I saw you fight.
You've got a month to train.

You want to make some money?
Give me a call.

I will make you some money.

Thank you that is very generous.
Today we need a cash payment of $200.000 dollar.

You can't go in there.
- You know, I don't think so.

Mr. Brown, I tried to stop him.
- It's ok, it's your new partner.

It's Jerry Weiss, the producer.
I faxed him a copy of the train sheet.

It's a conspiracy.
You gave the one guy the information.

Who gave it to the other guy.
Who denied it.

As A: It's theft.
B: It's conspiracy to fraud.

You want to get cute? You threatening
with criminal prosecution into recon.

I'm glad I caught you.
- You are about to become a wealthy man.

You just blew your case back there, didn't you?
- If I can have just one moment.

I will need some time to formulate
our new demands. - Of course.

But I want to show you something.

Joseph Collins.
Los Angeles police.

On the night of June 12th,
you stole his weapon and fired on him.

Here is the ejected shell from his pistol.

It has your fingerprints on it.

Officer Collins did not file a report,
he's then also prosecutable

and we will see to it that he is prosecuted.

Prosecuted for?

He was witness to the attempted murder
on a police officer.

Oh, please.

Which he suppressed.
- Why would he do that?

In exchange for a bribe.
- A bribe?.

This will of course end his career with the
police department,

and sent him as well as the person
who suborned him to jail.

Along with the assailant.

A bribe?

Your client gave him a wristwatch,
worth $20.000 dollar.

In exchange for his silence.

I contacted the officer and shared with
him the alternatives.

You withdraw your claim, or we will suspender him
and force him to incriminate you and Mr. Terry.

For, which he understands,
you'll both stand trial.

How would you like to proceed?

I like to proceed directly to court.

From the academy I'll need all your notebooks
and journals from day one.

Thank you for your time.

Speak to nobody about this case
from now on.

You motherfucking son of a bitch.

What have I got?
What have I got? Nothing.

Nothing. Do you know what the pension is
for an officer who kills himself?

What is the pension of a suicide?

Do you know?

It's nothing.
Tell him.

Please don't touch that...

He didn't want to bring disgrace on you.

I have no husband.

I have no husband, I can't pay my bills.

I can't pay my rent.
And now I don't have even have his pension.

And for what? For what?
For your stupid principles?

You are a sick fool.
How am I going to live?

Who's going to pay these bills?
Are you?

Are you?
Are you going to take care of me?

I need you to step outside now.

How about that?

Ok, copies of state regulation signed.

All right, we want to get the main on,
if possible by 11.00 pm.

First elimination Romero and Sanches.
- Right here. Here.

Up second Terry and Garcia.
- Yo.

The winner goes on to the second round.

All right, it's new but it's
fairly straight forward.

As your match is called,
you will be walked to the ring.

We will now go to the ring then I will
release you to the Undercard room.

Nobody is allowed in the Undercard room,
but fighters and trainers.

Our part of the broadcast starts at 8.00 pm.

The broadcast starts at 8.00 pm.

We will be calling the first fight
at 8.15 pm.

So you'll take your corner.

The referee will call you out.

And an official will perform the ceremony.

The efficient,
he will be wearing this mask,

will show the bowl.

He will show the bowl and the marbles.

He will then raise the bowl
and you will choose.

Black is the handicap.

The handicaps will be chosen by the referee.

They are:

Left arm bound.

Right arm bound.

Ok. If you have no questions, make your
way back to the Undercard room.

The spirit and honor of the samurai.

For those who it is a life style.

Good, good, good.

Sanchez and Romero.

Despite the sanctions by will be fought under
the rules of the California state commission.

While the fighters are in the ring, they will
be under the direct supervision of the referee.

Any judgment made will be final.

subject only to disqualification
pending a drug test.

Trainers, I want to see those credentials
and I want to see them signed.

According to the law, it is a legal procedure.

Signifying your acceptance of the rules
under the statutes of the state of California.

First up Sanchez and Romero.
First fight Sanchez and Romero.

And Dillon here is explaining what the
three possible handicaps could be.

What are they?
Break em down for us.

The basically draw from the bowl, a black
or two white marbles.

if you get a white marble,
you basically getting a pass.

If you draw the black marble, you're either
going to have one arm tied to your body

or potentially both arms tied to your body.

Or the application of a blindfold.
- Fighting with a blindfold?

Yeah, how's that sound?
- That sounds like fun.

Well, it's going to be fun for the
audience tonight. Tell me something more...

Great to be here tonight in this
explosion of mixed martial arts.

It's unbelievable.

Why do you think this sport
is so popular in America?

Let's go on.

Who are that back there?
- There you go.

Do you have your mouth piece?
Do you have your mouth piece? All right.

Do you have your mouth piece?

Yeah, ok.
Just take it easy.

Ladies and gentleman.

Bobby Sanchez has drawn the handicap
and he will fight one arm.

Welcome to the I.F.A.

Ok, fighters come forward.

You got instructions in the dressing room.
Do you have any questions?

Fight hard, fight free and fight fair.
Ok, touch gloves.

To your corners.

Ok, here we go.

Judge, judge, judge.

Are you ready?
Are you ready?


Terry and Garcia on deck.

Terry and Garcia.

Terry and Garcia, next up.

Stop, stop.

Stay down, stay down.
Stay down.

He's out.

The Winner!

The winner after
1 minute and 5 seconds in the first round,

Felix Romero.

Our next fight in 15 minutes will feature

Mike Terry and Toro Garcia.

This fight is sanctioned by,

and will be conducted under the rules
of the California state commission.

While the fighters are in the ring, they will
be under the disgracing of the referee.

Any judgment rendered by the judge is final
pending the outcome of a drug test.

Let's see the gloves.

Your signed acknowledgement
and the physicians statement,

is a legal document signifying
your acceptance of the rules,

under the rules of the state California.

Let's see the blue card.
All right.

Let's go.

Let's go, we got some people
waiting out there.

Let's go.
Come on!

From Los Angeles California,

a well known figure in the martial arts world.

A champions at close combat making
his first appearance in competition

at 179 pounds, Mike Terry!

$50.000 dollar for the winner of the tournament.
$50.000 dollar!

Excuse me, you can't smoke here.

Well. I don't know about you Eddy,
but I love it.

I think boxing is as dead at Woodrow Wilson.
- What a fight...

I've got eyes on the fighters.
Their walking.

Ok, handlers.

Keep a hand on your boy, keep your eyes on me.
You know the drill.

We've been to this before,
let's go.

We'll be under here for about 15 minutes.

Then the man will come through to
take you to the ring.

When you get to the ring,
listen to the referee.


I'm handing him of,
I'm coming up now under the bleachers.

The under card, what did we just see
in the first event?

Here's what we saw,
here's what the I.F.A has done...

Eyes on the price, Mike.

This is your road game.

There's Mike Terry, an unknown.

Hey Mike, you saw the fight.
What do you think of this new competition?

One guy is ahead, how that would affect
you as a fighter?

After the fight.

Leave my guy alone.

Goddamned shame, Mike.
Goddamned shame about Joey.

He was my companion, Mike.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very
special guest with us tonight.

From Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The red belt himself.

The professor, the grandmaster.

Joao Moro.

You, the fighter.
Back up. Back up.

Back up. Get out of the way,
I need some room. Back it up.

It's fixed.
- The fight is fixed?

Of course it's fixed.
What the fuck do you think?

What do you want?

You brought the old man,
up from Brazil for this bullshit?

You run your business,
I run mine.

Who I brought to wear is of no
concern to you.

His life, his teachings.
- What do you know of his teachings?

What the hell do you know of his teachings?

It's my family business,

and it is a business, ok?

What the hell did you think it is?

There's television out there.

It's about to be big business.
And nobody has forgotten you.

So cool down and sit down.

None of the fighters know that
the fight is fixed.

You weren't suppose to know.

You weren't suppose to know.
- I don't get it?

We pick who get's the white marble.

Here's what you missing.
Here's what you invented.

The thing, it's not a way to insure
the fight is fair.

Any two guys fighting for money,
no way the fight is fair.

What you did is a way to fix the fight
without the fighters knowledge.

You stole my idea.

How about that?
So, look what?

Who gets the pass tonight?

Every fight tonight,
the other guy gets the handicap.

You win, you go home with $50.000 dollar.
You settle your various debts.

How about that?
Make a name for yourself.

I love a fighter.
What the fuck?

All right. All right.
Ricardo has got to rest.

Hold on?
- Are we done?

And? And?
- Are we done?

You come back in three months
for the re-match.

Ricardo fights Morisaki to re-take the crown.

You're throwing the fight tonight?

Everything in life,
the money is in the re-match.

Have you told him, he wins tonight?

You throw the fight in front of the professor?

The professor know the man.

And he doesn't have a family to support.

Terry, Terry.

15 minute warning on deck.

15 minute warning.

A cop died.

Everybody dies.
You want to help his widow?

What about the stolen watch?

My friend shot himself because somebody
gave me a hot watch.

A fellow sold me a watch,
I got a deal on a watch.

How do I know where it came from?
I gave it to you.

is he fighting or you want to call the fight?

What kind of stupid motherfucker pounds
a watch he got from Chet Frank?

How did you know how the window got broke?
- That isn't important.

No, no, no.
We were the only ones there.

Leave it, Mike.

A guy killed himself because a window
got broke. How did you know about the window?

Your wife sold you out.

Well, who did you think you married?

A Brazilian princess married the soldier.

5 years and the soldier is pumping gaps.

The smart girl is going to move on.

Your fight, or I am calling the fight
and your out.

Either way Mike, sometimes you
got to do business.

Pack it up, I'm going home.

Ladies and gentlemen,

on the under card there is a substitution.

Our next fight a substitution.

Juan Toro Gracia.

And fighting in place of Mike Terry.

Steve "Moose" Malorin.

Steve "Moose" Malorin will fight
Juan Toro Garcia.

But Jiu-Jitsu can, if all else goes wrong,
give you the ability to turn the fight around.

And turn the fight around is exactly
what we saw here tonight.

Teacher breaks up two boys
fighting in the schoolyard

ask to one boy, do you like to fight?

He said no, I like to win.

Well. After all, Dillon.
Isn't that what it is all about?

And that's why we're
here at the I.F.A tonight.

Are we out?
- Thanks.

Do you want me to take your microphone?

I'll see you at ringside in five minutes.

Mr. Flint?

Hey, hold on.
- Mr. Flint?

Mr. Flint?

Hey, stop him.
Stop him.

Hey, you quit.
- Mr. Flint?

Mr. Flint, I need to talk to you?

Mr. Flint?

Mike, Mike.
- I need to talk to you.

Stop him.

Will somebody stop him?
- Mr. Flint, I need to tell you something.

Will somebody stop him?

What's wrong with you?
- Mr. Flint?

You want to fight?
Why you don't go to the fucking ring?

Just a moment.

What do you do?
- Mike, you hear me?

I am going to rip it open.
- Oh, you going to fucking rip it open?

All right, great.

You think you're going to the ring?

You are going nowhere, Mike.
You are going nowhere.

You see?
You are going nowhere.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
That's right. That's right.

Fuck him up.
Fuck him up!

I'm ending this charade.

I'm going to the ring.

You're going to the ring,
to do what?

To do what,
to ruin my business?

That's right.

I prefer you didn't do that.
- I understand that.

You know, my sister was wrong.
You were wrong.

You know what you are?

You're addicted to poverty.
- I'm going to the ring.

I'm talking to you.
Ok, you want to play?

Let's do this thing.

Let's play the game.

A relatively new sport, it's only been
here in this country for 14 years

a little longer then that in Brazil and Japan.
But still relatively...

after all that is..
- It is in a vault.

The old meets the new.

I'm excited about the under card.

So, these competitors who we don't know yet.

Tomy, Tommy.
Check this out.

We got to see this.

It's the craziest thing I ever seen.

It's Terry.
- That's Mike!

It's here.
- Down there.

Come on, Mike.
- Win it.

Hang on it, Mike.

Skills, Mike.

Special thanks to SergeiK.