Repo! The Genetic Opera Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Repo! The Genetic Opera script is here for all you fans of the cult movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Repo! The Genetic Opera quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Repo! The Genetic Opera Script




Out from the night,

from the mist, steps the figure.

No one really knows his name for sure.

He stands at 6'6" head and shoulders.

Pray he never comes
knocking at your door.

Say that you once bought a heart

or new corneas,

but somehow never managed
to square away your debts?

He won't bother to write or to phone you.

He'll just rip the still-beating heart
from your chest!



- Repo
- Hey, come on. Quick.


Now, you could run.

You could hide. You could try to.

But he always has a way of finding you.

He will come at your weakest hour,

when no one is around
who might rescue you.

Repo man

Repo man

And none of us are free
from this horror,

for many years ago, we all fell in debt.

New body parts were needed
to perfect our image,

and until our debts are clear,

we will live in fear of the...

Repo man

Vote no on Prop and keep repossessions legal.

If companies like GeneCo
couldn't repossess organs...

Vote no on Prop 598.

Tune in to tonight's Genetic Opera

to witness Mag's farewell performance.

... Genetic Opera

to witness Mag's farewell...

What is this?

You disgust me.

I'm sorry, Mr. Largo.

I'm afraid... I'm afraid it's terminal.

You don't have much time.

It's spreading rapidly.

Things you see

In a graveyard

Things you see

In a graveyard

Maggots. Vermin.

You want the world for nothing.

Commence your groveling.

Rotti, your king, is dying.

Even Rotti Largo cannot
prevent this passing.

Who will inherit GeneCo?

I'll keep those vultures guessing.

Things you see

In a graveyard

I'll keep those vultures guessing.

Things you see

In a graveyard

I'll keep those vultures guessing.

Guessing, guessing, guessing.

This will be quick

It's in my sight

I'll capture it

Then run back inside

And be back home in time


Has crippled the globe

Enjoy GeneCo's day and nighttime
formulas of Zydrate.

Nature failed as technology spread

Ask a gentern if Zydrate is right for you.

And in this wake, a market erected

Buying Zydrate
from an unlicensed source is illegal.

An entire city

Built on top of the dead

And you can finance

Your bones

And your kidneys

For every market a submarket grows


But best you be punctual

With making your payments

Lest it be you on the concrete below

It's quick

It's clean

It's pure

It could change your life

Rest assured

It's the 21st century cure

And it's my job

To steal and rob


No! Please, please, stop!


Grave robbers on 7 I

Oh, no! No...

Lockdown! Lockdown!

Grave robbers on...

Oh, no!

No, no, no, no!

It's locked!

This way, kid.

Wait! You're going to get us caught!

Wait! Wait!


So why care for these
petty obsessions?

Your designer heart still
beats with common blood

And what if you could
have genetic perfection?

Would you change
who you are if you could?

'Cause it's quick

It's clean

And it's pure

No. I shouldn't be here.

It could change your life

Rest assured

I have got to get home.

It's the 21st century


This cannot be happening

And it's my job

To steal and rob

- Graves!
- No, no, no, please!

Grave robbers will be executed on sight.


Let them go.

I didn't know. Please.


I can't read.

I didn't know.

Blood pressure warning.

Blood pressure warning.

Medicate immediately.

Medicate immediately.

- Dad.
- Hey

It was a close one


Too close

Dad, what happened?

You're gonna be all right

Now that's all that matters

Was I outside?

No, Shi

There were these bodies

You missed your medicine

And fell unconscious

- They were all dead.
- Nonsense.

Please be more cautious

You could go into shock

But it was real, Dad

I am the doctor, and I'm your father

I didn't imagine this

Please, Shilo, drop it

Couldn't have fathomed this

Please, Shilo, stop it.

Dad, I could smell the dead.

You could have died! You...

You scare me to death!

A blood disease

That took your dear mother from us

Passed from her and into your veins

I'd be lost if I were to lose you

I will stop at nothing to keep you safe

I'll take my meds, Dad

Don't you worry

Just until I find a cure

Your mother, rest her soul

Would be so proud of you

Though you cannot see her

She is here with you

We will always be there for you

In your time of need

Shilo, you're the world to me

Shilo, take your medicine.



I'm infected

By your genetics

Shilo, I'm the doctor

Shilo, I'm your father.

Oh, Shilo, that was close.

Take your medicine

I'm infected

By your genetics

I'm infected

By your genetics

And I don't think that I can be fixed

No, I don't think that I can be fixed

Tell me why, oh, why

Are my genetics such a bitch

It's this blood condition

Damn this blood condition

Mother, can you hear me?

Thanks for the disease

Now I am sequestered

Part of the collection

That's what is expected
when you are infected

That's what is expected
when you are infected

That's what is expected
when you are infected

How much of it's genetics?

How much of it is fate?

How much of it depends

On the choices that we make

He says I have a right to

I also inherit his shame

Is heredity the culprit?

Can I stop it, or am I a slave?

I want to go outside


I want to go



Ladies and gentlemen

Signore, signori

Don't you dare touch your TV

Tonight's genetic opera
is the place to be

That's right, friends!

Where did our daughter go?

It's me she must escape

My burdens I can't erase

The mother I might have saved

- Assassin
- Murder


Marni, I need you now

Look what I've become

The nightmare that she should fear

Is the father you left alone

The years roll by without you, Marni

17 have come and gone

I raised our Shilo with the best intentions

But there is something I can't tell her

I'm lost without you here

I am only living out a lie

Shilo can never leave

She is my everything

Nothing can bring you back

Shilo is all I have

- Assassin
- Murder


Years roll by without you, Marni

17 have come and gone

I raised our Shilo with the best intentions

There is something I can't tell her

I am lost without you here

I am only living out a lie

I'm the monster


I'm the villain


What perfection


What precision


Clean incisions I deliver

Unscathed organs I deliver

Repossessions I deliver

I'm the Repo

Legal assassin

The lungs and livers

And bladders and hearts

You always save a bundle

When you buy our GeneCo parts

Spleens, intestines,
and spines, and brains

All at warehouse prices

But our quality's the same


Mark it up

Mark it up

Mark it up

Mark it up

Where the fuck is Dad, brothers?

He left me in charge, sister!

I don't take lip from a

- Slut
- Cunt

My brother and sister should fuck

Pavi, shut the fuck up.

I'm the smartest and the toughest

I will find a hole and fuck it

If there ain't one, I will make one

Luigi don't take shit from no one

One brain, mark it up

Only I got brains enough

That's why Pop
will leave GeneCo to me

Me, me, me, me, me

Ask a gentern who they prefer

10 out of 9 will say the Pavi

The most dashing, panty snatching

I will leave your diapers dripping

Two hearts, mark it up

Pavi steals all of the hearts

You ain't got the guts, brother

All bark but no lungs, brother.

Dad will leave GeneCo to me

You wait

Time will tell

- Pavi's face...
- Luigi's fists...

...will rule you!
...will woo them all.

- When I inherit...
- I'll inherit...

All this stuff

Take Dad's will and write you out

Take my cut and mark it up

Mark it up, mark it up

Hi. I'm Blind Mag.

Your treasured memories
don't have to fade with time.

Announcing GeneCo's Cornea Plus.

GeneCo's breakthrough
optical technology

where everything is digitally recorded

so you can relive
your favorite memories

again and again.

Don't miss out
on tonight's genetic opera.

Oh, a message.

... from Rotti Largo.

Incoming message from Rotti Largo.

Shilo, you don't know me,

but your mother was once
very dear to me.

I can help you find your cure.

Meet me in your mother's tomb.



My children were a bust.

They shall inherit nothing.

No, no.

My legacy is too great

to throw away on ingrates.

Nathan Wallace had potential

Till he stole my Marni away.

In denial, Nathan blamed himself

for Marni's sudden death,

and never once thought

to suspect the man
who wrote his checks.

I guess...
I'll take it to my death!

Things you see

In a graveyard

I'll take it to my death.

Marni, it's Rotti.

You never should have left me.

I would have given you the world.

It's been difficult to see you

after what you've
put me through.

You forced my hand and made me do...

Well, it looks like I'll be joining you.

It seems the man
who cured the globe

cannot stop his own extinction.

But I can go out with a bang!


I can go out with a bang.

Things you see

- In a graveyard
- Blood pressure...

No, no, please!
I can't be outside.

I can't be outside!

Things you see

Blood pressure warning.

Medicate immediately.

Shilo, thanks for coming.

It's nice to see

Young talent blooming

My kids have been...

Well, disappointing.

I'm Rotti Largo.

I know.

I own GeneCo

Please let me go.

Sorry to be

So difficult

I had no choice

You're a tough one to find

Climbing through holes

Tell me, why do you hide...

- I'm not.
- Your pretty face?

I cannot be outside

I have a blood disease

But there is hope, an antidote

And you could be the first

To sample it, the GeneCo fix

To all blood diseases

And I can use someone like you

The poster child of progress

It's the cure you sought, Shilo

Your chance to see
the world, Shilo

In your grasp

I don't...

A function awaits.

Will you be my date?

I can't.

Blind Mag will be there.

- Mag?
- You two should meet


I must leave

My dad will worry

Who says that Dad

Needs to know everything?

Repo man

I hate to do this

It's a thankless job

But somebody's got to do it

Penile tissue inch by inch

Skinnin' off the muscles slow

Harvesting the kidneys for the fall

Savin' up the livers in the fridge

No one ever thanks me
when I'm done

How self-absorbed people can be

With a slice

Or a snip

Eeny meeny miney moe

With a cut and a stitch

Returning organs good as new

It's a thankless job

But somebody's got to do it

Got to do it!

Like a mop!

Like a mop.

- And a broom.
- And a broom.

No one wants a thankless job

GeneCo's Digital Corneas

provide state-of-the-art resolution

and low density without sacrificing style.

Hi. I'm Blind Mag,

the Voice of GeneCo.

At GeneCo, an affordable
organ makeover

is just a simple financing away.

Take control of your life,

because it's what's
on the inside that counts.

Financed organs are subject

to all legal default remedies,

including new possession...

Sorry, folks. It'll be a long time

before GeneCo can
help you sing like Mag.

I don't know about you, Bob,

but I haven't been this excited

since my first elective surgery.

No doubt, Dick.
Excitement's in the air.

For one day a year only,

Sanitarian Square will open its gates

and welcome all of us

to its post-plague Italian Renaissance!

GeneCo's new Rome.

Ah, the cuisine, the music, the culture.

GeneCo provides the finest

in Italian-inspired body version.

Wow. This is turning into GeneCo's

most spectacular
and unpredictable event ever.

That's right, Dick.
Only a few short hours

until Blind Mag's final performance,

which is guaranteed to be talked about

for years and years to come.


Genterns, they secure the finest skin graft

And stacked

Scalpel, needle, thread

That should do it

Okay, Mr. Largo,
want to see your new face?

Oh, it's so perfect!

Someone's going to hang
if I don't get my coffee!


I will shoot you in the face!

Sorry, Mr. Largo.
Here's a fresh cup for you.

What's this, rat piss?

Luigi, stop it

Who's gonna sing, then,
after you leave?

Amber, please, it's not my place

Someone must sing

Why can't it be me?

- Sister, please.
- Just shut your face!

Listen, you bitch

When I'm running GeneCo...

- In your dreams!
- Dad loves me

And they all love the Pavi

When the geezer croaks

You will all learn to respect me

That's enough!

- But she...
- But he...

Children, off!

Mag, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.

A daughter of an old friend.

A ghost from your past.

Seeing you two stirs memories

Mag was 19, not much older than you

I heard her sing

And at that moment knew

I'd help her see

And watch her talent bloom

I could help you, too

Will the Voice of GeneCo
please take the stage?

Blind Mag to the stage.

Please don't go

I must go

Don't say no

I must see

Technically, you belong to GeneCo

Of course, I joke.

Of course, you joke

You're free to go

I've got tonight


Everybody, everybody,
line up, line up now.

We have to get supper tickets.

Don't be shy.

Let go.

How am I going
to find my way home?


Incoming message from Rotti Largo.

Collect on the Handleman
account at once.

His payment is past due.

Repossess GeneCo's property.

Oh, my God!

I'm sorry! I'll pay later!

Oh! Stop! No!

No, no! No! No!

No! No! No!

Medicine reminder.


Yes, Dad?

Did you take your medicine?


... for GeneCo!

What's that?

What's what?


Oh. That.

My window, it's cracked

Then why aren't you
wearing your mask?

Should I head back?

No, I'm fine

I can be there in no time

That won't be needed

But, Shilo...

Your patients need you

Dad, who's that?

Oh, that?

One of my patients. He's sick.

- Will he live?
- It's looking grim

You should stay there for a while

I will rush home when I'm done

Take your time, nothing's wrong

I love you

- Daughter
- Father

Medicate immediately.

Blood pressure warning.


Get your fill of it


You're real?

Don't bother me.

- I'm sorry.
- You'll get me caught.

I must get home.

Follow me.

Where are we going?

Where are you taking me?

Mr. Largo, how are you?

The folks at home would like to know
your thoughts and views

about Zydrate use...

And its abuses

Would you care to comment, sir?

Well, thank you, sir.

Let me direct the matter
to my daughter

The mind behind
the Zydrate support network

Welcome Amber to the stage

Welcome Amber to the stage

How old are you?


I had my first surgery
when I was 13.

And thanks to Z,

I couldn't feel
or remember a thing.

A month later, I was turning tricks.

I'll keep a lock on it all

Drug market


Sometimes I wonder
why I ever got in

Blood market

Love market

Sometimes I wonder
why they need me at all

Zydrate comes
in a little glass vial.

A little glass vial?

A little glass vial.

And the little glass vial

goes into the gun like a battery.

And the Zydrate gun

goes somewhere
against your anatomy.

And when the gun goes off, it sparks,

and you're ready for surgery.


Grave Robber

Grave Robber

Sometimes I wonder
why I even bother

Grave Robber

Grave Robber

Sometimes I wonder
why I need you at all

And Amber Sweet
is addicted to the knife.

Addicted to the knife?

Addicted to the knife?

And addicted to the knife,

she needs a little help with the agony.


And a little help comes
in a little glass vial

in a gun pressed
against her anatomy.

And when the gun goes off,

Miss Sweet is ready
for surgery, surgery.

Grave Robber

Grave Robber

Sometimes I wonder
why I need you at all

It's clean, it's clear, it's pure.

- It's what?
- It's rare.

It takes you there.

It what?

It takes you there

It's clean, it's clear...

Before the cut

It's clean, it's clear...

I can do nothing at all

It's surgery, it's surgery.

It's surgery.

It's the way your friends
may change inside.

Feel alive

Hey, that's Blind Mag's song.

Who did that?

So you think you got heart

So you think you got balls

So you think Mag can sing

I don't think nothing at all

So you think Mag has pipes.

Well, it's my turn to shine.

When the Repo Man strikes!

What are you talking about?

Mag's contract's got
some mighty fine print.

Some mighty fine print?

Some mighty fine...

And that mighty fine print

puts Mag in a mighty fine predicament.

If Mag up and splits,

her eyes are forfeit.

And if GeneCo and Rotti so will it,

then a repo man will come,

and she'll pay for that surgery.



I can't feel nothing at all

Cleanin' up the city since 
I can't feel nothing at all

Sir, we have Amber.

We're bringing her in.

Incoming message.

Incoming message.

Nathan Wallace, come to my office at once.


Are you awake?

Well, who ordered pizza?

I could sure go for a slice!

Oh, never too pressed
for that dramatical entrance

You wanted to see me?

Thank you for coming

Have your new assignment

Hot off the meat truck!

Is there a reason why

You couldn't phone me this target?

This is a job of special importance.

It is involving a GeneCo employee,

a singer we all know.

That has-been soprano

A traitor to GeneCo

Tonight is her last show

I can't afford a scandal here

Please handle Mag as best you can.

Take her down

But Mag's eyes...

Are GeneCo's.

I know this may seem hard

Mag was Marni's best friend

You break my friggin' heart

You can reunite them.

I cannot do this job

Remember who you are.

Remember what you did to Marni.

Must I take you back there

Please don't take me back there

Why relive that moment?

I can't relive it

That dark, fateful night

When you murdered your wife

It's too painful

- Marni was past helping
- Marni was past helping

Shilo's life was slipping

Shilo was slipping

She needed her dad,
and I needed skilled hands

So I fixed things

We made an agreement

I will honor that agreement

- You'll do as you're told
- I'll do as I'm told

So Shilo never knows

About that dark and fateful night.

Or my secret repo life

Don't deny your repo life

Dear Marni, I am so sorry

Can you forgive me for this?

Not the death doctor
with the hungry scalpel

Here's my prognosis, will they live?


You're the street physician

Carving rare sculptures

Paint your ass like a Rembrandt

Ha! You like that?

Better start praying
when you see him coming

For tonight, it's curtains

You're the night surgeon

I remember

Remember what you did to Marni

And who you are

I remember

Remember what you did

To your knife!

See it glide.

See it slice!

Who's your night surgeon?

I hope you have my money

Or it's "buon viaggi"

He'll do your ass like dishes


Remember who you are

- Please, please, please!
- I remember

Remember what you did to Marni

Remember who you are

I remember

Remember what you did to her

Remember who you are

I remember

Remember what you did to Marni

Remember who you are

I remember

Remember what you did to her

I remember every dying whisper

Every desperate murmur

I remember when I gazed upon her

She looks just like you

I remember

I remember working every victim

With acute precision

I remember every time I hold you

My blunt companion

I remember

I dismember

'Cause the claims medic gives no anesthetic

90-day delinquent
gets you repo treatment

Remember horror
on your street corner

Make your mama boil you

I'm a night surgeon

I remember


I cannot do this job.

Find someone else.

No one walks away from me.

He wants out?
Then I will take him out.

Shilo? Is your name Shilo?

Can I talk to you?

Can you come down, please?

- Why?
- So we can speak.

I saw you at the show

I thought I'd seen a ghost

Your resemblance is striking.

You have your mother's eyes, her hair

I was told you died with her

All these years have come and gone

How do I put this?

I'm your god mom

State your business.


What do you want?

I want, I want

To finally meet you

Something real
to cling to, leave you

With the hope that you will go to

All you're meant to, all I failed to

In you is a world of promise

We have both been
kept in bondage

But you could learn
from all my failures.

I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Or let them through the gate?

That, either. A big risk.

- A big fence.
- A big mistake.

A new friend.

Oh, my God. Mom?

How'd you do that?

- Do what?
- That. That eye thing.

These eyes can do more than see.

I know. I mean, I've seen you sing.

- Where?
- From my window.

I can see the world from there.

Name the stars and constellations.

Count the cars
and watch the seasons.

I wish we could have watched together

I can't have guests.

- Never?
- Ever.

If Dad found out
that I'd been let out

or that you'd been let in...

I should go, then, before I do

- Promise me you won't
- Better that you don't.

Don't forget a sheltered rose

It's best if I resume my life

Needs a little room to bloom
outside her bedroom

Chase the morning

Yield for nothing

Chase the morning

Yield for nothing

Let your life be a dream

Integrity, honesty

It's too late for me

Don't look back

Till you're free
to chase the morning

Yield for nothing

Chase the morning

Yield for nothing

Yield for nothing

Hi, Nathan.


How did you get in here?

Don't you have a show tonight?

- How are you, Nathan?
- Busy.

You never were

A man of many words, Nate

- You told me Shilo died
- Listen...

Nathan, I promised your late wife

I'd be present in Shilo's life

Please, Mag

Shilo's very ill

It's not safe

For her to see people

I need to give her, her medication.

Dad, let her stay in here

No, she's leaving

Please hide her here

- From what?
- She'll be dead

Look, I told her she was sick

Nathan, you are hurting me

- Dad!
- My daughter needs a rest

I'll be fine, Shilo, don't you fret

Repossessions are dangerous

You're not safe

- Dad, she's not safe
- Shilo, don't you fret

- Leave my daughter
- Your daughter's

She is sick

You've turned this house

- Into a zoo
- I can't have this

Marni wouldn't want this for you

Set her free

- Please don't leave
- Set her free

Come back

- Keep it down, Shi
- Come back!

It's your bedtime, it's late

- Dad, am I...
- Please

- She will die
- Nonsense

- It's arrived, Dad
- Nonsense

- It's a contract
- A contract?

- Come and see
- Nonsense

Come see

Mag's in trouble, Dad

Where'd you get this?

Read it, Dad, a repo man will come

and take Mag's eyes!

There are things in life

That we do best to leave alone

She'll die, you must help her, Dad

- That are beyond control
- You must stop her

That you don't want to know

Will you save Mag?

She will lose her eyes

Unless you stop this repo man

Shilo, this is senseless

- Dad, you have to try.
- Shilo

- This is pointless.
- You can't let her die!

Please, shut up!

Your mother's death
taught me to accept

That nothing ever lasts in this world

Foolish dreams
can destroy a grown man

What chance has a 17-year-old girl?

I don't know what I was thinking

There's no sense in girlish dreaming

I'm just 17, 
And it's better than 40.

Mama drama's got to go

Nothing's gonna bring her back

Experiment with something living

Because I'm sweeter than 
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!

I've always longed for true affection

But you compared me to a corpse!

Dead, with the dead

- I'm joining the living
Because I'm freer than 
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!


Something's changing

I can feel it

17 now

Why can't you see it?

17 and you can't stop me

17 and you won't boss me

You cannot control me, Father

Daddy's girl's a fucking monster

I'm sorry.


Listen, all!

I've never been
so surgically maimed

Amber, please, it's not that bad.

I'll be the laughingstock of the stage

Daughter, please, it's not that bad

This is your fault,
I asked you to help me

No, Amber, please

I warned you about this

Happiness is not a warm scalpel

I don't care! It's not fair!

Baby, baby, baby,
don't do this

I will never sing again

I gave you the life I wished I'd had

I look like a crime scene, Dad

All you ever do is take, take, take

All I ever do is give

That surgery was only 90 grand

I did not complain

When you changed your name

From Largo to Sweet

I need a stage name!

You are a disgrace

Your genes are not worthy of mine

Are you okay, Daddy?

I'll have one of my surgeons fix you up

so you can sing tonight.

Thanks, Daddy.

Flesh is weak.

Blood is cheap.



Use your sense

Save your cents

The only thing with persistence is


It makes the world go round


It makes the world go round

But before I go

My kids will know

About the man they have crossed

As Marni did the day she fled

And became Nathan's wife

She forced my hand,
he dug her grave

I will not be betrayed

Empty the trash of all of them

And leave it all to the kid

Lay the bait

Shilo's fate

But only if

And will she appreciate

That gold

It makes the world go round


It makes the world go round


Shilo, I have your cure.

Tonight all will be revealed.

See you at the opera.

So Rotti thinks he can take Shilo.


Nothing, Shilo, nothing

Go to bed

Why didn't you tell me
I had a godmother?


What are you talking about, precious?

Lovely, Mag, sing

Attention, all GeneCo personnel.

Apprehend the Repo Man
Nathan Wallace at once.

Bring him to me.

I want Nathan Wallace taken out.


Come to the opera with me


Tonight we are betrayed

Keep Shilo safe

Make Rotti pay

I'll man his grave

At the opera...


Shilo, this dress

once belonged to your mother.

I would be most honored

if you wore it to the opera.

I must be brave

Come, come what may

Can I be saved?

Is there a way at the opera tonight?

I've made my peace

No chance for peace

I hold no grudge

I'll end this grudge

I'm gonna sing

I'll stain the streets

- My final song
- They'll run with blood

At the opera tonight

One more hit for the show

- Make it fast
- Take it slow.

One more hit of the glow

Go get cut.

For tonight's show

Tonight I set the stage

Tonight we set the stage

My greatest play

My greatest face.

I'll take the lead

- My greatest rage!
- Pavi gets laid.

All debts are paid

At the opera tonight

Repo man

- Repo man
- Freeze!

At the opera tonight

Repo man, come take my hand

At the opera tonight

Repo Man

My eyes

Repo man, at the opera tonight


It's gonna be a bloodbath

'Cause no one crosses GeneCo

No, not even Repo

Will Rotti clean house?

Damn, we're gonna find out

At the opera

Stay tuned.

The winner of this blood feud

Will take GeneCo

Tonight's opera

is brought to you by rich Prosego.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Genetic Opera!

Everybody, everybody

Get down, get down now

Stand up

Don't be shy

People, people, people

Everybody, everybody



Get down, get down now

Stand up, don't be shy

People, people, people,
get up, get up, get up

Everybody testify

GeneCo helped me upgrade
my second-class heredity!


My liver was wrecked,

but now I can drink whatever I want!


Before GeneCo,

my anatomy was completely repressed!

State your names!



Everybody, everybody


Stand up and don't be shy

People, people, people,
get up, get up, get up

Everybody, everybody, testify

I needed a kidney
transplant desperately

GeneCo showed this
single mom sympathy

This makeover came
for a small added fee

Now I look smashing on live TV

- Be healed!
- GeneCo's got it.

You know you want it, baby.

GeneCo's got it.

You know you want it, baby.

GeneCo's got it.

You know you want it, baby.






Shilo, you've made it.

You're close enough to taste it.

Your cure, is waiting.

There is but one thing pending.

Help us catch him.

This former GeneCo trainee

who's lost his mind completely

and managed to escape me.

You saw him

In the graveyard

Thank God my guards responded.

It seems this fiend has
set his teeth on you,

so be on guard. He's coming.

We'll use you as bait

to draw this snake out of his hole,

and I am sorry, Shilo, for that,

but this is your defining moment.

Will you let yourself be trapped,

or will you use your trap to trap him?

Put your hands together

for GeneCo's favorite
and only daughter,

Amber Sweet!

Blame not my cheeks

The pair with love they be

Bring me Repo Man,

and you will get your cure.

And now, without further ado,

the event you've all been waiting for.

GeneCo proudly presents Blind Mag.

Come take these eyes

I would rather be blind

Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic.

Stay in your seats.
It's all part of the show.

Stay tuned, folks

You don't want to move, folks

'Cause there's more
excitement coming

As an encore, GeneCo will cure

A very sick and needy young girl

She's been caged up like a monster

By her overbearing father

But tonight we're gonna set him right

And for all your viewing pleasures

Didn't I tell you not to go out?

Didn't I?

You did, you did

Didn't I say the world was cruel?

Didn't I?

You did, you did

Then tell me how this happened

What I did wrong, tell me why

Can't we just go home, Shi

And forget this dreadful night?

Didn't you say that you were different?

Didn't you?

I am, I am

Say you aren't that person

Say it

I am, I am

Then tell me how to act, Dad

What to say, Dad, tell me why

All you've ever told me

Every word is a lie

Didn't you say that you'd protect me?

Didn't you?

I tried, I tried

Is that how you'd help me?

Is it?

I tried, I tried

Don't help me anymore, Dad

You are dead, Dad, in my eyes

Someone has replaced you

Dad, I hate you, go and die

Didn't I build a house, a home?

Didn't I?

A cure is waiting.

Didn't I raise her all alone?

Didn't I?

Then Rotti took her from me

Stole my Shilo, he's to blame

Have I failed my daughter?

Then let the father die

And let the monster run

Repo Man


You've exceeded all my plans

More than you
could say for Amber

More than I could say for you.


Or your just-as-worthless brother

I just want to get my cure

And I promise to deliver

Don't you lay a hand on her.

Hold your tongue before an elder.

Touch her, and I swear I'll kill you.

Bring it on, you cheap imposter.

Even though I'm terminally ill

I'm dying, you idiots.

Please don't say you're dying, Father.

Please say you ain't dying, Father.

So I planned my perfect end

A tale befitting any opera

And ending only I could spin

Ending you will be my pleasure.

I no longer trust you, Dad.

You can never trust a monster.

And there's more beneath his mask.

Did you know he killed your mother?

It was just an accident

- Accidents can end in murder.
- Shilo, believe me

And that's not his greatest fib

Someone tell me what is going on

Tell her, tell her

Someone tell me what is going on

- Let's leave
- Tell her, tell her

- Let's leave
- Someone tell me what is going on

- No more
- Tell me, tell me

- Tell her, tell her
- Tell me

No more.

May I introduce you

To the man who made you sick?

He's poisoned all your medicine

- I can't breathe
- You've got to fight through it.

Someone, please,
please help my daughter

This will pass.
You've got to fight through it.

I've deceived the only one that matters

- I need my pill.
- You need to know

- You've got to fight.
- It's not your fault

Believe me, Shilo.

It's me who failed you

My stomach.

- It's his medicine
- My medicine

It's your medicine?

I'm the cause

Of all your sickness

Here's to the medi...

That's all there is

Thanks for coming.

Your mother once
promised her love to me

Had she never fled, you'd be mine.

Deny your father now,

for the world to see.

Kill him.

Kill him!


And I'll leave you GeneCo

- What?
- All of it?

Oh, yes.

Oh, no!

So witness it, people.

All I have to do is sign the paper

All you have to do is pull the trigger

- I want you to do what is right
- You want to pay me

- to kill my father?
- This man killed your mother, your mother

- Shilo
- He betrayed you both, he's a liar

- And he poisoned you
- Force me to kill

I am not a murderer

But you share your dad's genetics

What if he passed this to you?

I don't have to share his choices

Didn't you say you were infected?

Didn't you, didn't you?

I poisoned you

I'm worse than Rotti, imprisoned you

I couldn't lose you,
what have I done?

Forgive me, Shilo,
I drugged your blood

Oh, God, what have I done to you?

You used my mother's death
to use my father

You used my father's death
to use me, too

Your dad deserved
whatever happened to him.

He needed me, and so do you.

I remember

Remember my mistakes

Remember you can change

Remember that I love you

I'm sorry that I failed you

Remember that it's up to you

To go and shape your life into

One that's worthy of remembering



Dad, no, please!


Somebody, please help.

Money-grubbing beggars,
no better than I am.

You! Don't come near me.
You're embarrassing.

You're disgusting.

You're not men. You're creatures.

I'm embarrassed by you.

Get away. I don't need you,
not either one of you.

Go away!

Don't show your face to me.

You're disgusting.

You're not my daughter.

You're nothing.

When I'm gone, GeneCo will crumble.

I doubt the world will remember

how lucky they were
to have Rotti Largo.

Dad, be still

There is nothing you need say

It can wait

Shi, your mother's calling me

Sometimes I wanted to cry

When the people on TV

Were not quite the way we were

Somehow I guess I just knew

But I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

But I do

Sometimes I'd stay up all night

Wishing to God

That I was the one who died

And sometimes there's
not enough time

But I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

But I do

I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

I didn't know I love you so much

But I do

Shilo, go

Dad, I will not leave you here

You will live

But you've already saved me, dear

Go and change the world for me

And we will always have each other

In our time of need

- Daddy
- Shilo

You're the world

To me

Oh, Daddy, please, no.

Please, please.

Please, get up.



It's been so many years

Resenting the years

And my heredity

Oh, I have hated and loved you

I have hidden behind you

But I finally see

You I've mistaken for destiny

But the truth is my legacy

Is not up to my genes

True, though the imprint is deep in me

It will always be up to me

Up to me

Free at last

Free at last

Goth opera

Blood saga

Sometimes I wonder
how we ever got here

Old grudges

Scorned lovers

Sometimes I wonder
why we all don't move on

'Cause we all wind up
in a tiny pine box.

A mighty small drop
and a mighty dark plot.

And the mighty fine print

hastens the trip to our epilogue.


But the little girl fled,

and the king is dead.

And the castle is left for the taking.

But GeneCo may survive
if it undergoes surgery,


Surgery, surgery.

- Surgery.
- Surgery.

Repo Man.

Out from the...

Our heroes will not be forgotten.

GeneCo will live on,
under new management.


Pray he never comes
knocking at your door.

Say that you once bought a heart

or a new cornea...

Amber Sweet, ladies and gentlemen.

Amber Sweet.

I can't hear you.

I can't fucking hear you,
you fucking peasants!

You gonna start applauding?

I'll kill you all, you fucking mice!


Repo man

Sweetheart, are you feeling closer?

Close to the line hype of the sky?

Or is it better from a distance

To see it clear?

To deal with your fear

That you were inside

Is the devil you see?

Go, all the life you leave behind

Still forcing yourself

To bear your cross

God bless you all

Born the way you were

Love death in life

You come through

A needle into a bug

A needle

Who's there? Stay back.

Do you have my cure?

Kid, is that you?

I'm here to learn my cure

Your cure?

Is that what this is about?


That fucking Amber cleaned me out

But maybe later

I'll look you up later

Just help me down

- The drug
- Yeah, the drug.

- Yeah?
- The cure, it's...

The drug

Help me down. Ill score some.

Help me shed some

Kid, I'm out.

- Some?
- I told you.

Light on

That's the situation

The situation

Into a bug a needle

Into a bug a needle

Into a bug a needle

Into a bug a needle

- How about...
- Yeah.

She's right beside you

- No, I needed Zydrate
- No, I'm out of Zydrate

No, it's like a night light

The beautiful

- You don't mean...
- Yeah.

- You need...
- So easy

- I don't think...
- Don't think.

- That I...
- Just smack it

- I guess I see
- She won't

You've got to smack it

Is to score a needle

Into a bug a needle

Into a bug a needle

Into a bug a needle

Into a


Ladies, gentlemen, signore, signori

Don't you dare touch your TV

Tonight's Genetic Opera
is the place to be.

- To the transplants!
- To the genterns!

The Genetic Opera is this evening!

You'll-a laugh, you'll-a cry.



The Genetic Opera is good

It's good!

The Genetic Opera is good

I will flower

As I stand to face myself

In this final hour

Bitter fate I accept

This must be my, my aching hour

This must be my aching hour

This must be my, my aching hour

This must be my aching hour

Tonight I will settle all my debts

Tonight I will sacrifice

Tonight I am coming to collect


I will save my life

I've made my peace

All debts are paid

At the opera tonight

Special thanks to SergeiK.